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"CEOs of most of the world's largest corporations daily make decisions that destroy the lives of many other human beings. Only about 1 to 3 percent of us are sociopaths - people who don't have normal human feelings and can easily go to sleep at night after having done horrific things. And of that 1 percent of sociopaths, there's probably only a fraction of a percent with a college education. And of that tiny fraction, there's an even tinier fraction that understands how business works, particularly within any specific industry. Thus there is such a shortage of people who can run modern monopolistic, destructive corporations that stockholders have to pay millions to get them to work. And being sociopaths, they gladly take the money without any thought to its social consequences." -- Thom Hartman



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September 17, 2009

Sep 17 09:35


As the month of Ramadan draws to a close, many Palestinians are devoting the last ten days of the holy month to gaining more spiritual enrichment through I’tikaf or uninterrupted spiritual engagement.

Many people are going for I’tikaf this year, motivated by a desire to gain Allah’s blessing and also encouraged by a relative relaxation of the normally harsh Israeli restrictions on the entry of Palestinians to al-Quds.

The Israeli occupation authorities this year allowed men over 50 and women over 45 to enter Jerusalem on Fridays. However, worshipers are still subjected to meticulous and often humiliating searches.

Sep 17 09:34

Will the Pittsburgh G-20 Mean More than Traffic & Protesters?

Sep 17 09:32

Dozens Killed as Yemeni Warplanes Attack Refugee Camp

Witness in a refugee camp in northern Yemen are reporting today that the Yemeni military has launched a series of air strikes against the camp. Local officials confirmed the strike, and one ambulance driver reported that dozens were killed and over 100 wounded in the attacks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So let me get this straight: the Saleh government, which the US has committed to upholding and supporting with millions of our taxpayer dollars....is bombing refugee camps?!?!

Wow, that's got to be winning the hearts and minds of his people!

Sep 17 09:31

2009– Year of the Slave

So, what is a slave? How do we define a slave? What test do we use to tell if someone is a slave. What makes them different from free people?

Free people can say “no”. Free people can refuse demands for their money, time, and children. Slaves cannot. There is no freedom without the freedom to say “no”. If someone demands that you do something and you can say “no” and refuse to do it, then you are a free human being. If you can be forced to do something or surrender something that you do not wish to, then you are a slave. No other test need be applied.

Freedom is the freedom to say "no."

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Sep 17 09:29

Mitchell Meeting with Netanyahu Again Ends in Failure

Though officials termed the meeting as a “good” one, the second straight day of talks between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US envoy George Mitchell again failed to yield any agreement on a settlement freeze that would allow the resumption of peace talks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel is not interested in peace; it is only interested in territory, obtained by any means necessary.

Sep 17 09:27

Insurance Company Must Pay $10 Million For Revoking Policy Of Teen With HIV

The South Carolina Supreme Court has ordered an insurance company to pay $10 million for wrongly revoking the insurance policy of a 17-year-old college student after he tested positive for HIV. The court called the 2002 decision by the insurance company "reprehensible."

That appears to be the most an insurance company has ever been ordered to pay in a case involving the practice known as rescission, in which insurance companies retroactively cancel coverage for policyholders based on alleged misstatements - sometimes right after diagnoses of life-threatening diseases.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the health insurance Obama will order you all to buy.

Sep 17 09:25

Report: Gen. McChrystal Seeking Another 40,000 Troops for Afghanistan

Despite claims earlier in the day from President Barack Obama that no ‘immediate decision’ was pending on Afghanistan, Fox News is quoting sources in the government as saying General Stanley McChrystal has already made his long-awaited troop request, and it’s a doozy.

Gen. McChrystal is now ‘privately’ requesting another 40,000 troops for the eight year old war, which would bring the overall US presence there to well over 100,000 troops, and nearly triple the number in the nation with President Obama was elected last November.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

40,000 more troops? From where, without a draft?!?!?

The only way this might be possible is the hiring of more mercenaries for hire, and I'm sure that the corporate owners of those"rent-a-soldier" companies are salivating, hearing this request from Mc Crystal.

Sep 17 09:25

White House: Criticism of Obama not based on race

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Do not kid yourself that this statement will end the issue. This is a calculated move to fan the debate of whether racism lies underneath opposition to Obama or not. At the end of this path lies the agenda of splitting up Americans along racial lines, all the better to keep them, blacks and white, willing slaves to the government.

Sep 17 09:23

US bank executives 'subpoenaed'

Five current and former directors of Bank of America have been subpoenaed by the office of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, according to sources.

They are likely to be asked how much they knew of Merrill Lynch's problems and bonuses when they agreed to buy it.

Sep 17 09:22

Deconstructing Zionists' objection over U.N. War Crimes report (Israel's destruction of Gaza)

PM appeals to world leaders to reject Goldstone findings

Translation: PM lets all puppets know that they had better reject Goldstone findings OR ELSE.

Sep 17 09:21

5 Reasons for Caution in the Stock Market and Housing Casino. Public Private Investment Program gives it a go. $64 Million Gives you Access to $1.3 Billion in Unpaid Principal.

It is official that the stock market has gone into full casino mode. Since the March low the S&P 500 has rallied to the tune of 60 percent. The only other time you will see such a fierce rally was during the Great Depression. Yet what people fail to see in the current system is the massive amounts of government sponsored juice and housing-roids that are making the system act like it just drank 10 cans of Red Bull. Ultimately after all this partying runs its course, another deep hangover is going to happen. Interestingly enough, if you look at the market sentiment in 1929 you would be hard pressed to find dissenting voices. Those that did make any noise were pushed to the back and the media simply did not cover their warnings.

Sep 17 09:19

Iran attack: Israel ex-min sees end-yr deadline

Israel will be compelled to attack Iran's nuclear sites if Western powers cannot agree crippling sanctions against Tehran by the end of the year, a former Israeli deputy defense minister said on Wednesday. Ephraim Sneh, who holds no position in the current Israeli government and was speaking in his personal capacity, told Reuters it was not clear the United States and European Union had the decisiveness to take such steps, which should include tougher banking and oil curbs, by year's end.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel, the US, Germany, France, and the UK cannot possibly get the sanctions from the UN Security Council, because Russia and China will veto.

Sanctions placed by said countries cannot work, because other countries will be glad to pick up the slack by providing Iran with whatever is being sanctioned.

So short of an outright attack, the only trick left in the bag is a naval blockade, which will, accurately, be interpreted by Iran as an act of war, and then we're off and running.

Sep 17 09:16

Steve Rosen Accuses AIPAC of Espionage

Steven J. Rosen’s defamation lawsuit against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is now entering a critical phase. A series of cross-filings stakes out the critical court terrain. Rosen intends to show that obtaining and leveraging classified U.S. government information in the service of Israel is common practice at AIPAC. He claims it was unfair for AIPAC to fire and malign him in the press after he was indicted on espionage charges in 2005. AIPAC’s defense team is committed to getting the case thrown out on technicalities before it goes to trial early next year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell
you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."
US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

Sep 17 09:07

'Dear Gordon Brown, you killed our son': Family of soldier blown up in Afghanistan send devastating letter to PM

'Because of you I now have a 26-year-old daughter with no husband and a five-month-old grandson with no father.'

Sep 17 09:07

Black Sea Crisis Deepens As US-NATO Threat To Iran Grows

Tensions are mounting in the Black Sea with the threat of another conflict between U.S. and NATO client state Georgia and Russia as Washington is manifesting plans for possible military strikes against Iran in both word and deed.

Abkhazian President Sergei Bagapsh ordered his nation's navy to respond to Georgia's forceful seizure of civilian ships in neutral waters, calling such actions what they are - piracy - by confronting and if need be sinking Georgian navy and coast guard vessels. The Georgian and navy and coast guard are trained by the United States and NATO.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Interesting timing here; right on cue....

One has to wonder if we're looking for a military confrontation between Israel and the US against before the end of this year.

Right now, I wouldn't bet against that.

Sep 17 09:05

South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson's son to Jimmy Carter: 'Not a racist bone in my dad's body'

Sep 17 09:04

Jimmy Carter gets flak for racism charge against Rep. Joe Wilson - even from White House

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yep, this one cratered!

Sep 17 09:03

U.S. envoys hesitate to report bad news

U.S. embassies are discouraging or suppressing negative reports to Washington about U.S. allies, sometimes depriving officials of information they need to make good policy decisions, current and former diplomats say.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is what one could characterize as the behavior of people attached to an empire in decline.

Sep 17 09:00

World to America: We Want Our Gold Back

The world is preparing to abandon the U.S. dollar and the UK pound. Pronouncements from Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Germany have made clear that the Anglo-Saxon financial system’s doom is only a matter of time.

A huge announcement out of Hong Kong rattled the financial world on September 3. Although big media relegated the story to the back pages, it should have been front and center! What’s the news? China is demanding its gold back.

“Hong Kong is pulling all its physical gold holdings from depositories in London,” reported MarketWatch (emphasis mine throughout).

Sep 17 08:58

Obama Requests Lifting Debt Ceiling Above $12 Trillion

Sep 17 08:57

Israel: UN Gaza Report "Makes A Mockery Of History"

President Shimon Peres said Wednesday that the Goldstone report, which accuses Israel of committing war crimes during its military offensive in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip earlier this year, "makes a mockery of history."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Shimon Perez; this report doesn't make a "mockery of history" (which every Israeli justification of the wounding and killing of innocent non-combatants does): it tells history, for once, so that the international community has absolutely no doubts whatsoever as to what was done in the latest attack against Gaza.

All of the screaming, moaning, and lying on the part of the Netanyahu government cannot and will not change that.

Sep 17 08:50

Intelligence Agencies Say No New Nukes in Iran

The U.S. intelligence community is reporting to the White House that Iran has not restarted its nuclear-weapons development program, two counterproliferation officials tell NEWSWEEK. U.S. agencies had previously said that Tehran halted the program in 2003.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This, being the truth, will simply be disregarded by Israel and the US, as the war drums bang ever more incessantly toward an attack against Iran.

Sep 17 08:48


Webmaster's Commentary: 


Sep 17 08:48

Sheriff says using military weapon on crowds ‘isn’t controversial’

The purchase of the so-called “sonic weapon” by the sheriff’s department set off shockwaves after it was reported last week by East County Magazine in California. The weapons, formally known as “long-range acoustic devices,” are used in the Iraq theater as a deterrent against crowds and emit an intolerable noise that can be targeted with extreme accuracy.

“If you accidentally flip that switch and someone is within a 30-foot range, they can have their eardrums burst, bleeding in the inner ear, and it can result in an aneurysm or death,” Examiner.com reporter Kim Dvorac said in a radio interview Wednesday cited by the magazine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder what has got the San Diego Sheriff's department so potentially terrified of its own people that their response to that terror was the purchase of this weapon?

Sep 17 08:43

German workers 'trigger' earthquake by drilling

Rudolf Braun, an expert in the safety of geothermal energy projects, there was no question that geothermal energy projects were capable of triggering small earthquakes.

“You need to have some weak earthquakes in order to create a geothermal reservoir containing enough water to generate commercial amounts of power,” he said. “You need to have some small seismic disruptions to achieve this. So the question is not whether or not they cause earthquakes but to what degree they might cause damage.”

Sep 17 08:42

Thank You Jimmy Carter - Media trying to polish the turd!

Of the angry opposition the president's been facing, Carter said: "I think it's based on racism. There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh? Then who voted him into office?

What Obama is doing is recycling Israel's favorite tactic, which is to scream "Anti-Semite" at every criticism.

For example....

"Why did you kill Rachel Corrie?"

"You're an anti-Semite!"

"Why did you commit war crimes in Gaza?"

"You're an anti-Semite!"

"Why are you building illegal settlements on Palestinian land?"

"You're an anti-Semite!"

"Why do you persist in defying the United Nations?"

"You're an anti-Semite! And so is the United Nations!!!"

Now obviously Obama cannot use the word "Anti-Semite". He uses a different word, "Racist", but the intent is the same.

"Why didn't you keep your promise to end the wars?"

"You must be a racist!"

"Why didn't you keep your promise to end the torture?"

"You must be a racist!"

"Why didn't you keep your promise to end domestic spying?"

"You must be a racist!"

"Why are you looting the people to make the bankers richer?"

"You must be a racist!"

"Why are you selling us health care reform that doesn't reform anything except the costs (upward)?"

"You must be a racist!"

And so forth and so on, etc.

It is an old trick, and it is a sign of the government's desperation to play this card, since it is already so worn out from Israel's constant over-use.

Last Saturday sent a clear message that the entire American people are united against a common enemy, the government. The government's plan is apparently to try to split us back up along racial lines (See Pills Limbaugh's

comment about needing segregated buses lower down).

History has shown that the US Government will gladly create racial tension between whites and blacks in order to keep us all their slaves!

Do NOT fall for it. You are smarter than that!

Sep 17 08:37

Pound Whacked After Mervyn King Admits : Quantitative Easing Isn’t Working

The pound is getting whacked after Mervyn King implicitly admitted that despite printing £175 billion of he might still need to cut rates or even effectively charge banks for putting cash on deposit with the central bank.

We are entering into a monetary policy twilight zone where the governor of the Bank of England, in the words of the FT, has to “entertain more outlandish concepts like negative rates”.

Sep 17 08:35


Owl 1
Sep 17 08:34

Africa: Spanish trawlers armed against pirates

Private security firms which protect Spanish fishing boats from Somalian pirates in the Indian Ocean will be allowed to use long-range weapons, Spain's junior defence minister said on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"By golly, you WILL let us dump toxic waste in your waters!!!!!"

Sep 17 08:33

Senators Deny Insurance Company Money Sways Them

As politicos left the Sunday morning talkshows this week, I asked about money in politics, specifically, from insurance and finance and if politicians were not doing the bidding of Wall Street in the healthcare debate.

Snowe: “Nothing to do with the contributions I receive”

Landrieu: “I’m not carrying water for the insurance companies.”

Rockefeller: “Don’t worry about the insurance companies”

Sep 17 08:24

Truth is stubborn and not relative

Interpretations change, perceptions change, knowledge accumulates and grows, but the truth, the real underlying fundamental truth, stays the same.
At the time, when the people still believed the earth was flat, the people had no way to figure it out, since communication was slow and traveling around the world very hard. But no matter what the people believed, the earth was still a sphere and rotating around itself and the sun...
The truth about what happened in reality on the real September 11, 2001 in New York and Washington, this truth also stays the same, for everyone to uncover, recognize and accept.
Afterwards everyone has to adjust his or her belief-system about the world around him to the new found facts, and then decide where to go from there.

Sep 17 08:14

Body bags disrupt Canada's flu-readiness message

The Canadian government sent body bags to some remote Indian reserves as it prepared for the winter flu season, sending a jarring message at odds with its promise that it's ready for the H1N1 flu.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Sep 17 08:04

Racism isn't the engine driving opposition to Obama

As the president's approval ratings fall and rise and fall again, some of his supporters in journalism and politics are returning to days of old when the label "racist" could end any discussion and force the accused either into stunned silence, or groveling repentance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What Obama is doing is recycling Israel's favorite tactic, which is to scream "Anti-Semite" at every criticism.

For example....

"Why did you kill Rachel Corrie?"

"You're an anti-Semite!"

"Why did you commit war crimes in Gaza?"

"You're an anti-Semite!"

"Why are you building illegal settlements on Palestinian land?"

"You're an anti-Semite!"

"Why do you persist in defying the United Nations?"

"You're an anti-Semite! And so is the United Nations!!!"

Now obviously Obama cannot use the word "Anti-Semite". He uses a different word, "Racist", but the intent is the same.

"Why didn't you keep your promise to end the wars?"

"You must be a racist!"

"Why didn't you keep your promise to end the torture?"

"You must be a racist!"

"Why didn't you keep your promise to end domestic spying?"

"You must be a racist!"

"Why are you looting the people to make the bankers richer?"

"You must be a racist!"

"Why are you selling us health care reform that doesn't reform anything except the costs (upward)?"

"You must be a racist!"

And so forth and so on, etc.

It is an old trick, and it is a sign of the government's desperation to play this card, since it is already so worn out from Israel's constant over-use.

Last Saturday sent a clear message that the entire American people are united against a common enemy, the government. The government's plan is apparently to try to split us back up along racial lines (See Pills Limbaugh's
comment about needing segregated buses lower down).

History has shown that the US Government will gladly create racial tension between whites and blacks in order to keep us all their slaves!

Do NOT fall for it. You are smarter than that!

Sep 17 07:54

Limbaugh: We need segregated buses

In a remark extraordinary even by the standards of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, the right-wing radio heavyweight declared on his program Wednesday that the United States needed to return to racially segregated buses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The plan appears to be to try to split America into tiny pieces along racial lines so that we cannot stand up to the government.

Pretty obvious.

Pretty pathetic.

I presume that everyone reading this, regardless of race, is far too smart to fall for such an ancient and obvious trick.

Sep 17 07:52

Thanks for Voting for Obama

....the Left has tipped its hand, believing it has a mandate from the American people to quickly ram the last vestiges of socialism down its throat. Obama may have been disingenuous on the campaign trail – with the exception of a few "gaffs" such as the Joe the Plumber remark – but he has exposed himself since taking office, and we owe it all to John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Sep 17 07:33

Jon Stewart to media on ACORN: “Where the hell were you?

How can the national news media ignore the many allegations of corruption at ACORN, which gets millions of dollars in federal funding, and allow a couple of independents with $3,000 and a bad wardrobe scoop them on the undercover story of the year?

Sep 17 07:09

Ottawa sends body bags to Manitoba reserves

Aboriginal leaders in Manitoba are horrified that some of the reserves hardest hit by swine flu in the spring have received dozens of body bags from Health Canada.

The body bags — which were sent to the remote northern reserves of Wasagamack and God's River First Nation — came in a shipment of hand sanitizers and face masks.

'Don't send us body bags. Help us organize; send us medicine.'—Grand Chief David Harper

Grand Chief David Harper, who represents northern First Nations, says body bags send the wrong message and no one can understand why Ottawa would do such a thing.

Sep 17 07:01

Exposing the Criminal Cover-Up of 9/11

In The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Official Report about 9/11is Unscientific and False, David Ray Griffin provides an overwhelmingly convincing case that the latest official US government account of the events at “Ground Zero” on September 11, 2001 , is false. He examines in detail the whole series of publications by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) purporting to explain the highly “mysterious” collapse of World Trade Center 7, a 47-story steel-framed skyscraper across the street from the North Tower, which was not struck by a plane and yet collapsed into its footprint, at nearly free-fall speed, shortly after 5 PM that day.

Sep 17 06:58

Oklahoma High-School Students and the U.S. Citizenship Test

Recently, the USCIS had 6,000 citizenship applicants pilot a newer version of this test. The agency reported a 92.4 percent passing rate among citizenship applicants on the first try. Unfortunately, Oklahoma high-school students scored alarmingly low on the test, passing at a rate of only 2.8 percent.

Sep 17 06:57

Congressman Grayson: Fed Secretly "Stuffed" $500 Billion into "Foreign Private Pockets" and Gave $230 Billion to Citi "As a Secret Bailout"

Just a few weeks ago, while Chairman Bernanke was testifying to Congress, we examined the Fed balance sheet and P&L statement only to find what looked like the Fed handing over half a trillion dollars to foreigners. This was very surprising! When I asked Chairman Bernanke if this was true, he said, “Yes.” When I asked him who got the money, he said, “Fourteen foreign Central Banks.” And when I asked to who did they give the money, he said, “I don’t know.” “I don’t know” is not good enough when you’re talking about $500 billion. That’s $1700 for every man, woman, and child in this country...

Sep 17 06:49

Israel 'will attack Iran this year' if West does not cripple Tehran with sanctions

Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities before the end of the year if the West has not launched an attempt to destroy the regime with crippling sanctions, a former senior defence official has claimed.

Sep 17 06:48

Identified amnesia patient doesn't know who he is

Officers said the neatly dressed man had $600 hidden in his sock. He says he still has no idea how he got to Seattle, only recalling several peaceful days in the park spent gazing at the trees and sky.

Sep 17 06:40

Washington’s “good war” Death squads, disappearances and torture in Pakistan

As the Obama administration prepares a major escalation of the so-called AfPak war, reports from Pakistan’s Swat Valley, near Afghanistan’s eastern border, provide a gruesome indication of the kind of war that the Pentagon and its local allies are waging.

While touted by Obama and his supporters as the “good war,” there is mounting evidence that the Pentagon and the CIA are engaged in a war against the population of the region involving death squads, disappearances and torture

Sep 17 05:38

Global systemic crisis: In pursuit of the impossible recovery

Before this summer, LEAP/E2020's team announced that there would be no recovery in sight in September 2009, and not until summer 2010 in any event. Well indeed, contrary to the claims of the media, and financial and political circles, we confirm our anticipation.

Sep 17 03:37

One in Three Think Obama Might Be the Anti-Christ

Poll: One in Three New Jersey Conservatives Thinks Obama Might Be the Anti-Christ

- Twelve percent of McCain voters think Obama is the Anti-Christ. Twenty-one percent are not sure.

- Fourteen percent of Republicans think Obama is the Anti-Christ. Fifteen percent are not sure.

- Eighteen percent of “conservative” voters think Obama is the Anti-Christ. Seventeen percent are not sure.

The big surprise here–the group of voters most likely to think Obama is the Anti-Christ are … Hispanics, who solidly backed Obama in 2008. Only 58 percent of them say, for sure, that their president is not Satan come to wreak havoc here on earth.

Sep 17 03:27

Sword-wielding Hopkins student kills intruder

Intruder was repeat offender, released from prison Saturday

Hours earlier, someone had broken into John Pontolillo's house and taken two laptops and a video-game console. Now it was past midnight, and he heard noises coming from the garage out back.

The Johns Hopkins University undergraduate didn't run. He didn't call the police. He grabbed his samurai sword.

With the 3- to 5-foot-long, razor-sharp weapon in hand, police say, Pontolillo crept toward the noise.He noticed a side door in the garage had been pried open. When a man inside lunged at him, police say, the confrontation was fatal.

Sep 17 03:03

Is Carter right to label Obama row 'racist'?

Former US President Jimmy Carter says much of the vitriol against President Barack Obama's reforms is "based on racism". Why have Obama's policies led to such a backlash?

Mr Carter told a public meeting there was "an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president".

Sep 17 02:55

U.S. to Shelve Nuclear-Missile Shield

Defense Plans for Poland, Czech Republic to Be Dropped as Iran Rocket Threat Downgraded; Moscow Likely to Welcome Move

WASHINGTON -- The White House will shelve Bush administration plans to build a missile-defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, according to people familiar with the matter, a move likely to cheer Moscow and roil the security debate in Europe.

The U.S. will base its decision on a determination that Iran's long-range missile program has not progressed as rapidly as previously estimated, reducing the threat to the continental U.S. and major European capitals, according to current and former U.S. officials.

Sep 17 02:08

US Spec Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK

The secretive US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has awarded arms globocorp General Dynamics a $10m contract to set up a network of psychological-warfare "influence websites" supporting the Global War On Terror. France and Britain are specifically included as "targeted regions".

SOCOM is principally famous for its large contingents of elite, secret operatives from all four US armed services (Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Delta Force, Team-6/DevGru, "the Activity" etc etc). What's less well-known about the organisation is that it also includes the US forces' active psychological-warfare apparatus. According (pdf) to the 4th Airborne Psychological Operations Group - the only full-time psywar unit in the US Army, and part of SOCOM:

Sep 17 00:35

Arrested in O.C.? A DNA sample could buy freedom

Orange County, which already has one of the nation's most aggressive programs for taking DNA samples from convicts, has quietly begun offering a deal to some people who have only been arrested: give a DNA sample and have your charges dropped.

Sep 17 00:34

Tragedy and Hope – An Introduction

"...[T]he powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. this system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations….

September 16, 2009

Sep 16 23:30

USA, Britain and Canada Tear Their Hair Out About Russian Bombers

"Russia is a state that is unfortunately using the one tool that it has always used whenever it wishes to deliver a message and that's its military power. That's not the way to deal in the 21st century," then-US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told reporters back then.

Russia ’s then-Air Force Commander, Pyotr Deinekin, responded to Ms. Rice’s irony.

Sep 16 23:20

September 11 Attacks: The Greatest Fraud of the 21st Century

How could huge steel columns smelt because of the kerosene, the burning point of which is four times as low as the smelting point of steel?
Newsweek wrote on September 16, 2001 that five of 19 hijackers had been trained at US army bases.
If it is true it only means that US strategists had not thought of anything new. Roman Emperor Nero set Rome on fire to blame Christians for that. Hitler set Reichstag ablaze to lay the blame for it on his adversaries.

Sep 16 23:10

JPost: Sarkozy "admits" Iran "nuclear [WEAPONS] program" - or something....maybe

I will say something about the jpost, the have published a few of my comments on this story.

Seems to read a little funny - things like

It is a certainty to all of our secret services. Iran is working today on a nuclear [weapons] program," Sarkozy told lawmakers from his UMP party on Tuesday, according to Press TV.

make you wonder. Or this

"We cannot let Iran acquire nuclear" weapons because it would also be a threat to Israel, he added.

(note the quotes)

How creative.

Sep 16 23:10

Venezuela's Chavez Arrives in Moscow for Tanks and Missiles

Medvedev and Chavez will also sign agreements on cooperation in the oil and gas industry. Russia seeks access to Venezuela’s Orinoco fields with estimated 53 billion barrels of crude reserves.

Sep 16 22:58

Charlie Gibson - helping prove Mike Rivero and the bloggers right.

Sorry, this is at least 48 hours old in the news cycle but I see no one beat me to posting this here. When I heard it I immediately thought of Rivero and what he has said on the subject of MSM vs bloggers. I feel a little sad for Gibson and the way he is being portrayed here but it is hard to miss the "signal" of how the bloggers, invoked by name here, have taken charge of things.

And then Gibson went on to parrot the "Obama opponents are racist" narrative and I feel less sorry for him.

Sep 16 22:17

Hispanic Caucus Proves Obama Lied

Hispanic Caucus Helps To Prove
Joe Wilson's Accusation, Obama Lied
Posted on September 16th, 2009
by Ronald Williams in All News, US Politics
Follow me in Cliff’s notes format. Obama says illegal immigrants not included in healthcare bill…no outrage from hispanic caucus One week later, Obama seeks to have illegal immigrants barred from healthcare bill…hispanic caucus is outraged, and considers withdrawing support for bill.
Obama takes heat from other side of immigrant healthcare debate
By Peter Wallsten September 16, 2009

Owl 2
Sep 16 21:45

Why There is No Right to Healthcare

There is no right to an education, or to an income, or to housing, or to credit, anymore than there is a right to a luxury yacht. Who will be forced to fulfill the debts and obligations both financial and physical imposed by the government acting on behalf of those exercising such "rights?" What about the rights of these individuals? No - we have a right to pursue material values but not to material values. Rights promise freedom, not commodities.

Sep 16 21:06

Q&A: Audit the Fed, Then End It

Sep 16 19:58

Kill Your Phone Remotely

Many of today's most popular smartphones can be erased remotely if they are lost or stolen. Here's how to do it.

Sep 16 19:57

George W. Obama Supports Extending PATRIOT Act Provisions

Expanding the Bush war in Afghanistan. Expanding on the Bush corporate welfare bailouts. Keeping in place Bush’s Fascist “PATRIOT” law. I just don’t know how much more of this Obama “change” I can handle.

Sep 16 19:51

White House Mapping Internet Users’ Data For Mass Archives

If you’re a user of twitter, facebook, myspace, youtube or flickr, and you visit the White House page at any of the sites, you are at risk of having your personal data archived without your consent or knowledge.

The Obama White House has sought a private contractor to “crawl and archive” data such as comments, tag lines, e-mail, audio and video from any place where the White House “maintains a presence” – for a period of up to eight years.

Sep 16 19:50

Call for an Afghan Surge

America's top military officer endorsed sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, a shift in Pentagon rhetoric that heralds a potential deepening of involvement in the Afghan war

Their support makes it easier for Obama to approve the plans of Gen. Stanley McChrystal -- whom the Obama administration installed as the top American commander in Kabul -- when he submits a formal request later this month for as many as 40,000 new troops, in addition to 62,000 now there.

Mr. Obama can send additional forces to Afghanistan without congressional approval

Sep 16 19:42

'National disaster' looms as one in five young Britons are now unemployed

Britain is facing a 'national disaster' as youth unemployment hits record levels, senior economists warned yesterday.

Nearly a fifth of those aged between 16 and 24 are unable to find work - a total of 947,000 young people.

That has helped drive Britain's overall jobless total up by 210,000 in the three months to July.

The new total of 2.47million is the highest in 14 years. The unemployment rate has jumped to 7.9 per cent from 5.6 per cent a year ago.

Sep 16 19:41

How UK oil company Trafigura tried to cover up African pollution disaster

The Guardian can reveal evidence today of a massive cover-up by the British oil trader Trafigura, in one of the worst pollution disasters in recent history.

Internal emails show that Trafigura, which yesterday suddenly announced an offer to pay compensation to 31,000 west African victims, was fully aware that its waste dumped in Ivory Coast was so toxic that it was banned in Europe.

Thousands of west Africans besieged local hospitals in 2006, and a number died, after the dumping of hundreds of tonnes of highly toxic oil waste around the country's capital, Abidjan. Official local autopsy reports on 12 alleged victims appeared to show fatal levels of the poisonous gas hydrogen sulphide, one of the waste's lethal byproducts.

Sep 16 17:12

US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are traitorous, un-American, and cowardly

If I’m successful in proving that the current US wars are TRAITOROUS, UN-AMERICAN, and COWARDLY, please take that description and run with it. Let’s look:

Sep 16 16:07

The Big Banks Have Gotten Bigger

The big have gotten even bigger since the start of the financial crisis. At the end of 2007, the Big Four banks — Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo — held 32 percent of all deposits in FDIC-insured institutions. As of June 30th, it was 39 percent.

Sep 16 15:40

Orly Taitz Told Me to Lie, Claim That Obama Had People Killed

The affidavit that Obama foe Larry Sinclair claims to have filed in a California court, in which he accuses birther Orly Taitz of trying to get him to lie on the stand, is available right here. In it, Sinclair recounts being ushered into Taitz’s office and being told by her to “testify that three (3) member (sic) of Obama’s church were murder (sic).” Sinclair claims to have recoiled at this, at which point Taitz encouraged him to say it anyway.

Owl 3
Sep 16 15:17

Another lawsuit targets founder of Blackwater

The latest case accuses Blackwater founder Erik Prince of personally directing murders from a 24-hour remote monitoring "war room" at the private military company's Moyock, N.C., headquarters.

Sep 16 14:46

“Israel” And The US Try To Manipulate The IAEA´s Work

In last months, Israel and its agents in the United States have increased their pressure on the International Atomic Energy Agency in order to force the agency to change its conclusions about the Iranian nuclear programme. The IAEA has repeatedly claimed that there is no evidence of military nuclear activities in Iran. However, some countries in the West, spearheaded by the United States and Israel, accuse Iran of pursuing a nuclear weapons programme under the guise of peaceful enrichment activities although they have failed to provide any evidence supporting their accusations.

Sep 16 14:33

Pretty good summary of what is known - how much more is hidden?

Sep 16 14:08

How US tax breaks fund Israeli settlers

Israeli peace activists are planning to ratchet up their campaign against groups in the United States that raise money for settlers by highlighting how tax exemptions are helping to fund the expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Gush Shalom, a small peace group that advocates Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied territories, is preparing to send details to the US tax authorities questioning the charitable status of several organizations.

Adam Keller, a spokesman, said these operations’ tax-exempt status meant that “settlement expansion is effectively being subsidized out of the pockets of the US taxpayer and government”.

Sep 16 14:02

Ron Paul's Bill to Audit the Fed Now Is Now Veto-Proof

Ron Paul's office has just confirmed that 290 members are now on board supporting the bill.

Sep 16 14:01

Credit Default Swaps Are STILL Dangerous

* A Nobel prize-winning economist (George Akerlof) predicted in 1993 that CDS would cause the next meltdown

* Warren Buffett called them “weapons of mass destruction” in 2003

* Warren Buffett’s sidekick Charles T. Munger, has called the CDS prohibition the best solution, and said “it isn’t as though the economic world didn’t function quite well without it, and it isn’t as though what has happened has been so wonderfully desirable that we should logically want more of it”

* Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan - after being one of their biggest cheerleaders - now says CDS are dangerous

Sep 16 13:28

Swine flu death rate similar to seasonal flu: expert

The death rate from the pandemic H1N1 swine flu is likely lower than earlier estimates, an expert in infectious diseases said on Wednesday.

New estimates suggest that the death rate compares to a moderate year of seasonal influenza, said Dr Marc Lipsitch of Harvard University.

Sep 16 13:26

Health Care Reform

One week after President Obama’s speech to Congress, opposition to his health care reform plan has reached a new high of 55%. The latest Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll shows that just 42% now support the plan, matching the low first reached in August.

Sep 16 13:25

Sometimes Fiction is More Close to the Truth than We'd Like to Acknowledge

Sep 16 13:23

Pictures of war can carry more moral meaning than thousands of words

Robert Gates, the Defence Secretary, accused AP of a “lack of compassion and common sense” in distributing the image to newspapers: some of these published it, while others chose not to.

Sep 16 13:19

Carter: Racism plays major role in opposition to Obama

"President Carter is flat-out wrong," Steele said in a statement. "This isn't about race. It is about policy."

Sep 16 13:18

PhRMA’s Big Bribe Comes In

The drug industry’s trade group plans to roll out a series of television advertisements in coming weeks specifically to support Senator Max Baucus’s health care overhaul proposal, according to an industry official involved in the planning.

Sep 16 13:15

Medvedev wants to meet US 'dissidents'

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says he would like to meet with "dissidents" when he visits the U.S. next week.

Russian news agencies quote him as telling a group of visiting foreign experts that "I believe there are dissidents in the United States."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hawaii's nice this time of year, Dmitry! Bargains galore at the hotels right now! No crowds.

Sep 16 13:11

The Real Lesson of Lehman's Fall Lehman Died So TARP and AIG Might Live

"Lehman's fate was sealed not in the boardroom of that gaudy Manhattan headquarters. It was sealed downtown, in the gloomy gray building of the New York Federal Reserve, the Wall Street branch of the U.S. central bank."

-- Stephen Foley, U.K. Independent

Sep 16 13:09

How low will Israel stoop to win the propaganda war?

The manual teaches how to justify the slaughter, the ethnic cleansing, the land-grabbing, the cruelty and the blatant disregard for international law and UN resolutions, and make it all smell sweeter with a liberal squirt of the aerosol of persuasive language. It is designed to hoodwink us ignorant and gullible Americans and Europeans into believing that we actually share values with the racist regime in Israel and that its abominable behaviour is therefore deserving of our support.

Sep 16 13:06

Washington’s “good war” Death squads, disappearances and torture in Pakistan

Sep 16 13:03

Gold Rises to 18-Month High on Inflation Concern, Weaker Dollar

Gold climbed to an 18-month high in London on concern that a global economic recovery may stoke inflation and on a drop by the dollar that boosted demand for the metal as an alternative investment.

The worst U.S. recession since the 1930s has probably ended, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said yesterday. The U.S. Dollar Index slid to its lowest level in almost a year as a more optimistic economic outlook reduced demand for the currency’s relative safety. Gold is trading 1.7 percent below a record $1,032.70 an ounce set in London in March 2008.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The dollar hits a new low and Bernanke announces the recession is over? I do not think so. The government HAS to hyper-inflate to pay its debts off. We the people are out of money.

The government has only three choices left.

1. Abdicate. (Not likely)

2. Hyper-inflate (very likely)

3. Start WW3 to try to kill off the people the government owes money to. (Strong possibility)

Sep 16 13:01

Some 1,000 U.S. European Command troops will soon deploy to Israel for a large-scale missile defense exercise with Israeli forces.

Some 1,000 U.S. European Command troops will soon deploy to Israel for a large-scale missile defense exercise with Israeli forces.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wow! I did not realize it takes 1000 US Soldiers to fire a test missile!!!!!

There must be a whole lot of buttons and switches on that sucker!

Sep 16 12:59

Former KGB Colonel: It’s America’s turn to lose in Afghanistan

Former KGB Special Forces Colonel Oleg Balashov, who took part in the Soviet military campaign in Afghanistan, told RT he doubts more U.S. soldiers will increase the chances of victory.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They do not call Afghanistan the Graveyard of Empires for nothing. The last military commander to actually conquer and hang onto Afghanistan was Alexander the Great, and he only kept it for three years.

Sep 16 12:57

Mysteries remain in Blago aide Chris Kelly's death

Mayor Dwight Welch said police hope the interview with Clarissa Flores-Buhelos will help tie up some of the many loose ends in the case, including how Flores-Buhelos reached the lumberyard where she found Kelly slouched over in his Cadillac Escalade late Friday, and the content of text and phone conversations between the two in the hours before Kelly's death.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The facade on this one is starting to unravel.

Sep 16 12:57

FBI unit set for more anti-terror raids in Queens; Fears of Madrid-style subway bombings - sources

Fearful of a Madrid-style subway train bombing, authorities are poised to make more raids to seize bomb-making materials at locations in Queens, sources said Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More "Booga Booga" to remind the people why they need the Lord High Chancellor, I mean The President.

Except of course they have not actually found any bombs or bomb-making materials in the raids so far, not even with their loosy-goosy definition of "bomb making material" which includes ordinary plumbing supplies and first aid disinfectants.

Sep 16 12:54

A Bill has been Introduced in Congress to Register Firearms and Owners

A forwarded email that says that Congress introduced HR-45, the Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009. The bill will make it mandatory for gun owners to have firearms registered and provide their Social Security numbers, drivers licenses, thumb prints and submit to a physical and mental evaluation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Everyone who doesn't trust the government is too crazy to own a gun!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 16 12:48

Rachel Corrie's parents denied entry to Gaza for Memorial Soccer Cup

The parents of slain American activist Rachel Corrie were denied entry into the Gaza Strip Tuesday, following day-long efforts to secure their entry and cheer on teams at the Rachel Corrie Ramadan Soccer Tournament.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And Israel ties with the United States for most petty and vindictive nation on Earth!!!!

Sep 16 12:19

Europe’s complicity in evil: Obama,Bush in Black-Face

Europe’s complicity in evil
By Paul Craig Roberts
Sep 14, 2009, 00:24
Obama represents the same ideology of American “exceptionalism“ as other recent presidents.
Nothing is any different under Obama. Obama has escalated war in Afghanistan; started a new war in Pakistan; tolerated or supported a military coup that overthrew the elected president of Honduras; is constructing seven new US military bases in Colombia, South America;...is working to destabilize the government in Iran,... The Obama administration’s...platitudes are useful also to disguise the overthrow of US civil liberties, such as habeas corpus, due process, and prohibitions against torture and preemptive arrest.

Sep 16 12:02

Drone attacks in Pakistan - From the Notorious Wiki

These strikes are thought to be carried out by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operated remotely by the Central Intelligence Agency and have continued under the Presidency of Barack Obama.