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Jan 07 11:02

Bill Clinton Rape Victim Kathleen Willey To Trump: "I would LOVE to work on your campaign, especially when you go after Hillary."

Kathleen Willey, who testified that she was raped by Bill Clinton in 1993, has made remarkable tweets aimed at the Clintons, which are quite noteworthy! [Note: URL has been corrected. refresh this page or click here , or paste this url: http://libertyfight.com/2016/Katleen_Willey_clinton_tweets.html

Jan 07 10:51


An internal report by German police describes how women in the western city of Cologne had to run through mobs of drunken men who attacked them during New Year's celebrations, an experience likened to "running the gauntlet."

The report, details of which were widely published by German media Thursday, added to witness accounts describing a string of sexual assaults that have sparked a heated debate about migration and the police's failure to prevent the mayhem.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jan 07 10:49

‘It makes us look bad’: Fox pundit excoriates panel for claiming Obama faked cried with ‘pepper’ in his eye

Fox News contributor Joanne Nosuchinsky says she’s tired of being mocked because her colleagues continue to accuse President Barack Obama of faking tears for children who have died from gun violence.

Jan 07 10:47

‘Hitler is on the way!’ Jewish shoppers pelted with gas canisters in anti-Semitic attack

Two men and one woman from the Orthodox Jewish community were targeted in an anti-Semitic attack, which occurred in the Tottenham area of London on Wednesday at around 19.45 GMT.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obvious HOAX!

Jan 07 10:46

One Map That Explains the Dangerous Saudi-Iranian Conflict

But to the degree that the current crisis has anything to do with religion, it’s much less about whether Abu Bakr or Ali was Muhammad’s rightful successor and much more about who’s going to control something more concrete right now: oil.

In fact, much of the conflict can be explained by a fascinating map created by M.R. Izady, a cartographer and adjunct master professor at the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School/Joint Special Operations University in Florida.

What the map shows is that, due to a peculiar correlation of religious history and anaerobic decomposition of plankton, almost all the Persian Gulf’s fossil fuels are located underneath Shiites. This is true even in Sunni Saudi Arabia, where the major oil fields are in the Eastern Province, which has a majority Shiite population.

As a result, one of the Saudi royal family’s deepest fears is that one day Saudi Shiites will secede, with their oil, and ally with Shiite Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, should there be a direct military confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran, look for the US to be teaming up with "that great bastion of human rights" (just kidding), Saudi Arabia, and for Russia to align with Iran.

This could get very nasty very quickly, and set up a direct military confrontation between Russia and the US.

Jan 07 10:44

These odds are impossible! Lottery players left furious as £57m jackpot goes unclaimed for another week after rules changed to include 59 balls and endless rollover

Angry punters took to Twitter to vent their frustration at organisers Camelot increasing the number of balls in play from 49 to 59 last October, meaning the odds of winning rose from one in 14million to one in 45million.


Twitter user Phil Morley said: ‘You’ve made a farce out of the National Lottery @TNLUK, New changes are woeful, all in the name of profit.’

Another user known as ‘Linzi’ said: ‘#nationallottery is a joke and needs changing back. How can Camelot say it’s better when no one is winning! (sic)’

Anne Cawdrey, aka ‘MammaC’, added: ‘No one is ever going to win!! It’s a complete farce!', while 'daved' said: 'Goodbye National Lottery. Too much focus on having one massive winner rather than sharing it out. You ruined it. #Camelot #nationallotery.'

Jan 07 10:44

Why is the Mainstream Media Ignoring Sanders’ Campaign?

Joe Biden’s decision to not run for president and Jeb Bush, lagging in the Republican polls have gotten far more coverage then Bernie Sanders’.

Webmaster addition: Because Hillary is already crowned the 2016 Democratic candidate. Debbie Wasserman Shultz hath decreed it, so let's not waste media exposure on anyone else! :)

Jan 07 10:41


When describing a gun, attach terms like “automatic,” “semi-automatic,” “large caliber,” “deadly,” “high powered,” or “powerful“. Small pistols can be called “cheap” or “concealable.” Almost any gun can be described by one or more of these terms. More than two guns should be called an “arsenal“.

Try to include the term “assault weapon” if at all possible. While it normally applies to rifles, the term can be combined with any of the terms above. Any weapon can be used to assault someone, so you cannot be criticized for this usage. “Assault weapon” is one of our most effective emotional terms, use it often. However, when these weapons are used by police, they should be called “tactical rifles” or “patrol rifles.”

A brief visit to the website of a national anti-gun organization can provide you with a list of the latest talking points and terms like these old classics: “Saturday Night Specials,” “cop-killer bullets” and the criminal’s “weapon of choice“.

Jan 07 10:40

Pentagon Desperate to Avoid Calling Afghan Fight ‘Combat’

On Tuesday, US special forces accompanying Afghan troops engaged in a protracted firefight with Taliban forces in the Helmand Province. One of the soldiers was killed and two others wounded, and a helicopter was virtually destroyed.

Don’t call it combat though. Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook, pressed on the matter, appeared increasingly desperate to avoid the “c-word” when talking about Afghanistan, labeling the mission a “train, advise and assist” operation, and shrugged off the fact it was a gun battle by saying Afghanistan “is a dangerous place.”

The troops were deployed in response to Taliban gains in Helmand, with an explicit eye toward fighting them off. US warplanes have been increasing their airstrikes against Helmand all the while, so why the pretense of a “non-combat” situation?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to Pentagon Press Secretary Cook; if it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck.. it is NOT an hippopotamus!!

And sir, the brutal reality of this situation is that we are still in combat in Afghanistan, because the White House, State Department, and Pentagon do not know how to leave the country, 14 years on, without it looking like the flustercluck it has been from the beginning of military operations here.

There is absolutely no military metric by which the US and NATO occupation can be characterised as a "success". Each element of the US government described above is collectively guilty of the "magical thinking" that if they just hold out a little while longer, perhaps, the Afghanis can be "pacified" so that they oil pipeline routes can be leased, sold, and create a profit, only using US dollars.

Magical thinking, coupled with the pathological inability to think anything through to its logical conclusion, should be ...painful; unfortunately, it is not.

There is also an embarrassment of riches in terms of Afghani natural resources which, again, could be made commercially viable for Western interests, to be sold in US dollars, if only the Afghani people could be "pacified".

Then, there is the lucrative drug trade from the opium poppies, which been converted into cheap, powerful heroin, which is killing kids all over the world, including the US. However, those kids are are totally expendable, because of the money that is made here and used to fund US agency off the books activities.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Please remember that the only leader who was able to hold Afghanistan together, through a series of alliances and dynastic marriages, was Alexander the Great: and that was only for 3 years.

Jan 07 10:39

'Angela Merkel invited us': How baying asylum seeker sex mob taunted Cologne police after robbing and raping women

Grinning asylum seekers taunted police trying to break up the ugly rabble who turned central Cologne into a lawless 'open toilet' – by telling them to be 'nice' - because they’d been invited by Angela Merkel.

The sex mob of migrant Aran and North African men tore up their temporary residence permits and threw them at officers who battled through New Year’s Eve to regain control of the streets, which were covered in faeces and vomit.

Outside the city's historic cathedral, where the 1,000 ‘drunk and stoned’ migrants sexually assaulted and robbed 100 women declared: 'You can't do anything to me – I will get myself a new one in the morning.'

Another told them: ‘I am Syrian, I must be handled in a friendly manner. Mrs. Merkel invited me here!’

Jan 07 10:36

Levin: Cruz Is Eligible — I ‘Don’t Have To Agree’ With Trump ‘Like Our Friends Over at Breitbart

Talk radio host Mark Levin criticized the questioning of Republican presidential candidate Texas Senator Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97%
, stating, “just because he [Trump] says something doesn’t mean I have to agree with it like our friends over at Breitbart who are going all kinds of crazy over the birther issue” while addressing the issue over multiple segments of his radio show on Wednesday.

Jan 07 10:32

Fed Official Confesses Fed Rigged Stock Market — Crash Certain

In a dynamite interview, Richard Fisher, former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, gave what may be the biggest confession of recent financial history: the Federal Reserve knowingly engineered the US stock market recovery and created a huge asset bubble that is certain to collapse.

While that is no news to readers here whose eyes are wide open, a “market put” has been denied by the Fed and by many market experts. That the market was a bubble created by the Fed has been denied, too; but Fisher clearly and strongly admits the Fed created a bubble that will have to deflate now that the Federal Reserve’s stimulus is back off.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Their best option is now a controlled descent, to avoid a sudden crash.

Jan 07 10:32

Wheaton College, a Christian school in Illinois sometimes called the “Harvard of evangelicalism,” is preparing to fire a professor for claiming that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

Wheaton College, a Christian school in Illinois sometimes called the “Harvard of evangelicalism,” is preparing to fire a professor for claiming that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

Jan 07 10:29

Why Are Parts of Nigeria’s Ruling Elite Supporting Boko Haram?

United Action for Democracy's Baba Aye explains how Boko Haram rose with the support of Nigeria's ruling elite and how there is now evidence pointing to their influence in the Nigerian Army and political establishment.

Jan 07 10:25

‘Compromised & gone’: Pentagon lost $500mn of weapons, equipment in Yemen

American military officials admitted to members of Congress that they have lost track of millions in small arms, ammunition, night vision goggles, patrol boats, vehicles and other supplies donated by the US to the Yemeni government.

Jan 07 10:20

"Perfect Storm Is Coming" Deutsche Warns As Baltic Dry Falls To New Record Low

Following disappointing China PMI data and a collapse in US ISM Manufacturing imports data, the fact that The Baltic Dry Index has collapsed to fresh record lows will hardly be a surprise to many. However,as Deutsche Bank warns, a "perfect storm" is brewing in the dry bulk industry, as year-end improvements in rates failed to materialize, which indicates a looming surge in bankruptcies.

The improvement in dry bulk rates we expected into year-end has not materialized. And based on conversations we've had with several industry contacts, we believe a number of dry bulk companies are contemplating asset sales to raise liquidity, lower daily cash burn, and reduce capital commitments. The glut of "for sale" tonnage has negative implications for asset and equity values. More critically, it can easily lead to breaches in loan-to-value covenants at many dry bulk companies, shortening the cash runway and likely necessitating additional dilutive actions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The excrement is about to hit the ventilation system, big-time out there. Please prepare accordingly.

Jan 07 10:09

There’s a Cure for Hepatitis and the Pill Only Costs $4, But if You Live in America it Costs $1,000

By Matt Agorist

On April 8, 2013, the pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, Inc., filed a New Drug Application claiming to be able to cure hepatitis C. They received the FDA’s coveted Breakthrough Therapy Designation, which is is given to drugs that show significant treatment advantages to existing options.

In an incredibly fast review process, the FDA approved Gilead Sciences’ Sovaldi for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C in December of the same year.

The efficacy rate of Sovaldi, when combined with NS5A inhibitors, is nothing short of astonishing, sitting between 94% and 97%. This rate is far better and far safer than any previous treatments for Hep C...

Jan 07 10:05


The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said Wednesday his committee will look into a report the U.S. spied on the Israeli prime minister and in the process swept up communications with Congress.

Republican Rep. Devin Nunes of California told The Associated Press that he's asked the director of National Intelligence and the head of the National Security Agency to come to Capitol Hill next week to brief lawmakers on the matter.

A report in The Wall Street Journal said that even after President Barack Obama announced two years ago he would limit spying on friendly heads of state, the NSA kept watch on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and top Israeli officials.

In the process the agency caught some conversations with U.S. lawmakers, according to the report.

That's something that would typically be reported to top congressional leaders and the heads of the House and Senate Intelligence committees, but Nunes said he recalled receiving no such notification.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"HEY!! It's OK to surveille American citizens, because they're only the 'little people'; but surveilling Israel and Congressional representatives is just... dirty pool!!" - official Congressional Souse.

Folks, Obama had this done, to show Congress that he could, and would, surveille them on sensitive negotiations and to see what, precisely, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was doing to subvert the P5+1 deal.

And members of Congress; if you feel enraged or insulted by such surveillance, welcome to our world!!!

Jan 07 10:02

Israeli TV reporter stabbed & injured in knife-proof vest trial (VIDEO)

A reporter was hospitalized after a demonstration of a knife-proof vest's effectiveness went wrong, much to the embarrassment of the manufacturer.

Israel has been hit by a wave of stabbing attacks in recent months and, as part of an educational report covering the vest manufacturing process, Channel 1 journalist Eitam Lachover agreed to get stabbed on camera.

But the experiment failed miserably as the protective body armor could not stop the cold steel blade. Luckily, Lachover suffered only light injury to his upper back, much to the humiliation of the vest’s creators,who were and still are certain of the item’s safety features.

Jan 07 10:01

#JeSuisToujoursCharlie ~~ ONE YEAR LATER IN TOONS

Jan 07 10:01

South Korea to restart propaganda loudspeakers on North's border

South Korea says it will restart propaganda loudspeaker broadcasts along the border with the North, following Pyongyang's claimed hydrogen bomb test.

Jan 07 10:00


Were common household items purchased with tax-exempt charitable funds used to help the Israeli army kill Palestinians in Gaza?

The video below provides evidence that equipment likely purchased with tax-deductible US donations was used in Israel’s summer 2014 assault on Gaza that killed more than 2,200 Palestinians including 551 children.

In the video, members of the Israeli army’s Golani Brigade preparing to deploy to Gaza during the assault thank donors to an organization called Connections Israel for donations they have made.

Jan 07 09:59

Washington Quietly Lifts Sanctions on Russian Rockets

By Ulson Gunnar

Washington, who leveled widespread sanctions against Russia in an increasingly tenuous bid to isolate and undermine the stability of Moscow, has found itself humiliated and backtracking as it lifts bans on Russia’s RD-180 rocket engines...

Jan 07 09:58

What Congress Just Did To Obama Shows You Just How Bad Of A Start His Last Year Is Off To

Since 2010, Republicans in the Congress have talked about repealing Obamacare. Now, in what amounts to a symbolic move during an election year, Congress just passed a bill that repeals most of Obama’s signature health care law and defunds Planned Parenthood.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama will veto, and the backlash will hit Hillary this November!

Jan 07 09:56

ISIS murdered the activist and citizen journalist Ruqia Hassan Mohammed – and then posed as her for three months on social media to entrap other opponents

Isis jihadists hijacked the Facebook account of a captured female activist in Raqqa in a bid to lure other opponents into a trap, according to a member of Syria’s most prominent anti-Isis resistance group.

Owl 1
Jan 07 09:56

Restaurant Owner OBLITERATES Customer Who Said Woman’s Death Ruined Her New Year’s (IMAGES)

Working in the service industry can really be a test, as you will eventually and inevitably come in contact with an impossibly difficult, insensitive customer that makes you question your faith in humanity. And if you haven’t worked in the service industry,this story about a customer named Holly Jones will give you a pretty good idea of what a complete nightmare of a customer looks like.

Jan 07 09:55

British Public Perceptions Wrong On Most Important Issues

Misinformation, disinformation and propaganda – you are subjected to all three every single day. The problem is that the media in Britain is heavily tainted by an agenda driven by politics and money. Many of the decisions you make will be based on your perceptions of life and the way you see it.

Jan 07 09:53

'You're updated!' Drupal says, with fingers crossed behind back

Drupal installations could be out of date and open to attack thanks to a borked update process that flags unpatched platforms as current.

Jan 07 09:50

Plain cruelty: Boffins flay Linux ransomware for the third time

Probably the world's most tragically determined blackhat developers have had their revitalised Linux.Encoder ransomware pwned again by meddling BitDefender whitehats.

The third iteration of the Linux.Encoder ransomware was unleashed on the world, infecting a paltry 600 servers before a crack team of security analysts returned to rip it apart.

Once again, instead of paying the VXers a Bitcoin to fund training them out of hopelessness, victims can run BitDefender's decryption utility to release their locked-up files free of charge.

Webmaster addition: Funny how NSA can't stop the ransomware people, but BitDefender can! :)

Jan 07 09:44

Monsanto Cutting 1,000 Jobs As Chemical Giant Takes First Annual Loss In 6 Years

St. Louis, MO — Agrichemical behemoth Monsanto plans to cut an additional 1,000 jobs to compensate, in part, for a slump in sales of its genetically-engineered corn seeds...

Jan 07 09:25

At Democratic Debate, Candidates Embrace Military Solutions in Foreign Policy

Institute for Policy Studies Fellow Phyllis Bennis says the debate showed a difference in tactics but not strategy in the foreign policy platforms of Sanders and Clinton.

Jan 07 09:23

6 Important Things That Are Done With Insanely Outdated Tech

The most unrealistic part of The Avengers isn't the Norse god or the green guy with the anger-management issues -- it's the idea that a government agency would have a high-tech flying base filled with super advanced, holographic computers. In reality, today's government workers are lucky if they get the same 1998 Compaq your grandpa uses to talk to Arby's on The Face Book.

Jan 07 09:20

Chipotle hit with subpoena in federal criminal investigation over norovirus

Chipotle was served with a federal grand jury subpoena as part of a criminal investigation tied to a dangerous norovirus outbreak this summer at one of its restaurants in California, the company announced Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Notice that all these problems hit Chipotle AFTER they announced a GMO-free menu!

Jan 07 09:18

Just the Beginning: Iran, India Dump Petrodollar, Settle Oil Payments in Rupees

Iran and India have announced that they intend to settle all oustanding crude oil payments in rupees, as part of a joint strategy to dump the dollar and trade instead in national currencies.

Jan 07 09:08

TRUMPED !! – Macy’s Will Close 40 Stores After 4.7% Drop In Holiday Comparable Sales – Drops Earnings Forecast 12%…

Jan 07 09:07

Hillary Clinton presided over genocide in Libya in 2011: Analyst

The political commentator said that although Trump is known for his outrageous remarks, he “didn't actually preside over this genocidal slaughter in Libya like Hilary Clinton did, and then have the cold, vicious evil to go there and say 'We came, we saw, he died!' and laugh -- *laugh!!* at the incineration from above of tens of thousands of Libyans, and the destruction of an entire country. Which is still a failed state in utter chaos -- as they wanted -- to this day."

Jan 07 09:06


More than 40,000 backlogged mail packages of veterans’ disability claims material were discovered at a VA regional office in Florida, according to a new report from the VA inspector general.

Investigators also found more than 1,600 boxes of unprocessed veterans’ claims material at a scanning facility with which the St. Petersburg, Florida, regional office was contracting.

Jan 07 09:05

What Lies Beneath Pentagon's Airstrikes, Overflights, Redeployments

America "uber alles" ("above all") is the message of the Pentagon's recent hits, misses, provocative overflights and redeployments of US combat aircraft, expert in political and military affairs Brian Cloughley points out.

"For many years US combat aircraft have been involved in operations in far-flung areas of war and military confrontation. In recent months these have ranged from the multi-casualty destruction of a hospital in Afghanistan to «provocative» overflight in the South China Sea, by way of deploying fighter interceptor aircraft to Turkey to threaten Russia and the killing of ten Iraqi soldiers in airstrikes near the city of Fallujah," Cloughley writes in his article for Strategic Culture Foundation.

Jan 07 09:05

A Republican Lawmaker Says If Women Can Go Topless, He Can Grab Them At Will

There is a current state law in New Hampshire that allows both men and women to expose their nipples in public whenever they please. So, you know, a law that lets everyone regardless of gender appear in public topless. Not surprisingly, there are some Republicans who would like to change this law... however, just for the women of New Hampshire. Not the men.

Jan 07 09:05

Turkey Seeks Inclusion in US-EU TTIP Free Trade Deal - Turkish Deputy PM

Turkey hopes to renegotiate its current trade agreements with the European Union, so it can be included in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) free trade deal between the United States and EU, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek said.

Jan 07 09:05

Cartoon NAILS Obama for Moving on Gun Controls

Obama may not be good at many things (with the exception of golfing and vacationing), but he’s one heck of a salesman when it comes to firearms.

Jan 07 09:04

Obama Calls on Turkey to Withdraw Unauthorized Forces in Iraq - White House

US President Barack Obama called on Turkey to withdraw any military forces not authorized by the Iraqi government during his call with Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi of Iraq, the White House announced in a statement.

Jan 07 09:03

Enough Already! It's Time To Send The Despicable House Of Saud To The Dustbin Of History

The recent column by Pat Buchanan could not be more spot on. It slices through the misbegotten assumption that Saudi Arabia is our ally and that the safety and security of the citizens of Lincoln NE, Spokane WA and Springfield MA have anything to do with the religious and political machinations of Riyadh and its conflicts with Iran and the rest of the Shiite world.

Nor is this only a recent development. In fact, for more than four decades Washington’s middle eastern policy has been dead wrong and increasingly counter-productive and destructive. The crisis provoked this past weekend by the 30-year old hot-headed Saudi prince, who is son of the King and heir to the throne, only clarified what has long been true.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I did predict that at some point the US would start regime change operations in Saudi Arabia, after Saudi Arabia started talking about selling their oil for currencies other than the dollar!

Jan 07 09:01

DHS posts new lies about the REAL-ID Act

In response to a flurry of publicity kicked off by a story last week in the New York Times in which we were quoted, the DHS has posted several new or updated pages about the REAL-ID Act on its website, including a new page headed, “REAL ID and You: Rumor Control“.

Not surprisingly, the DHS is still lying about what the REAL-ID Act requires.

Jan 07 09:01

Study Shows Black Raspberries One Of The Best Antioxidant Fruits In The World

More evidence is being revealed that black raspberries have astonishingly high antioxidant levels. They are also among the highest foods in anthocyanins and show greater health benefits than its closely related cousins the red raspberry and blackberry. Anthocyanins give foods like black raspberries their deep, dark color and have been shown to…

Jan 07 08:59

State Of Emergency Declared Over California Methane Gas Leak

A state of emergency has been declared in California due to a massive gas leak in Los Angeles County that has been seeping for over 2 months. This Wednesday, California Governor Jerry Brown announced that he will be using government resources to handle the gas leak, which is located at Porter Ranch,…

Jan 07 08:58

Reality Peeks Through in Ukraine

Nearly two years since U.S. officials helped foment a coup in Ukraine – partly justified by corruption allegations – the country continues to wallow in graft and cronyism as the living standards for average Ukrainians plummet, according to economic data and polls of public attitudes.

Jan 07 08:54

The Ultimate Blowback from U.S. Foreign Policy? Donald Trump

When the late Chalmers Johnson introduced the word “blowback” to describe the adverse consequences of Washington’s actions in the world, he wasn’t referring simply to the victims of U.S. imperial interventions striking back on American soil. More importantly, he saw the resulting destabilization of the American democratic process as the most dangerous blowback of all.

Jan 07 08:49

Osborne warns of 'dangerous cocktail' of economic risks

The UK faces a "cocktail" of serious threats from a slowing global economy as 2016 begins, Chancellor George Osborne will warn.

Mr Osborne will say this year is likely to be one of the toughest since the financial crisis.

He told the BBC that far from "mission accomplished" on the economy, "2016 is the year of mission critical".

His message is in stark contrast to the positive tone of his Autumn Statement, when he said the UK was "growing fast".

Jan 07 08:48

Most Americans can't handle a $500 surprise bill

While the recession may be long over, many Americans are still living one bill away from financial disaster.

Jan 07 08:47

DNC Chair, fueled by alcohol PACs, blasts legal pot

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz told theNew York Times she continues to oppose legalizing marijuana — even as she has courted alcohol PACs as one of the largest sources of her campaign funding.

Jan 07 08:45


snip: Who is more mentally unbalanced, those who are doing the shooting or those who refuse to examine the facts about what kinds of places attract such shooters? Schools and religious institutions are sitting ducks, and the shootings there have gone on until someone else with a gun showed up on the scene.

That is what puts an end to the carnage, not gun control laws.

People who are prepared to defy the laws against murder are not very likely to be stopped by laws against guns. Only law-abiding citizens are likely to be stopped by gun control laws, and to become sitting ducks.

Jan 07 08:41

Why Are Corrections Officers Guarding This Abandoned Prison?

Jan 07 08:39

Activists or Terrorists? How Media Controls and Dictates ‘The Narrative’ in Burns, Oregon

The narrative is further presented as two sides with contrasting positions. Choose your position, and make your case. Most Americans will have been pre-conditioned to know where they are supposed to stand, and will quickly align accordingly. The framing here is usually a binary dialectic, or two sides only, with no grey area or middle ground. A or B, Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, pro-government or anti-government, Jedi or Sith? We all know the drill.

Jan 07 08:37

New York National Guard members busted for recruiting bonus scam

Seven New York Army National Guard members were arrested on Wednesday on charges they schemed to fraudulently obtain thousands of dollars in referral bonuses for recruiting dozens of new soldiers.

Jan 07 08:35

Showdown in Oregon: How to – and How Not to Fight Tyranny

By Tony Cartalucci

The showdown between armed ranchers and federal agents in the US state of Oregon has triggered passionate debates not only about the particulars of the standoff itself, but the precise manner in which people should stand up against an increasingly overbearing government and the corporate-financier special interests that have commandeered it...

Owl 3
Jan 07 08:33

The End-Game of Debt-Fueled "Growth"

Jan 07 08:32

9/11 In Perspective

Jan 07 08:31

Special Ops Called To Oregon As “Fake Militiamen” Exposed As Fed Provocateurs By Real Militia

Oath Keepers has received very credible information from an active duty source within the special operations community that at least one SOD-X (Reserve/National Guard Special Operations Detachment, see this, this, and this) unit under the command of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has been tasked for this standoff at the Malheur Wildlife Reserve and moved to the area. Given this, we should expect that other special operations assets, such as Delta Force, will also be involved if the Obama Administration decides to give the green light on a military raid/strike. And we should expect the presence of the infamous FBI HRT (which were present at both Ruby Ridge and Waco).

Jan 07 08:31

New gun control measures won’t be effective at all

US president Barack Obama has taken unilateral action on gun control introducing new restrictions on gun sales – without seeking approval from Congress.

Jan 07 08:30

The White House and The Theatrics of ‘Gun Control’

During President Barack Obama’s landmark New Year’s TV address on ‘gun control’ he grew visibly emotional when invoking Newtown, Connecticut, with bountiful tears arriving in good measure. While right-wing commentators were incensed, left-wing media pundits were understandably blown away by his performance, and commented on it like it was a performance. In media terms, it was a very weird moment, to say the least.

Of course, no one would dare accuse the President of producing tears on demand, after all, that would be impossible to fake – unless of course you’re an extremely talented and trained actor – and who would believe that our President would have received that sort of special coaching which is reserved for professional TV and film actors. The thought of it is simply preposterous, right? After all, this President is surely not an actor…

Jan 07 08:29

entangling alliances: 67 Countries the U.S. Is Obliged to Go to War For

one way or another we will be dragged into endless wars

Jan 07 08:27

In Hitler's Footsteps? Erdogan's Scandalous Notion By No Means Accidental

The US media is determined to demonize Syria, Russia, Iran, and all the countries that are actively defeating Daesh (Islamic State/ISIL). At the same time the Western press remains mute about Recep Erdogan's colluding with the notorious terrorist group, US political analyst Caleb Maupin notes.

Jan 07 08:26

Eyewitness Account Of The "Monstrous" Migrant Attacks In Germany: "It's Like Civil War"

On Tuesday, we documented multiple reports that suggest as many as 1,000 men “of Arab or North African origin” participated in what appeared to be coordinated attacks on German women in Cologne.

“About 90 women have reported being robbed, threatened or sexually molested at New Year celebrations outside [the city’s] cathedral,” Reuters writes, adding that the men were “between 18 and 35” and appeared to be “mostly drunk.”

Cologne mayor Henriette Reker called the incident “unbelievable and intolerable” while Justice Minister Heiko Maas described the attacks as “a new scale of organized crime."

Jan 07 08:26

Merkel Facing Coalition Split Over Refusal to Cap Refugee Numbers

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing another rift within her grand coalition party by refusing to set a maximum limit on the number of refugees her country will accept, in direct contradiction to the leader of her sister party in coalition.

Jan 07 08:25

America’s Now-Aggressive War Against Russia

America’s aristocracy is determined to take over Russia. Ever since the end of the Soviet Union and of its communism, the Cold War has become replaced by an increasingly hot war in which the US and its allies are expanding NATO right up to Russia’s borders, and imposing against Russia what the US refused to accept being imposed upon itself during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis: nuclear checkmate!

Jan 07 08:23

Ice on Dutch streets

Jan 07 08:23

Officials: Man shot by US marshals after brandishing knife

Authorities in Tennessee say deputy U.S. marshals shot and killed a man on railroad tracks in Johnson City after they tried to serve a warrant.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokesman Josh DeVine said in a statement that two marshals based in the U.S. Marshal's Greeneville office were trying to serve the warrant Tuesday evening when the wanted man, 39-year-old James K. Maher, brandished a knife.

DeVine says the situation escalated and the two marshals fired their guns at Maher, who died at the scene.

Jan 07 08:20


Up to 70 officers from the Denver Police and Sheriff’s Departments converged onSustainability Park, in Denver, Colorado, Saturday night to dismantle and remove a micro-home community for the homeless. The community was created by Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) – a group “composed of houseless people and supporters,” according to the organization’s press release. Following orders issued by Mayor Michael Hancock, police officers — including SWAT units with helicopters overhead — stormed the park by 9 p.m. local time to remove the micro-buildings, named “Resurrection Village,” due to lack of proper permits from the city.

Jan 07 08:19

UN probes alleged CAR child abuse by peacekeepers

New instances of sexual abuse of minors by UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic were reported by the UN in the latest series of child rape cases to hit the mission in the country.

Jan 07 08:18

Venezuela passes new law rejecting GMOs and seed patents nationwide

In 2004, President Hugo Chavez prevented the planting of 500,000 acres of Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) corn. Since then the Venezuelan farmers have been expressing strong feelings against growing or buying GM seeds.

However, this didn't stop big corporations from trying to push their transgenic crops through in times of economic and political disturbance. A seed law proposed by a pro-government legislator in 2013 was about to open a backdoor and allow GM seeds to enter Venezuela.

Luckily, farmers and environmental movements stood up to them and demanded a complete re-write of the Seed Law.

After fighting a two-year long battle against the approval of transgenic seeds, Venezuela's National Assembly finally approved a draft Seed Law aimed to protect food security, soil fertility and promoting sustainable agriculture, instead of creating a backdoor for the spread of GM seeds.

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"Bomb them until they buy our GMO seeds!" -- Monsatan

Jan 07 08:17

Vows in blood, branding with fire: Franciscan nun opens up about violence, torture in convent

A former nun of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate has spoken about the abuse she suffered in her convent. It included being branded with fire and made to write vows in blood, right down to being forced to self-flagellate and eat out-of-date food.

The woman, who made the claims, is now in her 30s. She says she was 17 when she joined the convent in the ‘90s. Speaking to Italian Corriere Della Sera, she said the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, based in Frigento, Italy were encouraged to write vows in blood by the head of the order, Father Manelli.

“Father Manelli was satisfied that we did this practice because it made our love for God more authentic, this eternal vow with God…made with blood.”

Jan 07 08:16

Israel's Barbarism Aimed at Consolidating its Theft and Ethnic Cleansing

Despite the corporate media’s efforts to play up Israeli fears of rockets from Gaza that very rarely kill anyone and make zero impact on Israel’s military might, US public opinion, is not remotely as lopsided in favor of Israel as the 100-0 Senate vote.

Jan 07 08:15

‘We weren’t prepared for this’: Cologne police chief speaks out after NYE mass sexual assaults

Cologne police were not ready to deal with the mass sexual assaults committed during New Year’s celebrations, the city’s police chief told RT, adding that they have never experienced such incidents before.

Jan 07 08:15

Best 7 minutes on gun control I have ever seen!

Jan 07 08:13

Heavy flooding affects drought-stricken California

Strong thunderstorms battered southern California since January 5, 2016. Heavy rainfalls, thought to be fueled by the El Niño phenomena, inundated streets and caused streams to overflow, disrupting traffic across the affected areas. Another strong storm is on the way and expected to hit the area during Thursday, January 7.

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The reason you see "rain" and "drought" in the same headline is that Nestle is still sucking California aquifers dry, while two other aquifers have become contaminated with fracking chemicals and are no longer safe to drink.

Jan 07 08:11

More Puzzles about BBC’s “Saving Syria’s Children” Documentary

This is our second look at the work of Robert Stuart, concerning the BBC Panorama documentary Saving Syria’s Children. (go here for our first instalment). When did the alleged chemical attacks actually occur? Why do accounts of the timing differ so widely? And why did producer Darren Conway become defensive and incoherent when asked one simple question?

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Jan 07 08:10

Trump will pull £700m from Scotland if banned from UK

Republican front-runner Donald Trump has threatened to pull out his £700 million investment in Scotland if he is banned from entering the United Kingdom.

Trump Organization warned British authorities Wednesday that he will "immediately end these and all future investments we are currently contemplating in the United Kingdom" if a petition to ban him thrives at the parliament.

More than half a million people have signed the petition to ban him over anti-Islam remarks, which peaked when he called for a “complete” shutdown of Muslims into the United States.

Jan 07 08:10


Remember all those economic sanctions that the USA demanded be imposed on Russia for its perfidy in the Ukraine for opposing Washington's installed puppet government in Kiev and for not allowing its Black Sea Fleet base at Sevastopol to fall into NATO's hands? At the time, I predicted that this was a short-sighted policy on Washington's part at best, since Europe's economic future lies in the expanded trade with the East, and with the integration into the Eurasian infrastructure projects that Russia and China have been championing. In particular, I pointed out that Europe's "locomotive," Germany, might politely mouth its obedience and perform the obligatory genuflexions to Washington, but the reality was - and is - that the economic and geopolitical future of the country, and therefore of Europe, lie eastward, not across the Atlantic ocean.

Jan 07 08:09

S. Arabia & Qatar among top US arms buyers despite human rights abuses

Jan 07 08:00

The Geopolitics of World War III

Contrary to popular belief, the conduct of nations on the international stage is almost never driven by moral considerations, but rather by a shadowy cocktail of money and geopolitics. As such, when you see the mouthpieces of the ruling class begin to demonize a foreign country, the first question in your mind should always be "what is actually at stake here?"

For some time now Russia, China, Iran, and Syria have been in the cross hairs. Once you understand why, the events unfolding in the world right now will make much more sense.

Jan 07 07:59

The total collapse of Saudi Arabia is inevitable

The Saudis tried to undermine the US economy and oil trade by pushing the oil prices to rock bottom to push America out of the market, but it has backfired on them. America doesn’t really need Saudi oil. The world doesn’t need Saudi oil and can survive without it. Overall, low oil prices is good for the economy. It makes travels, transport, import, export, trade cheaper meaning it usually ends in higher profits for companies which result in more jobs, more hiring.

The only way for Saudi Arabia to survive is to turn into another Dubai and open its doors completely to the world, to tourism, to investments and to more freedom. But centuries of an insulated ideology and a bad reputation makes it too late for the Saudis to turn around.

Jan 07 07:58

Was This Fantasy Syria Timeline Leaked To Push For Open War?

An internal timeline prepared for U.S. officials dealing with the Syria crisis sets an unspecified date in March 2017 for Assad to "relinquish" his position as president and for his "inner circle" to depart.

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I told you they weren't giving up!

Jan 07 07:57

Dow Jones Industrial Average opens almost 300 down - PPT applying oxygen!

Jan 07 07:51

BEX ALERT - Daesh builds surface-to-air missiles to down planes

Scientists and military experts from Daesh terrorist organization, aka the Islamic State, have learned to build makeshift thermal batteries that can be used for launching surface-to-air missiles.

Daesh militants will thus be able to use old decommissioned Western missiles to pose a real threat to all passenger airliners and military aircraft that fly over terrorist-controlled territories. The guidance accuracy of such missiles is almost 100 percent.

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So, who gave ISIS/ISL/IS/Daesh those old decommissioned Western missiles ?