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"The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself." -- Club of Rome, premier environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations



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August 11, 2010

Aug 11 08:26

Russia says fires burn Chernobyl-tainted forests

Fires have scorched forests contaminated with radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, a Russian forestry official said on Wednesday, but it was unclear what danger the smoke from such wildfires could pose.

Aug 11 08:25

U.S. and EU fail to isolate Iran: LA Times

Efforts by the United States and its European allies to build a united front to halt Iran's nuclear program are facing increasingly bold resistance from China, Russia, India and Turkey, which are rushing to boost their economies by seizing investment opportunities in defiance of sanctions imposed by the West, the Los Angeles Times has reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks as though this push for sanctions on the part of the US and EU is crumbling, and fast.

Aug 11 08:20

Russia's LUKOIL resumes gasoline supply to Iran -trade

- Russian oil giant LUKOIL (LKOH.MM: Quote) has resumed gasoline sales into Iran in partnership with China's state-run firm Zhuhai Zhenrong, even as the United States urges the international community to be tough with Tehran.

Iran is the world's fifth-largest oil exporter but lacks adequate refining capacity to meet domestic demand for motor fuel, forcing it to import up to 40 percent of its requirements.

Russia and China, both permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, signed up to the latest round of U.N. sanctions on Iran, but refused to support measures that targeted the Islamic Republic's oil and gas sector.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US, in its efforts to please Israel by creating a war against Iran, has just nailed another nail in the coffin of the American economy.

While the sanctions preventing the US markets from obtaining Iranian oil are hurting our economy, we have just driven Iran even further into an alliance with Russia and China.

Aug 11 08:19

TSX down sharply after cautious Fed assessment

The Toronto stock market was sharply lower Wednesday as oil and metal prices retreated amid a much more cautious view of the economic revival by the U.S. Federal Reserve and further signs of a slowing Chinese economy.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Aug 11 08:13


A serious doubt exists as to whether this huge debt and its crushing interest payments ($60,000 per taxpayer since 1960) are really the responsibility of the taxpayers. Considering that the law under which this debt was incurred was voted into law before most of us were born, it's clear that the taxpayers have never really had a choice in the matter. Certainly the young people of today, not yet old enough to vote, have had no choice regarding the continuing payment of interest charges for a debt not of their making. To hand such a huge debt to our children and order them to pay it is indentured servitude at best, outright slavery at worst.

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WRH Exclusive
Aug 11 08:12

UK Jews ‘dismayed by Cameron calling Gaza ‘a prison camp'

The Jewish community in Britain was “dismayed” by recent comments made by Prime Minister David Cameron regarding the Gaza Strip, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, chief rabbi of the British Commonwealth, said on Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This headline should have read "UK Jews dismayed by British Prime Minister telling the truth."

Aug 11 08:10


If the government has miscalculated the cost of meeting the agreed-to obligation to the citizen, is the citizen obligated to cover the shortfall? No. The government is responsible for the error, and if it cannot meet it's agreed-to obligations for the agreed-upon price, it should declare bankruptcy, go out of business, and make way for a new government with better fiscal sense.

Simple common sense.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please forward

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WRH Exclusive
Aug 11 08:08

Reagan insider: 'GOP destroyed U.S. economy' BOVINE EXCREMENT ALERT!

Get it? Not "destroying." The GOP has already "destroyed" the U.S. economy, setting up an "American Apocalypse."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Beware this election-year whipsawing back and forth of which party is responsible for the disaster our nation faces. What destroyed our nation is rampant greed, which knows no party, no race, no religion. Every politician of every party is responsible for this mess, voting higher and higher debts for the people to enrich themselves and their cronies, knowing it would be some other Congress or administration down the road that would have to clean up the mess. The seeds of the nation's destruction were sewn in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve act,m which imposed on the American people the exact same form of banking which had triggered the American Revolution.

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." -- Woodrow Wilson in reference to signing the Federal Reserve Act in 1913

From that day to this, nearly 100 years of politicians have worked their way through Washington DC and with precious few exceptions such as John F. Kennedy, neither Republican nor Democrat has veer challenged the system by which they become rich and the American people are made poor. By their silence, both parties give consent to the looting.

The destruction of this nation is a bi-partisan crime, deserving of bi-partisan ropes around bi-partisan necks, and arguing over who deserves the tallest tree and the shortest rope is an election-year smoke screen.

Aug 11 08:07

Obama signs $26b state aid bill after House OK

House lawmakers scurried back to Capitol Hill yesterday — booking last-minute flights and canceling appearances at town halls — and approved a $26 billion package that will provide aid to states, including an additional $655 million for Massachusetts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is simply a cosmetic approach to make the economy appear to be rolling right along until after the elections.

At that point, expect to see the economy really start to flail miserably, because the fundamental problems with the economy have not been addressed.

We need to stop spending on these immoral and illegal wars immediately, and bring back our manufacturing.

Of course, those steps would be logical.

Aug 11 08:01

Russia deploys air defence missiles in Abkhazia

Russia has deployed sophisticated air defence missiles in Georgia's pro-Moscow rebel region of Abkhazia, the air force commander said Wednesday, in a move that risks stoking tensions with Tbilisi.

"We have deployed the S-300 system on the territory of Abkhazia," air force commander-in-chief General Alexander Zelin said in a statement carried by Russian news agencies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take a look at a map:


Considering US and NATO propensities for exercises on and around the Black Sea, it is no wonder the Russians put this system here.

Aug 11 07:59

U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know It: Laurence Kotlikoff

Such a tax hike would leave the U.S. running a surplus equal to 5 percent of GDP this year, rather than a 9 percent deficit. So the IMF is really saying the U.S. needs to run a huge surplus now and for many years to come to pay for the spending that is scheduled. It’s also saying the longer the country waits to make tough fiscal adjustments, the more painful they will be.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or, we can do what so many other nations have done throughout history, from France to Romania to Iceland, fire the government that ran up that debt without our permission, repudiate most of that odious debt, and start over with a clean slate.

After all, why should We The People pay for government spending that We The People opposed, and more to the point, failed to accomplish any tangible result other than to fund huge bonuses for the very pirates who put us into this mess?

The Founding Fathers gave us the First Amendment so that We The People have the freedom to say "No" to the government and the Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment so that We The People could, if necessary, force the government to listen when we say, "No."

The position of this article is that no matter how badly the government has messed up the economy, We The People are obligated to cover the costs no matter how much we may suffer for it. But I see that as the mindset of a slave economy; the masters take and the slaves surrender. Slaves cannot say "no."

There is no freedom without the freedom to say "no."

Americans need to recover their right and will to say "no." We did not create this mess. Indeed when Congress was trying to pass TARP in 2008, 90% of Americans said "no", and Congress refused listen. Trillions have been spent on the public tab, the economy is no better off (indeed it is worse unless you are a Wall Street CEO or member of Congress), and now we will hear an endless series of exhortations from the media about how We" (meaning the "little people") simply MUST accept that they have to pay for the trillions of dollars spent without our permission in this fiasco. When the government taxes you to spend the money on things you do not agree with (such as Wall Street, foreign wars, and weapons for Israel so they can attack Americans in international waters) that is taxation without representation, and in that little country schoolhouse I went to as a child, I was taught that taxation without representation is a legitimate reason to fire the government and start over. And again, that is the reason the Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment, which reserves to the people military weapons equal to those of the government itself, in order to enforce the right to say "no."

We The People need to re-learn our right to say "no."

There is no freedom without the freedom to say "no."

Aug 11 07:51


Video narrated by Anthony Lawson with Gilad Atzmon

Foreword by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Veterans Today

We hear daily, even hourly, of the need to attack Iran to protect the United States. Some Americans believe the threat is real. If they believe this, they are wrong.

There is no threat, only a vendetta against Iran, a country, as the video tells us, that has never attacked another nation. The point of this foreword isn’t to make a case, the video does that with simplicity. It sticks to the facts. When faced with being pushed into a war, one well beyond our “illegal war” with Iraq, not my words but those of the British government, our primary ally in that, well, what do we call it? Attack? Fiasco? Blitzkrieg? Perhaps “con job” is closer to the truth.

Aug 11 07:50

State Owned Banks: Fixing the Economy by Ellen Hodgson Brown

Ellen Hodgson Brown explains the rationale behind state owned banks. Due to the collapsing credit bubble which in turned popped the housing bubble, leading to recession, and perhaps, economic depression, there is not enough money and credit to keep the economy running. Three possible solutions are that the federal government issue debt-free money directly, that communities create alternate or community complementary currencies, or that a state create its own state owned bank, similar to the Bank of North Dakota. ... A major advantage of a state owned bank is that the state could borrow money from the bank at zero interest, for projects, saving between 50% and 100% of the cost of the project, since there would be no interest burden when repaying the loan.

Aug 11 07:49

Top Iraqi officer warns US must stay past 2011

Iraq's top army officer on Wednesday warned that a pullout of all US soldiers by the end of 2011 was premature, after eight of his troops were killed in a brazen attack that exposed shaky security here.

Lieutenant General Babakar Zebari's remarks, which run counter to those of his political leaders, coincide with the exit of thousands of American soldiers under a US declaration to end combat operations in Iraq at the end of August.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if the end of August date for US military withdrawal was not set to allow for the deployment of these troops against Iran in the coming months.

Aug 11 07:49

Gov. Jindal declares “state of emergency” for storm; Some state agencies preparing for “possible evacuation”

Governor Jindal Declares State Of Emergency For Louisiana, Gov Monitor, August 10, 2010:

Governor Bobby Jindal declared a state of emergency for the State of Louisiana in preparation for Invest 94, which if upgraded, would become Tropical Storm Danielle. …

Department of Environmental Quality is working with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on a plan to provide air monitoring services as quickly as possible should the storm impact Louisiana. …

Aug 11 07:46

Colombia and Venezuela restore diplomatic relations

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his new Colombian counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos, have agreed to restore diplomatic relations.

Mr Chavez cut ties last month after Colombia accused Venezuela of harbouring left-wing rebels.

But at a meeting in the Colombian city of Santa Marta, the two leaders agreed to relaunch bilateral relations.

They admitted personal differences, but said they were putting them aside in the interest of both nations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Score one point for sanity here on the part of both leaders.

Aug 11 07:43

War Preparations? US Arms ‘Bonanza’ in the Middle East

Two of the United States’ closest allies in the Middle East, Israel and Saudi Arabia, are on the brink of signing large arms deals with the US in a move designed to ratchet up the pressure on Iran, according to defence analysts.

America has agreed to sell Saudi Arabia 84 of the latest model of the F-15 jet and dozens of Black Hawk helicopters. The deal also includes refurbishing many of the kingdom’s older F-15s, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

Israel is believed to have opposed the $30 billion deal. However, in a concession to Israel, the new F-15s, made by the Boeing Company, will not be equipped with the latest weapons and avionics systems available to the US military.

Aug 11 07:42

BP oil spill evidence to be collected by suspects

Key evidence on one of the world's worst oil spills could soon be in the hands of the leading suspects as BP and partner contractors are set to start salvaging the wreckage of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig.

The US government is leading what could become a criminal investigation into the disaster. But it does not have the technical expertise to gather evidence some 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.

Transocean, which leased the rig to BP, is expected to take charge of the salvage operations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is absolutely unbelievable.

There are capable companies internationally with the expertise to make this happen in an honest and responsible way; why are they not being called upon here?!?

What is it that they, and the American public, are not supposed to see?!?

Aug 11 07:33

Danny Glover - The Cuban 5

Aug 11 07:32

Koch's Comments: No carrots for Iran

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Neocon Koch trots out the same old lies to derail a possible peace deal.

Aug 11 06:22

David Icke: Elite Moves To Lobotomize, Zombify Global Population into Lifetime of Servitude

David Icke: Elite Moves To Lobotomize, Zombify Global Population into Lifetime of Servitude

Aug 11 06:21

British doctors warn new superbug could spread

British scientists have found a superbug that is resistant to most antibiotics and are warning that it is widespread in India and could soon appear worldwide.

The superbug has so far been identified in 37 people who returned to the U.K. after undergoing surgery in India or Pakistan.


The next great pandemic?!?!?!?!?

August 10, 2010

Aug 10 23:44

IMF Report Promotes World Currency

An April report from the International Monetary Fund promoting a world central bank and a global fiat currency went totally undetected by the global press for months, but after a blog post earlier this month on the Financial Times’ website, it is now in the media spotlight.

The creation of money is the SOLE prerogative of a sovereign government.

Aug 10 20:12


The Department of Homeland Security has just reported that during 2009, they issued 1,130,818 new Green Cards to foreign nationals, allowing them to work legally in this country. That number represents the fourth highest number of cards issued in one year.

Aug 10 19:05

Captured at 15, Guantanamo's youngest inmate put on trial

"President Obama has decided to write the next sad, pathetic chapter in the book of military commissions," Lt-Col Jackson said. "So forever Obama's military commissions will be remembered for starting with a case against a child soldier."

Aug 10 19:02

New 'superbug' found in UK hospitals

A new superbug that is resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics has entered UK hospitals, experts warn.

They say bacteria which make an enzyme called NDM-1 travelled back with NHS patients who had gone abroad to countries like India and Pakistan for treatments such as cosmetic surgery.
Although there have only been about 50 cases identified in the UK so far, scientists fear it will go global.

Bacteriophages may be a solution to the problem.

Aug 10 16:59

Eyes on the skies over Iran's reactor

Iran's light water nuclear power plant at Bushehr is preparing to go "live" - again.

Iranian and Russian nuclear scientists and officials have announced Bushehr's reactor will soon be receiving its first shipment of nuclear fuel 36 years after construction first began on the project.

This claim may be quietly fueling speculation that a military strike on Iran by Israel - or the United States - may be imminent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hope that some folks in Washington and Tel Aviv are laying awake at night, thinking that if Russia and China join the fray on the side of Iran, things are really apt to go to hell and quickly.

Aug 10 16:45

Rabbi Refuses to Be Questioned

The Torah of the King deals with Jewish law pertaining to Kings of Israel and the waging of wars, and describes the situations in which a Jew is permitted to kill a non-Jew. The book that was recently published in its second edition does not contain any explicit references to Arabs. The Supreme Court has ruled that the content of the book is not grounds for an investigation against Rabbi Shapira.

Rabbi Dov Lior’s office said: "The Rabbi will not cooperate with the persecution and the political investigation – the Holy Torah is not up for questioning. At any time and especially during wartime, the morals of the Torah and its leadership should be the 'moral code' of the IDF and of the entire legal system.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported in:


The book, which never specifically mentions Arabs or Palestinians by name, includes one section entitled “Conclusions – Chapter Five: The Killing of Gentiles in War,” which said that in some cases it is permitted to kill the babies of enemy forces “because of the future danger they may present.”


Is this what Rabbi Lior means when he says "At any time and especially during wartime, the morals of the Torah and its leadership should be the 'moral code' of the IDF and of the entire legal system."?!?!?!

Aug 10 16:31

Fears of al–Qaida return in Iraq as US–backed fighters defect

Al-Qaida is attempting to make a comeback in Iraq by enticing scores of former Sunni allies to rejoin the terrorist group by paying them more than the monthly salary they currently receive from the government, two key US-backed militia leaders have told the Guardian.

They said al-Qaida leaders were exploiting the imminent departure of US fighting troops to ramp up a membership drive, in an attempt to show that they are still a powerful force in the country after seven years of war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder what is really going on here, and who is actually paying these guys, if that is really the case?

Aug 10 16:25

Anti-terror hotline advert banned

A police advert encouraging the public to report suspected terrorists has been banned for potentially causing "serious offence" to law-abiding citizens, a watchdog has said.

The radio advert for the Anti-Terrorist Hotline listed "suspicious" behaviour worth reporting to the police as: "The man at the end of the street doesn't talk to his neighbours much, because he likes to keep himself to himself. He pays with cash because he doesn't have a bank card, and he keeps his curtains closed because his house is on a bus route."

It continued: "This may mean nothing, but together it could all add up to you having suspicions. We all have a role to play in combating terrorism. If you see anything suspicious call the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline. If you suspect it, report it."

Aug 10 16:17

Robert Gibbs says leftwing critics of Obama 'ought to be drug tested'

The Obama administration's most public face, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, has tried to climbed down from angry remarks he aimed at leftwing critics, calling them "crazy".

In an interview with The Hill newspaper in Washington DC, Gibbs revealed frustration at attacks on the administration from liberal Democrats and others on the left, in terms likely to make relations even worse:

"I hear these people saying he's like George Bush. Those people ought to be drug tested," Gibbs said. "I mean, it's crazy."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Robert Gibbs: how old Soviet Union could you get with this statement?!?

Aug 10 16:11

A Run for the Canadian Border

Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Strategist
Casey Research

The Gulf of Mexico disaster has changed U.S. priorities, costs, and energy supply sources for years to come. But the fact that the U.S. needs energy isn’t changing anytime soon, and as mass sources of green energy are still a while away, the most likely alternative might be the most surprising one.

With US$15 billion invested annually in offshore drilling in the United States, the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico means that this money is getting ready to migrate elsewhere. And it is the Athabasca oil sands of Alberta, Canada, that are number one on the list.

Aug 10 16:05


Mr. Corea, we call upon your free soul that has been adding magnificent art for decades into this disenchanted world of ours, to join those courageous people of conscience like Elvis Costello, Gil Scott-Heron, the Pixies, Carlos Santana and Devendra Banhart in boycotting Israel until it complies with international law, and until justice and accountability are reached just as the global BDS movement made way for the collapse of apartheid in South Africa.

Aug 10 16:04

Snopes Exposed

I have recently discovered that Snopes.com is owned by a flaming liberal and this man is in the tank for Obama. There are many things they have listed on their site as a hoax and yet you can go to You tube yourself and find the video of Obama actually saying these things. So you see, you cannot and should not trust Snopes.com, ever for anything that remotely resembles truth! I don't even trust them to tell me if email chains are hoaxes anymore.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All anyone needed to do is look at how Snopes handled 9-11 truth to know they are gatekeepers.

Aug 10 15:47

Plant damage in Minnesota

Aug 10 15:16

Business facing a wave of green taxes

Thousands of British businesses will be liable for significant fines and charges under a new government “green tax” scheme.

Companies that fail to register their energy use by next month will be hit with fines that could reach £45,000 under the little-known rules.

Those that do participate in the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) initiative by declaring their energy use will face charges for every ton of greenhouse gas they produce.

These payments are expected to average £38,000 a year for medium-sized firms, and could reach £100,000 for larger organisations.

Aug 10 15:13

Welcome to Mexico! Excuse the Mess—We’re Remodeling

If you look beyond the barebacked illegal alien scaling a barbed wire fence, you’ll discover a trail of dead that leads all the way back to Mexico City. There you’ll find President Felipe Calderon—chillin’ like a villain—with a motley wrecking crew of CIA operatives, Latin American drug lords and an assortment of corporate henchmen from such infamous organizations as Halliburton, DynCorp and SYColeman. Look beyond them, and you’ll discover a trail of cash that leads all the way back to Wall Street and Washington D.C.

Aug 10 15:04

Hezbollah chief: Israel killed Hariri

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah accused Israel on Monday of having been behind the 2005 killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Aug 10 14:53

While we debate: Female suicides on the rise in Afghanistan

TIME Magazine’s recent depiction of a mutilated woman on its cover to illustrate “what happens if we leave Afghanistan” (without a question mark, mind you) has heated tempers on all sides of the debate over the American occupation there. As Antiwar.com’s Jeff Huber put it today, “If [TIME editor Richard] Stengel wanted to show us what is really happening, why didn’t he run images of Taliban leaders receiving bribe money that came from the United States? Why not show pictures of President Hamid Karzai’s political machine stealing the most recent election? Why not show the heroin crop our military has been ordered not to destroy?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We had to blow the women to bloody bits to keep them from being oppressed!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 10 14:37

Look at ALL those Israeli military vehicles!!!!!!!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... that you paid for.

Aug 10 14:36

Look at ALL those Israeli military aircraft!!!!!!!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... that you paid for.

Aug 10 14:31

Google and Verizon Usher in the Internets

Monday's announcement that Verizon and Google will create a distinct wireless experience put net neutrality discussions not so much on the back burner as in the recycling bin.

Although early speculation suggested that the corporate giants were going to create the equivalent of an E-Z Pass lane for content providers willing to pay for higher content speeds, the actual plan is to create not just what amounts to a distinct "set of pipes" to funnel high-bandwidth content, but to also clearly define the wireless Internet as a rules-free zone that allows providers to determine what content reaches consumers.

Aug 10 14:17

Push for confrontation with Iran bears a Jewish stamp

And the NYTimes is still on message, Global Warming, Peak Oil and the War on Terror all seem to merge to support Zionism:

Aug 10 14:05

Washington D.C. Metro Incident: 70 Involved In Massive Brawl

As many as 70 people were involved in a massive brawl spanning at least two Metro Stations in Washington D.C. Friday night.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

People have reached the breaking point.

Aug 10 14:02

’If you don’t help me, I’ve got a gun in my car,’

Murder-suicide rates are soaring all over the country and the media take little note of it.

Aug 10 13:59

Iran says to drop trade in 'filthy' dollar, euro

Iran is to stop all trade and oil exports in dollars and euros in retaliation against Western sanctions over its nuclear programme, a top official was quoted as saying Tuesday.

"We are going to remove dollar and euro from our foreign currency basket and replace them with (Iranian) rial and all other currencies of the countries which accept to cooperate with us," leading economic daily Doniye e-Ektesad quoted First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi as saying.

Aug 10 13:51

"it’s more cost effective for ya’ll to sink the oil"

Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Even When It's Not Out of Sight)
Monday 09 August 2010
by: Dahr Jamail and Erika Blumenfeld
To the representatives’ request to have someone explain to him why BP would not want to clean up the oil, Blanchard angrily obliged:“Because it’s more cost effective for ya’ll to come at night and sink the son-of-a-bitch! When the oil’s coming around, they call ya’ll, they tell ya’ll where the oil’s at, and the first thing ya’ll do is tell them to go the other way, ya’ll send the planes, and ya’ll fucking sink it! [Spray dispersants from the air]...Ya’ll are putting the oil on the bottom of my fishing grounds! Ya’ll not only messing me up now, ya’ll are messing me up for the rest of my life! I ain’t gonna live long enough to buy anymore shrimp!”

Aug 10 13:21

Federal Reserve Policymakers Statement

Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in June indicates that the pace of recovery in output and employment has slowed in recent months.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No shit.

Aug 10 13:15

History of climate gets 'erased' online

A new report reveals a British scientist and Wikipedia administrator rewrote climate history, editing more than 5,000 unique articles in the online encyclopedia to cover traces of a medieval warming period – something Climategate scientists saw as a major roadblock in the effort to spread the global warming message.

Aug 10 13:13

CRU cleared of wrong doing? NOT: Parliamentary Trickery

"their suggestion that Jones and others were doing nothing more than “discarding data known to be erroneous” is simply absurd. There was no testimony to the Committee (nor has it ever been suggested) that the tree ring data was measured incorrectly or that the data was “erroneous” – the data is what it is. The tree ring data goes down instead of up – but that doesn’t make it “erroneous”. It only means that the data is a bad proxy – something that was concealed from IPCC readers. It is discouraging to read such bilge."

Aug 10 13:02

US Government in Massive New Global Warming Scandal – NOAA Disgraced

But our intrepid anonymous whistleblower wasn’t done yet. He pointed out that Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, really got cooking this July 4th around 9:59AM, according to NOAA and Coast Watch. It was there, at the bottom left row of the temperature data points, that the records reveal on that day a phenomenally furnace-like 600 degrees Fahrenheit. (Click here if CoastWatch link does not work or disappears)

Aug 10 12:47

When University Scientists Found Underwater Oil Plumes, the Government Said Shut Up, Don't Tell Anyone ... and Then Tried to Discredit Them

"I got lambasted by the Coast Guard and NOAA when we said there was undersea oil," USF marine sciences dean William Hogarth said. Some officials even told him to retract USF's public announcement, he said, comparing it to being "beat up" by federal officials.

The USF scientists weren't alone. Vernon Asper, an oceanographer at the University of Southern Mississippi, was part of a similar effort that met with a similar reaction. "We expected that NOAA would be pleased because we found something very, very interesting," Asper said. "NOAA instead responded by trying to discredit us. It was just a shock to us."

Aug 10 12:46

Former Alaska Sen. Stevens dies in plane crash

Former Sen. Ted Stevens, an uncompromising advocate for Alaska for four decades who delivered scores of expensive projects to one of the nation's most sparsely populated states, including the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere," has died in a plane crash. He was 86.

Aug 10 11:43

Let’s consider Alex Jones MSM from now on…..

Alex Jones has been hit lately by a number of very critical reviews. Jeff Rense is the most authoritative figure disconnecting from him.

Jones has a great audience, for sure, and he has helped many people snap out of the MSM brainwashing. But there are simply too many things that don’t add up……….

Aug 10 11:10

Hawaii Internet Slow Down could last a Month or More!

This should not come as a surprise because basic bandwidth speeds have not increased here significantly in many years. We have waited and waited for promised increased speeds and it has never happened. This incident makes it very obvious that they do not have the infrastructure in place to handle increased speeds. If one fiber cable is damaged resulting in this massive decrease in available service it is obvious that they have not been investing in infrastructure . This should be a wake up call to Oceanic.

Aug 10 11:03

‘I Have a Black Male Trying to Get Away From Me on a Bicycle’

So said a Pensacola, Florida cop before he tasered the man on the bike, ran him over with his squad car, killing him, and then planted a gun on the body. According to the Tampa Bay media, Florida’s “finest” have killed 57 civilians with taser guns since 2001, leading the nation in that particular category of Death by Government.

Aug 10 11:02

Murder a Kid, Plant a Gun — Take a Vacation

Dashcam video recorded by one of the police cars that arrived on the scene showed Ard unlocking the passenger side of his cruiser and retrieving an object, then crawling under the car. He stayed there for more than a half-minute. When paramedics arrived two minutes later, they found a silver-and-black 9mm semiautomatic handguns in one of the victim’s pockets.

“Lab tests showed the gun had been wiped clean,” reports the St. Petersburg Times. “No fingerprints were on it — not Victor’s, not anyone’s.”

Aug 10 10:59

Mother To Stand Trial for Saving Son’s Life

Within minutes of their arrival at the family’s home in West Kendall, the police had shot Pagan six times with a Taser.

Ramirez and her other son, 21-year-old Hernando Yunis, tried to shield Christian with their bodies, pulling the Taser prongs from his clothing and pleading with the police to stop. Ramirez herself was shot with the portable electro-shock torture device before she and Hernando were arrested for the supposed crime of “resisting arrest without violence.”

Aug 10 10:28

Amid sexual abuse claims, synagogue revokes invite to Rabbi Elon

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Which puts that synagogue one up over the Vatican IMHO!

Aug 10 10:10

Website Grader, Quantcast, Compete, Alexa, Awstats - Accurate Web Analysis?

In reality, Alexa is the target of technically gifted webmasters who manage to inflate the rank of their sites, and thus deflate the rank of all other sites. It was fine when it started, but no longer.

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Aug 10 10:00

Tropical weather shuts down Gulf well-killing operations

Drilling on a relief well expected to intercept the crippled well in the Gulf of Mexico at the end of this week has been suspended because of a tropical disturbance in the Gulf, BP spokeswoman Elizabeth Adams said Tuesday.

Aug 10 09:58

Anti-Hunger Bill Cuts $14 Billion From Food Stamps

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"Look, it was either feed Americans or buy Israel a big new shiny rocket, and I mean, just look at that thing; it's so big and so shiny and manly! It's not like there was ever really a choice here!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 10 09:54

Why the US keeps minting coins people hate and won't use

In hidden vaults across the country, the US government is building a stockpile of $1 coins. The hoard has topped $1.1bn - imagine a stack of coins reaching almost seven times higher than the International Space Station - and the piles have grown so large the US Federal Reserve is running out of storage space.

Americans won't use the coins, preferring $1 notes. But the US keeps minting them anyway, and the Fed estimates it already has enough $1 coins to last the next 10 years.


When the dollar collapses, you'll need a heck of a lot of weight in your pocket to buy a case of beer.

Aug 10 09:52

Disappearing Oil and Gulf Seafood: Passing the Sniff Test

The Feds now say, as reported by the NYT, that 76% of the mess has either been picked up on the beaches, skimmed from the surface, captured by the containment process or burned off. (I suppose breathing this stuff in the air as particulates is “perfectly safe.”)

At the risk of seeming a “Chicken Little” I’d like to point out that even if the reports of this “great disappearing” are true what is left is something on the order of 50 million gallons of crud in the Gulf or about the same as 5 Exxon Valdez spills.

So, while BP, the Government and our happy-go-lucky news media are fighting for places on the “where did all the oil go” bandwagon I see no cause for celebration.

Aug 10 09:51

Afghan Blogger Films Survivors of Massacre, Contradicts NATO Denial

In an experiment in citizen journalism, Greenwald, of RethinkAfghanistan, has trained dozens of intrepid local Afghan interns in film reporting and armed them with simple camcorders. One of these brave souls entered the area and and has released footage of interviews with the survivors.

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The video is linked further down

Aug 10 09:50

A massive crime compounded by a massive cover-up

The administration is promoting claims that most of the oil erupting from the leak has either been contained or evaporated, with only a quarter posing a continued threat to the region.

The claim, advanced in a report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and promoted by the National Incident Command in the Gulf, is simply the latest in a long record of lies and falsifications. From the beginning, the policy of both BP and the Obama administration has been to cover up the true size and scope of the oil spill. It was NOAA which provided the claim in the days immediately following the April 20 blowout that only 5,000 barrels per day were spilling into the Gulf, and continued to drastically underestimate the size of the spill throughout the crisis.

Aug 10 09:49


Another disturbing twist in the Gulf Oil Crisis saga is the media blackout which occurred in late May/early June. BP set up clean-up camps along the gulf coast to remove oil and tar from beaches. During this period reporters were forbidden to talk to cleanup workers--either on or off the clock--or suffer a possible $40,000 fine or Class B felony charge. I started to see videos crop up in alternative news outlets showing Blackwater-type guards forcing news reporters away from the area. I was shocked (mainly because it was allowed) to see mainstream media regular Anderson Cooper discussing the 65 feet distance required between the media and the cleanup response areas (including beaches and vessels) without permission from the Port of New Orleans.

Aug 10 09:45

CNN - Deed fish washing up on Massachussetts shores!

Experts say a lack of oxygen may be to blame for killing scores of fish off the Massachusetts coast.

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Apparently these fish had been dead for days... locals say they have never seen anything like it. The "Experts" (same ones who told you that you were to blame for global warming) claiming lack of oxygen 'might' be to blame. Given the dead fish in Biloxi, and the fact that this has never happened before, I think the gulf oil disaster is a likely factor.

Aug 10 09:41

illegal to mail cigarettes to the troops

Sick from DU, guarding opium plants for profit and flooding the U.S. with heroin, suicide rates spike, now the soldiers are going thru nicotine withdrawal. no wonder the suicide rates are going up.

Aug 10 09:26

Bras and Breast Cancer

n essence, what Singer and Grismaijer found was that the odds of getting breast cancer dramatically increased with bra-wearing over 12 hours per day.

* Women who wore their bras 24 hours per day had a 3 out of 4 chance of developing breast cancer (in their study, n=2056 for the cancer group and n=2674 for the standard group).
* Women who wore bras more than 12 hour per day but not to bed had a 1 out of 7 risk.
* Women who wore their bras less than 12 hours per day had a 1 out of 152 risk.
* Women who wore bras rarely or never had a 1 out of 168 chance of getting breast cancer. The overall difference between 24 hour wearing and not at all was a 125-fold difference.

Aug 10 09:25


Here’s an old joke that has been in circulation for years…. WASPs leave and never say good-bye. Jews say good-bye and never leave.

So it is with political issues…. some Jews just never let up. Case in point is the controversy surrounding the construction of an Islamic Centre in the vicinity of Ground Zero…. it has been approved….. it will be built….. but the issue is being kept alive by the Jewish community in New York.

Aug 10 09:24


When I was posting at Daily Kos I published an image of Lieberman with a Hitler face (shown above)… I was asked how I could compare a Jew to a nazi…. my response was “How could a Jew act like one?”

The furor that followed at DK resulted in myself and many other pro Palestinian bloggers having their rights revoked… we were banned!

BUT…. if you read the following you can see that our efforts were not in vain, it looks like we started a trend.

Aug 10 09:23


Why would I refer to Israel as a paranormal state? Let’s look at the FACTS….

Since it’s creation Israel has ignored every resolution passed by various bodies of the United Nations …. the following video covers only those violated from 1968 to 2002…. there are more, many more…..

Aug 10 09:05

PM to quit UN panel if soldiers probed

Israel threatened Monday to pull out of a UN inquiry into a raid on a Turkish flotilla heading for Gaza, after the UN chief said there is no agreement that the panel will refrain from calling Israeli soldiers to testify.

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The White Star Line threatened Monday to pull out of an inquiry into the sinking of the RMS Titanic heading for New York, after the chief investigator said there is no agreement that the panel will refrain from calling the surviving ship's crew to testify.

Aug 10 09:02

5 killed in Alaska plane crash; ex-NASA chief on board

It appears that five people were killed and four survived the Alaska crash of a small plane that was carrying former NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe and may have included former Senator Ted Stevens, the National Transportation Safety Board said on Tuesday.

Ted Lopatkiewicz, a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board, told The Associated Press in Washington that reports from Alaska authorities were that nine people were aboard the aircraft and that "it appears that there are five fatalities."

Aug 10 09:02

Afghanistan Civilian Casualties, Injuries Rising Sharply

The number of civilians killed in the Afghan conflict in the first six months of the year rose 25 percent compared with the same period a year ago, with insurgents responsible for the spike, the United Nations said in a report Tuesday.

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Actually, the US is responsible for all the civilian casualties, because there would be no civilian casualties if the US had not invaded in the first place.

Aug 10 09:00

Landmark Gitmo trial puts White House in tight spot

The sharp criticism from the U.N. official created yet another public relations dilemma for Pentagon officials as they prepare to try Khadr, a Canadian citizen who has spent nearly a third of his life at Guantanamo, in the first military commission trial during Barack Obama's presidency.

Aug 10 08:59

The Horror Show

Government workers were walking the plank from coast to coast. About 143,000 temporary Census workers were let go, and another 48,000 government employees at the budget-strapped state and local levels lost their jobs. But the worst news, with the most ominous long-term implications, was that the reason the unemployment rate was not higher was because 181,000 workers left the labor force.

With many of them beaten down by the worst jobs situation since the Great Depression, they just stopped looking for work. And given the Alice-in-Wonderland way in which we compile our official jobless statistics, they are no longer counted as unemployed.

Aug 10 08:58

Israel Won’t Allow UN Panel to Question Soldiers

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel wouldn’t cooperate with a United Nations probe into its May 31 naval raid on a Gaza aid flotilla if the UN tries to question soldiers who took part in the operation.

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"Just take our word for it! Those aid workers committed suicide!"

Aug 10 08:57

Barak contradicts Netanyahu's testimony on flotilla

Defense minister testifies before committee probing deadly IDF raid on Gaza-bound flotilla, says seven-minister forum dealt with both military, media aspects of operation. 'I take full responsibility for the orders given,' he adds, says government did not discuss possibility of violent resistance onboard Marmara

Aug 10 08:56

Israel Cannot be Both Jewish and Democratic

Israel continues to lurch and stagger in the darkened bog of tribal chauvinism. The Jewish state's further descent into the bellicose murk is being felt by the country's minorities. Home destructions and deportations are portentous of a bleaker future for non-Jews in Israel.

Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have lived under an Israeli apartheid regime for decades now. Over the years, Israel has demolished homes, kidnapped thousands of political prisoners, transferred 500,000 settler-colonists onto the West Bank, conducted massive military operations in civilian areas, hoarded the vast majority of Palestinian water, and committed a host of other crimes under the apartheid banner.

Aug 10 08:53

The Crime of the Century: What BP and US Government Don’t Want You to Know

Environmental activist Jerry Cope has spent the last few weeks traveling along the Gulf Coast and experiencing firsthand the contamination in the air and water. In an article published on Huffington Post, Cope argues that instead of celebrating the allegedly vanishing oil, we should be concerned about the disappearance of marine life in the Gulf. He describes the Gulf as a “kill zone” and looks into where the marine animals have gone, given that BP has reported a relatively low number of dead animals from the spill.

Aug 10 08:49

Bell, Calif. city manager who was making $800k a year was actually making $1.5 million

Aug 10 08:46

Peter Schiff: "We're in the Early Stages of a Depression"

As outlandish as he may have sounded at the time, he was right. Four years and the worst recession since the Great Depression later, Schiff stands alone again with a bleaker diagnosis for the economy: an inflationary depression.

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Actually, the blog-o-sphere was warning this was a depression 2 years ago.

Aug 10 08:39

TOXIC OIL RAIN IN IOWA ? - More plant damage

Aug 10 08:36

Toxic Rain In Miami From Gulf Oil Leak Plants Trees Dying

Aug 10 08:35

BP Oil Spill Is Corexit Having an Effect on Plants and Wildlife

Aug 10 08:34

BP Oil Spill: Is Corexit Having an Effect on Plants and Wildlife?

Aug 10 08:32

Unknown disease killing off Florida’s state tree

An unknown but growing number of sabal palms in the Tampa Bay area have died from a mysterious disease that researchers are struggling to identify. Even after scientists pinpoint the disease — and that could take years — they will have to learn what insect spreads it. The disease will be tough to stop.

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"Yeah, yeah... sure, sure... a disease. yeah, that's it; a disease! Sure, sure. Pay no attention to those oil and Corexit contaminants that have been raining down out of the sky across Florida for the last three months. Your future funding depends on your looking for a disease to explain why everything is dying off. Disease, disease, disease!"

Aug 10 08:26

Afghan resistance statement Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding a picture published by Time magazine

Time magazine has recently published a picture of an Afghan women Aisha, and described her horrifying story which is connected to the Taliban under the title 'Afghan women and the return of the Taliban’.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan rejects this fabrication by the Americans, who are publishing these lies to divert attention of the people from their clear and disgraceful defeat.

This desperate propaganda by Time magazine has shown the whole world to the lengths which the world media will go to please America, even at the cost of their Journalistic integrity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, well, we kinda already knew that about the presstitutes anyway.

Aug 10 08:24

Israel Won’t Allow UN Panel to Question Soldiers

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That is like investigating the sinking of the Titanic but not being allowed to ask the crew any questions.

Aug 10 08:23

US warship visits former foe Vietnam, China warns US to stay out of Yellow Sea

An American warship docked Tuesday in central Vietnam where the former foes planned to conduct naval training in a sign of growing military ties amid new warnings from China
for the U.S. to stay out of its backyard.

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"Hey, relax; we're getting kicked out of the Afghanistan opium fields and just need to see if any of Kuhn Sa's stash is still floating around for sale!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 10 08:20

Sarah Palin's Homer Moment-D'Oh!

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Caribou Barbie gets OWNED by Alaska teacher.

Aug 10 08:15

The Obama presidency increasingly resembles a modern-day Ancien Régime: extravagant and out of touch with the American people

It is the kind of impunity that has been highlighted on the world stage this week by Michelle Obama’s hugely costly trip to Spain, which has prompted a New York Post columnist Andrea Tantaros to dub the First Lady a contemporary Marie Antoinette. As The Telegraph reports, while the Obamas are covering their own vacation expenses such as accommodation, the trip may cost US taxpayers as much as $375,000 in terms of secret service security and flight costs on Air Force Two.

Aug 10 08:13

The 'Blood Diamond' Hoax, Liberia as a Parlor Game and You

In this faux-morality play, everyone has an assigned role:

•Cover-seeking panjandrums of the diamond industry—egged on by the canny PR spinners at DeBeers. The latter's main interest is in eliminating independent diamond production.

Aug 10 08:12

The Elders of Anti-Zion

The initiatives of small local groups in various countries are not what they appear to be. Far from it! They are part of a world-wide, organized and coordinated conspiracy, which uses every means to achieve their nefarious aim. Unlike the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, the forged document that was produced a hundred years ago, this is a genuine plot, something like the “Protocols of the Elders of Anti-Zion”.

Only one detail was missing in the disclosure: where is the secret headquarters of this international conspiracy?

Happily, I am in a position to provide the missing information. Shocking as it may sound, the headquarters of the Elders of Anti-Zion is located in Jerusalem.

Aug 10 07:56

How Brilliant Computer Scientists Solved the Bermuda Triangle Mystery

The methane—normally frozen at great pressure as gas hydrates embedded within subterranean rock—can become dislodged and transform into gaseous bubbles expanding geometrically as they explode upwards. When these bubbles reach the surface of the water they soar into the air, still expanding upwards and outwards.

Any ships caught within the methane mega-bubble immediately lose all buoyancy and sink to the bottom of the ocean. If the bubbles are big enough and possess a high enough density they can also knock aircraft out of the sky with little or no warning. Aircraft falling victim to these methane bubbles will lose their engines-perhaps igniting the methane surrounding them-and immediately lose their lift as well, ending their flights by diving into the ocean and swiftly plummeting

Aug 10 07:53

Khadr confessions admissable, judge rules

The judge presiding over Omar Khadr's war-crimes case has ruled that his confessions are admissible at trial.

Col. Patrick Parrish rejected defence arguments that Khadr's statements were the product of torture and could not be used against him.

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So, the US now accepts confessions extracted under torture in trials. How far we have fallen.