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"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." -- Winston Churchill.


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Mar 16 14:21

Academics back University of Southampton's free speech commitment, in face of pro-Israel pressure

More than 200 academics have signed a statement in support of free speech at the University of Southampton, in response to pressure from pro-Israel groups to cancel a conference in April.

Mar 16 14:17

Slovakia Opposes Immediate Extension of Anti-Russian Sanctions

Slovakia opposes an immediate extension of economic sanctions against Russia, Slovak Minister of Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajcak told reporters after the meeting of EU foreign ministers, replying to the question of when economic sanctions against Russia should be extended.

Mar 16 14:12

Ukrainian President: Enormous IMF Loan Won’t Help Ordinary Ukrainians

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has admitted that a new $17.5 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund and its associated austerity measures will not improve the lives of ordinary Ukrainians—but will help pay foreign creditors and fund the country’s ongoing civil war.

Mar 16 14:06

The Misrepresentation of Israeli Aggression as Self-Defense

The media and the public will uncritically support the position of American and Israeli power. Thousands of Palestinians will be indiscriminately killed, but not because Israel is defending itself. Palestinians will be killed because the U.S. government refuses to protect them from a belligerent and aggressive regime, and refuses even to recognize their right to protect themselves.


Mar 16 13:59

A Neocon Admits the Plan to Bomb Iran

The neocon Washington Post, which wants to kill the talks aimed at constraining Iran’s nuclear program, allowed a contrary opinion of sorts onto its pages – a neocon who also wants to collapse the talks but is honest enough to say that the follow-up will be a U.S. war on Iran.

Mar 16 13:51

Sweden's Jews still face threat says Obama team

The situation for Jews in Sweden has improved, but there is still cause for concern, said President Obama's special envoy against anti-Semitism, Ira Forman, during a high profile visit to Malmö on Monday.

Mar 16 13:45


The CIA's recent rebranding as Valhalla for US cyberwarriors notwithstanding, the agency's general focus has been intelligence gathering on foreign governments, corporations and people. That it has often mistaken "torturing people into saying whatever they can to make it stop" for "intelligence gathering" isn't necessarily germane to the following discussion, but it's worth noting that the CIA is almost single-handedly responsible for destroying the term "extraordinary rendition" -- a formerly innocuous (and complimentary) term previously used to highlight something like, say, Johnny Cash's amazing cover of Soundgarden's' "Rusty Cage." (That Cash's two best covers are "Hurt" and "Rusty Cage" is not germane to the discussion of CIA torture programs, but what a coincidence!)

Mar 16 13:44

Israel To Build A New Barrier

By Sydney Barakat

Israel to build a new barrier in ?only ?border­-free zone in the region

Israel continues to build ­ versus break ­ barriers. Furthermore, the Israeli government’s most recent ambitions, which seek to build yet another wall, show how little Israel is concerned with desegregating itself from other countries in the area.

According to RT.com and PressTV, the Israeli government’s latest plan to build a brand new fence along the Jordan border in order to protect an Airport that will be constructed in the area.

The suggestion has already been approved by Israeli officials and members of the government. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had voiced his pre­acceptance of the notion to build a fence along the Jordan border back in 2012.

Mar 16 13:44

Will Ukraine Soon Be without Tanks?

At present rates of attrition Ukraine can not make up for its armor losses and it is not clear where replacements could come from.

Mar 16 13:33

Barbie the Spy!

The company introduced its new doll, called “Hello Barbie,” at a February trade fair in New York and…well, you can’t make this stuff up.

This doll can converse with you (or with your child unless you play with dolls) and record the answers. It then transmits these answers to a data-bank at the company’s headquarters and stores them under the child’s name and other personal information, then analyzes this data and responds to it…immediately or months later. Given a little time, it will have profiled your child and turned her into an information gathering source.

Mar 16 13:31

DNR: no ceasefire has not occurred

According to the representative of the headquarters of Edward's Death, the last day the militia has recorded 32 of attack. Killed three militiamen and three others wounded.

President Francois Hollande called on the Ukrainian side to refrain from provocations and abide by the Minsk agreement.

Mar 16 13:08

BEX Alert: Jihadi cell threat to Spanish royal family

A jihadist cell that was ready to launch an attack on Spain before being dismantled by police last week had plans to target King Felipe VI, it has emerged.

Mar 16 13:02

Greek exit mooted by German finance minister

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said Friday a disorderly Greek exit from the eurozone could not be excluded if Athens fails to reach a deal with its international creditors.

Mar 16 12:59

ISIL Razed Real Iraqi Treasure, Not Fakes

General Director of the Department of Media and Relations at Ministry of Tourism and Antiques in Iraq reveals that the artifacts destroyed by ISIL militants were indeed, real.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is getting interesting!

Mar 16 12:59

Merkel’s Uber-Hypocrisy to Japan over War Past… and Present

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reprimand last week to Japanese leaders to «face up to their wartime past» had an ironic twist that went scarcely noticed. The irony is that it is the German leader who actually stands accused of not facing up to her country’s wartime past. More sinisterly, her historical denial is manifested in actual present-day war-making in Ukraine, and it is furthering a dynamic that could lead to an all-out war with Russia because of baseless Western demonisation of Moscow. A demonisation that Merkel’s Germany is playing no small role in.

Mar 16 12:54

Did Ferguson PD Just Arrest the Wrong Guy?

When two officers with the Ferguson Police Department were shot last week, it was safe to assume that they would eventually get their man, even if it wasn’t really “their man.” For the most part, whenever the life of an authority figure is attempted in such a public way (especially if that attempt was successful), the police will always find someone to arrest. They have to.

They must always maintain the illusion that they have everything under control and that nobody can get away with such a crime. Nothing indicates a lack of control, quite like having a police officer ambushed and shot, so somebody has to pay no matter what.

Mar 16 12:38

Here's the Chip Apple Is Using to Stop You from Buying Cheap Cables

If you bought yourself an iPhone 5, and are looking for a cheap, third-party lightning adapter to save a couple of bucks, you might want to hold off. There's an authenticator chip in the official adapters, and third-party adapters probably won't work without it.

Mar 16 12:19

Crimea - The Way Home (2015)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a documentary about the situation in Crimea as seen from Russia's point of view. Sadly, this version does not have English subtitles (at least according to YouTube) but for those of you who speak Russian, you might find this interesting.

Mar 16 11:44

Thawing Snow Causes Severe Flooding In USA

The snow thaws quickly and is causing flooding in the Northeast.

Winter storms said goodbye, but the huge amount of snow that fell mainly in February has left serious consequences. Now that snow melts and causes severe flooding.

From the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes could see an overview of flood that has set alarm bells ringing several counties.


Mar 16 11:37

Toy Guns in America: The 1950s Versus Today (Video)

Check out this old toy gun commercial from the 1950s or '60s and compare it to how children who play with toy guns (or even their own food or fingers fashioned like a gun) are treated today.

Do you think kids today are going to want to uphold their 2nd Amendment rights after they are terrorized and suspended or expelled by their schools for chewing a breakfast tart into an L-shape or being forced at age five to undergo a psych eval for bringing a Hello Kitty bubble gun to class? Even little kids playing with finger guns are considered a serious threat today.

Mar 16 11:35

US Manufacturing Output Falls For 3rd Month - Worst Since Lehman

Along with a massive revision for January (from +0.2% to -0.3%), February's Factory Output fell 0.2% (missing expectations for the 3rd month in a row). This is the 3rd drop in a row for factory output - the worst run since 2009. Overall industrial production missed for the 3rd month in a row but managed a meager 0.1% rise on the back of the biggest rise in utility output ever. Auto vehicles and parts production tumbled 3.0% MoM.

Mar 16 11:32

Angela Merkel: the Crimea must be returned Ukraine

"Today is a day we should remember the illegal annexation of the Crimea. We must not forget that this act has endangered the post-war order in Europe. We will not rest until, until you have fully restored the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine", - said Angela Merkel, speaking to the press after meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Petro Poroshenko, for his part, said after the meeting that the summit, which will be held on March 19, he expects European leaders a clear position on sanctions against Russia.

According to him, in the attitude of Moscow should be imposed further sanctions, if its sides are not fulfilled the conditions of the Minsk agreement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle, Angela!

Mar 16 11:01


If Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has the ‘right’ to meddle in US politics, why shouldn’t American cowboys have the same right to meddle in Israel’s …

Owl 1
Mar 16 11:00


Mar 16 11:00


“Because if we confront anti-Semitism whenever we see it, if we combat it individually and as a society, and use whatever platform we have to denounce it, we can stop the spread of this madness.”

Mar 16 10:59

Nullifying the Drug War: Man beats cannabis charges with jury nullification

What do you do when you're caught with a pound of marijuana and $2,000 at a traffic stop?

Mar 16 10:54

‘BRICS economies have huge financial firepower’ - Liam Halligan

Mar 16 10:54

4yrs later: Syria still steeped in bloodshed

Mar 16 10:49

Pedophilia in Britain ‘Woven into the Fabric of Society’

As the UK has launched a new-judge led inquiry panel to investigate a pedophile ring operated in 1980s, the Home Secretary warns the allegations are just a “tip of an iceberg” and the problem is “woven, covertly, into the fabric of our society.”

Following a spate of allegations concerning the abuse of children by adults, many of who abused their positions of power and status, Home Secretary Theresa May said Britons still do not appreciate the “true scale of that abuse.”

Mar 16 10:40

The American Government’s Biggest Lie Is About Ukraine and Vladimir Putin

The entire propaganda campaign against Russia and Putin is based on blatant lies, just like the propaganda to invade Iraq in 2003 was. But this one is far more dangerous because it could lead to unnecessary nuclear war.

Mar 16 10:31

Oil Tumbles Under $43 As Key Support Breached; Fresh 6 Year Lows

Moments ago, soothing words by Saudi Arabians notwithstanding, both Brent and WTI, had another step move lower, with Wext-Texas Intermediate sliding under $43, a fresh 6 year low, and well below the January lows of $44.37!

What may be causing it: well, aside for "more sellers than buyers", and a rumor that Genscape reporting another major inventory build at Cushing, a breach of a key support line may be the reason. BofA explains.

CLJ5 has broken down overnight, breaking the Jan-29 lows at 44.37 (CLK5 needs to break 45.52, it's not there yet).

Mar 16 10:29

Euro Crash

Mar 16 10:25

Global CO2 Emissions 'Stalled' In 2014

Mar 16 10:24

White House At War With Clintons: “Obama Does Not Want To See Hillary Become President Of The United States”

Bill Clinton, upon learning of this, reportedly said to a friend; ‘The Obamas are out to get us any way they can.’

Mar 16 10:23

IDF Soldier Arrested For Firing his machine gun at teenage girls after being refused a kiss

ed note–if this is how they deal with their own, imagine what they are willing to do to Gentiles.

Mar 16 10:22

Michael Douglas: World Must Tackle ‘The Madness’ of Anti-Semitism

ed note–the source of ‘anti-Semitism’ was never, is not now and never will be some ‘unsolved mystery’. Jews have been hated throughout history because of their behavior which is a product of the way they think. Their thinking is rooted in self-worship (God’s chosen people) mixed with criminal inclinations as inculcated into their ‘value system’ via the Torah and its various heroes and heroines who all engaged in criminal, illicit behavior. The only ‘madness’ that needs to be tackled is Judaism, Jewish thinking and the criminal, anti-Gentile behavior that it has always produced throughout history. Once this has been accomplished, those who have been prisoner to this form of mental illness will be freed of their bondage and thus, ‘anti-Semitism’ will be eradicated.

Mar 16 10:21

Senator who spearheaded letter to Iran got $1 million from Kristol’s ‘Emergency Commitee for Israel’


Mar 16 10:19

After Lieberman, imagining Israel’s new face to the world

ed note–as we have predicted here on this website may times, much of the present brouhaha involving Netanyahu is about giving this ugly woman known as the Jewish state a new makeover so as to make her more presentable to a world that has grown tired of her inherently ugly appearance. Netanyahu & co–including Lieberman–are the face of Judaism, Inc. In their brash, brazen and unapologetically-honest behavior, they reveal Judaism (and its political manifestation, Zionism) for what they truly are without all the black magic and makeup, and unless something drastic is done, the Gentile world will eventually and inevitably wake from its slumber and begin the process of expelling this dangerous virus from its body politic, and in the process, thousands of years of work in writing this malware code and loading it onto the hard drive of human thought and activity will be lost, and this is the reason for the removal of Netanyahu and his associates in Likud and Y’Israel Betenyu.

Mar 16 10:05

Netanyahu: If I'm elected, there will be no Palestinian state

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau said Monday that if he were to be reelected, a Palestinian state would not be created, in a definite disavowal of his 2009 speech, in which he had voiced support for the principle of two states for two peoples.

Mar 16 09:20


The Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday approved the Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Protection Act, which would facilitate the sharing of information from private companies to the government. The putative reason for the legislation is to stop cyberattacks, but some are concerned it will allow transfers of large amounts of personal information to the government.

Mar 16 09:16

We’re in a new age, which brings new normals. Despite the hoary wisdom, sometimes it really is different this time. Regime change runs slowly until it becomes rapid, then instantaneous. Nobody rings a bell to announce it.

Mar 16 09:14

Google is pleading with Firefox users to stop using Yahoo

Google's dropping search share is painful for the company, but given that Firefox is used by only 12% of Americans, the long-term effects will be limited. But this may just be the start for Google.

Some reports say Apple is considering dropping Google as its default search engine on the iPhone's Safari web browser. It is not clear what Apple might use instead, whether Yahoo, Bing, or an in-house search, but any change would be a big loss for Google.

Mar 16 09:13


The Food and Drug Administration is proposing to allow pharmaceutical companies to undermine official safety warnings in sales presentations to customers. While an FDA warning about a drug’s dangers can scare off buyers, the new proposal would allow companies to provide doctors, hospitals and other customers with information that conflicts with official advice, which is typically developed after a rigorous scientific process.

Mar 16 09:04

Villages wiped out, houses scattered and families devastated: Aerial photographs of Vanuatu reveal the widespread destruction that has claimed at least six lives

New pictures have emerged which show the devastation caused by Cyclone Pam after it tore through Vanuatu destroying towns and villages and killing at least six people..

The country's president, Baldwin Lonsdale, has estimated the cyclone, which struck on Saturday, has destroyed or damaged 90 per cent of the buildings in the capital of Port Vila.

Mar 16 08:55

'Ancient statues' destroyed by ISIS in Mosul were FAKES - and the originals are safely stored in Baghdad, claims Iraqi museum director 

'Ancient' statues filmed being destroyed by depraved Islamic State militants in a Mosul museum last month were nothing more than worthless fakes, the director of an Iraqi museum has claimed.

The terrorist organisation released shocking footage at the end of February purportedly showing jihadis destroying 3,000-year-old artworks with sledgehammers in their northern Iraqi stronghold.

But now Baghdad museum director Fawzye al-Mahdi has ridiculed ISIS' propaganda exercise, claiming the genuine priceless Assyrian and Akkadian statues and sculptures are still safely in his possession in the Iraqi capital, adding that those in Mosul were plaster cast replicas.

Mar 16 08:54

Bahraini Activist: Al Khalifa Implementing Saudi Plans to Confront Bahrain's Revolution

"The Al Khalifa regime is trying to derail Bahrain's Revolution to a direction that is favored by the US and its regional allies," Ebrahim al-Ghoreifi told FNA on Monday.

He, however, noted that the people of Bahrain are vigilant and hold rallies everyday demanding the overthrow of the Al Khalifa regime.

"The Al Khalifa regime has committed big crimes against the Bahraini nation and it has violated their sovereignty and territorial integrity by allowing the occupying Saudi troops into their country …," Al-Ghoreifi said.

In a relevant development on Friday, Bahraini regime forces attacked protesters marking the fourth anniversary of Saudi Arabia’s military intervention to crush the uprising in the Persian Gulf country.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of al-Daih, al-Musalla, Bilad al-Qadeem, and Diraz to denounce the occupation of Bahraini land by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that you have most probably not seen any whisper of this conflict on any of the talking heads shows, chaired by commercial media's presstitutes.

But this is an explosion/revolution waiting to happen, unless the Al-Khalifa monarchy bends a little, and when the situation here does explode, it will be monumental in scope and breadth.

The largely Shiite population of Bahrain wants to see the country move into the present by creating a Constitutional Monarchy, with rights and privileges, including the right to petition the government.

Even the peaceful protesters were shot, beaten, and then the first responders who treated them were imprisoned, and tortured to confess to whatever narrative the Al-Khalifa monarchy wished them to. These people were also jailed and tortured.

And here is where the situation gets ugly/nasty for the US government.

The US government has been supporting both the Saudi and Bahraini government, because the US, ultimately, needs Saudi oil, and the US Navy's 5th fleet is hosted by Bahrain. Both governments have been brutally oppressive to their own people.

IF there is a revolution in Bahrain which spills over into Saudi Arabia (and although there has been little talk of it in the US press, there have been demonstrations in Saudi Arabia against the government), it is very likely that Saudi's oil may not be "available" for the US government, and will be purchased for other than the US dollar.

And in Bahrain, if a revolution is successful there, I would not bet against the US Navy being "uninvited" from its base in that kingdom.

So what does this government do?!?! Double down heavily on the side of two oppressive monarchies, because it is the geopolitically expedient thing to do, and democracy be DAMNED!!

Bad US foreign policy decisions are pushing the world to new heights of instability; and if you don't believe me, look how hard we are pushing Ukraine to go to war with Russia, and look at the failed state nation of Yemen.

It appears to me to be painfully clear that, within the last two administrations, absolutely no one in government had the ability to think a scenario through to its logical conclusion.

Mar 16 08:54

Something to celebrate, Jeremy? Clarkson enjoys lunch with a pal as viewers desert BBC in their millions and make thousands of complaints at cancellation of Top Gear

Viewers have deserted the BBC in their millions after its decision to postpone the remaining episodes of Top Gear in a move sparking thousands of complaints.

The BBC cancelled last night's show and replaced it with a Red Arrows documentary which pulled in just one million viewers. The popular motoring show regularly commands a five million strong audience. 

Mar 16 08:49

Tory chairman Grant Shapps admits he 'screwed up' by falsely claiming he'd never worked as get-rich-quick salesman after becoming an MP

Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps was facing growing calls to resign this morning after being forced to admit he did work as a get-rich-quick salesman under a false name after entering Parliament.

Mr Shapps said he had 'screwed up' by insisting 'over firmly' that he had never had a second job after becoming an MP.

It comes after a recording emerged from 2006, a year after he was elected to Parliament, capturing the MP selling self-help guide Stinking Rich 3 and claiming his products could make listeners a 'ton of cash'.

Despite the revelation, David Cameron this morning insisted he had full confidence in the Conservative party chairman.

Mar 16 08:32

Executive Petrobras Admits Taking Bribes

A Executive of the Brazilian state oil company told a congressional panel began accepting bribes from some of the largest construction firms in the country 18 years ago Tuesday.

According to federal prosecutors, the scheme involved the payment of at least $ 800 million in bribes and other funds by major engineering and construction companies in exchange for inflated contracts with Petrobras. Prosecutors have said that some of that money was transferred to the ruling Workers Party and other major political organizations to political campaigns.


Owl 3

Mar 16 08:18

Shoot Against Two Police Officers In Los Angeles

Two police officers in Los Angeles suffered minor injuries Sunday when they were shot while traveling on the south of the city, as reported by the authorities.

The Los Angeles Police Department on his Twitter account urged citizens to avoid the area around Broadway and 65th Street in the neighborhood of Florence in South Los Angeles. According to local media, the scene a swarm of police cars and heavily armed SWAT teams was observed.


Mar 16 08:13

Ukrainian Prime Minister Demands Putting Troops on Full Combat Alert

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk called on the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff to put troops on full combat alert Monday.
"This [situation in crisis-hit Donbas] demands the Defense Ministry and the General Staff to put Ukrainian armed forces on full combat alert," he told regional administration chiefs at a video conference.
He also called for equipping air-raid shelters.
Yatsenyuk urged the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the law enforcement in particular to fight terrorism and persecute everyone, who "trenches on the lives of Ukrainians and Ukrainian independence."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to wonder just what kind of assurances this man, and Poroshenko, were given by representatives of the US government, to be making this call at this time, when most OCSE representatives are stating that the truce is, for the most part, holding?!?

With Putin having called a "snap drill" of Russia's military. And as reported today at RT.com:

"Military drills of varying complexity have also been launched all across the country. The Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan, Kant, is also taking part. Troops stationed there are testing their ability to locate an adversary in difficult climatic and geographical conditions.

The Russian drills have been announced amid increased NATO activity near Russian borders, a cause of permanent dissatisfaction in the Kremlin.

On Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed “deep concern” about the NATO drills taking place in northeastern Europe. Deputy head Aleksey Meshkov has warned that “such actions coming from the alliance can only lead to the destabilizing of the situation and stokes up tension.”

A week ago more than 120 armored units, including tanks, were deployed in Latvia."

It is really beginning to feel to me as though the excrement is about to hit the ventilation system , and quickly in this confrontation, courtesy of a coming false flag action by the US government.

Mar 16 08:10

10 US charity staff to leave Sierra Leone amid Ebola scare

Ten health care workers with a Boston-based nonprofit organization responding to Sierra Leone’s Ebola outbreak are to be evacuated to the United States after one of their colleagues was infected with the deadly disease.

Partners in Health said in a statement Saturday that the 10, the largest group to be evacuated to the United States over possible Ebola exposure, would travel on non-commercial aircraft and be isolated in Ebola treatment facilities.




Mar 16 08:00

Watch: The Cape Cod Icebergs Are Perfect for Wakeskating

Florida wakeskater Brian Grubb flew out to Cape Cod this week for the rare opportunity to ride on icebergs (well, not technically) off the Massachusetts coast. The snow-filled winter has blanketed the region, and even the beaches weren’t spared.

Mar 16 07:57


South-east Asian economies' growing demand for energy and resources could lead to long periods of recession in the UK A little-known Ministry of Defence (MoD) report published earlier this year warns that converging global trends will dramatically affect UK economic prosperity through to 2040.

Mar 16 07:55


?Many people have claimed that a vast Zionist conspiracy, funded by rich foreign Jews with communist leanings, is manipulating the people through the Zionist owned and controlled media. The purpose of this conspiracy is to overthrow the government and to implement policies which are against the will and the best interest of the people.
The above is an antisemitic slur? An excerpt from the fake Protocols of the Elders of Zion? A Nazi fantasy?

Mar 16 07:50

24,000 chemicals may be tainting your bottled water

Tap water is by no means something to reach for when looking to achieve optimal health (check this out to see why that is)

Mar 16 07:50


Rather than merely asking for a right or wrong answer to a math, history or science question, the new assessment industry is capable of boring into a child’s attitudes, values, opinions and beliefs, all of which parents and privacy advocates say is no business of the government’s.

The pushback has led some state education systems to recommend a reduction in the amount of high-stakes testing in public schools.

But, parents beware, the sudden realization that maybe too much testing is going on is not going to lead to less data being collected. Quite the opposite.

But what if your child’s teacher could have access to a software application that allows her to collect data on your child in real time, without ever rolling out a test?

Enter the BOSS app. It is just one of countless new data-collection products available to school systems looking to collect data on the sneak.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And please be aware: these dossiers will follow the kid from kindergarten through high school.

Mar 16 07:48


They’ll say they need to do it to keep your kids from cheating, but this is just the beginning.