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August 11, 2015

Aug 11 09:50

More than 1,200 people held prisoner by Kiev — DPR human rights ombudsperson

"These are the people whose fate has been ascertained, while more than 400 people remain unaccounted for," the Donetsk News Agency quoted Darya Morozova as saying.
"We are now engaged in negotiations on their exchange, including at talks in Minsk. We are waiting for Kiev to pass the law On Amnesty to proceed from the stage of negotiations to practical moves," the ombudsman of the troubled region in eastern Ukraine said.

Aug 11 09:47

Ukraine banned 376 Russian films and TV series over past year

Along with the ban on films, Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture has drawn a list of people of culture banned to enter the country for their actions that "pose a threat to national security." Apart from that, Ukraine State Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee issued a list of 38 books written by Russian authors to be banned in the country.

Steven Seagal, Gerard Depardieu and Goran Bregovic personae non gratae in Ukraine http://tass.ru/en/world/810030

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Aug 11 09:47

N.J.'s congressional freshmen off to Israel

While Congress is out until after Labor Day, freshmen U.S. Reps. Donald Norcross, Tom MacArthur and Bonnie Watson Coleman are visiting Israel.

The three New Jersey first-term lawmakers are members of the bipartisan delegation being sponsored by the educational and charitable arm of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group. As a charitable and educational organization, the American Israel Education Foundation is allowed to fund congressional trips.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 11 09:47

Ted "Born in Canada" Cruz: ‘Foolish’ for GOP to criticize Trump

Texas Sen. Ted [Born in Canada] Cruz on Monday warned that the Republican presidential candidates who are slamming Donald Trump do so at their political peril.

Aug 11 09:46

EPA won’t face fines for polluting rivers with orange muck

Unlike BP, which was fined $5.5 billion for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster, the EPA will pay nothing in fines for unleashing the Animas River spill.

“Sovereign immunity. The government doesn’t fine itself,” said Thomas L. Sansonetti, former assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s division of environment and natural resource.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The phrase "Sovereign immunity" does not appear anywhere in the Constitution.

Aug 11 09:45

Over 500 shells fired by Ukrainian troops at DPR in past day — DPR defense ministry

More than 500 Ukrainian shells have hit the territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) over the past 24 hours, a DPR defense ministry spokesman said on Tuesday.
"After the mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) resumed its work, the number of ceasefire violations has reduced to 39 episodes," the Donetsk News Agency quoted him as saying. "As many as 506 artillery shells of 152mm and 122mm calibers, 99 tank shells and 198 mines of 82mm and 120mm calibers have been fired by Ukrainian forces at the DPR."
Most intensive shelling was reported in the Telmanovsky district, where one person was killed and three others were wounded, the spokesman said.
Kiev forces open fire on LPR four times over past 24 hours — LPR http://tass.ru/en/world/813694

Aug 11 09:43

East Ukraine militia say Kiev is reinforcing troops on Mariupol direction

Kiev is boosting forces and military equipment near the contact line in the Mariupol direction, in southern Ukraine, defense ministry spokesman of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Eduard Basurin said on Tuesday.
"Up to 1,000 Ukraine’s Armed Forces personnel have been massed in the Mariupol direction in the village of Andreyevka and Granitnoye. A tank battalion was spotted near the Zamozhnoye settlement," Basurin said.
A Marine brigade estimated at up to 2,000 people was seen near the villages of Lebedinskoye, Shirokino and Kominternovo.
The positions of Ukraine’s self-propelled artillery weapons have been discovered in four villages near the contact line, he added.

Aug 11 09:42

My Two Cents: Disinformation in decline

It is a popular myth that the press is in business to make money with advertising. In truth, most of the American media are in business to make official announcements and shape public opinion.

Abraham Lincoln said, “In this and like communities, public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed. Consequently, he who molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions.”

What Americans know and don’t know is carefully controlled. Americans may be the most uninformed and misinformed people in the world, thanks to newspapers like the Post and Gazette.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I disagree that the level of government/corporate disinformation is in decline. Quite the contrary, they seem to have shoved the throttle wide open in a last-ditch attempt to reclaim the high ground.

Aug 11 09:42

OSCE observers again come under fire in eastern Ukraine — chairperson-in-office

Observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) have come under fire again in eastern Ukraine, says a statement of the organization’s Chairperson-in-Office Ivica Dacic.
He again urged the parties to the conflict not to impede the work of the Special Monitoring Mission and denounced the recent OSCE car arson attack in Donetsk.
Dacic noted that safety and freedom of movement was critically important for the mission’s activities, adding that he vigorously condemned any incidents and actions hindering the work of the observers.
He also demanded that the parties to the conflict ensured the inviolability of the mission’s property.

Aug 11 09:35

Anti-Iran lobby chief backs Iran accord, steps down

Former US senator Joe Lieberman has been named chairman of “United Against Nuclear Iran,” as the lobbying group’s president steps down because he supports the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Aug 11 09:34

Inside The Swiss Franc LIBOR Rate Rigging Chatroom: 6 Years Of Manipulation

Now, courtesy of the appendix attached to the latest LIBOR-related suit brought against Wall Street (and one hedge fund), we bring you six years of Swiss franc LIBOR manipulation presented in chronological order. Highlights here include:

"It is our natural right to reflect our interest in the libor fixing process"

"Can't you ask your fft to contribute 1m chf libor very low today? I have 10yr of fix, 8 of which against ubs and they're getting on my nerves."

"yes, ok mate, I am heading out for a run, enjoy, talk tom, get those fixings down"

"whoooooohooooooo 0.01%? that'd be awesome"

Aug 11 09:34

Ireland refuses to deport suspect to US because LA 'supermax' prison would be a 'cruel and unusual' punishment

US prosecutors want Ali Charaf Damache in the worst way.

An Irish resident originally from Algiers, Damache, 50, is accused of using online chat rooms to recruit American women into a would-be terrorist cell operating in this country and Europe.

Aug 11 09:33

German Violations of Eurozone Rules Initiated Euro Crises – German Media

The chief analyst of Baader Bank Robert Halver said that the basic problem in the Eurozone is the constant violation of stability rules. Five years in a row, Germany was among those countries violating those rules, but has not yet received any punishment, DWN reported.

Aug 11 09:33

Two 13-year-old Wisconsin girls to be tried as adults in Slender Man stabbings.

Two 13-year-old girls charged with stabbing a classmate 19 times and leaving her for dead in the high-profile “Slender Man” case will be tried as adults, a Wisconsin judge ruled Monday.

Aug 11 09:33

The Business of War is the Cause of War

Who benefits from war?

Certainly not the people on the warring sides. People always suffer in war; their futures ruined and their lives destroyed. In fear, they look to their government to protect them, the very same government that is invested in war. War is a dirty business that profits off death and destruction while generating blood money for the profiteers. The people are told to look the other way, outside of their country – where the ‘enemy’ supposedly resides.

But what if the real enemy is inside the country, and wears expensive suits, not turbans? What if he speaks your language while living in luxury and sending his children to study at Princeton, Yale and Harvard? While your kids are sent off to fight in fraudulent wars for corporate interests masquerading as ‘patriotism’.

Aug 11 09:19

Video: ‘Harder and harder for EU hawks to bully nations into extending sanctions on Russia’

'Already in the summer, when [the sanctions] were prolonged...there were a lot of countries who did not want to do it...I think each time, it will become harder and harder to bully the countries who want to lift the sanctions,' said Westman, a founding Partner at Prosperity Capital Management Ltd.

Aug 11 09:15


The city of Ferguson, Missouri, is being forced by the Obama administration to return two military vehicles that it obtained from the Pentagon, amid widespread concern and criticism over the deployment on American streets of equipment intended for war zones. The US Department of Defense will reclaim a pair of Humvees that were given to the beleaguered St Louis suburb under a controversial program to distribute surplus weapons, vehicles and other gear, according to several government officials involved in the process.
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Aug 11 09:15

Military Action Against Assad's Regime May Lead to ISIL Power Grab - Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister said that Moscow would not like to see any influential country involved in the situation around Syria hoping for a military solution to President Bashar Assad’s fate because that would mean the country would be taken over by ISIL.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"That's okay with us. Why do you think I ordered Hillary to send weapons to ISIS from Libya ... I mean, why do you think we airdropped ... I mean ....Hillary ... I ... Assad ...... SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 11 09:10


NYPD police have recently been showing how compassionate they are by taking photos of homeless people and publicly shaming them online. The activity is not only condoned by the department, but it is being sanctioned and encouraged by high-ranking officials at the NYPD. The ironically named “Sergeants Benevolent Association” sent out an email this week, ordering both police officers and their families to take photos of homeless people in embarrassing situations so they can later be posted publicly.

Aug 11 08:51

Exclusive: Trump's Republican support holds strong post-debate - Reuters/Ipsos poll

There is no sign that Donald Trump's raucous first presidential debate is hurting his support among party voters, with the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll showing he still has a big lead over his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination.

Trump's staying power is defying predictions of political doom and leading some Republicans to explore ways to persuade him not to pursue a third-party bid should he falter in his quest for the Republican nomination in 2016.

Aug 11 08:49

Former Head of Shin Bet Says De Facto Jewish Terrorist State Being Formed On The West Bank

Yuval Diskin, the former head of Israel’s Internal Security Service (known as the Shabak or the Shin Bet) said the government of Israel does not want to deal with Jewish terrorism and that a de facto Jewish terrorist state is being formed in the West Bank. And he blames not only government apathy – he also blames Zionist Orthodox rabbis who lobby for easy treatment of the few young settler terrorists Israel catches.

Aug 11 08:49

Puerto Rico defaults for first time, repays Wall Street hedge funds instead of debts that affect the poor

The government chose to prioritize other creditors over PFC because that institution is largely owned by local credit unions and will affect poor Puerto Rican citizens with little legal recourse. Much of the debt that was repaid was held by Wall Street hedge funds.

Aug 11 08:48

Lavrov: Putin proposes real anti-ISIS coalition of Syrian, Iraqi, Kurdish troops

The US and its allies should cooperate with Syrian President Bashar Assad in fighting Islamic State, "a common enemy" of the international community, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview on Sunday.

"Our American partners and some countries in the region persistently refuse to recognize Assad as a partner, which is rather strange," Lavrov said in an interview with Russian state Television channel Rossiya 1, aired on Sunday. "Assad was a fully legitimate partner in destroying chemical arms but somehow he is not when it comes to fighting terrorism."

A coalition against Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS/ISIL), as planned by Russian President Vladimir Putin, would "bring together all those already fighting on the ground," that is, the Syrian and Iraqi armies, the Kurds and "the part of the armed opposition that represents Syrians."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Game, set, and match, Putin!

Aug 11 08:47

Venezuela opens investigation into CNN en Espanol after false reporting on looting

Venezuela's government is opening an investigation against CNN en Espanol (CNNE) over the news network's allegedly false report on looting in the country, the CONATEL telecommunications regulator said in a statement.

Aug 11 08:46

Mission Creep? Britain to Double Ukrainian Military Training

Britain has announced that it will expand its commitment to helping the Ukrainian military by doubling the amount of soldiers that it will train in the country, as UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon warned the conflict in Ukraine's east was still "red hot".

Aug 11 08:46

Vatican wants Israel to bring charges against Jewish extremist

A representative body of the Catholic Church in Israel has urged Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein and prosecutors to indict Ben-Zion Gopstein, a Jewish radical who recently advocated for the burning of churches in Israel.

Aug 11 08:45

Livni Seeks Hearing on Netanyahu's Campaign in U.S. Against Iran Deal

MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union) is demanding that Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman Tzahi Hanegbi convene the committee urgently to discuss Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign in Congress and among American Jews against the Iran nuclear deal.

Aug 11 08:45

Palestinian Arson Victims Not Eligible Under Israeli Compensation Law

Though there’s no dispute in Israel that the July 31 arson attack on the Dawabsheh family in Duma was a terror attack, the family won’t be entitled to the government compensation granted Israeli victims of terror.

Aug 11 08:44

Burning Churches Is Legitimate Under Jewish Law

In the Jewish State, Orthodox Jews do burn churches and they do it in the name of the Torah and in accordance with their interpretation of the Jewish religion. In an unusually brave article, Ynet revealed yesterday that, Bentzi Gophstein, the head of Lehave, an Orthodox Jewish organisation dedicated to preventing assimilation in the Holy Land, said that he unquestionably supports burning churches and 'houses of idolatry.' Gophstein further stated that church burning is a legitimate act under Jewish law.

Aug 11 08:43

"France has been treated like a doormat!" Why De Gaulle defied the US overlord

About the landing of June 6, 1944, here is what de Gaulle declares to Alain Peyrefitte* in 1964: "France has been treated like a doormat! Churchill called me from Algiers to London on June 4, called me into a train where he had established his headquarters, like a squire summoning his butler. And he announced the landing, with no French units scheduled to participate. We clashed sharply. I reproached him for submitting to orders from Roosevelt, instead of imposing the European will on him. "

Aug 11 08:39

Ex-Merck employee turned anti-vaccine activist now terrorized by Big Pharma Black Ops branch

We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live," wrote a Merck & Co. employee who was actively plotting to murder or discredit doctors who had voiced concerns regarding the adverse health effects of an anti-inflammatory drug called Vioxx.

Launched in 1999, Vioxx was extremely popular (with more than 80 million users worldwide), as its makers heralded the drug as being the answer to inflammation, minus the nausea that often follows with anti-inflammatory medication.

It was later discovered that the New Jersey-based Merck & Co. was knowingly selling a drug that frequently caused heart attacks and strokes in its unsuspecting victims. A study revealed that Vioxx actually doubled the risk of heart attacks and strokes, prompting the company to voluntary withdraw the drug from the market in 2004.

Aug 11 08:38

Who will be Responsible for the Next Hiroshima? It Won’t be Iran

political blather from Zionist suck-ups campaigning for GOP nomination vs the facts

snip: At the same time as politicians fear-monger over Iran, the United States, the only nation to use a nuclear weapon and the nation with the second largest arsenal on the planet, is rebuilding its nuclear arsenal, in direct violation of the Nuclear-Nonproliferation Treaty, which mandates that parties to the treaty move towards dismantling their nuclear arsenals.[3][4] Of course, unlike Iran’s violations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, there is very little discussion of the United States’ violations. What’s worse, Pakistan, India, and Israel, all US allies, maintain nuclear arsenals and have refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty.

Aug 11 08:30

Hooked on a Feeling: The Addictive Nature of the Modern Church Format

Pastors and Christians who read their Bibles daily are confronted with both extremely positive verses and horribly negative verses, you simply can't get around that fact. Yet the average megachurch has not only been able to dance around the negative aspects of the Bible they have managed to build massive followings by cultivating an atmosphere of total positivity that for some has become as addictive as any substance, adrenaline rush, concert or sporting event. Church for the average Christian has become synonymous with any other culturally accepted fantasy based "escapism."

Aug 11 08:29

The 5 Most Spectacular On-The-Job F#@% Ups By The Police

One day in 1986, one "John Morgan" waltzed into San Luis, Colorado, and started handing out flyers offering cash for animal corpses. Mr. Morgan claimed he was a taxidermist offering good money to anyone willing to provide him with his morbid materials in less-than-legal ways. His payouts ranged from as little as $2.50 for a bear claw to as much as $300 for a bald eagle (that's like $650 in today's money, or countless Uncle Sam tears). As you can guess, Morgan was actually a federal agent named George Morrison, looking to root out poachers in the area.

Now, we should note that the San Luis Valley where he made his lucrative offer was the absolute dirt poorest area of Colorado and northern New Mexico, with nigh on a quarter of residents being unemployed and an average yearly income of only $7,600. Yeah, you can see where this is headed.

Aug 11 08:27

FBI: You Should Have No Secrets

The police and surveillance state predicted in the forward-looking 1940s classic “1984” by George Orwell, has slowly, but steadily, come to fruition. However, like a frog sitting idly in a pan of steadily-warming water, too many Americans still seem unaware that the slow boil of big government is killing their constitutional liberties.

Aug 11 08:25

Merck mumps vaccines are a total fraud: Company can only provide the courts with efficacy data from 50 years ago

Lawyers at Constantine Cannon, the firm representing the scientists, have asked U.S. Magistrate Judge Lynne Sitarski of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania to force the company to respond to their request for discovery, which seeks to compel the company to provide efficacy data regarding the vaccine in the form of a percentage.

But, as Reuters reports, rather than answer the question, the letter said, Merck has instead been evasive, using "cut-and-paste" stock answers and claiming that the company cannot run new clinical trials to determine current efficacy. Rather, Merck has only provided data that is five decades old.

"Merck should not be permitted to raise as one of its principal defenses that its vaccine has a high efficacy, which is accurately represented on the product's label, but then refuse to answer what it claims that efficacy actually is," the court letter said.

Aug 11 08:25

Former DIA Chief Warned White House of ISIS Rise

Former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn confirms to Mehdi Hasan that not only had he studied the DIA memo predicting the West’s backing of an Islamic State in Syria when it came across his desk in 2012, but even asserts that the White House’s sponsoring of radical jihadists (that
would emerge as ISIL and Nusra) against the Syrian regime was “a willful decision.”

Aug 11 08:22

We Can Tell You That You Can't Fly; We Can't Tell You Why

Last year, in response to an ACLU-sponsored lawsuit, U.S. District Judge Anna Brown ordered the federal government to create an appeals process for people placed on the "no fly" list that prevents travelers from boarding flights to, from, within, or across the United States. Last spring the Department of Homeland Security began telling travelers barred from flying whether they were on the list and, if so, informing them of their right to initiate a "redress inquiry." But it's hard to get off the list if you don't know why you were put there to begin with, and the government says it can't be specific because that would endanger national security.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have read the Constitution. The Executive Branch doesn't get special prerogatives to ignore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As for trust; if this government told me it was a sunny day I would feel morally obligated to get an umbrella!!

Aug 11 08:19

Israel expects US Congress to block Iran nuclear deal, top Likud figure says

Israel anticipates that the US Congress will heed its call and vote down the Iran nuclear deal against the wishes of the Obama administration, the head of the powerful Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee told Israel Radio on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aren't you tired of a US Congress that heeds the call of a foreign government?

Aug 11 08:18

Fourteen incredible facts about 9/11 that the government doesn’t want you to know

As the 14th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, it’s important to remind people that we still don’t know what happened that day. What is known about 9/11 is that there are many incredible facts that continue to be ignored by the government and the mainstream media.

Aug 11 08:18

There's Hope America: Anchor Walks Off Live TV, Refuses To Report On Kardashians

Is the distracted citizenry beginning to wake up? We can only hope so. Giving hope to Americans everywhere, after covering the usual local news, Orlando-area news anchor John Brown was transitioning into a segment about one of the Kardashian daughters recently naming her new pet rabbit "Bruce," he stood up and walked off set exclaiming, "I am having a good Friday, so I refuse to talk about the Kardashians today, you are on your own, Amy. I can’t do it." As the program’s co-host storms off set, he can be heard off-screen shouting, "I’ve had enough Kardashians. I can’t take any more Kardashian stories on this show."

Aug 11 08:05

Chris Christie runs from Georgia Gun Owners!

You may remember the story of Brian Fletcher, a power line worker from North Carolina called up to New Jersey in the middle of the night to respond to an emergency.

He was found sleeping in his work truck by NJ police, told the officer he had a firearm, was arrested, paid $25,000 in bail money and is now facing five to ten years in the NJ state pen.

Christie has so far refused to take action to get the charges dropped against Fletcher, and is facing massive heat on this issue from gun owners in Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, New Hampshire and across the country.

Knowing Christie had to come out of the room he had retreated into, I waited outside for nearly 45 minutes.

During this time, Christie's NJ state police security detail made a ring around myself and other GGO staff, all the while talking into their wrists, whispering to each other, and texting back and forth, plotting Christie's escape from Atlanta.

Aug 11 08:04

A 22-year-old New Zealand man hired as an unpaid intern by the United Nations in Geneva has been forced to live in a tent

David Hyde has been sleeping on a patch of ground overlooking Lake Geneva not far from the the UN Beach Club, where well-heeled employees sunbathe, paddle in the water and sip aperitifs at the bar.

Aug 11 08:01

FAA buried study showing air traffic controllers battling chronic fatigue – report

The study involved a survey which asked 3,268 controllers for information about their work schedules and sleep habits. Besides survey data, it included, sleep logs, a field study of 200 controllers at 30 air traffic facilities wearing wrist-actigraphy sensors, and psychomotor vigilance tests that measure timed reactions.

Controllers were found to sleep 5.8 hours per night on average over the work week. They averaged only 3.25 hours before midnight shifts, which typically began about 10 pm and ended at 6 am, and 5.4 hours before early morning shifts.

For those working the midnight shift, 70 percent said they caught themselves “about to doze off” while actively working.

Nearly two in 10 controllers had committed significant errors – such as bringing planes too close together – and more than half said the errors were due to fatigue.

Aug 11 07:59

Stunning move: NYPD to spend $4.5 million on more Tasers

The New York Police Department will spend some $4.5 million to buy a host of new Tasers for its officers, the New York Post reported.

Officials at NYPD said they want to give police officers more options in terms of non-lethal force, and so the move to significantly augment their stock of stun guns was portrayed as a way to make confrontations with residents less deadly.

Aug 11 07:58

Rick Perry Stops Paying All Of His Staff As Fundraising Dries Up

Aug 11 07:55

Israeli Missteps Take a Toll

How the mighty have fallen! Was it really such a short time ago that Israel could demand that the United States jump, and the U.S.’s immediate response was ‘how high’? Was it in just the last year, that whatever Israel wanted from the U.S., all it had to do was hint at it, and the desired prize, whatever it was, would be immediately delivered? From vetoes in the United Nations, to bombs to kill Palestinians, to lies about Israeli security risks, to defending genocide, if Israel wanted it, the U.S. delivered it.

Aug 11 07:53

Netanyahu anti-Iran drive strains U.S. ties, isolates Israel: president

Israel's president suggested on Thursday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been overzealous in opposing the Iran nuclear deal, opening a "battlefront" with Washington and isolating his country.
Reuven Rivlin, who holds the largely ceremonial head of state post, argued in three separate newspaper interviews that Netanyahu's vigorous campaign against last month's nuclear deal between world powers and Iran could ultimately hurt Israel.

Aug 11 07:52


A broad coalition of global tech firms including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Yahoo are protesting a broad injunction that would require search engines, ISPs and hosting companies to stop linking to or offering services to MovieTube. The preliminary injunction requested by the MPAA resurrects parts of the controversial SOPA bill, the tech giants warn.

Aug 11 07:44

Explore the Surface of Mars With NASA's Latest Web Tools

Most of us will never set foot on Mars, but thanks to NASA’s unceasing public outreach campaign, now we can all imagine what that might be like. To commemorate the three year anniversary of the Curiosity rover’s Martian landing, NASA has unveiled two new web tools that allow you to explore the Red Planet’s surface and ride alongside the social media savvy rover.

Aug 11 07:42

HTC Is Now Essentially Worthless (And Insecure)

Internet hyperbole (and financial analysis) have rendered HTC, a once high-flying mobile brand, essentially valueless. In short, the company is trading below cash on hand. So if you bought all HTC stock, the company would have to pay you, the buyer, to take it over. This means the company’s factories, stock and brand are worth nothing, at least on Wall Street.

Furthermore, the researchers have discovered that the HTC One Max has been keeping fingerprint biometrics used to unlock the cellphones in an unencrypted “world-readable” file, a definite no-no in the world of security. Hackers could easily open the file /data/dbgraw.bmp on the phone’s memory and capture your fingerprint data.

It’s bad. In short, HTC is hosed.

Aug 11 07:39

No-fly list uses 'predictive assessments' instead of hard evidence, US admits

The Obama administration’s no-fly lists and broader watchlisting system is based on predicting crimes rather than relying on records of demonstrated offenses, the government has been forced to admit in court.

In a little-noticed filing before an Oregon federal judge, the US Justice Department and the FBI conceded that stopping US and other citizens from travelling on airplanes is a matter of “predictive assessments about potential threats”, the government asserted in May.

“By its very nature, identifying individuals who ‘may be a threat to civil aviation or national security’ is a predictive judgment intended to prevent future acts of terrorism in an uncertain context,” Justice Department officials Benjamin C Mizer and Anthony J Coppolino told the court on 28 May.

Aug 11 07:30

Exposing Nixon’s Vietnam Lies

Richard Nixon spent years rebuilding his tattered reputation after he resigned from office in disgrace on Aug. 9, 1974. The rehabilitation project was codenamed “The Wizard.” The idea was to position himself as an elder statesman of foreign policy, a Wise Man. And to a remarkable degree – through the sale of his memoirs, his appearance with David Frost in a series of highly rated interviews, and the publication of at least eight books after that – Nixon largely succeeded in his goal.

Aug 11 07:26

You'll LITERALLY PAY for getting tricked into visiting these scam sites

Cyber-crooks have latched on to online scams that exploit direct-to-bill payment options.

Security firms Malwarebytes warns that crooks are tricking users into visiting mobile sites containing code that charges users via their mobile number. Victims are corralled through a complex series of pop-up adverts to a fly-by-night web address with a hidden payment button that charges a fee.

Marks only discover they've been fleeced after receiving a text saying "you’ve paid £5 for one entry for visiting our website" or similar.

WEBMASTER ADDITION: And where is the National Security Agency, given billions of dollars and a license to ignore the Constitution, in all of this?

Aug 11 07:25

Hackers hid Carphone Warehouse breach with DDoS smokescreen – report

Cyber-crooks run DDoS attacks while carrying out more significant data breaches, either to keep security response staff too busy to follow up alerts that can provide an early warning sign of intrusion, or to trick them into relaxing security controls such as firewall rules.

As noted by the Torygraph, hackers are thought to have used DDoS attacks as smokescreens to disguise more serious assaults on Sony’s PlayStation Network in 2011 and against US banks since at least 2012.

WEBMASTER ADDITION: And where is the National Security Agency, given billions of dollars and a license to ignore the Constitution, in all of this?

Aug 11 07:25

Thousands of Americans have been illegally detained in Chicago’s CIA-Style detention center

The majority of arrests were for low-level drug crimes. As the Guardian details, there were 1,175 arrests for heroin, 526 for cannabis, 484 for cocaine, and 464 for “unspecified” drug charges. 244 arrests were made in relation to firearms while other arrests were for “minor infractions such as traffic violations, public urination and driving without a seatbelt.”



Aug 11 07:07

What's Up Chuck? Why Does Senator Schumer Oppose the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Author and analyst Phyllis Bennis discusses president Obama's Iranian nuclear deal and the opposition to that deal.

Aug 11 07:04

Bounty on Its Head: Wikileaks Raising €100K Reward for Secret Text of TTIP

The full text of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement (TTIP) now has a bounty on its head.

Launched publicly on Tuesday, the media outlet Wikileaks announced its creation of a crowd-sourcing effort that aims to raise a €100,000 reward for the full text of the the TTIP, the corporate-friendly trade pact currently being negotiated in secret by the United States and member countries of the European Union.

Aug 11 06:39


Columbia, Missouri — Sunday, August 9th marked the one year anniversary of the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. That day would seem appropriate to come together in unity and reflect on the heroics of such an “innocent, but persecuted, officer.” Wait. . .What?! That’s what the Columbia Police Officers Union had to say about Wilson in a post to its Facebook page exactly one year after Brown was gunned down by him. In fact, they led the nation as the only organization calling to commemorate the day officially by renaming it “Darren Wilson Day.”

Aug 11 06:39


A 23-year-old French student’s body has been discovered decomposing in acid in the city of Toulouse. Investigators were shocked to find the murder plot was inspired by the hit US series ‘Breaking Bad’. Four French students, including a young woman, have been arrested in connection with the killing. Investigators believe Eva Bourseau was murdered by the two of them when they came to her place to collect a $6,600 drug debt on July 26. The alleged murderers are between 19 and 22 years old.

Aug 11 05:55

Investors are running away from U.S. stocks

They're abandoning the United States and flocking to Europe and Japan in search of better places for their money to grow.