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March 12, 2017

Mar 12 08:07

'Brexit is only a tragedy for the EU - as WE pay for it' Anger over Verhofstadt R4 speech

BREXIT negotiator Guy Verhofstadt has been blasted after describing Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) as a “tragedy” and vowed to help Britons keep Brussels benefits.

Mar 12 08:06

Merkel's lead COLLAPSES as latest poll puts Schulz LEVEL with beleaguered German leader

ANGELA Merkel’s lead has collapsed as the Martin Schulz led Social Democrats (SPD) are now level, the latest Emnid poll has revealed.

Mar 12 08:06

Germany REJECTS Merkel's 'safe countries' proposals to deport North African migrants

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has suffered another setback after her plans to declare three North African states “safe countries” were blocked by parliament.

Mar 12 08:05

The Trump Administration's Human-Rights Dilemma

President Donald Trump has demonstrated little interest in promoting human rights abroad. He was a dealmaker, focused on achieving concrete economic and security ends. Worrying about whether other peoples can, say, protest against their government doesn’t seem to concern him.

Ultimately, a foreign policy is sustainable only if it advances the interests of the people expected to pay and die for it. Protecting America—its population, territory, economic prosperity and constitutional liberties—is the government’s most important duty.
Nevertheless, that doesn’t bar Washington from attempting to advance human liberty in ways consistent with its larger responsibilities. Simply talking about the importance of governments respecting human life and dignity can help.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a Biblical injunction about "reaping what you sow"; in the Middle East, by NOT emphasizing human rights, the US government is reaping a whirlwind of anti-US sentiment.

By supporting governments, militarily and financially, like Saudi Arabia; Bahrain; Egypt; and Turkey, which are suppressing their own people, the US government is setting the stage for deep radicalisation, if not revolution in those places.

Suppression only works so long, and then, BANG! You've got a coup on your hands, and an ensuing government which has a long memory for how the US government's support of former oppressive leaders destroyed life and limb.

Look at Iran's hatred for the US government, which the US government very much earned by overthrowing the duly elected President Mossadegh in 1953 in a CIA-orchestrated coup, replacing him with the Shaw of Iran.

The Shah's intelligence arm, the Savak, (which routinely tortured and imprisoned Iranians to keep his population always on the keening edge of fear) made the East German Stassi look like buttercups, in comparison.

So when the 1979 Iranian revolution happened, and the Shaw was booted out of the country, the US government was, as is usual, pathologically incapable of taking ANY responsibility whatsoever for creating the situation which caused the people to rebel against the tyranny of the Shaw, and condemned the Iranian people for having revolted against such a monster.

The US government has a deep, moral responsibility to encourage the observance of human rights; because when that does not happen, as the late President Kennedy Stated: "When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable."

Mar 12 08:05

BEX ALERT - Russia 'behind latest CIA data breach on Julian Assange's Wikileaks'

RUSSIA was behind the latest classified CIA data dump on Wikileaks, experts said last night, with some warning that Britain’s security services might be the next target.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now, some common sense.

When Bletchley Park broke the ENIGMA code, it was classified as ultra top secret. Clearly, had the Germans known ENIGMA was broken, they would have changed the system. Even after the war, the fact that the US and UK could read ENIGMA messages was classified, as the US and UK made presents of captured ENIGMA machines to friendly governments to use, not knowing the US and UK could read their encrypted messages.

The same applies here. If Russia had all this data on CIA capability, they would never reveal it, as they would want CIA to go on using systems Russia knew about and could evade when necessary, rather than have CIA (or NSA) start changing things!

Hence, Russia is NOT the source of the WikiLeaks information. This claim is just more Russia-bashing!

Mar 12 07:47

That’s one way to do it! Hilarious photos reveal the pranksters who followed the rules VERY literally – with some truly bizarre results

Mar 12 07:45

The conversation Bill Clinton had with Loretta Lynch [VIDEO]

Clinton Insider Reveals Bill’s Secret Deal With Loretta Lynch

Mar 12 07:44

Death of Michael Hastings: Uncontrolled Speeding Car – CIA Documents Say They Can Kill This Way [VIDEOS]

Was Michael Hastings assassinated? Did Mercedes have a role in his death?

Mar 12 07:44

Richard Gere in Israel criticizes settlements

Richard Gere has lashed out at Israel over its settlements in territory that Palestinians want for a state.

The "Pretty Woman" star came to Jerusalem for the local premiere of a new film by Israeli writer-director Joseph Cedar in which he stars.

A story in Sunday's Haaretz newspaper quoted the actor as saying "settlements are such an absurd provocation ... and they are certainly not part of the program of someone who wants a genuine peace process."

Mar 12 07:40

China's Xi calls for 'great wall of iron' to safeguard restive Xinjiang

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday called for a "great wall of iron" to safeguard the restive western region of Xinjiang after a top official said Islamist separatists pose the "most prominent" challenge to the country's stability.

Xi make the comments at a meeting of Xinjiang's lawmakers on the sidelines of the annual session of the National People's Congress in Beijing, marking his first ever visit to the regional delegation since taking office.

Beijing has long said it faces a determined campaign by a group known as the East Turkestan Independence Movement, or ETIM, in Xinjiang, where hundreds of people have been killed in recent years in attacks and unrest between mostly Muslim ethnic Uighurs and the majority Han Chinese.

"(ETIM) is the most prominent challenge to China's social stability, economic development and national security," Cheng Guoping, State Commissioner for counterterrorism and security, was quoted as saying by the China Daily newspaper.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Chinese President Xi Jinping, a word, please.

The only true way of dealing with this is not by using more suppression, but but delivering more economic, educational, and political opportunities.

Mar 12 07:40

Oroville Dam: Photos taken weeks before spillway broke show something wrong

Two photos taken by photographers from this newspaper show discoloration and possible damage to the concrete of the spillway at the spot where a gaping hole opened Feb. 7. Those pictures were taken Jan. 13 and Jan. 27.

Mar 12 06:58

Suspect In House IT Security Probe Also Had Access To DNC Emails

Imran Awan — the lead suspect in a criminal probe into breaches of House of Representatives information security systems — possessed the password to an iPad used by then-Democratic National Committee Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz when DNC emails were given to WikiLeaks, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned.

Wasserman Schultz resigned the DNC post in the wake of WikiLeaks posting damaging internal emails, blaming the scandal on hacking by Russians.

Imran and his family members, all of whom worked as IT professionals for members of Congress, were banned from the House network Feb. 2, 2017, by the House Sergeant at Arms, but Wasserman Schultz has declined to fire him and circumvented the ban by having him “advise” her office.

Mar 12 06:13

Trump’s wiretap claims are totally plausible

The Trump wiretap debacle is laying the US deep state bare.

President Trump’s claim his phone was tapped during the election campaign by the Obama administration has been ridiculed as “outrageous.” Now, with the latest WikiLeaks disclosure of the large CIA hacking capacity, Trump’s claims aren’t crazy at all.

Indeed one might say allegations of illegal surveillance by US intelligence agencies is consistent with the concept of a ‘deep state’ operating as a shadow government.

The WikiLeaks’ bombshell release this week, the so-called Vault 7, of over 8,000 documents purporting to show a global arsenal of CIA hacking methods appears to be authentic. That is, the illegal surveillance of computers, smartphones and even household televisions by the American intelligence agency is happening on a massive scale.

Mar 12 03:13

Insiders Hated Hillary “So Much” They Hacked DNC To Expose Her

Insiders working for the Obama administration hated Hillary Clinton so much, they hacked the DNC in an attempt to expose her crimes.

Mar 12 02:52

Nor'easter to unleash heavy snow from DC to Boston as winter strikes back

March 11, 2017; 9:17 AM
A major nor'easter threatens to shut down travel due to heavy snow and strong winds from Washington, D.C., to New York City and Boston early this week.

(*We're in a Polar Vortex , up here .
I remember when we used to call a polar vortex; "Winter Time" !)

March 11, 2017

Mar 11 23:26

The Michael Hastings Car Crash: No Skids Marks, a Flying Engine and “Boston Brakes”

But the most significant missing evidence was the absence of any skid marks—even though the car made a 60-degree turn into a palm tree.

Research of this topic reveals a new angle to this story, namely —Boston Brakes.

This theory was explained by a former Marine Gordon Duff who refers to the “Boston Brakes” technique, in which “drive by wire” cars, specifically a Mercedes Benz, can be manipulated remotely to simulate an out-of-control accident, according to his Veterans Today story (The 2010 story is a must read). The story details are eerily similar to Hastings fiery accident scene as there were no skid marks.

Mar 11 23:18

Flashback: Boston Brakes, No Skidmarks in the Sky

I am told this game started with the CIA back in Boston, not with planes but cars. Car wrecks were mechanically staged using the “Boston Brakes” method, not always fatal but always a good way of communicating to someone your displeasure. Sending a college age daughter into a light pole, reporting her speedometer was stuck at 200 mph and fudging her blood test to show she was “double drunk” has been done countless times.

It isn’t just that crash that makes it “Boston Brakes” but the speedometer stuck at some outrageous speed and the blood acohol level, always from a sample that is mysteriously misplaced later. Oh, and I almost forgot, no skidmarks, something accident investigators only see at suicides or murder. Remember, always no skidmarks.

Mar 11 22:44

Flashback: Diana, that SAS murder claim and why it may not be as mad as you think: 16 years on, the conspiracy theories won't go away. Sue Reid, who's studied all the evidence, has found tantalising new clues

On the day after the crash, French authorities insisted that he was an alcoholic and ‘drunk as a pig’ when he left the Ritz that night to drive the lovers to Dodi’s Paris apartment near the Champs-Elysees.

It has since emerged that the blood tests on Paul’s body had not been completed when they made the announcement to journalists.

Furthermore, the chauffeur had passed an intensive medical examination for flying lessons three days before the crash — his liver showed no sign of alcohol abuse.

A string of witnesses at the Ritz say Paul drank two shots of his favourite Ricard at the bar before taking to the wheel, which was confirmed by bar receipts at the hotel.

However, after a shambolic mix- up over his blood samples (deliberate or otherwise), it was pronounced by a medical expert at the inquest that Paul had downed ten of the aperitifs, was twice over the British driving limit and three times over the French one, when he drove the Mercedes that night.

Mar 11 22:21

Princess Diana's Death: The Mystery of The Stolen Mercedes

The car in which the ill-fated couple was traveling, a Mercedes Benz S280, had been stolen some days prior to the crash.



The onboard computer chip controls, amongst other things, navigation, acceleration, steering and braking of a vehicle. Considering that Princess Diana's death was due to a car crash, the fact that the Mercedes S280 involved in the crash had its onboard computer chip stolen some days earlier (and nothing else mind you…suggesting the car-snatchers were no ordinary thieves) pushes the pervasive accident account onto firmer conspiracy territory.

To date there actually exists a well established assassination technique from the 1980s (developed by the British SAS) nicknamed "The Boston Brakes" which involves steering, braking and acceleration capability being taken over by remote control!

Mar 11 19:50

Credit Card Stealer Disguises as Google Chrome Browser

A new malicious application tries to disguise itself as the Google Chrome browser to fool victims into entering their payment card details. The app is still active at the time of writing and sends collected user details to an AOL email address.

Discovered today by MalwareHunter, this application goes above and beyond of what other card stealers have attempted, most of which are half-baked efforts, often easy to recognize as malicious applications thanks to their quirky graphics and misaligned designs.

This app, named "Betaling - Google Chrome.exe", tries to pass as the Google Chrome browser and does a good job at it. Betaling uses the standard Chrome icon and window layout, complete with an address bar, and even an HTTPS lock icon to trick users they're on a real website.

Mar 11 19:47

‘I thought it was war’ explosions rock Swedish apartments

A ‘homemade device’ was used to attack the residential tower, with the blast site in the stairwell.

The National Guard and a specialist police bomb squad were scrambled

A 12-year-old girl woken by the blast at around 10.30pm told Göteborgs-Posten: “We heard a bang which was huge stack. At first I thought it was an earthquake, or maybe I just dreamed it.

“But then I saw my little brother and that he had heard it. He thought it was a gunshot, but then I thought that there certainly was a bomb

The powerful explosion in Gothenburg came after cars were targeted in Stockholm in multiple arsons on Thursday evening.

Mar 11 19:28

China’s new stealth fighter makes Britain’s ‘new’ F35s look antique by comparison

CHINA has unveiled its most advanced stealth fighter jet ever amid growing tensions with the US and President Donald Trump.

And the J-20 aircraft are so technologically advanced, they make Britain’s new US-built F35s look antique in comparison.

The futuristic Chinese aircraft have longer range, more internal fuel capacity and a larger weapons capacity.

And this latest military addition is believed to be equipped with unique WS-15 turbo engines capable of reaching supersonic speeds.

The F-35's top speed is 1199mph – The J-20s is a hefty 1,305mph.

Mar 11 16:24

Government employee retirement funds are NOT funded by ‘investments’: Wall Street fees are twice the net income of fund contributions, taxpayers pay 95% of costs, net returns average less than 1%. Solutions are monetary reform, public banking: 22-minute v

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Among the game-changing “fake news” We the People are told by “leaders” in government and corporate media is that government employee retirement contributions placed into investment funds pay for retirees’ benefits.

Let’s summarize the data of California’s 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR; the last time I looked) and what it means for the state’s 12 million households:

Officials and corporate media never remind taxpayers, but California holds $600 billion in taxpayer cash and investments ($50,000 non-disclosed assets per household).

California’s ~14,000 various government entities’ CAFRs have a sampled-data total estimate of $8 trillion in surplus taxpayer assets ($650,000 non-disclosed assets per household). For examples, page 63 of L.A. County’s 2011 CAFR shows $66 billion in cash and investments; City of L.A.'s CAFR page 58 shows $38 billion.

Mar 11 15:21

Scott Gottlieb, big pharma advocate, tapped to lead FDA

Another Swamp Critter!

(UPI) -- President Donald Trump has named conservative physician Scott Gottlieb to lead the Food and Drug Administration, winning praise from pharmaceutical companies.

Gottlieb, 44, was the deputy commissioner of the FDA under former President George W. Bush and has had long ties as an advocate for drug companies, a fact that prompted criticism from some consumer groups who said he may be too deferential to big pharma as he oversees the FDA's drug approval process.

Mar 11 15:18

Silver Market Poised For Big Reversal When Institutional Investors Move In

The Silver Market is going to experience a big reversal when the Hedge Funds and Institutional investors rotate out of highly inflated stocks and into precious metals investments.

Mar 11 15:00

Trump Plants Clues In His Office To Let The Central Bankers Know Their Fate

Venezuela is almost out of money, the country is suffering and this is all part of the deep state plan to take control of Venezuela. Retail is not dying because of Amazon, it is dying because people have no jobs and no money.

Mar 11 12:51

The Russian Scare – Israel Shamir

Russia is a Newfoundland dog, not a Rottweiler. It is big, strong, peaceful and not aggressive.

Full disclosure: I’ve met with Russians. I met with a Russian this morning. She brought me coffee. Such crazy and dangerous things can occur in Moscow. I am afraid the CIA and NSA could take notice of this meeting, and then it can be used – even against you. “You have perused an article by Israel Shamir. Were you aware he had Russian contacts?”

Though I am not too young, this is the first time I have witnessed such a witch-hunt. In Russia, there are many foreigners, Europeans and Americans as well, and Russians mingle with them freely, with no fear.

Mar 11 12:13

Deutsche Bank Fights for Time, Wins Reprieve

Shares soar 75% in five months, infamous CoCo bonds jump 30%

Mar 11 12:02


Here is the latest round of Saturday Cartoons from Snippits. Enjoy!

Mar 11 12:00

Will the British royal family celebrate 100 years of shame by endorsing Israel?

Stuart Littlewood says a visit to Israel by any member of the British royal family during the centenary year of the infamous Balfour Declaration would amount to praising the thieves for keeping what they stole. >>

Mar 11 11:47

'Password rules are bullsh*t!' Stackoverflow Jeff's rage overflows

As an absolute minimum people should be aiming for 10-character passwords, he said. Only five of the top 25 most-used passwords are over 10 characters, so going into double figures is a smart move and should be enforced by developers.

"These days, given the state of cloud computing and GPU password hash cracking, any password of 8 characters or less is perilously close to no password at all," he said.

Mar 11 11:28

6 YEARS LATER: Fukushima evacuees face 'forced' return as subsidies withdrawn

Thousands of people who fled the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant six years ago will soon lose their housing subsidies, forcing some to consider returning despite lingering concerns over radiation in their former neighbourhoods.

The measure, condemned by campaigners as a violation of the evacuees’ right to live in a safe environment, will affect an estimated 27,000 people who were not living inside the mandatory evacuation zone imposed after Fukushima became the scene of the worst nuclear accident in Japanese history.

Mar 11 11:17

Assad labels US troops in Syria 'invaders' and says President Trump has done nothing 'concrete' to defeat ISIS

Assad said Trump's campaign pledge to prioritize the defeat of Islamic State had been 'a promising approach' but added: 'We haven't seen anything concrete yet regarding this rhetoric.'

Assad dismissed the U.S.-backed military campaign against Islamic State in Syria as 'only a few raids' he said had been conducted locally. 'We have hopes that this administration ... is going to implement what we have heard,' he added.

Asked about a deployment of U.S. forces near the northern city of Manbij, Assad said: 'Any foreign troops coming to Syria without our invitation... are invaders.'

'We don't think this is going to help.'

Mar 11 10:30

USA: Highest Vaccination Rate in the World Has the Worst Health

That “worst health” label includes a ranking of 34th in the world with infant mortality.

In other words, the USA has the 34th worst infant survival with its highest rate of vaccinations. Some are directly from multiple vaccinations administered.

But the USA leads the world in infant vaccinations, those administered during the first year after their births – 26 vaccinations during that time.

Mar 11 10:03

U.S. forges ahead with South Korea missile defenses, despite upheaval

The U.S. military said on Friday it plans to forge ahead with building the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea, separating the issue from a political crisis in Seoul that saw President Park Geun-hye's removal from office on Friday.

The United States started deploying the first elements of its advanced anti-missile defense system in South Korea on Tuesday in response to North Korea's ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

Leading candidates to replace Park have split over THAAD. One prominent opposition candidate called for a review while another recently told Chinese media that THAAD deployment should be called off.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis described THAAD as something that had already been decided upon between both nations and which was fully justified by the North Korean threat. He declined to comment on internal politics in Seoul.

"Leaders change over time, that's not new," Davis told a news conference.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported at abc.com:

With Park now formally unseated, the country, by law, must hold a presidential by-election within 60 days. This means the vote will likely take place on May 9.

The winner of the election will be immediately sworn in as the country's leader, according to South Korea's National Election Commission.

Interesting timing; the US/South Korean military exercises, Operation Foal Eagle, end just before the election happens.

Mar 11 09:55

U.S. Drone Strikes Have Gone Up 432% Since Trump Took Office

hen he was in office, former President Barack Obama earned the ire of anti-war activists for his expansion of Bush’s drone wars. The Nobel Peace Prize-winning head of state ordered ten times more drone strikes than the previous president, and estimates late in Obama’s presidency showed 49 out of 50 victims were civilians. In 2015, it was reported that up to 90% of drone casualties were not the intended targets.

Current President Donald Trump campaigned on a less interventionist foreign policy, claiming to be opposed to nation-building and misguided invasions. But less than two months into his presidency, Trump has expanded the drone strikes that plagued Obama’s “peaceful” presidency.

According to an analysis from Micah Zenko, an analyst with the Council on Foreign Relations, Trump has markedly increased U.S. drone strikes since taking office. Zenko, who reported earlier this year on the over 26,000 bombs Obama dropped in 2016, summarized the increase:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!

Mar 11 09:52

Trump Should Make a Deal With North Korea

President Donald Trump likes to be known for his deal-making, and now he has the opportunity to make deals that can impact world peace and security, not just real estate or other business deals for his profit. North Korea would be a great place to start.

Regardless of how one feels about any of those issues and Trump’s assertions, he now has a chance to do something Obama didn’t, which is to increase global and regional security by at least halting North Korea’s advances on nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology.

The basic contours of what North Korea wants are well known, at least first steps, and it’s not rocket science. Not necessarily in this order, they are: a formal peace treaty to replace the supposedly temporary armistice at the end of the Korean War in 1953, direct talks with the United States, and relief from what it sees as a confrontational military posture by the US, South Korea and Japan, cessation of war games being the most obvious step.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a sane and reasonable approach to the issue of North Korea's nuclear weapons development program; I hope President Trump is at least open to the possibility.

Mar 11 09:49

Israeli Education Minister: Next Lebanon War Must Target Civilians

Israeli military officials have been saying for the last several years that it’s pretty clear Hezbollah doesn’t want another war with Israel, with the belief that Hezbollah is more focused on fighting against ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria than on border skirmishes with Israel.

Still, the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon was very popular on the far-right, and even though Israel was roundly criticized for the civilian toll of their invasion, many are eager to make clear that the next war, which they consider an inevitability, will involve even more deliberate targeting of Lebanese civilians.

That was the message of Education Minister Naftali Bennett today, and while it was couched as a response to Lebanon’s President recognizing that Hezbollah’s militia forces, which have been helping defend the border from ISIS and al-Qaeda raids, are “essential” to Lebanon’s defense.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the deliberate targeting of non-combatant civilians in Lebanon, in a mass genocide, is Bennett's "Final Solution" for the people of Lebanon?!?

There are a few people in history who would absolutely have LOVED this guy!!!

Mar 11 09:44

Spicer: US Marines With Howitzers in Syria Are ‘Just Advisers’

Continuing the narrative that the ever-growing number of US troops being sent to carry out combat operations across Iraq and Syria are “non-combat,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer today claimed that the US Marines who were recently deployed to the outskirts of the ISIS capital of Raqqa, along with M777 howitzers to fire against the city, are “advisers.”

The claim is important because there is no authorization of war by Congress that justifies the operation, and Spicer is seeking to argue that this isn’t the sort of “hostile action” that would require any Congressional approval, but just another advisory mission.

Yet the troops were presented as explicitly going there to fire artillery shells at a city, which unless they are arguing means the US Marines are “advising” the howitzers on when to fire and when not to fire, doesn’t make any sense as presented by Spicer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Advisory", my astrolabe!!

And Sean Spicer, a word, please; your statements have just caused our bovine excrement meter to rekit and implode.

Should that happen again under your watch, we will have no choice but to bill the White House for its replacement.

Mar 11 09:40


Hundreds of important books on the Holocaust by revisionist scholars have suddenly been been banned by Amazon on instructions from angry rabbis in Israel (see video at the end of this article) and from Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem.

Even books not directly relating to the Holocaust, but pertaining to Jewish affairs during WWII, have been included in the mass ban. Revisionist scholar Germar Rudolf has given a complete list of these books (see below) and it’s highly likely more volumes will be added to this growing list of “forbidden books” in the days ahead.

Meanwhile, in an apparent attempt to muddy the waters, The Times of Israel published an article a few days ago in which it stated that only three books have been banned by Amazon in the UK

Mar 11 09:40

UN Secretary-General: North Korea Missile Launches Undermine Regional Stability

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemns the recent missile launches by North Korea that violate Security Council resolutions and undermine regional stability, UN Secretary-General Deputy Spokesperson Farhan Haq said in a statement.

"The Secretary-General condemns the reported firing of ballistic missiles by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea," the release stated on Monday. "Such actions violate Security Council resolutions and seriously undermine regional peace and stability."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The headline of this article should have read: UN impotent...yet again."

Mar 11 09:39

"Look it up in a Thesaurus" Sean Spicer Slams CBS Reporter Over Idiotic Questions

"Look it up in a Thesaurus" Sean Spicer Slams CBS Reporter Over Idiotic Questions

original air date: 3/9/2017

sean spicer press conference , donald trump's press secretary sean spicer slam cbs reporter margaret over idiotic questioning of believe and aware.

Mar 11 09:39

This is What Our Presidents Have Done to Our Home-Owning Dream

Is the American Dream dead? If home ownership as an attainable goal for the average American is the yardstick, then it is struggling – and currently in worse shape than it has been since the time of Richard Nixon, with one exception.

Mar 11 09:36

Rookie docs can work longer, 24-hour shifts under new rules

Rookie doctors can work up to 24 hours straight under new work limits taking effect this summer — a move supporters say will enhance training and foes maintain will do just the opposite.

A Chicago-based group that establishes work standards for U.S. medical school graduates has voted to eliminate a 16-hour cap for first-year residents. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education announced the move Friday as part of revisions that include reinstating the longer limit for rookies — the same maximum allowed for advanced residents.

An 80-hour per week limit for residents at all levels remains in place under the new rules.

Dr. Anai Kothari, a third-year resident on a council panel that recommended the changes, says he only occasionally works 24-hour shifts. The extra hours give him time to finish up with patients instead of being sent home in the middle of a case, said Kothari, who works at Loyola University Medical Center near Chicago.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is completely insane, and will cause medical accidents, if not deaths; this practice is morally irresponsible in the extreme.

Mar 11 09:34


Mar 11 09:29

Scientists say the government’s only pot farm has moldy samples — and no federal testing standards

Sue Sisley, a primary care physician in Scottsdale, Arizona, recalls the moment she picked up the carefully wrapped package fresh from the delivery truck. Nearly two years after Sisley and her colleagues were awarded a grant to study marijuana as a treatment for 76 military veterans suffering from chronic post-traumatic stress disorder, her shipment of the drug was finally in hand.

Mar 11 09:29


Instead of directly deploying thousands of additional ground troops into Iraq or Syria, the sort of precipitous escalation that might get Congress voting on the war, the Trump Administration appears to have decided that the solution is to send thousands of US ground troops to Kuwait, and let the commanders in Iraq and Syria just take what they want.

Early reports of this strategy emerged Wednesday, when officials said there were considerations of sending around 1,000 troops into Kuwait for this operation. Just two days later, the figure was up to at least 2,500, with signs that it is continuing to grow all the time.

While President Obama was micromanaging the escalations, particularly in Iraq, where every couple of weeks another hundred or two troops would be sent, the Trump Administration appears to be throwing the troops into a big pile and leaving the deployments up to the commanders.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am having an industrial-strength, palm to forehead moment, upon reading this; I am profoundly disappointed at this turn of events.

The French have a saying; the more things change, the more they remain the same; I am deeply concerned that this is imminently true of the Trump Administration.

Mar 11 09:24


Wikileaks’ recent disclosure of the CIA’s hacking and surveillance capabilities highlights a frightening new reality for today’s journalists. Considering the CIA’s penchant for silencing and intimidating reporters and editors, journalists will have to overcome greater odds to protect the public’s right to know.

This threat is particularly concerning given that the U.S. government – particularly the CIA – has a documented penchant for silencing and intimidating journalists with whom they take issue. Encrypted messaging programs have been touted as a solution for journalistic privacy in the post-Snowden world. The messaging app Signal, in particular, has been endorsed by prominent journalists and even Snowden himself.

However, some journalists have noted that Signal and other similar apps do not necessarily protect those under targeted surveillance, a concerning fact given that journalists are more likely to be targeted than other members of the general public for surveillance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This article is not entirely correct.

Some of you may remember Mike's "NSA Challenge" to decrypt some code he created, and it it was never publicly broken.

And Gary Webb did NOT commit suicide.

Evidence Begins to Indicate Gary Webb was murdered

Assassinations staged to look like suicides, are one of the CIA's stock-in-trade procedures, and a very common procedure for the agency.

Mar 11 09:13

GLOBALISTS Vow To Stop Marine Le Pen

Mar 11 09:12

Zakharova warns of Orwellian US Media 2.03.17

Mar 11 09:10

RT - Why Marine Le Pen is The Only Way to Save Europe #Frexit #EndEU

Mar 11 09:09


Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you don't want to watch the whole thing, make sure you watch starting at 14:50!

Mar 11 09:07


In 2009, the Library of Congress commissioned a research report into the degradation ofCD-ROMs in storage as a way of assessing the integrity of the media in its collection: the news isn't pretty.

The standards for certifying a CD-ROM did not "place any requirement on the chemical or physical stability of the disc," so depending on the manufacturer and process, the discs you've put away on shelves may have wildly different material properties.

The study involved taking a trove of discarded/duplicate CD-ROMs from the LoC's collection and subjecting them to "accelerated aging" processes to see how many errors emerged as the media aged. Keeping discs dry and cool helped reduce error rates, but even so there's a lot of bitrot there.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF you are still preferring to use CD-ROMS, the word you are looking for on the packaging is the word "Archival", with some reasonable expectation of a decent shelf life.

Mar 11 09:03

Eurocrats Side with Islamists to Attack UK Anti-Terror Programme

The European Council has joined the chorus of opposition to the UK’s anti-terror and de-radicalisation programmes, claiming they are “fomenting fear and resentment… particular in the Muslim community”.

Mar 11 09:02

A Furious Italian Prime Minister Slams Deutsche Bank As Europe's Most Insolvent Bank

Several years ago, we were the first to point out the true "elephant in the room", namely Deutsche Bank's $75 trillion in derivatives which as we said at the time was about 20 times bigger than Germany's GDP, and 5 times bigger than the entire economic output of the Eurozone."

Mar 11 08:54


Mar 11 08:52

Intruder shot 7 times after breaking through bedroom door with an ax

Authorities say the incident unfolded around 8:15 p.m. on Feb. 8. The 77-year-old man, who has rented the building for both his business and residential space for more than a decade, said he was awakened when he heard a loud crash.

Soon thereafter, the resident witnessed an ax coming through his bedroom door. Jemison was said to be wielding the ax and wearing a black bandanna over his face. According to the resident, once Jemison got through the bedroom door, he charged at the resident and that’s when the resident opened fire.

Jemison was shot seven times and pronounced dead at the scene.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 11 08:51

The Clinton system to discredit Donald Trump

This article is a warning - in November 2016, a vast system of agitation and propaganda was set up in order to destroy the reputation and the authority of President Donald Trump as soon as he arrived in the White House. It is the first time that such a campaign has been scientifically organised against a President of the United States, and with such resources. Yes, we are indeed entering a post-Truth age, but the distribution of rôles is not what you may think it is.

Mar 11 08:51

“They [Americans] are invaders,” says Syrian President in new interview

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has called the foreign troops in Syria "invaders" - stating that Russia is the only serious fighting force battling terrorists in his country.

Mar 11 08:46

The Federal Reserve Explained in 3 Minutes

Mar 11 08:45

US authorities refuse to reveal how Russian ambassador to the United Nations died

The New York City medical examiner's office says it will not release the cause or manner of death of Russia's ambassador to the United Nations.

Mar 11 08:45

Muhammad Ali Jr stopped again after testifying about first airport detention

Muhammad Ali Jr was detained and questioned at an airport in the Washington area before being allowed to board a flight to Fort Lauderdale after meeting with lawmakers to discuss a separate airport detention incident last month, a lawyer for the late heavyweight champion’s son said Friday.

Mar 11 08:44

Report: Young People in Poland ‘Predominantly Support Radical Right’

“Anti-establishment” parties which lie on the ‘radical right’ of the political spectrum enjoy the most support amongst young people in Poland, new research has found.

Mar 11 08:43

School's out! French police use tear gas as ‘state violence’ protests spread to schools

Five teenagers were arrested as students organized protests at three separate schools in the Paris suburbs that quickly turned into riots, with children throwing projectiles, damaging cars, and launching flashbangs.

Early Friday, about 150 people gathered outside Maximilien-Sorre and Gustave-Eiffel schools in Cachan, in the south of the French capital. Video shows hand-drawn banners hung on the school wall, and teenagers taunting officers before running away.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This globalism thing is working really well, isn't it?

Mar 11 08:42

2 detained in investigation into Essen shopping mall attack threat – police (VIDEO)

German police have detained two men during an investigation into a terrorist attack threat at a shopping center in the western German city of Essen, a police statement says. The mall remained closed on Saturday.

The Essen police department received a tip-off about the potential attack from another security service the day before, the statement adds, without naming the source. Police immediately cordoned off the shopping center, which is located at Limbecker Platz in downtown Essen, and ordered it closed.

Law enforcement raided an apartment in the neighboring town of Oberhausen on Saturday afternoon and questioned the owner as part of the investigation.

Mar 11 08:37


First, here’s a little background from The Washington Post:

The State Department has approved a resumption of weapons sales that critics have linked to Saudi Arabia’s bombing of civilians in Yemen, a potential sign of reinvigorated U.S. support for the kingdom’s involvement in its neighbor’s ongoing civil war.

The proposal from the State Department would reverse a decision made late in the Obama administration to suspend the sale of precision guided munitions to Riyadh, which leads a mostly Arab coalition conducting airstrikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

While the U.S. military has provided support to the Saudi-led air campaign since 2015, including aerial refueling for Saudi jets and a U.S. advisory mission in the Saudi operations headquarters, the Obama administration sought to scale back that support last year amid alleged Saudi strikes on civilian targets.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Trump, a word here, please.

Collective punishment is defined as a war crime; by aiding, arming, and abetting the Saudis, the US government has become complicit in war crimes.

That you don't understand this, or do, and it doesn't matter, angers me to the core of my being.

Not only are the Saudi military killing innocent men, women, and children; they have also closed down the Yemeni ports, so no food aid can get in, and because of this, Yemeni children are literally starving to death.

Images: Yemeni children wounded and killed from Saudi airstrikes

Images: Yemeni children starving to death due to Saudi port blockades

But there is a much larger part of the puzzle here which needs to see the light of day.

The US now claims a Yemeni island as its own, and has built a huge naval base on it.

Map: Island of US military-occupied Yemeni Island of Socotra, and surrounding waterways

The reason why is explained in the following articles:

The US geostrategic objectives behind the war in Yemen

The Useful Island of Socotra

This article goes on to state:

"The Yemeni archipelago of Socotra in the Indian Ocean is located some 80km off the Horn of Africa and 380 km South of the Yemeni coastline. The islands of Socotra are a wildlife reserve recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site. Socotra is at the crossroads of the strategic naval waterways of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden (See map below). It is of crucial importance to the US military. Among Washington’s strategic objectives is the militarization of major sea ways. This strategic waterway links the Mediterranean to South Asia and the Far East, through the Suez Canal, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. It is a major transit route for oil tankers. A large share of China’s industrial exports to Western Europe transits through this strategic waterway. Maritime trade from East and Southern Africa to Western Europe also transits within proximity of Socotra, through the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. A military base in Socotra could be used to oversee the movement of vessels including war ships in and out of the Gulf of Aden. Amjed Jaaved, in A new hot-spot of rivalry, Pakistan Observer, Jul 1 2009, points out:

"The Indian Ocean is a major sea lane connecting the Middle East, East Asia and Africa with Europe and the Americas. It has four crucial access waterways facilitating international maritime trade, that is the Suez Canal in Egypt, the Bab-el-Mandeb, bordering Djibouti and Yemen, the Straits of Hormuz, bordering Iran and Oman, and the Straits of Malacca, bordering Indonesia and Malaysia. These choke points are critical to world oil trade as huge amounts of oil pass through them.

From a military standpoint, the Socotra archipelago is at a strategic maritime crossroads. Morever, the archipelago extends over a relatively large maritime area at the Eastern exit of the Gulf of Aden, from the island of Abd al Kuri, to the main island of Socotra. This maritime area of international transit lies in Yemeni territorial waters. The objective of the US is to police the entire Gulf of Aden seaway, from the Yemeni to the Somali coastline. Socotra is some 3000 km from the US naval base of Diego Garcia, which is among the US’s largest overseas military facilities."

Images: massive US military buildup on Socotra

So this whole, sordid genocide of the Yemeni people isn't really about the Houthi rebels, and the "danger" they allegedly present to Yemen; it is about US military power projection in Middle Eastern waterways.

Mar 11 08:37

Swedish Minister: Reducing Car Numbers a ‘Gender Equality Issue’ as They’re ‘Driven Mostly by Men’

Sweden’s environment minister has said reducing car numbers is a feminist issue as well as a matter of meeting carbon emissions targets, saying male drivers occupy space in Swedish cities ‘at women’s expense’.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These Swedish feminists are actually harming feminism with these extremist positions!

Mar 11 08:36

Can Merkel Bring Trump to Reason?

Angela Merkel is planning a dual strategy for her first face-to-face meeting with Donald Trump on Tuesday. She wants to foster close personal relations with the new U.S. president, but she also wants to make clear the Berlin is armed for a trade war against Washington.

Mar 11 08:35

EU finance watchdogs must retain powers over City of London post-Brexit, MEPs insist

They are urging regulators to press for “extraterritorial” oversight of the City as a condition for allowing the UK financial centre to keep its dominance in the lucrative derivatives market.

Mar 11 08:34

New principal of Punchbowl Boys High School Robert Patruno threatened

A VIOLENT threat made against the new principal at Punchbowl Boys’ High School in front of other teachers has been described as “appalling” by the NSW Education boss.

Department Secretary Mark Scott this morning confirmed they had encouraged new principal Robert Patruno to report the threat — made by two men of Middle Eastern appearance aged between 19 and 20 — to police.

Mar 11 08:33

Students at controversial Sydney school 'were bullied into attending Muslim prayers, lectures on the Koran and cut their hair to conform to Islam'

High-school students are being pressured to attend daily prayer meetings, lectures on the Koran and even cut their hair by peers badgering them to conform to Islam, according to 'scared' parents at Punchbowl Boys High School.

Mar 11 08:31

Verhofstadt Threatens Parliament Veto Over Brexit Deal

The European Parliament's lead negotiator on Brexit - over Britain's withdrawal and new relationship with the EU - Guy Verhofstadt, has said any deal between the UK, the Commission and Council could be vetoed by the parliament.

Mar 11 08:19

French Watchdog Stays Tightlipped Over Macron’s Alleged Undeclared Funds

The complaint drew attention to the sharp decline in Macron’s financial holdings over past years. Between 2010 and 2013, the former investment banker and Minister of Economy earned over 3 million euros ($3.2 million). In 2014, however, when he assumed government office, Macron declared only 156,000 euros. In accordance with his 2016 financial disclosure, his net worth totaled as little as 63,000 euros.

Mar 11 08:17


The CIA’s chickens have come home to roost as distrust of the agency swells amid recent revelations from WikiLeaks regarding the agency’s extensive spying and hacking practices.

Rather than examining the problems inherent to the CIA’s extensive power to hack into smart phones, for example, the government has focused its efforts on a quest to discover who leaked the sensitive documents. In one apparent attempt to explain away the damning findings, former CIA Director Michael Hayden recently told BBC news that millennials are the weak link because they do not view loyalty and secrecy in the same light as previous generations.

“In order to do this kind of stuff, we have to recruit from a certain demographic,” he said in reference to government surveillance. “And I don’t mean to judge them at all, but this group of millennials and related groups simply have different understandings of the words loyalty, secrecy, and transparency than certainly my generation did.”

He continued:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And to whom, precisely, is the CIA loyal?!?

NOT to We the People, that is a moral certainty!

They are loyal to the warmongers, the military industrial complex, and the monied, whose interests align with their own.

Mar 11 08:17

Tucker Carlson Takes on USA Today David Mastio Equating Steve Bannon to Pure Evil

Mar 11 08:16

Why Coastal Liberals Can't Understand Rural Trump Voters Explained By Stanford Professor

Mar 11 08:15

"You and Your Paper were USED", O'Reilly to Bob Woodward on Leaks

Mar 11 08:14

"It's time for the GAMES to END", VP Pence says on Schumer and Cronies

Mar 11 08:13

"People are DISGUSTED", Huckabee SLAMS Time Magazine

Mar 11 08:12

CDC's 'Nightmare Bacteria' Reveals Need for Natural Medicine

Globally, great fear has been generated by the CDC Director's recent description of a "Nightmare Bacteria" resistant to all medications, capable of killing 1 in every 2 people whose blood becomes infected with it. But isn't the primary problem that the drugs aren't working, and that natural medical solutions are needed now more than ever?

Mar 11 08:11

Why Aren't Americans Filing Their Taxes This Year? IRS Says 6 Million Fewer Filings Than 2016

Disaffected liberals not willing to pay taxes to a government run by Donald Trump? Families just so flush with cash that they don't need those tax refunds this year? Americans just getting lazier?

Whatever the reason, Americans are simply not filing their taxes in 2017.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe it was in response to that judge who said Americans have no right to tell the government what to do with the peoples' money.

Mar 11 08:10

TREY GOWDY SLAMS WIKILEAKS 'Leaks are dangerous to our National security'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trey on the media handling of "leaks" about Russia and Trump.

Mar 11 08:08

DNC holds muslim prayer before electing new DNC chair (February 2017)

Mar 11 08:08

16 y/o German girl talks about muslim immigration, destruction of her own country (Engl. subs)

Mar 11 08:07

What happens if Geert Wilders wins the Dutch election 2017?

Mr Wilders' election would mark Europe’s first political earthquake of the year ahead of the important French and German elections later in 2017.

Mar 11 08:04

Merkel & Co.'s Multispeed Europe Pointless if Union Not Actually Moving

The leaders of Eastern European EU members were rushing to arrive at this year’s summit in Brussels before their colleagues from Western Europe, as if to show everyone who’s really holding everyone back, Russian journalist Mikhail Sheynkman wrote for RIA Novosti.

Their efforts however appear to have been for naught because if the leaders of Germany, France, Spain and Italy wouldn’t have held a separate meeting ahead of the summit at Versailles, the former residence of the French kings, if they actually cared about the opinion of their Eastern European partners.

Mar 11 08:03

The New Face of US Diplomacy: Huntsman Will Be 'No Dove' to Russia

Commenting on President Trump's recent pick for the next US ambassador to Russia, Russian political analysts explained to Sputnik why they "see nothing good" in the upcoming appointment.

Mar 11 08:03

Amish Grandpa Farmer Found Guilty On ALL Counts Involving His Homemade Salves – Faces Up to 48 Years in Prison

We are SHOCKED and saddened to report that on March 2nd, Amish farmer (and father and grandfather) Samuel Girod- who we have reported on before– was found guilty by a federal jury for making and distributing herbal products on his family farm. The FDA requires manufacturers of defined drugs to register their facility with them and the Girod farm is not registered. He will be sentenced by a judge on June 16 at 10 a.m.

Mar 11 08:02

SICK! Politico, Liberal Reporters CHEER VICIOUS VERBAL ASSAULT of Gateway Pundit Reporter in White House Press Room

The Gateway Pundit White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich was accosted, harassed and abused Friday in the White House Press room.

On Friday Jon Decker from FOX News Radio accosted The Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich in the White House. Decker reportedly grabbed Lucian’s arm and pushed him.

Then Decker started reportedly “screaming” and pointing that Lucian is a “Nazi” and The Gateway Pundit is a “white supremacist” website!

Mar 11 08:01

Sweden's Welfare-Scrounging Islamic Warriors Milk the System, Draw Blood Abroad

Almost all of the several hundred jihadists that have left Sweden to join terrorist paramilitary groups in the Middle East have been found to be collecting some form of government assistance. To make things worse, jihadists were found to be leaving fewer traces, complicating the authorities' preventive work.

Mar 11 08:00

SWEDEN: At Least 300 Islamic State Fighters Are Now Receiving Government Benefits

Characteristic of the Swedish travelers is that almost all the 300 individuals who report looked at received some form of government grants and that there is to have people in Sweden who handle mail and another to give the impression that the person is still in Sweden.

Mar 11 07:51

World faces worst humanitarian crisis since 1945, says UN official

Twenty million people face starvation without an immediate injection of funds in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria, warns Stephen O’Brien

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The starvation is because all these US-backed wars have cut off the supply chain to these people, in most cases.

Mar 11 07:50

Israeli Apartheid Week held at 30 UK universities, despite repression

Israeli Apartheid Week took place on more than 30 university campuses across the UK last week despite a massive government backed campaign of repression.

Mar 11 07:49

Jeff Sessions asks all remaining Obama-appointed U.S. attorneys to resign

In a move that will likely provoke further media, and pundit, fury despite it being a routine act that is concurrent with every change in administration, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked all remaining Obama-appointed U.S. Attorneys for their resignation.

Mar 11 07:49

Dutch PM bars Turkish foreign minister in escalation of rally row

The Netherlands barred Turkey's foreign minister from landing in Rotterdam on Saturday in a row over Ankara's political campaigning among Turkish emigres, and President Tayyip Erdogan retaliated, branding his NATO partner a "Nazi remnant".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This illustrates the real danger of the open borders. Enough refugees can take away political control of the nation from its indigenous population.

Mar 11 07:47

Crashing The System: Analysis Shows It Costs 12 Times More To Resettle Refugees Here In The U.S.

President Trump’s new executive order will have the U.S. housing less refugees here than under the previous administration.

Mar 11 07:47


Less than one percent of WikiLeaks’ CIA files were released in yesterday’s document dump, the anti-secrecy organization claimed Wednesday. WikiLeaks has already indicated that its cache of stolen CIA files, which the group is calling “Vault 7,” will be dripped out over a series of releases.

Mar 11 07:04

Crazed Democrat Maxine Waters directly lies, claims Trump dossier sex acts “absolutely true”

Crazed Democrat Maxine Waters is at it again, this time spreading direct lies on the liberal propaganda outlet MSNBC where she ludicrously claimed that disinformation in the Buzzfeed dossier was “absolutely true”.

Mar 11 07:03

F.B.I. counterterrorism unit still investigating Trump Organization server for Russian connections: CNN

According to sources of CNN, if that means anything anymore, the Trump Organization is still under F.B.I. investigation over a server located in Trump Tower which researchers previously claimed had “communications” with a Russian bank.

Mar 11 07:01

Shock: Former intelligence officer claims anti-Clinton American intelligence operatives carried out DNC hack

The shocking hack of the Democratic National Committee, which has been largely pinned on Russia, was actually conducted by disgruntled intelligence operatives who wanted to bring down Hillary Clinton, according to former intelligence officer Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer.

Mar 11 07:00

Vault 7 release: Rogue CIA elements may be illegally targeting Americans

During a live-streaming press conference Thursday morning, Wikileaks Julian Assange revealed that over 22,000 IP addresses within the classified CIA documents are actually inside the United States.

Mar 11 06:59

Manufacturing consent in science: The diabolical twist

“Science plays a larger and larger role in running the world. But much of it is misleading science, slanted, cooked, biased, stepped on, false, and invented out of thin air.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Mar 11 06:58

F.B.I. investigates C.I.A. leaks

The F.B.I. is investigating thousands of C.I.A. personnel and contractors to ascertain where the Vault 7 leaks came from.

Mar 11 06:46

Obama Is Going Down As the Worst Ex-President In History

As more of Obama’s nefarious deeds are unveiled, his reputation continues to suffer tremendously.

Mar 11 06:05

Central Banks & Gold: A SEA CHANGE Is Coming

Mar 11 05:24

Jake Tapper Says Even His 7-Year-Old Son Calls Him 'Fake News'

CNN's Jake Tapper can't escape being called "fake news" everywhere he goes, even in his own home.

Mar 11 05:23

Brain Cancer Patient Attacked By Samantha Bee For His 'Nazi Hair' Responds To Her 'Half-Apology'

The 20-year-old man mocked by hate-filled, racist bigot Samantha Bee for having "Nazi hair" issued a formal response to her attacks Thursday night on Twitter.

Kyle Coddington, who said he's actually a NeverTrump conservative, criticized Bee's half-apology and the way she demonizes people on her show without even speaking to them or giving them a chance to respond.

March 10, 2017

Mar 10 21:31

NYT Admits Obama Wiretapped Trump

Mar 10 18:07

Russia: CIA Hacking Leaks Shows World In Great Danger

Russia has said that US security services must provide a full response to WikiLeaks’ accusations regarding hacking by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Mar 10 18:04

New Hampshire House Passes Bill Banning Support For Warrantless Federal Spying Programs

By Michael Boldin

The New Hampshire House has passed a bill that would ban “material support or resources” to warrantless federal spying. The vote was 199-153.

Rep. Neal Kurk and Rep. Carol McGuire, along with two cosponsors, introduced House Bill 171 (HB171). The legislation would prohibit the state or its political subdivisions from assisting a federal agency in the collection of electronic data without a warrant...

Mar 10 16:59

Monica Crowley: What happened to me was a political hit job

Monica Crowley was the first member of the Trump Admin to be singled out and unfairly attacked, she left because of it. Tells Hannity she believes the forces against the President don't just want to delegitimize him, they want to personally destroy him and see him in prison.

Mar 10 16:58

An Eye-Brow Raising Survey on Bull's 8th Anniversary

On March 9, 2017, the bull market marks its eighth anniversary. At the same time, one group of market participants are more bullish than they've been in decades. Are they right? The Wave Principle is helping our subscribers anticipate the next major trend change.

Mar 10 16:54

Trump invites Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to the White House as he tries to jump-start Middle East peace process

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday invited Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House, an Abbas spokesman said, after the two leaders spoke by phone for the first time since Trump took office.

'President Trump has extended an official invitation to President Abbas to visit the White House soon to discuss ways to resume the political process, stressing his commitment to a peace process that will lead to a real peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis,' said Abbas spokesman Nabil Abu Rdainah.

Palestinians are concerned at the more favorable approach shown by Washington towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since Trump came to power.

Mar 10 16:51

Alert: Your Cell Phone is Spying on You! 4 Ways to Block Your Cell Phone and Prevent Being Monitored

“We are all just prisoners here…of our own device…” – “Hotel California,” by The Eagles

Mar 10 16:50

"Will Trump Apologize To Obama?" Sean Spicer Destroys ABC Reporter

"Will Trump Apologize To Obama?" Sean Spicer Destroys ABC Reporter over Obama Wiretap

original air date: 3/10/ 2017

sean spicer press secretary for president donald trump press conference at the white house live

Mar 10 16:45

Congress warns Trump to stop deleting his misspelt tweets because he could be in breach of laws which force the administration to archive all its records

President Donald Trump has been warned by Congress he may be breaking the law by deleting his misspelt tweets.

How times change...

Mar 10 16:45


Investor Peter Thiel— who stumped for President Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention and has remained close to the president — believes the era of globalization is over.

Mar 10 16:38

Illegal alien – with more than 20 felonies and deported five times – charged in deadly California car accident

Sandra Duran – killed by an illegal alien in California.

Keep defending those sanctuary policies, demorats.

Mar 10 16:37

Obamacare was 'meant to explode' in 2017 Trump says 'because Obama won't be here' - 'As bad as it is now, it will get even worse'

President Donald Trump urged lawmakers Friday to support the GOP health reform plan if they want to 'save Americans from imploding Obamacare disaster.'

Health insurance premiums are doubling, and in some cases tripling, he declared during a meeting at the White House with committee chairs, as he predicted that 2017 'would be a disaster for Obamacare.'

'That's the year it was meant to explode, because Obama won't be here. That was when it was supposed to be,' he proclaimed. 'As bad as it is now, it will get even worse.'

Mar 10 16:34

Dutch election 2017 latest polls: Who will win the election in the Netherlands next week?

GEERT Wilders hopes to ride a wave of right-wing populism to victory in the knife-edge Dutch election race. But will he win?

The far-right firebrand has lost his clear lead in the polls, leaving him neck and neck with the current Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Wilders’ anti-Islam Party for Freedom (PVV) is just ahead of Mr Rutte’s party with just days to go, according to the latest Peil.nl poll.

The poll predicted that PVV will win 25 seats, just one seat more than Mr Rutte's People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) at 24.

Mar 10 16:27

Marine Le Pen in shock poll boost as quarter of young voters 'back Front National’

Some 24 per cent of French voters aged 18 to 24 questioned said they would be voting for the hardline candidate in the first round of the election, which is to be held on April 23.

Mar 10 16:25

French presidential hopeful arrested after baring breasts in semi-naked political protest

A FRENCH presidential hopeful for the ’Pleasure Party’ has been arrested for a stunt which saw her leave little to the imagination.


Mar 10 16:11

Hamburg tear gas attack - Children left with burning eyes and breathing problems on train

TWO YOUNG children were treated for burning eyes and breathing problems after a tear gas attack on a packed train in Hamburg this evening.

Two "youths" have fled the scene after spraying the toxic substance in a carriage carrying around 50 people.

Several people, including two children aged three and six, were hurt and treated by first responders.

The children suffered respiratory and eye problems - although their injuries are not thought to be serious.

Mar 10 16:10

Chaos at Brexit summit as Poland VETOES Merkel masterplan causing BLAZING ROW with France

A KEY European summit on how the bloc will proceed after Brexit descended into farce this evening as Poland vowed to veto the idea of a “two-speed” Europe backed by the most powerful member states.

What was meant to be a closely choreographed display of unity instead took on an increasingly chaotic air as Warsaw filled what has traditionally been Britain’s role as the black sheep of the European family.

In a bombshell ultimatum the country’s prime minister said she would block any attempts to move the project forward by allowing some member states to integrate at a faster pace than others.

Things then reportedly took an ugly turn at dinner as the move led to a blazing row erupting between Poland and France which has threatened to sour the EU's upcoming birthday celebrations.