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"Public statements of non-belief are treated as threatening, an affront to the religious, while the reverse is not true. More concerning is the enduring assumption that religious belief does not have to earn respect like any other view, an approach that has caused politicians and public figures across the UK to withdraw from asking the vital question: why is religion given such special status in government, culture and the media? Why is belief in a higher power an indication of greater moral fortitude, character and acumen?" -- Richard Dawkins



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April 9, 2010

Apr 09 06:32


THE £6 gallon arrived at Britain’s petrol pumps yesterday as motorists continue to be hammered by Labour.

Unleaded hit an average of 119.9p a litre for the first time ever, breaking the previous July 2008 record of 119.7p.

But some forecourts are already charging 131.9p a litre – just a penny short of the £6 gallon.

Apr 09 06:26

FDA finally admits that asthma drugs can actually cause serious asthma attacks

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued new restrictions for four popular long-acting asthma drugs. Novartis AG's Foradil, GlaxoSmithKline's Serevent and Advair, and AstraZeneca's Symbicort, all contain an ingredient that relaxes airway muscles in the lungs which can cause asthma-related death. If not accompanied by other asthma drugs to offset this life-threatening side effect, the consequences could be fatal.

Apr 09 06:24

Netanyahu ducks out of Obama nuclear conference fearing that Muslim countries will demand Israel disarm

Isreal's prime minister has ducked out of a nuclear summit hosted by Barack Obama in fear that Muslim powers will push for his country to disarm.

Benjamin Netanyahu plans to send a deputy to the American President's Nuclear Security Summit in Washington instead.

Netanyahu decided to cancel 'after learning that some countries including Egypt and Turkey plan to say Israel must sign the NPT', an Israeli official said today.

Apr 09 06:14

The Effectiveness of Air Marshals

They are averaging slightly over four arrests each year by the entire agency. In other words, we are spending approximately $200 million per arrest. Let me repeat that: we are spending approximately $200 million per arrest.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Apr 09 06:10

Nuking the Mullahs

Back in August 2005, I broke the story that Dick Cheney and the Pentagon were working on a contingency plan to use tactical nuclear weapons in an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The nukes would be used because they were the only effective way to destroy the hardened sites, many of which are located deep underground. I also reported that the contingency plan would kick in if there were another major terrorist attack against the United States, whether or not Iran was actually involved. It would use the terrorist action as a justification for taking preemptive action and employing nukes would serve as a warning to Iran that any retaliation would result in possible additional nuclear strikes.

Apr 09 05:41

329 Pasco County Teaching Jobs Could Be Lost

In 2008 I ran for state representative, the main point of my platform was education reform. I believed at that time the direction the legislature was taking with education was counter-productive, if not self-destructive. Since the last election cycle we’ve seen the education sector in Florida hit hard by the depression we’re experiencing in this state...



Apr 09 04:27


Eustace Mullins points the finger directly at the International Central Bankers as the enemy of all countries.Very much worth watching.

Apr 09 03:35

AIPAC Confronts Its Worst Fear - Daylight

In that radical handbook on the workings of American society, the Wizard of Oz never recovered once Dorothy pulled back the curtain of her own innocence. One would like to believe that AIPAC will never recover from a brutal spring that has exposed its real interests to the American public. Even supporters of the Jewish state have criticized the American Israel Public Affairs Committee for fully taking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's side in his battle with Barack Obama over settlements, and during its recent annual conference, the lobby looked wobbly and defensive.

April 8, 2010

Apr 08 22:45

Israeli PM Netanyahu pulls out of US nuclear summit

Mr Netanyahu made the decision after learning that Egypt and Turkey intended to raise the issue of Israel's presumed nuclear arsenal, the officials said.

Apr 08 19:53

AP admits Israel's nuclear program, too!


Israeli PM calls off trip to nuclear conference
Apr 8 10:36 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel's Prime Minister called off his trip to Washington next week to attend a conference on the spread of nuclear weapons, officials in his office said, fearing Israel would be singled out over its own nuclear program.


Apr 08 19:41

RNC hires corrupt former AIPAC rep

How fascinating - this Washington Post article mentions Neil Alpert's past scandal tied to baseball but not his connection to AIPAC.


Mentioned in this story from 2007, though....


Apr 08 17:12

No One Is Safe: Insurgent Attacks on Civilians in Thailand’s Southern Border Provinces

Over 4000 Thai have been killed by Muslim insurgents in the Southern Border Provinces of Thailand. All non-Muslims are targeted. Teachers, medical personnel and Buddhist monks are specifically targeted, murdered and frequently beheaded. This 2007 report clearly shows the nature of the radical Islamic beast the West is dealing with.

Apr 08 17:00

Not All Terrorism: Obama Tries To Change Subject

“Of all the subversive acts ever in the history of the United States of America, and even during this post-American Administration, this one is the killer: Barack Obama plans to remove all discussion of Islam and jihad from the central document of our national security strategy. Under Bush, the National Security Strategy document declared: “The struggle against militant Islamic radicalism is the great ideological conflict of the early years of the 21st century. Now it won't say anything about "militant Islamic radicalism" at all.”

Apr 08 16:36

Racism in Israel Against Sephardic Jews

The ultra-Orthodox network that runs the Beit Yaakov girls school in the West Bank settlement of Immanuel must pay NIS 5,000 for every day it continues to violate an August court order requiring it to eliminate any vestige of ethnic discrimination at the school, the High Court of Justice ruled Wednesday.

Seventy-four girls, mostly of Ashkenazi origin, have been studying in an adjacent unauthorized school since the court, along with the Education Ministry, called on the school to stop holding separate classes for Ashkenazi and Sephardi students.

Apr 08 16:31

George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent'

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld covered up that hundreds of innocent men were sent to the Guantánamo Bay prison camp because they feared that releasing them would harm the push for war in Iraq and the broader War on Terror, according to a new document obtained by The Times.

The accusations were made by Lawrence Wilkerson, a top aide to Colin Powell, the former Republican Secretary of State, in a signed declaration to support a lawsuit filed by a Guantánamo detainee. It is the first time that such allegations have been made by a senior member of the Bush Administration.

Apr 08 16:17

UK troops trained by firing at ‘replica mosques’

A political and religious uproar has erupted in Great Britain over news that the British Army trained troops for the Afghanistan mission by having them fire on replica mosques.

Apr 08 16:06

Israel launches ground incursion into Gaza Strip

...a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip with its troops entering the south of the long-blockaded coastal sliver.

Apr 08 16:05


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Since 1976, every single penny of that money has been illegal; a crime committed by the US Government against the American people. all that money the US sends to Israel is a CRIME AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Israel, a nuclear power with a not-so-clandestine weapons factory underneath Dimona, has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty despite requests to do so from both the US and UN. The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 was amended by the Symington Amendment (Section 669 of the FAA) in 1976. It bans U.S. economic, and military assistance, and export credits to countries that deliver or receive, acquire or transfer nuclear enrichment technology when they do not comply with IAEA regulations and inspections. This provision, as amended, is now also contained in Section 101 of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).

The Glenn Amendment (Section 670) was later adopted in 1977, and provided the same sanctions against countries that acquire or transfer nuclear reprocessing technology or explode or transfer a nuclear device. This provision, as amended, is now contained in Section 102 of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).

Apr 08 15:59

Google Gives the US Government Access To Gmail

"Google condemns the Chinese Government for censoring its results, and Australia for planning to do the same. Meanwhile, its lawyers and security experts have told employees to 'be intentionally vague about whether or not we've given access to end-user accounts,' according to engineer James Tarquin, hinting that Google may be sharing its data with the US government. Perhaps Australia's most hated communications minister, Steven Conroy, could be right in his criticism of Google's privacy record after all."

Apr 08 15:54

First oxygen-free animals found

Scientists have found the first animals that can survive and reproduce entirely without oxygen, deep on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea.

Apr 08 15:52

Netanyahu cancels trip to U.S. nuclear summit

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a planned trip to Washington, where he was scheduled to participate in a nuclear security summit hosted by U.S. President Barack Obama, government officials said.

Apr 08 15:49

Newfound Asteroid Will Fly Close by Earth Thursday

A newly discovered asteroid will zip close by Earth Thursday, but poses no threat of crashing into our planet even though it is passing within the orbit of the moon.

The asteroid, called 2010 GA6, is a relatively small space rock about 71 feet (22 meters) wide and was discovered by astronomers with the Catalina Sky Survey in Tucson, Az. The space rock will fly within the orbit of the moon when it passes Earth Thursday at 7:06 p.m. EDT (2306 GMT), but NASA astronomers said not to worry...the planet is safe.

Apr 08 15:39

The Desperation of the propaganda machine.

According to ABC:

Qatari diplomat + smoking on board = Al Qaeda.

Apr 08 15:25

CrimeX Gold “Bust” To Cause Gold Price Collapse?

Please go to commentary with the above title!

I will attempt to address the following here in this piece.
1. Comex “crash” may not induce the “parabolic rise” some are waiting for.
2. “Elite” may well actually allow this to happen as they could care less and most will have no recourse in such an event.
3. A gold “bust” could actually be the cause of some type of “meltdown” that we do not see coming besides munis, cdo’s, cds etc.
And of course to continue to debunk “gold will be the new currency and the only way to survive” fear and greed based mandate of “gold bugs”

Apr 08 14:02

What a VAT Means for the Economy

Apr 08 13:58

Obama's assassination list

Apr 08 13:31

Climate talks resume following Copenhagen setback

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"If at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again!

Apr 08 13:25

State No. 6 tells feds to stuff their gun regs

A sixth state – Arizona – now has declared that guns made and kept inside its borders essentially are free from federal application, registration and ownership regulations in a surging movement among states that one supporter describes as a direct challenge to "a government monopoly on the supply of firearms."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The states' revolt against Federal Authority has begun!

Apr 08 13:17

The Guy Who Stole All Our Money Now Wants to Steal Our Paycheck, Too

Ben Bernanke has funneled trillions of dollars worth of bailouts, guarantees and sweetheart deals to U.S. (and foreign - and see this) banks.

This money was pickpocketed from you and me, directly (through government spending) and indirectly (increasing debt costs, future inflation, etc).

Bernanke is now calling for tax increases and raised the possibility of reductions in entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

About ten years ago I warned you that Social Security was being looted of the baby-boomer cash setaside to balance the Federal Government's books. And I warned that since this looting (called "loans") occurred during what was claimed to be an economic boom time, there could never be a condition under which the government could put that money back. This meant that either taxes would be raised to replace the looted funds, or the benefits already paid for would be canceled, or both.

And here we are.

And now I am warning you again. We are in the final days of the United States Federal Government and they are simply looting the people for all they can get before they skedaddle to the border, and they will go on looting you as long as you continue to allow it to happen.

You didn't listen before.

Apr 08 12:58

Sea Ice Comparison: 1980 / 2010

Apr 08 12:50


Apr 08 12:48

Internet provider defies digital bill

One of the UK's three biggest internet service providers has vowed not to co-operate with measures to combat file-sharing set out in the government's controversial digital economy bill, expected to receive royal assent within days.

TalkTalk, with more than 4 million UK internet users, said that "many draconian proposals remain" in the bill, including some that would allow content companies to force internet service providers (ISPs) to block the connections of customers suspected of online copyright infringement.

Apr 08 12:44


And above all, heaven help us, maybe peace is a good thing, something that consists of more than just the existential dangers about which we’re constantly being warned.

Apr 08 12:44


“If this is the punishment for building homes, building schools, and feeding needy families then I’m proud to be behind bars. They can control my body but they can’t control my soul.”
Ghassan Elashi, Holy Land Foundation
Now serving a 65 year prison sentence.

Apr 08 12:43

NY Times: Treasury Department Plans to Review TurboTax After Retired Federal Worker Finds Double Deduction in Software

A flaw in the most recent version of TurboTax, the nation’s most popular tax-preparation software, may have caused thousands of retired federal employees to overstate their medical deductions and unwittingly underpay the IRS, according to federal officials.

Apr 08 12:41

Wall street's Naked short Swindle, $3.87 trillion dollar lawsuit.

Apr 08 12:14

Bernanke: We Must Raise Taxes and Cut Services • Sane People: No, We Only Need to Stop Endless Bail Outs, Imperial Adventures and Fraudulent Schemes

This week, both Bernanke and Volcker called for tax increases. Bernanke has also raised the possibility of reductions in entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 08 12:02

Iraq War Vet: "We Were Told To Just Shoot People, And The Officers Would Take Care of Us"

I remember one woman walking by," said Jason Washburn, a corporal in the US Marines who served three tours in Iraq. He told the audience at the Winter Soldier hearings that took place March 13-16, 2008, in Silver Spring, Maryland, "She was carrying a huge bag, and she looked like she was heading toward us, so we lit her up with the Mark 19, which is an automatic grenade launcher, and when the dust settled, we realized that the bag was full of groceries. She had been trying to bring us food and we blew her to pieces."

Apr 08 12:01

How Many Americans Does It Take To Slaughter A 3rd World Child?

How many Americans have been involved in the collateral slaying of children in America's wars and bombings within defenseless populations of the so called underdeveloped world since the end of World War Two?

Apr 08 11:37

FOUND: Phallic Images in Vatican Architecture. Does This Help Explain Sexual Turmoil of Pedophile Priests?

When the sun shines just right through carefully crafted trimmings around St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican Square, these phallic images appear, my God, they’re even circumcised.

Apr 08 10:47

The Shylocks meet the Fagins by Gilad Atzmon

In Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice Shylock is a Jewish moneylender, a character who has become a name of the ultimate heartless usurer. In the play Shylock lends money to his Christian rival, Antonio, setting the bond at a pound of Antonio's flesh. Once Antonio fails to pay his loan back, Shylock demands the pound of flesh in return. Though Shylock is just a fictional character, the willingness to attach a price tag to blood or human flesh is rather revealing.

Charles Dickens’ Fagin is a fictional Jewish villain who appears in Oliver Twist. Fagin is the leader of a children’s pick-pocketing gang. In exchange for their services Fagin gives the children a roof over their heads. Fagin is a literary symbol of the total exploitation of the poor and the innocent.

Apr 08 10:29

Las Vegas Schools Facing 1,000 Layoffs

Cash-strapped Clark County school trustees are poised to lay off more than 1,000 employees by July 1 unless the Las Vegas-based district can find another way to close a big budget shortfall.

Apr 08 10:29


According to the twisted logic of the zionist ‘mind’ it’s OK for Canadian schoolchildren to be exposed to sexually explicit ad campaigns promoting tourism to Israel, BUT a book depicting the real life of a young Palestinian child ‘must be removed from reading lists and libraries’.

Critics feel the novel — told from the Palestinian viewpoint with characters’ opinions about the conflict ranging from peaceful resistance to militancy, with Amani choosing non-violence — could result in discrimination.

Apr 08 10:28


Church leaders condemn Israel and Christian Zionism.

Apr 08 10:28


As the 62nd anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel approaches, DesertPeace will present documentary evidence as to why this is a state NOT to be supported by the rest of humanity.

Today’s segment deals with the crimes committed against the Palestinian citizens living in Jerusalem by the zionists…..
This is what you support when you support Israel…..

Apr 08 09:27

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sounds a warning on growing deficit

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke warned Wednesday that Americans may have to accept higher taxes or changes in cherished entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security if the nation is to avoid staggering budget deficits that threaten to choke off economic growth.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke: how about this country stopping funding for these immoral and illegal wars without end to start to bring the Federal deficit down?!?

Oh, I forgot: that would be logical.

Apr 08 09:24

Initial jobless claims increase unexpectedly

The number of newly laid-off workers seeking unemployment benefits rose last week, a sign that jobs remain scarce even as the economy recovers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder: precisely for whom is this economy recovering, except for Congress, banks, and the big brokerages?!?

Apr 08 09:14

At the Geopolitical Crossroads of China and Russia: Kyrgyzstan And The Battle For Central Asia

Which direction the next Kyrgyz government takes will have repercussions far beyond the nation's small size and population (slightly over five million).

It could affect U.S. and NATO plans for the largest military offensive of the Afghan war scheduled to begin in two months in Kandahar province.

It could determine the future of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the two major potential barriers to Western military penetration of vast tracts of Eurasia.

The stakes could hardly be higher.

Apr 08 09:12

Israel in OECD: Israel Set to Join Club of Richest Nations

After painstaking efforts, it looks as though Israel might be admitted to the OECD this year, even though the conditions of extreme poverty in which its Arab population is kept fly in the face of the organization’s accession criteria. Tel-Aviv intends to exploit its presence in the OECD to legitimize its apartheid economy both at home and in the illegally-annexed territories.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel a "richest nation?" On YOUR tax dollars!!!!

Apr 08 09:10

US-NATO War Plan Undermined? Kyrgyzstan Upheaval Endangers US Route to Afghanistan

The US military is keeping a wary eye on the uprising in Kyrgyzstan, as it may affect a US military base in the Central Asian nation that supplies troops in Afghanistan, the US daily New York Times reported Thursday.

Opposition leaders had criticized the US for courting an authoritarian president while also hailing democracy, a situation they called embarrassing.

That same opposition movement now appears set to take over power, placing the future of the base in doubt. Kyrgyz media had previously reported that the US planned to expand its presence in the country, which dates back to 2001.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the new Kyrgyzstan government demands that this base be shut down in the near term, one has to wonder just how the Obama administration will respond.

Apr 08 09:09

10 Million Americans Disappeared during the Great Depression Time

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The above photo is not of Nazi Germany in the 1930s, but of the United States. Those are Americans starving to death while the bankers grow rich with the aid of the Federal Government. And it is going to happen again if you let it.

Apr 08 09:00

Catholic Sex-Abuse Scandal Poised to Return

As a new worldwide outcry over molestation by priests engulfs the Roman Catholic Church, a pair of lawsuits is poised to reignite the sex-abuse scandal that battered the reputation of the San Diego diocese and spurred its bid for bankruptcy.

Apr 08 08:59

Oregon, Washington give drivers more time for studded tires as storm approaches

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for Thursday and Friday in both states, forecasting heavy snow in the Cascades. The service recommends mountain travel only in an emergency.

Apr 08 08:58

Israeli Tanks Invade Northern Areas Of The Gaza Strip And Destroy Farm Lands

A number of Israeli tanks and bulldozers invaded on Wednesday midday farm lands close to the northern Gaza Strip boarders with Israeli and destroyed farm lands.

The lands are privately owned by Palestinian farmers from the nearby town of Jabalya, local sources reported.

Witnesses said that tanks advanced 500 meters inside the border area and opened fire at residents’ homes while bulldozers destroyed crops and trees. No injuries were reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These actions are part of Israel's multi-faceted "final solution" for Palestinians.

What will ultimately follow will be the complete annexation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, then a forcible expulsion of any Palestinians left standing in those areas.

Apr 08 08:55

F-16s scrambled to escort plane into Denver

The North American Aerospace Defense Command says two F-16 jets were scrambled from a Colorado air base to intercept a plane headed into Denver's airport Wednesday night.

A North American Aerospace spokesman, John Cornelio, says the jets from Buckley Air Force Base escorted the plane to Denver.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wow! Those F-16s got to that plane really fast. Just about as fast as the jets that intercepted Payne Stewart's runaway Learjet!

What a shame the F-16s were not that fast on 9-11!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 08 08:52

Slavoj Žižek: ‘We face an apocalyptic crisis of the commons’ -

[The] modern crisis of the commons will be the battle ground upon which the future is decided. If Berlusconi and his ilk have their way, ‘Groucho Marx Authoritarianism’ may lead us to a tomorrow where we have the ‘freedom’ to choose between a hundred different types of toothpaste but no freedom to dethrone those who oppress us. If the neoliberal capitalists retain power, we may be led into a future where a ‘beneficent’ elite supports half the world’s poor with philanthropy and charity. If the crisis of the commons isn’t responsibly addressed, we may be led into a future where privacy is some obscure idea in history books and mega-media conglomerates are free to undercut our agency by targeting us with neuralmarketing. If our commons aren’t protected we won’t have the freedom to be free.

Owl 2
Apr 08 08:50

State Dept Praises Israel for Pushing Iran Sanctions

The push for sanctions has stalled, however, as Israeli demands for to cripple the Iranian economy meet Chinese and Russian opposition. The official warned that a failure to pass the sanctions after so many threats to do so would serious damage the UN Security Council’s “authority.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And Israel's continued defiance of the United Nations doesn't!?!

Apr 08 08:49


According to the twisted logic of the zionist ‘mind’ it’s OK for Canadian schoolchildren to be exposed to sexually explicit ad campaigns promoting tourism to Israel, BUT a book depicting the real life of a young Palestinian child ‘must be removed from reading lists and libraries’.

Apr 08 08:48

Jewish group to fight 'over the top' racial tension

The Jewish Defence League of Canada is planning on setting up shop in Ottawa with one simple message: “Don’t mess with us.”

Meir Weinstein, the league’s national director, claims there is a “disturbing trend” of racial tension between Arabs and Jews in Ottawa, highlighted by an apparently anti-Semitic attack on a pair of Carleton University students in Gatineau earlier this week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And now we know why there was an attack outside a Gatineau bar last week.

As a side note, the JDL is listed as a terror group here in the United States. Their former leader, Irv Rubin, was arrested for planning to bomb a US Congressman and a Mosque but was conveniently suicided before an embarrassing public trial.

Apr 08 08:45

A Debt Level Great Enough To Threaten The Dollar Rating

The US dollar is particularly vulnerable because of its staggering debt even though it is the world reserve currency. In fact the debt is so onerous that we believe the quality rating of the dollar could be lowered by the end of the year. Many other currencies face the same dilemma and in the final analysis only gold will be worth what it is today or in the future.

Apr 08 08:44

Holocaust Day

Probably, most Israelis do not know either one of the passages. Probably, after reading them, they don’t comprehend them. Let me be brutal and use a language you understand. What God wants is that you show love and compassion to other humans. Instead, you have recently been defined as terrorists by the Human Rights Commission of the UN.

Would Rabbi Schmeck contact me after reading this article and ask for a clear definition of “love and compassion?”

Apr 08 08:43

NO JOKE : Airline considers passenger lavatory use free

Fresh on the heels of one budget airline announcing that it will ask passengers to pay extra to bring carry-on bags on board, another is considering charging them for using the lavatory.

Apr 08 08:39

the pedo priests are trying to cover ...

I am starting to think that any parent who takes their kids to catholic churches from now on should lose custody. Taking your kid where you know sex offenders hang out is inexcusable!!!

Apr 08 08:38

Former priest admits to molesting teenagers

Apr 08 08:37

Catholic Priest's Gay Sex Tryst Caught on Tape - Vatican

Apr 08 08:36

Priests Rape Boys

Apr 08 08:34

McCain's Mavericky Maverick Denial: The Videotape, Unlike the Senator, Doesn't Lie...

The unraveling is reaching a bizarre peak. A couple of weeks ago McCrusty did the unthinkable: he brought hopey-changey mavericky Sarah Palin to Arizona to campaign with him. By golly, this is the same Palin who almost single-handedly imploded McCain's 2008 presidential bid. The same Palin who, you betchya, was called a diva and a nit-wit by top McCain advisors post-election. But also the same Palin who seems to be the Tea Baggers' porn star. And without those angry, deficit-hatin' Tea Baggers, who prefer Hayworth, McCain's reality-show days could be rapidly approaching. But, the Arizonans who voted for McCain all these years aren't Tea Baggers. In fact, they like him because he's a maverick.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Apr 08 08:31

PM: Israel to face no pressure at nuclear meeting

Israel's prime minister said Wednesday he does not expect to face pressure over the country's alleged nuclear program at a high-profile conference next week because the world knows Israel is not a "terrorist regime."

"I'm not concerned that anyone would think that Israel is a terrorist regime," Netanyahu told reporters. "Everybody knows a terrorist and rogue regime when they see one, and believe me, they see quite a few around Israel."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The bovine excrement meter just sucked all of its valves on those statements!

Owl 3
Apr 08 08:20

Digital economy bill rushed through wash-up in late night session

Government drops clause on orphan works but inserts amendment criticised as over-broad which could block sites based on 'intent'.

This bill will potentially affect anyone connectiong to the internet in the UK. Check out how few MPs debated the subject.

Apr 08 08:20

State Dept Praises Israel for Pushing Iran Sanctions

As the US and its Western allies continue to press for “crippling” sanctions against Iran, the belief that the endless sanction pushes are driven in no small measure by Israel’s long-standing war of words with Iran is ever-present.

But rarely is that belief spoken overtly, particularly by those advocating the sanctions. Yet today an unnamed highly placed member of the US State Department openly praised Israel for being “extremely active” in pressing for the sanctions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable.

And just who is this alleged "...highly placed member of the US State Department, making this claim, and why do they refuse to be identified?!?

Israel understands full well that they are not going to get sanctions from the UN, so whatever sanctions will be placed will be bi-lateral, or multi-lateral sanctions which will simply be a prelude to a war.

Israel fully expects that this war will be fought by the US, just as happened in the war against Iraq, to "neutralize" yet another of Israel's "existential threats" in the region.

Apr 08 08:17

Evidence That Iran Is Developing Nukes? Don’t Expect Any This Time Around

The political class in America has apparently learned its lesson from the reign of George II when it comes to fabricating evidence to induce needless wars. Serving up false evidence can get a politician into trouble if it looks like he is intentionally trying to mislead the public into dying and killing for pointless or idiotic reasons. Given this, why risk fabricating evidence if you don’t have to? If your electorate is stupid or gullible enough to believe anything you, a lying politician, say, why not simply omit evidence altogether?

Apr 08 08:13

US Won’t Impose Peace Plan on Israel

Reports emerging earlier in the day that President Obama was considering submitting a new peace proposal by the fall were met with consternation by the Israeli government and a quick reassurance by the State Department that all American proposals are strictly optional for the Netanyahu government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When it comes to Israel, Obama is just as completely impotent and sycophantic as his predecessors.

Because he will not use the only weapon he really has here, which is the complete cessation of all military and financial aid to Israel (every penny of which illegal, by the way, under the terms of the Symington Amendment), we can expect to see the following happen.

There will be a complete annexation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, followed by a forced deportation of any Palestinians left standing.

Israel doesn't want "peace" with the Palestinians; it wants territory, and by any means necessary.

Apr 08 08:12

NHS left with 34m stockpile of swine flu jabs

Health Secretary Andy Burnham said: "I am pleased we have reached an agreement that is good value for the taxpayer and means that the department has retained a strategic stockpile to protect the UK population without incurring a cancellation fee."

It is also possible the vaccine could be used to combat seasonal flu this winter as it is thought the swine flu virus will become the dominant strain.

This is a good reason not to get the seasonal flu jab

Apr 08 08:08

Church scandal: Paedophile monks released

Two paedophile monks jailed for New Zealand's most notorious Catholic sexual abuse scandal have been released on parole, each serving less than half their sentences in prison.

Apr 08 08:08

FBI: No Explosives Found on United Jet in Denver

A US security official said, "it may have been a massive misunderstanding" and the diplomat's statement may have been a "sarcastic" comment when he was confronted by two air marshals who had been told by flight attendants that smoke was coming from the lavatory.

Apr 08 08:08

As Tensions Grow, US Alleges Karzai ‘Drug Abuse’

Tit-for-tat mean spirited allegations seem to be the order of the day as the relationship between the Obama Administration and Afghan President Hamid Karzai continues to worsen. The latest allegation, coming from former US envoy Peter Galbraith, is that Karzai’s recent outbursts are a consequence of the “impulsive” president’s “drug abuse.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if Karzai is on track to get "neutralized" by the US and/or NATO before he can proceed with a true reconciliation with the Taliban.

Such a move may well mean a renewed Afghan government insistence on a rapid draw-down of foreign troops in Afghanistan, far before the installation of those pipelines with which to control Eurasian oil can be accomplished.

Apr 08 08:03

The Real Story On Census Fines

ssue #1: What Is the Fine for Refusing to Fill Out and Send In the Decennial Census Form?

The question is, if an individual or family, as an act of civil disobedience or otherwise, is found to have refused or willfully failed to answer any census question, is that individual subject to a fine of up to $100, a fine for each unanswered question of up to $100 (making the total fine for the decennial census form up to $1,000) or a fine of up to $5,000? A related question is whether the fine for refusal to answer questions on the decennial census is the same as for refusal to answer questions on the American Community Survey.

Apr 08 08:00

US trying to woo EU back to terror finance program

Attorney General Eric Holder is in Spain trying to revive a Bush-era counterterrorism program that the U.S. views as a key tool in tracking terrorist money transfers but European Union lawmakers reject because of civil liberties concerns.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The EU has at least some semblance of concern for civil liberties, which has evaporated completely on the part of the US government.

Apr 08 07:57

NATO Admits U.S. Forces Killed Innocent Pregnant Women in Afghanistan

U.S. Special Operations commandoes in February mistakenly killed five Afghans, including two pregnant women, and then tried to cover up their mistake.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But you know, we cannot rule out the possibility that one of those unborn fetuses might have joined Al Qaeda and helped smuggle an Iranian nookular bomb into Disneyland somewhere down the road, so really, this is a good thing!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 08 07:55

Cancer patients on the rise in Gaza

Dr. Yousef Ibrahim, the head of the environment quality authority, said on Tuesday that the number of cancer and kidney failure patients in the Gaza Strip is on the rise as a result of the Israeli use of depleted uranium and phosphorus bombs in the war on Gaza last year.

Ibrahim, in a statement to the PIC, said that the poisonous and dangerous material used by the Israeli occupation forces during that war had infiltrated into the Palestinian soil as well as into the bodies of the victims and casualties of that war.

He said that uranium, zinc, mercury and cobalt, which are cancerous materials, are now found in the Gaza soil.

Apr 08 07:53

Kyrgyz Opposition Forms Interim Government Backed By The Army

An opposition coalition proclaimed a new interim government Thursday after a violent uprising in Kyrgyzstan and said it would rule until elections are held in six months. But a respected private news agency said the president had proclaimed in an e-mail that he would not relinquish power.

Kyrgyzstan, which shares a 533-mile (858-kilometer) border with China, is also a gateway to other energy-rich Central Asian countries where China, Russia and the U.S. are competing fiercely for dominance. It is a predominantly Muslim country, but it has remained secular.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In light of the fact that President Bakiyev has not officially stepped down, things could still get very dicey here in a heartbeat.

And that one-year extension on the US base at Manas will be over toward the end of this year. One has to wonder if the new government will simply ask more money from the US, or tell the US to leave.

Apr 08 07:52

PROPAGANDA ALAERT - Psychologists Explain Iraq Airstrike Video

In recent days, many veterans have made the point that fighters cannot do their jobs without creating psychological distance from the enemy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This propagandistic bovine excrement is evading the point. These soldiers in the Apache were not doing their job, Their job is NOT to gun down innocent civilians including children and reporters!

The offense here is not the language, although that is what the US Government wants you to think it is, because that they imagine they can make excuses for.

The real issue here is that the US forces are routinely gunning down non-combatants, and there is NO excuse for that. We called it a war crime when the Nazis did it. We called it a war crime when the Japanese did it. It is a war crime when the US does it!

Apr 08 07:49

Qatari diplomat causes bomb scare on U.S. flight after 'trying to sneak a cigarette in the bathroom'

A Qatari diplomat trying to sneak a cigarette in an airplane bathroom prompted a bomb scare on a U.S. flight last night.

Fighter jets were scrambled as air marshals on the plane arrested the man.

When he was asked about the smell of smoke in the bathroom, he joked that he had been trying to light his shoes - an apparent reference to the 2001 so-called 'shoe bomber' Richard Reid.

No explosives were found on the diplomat - named as as Mohammed Al-Madadi - and officials do not believe he was trying to harm anyone.

Apr 08 07:42

Brace Yourself for Obamacare Taxes

Now that President Obama's health-insurance overhaul has become law, we can brace ourselves for the new taxes. What new taxes? Aren't they only on the "rich" and on large companies?

Apr 08 07:41

Study: 1.2 million households lost to recession

Brown represents one of the more than 1.2 million households lost to the recession, according to a report issued this week by the Mortgage Bankers Association that looked at data between 2005 and 2008. That number doesn’t include information from 2009, when job losses and foreclosures continued to rise.

So it's likely that the full impact of the 8.4 million jobs lost and nearly three million homes foreclosed on since the recession began has taken an even bigger toll on the number of American households.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Green shoots of hope" only exist, economically, for Congress members, the large bankers, and the big brokerages out there.

For people like this gentlemen, hope...is just another four letter word.

Apr 08 07:33

Resignation of St. Catharines bishop takes church by surprise

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another scandal about to surface?

Apr 08 07:19

List of sexually active popes

Since such relationships were sometimes undertaken outside of the bonds of matrimony, and because sometimes the Pope was under a vow of celibacy, the Catholic Church considers these to be grave abuses and causes of scandal. However, it believes it does not undermine the Catholic doctrines considering the authority and succession of the Papacy from Saint Peter the Apostle.

According to standard lists, there have been 265 popes. There are various classifications for those who were sexually active at some time during their life. Periods in parentheses refer to the years of their papacies. There have been thirty-nine popes since 1585. None of them is known to have been sexually active during his papacy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Considering that they just busted a gay prostitution operation inside the Papal palace a few weeks back, Wikipedia may be a bit out of date on that last statement.

Apr 08 07:06

Regulating Wall Street and the Economy

Regulating Wall Street and the Economy

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan is joined by Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., and Bill Fleckenstein, president of Fleckenstein Capital, to talk about the financial reform bill and to debate whether more power should be given to the Federal Reserve after it may have heavily contributed to the financial crisis.


Apr 08 06:59

Excusing the sick pilots

For the bovine excrement meter!!

Psychologists Explain Iraq Airstrike Video

In recent days, many veterans have made the point that fighters cannot do their jobs without creating psychological distance from the enemy. One reason that the soldiers seemed as if they were playing a video game is that, in a morbid but necessary sense, they were.

Apr 08 06:58

The Monkey and the Mango Vase

Toppling some of the unbelievably corrupt governments of the west is an idea whose time has come but it’s pointless to focus on the politicians. These are just the ordinary whores plying their trade street side. It’s the bankers that need to come down and have all their money redistributed. It’s the pimps and the crime bosses that you want, not the lying mouthpieces who work for them.

Apr 08 06:51

Iran will strike U.S. troops if attacked: army chief

Iran would respond to any military attack from the United States by hitting U.S. forces stationed in the Middle East, its military commander said on Thursday.

"If America presents Iran with a serious threat and undertakes any measure against Iran, none of the American soldiers who are currently in the region would go back to America alive," Major General Hassan Firouzabadi was quoted as saying by the semi-official Fars news agency.


Not unexpected. Bet the US leaders are going to claim this is cheating and then have a hissy fit.