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"Today the United States has, by far, the most unequal distribution of wealth and income in the industrialized world." -- Vermont Congressman Bernie Sanders



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October 28, 2009

Oct 28 07:52

Lebanon discovers rockets bound for Israel

A day after Israel's artillery attack on southern Lebanon, the Lebanese army troops say they have discovered four rockets ready to be launched at Israel.

The Katyusha-type rockets, which were set with timers, were found Wednesday in a half-built house in the border village of Hula, where nine Israeli artillery shells landed the night before.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So that's a Katyusha?

It's a glorified bottle-rocket!

Hand-made so it cannot be traced, small enough to smuggle across a border, set up on a wood ramp meaning the perps didn't really care if it hit anything or not as long as it was seen.

Qui Bono?

Note also that Hula is very near the Litani River, known to be an objective of Israel. It has been the site of previous massacres committed by the Israelis.

Oct 28 07:25

Ya'alon: I'll forgo Europe trips to allow IDF freedom

Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon on Wednesday said he is "willing to forgo visits to European capitals and to allow the Israel Defense Forces the freedom to act."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I'll go visit the Americans. They provide a safe haven for war criminals!"

Oct 28 07:25

Lebanon army dismantles 4 rockets aimed at Israel

The Lebanese official said the rockets were discovered Wednesday, placed in a building under construction in the Houla area from where Tuesday's rocket was launched.

He says three of the four Katyusha rockets found were ready to be fired. He spoke on condition of anonymity in line with military regulations.

Opposition leader and Kadima chairwoman Tzipi Livni said on Wednesday morning that "Lebanon is responsible for everything that takes place in its territory."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even if Israeli spies set those rockets up, Tzipi?

"By way of deception..."

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Oct 28 06:26

Bay Bridge rod snaps, San Fran commuters in traffic nightmare

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge has been closed indefinitely after a rod installed during last month's emergency repairs snapped, causing a traffic nightmare for the 26,000 motorists who cross the landmark span every day.

Engineers on Wednesday will evaluate the damage caused when the rod and metal brace fell into the 73-year-old bridge's westbound lanes during Tuesday evening's rush hour.

The drumbeats of war continue on despite the crumbling infastructure.

Oct 28 06:21



For someone who is, as I am, as you probably are, an "ordinary" citizen (as in, not in a position of influence, power), isn't there a common law suit that one can file to compel those in power to do their job? When the lawmakers are lawless, who enforces laws? Or, the example most infuriatingly to hand, (and not that Wikipedia is the be-all and end all, but surely it indicates widespread social acceptance) if this is in wikipedia, meaning, if EVERYONE KNOWS THEY HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS, why are we still giving aid to Israel?!?

Oct 28 06:00

FLASHBACK: John Bolton’s Iranian Erection

Bolton: Israel May Have to Strike Iran Soon 1/22/2008

Bolton: Israel Will Strike Iran if Obama is Elected 6/25/2008

Bolton: Strike.. ‘During Bush’s Term Makes A Lot Of Sense’ 6/30/08

Bolton demands US support for Israeli strike on Iran 7/15/2008

John Bolton: Israel Will Attack Iran Before Inauguration 12/2008

Time for an Israeli Strike? - Bolton 07/02/2009

Oct 28 05:59

A review of David Ray Griffin's Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7

The nanotechnology allowed the thermate to be broken down into minute, even more potent particles which could be aerosolized and used to spray on or within the walls of the towers, to be ignited for later havoc. The fact that NIST refused even to consider nano-thermate presence and destructive potential, but rather summarily dismissed the use of it, is a sin against science, as Griffin points out. It is a sin, too, against 2800 souls who were lost on 9/11, as well as all those Americans who innocently believe the administration conspiracy theory.

This is not to mention the second wave of slaughter, the many illnesses and deaths from cancer, pulmonary disease and body poisoning, which are occurring with first responders who worked non-stop on the pile for up to eight months. These are not the illnesses of mere smoke inhalation, but of the massive number of toxic substances exploded into the air by the literal pulverizing of the three towers that each sunk in free fall to the ground into their own footprints.

Oct 28 05:58

Bolton backs Israeli attack on Iran

In his interview with Russia Today John Bolton continues his overwhelming support for the state of Israel. He says that the Iranians are working toward developing nuclear weapons and that Israel has a right to pre-emptively strike the Iranian republic. Bolton has been a firm supporter of AIPAC and of Jewish interests for his entire political career, he does many interviews justifying Jewish dominance of the middle-east.

Oct 28 05:01

Young Afghan Struggles To Adapt After Guantanamo

Six inches taller and 40 lbs. heavier than when he left his country nearly seven years ago,Jawad alternately smiles shyly,tenses with anger,then smiles again,the mood swings of someone trying to figure out how he lost a third of his life.

Oct 28 04:34

Why is the US military surprised by disaster?

The service academies reinforce these unfortunate characteristics. Their schooling consists of four years of learning what to think, not how to think. There are hours of running in formation (“If I die on the Russian front….”), close-order drill, manual of arms (“Hen-spection…harms!”). Why? There is no military value in being able to shift your rifle from shoulder to shoulder crisply. Like the endless inspections of everything, all of this participation in the hive inculcates groupishness and a curious sense of safety in conformity.

The effects are remarkable and, from a standpoint of civilization, undesirable. Large authoritarian organizations make easier the compartmentalization of morality. A colonel typically will be a good neighbor, civic-minded, responsible, unlikely to steal your silverware or kick your dog. If the Pentagon tells him to bomb a city he has never heard of and has no reason to bomb, killing people who pose no threat to him, he will. He feels no individual responsibility for atrocious behavior ordered from above. “I vas only followink orders,” the Nuremberg defense, is the bedrock of military ethics, if any.

Oct 28 04:34

U.S. Continues Quagmire Building Effort in Afghanistan

In fact many government officials now believe that the United States and it's allies could be as little as 6 months away from their goal:the total quagmirification of Afghanistan.

Oct 28 04:23

Religious Political Creep

Oct 28 04:22

Life isn’t Fair!

‘Life isn’t fair’, heard that one a lot as a boy. Usually when I was complaining about so-and-so had something I wanted but did not have. Well there they go again! Those darn pesky Iranians are looking to legitimize the Iranian nuclear program, which by all accounts are indeed used and intended for peaceful purposes, by pointing to Israel’s nuclear weapon arsenal. Somehow they are assuming we live in an equitable world where what’s fair is fair...

Oct 28 04:16

What Is Money: Part 10- When Money Dies

It aint goin to be pretty!

Oct 28 02:30

In Israel, a Key Test of Obama’s Retooled Missile Shield

This week, the United States and Israel kicked off a major air-defense exercise that will test scenarios including coordinated missile barrages launched from Iran or from Syria, as well as shorter-range rocket attacks by Hezbollah or Hamas.... Brig. Gen. Doron Gavish, commander of the Israel Air Force’s Air Defense Division, said in a press conference that the exercise was not related to Iran’s continued missile tests and enrichment of nuclear fuel. “It is a carefully designed exercise that has been taking place for years.” But Ha’aretz describes the drill as “preparation for a faceoff with Iran.”...

As part of the contingent of 1,000 U.S. troops taking part in the exercise, the Ohio Army National Guard’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high-yield Explosive Enhanced Response Force will take part; the Guardsmen have been training with the Israeli Home Front Command as part of the exercise.

Oct 28 00:59


Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman may have tipped his Masada hand when he reportedly told Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan that Israel may use nuclear weapons against Gaza. The threat to Israel is not the 1.5 million Gazans who reside in the world’s largest open-air prison. The threat is the fast-growing global outrage at the abuse inflicted on Palestinians, commencing with the ethnic cleansing of 400-plus villages six decades ago.

October 27, 2009

Oct 27 23:10

UN staff killed in Kabul attack

The attack began at dawn on Wednesday

Six foreign UN employees have been killed and nine wounded in an attack in the Afghan capital, Kabul, the UN says.
Heavy gunfire and an explosion were heard at a guesthouse used by the UN, after militants entered the building.

Oct 27 21:08

Do you love humanity enough to stop illegal US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran?

Most people claim the religious/spiritual/philosophical value of love to be highly important to their self-expression. Let’s explore the virtue of love and inquire into its application regarding current US wars.

An absolutely beginners’ test for love is if you care minimally enough to act in prevention of a violent attack against another person, with all likelihood that attack will cause severe pain and suffering upon the victim. Americans have been in the presence of such a test for the current wars with Iraq, Afghanistan, and rhetoric for more war in Iran. An important part of our understanding is being clear about the truth of our government’s claims justifying these wars as helpful for US national security and/or helpful for the countries’ populations we’ve invaded.

Oct 27 19:58

ClimaFearists Want to Cause Soaring Meat Prices

limaFearist Lord Nicholas Stern, a former chief economist of the World Bank and now I. G. Patel Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, is to be feared. He is a ClimaFearist with clout.

He is leading a movemnet to, get this, ban meat to save the planet.

Oct 27 19:57

Recent Ocean Heat and MLO CO2 Trends

Clearly something is happening to heat content within our oceans, whether it is a flat trend or yet unrecognized loss of heat, remains to be hashed out. The year 2008 was a cooler year globally, and there is quite a bit of measured as well as anecdotal (weather event) data to support that. Our oceans are in fact the planet’s largest heat sink, and it has been routinely demonstrated that changes in that heat sink status (AMO, PDO, El Nino and La Nina) do in fact affect our weather and climate.

So to paraphrase Josh Willis in his rebuttal of his own data: “Is it me, or did the oceans cool”?

Oct 27 19:30

Retire the 401(k). Replace it With This.

(no comment)

Oct 27 18:51

The “Muslim Mafia“ vs. La Kosher Nostra–Will the Real Threat to America Please Stand Up?

…Then a new king came to power in Egypt…“Look,” he said to his people, “the Israelites have become far too numerous for us. Come, we must deal shrewdly with them, for if war breaks out they will join with our enemies, fight against us and then leave the country.”

–Book of Exodus

“Understand this–that Terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with…it can’t be reasoned with…It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and it absolutely will not stop, EVER, until you are dead…”

–“Reese” speaking to “Sarah Conner” in “The Terminator”

Oct 27 18:46

NY Times: Karzai's drug dealing brother on CIA payroll

KABUL, Afghanistan — Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of the Afghan president and a suspected player in the country’s booming illegal opium trade, gets regular payments from the Central Intelligence Agency, and has for much of the past eight years, according to current and former American officials.

The agency pays Mr. Karzai for a variety of services, including helping to recruit an Afghan paramilitary force that operates at the C.I.A.’s direction in and around the southern city of Kandahar, Mr. Karzai’s home.

The financial ties and close working relationship between the intelligence agency and Mr. Karzai raise significant questions about America’s war strategy, which is currently under review at the White House.

Owl 1
Oct 27 17:36

Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell

Dr. Diane Harper, lead researcher in the development of two human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, said the controversial drugs will do little to reduce cervical cancer rates and, even though they’re being recommended for girls as young as nine, there have been no efficacy trials in children under the age of 15.

Oct 27 17:17

FLASHBACK: Algerian daily confirms Mossad training camps for al-Qaida?

The paper talks about its well-informed reliable sources who are keeping an eye on al-Qaeda and its activities, who discovered training camps in Israel about a year ago, set up in order to prepare its recruits to commit terrorist acts against Western interests in North African Arab countries. It goes on to further state that Ennahar reasoning, which is commonplace, attributes this development to Israel's fear for its strategic interests which it intends to protect by terrorism. It points to an Israeli ex-attache to Mauritania renewing ties with rebels in Mali and Niger, and undoubtedly with al-Qaeda in the Sahara Desert.

Oct 27 17:02

Ladies of Liberty Calendar

I happen to know a few of these ladies. Each is displayed along with a brief summary of an issue they believe strongly in. Getting more women involved in the movement will exponentially grow the movement.


Oct 27 16:23

FDA Allows Use of Experimental Antiviral Drug to Treat H1N1

The emergency-use authorization allows use of the drug without prior FDA approval.

Oct 27 16:20

The 9/11 USAF Stand Down

"This is America, the most advanced military technologically capable country in the world, and it is just impossible to believe that they could have been that incompetent." - Michael Meacher, UK MP.

Oct 27 16:19

Did Training Exercises Prevent Andrews Air Force Base From Responding to the 9/11 Attacks?

While discussing the 9/11 attacks, in 2004, Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian minister of national defense, posed the question, “Why did airplanes fly around for an hour and a half without interceptors being scrambled from Andrews [Air Force Base] … right next to the capital?” He said: “With a quick-reaction alert they should have been in the air in five minutes or 10 minutes. If not, as a minister of national defense, which in the United States would be the secretary of defense, I would want to say, ‘Why not?’” [22]

His questions are as pertinent today as they were five years ago.

Oct 27 16:18

Extending jobless benefits clears Senate hurdle

The Senate agreed on an 87-13 procedural vote to bring the measure to a final vote, killing a Republican filibuster that had delayed action for more than a week.

If the bill is approved by both chambers on Capitol Hill and is signed by the president, those who cannot find work would be eligible for a maximum of 99 weeks of benefits.

Oct 27 16:17

State department grants exemption for flu vaccine

In a move that is sure to generate controversy, Missouri’s top public health official granted an exemption Thursday that allows pregnant women and parents of children younger than 3 to choose whether to receive H1N1 flu vaccine containing a mercury-based preservative.

Oct 27 16:16

UN calls on Israel to halt demolition of Palestinian homes

The United Nations today called on Israel to immediately halt forced evictions and demolitions of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, warning that as many as 60,000 people there may be at risk of forced evictions, demolitions and displacement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Like Israel will ever listen to the UN.

Oct 27 16:15

Largest Iraq bombing in two years may have been inside job

Sunday's twin suicide bombings in Baghdad that killed at least 155 people and wounded 500 others may have had help from within Iraq's security apparatus, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reported Monday.

"This was a really well coordinated attack on an area in Baghdad that's supposed to be well protected," Maddow told viewers. "In order to reach their targets, the bombers driving these truck bombs had to pass through several checkpoints that were guarded by security forces and those security forces were supposed to be using hand-held devices designed to detect explosives."

Oct 27 16:13

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war

"I have lost understanding of and confidence in the strategic purposes of the United States' presence in Afghanistan," he wrote Sept. 10 in a four-page letter to the department's head of personnel. "I have doubts and reservations about our current strategy and planned future strategy, but my resignation is based not upon how we are pursuing this war, but why and to what end."

Oct 27 16:03

Former Chairman of Citigroup: Restore Glass-Steagall

The former chairman of Citigroup, John S. Reed, wrote a letter to the editor of the New York Times calling for a reinstatement of Glass-Steagall:

Oct 27 15:43

"Blunt needles for swineflu"

"Blunt needles for swineflu"

Amsterdam - The needles used to vaccinate people against swineflu are blunt, says familydoctor Jan Takken in the online version of Medical Contact.
"When you inject a patient, it gives a nasty, abrasive feeling", according to Takken in the professional journal.

At The National Familydoctors Association (LHV), a spokesperson confirms different needles are used than the regular ones used for the seasonal flu-vaccinations.
"Those needles are specifically developed for this vaccine", explains a spokeswoman of the Dutch Vaccine Institute (NVI).
source: ANP

Oct 27 15:10

Not In My Name

There is nothing ‘un-American’ about holding a position contrary to mainstream belief nor are you in error if your premise stands in stern opposition over the wars being led by bastions of Western Occupation Forces.

The victims of our ‘America-brand’ wars have no means of speaking out to Americans,thus I am here to be their voice – this is my duty and my commitment until justice is served.

The people we are persecuting have done us no harm and what they have seen of ‘democracy’ is enough to make anyone loathe this nation and it’s apathetic masses who concern themselves with MTV instead of current and International affairs.

Oct 27 14:57

Bolton: Israel has a right to pre-emptively strike Iran

In his interview with Russia Today John Bolton continues his overwhelming support for the state of Israel. He says that the Iranians are working toward developing nuclear weapons and that Israel has a right to pre-emptively strike the Iranian republic...

Oct 27 14:53

Moscow says Iran didn’t refuse to enrich uranium in Russia

Iran has not rejected an offer to enrich its uranium in Russia, and is preparing an official response to the proposals of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said Russia’s Foreign Minister.

Oct 27 14:32

The big whack: Currency collapse drives McDonald's out of Iceland

Icelanders like Jon Ogmundsson have endured many hardships in the last year, including soaring inflation, rising unemployment and a banking crisis so serious the country nearly declared bankruptcy.

Now Iceland's battered economy is claiming one more victim – McDonald's.

Mr. Ogmundsson owns the country's three McDonald's restaurants and he plans to close them all this week. He says Iceland's troubled currency, the krona, is to blame. It has lost almost 70 per cent of its value against the euro in the last 18 months, driving up the cost of imports including the beef, cheese and special sauces Mr. Ogmundsson brings in from Germany.

Oct 27 14:30

Who Owns Obama?

The host discusses how Obama's declaration of the national emergency makes him a dictator, and how he hasn't repealed Bush's police state laws. He also angers his democrat friends by comparing Obama to Bush.

Click to listen

Oct 27 14:27

Iranian Oil Bourse Opens

TEHRAN - The Iranian Oil Bourse was inaugurated on Monday in the Persian Gulf island of Kish as a venue to export oil and petrochemical products.

National Petrochemical Company's Managing Director Adel Nejad-Salim said in the opening ceremony that all petrochemical products will be gradually offered on the market, IRNA news agency reported.

The oil bourse is intended as an exchange market for petroleum, gas, and petrochemicals in various currencies, primarily the euro and Iranian rial, and a basket of other major currencies.

On February 4, 2008 the Iranian Cabinet approved the creation of the oil bourse in two stages - first for crude and second for oil byproducts transactions.

Oct 27 14:18

CNBC Viewership Plunges 50% In October

If anyone wants to know why CNBC anchors are so pale and nervous these days, look no further. As Comcast CEO Brian Edwards considers what to keep and what to, well, cut, post his digestion of NBC Universal (assuming deal rumors are true naturally) his eyes likely cast casual nervous glances at Nielsen reports of CNBC viewership.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nobody likes a liar!

Oct 27 14:01

Israelis Targeting Grassroots Activists

Israeli authorities are increasingly targeting and intimidating non-violent Palestinian grassroots activists involved in anti-occupation activities who are drawing increased support from the international community.

Several weeks ago masked Israeli soldiers stormed the home of Ehab Jallad from The Jerusalem Popular Committee for the Celebration of Jerusalem as the Capital of Arab Culture for 2009.

"Around 3am the soldiers started kicking and banging on the door and threatened to break it down if I didn't open immediately. My young daughters were terrified as they didn't know what was happening," recalls Jallad, a young Palestinian architect from Jerusalem.

Oct 27 13:38

Rocket fire exchanged between Lebanon and Israel

A Katyusha-type rocket fired from Lebanon hit northern Israel on Tuesday night without causing any casualties, prompting Israel to retaliate with a salvo of missiles, sources on both sides said.

The rocket fired from Lebanon hit open ground east of the Israeli town of Kiryat Shmona and started a fire, which did not cause any serious damage, they said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now that war with Iran is derailed by the pending nuclear agreement, Israel needs a war to distract the world from War Crimes charges being brought at the UN.

As usual, just when Israel needs it, an unidentified party fires a single fireworks rocket into Israel, hitting nothing of any value, thereby justifying Israel's "retaliation."

I mean, just stop and ask yourself, why would anyone actually in Lebanon give Israel what it most needs to have right now; a rocket that hits absolutely nothing of value, but gives Israel the excuse it needs for another attack on Lebanon? The Lebanese aren't stupid enough to do that, and you are not stupid enough to believe it.

Remember that the Lebanese routinely find planted rockets set up just inside the border, aimed back at Israel.

In this report, the rockets are old, fired with delayed timers, and propped up against pieces of furniture as launchers, meaning they were never intended to hit a specific target; just create a politically useful noise.

"By way of deception...."

Oct 27 13:20

Honduran Coup Myths Dispelled

Two new reports dealing with the June 28 military coup in Honduras have demolished the arguments of the current de facto government and its foreign apologists that the coup was consistent with the Honduran constitution and that most Hondurans welcomed the illegal ouster of the country’s democratically elected president, Mel Zelaya.

Oct 27 12:26

'We have broken speed of light'

That's nothing. I have just broken wind.

Oct 27 12:02

Breaking News:Israeli Artillery Shells Target Houla in South Lebanon

Israeli occupation army fired seven artillery shells at the Wadi Slouki region, near the town of Houla in south Lebanon. News agencies reported a Katyusha rocket had been fired earlier from the same bombed region targeting an open area in the Israeli settlement of Keryat Shmona without causing injuries.

Oct 27 11:55


Why would the US Congress, which supposedly exists to serve the will of the AMERICAN people, be obeying the will of Israel?Well, maybe because Israel's PACs, including lobbying/spying organization AIPAC, are
(And may have used money looted from American investors by Bernie Madoff to do it!)
You heard me. Members of AIPAC, the organization suspected of spying for Israel,
donate vast sums of money to the members of US Congress.

And the US Congress has sold our young men and women in uniform to go off and fight and die in wars Israel has created.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Optional Banner: 
WRH Exclusive
Oct 27 11:45

Takedown Hall of Shame

Recognizing that public shame is a potent weapon, the Electronic Frontier Foundation today launched a new Web site -- its "Takedown Hall of Shame" -- that will shine an unflattering spotlight on those corporations and individuals who abuse copyright claims to stifle free speech.

Oct 27 11:32

Ron Paul Questions Why Obama Daughters Haven’t Taken Swine Flu Vaccine

Congressman Ron Paul has questioned why, despite his efforts to encourage the general public to get vaccinated against the H1N1 virus, President Barack Obama has refused to allow his own daughters to take the swine flu shot.

Despite the fact that Obama on Friday declared a national emergency in response to the H1N1 outbreak, he apparently doesn’t deem it enough of a threat to have his two daughters vaccinated against the virus.

Oct 27 11:30


Webmaster's Commentary: 

The global warming cultists have really gone off the deep end this time.

Owl 2
Oct 27 11:29

War News for Thursday, October 27, 2009

The Washington Post is reporting the deaths of eight American ISAF "troops" in multiple complex bomb attacks in undisclosed locations in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday, October 27th. One Afghani civilian was also killed and "several" other soldiers ware wounded in the attacks.

Oct 27 11:28

Report: Palestinians denied water

Israel is denying Palestinians access to even the basic minimum of clean, safe water, Amnesty International says.

In a report, the human rights group says Israeli water restrictions discriminate against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

It says that in Gaza, Israel's blockade has pushed the already ailing water and sewage system to "crisis point".

Israel says the report is flawed and the Palestinians get more water than was agreed under the 1990s peace deal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That the same peace deal that said Israel would not steal any more Palestinian lands?

Oct 27 11:27

Not much of an olive branch

“WHAT did the trees do?” says Muhammad Abu Awad, a retired teacher of agriculture and father of 14 children, as he looks gloomily at his ravaged field. Twisted, silvery stubs are all that remain of a lush grove that once offered up a yearly abundance of fat green olives.

The vandals came at night from Adei Ad, a Jewish settlers’ outpost deemed “illegal” even by the Israeli government, near Shvut Rachel, an established West Bank settlement that is judged illegal in international but not Israeli law. Working fast, unnoticed by Palestinian landowners in the nearby Arab village of al-Mughayir, the settlers cut down nearly 200 olive trees, of which 70 belonged to Mr Abu Awad. As a result, he reckons to have lost income worth around $3,400 that he would have earned from this year’s harvest.

Oct 27 10:55

Mystery stone found near church linked to Knights Templar

A MYSTERIOUS carved stone has been uncovered alongside a 12th-century church associated with the Knights Templar.

Oct 27 10:55

Emergency! Congress Debates Burying the Goldstone Report!

The US Congress is a considering a bipartisan resolution which would officially reject the findings of Judge Goldstone’s report on the Gaza war and call on President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton to use the US veto to prevent a vote on the report in the United Nations Security Council. A vote on the bill, House Resolution 867, is expected by this coming weekend.

It is urgent that you call both your Senators and your Congressperson today and tell them to vote against this outrageous bill.

Oct 27 10:52

Homeland Security Could Block Websites During Swine Flu Pandemic

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"After all, you wouldn't want to catch a virus, right? BWAH HA HA HA HA, oh my stars; I am so @#%$ing funny! Flu? Virus? Get it? (sigh) You people have no sense of humor." -- Official White Horse Souse

Oct 27 10:29

Allemagne 1940 – Israël 2009

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A larger collection of comparison images.

Oct 27 09:57

Israel’s Breach Of Al Aqsa Mosque

Israeli occupation forces broke through the gate of Al Aqsa Mosque Sunday morning which prompted clashes with Arab worshippers. The occupation police threw stun grenades and gas at the worshippers inside.

Israeli occupation Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said 12 arrests were made in an around the compound, among them guards working for the Mosque and worshippers, while wounding seven others. He claimed that Arab youth who had thrown stones and a petrol bomb at Israeli police had prompted the clashes. Numerous people sustained bruises and gas inhalation as they were inundated with smoke.

Oct 27 09:48

France sentences Israeli mogul Gaydamak to 6 years for gun-running

A French court on Tuesday sentenced Israeli-Russian mogul Arcadi Gaydamak, who is also a French citizen, to six years in prison for his role in illegal arms deals in the 1990s.

Gaydamak was being tried in the affair alongside another 40 suspects, including ministers, government clerks and other well-known public figures in France.

Oct 27 09:34

Scareware launched from tech blog

Visitors to technology blog Gizmodo are being warned that they could have picked up more than tips about the latest must-have gadget.

According to security firm Sophos, the website was delivering advertisements "laced with malware" last week.

A statement on the Gizmodo website admits that it was tricked into running Suzuki adverts which were in fact from hackers.

It follows a similar problem on the New York Times website.

Oct 27 09:29

Asteroid explosion over Indonesia raises fears about Earth's defences

On 8 October, the rock crashed into the atmosphere above South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The blast was heard by monitoring stations 10,000 miles away, according to a report by scientists at the University of Western Ontario.

Scientists are concerned that it was not spotted by any telescopes, and that had it been larger it could have caused a disaster.

The asteroid, estimated to have been around 10 metres (30ft) across, hit the atmosphere at an estimated 45,000mph. The sudden deceleration caused it to heat up rapidly and explode with the force of 50,000 tons of TNT.

Luckily, due to the height of the explosion – estimated at between 15 and 20 km (nine to 12 miles) above sea level – no damage was caused on the ground.

Oct 27 09:22


Five days ahead of the leftist pro-Israeli lobby J Street’s first National Conference in Washington, D.C., the controversies continue to mount. The Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren refuses to attend the conference, despite the open letter issued by the organization’s Executive Director Jeremy Ben-Ami; but over the weekend the lobby took one more step to appease critics.The poetry session, featuring three artists – Kevin Coval, Tracy Soren and Josh Healey, scheduled as part of the “Culture as a Tool for Change” track, was canceled. Apparently, the event was nixed following a reminder by a conservative blogger that Healey, a Jewish activist and poet, compared Guantanamo prison to Auschwitz.

Owl 3
Oct 27 09:20


Rabbi Arik Ascherman, director of Israel’s Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), has been used as a human shield, arrested, and beaten up several times by Israeli security forces while defending Palestinians. He has also been stoned by Palestinians who mistook him for a settler.

Oct 27 09:19


“Israel allows the Palestinians access to only a fraction of the shared water resources, which lie mostly in the occupied West Bank, while the unlawful Israeli settlements there receive virtually unlimited supplies. In Gaza the Israeli blockade has made an already dire situation worse,” said Donatella Rovera, Amnesty International’s researcher on Israel and the OPT.

Oct 27 09:18

Ehren Watada: Free at Last

On June 7, 2006, a 28-year-old Army lieutenant named Ehren Watada released a video press statement announcing that he was refusing to deploy to Iraq because the Iraq War was illegal and his “participation would make me party to war crimes.” After three years of trying to convict him by court martial, the Army has finally given up and allowed Lt. Watada to resign. Despite his direct refusal of an order to deploy, Watada did not spend a single day in jail.

Oct 27 09:18

Goldman Sachs says "dark pools" help investors

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"No, really, they do! Honest!!"

Oct 27 09:14

U.S. Official Resigns in Protest of Afghanistan War Policy

"I have lost understanding of and confidence in the strategic purposes of the United States' presence in Afghanistan," he wrote in the letter. "I have doubts and reservations about our current strategy and planned future strategy, but my resignation is based not upon how we are pursuing this war, but why and to what end."

Webmaster's Commentary: 



In Afghan fields the poppies grow.
Between the crosses.
Row on row.

Oct 27 09:12

U.S. bank chargeoff rate exceeds Depression: Moody's

The rate of loan charge-offs by major U.S. banks has exceeded those seen in the early years of the Great Depression as the credit crisis continues to take a toll, Moody's Investors Service said on Monday.

Bank charge-offs -- loans written off as uncollectable -- have reached $116 billion year to date, or 2.9 percent of outstanding loans on an annualized basis, Moody's said in a report. By comparison, bank charge-offs were about 2.25 percent in 1932, the third year of the Great Depression, Moody's said.

Oct 27 09:11

Green tax proposals 'would increase household energy bills by £800 a year'

A proposed green tax to cut carbon emissions would lead to an £800 increase in the average annual household energy bill over the next decade

Plans put forward by the Green Fiscal Commission (GFC), a Government-supported think tank, would see the tax on gas and electricity rise every year.

By 2020, the new levy would amount to 80 per cent of the cost of the average gas bill and 30 per cent of the average electricity bill.

The tax forms part of a £150 billion package of proposed measures, including a tripling of fuel duty over the next decade and a tax of up to £3,300 on new cars.


Oct 27 09:06

Ron Paul Questions Why Obama Daughters Haven’t Taken Swine Flu Vaccine

Congressman Ron Paul has questioned why, despite his efforts to encourage the general public to get vaccinated against the H1N1 virus, President Barack Obama has refused to allow his own daughters to take the swine flu shot.

Despite the fact that Obama on Friday declared a national emergency in response to the H1N1 outbreak, he apparently doesn’t deem it enough of a threat to have his two daughters vaccinated against the virus.

Oct 27 09:05

New York Fed’s Secret Choice to Pay for Swaps Hits Taxpayers

The New York Fed’s decision to pay the banks in full cost AIG -- and thus American taxpayers -- at least $13 billion. That’s 40 percent of the $32.5 billion AIG paid to retire the swaps. Under the agreement, the government and its taxpayers became owners of the dubious CDOs, whose face value was $62 billion and for which AIG paid the market price of $29.6 billion. The CDOs were shunted into a Fed-run entity called Maiden Lane III.

Habayeb, who left AIG in May, did not return phone calls and an e-mail.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All scams lead to Goldman Sachs.

Oct 27 09:02

Microsoft Knew Windows 7 Upgrades Could Paralyze PC's Back In July

Some people who are upgrading their PC's from Windows Vista to Windows 7 are finding the upgrade paralyzes their computers, leaving them in a never ending rebooting cycle, unable to use either operating systems.

Many users started to post the problem in a forum on Microsoft's own website on Friday, one day after the highly touted new operating system was released. As of this afternoon, 3 days later, there are still people posting the same problem and no fix from Microsoft for most of the users.


To make matters worse, Microsoft was aware of this exact problem back in July, when it was posted on the Microsoft support website. The article is dated July 27th, 2009, or approximately 3 months before the public release of Windows 7, yet the problem wasn't fixed.

Oct 27 08:58

Nine injured as settlers rampage through olive harvest

Nine Palestinians were injured and one was detained on Tuesday when dozens of Israeli settlers attacked farmers were harvesting olives in the West Bank village of Qaryout, south of Nablus, according to witnesses, local officials, and medics.

According to sources in the village, the incident began when dozens of Israeli settlers assaulted farmers working near the Israeli settlement of Shavout Rachel.

After the initial attack, both soldiers and settlers stormed the village, clashing with Palestinian residents who defended the area by throwing stones at the marauding groups. Soldiers fired bullets and tear gas, residents said.

Oct 27 08:53

Police in action

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Very impressive work, guys!

Oct 27 08:35

Employees face paedophile checks - even if they don't work with children

Workers who spend little or no time with children may come under pressure to register with the government's anti-paedophile database, the head of the scheme has said.

There has been mounting public anger over the plan, under which an estimated 11.2million people - including parents - would be forced to register with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) quango before giving neighbours or friends' children a lift to sports clubs or events under threat of a £5,000 fine and a criminal record.

Oct 27 08:22

Church of Scientology convicted of fraud in France

The Church of Scientology was convicted of organised fraud in France today in a ground-breaking judgment which denounced the cult for swindling vulnerable members out of thousands of euros.

Oct 27 08:04

Earhart's Final Resting Place Believed Found

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Real evidence, or a puff piece to boost the movie?

Oct 27 07:59

EU lawyers draw up list of IDF officers suspected of Gaza war crimes

Human rights lawyers and pro-Palestinian activists in a number of European countries hold lists with names of Israel Defense Forces soldiers allegedly linked to war crimes committed during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip. Existing legislation enables arrest warrants to be issued against these officers if they enter those countries.

Oct 27 07:58

UN General Assembly debates Israel war crimes

An Arab League diplomat said on Monday that Richard Goldstone's UN report on the conflict in Gaza would be discussed at the Assembly on November 4th with the aim of passing a resolution approving the report and then requesting a formal debate at the Security Council, which has the power to open a war crimes prosecution against senior Israeli officials at the International Criminal Court.

Oct 27 07:57

Is Abbas Poised to Resign?

With reconciliation hopes with Hamas looking grim and peace prospects with Israel looking even worse, it is being reported that Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas has told President Barack Obama that he intends to resign.

Oct 27 07:56

Tavakoli: Goldman's CFO Lied to the Public

It is a strong statement to say that a CFO lied to the public, and in my opinion, David Vinear, Goldman Sach’s CFO lied about Goldman’s exposure to AIG while the AIG bailout was in progress in September 2008. Viniar spoke about risk management, but that is a separate issue from whether or not Goldman Sachs would have money at risk due to its direct business with AIG. Goldman Sachs would have been out billions of dollars in collateral had a bankruptcy-like settlement been negotiated with AIG, and that is material.

Oct 27 07:55

Bishop fined €12,000 for denying Holocaust

British Bishop and Holocaust-denier Richard Williamson has been fined over remarks on Swedish television that fewer than 300,000 Jews died in Nazi death camps.

Oct 27 07:54

Iran to Accept Nuclear Fuel Deal but Wants Key Changes

Iran will accept the broad framework of a UN-brokered uranium deal but wants "very important changes," state television said Tuesday, adding Tehran will offer its formal response within 48 hours.

Two influential Iranian MPs also expressed optimism over the deal and indicated Iran could endorse it, a day after Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said Tehran may ship part of its low-enriched uranium (LEU) for conversion into fuel. "Iran will accept the broad framework of the deal, but wants very important changes in it," state-owned Arabic language Al-Alam TV channel said, quoting a source close to Tehran's nuclear negotiating team.

It did not elaborate but added that Tehran will offer its response to the deal within the next "48 hours".

Oct 27 07:44

Israel demolishes two Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

Israeli authorities demolished two Palestinian homes near Arab East Jerusalem on Tuesday, ignoring international concern about the practice.

Israel's Jerusalem municipality said the houses were built without permits. Palestinians say such permission is impossible to obtain and accuse Israel of using demolitions to tighten its hold on occupied territory in and around Jerusalem.

Oct 27 07:43

School textbook 'fuels anti- Semitism'

The 2009 edition of Cambridge Studies of Religion Stage 6 has offended the Jewish group with its publication of statements including: "Much modern conflict in the world is related to the reactions of other groups to the Jewish people."

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Oct 27 07:31

Big banks aim fees at those who avoid debt, pay bills on time

Did you pay your bills on time this month? Avoided taking on unnecessary debt? Well, there's a fee for that. Or rather, there will be, if you are a Bank of America or Citibank customer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Banks are cannibalizing their good customers to pay for the bad ones.

Oct 27 07:30

Iceland to be McDonald's-free

Iceland's two McDonald's restaurants will close on November 1 due to rising costs brought on by the country's economic collapse, the Icelandic operator of the US fast-food chain said on Monday.