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"It isn't only Gestapo maniacs who do inhuman things to people. We [the CIA] are responsible for doing inhuman things on a massive scale to people all over the world." -- John Stockwell, former CIA official


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Sep 21 06:30

Did AFRICOM Engineer Military Coup in Burkina Faso?

There are significant indications that the U.S. Africa Command, or AFRICOM, engineered a military coup in Burkina Faso in order to protect U.S. military bases in the impoverished West African nation. General Gilbert Diendere, the former military aide to the longtime Burkinabe dictator, Blaise Compaore, overthrew Burkina Faso’s interim democratic government and established a ruling junta inaptly called the “National Council for Democracy” with himself as the head.

Sep 21 06:28

Westminster pedophile network: Detectives divided over witness credibility

Police investigating the alleged abuse and murder of three children by a VIP pedophile ring in the heart of British government are split over the reliability of the inquiry’s only witness.
Scotland Yard officers are divided as to the veracity of the claims made by “Nick,” with some believing they are groundless.
Operation Midland has faced criticism for publicizing details of the investigation before it began, in contrast with similar inquiries that have been conducted under a news blackout.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Sep 21 06:27

Polio vaccines causing worldwide surge in childhood paralysis cases

In April 2012, Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media reported that statistically speaking, polio had been eradicated in India, but the statistics don't tell the whole story.

In fact, he noted, there was a spike in "non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) - the very types of crippling problems it was hoped would disappear with polio but which have instead flourished from a new cause." How could that happen in a nation where polio had ostensibly been eradicated?

Quite simply, Dykes noted, the new spike was actually coming from the oral polio vaccine.

Sep 21 06:24

Rising CO2 levels are re-greening Africa's deserts, bringing abundance that lifts people out of poverty

Climate change, a phrase that typically instills fear in society, is being eyed by Arizona State University as something that could be beneficial. Contrary to those who view climate change as only having catastrophic consequences, experts from the university suggest that it is responsible for re-greening parts of the world and changing lives for the better.

Experts from the university engaged in a study that ultimately showed that the West African Sahel, the strip south of the Sahara desert, has been "regreening" ever since droughts in the 1970s and 80s killed more than 100,000 people. They maintain that increased rainfall caused by climate change has led to more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which has spurred more plant growth and community-led farming efforts.

The region is turning around and experiencing a vast change from the drought and deaths that once plagued it. The area is greening, plants are growing, and people are coming together.

Sep 21 06:24

Pharma firm hikes life-saving drug price by 5,500%

The medical community is outraged by a 5,500 percent price hike for Daraprim, after a big NY-based pharmaceutical company purchased the patent for it. The drug has been on the market for over 60 years, and can be essential to certain AIDS and cancer treatments. The New York-based Turing Pharmaceuticals raised the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 per pill in just over a month after buying the rights for the drug from Impax Laboratories.
The drug is used to treat toxoplasmosis, the second most common food-borne disease that affects patients suffering from AIDS and cancer. It has been produced since 1953 and is on the WHO List of Essential Medicines. But now medical associations are beating their drums about the sudden price hike and potential affordability of Daraprim as a treatment.

Sep 21 06:19


For most researchers the main goal is to publish their research in credible academic journals. Getting published is a victory for them, but one that comes with a downside that's seldom discussed. In order to get their work accepted they have to sign away their copyrights, which means that they can't freely share the fruits of their labor.

Sep 21 06:16

MI6 spy found dead in locked bag 'probably worked undercover as woman'

An MI6 spy found dead inside a locked bag worked undercover as a woman, a forensics expert has claimed.

Codebreaker Gareth Williams, whose naked body was found padlocked in a holdall in his London flat, owned £15,000 of women’s clothing, including a red wig and make-up.

Police investigating his mysterious death suggested he was a gay transvestite interested in bondage who died in a sex game gone wrong.

But forensic investigator Peter Faulding believes the unconventional attire was for work, rather than pleasure.

Sep 21 06:16

British army could ‘take direct action, stage mutiny’ under Corbyn – serving general to Sunday Times

A government headed by opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn could face "a mutiny" from the British Army if he tries to downgrade it or pull out of NATO, a senior serving general told The Sunday Times.

Sep 21 06:10

Low Oil Hitting Saudi Arabia Hard

There’s a couple of tidbits out today about Saudi Arabia. First up, its reserves continue to shrink. The IMF projects that Saudi Arabia’s budget deficit will exceed 400 billion riyals ($107 billion) this year as lower oil revenues hurt the economy. Oil generally accounts for 90% of government revenue, whereas this year it will only account for 81%. Given this turn for the worse, the government may assess removing subsidies on gasoline, which currently costs 16 cents per liter, while a shift towards renewables may also be considered.
Secondly, Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company, Saudi Aramco, has confirmed that the acting president and chief executive, Amin H. Nasser, will assume these positions on a permanent basis. And in a final OPEC-related tidbit, an internal report from the cartel projects oil prices rising at a steady $5 per annum, to reach $80 by 2020.

Sep 21 06:08

Majority of Japanese Oppose Legislation on Deployment of Troops Abroad

On Saturday, the Japanese upper house of parliament approved the bills overturning Japan’s pacifist constitution and paving way toward its military deployment abroad. The Asahi Shimbun newspaper survey showed that 51 percent opposed the new security laws adopted Saturday, while only 30 percent of Japanese residents voted in favor of the bills. The poll also revealed that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s approval rating stood at 35 percent, dropping to a record low number since he assumed office for his second term in December 2012. Only 16 percent of those polled said the Japanese government had made noticeable efforts to get the public's understanding of the bills.

Sep 21 06:06

Ahmed Mohamed: Handcuffed for Making a Clock? | True News

was this race-baiting? the kid reassembled an old clock in a media case and used a bike chain to lock it. may have set the alarm clock to spook his English teacher.

Sep 21 04:20

Kremlin dismisses Poroshenko’s allegations on discrimination against Crimean Tatars

"As for any possible words on Crimean Tatars, if it is unfounded criticism or accusations, then it will remain unfounded criticism," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday. Peskov commented on Poroshenko’s promise in an interview with Ukraine’s media outlets to raise the issue of "discrimination against Crimean Tatars" at the UN General Assembly’s session. "As a rule, everything that we’ve heard before has no grounds and does not absolutely reflect the real state of events in Crimea," Peskov stressed, adding that it is not his job to "forecast the speeches of other heads of state." Poroshenko is expected to address the UN General Assembly on September 29.

Sep 21 04:19

Putin: Syria does not intend to fight with Israel

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday expressed confidence that Syria does not need warfare with Israel. "As for shelling, we know, we condemn that shelling. As far as I know, makeshift missile systems are used in it," he said at talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has paid a visit to Moscow because he is concerned with the deteriorating situation in the Middle East. "Israel and Russia have common interests-ensuring stability in the Middle East. I am here because of the complicated security situation, it is becoming more and more complicated," Netanyahu said at the meeting. Putin in his turn said that Moscow’s position in the Middle East will always remain responsible.

Sep 21 04:17

Trump Wants to Meet President Putin at the UN General Assembly

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump told US television on Saturday that he would love to meet the Russian president, if Vladimir Putin wants to meet with him. Trump was asked about the possibility of a meeting after his adviser Michael Cohen shared his opinion with a US radio show that a meeting between the politicians was "better than likely" when Putin attends the UN General Assembly session, which opened on September 15 and will conclude its General Debate on October 6. "People want to meet Donald Trump. They want to know Donald Trump," said Cohen. Trump explained on Saturday that "I had heard that he wanted to meet with me."
Meeting with Trump not on agenda during Putin’s visit to US — Kremlin spokesman http://tass.ru/en/politics/822441

Sep 21 03:37

Top ISIS Chechen Commander Fought Under US Umbrella as Late as 2013

Abu Omar al-Shishani, the red-bearded face of ISIS terror lately described in such headlines as ‘Star pupil’: Pied piper of ISIS recruits was trained by U.S. for the fact that he received American military training as part of an elite Georgian army unit in 2006 and after, did not stop playing for “team America” once he left his home country in the Caucuses. He actually enjoyed US backing and American taxpayer largesse as late as 2013, soon after entering Syria with his band of Chechen jihadists.

Sep 21 03:30

Volkswagen now down 22%.

Sep 21 03:27

Israel fears to clash with Russian army in Syria

Meeting of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will take place in Moscow today. The head of Israel has arrived on a short-term working visit. According to the Kremlin press service, the main subject of discussion will be the Syrian conflict. The two leaders are also to talk about relations between Russia and Israel. The experts note, that Netanyahu is quite concerned over the Russian military in Syria, and wants to make this issue clear with the Russian President. The Israeli PM also worries that the Israel Defense Forces, known as Tzahal, may clash with the Russian Armed Forces on the Syrian borders.

Sep 21 03:23

Over 20 children from Donbas to arrive in Moscow for treatment

A total of 21 children aged between one month and 18 years, and also two citizens of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics aged 19 and 21 will be sent to hospitals in Moscow upon their arrival. The Il-76 military transport aircraft equipped with special medical modules has left the Ramenskoye airfield near Moscow for Rostov-on-Don, in southern Russia, a spokesperson said. The children have various diagnoses but all of them need highly-qualified medical aid, he added. During the flight, the children will be accompanied by the doctors from the Centrospas rescue team and the all-Russian emergency medicine center Zachita of the Health Ministry.

Sep 21 03:22

Kiev forces violated ceasefire regime 7 times over last 24 hours in DPR

"The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic remains relatively calm. Over the last 24 hours, seven violations of ceasefire regime by Ukrainian forces have been registered," Donetsk News Agency quoted DPR defense ministry as saying. Kiev forces shelled the settlement of Spartak in the Yasinovatsky district from mortars from the Avdeyevka settlement, the defense ministry noted. "The settlement of Trudovskiye in Donetsk’s Petrovsky district was also shelled from small arms from the settlement of Maryinka," the ministry added.

Sep 21 03:20

Kiev forces violate ceasefire regime 12 times over last 24 hours — LPR people’s militia

"Ceasefire regime is not observed, 12 shellings by the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been registered over the last 24 hours," LuhanskInformCenter quoted LPR people’s militia as saying. On Sunday, September 20, Ukrainian forces shelled the settlement of Pervomaisk from the settlement of Zolotoye with small arms. The settlement of Kalinovka was shelled from the side of a dam near the Luganskoye settlement. "Kiev forces used small arms, automatic grenade launchers, mortars of 82mm caliber," the people’s militia said. Height 266.2 was also shelled from the Luhanskoye settlement, and the settlement of Kalinovo was shelled from small arms and automatic grenade launchers from the settlement of Troitskoye. The settlement of Logvinov was shelled from tanks from the Luganskoye settlement.

Sep 21 03:18

More than 800 trucks wait in lines on Ukraine’s boarder with Crimea

Hundreds of trucks stand in lines towards the Chongar, Chaplinka and Kalanchak checkpoints on Ukraine’s border with Crimea as a result of the so-called food blockade of the peninsula. "Cargo traffic from Ukraine is stalled. Passenger busses and cars go either way as usual. Russian checkpoints are prepared to let through both passengers and cargoes in the normal mode," the border guards department said. Crimea’s head Sergey Aksyonov said that Ukrainian goods in Crimean supermarkets will be fully replaced by their Russian substitutes within two weeks. "Practically all supermarket chains and individual businessmen have concluded contracts with farm producers on the mainland. Already now 90% of foods at the outdoor bazaars are Russian-produced. In two week’s time there will be no Ukrainian foods left on the supermarket shelves," he told the Rossiya-24 round-the-clock news channel.

Sep 21 02:39

'After invasion US allowed Iraq to slip into disaster' - ex-Iraqi Defense Minister

Sep 21 02:38

Over 9,000 left homeless by Chile quake

The strong earthquake that struck off the Chilean coast last week has so far left upwards of 9,000 people homeless, dramatically increasing previous estimates.

While initial estimates stood at around 3,500, latest figures show a sharp rise as officials scour remote towns in the Coquimbo region, more than 260 kilometers north of the capital, Santiago, where the epicenter of the 8.3-magnitude quake was located.

Sep 21 02:10

The US Grand Strategy is Taking a U-turn

While analyzing the ongoing processes and events of today, one can get a strong impression that Washington “puppeteers” have decided to abandon the existing model of international relations to build a completely new one. The concept of globalization that has been pivotal for decades is now finally left aside, instead we are being presented with the concept of global instability, that should allow the US to preserve its domination in the world by destroying the stable political formations, which will ultimately become the breeding ground for numerous conflicts. In the meantime, Washington will be manipulating opposing regional parties in different parts of the world to make them confront each other.

Sep 21 01:47

Four out of five migrants are NOT from Syria: EU figures expose the 'lie' that the majority of refugees are fleeing war zone

Only one in every five migrants claiming asylum in Europe is from Syria.

The EU logged 213,000 arrivals in April, May and June but only 44,000 of them were fleeing the Syrian civil war.

Sep 21 01:38

As Crisis Intensifies, Kerry Says US Will Take 100,000 Refugees in 2017

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced Sunday that the U.S. will accept 85,000 refugees from around the world next year—up from 70,000—and the number will rise to 100,000 in 2017.

Many, though not all, of the additional refugees would be Syrian, American officials have said. The United States has taken in just 1,500 refugees since the start of the Syrian war in 2011, and President Barack Obama last week committed to accepting 10,000 more over the coming year.

September 20, 2015

Sep 20 23:11

Zionist-Manufactured Arabian Displacement

Despite the hundreds of thousands of terrorist mercenaries and their use of the latest American made weapons, and chemical weapons, the Syrian Assad regime stood steadfast due to the army’s and people’s support to the regime, and also due to outside support from Lebanese Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia

Sep 20 22:20

The Implosion of US Military Morale

WE are being set up for a major defeat and destruction!

By Jack D. Douglas

September 21, 2015

Col.David “Hack” Hackworth said decades ago that the Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon got control of the Army and other U.S. forces during the long Vietnam catastrophe, destroyed morale, lost the war, and kept moving up to the top to be the staff generals and admirals in the Pentagon. The scuttlebutt was always that they managed their way up by being ass-kissers.

I wonder what Hack would say about all the news these days about the Perfumed Princes at the top of the US military?

Sep 20 20:18

Down the Memory Hole: NYT Erases CIA’s Efforts to Overthrow Syria’s Government

FAIR has noted before how America’s well-documented clandestine activities in Syria have been routinely ignored when the corporate media discuss the Obama administration’s “hands-off” approach to the four-and-a-half-year-long conflict.

Sep 20 18:55

Ron Paul: The middle class is being wiped out

Sep 20 18:54

Greece Votes: Syriza Wins But Neo-Nazis Top Among The Unemployed

Greece went to the polls on Sunday with a choice that really wasn't a choice and even as Alexis Tsipras looks set to prevail the most shocking electoral outcome is this: neo-Nazi Golden Dawn is set to come in third and garnered the most support of any party among Greece's unemployed.

Sep 20 18:44

Business falls victim to Britain's biggest-ever telephone banking scam as it hands over more than £1million to conman

A business was tricked into handing over more than £1million to a bogus caller in one of Britain's biggest-ever telephone banking scams.

The conman phoned the company, based in Suffolk, and claimed there was a virus on the firm's internet banking facility.

He persuaded a member of staff that the firm's money should be transferred into separate holding accounts while the bank fixed the problem.

He then talked the staff member into letting him download remote access software on the firm's computer.

A Suffolk Police spokesman said the software enabled the caller to access the firm's accounts and transfer the money out and into other accounts.

During the call, the fraudster managed to disguise his own telephone number to show the number of the bank's fraud team, which was on its website.

Sep 20 17:21

AWS outage knocks Amazon, Netflix, Tinder and IMDb in MEGA data collapse

Amazon's Web Services (AWS) have suffered a monster outage affecting the company's cloudy systems, bringing some sites down with it in the process.

The service disruption hit AWS customers including Netflix, Tinder and IMDb, as well as Amazon's Instant Video and Books websites.

The outage may also explain Airbnb's current service woes. Airbnb is an AWS customer.

At time of publication, Amazon had coughed to data faults being reported on multiple services at its North Virginia US-EAST-1 site – which is the company's oldest public-cloud facility.

Sep 20 17:17

China launches 20 micro satellites using new carrier rocket

China today successfully placed 20 micro satellites into space using its latest carrier rocket powered by pollution-free fuels, boosting the Communist giant's competitiveness in the global satellite launch sector, state media reported.

The rocket, Long March-6, was launched from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre in north China's Shanxi Province which carried 20 micro-satellites into the space for space tests.

The new 29.3 metres high rocket, fuelled by liquid propellant made of liquid oxygen and kerosene, is China's first carrier rocket that uses fuel which is free of toxicity and pollution, Gao Xinhui, an official at China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, said.

"Using such propellant can cut costs by a great margin," state-run Xinhua news agency quoted Gao as saying.

Sep 20 17:07

Greece election: Alexis Tsipras hails 'victory of the people'

With 60% of votes counted, Syriza is projected to be just short of a majority but the Independent Greeks have agreed to join a coalition.

The latest figures give Syriza 35% of the vote, compared with New Democracy's 28%. The far-right Golden Dawn is set to be the third biggest party, with 7.1% of the vote.

The snap election was called after Syriza lost its majority in August. This followed the signing of an unpopular new financial bailout deal with international creditors.

Turnout in this poll was just over 55%, down from 63% in January and low by Greek standards.

Sep 20 16:57

Syria conflict: New US-backed rebels cross from Turkey

A group of 75 US-backed rebels has crossed into northern Syria from Turkey to fight jihadists, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says.

The rebels crossed into Syria in 12 vehicles equipped with machine guns over the weekend, it added.

It comes days after a top US general said only a handful of rebels trained by the US were still fighting in Syria.

Republican politicians have branded the $500m (£323m) scheme to train and equip around 5,000 rebels a "total failure".

"Seventy-five new fighters trained in a camp near the Turkish capital entered Aleppo province between Friday night and Saturday morning," said the observatory's director, Rami Abdel Rahman.

Sep 20 15:53

Hundreds of officers in the Greater Toronto Area disciplined for ‘serious’ misconduct in past five years

In the last five years, nearly 350 officers from police services in the Greater Toronto Area — Toronto, Peel, York, Halton and Durham — and the OPP have been disciplined for what their own services call “serious” misconduct, a Star investigation has found.

Roughly one in five of those officers was disciplined because he or she had been found guilty of criminal offences, including assaulting his or her spouse, drunk driving, possessing drugs and theft.

Nearly 50 of the officers were disciplined more than once; some were nailed for new offences just months after being penalized for past misconduct. One officer was busted for being drunk behind the wheel twice in one week.

Someone with a criminal record would almost never be hired as a cop. But many cops who are convicted of criminal offences are allowed to keep working. Only seven police officers were successfully forced out of their jobs.



Sep 20 14:26

Seismic Activity in Chile Is Breaking Records

There are Class 4 & 5 quakes virtually every ten minutes in Northern Chile. This is another world class major rupture in the Earth's crust, this is this year's Great Event. I think that Chile is very lucky that the rupture is "slowly" cracking the Earth with frequent comparatively modest activity rather than more dramatically breaking the crust in a Class 9 mega-event.

Quake activity is propagating in other locations in South America, Central, and North America along the western edges.

As predicted here and nowhere else, a Class 4 struck today on the Juan De Fuca plate margin off the northwestern tip of Canada's Vancouver Island. (I can not predict exact locations nor magnitudes, only the higher than average probability of increased quake activity in certain regional zones based on pattern sequence of seismic activity originating in the Mid Atlantic Great Rift).

I suspect very strongly that more quakes are coming.on the western edge of the Americas during the next 12 days.

Sep 20 14:20

A Zionist’s flawed argument against Jeremy Corbyn

Gilad Atzmon deconstructs a tirade by David Hirsh, a campaigner against academic boycotts of Israel, published in The Jewish Chronicle, a British Zionist rag, and advises the Zionist campaigner to do a bit more self-reflection.

Sep 20 14:18

The UK Labour Party revolution

Jamal Kanj says Jeremy Corbyn has a unique chance to do what other progressive leaders failed to achieve by reaching out to marginalised British voters and working with the Scottish National Party.

Sep 20 14:15

EU Lockdown: Finland Imposes Migration Controls at Swedish Border

Amid anti-immigration protests, Finnish authorities said they have begun to impose controls at the border with Sweden as a result of the influx of people who have entered Finland this year.

Finnish police began checking people who arrived across the border with Sweden on Saturday, due to a rapid rise in the number of refugees and migrants entering the country.

Sep 20 14:11

South Park on Caitlyn Jenner, PC Culture, Tom Brady

Sep 20 13:43

Greek conservative leader concedes election defeat

Greece's New Democracy party leader has conceded defeat in national elections to his leftist rival, Former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

The leader of the conservative party, Vangelis Meimarakis, said on Sunday that the priority for the country was to form a government.

"The electoral result appears to be concluding with Syriza and Mr Tspiras in the lead," Meimarakis told journalists, adding, "I congratulate him and urge him to create the government which is needed and come to parliament."

The concession came as latest exit polls suggest that Tsipras’s Syriza party has won 33 percent to 35 percent of the vote compared to between 28.5 to 30 percent for New Democracy.

In the race for third place, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party is expected to pick up between 6.5 and 8.0 percent of the vote.

Sep 20 12:54

Glasgow hosts massive rally in support of Scottish independence year after vote #stillyes

Hundreds, if not thousands, of pro-independence activists gathered on George Square in the Scottish city of Glasgow carrying Saltire flags and “Yes” banners on Saturday. “End London rule,” said one of the banners.

Organizers of the demonstration wanted to “make a clear statement that our journey to full independence for our nation continues,” the Daily Record reported.

"It's now not a question of if we become independent, it's when we become independent,” rally organizer and Solidarity co-convener Tommy Sheridan said.

Sep 20 12:53

Documentary aired on Danish television exposes HPV vaccines for triggering wave of disease among young girls

The Danish news service TV2 recently aired a bold documentary calling into question the safety of the Gardasil vaccine for cervical cancer. Documenting dozens of cases of serious injury and disability among Danish girls following the three-part vaccination regimen, the video report highlights the Danish Health Authority's negligence in properly responding to this wave of illness clearly linked to the vaccine, which is also widely promoted in the U.S.

Sep 20 12:47

Banks: Catalan independence 'would threaten financial stability'

Major Spanish and European banks warned Friday that Catalonia would put "financial stability" at risk if it separated from Spain and the EU, potentially driving them to abandon the region.

Sep 20 12:29

Russia Should Ignore Washington’s Blind Arrogance on Syria

The trouble with arrogance is that it is intellectually blinding; and the trouble with being intellectually blind is that you fail to see your own contradictions – no matter how preposterous those contradictions may be.

The arrogant ones we are referring to here are the United States and its Western allies. In the past week, Washington has been up in arms about Russia’s decision to step up its military support for the government of Syria. The Americans are calling on Moscow for “clarification” and are getting all hot under the collar about what they say is unwarranted Russian support for the “regime” of Bashar al-Assad.

Sep 20 12:10

A WikiLeaks document appears to show US plans to destabilize Syria back in 2006

A WikiLeaks document of an alleged telegram sent from Damascus appears to show the US had big plans when it came to Syria — long before the conflict began in 2011.

In the 2006 document classified as "secret," the US allegedly wrote plans to want to destabilize the Syrian government.

Sep 20 10:58

Top ISIS commander – “star pupil” of US special forces training

Sporting a recognizable red beard and happy to pose for photos, Shishani has acted as a very public face for some of ISIS’ most notorious successes.

It was Shishani who posed with the stolen US Humvees that ISIS had seized from Mosul and brought back into Syria.

And it was Shishani who had led successful ISIS military campaigns throughout Syria as well as a blitz through western Iraq that put the group within 100 miles of Baghdad.

These military successes are not simply the result of any innate military capabilities. Instead, Shishani spent years conducting military campaigns against the Russians, first as a Chechen rebel and then as a soldier in the Georgian military. During Shishani’s four years in the military, from 2006 to 2010, his unit received some degree of training from American special forces units.

Sep 20 10:58

Everything you know about Islam you learned from the media

Everything you know about Islam you learned from the internet or the mainstream media. Admit it and you’ll realize you know nothing.

The truth is, we only truly know about things if we’ve experienced it first hand or heard it from individuals who we know well and have reason to trust. The best way to learn the truth about someone or something is to cut out the corporate-owned middleman and learn about it through direct experience.

Sep 20 10:34

Double-stunner: Stargazers to see total lunar eclipse, super moon in 1 night, first in 30 years

Sky watchers are getting ready for an extremely rare astronomical highlight of the season: a total lunar eclipse and a super moon that will happen simultaneously. The stunning show will be visible to the naked eye, and will start next Sunday, September 27, between 5pm and 6pm PDT time (between midnight and 1am GMT on Monday). The super moon, or a perigee full moon, means that the moon will seem 14 percent bigger, 30 percent brighter and fuller than usual. It happens because the moon will be at its closest point in its orbit around the Earth.
The total lunar eclipse will start the same Sunday at 7:11pm PDT (2am GMT on Monday) and will end at 8:23pm PDT on Sunday (3:23 GMT on Monday). The next super moon and a total lunar eclipse combination is only set to happen in 2033, so try not to miss the stunning show!

Sep 20 10:32

German fighter jets start patrolling Baltic skies with full ammo

German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets have started patrolling the airspace of the three Baltic States with full ammunition loads. The move is designed to “motivate” German pilots, the military say. German fighter jets are flying the Baltic skies fully armed “for the first time since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis,” the DPA news agency reports citing the German Air Force’s Inspector General Karl Müllner. He explained the move was not about “escalation,” but it is needed to ensure parity when encountering a potential enemy. The German military official did not elaborate on which Air Force might become the enemy. Müllner added that ammunition on board Eurofighters is also necessary to “motivate pilots” on missions in the Baltic skies.
In September-December 2014, German fighters patrolled Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian airspace with empty magazines. Müllner said that was a political decision aimed at de-escalating tensions.

Sep 20 10:29

Donbass only have one path - annexation to Russia

In Lugansk on Thursday held an International Roundtable titled "The ways of integration of Donbas to Russia."

The gathering, in one of the most solemn hall in the city participated a number of the most prominent leaders of Donbass and famous political analysts from Russia, as well as one guest from the Serbian and Polish.

Among the participants were: President of the People's Republic of Lugano Igor Plotnjicki, Parliament Donetsk People's Republic and the Chief Negotiator Denis Pushilin in Minsk, the head of the Crimean Expert Group Sergei Micah, the chief editor of "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko, President of the Movement for Serbia Vladimir Kršljanin, political scientist and leader of the protest movement in Poland Mateusz Piskorski.

Sep 20 10:28

Merkel THREATENED BY PUTIN: German planes in the Baltic raised the level of combat readiness

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Patrols will be there in case of need defense from opponents, says Mülner.

What is interesting is that the German air force before 2014. patrolling the airspace of the Baltic countries, but without full war equipment, but now it has been decided that it works in full combat gear airplane.

Latvia, and Estonia Litvija countries whose sky will cruise German combat aviation.

We remind that the Baltic countries have a common letter sought the protection of NATO, and increased presence of NATO forces in the territory of their countries, as they said, because of the danger of the invasion of Russia.

Model aircraft that will patrol the Eurofighter, according to Russian media.

Sep 20 10:27

If Assad asks, China can deploy troops to Syria

Turkey-backed Chinese Uyghur terrorists are gaining a stronghold in Syria from which to launch attacks on China.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Right. Someone is going to launch an attack on China from inside Syria?

Sep 20 10:26

No Nation 'Has Ever Threatened Humanity's Survival' More Than US

No nation in history has ever threatened peace more than the United States, US author Stephen Lendman emphasizes, adding that Washington bears full responsibility for creating the notorious Islamic State. "Washington bears full responsibility for creating ISIS [ISIL]. Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin traced its origin from Bush's Iraq war, saying it 'became active when (it) began storming Baghdad…So, the Islamic State ripened in Iraq during the US occupation. (America) should be blamed for' its rise and proliferation," Lendman pointed out in his article for Global Research.
Remarkably, the recent poll carried out by the British polling organization ORB International, an affiliate of WIN/Gallup International, has found out that 82 percent of Syrians blame the US for creating ISIL, while 79 percent claimed that "foreign fighters made war worse." Furthermore, the poll has indicated that Bashar al-Assad's positions in Syria have strengthened from a year ago.

Sep 20 10:26

Hamas captures Israeli drone in northern Gaza Strip

The Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas says it has captured a drone belonging to the Israeli regime in the north of the besieged Gaza Strip, the second such incident in about two months.

Sep 20 10:26

Genocide in Yemen

snip: US-Saudi enforced blockade prevents enough food, medical supplies, fuel, clean water and other essentials from reaching desperate people in need. Human Rights Watch said what’s ongoing “may amount to starvation of civilians as a weapon of warfare” - genocide by deprivation.

Sep 20 10:25

Fed Opens Negative Interest Rate Pandora's Box: What Happens Next

As we already commented extensively, while the Fed's dovish non-hike was a violent surprise for the market, and has led to what may be the first thoroughly unanticipated (at least by the market) policy mistake by the Federal Reserve (judging by the market), the biggest news was the very symbolic, yet all too ominous, negative interest rate forecast in the Fed's projection materials by one FOMC member.

Sep 20 10:25

Pentagon updates plans for war with 'potentially aggressive' Russia – media

The Pentagon is reportedly reviewing and updating its contingency plans for a war with Russia for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, with a defense official telling US media that Russia's “actions” prompted the assessment.

Sep 20 10:24

Syriza leading in exit polls as disillusioned Greeks cast votes in snap election

As votes are being counted in Greece, exit polls show it’s a neck-and-neck race between the leading political forces - the leftist Syriza and conservative New Democracy parties. Neither promises an end to austerity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Then why bother having an election at all? Let's just straight to beheadings! :)

Sep 20 10:23

Greeks Without Choice in Sunday Election

“Suckers think that you cure greed with money, addiction with substances, expert problems with experts, banking with bankers, economics with economists, and debt crises with debt spending”
? Nassim Nicholas Taleb

snip: “If God and his angels came down to produce a reform package for Greece, the Troika would have turned it down it down, because they were interested in humiliating us and demonstrating to the people of Spain and Ireland that if they vote in the way that the Troika doesn’t like, they will be crushed.”

The only uncertainty about Greece’s future is how much worse things will get than already. It’s hard imagining anything in prospect able to end its long nightmare.

The only solution is popular grassroots revolution. No sign of one exists. Business as usual continues.

Sep 20 10:22

Apple’s iOS 9 software update is crashing older iPhones, iPads

A significant number of Apple customers are reporting their mobile devices have crashed after attempting to upload the new iOS 9 operating system, the latest in a line of launch glitches for the tech giant.

Twitter and other social media were awash with disgruntled customers reporting two distinct faults, with one appearing to be linked specifically to older models of Apple iPhones and iPads.

“It is beyond inconvenient to not be able to use your phone for a day,” said student Pip Cordi as staff in the Apple store in central Sydney looked at her phone on Friday. “I have a lot of apps that I use for school — things like language apps and dictionaries and that’s all really important for my studies.”

Another iPhone user, Zorry Coates, said she had spent three hours in the Apple store and had been left with the option of either returning her phone to factory settings — losing any non-backed-up data — or waiting until Apple technicians announced an update.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The latest update for Skype in Claire's iPad completely changed all the menus. It's more obfuscated than ever before, and the performance is still just as crappy as ever.

Sep 20 10:22

International Observers Agree to Attend Local Elections in Donetsk

A number of international observers have agreed to attend local elections in the eastern Ukrainian self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), while participation of representatives from the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) remains an open question, DPR negotiator at reconciliation talks Denis Pushilin said Sunday. "Regarding the ODIHR, the question remains open. They do not intend to participate as observers, while a number of other international observers have already given their consent," Pushilin told journalists.

Sep 20 10:21

Iceland Counters US Military Claims of 'Russian Flights'

Iceland's foreign minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson countered, saying that interest in NATO air defenses in Iceland is coming entirely from the side of the US... The US government attempted to convince Iceland to accept a higher US military presence over what it called increased Russian military flights in the region, Icelandic media reported. Iceland's foreign ministry released figures showing that Russian military flights anywhere near the country's airspace have actually decreased more than five times compared to 2007. None of the flights breached Icelandic airspace. "The Russians have long done transit flights where they pass close by Iceland, but they’ve recently made several circumnavigation flights," US deputy defense secretary Bob Work told DefenseNews earlier in September. However, the US military's claims do not match up with Iceland's own figures, which show that Russia only made two flights anywhere near the country's airspace in 2015.

Sep 20 10:18

Kiev Hopes to Win Crimeans' Hearts and Minds…by Cutting Off Their Food

Ukrainian lawmakers, a group of Crimean Tatar activists and Right Sector militants have joined forces to enforce a blockade on all food supplies headed into Crimea from Ukraine. Crimean lawmakers have already described the operation as a "political farce" reminiscent of old comedy cartoons.

Sep 20 10:11

Bill Gates and Poroshenko conspiring to sterilize Ukrainians?

The report of the conversation between Poroshenko and Bill Gates passed by as if nothing was unordinary: “Bill Gates and Poroshenko discussed the immunization of Ukrainians against Polio.” But actually, this event is a landmark. And a very sad one for the people of Ukraine.
Let’s sort out a bit why this billionaire, who before busied himself with vaccinations exclusively in African and Asian countries, and partially in Latin America, is suddenly interested in Ukraine.
And what is behind Gate’s billions of dollars in donations to various globalist structures which reduce the population of the planet.

Sep 20 10:07

Russia gives Syria satellite Intel on ISIS

The Russian Federation has recently boosted their military aid to the embattled Syrian Armed Forces, providing not only heavy weaponry, armor, and military personnel, but also, satellite imagery that has assisted the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) with locating the positions of the enemy combatants across Syria.

Sep 20 10:05

China in Syria? Ready to Join Russia in ISIS fight

Some pundits may point to China’s non-interference principle as an impasse to action. However, China’s non-interference principle is more in reference to meddling in other countries’ domestics politics, such as US/western penchant for intervention and violating other countries’ sovereignty to overthrow autocratic regimes they dislike. Non-interference policy does not mean inaction when China’s security and interests are threatened. It is not difficult for China to take action when its core interests are threatened–that means violation of its sovereignty, territorial integrity, economic development and regime survival. If Assad asks and gives permission for Russia, China and other SCO members to assist him militarily, that would be in accordance with international law.

Sep 20 09:53

Left Behind: US Jet Fighters Hold No Candle to Russian, Chinese Rivals

The Lockheed Martin F-35 fifth-generation jet fighter has its share of issues. Meanwhile, the F-22 Raptor fleet was terminated after only 187 aircraft were built, less than 50 percent of the 381 jets needed by the military.

According to the article, the F-22 was a formidable combat aircraft, with a balanced combination of stealth, speed and maneuvering capabilities.

"It’s simply the best air superiority fighter the United States has ever produced and it was a foolish, shortsighted decision to end its production run prematurely," Majumdar wrote.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ignoring that itty-bitty problem of suffocating its own pilots, of course!