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February 14, 2016

Feb 14 17:05

Libyan Military Jet Shot Down Over Benghazi

An MiG-23 jet which was being flown by forces loyal to Libya’s internationally recognized government was the second to go down in the past week

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love the way they use " internationally recognized government " to try to conceal the fact that this is a US puppet regime being forced on the people of Libya ... and the people of Libya want their own government.

Feb 14 17:01

Damascus Calls Turkey's Shelling of Syria 'Direct Support of Terrorists'

Damascus said that Turkey's shelling of Syrian territory is a "direct Turkish support of terrorist groups," state TV reported, citing a letter to the United Nations.

Feb 14 17:00

Turkish forces cross into Syria: Damascus

The Damascus government says Turkish forces have entered war-torn northern Syria to help foreign-backed militants fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Feb 14 17:00

Saudi awaits US order for troops deployment in Syria: Jubeir

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir has said that any decision for the deployment of special forces to Syria would follow the will of the US-led coalition allegedly hitting hideouts of the Takfiri Daesh militants.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Feb 14 16:59

RNC Under Fire Over Debate Audience Stacking–Local GOP Chairman Confirms Party Donors Get Debate Tickets

The chairman of the local Republican Party here confirmed to local television that 2016 frontrunner billionaire Donald Trump’s concerns—and those of his closest competitor Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97%
—with the Republican National Committee (RNC) allocation of debate audience tickets are well-placed.

Chad Groover, the chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party here, told WYFF—the local NBC News station—that party donors get tickets to the debate.

“You’ll have a good mix of people who are donors, people who are donors and workers, and people who are just workers,” Groover said, noting that he got “a couple of dozen” of tickets to hand out to the party’s faithful donors.

“I didn’t have hundreds of tickets. I had a couple of dozen tickets,” Groover said.

That means a significant proportion of his stack of approximately 24 tickets went to monied interests backing the GOP—not to actual voters in the upcoming election.

Feb 14 16:57

Polar Vortex to Bring 'Coldest Air for More Than a Decade' to Northeast

Millions of Americans across the Northeast should brace for what could be the coldest temperatures in over a decade this Valentine's Day weekend, forecasters warned Friday.

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Feb 14 16:56

Polar vortex to blast Northeast with coldest air in a decade: 'It’s going to be like walking into a freezer'

Forget the flowers and chocolates; think about getting your sweetheart a pair of gloves and a blanket this Valentine’s Day.

Mother Nature will give lovebirds good reason to keep each other warm during the romantic holiday Sunday as a dangerous polar vortex will make it too cold to go outside.

The arctic-like air will blast the Northeast with “the coldest air in more than a decade” and bring life-threatening wind chills to the city, forecasters warned.

The mercury will begin to dip Saturday, but the coldest air will arrive Sunday — possibly plunging the city into a deep freeze with sub-zero temperatures.

Temperatures haven’t sunk below zero in the Big Apple since Jan. 27, 1994.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 14 16:52

Polar Vortex to Bring 'Coldest Air for More Than a Decade' to Northeast

Forget the Valentine's Day roses if you're stuck in the Northeast this weekend — give your sweetie a sweater instead. They'll need it.

A "life threatening" icy blast is expected to put a big chill on the romance for millions of Americans with the coldest temperatures to hit the region in over a decade, forecasters warned Friday.

Feb 14 16:52

Valentine's Day Arctic Outbreak Brings Coldest Temperatures in Decades to Boston, New York City

Record Cold Recap: Temperatures Not Seen in Decades

Actual lows Sunday morning and how long since it's been that cold in each city.
Boston fell to minus 9 degrees Sunday morning, making it the coldest temperature recorded in the city since Jan. 15, 1957, or nearly 60 years. Boston also crushed its Valentine's Day record low of minus 3 degrees set in 1934, and set a daily record low for Feb. 13 (minus 4 degrees) just before midnight on Saturday. The wind chill had fallen as low as minus 36 degrees Sunday morning.

In New York City, the low temperature dipped to a daily record low of 1 degree below zero Sunday morning. This is the coldest reading at Central Park since Jan. 19, 1994, or more than two decades.

Feb 14 16:50

The Planned Invasion of Syria: Are We on the Eve of War. Is the US Leading Saudi Arabia Down “the Kuwaiti Invasion Road”?

For the first time in a long time I feel concerned and worried about the prospect of war. The reaction of Saudi Arabia to the Russian intervention in Syria has always been the wild card in the shifting geopolitical power base in the Middle East. Turkey and Israel, along with Saudi Arabia are the three countries with the most to lose because of a strong alliance between Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 14 16:49

Public Health Crisis: Emails Indicate Flint Lead Tests Withheld from Public at Michigan Governor Snyder’s Command

Adding to controversy over what top officials knew and when regarding Flint’s water crisis and resulting health epidemic, emails obtained by the Flint Journal suggest that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder told state officials to suppress lead testing results, both from local health officials and the community, while they figured out how to present the information to the public.

The emails, which are from October and November 2015 and were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, include correspondence by Jim Henry, Genesee County’s environmental health supervisor, to county Health Officer Mark Valacak, and correspondence between Henry and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Laboratory Director George Krisztian.

Feb 14 16:49

Turkey is the “Cause”, Not the “Solution” to ISIS and the Syrian Crisis

A torrent of familiar propaganda has flooded the airwaves as the imminent collapse of Washington and its regional allies’ proxy terrorist forces in Syria approaches. Predicated on “humanitarian concerns,” global audiences are reminded of the torrent of lies, fabrications, and deceit that preceded NATO’s military intervention in Libya – a military intervention that has since left the North African nation utterly destroyed, perpetually divided, and large swaths of its territory under the control of Al Qaeda and the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS).

Feb 14 16:40

Saudis Say Assad Must Go, Deploy Jets to Turkey: Joint Turkish-Saudi Assault on Syria Now Imminent

Peace is off the table in Syria. The US is escalating the conflict via its client states

Feb 14 16:39

NATO’s Provocative Anti-Russian Moves

Official Washington’s demonization of Vladimir Putin and the neocon “group think” about “Russian aggression” have fueled a reckless drive to move NATO forces up to Russia’s border, thus heightening risks of nuclear war and not serving real U.S. national interests, writes Jonathan Marshall.

Feb 14 16:38

Russia, NATO, Both Start Exercises On Black Sea

Russia is conducting snap exercises around the Black Sea and southern Russia as tensions continue to rise between Russia and Turkey. Meanwhile, a contingent of four NATO naval vessels -- including two from Turkey -- is visiting Georgia for joint exercises.

Russia began the exercises on Monday which reportedly involve 8,500 troops and 50 combat ships from the Black Sea Fleet and Caspian Flotilla. These sorts of large, unnanounced exercises have become common in Russia over the last several years, but analysts saw these particular drills as sending a message to Turkey.

Feb 14 16:36

Saudi jets to fly missions in Syria from Turkish base

Saudi Arabia is to deploy military jets and personnel to Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base in the south of the country, Ankara said. The base is already used by the US Air Force for their sorties in Syria.

Feb 14 16:34

OBAMA's Scorecard by Preppers: Global & National | Mike Rivero

Feb 14 16:32

‘Terrorists facing endgame’: Are Turkey & West looking for pretext to start ground op against Assad?

As Syrian anti-Assad militants are getting desperate amid Damascus’ Russia-backed advance, world powers that want regime change in Syria are looking for ways to avert their defeat, Jim Jatras, former US diplomat and GOP Senate policy adviser told RT.

Feb 14 16:31

Keiser: Deutsche Bank ‘technically insolvent’, running a ‘ponzi scheme’

Max Keiser hit out against Deutsche Bank in the latest episode of his RT program Keiser Report, saying the bank was “technically insolvent” despite assurances from German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble that he had “no concerns” over his country’s biggest bank.

Deutsche Bank shares are down 40 percent since the beginning of the year, falling below their price at the time of the 2008 financial crisis. The bank suffered record losses of €6.8 billion in 2015.

With a balance sheet now eclipsing JP Morgan’s, Keiser warned that the bank will sooner or later have to admit to insolvency and say “we need either a huge bailout or we gotta close up shop.”

Feb 14 16:31

Damascus confirms its army targeted by Turkish shelling, complains to UN

The Syrian government has confirmed that its army positions were targeted by Turkish shelling on Saturday, which also hit the positions of the Syrian Kurdish militias in the northern Aleppo province. Turkish shelling reportedly continued Sunday.

Syria’s government has condemned Turkey for shelling Syrian territory, describing the act as direct support for “terrorist” groups, Syrian state media reported on Sunday, citing the letter to the United Nations.

Damascus sent the letter after Turkey shelled areas recently captured by a Kurdish-backed alliance north of Aleppo on Saturday. It demanded that the UN Security council “take responsibility for international peace and security by putting an end to the crimes committed by the Turkish regime.”

Feb 14 16:30

Civilians reported killed in Syria as Turkey shells Kurdish position for 2nd day

At least two civilians were reportedly killed and several more injured in the village of Maryamayn in northern Syria, as the Turkish army shelled Kurdish militia positions in Aleppo province for the second day in a row on Sunday.

Owl 1
Feb 14 16:30

The Reality Of Saudi Arabia Going To War: “They Will Lose 50% of Their Forces In The First Engagement”

A war is brewing and perhaps within a few days or weeks, should cooler heads not prevail in the middle east, we will see the opening salvos of World War III. This time it won’t just be a proxy war between various extreme and moderate terrorist organizations. This time, as John Kerry so eloquently noted, the end result may well be war with the Russians.

As we publish, Saudi Arabian forces are readying their air force for bombing runs over Syria. According to reports they are also massing ground troops and awaiting the go-ahead from their Western coalition partners, with the final order likely coming directly from the United States.

For the moment the United States will be sitting this one out, acting indirectly as more of a support mechanism rather than putting any boots on the ground. Thus, it will be in the hands of the Turks and Saudis for now.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But it won't stay that way.

Kiss your sons and daughters goodbye; WW3 is cranking up for real!

Feb 14 16:28

Saudi Stocks Slammed As War Worries Trump Dead-Crude-Bounce

Oil's late week surge provided much buying excitement asd Mid-East equity markets opened with flashing green numbers across every screen. However, by the close, it was a sea of red with Kuwait, Egypt, Amman, and Iraq all lower and Saudi's Tadawul All Share Index tumbling almost 4% from the opening highs as war worries dragged The Kingdom's stock market back near 5-year lows.

Feb 14 16:27

Road To World War III: Turkish Army Enters Syria After Second Day Of Shelling As Saudi Warplanes Arrive

Reports indicate the Turkish army has crossed the border into Syria.

Feb 14 16:26

No autopsy to be performed on Scalia

There will be no autopsy performed on Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a source familiar with the case confirmed to CNN. The decision for no autopsy was made both by the family and the Texas Justice of the Peace, the source said.

Feb 14 15:48

FBI Arrests 46 Georgia Deputies For Selling Drugs To Prisoners

The FBI just announced that they have arrested 46 current and former Georgia deputies working as corrections officers for drug trafficking. The arrests followed a two-year federal investigation, according to CNN. John Horn, a United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, announced that the FBI’s raids spanned nine prisons where the drug trafficking was being carried out.

Feb 14 15:21


Feb 14 15:19

Scalia's last moments on a Texas ranch, quail hunting to being found in 'perfect repose'

A gray hearse arrived Saturday — a decoy, Van Etten said, to distract the news media. It wasn’t until about midnight that a van arrived to spirit the body away.

Scalia’s body was taken by a caravan of 20 law enforcement officers three hours west to Sunset Funeral Home in El Paso, where, after the family opted against having an autopsy, it was being prepared to be flown back to Virginia, according to Chris Lujan, a funeral director manager.

“He passed away in his sleep of natural causes,” Lujan said, adding that he was told an official went to the ranch to pronounce Scalia dead before the body could be removed.

Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara told WFAA Dallas that she pronounced Scalia dead due to a heart attack, but Lujan said he had not seen a death certificate reflecting that. Guevara did not immediately return calls Sunday.

Feb 14 15:13

What Scalia’s Death Means For Climate Change

“If the late Justice Scalia is replaced by an Obama appointee this year, or a Clinton or Sanders appointee after January 20th, the implications will be profound,” Stavins said. “An obvious example is the litigation regarding the Clean Power Plan.”

It won’t be clear for many years yet what effect the Paris Agreement will have on global warming.

But Scalia’s passing means the pact seems safer now than was the case just several days ago.

Feb 14 14:34

6-minutes of video: Turkey, Saudi Arabia prep Syria invasion with nuclear weapons to continue US/UK/Israel illegal Wars of Aggression. Demanding .01% arrests yet, or need millions more war-murders?

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

hat tips: David Icke, Veterans Today, Prison Planet, Global Research, South Front, Zero Hedge

1-minute video of apparent US/UK/Israel use of a nuclear weapon on Yemen, with likely cooperation of Saudi Arabia:


WeAreChange Luke Rudkowski’s latest 5-minute briefing:


We’ve documented and proven that US “officials” outrageously lie to demonize Russia (and here) acting at the request of Syria’s government for military operations within their own borders against rogue terrorists. These terrorists apparently are agents of the US/UK/Israel illegal Wars of Aggression for empire (also here, here, here).

Feb 14 11:55

Feds Pouring Money Into a Project to Create a Database to Track “Suspicious” Internet Memes

By John Vibes

The federal government spent $1 million to create an online database that will collect “suspicious” memes and track “misinformation.” The project, which is known as the “Truthy Database” is being funded by The National Science Foundation, but it seems as if the operation has some powerful political motivations...

Feb 14 11:47

Prevent the Windows 10 Download

by Steve Wiseman on February 12, 2016:

Windows 10 is switching to a recommended update. This means that even computers (running Windows 7 or 8) on a domain will receive the nag message.

In addition it will download a 3GB file to get you ready for the update – behind your back. If you have Windows tablets, or other machines that are short on space this can be quite a bit.

There are two registry keys that will help prevent the nag screen, and the automatic download.

Feb 14 11:05

Federal Judge Just Made MAJOR Ruling That May Devastate Hillary’s Election Chances

In a ruling that could prove devastating to the Hillary Clinton campaign, a federal judge has ruled that the State Department must immediately begin publishing Clinton’s private emails.

The ruling, which came down Thursday from U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras, is in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed last year by Vice reporter Jason Leopold.

After missing the initial deadline for release back in January, the State Department again attempted to stall release until after the Democratic primary contests. Arguing that this delay would prevent voters from making an informed decision about Clinton in the upcoming caucuses, Leopold’s team convinced Judge Contreras that an immediate release was necessary.

Feb 14 10:51

First Thoughts on the Probable Murder of Justice Scalia

Tonight, thinking Americans sit in shock and reflect upon the future of the country as the Supreme Court seems destined to rubber stamp a wide array of New World Order globalist initiatives.

Feb 14 10:44

Assad 'will be removed by force' if peace talks fail, Saudi Foreign Minister says

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will be removed by force if the Syrian peace process fails, Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister has said.

"Bashar al-Assad will leave - have no doubt about it" Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told CNN. "He will either leave by a political process or he will be removed by force."

Feb 14 10:28

Inside the luxury West Texas ranch where Scalia died, which is beloved by A-list celebrities (and Randy Quaid who ran up a $25,000 unpaid bill)

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 79, died of apparent natural causes at the Cibolo Creek Ranch on Saturday

The 30,000-acre ranch near Marfa, Texas, has been a secluded retreat for celebrities and business leaders alike

It's a luxury 33-room resort with a private airstrip about four miles away with rooms costing from $400 night

Celebrities Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger, Bruce Willis, Tommy Lee Jones and Julia Roberts have stayed at the resort

No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada were all filmed there

Feb 14 10:24

Israeli minister: UN chief is 'encouraging terror'

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Israeli government are at odds after the UN chief criticised the Israeli occupation in an address to the Security Council last week. (ILLEGAL OCCUPATION)
Note. President Harry S Truman " "Jesus Christ couldn't please them when he was here on earth, so how can anyone expect that I would have any luck..."

Feb 14 10:22

Shock as Sinn Fein surges in new poll as govt parties lose ground

he Sinn Fein surge seems to have been at the expense of the current government partners, Fine Gael and Labour who have dropped to 28 per cent (down 3) for Fine Gael and 8 per cent (down 2) for Labour.

Feb 14 10:22


Feb 14 10:16

BOJ Goes Negative, 2 Down 1 To Go !

Feb 14 10:15

'Look out, we are heading for a crash again', warns William White, the central banker who predicted 2008 crisis

The world is facing a new crisis caused by an explosion in debt. So warns William White, the central banker who famously predicted the crisis of 2008.

As financial markets reeled last week and fears of a fresh recession or even banking crisis sparked panic, White was more than willing to issue yet another prophecy of doom.

The world is now facing a crunch that could see a collapse in property prices, including those in London; a new global banking crisis; waves of cheap commodities savaging Western industrial centres; and the need for debts to be written off on a grand scale.

Feb 14 10:12

Berlin Braced for Benjamin Netanyahu

Among Netanyahu’s recent proposals is an idea to surround Israel and its current borders with a security fence. That would be a curious echo of the Berlin Wall, which for 28 years divided East and West. Fragments of the wall and its former track can be seen running through Potsdamer Platz.
Note: Great Idea but first give ALL of Palestinian back to the legal, moral and rightful owners the Palestinians. Maybe move all to Madagascar and put a wall around it.

Feb 14 10:10

'Shameless' airlines accused of profiteering for failing to pass on savings to fliers despite jet fuel prices plummeting 70%

Airlines have been accused of charging 'rip-off fares' to passengers on transatlantic flights, despite the price of jet fuel falling a massive 70 per cent in the last two years.

By comparison, the average cost of a flight to the United States has dropped just two per cent over the same period.

Feb 14 10:09

Fury as Angela Merkel's 'attack dog' threatens UK with trade war after Brexit and claims: 'You can't survive without us'

A diplomatic row erupted between Britain and Germany last night after a senior ally of Angela Merkel was accused of threatening a trade war if Britain quits the EU.

Prominent German MP Gunther Krichbaum said the UK ‘cannot survive’ on its own and raised the spectre of crippling trade tariffs on British exports should we vote to leave the union.

Mr Krichbaum’s warning came in a clash with senior Tory MP Sir Bill Cash, who accused the German politician of ‘threatening’ Britain.

Sir Bill said Britain had fought Germany in two world wars to keep its freedoms and was not going to surrender them to a German-run Brussels now.

Feb 14 10:08

Israel fears Gaza 'tunnel' war waged by Hamas

The last Gaza war began in the air with rockets that Hamas militants fired at Israel. Now, Israelis living next door to the Palestinian territory see worrisome signs that the next war will be waged underground.
Note: No the last Gaza war and ALL wars were because of the ILLEGAL occupation, murders, torture, and abuse of Palestinians. Everything is the fault of Israel.

Feb 14 10:06

Online poll: Trump up by 22 points in SC

Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump leads GOP field in South Carolina by 22 points ahead of the next GOP primary, according to a new poll.

The CBS News “Battleground Tracker” poll released on Sunday morning shows Trump with 42 percent support.

He’s followed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) with 20 percent support, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) with 15 percent support and Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), who has seen a small surge after his second-place showing in New Hampshire, with 9 percent support.

Feb 14 09:53

States where the middle class is dying

Owl 3
Feb 14 09:43

Leaked report reveals scale of crisis in England's mental health services. Damning confidential report reveals suicides are rising and 75% of those needing help are not receiving it

A leaked report by a government taskforce has painted a devastating picture of England’s mental health services, revealing that the number of people killing themselves is soaring, that three-quarters of those with psychiatric conditions are not being helped, and that sick children are being sent “almost anywhere in the country” for treatment.

Feb 14 09:40

Scientists take a step closer to ETERNAL LIFE as they PRESERVE and REVIVE brain

In a step towards eternal life, researchers from 21st Century Medicine (21CM) managed to freeze the brain of a rabbit using a technique known as Aldehyde-stabilized cryopreservation (ASC).

The team, led by recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate Robert McIntyre, wrote in a press release: "Using a combination of ultrafast chemical fixation and cryogenic storage, it is the first demonstration that near perfect, long-term structural preservation of an intact mammalian brain is achievable.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 14 09:17

The Democrats’ Likely Nominee Appears to Be a Felon — This Is Not Business as Usual

Competing Democrats debate each other one night. Republican rivals take their shots at each other a couple of nights later. An air of frenetic normalcy sets over primary season: The country is $20 trillion in the red and under heightened terrorist threat, yet pols bicker over the legacy of Henry Kissinger and the chameleon nature of Donald Trump – another liability the mogul is marketing as an asset. It is business as usual.

Except nothing about the 2016 campaign is business as usual.

For all the surreal projection of normalcy, the race is enveloped by an extremely serious criminal investigation.

Feb 14 09:15

SUNDAY INVESTMENT ANALYSIS: the 3% run out of things to blame, the CBs run out of tricks, and Gold is climbing.

The great thing about Sundays once the kids quit the nest is that it can revert to being a time for cool reflection. I include this next chart not to be a wiseass (I am that man, after all, who hung onto bear notes for a year too long) but to act as an antidote to the denialist bollocks we’ve been getting from the 3% for the last three weeks. It looks at what has happened to the FTSE index since its peak in early May 2015:

The drop between then and now is from 7080 to 5400 – a plunge of nearly 24%, or just over a quarter. Many commentators haven’t noticed, but that’s actually a sharper fall than the Shanghai composite has suffered.

Feb 14 09:15

People In This Airport Are FURIOUS Over What Michelle Obama Just Did – ‘Let Them Eat Cake’

In a nation where power, in theory, belongs to the people, travelers wanting to fly in and out of Aspen, Colorado Friday learned where the real power lies.

Travelers had to wait, regardless of schedules, so that the airport could be taken over by first lady Michelle Obama and her children.

Feb 14 08:33

Keiser Report: Bail-ins more dangerous than ISIS

using the threat of death from ISIS to distract you from the greater potential of death via bankster-caused poverty


Feb 14 08:27

Trump, Jeb Bush clash over George W. Bush

Trump began by saying that he gets "along with everybody" and noted he was a "self funder" amid boos from the crowd, which he'd cast as interest groups supporting Jeb Bush.

“Obviously the war in Iraq was a big fat mistake," Trump said.

He then criticized Jeb Bush's response earlier in the campaign on Iraq. “It took him five days before his people told him what to say," about whether it was the right decision to invade.

When asked again whether he still thought the 43rd president should have been impeached, he said: “You call it whatever you want," adding that officials in the Bush administration had "lied."
He[JEB] added that while Trump was focused on creating a reality television show, “my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe." That prompted Trump to interject that the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks had occurred while George W. Bush was in office.
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who hasn't exactly been a frequent ally of Jeb Bush in recent months, joined with the former Florida governor in arguing that President Bush had kept the nation safe, which again led to Trump saying "the World Trade center came down" during Bush's presidency.

Feb 14 07:37

“We are in a new cold war”: Russia PM delivers stark warning to NATO

It was just two days ago when Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev warned that if Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar invade Syria in a transparent attempt to shore up their Sunni proxy armies currently under siege by Moscow’s warplanes and Hezbollah, a “new world war” would be inevitable.

Feb 14 06:05

Israel: This isn't how you defend democracy

The Israeli parliament just suspended three of members of the Knesset (MKs) over what was described as "support for terrorism". Such support was read in a trip taken by members of the Arab nationalist Balad party - part of the Joint Arab List that is currently the third largest bloc in parliament - who visited the East Jerusalem families of Palestinians who carried out deadly attacks against IsraeliThe MKs say it was a humanitarian visit, in solidarity with the families, who want Israel to release the bodies of their dead - which Israeli police will not release unless the families agree to certain conditions for holding funerals.s.

Feb 14 05:24

Pennsylvania pileup kills 3, involves over 50 vehicles

Collisions send more than 40 to hospitals, appear related to snow squalls
Trooper Adam Reed said investigators believe that "passing snow squalls played a role in causing the crash."

Feb 14 05:03

Donald Trump Leads in South Carolina: Can Anyone Stop His Momentum in the GOP Debate?

Trump is then asked about his relationship with Vladimir Putin. He then says "Jeb is so wrong," which causes loud boos. "You've gotta fight ISIS first," Trump asserts. "We have to knock out ISIS." The billionaire businessman then says we have to get rid of ISIS because they're "animals." He also insulted Lindsay Graham.

Bush then responds to Trump by saying “Putin will never be an American ally.”

There's an exchange between Trump and Bush.

Feb 14 04:39

RT: 'Undemocratic system used by Democratic Party'

FROM RUSSIA TODAY Super-duper-delegates: 'Undemocratic system used by Democratic Party'

(*The United States of America's Democratic Voting System . Known World-Wide for it's exceptionalism in defrauding it's citizens .)

Feb 14 04:16

California Gas Leak FIXED...For Now

Feb 14 04:15

Minister seeks punishment for use of phrase ‘Polish death camp’

“This will be a project that meets the expectations of Poles, who are blasphemed in the world, in Europe, even in Germany, that they are the Holocaust perpetrators, that in Poland there were Polish concentration camps, Polish gas chambers,” the news agency reported Ziobro as telling Polish RMF radio.

“Enough with this lie. There has to be responsibility,” the minister added.

Concentration camps built by the Nazis outside of Germany are almost never referred to as “Polish” in Poland, but the phrase “Polish death camps” is still widely used in publications outside of the country.

Feb 14 04:02

Christchurch: 5.7 quake, 62 aftershocks

There is a 63 percent chance another quake between magnitude 5 and 5.9 will strike Christchurch in the next year, after Sunday's 5.7 quake increased the likelihood from 49 percent

The quake - the largest in the city in four years - hit 15km east of the city at a depth of 15km at 1.13pm.

It hit with such force cliff faces crumbled, items fell off shelves and walls and liquefaction started bubbling. It shook the ground, and it shook people's emotions - just eight days out from the five year anniversary of the February 22, 2011 quake which killed 185 people.

Feb 14 03:49

World War Crude

Oil’s flashing red on the screen again today, down 3.5%. With all of the talking heads making predictions on where crude will head next, let’s touch base on our “lower for longer” thesis. As you’ll see there’s some new dialogue to cover… (and lower prices ahead.)
Here’s the point, we’re over a year into Saudi Arabia’s full-on oil price war. From the onset, Saudi’s goal was to maintain market share. And the only way to maintain that market share — when oil is VASTLY ABUNDANT — is to pump more and lower your price.

This is a complete U-turn from the OPEC policies of the early 2000s – indeed, OPEC’s old game of cutting production won’t work for Saudi Arabia. In fact, a production cut out of Saudi would only hurt them.

Here’s what I mean…

February 13, 2016

Feb 13 22:46

Dad says Nevada holdout learned government distrust from him

The elder Banta describes himself as "a very bitter man." "I love my country, but I don't love our politicians. The government's hands are in too damn many areas of our private life," he said. "I actually think there is going to be a civil war between the people," he said. "They tell us this is a country of freedom, but they try to take all our civil rights away. They're trying to take our guns away, but it's not the gun's fault. That's the way we protect our families."

Feb 13 21:47

Turkey at odds with Russia and now the US on Syria

February 13, 2016, Saturday/ 17:00:00/ DEN?Z ARSLAN | ANKARA

Turkey's faulty foreign policy choices in Syria since the beginning of the conflict, including supporting Sunnis in the sectarian strife, working for the removal of the Syrian regime from power, undermining the Syrian Kurds and downing a Russian jet, have dragged the country to such a point that today, it is at odds with not only Russia but its close ally the US as well.

Feb 13 20:53

Syria: Turning Over the Death Card By Jack Perry

snip: Minding our own business? Because let me ask you this: Has Bashar al-Assad said if you don’t sign up for AssadCare, he’ll ding your tax return? Has Syria raised your taxes or caused you to have to go to the food bank? In fact, is there anything whatsoever you stand to gain from Syria? Therefore, considering the hundreds of billions of dollars we’ve already squandered on this fool’s errand, why now should we risk a thermonuclear war over it? Again, if people cannot see that this is the perfect example to show us why the government is run by the insane, they must be working for the government. Just watch, the temptation of another world war will be just too great for the government to resist. The only way we’ll avoid one is if the government feels we could get into a world war faster somewhere else, or thinks the Russians are just trying to trick us into thinking we could have a world war. “Can we get a money-back guarantee on this world war?

Feb 13 19:22

The Windy City Has Reached the Boiling Point

Feb 13 19:12

On Hillary Clinton, Sexism, and U.S. Foreign Policy

After the strong early primary showings by Senator Bernie Sanders, a few high-profile supporters of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton have seized upon an explanation: sexism — and not only by men. Sanders’ high level of support from young women in particular, they say, reflects the naiveté of younger self-identified feminists.

Feb 13 19:04

Turkish FM: No decision made for anti-ISIL ground operation in Syria

BEX and a deception? Only the Russians know for sure!

“This is not an issue for Turkey or Saudi Arabia alone, we have been saying that the coalition should be doing this,” Çavu?o?lu said on Feb. 13 when asked about the reports of a possible ground operation against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) by Turkey and Saudi Arabia in Syria.

“But there is no solid decision on this, no concrete strategy,” Çavu?o?lu added. “This is not a new idea, but as of today, there is no decision regarding a ground operation.”