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"CEOs of most of the world's largest corporations daily make decisions that destroy the lives of many other human beings. Only about 1 to 3 percent of us are sociopaths - people who don't have normal human feelings and can easily go to sleep at night after having done horrific things. And of that 1 percent of sociopaths, there's probably only a fraction of a percent with a college education. And of that tiny fraction, there's an even tinier fraction that understands how business works, particularly within any specific industry. Thus there is such a shortage of people who can run modern monopolistic, destructive corporations that stockholders have to pay millions to get them to work. And being sociopaths, they gladly take the money without any thought to its social consequences." -- Thom Hartman



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September 28, 2009

Sep 28 12:53

US braced for surge of protest over war in Afghanistan

At his home in Richmond, Virginia, Larry Syverson spends part of every day worrying there will be an unwanted knock on the door. Syverson's son, Branden, is an American soldier serving in Afghanistan, conducting dangerous patrols in an area infested with Taliban.

"I worry every day that I might hear someone come to the door unexpected. Just last week two of his best friends were killed over there," he said.

That's why Syverson, 60, an environmental engineer, is trying to organise a protest in Richmond against the war in Afghanistan for the second weekend in October, almost eight years after the conflict began.

Sep 28 12:52

"We're Number 37" - Paul Hipp

Sep 28 12:36

Oklahoma City bombing tapes erased

Security tapes of the Oklahoma City bombing just released show key sections have been erased. Attorney Jesse Trentadue obtained the security camera tapes of the bombing through the Freedom of Information Act. The missing portions confirm speculation the official version of bombing is false.

Sep 28 12:26

IN PICTURES / The empty streets of Israel on Yom Kippur

The start of the Jewish Day of Atonement at sundown Sunday marked the beginning of a day like no other in Israel, on which even Israelis with no connection to religion tend to put their normal lives on hold.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Sep 28 12:25

On Yom Kippur

As we approach Yom Kippur, I call on America’s Jews to examine the Goldstone findings, and consider their implications. In the spirit of the season, we must consider the painful truth of Israel’s behavior in Gaza, and understand that we must work, together, to discover the truth — and then urge on all relevant parties in the search for peace.

Sep 28 12:19

"Islam Is A Virus More Deadly Than Swine Flu!"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"They small bad! And, and, and, their mothers dress them funny. And their dogs are really ugly, too! So THERE! (Can we kill them now?) "

Sep 28 11:46

Israel Deliberately Escalating Tensions in Occupied J’lem

Palestinian leaders warned Israel on Sunday not to stoke tension in occupied Jerusalem in the hope of thwarting peace talks, after clashes at a sacred site in which Palestinians and Israeli police were injured.

“At a time when [U.S.] President [Barack] Obama is trying to bridge the divide between Palestinians and Israelis, and to get negotiations back on track, Israel is deliberately escalating tensions in (occupied) Jerusalem,” chief Palestinian peace negotiator Saeb Erakat said Sunday evening.

Sep 28 11:24


Time has changed people even President Obama. My mind gets confused as to how people would dramatically change. Nothing has been implemented from Obama’s speech. Therefore we determined that it was just a speech with no action. We were considerably manipulated with Obama’s speech in Cairo thinking that the new American administration will be completely different from the previous one and actual actions will noticeably be taken.

In Gaza, everything was targeted, homes, schools and human beings. More than a thousand Gazans were savagely killed and thousands more were seriously wounded. Young children still feel unsafe and are suffering from severe psychological problems. The scenes of death means of Israelis will never leave from our minds.

Sep 28 10:13


Sep 28 10:13

U.S. at critical point in Iran, Afghanistan Graham says

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said today that without a strong response in Iran and Afghanistan the United States and its NATO allies are heading for “Armageddon.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Our credibility as a world power depends on our will to shovel our own kids into the furnaces as fast as we can! Not my kids, I mean. Those useless eaters in the inner cities. Yeah, them. We have to be willing to shovel them into the furnace faster than any other nation!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 28 10:05


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Sep 28 10:04


Even if Iran has a weapon of mass destruction (which we know they do not), and even if Iran has long range ICBMs to reach across the Atlantic with (which we know they do not), Iran would still not be a threat to the US because any attack with a weapon of mass destruction would be national suicide.

You see, leaders of nations have huge egos. They are driven by that dream that future generations will admire their faces on statues and stamps and money. and that doesn't happen if you let your nation get destroyed.

Sep 28 10:03


Webmaster's Commentary: 

You know the reasons given for the war are a lie? So why is the US Government getting ready to send your children to be killed and crippled on the far side of the world?

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Sep 28 09:42

U.S. Economy Weakened in August, Chicago Fed Says

The scent of double dip is in the air.

Only one of the four broad categories of indicators made a positive contribution in August. The production and income component was positive for the second straight month. Employment, consumption and housing, and sales made negative contributions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bernanke may have been smoking opium when he claimed the Recession was over.

Sep 28 09:41

CNN calls Obama "president of the world"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As a side note, Obama's call for "all nations" to conform to international guidelines on nuclear technology clearly does not include Israel.

Sep 28 09:38

U.S. at critical point in Iran, Afghanistan Graham says

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said today that without a strong response in Iran and Afghanistan the United States and its NATO allies are heading for “Armageddon.”

Graham, speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” said it’s obvious what Iran is up to at its unfinished uranium enrichment plant.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One wonders what Graham would have this country do?

Go to a full all-out war in Afghanistan, to kill as many Afghans as necessary for to insure the installation of the pipelines to control Eurasian oil, and another full all-out war against Iran to "neutralize it" for Israel's geopolitical agenda?

Looking at his statement, the answers to these two questions must be an unequivocal, "yes".

Sep 28 09:36

Is 'Al Qaeda' the Modern Incarnation of 'Emmanuel Goldstein'?

History is full of rulers who used fake terror on their
own populations to create consent for their policies. The US is known to have actually planned fake terror to create support for an invasion of Cuba. And, it is now well
established that FDR not only allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor to
, but goaded the Japanese into it to get a
reluctant US into WWII.Then there is the infamous "Lavon Affair"
in which Israelis bombed British and American targets and left evidence to frame Arabs. According to ex-Mossad

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Sep 28 09:18

Viking 2 Likely Came Close to Finding H2O

"A lot of people think there isn't life on Mars because there wasn't any water on Mars. Our experiment was a definite positive response for life, but a lot of people have claimed that it was a false positive for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons was because there wasn't any water found," Straat told Discovery News.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The bottom line is that NASA had one positive result and one negative result, and like the botched Hubble telescope in which NASA simply ignored the one test result saying the system was not focusing correctly because of political pressure ( not to mention bad decision making on both Challenger and Columbia), NASA allowed public pressure from the bible-bangers to steer it away from the results which indicated life on Mars. After the drubbing we had taken from the White House for "failing" to set down Viking 1 on July 4th, 1976, NASA management was probably feeling a bit bruised and unready for another controversy.

But those of us working on the project were for the most part convinced that we had indeed found traces of life. and it is nice to see a small vindication after all these years.

NASA needs to remember that it is supposed to be first and foremost a scientific endeavor, and science is not supposed to be swayed by public outcry.

Sep 28 09:08

Gates says Afghanistan review to take 'a few weeks'

"The reality is failure in Afghanistan would be a huge setback for the United States," Gates said on CNN's State of the Union.

"What's important is whether or not the government of Afghanistan has legitimacy in the eyes of the Afghans," Gates said on CNN. "All of the information that we have available to us today indicates that continues to be the case."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another memo to SecDef Gates: What you characterize as "failure in Afghanistan" is not a huge setback for the people of the United States: it will be a failure for the oil companies wanting to install pipelines to control Eurasian oi.

And sir, reading that statement about "What's important is whether or not the government of Afghanistan has legitimacy in the eyes of the Afghans." makes me want to either laugh or cry uncontrollably.

The alleged "re-election" of Karzai was a sham, a farce, a slow-mo Kabuki theatre exercise, writ large.

The world knows this, the US knows this, and for damned sure, the Afghan people know it.

This was all about the US and NATO re-instating Karzai, with the sure and certain knowledge that he would be compliant to every US and NATO demand.

Sep 28 09:05

Marines Bypass Taliban Opium Fields in Afghanistan

Yet the Marines are not destroy­ing the plants. In fact, they are reas­sur­ing vil­lagers the pop­pies won’t be touched. Amer­i­can com­man­ders say the Marines would only alien­ate peo­ple and drive them to take up arms if they elim­i­nated the impov­er­ished Afghans’ only source of income.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh? The Taliban had all but eradicated the opium growers before the US invasion. What did the people have for a source of income then?

And if the opium is for the Taliban, why is cheap heroin flooding into the United States?



Sep 28 08:58

MI6: Saudis Will Let Israel Bomb Iran Nuclear Site

Citing a meeting between MI6 chief Sir John Scarlett and Mossad chief Meir Dagan, British newspaper The Daily Express is claiming that Saudi Arabia is “ready to allow Israel to bomb Iran’s new nuclear site.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here comes yet another wave of articles to "soften up" the people of the UK and the US toward an Israeli military strike on Iran.

Should such an attack happen, there will be no way that Israel won't see to it that the US will be fighting this fight also.

Sep 28 08:52

Civilians flee Taliban stronghold in NW Pakistan

Hundreds of civilians were fleeing al-Qaida and the Taliban's main stronghold in northwest Pakistan after the army and militants asked them to leave, a tribal elder and a witness said Monday, a sign the military could be poised to launch an offensive.

Pakistan has vowed to root out militants in the northwest, many of whom allegedly use the mountainous tribal areas along the border as a base for attacks on American and NATO troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan jets have bombed targets in the stronghold of Waziristan in recent months, but the military has said it would launch full-scale ground operations at the "appropriate" time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pakistan is hovering on the brink of becoming a failed, nuclear-armed state.

Its government can provide very few of its citizens economic or physical security, and not much in the way of hope.

One has to wonder how long the current situation(aided and abetted by US "aid" which has bought off the government and military off from complaining about US slaughter of Pakistani citizens) can continue.

If complete destabilization of the country was the US goal (to keep Russia from being able to re-supply Iran by land when conflict breaks out here), one could say that the goal is very close to being met.

But it certainly has created spectacularly increased misery for the Pakistani people.

Sep 28 08:49

Obama Regime Threatening to Attack Major Pakistani City of Quetta

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remind me again just why we are supposed to hate the Taliban, other than that they refused to sell the oil companies a pipeline right-of-way cheap enough and got in the way of the opium crops?

Sep 28 08:34

U.S. Is Seeking a Range of Sanctions Against Iran

“There are a variety of options still available,” Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” said of the potential list of targets for Iranian sanctions, notably in energy equipment and technology. He called it “a pretty rich list to pick from.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to SecDef Gates: no, sir, there is not "...“a pretty rich list to pick from.”

Russia and China are most probably not going to go along with harsher sanctions than already exist against Iran.

And any blockade of the Gulf by the US will be considered - and rightly so - an act of war against Iran.

Sep 28 08:13

September ‘Surprise’

In his UN oration, Obama declared “Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow," a manifestly untrue statement that nonetheless went largely unchallenged. Because "all nations" apparently doesn’t include the state of Israel, which has as many as 200 nuclear weapons and is no doubt developing more.

Obama hailed efforts to strengthen the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) and singled out Iran and North Korea as two examples of nations that "choose to ignore international standards" and "put the pursuit of nuclear weapons ahead of regional stability and the security and opportunity of their own people." These two miscreants, he intoned, "must be held accountable."

Sep 28 08:12

Clinton tries to distort fact about Iran N plant

"The Americans say that they knew of the new plant prior to Iran's announcement and have presented aerial pictures of the location, so why are they claiming that the project was clandestine?" head of Iran's nuclear program, Ali Akbar Salehi asks.

Despite Western attempts to accuse Iran of "secrecy", several days after the publication of Iran's letter, a US counter-proliferation official confirmed that Washington knew about the second Iranian nuclear plant “for several years”.

US officials continue to represent Iran's clear openness as a "hidden agenda", while avoiding a series of questions raised by Tehran about how they conduct their nuclear activities.

Sep 28 08:10

Israeli tank targets 2 Palestinian teens

Owl 1
Sep 28 08:02

Intelligence Agencies Say No New Nukes in Iran

The U.S. intelligence community is reporting to the White House that Iran has not restarted its nuclear-weapons development program, two counterproliferation officials tell NEWSWEEK. U.S. agencies had previously said that Tehran halted the program in 2003.

Sep 28 07:57

Doctor says H1N1 vaccine is Dangerous

Sep 28 07:48

Clinton: Nothing Iran Can Do to Convince US Nuclear Program Is Peaceful

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Israel has ordered us to destroy Iran and by golly that is what we intend to do!" -- Hitlery

Dear Ms. Clinton

Pop quiz:

1. When was the last time Iran initiated a war with its neighbors?

2. When was the last time Israel initiated a war with its neighbors?

3. Which nation is a signer of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Israel or Iran?

4. Which nation allows IAEA inspections, Israel or Iran?

5. Which nation actually has nuclear weapons, Israel or Iran?

6. Which nation just refused a request by the United Nations to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Israel or Iran?

7. Which nation just refused a request by the IAEA to allow inspections, Israel or Iran?

8. Name the one nation that has actually used nuclear weapons of mass destruction on another country.

Sep 28 07:46

Israeli Spying: The Mother of all Scandals

So here is the mother of all scandals.

For two years, the FBI has suspected AIPAC of spying for a foreign country, and for those two years (and for decades before) that group suspected of spying for Israel has been reshaping the US Congress for the benefit of a foreign government.

And THAT is the mother of all scandals.

Think about that as billions of your tax dollars flow to Israel while your roads and schools crumble and decay and services are cut.

Think about that as the coffins come home with your loved ones inside.

Think about that when you and a million of your fellow citizens march down the streets of America opposing wars built on lies and deceptions and wonder why the government just doesn’t want to listen to you any more.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of the revelation that yet another spy for Israel has been discovered, and once again the investigation is being suppressed.

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WRH Exclusive

Sep 28 07:44

Grossman Confirmed as FBI Target in Espionage Investigations

John M. Cole, a former FBI Counterintelligence and Counterespionage Manager, has publicly confirmed FBI’s decade long investigation of the former State Department Official. According to Cole, as in over one hundred cases involving Israeli espionage activities within the US government, this case too has been covered up and buried despite mountains of evidence collected.

Sep 28 07:42

Following missile test-fire, Iran issues warning to Israel

Iran's defense minister warned Israel again on Monday against launching any attack on the Islamic Republic, shortly after Iran test fired missiles reportedly capable of hitting Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Don't be silly! We are not going to attack Iran! We will just trick the Americans into doing it for us!" -- Israel

Sep 28 07:37

CIA was supporting Al Qaeda covertly!

"She reports that the CIA was covertly supporting al-Qaeda linked groups in the Balkans and central Asia right up until 9/11."

"She reveals that congressman Tom Lantos was openly passing classified information on to the government of Israel and that Israel would take what it wanted and then pass the remainder on to the Turks."

"She confirms that the Bush Administration was seeking to attack Iraq long before the twin towers fell, detailing how before 9/11 several Pentagon officials discussed with the Turkish government the invasion and division of Iraq into "spheres of influence" between Washington and London."

Sep 28 07:35

Obama follows Bush’s modus operandi on Iran

Interviewed on separate Sunday television programs, Defence Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both painted the Qom revelations in the most sinister terms. If the “illicit nuclear facility” had been for peaceful nuclear purposes, Gates declared, “there’s no reason to put it so deep underground, no reason to be deceptive about it, keep it a… secret for a protracted period of time.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Meanwhile, the whole world understands that Israel just told the UN and IAEA to fuck off regarding inspections of Israel's nuclear weapons facilities.

Sep 28 07:34

Cash-strapped sell their kidneys to pay off debts

British victims of the credit crunch are offering to sell their kidneys for £25,000 or more to help pay debts, an investigation by The Sunday Times has revealed.

At least a dozen adverts have appeared on the internet offering kidneys for sale from British “donors”. Five of the sellers corresponded with undercover journalists, who posed as friends and relatives of sick patients to negotiate sales.

Sep 28 07:33

Goldstone is historic blow in the war Israel is losing– the ‘Legitimacy War’

Considered more carefully, there are some good reasons for Israel’s panicked reaction to this damning report. First, it does come with the backing of an eminent international personality who cannot credibly be accused of anti-Israel bias, making it harder to deflect attention from the findings no matter how loud the screaming of ‘foul play.’ Any fair reading of the report would show that it was balanced, was eminently mindful of Israel’s arguments relating to security, and indeed gave Israel the benefit of the doubt on some key issues. Secondly, the unsurprising findings are coupled with strong recommendations that do go well beyond previous reports.

Sep 28 07:33

Editorial: IAEA and Israel

At least Iran has publicly declared it has a new uranium enrichment facility. And it will allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect it. Israel, though, has yet to make such announcements or gesture. For decades Israel has refused to confirm the now well-documented fact that it has a significant arsenal of nuclear warheads — the only country in the Middle East known to have successfully developed such a program. Estimates suggest it has as many as 200 warheads, putting every Arab state within range of a nuclear strike.

With the connivance of the West, Israel has been allowed to do all this unchecked at its nuclear weapons factory at Dimona in the Negev, and without signing the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Sep 28 07:32

Second wave of swine flu pandemic begins to hit US

After months of warnings and frantic preparations, the second wave of the swine flu pandemic is starting to be felt around the country. Doctors, health clinics, hospitals, and schools are reporting rapidly increasing numbers of patients experiencing flu symptoms.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"So you better hurry on out and demand your local government buy our vaccines!!!!!"

Sep 28 07:31

Great Recession transforms the workplace

Most enduring change may be the permanent loss of millions of jobs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: "We made you poor, and we are gonna KEEP you poor! THAT will keep you in your place!!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 28 07:29

The Department of Terror wants You!

Hundreds of junior FBI agents, Homeland Security footpads and others were sent into the streets to find people who would fit the profile. They had to be from a Muslim country. They needed to be young and angry about something. Programs were established to make selected individuals angry if they weren’t already. They would suddenly lose their job; their wife might be assaulted by a diamond merchant on her way to a mosque, they might be evicted. Whatever it took to get them to the right emotional state and fired up about the right target was the goal. Once they were in the proper frame of mind, a government agent would appear as an angel of mercy and find them a job and a place to stay. Then they would groom the ‘terrorist’ by providing a mental framework.

Sep 28 07:17


Benson's petition for a Writ of Certiorari demands to know whether the US Government can arbitrarily silence and then rule against anyone who questions the legality of the imposed taxes or anyone who requests confirmation that the 16th Amendment was actually ratified.

This is an important case as the US Government has taken the position that laws against illegal tax shelters may be used to silence and punish anyone who asks to see the actual law which requires wage and salary earners to pay a tax on their labor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 28 07:10

DNA test shows Hitler skull is that of a woman

ADOLF Hitler may not have died in a bunker after fresh research suggests the skull thought to be the tyrant's was from a woman.

US archaeologist Nick Bellantoni found fragments from the skull believed to be Hitler's were too thin to be from a male, and suspected it was the remains of a much younger woman, The Sun reports.

"The bone seemed very thin - male bone tends to be more robust. It corresponds to a woman between the ages of 20 and 40," Dr Bellantoni said.

DNA tests performed in a US laboratory confirmed the remains could not have belonged to the Nazi leader.

Sep 28 07:05

Emergency Alert: Yom Kippur Extended to Two Days!

Why this emergency declaration? Speaker of the Council, Nancy Pelosi, Likud, California, told Stadtmiller on RBN that “With all the evil shit we’ve pulled this year, we knew that one day of asking for forgiveness wouldn’t be enough.”

Sep 28 07:04

Latin America fights Western influence, launches own international bank

In a bid to diminish the power of the US-dominated IMF and counterbalance the influence of Western investors, seven Latin American countries have agreed to form a “Bank of the South.”

Sep 28 07:04

Integrity Yea Right

Sep 28 06:58

Iranian bioweapon researcher dies suspiciously

A US-based Iranian doctor working to discover an antitoxin therapy for biological weapons has purportedly died a "suspicious death."

One of the leading bioweapon researchers and a regular keynote speaker at international conferences, Dr. Nasser Talebzadeh Ordoubadi died on Saturday in what his doctors described as a "suspicious death".

Media reports have linked Dr. Talebzadeh Ordoubadi's mysterious death to his notable accomplishments in discovering an antitoxin treatment for bioweapons.

Sep 28 06:47

Iran sanctions and-- Jerusalem

As the Obama administration prepares for next Thursday's important P5+1 meeting with Iran, the prospects for mounting a successful sanctions campaign against Iran are being seriously undermined by the actions of the Israeli government and government-backed Jewish extremists in Jerusalem.

Today, Israeli police battled Muslim worshippers in the Haram al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary; also known as the Temple Mount) after the worshipers tried to block the entrance into the Haram of a Jewish group of unclear intentions.

Sep 28 06:46

To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me in Downtown Savannah night before last


Sep 28 05:53

Attorney: Oklahoma bombing tapes appear to be edited

Long-secret security tapes showing the chaos immediately after the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building are blank in the minutes before the blast and appear to have been edited, an attorney who obtained the recordings said Sunday.

"The real story is what's missing," said Jesse Trentadue, a Salt Lake City attorney who obtained the recordings through the federal Freedom of Information Act as part of an unofficial inquiry he is conducting into the April 19, 1995, bombing that killed 168 people and injured hundreds more

Sep 28 05:43

U.S. Threatening To Attack Major Pakistani City Of Quetta

Sep 28 05:16

Free Plaxico Burress

You would think that shooting himself would be punishment enough!

Sep 28 05:02

The U.S. Creeps Closer to a Police State

When word first arrived that the G-20 would be meeting in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, activists began organizing protest demonstrations. Events like this are what freedom of speech is made for. What better occasion to protest than a meeting of the world’s 20 top leaders — most of them deservedly hated — where they will be imposing policy on billions of people worldwide?

Sep 28 04:40

My Day Among the Tax-Eaters

Last week I testified before the House Financial Services Committee in support of HR 1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009. Speaking on behalf of HR 1207 is particularly tricky because (1) what the Fed might be up to is entirely speculative, and thus can hardly be admitted into testimony; and (2) the bill is not opposed to the Fed per se, so arguments about the Fed’s performance as an economic stabilizer are also out of bounds (unless a congressman happens to raise them). Thus when the opposition argues that the Fed needs to maintain its secrecy in order to be able to keep up the super job it’s been doing, it would be considered "political" to argue that the Fed’s record has in fact been terrible.

Owl 2
Sep 28 03:48

We Are Change Luke Rudkowski G-20 protest

We Are Change Luke Rudkowski G-20 protest
SoCal Martial Law Alerts
September 27, 2009

Various video clips of We Are Change founder, Luke Rudkowski, protesting during the Pittsburgh G-20 summit in September of 2009. Rock on Infowarrior!

Sep 28 02:48

Ammo rationing at Wal-Mart as panic buying sweeps US

The USA is suffering the most severe ammunition famine in living memory. Gun fanciers, fearing a Democrat crackdown on every American's right to pack heat, are clearing shelves at ammo shops and hoarding cartridges.

AP reports that the Remington Arms Company's factory in North Carolina is now working around the clock trying to supply insatiable demand for rifle, pistol and shotgun cartridges.

"We've had to add a fourth shift and go 24-7," Remington spokesman Al Russo told the news wire. "It's a phenomenon that I have not seen before in my 30 years in the business."

Sep 28 02:37

Obamacare - Buy Insurance Or Go To Jail!

"Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) received a handwritten note Thursday from Joint Committee on Taxation Chief of Staff Tom Barthold confirming the penalty for failing to pay the up to $1,900 fee for not buying health insurance.

"Violators could be charged with a misdemeanor and could face up to a year in jail or a $25,000 penalty, Barthold wrote on JCT letterhead. He signed it "Sincerely, Thomas A. Barthold."

It makes splashy headlines, but Baucus' Baloney will lose in a court of law. Why?

September 27, 2009

Sep 27 21:54

Page from T-Man comic book (1952).

Sep 27 18:49

Israeli vigilantes target young Arab-Jewish couples

“Stop, right there. Stop the car. Is he an Arab? That dark guy . . . If they are both Jewish, keep the car moving!” yells out ‘David’, a 31-year-old Jewish settler who does not use his real name.

For more than a decade, David has considered it his unofficial job to patrol the streets looking for mixed Arab-Jewish couples. “We are protecting the Jewish people, our traditions, our heritage. Some people just get mixed up. We talk to them, explain why it’s important for Jews to be with Jews,” he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If this were taking place in the US deep South, and someone was trying to stop people from dating each other on the basis of their ethnicity or religion, we'd call this for what it truly is; ugly, naked racism of the highest order.

But of course, one cannot say that of Israelis doing precisely the same thing, for fear of being labeled "anti-Semitic".

Sep 27 18:33

US commander asks for big troop buildup: senator

"I think it's the worst -- one of the many worst-kept secrets in Washington. It's 30,000 to 40,000 troops," said McCain, the former Republican presidential nominee who urged Obama to meet the commander's request.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

40,000 more troops (and precisely where they're going to come from is unclear) will not change the situation on the ground.

Between aerial bombardment, which is only killing innocent civilians, and radicalizing the population into the waiting arms of the Taliban, coupled with a state government more collectively crooked than a dog's hind leg, our options are becoming increasingly more stark.

The first option is - literally - to kill almost every Afghan left standing, and get the oil pipelines installed to enable the West to control Eurasian oil.

And as horrendous as that sounds, don't think for a second that there aren't some folks in the halls of power in DC who haven't at least been thinking about it.

The second option makes far more sense. But because it is logical, the White House and Pentagon will ignore it completely.

That is, declare victory, and leave, just as quickly as safely and humanly possible for our troops. Then negotiate with whatever government is left standing about how much they will charge for rent on the installation of those pipelines.

As late as August of 2001, the Bush administration was negotiating with the Taliban about the pipelines, but felt that the asking price was "too high". Apparently to Bush and Cheney, it was "cheaper", in blood and money, to blow the Taliban out of power, and install a puppet government in Kabul, which they did.

What they collectively forgot, however, was that it was the United States which had originally trained the Taliban against Soviet Union.

They not only learned well and successfully enough to get the old Soviet Union; they have also adapted what they learned to confront US and NATO troops with even more deadly tactics and weapons.

Sep 27 18:24

World Bank says don't take dollar's place for granted

World Bank President Robert Zoellick said the United States should not take the dollar's status as the world's key reserve currency for granted because other options are emerging.

"The United States would be mistaken to take for granted the dollar's place as the world's predominant reserve currency," he said. "Looking forward, there will increasingly be other options."

Sep 27 18:17

Forced Vaccines Refused By Nurses In New York

Sep 27 18:12

Evidence emerges that seasonal flu vaccine increases risk of H1N1 swine flu

To hear it from the vaccine makers, their vaccines are perfectly safe and have no side effects. A person can receive an unlimited number of vaccines (10, 100 or even 1000) and have absolutely no ill effects, they claim. This is the quack science mythology upon which mass vaccination policies are currently based. But new evidence is emerging that people receiving a seasonal flu shot are made more susceptible to H1N1 swine flu as a result.

CBC News in Canada is now reporting disturbing findings you need to know about: "Four Canadian studies involved about 2,000 people, health officials told CBC News. Researchers found people who had received the seasonal flu vaccine in the past were more likely to get sick with the H1N1 virus."

Sep 27 18:01

Met Office: catastrophic climate change could happen with 50 years

Catastrophic climate change could happen with 50 years, five decades earlier than previously predicted, according to a Met Office report.

The Met Office also predicted a "2009 barbeque summer" in the UK. It never happened.

Sep 27 17:54

Cash-strapped Britons are selling kidneys to pay mortgages and clear debts

Cash-strapped Britons are resorting to selling their kidneys to pay their mortgages and clear their debts.

The would-be 'donors', who include a nurse and a taxi driver, are charging up to £60,000 plus expenses, an investigation found.

They risk up to three years in jail if caught but say the potentially dangerous operation is their only option for getting back in the black.

Sep 27 17:00

Military and Riot Thugs Detain, Dehumanize and TORTURE American Citizens

In what was possibly the most surreal, horrific, and unimaginable thing I have ever witnessed in my life, 1200 Riot Police and Military Personal rabidly attacked a group of well under 300 American citizens, many of them just students that were unaware there was even a protest going on.

Owl 3
Sep 27 16:59

Does the IRS have a legal right to impose penalties on private citizens?

Sep 27 16:46

Toronto Star: Who you calling docile?!

Yeah, China is bad alright. But we're badder because we delude ourselves into thinking we have a democracy, in spite of the government deciding everything for us behind closed doors, putting on a show in the House that bears no resemblance to the collusion that goes on in secret, lying to us at every opportunity via the compliant media, confounding every issue to the point where people don't trust politicians period and only a few die-hard Conservatives trust the media, and a large percentage of the voters are too lethargic to even bother showing up at the polls on election day - because they know it's just going to be the same old same old, except maybe even worse.

Any differences in the comparison between China and North America are mere technicalities.

Sep 27 15:51

J'lem archbishop: Israel targets mosque today, church tomorrow

Archbishop Atallah Hanna, one of the highest-ranking Christian clergymen in Jerusalem, declared Sunday's violence near the Al-Aqsa Mosque a dark premonition of Israel's plans for the city.

"What is being planned for Jerusalem is very dangerous," the archbishop said in a statement. "What happened today at the Al-Aqsa yard is a dangerous indicator of what Israeli authorities intend to work toward on Al-Aqsa, in particular, and in Jerusalem, in general."

Sep 27 15:50

The dead end kids

The unemployment rate for young Americans has exploded to 52.2 percent -- a post-World War II high, according to the Labor Dept. -

Sep 27 15:49

ICC Prosecutor May Charge Israeli With War Crimes

As chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno-Ocampo has so far steered clear of controversial cases. In doing so, he hoped to allay U.S. fears that the ICC would become a politicized tool for settling scores. Which is why it's so surprising that Moreno-Ocampo is now considering an investigation into whether Lt. Col. David Benjamin, a reserve officer in the Israeli military, authorized war crimes during the Gaza campaign earlier this year.

Sep 27 15:45

Attorney: OKC bombing tapes appear edited

Long-secret security tapes showing the chaos immediately after the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building are blank in the minutes before the blast and appear to have been edited, an attorney who obtained the recordings said Sunday.

"The real story is what's missing," said Jesse Trentadue, a Salt Lake City attorney who obtained the recordings through the federal Freedom of Information Act as part of an unofficial inquiry he is conducting into the April 19, 1995, bombing that killed 168 people and injured hundreds more.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Sep 27 13:57

Rachel Maddow: Lies About Acorn & Something Unconstitutional?

If they go after ACORN they will have to go after defense contractors too.. Boeing, Lockeed, Kellogg Brown and Root,.. General Dynamics.. all of the corporations that have defrauded the American people, in order to make the bust on ACORN stick.

Fat Chance of that happening.

Sep 27 12:01

The Constitution: The God That Failed

The document was drafted in the summer of 1787 behind closed doors in tremendous secrecy because if word leaked out of the actual contents and intent, the revolution that had just concluded would have been set ablaze again. It was a political coup d’état. It was nothing less than an oligarchical coup to ensure that the moneyed interests, banksters and aristocrats could cement their positions and mimic the United Kingdom from which they had been recently divorced.

Sep 27 11:53

Israel's nuclear weapons Yahoo listing

So, tell us again why Iran, which has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which is NOT building nuclear weapons, and allows IAEA inspections of all their facilities to confirm that, is the problem here?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please flood all government and media war-whores with these links every time they start screaming about Iran's (not so) secret fuel rod facility.

Sep 27 11:43

Where Did the H1N1 Virus Come From?

If your understanding is the current H1N1 late-2009 season flu pandemic began in Mexico as it spread from herds of pigs to humans there you are probably among the millions who have been misled as to the origins of this flu outbreak.

Sep 27 11:39

Huge California study concludes soda consumption undeniably linked to obesity

This massive study questioned the soda consumption habits of 43,000 adults and 4,000 adolescents and concluded this: Drinking one or more sodas a day increases your chances of obesity by 27 percent. A whopping 62% of adults who drink at least one soda each day are overweight or obese.

Sep 27 11:13

We Are Change takes over the NBC Nightly News at the G-20 in Pittsburgh

Sep 27 10:57

Core of Corruption (Google Video)

Core of Corruption is a video documentary documenting the many indications that the alleged Saudi terrorists seemed to be under some type of security service protection while in the USA. Not only did they get special help to get the Visas to get into the US (a consular official who protested to his superiors that these people were terrorist and should not get Visas was ignored), once they were here every time there was a chance they could have been caught circumstances worked out to the hijackers' advantage as the investigators were ordered off the case, not to share their information with other relevant agencies etc. and they were allowed to proceed with their plans apparently unimpeded.

Also covers the role of the Israeli agents apparently shadowing the hijackers, the dancing Israelis on 9/11 celebrating the collapse of the towers, the attack forewarning to the employees of Odigo the Israeli messaging company, the use of wiretapping equipment in US phone systems which was provided to the FBI by an Israeli high-tech company likely with Mossad connections. The Israeli's in the white vans on 9/11 dressed as Arabs. Reports of explosions in the news reports in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 WTC attacks. - And much more

See also http://coreofcorruption.com

Sep 27 10:43

Real reform in Israel is a distant prospect

First, the privatisation means that land previously managed by the state after it was expropriated from Palestinians by past Israeli governments will become the property of private owners. This despite the fact that these mass expropriations were carried out ostensibly for a "public" purpose, and therefore should revert to their original owners once the original reason for the state's expropriation is no longer relevant.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel wants territory, by any means necessary.

Peace is absolutely not a priority to a succession of Israeli governments, and Netanyahu's is no exception.

Sep 27 10:33

The perils of an Israeli airstrike on Iran

US experts believe that while Israel unquestionably has the military capability — and may have the political will — to mount a long-range attack, it could not sustain the kind of long-term barrage that Washington launched against Baghdad in the early phases of two Gulf wars.

Only if America joined in would Iran have reason to worry. There is no immediate likelihood of a US military strike; but there are still some in Tel Aviv who believe that an Israeli raid might force Obama’s hand and persuade the Pentagon to join the attack.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just because an Israeli strike against Iran would be the most catastrophically hubristic decision which could ever be made on the part of Israeli civilian and military leadership is absolutely no reason to bet against it.

But you can count on Israel doing whatever it considers necessary to get the US into the fight as well.

Sep 27 10:23

G-20 Contradictions: Pledge to Re-Regulate; Committed to De-Regulate

G-20 commitments to reestablish financial service regulation are in direct contradiction with deregulation requirements in the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) 1999 Financial Services Agreement.

“It is crazy that the G-20 leaders vowed to re-regulate the financial system while simultaneously undermining their ability to actually do so,” said Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch division. “Instead of agreeing to change WTO rules that now obligate 105 nations to continue the extreme finance deregulation policies that got us into this economic mess, the G-20 leaders called for completion of a WTO expansion that includes additional financial deregulation.”

Sep 27 10:18

Video: Gaza's Water Supply Near Collapse

The International Committee of the Red Cross has warned that Gaza's access to safe supply of drinking water could cease at any time. The World Health Organization says outbreaks of disease could be triggered as a consequence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is obvious that the outbreak of water-borne diseases in Gaza is precisely one of the outcomes Israel wants to see happen, with their forbidding of any equipment into Gaza of repair supplies.

Sep 27 10:15

The descent of Britain's Afghan campaign into a Vietnam-style madness

How were we going to win the battle to bring the civilians onside if we killed one of their number and offered nothing to ease the pain in terms they understood? It was heartless. It was wrong. And it was no way to wage a campaign against an enemy ready to exploit any of our mistakes to turn the 26 million people of Afghanistan against us. Christ, as if things weren't tough enough.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would urge readers to particularly share this article, a very sobering, first-hand account of military operations here, with those still believing we have any moral or just right to be in Afghanistan.

Sep 27 09:46

Washington seeks hegemony over South Caucasus

?he United States and Russia are in a race for control over energy resources, and all the processes in the South Caucasus should be considered in this context, Andranik Tevanyan, Director of the Political Economy center, told NEWS.am, commenting on the information on Pentagon’s plans to deploy military bases in Georgia by 2015.

According to him, the United States is trying to resolve all the problems in the South Caucasus at one time thereby ensuring its hegemony over the region and making one more step toward greatly desired energy resources. Tevanyan stressed that the military bases will not be aimed against any country – they are just supposed to enable Washington “to draw nearer” to the energy resources of Central Asia and Azerbaijan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One of the major reasons US is in Afghanistan to attempt to control the flow of Eurasian oil.

Tell that with a straight face to families and friends of those who have gotten killed or maimed permanently as a result of "serving their country" in this war.

Sep 27 09:37

LRAD Mounted On Truck Terrorizes Pittsburgh Residents

In the photo here, we see an LRAD mounted in the rear of a militarized police vehicle driving through the back streets of Pittsburgh terrorizing the residents. Note the child on the curb holding up his hands to block the sound of the terrorist device. He’s obviously with al-Qaeda.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Coming to a community near YOU! (as the economy continues to tank.)

Sep 27 09:30

The Price of Pretense in Pittsburgh

In 2009, despite the tilted playing field, the American people have heroically managed to increase their savings (although clearly not as much as they would have in a free market). But President Obama’s runaway deficit spending is undermining their efforts. The simple truth is that government debt is our debt. So if a family manages, at some cost to their lifestyle, to squirrel away an extra $1,000 in saving this year, but the government adds $20,000 in new debt per household (each family’s approximate share of the $1.8 trillion fiscal 2009 deficit), that family ends up owing $19,000 more than they did at the beginning of the year!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And there you have it.

Government borrowing to finance these immoral wars without end is not only sinking the government's economy; it's sinking the economy of every single citizen who lives in the US.

Sep 27 09:21

Iran: US, UK, France deceiving world on their nukes

Iran's ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency has accused the US, Britain, and France of deceiving the international community over their nuclear programs.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV, Ali Asghar Soltaniyeh rejected remarks by President Barack Obama of US, British Premier Gordon Brown, and Nicolas Sarkozy of France over Iran's nuclear program.

The three leaders earlier attacked the Islamic Republic over its second under-construction enrichment facility, located 100 kilometers south of Tehran, calling it a "deception."

Sep 27 09:19

Fading Into Mist...

There is no subject more restricted nor more controlled in the United States than a critical discussion of Israel. Balanced argument is ignored while each word is parsed -- and condemned. It's strange that we are free to rant and rave and point out the war crimes of our own administration -- of all other administrations throughout the world -- but not those of Israel. The few who dare to question the damage Israel has wrought throughout the Middle East for decades are immediately labeled "anti-Semitic," and are in danger of losing their friends, jobs, their reputations and, if they persist, their country -- for America has zero tolerance for those who recognize Israel's brutality.