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"Allowing bankers to control the nation's economy makes as much sense as allowing drug addicts to control the nation's pharmacies! Inevitably, all the ills of the nation end up being treated with placebos." -- Michael Rivero



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Mar 12 18:27

How ISIS keeps hostages calm in their beheading videos

Not sure if they really expect us to believe this.


Mar 12 17:50

Russia & France team up to build helicopter engines despite sanctions


Mar 12 17:03

Germans Furious After Varoufakis/Tsipras Admit "Greece Will Never Repay Its Debts"

The Greco-Germanic war of words continues... Having pissed off The Greeks with his "Troika" remarks, Germany's Schaeuble went on today to more ad hominum attacks by reportedly calling the Greek FinMin "foolishly naive." The Greek ambassador has 'officially' complained to "friend and ally" Germany about the personal insult. But The Greeks had the last laugh, as first Varoufakis and then Tsipras explained respectively that "Greece would never pay back its debts," and "Greece cannot pretend its debt burden is sustainable." The German response, via tabloid Bild, "there must be an end to this madness. Europe must not be made to look stupid."

Mar 12 17:01

The Last Time Gas Prices Rose This Fast, The US Entered Recession

From February through May, gas prices have historically tended to rise. However, between refinery strikes and shutdowns (and blend transitions), 2015 has seen gas prices rise from the start of February at the fastest pace on record. Despite the total lack of 'surge in consumer spending' from the low gas prices that we were promised, the velocity of this price rise is eerily reminiscent of the 2007 surge that, within months, saw the US in recession...

Mar 12 17:00

The West's Plan To Drop Russia From SWIFT Hilariously Backfires

For the last several months, despite numerous warnings of the consequences, the US and UK governments have been pushing to block Russia from the SWIFT payments system. And so what is utterly hilarious - On Monday afternoon, not only did SWIFT not kick Russia out... but they announced that they were actually giving a Board Seat to Russia.

Mar 12 16:42

Official: Thousands of texts, emails and Facebook messages are read every day by Government spies working at GCHQ

Thousands of texts, emails and Facebook messages are read every day by Government spies working at GCHQ, a long-awaited report sparked by the Edward Snowden revelations has revealed.

Agents at the government listening post monitor 'large numbers of items' using 'bulk interception' powers to uncover terror threats, Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee said.

The committee insisted this did not mean GCHQ was 'collecting or reading everyone's emails'. But it admitted it was 'unavoidable that some innocent communications may have been incidentally collected'.

Mar 12 16:37

Six million cold calls every day from just ONE firm: Company that held 90million numbers raided by watchdog after using sophisticated technology to leave messages

The call centre, which is run from Gemini Business Centre in Hove in Hove, East Sussex, (pictured) is said to have bombarded people with offers to consolidate their debts or help them pursue a compensation claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance. The business apparently made between four and six million approaches a day - equivalent to calling every member of the population two to three times a month. The Information Commissioner's Office launched an investigation after it received 'hundreds' of complaints about nuisance calls from multiple numbers linked to the firm. Many complaints came from vulnerable and elderly people 'frightened' by the barrage of calls.

Mar 12 16:12

Crimeans, overwhelmingly prefer Russia! More then 80% approval!

A telephone poll conducted by a German firm among Crimeans in January found that over 80 percent of respondents were happy to be newly-minted Russians.

Mar 12 16:00

Report: Soros-Funded Group Cited 46 Times in FCC Rules

Mar 12 15:59

Warren Pollock - War Is the Greatest Expression of Failure There Can Be

Analyst Warren Pollock says, “Absolutely, we are headed for war because there is no truth. Without truth, war is the greatest expression of failure that there can be. . . . I think we could see an inflection point this fall. You can see it in the politicking between Republicans and Democrats. You can see it in the rhetoric against ISIS. You can see it in relation to the changes in the laws in relation to the handling of derivatives. You can see it in the prices of food in your grocery store.”


Mar 12 15:11

Trapped in Israel

Hana is in a really difficult position now. It is not known how much we can do without pressuring the authorities at the highest level. We not only want to help Hana, but she is also learning about all the other mums and dads in Israel who cannot afford help to save their children. We have opened a fundraising campaign here. Children need their parents.

No children should be without loving parents. We need change.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Facebook page of today's radio guests.

Mar 12 15:08

Would a Netanyahu victory raise the alarm on Israeli apartheid?

Seven years ago, sitting in the office of a well-respected Israeli human rights group, a friend confided in me that he often wished his organization failed more often. “That way,” he argued, “we might be closer to Mao’s principle that suffering of the people will hasten the revolution.”



Mar 12 14:42

Israeli op-ed writer calls on Israel to nuke Germany, Iran

The Times of Israel reports that an Israeli op-ed writer has advocated the nuclear annihilation of both Iran and Germany.

Mar 12 14:31

The Republican Party Is a Party of Subversives

The modern Republican party has become an authentic mechanism for political subversion, and it's not just unknown crazy people from Texas who are driving the train. A rookie meathead submarines the president's foreign policy. Rick Perry is currently running for president on a platform more suited to a campaign conducted under the Articles of Confederation. Mitch McConnell, the majority leader of the United States Senate, has suggested that governors out in the several states ignore the Environmental Protection Agency. At every conservative gathering, from CPAC on down, there at least is one panel touting the benefits of nullification and old-school states rights politics. Yes, a lot of it is about how states rights got whipped over civil rights in the 1960's, but it's not all about race. It's about a deliberate, calculated attempt by one of the only two political parties we allow ourselves to dismantle the federal union.

Mar 12 14:30

Obama's Request for Authorization Stalls, But War in Iraq and Syria Marches On

The Obama administration appears to be growing increasingly frustrated as its request for congressional authorization for its war in Iraq and Syria stalls on Capitol Hill amid continued criticism from foreign policy experts and grassroots activists.

However, the political roadblocks appear to be having little impact on the war itself, which is stretching into its eighth month, including at least 15 airstrikes from the U.S.-led coalition on Tuesday and Wednesday alone.

Mar 12 14:30

Russia Warns US Action on Venezuela Threatens Latin America

The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the U.S. of stepping up destabilization efforts against Venezuela.

Mar 12 14:14

‘Poroshenko’ is Getting Tossed From His Own Party

Ukrainian President’s name will be dropped from the name of Petro Poroshenko Bloc, a political party that won the 2014 Ukrainian election. The party plans to return to its old name “Solidarity”.

Mar 12 14:11

We should all support boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel

Last week my husband and I went to a meeting of the student union at UBC to display the Independent Jewish Voices - Vancouver banner in support of the impending vote calling on the university to endorse boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel. As we were entering the student union building, I spotted a sign on the lawn that said "It's about hate, vote no to the BDS referendum."

Mar 12 14:06

Media: the European Commission has blocked the nuclear agreement between the Russian Federation and Hungary to EUR 12 billion

Yandex: The Financial Times claims that, according to three people close to this dossier, the Commission supported the refusal of the Euratom approve item deal on the use of nuclear fuel exclusively Russian origin.

Mar 12 14:05

Ex-prime minister Hatoyama defends referendum in Crimea as constitutional

Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, visiting Crimea against Tokyo’s wishes, held talks Wednesday with leader Sergey Aksyonov in Simferopol, the peninsula’s main city, and said Japan should lift its sanctions against Russia.

According to media reports, Hatoyama expressed his view at the talks that Japan should “normalize” relations with Russia by lifting sanctions imposed for Moscow’s annexation of the Ukrainian territory — an act Japan does not recognize.

Mar 12 13:55

Impending Threat to Canadian Democracy: Harper Government’s “Anti-Terrorism Act” isn’t about Terrorism, it’s a Torture Act

The Harper government’s Bill C-51, or Anti-Terrorism Act, has been in the public domain for over a month. Long enough for us to know that it subverts basic principles of constitutional law, assaults rights of free speech and free assembly, and is viciously anti-democratic.

Mar 12 13:53

IMF Approves Bigger Ukraine Bailout

The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday approved a bigger, high-risk bailout for Ukraine, giving Kiev immediate access to $5 billion of $17.5 billion in emergency IMF credit in another bid to keep the embattled country afloat.

Mar 12 13:42

America looks Rich. Big Cars, Big Houses, Big Military. We paid for it with BIG Debt: Credit Card Debt, Stud-loan, Mortgage, National Debt!

Mar 12 13:39

Tylenol Maker to Pay $25 Million After Pleading Guilty in Contamination Case

McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, pleaded guilty in a Federal District Court in Philadelphia to a criminal charge of manufacture and process of adulterated over-the-counter medicines. The company agreed to a $25 million settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Mar 12 13:32

Rahm Emanuel, the Face of Democratic Fascism, Deserves to Lose

Police-state challenge could nurture democracy and an American Spring

Mar 12 12:45

Who is America's Greatest Enemy?

The US Government
64% (1578 votes)
0% (8 votes)
1% (16 votes)
0% (5 votes)
29% (702 votes)
FOX News
3% (75 votes)
3% (74 votes)
Total votes: 2458
Mar 12 12:41

Failing at the "American Dream"

A federal jury recently awarded $14 million in damages to a group of courageous H-2B guestworkers from India who captured national headlines in 2008 when they exposed severe labor exploitation by a Gulf Coast ship and oil-rig builder called Signal International.

Mar 12 12:31

Billionaires? The world has 1,826 of them - and 541 live in America

There’s lots of billionaires out there 1,826, to be exact, according to recent painstaking research of Forbes magazine. More than a third prefer the urbane and urban life, and the Big Apple is the town of choice. The publication says that with 78 resident billionaires, New York City has the largest uber-rich population on the planet. But wait, there’s more.

Then there’s Moscow (68 billionaires), Hong Kong (64), London (46), Beijing (45), Mumbai (33), Seoul (29), Istanbul (28), Paris and San Francisco (26) to round out the top-10. Though things can be financially dicey for much of America these days, the nation itself remains billionaire-central.

“Thanks the total of 541 billionaire residents in the U.S., American cities have an edge in their shares of billionaires compared to others around the world. Eleven cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dallas, have more than 10 billionaire residents,” reports Forbes staffer Liyan Chen.

Mar 12 12:22

Germans Fed Up With Media Lies

Mar 12 12:18

Israel elections: rising panic in Likud ranks as opposition gains ground

Polls indicate growing lead for Zionist Union led by Yitzhak Herzog over Binyamin Netanyahu’s party with less than a week before vote

Mar 12 12:17

Yes. Netanyahu is Suddenly in Real Trouble

Over the last three days a new raft of polls has been published which show ZC/Labor with a lead of between two and four seats over Likud. That is at the very outer range of the leads ZC/Labor has had. But the trend has not been this pronounced in the past or with a group of polls all seeming to agree on the same movement. What's more, Likud's numbers clearly seem to be dropping in absolute terms. There have also been press reports — supported by my own reporting — that internal polls from the two major parties show a bigger gap than the public polls.

There are also signs of erosion, though still limited, for the entire center-right bloc — not just Likud, but the allied parties from which it would build a natural coalition.

So what happened?



Mar 12 12:03

EU leaders unlikely to tighten Russia sanctions at meeting next week: diplomats

European Union leaders are unlikely to tighten sanctions on Russia when they meet next week but will haggle over whether they need to act now to prolong economic sanctions on Russia expiring in July, diplomats said on Thursday.

Mar 12 12:02

Indianapolis VA Hospital Under Fire for Email Making Fun of Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs took another hit today as news surfaced that an email had been circulated to staffers at an Indianapolis VA hospital making fun of the mental health problems suffered by returning combat veterans.

Mar 12 11:57

Vietnam Military Blasts US for Interfering With Russian Refueling Flights

A senior Vietnamese military official told Sputnik that the US is interfering in Vietnam's internal affairs by demanding that the country puts a stop to Russian refueling plane landings at Cam Ranh airbase.

Mar 12 11:57

Police swarm home in St Louis suburb after 'ambush' of two officers

Mar 12 11:53

The Paramilitary Occupation of America

It is necessary to call things by their right names. The obscene regularity of police murders in the United States has reached the point where it is appropriate to speak of the police as an occupying army, whose daily violence and brutality can best be described as a war against the country’s poor and working people.

Mar 12 11:52

Google: The 21st Century’s ‘Ministry of Truth’

“Net Neutrality” is not the only danger threatening the free flow of information in cyberspace. Lurking in the background, Internet giant Google has been developing new search engine methodologies, which threaten foundational principles of the World Wide Web and could turn it into an Orwellian wasteland of doublespeak controlled by the Ministry of Truth, as portrayed in the novel 1984.

According to the UK’s weekly international science magazine New Scientist, “Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links.” And while that sounds noble, it is anything but. Make no mistake. Google’s efforts are aimed ultimately at controlling what and how much information can be found on the Internet.

Mar 12 11:51

Amid Media Blackout, Lawsuit Challenges Banker Rule

• Outcome could decide if Canadians have monetary sovereignty.

A landmark Canadian federal appellate-court ruling could conceivably lead to the cancellation of Canada’s debt-based money system, and its repercussions are expected to be felt by central banks around the world.

Mar 12 11:50

Massive U.S. Aquifer Threatened

“Oil and water don’t mix.” That saying receives new meaning in light of a proposed disposal well for oil fracking wastewater, which Colorado-based startup oil and gas company Terex Energy Corporation plans for southern Sioux County in northwestern Nebraska. The project on the Lawcomer ranch, 14 miles north of Mitchell, Neb., took county residents by surprise, but opposition formed almost immediately, primarily because of a perceived threat to the land and—most importantly—the gigantic Ogallala Aquifer. AMERICAN FREE PRESS spoke extensively with a Terex executive and concerned citizens.

Mar 12 11:48

The US Has Already Declared War on Russia

At times I feel completely overwhelmed by the current US-NATO military operations aimed at Russia. It's growing rapidly - one can't help but wonder if the recent 'victory' of the self-defensive forces in eastern Ukraine wasn't allowed by Washington and Kiev as a way to get public opinion behind the already well established plans for even more NATO escalation.

It's all just far too neat and tidy to be seen otherwise. This is not a conspiracy but a well designed military plan to take down Moscow. They are playing with fire. In some respects the 'project' is now impossible to stop. The question for the moment is how long will this attack on Russia go on and what level of conflict will result? Will it go nuclear? If so the world is fucked.

Owl 3
Mar 12 11:47

Kerry mocks protester during ISIS hearing

Secretary of State John Kerry mocked an anti-war protester, after she interrupted him at a hearing Wednesday.

The protester from anti-war group Code Pink stood up and shouted during Kerry's testimony: "The American people are speaking out, Secretary Kerry. We're tired of the endless war."

The protester went on to shout that war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria was "creating more terrorism, killing more innocent people."

Kerry, who famously protested the Vietnam War after serving in the conflict shot back: "Killing more innocent people? I wonder how our journalists, who were beheaded, and the pilot who was fighting for freedom, who was burned alive -- what they would have to say to their efforts to protect innocent people."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Show some respect, lady. You don;t know how hard it was for us to order those actors to do those horrible things!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Mar 12 11:46

GOP Senate Aides: Iran Letter Was ‘Lighthearted’

The unprecedented effort by Senate Republicans to sabotage ongoing US-Iran relations with a letter earlier this week, in which they openly warned Iran of their intentions to dishonor any agreements President Obama made, was a lighthearted jest, according to Republican aides.

“The administration has no sense of humor,” one aide complained, after reports that the letter was likely a felony offense, and could amount to treason.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I mean, come on; REALLY! We didn't think anyone was going to take us seriously! Honest! It was a joke! We are not traitors! We're not Israel stooges (much). We're not violating the Logan act. But we still think nuking Iran is the way to go!"

Mar 12 11:46

Senators Offer Plan to Close IRS Forever

Has the late, great JimTraficant’s flat sales-tax proposal outlived the former Ohio Democratic congressman and entered the legislative pipeline? This could be the case, as Senators Gerald W. “Jerry” Moran (R-Kan.) and David Alfred Perdue, Jr. (R-Ga.) have introduced a bill designed “to overhaul and simplify the American tax system.”

Mar 12 11:44

Washington’s Anti-Russia Campaign

• D.C. leads charge to neuter world’s largest Christian nation.

A new Gallup poll showing Americans see Russia as this nation’s public enemy number one has confirmed the extent to which Washington and its closest ally, Britain, have manipulated public opinion in America.

The poll confirmed that a majority of Americans placed Russia ahead of North Korea, China and Iran as posing the greatest threat to the West.

Mar 12 11:42

Obama’s Foreign Policy Same as Pro-Israel Neocons

After eight years of the George W. Bush administration’s neoconservative, interventionist foreign policy that got America entangled in two horrific wars, circumstances were supposed to be different in 2008 with Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning president. But two years into Obama’s second term, violence has spread from northern Africa across the Middle East and into Ukraine. And if that’s not bad enough, Obama recently opened the door to once again deploying United States ground troops in Iraq and has delayed a scheduled exit from Afghanistan.

Mar 12 11:42

Venezuela tells US official to mind her manners

Venezuela's top diplomat called a senior U.S. official "petulant" and ill-mannered on Wednesday in response to her contention that sanctions were intended to change the government, not topple it.

Mar 12 11:41

Netanyahu Nukes Iran Peace Talks; Vows to Sabotage Any Agreement

As the United States and the other P5+1 nations (UK, Germany, France, China and Russia) inch closer to a preliminary agreement with Iran, which would assure that country’s right to peaceful nuclear power while preventing development of atomic weapons, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ratcheted up an open and pathological attempt to sabotage the international effort toward peace and stability in the war-torn Middle East. To this end, it appears he even leaked secret details of negotiation proposals. But the Zionist fiction of a “nuclear Iran” rests on a fraud, and it is Israel that is the rogue atomic weapons developer.

Mar 12 11:39

Tax Official Dies in Office, Co-Workers Don't Notice for Two Days

The man in his 60s died last Tuesday while checking tax returns, but no-one realised he was dead until Thursday.

Mar 12 11:28

Accused Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Own Words Read Aloud in Court

Tsarnaev addressed the loss of his brother, Tamerlan, who had died in a police shootout earlier that day. "I do not mourn because his soul is very much alive," the message said. "God has a plan for each person. Mine was to hide in his boat and shed some light on our actions."

According to photographs and transcripts, the message included anti-American sentiments, accusing the U.S. of "killing our innocent civilians."

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Attention Rivero's Rangers! Please share this image on all your social media!

Mar 12 11:26

Leading digital rights organization throws support behind National Day of Action against the government's Secret Police Bill C-51

OpenMedia is encouraging Internet users across Canada to support events in over 35 cities this Saturday March 14

VANCOUVER, March 10, 2015 /CNW/ - Digital rights group OpenMedia is throwing its support behind a massive National Day of Action against Bill C-51 this Saturday March 14. Sparked by concerned citizens on social media platforms Facebook, and reddit, events are being organized right across Canada, from Victoria to Halifax. OpenMedia is supporting the day of action by launching an online action platform to empower those speaking out against C-51 at http://StopC51.ca

Public opinion is rapidly turning against the bill, with a recent EKOS opinion poll revealing that only 29% of Canadians would give up personal privacy safeguards in order to boost spy agency powers. Over 75,000 people have already spoken out online in recent weeks calling on Prime Minister Harper to rein in the unaccountable powers and violations of our civil liberties contained in Bill C-51.

Mar 12 11:26

UN torture expert refused access to Guantánamo Bay and US federal prisons

The United Nations’ top investigator on the use of torture has accused Washington of dragging its feet over his requested visits to prisons and refusing to give him access to inmates at Guantánamo.

Juan Méndez said he had been waiting for more than two years for the United States to provide him access to a range of state and federal prisons, where he wants to probe the use of solitary confinement.

Méndez told reporters in Geneva he wanted to visit federal prisons in New York and Colorado and state prisons in New York, California and Louisiana, among others.

He said the US state department had been working to help him gain access to the state prisons, but after two years of discussions he had yet to receive a positive answer.

Mar 12 11:22

Fluoride in Water Linked to More ADHD Symptoms - Study

Believe it or not, people have protested the mass medication of the public through drinking water all along. The fluoride in tap water - although touted as healthy and safe - is nothing more than the "legal" unregulated way for chemical companies to unload their waste. And we pay for that privilege.

"Is there something in the water??" is a valid question that should be answered before it's too late.

Mar 12 11:17

Retail Sales Crumble, Suffer Worst Run Since Lehman

Putting the headline numbers in context: December -0.9%, January -0.8%, February -0.6%. Excluding the volatile autos and gas, sales dropped once again, sliding -0.2%, below the 0.3% expected - in fact below the lowest estimate - and worse even than last month's downward revised -0.1% decline. And with that the worst run in retail sales since Lehman is now in the record books.

Mar 12 11:13

Growing Up in the Shadow of the American War State

The Pentagon loomed so large in my childhood that it could have been another member of my family. Maybe a menacing uncle who doled out put-downs and whacks to teach us lessons or a rich, dismissive great-aunt intent on propriety and good manners.

Mar 12 11:13

Obama Viciously TURNS on Hillary Over Email Scandal – Won’t Support her in 2016!

Clinton insider Ed Klein believes Hillary Clinton’s email scandal may have been prompted by President Obama and ordered by top adviser Valerie Jarrett.
In an interview Wednesday with the Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends,” Klein said he’s not the only one who thinks that.

Mar 12 11:10

Are Alarm Bells Ringing Over Greece's Pivot To Russia?

While this Russian pivot meme was the stuff of conspiracy theorists just weeks ago, The BBC is now asking directly, "could Europe lose Greece to Russia?" and with more Greeks positive on Russia (61%) than Europe (23%), it should not shock anyone.

Mar 12 10:54

Dow Jones Industrial Average Leaps 170 Points As US Dollar Rally Pauses

U.S. stocks rebounded Thursday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average leaping more than 170 points, as investors cheered a slight pullback in the U.S. dollar. The greenback's retreat follows a surge earlier this week. The equity market's gains come despite a series of mixed data points, including a surprise drop in U.S. retail sales last month.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

FOX News says today's soaring market is because investors are betting that the FED will hold off raising rates. If this many people are making that bet, then someone leaked the info that rates are not going up.

Mar 12 10:47

US "Urges" Vietnam To Stop Helping Russian Bombers Re-Fuel

It appears Washington is losing some control among its allies. Amid a flurry of high-level visits to Vietnam last year, the US has been pouring in aid and assistance in health, education, landmines clearance, scholarships and nuclear energy. The reason is now becoming clear. As Reuters reports, Vietnam has been allowing Russia to use a former US military base to refuel nuclear-capable bombers as it rattles its sabre over the Asia-Pac region.. and America would like that to stop: "we have urged Vietnamese officials to ensure that Russia is not able to use its access to Cam Ranh Bay to conduct activities that could raise tensions in the region." All that was missing was the "or else."

Mar 12 10:45

This USB Drive Can Nuke A Computer

There are enough USB exploits floating around to warrant caution. Some will unknowingly install malware or backdoor software, and now, there is at least one, that will actually destroy your computer.

Mar 12 10:42

The law allowing phone and internet data collection in the Netherlands just got scrapped

A judge has scrapped the Netherlands’ data retention law, saying that while it helps solve crime it also breaches the privacy of telephone and Internet users.

The ruling by a judge in The Hague followed a similar decision in April by the European Union’s top court that wiped out EU data collection legislation it deemed too broad and offering too few privacy safeguards.

The Dutch security and justice ministry said it was considering an appeal.

Mar 12 10:38

Panda antivirus labels itself as malware, then borks EVERYTHING

Panda users had a bad hair day on Wednesday, after the Spanish security software firm released an update that classified components of its own technology as malign.

As a result, enterprise PCs running the antivirus software tied themselves in something of a knot, leaving some systems either unstable or unable to access the internet. A Panda spokesman confirmed the problem while advising that the issue was well in hand.

"A bad update was published temporarily today [Wednesday] that resulted in some system files being detected by the Panda engine, a replacement update was promptly published removing the error and restoring the wrongly quarantined files," a Panda representative told El Reg.

"At present we recommend NOT rebooting systems. This will allow us to update the system with the amended update. This update will also restore files previously detected," he added.

Mar 12 10:37

New smoking gun further ties NSA to omnipotent “Equation Group” hackers

The strongest new tie to the NSA was the string "BACKSNARF_AB25" discovered only a few days ago embedded in a newly found sample of the Equation Group espionage platform dubbed "EquationDrug." "BACKSNARF," according to page 19 of this undated NSA presentation, was the name of a project tied to the NSA's Tailored Access Operations.

"BACKSNARF" joins a host of other programming "artifacts" that tied Equation Group malware to the NSA. They include "Grok," "STRAITACID," and "STRAITSHOOTER."