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"Our attachment to no nation on earth should supplant our attachment to liberty." -- Thomas Jefferson: Declaration on Taking Up Arms, 1775. Papers 1:201



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October 14, 2010

Oct 14 08:22

Middle classes hit again with tax raid on pensions

Middle-class professionals and savers are facing a tax raid on their pensions under measures to be unveiled by the Coalition.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Do you get it yet? The government sold its soul to the bankers and the looting of your lives for the benefit of the bankers will go on until YOU make it stop!

Oct 14 08:03

Cancer 'is purely man-made' say scientists after finding almost no trace of disease in Egyptian mummies

Cancer is a man-made disease, fuelled by the excesses of modern life, study of ancient remains from fossils to mummies has concluded.

A review of Egyptian mummies, fossil records dating back to dinosaurs and classical literature found tumours to be extremely rare until recent times, when factors from pollution to poor diet made life more toxic.

They discovered that the disease rate has risen dramatically since the Industrial Revolution, in particular childhood cancer – proving that the rise is not simply due to people living longer.

Oct 14 08:01

British aid worker had ESCAPED Taliban captors and was in foetal position when elite troops detonated grenade

A British aid worker who died during a botched raid on the compound where she was being held hostage had escaped her captors and was hiding when a U.S. grenade killed her.

Linda Norgrove was cowering in a foetal position when troops detonated the deadly grenade.

Now an elite U.S. commando is facing disciplinary action over the death of the 36-year-old after it emerged he failed to tell his commanding officers he had used a grenade.

Oct 14 08:01


The plan was in motion, a veterans group, bankers, Nazi’s all, dictatorship, concentration camps and an end to American democracy. It almost happened in the 1930s as it could still happen in America today. This is history, the real history no American child is taught, history no university has in its library…..only the truth can keep America free.”

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Oct 14 08:01

"Nobody Gets Their Kids Back "

Barring a near-miraculous outcome, Cheyenne's parents will never get their daughter back. So testifies New Hampshire resident Dorothy Knightly. Between August 31, 2005 and February 3, 2006, Dorothy (who prefers to be called Dot) saw three of her grandchildren abducted by the DCYF on the basis of spurious child abuse and neglect allegations.

Oct 14 07:58

Study Claims Tribesmen See Drones as "Liberators"

In my humble opinion this professor is nuts or the recipient of a Pentagon grant and he's nuts too! IMHO!

Oct 14 07:52

Linda Norgrove:U.S. Navy Seal Faces Disciplinary Action Over Grenade Death

No ice cream or weekend pass my boy! There you have been disciplined!

Oct 14 07:44


I have been advised that the new Iran NIE, which is still being negotiated, will likely reflect a compromise giving everyone what they want.

Oct 14 07:34

9 Years of U.S. Lies and Failures in Afghanistan

This month sadly marks the date of the U.S.-UK invasion of Afghanistan. Most people are coming to the realization that there is something wrong with the picture in the post September 11,2001 delusion where Americans just sat back and let DC pretend to Defend America without even asking why the U.S. and UK had been planning to attack Afghanistan well before that date.

Oct 14 07:30

A Plunge into a Monetary No Man’s Land

The bankers, Wall Street and the City of London have lost and they know it. Talk radio and the Internet have exposed what they are up to worldwide and there is no way for them to stop it short of a revolution or WWIII. The time has passed for them to successfully pull off such a diversion and get away with or survive. They have craftily interconnected just about everything. Gold has again become the ultimate currency and anything to disrupt gold’s position would now bring down the entire financial system worldwide. The bottom line is if you do not own gold and silver coins, bullion and shares you are a fool. Both metals are headed considerably higher and there is no changing that.

Oct 14 07:21

Revolution: The Coming Inevitability

The big picture concentrates the mind. Mexico and Italy are almost ungovernable except as the playgrounds of increasingly legitimized gangsters. In Honduras the U.S. has sponsored another military coup d’etat to prevent reform. In Italy the chief gangster is the Italian president who forces through legislation exempting his crimes from legal process.

The U.S.A. flounders and sinks in a quagmire of what is, in effect, massively disguised corporate crime. The (U.S. president) Clinton “team” threw off FDR’s 1930s Depression guarantees of financial responsibility, precipitating what the French call the “Krach” of 2008. No U.S. legislation has repaired that breach in the defence of democracy. And so insane economy-wrecking, in and beyond the USA, is rachetting up instability which proceeds to repeated mantras extolling the “Free Market Economy”, and to the growing enrichment of a small, greedy, blind set of finance capitalists.

“Change the name”, a friend said to me, “from U.S.A. to G.S.A. – Goldman Sachs of America”, no longer the united states of….

The European Union, placed in the hands of major industrialists, financiers, and their agents, is wiping out significant democracy there. The EU Nomes were defeated by popular vote (2005) in an attempt to pass a New European Constitution constructed for the benefit of private corporate capital. To sidestep that major expression of popular will, the EU held, just a few years later, a meeting of “officials” in Lisbon, Portugal and signed (2007) a ‘constitutional treaty’ giving almost all that was intended in the defeated constitution to private corporate capital. The gangsters of Europe forged ahead.

Oct 14 07:12

Foreclosure Scandal Exposes Systemic Derivatives Fraud

The banks, for their part, are covering up this scandal as fast as they can, and with the help of compliant media such as the New York Times and Washington Post, are attempting to cast it as a story of "shoddy paperwork by low-level nobodies," whose errors are now "jeopardizing the fragile recovery." In effect, these bankers are brazenly threatening us yet again—even as they destroy the nation trying to bail them out. "Stop us from taking what we want," they're saying, "and we'll make you pay." What unmitigated gall!

Oct 14 07:01

U.S. Home Seizures Reach Record Amid Foreclosure Review


More than 100,000 U.S. homes were seized by lenders in September, a record number that probably will decline in coming months as major banks halt repossessions and review their foreclosure practices.

Oct 14 06:53

The Danger of Printing Money

Oct 14 06:52

US real estate collapse

The recession is clearly not over, at least when it comes to the United States' inability to protect its citizens homes. Americans continue to lose their homes and foreclosures continue to rise, who is to blame for this crisis? Many people have said that the banks are to blame for fraudulently processing financial documents. George Hemminger the founder of Survive and Thrive TV believes the US Federal Reserve is to blame for this "Wall Street engineered collapse" because it injected too much liquidity into the market.

Oct 14 06:52

Gerald Celente: "The selloff of America"

Financial institutions on Wall Street are preparing to pay a shocking record $144 billion dollars in compensation & benefits. This amid spiraling foreclosures and an economic crisis that has devastated Americans, leaving many out in the street. Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute says that the gap between rich and poor in the US will continue to get larger because of the bank bailout that Washington shelled out in 2008. Show Less

Oct 14 05:20

The Taliban has an air force? Witnesses report seeing surrounded Taliban forces rescued by chopper.

Helicopter Rumour Refuses to Die
Many Afghans believe foreign forces providing support for insurgents in the north.

“Just when the police and army managed to surround the Taleban in a village of Qala-e-Zaal district, we saw helicopters land with support teams,” he said. “They managed to rescue their friends from our encirclement, and even to inflict defeat on the Afghan National Army.”

This story, in one form or another, is being repeated throughout northern Afghanistan. Dozens of people claim to have seen Taleban fighters disembark from foreign helicopters in several provinces. The local talk is of the insurgency being consciously moved north, with international troops ferrying fighters in from the volatile south, to create mayhem in a new location.

Oct 14 04:57

The Truth about Terrorism-James Corbett

James Corbett talks about false flag attacks and who they benefit. America is no different in this regard.

Oct 14 04:54

Sibel Edmonds: Friends-Enemies-Both? Our Foreign Policy Riddle

The problem is this: without the Cold War excuse our foreign policymakers had a real hard time justifying our joint operations and terrorism schemes in the resource-rich ex Soviet states with these same groups, so they made sure they kept these policies unwritten and unspoken, and considering their grip on the mainstream media, largely unreported. Now what would your response be if I were to say, on the record, and if required, under oath:

Between 1996 and 2002, we, the United States, planned, financed and help execute every single major terrorist incident by Chechen rebels (and the Mujahideen) against Russia

Between 1996 and 2002, we, the United States, planned, financed and help execute every single uprising and terrorism related scheme in Xinxiang (aka East Turkistan and Uyghurstan)

Between 1996 and 2002, we, the United States, planned and carried out at least two assassination schemes against pro Russia officials in Azerbaijan

Oct 14 04:34

JFK on Secret Societies


Oct 14 01:33

A question for the British foreign secretary Mr Hague, is it not your responsibility to keep seaways open?

The unbroken thread of Conservative Party support for Israel that has run for nearly a century from the Balfour Declaration to the present day will continue. Although it will no doubt often be tested in the years ahead, it will remain constant, unbroken, and undiminished

Oct 14 01:08

Is a Jewish Holocaust Against the Palestinians in the Offing?

Dov Lior, the Rabbi of the Jewish colony of Kiryat Arba, called for the annihilation of the people of the city of Nablus. Speaking to fellow settler leaders, Lior addressed one settler leader, telling him “I am sure you can become the mayor of Shchem (Hebrew name of Nabslus) I am sure you will be able to do the job in one month, even one day.”

October 13, 2010

Oct 13 23:35

United We Strike Radio Marathon – Join Us, Support Unity!

Withdrawing Support From Corrupt Military Industrialists, Banksters, Globalists, And Their Minions!

The time for Peaceful Non-Compliance has come.
We must unite as ONE RACE, the HUMAN RACE.

* We will no longer participate in wars that profit the global powers at the expense of the people.
* We will no longer hand over the fruits of our labour to those who abuse and misuse us.
* We will not submit to Global Government or Tyranny or Facism.
* We will stand as ONE and withdraw support from Governments Gone Wild.
* We will Create A Future We Can ALL Live In

Oct 13 23:03

Louisiana foreclosure law appealed to US Supreme Court

New Orleans man takes foreclosure law to US Supreme Court.


Oct 13 22:00

Military ballots may not count in Illinois

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether the state of Illinois missed the deadline for mailing absentee ballots to members of the military and other overseas American voters as part of a new federal overseas voting law.

Oct 13 22:00

Dozens charged with largest Medicare scam ever

A vast network of Armenian gangsters and their associates used phantom health care clinics and other means to try to cheat Medicare out of $163 million, the largest fraud by one criminal enterprise in the program's history, U.S. authorities said Wednesday.

Federal prosecutors in New York and elsewhere charged 73 people. Most of the defendants were captured during raids Wednesday morning in New York City and Los Angeles, but there also were arrests in New Mexico, Georgia and Ohio.

Oct 13 21:54

B.B (Barack Bush) warns of Al-Qaeda's 'murderous agenda' in Yemen

Ten years after a blast ripped through the USS Cole, killing 17 US sailors, President Barack Obama said Tuesday that Al-Qaeda is pursuing a "murderous agenda" in increasingly violent Yemen

Oct 13 21:51

Russia Declines NATO Call for Afghan Supply Route

Though the Pakistan border has reopened to NATO traffic, the need to rely on Pakistan for some 80% of the Afghan War’s supplies has been problematic, to say the least, and the alliance has been looking elsewhere for routes to the landlocked country.

But they won’t find one in Russia, which today announced that it had formally denied NATO permission to transport military supplies through its country.

Oct 13 21:49


The desperately and somewhat ridiculously named neoconservative front organisation, the Emergency Committee for Israel, headed up by William Kristol, recently commissioned McLaughlin and Associates to conduct a poll to gauge American public opinion about the Zionists and neocons arch-enemy, Iran. One of the questions asked in the poll (Q28) was: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “I am strongly opposed to the use of military force by Israel or the United States to attack Iran”. According to the neocon’s poll 52.8% disagreed; in other words, according to the poll, a majority of American’s are not opposed to attacking Iran.

Oct 13 20:52

David Duke - The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery

David Duke - The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery - What Jewish Historians Say, Part 1

David Duke - The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery - The Media Coverup, Part 2

Oct 13 19:05

In Afghanistan, the Handwriting Is on the Wall

At the other end of the equation, modern armies and sophisticated equipment consume huge quantities of everything from peanut butter to electric batteries. All that body armor and those computer consoles, not to mention shells and rockets, adds up to great weight and volume. Many posts can be reached only by helicopter. Aviation fuel is at a premium, gasoline an equally daunting necessity -- not just for vehicles but for the electric generators that power American bases. Requirements in fact rule out certain kinds of equipment -- few Abrams tanks are in the theater, for example -- vehicles that measure gas consumption in gallons per mile. Concerned about the price of gas for your car? It costs $400 to put one gallon of gas on the ground in certain places in Afghanistan. In 2009, according to Pentagon estimates, allied forces were consuming over half a million gallons of gasoline per day, a figure that nearly doubled before the new "surge" troops began reaching the country. During the Vietnam war the Pentagon calculated that every soldier in-country represented $7,000 in the war budget. For Afghanistan that figure is $1,000,000.

Oct 13 18:10


Jeff, you’re not fit to shine Joe’s shoes, much less weigh him in the balance of your twisted, dictatorial version of history, to which all must conform or forfeit their reputation.

By Michael Hoffman

Oct 13 18:07


Former White House correspondent Helen Thomas stands by her controversial remarks on Israel that led to her retirement.

Helen Thomas has acknowledged she touched a nerve with remarks about Israel that led to her retirement. But she says the comments were “exactly what I thought,” even though she realized soon afterward that it was the end of her job.

“I hit the third rail. You cannot criticize Israel in this country and survive,” Thomas told Ohio station WMRN-AM in a sometimes emotional 35-minute interview that aired Tuesday. It was recorded a week earlier by WMRN reporter Scott Spears at Thomas’ Washington, D.C., condominium.

Oct 13 17:32

Microsoft issues its biggest-ever security fix

Microsoft said four of the new patches -- software updates that write over glitches -- were of the highest priority and should be deployed immediately to protect users from potential criminal attacks on the Windows operating systems.

Oct 13 16:43


Oct 13 16:33

Survey Shows People Still Worried About Oil On Pinellas County Beaches

Oil is gone from Florida beaches. But many travelers don't believe it, even months after BP capped off its broken well in the gulf...

Oct 13 16:32

These are the dogs the Israelis will use on the aid activists!

Oct 13 16:25

Foreclosure anger is now hitting election campaign

Three weeks before the election, anger over tainted home foreclosure documents is bursting into the battle for control of Congress, especially in hard-hit states such as Nevada and Florida.

Oct 13 16:25

How 2 civilian sleuths brought foreclosure problems to light

More than a year before lenders, law firms and document companies began owning up to widespread paperwork problems with their foreclosure filings, Lisa Epstein and Michael Redman already knew that something was wrong — very wrong.

Redman, a former online automobile consultant, got his first taste of the problem in early 2008, when he tried to help a relative who was facing foreclosure.

Oct 13 16:20


Oct 13 16:16


In the midst of a successful rescue mission to save 33 Chilean miners, PMO distributes quotes from a book Netanyahu wrote in 1987.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel sets a new low for pathetic grabbing for attention. The whole world is watching as Chile shows how to handle a mine disaster; bringing the 33 miners back to the surface today after being trapped underground since August 5th. It is quite an achievement especially when you consider that the United States failed to rescue a single trapped miner at all from the equivalent mine disaster in West Virginia last April. So the world applauds Chile's great achievement, and what does Israel do? Try to steal some of that attention for themselves with this idiotic story about how Michel de Nostenyahu foresaw the catastrophe in one of his quatrains written in 1987!

Oct 13 16:01

Mr Hague, is it not your responsibility to keep seaways open?

Stuart Littlewood reminds British Foreign Secretary William Hague of recent acts of piracy by the Israeli navy against unarmed aid ships, including the sadistic assault on the Jewish boat, the Irene, and asks him what the UK government and its partners are doing to keep the seaways open and guarantee free movement, as required by numerous treaties, charters and the law?

Oct 13 14:43

Crash in Afghanistan Shows US Double-standard in Dealing with Weapons Smugglers

The crash of a Transafrik International Hercules L-100 (C-130 military designation) cargo plane, tail number 5X-TUC, while flying from the U.S. airbase at Bagram, Afghanistan to Kabul, killing all 8 crew aboard, points to the double standard of the United States in contracting military air services to companies linked to arms smuggling.

Oct 13 13:59

Judge Napolitano - Big Government

Oct 13 13:24

Gen. Shelton (III): Iraq went so wrong because of Bush administration 'lies'

Shelton also writes that there was no reason to go war against Iraq. "The fact is that we had Iraq contained and they were not a threat." (419) Also, "There was absolutely no link between him [Saddam] and 9/11." (474) No big revelations, but I was glad to see this stated so flatly by a former high official.

His bottom line: "President Bush and his team got us enmeshed in Iraq based on extraordinarily poor intelligence and a series of lies purporting that we had to protect American from Saddam's evil empire because it posed such a threat to our national security." (474-475)

Just in case you weren't paying attention, he elaborates on that charge later in the book. "Spinning the possible possession of WMDs as a threat to the United States in the way they did is, in my opinion, tantamount to intentionally deceiving the American people." (488)

Oct 13 13:08

Inside the Global Banking Intelligence Complex, BCCI Operations Part II

While investigating BCCI operations, I began to clearly understand for the first time how the Global Banking Intelligence Complex runs both political parties in the United States. After years of researching and investigating BCCI, I’ve come to understand how power really operates, who the real power players are and how the mainstream media, which is tightly controlled by these forces, keeps the American public in the dark and marginalized by never reporting on the roots of power. The harsh truth is that American democracy and the rule of law are an illusion.

When you peel back all the layers, the ultimate power in this world lies within the Global Banking Intelligence Complex, or the “money powers” as our Founding Fathers and early presidents called them. If you research our forefathers, you will see that they understood this point very well. The main theme throughout American history has always been the war between democracy and the concentration of power within the banks.

Oct 13 12:40

PLO Will Recognize Israel as "Jewish state" or "Chinese state" or Any Other Kind of State Within its 1967 Borders

PLO chief: We will recognize Israel in return for 1967 borders

Yasser Abed Rabbo says that in exchange for accepting Palestinian territorial claims, it will recognize Israel as 'whatever it wants.'

Oct 13 12:12

Fla's 30-second foreclosure dash hits wall of fraud

Fla's 30-second foreclosure dash hits wall of fraud
By DAVID MCLAUGHLIN • Bloomberg News • October 13, 2010
Florida’s legislature appropriated $9.6 million this year to pay semi-retired judges and case managers to clear the backlog of foreclosures. Some judges have been churning through cases at a rapid clip, such as those last week in Tampa who considered dozens of foreclosures per day, sometimes in as little as 30 seconds.

Oct 13 12:00

Chile Miners Rescue: LIVE Updates(Pics)

Chile Miners Rescue: LIVE Updates
The Huffington Post | Craig Kanalley And Adam Rose
First Posted: 10-12-10 04:51 PM
Rescue operations to bring 33 trapped miners to the surface are officially underway in Chile.
The miners have been trapped underground for more than two months. Efforts to surface them will take place on an individual basis using a specially built cage.
The AP reports that the only media allowed to record images of the men emerging from the shaft will be a government photographer and Chile's state television channel.

Oct 13 11:37

Findings secret on crash that killed nun

The Obama administration will not release the results of an investigation into why an illegal immigrant with two drunken-driving convictions went almost two years without a deportation hearing before a crash that killed a Virginia nun, a senior official said.

Carlos Martinelly-Montano, 23, who entered the country illegally from Bolivia as a child, is accused of killing Sister Denise Mosier, 66, and critically injuring two other Benedictine nuns while driving drunk in Prince William County on Aug. 1.

The furor over the way Martinelly-Montano's case was handled by Immigration and Customs Enforcement prompted the agency's boss, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, to announce an investigation.

Oct 13 11:33

Zan One Man Demonstration

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When just one man says 'No', the tyrant trembles!

Oct 13 11:14

'Gloom' Factor Sinks Obama's Standing With Jewish Voters

President Barack Obama's approval rating among Jewish voters has fallen six points in just seven months, and a surprisingly strong 33 percent of those surveyed say the nation would be better off with a Republican-led Congress, according to a just-released poll of Jewish voters by the American Jewish Committee.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a lesson here for both parties. No matter what you do for Israel, no matter how much you give, no matter how hard you work to NOT see it when Israel murders Americans in international waters, it will never ever be enough. Israel will never be satisfied. Israel will never show a trace of gratitude. *Israel will always demand, "What are you doing for us NOW?"

Feeling the Love in Jerusalem from Joseph Dana on Vimeo.

Oct 13 11:07

Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed

Oct 13 11:07

Federal Judge Known for Stiff Drug Sentences Caught Buying Drugs for Prostitute

In a story which couldn't possibly be any more quaint, a federal judge who "built a reputation for handing out stiff sentences, including for drug convictions," was reportedly caught buying drugs for his prostitute stripper girlfriend.

Oct 13 10:45


The day the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin was assassinated fifteen years ago next month, is the day that Israel became a victim to a coup. It was not only Rabin that was assassinated that day, it was also whatever might have become a viable road to Peace in the region. It became, in actuality, the day any resemblance to Democracy was ended in the state of Israel.

Oct 13 10:42

Seven years on, death and destruction continue to haunt Iraq

Seven years on, death and destruction continue to haunt Iraq, and nowhere more so than in the city of Fallujah, where babies continue to be born with serious heart problems, horrific physical deformities, and with mental abnormalities.

For the mothers of Fallujah who have given birth to babies with two heads, or with no heads at all, it is impossible to imagine that they will ever recover from the horrors of Mr Blair’s unjustifiable war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take a good, hard look at the kid in the photo at the top of this article.

Imagine - for one second - that this was your kid.

What would you be thinking about the people who caused this to happen to you and your family?!?

Oct 13 10:39

“Why Is the U.S. Government Deaf to What Has Been Done to My Son?” Asks Father of an American Murdered on the Gaza Flotilla

Through his lawyers in Turkey, Ahmet Dogan, the father of Furkan Dogan, the 19 year old American citizen who was executed by Israeli commandos has challenged the U.S. government its lack concern about the death of his son.

"Up to this moment, I still do not understand why the United States government is deaf to what has been done to my son, an American citizen. I urge the U.S. government to act to defend the rights of my son. I also would like to know why the U.S. voted against the Gaza Flotilla Report of the UN Fact Finding Mission at the Human Rights Council last week, as that report included information about the execution of my son, " said Dogan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The assassination of Furkan Dogan, in cold blood, in international waters, will never be allowed to be forgotten by thinking Americans who recognize that Obama's silent subservience to Israel on this issue telegraphs, unambiguously, who is in control of US foreign policy: Israel.

Oct 13 10:34

Collapsing empire watch

It's easy to say and easy to document, but quite difficult to really internalize, that the United States is in the process of imperial collapse. Every now and then, however, one encounters certain facts which compellingly and viscerally highlight how real that is. Here's the latest such fact, from a new study in Health Affairs by Columbia Health Policy Professors Peter A. Muennig and Sherry A. Glied (h/t):

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just when Americans are going to realize what has been done to them, and what form the ensuing fury will take from that moment of clarity.

Oct 13 10:32

Officials in 50 states launch foreclosure probe

Officials in 50 states and the District of Columbia have launched a joint investigation into allegations that mortgage companies mishandled documents and broke laws in foreclosing on hundreds of thousands of homeowners.

The states' attorneys general and bank regulators will examine whether mortgage company employees made false statements or prepared documents improperly.

Alabama initially did not sign on to the investigation. It reversed course after the joint statement was released.

Oct 13 10:29

But the Coffins Do Come In

Samir Tahseen Al-Nadeem died after waiting 35 days for an exit permit for treatment for his heart condition. He was 26. The medicines he needed could not get in. But the coffins do.

The health ministry now lists 375 deaths due to shortage of life-saving medicines. The medicines sit just outside the borders of the territory until most pass their expiry dates. But there are no expiry dates on about 10,000 coffins that have been donated for Gaza. The coffins do make it to those that eventually need them.

By the end of last month more than 70 percent of medicines donated for Gaza had been dumped because they were past their expiry date, the health ministry says. They were worth many millions of dollars. And they were worth many lives.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is simply one component of Israel's "Final Solution" for Palestinian Gazans.

Oct 13 10:25

Uganda, America’s Pit Bull, Wants to Lead a Larger War in Somalia

Museveni is already scheduled to get thousands of reinforcements and money for his troops in Somalia, paid for by the Americans and Europeans. There is plenty of military business for Uganda, which acts as a hit man and enforcer for neocolonialism in Africa.

So what is Uganda's Museveni up to, with his saber-rattling?

Museveni is making big war talk in Somalia to call attention to his ongoing service to U.S. policy in Africa. He is telling the top gangsters in Washington that the hit man still has value; that the hired killer deserves his proper respect.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Look at a map:


Proxy control of Somalia by Ugandan forces would mean control of the Gulf of Aden, and some areas off the Indian Ocean.

Oct 13 10:24

Israel stages mock air raids over Gaza

Israeli warplanes have carried out a number of mock air raids over many areas across the Gaza Strip, causing sonic booms and panic among school children.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mean bastards, aren't they?

Oct 13 10:18

Pelosi On The Homeless & Foreclosed

The activists say it is a crime that there are more vacant housing units in San Francisco than homeless people. They claimed in a press release that there were between 6,000 and 15,000 homeless people in The City last year, and that more than 36,000 units are currently vacant.

The police say this is nothing more than a routine event that "happens all the time", but if that's true then why does it never make the local papers? The homeless, the sick and the jobless are everywhere on the streets here; yet absolutely nothing is being done about it.

Obama and his cabinet appointees are standing against the moratorium while my representative Nancy Pelosi, remains mute!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The administration doesn't give a flying Frisbee about the homeless; if one is homeless, it is far more difficult to register to vote than if one has a verifiable permanent address, so they figure their vote won't make a real difference to the upcoming midterms.

Oct 13 10:12

FLASHBACK - Here comes the next bubble – carbon trading

Unlike traditional commodities markets, which will eventually involve delivery to someone in physical form, the carbon market is based on lack of delivery of an invisible substance to no-one. Since the market revolves around creating carbon credits, or finding carbon reduction projects whose benefits can then be sold to those with a surplus of emissions, it is entirely intangible.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The plan was to get you to buy and sell a pretty printed piece of paper called a "Carbon Credit", a product created quite literally out of thin air and forced on the public by imperial edict.

Oct 13 10:08

Democracy is Coming...to the USA

It’s about time that Americans get over themselves and look to Latin America with a new eye. The changes that are happening to the nations of South America are astounding. Hugo Chavez is not the strongman dictator that the United States would want you to believe he is. Evo Morales is not the dictator that the U.S. State Department would like you to believe he is. The leaders of South America are a vibrant breath of fresh air and an example of what we here in the United States could become.

It is no accident that left-wing governments have appeared in South America. The leaders of the US can only blame themselves for the rise of socialism to our south. Years of American imperialism and of the heavy hand of the CIA and the DEA are prime examples of why the left has come to power.

Oct 13 10:07

Are We Giving Our Soldiers Drugs That May Make Them Kill Themselves?

More troops are dying by their own hand than in combat, according to an Army report titled "Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, Suicide Prevention." Not only that, but 36 percent of the suicides were troops who were never deployed.

Who knows what happens when the drugs are mixed with mood stabilizers, insomnia and pain pills and antianxiety and antipsychotic pills -- combinations that have never been tested for safety? In June Marine Times reported 32 deaths on prescription drugs in Warrior Transition Units (WTUs) since 2007 and said an internal review "found the biggest risk factor may be putting a soldier on numerous drugs simultaneously, a practice known as polypharmacy."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, the only thing not expendable to the US military are the profits of the pharmaceutical industry!!

Oct 13 10:05

Autopsy Reveals Seattle Police Shot Artist 4 Times in the Side

It was August 30, and a 50 year old Aboriginal artist was crossing a road in Seattle. Within a minute, all that changed after John T. Williams was shot four times by a police officer.

At the time of the deadly incident, Seattle police said there was no choice but to shoot Williams because Williams refused to obey a repeated order to drop his knife. Williams, who had been crossing Boren Avenue at Howell Street at a crosswalk, was shot four times from a distance of approximately 9 or 10 feet by Officer Ian Birk.

Oct 13 10:04

France in Uproar Over Sarkozy Plans For Retirement Age

President Nicolas Sarkozy could face the greatest challenge of his presidency in the next few days as a month-old protest against pension reform swells towards outright confrontation.

More than 3 million demonstrators – one in 20 of all French people – marched yesterday against the President’s plans to raise the standard retirement age from 60 to 62. Tens of thousands of students joined the marches for the first time, threatening to radicalise the protests and broaden them into a rebellion against a deeply unpopular presidency.

Oct 13 10:03

Food Freedom? Family Farm Ordered to Destroy 50,000 Pounds of Cheese

As the big banks continue their push to control our food supply, occurrences like this will become more and more common. People who stand up to the FDA and their Monsanto thugs are basically considered terrorists. Without Food Freedom we have no freedom! Our health should not be put in the hands of the very people who make millions of dollars a year from genetically engineered foods, foods that have been scientifically proven to cause numerous health problems.

We need to get behind Morningland and demand that the FDA start working for the American people. Supporting Moringland is supporting food freedom worldwide.

Oct 13 10:01

Record Bonuses On Wall Street After Financial 'Reform': MSNBC w/ Cenk

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) filling in for Chris Jansing on MSNBC Live talks to William Cohan about how a flawed incentive structure allows Wall Street bankers to screw the economy. Record $144 Billion Wall St. Bonuses paid out, this year.

Oct 13 10:00

"The Largest Financial Swindle in World History". "Counterfeit" Mortgages "Laundered" by the Banks

A "false front" building from the Old West. Towns built false fronts to make the town look more substantial and prosperous than it really was.

The tidal wave of evidence showing that the giant banks have engaged in fraudulent foreclosure practices is so large that the attorneys general of up to 40 states are launching investigations.

People's homes are being taken when they didn't even hold a mortgage, and the big banks have been using "robo signers" to forge mortgage related documents. Indeed, even president Obama has been hit by robo signers (see this and this).

Oct 13 09:57

Shifting the "War on Terror" to Pakistan: The Real Target is Pakistan’s Nuclear Potential

In a previous article regarding America’s strategic objectives in Pakistan, I had opined that the ongoing war on terror in Afghanistan is aimed to take the operations into the Pakistani territory. The real target is Pakistan’s nuclear potential; they have no plausible security threat from the ill-equipped Talibans or ragtag extremist.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The "War on Terror" in Pakistan has morphed into a war against Pakistan, for which the civilian and military leadership of this country have been paid handsomely to keep their eyes closed as the US kills more and more innocent Pakistanis through the drone strikes.

They will have their collective "golden parachutes" with which to live out the rest of their lives in exile by the time the current government collapses wherever they wish.

Oct 13 09:56

Climate Craziness of the Week

Smoking produces two green house gasses that are altering our atmosphere and are directly related to climate change; it is just one more challenge for the world to over come.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Desperation on the cusp of madness

Oct 13 09:50

Usury: Making the Rich Avaricious & the Poor Poorer - video

This video explores the historical critique of Usury, its prohibition and some alternatives.

Usury - the lending of money at interest has been condemned throughout history by noble people of ALL faiths (Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Greeks). It makes the poor poorer and gives rise to the most avaricious of lenders.

Instead of money being a medium of exchange, interest rates elevate money to being an end in itself.

It is strange that so many Jewish people are in the lending business, when lending at interest rates is treated with scorn in the Old Testament, although permissible in the event of lending to a non Jew for business purposes.

But nowadays we are all indebted, Jew and non Jew to interest rates for our housing and living expenses.

Oct 13 09:49

Israel says flotilla detainees were treated well

Israeli officials on Tuesday denied allegations in a U.N. report that international activists detained after the deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla were abused, telling an investigative committee that everyone was treated with respect.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How Orwellian can Israeli officialdom get, defining how activists were treated with "respect"?!?

That is the diametric opposite of what every survivor of this massacre had to say, and no amount of Israeli propaganda can possibly expunge that from the record!

Oct 13 09:40

Pipelineistan’s New Silk Road

Future historians may well agree that the 21st century Silk Road first opened for business on Dec. 14, 2009. That was the day a crucial stretch of pipeline officially went into operation linking the fabulously energy-rich state of Turkmenistan (via Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan) to Xinjiang province in China’s far west.

Meanwhile, in the New Great Game in Eurasia, China had the good sense not to send a soldier anywhere or get bogged down in an infinite quagmire in Afghanistan. Instead, the Chinese simply made a direct commercial deal with Turkmenistan and, profiting from that country’s disagreements with Moscow, built itself a pipeline which will provide much of the natural gas it needs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As I have pointed out many times, China's leadership has been thinking long-term about the elements it will need to insure economic growth, and has been making deals to get its energy needs met.

The US has been waging war to accomplish the same outcome, with horrifically negative results, including placing the Federal Government precipitously close to bankruptcy.

Oct 13 09:37

BBC Correspondent says MOSSAD did 9/11 and Iran doesn't want Nukes

Oct 13 09:36

FLASDHBACK - Drawing fire

Brazilian cartoonist and political activist Carlos Latuff visited Amman last month to present his groundbreaking work on his favourite subject: Palestine

Oct 13 09:30

Turkey’s Parliament Approves Another Year of Attacks in Iraq

In a 428-18 vote, Turkey’s parliament today agreed to extend the military’s mandate to launch attacks against Kurdish forces in Northern Iraq for another year. The vote came following a closed-door debate about the issue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if the US plans for some kind of Turkish partition of the Kurdish region of Iraq, to further "balkanize" Iraq.

Why else would the US military be aiding and abetting the Turkish military with intelligence regarding potential targets if this were not the case?!?

Oct 13 09:30

Twins Die Minutes after Measles Vaccination

Nine-month-old twins in Ghaziabad, India reportedly died within minutes of receiving a measles vaccine.

Avika and Anika Sharma were given the vaccinations at a private nursing home by Dr. Satyaveer Singh. Within about 15 minutes, both little girls were dead.

Oct 13 09:25

Eggs, shoes hurled at Obama poster during TA protest

Protesters threw eggs and shoes at a poster of US President Barack Obama in Tel Aviv on Monday, at protest against what organizers call the “brutal” treatment of Israel by the Obama administration.

The demonstration, which was held on the Tel Aviv promenade across the street from the US Embassy, was attended by a few dozen people, including far-right activist Baruch Marzel and organizer Ori Bar-Am.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One would have hardly expected less from the world's first self-declared 21st century theocracy!

Obama is absolutely desperate to see these talks not implode until after the November election. After the election, watch this issue just vanish from his agenda.

But I do have a concrete recommendation for "President Semblance"; if the Israeli people believe that they have a Biblically justified right to all the territory they have conquered (and all they intend to conquer), there is absolutely no hope in hell for a semblance of of peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, and no hope for a Palestinian state.

The US, therefore, has been stuck in the loop of a thoroughly futile exercise, and has invested staggering amounts of financial and geopolitical capital toward something that cannot happen.

What the US should do, right now, is immediately stop all financial and military aid to Israel: that aid has been illegal since the passage of the Symington Amendment anyway.

This money should be used instead to rebuild our country's crumbling infrastructure, and taking care of our wounded Vets, who have laid their lives on the line in public wars primarily for private profit.

Of course, that would be logical.

Oct 13 09:20

Breaking! 49 STATES - OFFICIALS - Joint Investigation into FORECLOSURE FRAUD! 49!! What State is Holding Out?

UPDATE I CALLED - the Attorney General's office - when I said WHY - they put me to voice mail! I LEFT A Message Asking WHY Alabama is the ONLY State the Attorney General is NOT joining in an Investigation into the Foreclosure Fraud and said - They NEEDED TO JOIN ALSO!

***note*** the woman who answered the phone seemed exasperated about WHY I was calling!**

Oct 13 09:19


Photo essay of a West Bank demonstration against the occupation in Nabi Saleh

Oct 13 09:18


Oct 13 09:17


Many Israelis are worried that facism is coming…. be assured that it’s already here!

Oct 13 09:16

FLASHBACK - Israeli Foreign Ministry to Hire Shills for “Internet Warfare” Squad

The Foreign Ministry unveiled a new plan this week: Paying talkbackers to post pro-Israel responses on websites worldwide. A total of NIS 600,000 (roughly $150,000) will be earmarked to the establishment of an “Internet warfare” squad.

Oct 13 09:12

US: Toronto airport land-mines scare was caused by El Al

Last month’s land-mines scare at Toronto’s Lester Pearson International Airport was the result of a breakdown inside El Al Israel Airlines, say US Defense Department officials and sources inside the international freight carrier DHL.

“They [the land mines] should not have been booked onboard a passenger aircraft... It was a mistake by the carrier [El Al],” explained a Pentagon official, after a brief internal investigation.

Oct 13 09:12

Six Foreign Troops Killed in Afghanistan Attacks

Six foreign troops were killed in 3 separate attacks in Afghanistan on Wednesday......

Oct 13 09:06

Israel’s Deputy PM: No One in Cabinet Thinks Peace Deal Possible

Despite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claims of commitment to reach a deal within a year, Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon today dismissed the notion, saying he didn’t believe anyone in the cabinet thought it would happen.

“I don’t know a single minister in the septet who thinks it’s possible to reach a deal in the foreseeable future,” Yaalon insisted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yaalon is absolutely correct: no one in Netanyahu's cabinet thinks a peace deal is possible, because the Israeli government doesn't want peace.

The Israeli government wants territory, and by any means necessary.

What we are about to see happen, in these Kabuki-style negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis, is a complete breakdown of the process, blamed on the Palestinians by the Israelis, coupled with sporadic Palestinian violence which Israel will use as a "justification" for further repression against the Palestinians.

This will be followed by a brisk Israeli annexation of Jerusalem and the West Bank, coupled with forced expulsion of Palestinian families from homes in which their families have lived for generations.

And what will the rest of the world do?!?

Absolutely nothing, other than utter the usual toothless admonitions about how unfair this all is.

Oct 13 09:04

The Murder of Linda Norgrove

"British aid worker murdered by Taliban during rescue operation";I knew this story was bullshit when I first read it.

Folks our military is training to do this to us, if and when we have had enough!

Oct 13 09:04

4closureFraud Exclusive – President Obama Falls Victim to Chase Robo-Signer

So you see, this whole Foreclosure-Gate crisis has nothing to do with the “deadbeat” borrowers, it never has.

It has to do with the complete lack of the respect of the law by the banking industry.

They got away with it up until now and are trying their damnedest to paper over their crimes.

It is time to say no more…

They tricked all of us, even you Mr. President, and completely disregarded the basic laws of this country to make a buck.

I have been beating this drum, along with a few others, for years now and it is time to come to an end.

Mr President, now that you have had the fraud perpetrated on you personally, what are you going to do about it?

The system is broken and the foreclosures need to be stopped NOW.

It is actually worse than you can imagine…

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not only fraud, but notarized fraud!

Oct 13 09:02

Sessions, Cornyn: GOP 'Tsunami' Will Take House, Possibly Senate

Rep. Pete Sessions tells Newsmax that he expects a “tsunami” of Republican wins in the House in the November elections and predicts that a GOP-controlled House will stop the Democrats’ agenda “dead in its tracks.”

Sen. John Cornyn is equally optimistic about the Republicans’ prospects of victory in the Senate, saying Majority Leader Harry Reid has been a “disaster.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like the Senate is up for grabs next month.(Barring massive vote fraud)

Oct 13 09:01

US terrorism alert dismissed as Obama politicking

A US terrorism alert issued this week about al-Qaeda plots to attack targets in Western Europe was politically motivated and not based on credible new information, senior Pakistani diplomats and European intelligence officials say.

Oct 13 09:00

Got Thyroid Problems? Then Stop Consuming This "Healthy" Food

I recently interviewed GMO expert Jeffrey Smith about the latest findings by Russian scientists, who discovered that GM soy effectively sterilized the third generation of hamsters...
One group of hamsters was fed a normal diet without any soy whatsoever, a second group was fed non-GMO soy, a third ate GM soy, and a fourth group ate an even higher amount of GM soy than the third.
Using the same GM soy produced in the US, the hamsters and their offspring were fed their respective diets over a period of two years, during which time the researchers evaluated three generations of hamsters.

Oct 13 08:56

Petraeus Ushers in Dramatic Increase in Afghan Air Strikes

Petraeus had been a major proponent of air strikes in Iraq despite the danger to the civilian population, and given that his entire strategy seems to be to shoehorn Iraq into Afghanistan wherever possible (and in many cases where it isn’t possible) it is perhaps unsurprising to see the increase in attacks, and the growing number of resultant civilian casualties in Petraeus’ Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder when the phrase "body count" will re-emerge on corporate news coverage of this war, as it did during the Vietnam War.