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November 29, 2010

Nov 29 11:25


Contrast how CNN reports WikiLeaks to the word (left side) versus to the US audience (right side).

Nov 29 10:51

We Have To Throw Bankers In Jail Or The Economy Won't Recover

As economists such as William Black and James Galbraith have repeatedly said, we cannot solve the economic crisis unless we throw the criminals who committed fraud in jail.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And keep them there permanently.

Nov 29 10:43

F.A.S.T. by DHS - Fascist Attribute Screening Technology

Smells of Minority Report - It's one minute to midnight...

Here's what Fatherland Security has planned for its next step if they are not stopped now. Share this video like your life depended on it because it does! Gee, I wonder why the "angry" media haven't reported on this one yet.

Nov 29 10:25

Abolish the TSA!

Nov 29 10:22

Lamar High's Library Ousts Books, Re-Opens as Coffee Shop

Nov 29 10:19

Given that US foreign policy in the middle east is to demonize and eventually attack Iran, what was the actual Wikileak damage to that policy?

bomb, bomb,bomb - bomb, bomb iran - the top 5 shocking things about the latest wikileaks

Nov 29 10:11

Korean skirmish started as a South Korean military drill

The skirmish began when Pyongyang warned the South to halt military drills in the area, according to South Korean officials. When Seoul refused and began firing artillery into disputed waters, albeit away from the North Korean shore, the North retaliated by bombarding the small island of Yeonpyeong, which houses South Korean military installations and a small civilian population.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

70,000 SOUTH Korean troops plus some U.S. "advisers" were taking part in an Invade NORTH Korea drill at the time.

Nov 29 10:11

Obama's Korea: Desperation on the Cusp of Madness!

The United States won World War 1 and 2 primarily because the USA was a manufacturing powerhouse. Sadly, that is no longer true. The mighty steelworks and factories that provided the material support for the allied armies are rusted ghosts of their former glory, not easy to resurrect. For that reason and the current economic reality that no nation will loan the US Government more money to fight a losing war, I forecast, I warn, that the United States will lose the next World War it will create. Before the final surrender, the US will use their nuclear arsenal.

Nov 29 10:02


Israel is in it’s full glory today because of the latest Wikileaks ‘leaks’. As was said in a previous post, Had WikiLeaks didn’t exist, Israel would have had to invent it. It appears that in reality, it was.

Nov 29 09:55

100,000 Irish Protest IMF, Austerity Plan & Bank Bailouts

The Intel Hub
By Avalon
All Rights Reserved © 2010

Over 100,000 Courageous Irish braved the cold weather to protest the Austerity Plans being supported by Irish Government and initiated by MASSIVE Banker Bailouts proposed by the European Union and provided by the IMF.

The IRISH have something to say about this – NÁ AR MO Féach

What we are witnessing is a GLOBAL REVOLUTION in Opposition of Banker Bailouts generated by speculative losses by these banks – to Socialize Debt and further Plunge the World into Economic and Social Destruction.

Nov 29 09:52

No more tolerance, says South Korean leader

South Korea's President, Lee Myung-bak, has taken responsibility for failing to protect the country and said the South would abandon its longstanding policy of not responding militarily to the North's hostile acts.

Nov 29 09:49

CIA brain experiments pursued in veterans’ suit

The CIA is notorious for its Cold War-era experiments with LSD and other chemicals on unwitting citizens and soldiers. Details have emerged in books and articles beginning more than 30 years ago.

But if military veterans have their way in a California law suit, the spy agency’s quest to turn humans into robot-like assassins via electrodes planted in their brains will get far more exposure than the drugs the CIA tested on subjects ranging from soldiers to unwitting bar patrons and the clients of prostitutes.

It’s not just science fiction -- or the imaginings of the mentally ill.

Nov 29 09:43

Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration Now List People As Domestic Extremist

It does not surprise me that the Obama Administration responds to the backlash against the unconstitutional fourth amendment violating TSA screening measures by blacklisting air travelers who object to the over reaching intrusive searches at the airports. They are trying to send a chilling effect not to protest the TSA groping and body scanners that has the public in an uproar.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You will get naked for me, slaves" -- Official White Horse Souse

Nov 29 09:41

France has Now Grabbed Their People's Pension Funds to Give to Banks and Their Debt - Joining Hungary and Ireland -

Seems all over the world countries are grabbing their People's Pension and Retirement accounts, they pass the laws very fast and spring the surprise on their people. France has just joined the fray of taking their people's retirement accounts to give to the banks and buy the countries bonds. They have taken 36 Billion of people's Pension and retirement accounts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 29 09:39

Take a Stand for Peace!

Join us at the White House on December 16th!

Nov 29 09:25


Surely readers will recall Times reporter Andrew Revkin's inspiring statement of principle: "The documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all manner of private information and statements that were never intended for the public eye, so they won't be posted here."

Interested readers may want to compare and contrast Revkin's statement of principle with the editorial note posted by the Times on the WikiLeaks documents this afternoon. Today the Times cites the availability of the documents elsewhere and the pubic interest in their revelations as supporting their publication by the Times. Both factors applied in roughly equal measure to the Climategate emails.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If one needs further proof that today's WikiLeaks document dump is really a propaganda operation, one need only contrast how the media is treating these documents compared to other genuine leaks in the past.

The Climategate emails were a real leak, one which exposed the reality that the push for carbon taxes and a global environmental authority was built on a massive fraud, one that is rather obvious as we head into our second record setting winter in a row. But the New York Times refused to cover that story on the grounds that the source documents were illegally obtained. Even at the time this seemed a strange editorial position to take, since the New York Times had not hesitated to report on the Pentagon Papers, even though they too were leaked.

And here we are today with the New York Times excerpting and interpreting sections of this WikiLeaks document dump, even though the government maintains that these are illegally obtained, provided by an organization which maintains there was no 9-11 conspiracy, that Osama bin Laden is still alive and running Al Qaeda, and that WMDs were actually found in Iraq!

This isn't news; it is a sales job. The New York Times is trying to sell you a load of propaganda disguised as a leak in the hopes that claims you would discard as obvious lies in the corporate media might be more successful if presented as coming from an organization hostile to the US Government. But again, with WikiLeaks supporting the official stories of 9-11, Osama, and WMDs, it is clear that the hostility between WikiLeaks and Government is about as genuine as that seen on pro wrestling!

And I note that despite the diplomatic crisis triggered by Israel's attack on the aid flotilla last May, not one document critical of Israel appears anywhere in the millions of cables WikiLeaks is feeding you all.

Nov 29 09:01

Officer Who Shot American Activist In Her Eye Exonerated

The Israeli District Police in the Occupied West Bank exonerated an Israeli Army officer who shot an American peace activist in her eye during a protest at the Qalandia terminal, north of Jerusalem, six months ago.

On May 31, the 21-year old American Art student, Emily Henochowicz, was hit in her eye with a tear gas canister fired by an Israeli soldier during a nonviolent protest.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to "justice", Israeli style.

Nov 29 08:57

UK Met Office tries to save itself as harsh winter hits, says global warming is "slowing."

Nov 29 08:56

Why Poverty Spreads Across America

"Camden, New Jersey, stands as a warning of what huge pockets of America could turn into," The Nation magazine reports in its Nov. 22nd issue. In fact, it has already happened, it is happening all over, and there is no signal on the horizon that poverty and blight will not continue to spread. It is not that Americans are lazy and shiftless; rather, they are reeling from betrayal---for they have been betrayed both by their employers, who have shown not an ounce of loyalty to their work forces, and they have been betrayed by their Federal government, which has lied the nation into costly criminal wars.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Typically, all functional opposition to governmental policies has come from the middle class: this is why the middle class is being systematically destroyed in this country.

Nov 29 08:52

Facebook infested with new worm; More proof site is insecure?

Facebook is littered with a worm, seemingly the same one under different names, created by randomly generated developers, which is spreading links all over the site.

Applications like S22BZ5 created by randomly assigned pseudonym ‘Jackson Lasseter’ has nearly 300 people under the grips of the worm. Others, such as replicated application B5DA8G, 9IHJ35 and AU0ZVE have just under 1,000 people inadvertently spreading the worm.

Nov 29 08:50

The Rich Get Rich and the Poor Get Poorer Hunger and Homelessness in America

The plutocrats controlling our government with campaign contributions and slick lobbyists oppose extending benefits to unemployed people. They fight to keep their unjust tax cuts and sit on the billions in bailout cash they received that we were told would save the economy and create jobs for poor and unemployed people. U. S. companies reported after-tax profits of $1.22 trillion last quarter, the highest on record dating back to 1947, according to the Department of Commerce.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to thinking people with skills (particularly if you have children); get out of this country now, while you still can.

Nov 29 08:44

Sacrificing Workers to Save the Rich

“There’s class warfare, all right, but its my class, the rich class that’s making war and we’re winning” Warren Buffet

Nov 29 08:38

The Stench of US Economic Decay: Russia and China Dump the US Dollar

The American government only has resources for wars of aggression, police state intrusions, and bailouts of rich banksters. The American citizen has become a mere subject to be bled for the ruling oligarchies.

The police state attitude of the TSA toward airline travelers is a clear indication that Americans are no longer citizens with rights but subjects without rights. Perhaps the day will come when oppressed Americans will take to the streets like the French, the Greeks, the Irish, and the British.

Nov 29 08:35

Mullen: US Still Thinking About Attacking Iran

Despite providing no new evidence to the contrary, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen says he “doesn’t believe for a second” that Iran’s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, and reiterated that the US is considering attacking Iran over it.

Timing the threat like this may suggest the talks aren’t going to amount to much.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US and Israel are going to do everything in their power to insure that these talks don't have a successful outcome, then use the lack of a successful outcome as the "justification" for a military attack.

But there are a couple of issues which I hope that those in the bowels of power in DC and Tel Aviv take into consideration.

1. Unless the US is able to do this with an absolute blitzkrieg attack, the US is incapable of victory, because the manufacturing necessary to support a sustained war has pretty much been offshored.

2. The governments of China and Russia, two of Iran's main trading partners, are hardly likely to sit still and do nothing, should such an attack take place, and both countries are nuclear armed.

3. Such an attack will make American military personnel deployed anywhere in the Middle East sitting ducks for a savage counter-attack.

Nov 29 08:26

The Environmental Impact Of War

The earth’s environment is battered by war, its preparation, practice and aftermath. It is destroyed as an act of war; it is used as a weapon of war; and its destruction is expensive and sometimes irreversible. Its integral involvement with war is often secret, widely ignored, and easily forgotten – until now.

Nov 29 08:25

International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian people

On the occasion of the Palestinian Partition Plan and the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian people, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi calls for recognition of a Palestinian state after years of struggle.

Nov 29 08:21

Rest of Asia UN faces new battle over North Korea sanctions

A UN sanctions committee will on Monday discuss a new report on efforts to stop North Korea trading in nuclear weapons material, with the atmosphere made more tense by the North's artillery attack on the rival South. China stopped the last sanctions committee report being sent to the UN Security
Council for several months. A new battle is expected over the latest assessment by Security Council-mandated experts.

Stiff financial and trade sanctions imposed after the North's nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009 have not halted the secretive regime's dabbling in banned nuclear and arms trading, according to the last report, which was only published this month.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note the timing of the release of this report; in the month where a South Korean military provocation created a retaliation by the North.

Escalating sanctions to the point where there is some kind of naval blockade of North Korea will simply lead to war between North and South Korea, dragging China and the US into the fray.

To logical people, such action, followed by the almost inevitable outcome, would be completely counterproductive.

North and South Korea need to be led to the conference table by the US and China, kicking and screaming, if need be, and there needs to be a permanent peace agreement to replace the cease-fire status which has existed between these two nations for over half a century. There need to be guarantees in place that military hostilities will end, and trade will be allowed to take place.

Trade trumps war any day, in terms of opening a country up to growth, and social and political progress.

Nov 29 08:21

McCain: Time to discuss `regime change' in NKorea

Sen. John McCain said Sunday it was time to discuss "regime change" in North Korea, but the former Navy combat pilot didn't say how he advocates changing the government in the repressive and secretive dictatorship.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think we need a regime change right here at home to get rid of the current repressive and secretive dictatorship.

Nov 29 08:18

Israel satisfied as WikiLeaks shows 'consistency' on Iran

Israel expressed satisfaction on Monday after the mass release of US diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks, saying it proved Israel's position on Iran was consistent -- in public and in private.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And if you believe that one, I have some of Saddam's 'nookular' bombs to sell you!

Nov 29 08:04

Seoul vows naval, air strikes on NK

Outgoing Defense Minister Kim Tae-young said Monday that fighter jets and warships of South Korean and U.S. forces will immediately strike North Korean targets should the North launch an attack on the South’s soil again.

Kim’s remarks at a parliamentary session came as the allies were conducting high-profile naval and air strike drills in waters off Taean, about 170 kilometers southwest of Seoul, on the second day of a four-day joint exercise.

“Once the rules of engagement are revised, the Navy and Air Force will be allowed to conduct strikes (on North Korean targets),” Kim said at the National Assembly’s Budget and Account Committee meeting.

Nov 29 08:00

U.S. Applies Pressure In China Currency Feud

Trade tensions seem to intensify daily, especially between the United States and China. Congress not too long ago upped the ante, labeling China a "currency manipulator." Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner also has taken a hard line.

As Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao rejected American pressure outright, Japan has taken advantage of the tension to seek its own advantage, intervening in currency markets for the first time in years. Even Brazil has threatened its own, self-interested currency interventions. These are dangerous trends, threatening adverse economic and market effects-significant risks that recommend a less heavy-handed, bullying approach.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The problem with currency and trade wars is that these wars frequently escalate into real shooting wars.

This country is seriously broke, and the Obama administration is desperate for something with which to attempt to distract a large portion of the American public from the financial misery in which they are mired.

Also, historically, the US has gotten out of economic depressions by going to war.

But because the US has offshored most of their manufacturing, the US no longer has the capability to keep up a sustained war, because we no longer manufacture the items with which to sustain it.

Labeling China as a currency manipulator, and blaming this for the US's financial woes, when it has been Tim Geithner and the Fed which has poured huge amounts of liquidity into capital markets through the Fed's "QE2 program", is not the answer.

Cutting taxes across the board, and incentivizing companies to build and invest in factories here at home would contribute to turning this country around, economically. Additionally, ending the funding for these immoral and illegal wars without end, would help.

Of course, these steps are logical. Unfortunately, logic and Federal governmental policies are rarely on the same side when it actually comes to actually bettering the lot of We the People.

Nov 29 07:55

Hidden Intelligence Operation Behind the Wikileaks Release of "Secret" Documents?

Notable for Mr Assange’s blunt denial of any sinister 9/11 conspiracy is the statement in a BBC interview by former US Senator, Bob Graham, who chaired the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence when it performed its Joint Inquiry into 9/11. Graham told BBC, "I can just state that within 9/11 there are too many secrets, that is information that has not been made available to the public for which there are specific tangible credible answers and that the withholding of those secrets has eroded public confidence in their government as it relates to their own security." BBC narrator: "Senator Graham found that the cover-up led to the heart of the administration." Bob Graham: "I called the White House and talked with Ms.

Nov 29 07:53

Tick Off Israel and Wikileaks Will Call You a Terrorist

Turkey has been pissed off at Israel because the IDF illegally boarded some of their vessels in international waters that were attempting to bring humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza and they killed some 9 Turkish citizens in the process.

So of course, Wikileaks calls the Turks “terrorists”. This of course after Wikileaks released some “secrets” that claimed the US has only indirectly caused the deaths of a mere 15,000 Iraqi civilians over and above the “official” number and that Iran is also “supporting the terrorists” in Iraq.

Nov 29 07:49

Big freeze will go on 'for weeks'

The predication came as more severe weather warnings were issued and parts of Scotland and North East England were hit by up to 16 ins of snow.

Nov 29 07:47

Less Than a Tenth of Bank Of America's Assets Comes From Traditional Banking Deposits

Some very smart people say that the big banks aren't really focusing as much on the lending business as smaller banks.

Specifically since Glass-Steagall was repealed in 1999, the giant banks have made much of their money in trading assets, securities, derivatives and other speculative bets, the banks' own paper and securities, and in other money-making activities which have nothing to do with traditional depository functions.

Now that the economy has crashed, the big banks are making very few loans to consumers or small businesses because they still have trillions in bad derivatives gambling debts to pay off, and so they are only loaning to the biggest players and those who don't really need credit in the first place.

Nov 29 07:45

Mayhem Monday: Commuter chaos as temperatures are expected to hit -20C after coldest November for 25 years

Forecasters warned that the mercury will plunge even lower - to minus 20C - as the severe weather continues until next week, with snow due to hit London and the Home Counties tonight.

Nov 29 07:36

Boat engine causes oil to rise from seafloor -- "Just dead, everything's dead"

Nov 29 07:33

Al Qaeduh, in light of wiki claiming Osama is alive and out to get you

Nov 29 07:32

Iran blames Israel after nuclear scientist killed

Assailants on motorcycles attached magnetized bombs to the cars of two nuclear scientists as they were driving to work in Tehran on Monday, killing one and wounding the other, Iranian officials said. The president accused Israel and the West of being behind the attacks.

Nov 29 07:27


It’s OK for Israel to spy on the United States but the reverse is forbidden? Assuming the following allegations are true, for once, the United States is justified in its actions…

Nov 29 07:26

More WikiLeaks propaganda; world leaders agree with Israel!

Had WikiLeaks didn’t exist, Israel would have had to invent it. The massive leak of US diplomatic documents produces a clear, unequivocal picture: The whole world, and not only Israel, is terrified by the Iranian nuclear threat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think Israel did invent WikiLeaks. After all, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange insists there is no 9-11 conspiracy, and not a single criticism of Israel appears anywhere in this latest dump; an impossibility in the wake of the lethal Israeli attack on the aid flotilla last May!

Nov 29 07:21

Iran dismisses Wikileaks release

Iran's president has dismissed as propaganda the leaking of US cables detailing Arab calls for Washington to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the release by the Wikileaks website of thousands of extracts from US diplomatic messages was simply psychological warfare against Iran.

He said the release would not affect Iran's relations with other countries.

Nov 29 07:14


The increasingly fragile American Empire has been built on a foundation of lies. Lies we tell ourselves and Big lies spread by our government. The shit is so deep you can stir it with a stick. As we enter another holiday season the mainstream corporate mass media will relegate you to the status of consumer. This is a disgusting term that dehumanizes all Americans. You are nothing but a blot to corporations and advertisers selling you electronic doohickeys that they convince you that you must have.

Nov 29 07:13

Commissar Napolitano Seizes Control of Mail

Janet Napolitano has issued a decree—so it is written, so it shall be done—barring all packages mailed from Japan that weigh more than .9 pounds, are not sent by a commercial enterprise, and do not have the receiver’s SS# written on the package. Mike Rogers says this is big news in the Japanese press.

Nov 29 06:37


Tim King Salem-News.com

The feds sound like they took this guy by the hand and somehow became the "terrorists" he was working with. In fact from the various media accounts, there doesn't seem to be proof that this man ever talked to any actual "terrorists" except the FBI.

Nov 29 06:33

'Firm sold Israel torture instruments'

A Danish-British security company has sold torture instruments to the Israeli prisons, holding Palestinians inmates, a Danish newspaper has written.


There are around 9,000 Palestinians in Israeli detention. The families have for long been calling on human rights organizations and groups to intervene in order to secure the release of their loved ones, many of whom have been incarcerated without charge, trial and sentence . . .

Nov 29 06:22

Next Spain?


Nov 29 06:13

Germany Faces An Awful Choice

Although no one anywhere has yet dared to openly say it, Germany must now contemplate doing for the whole of the EU what it did for its own volk in East Germany over 20 years ago or watch its strategic investment in, and the very fabric of, the postwar order of Europe collapse with a bang, and in hideous acrimony.

Michael's solem declaration - that WW-III between China and the US has already begun in the Yellow Sea - may need to be retracted. For WW-III may yet start not in Korea but rather where both WW-I and WW-II did.

Tough call. Very tough call!

Nov 29 06:12

If Ireland Doesn’t Take The Bailout . . .

So a week ago as I write this, the Irish formally asked for a bailout from the European Union, acting in concert with the International Monetary Fund and the British government.

And now, a week after that request, the EU finance ministers just approved the bailout of the Republic of Ireland—

—however . . . However, in those seven days in between, a serious shitstorm broke out in Ireland—it has been one hell of a week, over there in the Emerald Isle.

And though the bailout has been approved by the EU finance drones, we still do not have an approval from the most important player of them all:

The Irish people.

Nov 29 06:01

Government Lies about Airport Security

The federal government is absolutely lying about the need for and effectiveness of full-body x-rays and molestation by officials at airports for "security."

They have much better and much cheaper means to detect explosives - and they use them for their OWN protection.

Nov 29 05:33

Welcome to the Food Wars: Patriot Act for Food

Need a good laugh? Check out the bizarre reasoning offered in support of the Patriot Act for Food (S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act), which the U.S. Senate will vote on shortly (likely Monday). From a need to stop food smuggling, to the law is too old, to the terrorists are gonna get us, elites sure are shy on brains when it comes to credible propaganda. They must be drinking fluoridated water and smoking Monsanto marijuana, or hoping you are.

Nov 29 05:24

Pistole As Puffball

Nov 29 05:20

Irish Pension reserve funds to be spent on banks

UP to €15 billion from the National Pensions Reserve Fund, set aside when the Celtic Tiger was still roaring, is likely to be used to recapitalise three of the country’s banks.

Nov 29 04:01

US-South Korea Drill Off Due To Bad Weather, Journalists Prevented From Filming

Why were journalists prevented from filming if the drill was simply called off due to bad weather? This looks like a clear attempt by certain people within our government to start a possible world war.

Joint South Korean and US landing exercises on Mallipo beach were cancelled on Monday with military officials blaming bad weather for the cancellation

Nov 29 01:57

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer of Able Danger on WikiLeaks Self Promotion

Shaffer - "Let me state again - and be clear here - I do not believe WiliLeaks is a legitimate whistle-blowing organization - they seems more focused on being disruptive, than working to enhance oversight of/or resolution of key military and diplomatic issues, as an objective."

Nov 29 01:28

WikiLeaks: Iran 'obtains North Korea missiles which can strike Europe'

WikiLeaks: Iran 'obtains North Korea missiles which can strike Europe'


Iran has obtained ballistic missiles from North Korea that could be used to strike Western Europe, the leaked files suggest.

In leaked documents from German newspaper Der Spiegel President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is referred to as 'Hitler'

By Duncan Gardham, Security Correspondent 7:30AM GMT 29 Nov 2010

Secret American intelligence assessments conclude that Iran has obtained a stock of 19 advanced missiles, based on a Russian design.

The missiles could give Iran the capacity to strike at capitals in Western Europe as close as Berlin, or Moscow.

They could also use the missile technology to develop even more powerful inter-continental ballistic missiles, the cable warns.

November 28, 2010

Nov 28 23:21

Navy's Trident Nuclear Warheads Hit the Highway, Bound for Texas

Hundreds of nuclear warheads are secretly being trucked between Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor and the Texas panhandle to have their lives extended.

So much for the secret.

Nov 28 23:08

Oregon mosque burned after sting operation on bomber

Okay. Let's set this young Somali guy up and we have a home-grown terrorist.

Whoops! Now the rest of Muslims, who really did not do anything, get their mosque burned down.

I cannot even think of anything else to say but that this is a sad, sad day in US history.

Nov 28 23:07

TSA thanks you for allowing them to violate your rights and to assault you

Such a Well Behaved Herd of Sheep
TSA thanks you for allowing them to violate your rights and to assault you
By Marti Oakley
November 26, 2010 "PPJ Gazette" -- If ever there was an indicator of just how apathetic and well trained the American public truly is, it must be this situation with TSA. Like a herd of bedraggled sheep, thousands of you forfeited your 4th and 5th amendment rights and allowed the government to irradiate you and view your virtually naked body, or allowed yourself to be subjected to an enhanced pat-down…nothing short of a sexual encounter....you can take an ordinary everyday, individual... slap a government badge on them and they suddenly become a psychopath with no morals, no ethics and no sense of decency.

Nov 28 22:48

A Rodeo Clown Is Running the American Economy

Obama’s Mother worked for Tim Geithner’s Dad, who headed micro financing in Asia, when she started micro financing in Asia for the Ford Foundation. So Geithner will be at the Treasury as long as he wants to be. Hank Paulson, not a deep thinker, rarely noticed the money supply, but paid close attention to his own and his friends’ immediate bonuses. Bernanke made sure that the amount of fresh money printed was equal to expected Wall Street bonuses. Arrogant and ignorant, Bernanke says the best thing about his job is not having to go through airline security like the rest of us. These members of the power elites may default on all federal debt. Or, more likely, Bernanke will burn up the presses printing debased dollars while he fearlessly fulfills his hyperinflation mission.

Nov 28 22:30

The Big Lie: Governments Have to Save the Big Banks

Many of the world's top economists and financial experts have said that the too big to fail banks are destroying the world economy, that they must be broken up in order to restore stability, and that small banks will take care of all of the lending which anyone needs. See this, this and this.

And yet many people still believe the myth that the giant banks have to be saved at all costs.

How could that be?

Well, as Adolph Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf:

Nov 28 22:30

S Korea Earmarks US$1.23bil for Major Arms Purchase

S Korea Earmarks US$1.23bil for Major Arms Purchase
SEOUL, 26 NOVEMBER, 2010: South Korea has earmarked around 1.4 trillion won (US$1.23 billion) to buy weapons such as K-9 self-propelled howitzers and F-15K fighter jets next year, but the spending is expected to increase following North Korea's deadly artillery attack on a southern border island, South Korea's Yonhap news agency quoted government officials as saying Friday.
South Korea's defense ministry is seeking a near 6 percent budget increase for 2011 to beef up its military capacity after a March deadly sinking of a warship blamed on North Korea.
The officials said the defense ministry submitted a bill to the National Assembly seeking an extra budget following the North's attack on Yeonpyeong Island.

Nov 28 22:05


Israeli Health Ministry has admitted that it harvested organs from the Palestinian martyrs’ bodies in the 1990s, without permission from their families
Nov 28 20:11

US lied for war in Iraq, lies for war in Iran, beware Korea war lies

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

If you don’t know that all “reasons” for war with Iraq were known to be lies as they were told, you’re unaware of the admissions of our own US government agencies.

If you don’t know that all “reasons” for war with Iran are known to be lies as they are being told now, you’re unaware of the admissions of our own US government agencies along with international agencies, and the uncontested content of a speech by Iran’s President that you can confirm with less than five-minutes of attention poses zero threat to “wipe Israel off the map.”

Nov 28 18:39

Chinese Missiles Strike Boston Harbor: WWIII Imminent

Breaking News: Battleships from Peoples Republic of China, and it's North Korean partners have commenced live-fire artillery drills aiming high-explosive missiles into the waters of Boston Harbor. They have assured the Pentagon and the White House that this is simply a training exercise, and the artillery barrage should not be misunderstood as a provocation or act-of-war. Obama and the Pentagon have promised a forceful and rapid military response.

Yes - this "breaking news" is fictional, but it mirrors exactly what is really happening right now in the oceans off North Korea and China. America and it's South Korean partners DID fire high-explosive artillery into North Korean waters, and they ARE sending battleships to the Chinese coast.

Nov 28 18:37

Joint U.S.- South Korean Large Scale Live Fire Exercises Continue

"Monday's drill includes a live fire exercise by multiple aircraft from the George Washington which will shoot mock targets."

Nov 28 18:28


Nov 28 18:23

Irish Government Has Caved In to the Banks

Nov 28 18:20

Irish Pension Reserve Funds To Be Spent On Banks

Up to 15 billion Euros from the Irish National Pensions Reserve Fund to be used to bail out banks!

Nov 28 18:09

Citizens of Europe Rage Against the Machine

Austerity measures drive 100,000 protesters to the streets of Ireland, another 100,000 in Italy as Europeans continue to rage against the international banking machine.

Eric Blair
Activist Post

The international bankster machine seeking to colonize Western nations through debt is now meeting resistance from Greece, to France, to Ireland, to Italy, to Spain, to Portugal, and to the U.K. . . . .

Nov 28 18:05

Irish Pol Pushes Financial Treason Bill

Check the comments.

Nov 28 18:02

EU Forces Ireland to Cut Minimum Wage

Nov 28 16:40

Wikileaks Claims Osama Bin Laden Still Alive

In proving to be one of the most useful tools for the Pentagon, Wikileaks resurrects "Bearded Time Lord" Osama Bin Laden and places him as one of the key masters of the resistance to U.S. occupation in Afghanistan. This assertion is made despite the fact that 92% of the population in Afghanistan have never heard of 9/11.

Nov 28 15:53

Will the Palestinian Authority declare an independent state – or collapse?

Stuart Littlewood argues that without strategic communications and public relations plans and competent professionals to implement them, the Palestinians stand little chance of exploiting the few opportunities that might present themselves in 2011.


Nov 28 15:36

The day my faith in America and Americans...

The day my faith in America and Americans...
Was Brutally Beaten and Left for Dead
By Ed Lewis
“Because of what appears to be a lawful command on the surface, many Citizens, because of their respect for what appears to be law, are cunningly coerced into waiving their rights due to ignorance.”
What of those that look at you as if you are crazy or call you unpatriotic or inform you it doesn’t matter what the Law is, that one must do as they are told by “the government.”
What of those that one gives them printed out Law and statutes/ordinances with the intents of such and, although the recipients declare they will read the documents - do not?
Or, those that refuse to even read what the Law is and instead goes by what some bureaucrat or whatever tells them?

Nov 28 15:00

Napolitano Halts Shipment of Packages as Prelude to Civilian 'Shipper' ID Lockdown

We were just notified today from the relative in Japan who sent a box with video tapes that he couldn't send the box to the USA, but the Japanese postal clerk didn't know why when asked for the reason.

We then took a look at Japanese postal web sites to try to find out what's going on and discovered that Janet Napolitano set up new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shipping restrictions on November 17, 2010 that blocks the shipping of any NON COMMERCIAL parcel into the United States that weighs more than 0.9 pounds (under 16 ounces) without first supplying the Social Security number (or taxpayer ID number) of the RECEPIENT of the package.

Nov 28 14:23

Wikileaks and the Setup to End Free Speech: The US Embassy Cable "Leaks"

Wikileaks, me thinks, is the Hegelian Dialectic, the Problem/Reaction/Solution for the coming shutdown of the internet, and dictatorial assault on free speech and targeting all of us, the new media, as enemies of the state. This is what the Rockefellers and Sen. Joe Lieberman want, being big fans of the Chinese model of a kill switch. If you believe the media darling and "whistleblower" Czar Assange is genuine, I have some property and a business offer to sell this corporation to you, Brewster Jennings and Associates. Valerie Plame would be your contact for more info.

Nov 28 12:50


"The skirmish began when Pyongyang warned the South to halt military drills in the area, according to South Korean officials. When Seoul refused and began firing artillery into disputed waters, albeit away from the North Korean shore, the North retaliated by bombarding the small island of Yeonpyeong, which houses South Korean military installations..."

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"No, no; they are to blame! The commies! The commies! Hurt them! Hurt them!" -- ABCNNBBCBS

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Nov 28 12:50

S. Korean artillery mistakenly fired on DMZ

An artillery shot accidentally fired by a South Korean army unit fell on the South Korean side of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on Sunday afternoon, military officials said.

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"No, really; it was an accident. It's not like we ... I mean 'they' ... are intentionally trying to provoke a war or something stupid like that! Honest!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Nov 28 12:50


What can I say; here we go again!

I hardly need to go down the list of lies used to start US wars. We have been though that over and over again.
Nor do I need to elucidate on the many reasons why the US Government is in desperate need for yet another war with which to scare the American people into acceptance of more takes and fewer rights and freedoms.

Anyone with half a brain realizes that the US Government, unable to gain support for an invasion of Iran, has changed gears and decided that North Korea will be the next step towards World War III.

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Six months ago the US tried to trick you into war with North Korea. You didn't fall for it.

Please don't fall for it now.

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Nov 28 12:47

The Stench Of Growing Economic Decay Grows Stronger

The police state attitude of the TSA toward airline travelers is a clear indication that Americans are no longer citizens with rights but subjects without rights. Perhaps the day will come when oppressed Americans will take to the streets like the French, the Greeks, the Irish, and the British.

Nov 28 12:05

WIKILEAKS - Julian Assange: 9/11 was not a conspiracy

"I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud."

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More reasons to conclude that Wikileaks is a very clever propaganda operation. Well.. maybe not all that clever.

Nov 28 12:04

Iran: US behind Wikileaks revelations

“It seems that these [revelations] are made upon the order of the US,” Secretary-General of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights Mohammad-Javad Larijani said on Monday at the summit for reviewing the human rights situation in the US.

“The message of Wikileaks documents is that the Iraqi people have been tortured by Iraq’s security forces, and the only wrongdoing of Americans is that they witnessed the incidents and remained silent,” IRNA quoted Larijani as saying.

“This is while the US had the main role in these incidents and is the defendant,” the Iranian diplomat added.

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I tend to think Iran is correct. Wikileaks is a very clever propaganda stunt. And the proof is rather simple. Nowhere in those supposed leaked documents is there any mention of Israelis taking part on the torture of captured prisoners, and yet we know that this did indeed happen.

The "leaked" documents also support the US agenda against Iran in numerous ways, from the claims that Iran is backing the Iraqi opposition (not that anyone would blame them if they were) to the already discredited claim that the three "hikers" were captured by Iranians on the Iraqi side of the border!

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange continues to attack the 9-11 truth movement, insisting that all suggestions that the official story is not accurate are "false" and "annoying."

Nov 28 12:03


Nov 28 12:03


Nov 28 12:01

Flashback: "Whistleblower?" Czar Julian Assange: 9/11 was NOT a Conspiracy says the Pin-Up of Web-Age "Investigative" Journalists

Assange: "I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud."

Julian Assange's comments regarding 9/11 stick out like a sore thumb given that this "whistleblowers' whistleblower" is now feted with the title of "the most dangerous man alive". The reality is that the CIA could nullify the threat posed by Assange and his operation any which way it wants. Assange dismissing 9/11 as a "false conspiracy" strongly suggests that that hasn't happened yet because he is useful to the PTB in the form of controlled opposition.

July 2010

Nov 28 11:50


Fatah, with a history of sleaze and corruption, has taken on a role similar to that of the hated Milice in World War 2, the ass-licking paramilitary outfit set up by the Vichy French government, with Nazi help, to fight the French Resistance and do much of the Nazis’ dirty work. Parallels with what’s happening now in the Holy Land are unmistakable.