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March 22, 2018

Mar 22 03:56

Mark Zuckerberg in 2009: Facebook privacy is central - BBC News

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Zuckerberg said today he's 'really sorry'. I would be sorry too If I'd just blown $5 Billion

Mar 22 03:54

Insane Aggression on Display

One would expect that Jews would have learned from past mistakes that it is a bad idea to mount pressure on their host nations to suspend their relationships with other nations ... The Ruderman Family Foundation, a prominent Jewish-American Foundation launched a campaign calling for the United States to sever ties with Poland. As could be expected, it did not go well. The Jewish foundation produced an obscenely belligerent video in support of their campaign, which I urge you to watch ... The video is a distressing display of the aggression that is attached to contemporary Jewish nationalist identification ... Witold Jurasz, a journalist with the private Polsat broadcaster, blasted the video as "offensive and scandalous," and said it "spits in the face of every Pole" - even those who, like him, oppose Poland's Holocaust law.
Note: Auschwitz authorities have long ago admitted that 4 million were not killed there. It was changed to 1.1 million. (and since lowered further)

Mar 22 03:44

Indian Children’s Book Lists Hitler as Leader ‘Who Will Inspire You

An Indian publisher came under fire this week for including Hitler in a children's book about world leaders who have "devoted their lives for the betterment of their country and people." ... The [Zionist] Simon Wiesenthal Center, which is based in Los Angeles, called for the publisher to remove "Great Leaders" from circulation and its online store, where it is sold for about $2 ... Annshu Juneja, a publishing manager at the imprint, said by email that Hitler was featured because, like Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, "his leadership skills and speeches influenced masses." "We are not talking about his way of conduct or his views or whether he was a good leader or a bad leader but simply portraying how powerful he was as a leader," he said.

Mar 22 03:41

US Threatens to Sanction European Firms Involved in Russian Gas Project

The US State Department issued a warning over probable penalties against corporations engaged in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, claiming that the Russian project undermines energy security in Europe.
“As many people know, we oppose the Nord Stream 2 project, the US government does,” State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert said during a news briefing, RT reported.

“We believe that the Nord Stream 2 project would undermine Europe's overall energy security and stability. It would provide Russia [with] another tool to pressure European countries, especially countries such as Ukraine,” she added.

The pipeline project was started in 2015 as a joint venture between Russia's Gazprom and its European partners>>>

(*and it kind of iligitimizes us coming up the middle of Syria for Israel with our own gas pipeline , so WE can be the ones who undermine Europe's overall energy security and stability , and pressure European nations especially countries such as Ukraine
official souce)

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Mar 22 03:40

Amazon, Foyles, Waterstones and WH Smith urged to drop sale of antisemitic books

Major booksellers - including Amazon, Foyles, Waterstones and WH Smith - are facing calls to stop the sale of antisemitic and neo-Nazi material on their websites. Jonathan Arkush, Board of Deputies president, has said he is "dismayed" to learn retailers are profiting from the sale of "heinous books" including infamous antisemitic forgery, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The continued distribution of hate-filled books by high street retailers was highlighted in an investigation carried out by the Hope Not Hate organisation. Among other examples of extremist literature for sale were copies of The Turner Diaries (the inspiration for Oklahoma bomber Tim McVeigh and London nail bomber David Copeland), and the infamous Holocaust denial work Did Six Million Really Die? The Truth at Last ...
Note: They just cannot stand the truth!

Mar 22 03:35

Poland censors Israeli mayor who sought to cite Polish Holocaust crimes at event

A bitter dispute between Jerusalem and Warsaw over a controversial Holocaust law reached new heights on Monday, as an Israeli mayor was forced to cancel a speech he was planning to deliver to Israeli high school students on a trip to Poland after local authorities censored his prepared remarks ... Before Dukorsky could deliver his address, the Radomsko municipality asked to go over his speech in light of a new law criminalizing the mention of complicity by the Polish state or nation in the Holocaust ... "We reject any attempt at censorship," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon. "We support the mayor's right to make his speech as planned and not omit any word, not even a single letter."

Mar 22 03:23

Ahed Tamimi: Palestinian slap video teen gets eight months in plea deal

A Palestinian teenager arrested after slapping an Israeli soldier has accepted a plea deal that will see her serve eight months in prison.
Ahed Tamimi had agreed to plead guilty to four of the 12 charges she faced, including assault, her lawyer said.
She will also pay a fine of 5,000 shekels ($1,440) and accept a further eight-month jail term, suspended.
The 17 year old was detained after being filmed confronting two armed soldiers outside her home in December.

Mar 22 03:14

Congress Unveils $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill As Friday Deadline Looms

House and Senate leaders posted a 2,232 page spending bill to fund the government through September 30 of this year on Wednesday evening ahead of a midnight Friday deadline.

The $1.3 trillion measure includes significant boosts to U.S. military spending supported by President Trump and congressional Republicans, while Democrats secured boosts to domestic spending that most Republicans oppose.

Congressional leaders celebrated the legislation>>>

Mar 22 03:08

Fed Raises Rates and Signals Faster Pace in Coming Years

Vote to raise interest rates at the first meeting led by Jerome Powell was unanimous

WASHINGTON—Federal Reserve officials signaled Wednesday they could pick up the pace of interest-rate increases to cool economic growth after next year.

The Fed voted unanimously to raise its benchmark federal-funds rate by a quarter-percentage point to a range between 1.5% and 1.75%. Officials said they expected to lift it another two or three times this year, and three times next year

Mar 22 03:03

The Massive Toys 'R' Us Going-Out-of-Business Sales Begin Tomorrow

After fighting an unwinnable battle against the changing times and online retailers, Toys “R” Us is finally closing up shop in the US. Though the company at first planned on trying to keep some 700 stores across the globe open after filing for bankruptcy last year, the retail giant pivoted suddenly last week when it filed for liquidation last week


Mar 22 01:42

Zuckerberg's interview is scary because it's clear he's not in control

Yet, following the CNN appearance and after interviews with multiple US media outlets also landed online, it seems there is a simple reason he and his top lieutenant Sheryl Sandberg have been silent, until now.

The company isn't on top of this problem.

March 21, 2018

Mar 21 23:33

Federal judge scolds Kobach for violating her trust at contempt hearing

This judge ordered Kobach to register voters without proof of citizenship. He refused to follow her UnConstitutional order and she is going to hold him in contempt for following Kansas law and refusing to register illegal aliens as voters.
I have seen it all.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach could be facing a contempt order from a federal court after a judge on Tuesday tore into the Kansas Republican about repeatedly skirting her orders.

Robinson in 2016 ordered Kobach to fully register thousands of Kansas voters who had registered at the DMV but had failed to provide proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate or passport, as required by a Kansas law that Kobach crafted.

Mar 21 22:57

Guns on display in a firearms store (Credit: 2AR Tactical Custom Guns/Facebook via MGN.).

WASHINGTON (CIRCA) - YouTube has placed tighter restrictions on videos concerning guns, according to Bloomberg Technology.
Bloomberg Technology on Wednesday reported that YouTube will ban videos promoting or linking to websites selling firearms and accessories.

Mar 21 22:56

THE SUSPECT: Family of Mark A. Conditt ‘grieving’ and ‘in shock’

2:10 p.m. update: Relatives of Mark A. Conditt issued a statement Wednesday afternoon saying they are shocked and devastated by the revelation that he was behind the string of bombings that have terrorized Austin this month.

Owl 1
Mar 21 22:56

THE SUSPECT: Family of Mark A. Conditt ‘grieving’ and ‘in shock’

2:10 p.m. update: Relatives of Mark A. Conditt issued a statement Wednesday afternoon saying they are shocked and devastated by the revelation that he was behind the string of bombings that have terrorized Austin this month.

Mar 21 22:06

China is One Signature Away From Dealing the Dollar a Death Blow

On March 26 China will finally launch a yuan-dominated oil futures contract. Over the last decade there have been a number of “false-starts,” but this time the contract has gotten approval from China’s State Council.

With that approval, the “petroyuan” will become real and China will set out to challenge the “petrodollar” for dominance. Adam Levinson, managing partner and chief investment officer at hedge fund manager Graticule Asset Management Asia (GAMA), already warned last year that China launching a yuan-denominated oil futures contract will shock those investors who have not been paying attention.

Mar 21 22:00

Fred Savage denies claims after 'The Grinder' costumer details alleged verbal, physical abuse

A female crew member who worked on the former Fox comedy The Grinder has filed a lawsuit accusing star Fred Savage of verbally harassing and physically striking her on set.

Mar 21 22:00

Teen banned from prom at Christian school for wearing a dress with mesh cut-outs

A teen was banned from entering her date’s prom for wearing a dress with mesh cut-outs, and her mother claims she was mistreated.

Mar 21 21:55

Urgent: Britain stages Russia poisoning, drowns in lies

Russian UN ambassador:-
"In order to be able to confirm the substance one has to be able to compare it to the corresponding standard. If there are assured that this gas is Novichock then a priori, they have the control standard for this substance.

Then they have a collection and the formula. And that's the main point of this story. In other words if Britain is assured that this gas is Novichok then it has it's chemical fomula, it's samples and as such is able to produce it themselves"

Mar 21 20:07

TRUMP Rips Into “Crazed” Media, Says “Getting Along With Russia Is A Good Thing”

Wednesday afternoon, President Trump attacked the “crazed” media for their continued attacks over his phone call with Putin. Trump called attention to the fact that Obama, too, congratulated Putin back in 2012. The Gateway Pundit reported on the media ignoring not only the fact that Obama congratulated Putin in 2012, but went above and beyond that, promising the the Russian president he would show him “flexibility” after he won his own election.

President Trump stood confident in his diplomatic call, taking to twitter he declared, “The Fake News Media is crazed because they wanted me to excoriate him. They are wrong! Getting along with Russia (and others) is a good thing, not a bad thing…….”

Mar 21 20:04

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Obama Campaign Official Admitted Democrats Sucked the “Entire Social Network in US,” Kept the Data, Still Use It (VIDEO)

Carol Davidsen also admitted in a speech that Democrats sucked out “the entire social network of the US”, kept the data and still have it.


Carol Davidson was not the only Obama official to brag about the campaign’s use of social media data.

Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina touted the 2012 campaign’s use of “targeted sharing” on Facebook to use supporters as a way to persuade their undecided friends and family to support Obama.

Messina bragged about the use of Facebook data by the Obama campaign in a speech in 2013.

Mar 21 18:18

Current account, Existing home sales

Mar 21 15:58

Soldiers In Europe Are Laser-Blasting Drones Out Of The Sky

Mar 21 15:45

Credit Concerns In U.S. Growing As LIBOR OIS Surges to 2009 High

Mar 21 15:30

Meet the 52 Year-Old Father Who Identifies As a 6 Year-Old Girl

In an interview with gay news site The Daily Xtra, a 52 year-old Canadian father of seven explains how he now identifies as a 6 year-old girl.

“I can’t deny I was married. I can’t deny I have children,” Stefonknee Wolscht says. “But I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child. I don’t want to be an adult right now.”

Mar 21 15:26

Fasten Your Seat Belt, Turbulence Ahead

Mar 21 15:25


This is very, very interesting...


Mar 21 15:03

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Launches Massive Facial Recognition Program

By Derrick Broze

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recently announced they have adopted a massive biometric system in an effort to fight crime.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has made public a partnership with NEC Corporation of America (NEC) which will allow the department to utilize NEC’s award-winning facial recognition program. According to a press release, the Sheriff’s Department originally made the switch on January 7, but the announcement has only now been made public. The arrangement grants the Sheriff’s Department access to NEC’s Integra ID 5 Multimodal Identification Biometric Solution (MBIS). The MBIS will be managed by the Los Angeles County Regional Identification System (LACRIS) Unit...

Mar 21 14:59

Donald Trump SLAMS Russophobes ‘Getting along with Russia is a good thing”

Trump was criticized for congratulating Putin…in other words…doing his job

Owl 2
Mar 21 14:48

BREAKING | McCabe Opened Criminal Probe of Sessions In 2017

Pure hit job story from ABC. And guess who urged McCabe to open the probe... none other than Al Franken. Worst of all, the allegations against Sessions were completely debunked by an FBI employee. All of the details are here...


Mar 21 14:46

SLOW DEATH: Guitar Center is $1 billion in debt

Mar 21 14:22

McCabe authorized criminal probe of Sessions!

ABC News just reported

Mar 21 14:18

Students organizing a pro-life walk out, challenging the school’s administration after they allowed the anti-gun walk out

and fired a teacher for asking if they would allow a pro-life walk out. Let’s help them: #life

Mar 21 14:18

US officials: Kaspersky “Slingshot” report burned anti-terror operation

A malware campaign discovered by researchers for Kaspersky Lab this month was in fact a US military operation, according to a report by CyberScoop's Chris Bing and Patrick Howell O'Neill. Unnamed US intelligence officials told CyberScoop that Kaspersky's report had exposed a long-running Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) operation targeting the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

The malware used in the campaign, according to the officials, was used to target computers in Internet cafés where it was believed individuals associated with the Islamic State and Al Qaeda would communicate with their organizations' leadership. Kaspersky's report showed Slingshot had targeted computers in countries where ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other radical Islamic terrorist groups have a presence or recruit: Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mar 21 14:11

This Is Why Retail Sales Have Been So Weak

Mar 21 13:26

FINAL PHOTOS of Last Male White Rino Before He Died…

The world says goodbye to Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino on Earth...


Mar 21 13:05


Welcome to South Africa! The country where you get stabbed in the neck, in broad daylight, in the middle of the supermarket, just for… fun… or something. And because you’re white.


Mar 21 12:54

Delete Facebook

Mar 21 12:43

Ivanka Trump Roundtable on Anti-Sex Trafficking

c-span video

Mar 21 12:35

SWAT team descends on Austin bomber's home and speak to shirtless man just hours after the homeschooled Christian blew himself up during police chase, ending 19-day campaign of terror

Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, blew himself up as police tried to arrest him about 2am Wednesday
Police were able to zero in on the bomber after obtaining CCTV footage of him posting two packages at a FedEx office in Austin on Sunday night

Mar 21 11:57

Stay focused Brexiters – Russia is not the enemy

Better to live free for a day in a Britain full of rogue killers than to live a thousand years as the slaves of Brussels

Mar 21 11:57

Death from above

Every Saudi coalition air raid on Yemen

Mar 21 11:56

Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi reaches plea deal for 8 months’ jail

A Palestinian teenager arrested after a viral video showed her hit two Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank has reached a plea deal with prosecutors to serve eight months in jail, her lawyer said Wednesday.

The Israeli military court where Ahed Tamimi is being tried had not yet decided on whether to accept the agreement reached with prosecutors, lawyer Gaby Lasky told AFP.

Tamimi was 16 at the time of the December incident. She has since turned 17.

Mar 21 11:54

Confederate War Memorial in downtown Dallas must come down

Dallas made a powerful statement about the kind of city we want to be when it removed the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in September.

The City Council vote signaled that the time had come for the painful reminders of this country's racist past to go. Now the council faces decisions about how to move forward with other proposals offered by Mayor Mike Rawlings' Confederate monuments task force.

Mar 21 11:52

30 Questions Journalists Should Be Asking About Skripal Case

There are a lot of issues around the case of Sergei and Yulia Skripal which, at the time of writing, are very unclear and rather odd. There may well be good and innocent explanations for some or even all of them. Then again there may not. This is why it is crucial for questions to be asked where, as yet, there are either no answers or deeply unsatisfactory ones.

Mar 21 11:46

Feinstein Vs 6 Year Old

Mar 21 11:33

Zuckerberg saved tens of millions of dollars by selling Facebook stock ahead of Monday’s decline

Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg saw his net worth decline by more than $5 billion since Monday, but it could have been worse.

Ahead of Facebook’s worst one-day decline since 2012, prompted by news that data affecting 51.3 million members was improperly shared with a political consulting firm, Zuckerberg had been busy selling stock. So far this year, he has sold more than 5 million shares.

Disposing of those Facebook shares FB, +1.62% before Tuesday ended up saving about $70 million, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings and some arithmetic by MarketWatch.