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"You will do well to try to innoculate the Indians by means of blanketts, as well as to try every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race..." -- Approval by Lord Gen. Jeffrey Amherst, British Commander-in-Chief of America, for Col. H. Bouquet's suppression of Pontiac's Rebellion with smallpox laced-blankets, July 1763. The attack partially backfired when Bouquet infected his own troops.


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April 7, 2009

Apr 07 09:15


The Madoff investigation is very similar to the 9-11 investigation in that evidence of a larger conspiracy is being avoided and ignored. It is possible that the billions that Madoff stole, and is still unaccounted for, was being used to finance Israel’s vast global spy and sabotage network Mossad with connections to both AIG and quite possibly 9/11 itself:

Apr 07 09:13

New York Mass Murderer Sworn In As Apartheid Israel's Prime Minister

Can the newly sworn in Prime Minister of Apartheid Israel be trusted? Hell no! What normal man watching this movie would have been focused on the fucking aliens. This is my point. We normal, peace loving, God fearing men, had our eyes on the scantily clad real star of the movie, Ripley, as she went about her alien fighting business. Most of us don't even recall what the aliens looked like. But the screen images of the beautiful Sigourney Weaver will be with us for ever.

Mr. Netanyahu, who sent an army of Mossad spies to America to observe those about to attack us on 9/11, but didn't tell us, could not be trusted then, he cannot be trusted now. What more proof do you need?

Apr 07 09:10

German kills relative in Bavarian courthouse shooting spree

A man shot two people dead and gravely injured four others in a dispute over an alleged inheritance in a Bavarian courthouse.

The shooter, whose identity is still not known, is believed to have killed himself shortly after the incident. The man is said to be 60. It is unclear how he got his gun – a large-calibre handgun - past metal detectors and security guards into the court building.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Staged incident?

Apr 07 09:08

Is the G20 summit sinking in quicksand?

Apr 07 09:07

The moment Google car filmed itself being pulled over by police for driving in bus lane

These are the pictures Google didn't want you to see - a controversial Street View car getting pulled over by police for driving in a bus lane.

Apr 07 09:05

Protesters clash with police as thousands of Tamils lay siege to Parliament

Police and protesters have clashed at the Houses of Parliament today as thousands of Tamils lay siege to the centre of London.

Rescue boats have also been put on alert amid fears the protesters - flying the flag of the terrorist Tamil Tigers - may leap en masse from Westminster Bridge if they are not allowed to speak to Gordon Brown.

Apr 07 09:02

Home Office slip points to Japanese porn site

The Home Office has been forced to amend its website after a user was directed to a Japanese pornographic site by mistake.

Apr 07 08:57

Twenty reasons never to fly Ryanair

This week The Sun reports: “A saucy stewardess is putting the thrills in no-frills airline Ryanair.”

The “34B Czech stunner” , it alleges, has been given her bosses’ blessing to moonlight as a porn star.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Apr 07 08:56

No shield if Iran gives up nuclear programme - Obama in Prague

The anti-missile shield project would be unnecessary if Iran gave up its military nuclear programme, U.S. President Barack Obama said in his address in Prague today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Obama, who is your military science advisor, and why are you not speaking to them?!?!?

Because, sir, if you had, you would understand something that most intelligent people do understand: Iran is only enriching uranium to the degree necessary to fuel a power plant.

According to all the reports of the IAEA, Iran is not doing at all the level of enrichment necessary to create a nuclear weapon. Not at all, zip, nada, nothing. All 16 United States Intelligence Agencies concur.

The difference in those levels of enrichment are major.

The fact that you don't know this, or seem to want to care to learn what the difference is, scares me about the future of this country, and the future of this world under your watch.

Finally, under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which both the United States and Iran have signed, Iran has a legal right to build power stations. Again, under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which both the United States and Iran have signed, the United States is OBLIGATED to assist Iran in building a nuclear power station. So I submit that a far more effective and less costly way to guarantee that Iran's power station is just a power station, I suggest we go over there and help them build the thing and that way we will know for a fact that there are no fake walls in the cafeteria concealing elevators down to weapons labs in the lower levels.

Apr 07 08:53

Swiss slide into deflation signals the next chapter of this global crisis

Watch Switzerland closely. It is tipping into deflation, the first Western country to succumb to Japan's disease.

Apr 07 08:47

Nato 60th summit in Strasbourg marred by street battles and arson

Buildings were set on fire and running battles were fought between protesters and riot police in the streets of Strasbourg, where Barack Obama and world leaders have gathered for a Nato summit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The protesters are smart enough to know that NATO exists to make war with Russia, and if the US invades Iran, war with Russia is inevitable.

They know that unless they choose to fight against the war mongers now, they will soon have no choice but to fight for them from now on.

They have chosen to fight now.

Apr 07 08:46

Silvio Berlusconi threatens news blackout after reports of latest gaffes

A furious Silvio Berlusconi has threatened to take action against journalists for reporting his latest gaffes, involving the Queen and Germany's Chancellor.

Apr 07 08:44

Obama in France Sarkozy handles an embarassing question

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forget what he says. WATCH THE BODY LANGUAGE!

Apr 07 08:41

NATO backs US escalation of war in Central Asia

Even now what still unites the US and Europe is a common desire to face off any challenge from Russia and China to their global influence. Two new eastern European states joined NATO at Strasbourg: Albania and Croatia. The continued integration of former Warsaw pact countries into NATO has angered Russia, leading to sharp conflicts over US plans to establish its so-called Nuclear Missile Shield stationed in Poland and the Czech Republic and over NATO support for Georgia on the ongoing conflict over Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Moscow, however, knows that it is under threat. During the G20 summit, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned of further NATO expansion eastwards.

Apr 07 08:37

Who are these Reptiles in the Shadows?

You read about a six year old boy who was arrested for kissing a classmate. You see police agencies with nothing better to do than to troll the internet looking for people to entrap into imaginary liaisons with young girls and boys who don’t exist. You’ve got television programs setting up busts for entertainment. Who’s behind this?

Who is behind the tens of thousands of cameras in London? Who is behind the new laws that say you can’t hug your own child in public?

Apr 07 08:34

Is Obama even more Dangerous than Bush?

We have carefully watched the new President’s first 100 days and we are appalled. We find that Obama has continued Bush policies affecting the abuses of Wall Street banks, and allowing Wall Street wrongdoers to manage our economy and the "recovery."

Apr 07 08:34

Video - The ultimate jam session.

"Stand by Me" with worlwide particpation:

Apr 07 08:33

Why didn't Fed force big banks to take less of AIG bailout?

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York in November chose not to pursue tough negotiations with large foreign and domestic banks and instead allowed them to receive 100 cents on the dollar in government funds to settle tens of billions of dollars of exotic financial bets guaranteed by American International Group.

Apr 07 08:32

Will Job Numbers Keep Being Revised Down?

Today’s report says that there were 681,000 jobs lost in December, 655,000 in January, and 651,000 in February. There does appear to be stabilization, perhaps even a slow improvement.

But Robert Barbera, the chief economist of ITG, points out a more disturbing trend: The Labor Department keeps concluding that its initial estimates were too optimistic.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The government is clearly massaging the data, "1984" style, to create the best looking outcome.

Apr 07 08:31

Land of Ruins: A Special Report on Gaza’s Economy

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take a good hard look at what your tax dollars have wrought in Gaza, through this country's continuing to pour money and aid into Israel (while homeless vets sleep in our streets)

Makes you feel proud about how your tax dollars have been used, right?!?

Owl 1
Apr 07 08:27

A.P. Seeks to Rein in Sites Using Its Content

They said they did not want to stop the appearance of articles around the Web, but to exercise some control over the practice and to profit from it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

AP stood side by side with the US Government in selling the lies that led to war in Iraq. For that reason I prefer to not link to AP any longer and I am having my software engineer working on a system to go through our database and erase every article that has AP as a source (it's a small percentage as it turns out).

What is going on here is that AP's revenues are drying up because their primary customers, TV news and newspapers, are being abandoned by their audiences, precisely because they were all party to the lies of the US Government.

AP simply wants to co-opt the audiences the blogs have built over the years.

Many times when I link to an AP story it is to point out the lies and deceptions. I cannot imagine that any contracts entered into with AP to license their content will allow such unrestrained critiques.

So in the end, and I am certain most other news aggregator sites will agree with me, the simplest and easiest solution is to simply avoid all AP stories entirely.

After all, we need to move forward into the new and more truthful, not return to the past lies and deceptions.

Apr 07 08:20

Bernanke's Financial Rescue Plan: The growing prospect of a U.S. default

Fed chief Ben Bernanke has embarked on the most radical and ruinous financial rescue plan in history. According to Bloomberg News, the Fed has already lent or committed $12.8 trillion trying to stabilize the financial system after the the bursting of Wall Street's speculative mega-bubble. Now Bernanke wants to dig an even bigger hole, by creating programs that will provide up to $2 trillion of credit to financial institutions that purchase toxic assets from banks or securities backed by consumer loans. The Fed's generous terms are expected to generate a flurry of speculation which will help strengthen the banking system while leaving the taxpayer to bear the losses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The new "taxation without representation" is upon the American people. Congress is bought and paid for by the large corporations it has just bailed out.

The question is, just how will the American people respond???

Apr 07 08:19

US to Destroy the Homes of Criminals

Gunman kills 3 police officers in Pittsburgh Ohio. Now US government will bulldoze his house down. Members of his family were not involved in the shootings and were declared innocent of any crimes. However, despite pleas from his family to keep their family home which they own, the US government has determined that it must bulldoze the house to the ground, totally destroying it. Even though the rest of the family were innocent, they must also be punished, as this will be a deterrent to others who may decide to break the law.

Apr 07 08:17

Spain investigates what America should

A Spanish court has initiated criminal proceedings against six former officials of the Bush administration. John Yoo, Jay Bybee, David Addington, Alberto Gonzales, William Haynes and Douglas Feith may face charges in Spain for authorizing torture at Guantánamo Bay.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good for the Spanish!

Apr 07 08:15

Obama: We are committed to Annapolis

US President Barack Obama on Monday reiterated his country's commitment to previous understandings, including the process launched at Annapolis in 2007, in promoting a peace agreement between Israel and its neighbors.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is obvious President Obama has not gotten the memo from Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman, who has stated:

"The Israeli government never ratified the Annapolis accord. Neither the cabinet nor the Knesset ever ratified it, so anyone who wants to amuse himself can continue to do so. I have seen all the proposals made so generously by Ehud Olmert, but I have not seen any result."

Memo to President Obama: Israel will honor the Annapolis accords when pigs fly.

Apr 07 08:10

Israeli soldiers indicted for brutality

Prosecutors say the incident occurred last September when, while on a military motorcade patrolling the West Bank, the medic struck a Palestinian who had been stopped for questioning with his helmet, kicked him in the abdomen and tore his shirt while the lieutenant -- his direct superior -- stood by and did nothing.

The officer's attorney, Shimon Cohen, reportedly demanded his client be released from jail and provided a statement by the soldiers' brigade commander saying the case was hurting military morale.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If telling the truth about an incident of brutalization, and prosecuting the IDF members who did this is "....hurting military morale", one has to wonder; what does help strengthen IDF morale? Shooting unarmed pregnant Palestinian women, perhaps, with not a cell phone camera in site to document what has been done?!?

Apr 07 08:01

Rights groups: Israel harmed Gaza medical workers

Hadas Ziv, director of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, said an independent investigation is needed to guarantee impartiality. "Since the Israeli army is incapable of holding such an investigation, we call for an international one," she said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You have to admire the courage of Israelis like Dr. Ziv, who do not want to see this kind of treatment of Palestinians to continue.

And of course, this type of behavior is absolutely typical of the IDF, which will always deny it later.

Apr 07 08:00

Gilad Atzmon - Aaronovitch's Tantrum and the Demolition of Jewish Power

Sadly, the panel was not very effective in elaborating on the given topic (Anti Semitism – Alive And Well in Europe?). David Aaronovitch, who happened to be the first to talk, insisted that rather than discussing the subject, he would score more points citing the best of my published Jewels. He was determined to convince the audience that I was the lowest of the low and I should have never been invited to such a prestigious platform. This is not a joke. Aaronovitch who is notoriously famous for lobbying for a war that that has left (so far) 1.5 million civilians dead, a person that is engaged in spreading vile anti left and Islamophobic Zionised propaganda, is convinced that he is entitled to preach to the public who should participate in the discourse.

Apr 07 07:59

Inflation Is A Sign The Government Has Been Hijacked

In normal times, inflation is regarded as an insidious evil which must be contained at all costs. But in a crisis like this, the conventional wisdom is turned on its head, and you hear cries of "Inflate!" Suddenly, falling prices are the enemy and the idea of running up the printing press, or quantitative easing, makes logical sense to people.

But we should worry about this rush to reflate, not just because of the direct economic impacts, but because of what it says about our economy and political system.

Apr 07 07:58

Iranian nuke plot vaporized in the city: NY banks unwittingly aided in material transfers, says DA

The Manhattan district attorney's office has smashed a sinister plot to smuggle nuclear weapons materials to Iran through unwitting New York banks, the Daily News has learned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When you read further down you find out that the materials in question are aluminum, tungsten copper, and steel. The real giveaway is the copper tungsten plate. I am not sure where it would be used in a missile guidance system, but where it is most commonly used is in fabricating mechanical components that are used in high temperature environments. By varying the ratio of copper to tungsten you can change the rate of thermal expansion. This makes copper tungsten an ideal material for mechanical connections between very hot items and items operating at lower temperatures.

Such as you find in power stations.

This story about the metals actually ran some time ago and did not get any traction. But if they are trying to resurrect this one, it means the push for war in Iran is back on, at least in certain quarters!

Apr 07 07:53

Pakistan Seen ‘Reluctant’ on US Agenda of Escalation

With President Obama escalating the war in neighboring Afghanistan, and centering much of that strategy around fighting militants in Pakistan’s tribal areas, that agenda is being undercut, some say, by a Pakistani government reluctant to commit its entire nation to fighting America’s war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ultimately, the issue of a potential war with India (as has happened several times before) trumps any agenda the US might have in Pakistan right now.

Pakistan has felt threatened enough to move some of their military from the Afghan border to a more strategically important location, in fear of just such a war starting.

And, as reported on 30 June, 2005 at:


"The United States and India signed a 10-year agreement paving the way for stepped up military ties, including joint weapons production and cooperation on missile defense. Titled the "New Framework for the US-India Defense Relationship" (NFDR), it was signed on June 27/05 by U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and India's Defense Minister Pranab Mukherjee."

So if war does break out between these two nuclear armed countries, the side which the US is contractually bound by this treaty to assist is...India.

Apr 07 07:47

Israel’s Death Culture, a Dragging Anchor

‘America must cut loose the anchor and let Israel sink to its natural level’

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Apr 07 07:37

Congressman McFadden on the Federal Reserve Corporation Remarks in Congress, 1934 AN ASTOUNDING EXPOSURE

"Mr. Chairman, we have in this Country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the Fed. The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation's debt. The depredations and iniquities of the Fed has cost enough money to pay the National debt several times over.

Apr 07 07:35

IDF planning largest-ever drill to prepare Israel for war

The Home Front Command is preparing to hold the largest exercise ever in Israeli history, scheduled to take place in about two months, in hopes of priming the populace and raising awareness of the possibility of war breaking out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Israel is getting ready to start yet another war.

Apr 07 07:32

AP to Aggregators: We Will Sue You

As newspaper continue to founder and fail, the clear benefit of Google especially — to direct hordes of traffic back to the original site — is increasingly blurred by the anger and envy of newspaper executives over Google's ability to monetize aggregation at all while paying nothing towards content creation.

It has become virtually a populist notion among many in the industry that aggregators who scrape a headline and a paragraph are taking something of value, if not outright stealing, and not operating under a fair use exception even if they drive traffic to the source.

"We can no longer stand by and watch others walk off with our work under misguided legal theories," AP Chairman Dean Singleton said at the AP annual meeting in San Diego.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


I love the rant about the cost of content creation, when mostly AP just accepts press releases from the White House and corporations and forwards them as news.

Apr 07 07:29

What Bob Dylan thinks about Barack Obama now

As the campaign for the American presidency hotted up last June, Bob Dylan lent his support to Barack Obama, telling The Times that his candidacy was "redefining the nature of politics".

But in an interview to be published on Dylan's website today, the hero of 1960s counterculture seems to have cooled on the prospects of the recently elected American leader.

Owl 2
Apr 07 07:26

Small-denomination notes of the Civil War that were once wartime waifs are now princely paper and highly desired collectibles.

A contemporary observer reported that the small change panic "apparently absorbs the entire attention of the people to the exclusion of the war, the condition of the army, the new call for troops, the doings of Congress, or even the policy to be pursued with regard to the Negro."

Apr 07 07:23

Red Cross Report: Medical Officers 'Participated in Torture'

A confidential report by the International Committee of the Red Cross has revealed that medical officers and health personnel supervised, and in some cases assisted as detainees were deprived of food, exposed to extreme temperatures, and subjected to waterboarding. A copy of the 2007 report was posted on a magazine web site Monday night. The report quotes one medical official telling a detainee: "I look after your body only because we need you for information."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mengele would have been so proud of these folks!

And they must have felt proud to be Americans.... who knowingly participated in torture.

Torture has now been ensconced and legitimized as an American value, right up there with Mom and apple pie.

That repeated thunking sound you are hearing, all over this country, is that of the founding fathers, turning over in their graves at warp speed.

Apr 07 06:40

Britain is protecting the biggest heroin crop of all times!

And U.S. troops are protecting the Brits!

Apr 07 06:26

The Storm Widens!

A piece by Dahr Jamail. A man who knows his onions, when it comes down to what is going on in Iraq!

Apr 07 05:33

Smith: 'Reforms yes, but claims fair'

Further revelations about the allowances received by government cabinet members fuel calls for a full-scale reform of the system.

Samira Ahmed: You didn't read your expenses?

Jacqui Smith "I do read them and on this occasion I missed it and that was a mistake and I am very sorry that I made that mistake."

"Mrs Smith, your hair is on fire."

"Really? I can't smell smoke."

Apr 07 05:28

Nothing Better Examples the Categorical Evil of Bureaucracy - Pinched Courts Push to Collect and IMPOSE Fees and Fines

The New York Times J. Schwartz -she received a letter from Collections Court telling her that she was once again facing jail time — this time for failing to pay $240 in leftover court fees and fines, which she says she cannot afford.

Apr 07 05:19

Peru faces water versus oil dilemma - No PROBLEM - Peruvians Can Drink Oil if they Try Hard Enough!

BBC- It is all part of an aggressive drive by the government of President Alan Garcia to attract private investment and boost the economy.

Health at stake

"You can't jeopardise the health of future generations for the immediate gain from natural resources. Until now that has been a rare concept in this country."

"We also have to recognise the rights of the company, which signed a legal contract with the state to carry out its work", he insists.

Apr 07 05:10

Big Brother row as police force starts using Google camera cars to fine wayward drivers

Police are taking a leaf out of Google's book with their latest weapon in the war on motorists.

They are using cars with spy cameras on a mast. Drivers talking on their mobile phones, eating, applying make-up or otherwise driving illegally will be pictured.

And as the telescopic cameras can zoom in from some distance, the first inkling that they have been snapped could be when a £60 fine lands on the doorstep.

Police say the new cars – similar to those used by Google to map town and city streets – will help reduce road deaths. But motorists say the Big Brother vehicles will merely be another cash cow for the Government and a further 'tax' on hard-pressed motorists.

Apr 07 05:00

Australia to get faster broadband along with Censored Internet

BBC- - Experts advised the government to choose instead the more ambitious fibre-to-the-home network offering 100 megabits per second, accessible by 90% of Australian homes.

Apr 07 04:42

Doctors Prescribed Birth Defect Inducing Drugs to Young Women in 1970s and 1980s

BBC - Hundreds of girls heavily sedated in UK care homes during the 1970s and 1980s may be at risk of having children with birth defects, the BBC has found.

[...]10 ex-residents of a children's home run by the Church of England in Gravesend, Kent, have had children with a birth defect.

They were given massive doses of tranquilisers and other drugs while being restrained as teenagers.

Apr 07 04:04

Armed Israeli settlers confront US Consulate delegation near Nablus

Nablus - Ma'an - Armed Israeli settlers prevented a delegation from the US Consulate from approaching a settlement near Nablus on Monday, according to diplomatic officials.

In a telephone call to Ma'an, a spokesperson for the US Consulate to Jerusalem said that officials were near the Hioval settlement, close to the Nablus-area village of Qaryut, when armed settler guards stopped the delegation.

Apr 07 03:44

Behind The Summers Disclosures, An Axis Of Business-Government Dealings

One seems to follow the other as new disclosures ripple out suggesting that key members of the Obama administration were on the take from Wall Street following in a tradition of past Administrations. The monies they received are a guide to the services they performed.

Let me try to break this down crudely without disillusioning anyone. Political power is not just about serving the people. It is an instrument in serving interests and furthering ideologies that often mask the reasons that so much money is “invested” in political candidates. Most of these investments have goals and objectives that go beyond the personal appeal of a charismatic personality.

Owl 3

April 6, 2009

Apr 06 19:16

NY Gunman Blames Police In Purported Letter

The man who gunned down 13 people in an immigrant center thought police had harassed him for years, even spreading rumors about him and touching him in his sleep, and apparently was intent on killing people before returning "to the dust of the earth," according to a rambling letter in broken English mailed to a TV station the day of the massacre.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 06 19:14

Focus on the Family narrator arrested for luring teenage girl for sex on Net

A Colorado Springs man who narrates the Bible in Spanish on CDs and works in the Spanish broadcasting department of Focus on the Family appeared in court Monday in Golden on two felony counts of using the Internet to lure a 15-year-old girl for sex, The Denver Post reports.

Juan Alberto Ovalle, 42, was arrested Friday when he drove to Lakewood to meet the girl — who turned out to be an undercover officer — after discussing various sexual acts he wanted to perform with her, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, setting aside the sheer hypocrisy of a supposed religious person getting nailed in a sex crime like this, I have a concern.

The first is, where is the crime? This looks like entrapment. There was no 15 year old girl. There was no sex.

The only "crime" (if it can be called that) is that Juan was dumb enough to imagine that a real 15 year old girl willing to have sex is so desperate to find a partner that she needs to use the internet.

I mean, look back to when you were 15. Would that make any sense at all?

Apr 06 18:18

Daily pill that halts Alzheimer's is hailed as 'biggest breakthrough against disease for 100 years'

A daily capsule of rember, as the drug is known, stops Alzheimer’s disease progressing by as much as 81 per cent, according to trial results.

Patients with the brain disorder had no significant decline in their mental function over a 19-month period.

‘We appear to be bringing the worst affected parts of the brain functionally back to life,’ said Dr Claude Wischik, who led the research.

Apr 06 17:59

IRS Gives Financial Companies an Audit Pass

Despite the overwhelming place of the financial services sector in the broader corporate world, however, documents and data obtained by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) show that in FY 2008 the IRS allocated only 15% of its overall corporate revenue agents to the agency group that has the lead authority for auditing this complex and now troubled segment of the nation's economy

Apr 06 17:35

House Preparing To Legalize Payday Loans With 391% APRs

A House subcommittee wants to legalize payday loans with interest rates of up to 391%. Lobbyists from the payday industry bought Congress' support by showering influential members, including Chairman Luiz Gutierrez, with campaign cash. The Congressman is now playing good cop, bad cop with the payday industry, which is pretending to oppose his generous gift of a bill.

Congressman Gutierrez is competing with Congressman Joe Baca to see who can author the biggest giveaway. Baca's legislation would allow rollovers, higher fees for online banks, and would pre-empt state laws banning payday loans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When one talks about corporations "acquiring" Congress members, the situation here could not possibly be more "in your face" to American taxpayers than this one.

Apr 06 17:29

Pakistan could collapse within six months: US expert

Pakistan could collapse within six months in the face of the snowballing insurgency, a top expert on guerrilla warfare has said.

The dire prediction was made by David Kilcullen, a former adviser to top US military commander General David Petraeus.

Petraeus also echoed the same thought when he told a Congressional testimony last week that the insurgency could "take down" Pakistan, which is home to nuclear weapons and al-Qaida.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, let me get my head around this for a second.

We are looking at the potential collapse of a failing nation state, potentially within the next 6 months.

Why, then, are we looking at pouring billions into Pakistan's military?

The logic of the US approach simply boggles the mind.

Unless, that is, that the US is looking for further destabilization of Pakistan which would constitute the justification for "saving Pakistan from itself"

Pakistan may well be the next patsy in the US's exercise of military power in the region.

And don't think for one hot second that under an Obama presidency, we won't see a return to the draft, if there is some staged event concocted to galvanize the American people into demonizing yet another country, and going to war against it.

Obama and his team are desperately looking for something, anything, to deflect the anger of the American people from how badly they're doing economically toward another target.

Apr 06 16:51

Israel, India, and Pakistan: Engaging the Non-NPT States in the Nonproliferation Regime

The problem at the top of the global nonproliferation agenda today, particularly as viewed by the Bush administration, is how to thwart the nuclear weapons ambitions of Iran and North Korea. However, to achieve this goal the administration needs to pay more attention to the three de facto nuclear-weapon states that are outside the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT): Israel, India, and Pakistan.

Apr 06 16:47

Following Bush lead, Obama moves to block challenge to wiretapping program

"President Obama promised the American people a new era of transparency, accountability, and respect for civil liberties...but insisting that the much-publicized warrantless wiretapping program is still a 'secret' that cannot be reviewed by the courts, it feels like deja vu all over again."

Apr 06 16:42

Obama to the rescue of Italy with $50,000

This has to be a misprint, right? We give billions to the wealthy ingrates of Israel and 50K to Italy after a disaster?

Apr 06 15:03

Virginia POW Camp That Doesn't Exist

Apr 06 14:55

Reflections on a Largely Forgotten Book: Herbert Schiller's The Mind Managers (1973)

Dedicated to the notion that "the flow of information in a complex society is a source of unparalleled power," his book was an important early effort to show how corporate thought-controllers" used "mainstream" (corporate) media and other means to conduct "a national communications pageant" (Schiller 1973, p.6) in support of "the state-capitalist [United States] economy" and its vast global and military reach. To a degree that I (perhaps naively) find surprising, his book is missing from the endnotes, indexes, and bibliographies of left media analysts. It disappeared in the bibliographical mist even as it seems to have anticipated numerous critical and important themes in a subsequent and impressive literature of left media and propaganda criticism in the U.S.

Apr 06 14:32

Israel’s Water Wars

The stated rationale for Israel’s invasion of Lebanon was nonsense. Ostensibly, Israel invaded Lebanon because Hizb’allah captured two IDF soldiers that violated the Lebanese border.1 Later reports in Western media were changed so that Hizb’allah was entering Israel in an unprovoked attack; this is the generally understood scenario in the West, though it conflicts with the original reports and Lebanese police.

Apr 06 14:29

Time to Remove the "L" from "BLS"

Robert Barbera, the chief economist of ITG, points out a more disturbing trend: The Labor Department keeps concluding that its initial estimates were too optimistic.

Apr 06 14:17

Russian confirms DPRK satellite launch, urges restraint

"The DPRK sent an artificial satellite into an earth orbit on the morning of April 5," ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying.

Apr 06 14:16

Pittsburgh shooter was fan of online conspiracy theories

Editor's note: RAW STORY regrets an early version of this article was published without an editor's approval. This article has been revised and edited.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The part that was removed from the original story was where Poplawski was concerned about zionist control of the US Government and the media. This appears to be the ONLY change from the original to the current article, which illustrates that Raw Story now bows and scrapes to their masters.

Apr 06 14:13

Joe the Plumber Takes on the IRS

Apr 06 14:13

Video sharpens focus on raid

Officer Jeffrey Cujdik told store owner Jose Duran that police were in search of tiny ziplock bags often used to package drugs. But, during the September 2007 raid, Cujdik and fellow squad members seemed much more interested in finding every video camera in the West Oak Lane store.

For the next several minutes, Tolstoy and other Narcotics Field Unit officers systematically cut wires to cameras until those "eyes" could no longer see.

Then, after the officers arrested Duran and took him to jail, nearly $10,000 in cash and cartons of Marlboros and Newports were missing from the locked, unattended store, Duran alleges. The officers guzzled sodas and scarfed down fresh turkey hoagies, Little Debbie fudge brownies and Cheez-Its, he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And you are wondering why the people are starting to shoot the police?

Apr 06 14:13

'Israel doesn't take orders from Obama,' minister Erdan says

"Israel does not take orders from [US President Barack] Obama," Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) said on Monday, responding to the US president's earlier reaffirmation of his administration's commitment to all previous understandings between Israel and the Palestinians, including the process launched at Annapolis in 2007.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And despite such obvious arrogance, the US Senate just sent Israel another several billion of YOUR dollars.

Apr 06 14:10

Dallas-Fort Worth's 'modern survivalists' are ready for layoffs - or war

Jack Spirko owns a media company, is married to a nurse and has a son in college. He has two dogs and lives in a nice house with a pool in a diversified neighborhood in Arlington.

Spirko, 36, considers himself an average guy with a normal life.

But for the past few years, Spirko has been stockpiling food, water, gas, guns and ammunition. He also has a load of red wine, Starbucks coffee and deodorant stashed away.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Canned foods and shotguns!

Apr 06 14:06

Hollow Point

"We, the Leaders of the Group of Twenty, will use every cent we don't possess to rescue corporate capitalism from its contradictions and set the world economy back onto the path of unsustainable growth. We have already spent trillions of dollars of your money on bailing out the banks, so that they can be returned to their proper functions of fleecing the poor and wrecking the Earth's living systems. Now we're going to spend another $1.1 trillion.

As an exemplary punishment for their long record of promoting crises, we will give the IMF and the World Bank even more of your money. These actions constitute the greatest mobilisation of resources to support global financial flows in modern times.

Apr 06 14:06

Israeli high court rules in favor of further home demolitions in Jerusalemsa

Just a few days after ruling to force Palestinian homeowner Darwish Hijazi off his land to allow Israeli expansion in his home and property, the Israeli high court has issued a ruling on the cases of two more families who challenged the Israeli demolition orders placed on their homes.

The demolition orders are part of a larger Israeli settlement plan, which the Israeli Mayor of Jerusalem and the city planners have called the 'E1 Plan’, to tear down thousands of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem to make way for Disney-like theme parks based on biblical themes.

Apr 06 14:04

Austrian Bank Scion Is Accused of Fraud

Prosecutors accused Mr. Meinl of artificially bolstering shares of the real estate company Meinl European Land on the Vienna stock exchange, even as its investments in real estate across Eastern and Central Europe cratered.

Mr. Meinl was able to raise bail of 100 million euros ($135 million), and was released Friday morning. Although formal charges have not yet been brought, prosecutors feared Mr. Meinl might flee because he holds dual Austrian and British citizenship and because he owns a Falcon jet that he flies himself.

Apr 06 13:59

US Envoy Writes of Israeli Threats

In the wake of the accusation by Chas Freeman that his nomination to lead the National Intelligence Council was derailed by an "Israeli lobby," a forthcoming memoir by another distinguished ambassador adds stunning new charges to the debate. The ambassador, John Gunther Dean, writes that over the years he not only came under pressure from pro-Israeli groups and officials in Washington but also was the target of an Israeli-inspired assassination attempt in 1980 in Lebanon, where he had opened links to the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Apr 06 13:58

Why does the 'Times' only let Arabs criticize Israel?

I have noticed that, almost without exception, the only critics of Israeli policy that are given op-ed space, not only in the NY Times, but elsewhere in the mainstream media, are either Palestinians such as Rashid Khalidi, Saree Makdisi, or George Bisharat, or in the most extreme example, Libyan president Muammar Qaddafi, being given space to promote a one-state solution (an assignment that, quite clearly, was intended to permanently marginalize the idea). It has long been the same with the Times letter section, in which criticism of Israel seems also to be reserved for writers with non-Western names. I know of several people, besides myself, Jewish and non-Jewish, who have attempted, without success, to get letters published in the paper but to no avail and have since given up.

Apr 06 13:57

Swat girl flogging video fake, official says

"This fabricated video clip is a conspiracy to sabotage the Swat peace deal between the Taliban and the NWFP government," the commissioner said after his visit to the Kala Kalay village where the incident is alleged to have taken place.

Swat Taliban Spokesman Muslim Khan echoed his sentiments, claiming the tape was the handiwork of pro-West organisations.

Apr 06 13:49

Motorola drops bomb fuse unit following boycott campaign

Motorola has sold a controversial unit that produced bomb fuses and other equipment for the Israeli military, according to the Israeli financial newspaper Globes. The sale rids Motorola of some activities that had made it the target of a growing boycott in the US and worldwide.

Apr 06 13:47

U.N. Security Council fails to agree on North Korea reaction

A U.S.-led effort to issue a joint condemnation of the rocket launch founders amid reports of Russian and Chinese reluctance to antagonize the volatile regime and endanger talks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I told you Obama was raising on a busted flush on this one.

Apr 06 13:46

US Sends Elderly Widow Back to Germany

A German woman named Elfriede Rinkel had led a quiet life in America for over 40 years -- with her Jewish husband. But now she's been deported for lying about her job as a dog handler at the Nazi concentration camp at Ravensbrück.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Yes, we simply MUST get anyone who feeds a dog deported from this country! Israel has told me so!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 06 13:43

Something Is Rotten at PBS

But even though Reid did the reporting for the film, he was cut out of the film when it aired this week.

And the film didn't present Reid's bottom line for health care reform – don't let health insurance companies profit from selling basic health insurance.

They can sell for-profit insurance for extras – breast enlargements, botox, hair transplants.

But not for the basic health needs of the American people.

Instead, the film that aired Monday pushed the view that Americans be required to purchase health insurance from for-profit companies.

And the film had a deceptive segment that totally got wrong the lesson of Reid's previous documentary – Sick Around the World.

Apr 06 13:39

FLASHBACK - A Jew Who Beat Jews in a Nazi Camp Is Stripped of His Citizenship

A Polish-born Jew accused of wartime atrocities surrendered his United States citizenship before a Federal judge in Brooklyn yesterday and admitted that he brutalized Jewish prisoners in a Nazi forced-labor camp and later entered this country illegally.

But under an agreement with the Justice Department, the 77-year-old Brooklyn resident, Jacob Tannenbaum, will not be deported - an action the Government had sought for a year - because doctors for both sides agreed that his age and failing health would make it life-threatening.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But John Demjanjuk, 85 years old, and already falsely accused of being 'Ivan the Terrible", is about to be deported to face charges that HE FED THE GUARD DOGS!

Apr 06 13:32


Webmaster's Commentary: 

This only works if we have an honest elections system, and honest candidates are not being blocked/sabotaged b the media before they ever get close to the nomination (as happened with Ron Paul).

Apr 06 13:21

Rice at the U.N.

Some of the earliest moves have been symbolic, like making the controversial decision to rejoin the troubled U.N. Human Rights Council - where, Rice said, the United States will battle "the anti-Israel crap." She also said the administration is still considering attending the controversial anti-racism conference this month, where U.S. pressure has won a "substantially improved" draft text, she said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We need to all send Ms. Rice a T-shirt that reads "PROUD TO BE ISRAEL'S BITCH!" on it.

Apr 06 13:18

Resist or Become Serfs

America is devolving into a third-world nation. And if we do not immediately halt our elite's rapacious looting of the public treasury we will be left with trillions in debts, which can never be repaid, and widespread human misery which we will be helpless to ameliorate. Our anemic democracy will be replaced with a robust national police state. The elite will withdraw into heavily guarded gated communities where they will have access to security, goods and services that cannot be afforded by the rest of us. Tens of millions of people, brutally controlled, will live in perpetual poverty. This is the inevitable result of unchecked corporate capitalism. The stimulus and bailout plans are not about saving us. They are about saving them.

Apr 06 13:16

US Hypocrisy on North Korea: Let's Talk About Israel's Nukes

Obama used the launch in his major address in Prague, which has been characterized as an anti-nuclear speech. “Rules must be binding,” he said of North Korea’s launch. “Violations must be punished. Words must mean something.”

Many countries around the world certainly see hypocrisy in the Obama administration’s position on North Korea. Israel has repeatedly been condemned by the UN for its occupation of Palestinian lands. Moreover, it has hundreds of nuclear weapons with estimates ranging from 200-400 warheads. What’s more, Israel and the US are in league with North Korea in the small club of nations that have refused to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Apr 06 13:14

Paris liberation made 'whites only'

Papers unearthed by the BBC reveal that British and American commanders ensured that the liberation of Paris on 25 August 1944 was seen as a "whites only" victory.

Many who fought Nazi Germany during World War II did so to defeat the vicious racism that left millions of Jews dead.

Yet the BBC's Document programme has seen evidence that black colonial soldiers - who made up around two-thirds of Free French forces - were deliberately removed from the unit that led the Allied advance into the French capital.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 06 13:03

Magic Thermite and the 9/11 Fairytale.

There it is people… thermite where no thermite was supposed to be and which we were told was not present but is indeed present and that means what? Well, it means a few things. It means that the people behind 9/11 who are in charge of the governments of the United States, Israel and Great Britain are going to have to have another 9/11 kind of event to counteract the brushfire that this report is going to cause around the world. The days of being able to block out the publics right to know are gone. This is going to get legs. This is something that can’t be spun.

Apr 06 12:59

Boys accused of 'torturing' young friends in New Edlington are brothers

Two boys, aged 10 and 11, accused of brutally assaulting and torturing a pair of fellow schoolboys in South Yorkshire are brothers, it can be revealed

The children have been arrested by police after their young victims were said to have been burnt with cigarettes, cut with a knife and beaten with bricks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Our children learn from the example set by our leaders!

Apr 06 12:56


On January 10, 2008, the Federal District Court in Chicago issued a permanent injunction against me on the grounds that I was falsely telling people the 16th Amendment was not ratified. The Court refused to look at the evidence of the non-ratification of the 16th Amendment, deciding that the facts necessary to prove my statement was true were "irrelevant," What has America come to when the government can accuse you of lying and prohibit you from presenting a defense in a so called court of law?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We saw the same thing in Germany where the court ruled that even is everything Ernst Zundel was saying was the factual truth, it was still a crime to say it!

Folks, the judges are paid from tax revenues. The court rooms are built with tax revenues. The staffs that the Judges boss around are all paid for by tax dollars. It is a hideous and apparently acceptable conflict of interest to have judges whose livelihood depends on tax revenues to judge tax cases, and rare indeed are those few judges who have actually ruled on the letter of the law (or the absence of same).

Apr 06 12:46

Complicated tax returns befuddle and frighten Americans

Americans are frightened by the tax form.

The annual math-meets-law-quiz is a national anxiety. Less than 20 percent of us brave the exam without help.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If we had a fair and honest tax code, it would fit in a pamphlet.

The volume after volume after volume after volume after volume after volume after of the current tax code represents the accumulation of decades of special favors granted to favored supporters to exempt them from this or that tax, in order to allow more money to stay in the pocket.

Also, by keeping the tax code complex, Americans are so busy trying to figure out whether they should use an IRS Form 203945Q (Rev B) to report the wood chips in the hamster's cage that they are not paying attention to the whole amount being taken or what it is used for.

Finally, the major reason that the tax code is so complex is to obscure the fact that the income tax on wages and salaries may not actually be the letter of the law, both because of the legal definition of what constitutes "income" and the fact that the 16th Amendment cannot be proven to have been ratified. Indeed Judge James C. Fox declared in the transcript of Sullivan V. United States that it appeared that the 16th amendment did in fact FAIL ratification!

Of course, in this post Iraq "nookular" bomb era, a major lie by the government is nothing new, but if there is one thing we need to learn from the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq it is that the government and media do lie to us all the time, and that we should never, as a matter of simple prudence, assume anything told to us by the government is the truth.

Apr 06 12:24

EU Sharpens Tone Against New Israeli Government

Germany and the European Union are unhappy with the approach so far by Benjamin Netanyahu's government to the Middle East peace process. EU diplomats are increasing pressure on Israel to voice its support for a two-state solution that would see the creation of a Palestinian state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

EU diplomats are on drugs!

Apr 06 12:21

FedEx Lays Off 1,000 Employees

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When it absolutely, positively, has to get there ... in a couple days.

Apr 06 12:10

A most Nobel nominee

Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. And you might be thinking, 'Who cares? So was Henry Kissinger.' And you'd be right to treat the high honor with skepticism. But it's Dr. al-Aish's story and personal commitment to peace that make him such a remarkable Nobel nominee.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am sorry for Dr. al-Aish's loss, but I still believe that Cindy Sheehan
deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

Apr 06 12:07

Net firms start storing user data

Details of user e-mails and net phone calls will be stored by internet service providers (ISPs) from Monday under an EU directive.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay folks, start sending THIS file back and forth all over Europe!

Apr 06 12:03

More proof that torture won’t work

Prisoners subjected to torture will say whatever their interrogators want them to say, whether true or not. If the interrogators want the prisoner to confess to being a terrorist mastermind, he’ll confess — even if he’s really a cab driver who simply drinks coffee sometimes with radicals. If they demand details of terrorist plots, he’ll make some up.

So it is with Abu Zubaida. Within a few weeks of his capture in Afghanistan, President George W. Bush described him as “Al-Qaida’s chief of operations.” He was described as a close associate of Osama bin Laden and one of the chief planners of the 9/11 attacks.

Apr 06 12:03

US prepared to oust bank chiefs

Tim Geithner warned on Sunday that the US government would consider ousting board members at American banks as a condition for giving the institutions “exceptional” assistance in the future.

The Treasury secretary said the Obama administration would be prepared to force out senior management to protect US taxpayers, and ensure accountability, as a condition for providing money to help banks restructure. “If, in the future, banks need exceptional assistance in order to get through this, then we’ll make sure that assistance comes with conditions,” Mr Geithner told CBS television.

Apr 06 12:01

Jewish groups clash at LCBO

They shouted 'Shame!' and 'Jew-haters!' at the small group of Jewish protesters who yesterday called for a boycott of Israeli wines at a midtown liquor store.

Apr 06 11:54

Ash trees on the way to extinction thanks to imported South Asian wood packing materials.

When the collateral costs of an increasingly global marketplace are counted, it is usually the image of the displaced factory worker that comes to mind. But not all the casualties have human faces. Some seven billion ash trees stand to go the way of the American elm and American chestnut, victims of living weapons of mass destruction dispatched unintentionally on the contrails of globalization.

Apr 06 11:52

Mass protest in Rome over financial crisis

Several hundred thousand workers, pensioners, immigrants and students filled a Rome park on Saturday in protest at the Italian government's handling of the financial crisis.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How convenient that the Colosseum is nearby! Now if we could just scare up a few lions...

Apr 06 11:50

The Two Faces of Barack Obama

Like Americans, the Europeans want to believe – but they see the two faces of Barack Obama too clearly, and the contrast is too apparent to be denied. The gullible Americans, who take things at face value, still believe their new president represents a real change, a challenge to the status quo, while the more sophisticated Europeans are quick to pick up on Obama’s inconsistencies – made all the more glaring by his habit of pairing two mutually contradictory stances on the same issue.

Apr 06 11:48

West has to deal with toxic debt to end recession

Attempts by the G20 leaders to halt the global recession are doomed unless they get to grips with the "toxic" debt hidden in the shadow economy, warned to Hernando De Soto, the prize-winning Peruvian economist.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We ARE dealing with it! We are dumping it on the taxpayers just as fast as we can!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 06 11:47

The crash of '09, the collapse of '10

I told you that it's a funny world getting funnier. Many American analysts are saying that America's real economic collapse could come by the end of this year. "It will come to be known as 'The Crash of 09', they say. Others, especially a Russian political analyst, are predicting its physical collapse too. There's no doubt that the country is up the dirtiest of imaginable creeks without a paddle.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The last official act of any government is to loot the nation." -- Michael Rivero

Apr 06 11:45

Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories and Photos

Apr 06 11:43

The Financial New World Order: Towards a Global Currency and World Government

Following the 2009 G20 summit, plans were announced for implementing the creation of a new global currency to replace the US dollar’s role as the world reserve currency. Point 19 of the communiqué released by the G20 at the end of the Summit stated, “We have agreed to support a general SDR allocation which will inject $250bn (£170bn) into the world economy and increase global liquidity.” SDRs, or Special Drawing Rights, are “a synthetic paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund.” As the Telegraph reported, “the G20 leaders have activated the IMF's power to create money and begin global "quantitative easing". In doing so, they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body. Conspiracy theorists will love it.”[1]

Apr 06 11:29

Study: 'highly engineered explosive' found in WTC rubble

In a study published by the Open Chemical Physics Journal -- a peer-reviewed, scientific publication -- Steven E. Jones and Niels Harrit level a stark allegation: that within the dust and rubble of the World Trade Center towers lays evidence of "a highly engineered explosive," contrary to all federal studies of the collapses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A reader pointed out that this story is no longer showing on Raw Story's main page.

I wonder why, given its obvious importance!

Apr 06 11:26

Israeli settlement produce may be enjoying EU privileges

European Union officials are seeking evidence to support claims that fruit and vegetables from Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories are being exported under false pretense.

In a note circulated to its fellow EU governments in late 2008, Britain expressed concern that goods from Israeli settlements in the West Bank may be entering the Union without paying the legally required duties.

Apr 06 11:21

Madoff: The Simple, Clean, Curative Bond Proposal That Has Been Completely Forgotten.

Early on a gentleman named Eliot Kaye came up with a solution that involved providing government bonds to victims.


Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a very long winded article which basically says to issue 10-year Treasury bonds to Madoff's victims with a seven percent tax free annual interest rate that they could live off of.

The author of this article, admittedly one of Madoff's investors and therefore anxious to recover his losses or keeping his profits, may not be very objective in supporting a scheme which even he admits has a taint of "bailout" about it.

And in the latter, he is correct. No matter how you decorate it, it still comes down to taking money form the American people and handing to the financial bozos who, in hindsight, had to know something was funny from the excessively high returns they were getting from Madoff.

Apr 06 11:10

Italy muzzled scientist who foresaw earthquake; warning removed from Internet

A powerful earthquake tore through central Italy on Monday killing more than 90 people as Renaissance buildings in a historic town were reduced to rubble.

The quake hadn't been completely unexpected. Italy muzzled a scientist who foresaw it.

Apr 06 11:09

Estimated U.S. taxpayer cost for bailout jumps

U.S. congressional budget analysts have raised their estimate of the net cost to taxpayers for the government's financial rescue program to $356 billion, an increase of $167 billion from earlier estimates.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is interesting here isn't that the costs are already increasing (which we assumed would be the case) but how they are only reporting on individual programs within the bailout, so the amounts involved don't look so bad.

But what is not being reported (indeed may be very difficult to calculate with any accuracy) is the TOTAL impact on the individual taxpayers from all the bailouts and "loans" put together.

TARP gets a lot of focus because it was first and remains one of the lower cost ones. Other programs, such as the Federal Reserve's "loans" to various corporations, most of which, like the auto companies, will fail to repay the loans, leaving the taxpayers on the hook.

Apr 06 11:03

US may cede to Iran’s nuclear ambition

US officials are considering whether to accept Iran’s pursuit of uranium enrichment, which has been outlawed by the United Nations and remains at the heart of fears that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons capability.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Interesting how they are still spinning "Iranian weapons" even as this article tacitly admits that they have not convinced the people of the world that Iran's power station is any kid of a threat.

Apr 06 11:01

Local Currencies: Communities Print Own Money To Keep Cash Flowing

A small but growing number of cash-strapped communities are printing their own money.

Borrowing from a Depression-era idea, they are aiming to help consumers make ends meet and support struggling local businesses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This reinforces my observation that the only reason the Liberty Dollar came under attack was that Ron Paul's image was on them.

Apr 06 10:58

Online brokerage "We re not stupid we suck"

Internet stock-trading house Zecco wants the world to know that it couldn't possibly have been stupid enough to concoct an April Fools Day prank that had customers seeing fantastical seven-figure account balances, and, believing themselves to be just playing along, trading as though the new-found fortunes were real.

Apr 06 10:57

Knights Templar hid the Shroud of Turin, says Vatican

Barbara Frale, a researcher in the Vatican Secret Archives, said the Shroud had disappeared in the sack of Constantinople in 1204 during the Fourth Crusade, and did not surface again until the middle of the fourteenth century. Writing in L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, Dr Frale said its fate in those years had always puzzled historians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh Bennie, Bennie, Bennie. You really should keep your trap shut.

The cloth of the shroud has been carbon dated and that data together with the type of weave of the cloth itself shows that the shroud on display in Turin was CREATED early in the fourteenth century. Right after Jacques DeMoley was burned at the stake, in fact!

As for the face, rather European-looking for the supposed image of a first century Judean, isn't it? Rather similar to that of Jacques DeMoley, in fact!

What Bennie has stumbled upon without realizing it, is that the shroud was most likely a hoax perpetrated by surviving Templars as an act of revenge on the church which had executed their leader and disbanded their order. The plan was to present the shroud to the church, have the church proclaim it a genuine relic of Jesus, all the while showing the image of the murdered Grand Master of the Templars over the alter of St. Peter's.

Jacques DeMoley was executed in 1314. The first appearance of the shroud was 35 years later in 1349, in the hands of a French Knight Geoffrey de Charny, named for and a probable relative of Geoffrey de Charny who was burned with Jacques DeMoley! At the time, Bishop Henri, possibly warned of a plotted hoax, (or simply aware that hoaxes and frauds were common in the religious practices of the time) denounced the shroud as a fraud.

But the fact is that the shroud first appeared in the possession of a likely descendant of the Templars, 35 years after the death of the Grand Master and the disbanding of the order. There was plenty of time to create the shroud, and since the revenge was against the church rather than the Pope (who had died shortly after DeMoley's burning) they would hardly be a hurry!

Which would leave evidence that the shroud originated with the Templars.

Apr 06 10:29

Capitalism Suffers Cruel Blow! - Chia Obama Heads Pulled from Store Shelves in Anti-Capitalist Sweep

Fox-25- Big-Tony Bartkewicz -Well, that didn't last long. Just days after it was made available in stores after only being sold online, the Barack Obama Chia Head has been pulled from some Walgreen's stores [...]

Apr 06 10:29


5% (134 votes)
95% (2670 votes)
Total votes: 2804
Apr 06 10:27

Obama Threatens North Korea Over Launch

Poll Shows Many Americans Support Attacking North Korea

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let's put that one to the test.

Apr 06 10:25

Story punches reporters in face; goes unnoticed

Dude just stood there and told reporters -- twice, and matter-of-factly both times -- that his friend who just killed three cops was motivated "by the Zionist-controlled government," and was upset, "that there was about to be military policing," and by "the fact that there was about to be a gun ban."

Zionist-controlled government. Was about to be military policing. The fact that there was about to be a gun ban.

Not a single one of these reporters says, "Hey, wait a minute. What?!?"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even Kos gets one right every once in a while!

Apr 06 10:22

Following Bush lead, Obama moves to block challenge to wiretapping program

President Barack Obama invoked "state secrets" to prevent a court from reviewing the legality of the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program, moving late Friday to have a lawsuit that challenged the program dismissed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I remember last November all the people cheering that at last we have a black President.

But you know, Idi Amin was black, and he did not work out too well, either.

Apr 06 10:19

Republicans Blackmailing Obama-If President Releases Torture Memo-They Will Go Nuclear!-Scott Horton

If the president releases the Bush torture memos, Republicans are promising to “go nuclear” and filibuster his legal appointments. Scott Horton reports on a serious threat to Obama’s transparency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If Obama had any balls (I think Michelle clipped them off a long time ago) he would release the memo and let the GOP destroy itself with their filibusters.

But the truth is that Obama was allowed to run (as opposed to Ron Paul, who was clearly ejected before We The People had any chance to vote for him) on his promise that he would collectively keep all the dark secrets of the nation.

Obama will blame the GOP for it, but he never had any intentions of releasing the torture memo because that makes his refusals in investigate and prosecute as required by law that much more obvious a failing.

Apr 06 10:16

Tax Day Tea Party

Is your Tea Party listed?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember, the US Government is stuck in a deep hole of debt. The US economy has stumbled, badly. Foreign investment and loans to the US Government are pledged on one and only one thing, YOU!

The security for all loans and investments in the United States is your lifetime of work. The US Government and corporations consider you chattel, to be bartered and traded, and when need be, sent to die in wars.

Demonstrated by the S&L crisis of the 1980s and in the current bailouts, the US Government promises that YOU will be forced to work your life away to make good any bad debts by the US Government and corporations.

When the American people stand up and say "We refuse to pay", foreign nations will no longer loan money to the US Government, and foreign investors will start searching for a safer home for their wealth.

There is no freedom without the freedom to say "no."

Join a Tea Party and send the world a single message; "NO!"

Apr 06 10:09


Apr 06 10:07

The Shit Has Hit The Fan

So tell me, why do I have this pending feeling of doom? Is it the reports of the genius bankers wondering how much of the 600 trillion dollars worth of derivatives are toxic? Or maybe the multiple mass killings with people going shit house crazy and shooting everyone and everything in sight while our president is in Europe dancing with the stars?

Apr 06 10:04

FLASHBACK - Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians

A keynote research paper showing that Middle Eastern Jews and Palestinians are genetically almost identical has been pulled from a leading journal.

Academics who have already received copies of Human Immunology have been urged to rip out the offending pages and throw them away.

Such a drastic act of self-censorship is unprecedented in research publishing and has created widespread disquiet, generating fears that it may involve the suppression of scientific work that questions Biblical dogma.

Webmaster's Commentary: 



Time makes ancient truth uncouth, and there is a growing body of scientific evidence that not only confirms that the Ashkenazis are actually descended from converted Khazars, but that half of all the Palestinian males are direct descendants of the Biblical Israelites.

Which makes the following seem all that much sillier!

Apr 06 09:43

Riot Cops Killed Newspaper Seller At G20

The explanation that the man’s death was accidental was strongly pushed by the media in the hours after the incident, and a police post mortem examination attributed his death to natural causes.

However, eyewitnesses have come forward to state that Tomlinson was attacked by riot police before his collapse.

Apr 06 09:39

Israel bans medical equipments and supplies imported by the PA to enter Jerusalem

According to Abed Al-Qader there will be Six Palestinian hospitals in Jerusalem that will be effected because of the new ban; Maqased, the Islamic Hospital, Saint Joseph Hospital, Saint John Hospital, the Red Crescent Hospital and Amira Basma Clinic.

Apr 06 09:37

423 Palestinian Children Still Held by Israel

I thought it important for people to remember the children that are still alive yet being held in Israeli prisons, many un-charged. We Irish call this internment and understand it quite well having gone through the same.

Apr 06 09:34

U.S. Supremes rule against Native Hawaiians’ land claims

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Congress’ apology for overthrowing the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893 bears no moral, political or legal weight in stopping the State of Hawaii from selling 1.2 million acres of land seized during the illegal regime change before resolving land claims by Native Hawaiians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We stole it fair and square!" -- Official White Horse Souse

More about Hawaii's illegal statehood HERE

Apr 06 09:31

US 'anger' at Israel weapons sale

A statement from the Israeli defence ministry said arms exports to China were being clarified with US officials in what it called a good spirit.

The statement followed Israeli reports that the sale of a sensitive weapons system to China had angered Washington.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This "sensitive" weapons system was nuclear in nature (see article below), and together with this article proves that the United States KNOWS Israel is trafficking in nuclear weapons technology, which means the US Government KNOWS it is in violation of the 1976 Symington amendment regarding foreign aid to nations that refuse to sign the NNPT.

Apr 06 09:28

FLASHBACK - Israel secretly sells American nuclear weapons to China

Apr 06 09:26

US Senate moves to fully fund Israel aid

The US Senate included a measure to restore full funding for foreign aid to the budget it approved late Thursday, increasing chances that the pool of money including assistance for Israel wouldn't be cut.

The $3.5 trillion document passed by the Senate includes a $4 billion boost to the foreign operations appropriation, bringing it up to the $53.8b. sought by President Barack Obama.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are losing our homes and jobs and Obama shovels our money to Israel at full tilt boogie rock and roll?

Everyone find your senator at www.comgress.org, CALL them (don't waste time with emails) and remind them that both the US Army and more recently the Guardian Newspaper in England have confirmed that Israel is in fact a nuclear power. Under the terms of the 1976 Symington amendment to the 1961 foreign appropriations bill, it is illegal for the US Government to give financial aid to any nation trafficking in nuclear enrichment or weapons technology outside of international controls. Israel has already been caught selling nuclear weapons technology it acquired from the United States to China! That constitutes trafficking by any definition of the word. Israel, unlike Iran, is not a signer of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel, unlike Iran, does not allow unrestricted IAEA inspections of its nuclear facility at Dimona.

How DARE the United States government, at a time when Americans sleep in alleys and eat out of trash dumpsters, send even one thin dime of taxpayer money to a rogue nation that openly defies the United nations 65 times, and threatens its neighbors with illegal nuclear weapons!

Apr 06 09:17

U.S. banks ‘basically insolvent’ - Soros

The U.S. economy is in for “a lasting slowdown” and won’t recover this year, while “the banking system as a whole is basically insolvent,” billionaire investor George Soros told Reuters Financial Television on Monday.

Apr 06 08:03

Video - Dark legacy highlights (JFK assassination)

This video showcases the new material in Dark Legacy, that did come out in JFK II - the Bush connection

Apr 06 07:35

In a Protectionist Frenzy Sallie Mae Brings 2000 Jobs Home from Overseas

Reuters - UK - NEW YORK, April 6 - Student lender Sallie Mae said on Monday it plans to add 2,000 jobs by moving its overseas operations back to the United States.

Sallie Mae employs more than 8,000 people in the U.S

Apr 06 07:09

The planned destruction of international law

"Since 2001, Israeli military lawyers have pushed to re-classify military operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip from the law enforcement model mandated by the law of occupation to one of armed conflict. Under the former, soldiers of an occupying army must arrest, rather than kill, opponents, and generally must use the minimum force necessary to quell disturbances.

While in armed conflict, a military is still constrained by the laws of war - including the duty to distinguish between combatants and civilians, and the duty to avoid attacks causing disproportionate harm to civilian persons or objects - the standard permits far greater uses of force.

Apr 06 05:16

US watchdog calls for bank executives to be sacked

Elizabeth Warren, chief watchdog of America's $700bn (£472bn) bank bailout plan, will this week call for the removal of top executives from Citigroup, AIG and other institutions that have received government funds in a damning report that will question the administration's approach to saving the financial system from collapse.

Apr 06 04:33

Lawyer Facing Six Months in Prison For Writing Letter to Obama Detailing Torture of Client

Stafford Smith had written to the president after judges in the UK ruled against the release of U.S. evidence detailing Mohamed's alleged torture at Guantánamo. The letter asked the president to reconsider the U.S. position and urged him to release the evidence into the public domain. He attached a memo summarizing the case because his US security clearance gives him access to the classified material. In order to comply with classification guidelines, the memo did not identify individual officers by name or specify locations of the abuse.

He and Gappour submitted the memo to the privilege team for clearance but the memo was redacted to just the title, leaving the president unable to read it. Stafford Smith included the redacted copy of the memo in his letter to illustrate the extent to which it had been censored. He described it as a "bizarre reality." "You, as commander in chief, are being denied access to material that would help prove that crimes have been committed by U.S. personnel. This decision is being made by the very people who you command."

Apr 06 04:10

Darkness Renewed: Terror as a Tool of Empire

Here's a purely hypothetical scenario. Let's say you were a dedicated imperial militarist who believed that your country's security, prestige and financial interests could best be served by war and the ever-present threat of war. Let's say you had some really hot and juicy operations going on, endless deadly conflicts that were pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into your war machine and entrenching national policy even more deeply in the militarist philosophy – the machtpolitik – that you believe in.

But there's a problem. The general public – the cow-like herd out there that doesn't understand grand strategy the way you and your fellow elites do – is growing weary, and wary, of your Long War. The national treasury is bankrupt, the national infrastructure is rotting, the nation's communities are dying; millions of people are out of work, losing their homes, losing their dreams, spiraling down into want, privation and despair. Yet you have big plans to escalate the war, expand your war machine, and maintain the global dominance that you believe is the right and natural role for your special nation – and its elites. What to do? How to galvanize the truculent, self-absorbed herd into enthusiastically supporting your vital agenda once more?

Apr 06 03:10

The G20 Moves the World a Step Closer to a Global Currency

A single clause in Point 19 of the communiqué issued by the G20 leaders amounts to revolution in the global financial order.

"We have agreed to support a general SDR allocation which will inject $250bn (£170bn) into the world economy and increase global liquidity," it said. SDRs are Special Drawing Rights, a synthetic paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund that has lain dormant for half a century.

In effect, the G20 leaders have activated the IMF's power to create money and begin global "quantitative easing". In doing so, they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body. Conspiracy theorists will love it.

Apr 06 02:53

SPLC Responsible For Labeling Patriots Terrorists

The Southern Poverty Law Center has always been a hells nest of Zionists who promote Anti American views and distribute inaccurate and subversive information.

The Anti Defamation League is the unregistered agent of a foreign power, in this case the state of Israel.

It has always been involved in espionage and subversion and it has been caught in the act many times.

It should come as no surprise that the infamous MIAC documents which were leaked by the Missouri State Highway Patrol were sourced in these subversive organizations. Please forward this information to all law enforcement organizations.

Apr 06 02:52

Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse - Some WOW! Pictures of a Cyclical Natural Event

NASA Earth Observatory - Michon Scott • Robert Simmon - Early in the day on February 28, 2008, the Wilkins Ice Shelf remained intact. By March 17, 2008, the ice shelf had retreated significantly from its original extent. As the Antarctic summer drew to a close, sea ice began to freeze around the ice fragments.

Glaciologists estimate that the part of the Wilkins Ice Shelf that formed from sea ice may be 300 to 400 years old, and the part that is fed by glacier flow is older, perhaps up to 1,500 years old.

Apr 06 02:02

Punjab disability 'uranium link' - Nuclear's Dirty Little Secrets

BBC News - Chandigarh - Asit Jolly -Tests on children with cerebral palsy or mental disabilities in the Indian state of Punjab have revealed high levels of uranium.

The result has baffled the authorities as there are no known sources of uranium in Punjab.

Apr 05 20:01

A song to keep you going #1

First in a series of songs that inspire "us."

This one by Phil Collins hit me like a ton of bricks - I distinctly remember where I was and what grocery store I was in and what aisle where I really "heard" it playing over the grocery store speakers. I don't want to suggest Collins is some sort of fellow traveler of ours, but geez, these lyrics make you wonder a bit.

"they don't tell me nothing - so I find out what I can"

"there's a fire burning right outside my door."

"seems so long I've been waiting - still don't know what for."

"cause I've been a prisoner all my life..."

"mine's an ordinary life"


April 5, 2009

Apr 05 19:21

Quake hits central Italy northeast of Rome

A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck central Italy Monday about 53 miles northeast of Rome, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

Apr 05 16:29

As Home Values Fall, Property Tax Revolt Brews

Property taxes have become a rallying point for disgruntled Americans because, unlike sales or income taxes, they can be challenged directly by individual citizens: Some 40 percent of assessment appeals are successful. Yet the movement threatens already stressed counties, putting the tax receipts that pays for schools and police at risk.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

People are beginning to realize that even though the US has a rather kabuki-like process which passes for elections, what we are dealing with now is the 21st century version of taxation without representation.

The reason this ..."movement threatens already stressed counties, putting the tax receipts that pays for schools and police at risk" is because of unfunded mandates, coupled with inflation, and the very small stream of tax money coming back to counties due to the debts brought on by these unending wars.

Unfortunately, these wars do not appear to be any where close to conclusions, and seem to be on the verge of escalating on Obama's watch.

Congressional representatives have simply become acquisitions of the large corporations, who support their campaigns both overtly and covertly. The same can be said of state, country, and municipal governmental officials. We do have the greatest government money can buy, and that's just a fact.

When Bush was first "elected", (read: appointed by the Supreme Court in an election more crooked that a dog's hind leg), were the American people voting for endless wars that had to wind up putting our economy on the skids, save for the select few who profited handsomely, like the owners of BLACKWATER, DYNCORP, etc.?

I don't think so.

And with the Bush and Obama bailouts, I want to know this: who bails out the small business people, who live and die by how good their decision making is?


People are starting to get angry at governmental structures in this country - from the Executive and Congressional branches of government on down - which have committed to activities that bring absolutely nothing back to We the People.

Endless wars; corporations taking good American jobs overseas; the corruption and absolute bankruptcy of our government: this has been the recipe for the disaster in which we find ourselves at this moment in history.

The question is: where do we go from here?!?!?!?

Apr 05 15:05

Sudan, another war for Israel: Will Nile water go to Israel?

Apr 05 14:05

Circular Reasoning in the Theory of Manmade Global Warming

Assuming that cloud cover remains the same is part of the climate modelers’ worldview in which nature has been in balance until humans came along.

But there is no way to support this worldview with data…it is a matter of faith. It takes only a 1% change in global average cloud cover to cause substantial climate change, either warming or cooling. It has only been since 2000 that have we had sufficiently stable satellite data (from NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites) to determine whether there are any long-term, natural changes in global cloudiness, and unfortunately eight years of data is not much in the context of climate change.

Apr 05 14:04

Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian Homes in Al-Khalil

Scores of radical settlers attempted to confiscate the residences of Al-Rajbi family once again, after an Israeli court ordered that settlers vacate the building a month ago, Palestinian sources said. The settlers seized the building by force claiming ownership.

Apr 05 14:03

It's Time for Major Tax Reform

It's critically important that Congress enact some sort of major tax reform every 10 years or so because the tax code becomes unbelievably cluttered very quickly with special tax provisions. It's essential to clear away this underbrush from time to time and look at the tax system in its totality.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 05 14:01

The Constitution Dies - To Thunderous Applause

Gee, you folks who thought Obama was the be-all and end-all to "solve" violations of The Constitution under President Bush:

A pair of bills introduced in the U.S. Senate would grant the White House sweeping new powers to access private online data, regulate the cybersecurity industry and even shut down Internet traffic during a declared "cyber emergency."

Apr 05 13:59

Tsvangirai grandson dies in pool

The death of the child, Sean, comes less than a month after Mr Tsvangirai's wife Susan died in a car crash.

Apr 05 12:50

The complete Joe Horn 9-11 call

This is what happens to an innocent person who is looking out for a neighbors property that involves crimes that involve illegal immigrants!

This man was forced to move from this property due to being harassed by protesters!

Apr 05 11:40

A Human Nature Story - Fight over urinating dog got 3 Pa. policemen killed

The Associated Press - The Saturday morning argument between Margaret and Richard Poplawski [about the urinating dog] escalated to the point that she threatened to kick him out and called police to do it, according to a 12-page criminal complaint and affidavit filed late Saturday that contains her account.

Apr 05 11:20

Israel's Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D