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"Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration." -- State of the Union Address: Abraham Lincoln (December 3, 1861)


Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

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Aug 04 08:35

Baby parts for sell? Obama appointee and major campaign donor censors secret abortion investigation video

In what many see as an obvious attempt to use the legal process to silence investigative journalism that exposes possible wrongdoing, the National Abortion Federation was granted an extension to their temporary restraining order stopping the publication of a secret video recording taken during one of their annual meetings.

Aug 04 08:31

Flashback: UFC Champion Ronda Rousey calls 9/11 an inside job

Current Women’s Bantamweight Title Holder Ronda Rousey called the September 11 attacks an “inside job” during a 2011 interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

After being questioned on conspiracies surrounding 9/11, Rousey asserted that the event undoubtedly had government involvement.

Aug 04 08:23

Sandy Hook Families Settle Lawsuits Against Lanza Estate For $1.5M

Documents filed Monday in Probate Court show that the families have agreed to equally divide a $1.5 million homeowner's insurance policy that Lanza had on the Newtown home she shared with her son, Adam Lanza. Each family will get $93,750, records show. The lawsuits were filed by the families of 14 of those who died in the massacre and two who survived

Aug 04 07:34

Hundreds of civilians killed in US-led air strikes on Isis targets – report

The air campaign against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has killed more than 450 civilians, according to a new report, even though the US-led coalition has so far acknowledged just two non-combatant deaths.
More than 5,700 air strikes have been launched in the campaign, which nears its first anniversary this Saturday, with its impact on civilians largely unknown.
Note: What have we become?

Aug 04 07:30

Leading House Republican and Democrat Introduce Anti-BDS Resolution

The non-binding resolution, introduced July 30 by Reps. Ed Royce (R-Calif.) and Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), respectively the chairman and ranking member of the committee, calls on the administration “to increase the use of its voice, vote, and influence in international organizations and other appropriate international forums to actively oppose politically motivated acts of boycott, divestment from, and sanctions against Israel.”

Aug 04 07:26

Freshmen Congress Members Travel to Israel Ahead of Iran Vote

Freshmen Congress members will tour Israel with their party leaders and meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Congress gears up to consider an Iran nuclear deal Netanyahu vehemently opposes.
Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), the U.S. House of Representatives Minority Whip, will lead another 21 House Democrats on a tour of Israel Aug. 4-10, his office said Monday in a statement.
Note: Treason!

Aug 04 06:35

In Washington, War Is Peace

The “US Institute of Peace” is a coven of warmongers.
The Intercept has an article on the “U.S. Institute of Peace,” a government agency founded in 1984 supposedly dedicated to promoting “nonviolent resolution of conflicts”: author Lee Fang is shocked – shocked! – that USIP chairman Stephen J. Hadley, a former national security advisor to George W. Bush, wants to arm Ukraine so as to impress Putin with the sight of “body bags of Russian soldiers who have been killed.” Yet the USIP has long been a site of neoconservative infection inside the national security bureaucracy.

Aug 04 06:29

6 Months After Pro-Western Victory Moldova Seeks Russia Reset

The pro-western parties went on form a staunchly pro-EU government, which collapsed after just three months in power over a massive corruption scandal.
The same pro-EU parties managed to name a replacement PM, but now even he is saying poor Russia relations are not in Moldova’s interest.
Moldova’s new Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet has called for a reset in relations with Russia, he said on Saturday, aired by national television.
“Russia is an important partner for our country but today we are lacking mutual understanding. We must bridge this gap, sit at the negotiating table and reset our relations”

Aug 04 06:24

Ukrainian army violates ceasefire 45 times over past 24 hours — DPR Defense Ministry

"The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic is heating up, the Ukrainian army has fired 216 122-mm and 152-mm artillery shells on our territory over the past 24 hours," the Donetsk news agency quotes the Defense Ministry as saying. "The overall number of artillery bombardments has totaled 45 over the past 24 hours."
According to the data provided by the Defense Ministry, the Ukrainian army fired 41 tank shells and 171 82-mm and 120-mm mines. In addition to that, they used grenade launchers, anti-tank weapons and small arms.
"Once again Gorlovka came under the most intense artillery and mortar fire," a spokesman for the Defense Ministry said. "The enemy fired 130 large-caliber shells on the settlement of Golmovsky [near Gorlovka]."

Aug 04 06:18

Japanese journalist lives 2 months in Moscow airport because of US propaganda

Japanese journalist has not exited the Moscow airport Sheremetyevo for 2 months so far, where former CIA employee Edward Snowden used to live.
Tetsuya Abo does not want to leave Moscow because of his convictions. He claims, that in his own country there is no freedom of speech any more, and the American propaganda rules political interests.
The Japanese arrived to the Russian capital on the Victory Day. He was going to fly away at the end of May, but changed his mind at the last moment and decided not to return. Now he lives just in the airport terminal.
It is known that 36-year-old Japanese sent a letter to the local authorities, asking for the Russian citizenship.

Aug 04 06:17

International Olympic Committee admits Crimea is Russian region

The International Olympic Committee will look into issues of sports development in the Crimea. The IOC discussed questions relating to sports in the Crimea at a recent meeting in Kuala Lumpur.
Thomas Bach, the head of the IOC, said that the organization would provide all necessary support to the Crimea. The IOC will start cooperating with the Crimea immediately, if the republic provides its plans and projects to the committee.
The IOC, like many other sports and diplomatic organizations, takes the Crimea as a Russian peninsula.

Aug 04 06:15

Jimmy Carter: USA is a rotten oligarchy based on bribery

Former US President Jimmy Carter said he did not consider the present-day United States of America a democratic state.
The 39th President of the United States made the statement in an interview with Tom Hartmann, a well-known radio host and progressive political commentator.
Carter criticized the practice of "unlimited political bribery" that has created "a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors."
According to Carter, America has turned into a real oligarchy, where all power is concentrated in the hands of financial elite. This was made possible owing to the decision of the US Supreme Court, which entitled corporations to make unlimited financial investments into the political sphere of the country.

Aug 04 06:13

Ukraine launches Islamization by creating Muslim Battalion

Ukrainian president's envoy for the Crimean Tatars people, Mustafa Dzhemilev, announced the creation of a "Muslim battalion." One should not minimize the threat of unleashing ethnic and religious wars in the former Soviet Union: Turkey is standing behind Dzhemilev's actions.
The so-called "World Congress of the Crimean Tatars" took place in Turkey's Ankara on August 1-2. The organizers of the event were former leaders of the Majlis, Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov. Today, they are personas non grata in Russia for "inciting ethnic hatred." The "Congress" brought together about 200 groups of Crimean Tatars from different countries, Radio Svoboda says. The participants of the event said they were forced to hold their meeting outside the Crimea because of the pressure from Russian special services. All was happening against the background of support from Turkey that said that it would never support the "annexation of the Crimea.'"

Aug 04 05:43

Video: Michael Jackson exposes the New World Order

Starting out Jackson details an often shared belief that the music industry purposefully takes advantage of celebrities whether it be their good characteristics or their bad. Jackson then goes deeper, highlighting the fact that the news media manipulates the public into thinking what the power structure wants them to think.

Aug 04 02:46

Swedish foreign ministry confirms expulsion of its diplomat from Russia

The Swedish Foreign Ministry has confirmed the explusion of its diplomat from Russia, the SVT channel said on Monday.
The expulsion will affect the relations between the two countries, SVT quoted Swedish Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Johan Tegel as saying.
Earlier on Monday, the Russian authorities announced a high-ranking Swedish diplomat who worked at the Swedish embassy in Moscow persona non grata. No more details have been available so far.

Moscow confirms expulsion of Swedish diplomat was tit-for-tat move http://tass.ru/en/russia/812431

Aug 04 02:43

IS might have seized more territories but for Russia’s help to Syria and Iraq — Lavrov

The terrorist group Islamic State (IS) might have seized more territories if Russia would not have offered military assistance to the Syrian and Iraqi governments, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday.
"The most serious threat in Iraq and Syria is Islamic State," he said. "Yes, we do offer military technical assistance to the Syrian government to repel this threat, we also support Iraq. We have reasons to think that without such assistance Islamic State might have seized much more thousands of square kilometres of territories."

Aug 04 02:42

Four residential houses destroyed in shellings of east Ukraine's Donetsk suburbs

"Four houses have been destroyed. One house was hit directly, and it burned down completely. The other three houses are partially destroyed," Zhukovsky told Donetsk News Agency.
The settlement’s governor Vladimir Cherkas said that Ukrainian forces shelled Alexandrovka all night - from 11pm until 5am. "A shell hit agricultural zone #2, farm buildings are burning. We have been extinguishing fire since 6am and still continue," Cherkas noted.
There is no electricity in the settlement because of last night’s shellings. No information on whether anyone was injured is yet available.
The settlement of Alexandrovka, located near the disengagement line, is often shelled by Ukrainian forces.

Aug 04 02:39

Ukraine Contact Group’s sub-group on security resumes negotiations in Minsk

The meetings of the Contact Group on settlement of the situation in Ukraine and sub-groups started on August 3 and continued into the night. However, the sides failed to reach an agreement on one of the most pressing issues - signing the document on gradual withdrawal of tanks, armored personnel carriers and weaponry of less than 100mm caliber from the contact line. It was announced that the sub-group will continue negotiations until the final deal is made.

Aug 04 02:37

Russia and Qatar to coordinate activities in energy sphere — Lavrov

"The results of negotiations confirmed the desire of both countries to build up cooperation in various spheres. We are ready to intensify our ties in the fields of security, law enforcement and finance. We confirmed determination to coordinate actions in the world gas market both at the bilateral level and in the context of a forum of gas exporting countries," Lavrov went on to say.
He added that Russia welcomed the interest of the Qatari partners to intensify the work of Qatari investment funds in Russia.
Russia and Qatar to join efforts to coordinate preparation for 2018 and 2022 World Cups http://tass.ru/en/sports/812363

Aug 04 02:30

Russian specialists will dismantle equipment on Mistral warships in September

A team of Russian specialists is expected to go to France in September to dismantle the equipment installed on the Mistral class helicopter carriers, a source in Russia’s military-technical cooperation system told TASS on Tuesday.

Russian expert: Mistral without Russian equipment to remain clumsy box afloat http://tass.ru/en/russia/767198

Aug 04 02:23

First two Russian RD-181 rocket engines delivered to US

Russia has delivered to the United States the first two rocket engines RD-181 for the Antares carrier rocket under the contract signed previously.
"On July 15 the first two RD-181 engines were sent from Russia and delivered to the United States on July 16," the press service said. Before departure to the United States the engines underwent pre-delivery checkout and firing trials. Russia plans to deliver four RD-181 engines to the United States this year, another four will be delivered in 2016.
According to previous reports, Russia’s Energomash Corporation plans to supply the new RD-181 rocket engines to the U.S.-based Orbital Sciences Corporation. The relevant contract was signed in January 2015. The agreement envisages restrictions on the use of the engines in military programs - rockets with the Russian-manufactured engines must not be used for military space missions.

August 3, 2015

Aug 03 22:58

Washington’s Fifth Columns Inside Russia and China

It took two decades for Russia and China to understand that “pro-democracy” and “human rights” organizations operating within their countries were subversive organizations funded by the US Department of State and a collection of private American foundations organized by Washington. The real purpose of these non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is to advance Washington’s hegemony by destabilizing the two countries capable of resisting US hegemony.

Aug 03 22:53

Finally, One Banker Gets Sizable Jail Term. But Will Others Follow?

"A message needs to be sent to the world of banking," said UK Judge Jeremy Cooke on Monday as he handed down a 14-year sentence to former Citibank and UBS trader Tom Hayes, convicted in a London court on eight counts of conspiring to manipulate a global benchmark interest rate known as LIBOR.

Aug 03 22:41

Jehovah's Witnesses let 'repentant' child sex abusers return to church

The Jehovah’s Witnesses church let “repentant” child sex abusers return to the congregation, who were then kept in the dark about their crimes, an alleged abuse victim has claimed.

Aug 03 18:47

U.S. Propaganda: It’s Not Just False, but Absurd

It’s so ridiculous, no intelligent and informed person would give it any serious consideration whatsoever. It insults the public’s intelligence.

Here’s a typical example of the ridiculousness of U.S. propaganda: On July 16th, the U.S. State Department issued a “Ukraine Travel Warning.” It says:

Aug 03 18:41

Remote wildfire burns near western tip of Oahu

Honolulu and federal firefighters are fighting a remote wildfire burning near Satellite Tracking Station Road in the Yokohama Bay area today.

Honolulu fire Capt. Gary Lum did not know the size of the fire, but said the blaze is significant, requiring both fire department helicopters and about 25 percent of the fire department's on-duty fire trucks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The smoke from that fire is passing overhead!

Aug 03 17:12

It’s August 3rd – and Selfridges becomes the first store to launch its Christmas range with just 143 shopping days to go…

Aug 03 17:11

First squadron of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters cleared for active combat

(CNN)After nearly 15 years of development and a half-dozen years of testing, the first squadron of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters is officially operational.

The decision was formally announced by Marine Commandant General Joseph Dunford on Friday, making the Marines the first military branch to declare its version of the aircraft combat-ready.

Aug 03 17:03

Police 'covered up' Ted Heath child sex abuse claims: Wiltshire force being investigated over allegation by 'very senior' former officer that trial was derailed to protect the former Prime Minister

Police are being investigated over sensational claims they covered up child sex allegations against former prime minister Edward Heath.

The probe was launched after a retired ‘very senior’ officer raised concerns that a criminal trial was derailed in the 1990s to protect the former Tory leader.

As a result, it is alleged, he was never interviewed by police – let alone arrested – and his home was not searched.

Aug 03 16:47

Exploits start against flaw that could hamstring huge swaths of Internet

Hackers have started exploiting an extremely severe vulnerability in a widely used software utility, touching off concerns that the in-the-wild attacks could affect the stability of the Internet.

The attacks are exploiting a denial-of-service bug in all versions of Bind, the most widely used software for translating human-friendly domain names into IP addresses used by servers.


The only way administrators can ensure they don't fall victim is to install a recently published patch.

Aug 03 16:47

All This for .01 Degrees Celsius?

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy admitted that the steps being taken would only prevent .01 degrees Celsius of warming, but it was the example that counted for the rest of the world.

This article sums that up pretty nicely.

This in addition to the fact that, in 2011, she admitted she did not know how much CO2 was in the atmosphere. And its lines of evidence for this are provably false!

Given the facts, I can’t help but wonder: Did policymakers ever take Economics 101, or a course in how to read a chart?

Aug 03 16:19

Attitudes on Immigration: Compassion for Whites; Ethnic Hardball and Crocodile Tears for Jewish Activists

What’s the population of the United States? About 320 million, you think? No, that statistic is both woefully out-of-date and grossly unjust. The actual, ethical population of the US is seven billion and rising. Funnily enough, that’s also the ethical population of the United Kingdom – and of Canada, France, Sweden and Australia. In fact, all European-majority nations have an ethical population of seven billion. Just ask Stosh Cotler, CEO of “Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice”:

Aug 03 16:18

Watergate architect: Hillary scandals 'much larger' than Nixon's

The chief operative of the infamous Plumbers unit inside the Nixon White House – the man who orchestrated the Watergate building break-in – says that Hillary Clinton’s many scandals are “much larger” that anything of which Richard Nixon was accused.

“Bear in mind that nobody even caught a cold at the Watergate office building. But four devoted American citizens, including an ambassador, were left to die in Benghazi,” stated G. Gordon Liddy, the retired radio host, actor and bestselling author who was convicted of conspiracy, burglary and illegal wiretapping for his role directing and organizing the Watergate break-in.

Aug 03 15:38

Political Theater: Company with crowds for hire sees opportunity in politics

As the race for the White House heats up with the first Republican debateset for Thursday, there appears to be a growing number of supporters showing up at campaign speeches and appearances. The increasing pressure to gain an edge has some candidates paying actors to be faces in the crowd, CBS News' Carter Evans reports. When Donald Trump entered the presidential race, spurred on by an energetic crowd, apparently not all were true believers. According to an email obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, actors were offered $50 to wear T-shirts, carry signs and cheer.

Aug 03 15:33

Drone footage: China building world’s largest 500-meter radio telescope

China is assembling what has been hailed as the world's largest radio telescope, state media reported. The 500-meter tool will boast a dish the size of 30 football pitches, overtaking Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory, “only” 305 meters in diameter.

Aug 03 15:32

Forced vaccinations part of HHS's Healthy People 2020 'Decade of Vaccines' agenda

We're right smack-dab in the middle of the federal government's "Decade of Vaccines" (2010-2020), and things couldn't be moving any faster in the direction of total medical tyranny. California Governor Jerry Brown just signed into law SB 277 to force vaccines on nearly all school-age children; some members of Congress are now pushing for a national mandatory vaccination plan; and corporations and health groups all across the country are increasingly ostracizing employees and other individuals who refuse the jab.

Aug 03 15:28

America's National Parks are for sale

The corporatization process started with “co-branding” agreements, rationalized by Park Service officials as “aligning the economic and historical legacies” of parks with advertisers. In other words, they’re selling the Park Service’s proud public brand — as well as its soul. First in line was Coca-Cola. In 2007, the multibillion-dollar colossus became a “proud partner” with the Park Service by donating a mere $2.5 million (tax-deductible, meaning we taxpayers subsidized the deal) to the Park Service fundraising arm. In return, not only did Coke get exclusive rights to use park logos in its ads, but it was allowed to veto a Park Service plan to ban sales of bottled water in the Grand Canyon National Park. Disposable plastic bottles are that park’s biggest source of trash, but Coke owns Dasani, the top-selling water, so bye-bye ban. Public outrage forced officials to reverse this crass move, but the Park Service’s integrity has yet to recover.

Aug 03 14:45

U.S. factory activity dips; consumer spending cools

U.S. factory activity slipped in July and consumer spending advanced at its slowest pace in four months in June, indicating the economy lost some momentum recently.

But that could be temporary as automakers on Monday reported U.S. sales increased solidly last month after dipping in June, keeping the industry on track for its best year in a decade.

The sluggish economic data did not change economists' expectations that the Federal Reserve will hike interest rates this year, given a tightening labor market.

"We expect growth momentum to re-accelerate over the next few months, providing the Fed with the necessary confidence they need to raise rates in September," said Millan Mulraine, deputy chief economist at TD Securities in New York.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure we do!

Aug 03 14:30

Hillary Clinton may have interfered with US program against offshore banks

On the heels of revelations earlier this year about questionable Clinton family activities in Haiti, the Wall Street Journal revealed last week that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband accepted cash from Swiss bank UBS, after she intervened to help it out with the IRS, thus potentially undermining the Justice Department’s so-called Swiss Bank Program against offshore banks that assist US tax cheats.

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reportedly assisted UBS in scaling down the level of cooperation with the Justice Department regarding accounts of American tax cheats, to release only eight percent of the information demanded by the United States.

UBS later paid Bill Clinton $1.5 million for speaking engagements and also made donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Aug 03 14:26

U.S. Agrees To Act As Terrorist Bodyguard; Open To Attacking Assad Forces

By Brandon Turbeville

Fresh on the heels of the establishment of an "ISIL-Free Zone" (aka "No-Fly Zone") in northern Syria along the Turkish border, the United States has quietly announced that it will also extend its airstrike operations to act as the traveling bodyguard of the jihadists it has trained and “vetted.”...

Aug 03 13:49

Saudi Pilots Hit Friendly Targets Again, Pro-Hadi Militias Killed in Aden

The Saudi air force fighter jets have once again made a military blunder and hit friendly targets in the city of Aden, Southern Yemen, a pro-Hadi militia commander disclosed on Monday.

Aug 03 13:47

Special Report: State Department watered down human trafficking report

A Reuters examination, based on interviews with more than a dozen sources in Washington and foreign capitals, shows that the government office set up to independently grade global efforts to fight human trafficking was repeatedly overruled by senior American diplomats and pressured into inflating assessments of 14 strategically important countries in this year’s Trafficking in Persons report.

In all, analysts in the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons - or J/TIP, as it’s known within the U.S. government — disagreed with U.S. diplomatic bureaus on ratings for 17 countries, the sources said.

Aug 03 13:44

"Israel has not changed for the worse, it’s always been bad”

Alan Hart explains why only external pressure – as opposed to reason – can bring about a change in Israeli attitudes and policy, and pave the way for a just peace with the Palestinians.

Aug 03 13:28

‘Guilty’: Ex-UBS & Citigroup trader jailed 14yrs for key rate manipulation

Tom Hayes, a former yen derivatives trader at UBS and Citigroup, has become the first person found guilty of rigging benchmark interest rate. Along with other traders, he manipulated Libor, a benchmark for interest rates on trillions of dollars.

Former trader Hayes, 35, was found guilty of eight counts of conspiring after a nine-week trial in London.

Aug 03 13:27

Poroshenko Claims Putin May Attack Baltic States, Estonia Disagrees

Ukraine's president said that it is "possible" that Russia would attack Baltic states, Finland and Black Sea states, claiming that Ukraine fights not a civil war but for "democracy, freedom, the security of Europe."

Aug 03 13:27

Scathing Emails Reveal US-UK 'Special' Relationship

A former White House aide has described the UK Prime Minister David Cameron as "unsure, inexperienced, oblique and largely uncommitted." The scathing sentiments have been revealed in private emails sent by Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton.

Aug 03 13:25

S&P Dares To Go There: Downgrades European Union To Negative Outlook

Just a few short years after they dared to downgrade the US, S&P has unleashed their worst on Europe:


We are sure this will be met by S&P office raids throughout Europe, litigation over somethhing or other, and denials broadly from any and every unelected member of EU's elite... because "when it's serious you have to lie."

Aug 03 13:20

Draft Biden just got real

A senior adviser to Joe Biden’s late son Beau is joining the Draft Biden Super PAC to lay the financial groundwork for a potential presidential bid – a key hurdle for the sitting vice president if he hopes to take on Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary.

Aug 03 13:19

Comex On The Edge? Paper Gold "Dilution" Hits A Record 124 For Every Ounce Of Physical

Over the weekend, we got what was merely the latest confirmation that when it comes to sliding gold prices, consumer of physical gold just can't get enough. As the Times of India reported over the weekend, India's gold imports shot up by about 61 per cent to 155 tonnes in the first two months of the current fiscal "due to weak prices globally and the easing of restrictions by the Reserve Bank. In April-May of the last fiscal, gold imports had aggregated about 96 tonnes, an official said."

Aug 03 13:18

"It May Come To A Military Coup": Ukraine's "Nazis" Threaten To Overthrow Government

That rather ominous assessment of the political situation in Ukraine comes courtesy of a Right Sector fighter who spoke to FT last week.

Like Saint Mary (the militia which recently pledged to create a "Christian Taliban" and insists that "Moscow must burn"), The Right Sector is one of the many volunteer battalions fighting to rout the Russian-backed separatists operating in eastern Ukraine.

As discussed here on Sunday by Justin Raimondo, "the Right Sector and allied far-rightist militias are the core of [Kiev’s] military operation against the east. Right Sector provided the muscle of the Maidan revolution, standing in the front lines against the widely feared Berkut special forces loyal to Yanukovych. If these thugs must be reined in, then the success of the 'anti-terrorist' campaign is doubtful: yet Kiev is increasingly unwilling to pay the high price of appeasing their increasingly troublesome Praetorians."

Aug 03 13:13

Why Did Greece Get 'Bitch-Slapped', While Ukraine Got Some 'Good-Loving' From Europe?

George Orwell once wrote in ‘Animal Farm’ ‘all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’. This famous sentence is now valid more than ever before as surprisingly, the IMF will continue to cut Greece out of potential funding, whilst it’s embracing Ukraine by offering that country billions of dollars in hard cash as support.

In a surprising statement, the IMF confirmed it has currently no intention to continue to back Greece by making more cash available for the country. Citing the high debt levels and the poor level of implementing the much needed changes and reforms, the IMF says Greece currently does not meet the criteria required by the IMF to step in and provide more financial assistance. As you might remember, the IMF has pulled the plug on providing Greece more cash to help the country out until it will be able to re-finance its existing debt on the private markets.

Aug 03 13:10

As Hillary Clinton stumbles, some Democrats turn to Joe Biden

Joe Biden, the US vice-president, has long been considered the Democratic party’s best “Plan B” if Hillary Clinton’s second campaign for the presidency stumbles as badly as her first.

With concerns about Mrs Clinton’s falling poll numbers mounting by the day, some senior Democrats believe that now is the time for him to become Plan A, and are clamouring for him to jump into the race.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Go with Joe." That would look good on a button!

Aug 03 13:04

US-NATO War Games on Russia’s Doorstep, Russia’s Military Drills and Deployments

This year NATO has increased the number of military exercises near Russian borders from 90-95 to 150 and the number of reconnaissance aviation flights has increased by 9 times since last year. Iran’s “nuclear problem” has been settled, but the United States is continuing the development of a missile defense system in Europe aimed almost exclusively at Russia. The Russian Federation must take military and technical measures in response to the U.S. missile “defense” system in Europe, NATO military activity and other security threats in Russia’s backyard.

Aug 03 13:03

Former Prime Minister Azarov at the head of the Committee for the Rescue of Ukraine

Google Translate: Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov at a press conference in Moscow said that the established Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine.

He proposed that the President of Ukraine nominates former deputy Vladimir Olejnik, and this called for early elections.

The formation of the Committee for the Rescue of Ukraine Azarov declared - as jei was announced - in a Moscow hotel "Ukraine".

The commission itself, at the very least, the nucleus of the Ukrainian "government in exile" and its foundation is a logical step considering that in Kiev in February last year conducted a classic coup directed by the Americans.

Aug 03 13:01

The Anti-Crimean Pogrom that Sparked Crimea’s Breakaway

Here is a description of the “Korsun Pogrom” or “Korsun Massacre”: the 20 February 2014 event that sparked Crimea’s breakaway from Ukraine:

Aug 03 12:53

Sydney weather: Coldest spell in 26 years and more chilly mornings ahead

Sydney notched its longest cold spell in 26 years and NSW had its frostiest July since 1997 after a series of strong cold fronts dragged unusually cool air over south-eastern Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

The city's run of 11 consecutive nights with temperatures dipping below 8 degrees was Sydney's longest such run since 1989, the bureau said in its monthly report. For both mean and minimum temperatures, it was also the coolest July for the city since 2002.

Aug 03 12:53

Brrr … 2015 Bangor’s coldest year on record

The National Weather Service has confirmed what residents of the Queen City have been saying for weeks — 2015 is the coldest on record for the city.

Between Jan. 1 and July 31, the average temperature in Bangor was 38.9 degrees, the station in Caribou announced Sunday. It was the sixth-coldest year on record in Caribou for the same time period.

Aug 03 12:46

10-Eye-Opening Quotes From Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger has been lauded by some as a woman of valor, but a closer look reveals that Planned Parenthood’s audacious founder had some unsavory things to say about matters of race, birth control, and abortion. An outspoken eugenicist herself, Sanger consistently promoted racist ideals with a contemptuous attitude.

margaretsanger4Read on to learn why Planned Parenthood hides behind a false memory of Sanger, and why, despite her

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 03 12:43

BEX ALERT - Jewish Group Demands Obama Stop Demonizing Jews

On Friday, the Republican Jewish Coalition issued a statement demanding that Obama stop demonizing the critics of the Iran deal with code words for Jews.

Matt Brooks, the executive director of the RJC, quoted the President’s comment, that the “lobbying taking place on the other side is fierce, well-financed and relentless.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh yeah, I can see how "lobbying taking place on the other side is fierce, well-financed and relentless" could not be interpreted any other way than as anti-Semitism!!!!!!!

Aug 03 12:41

BEX ALERT - WSJ Op-Ed: Iran Nuke Deal Reveals Obama’s “Blind Spot” Towards Anti-Semitism

President Barack Obama has a “blind spot” towards anti-Semitism that is evident in his administration’s outreach to Iran, Ruth Wisse, a scholar of Yiddish and comparative literature, wrote in an op-ed (Google link) published Friday in The Wall Street Journal.

Aug 03 12:25

Republican Rank-and-File Line Up Against Financial Regulation

Former financial regulator Bill Black mocks Republican claims of ‘bigotry’ against ‘the success of CEOs’

Aug 03 12:21

will we go the Icelandic or Greek route?

$40 trillion here, a quadrillion there, soon banksters will own it all

Aug 03 12:16

Former Merck Employee Targeted for Harassment, Intimidation After Speaking out Against Forced Vaccinations

Once upon a time, Brandy Vaughan worked as a sales rep for Merck & Co. selling a deadly drug called Vioxx which hurt and killed a lot of people. Brandy found out that her employer did this with prior knowledge that this drug was dangerous. She quit, and began to question the entire healthcare system, including the vaccinations that pediatricians later attempted to push on her infant son.

Now Brandy speaks out against vaccinations like the ones peddled by Pharma giant Merck. She has been a loud opponent in the fight against forced vaccination bills like S.B. 277, speaking at multiple protests and rallies against this blatant medical tyranny.

A video was sent to us, made by YouTuber Andrew Liebich, detailing the kind of intimidation and harassment that Brandy has been suffering as of late. This isn’t your average case of harassment….

Aug 03 12:15

Polio vaccines, Simian Virus 40, and human cancer: the epidemiologic evidence for a causal association

In 1960, it was discovered that Simian Virus 40 (SV40) contaminated up to 30% of the poliovirus vaccines in the US. This contamination arose because the vaccines were produced in monkey kidney cell cultures harboring SV40 between 1955 and 1963. During this period, approximately 90% of children and 60% of adults in the USA were inoculated for polio and possibly exposed to SV40. Many epidemiologic and molecular pathogenesis studies have been conducted in order to identify potential cancer risks since this 'natural' experiment began.

Aug 03 12:14

High rent is forcing Las Vegas families to take to the sewers

Beneath the glitz and glamour of what is arguably the most expensive real estate in the world, beneath the playground of the high-rolling mega-rich gamblers who fly in for the weekend in their private jets, beneath the neon lights and polished marble of the casinos, beneath the city that never sleeps, is a world that is known to only the handful of America’s forgotten—its homeless.

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This is absolutely insane.

Governor Herbert of Utah, you need to at least have a phone conversation with your counterpart, Governor Sandoval of Nevada, about how your state has humanely and compassionately all but eliminated homelessness in Utah, and how your approach has actually saved the state,money in the long run.

That ANYONE should have to live this way is so wrong, I just don't know where to begin.

Aug 03 12:14

'Perfect Storm' Engulfing Canada's Economy Perfectly Predictable

Years ago Andrew Nikiforuk, citing experts, warned where Stephen Harper's priorities would lead us.

Economists, an irrational tribe of short-sighted mathematicians, are now calling Canada's declining economic fortunes "a perfect storm."

It seems to be the only weather that complex market economies generate these days, or maybe such things are just another face of globalization.

In any case, economists now lament that low oil prices have upended the nation's trade balance: "Canada has posted trade deficits every month this year, and the cumulative 2015 total of $13.6 billion is a record, exceeding the next highest, in 2009, of $2.95 billion."

But this unique perfect storm gets darker. China, which Harperites eagerly embraced as the globe's autocratic growth locomotive, has run out of steam.

Aug 03 12:06

Switzerland’s central bank just lost $52 billion

The Swiss Franc is getting crushed.
Most banks around the world couldn’t survive losing $50 billion in six months. But most banks don’t print their own money.

The Swiss National Bank, Switzerland’s central bank, announced on Friday that it suffered a first-half loss of 50.1 billion Swiss francs ($52 billion), the vast majority of which was from the decline in value of its holdings of euros.

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YIKES!! That is intense!

Aug 03 11:56

Anti-torture reforms opposed within psychology group after damning report

Opposition is building to intended anti-torture reforms within the largest professional organization of psychologists in the US, which faces a crossroads over what a recent report described as its past support for brutal military and CIA interrogations.

Before the American Psychological Association (APA) meets in Toronto next Thursday for what all expect will be a fraught convention that reckons with an independent review that last month found the APA complicit in torture, former military voices within the profession are urging the organization not to participate in what they describe as a witch hunt.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF members of this association are brought up on charges of collusion with the intent to torture, so be it.

The APA should renounce torture, and refuse to engage in it for the military, period, end of discussion.


But I will tell you what happens when this country tortures, or outsources torture: the world realizes that the alleged US values of humanity, decency, and democracy, are only truly practiced in the breach, and US torture gives any other country's leadership carte blanche to do the same to American civilians and service personnel also.

Aug 03 11:56

Mike Cuckabee - To the Ovens!

Mike Huckabee, a Republican presidential candidate, is showing what it means to be a cuckservative. God's chosen people have demanded that us worthless White people fight and die in a war with Iran. Obama has refused such a war, so these Republican cucks like Huckabee have started to scream that peace means we are sending "Israelis to the oven!"

Of course, Mike Huckabee is too much of a fat ass to fight for and die for Israel. But he wants your sons and daughters to bleed for an alien nation. Mike is a cuckold. Meaning he would never defend the interests of his people. The idea that White people, like the Jews, have the right to self determination would send this cuck into a screaming fit.

Aug 03 11:53

U.S. Tries to Stir Ethnic Division in Crimea

On Saturday, August 1st, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko (who now acknowledges that his government is illegitimate and that his predecessor Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown in a February 2014 coup), sent greetings to an international conference of supporters of Tatars in Crimea, at the Second World Congress of the Crimean Tatars. He charged the current Crimean government (the government that Crimeans elected on 16 March 2014, rejoining Russia) of discriminating against Tatars. His message attacked the “torn imperial policies of the Kremlin,” and the “temporary occupation of Crimea by Russia.” He said that, “The Crimean Tatar people are again experiencing terror, and tens of thousands are thus forced to flee.” He thanked America’s Sunni ally Turkey for hosting this conference of pro-Saudi, Sunni Muslim, Crimeans.

Aug 03 11:52

Michael Savage - Nationalism for Me (Israel), Not for Thee (US)

Savage (aka Weiner) is a nationalist for Israel, who is an utter hypocrite.

Aug 03 11:51

Greece Succumbs to Imperialist Banksterism

In a nationwide referendum, 61%, of Greeks shouted okhi to ever-more severe austerity measures as the price for new loans and Greece’s remaining within the Eurozone. On July 7 the leaders of the 28 European countries gave the government of Alexis Tsipris two days to present “credible proposals” to its creditors or face expulsion from the Eurozone. Now as then, the Greek government capitulated in the wake of a German-led attack, only this time the weapon of choice was banks not tanks.

Aug 03 11:50

EU Kosovo mission accused of trying to silence whistleblower

The European Union’s biggest foreign mission has been accused of using its powers to try to silence a whistleblower who claims to have uncovered evidence of possible corruption.

Eulex, the foreign mission in Kosovo, is being taken to an employment tribunal by the London-based lawyer Maria Bamieh. She claims she was forced from her job as a prosecutor after exposing evidence of bribery among senior staff.

But now Bamieh and her solicitor have been formally warned by Eulex that they could be prosecuted and jailed if they disclose any details of her employment case to “non-parties,” including potential witnesses.

The prospect of criminal prosecution in Kosovo is particularly serious, given that it would be carried out by Eulex prosecutors and judges.

Aug 03 11:45

Obama approves using US air power to defend Pentagon-trained Syria rebel forces

President Obama has approved using American air power to defend U.S-backed rebels in Syria from attacks by President Bashar al-Assad's forces or Islamist groups, increasing the chances of direct conflict between Washington and Damascus.

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Aug 03 11:45

Jimmy Carter Is Correct that the U.S. Is No Longer a Democracy

On July 28th, Thom Hartmann interviewed former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and, at the very end of his show (as if this massive question were merely an aftethought), asked him his opinion of the 2010 Citizens United decision and the 2014 McCutcheon decision, both decisions by the five Republican judges on the U.S. Supreme Court. These two historic decisions enable unlimited secret money (including foreign money) now to pour into U.S. political and judicial campaigns. Carter answered:

Aug 03 11:43

Institute of Peace’s Hawkish Chairman Wants Ukraine to Send Russians Back in Body Bags

The United States Institute of Peace is a publicly funded national institution chartered by the U.S. government to promote international peace through nonviolent conflict resolution.

But its chairman, Stephen Hadley, is a relentless hawk whose advocacy for greater military intervention often dovetails closely with the interests of Raytheon, a major defense contractor that pays him handsomely as a member of its board of directors.

Hadley, the former national security adviser to President George W. Bush, was an advocate for the 2003 invasion of Iraq and more recently appeared in the media to call for massive airstrikes in Syria. Over the last year, he has called for escalating the conflict in Ukraine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Toward the end of the 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie, the Moriarty character makes a comment to the effect that war was coming, and he wanted a lock on the bullets and the bandages.

As Raytheon's spokeswhore, Hadley profits mightily from the deaths and maimings of others, and that is true for every Congressional representative with stock holdings in the military industrial complex.

Better face up to it; public positions and legislation are up for sale in this country to the highest bidder; and anyone's money can buy them.

Aug 03 11:42

Obama unveils major climate change proposal

The Obama administration unveiled a major climate change plan on Sunday aimed at a large reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the nation's coal-burning power plants. On Monday, President Barack Obama will begin selling it to the public at a White House event.

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