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"Today in America [is]... the development of a permanent war establishment by a privately incorporated economy inside a political vacuum." -- C. Wright Mills - The Power Elite



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September 5, 2010

Sep 05 08:40

Report finds US policy toward Israel/Palestine contradicts American values

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You know, like that part about shooting American aid workers in international waters? That is not an American value, no matter what President Pussy says!

Sep 05 08:37

A cunning bid to shore up the ruins of the IPCC

Since then several inquiries, including three into the leaked "Climategate" emails, have tried to hold the official line, all following a consistent pattern. Each has made a few peripheral criticisms, for plausibility, while deliberately avoiding the main issue. Each has then gone on to put over the required message: that the science of global warming remains unchallenged.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Sep 05 08:23

96 Taser-Related Deaths in the United States

Today we added Adam Colliers (Gold Bar, WA) as the 96th taser-death on our list since January 2009. Something is wrong in America when the police electrocute folks on a WEEKLY basis with their taser arsenal ... and the public is mute in its response.

Sep 05 08:19

Common bone drugs linked to esophageal cancer risk

People who take a commonly used class of osteoporosis drugs called bisphosphonates for more than five years may be doubling their risk of developing cancer of the gullet or esophagus, a British study found on Friday.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Sep 05 08:14

EU trade chief accused of anti-Semitism over 'Jewish lobby' comments

The European Union's trade chief has been accused of anti-Semitism referring to the power of the "Jewish lobby" in US policy and the difficulty of having "rational" discussions with Jews on the Middle East.

Sep 05 08:11

EU austerity policies risk civil war in Greece, warns top German economist Dr Sinn

Greece’s austerity measures cannot prevent default and will lead to a breakdown of the political order if continued for long, a leading German economist has warned.

Sep 05 08:07

Senior Iranian cleric dismisses Nazi Holocaust as 'superstition'

Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi - among the highest authorities in Shiite Islam - said in reports released yesterday. 'The Holocaust is nothing but superstition, but Zionists say that people of the world should be forced to accept this,' he was quoted as saying by the state news agency IRNA.

'Americans and Westerners are affected by newly appeared superstitions such as the Holocaust.'

He continued. "The truth about the Holocaust is not clear, and when the researchers want to examine whether it is true or the Jews have created it to pose as victims, they jail the researchers,' said Makarem Shirazi, who is a 'marja,' or among the highest authorities in Shiite Islam.

Sep 05 08:05

It's time to talk: Spain's ETA terrorist group declares a 'cease-fire'

The Basque separatist militant group ETA declared a cease-fire in a video statement issued on Sunday, suggesting it might turn to a political process in its quest for independence.

Sep 05 08:00

Marijuana better than pharmaceuticals at treating chronic pain, improving mood

Experts from different persuasions often argue about the alleged benefits of using marijuana for pain relief, but a new study out of McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and McGill University (MU) has conclusively found that cannabis, the genus name for marijuana, is better than pharmaceutical drugs at relieving chronic neurological pain, and without all the harmful side effects.

Sep 05 07:42

Washington Faces Possible Armageddon Unlike Any Since Civil War

The U.S. debt crisis represents a unique, unparalleled, and unimaginable convergence of circumstances yet, despite the utter gravity of our plight, nothing is being done to change our course. Washington must either muster the courage — and the support of the people — to accept the pain and make the sacrifices of a lifetime … or face the downfall of America

Sep 05 07:18

Kinect's Israeli partner sees a remoteless world

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) -- Inon Beracha envisions a world where your movements control the gadgets and devices around you. There's no remote control to lose, no buttons to push. The air conditioner senses your presence and changes the temperature to your liking.

Controlling your surroundings with the wave of a hand sounds like magic, but Beracha's company, PrimeSense, is already making headway, thanks to a little help from video games.

Sep 05 07:16

Badge-Toting Pyschotic Shoots Up Home, Gets Off Scot-Free

Following surgery to remove the bullet he had received as a consolation prize for finishing second in a shoot-out, Ensminger filed the predictably perjurious official report. He claimed to have observed Nelson driving erratically, and that she had attempted to run him over when he displayed the trinket denoting his supposed authority.

That claim was demolished by contradictory eyewitness testimony, which established that while Ensminger screamed at Nelson and wagged a finger in her direction, he never flashed his badge.

Sep 05 07:04

Heavy in dollars, China warns of depreciation

China on Friday offered a rare glimpse into its foreign exchange reserves, confirming that they are overwhelmingly allocated in dollars, while a central banker said the mountain of cash could face depreciation risks.

The Chinese government's currency reserves, the world's largest such stockpile at $2.45 trillion, are held roughly in line with what was described as the global average: 65 percent in dollars, 26 percent in euros, 5 percent in pounds and 3 percent in yen.

Sep 05 06:49

Rethink Afghanistan (Movie)

Sep 05 06:49

‘Ground Zero mosque’? The reality is less provocative

Millions of Americans are furious about the ‘Ground Zero mosque’. But it doesn’t exist.

Sep 05 06:41

WA Police TASER Another Man To Death

Sep 05 06:13

Where Blackwater Comes From

Jeremy Scahill talks about how Erik Prince started Blackwater along with alot of other great info of how Blackwater mingles with gov't.

Sep 05 05:55

Stuart Littlewood: Hamas, Don’t Blow this Chance

strong>For example, Hamas could have said: “Israel doesn’t have a monopoly on security and we Palestinians are equally entitled to feel safe… Armed Jewish squatters terrorise Palestinian families, menace our children, damage crops, poison our water and often cause fatal harm… Therefore any armed squatter on Palestinian soil risks the same fate as an armed Palestinian found in Israel.”

Sep 05 04:16

Ripping off Dead War Vets' Beneficiaries

Wall Street and other financial scammers do it from the living, Prudential and many insurers from the dead, ripping off families of killed war vets. On July 28, Bloomberg.com's David Evans discussed how it works in an article titled, "Fallen Soldiers' Families Denied Cash as Insurers Profit," a polite way of explaining grand theft. From the living, it's bad enough, from the dead, it gives chutzpah new meaning, affecting countless thousands of bereaved families.

Sep 05 03:52

(Audio) Eugenics: Professor David Marsland Calls for Forced Sterilization, Human Rights "Grossly Overused"

This man is an open eugenicist. The way he pretends to be calling for sterilization in order to help children is absolutely disgusting!

Sep 05 02:31

Vaccinate the World: Gates, Rockefeller Seek Global Population Reduction

The global elite has launched a world-wide operation against an unaware population to reduce and control fertility. Vaccines and even staple food crops have been modified to achieve these goals.

Sep 05 00:38

Charlie Chaplin

A timeless and ageless speech with an universal truth formulated by a genius - made all the more? great by the fact that it was given by a man who made a name in silent movies.

No matter whose lips speak the truth ... then the truth remains - food for thought in everyone!

Sep 05 00:18

US taxpayers lose more money on their investment in GM

The U.S. government is likely to take a loss on General Motors Co in the first offering of the automaker's stock, six people familiar with preparations for the landmark IPO said.

September 4, 2010

Sep 04 22:36

Ali Abunimah: Enthusiasm for Palestinian Prime Minister isn’t Shared by Palestinians

Palestinian Authority thugs raided a meeting of dozens of Palestinian political activists opposed to the authority taking part in new direct talks with Israel while settlement construction and other repression continue. Palestine’s Al-Haq human rights group condemned the attack, in which its staff along with many other individuals and journalists were assaulted, as further evidence of the “police state” the authority has become.

Sep 04 22:31

What does Increased Palestinian Political Repression say About the Prospects for Peace?

By cracking down on political opponents who reject further concessions to the Israelis (an effort supported and aided by the U.S. and Israel), Abbas is only affirming to the Israelis, Americans and Palestinians what all have long suspected: that his government is in no position to sign a binding and lasting agreement on behalf of Palestinian stakeholders.

Sep 04 18:08

Obama has signalled his coming complete surrender to Zionism and its lobby

Alan Hart argues that behind US President Barack Obama’s declaration that the US will not force Israel to accept a just peace – in effect, his surrender to Zionism – may lurk the conclusion that the Zionist state is already a monster beyond control.

Sep 04 18:06

Tony Blair’s bloody memoir

Gilad Atzmon calls on the Middle East Quartet – the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia – to do the decent thing and hand over suspected war criminal Tony Blair to the Hague to face justice.

Sep 04 17:17

AlQuds Day Demo 2010 London

Yearly demonstrations are held around the world in support of Palestine, These are some excerpts from the London Demo 2010.

Sep 04 15:24

Obama Report America To U.N On Human Rights Abuse Over “Unionization Rights”

The United Nations – A dean of thieves!!!

Obama – A treasonous puppet!

If the United Nations had an legitimacy at all they would be charging Big Pharma for their toxic vaccines, instead they recommend these deadly concoctions.

Sep 04 14:57

Blackwater created shell companies

The security company Blackwater Worldwide formed a network of 30 shell companies and subsidiaries to try to get millions of dollars in government business after the company faced strong criticism for reckless conduct in Iraq.

Sep 04 14:50

Let stewardesses land the plane in a crisis, says Ryanair boss: Airline wants to ditch co-pilots

Ryanair's ever-controversial boss has called for the second pilot to be dumped from the flight deck of aircraft to save money. Michael O'Leary suggested air stewardesses could be trained to take over and land the plane in the event of a crisis.

Sep 04 14:30

The Cloud Mystery 6/6

If you do not have the time to watch this documentary from start to finish.
Please have a look at the sum up...

Presenting the linkage between solar magnetic field and the degree of cloud cover on Earth, which influences temperatures. Note in part 2 how the IPCC slammed their research as a threat to the human-caused global warming agenda.

Sep 04 14:29

The true cost of the bank bailout: $12.8 TRILLION

According to a team at Bloomberg News, at one point last year the U.S. had lent, spent or guaranteed as much as $12.8 trillion to rescue the economy.

Sep 04 14:28

Bailout in the Works for Afghan Bank as Panic Continues

In a bid to fend off the threat of a nationwide financial crisis, the Afghan government worked to bail out the country's largest bank on Saturday after lines of frantic depositors had mobbed the bank for a third day.

Details of the deal were still being worked out on Saturday by the Central Bank of Afghanistan with assistance from the United States Treasury Department, Afghan and American officials said. But American officials said no United States funds were involved in the bailout.

Sep 04 14:23

Blood on our Farms: Is Monsanto Responsible for 1 Suicide Every 30 Minutes?

Since GM seeds are patented by Monsanto, their repeated use each year requires constant licensing fees that keep farmers impoverished. One bad yield due to drought or other reasons, plunges farmers so deep into debt that they resort to suicide. One study estimates that 150,000 farmers have killed themselves in the past ten years

Sep 04 14:16

Government to Deploy Broader Mortgage Aid

Under the new "short refinance" program, banks and other creditors that write down mortgages to less than the value of the property can essentially hand off the reduced loan to the government. The process involves refinancing borrowers into loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration.

While the program puts taxpayers at risk—officials estimate one in five loans in the program could default—the government has set aside $14 billion previously earmarked for housing aid from the Troubled Asset Relief Program to cover losses.

Sep 04 13:29

Finkelstein to Hellman - Who's bigger killer?

Israeli and Palestinian leaders will begin regular negotiations in a bid to reach a peace agreement within a year. The pledge comes as the two sides held their first face-to-face talks in almost two years. Author Norman Finkelstein and pro-Israeli campaigner Richard Hellman clashed over the issue in our American studios.

Sep 04 13:15

Bailout in the Works for Afghan Bank Hit by Panic

KABUL, Afghanistan — In a bid to fend off the threat of a nationwide financial crisis, the Afghan and United States governments hammered together a deal to bail out Afghanistan’s largest bank on Saturday after lines of frantic depositors mobbed the bank for a third day.

Details of the deal were still being worked out on Saturday by the Central Bank of Afghanistan with assistance from the United States Treasury Department, Afghan and American officials said. But American officials said no United States funds were involved in the bailout.

Sep 04 13:13

Wayne Madsen: Petraeus is Neocons favorite general

How many civilians are going to have to be openly murdered before the anti war left realizes that Obama is not their savior?

Ten Afghan civilians were killed Thursday in a NATO air strike on three vehicles carrying civilians, President Hamid Karzai said in a statement

Sep 04 12:58

OPERATION NEW DAWN: Same War Different Name

In the week or so since the much publicized [mainstream media spin] withdrawal of “combat” troops from Iraq, and President Obama’s speech last week, it has become more evident that the Iraq War continues under a new name: “Operation New Dawn.”

Sep 04 12:17

Jewish Militia in America: ADL says "It's OK, They're One of Us."

Steven Erickson had this to say about these jewish 'terrorist' training camps:

An average American is more likely to be terrorized, beaten, raped, robbed, killed, etc by thugs employed by the US Government paid for with drug running, and US taxpayer dollars, than to be accosted, kidnapped, or killed by terrorists. It is a US citizen right to start, or belong to, a militia. But, if the Jewish Militia is foreign funded, collects intelligence for a foreign power, conducts covert intelligence and espionage missions, and conducts hit and run military guerrilla operations for a foreign power, that is another story. I don't know what to make of the below, but think these individuals need to be watched more than any made up CIA funded/organized terrorists such as Al Qaeda.

Sep 04 11:44

Arrests made at Blair booksigning in Dublin

And of cause, it wasn't the REAL villain that was booked.
Just some fool thinking that UN and international laws apply to all of us.

Sep 04 11:27

Cemetery In Foreclosure

Sep 04 11:27


Leo Amery, former UK Secretary of State for India, could see a similarity between Churchill's attitude to Indians and Hitler's attitude to Jews. (Churchill's Secret War.)

In 1943, millions of people were dying of starvation in Bengal, in India.

The UK prime minister Winston Churchill could easily have stopped the famine by arranging a few shipments of food.

But, but he refused.

He also prevented others from helping.

Winston Churchill described the Indians as "a beastly people with a beastly religion." (Churchill's Secret War.)

He said they "bred like rabbits."

Sep 04 11:15

Mad Men: The Psychopaths of Power Play the Insanity Card

Yet it is Bradley Manning who must be examined to see if he is mentally "unstable." Yes, of course, that's it: he must be crazy. Why else would anyone -- especially an American (and a real American, not one of those with, you know, funny names or dark skin), especially a soldier -- want to challenge the authority and embarrass the benevolent leaders who protect us and care for us? To those pathetic wretches afflicted with the pathologies of power, Manning's actions -- courageous, noble, humane -- literally make no sense. Therefore, he must be mentally diseased.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How "Old-School Soviet Union" of the US government to take this tack!

Sep 04 11:05

US Pushing Drugged, Vaccinated, Chlorinated Chickens on the World

After over half a billion eggs were recalled from two factory hen layer operations in Iowa,[1] New York lawmakers proposed mandating vaccines against salmonella. [2] Mainstream media then blasted this message across the world. As the world’s largest producer of poultry [3] and second largest exporter [4], the US continues to hammer Russia about its embargo of chlorinated chickens.[5] Home to the biggest pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the world, the US is fond of throwing drugs and chemicals at a problem instead of addressing the filth of factory farms.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What I have a hard time getting my head around is, why does Russia seem to have better care for its food chain than does the US government?!?

Sep 04 11:05


How’s your blood pressure? Meds doing OK? Have you already forgotten the lies that got us into Iraq? Americans have certainly forgotten the wounded soldiers and the disabled vets. What we had really done is allow ourselves to put our sanity on the shelf for 8 years, not all of us, mind you but too many.

If you are one of those few who stood up from 9/11 onward saying that something was terribly wrong, that the nation was being hijacked by a pack of thieving bastards, go ahead and watch.

Sep 04 11:03

Canada-Israel Public Security Agreement. Canada involving Israel in the Americas, Despite Blatant Human Rights Violations

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) is concerned by the purpose of Minister of State Kent's trip to Israel and his statements on Canadian-Israeli relations. "Israel is not a good partner for Canada on the international stage, because Israel simply does not respect international law." said Thomas Woodley, president of CJPME. "The Canadian government is acting inconsistently by seeking to actively engage Israel in the geo-politics of the Americas, considering Israel's role in the current instability of the Middle East."

Sep 04 11:00

Why Americans Elect Awful Presidents

All this tells me that any nation that can elect such inept people president can also elect other people that appear to have no right or chance to be president of the United States just as Bush and Obama once appeared before they were sold to the public. That is what is so frightening about the future of this nation. The two-party plutocracy with its stranglehold on the American political system has the power to elect presidents that are an insult to the great ones that once served the nation with pride and competence.

Delusional voters have produced our delusional democracy which strongly favors corporate, wealthy and elitist interests over ordinary Americans. This explains frightening economic inequality and the demise of the middle class.

Sep 04 10:58


Sep 04 10:57

US, SKorea to hold further naval drills

South Korea and the United States will hold joint anti-submarine exercises in another show of force against North Korea, officials said Friday, as Pyongyang renewed threats against the drills.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is about as far from "engagement" of North Korea as humanly possible, and not apt to make China happy either.

It appears that US policy here is that of ratcheting up tensions in the Korean peninsula, rather than calming them down.

Sep 04 10:51

Rocket fired from Gaza hits Israel, no casualties

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Meaning it was most likely fired by Israeli agents provocateurs.

As a side note, HAMAS did not "route" anything; they won the elections and FATAH failed to overthrow the elected government in Gaza.

Sep 04 10:51

Settlers Vow to Ignore Freeze, Launch Mass Construction Projects

Though the “partial” settlement freeze in the occupied West Bank is still officially in effect, Israeli MP Danny Danon played host to an unofficial “end,” pouring the cornerstone in a new settlement construction project in retaliation for a shooting attack in Hebron.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The alleged "freeze" in construction was simply a bad joke, at the Palestinians' expense.

What we will continue to see here is massive annexation of Palestinian lands, coupled with forced Israeli expulsions of Palestinians from homes in which their families have lived for generations.

And to settler spokesman Bennet's prediction that Palestinians "will give up", I wouldn't bet on it.

These building projects may well generate the next intifada.

Sep 04 10:49

Oil Madness

Sep 04 10:46

UN Atomic Agency Curtails Probe of Israel’s Nuclear Capability

United Nations investigators, ordered to write a report about Israel’s atomic capabilities, said they couldn’t compile enough information to assess the extent of the country’s nuclear program.

The International Atomic Energy Agency released documents today showing a split between member countries who want more light shed on Israel’s nuclear work and others that say the Vienna-based organization doesn’t have the right to pry.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Odd, they didn't say that when the IAIA was investigating Iraq and Iran!!!!

Sep 04 10:44

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that 24% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-five percent (45%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -21

Sep 04 10:43

Survey of employed finds 25 percent lost a job during recession

Just over a quarter of the nation's 139 million currently employed workers endured a bout of unemployment during the Great Recession, according to results of a Pew Research Center survey released Thursday. And they tend to be less satisfied in their current jobs than are other workers.

Sep 04 10:43

Trapped Chilean Miners Denied Pay While Underground

The 33 men trapped 2,258 feet below ground in a Chilean mine recently found out that they would be receiving no pay from the company responsible for their ordeal.

Union official Evelyn Olmos stated that San Esteban, the company that operates the mine, has said it has no money to pay their wages and absorb lawsuits, and is not even participating in the rescue (Daily Mail).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable.

One has to wonder just how cozy the mine owners, Alejandro Bohn, and Marcelo Kemeny, are with the current Chilean government, and the Sernageomin (Chile's National Geology and Mine Service).

It is also interesting to note that the current President of Chile, President Pinera, a direct descendant of Chile's former military dictator, Agusto Pinochet.

As reported on 3 September, 2010 at:


"the extensive media coverage of this dramatic episode gives short shrift, if any mention at all, to the social, economic and political conditions that created the disaster in the first place, and the similar conditions confronting miners in hundreds of other small and unsafe mining operations in Chile. For the most part, the media studiously avoids the criminal responsibility of the mine owners and the Chilean government."

"The San José mine had a record of 80 accidents. In 2004, a miner died after a cave-in. In 2006, a truck driver in the mine was also killed in an accident. That same year 182 workers were injured, 56 of them seriously, according to GlobalPost."

Sep 04 10:43


Sep 04 10:40

Gilad Atzmon: Bloody Memoir

Tony Blair, a man who launched a criminal war with no end, declared once again today that “Radical Islam is the world's greatest threat”

Sep 04 10:38

Tony Blair unscathed after eggs and shoes thrown ahead of book signing protest

This wanker should be euphoric about the fact he ain't getting the same treatment as all those he sent to a die in a illegal war.

Sep 04 10:30

Huge floating radar leaves Ford Island dock after maintenance

Adak, Alaska, was the radar's intended home port, but the SBX has spent scant time there. It has never pulled into port in Adak, officials said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Reading between the lines, it is obvious that this very expensive pile of junk isn't dong what it was built to do. Ever time they have it in port for testing our local area network starts acting weird and the WiFi locks up. And it always seems to be in port for upgrades since it first arrived here in 2006. I recall driving back from a shoot on LOST and seeing the radar arriving on the transport ship.

The problem is that this pile of junk, not yet working, is already obsolete. The newest generation of Russian (and presumably Chinese) MIRV is maneuverable. IT does not follow a simple ballistic curve but changes direction constantly, "jinking" in order to make a prediction of where it will be in the next few seconds impossible. The cone shape of the MIRV is a naturally stealthy shape, the heat of re-entry prevents an accurate IR lock-on, the same ionization that blocks radar beams from detecting the MIRV also would foil a focused radio "zorch." And the roiling heated air from the re-entry shockwave ahead of the vehicle (which is already heat proof) obviates the use of the new laser weapons against an inbound, even if the blooming problem could be solved.

Sep 04 10:24

As Iraq War Continues, a Surge in Contractors

Less often mentioned are the massive army of private security contractors, tens of thousands of whom remain in Iraq and continue to go on largely as they have, fighting the same war they have been fighting for seven and a half years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Combat operations" in Iraq have not ended: they have merely been rebranded.

Sep 04 10:22

Come Home America

If we don’t bail out the Kabul Bank – the notoriously corrupt institution run by Mahmoud Karzai, brother of the Afghan "president," which has handed out millions in "loans" to Karzai’s cronies – will the terrorists have won? Well, yes, according to Mahmoud, who demands that America "do something," i.e. hand over lots of cash.

Khalil Frozi, another Karzai crony, and one of the two largest shareholders, said a "revolution" would occur unless the US Treasury department acted to guarantee that "everyone gets their money."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the US government bails out the Kabul bank, every cent of that bailout will have been stolen from US taxpayers, already on the edge financially, and sinking fast.

Should such a bailout occur, it will be the US government's ultimate moment of ****ing in the face of every single US citizen, and telling them it's raining, while US infrastructure collapses, and homeless Vets are sleeping in our streets.

One has to wonder as to just what shape collective American outrage will take, at that point. It's going to be an interesting November election season.

Sep 04 10:12

'Palestinian Gandhi' Convicted for Protesting; U.S. Silent

Last week, an Israeli military court convicted Abdallah Abu Rahmah, whom progressive Zionists have called a "Palestinian Gandhi," of "incitement" and "organizing and participating in illegal demonstrations" for organizing protests against the confiscation of Palestinian land by the "Apartheid Wall" in the village of Bilin in the West Bank, following an eight month trial, during which he was kept in prison.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Israeli government loathes non-violent Palestinian protest, because it shows the real face of Israeli occupation.

Sep 04 10:12

Oldsmar Pantry's Former Donors Now Seek Its Help

Bonnie Dunn sees every person who passes through Oldsmar Cares, the volunteer-run nonprofit that provides clothes as well as rental, utility and food assistance to those in need.

Over the years, the profile of the needy has changed.

"When we first started doing this," Dunn said, "they were down-and-out people — people that don't have jobs, people that have had sicknesses, the elderly who are on fixed incomes. Now we have people coming here that have never had to do this before, people from all walks of life."...

Sep 04 10:09

Activist Pamela Geller Threatens NYPD With Violence, She Will Have EDL Thugs At Her Anti-Muslim Mosque Protest September 11th, 2010.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the mosque is blocked from being built near ground zero, then we should block Catholic churches from being built near playgrounds!

Sep 04 10:08

Gates Touts ‘Progress’ as Afghan Violence Soars

Typifying the short memories of top officials within the administration, Secretary Gates today toured a few bases and came away with boundless optimism, insisting that great progress has been made in the ever-worsening war and that he is “encouraged” by everything he sees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to worry about Gate's ever-increasing disconnect from reality here; it is almost on the brink of clinically delusional.

How in the name of heaven he can characterize what he is seeing as "progress" is beyond the ken of thinking, rational human beings.

Sep 04 10:06

Israeli Settlement Construction Booms Despite Ban

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obviously there never was a ban. The ban was a myth sold to Americans to make them less resistant to paying for the displacement of the Palestinians form their own lands.

Sep 04 10:05

A New Netanyahu

My sole reason for optimism is that I cannot imagine that President Barack Obama would have initiated this effort if it was doomed to failure. Why bother?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Because it makes Obama and the Democrats look good going into the midterm elections, idiot!

Sep 04 10:04

Israeli US envoy: Hizbullah has 15,000 rockets on border

Hizbullah has an arsenal of approximately 15,000 rockets amassed on Lebanon's border with Israel, including some with a long enough range to hit the southern city of Eilat, Israeli envoy to the US Michael Oren told AFP on Friday.

"The Syrian-Iranian backed Hizbullah poses a very serious threat to Israel...Hizbullah today now has four times as many rockets as it had during the 2006 Lebanon war. These rockets are longer-range. Every city in Israel is within range right now, including Eilat," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Israeli Ambassador Oren: just how many missiles does Israel have, poised to hit Beirut and the rest of Lebanon?

Sep 04 10:02

Adult services censored on Craigslist

The section that usually reads "adult services" was replaced by the word "censored."

It was not immediately clear whether Craigslist removed the adult services and replaced them with the "censored" section that had a link that was not active. But for users who accessed the account outside the U.S., the erotic services link was still active.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Americans should not have sex. They should get their orgasms killing Israel's enemies!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 04 10:01

LA: Israeli charged with human-trafficking

Mordechai Orian, CEO of manpower firm, suspected of forcing 400 Thai laborers to work on US farms

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The recent human-trafficking arrest here in Hawaii made national news. Have you seen this Israeli mentioned on ABCNNBBCBS?

Sep 04 09:59

Labor Secretary: 'There are jobs out there'

I am not an economist. I believe that numbers only tell you part of the story. I deal with real people, and I know that the only true replacement for a job lost, is a new job that pays good wages. I'm committed to making that a reality for anyone who wants a job.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sorry, Secretary Solis, but the bovine excrement meter sucked a valve on this statement.

I know many skilled people who are out of a job through no fault of their own, because their jobs were offshored, who are desperately attempting to reinvent themselves professionally, but all to no avail.

They have lost homes, families, and hope. And this administration appears pathologically incapable - and/or unwilling - to help them in any real way.

I notice also, at the bottom of the form, that this was developed - and copyritten - by the State of Minnesota, NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

I don't mind that you are not an economist. But as someone of authority in the Cabinet, you should have the horse-sense to get the President's ear, and remind him that:

1. You improve an economy by cutting taxes.

2. You improve an economy by incentivizing the return of AT LEAST our manufacturing base, so that well-paying jobs come back from places like China and Bangladesh.

3. You improve an economy by ditching the Fed, as soon and as unceremoniously as possible, and enabling the government itself to create money.

4. You improve an economy by stopping spending on endless, illegal and immoral wars without end.

Of course, Secretary Solis, all these steps are logical.

Unfortunately, the relationship between logic and the Federal Government has been ... how can I say this kindly... rather distant for the last several administrations, including this one.

Sep 04 09:58

The Mind Conspirators

More and more Americans today are coming to understand the terrible truth about our Federal Government -- that it seeks to dominate us as citizens, to mold us into a society of dutiful Stepford Wives totally beholden to the wishes of elite politicians, bureaucrats and bankers. Those who study history, independent of the public school system, understand that this state aggrandizement process has been under way for the past 100 years in America in one form or another, and that it is taking place because too many of our citizens sanction such dictatorial usurpation and actually work diligently for its implementation.

Sep 04 09:57

Summer jobs hit all-time low for youths

Sep 04 09:57

Aerial footage of Christchurch earthquake damage

Sep 04 09:55

Oil Rain In Louisiana?

Sep 04 09:54

is it raining oil here?

Sep 04 09:54

where did the oil come from?

Sep 04 09:51


"We are conducting a vast toxicological experiment in which our children and our children's children are the experimental subjects." ~ Dr. Herbert Needleman

The Disappearing Male is about
one of the most important,
and least publicized,issues
facing the human species:
the toxic threat to the male reproductive system.

Includes 44 minute video.

Sep 04 09:47

Daily Paul / Michael Nystrom Sued by Righthaven LLC in Massive Blogger Copyright Shakedown

Righthaven's standard shakedown seems to go as follows: The firm goes trolling the web, looking for content that from the Las Vegas Review-Journal that has been reposted on other blogs or websites. Once it finds a match, it acquires the copyright from the Review-Journal, then - without first contacting the accused blogger / website owner - files a lawsuit in Nevada Federal court. The standard damages seem to be for $75,000 and forfeiture of the domain name to Righthaven. I assume that is what I am being sued for as well, though I have yet to see it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The financial realities of being a blogger being what they are, I cannot imagine that Righthaven LLC actually thinks they can make any money off of these lawsuits, and confiscation of the domain names adds a further indicator that this is simply a covert means to shut down dissent on the web by targeting the blogs which are exposing corruption. In an age of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act!

Now, I agree that simply copying an entire article into a site is not appropriate without permission of the copyright holder, but excerpting for the purpose of comment/criticism and linking to the original source are as of this writing still considered fair use.

That being said, Righthaven LLC has a clear financial motive to join blogs that allow member posts to plant entire stores for the express purpose of creating an opportunity for litigation (much as the Canadian Human Rights Council was caught doing), and indeed I have had to kick a few members off of this website who refused to quit posting entire articles without permissions.

This is an attack on free speech using the copyright laws as a weapon of tyranny. At some point the blogs will have to go underground, and we should be prepared to do so.

Sep 04 09:39

Richest lawmakers grew wealthier as economy faltered

The rest of the country is still struggling with high unemployment amid a sluggish-at-best economic recovery -- but the wealthiest members of Congress are in high cotton. Indeed, the top 50 wealthiest lawmakers saw their combined net worths increase last year, according to the Hill's annual analysis of financial disclosure documents.

Combined, the 50 lawmakers were worth $1.4 billion in 2009 -- an $85.1 million increase over their 2008 total -- the Hill reports. The members' total combined assets depreciated by nearly $36 million last year -- but Congress' well-to-do set also reduced their debts by a combined $120 million.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable.

Sep 04 09:37


First off is Tony Blair's "Dodgy Dossier", a document released by the Prime
Minister that made many of the claims used to support the push for war. The dossier soon collapsed when it was
revealed that much of it had been plagiarized from a student thesis paper that was 12 years old!

contents of the dossier, however much they seemed to create a good case for invasion, were obsolete and

This use of material that could not possibly be relevant at the time is clear proof of a
deliberate attempt to deceive.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Letting Tony Blair know that we know he is full of shit!

Sep 04 09:37

30 False Fronts Won Contracts for Blackwater

Blackwater Worldwide created a web of more than 30 shell companies or subsidiaries in part to obtain millions of dollars in American government contracts after the security company came under intense criticism for reckless conduct in Iraq, according to Congressional investigators and former Blackwater officials.

While it is not clear how many of those businesses won contracts, at least three had deals with the United States military or the Central Intelligence Agency, according to former government and company officials. Since 2001, the intelligence agency has awarded up to $600 million in classified contracts to Blackwater and its affiliates, according to a United States government official.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With the super-cozy relationship between the CIA and Blackwater, little things like extrajudicial assassinations of innocent Iraqi citizens wasn't going to get in Blackwater's way!

Sep 04 09:34

An Al Quds day letter to Tony Blair. From Lauren Booth, in Iran.

I guess that Tony Blair’s sister in law, Lauren Booth, could easily use the phone and tell Tony what she thinks of him, his politics and his new memoir. However, being a peace activist she decided also to share it with the rest of us.

Sep 04 09:32

Waking Up in the 1930s

n the year 2010, America once again embraced the bread line. That distant, faded, iconic black-and-white image of the Great Depression has re-emerged across the nation, waiting to be updated fully into HD color.

Sep 04 09:31

Tony Blair pelted with eggs and shoes as anti-war protester attempts citizen's arrest during publicity trail for controversial memoir

The missiles, which were thrown by anti-war protesters, did not hit the former prime minister as he arrived at a bookshop in Dublin.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And the lesson to be learned here is that when a high profile target comes to town, spend the week before practicing your aim by hurling eggs, old shoes, and rotten produce at your local corrupted politicians, such that the rare splendid opportunity does not go to waste.

PS Salmonella-infected eggs are really cheap here in the US right now and for the purpose of hurling at Israel's bitches like Tony, spending a few weeks in a shipping container prior to use is a good thing!

Sep 04 09:20

Israeli bid to access sensitive EU personal data resisted

ne may legitimately wonder how many duel-citizenship functionaries are employed by the EU and its member-states, and to what extent, if any, their efforts are co-ordinated.

Sep 04 09:14

Experts See Trouble Ahead For Developed World

Is the global economy out of the woods? Two years after near-meltdown, with the U.S. looking sluggish, equity markets groggy and Europeans fighting a debt crisis, experts gathered in Italy offered a generally gloomy outlook – especially for the United States and much of the industrialized world.

The doomsayers were led by New York University economist Nouriel Roubini, who warned in booming tones that "there is a significant risk of a double-dip recession in the United States" as well as in Japan and many European countries.

Sep 04 09:07


Sep 04 09:06


Sep 04 09:04

Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Thou shalt not kill."

"Thou shalt not steal."

"Thou shalt not bear false witness."

"Thou shalt not cover thy neighbors' property."

So, the Christian Zionists are breaking four out of the ten commandments just by supporting Israel!