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September 19, 2009

Sep 19 09:19

C.I.A. Chiefs Ask Obama to Stop Abuse Inquiry

Seven former directors of the Central Intelligence Agency asked President Obama on Friday to shut down the new Justice Department inquiry into past abuses during interrogations of terrorism suspects, arguing that it “will seriously damage” the nation’s ability to protect itself.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Some of the best ways of "protecting" this country include not mucking about in other people's countries; having a robust economy that is not bankrupt from financing these wars without end; and creating an educational climate where our young people will be able to compete internationally at the top of their game.

Sep 19 09:17

Israeli Air Force Chief: We must stop S-300 delivery from every country that would want to defend itself from Israeli attack

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We have a God-given right to kill anyone we want to with impunity!"

Sep 19 09:04

Biden in Baghdad to uphold occupation, speed access to oil

US Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Iraq this week for a series of discussions with Iraqi officials aimed at forestalling a precipitous end to the US military occupation of the country and opening up Iraq’s oil wealth to exploitation by US-based energy conglomerates.

During the course of his visit, the US vice-president has made clear his concern that a bigger piece of this pie should go to the American oil companies, whose interests have played a prominent role in the prosecution of the Iraq war since well before the invasion of March 2003.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The invasion and occupation of Iraq has always been about the oil, and what entities control it.

Sep 19 09:02

A criminal state that must be isolated, boycotted

Benyamin Netanyahu, the extremist Prime Minister of the Zionist regime has even asked US Special Envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell to assist Israel , especially at the American arena, in order to curb the fallout from the report.

Meanwhile, Israel is embarking on a frantic propaganda campaign to discredit the report. In the past, Israel succeeded in endearing itself to western public opinion by enlisting the often Jewish-controlled media which effectively helped disseminate the Zionist narrative. In so doing, that media often turned the black into white, and the big lie into a "virtual truth" glorified by millions of gullible westerners who wouldn’t overburden themselves with the task of finding out the "real truth."

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Sep 19 08:58

USA: The unfair negotiator

When it is understood that Palestine is willing to compromise a right bestowed on it by international law, the compromise that Israel might have to make concerning its de facto position of power is put in clearer perspective. Such perspective, however, cannot come from a process in which the interlocutor refuses to even recognize the legitimate starting point.

Sep 19 08:47

Housing Agency's Cash Reserves Will Drop Below Requirement

The Federal Housing Administration has been hit so hard by the mortgage crisis that for the first time, the agency's cash reserves will drop below the minimum level set by Congress, FHA officials said.

The FHA, which is part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, insures home mortgages against losses, thus helping prospective borrowers obtain loans. It uses the insurance premiums paid by these borrowers to pay for mortgage defaults. Since its creation in 1934, it has never used taxpayer money to cover losses at its flagship home-buying program. But rapidly rising defaults have burned through the agency's reserves, raising the prospect that it would have to take dramatic action.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: "..dramatic action..." means sucking more of the marrow out of already taxed-to-death US taxpayers.

Sep 19 08:41

Afghanistan: Where Empires Go to Die

Today, the US Empire is on the fast track of its demise.

Genghis Khan could not hold onto Afghanistan.

Neither will the United States, particularly when in its desperation to continue its illegal occupation, it tosses aside international law, along with its own Constitution.

Sep 19 08:36

Al Qaeda video threatens ‘bad awakening’ for Germany ahead of national election

Al-Qaeda has posted a new video threatening Germany, highlighting an increased threat level ahead of national elections and prompting authorities to step up security, the Interior Ministry has said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What convenient timing for a "false flag" in Germany, right at a point when the German people are very vocal about criticizing the German government's mission in Afghanistan!

And notice the headline right below the date of this article:
"Israeli National News: Al-Qaeda targeting Germany for 'next 9/11' - Within Weeks".

Sep 19 08:36

The Story of My Shoe

When I threw the shoe in the face of the criminal, Bush, I wanted to express my rejection of his lies, his occupation of my country, my rejection of his killing my people. My rejection of his plundering the wealth of my country, and destroying its infrastructure. And casting out its sons into a diaspora.

Sep 19 08:31

Chertoff: 9/11 Truth Is Akin To Holocaust Denial

Former Department of Homeland Security Head Michael Chertoff twice described dis-believing in the official 9/11 story as akin to holocaust denial as he was bombarded with 9/11 ‘inside job’ questions from multiple CSpan viewers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This man - and the people whose interests he protects - want to shut down any possible questioning by skeptical people, by trying to shame them in creating this kind of linkage, which has no basis in fact or truth.

The problem is, and Chertoff knows this, there enough inconsistencies and outright lies in the official government version of what happened on 9/11, that truly thinking people cannot possibly swallow it whole; that is completely impossible.

Sep 19 08:29

Seven Ex-CIA chiefs seek halt to interrogations probe

The seven former CIA directors included Michael Hayden, Porter Goss and George Tenet, who served under Bush; John Deutch and James Woolsey, who worked for President Bill Clinton; William Webster, who served under President George H.W. Bush; and James Schlesinger, who ran the agency under President Richard Nixon. Tenet also served under Clinton.

Sep 19 08:25

President Urges Global Front against Israel

"If the Holocaust, as you claim, is true, why don't you allow a probe into the issue?"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Truth needs no law to support it."

Sep 19 08:17

Michael Philips Wright 1947 - 2009

It is with great sadness that I report that 9/11 and conspiracy researcher and longtime Norman, Oklahoma resident Michael Phillip Wright, 62, died on Sept. 16, 2009 in Norman. The circumstances regarding his death are not entirely clear (something I am trying to pin down) and I will be writing a piece on him soon at RedDirtReport.com.

Sep 19 08:16

Pelosi chokes up

"We are a free country, and this balance between freedom and safety is one that we have to carefully balance," Pelosi began.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Those uppity Americans; they don't love us any more, and, and, and they are getting angry, and, and, and, that makes me a sad politician, boo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo."

Pitiful bid for sympathy.

Sep 19 08:14

US Attack in Somalia Leads to More Calls for Intervention

It didn’t take long to see the fallout from Monday’s US incursion into Southern Somalia. Just days later insurgents launched a deadly car bombing against an African Union (AU) base, killing at least 16 people.

It has underscored just how fragile the AU force in the nation is, but the attack has also led to yet more calls for international intervention by both the AU and the self-proclaimed Somali government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's all about the untapped and unexploited resources that we are in Somalia in the first place.

"Nation-building" is just a polite euphemism for setting up a government pliable to the West's demand for those resources.

Sep 19 08:11

Clinton: ‘Time Running Out for Iran’

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today warned of ‘profound consequences’ if Iran is unable to convince the United States that their civilian nuclear program “is intended exclusively for peaceful purposes.”

Iran has agreed to enter into talks with the six parties (the US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany) which are planned for early next month. The US has said it doesn’t expect anything positive to come of the talks, and has been pressing the other five negotiating nations to support “crippling” sanctions against Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is obvious, Clinton having made that statement about time running out for Iran, that she and this government are on Israel's timetable.

These much-vaunted "crippling" sanctions (an adjective used with great enthusiasm by Benjamin Netanyahu) cannot possibly have teeth, because other countries, like Russia and China, will be delighted to fill the gaps in terms of goods and services for Iran.

So then what? A US/Israeli military assault on Iran? At this point, I wouldn't bet against it, although - given the fact that Russia has warned that such an attack will start World War III - this is probably the most colossally stupid move the US could make at this point.

And please remember: such an attack will make our military in Iraq sitting ducks for a counter-attack by Iran.

Sep 19 08:10

Is the Recession Over?

Just the other day, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said, Iit is very likely that the recession has ended."

Well, let me just suggest to Mr. Bernanke that today we have about 17 percent of our workforce - 26 million Americans - who are either unemployed, have given up looking for work because they no longer think a job is possible, or they are working part time when they want to work full time. That's 17 percent of our population.

For those folks, I don't think they believe this recession is over.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The recession will not be over until WE THE PEOPLE are given back the standard of living taken from us by 8 years of Bush tax incentives that encouraged corporations to send jobs overseas.

Sep 19 08:09

OpEdNEws takes major hit

Friday evening, between 5 and 6 PM EST, all the articles and quicklinks posted in the past two days disappeared. We don't know if it was a server glitch or hacking. But they disappeared. If you tried to access an article through a link in the newsletter and it took you to our homepage, this was the reason why.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My nickle is on "hackers".

Sep 19 08:01


"For five years Mr. Karzai was my president," Ashraf Ghani, an opposition candidate, bemoaned after widespread reports that incumbent Hamid Karzai had used fraud on a massive scale to steal the election. "Now how many Afghans will consider him their president?"

Not many. In a country where civil war is the national pastime and five-year-old boys learn how to fire an AK-47, this is not good. But Ghani is asking the wrong question. The real question is, how many Americans will continue to see Karzai as viable--and be willing to continue to pay the price of propping him up?

Sep 19 08:00

What a Revamped U.S. Missile Shield Might Look Like

Details are now emerging on the Obama administration’s plans to revamp missile defense to better counter the emerging Iranian missile threat.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates offered the new rationale.

“Over the last few years, we have made great strides with missile defense, particularly in our ability to counter short-and-medium-range missiles,” he said. “We now have proven capabilities to intercept these ballistic missiles with land-and-sea-based interceptors supported by much-improved sensors. These capabilities offer a variety of options to detect, track and shoot down enemy missiles. This allows us to deploy a distributive sensor network rather than a single fixed site, like the kind slated for the Czech Republic, enabling greater survivability and adaptability.”

Sep 19 07:59

Pakistani Kashmiri militants now fighting NATO forces

The reported death of the ameer of the Azad Kashmir chapter of the Harkatul Jehadul Islami (HUJI) Commander Ilyas Kashmiri in a US drone attack has confirmed that the trouble-stricken Waziristan region has become the new battlefield for the Kashmiri militant groups which are increasingly joining forces with the pro-Taliban elements to fight out the NATO troops from Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to Battlefield Pakistan, the next target in the "War on Terror".

Sep 19 07:59

Health Insurance Companies Say C-Sections Are A Pre-Existing Condition Because Having A Child Is A Choice

Last week, it was pointed out that in some states, our so-called health insurance companies are allowed to consider domestic violence a pre-existing condition. As Think Progress points out, having had a cesarean section can also be considered a pre-existing condition. Never mind that the U.S. has a sky rocketing c-section rate and that said c-sections are often performed for reasons other than because of medical necessity, such as soaring malpractice insurance rates.

If that doesn’t make you fume, check out Anthem’s explanation as to why c-sections are a pre-existing condition:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And THESE are the insurance companies Obama wants to force you to buy insurance from!

Sep 19 07:57


America and Israel plot to attack Iran with Russian backing. I will outline their plans in this post. It begins today with a “nefarious report” that is “unverified” supposedly given by some “mysterious un-named person” who supposedly “leaked” a “secret” section of a report on Iran’s nuclear capabilities from the IAEA and the Zionist media and American media are having a field day reporting this false information.

Sep 19 07:56

India protests Pak firing

Amid indication that a few infiltrators might have entered into this side under cover firing given by Pakistan Rangers in the wake of two incidents along the international border in Jammu and Kashmir, India on Friday lodged a strong protest with Pakistan and put its border guarding force on full alert.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The last thing either country needs right now is a war.

Owl 1
Sep 19 07:56

US Moves Missile Shield From Europe To Israel, Azerbaijan

Deputy US army chief, Gen. James Cartwright and defense secretary Robert Gates amplified President Barack Obama’s statement on the US missile shield in East Europe in Washington Thursday, Sept. 17, by announcing that a new and better anti-missile missile system would be deployed in Israel and the Caucasus.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This makes perfect sense as everyone knows that the entire multi-trillion dollar US military apparatus exists only to protect and serve Israel!!!!!

Sep 19 07:55

Police Seize Maradona's Earrings for Back Taxes

While former soccer star and current Argentina national team coach Diego Maradona was visiting a fat farm in Italy, local authorities seized his earrings to help pay off a $54 million tax liability from his playing days for the Napoli soccer team (1984-1991).

Sep 19 07:53

The fine or the piper? Either way, you'll pay

A word of caution for Keith Chrimson, Hiram Amason, Brandon Finch, Agraciana Rojas and Lorna Todd: An arrest warrant was issued for you Friday because you did not pay your court fines.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a form of open-ended taxation, because now the government can start creating a myriad of minor laws which will impose endless fines on the people under the guise of "law enforcement", allowing the government to loot the people at will.

Sep 19 07:50

Obama Offered Deal to Russia in Secret Letter

President Obama sent a secret letter to Russia’s president last month suggesting that he would back off deploying a new missile defense system in Eastern Europe if Moscow would help stop Iran from developing long-range weapons, American officials said Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So was a deal actually made or was this letter leaked to allow Obama to save face after killing the missile shield program after $50 billion wasted? (Not that the @#$%ing thing works in the first place).

Sep 19 07:50

U.N. body urges Israel to allow nuclear inspections

Arab states in the U.N. nuclear assembly on Friday won narrow approval of a resolution urging Israel to put all its atomic sites under U.N. inspection and join the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The Jewish state deplored the measure for singling it out while many of its Islamic neighbors remained hostile to its existence, and said it would not cooperate with it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my (absence of) surprise at Israel's response.

Sep 19 07:49

Tea Bagger Bigotry Exposed

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, they are really desperate to sell this idea that anyone unhappy with the government must be a racist.

I wonder what's next? Will they claim our mothers dress us funny, or our dogs are really ugly?

Sep 19 07:47

Holocaust a myth, Israel no future: Ahmadinejad

IRANIAN President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the Holocaust was a "myth" as he addressed the annual Quds Day rally in Tehran overnight, reiterating comments that sparked outrage around the world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

1. The United States

2. Israel

3. Iran

Choose the one country that did NOT lie to us all about Iraq's 'nookular' bombs.

That is who you should trust.

Sep 19 07:46

"Option" Morgages set to explode

The federal government and states are girding themselves for the next foreclosure crisis in the country's housing downturn: payment option adjustable rate mortgages that are beginning to reset.

Option-ARMs are now considered among the riskiest offered during the recent housing boom and have left many borrowers owing more than their homes are worth. These "underwater" mortgages have been a driving force behind rising defaults and mounting foreclosures.

Sep 19 07:44


Sep 19 07:44

Iran ready to pay for probe into Israeli nukes

Iran is prepared to allocate a budget for a probe into Israel's largely clandestine nuclear industry, Tehran's ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says.

Sep 19 07:42

The Government Can

Sep 19 07:42


Sep 19 07:40

Goldstone commission sees evidence of ‘persecution’

When I visited Gaza last May-June, the destruction was so overwhelming and the sense of arbitrary punishment so high that I found myself using the word "persecution." It was clear to me that these people had been targeted as a people; the assault was an effort to diminish their life spirit in every way possible, including destruction of the family unit. What I saw reminded me of what I had heard about the Jews in Warsaw and in Germany and Austria in the runup to the Second World War. Those Jews were persecuted; and these Palestinians were too.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The text of this report should be sent to every US congressional representative over and over, until the desks in their offices are literally groaning under the weight of it.

This kind of behavior against the Palestinians is what our taxpayer money buys with every dollar spent to support Israel.

Sep 19 07:35


I’ve noticed that I’m becoming a candidate for advocacy myself. I’ve loved Israel for decades, lived there for three years, and studied in detail the subtleties of its society and conflicts. And so it is with the sadness that accompanies the end of any affair that I notice my love is starting to wane.

Why? There are four primary reasons.

Sep 19 07:33

FLASHBACK - Jewish groups unite against lobbying reform

As plans for lobbying reform trickle down from both political parties in the U.S. Congress, a unified American Jewish establishment is finding itself in an increasingly precarious position.

Jewish groups are already quietly fighting some of the reform proposals, especially the proposed ban on foreign travel paid for by lobbyists, which could prevent groups from sending lawmakers to Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"How do you expect us to get these politicians into compromising positions to blackmail them if we can't take them to Israel????"

Sep 19 07:32

2009 US bank failures reach 94: FDIC

Two more US banks have closed down -- including the sixth largest bank bankruptcy this year -- to bring the total number of bank failures this year to 94, according to the government banking insurer.

The institutions were banking subsidiaries of the Columbus, Indiana-based Irwin Financial Corporation.

Sep 19 07:27

U.S. ambassador: Pakistan not backing U.S. goals on Taliban

Despite growing U.S. military losses in Afghanistan, Pakistan still refuses to target the extremist groups on its soil that are the biggest threat to the American-led mission there, the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan told McClatchy.

Eight years after Washington and Islamabad agreed to fight the Taliban and al Qaida, Pakistan has "different priorities" from the U.S., Anne Patterson said in a recent interview. Pakistan is "certainly reluctant to take action" against the leadership of the Afghan insurgency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation; if Pakistan won't kill enough of its insurgents, we'll have to do it for them, with more US troops and contractors on the ground in Pakistan, and more drone attacks.

Sep 19 06:58

UN New World Currency !!! Fox News

Sep 19 06:34


In a one-sided "frenzy," our Major Corporate "news" Media are trying to convince us we MUST all get the SWINE FLU VACCINE, declaring the vaccine totally safe!

But NOT ONE medical expert who disagrees (Blaylock, Mercola, Horowitz, Moulden, etc.), has been reported! We should all be suspicious...


Avoid ALL VACCINATIONS warns Dr. Andrew Moulden
The public - and most medical doctors - do not understand HOW (all) vaccinations damage our bodies.

Dr. Andew Moulden explains that repeated VACCINATIONS (even aside from whatever ingredients the vaccines contain) produce additive ISCHEMIC "STROKES" in the 60,000 miles of microscopic blood vessels.

Sep 19 06:28

McCain Opposes Interrogations

“I think torturing harmed us.”

McCain went so far as to say some of the interrogations in question violated international law.

They “were in violation of the Geneva Convention against torture that we ratified under President Reagan,” McCain said.

None the less , he agrees with former Vice President Cheney in opposing the Justice Department’s review of whether any CIA officers engaged in any actions during interrogations of detainees that didn’t comply with legal advice at the time.

Sep 19 06:21

Home Invasion Blues

This is a blog post I wrote about a home invasion a few days ago. It's not exactly something you would expect to see on WRH, which is why I am putting it under a blog post. (I don't have a good category for it, either, hence the current affairs header.)

I live in Nicaragua, so a lot of people will think this is to be expected. However, it is a result of not only sadism and envy, but of deteriorating economic conditions. A few weeks ago, I told my husband we needed to leave the country because as business owners, we would be a target of the have-nots. I am posting this here because many WRH readers have taken the time to prepare for the events that are about to unfold and those who chose not to prepare out of ignorance or laziness will steal from those who have prepared.

Sep 19 06:15

Distribution Of Swine Flu Vaccine Will Begin in October

Vaccine for the H1N1 influenza pandemic will be distributed on a three-day turnaround time from four regional warehouses around the country next month. The vaccine deliveries, expected to equal 20 million doses a week by the end of October, will be distributed among 90,000 immunization "providers," including health departments, hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices and pharmacies.

Sep 19 06:00

Holder's Investigation Could 'Help al Qaeda'

Over-ruling an attorney general on a criminal investigation would be an extraordinary move, but the former directors contend Holder's investigation will ultimately "help Al Qaeda elude U.S. intelligence and plan future

(*You know what will 'Help al Qaeda' ? A plunger , and a bottle of liquid plumber)

Sep 19 05:46

Stop Using Hydroxycut Products

Some Hydroxycut products are associated with a number of serious liver injuries and lawsuit inquiries have already been made by people who have been harmed by these products.

What is Hydroxycut?
Hydroxycut is the brand name of some of America’s top-selling weight loss products which are taken by millions of consumers each year. Hydroxycut products are made by Iovate Health Sciences, which has over 750 items sold in more than 70 countries around the world.

(*Want to lose weight ? stick with the DIET SODA ! official white horse souse)

Sep 19 05:21

Inquiry Into CIA Practices Narrows

The Justice Department's review of detainee abuse by the CIA will focus on a very small number of cases, including at least one in which an Afghan prisoner died at a secret facility, according to two sources briefed on the matter.

On Friday, seven former CIA directors urged President Obama to end the inquiry, arguing that it would inhibit intelligence operations in the future and demoralize agency employees who believed they had been cleared by previous investigators.

"Attorney General [Eric] Holder's decision to re-open the criminal investigation creates an atmosphere of continuous jeopardy for those whose cases the Department of Justice had previously declined to prosecute,"

Owl 2
Sep 19 05:20

Why Dick Cheney Is More American Than Barack Obama

You see, Vice President Cheney, or Lord Vader, or whatever you call to him, might have had a pretty opinionated view of terrorists and not necessarily the kindest. -- You know they did plan on flying an airliner into his office and all. The man was never confused
(*and he can shoot the pimple off a gnat's @$$,too !)

Sep 19 04:49

Khalid Amayreh – A Criminal State that MUST be Isolated. Reading the Goldstone Report

Israel is unusually furious over the publication this week of the Goldstone commission report which accuses the apartheid regime of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip during the bloody blitz against the coastal Palestinian territory nearly nine months ago.

Israeli officials and hasbara doctors have been railing against Goldstone, who is both Jewish and Zionist, to the extent of accusing him of “anti-Semitism,” an increasingly stale and ineffective weapon which Israel resorts to when all other propaganda tools don’t work.

Sep 19 04:39

Irving Kristol Is Dead At 89

He wont be missed!

Sep 19 02:29

Afghanistan: Where Empires Go to Die

On September 7 the Swedish aid agency Swedish Committee for Afghanistan reported that the previous week US soldiers raided one of its hospitals. According to the director of the aid agency, Anders Fange, troops stormed through both the men's and women's wards, where they frantically searched for wounded Taliban fighters.

Sep 19 00:24

Race and Jimmy Carter

Ten days ago, the president played his ace of trumps.

He went before a joint session of Congress to lay out his health care plans, confront the "demagoguery" of critics who had resorted to "distortion," "misinformation" and "tall tales," and rally progressives and Blue Dogs to reunite and drive on to victory.

Obama's speech was savagely partisan, but an undeniable success.

After an awful August of town-hall beatings, he was back on offense. As his congressional troops cheered him on, Republicans sat sullen and glum.

Not only did Obama win the night, his victory was capped by a gauche outburst of "You lie!" from South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson, which stunned a national TV audience and embarrassed his party.

September 18, 2009

Sep 18 22:56

Putin slams Iran sanctions & Arctic Sea,Mossad

14/09/2009 | Moscow News No35 2009
Putin slams Iran sanctions
Tim Wall and Anna Arutunyan
According to comments confirmed by his press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, Putin told foreign experts at the Valdai Club meeting that "any use of force, delivering any kind of strike, won't help, won't solve the problem. On the contrary, it will hurt the entire region. As for sanctions, they won't bring the desired effect."
His comments come as Russia, Iran and Israel are embroiled in a dispute over the possible supply of S-300 missiles to Iran under a deal with Moscow, and an alleged secret visit to Russia last week by Israel's prime minister, Benyamin Netanyahu.

Sep 18 22:29

Putin gives notice he wants further US concessions

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Putin gives notice he wants further US concessions
VLADIMIR PUTIN, Russia’s prime minister, yesterday said the Obama administration’s decision to scrap plans for a missile defence shield in Europe was a positive step – but gave notice he expected other US concessions, including backing for a bid by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan to join the World Trade Organisation (WTO).
“I expect that after this correct and brave decision, others will follow,” Mr Putin said in a speech in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

Sep 18 22:12

$100 billion U.S. gov't bonds seized in Italy

U.S. Authorities Probing $100 Billion of Bonds Seized in Italy
By Sonia Sirletti and Elisa Martinuzzi
Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Secret Service is examining more than $100 billion of U.S. government bonds confiscated in northern Italy in August, just two months after $134 billion of allegedly fake securities were seized in a nearby town.
The Secret Service is analyzing whether the bonds taken in August may be counterfeit, said a spokeswoman for the U.S. embassy in Rome. Italy’s financial police in Varese, north of Milan, arrested two individuals carrying the securities in a briefcase, according to a person involved in the case.

Sep 18 21:36

As energy costs come down, your bills could go UP

Robert Hammond of Consumer Focus said: 'There's a grim predictability about energy suppliers. In spite of increased margins and lower wholesale gas prices, there is talk of higher domestic bills.'

Consumer Focus estimates that companies are overcharging consumers by around £100 a year.


Gas wholesale prices dropped by an average of 10p per therm - £59 for each customer bill. Despite the lower costs, energy companies have not passed on the benefits.

Ofgem estimates that power companies will make a £170 gross profit for each dual-fuel customer next year, unless they cut bills. That compares to an average £110 per household over the last three years.

Sep 18 21:19

Spin from Reuters: Over 500,000 square kilometers gained is just "a bit"; while 55 square kilometers broken away was "huge"

Reuters - Arctic ice grows after near-record summer thaw

"It looks like we have passed the minimum ice area this year," Ola Johannessen, head of the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center in Norway, told Reuters on Thursday based on satellite images indicating a tiny increase in ice area.... "It's recuperated a bit from the past two years but it's still far below the average in recent decades," he said.

2008: Massive Arctic ice shelf breaks away | Green Business | Reuters

OTTAWA (Reuters) - A huge 19 square mile (55 square km) ice shelf in Canada's northern Arctic broke away last month and the remaining shelves have shrunk at a "massive and disturbing" rate, the latest sign of accelerating climate change in the remote region, scientists said on Tuesday.

Sep 18 21:14

New kiosks at SFO first to sell carbon offsets

Travelers flying out of San Francisco International Airport can be the first in the nation to wipe away some of the damage their flights wreak on the planet by swiping their credit cards.

On Thursday, the Bay Area's largest airport unveiled three Climate Passport kiosks with touch screens that determine how many pounds of carbon dioxide a trip will produce, calculate the sum an environmentally conscious traveler should contribute to projects in San Francisco and California that help reduce greenhouse gases, then allow fliers to purchase certified carbon offsets.

"Calling all suckers! Give us your money and we'll save the world. Really."

Sep 18 21:07

Senators’ Patriot Act ‘fix’ would eliminate telecom immunity

A group of US Senators unveiled legislation Thursday aiming to strip telecommunications firms that took part in a hugely controversial Bush-era spying program of immunity from lawsuits.

The bill aims to “fix problems with surveillance laws that threaten the rights and liberties of American citizens” without crippling the government’s ability to track suspected terrorists, the lawmakers said in a joint statement.

The legislation would affect the way the US government can search Americans’ personal records, conduct wiretapping, and otherwise collect and use information on US citizens.

Owl 3
Sep 18 21:01

New evidence of widespread fraud in Afghanistan election uncovered

Exclusive footage obtained by the Guardian of ballot papers pre-marked for Hamid Karzai that were seized by monitors. The ballots appear to be stamped with the monitors' seal and ready to cast. The monitors filmed then destroyed the papers to stop them being used.

The shaky footage shows two election monitors inspecting a book of 100 ballot papers that are still stitched together, as they were intended to arrive at the polling station in rural Afghanistan. But something is wrong; instead of being pristine, ready for the voter to make his or her mark, each paper bears a large blue tick next to the name of one candidate: Hamid Karzai.

Sep 18 19:53

In Missile ‘Backdown,’ Obama Moves Toward War on Iran

Despite the nuclear watchdog IAEA’s insistence that there is no proof of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, and despite the fact that the “secret documents” discovered proving an Iranian covert program were most likely cooked up in the offices of the lunatic terrorist group MeK and delivered to the US by Israeli sources, the Obama administration is determined to finish what the neo-conservatives started under the Clinton administration: US invasion and forced “democratization” of the entire Middle East. Next step will be “crippling sanctions” — a blockade — that Congress may pass as soon as this month.

Sep 18 19:29

'Explosive' Sibel Edmonds Cover Story at 'The American Conservative'

There’s a new issue of The American Conservative going to press today, and it includes a story that will make more than a few congressmen and foreign lobbyists intensely uncomfortable: an in-depth interview between Phil Giraldi and FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. She tells us exactly how Turkish intelligence have penetrated national secrets, suborned government officials, and blackmailed Congress. It’s going to be explosive.

(N.B. There are some notable interconnections between the Turkish lobby and AIPAC and the Israeli lobby /StingRay)

Sep 18 19:19

Anniversary of the Death Star

Sep 18 16:16

Margaret Kimberley: Protesters against Obama are right, But Racist

Freedom Rider: In Praise of Tea Baggers
by Margaret Kimberley on Tue, 09/15/2009
Only the wrongheaded and racist are taking action at this critical time. Their animosity towards Obama is rooted in the shock and awe brought about by the very presence of a black president. It is also mixed with the anger brought about by the defeat of the Republican Party, accurately perceived as the champion of white America. Unable or unwilling to express the true source of their anger, the self-proclaimed “tea baggers” are left to call Obama a new Hitler, or a new Stalin, or a Kenyan smuggled into Hawaii as a newborn baby.

Sep 18 16:12

Call for Black power unity, NOT American unity, against Obama policies

Black is Back! A Coalition to Fight the Powers that Be – Including Obama
by Glen Ford on Wed, 09/16/2009
“’Black is Back’ is a statement of the re-entry of African people into political life independent of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party,” reads the Call to build the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations. "As racist whites transfer their hatred of African Americans to the person of Obama, far too many Blacks have forsaken their traditional causes – peace, economic justice and social equality – to circle the wagons around a politician that is fundamentally opposed to the historical Black agenda in all respects but one: upward mobility for Black politicians.

Sep 18 14:34

Quietly, Sotomayor turns on corporations

Judges “created corporations as persons, gave birth to corporations as persons,” she said, the Wall Street Journal noted Friday. “There could be an argument made that that was the court’s error to start with…[imbuing] a creature of state law with human characteristics.”

Sep 18 14:31

IAEA urges Israel to allow nuclear inspection

"Israel will not cooperate in any matter with this resolution which is only aiming at reinforcing political hostilities and lines of division in the Middle East region."

Sep 18 14:19

Military & Govt. oath: Defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC

Here’s the short and sweet point: once the facts of our government’s “leaders” are revealed (and you’d damn better do your research if you call yourself a citizen), then every man and woman who’s sworn an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, must act to incapacitate those who violate the Constitution. Laws are supposed to be as easy to understand as rules in sports because they’re meant to be obeyed. The US currently has fascist policies such as invading countries who pose no threat, torture, indefinite imprisonment, $2.3 trillion of our dollars “missing” from the Department of Defense: these are OBVIOUS violations against the Constitution that kills millions and destroys the joy of life from the rest of us.

Sep 18 13:44


In exchange for money, a certain group of people have agreed to let your kids be killed. That group is the United States Congress. And for the last several years, many of them have been accepting money from AIPAC, a supposed lobbying group that stands exposed as a spy operation for a foreign government, in order to promote that foreign government's agenda, which includes war in the Mideast, waged against that foreign government's enemies.

This selling of America's children to a foreign government to be that government's mercenaries has to rank as the greatest single betrayal of a people by their government in all of history.

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WRH Exclusive
Sep 18 13:41

Former U.S. anti-drug official's arrest 'a complete shock'

As a high-ranking U.S. anti-drug official, Richard Padilla Cramer held front-line posts in the war on Mexico's murderous cartels. He led an office of two dozen agents in Arizona and was the attache for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Guadalajara.

While in Mexico, however, Cramer also served as a secret ally of drug lords, according to federal investigators.

Cramer allegedly advised traffickers on law enforcement tactics and pulled secret files to help them identify turncoats. He charged $2,000 for a Drug Enforcement Administration document that was sent to a suspect in Miami by e-mail in August, authorities said.

Sep 18 13:35

Bailout Lies Threaten Your Savings

There is a headline that has been all over the media ever since September 2008: “Bank Bailout Will Soak Taxpayers.” As obviously true as this headline appears to be, it is in fact, dangerously misleading. Indeed, as we will cover in this article, the idea that taxes will pay for the bailout is ludicrous, an insult to both your intelligence – and your net worth.

Sep 18 13:34

'Protecting' White girls from Blacks

Every night, dozens of young men in Cleveland's downtown area take to the streets and go out searching for girls.

But theirs is not a promiscuous search. In fact, the group of some 35 volunteers is looking to prevent such interaction and to stop what neighborhood residents have overwhelmingly complained is a growing problem in Cleveland - Black men going out with White girls.

Sep 18 13:32

Charlie Sheen bashing reaches new heights of red-faced hysteria!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anyone who is angry over Elle Molique's attack on Charlie Sheen can email her editor at editor@kctribune.com

Sep 18 13:25

Daily Show: Afghanistan is ‘the gold standard for quagmires’

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart reminded his audience on Thursday — in case they’d somehow forgotten — of the Iraq War, with its “lack of a coherent postwar plan [or] a reason to have the war.”

“But did you know that we also have this whole other war in Afghanistan?” Stewart asked. He then played a montage of television news clips calling the Afghan War “a mission politically and militarily in crisis” and reporting that “President Karzai is accused of rigging the election. … More than a million and a half ballots are suspicious.”

Sep 18 13:10

Sabra & Shatila Massacre:27 Years Later

On 11 September 1982, Israeli Defence Minister Ariel Sharon, the architect of the invasion, announced that “2,000 terrorists” had remained inside the Palestinian refugee camps around Beirut. On Wednesday 15 September, the day after the assassination of Israeli-allied Phalangist militia leader and Lebanese President-elect Bashir Gemayel, the Israeli army occupied West Beirut, “encircling and sealing” the camps of Sabra and Shatila, which were inhabited by Lebanese and Palestinian civilians. By mid-day on 15 September 1982, the refugee camps were entirely surrounded by Israeli tanks and soldiers, who installed checkpoints at strategic locations and crossroads around the camps in order to monitor the entry or exit of any person.

Sep 18 12:58

The Tortuous Logic and Legalese of American Torture

"If the United States is to restore its credibility as a nation committed to the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights, it should promptly, impartially, and thoroughly investigate and prosecute those officials, regardless of position or rank, who authorized or ordered torture and other mistreatment."

Obama says in the video below: "We believe in a foreign policy that is based on - not just military might - but also by the quality of our moral character as a nation. "

Sep 18 12:53

Missiles in Turkey traded for shield, diplomat says

The announcement Thursday that the Obama administration is canceling missile defense deployments in Europe may be part of a trade that includes sending other missiles to Turkey.

The decision to scrap the deployments in Poland and the Czech Republic came days after the administration announced the proposed sale of $7.8 billion in Patriot PAC-3 anti-missile batteries and related gear to Turkey.

Sep 18 12:52

Bill could block Gitmo closure

A bill that could go to the Senate floor as early as next week would make it impossible for Barack Obama to move any Guantanamo prisoners to the U.S. for any reason, effectively blocking his plan to close the facility by January.

Sep 18 12:52

Ex-CEO of Worker-Occupied Chicago Window Factory Arrested on Fraud Charges

The former chief executive of a window factory that gained notoriety for a worker sit-in has been arrested and held on $10 million bond. Richard Gillman is accused of conspiring to launder funds from Chicago’s Republic Windows and Doors factory and secretly removing its equipment. The alleged offenses came around the time Gillman abruptly ordered the factory’s closure to sell it to another company. Instead, workers occupied the plant to win back their severance and vacation pay.

Sep 18 12:33

WHO-IAEA Join Forces to Fight Cancer

Vienna/Geneva, 26 May 2009 | The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) today announced the launch of a Joint Programme on Cancer Control, aimed at strengthening and accelerating efforts to fight cancer in the developing world.

Sep 18 12:24


Even if Iran has a weapon of mass destruction (which we know they do not), and even if Iran has long range ICBMs to reach across the Atlantic with (which we know they do not), Iran would still not be a threat to the US because any attack with a weapon of mass destruction would be national suicide.

You see, leaders of nations have huge egos. They are driven by that dream that future generations will admire their faces on statues and stamps and money. and that doesn't happen if you let your nation get destroyed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media have uncorked the "hard sell" for war in Iran.

Ignoring the United Nations report that says Iran does not have nuclear weapons nor is it building them, ignoring the IAEA report that says the same, and ignoring the NIE from the US intelligence agencies that says the same thing, the corporate media are relying on a "confidential report" supplied by the usual anonymous sources the proclaim that Iran is a dire and imminent threat requiring immediate invasion.

Right now on MSNBC one of the experts is already admitting that the purpose of the upcoming talks between the US and Iran is to underscore Iran's "lack of cooperation" in refusing to surrender weapons of mass destruction which like Iraq's only exist in the fevered imaginations of the war hawks.

This is the baldest-faced lie to start a war since Hitler knocked down the Gliewitz Radio towers and the US Government is going to start an new war in Iran because they don't know what else to do to cling to power and your tax money.

Iran is Not a threat to the United States. Even if Iran had a nuclear weapon, they will not use it on the US, because the US would utterly destroy all of Iran in retaliation.

Those of you who stayed silent in the face of the obvious lies used to start the war in Iraq can perhaps be forgiven for choosing the safe course of giving the government the benefit of the doubt. But, your generosity was repaid with betrayal. The US Government lied about Iraq's "nookular" bombs just as they are lying now about Iran's, and the difference is that THIS TIME YOU CANNOT PRETEND YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON.

If this newest war gets going it is because YOU LET IT HAPPEN.

The blood is on your hands and on your soul if you remain silent this time.

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WRH Exclusive
Sep 18 11:36

RIAA's Elementary School Copyright Curriculum

Music Rules! starts by defining the terms that teachers need to know about copyright in order to cover the material. The complete list (we kid you not) is: counterfeit recordings, DMCA notice, "Grokster" ruling, legal downloading, online piracy, peer-to-peer file sharing, pirate recordings, songlifting, and US copyright law.

Sep 18 11:32

Topless Women, Rule Of Law, And Perceptions Of China.

This proves something many of my expat friends in China are always talking about. They say they find it ridiculous that China is viewed as this incredibly oppressive place where the government is spying on you all the time and concerned with your littlest actions. They oftentimes like to tell me that China actually has more freedoms than the United States or England.

Sep 18 11:30

The hypocrisy of the Fed

The Fed is reportedly looking to monitor banker pay in order to discourage excessive risk-taking. But aren't the Fed's easy money policies encouraging risk?

Sep 18 11:19

Lockerbie bomber disputes conviction with new dossier

The man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing has released a dossier of legal papers which he claims are proof he was wrongly convicted of the worst terrorist attack on British soil.

The documents, published online today by Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, show that serious doubts about the reliability of the key witness at his trial were raised independently by Scotland's official body, which investigates suspected miscarriages of justice.

The dossier demonstrates that the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) sent Megrahi's case back to the court of appeal in 2007, after deciding that the judges who convicted him had made a series of errors about the evidence of a Maltese shopkeeper, Tony Gauci – the only witness to link the Libyan to the alleged plot.

Sep 18 11:18

The Acorn Vote: House Democrats Just Stuck a Knife in their President and Party

The Republican attack machine has been on a relentless mission to destroy ACORN, short for the Association for Community Organization and Reform Now, ever since the 2008 election campaign when conservatives saw it as an effective fundraising and get-out-the-vote group for Democrats and then-candidate Barack Obama. Rabid, inflammatory-rhetoric-fueled charges of inappropriate and illegal conduct have been flying ever since, especially as videotapes have recently surfaced showing ACORN workers advising alleged pimps and prostitutes on how to conceal their criminal behavior during the home-buying process.

Sep 18 11:17

Only 28% Of High School Students Are Familiar With The Constitution

A Constitution Day survey commissioned by the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) has found that the vast majority of high school students do not know that the Constitution represents the supreme law of the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But they damned well know the official dogma of the Holocaust, Global Warming, and 9-11!!!!!!!

Sep 18 11:14

Incomes of young in 8-year nose dive

The incomes of the young and middle-aged — especially men — have fallen off a cliff since 2000, leaving many age groups poorer than they were even in the 1970s, a USA TODAY analysis of new Census data found.

People 54 or younger are losing ground financially at an unprecedented rate in this recession, widening a gap between young and old that had been expanding for years.

Sep 18 11:14

42 states lose jobs in August, up from 29 in July

Forty-two states lost jobs last month, up from 29 in July, with the biggest net payroll cuts coming in Texas, Michigan, Georgia and Ohio.

The Labor Department also reported Friday that 27 states saw their unemployment rates increase in August, and 14 states and Washington D.C., reported unemployment rates of 10 percent or above.

The report shows jobs remain scarce even as most analysts believe the economy is pulling out of the worst recession since the 1930s. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said earlier this week that the recovery isn't likely to be rapid enough to reduce unemployment for some time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obviously, the analysts (most of whom are getting government paychecks) are full of it!

Sep 18 11:12

California's unemployment rate rises to 12.2%

Economists predict that jobless figures will continue to rise for the rest of the year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is fudging the figures. Last report we had was that 40% of working age Californians are unable to find work.

Sep 18 11:11

Texas unemployment rate hits 22-year record high

The Texas unemployment rate hit 8 percent for the first time in 22 years as the state lost another 62,200 nonagricultural jobs in August, the Texas Workforce Commission said Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tell us again how the recession is over, Ban. We just LOVE that whopper!

Sep 18 10:04

Netanyahu aide: Palestinians to blame for failure of Mitchell meetings

Officials in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's bureau accused the Palestinians on Friday of thwarting the efforts of the U.S. Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, during meetings in Israel and the West Bank to reach a deal on resuming peace talks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel is attempting to shift the blame here, big-time.

The problem is, the world knows precisely that Israel has refused to budge on the settlements issue.