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July 2, 2009

Jul 02 09:21

America's Effective Unemployment Rate at 18.7%?

The numbers are staggering and are aggregates of official data. They matter because various Obama administration officials including the President himself started off calling for huge stimulus packages to help generate "jobs, jobs, jobs!"

But now, I have been hearing more and more from senior Obama economic team members about the jobs they hoped for coming at the very tail end of an economic recovery. Others are talking about a GDP recovery -- but not a jobs recovery. They are admitting as well that they underestimated the severity of this recession and its impact on unemployment levels.

And all this while Goldman Sachs and other financial houses have seen their balance sheets get cleaned up and bonuses surge.

Jul 02 08:47

U.S. job losses spike in June, dampen recovery hopes

U.S. employers cut far more jobs than expected last month and the unemployment rate hit a nearly 26-year high of 9.5 percent, underscoring the likelihood of a long and slow recovery from recession.

Jul 02 08:46

Eurozone unemployment hits 10-year high

The eurozone unemployment rate climbed to a 10-year high of 9.5 percent in May, official European Union data shows.

Some 273,000 people lost their jobs across the eurozone in May, bringing the number of out of work individuals to 15.013 million -- a rate not recorded since May 1999.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is why globalism is such a bad idea. An economic calamity in the US has become a crisis for the entire world!

Jul 02 08:44

Ban Blogs From Linking To Newspapers, Says Judge

Famous and respected New York Judge Richard Posner says maybe we should ban links to save newspapers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This will backfire. The blogs are driving most of what little readership the newspapers have left. In the age of twitter, the blogs are quite capable of reporting and commenting on what is going on around the world.

And frankly, the blogs would not be such a threat to the newspapers IF THE NEWSPAPERS WOULD STOP LYING TO THE PEOPLE!

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jul 02 08:40

Staffer at SEC Had Warned Of Madoff

An investigator at the Securities and Exchange Commission warned superiors as far back as 2004 about irregularities at Bernard L. Madoff's financial management firm, but she was told to focus on an unrelated matter, according to agency documents and sources familiar with the investigation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Who told her to focus elsewhere? I want NAMES! The tar is starting to boil!

Jul 02 08:39

US remains silent over McKinney arrest by Israel

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember the big govermedia stink when armed British patrol boats wandered into "disputed" Iranian waters and were captured? For days on end the captured British sailors were lionized on the media and welcomed home as heroes when Iran released them.

But a former US Congresswoman gets captured off an aid ship in international waters and it's not a story?

I guess the US corporate media just don't like black people!

Jul 02 08:32

The high cost of 'green jobs'

President Obama's administration is spending massive amounts of taxpayer money on subsidizing the new jobs with the assumption they will more than replace employment sure to be eliminated by carbon taxes, cap-and-trade legislation and other limits on traditional industry.

But Washington might want to examine an ominous warning from Spain, an early pioneer in pursuing the theory of "green jobs."

According to economics professor Gabriel Calzada of King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, the Spanish government's renewable energy initiatives have destroyed 2.2 jobs for every new "green" job created.

Jul 02 08:26

Madoff Ponzi Scheme Dwarfed by Illuminati Rubin's

The arrest of financier Bernard Madoff Thursday for operating a "Ponzi scheme" costing investors $50 billion made the TV network news. Curiously, a lawsuit the same day against Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin for defrauding Citibank shareholders of more than $122 billion, also described as a "Ponzi scheme," got no airplay whatsoever.

Jul 02 08:25

Reporters Grill Gibbs Over Prepackaged Questions for Obama

Jul 02 08:24

Activists vow to keep up Canada trips despite US

Jul 02 08:23

The still-growing NPR "torture" controversy

There are several noteworthy developments since I wrote on Tuesday about the refusal of NPR's Ombdusman, Alica Shepard, to be interviewed by me about NPR's ban on using the word "torture" to describe the Bush administration's interrogation tactics. Given the utter vapidity of her rationale ("there are two sides to the issue.

Jul 02 08:21

Has Barack Obama become the bane of Israeli Jews?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In October of last year, Joe Biden predicted that Obama would face an international test of his will and resolve.

That test is happening now with the hijacking of a ship in international waters and the capture of a US congresswoman by Israel.

And Obama is failing that test before the eyes of the world.

Jul 02 08:17

The co-conspirators of Bernard Madoff

While acknowledging that Madoff’s decision to plead guilty and cooperate with investigators seeking to unravel his schemes would ordinarily count in his favor, Chin underscored the political reasons for imposing the maximum sentence possible under the law. Madoff’s fraud had left his victims “doubting our financial institutions” as well as “our government’s ability to regulate,” he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, we had come to that conclusion even before Bernie's crimes were exposed.

Jul 02 08:05


Of course, I might have missed something here. Maybe there is another reason that the American Corporate media thinks that Iran hijacking boats in their own territorial waters is a major news story while Israel hijacking a boat in international waters is not. And if that is true; if there is really is a reason why the two stories are being treated differently, I welcome any member of the corporate media to call into my radio show and explain it to me.

Because until they do, I think we have no choice left but to conclude that the difference in coverage between the two stories is that the American Corporate Media just don't like black people!


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WRH Exclusive
Jul 02 07:36

How to Reduce Healthcare Costs by 80% Overnight (Without Spending $2 Trillion)

Dr. Mary Ruwart has a plan that would reduce healthcare costs by 80% overnight... without costing taxpayers $2 trillion. So why isn't anyone talking about this?

Details at http://bytestyle.tv/node/66


* * * * *



Jul 02 06:23

Peter Schiff answering your Reddit questions

Owl 1
Jul 02 06:11

UN Backs Drug Decriminalization In World Drug Report

In an about face, the United Nations on Wednesday lavishly praised drug decriminalization in its annual report on the state of global drug policy. In previous years, the UN drug czar had expressed skepticism about Portugal's decriminalization, which removed criminal penalties in 2001 for personal drug possession and emphasized treatment over incarceration. The UN had suggested the policy was in violation of international drug treaties and would encourage "drug tourism."

But in its 2009 World Drug Report, the UN had little but kind words for Portugal's radical (by U.S. standards) approach. "These conditions keep drugs out of the hands of those who would avoid them under a system of full prohibition, while encouraging treatment, rather than incarceration, for users.

Jul 02 05:44

Bureaucrats Will Carry Out Mandatory Home Inspections Under Climate Bill

The controversial climate bill that is set to be taken up by the Senate on Monday after its passage in the House will legislate home inspections by government regulators who will demand to audit every aspect of your property under the threat of substantial and repeated fines if their visits are denied or their demands not satisfied.

Jul 02 05:28

Martin Bormann was Rothschild Agent -- Damning Evidence

The second most powerful man in Nazi Germany, Martin Bormann, was a "Soviet" (i.e. Illuminati British) agent who ensured the destruction of both Germany and European Jewry.

Thus, he advanced two of the Illuminati's main goals: integrate Germany into a world government by annihilating its national, cultural and racial pretensions, and establish Israel as the Masonic bankers' world capital by threatening European Jews with extinction.

Jul 02 03:21

If Torture Is Not Evil, Then Evil Has No Meaning

Under the auspices of the United Nations, in 1948, all nations on earth, with six abstentions, agreed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states simply in Article 5: "No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment." Likewise, the Geneva Conventions in 1949 affirmed international law that prisoners of war in captivity need reveal only their name, rank and serial number, and then, "No physical or mental torture, nor any other form of coercion, may be inflicted…to secure from them information of any kind whatsoever."

Jul 02 03:09

U.S. Launches South Afghan Offensive

Operation Khanjar, or "strike of the sword," began shortly after 1 a.m. local time when close to 4,000 Marines, backed by about 700 Afghan security personnel, moved by air and ground into villages in the Helmand River Valley, a major opium-producing region and Taliban stronghold.

Jul 02 03:02

Tortured To Death

The long awaited IG Report will be a little longer awaited, and will not be released today. Could be tomorrow, could be next week; what a shocker.

Jul 02 02:52

When Torture Kills

When Torture Kills: Ten Murders In US Prisons In Afghanistan

There’s been a lot of discussion in the last few days about the long-awaited (and twice-delayed) release of the 2004 CIA Inspector General’s Report, which, “aggressively questions both the efficacy and legality” of the Bush administration’s interrogation tactics in the “War on Terror.”

Jul 02 02:20

A Sliver of Good News

I hate that I'm now clinging to scraps like this to make myself happier about President Obama's efforts to overturn torture, but this is an improvement over the Bush Administration. The acting head of OLC has determined that military commissions cannot use statements gotten through torture to convict detainees.

July 1, 2009

Jul 01 21:48

Israel navy intercepts boat with ex-U.S. Rep. McKinney

Jul 01 20:10

Joe Biden: Oct. 19, 2008 - Obama Will Be "Tested"

Biden warns "Mark My Words" that within Obama's first six months (if elected...God help us) in office, he will be "tested" by some catastrophic incident, brought about by the baddies seeking to "test" the witless Obama.
Webmaster's Commentary: 





Jul 01 19:31

Little dung beetle is big chopper

In 2006, researchers in Kuwait won an Ig Nobel Prize for a study showing that "dung beetles are fussy eaters".

When offered dung from three herbivorous animals - horse, camel and sheep - the beetles preferred the more fluid horse dung to the others.


Jul 01 19:19

Innocents accused of net piracy

Some 20 net users have come forward claiming they have been wrongly accused of illegally sharing video games.

It follows an investigation by Which? Computing magazine into a couple who were accused of playing a game they claim they had never heard of.

That case was dropped but other internet users have come forward, claiming to be falsely accused.

Jul 01 19:17

Troops 'left with outdated kit'

Delays in defence projects have left front-line troops in Afghanistan serving with almost obsolete equipment, a cross-party committee of MPs says.

Jul 01 19:14

Chimpanzees exchange meat for sex

Chimpanzees enter into "deals" whereby they exchange meat for sex, according to researchers.

Male chimps that are willing to share the proceeds of their hunting expeditions mate twice as often as their more selfish counterparts.

Jul 01 19:00

The Decline of Thinking

The political establishment’s response to the global warming doubts raised by EPA researcher, Alan Carlin, is remarkable. The mantra chanted by one EPA official - and dutifully echoed across the media - is that Mr. Carlin “is not a scientist.” This fact, of course, has not kept Al Gore from becoming the patron saint of the environmental religion. (Gore received his PhD in which of the recognized sciences?)

Jul 01 18:31

TEA Parties on July 4 now in 1,384 cities

Jul 01 18:20

Another corporate media shill tries to diss Cynthia McKinney

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tell this author what you think of her comments about Cynthia.

Jul 01 18:05

Africa Alone Could Feed the World

DOOM-MONGERS have got it wrong - there is enough space in the world to produce the extrafood needed to feed a growing population. And contrary to expectation, most of it can be grown in Africa, say two international reports published this week.

Jul 01 17:58

The Israeli right is moving U.S. perceptions to a tipping point. -AlterNet

The Israeli right is moving U.S. perceptions of the I-P conflict to a tipping point. Among Americans -- and especially the Jewish community -- Israel had long enjoyed the moral high ground. But sentiment is shifting, in large part to the terror wrought by the settler's movement, the unyielding stance of the Netanyahu government.

It is a farce to claim that Israel's withdrawal from Gaza resulted in some semblance of sovereignty when its military controls Gaza's airspace, waterways and land routes, and Israeli forces continue to strike targets within the canton.

Jul 01 17:45

Emergency Email to Obama Re Gaza

The Honorable Cynthia McKinney served six terms in the US Congress and she was the Green Party candidate for the office that you eventually won. It is an outrage that the Israeli Navy would block the boat that she and 21 others were on in international waters and board the boat and kidnap the crew and humanitarian aid workers.

President Obama, when an American captain was kidnapped by Somali "pirates" US Navy SEALS were sent in to rescue him. He was the captain of a private, for profit, ship and the US military was used to rescue him.

Thanks to everyone who helped us over this slump.

Jul 01 17:44

Israel's order to Obama, stop Russian missile sales to Iran

Israel moves to block missiles to Iran
Published: July 1, 2009 at 12:21 PM
TEL AVIV, Israel, July 1 (UPI) -- Israel has intensified its efforts to block the sale of advanced Russian air-defense missiles to Iran that would be a serious obstacle to any Israeli airstrikes against the Islamic Republic's nuclear infrastructure, according to media reports in Tel Aviv and Moscow.
These developments came as Medvedev prepared to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama next week.
Obama is certain to support the Israeli position. He has pressured Israel not to launch any pre-emptive air or missile strikes against Iran to knock out critical parts of its nuclear program, which the Jewish state views as an existential threat.

Jul 01 17:12

The West´s Relationship to the State of Israel – the Peak of Hypocrisy

Israel seems to have the permission by the western political class to stand above international laws and human ethics.

Israel was allowed to kidnap the “Spirit of Humanity”.

But the spirit of humanity can never really be broken. It will even survive the oppression of a criminal apartheit-state called Israel.

Jul 01 17:01

Creepy, revealing quote from White House staffer

This has become an emerging theme among both the White House and House leadership: that progressive members of Congress have an obligation to carry out "the wishes of the President" even when they disagree (now, apparently, it's "stunning" when they defy his dictates). That was the same subservient mentality that led House Democrats who admitted they opposed the war supplemental spending and/or the foreign bank bailout to nonetheless vote for the bill: because they President favored it. The duty of Congress is not to obey the wishes of the President.

Jul 01 16:52

With less computing power than a washing machine

In the mid-60s, a golden generation of highly trained whizz kids was pouring out of American universities with PhDs in maths, engineering and chemistry. "It was the generation that went on to drive the development of silicon valley in the 1970s," says Dave Parker, director of the British National Space Centre. "And those people made the moon landing happen."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We built a bright future with our reach for the stars.

And our politicians squandered it all, strip-mined it, sold it off to foreign interests and campaign donors, turned our universities into political indoctrination centers that produced a generation of mostly useless graduates unskilled at anything except talking about how wonderful the current leadership was.

We did so much with so little back then. What we could do with what we have now, if only we had the will to dare as greatly as we did 40 years ago.


Jul 01 16:48

Iran releases three more British embassy employees

Tehran still detains one embassy employee for 'significant role' in post-election violence.

Jul 01 16:45

The Economic Strategy Of Imperial America'

In softer form, it's what former US diplomat, advisor, father of Soviet containment, and dove compared to others at that time George Kennan believed should be America's post-WW II foreign policy. In his February 1948 "Memo PPS23, he stated:

Jul 01 16:42

Opposition leaders court arrest by defying 'unlawful Iranian regime'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Times is trying to raise on a busted flush.

Jul 01 16:41

Most Americans believe Jackson coverage excessive

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gee, you think?

Owl 2
Jul 01 16:40

Iran at 'front and center' of Obama trip

Responding to Iran's political crackdown and nuclear program will be "at front and center" of President Barack Obama's visit to Russia and the G8 summit in Italy next week, a US official said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now that the US-backed overthrow has cratered, Obama has to figure out how to keep Russia from intervening when Israel attacks Russia's 7th largest trading partner.

Jul 01 16:39

US remains silent over McKinney arrest by Israel

Nearly a day after the detention of former US lawmaker Cynthia McKinney by Israeli forces, Washington has yet to make a reaction.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

On the contrary, Washington's reaction has been to do nothing at all, proving once again that President Obama is more worried about Israel than he is about members of Congress.

Jul 01 16:35

CIA Report on Interrogation Is Delayed Again

The Justice Department is again delaying the release of an internal CIA report on the agency's secret detention and interrogation program during the Bush administration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You have no idea how hard it is to get the bloodstains off those transcripts!!!!"

Jul 01 16:28

Group plans to launch ads comparing Obama to Hitler

A conservative lobby group is planning to launch an attack ad against President Barack Obama, in which the group compares the U.S. president to Adolf Hitler.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, this feels like a staged campaign to build sympathy for an otherwise totally unsympathetic President.

Jul 01 16:09

U.S. Marines Launch Major Operation in Afghanistan

By Rajiv Chandrasekaran
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, July 1, 2009; 5:32 PM

CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan, July 2 -- Thousands of U.S. Marines descended upon the volatile Helmand River valley in helicopters and armored convoys early Thursday morning, mounting an operation that represents the first large-scale test of the U.S. military's new counter-insurgency strategy in Afghanistan.

Jul 01 15:47

If the canary is still singing, we’re okay

The deeper into the ground the miners dug, the more dangerous it became, because these gases – which are heavier than air - have a tendency to accumulate at the bottoms of coal mines.

Lest you missed that, let me say it in a different way.

CO2 is heavier than air.

Isn’t CO2 supposed to be rising high into the sky and creating the greenhouse effect and therefore causing global warming? Isn’t CO2 supposed to be a thin layer of invisible gas lurking somewhere a hundred or so miles up in the sky, reflecting heat back onto our planet?

How in the world can CO2 be rising into the sky and creating the greenhouse effect if it’s heavier than air? Isn’t it more likely to be accumulating down around my feet?

Jul 01 15:45

Los Angles sales tax hits 9.75%

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Combine that with a 10% marginal income tax and 1.25% marginal property tax and Californians are being crushed by Arnold.

Jul 01 15:08

California's Empty Wallet: Turning Crisis into Opportunity

Like Guernsey, California is facing “poverty amidst plenty.” The state has the eighth largest economy in the world, larger than Russia’s, Brazil’s, Canada’s and India’s. It has the resources, labor, and technical expertise to make just about anything its citizens put their minds to. The only thing lacking is the money to do it. But money is merely a medium of exchange, a means of getting suppliers, laborers and customers together so that they can produce and exchange products...
What Sheldon Emry wrote of nations is equally true of states:
“It is as ridiculous for a nation to say to its citizens, ‘You must consume less because we are short of money,’ as it would be for an airline to say, ‘Our planes are flying, but we cannot take you because we are short of tickets.’”

Jul 01 15:05

Funky overnight trading

However, as I noted, there's no reason for anyone to pay that if they have good collateral to post at the discount window, given that you can do so for 1/10th or less the price.

Keep your nose to the ground and your eyes open.

Someone (or more than one someone) is in trouble.

Jul 01 14:47

FIREFOX 3.5 is out

FireFox 3.5 has been released
if you have not gotten it yet your can click (in your firefox window) Help > Check for updates
it is less then 11 megs and will install itself automatically

If you wish u can manually install it by going to the link in this post or click here


i recommend the first method as it is easiest

one most important thing in this update is ....
Firefox 3.5 is the first browser to support open video formats, allowing movies to become part of today’s dynamic web pages without requiring a plug-in. Go ahead – give it a try here http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/3.5/whatsnew/?f=8#

most web sites use flash to run videos this is no longer required
thus freeing the internet from this proprietary format

Jul 01 14:40

Zionist Bullshit

Aron Raskas is a Baltimore lawyer and Israeli firster who believes that since he is a Jew he gets to live on land stolen from Palestinians and he thinks this is a “morally sound” thing to do.   I guess he must be fleeing all the anti-Semitism that is rampant in Baltimore. It’s so bad in Baltimore that Zionist slumlord Sam Zell had to buy the local newspaper – no not the Baltimore Jewish Times – but rather the Baltimore Sun – otherwise the Jews would have been driven out from their over forty synagogues there.

Jul 01 13:38

Iran and the West: Hardened fronts the not unexpected result of the western “stunt”

A hardening of the fronts between Iran and the West, and between westernized liberals and Islamic conservatives inside Iran is the not unexpected result of last weeks post-election confrontations. Western support and the extremely violent behavior of some armed post-election demonstrators have probably had a damaging effect on the efforts of Iranian women-rights- and other reform-movements. Their efforts might have been discredited so much, that a backslide of Iran into earlier hard-line positions in the matters of women´s rights might occur. Hopefully it won´t.

Owl 3
Jul 01 13:30

Cap and Trade Equals Fraud and Tax

H.R. 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 will result in a totalitarian centralization of the American economy in the administrative agencies of the federal government, especially the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Jul 01 13:29

Helen Thomas hits White House for lack of transparency

At the White House presser on Wednesday, several correspondents questioned the way the Oval Office selected questions from the public for today’s virtual town hall.

President Barack Obama answered pre-selected questions Wednesday afternoon about health care sent in from emails, Facebook and Twitter. CBS’ Chip Reid and columnist Helen Thomas thought this reflected a lack of transparency at the White House.

“It feels like the concept of a town hall, I think, is to have an open public forum. And this sounds like a very tightly controlled audience and list of questions. Why do it that way?” asked Reid.

Jul 01 13:28

Waging War Upon Our Friends

The war on Pakistan is a case in point. Here we have compelled our most faithful ally to engage in full-scale civil war as the means to salvage our failing economic order, by way of seizing the Caspian oil and gas reserves. We have forced Pakistan onto a path towards its own destruction as a feeble-minded calculated gamble to avert our own deserved dissolution. It seems only logical that a nation which feeds its own insatiable appetite for more of everything by depriving the poorest of the poor nations of the little that they have to call their own, would seek to avert its own profit loss by spreading death and suffering amongst the very people who have time and again proven to be among its best friends.

Jul 01 13:26

Climate Change: The Other Side

When Bush, Obama, McCain and Al Gore agree on something, be skeptical, very skeptical.

Jul 01 13:18


The Fed (which is not even a government agency, but rather a private corporation consisting of mostly foreign bankers and answers to no one) dictates America's financial policies and is the obvious conduit for the banking elite to control the financial world and, in particular, the New World Order.

Jul 01 12:51

Pirates of the Mediterranean

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember when the Marines used to brag about invading Tripoli to stop those pirates?

They don't brag about stopping pirates any more.

Jul 01 12:49

You're Not the Boss of Me!

The Declaration of Independence basically amounted to a bunch of guys telling their king, "You're not the boss of us anymore." The Declaration was an act of treason, written by a bunch of tax cheats and lawbreakers. It wasn't merely some people whining or petitioning the government to do something different. In fact, the Declaration describes how they had already tried that, and it hadn't worked. So they resorted to open disobedience. And it wasn't just one protest or demonstration, to make a point or try to convince their masters to change; it was a declaration that they were completely and permanently denying the right of the standing regime to rule them at all, ever again. And that's a pretty darn radical thing to do.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

From the point of view of the British, the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism!

Jul 01 12:46

Obama okays Israel's piracy: No US Navy Seals for black McKinney

Pirates of the Mediterranean
Israel Kidnaps Peace Boat Crew
by Paul Craig Roberts
1 July 2009
Obama has called for humanitarian aid to be sent to Gaza. So the question that comes to mind is why didn't the United States send US Navy escort (as they do near Somalia) to see the “Spirit of Humanity” safely through international waters to Gaza? On June 30, the government of Israel committed an act of piracy when the Israeli Navy in international waters illegally boarded the “Spirit of Humanity,” kidnapped its 21-person crew from 11 countries, including former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Nobel Laureate Mairead MaGuire....
Can Pirates Be Deterred?

Jul 01 12:39

The Panama Deception

The Panama Deception documents the untold story of the December 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama; the events which led to it; the excessive force used; the enormity of the death and destruction; and the devastating aftermath. The Panama Deception uncovers the real reasons for this internationally condemned attack, presenting a view of the invasion which widely differs from that portrayed by the U.S. media and exposes how the U.S. government and the mainstream media suppressed information about this foreign policy disaster.

Jul 01 12:38

Independence Now And Forever

Pertaining to the lives of the signers, David Limbaugh writes, "Of those 56 who signed the Declaration of Independence, nine died of wounds or hardships during the war. Five were captured and imprisoned, in each case with brutal treatment. Several lost wives, sons or entire families. One lost his thirteen children. Two wives were brutally treated. All were at one time or another the victims of manhunts and driven from their homes. Twelve signers had their homes completely burned. Seventeen lost everything they owned."

Jul 01 12:35

Israel Attacks Gaza-bound Aid Ship, Kidnaps Activists

A Gaza-bound ship carrying aid to the strip was attacked and captured by the Israeli Navy today, and the 21 activists on the boat are being held as captives by the Israeli government at an undisclosed location. According to the ground that sponsored the voyage, the Israeli government has also confiscated the medicine and other humanitarian goods that were on board.

Jul 01 12:35

U.S.-built bridge is windfall ? for illegal Afghan drug trade

In August 2007, the presidents of Afghanistan and Tajikistan walked side by side with the U.S. commerce secretary across a new $37 million concrete bridge that the Army Corps of Engineers designed to link two of Central Asia's poorest countries.

Today, the bridge across the muddy waters of the Panj River is carrying much more than vegetables and timber: It's paved the way for drug traffickers to transport larger loads of Afghan heroin and opium to Central Asia and beyond to Russia and Western Europe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a repeat of Vietnam as well. Money allocated to support drug interdiction was used to construct a highway into the heart of the Golden Triangle, right up to Kuhn Sa's heroin factory. Whereas it had taken Kuhn Sa a week to caravan his heroin to the waiting Air America planes, the highway, funded with US tax dollars, allowed the journey to be made in just a few hours.

Jul 01 12:26

US forces to free Iranian diplomats

As part of its security accord with the Baghdad government, the US military will release the Iranian diplomats it took hostage in Iraq two years ago.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Funny how the US was holding Iranian diplomats for two years didn't make the headlines the arrests of embassy staffers did.

Jul 01 12:23

After China, Brazil Eyes Non-Dlr Trade With India

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another ding on the dollar!

Jul 01 12:22

Israel Abducts Nobel Laureate, Former U.S. Congresswoman

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jul 01 12:21

Report Cites Indiscriminate Drone Use by Israel

Titled “Precisely Wrong,” the Human Rights Watch (HRW) report focuses on six cases of Israeli drone-launched missile attacks in which 29 Palestinian civilians, eight of them children, were killed. Based on cross-referenced eyewitness accounts corroborated by doctors, as well as ballistics and forensic evidence collected on the attack sites, the report asserts that “in none of the cases did HRW find evidence that Palestinian fighters were present in the immediate area of the attack at the time.”

Jul 01 12:20

Israel, U.S. inch toward deal on settlements

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel agrees to seriously think about maybe considering the possibility of planning to change their attitudes towards the Palestinians, and the US agrees to shut the hell up!

Jul 01 12:19

PITT STUDY: Accidental release blamed in swine flu outbreak

Sick pigs at the 1918 Cedar Rapids Swine Show in Iowa and scientists' accidental release of an "extinct" flu virus in 1977 played key roles in creating a strain that has swept the globe and sparked fear of a more deadly flu season this winter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Drop a beaker; make a fortune in vaccine sales! That's the AMERICAN way!!!!!

Jul 01 12:18

Amazon dumps Hawaii affiliates as sales tax battle escalates

As states grappling with budget shortfalls try to force Amazon.com Inc. to collect sales tax, the online retail giant is systematically retaliating. The latest target is Hawaii. Amazon sent a note to its Hawaii-based affiliates informing them they will no longer earn commissions starting Tuesday.

The company is cutting off affiliates in states that are trying to classify Seattle-based Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) as a physical retailer — required to collect sales tax — based on its connection to locally based affiliates.

Gov. Linda Lingle has until Tuesday to inform the Legislature of her intent to veto House Bill 1405, or until July 15 to sign it or let it become law without her signature.

The law would go into effect July 1.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The good news is that this does not affect Claire's album on Amazon, but clearly, the problem is that government is trying to bail out of their fiscal malfeasance by gouging the people and the people are fed up with it.

Jul 01 12:06


One of the craziest moonbat politicians in the US, Cynthia McKinney ...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I quit reading at this point. I figure these people just hate Negroes! :)

Jul 01 10:44

Charged with pouring gas on girlfriend, Bartlett police officer resigns

Jul 01 10:43

Bank Woes Deepening in Europe

Jul 01 10:34

Mag 6.4 quake near Crete

Jul 01 10:28

NYSE Halts Transparency, Feels Goldman Program Trading Disclosure Is Unnecessary

In a move set to infuriate and send many Zero Hedge readers over the top, the NYSE has taken action to make sure that nobody will henceforth be able to keep track of the complete dominance that Goldman Sachs exerts over the New York Stock Exchange. This basically ends our weekly Program Trading updates disclosed every Thursday indicating that Goldman has singlehandedly captured all of NYSE's program trading.

Jul 01 10:27


As the Zionists of Israel drift further to the right and increasingly demonstrate how their racial and expansionist policies for Israel are parallel to the policies of Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the extreme right-wing in the blogosphere seems to have become confused and increasingly unable to distinguish their left from their right.

The main cause of their confusion is rooted essentially in the irony of history whereby those peoples who suffered most at the hands of the Nazis are the same people that are now causing the most suffering – and for exactly the same reasons – to others.

Jul 01 10:25

Demonising Iran conveniently hides uncomfortable truths for the West

THE MAINSTREAM media narrative of events unfolding in Iran has been set out for us as clear as a fairytale: an evil dictatorship has rigged elections and now violently suppresses its country's democrats, hysterically blaming foreign saboteurs the while. But the Twitter generation is on the right side of history (in Obama's words), and could bring Iran back within the regional circle of moderation. If only Iran becomes moderate, a whole set of regional conflicts will be solved.

Jul 01 10:23

Israel lobbyist Paul Wolfowitz calls for US interference in Iran

Jul 01 10:22

Israel captures peace activists en route to Gaza

A group of 21 peace activists sailing to Palestine were intercepted and arrested by Israeli authorities on Tuesday as they attempted to bring food and medical supplies to the war-torn city of Gaza. Israel said it plans to deport most of the people involved, including former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Mairead Maguire, a Nobel laureate.

Jul 01 10:21

FLASHBACK - Irish Noble Peace Prize Winner shot by Israeli Army

Israeli troops fired rubber bullets and tear gas at a non-violent protest against the separation wall near the West Bank village of Bilin. Several protesters were injured including the Nobel Peace laureate Mairead Maguire who was shot with a rubber bullet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Did ABCNNBBCBS give these protesters the same coverage the protesters in Tehran got? No? Why not?

Jul 01 10:19

unrest... the new order of the day

Supporters of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya run to take cover during a shooting in the area around the presidential palace in Tegucigalpa on Sunday. The newly appointed leader of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti ordered a 48-hour curfew late Sunday. The Honduran Congress named speaker Micheletti as the country's new interim president following Zelaya's expulsion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder if ABCNNBBCBS will express the same support for the Hondurans who want the return of Zeleya as they did the people trying to overthrow Iran.

Jul 01 10:14

Fuel tax could be replaced with by-the-mile road tax

The year is 2020 and the gasoline tax is history. In its place you get a monthly tax bill based on each mile you drove — tracked by a Global Positioning System device in your car and uploaded to a billing center.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And as a totally unexpected and unplanned-for side-benefit, we get to see everywhere you drive!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jul 01 10:09


Israel’s boarding and capture in international waters of The Spirit of Humanity, an unarmed boat carrying relief supplies to the suffering people of Gaza, shows that state-sponsored piracy is a real peril today. It is just one more breach of international law added to the global “rap sheet” of a rogue state that, as Netanyahu remarked a few weeks ago, is not like other countries. But Israel’s capture of this boat was also Netanyahu’s test of Obama’s resolve – a test Obama failed, to his shame and discredit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third.

Obama has failed this requirement.

Jul 01 10:08

2 Israelis suspected of drug smuggling attempt

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ever notice that in Hollywood films and TV drug smugglers are always Blacks or Hispanics?

Jul 01 10:06


Jul 01 10:01

Global Temperatures - U.N. Models vs. Reality (Actual Temperatures) - Suppressed Report

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Data leaked from the suppressed EPA report shows global temperatures are decreasing faster than the cultist's credibility!

Jul 01 09:56

FLASHBACK - The New McCarthyism

While Senator Joseph McCarthy grabbed headlines with his shouts of "Communist", Hoover set about his self-appointed task of purging Hollywood of any he viewed as "disloyal" to the United States, which meant anyone unwilling to make the movies they were told to make, when and how they were told to make them. Senator McCarthy's screed of "Communist" provided Hoover with a bludgeon he could and did use with impunity on Hollywood's creative talents. Careers were ruined. Some 400 people, mostly innocent of any actual wrongdoing, were destroyed. Some, like Jean Seberg would later do, committed suicide.

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Jul 01 09:53


The Mounties never came and we were never deported. Canada was a totally different world than the one we had just came from… that was in 1967. Things are a bit different today, unfortunately. Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party hacks have ‘bridged the gap’ between the two countries. Canada today is as close to a 51st State of the United States as Israel is…. this makes me very sad. Hopefully things will change and Canada can once again pride itself for being the country represented as ‘”The true North, proud and free!” As long as the Tories remain in power that will not be the case.

Jul 01 09:51


If it’s about Israel…. the media is not interested.
If it condemns Israel…. the media is definitely not interested.

Yesterday afternoon, NYC Council Member Charles Barron called a Press Conference to discuss ‘zionist piracy on the high seas’. Not a single member of the Corporate Media attended the conference… in fact, the only people representing the ‘media’ at all in attendance were our roving photographer Bud and his sidekick Chippy Dee. Again, the power of the Blogesphere proves its strength.

On this note…. Chippy Dee had the following observation:

Interestingly, if you Google the event there is loads of info on the blogs but nothing in the press. We’d be in total ignorance without bloggers. No wonder they’re trying so hard to get rid of this thorn in their side.

Jul 01 09:50

Iran police: most people detained in unrest freed

Iran's police chief said on Wednesday that 1,032 people were detained during unrest in Tehran sparked by last month's disputed presidential election, but that most had since been released.

Jul 01 09:48

Hotel Loan Defaults Double as Recession Cuts Travel

As many as one in five U.S. hotel may default on their loans by the end of 2010 as the recession forces companies to spend less on travel and perks, according to Kenneth Rosen, an economist at the University of California.

The value of hotel properties in default or foreclosure almost doubled to $17.3 billion in the second quarter through June 24 from $9 billion at the end of the first quarter, data compiled by Real Capital Analytics Inc. show. The New York-based research firm, which began tracking distressed commercial property in November, expects hotel defaults to increase by as much as $2 billion next quarter, said analyst Jessica Ruderman.