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April 26, 2009

Apr 26 09:48

FLASHBACK - CDC to mix avian, human flu viruses in pandemic study

One of the worst fears of infectious disease experts is that the H5N1 avian influenza virus now circulating in parts of Asia will combine with a human-adapted flu virus to create a deadly new flu virus that could spread around the world.

Apr 26 09:34

Pandemic 1918

Apr 26 09:12

US blasts NKorea for reactivating nuclear program

The United States on Saturday blasted North Korea's decision to reactivate its nuclear program and called for the reclusive nation to return to international denuclearization talks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One of of the most geopolitically unintended consequences of the US's having invaded Iraq was the lesson it taught about what could happen to nations which did not have a nuclear deterrent.

Apr 26 09:09


Its creators and fans see a humorous series that resembles “South Park” — at least visually — and mocks Islamic terrorism. Its critics see a hate-filled cartoon that uses crude stereotypes to dehumanize Muslims, intensify Arab-Israeli divisions and inflame the conflict between Muslims and Jews.

“What they do is strengthen old stereotypes of the Arabs and Muslims as radical and stupid and terrorists,” said Yizhar Be’er, the executive director of Keshev, an Israeli media-monitoring group. “These episodes are so full of hatred that if an Arab did this about Jews, immediately the Anti-Defamation League would make big noise about it.”

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Apr 26 09:08

An open letter to author Elie Wiesel regarding Gaza

One would think that a man that supposedly suffered would be the first to speak out against others suffering….. but one would be wrong to assume something like that when the person involved makes his living by wailing about his own suffering…. caring nothing about the plight of others.

This is what the ‘holocaust industry’ is all about….. it’s all about money and the hell with everyone else!

Apr 26 09:07

UN warns of new highs for Afghan hashish production

Afghanistan produces more than 90 percent of the world’s opium, most of it refined into heroin inside the country, an enterprise that earns the extremist Taliban millions of dollars a year for their insurgency against the government.

It is also the world’s second largest source of cannabis resin, producing 1,603 metric tonnes in 2006 after Morocco’s 1,915 tonnes, according to the UN’s World Drug Report 2008.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So let me get this straight; so far, the biggest "winner" in the US's alleged "war on terror" in Afghanistan are.......the drug dealers??!?!?!?

Apr 26 09:02

Taliban bar Pakistan army convoy from valley stronghold as tension grows

Taliban gunmen stopped an army convoy from entering their valley stronghold Saturday, casting a U.S.-criticized peace deal back into doubt a day after the militants called off a move closer to the Pakistani capital.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just how long the Pakistani military will be able to hold off the Taliban when they reach the outskirts of Islamabad.

Apr 26 08:59

(Al Gore’s) Venture capital firm set to reap rewards on swine flu (along with Donald Rumsfeld)

(Another payday in the making for Al Gore. His venture capital firm is heavily invested in swine flu vaccines as well as Global warming money making schemes. Wow, what a week for Al, huh? And look who he’s connected with this time; Donald Rumsfeld.)

Apr 26 08:58

‘Stop the Taliban now – or we will’

American military and intelligence forces already run limited ground and air operations on Pakistani soil along the border with Afghanistan. But an overt military operation such as that threatened in Swat, away from the border, would mark a major escalation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That the Pakistani leadership, from Zardari on down,fail to see that Pakistan is absolutely the next US target in the "war on terror" boggles the mind.

Apr 26 08:57

FLASHBACK - Half a Million Plastic Coffins?

Yep, these are cheap plastic coffins. Hundreds of thousands of them. Don’t believe it?

Why coffins? Why in the middle of Georgia?

Well, apparently the Government is expecting a half million people to die relatively soon, and the Atlanta Airport is a major airline traffic hub, probably the biggest in the country, which means Georgia is a prime base to conduct military operations and coordination. It is also the home of the CDC, the Center for Disease Control. I don’t want to alarm anyone, but usually you don’t buy 500,000 plastic coffins "just in case something happens," you buy them because you know something is going to happen. These air tight seal containers would be perfect to bury victims of plague or biological warfare in, wouldn’t they?

Apr 26 08:55

The "When Pigs Fly" flu is ...

A deliberate distraction from the torture scandal
14% (321 votes)
A deliberate attempt at depopulation
8% (187 votes)
A deliberate attempt to scare us all into world government
8% (188 votes)
A combination of depopulation and world government
50% (1164 votes)
Someone dropped a beaker at the bio-weapons lab
4% (89 votes)
A sales pitch for Rumsfeld's vaccines
10% (232 votes)
God's punishment for bad singers in church choirs
7% (158 votes)
Total votes: 2339
Apr 26 08:53

Clinton Pledges to Keep Troops in Iraq if Violence Escalates

“These are tragic and terrible events,” Clinton conceded, “but they do not reflect any diversion from the security progress that has been made.” At the same time, the primary reason for the visit was to reassure Iraq’s leaders that if the violence continues to worsen, the Obama Administration will back off its already neutered pullout plan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: we're not leaving, possibly ever.

Apr 26 08:51

Flu Bug

By 2005, we lost 40 micro-biologists in less than 4 years, all under suspicious circumstances, and during this time someone discovered that they were all working for the government, or government contractors, on projects related to bio-terrorism, flu pandemics, or anthrax. Obviously they weren’t trying to find a cure for anything, or there would be no need to silence them.

Then it was discovered that our government was involved in strange experiments that involve exhuming bodies of people that were killed by the 1918 Spanish flu, and genetically engineered flu viruses, all the while the media is preparing the public with stories of bird flu wiping out thousands of chickens (acid test?) and even a few people here and there.

Apr 26 08:49

Flu 'Oddities' Archives

Apr 26 08:45

We cannot live like this much longer

spy for us, or no medical treatment
no fishing in your own waters
pay rent to lying usurpers
& jailhouse antics

Apr 26 08:44

Obama targets Holocaust deniers

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But shaddap already about the torture!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 26 08:35

7 years after 9/11, Air Marshalls missing on almost all US flights

That would explain why five ordinary passengers had to stop that 22yr old israeli lunatic (redundant?) from doing God knows what with the plane and its passengers (and God knows who else on the ground) when he tried to storm the cockpit on yesterday's flight from New York to Tel-Aviv.

Apr 26 08:35

HARMAN-AIPAC: Second Mossad Agent Emerges

Earlier this week, I was cited at Justin Raimondo's Anti-War blog for my conclusion that the identity of the "Israeli intelligence agent" in the Harman-AIPAC case is Naor Gilon, former Mossad Chief of Station, the figure referenced in the Larry Franklin indictment. See, http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2009/04/23/the-shame... /

It’s been a busy week, and I am only now following up on this story. There have been inquiries about how I reached this conclusion. Thought that question is a very good one, and it deserves a careful response.

Richard Silverstein at Tikun Olom reached the same conclusion about Gilon and Harman. See, http://www.richardsilverstein.com/tikun_olam /

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, Harmon was making deals with the Mossad!

Apr 26 08:33

Swine Flu Is Deadly Mix Of Never-Before-Seen Viruses

Swine flu panic is spreading in Mexico and soldiers are patrolling the streets after it was confirmed that human to human transmission is occurring and that the virus is a brand new strain which is seemingly affecting young, healthy people the worst, and that the bug is a never-before-seen intercontinental mixture of human, avian and pig viruses from America, Europe and Asia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The name "Swine flu" is misleading (kind of like calling the Fort Riley outbreak the "Spanish" flu).

Given the avian and porcine blend, we should call it the "When Pigs Fly" virus!

Apr 26 08:17

Mexico Takes Powers to Isolate Cases of Swine Flu

This sprawling capital was on edge Saturday as jittery residents ventured out wearing surgical masks and President Felipe Calderón published an order that would give his government emergency powers to address a deadly flu outbreak, including isolating those who have contracted the virus, inspecting the homes of affected people and ordering the cancellation of public events.

Apr 26 08:17

The Pulitzer-Winning Investigation That Dare Not Be Uttered on TV

The New York Times' David Barstow won a richly deserved Pulitzer Prize yesterday for two articles that, despite being featured as major news stories on the front page of The Paper of Record, were completely suppressed by virtually every network and cable news show, which to this day have never informed their viewers about what Bartow uncovered. Here is how the Pulitzer Committee described Barstow's exposés:

Awarded to David Barstow of The New York Times for his tenacious reporting that revealed how some retired generals, working as radio and television analysts, had been co-opted by the Pentagon to make its case for the war in Iraq, and how many of them also had undisclosed ties to companies that benefited from policies they defended.

Apr 26 08:16

The life and death of a fiscal theory

Monetarism is finally dead. It's been ailing for a while, but this week Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney drove a stake through the heart of the economic theory that has dominated Canadian government thinking since 1980.

Put simply, monetarism was a reaction to government activism. Purists, such as the late U.S. economist Milton Friedman, argued that governments should focus on balancing their budgets and cutting taxes. Indeed, state efforts to regulate or stimulate the economy (which the Friedmanites usually called government interference) could only make matters worse.

In the monetarist world, the only legitimate government actors were central banks. Their role was to be strictly limited to issuing just enough money to keep the economy rolling without causing inflation.

Apr 26 08:15

Israeli man fails to hijack US plane

The Aviation Herald reported that Logan officials said it appeared the situation was not terrorist-related and that the man likely suffered an anxiety attack.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hijacking" and "panic attack" are generally not works said in the same sentence. One has to wonder what really went down here, and how it was later sanitized by the Aviation Herald.

Apr 26 08:15

Mexico flu deaths raise fears of global epidemic

Unique virus connected to cases in Calif. and Texas; source still a mystery

Apr 26 08:12

Lieberman wants US 'responsible' for Iran

Israel says it will not resort to military invasion to suppress Iran's nuclear activities even if the international pressure proves to be of no avail.

His remarks come in line with a recent shift in Tel Aviv's policy toward Iran which was adopted after Israeli president Shimon Peres said that "the solution in Iran is not a military one."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If Lieberman is telling the truth, the fact that a member of the Israeli cabinet is making the statement that "...Israel says it will not resort to military invasion to suppress Iran's nuclear activities ...", this is profoundly good news!

If he is telling the truth, after so many months of belligerence, and various military exercises to assure their victory in an attack against Iran.

Apr 26 08:09

'Locking down' Georgia's capital

For more than two weeks, Georgia's opposition have been holding street protests calling on President Mikhail Saakashvili to resign. Organisers have barricaded the city centre and placed some of their supporters in "prison cells" to attract attention, as the BBC's Tom Esslemont reports.

Apr 26 08:08

Lieberman hits out at Iran, rejects talks with Syria

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in an interview published Friday Iran was a key obstacle to resolving the Mideast conflict and rejected resuming indirect talks with Syria. The biggest obstacle to any comprehensive solution "is not Israel, it is not the Palestinians. It's the Iranians." the right-wing minister told the English-language Jerusalem Post.

The daily also said Lieberman cited Syria's deepening ties with Iran - Israel's archfoe - and added that he saw no point in resuming the indirect talks with Damascus conducted by the last government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Talking, of course, generally reduces the possibility of a military confrontation.

So it appears that precisely what Lieberman wants with both countries is a military confrontation (in which the Americans, of course, do the fighting, getting maimed, and dying part of of it.)

Owl 1
Apr 26 08:07

Anxiety grips hospital waiting room as fears of swine flu spread through city

Mothers and fathers clutched their ailing sons and daughters, many of whom had blue surgical masks covering their mouths.

And then, shortly after 4 p.m., came the five terrifying words that everyone gathered inside Schneider Children's Hospital in New Hyde Park, L.I., Saturday hoped not to hear.

"It is likely swine flu," Frieden said.

Jaws dropped. Their fears had been realized.

Apr 26 08:02

Levees 'cannot save New Orleans'

Building bigger, stronger levees in New Orleans will not be enough to save the US city from another Hurricane Katrina, a report has said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Really? Levees work just fine in Holland, which is much further below sea level than New Orleans. They have not had a flood for the last half century.

Apr 26 07:59


US banks that have taken billions of dollars in taxpayer bailouts are still shipping thousands of jobs overseas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dumping American jobs to get the cheapest labor possible is not illegal; but dumping American jobs while getting bailed out by taxpayer money is simply a manifestation of the bucks the execs earn being what they consider the absolute measure of who they are as human beings.

And that is not a pretty picture.

Apr 26 07:59

They Added a Tracheotomy Kit to the Torture Chamber

Evaluating the new constraints placed on waterboarding in the "2005 Bradbury memo" reveals a MAJOR change. "Harmless" waterboarding now required that a physician be present in the room in which the detainee is waterboarded to prevent death. Furthermore, they now included a tracheotomy kit in the room where "harmless" waterboarding was conducted:

Apr 26 07:55

Swine flu outbreak suspected in NZ school children

Ten New Zealand school children who recently returned from Mexico have tested positive for influenza and are “likely” to have the potentially fatal swine flu, the country's Health Minister revealed today.

Tony Ryall said that samples from the infected students had been sent to a World Health Organisation laboratory in the Australian city of Melbourne to determine whether they had contracted H1N1 swine influenza. The teenagers have already tested positive for influenza A, of which swine flu is a sub-set.

“Ministry of Health officials advise me there is no guarantee these students have swine influenza, but they consider it likely,” the minister said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, in this age of jet travel, this thing is already all over the globe.

Apr 26 07:53

Washington to B of A: Shareholders be damned!

Bottom line: When faced with the choice of saving his own job or saving his shareholders, Lewis decided to keep his mouth shut, go ahead with the merger and save his job.

He had a gun pointed to his head, the classic case of a shotgun merger; and the rest is history...

Apr 26 07:50

Swine flue: 22 new suspected cases found in New Zealand

Apr 26 07:48

FBI report finds pattern of police misdeeds

The FBI memorandum describes a pattern of corruption among a group of Philadelphia narcotics officers: false information used to get search warrants, planted evidence and perjured testimony, thefts of drugs, cash, and valuables from dealers.

It's called the Roberts report and, though it's nine years old, it deals with the same issues that a federal-city task force is now investigating.

Apr 26 07:47

Narc supervisors repeatedly ignored procedures for issuing search warrants

Search-warrant applications read like form letters. A confidential informant made drug buys across the city, sometimes just minutes apart, defying the laws of physics. And narcotics officers worked alone with their informants, violating a Police Department rule.

Yet police brass apparently failed to notice.

Apr 26 07:47

NYPD misconduct payouts doubled since 1998

The amount New York City is paying to settle claims or cover judgments related to improper police conduct is soaring.

According to a report in the New York Post, the city paid $66.4 million last year to 1,265 claimants who accused the NYPD of bad behavior. That compares with $31.8 million paid to 571 claimants in 1998.

Apr 26 07:46

FBI takes judge's records

The FBI has questioned a district court judge in connection with its case against a Macomb County-based motorcycle club called the Devils Diciples.

Paul Cassidy, 42-2 District Court judge, confirmed Friday that FBI officials took court records on Thursday to determine whether the club's members received special treatment in proceedings before him.

Apr 26 07:46

Pelosi Now Remembers Harman Wiretap

Speaker Nancy Pelosi acknowledged today that she had indeed been briefed about a wiretap that recorded conversations involving Representative Jane Harman, contradicting a statement she made on Tuesday when she said she didn’t remember being advised of such surveillance.

Apr 26 07:44

Baxter working on vaccine to stop swine flu, though admitted sending live pandemic flu viruses to subcontractor

Apr 26 07:44

Judge Bybee's cruelty: In approving torture, his remoteness from the actual torturers increases his degree of responsibility.

And she quoted from the judgment against Eichmann: "[T]he extent to which any one of the many criminals was close to or remote from the actual killer of the victim means nothing, as far as the measure of his responsibility is concerned. On the contrary, in general the degree of responsibility increases as we draw further away from the man who uses the fatal instrument with his own hands."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you think the flu is going to make the torture scandal go away; think again!

Apr 26 07:33

Looking Behind the Curtain

The "club" is probably the most powerful force behind the curtain. There have been conspirary theories about secret groups, but they work together like Anti-Trust groups to just rig the financial markets. The club has been untouchable because they can hire government attorneys directly who truly control far more than anyone has been willing to expose.

Apr 26 07:22

US created Taliban and abandoned Pakistan, says Hillary

Two days of continuous congressional hearings on the Obama administration’s foreign policy brought a rare concession from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who acknowledged that the United States too had a share in creating the problem that plagues Pakistan today.

In an appearance before a subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday, Mrs Clinton explained how the militancy in Pakistan was linked to the US-backed proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Apr 26 07:21

You Are Being Lied to About Pirates

If you became a merchant or navy sailor then - plucked from the docks of London's East End, young and hungry - you ended up in a floating wooden Hell. You worked all hours on a cramped, half-starved ship, and if you slacked off for a second, the all-powerful captain would whip you with the Cat O' Nine Tails. If you slacked consistently, you could be thrown overboard. And at the end of months or years of this, you were often cheated of your wages.

Apr 26 07:21

Waterboarding Approved Specifically To Justify Iraq War

I have just learnt something which has convinced me that Bush, Cheney and Rice are indeed evil in the sense that Hitler was evil. I did not actually believe that until today.

The excellent and much-respected Marjorie Cohn, President of the National Lawyers Guild of the USA and Professor of Law at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, has discovered that waterboarding was first approved in July 2002 by Condoleeza Rice, specifically to force confessions of links between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just keep that evil in mind when deciding whether to go along when the government insists that drastic changes are needed to deal with the flu pandemic.

Apr 26 07:18

Bil'in 17.4.2009 Israelis shoot protester

Apr 26 07:16

FLASHBACK - Department of Homeland Security transporting flu on the highways?????

Apr 26 07:14

Israeli man in hospital on suspicion of swine flu

A 26-year-old Israeli man was hospitalized Sunday in Netanya after returning from Mexico with signs of swine flu, local news service Ynet reported.

The man has been isolated and doctors are trying to determine whether he has been infected with the swine flu virus, which has led to the death of dozens of people in Mexico, said the report.

Apr 26 07:13

FLASHBACK 2007 - The Flu Is Really Dangerous

It's now leaking out that there was more going on than met the eye at the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Summit in Montebello, Canada in August. The three amigos, Bush, Harper and Calderon, finalized and released the "North American Plan for Avian & Pandemic Influenza."

The "Plan" (that's what they call it, with a capital P) is to use the excuse of a major flu epidemic to shift powers from U.S. legislatures to unelected, unaccountable "North American" bureaucrats.

Apr 26 07:05

Conficker virus begins to attack PCs

A malicious software program known as Conficker that many feared would wreak havoc on April 1 is slowly being activated, weeks after being dismissed as a false alarm, security experts said.

Apr 26 07:03


Use the menu on the left to isolate only flu cases around the world.

This map may be including non-swine flu cases as well.

Apr 26 06:15

German FM to US: Remove Nukes

In the lower house of the Bundestag, German Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor Frank-Walter Steinmeier today called for the United States to remove its nuclear arsenal from German soil.

Apr 26 05:16

Obama Didn’t Ban Torture

In fact, the President has not “banned” torture. Torture was illegal before President Bush came to office, through our incorporation of the Geneva Convention into domestic law. (This is to say nothing of centuries of American custom and tradition holding that torture is unconscionable and morally abhorrent.) Members of the Bush administration did not somehow “unban” torture; they simply chose to ignore the law.

Apr 26 04:57

They Still Think This Is About Politics

At some point they are going to figure out that for most of us, we don’t care if the person has a ( R ) or (D) behind their name when they were instituting a policy of torture. That is what is so depressing (to me, at least) about the Ari Fleischer’s and the Thiessen’s of the world. They honestly seem to think this is nothing more than a partisan witch-hunt, the same old Washington gotcha poltics. It isn’t. When you torture people, you have crossed a really clear line. Innocent people are dead. Lives have been ruined. Our international reputation has been destroyed. Yes, the Bush administration will get most of the blame, but that is because they were in charge and they did this, not because of what party they happen to belong to.

Apr 26 04:43

Afghan officials burn 6.5 tons of drugs, chemicals

Afghan counter-drug officials destroyed 6.5 tons (6 metric tons) of drugs and precursor chemicals in a raging bonfire Sunday they said symbolized recent successes in Afghanistan's fight against opium poppies and heroin.

Khodaidad acknowledged that the 6.5 tons of drugs — including heroin, opium, hashish and chemicals used to turn opium into heroin — was only a symbolic drop in the bucket.

Apr 26 04:16

Amnesty International: Israeli army probe lacks credibility

Israeli army probe lacks credibility and is no substitute for independent investigation

The Israeli army should make public the full details of the findings of its probe into some of its attacks during the 22-day Gaza military offensive, Amnesty International said today in reaction to the army’s conclusion that its forces had committed no violations and only rare mistakes, some of which may have resulted in the killing of Palestinian civilians.

A briefing paper distributed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to journalists yesterday, which states that “All findings are to be used as background information to be attributed to the reporter only”, lacks crucial details.

Apr 26 04:07

How I Survived The Swine Flu Fraud - THIS IS HOW DEAD SCIENCE IS - How Hysteria and Hype Kills

BBC - UK monitoring swine flu outbreak

[-To read the BBC article headline, one could be sure England had been waylaid with the swine flu, but it just hasn't happened.

England, like the world, has been waylaid by the much more virulent swine flu hysteria.

The important news in the article comes a bit later, Northwick Park Hospital said a BA worker who arrived from Mexico City and fell ill does not have swine flu. And again here, -WHO Director-general Margaret Chan said the strain had "pandemic potential" but that it was too early to say whether one would actually occur. -Emphasis added.

Apr 26 04:07

Mexico flu: Your experiences

Readers in Mexico have been emailing the BBC describing the sense of fear gripping the country as a result of a flu virus outbreak, which has so far claimed more than 80 lives.

The World Health Organization says the virus has the potential to become a pandemic.

Read a selection of BBC readers' comments below.

April 25, 2009

Apr 25 23:24

Flashback,Will Tea Partiers also protest against torture/swine flu makers?

Huge Protests As New Jersey Declares Flu Vaccines Mandatory http://www.prisonplanet.com/huge-protests-as-new-jersey-declares-flu-v...

Hundreds of concerned parents participated in demonstrations outside the New Jersey Statehouse yesterday in protest of the State’s decision to mandate flu vaccinations for young children.
Protesters also turned out to support a bill that would allow for conscientious objections to forced vaccinations, arguing that medication should be the choice of the parent not the government.
Posted on Oct 18, 2008 at 06:36

15 October 2006
Bush to Sign Torture Bill Tuesday - Protest

Apr 25 22:22

Hot arrivals from Mexico face swine flu scrutiny

Japan went on high alert for swine flu Saturday in light of the deadly outbreaks in Mexico, tightening health checks and inspections on passengers and live pigs arriving from the country.

Apr 25 22:22

Pumping It Up

Investors beware: Investment newsletters can lead to riches -- but sometimes not for the subscribers. One tangled tale reveals the underside of the stock-promotion game.

Apr 25 21:46

Swine Flu Attack Likely A Beta Test

The latest bioterrorism attack by the New World Order is likely a beta test. Yes, it is a bioterrorism attack. It was a hybrid strain created from human, swine, and bird flu from North America, Europe, and Asia. It was created in a laboratory. This doesn’t happen in nature.

Apr 25 21:17

FLASHBACK - Rumsfeld Profits From Bird Flu Scare

Among the beneficiaries of the run on Tamiflu is Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who was chairman of Gilead from 1997 to 2001 and owns at least $5 million of the stock, which has jumped from $35 in April to $47. Former Secretary of State George Shultz, who is on Gilead's board, has sold more than $7 million worth of Gilead in 2005.

Apr 25 21:16

And Now an Idea ...

According to what I've been reading, the fall out of the new flu in Mexico is vastly different from that in the U.S. In Mexico, it has been very deadly. In the U.S. it has not been deadly.

Read this: New U.S. swine flu cases spread pandemic fears

Now, imagine this.

How could one develop a flu that would kill one population and not kill another population, assuming the flu could cross borders without any trouble? It might not be very hard to do.

Apr 25 20:36

Illinois-based Baxter working on vaccine to stop swine flu outbreak in Mexico

DEERFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Specialty drug maker Baxter International Inc. will work with the World Health Organization to develop a vaccine that could stem an outbreak of a deadly swine flu strain in Mexico.

Baxter spokesman Christopher Bona said Saturday that the Deerfield, Ill.-based company has asked the WHO for a sample of the flu strain.

He says Baxter has patented technology that allows the company to develop vaccines in half the time it usually takes — about 13 weeks instead of 26.

There have been 20 confirmed deaths in Mexico of the swine flu, with nonfatal cases also confirmed in Kansas and California.

Humans don't have a natural immunity to swine flu strain that emerged in Mexico in March. Officials have warned the outbreak could become a global epidemic.

Apr 25 20:17

AIPAC, NSA Spying and the Corruption of Congress

AIPAC, NSA Spying and the Corruption of Congress
by Tom Burghardt / April 23rd, 2009

A major scandal involving a top Democrat, the Israeli lobby-shop AIPAC and charges that former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales sought congressional help to suppress media reports of systematic, illegal warrantless surveillance of Americans by the National Security Agency (NSA) broke on Sunday.

Apr 25 20:13

Windows 7 reveals XP mode

So there’s going to be an XP mode in Windows 7. What does that mean? For users of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate - sorry, lower-end users! - you will get a full copy of Windows XP that will run under a virtual processor. However, instead of creating a new desktop environment, the XP mode will bring the application up as a window inside Windows 7.

Apr 25 19:11

CBS Cold Fusion Video

Apr 25 19:09

Bird flu is Spanish flu

Spanish flu killed 50M people before it finally disappeared from planet earth. Under close inspection it has been found that Bird flu IS actually the Spanish flu. With a few variations. How do we know this?

Well, by analysing tissue samples from WW1 soldiers and comparing them with that of Eskimo’s dug out from deep within the Alaskan permafrost, scientists have been able to connect the 2.

Owl 3
Apr 25 19:08

Briton quarantined as killer flu spreads

A British Airways cabin crew member was taken to hospital with flu-like symptoms yesterday afternoon after falling ill on a flight from Mexico City to Heathrow. The Health Protection Agency said it was keeping a close eye on the situation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I told you; it's the airplanes you gotta worry about, not that Mexican border.

Apr 25 19:07

FLASHBACK - Scientists isolate genes that made 1918 flu lethal

Apr 25 19:06

Seventh case of swine flu confirmed in California

Apr 25 19:05

Mexico’s Calderon Declares Emergency Amid Swine Flu Outbreak

Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared an emergency in his country’s swine flu outbreak, giving him powers to order quarantines and suspend public events.

Apr 25 19:05

Swine Flu Cases in Kansas, Possibly NYC

Apr 25 19:04

Mexico flu shuts stadiums for weekend matches

Apr 25 19:04

Peru, Costa Rica heighten alert for possible swine flu outbreak

Peru and Costa Rica Friday reinforced their epidemic vigilance measures following a deadly swine flu outbreak in Mexico.

Apr 25 19:03

Texas family quarantined after son contracts swine flu

Apr 25 19:02

Venture capital firm set to reap rewards on swine flu

The swine flu outbreak is likely to benefit one of the most prolific and successful venture capital firms in the United States: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Thomson Reuters Private Equity Week reported on Friday.

Shares of the two public companies in the firm's portfolio of eight Pandemic and Bio Defense companies -- BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (BCRX.O) and Novavax (NVAX.O) -- jumped Friday on news that the swine flu killed a reported 60 people in Mexico and has infected people in the United States.

Apr 25 19:01

New U.S. swine flu cases spread pandemic fears

NBC News has also learned there are suspected cases in Minnesota.

Apr 25 19:00

FLASHBACK - Indonesia accuses US of bird flu plot

THE Indonesian Health Minister has said the United States and the World Health Organisation are part of a global conspiracy to profit from the spread of bird flu and the US may use samples to produce biological weapons.

Apr 25 18:57

WHO Says Initial Findings Show Swine Flu Responds To Tamiflu

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Yee-HAAAA!!! I'm rich ... er!!!!" -- Donald Rumsfeld

Apr 25 18:00

Updated: P.O. Box 1142- World War II Vets Destroy Torture Arguments

In the Washington Post in 2007, was an article which recounted the stories of a group of World War II veterans who played a huge role in the efforts of our country during World War II.

The veterans of P.O. Box 1142, a top-secret installation in Fairfax County that went only by its postal code name, were brought back to Fort Hunt by park rangers who are piecing together a portrait of what happened there during the war

"We got more information out of a German general with a game of chess or Ping-Pong than they do today, with their torture," said Henry Kolm, 90, an MIT physicist who had been assigned to play chess in Germany with Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess.

Apr 25 17:32

A Torture Timeline: What We Know So Far

So much information about the Bush administration's torture policies and rationales has surfaced in recent days that, contrary to the secrecy meme of those days, we are now in danger of suffering from TMI - too much information.

So I thought it would be helpful to put together a timeline of known facts, reports and claims to try to give some chronological perspective to it all.

It turns out there is so much information already known that just summarizing it is torture. The timeline thus focuses mainly on the torture memos themselves and the events occurring at the time they were written, tested and replaced.

Apr 25 17:29

Iraq working on ID of detained insurgent suspect

Iraqi officials won't know for a couple more days whether a man arrested this week is indeed the leader of an al Qaeda-affiliated insurgent group blamed for violence in Iraq, a senior military official said on Saturday.

I guess bloggers have wrecked the propaganda.

Apr 25 17:17

Did Pat Buchanan Just Say That Martin Luther King Would Approve Torture?

Pat Buchanan was just debating torture on Hardball and made what is—even for him—an astounding statement. Jonathan Turley was arguing that torture is illegal—we've signed a treaty outlawing and have prosecuted people for it in the past.

Buchanan argued that national security needs to trump mere laws. Then his mind-blower:

"There's a higher moral law here, that's what Dr. King was all about."

So...Martin Luther King would have approved torture?

While we're on the subject, John McCain—ordinarily very good on torture—said today that prosecuting people from the Bush administration would make the U.S. like a "banana republic" because only in such countries are past administrations brought up on trial.

Apr 25 17:08

4,000 Florida National Guardsmen to be called up for active duty

More than 4,000 Florida National Guard soldiers, including some 600 from South Florida, are to be called to active duty in the next few months in what is the largest mobilization in state history.

Most of the troops called up will be deployed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Guard spokesman Lt. Col Ron Tittle. Others could be assigned to federal security missions in the United States.

Apr 25 16:51

5.0 Votes : 31 Login To Rate Atlantic cooling may presage Arctic ice increase

Recent satellite observations from the Arctic indicate that spring ice melting is beginning at a lower rate than normal this year. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, the area of ice-covered ocean has decreased only about 750,000 km2 from its peak value at the end of February, compared to a normal decline of 1.1 million km2 by late April. If this trend continues, the annual ice melt in 2009 may be less than in recent years, and the late summer Arctic ice extent may rebound from its well-publicized downtrend.

Apr 25 16:47

What's Wrong With America?

We have established that both US and international laws were broken. For that reason the acts of torture and the decision to torture should be investigated and those who are found to have violated the law should be punished.This is not one administration or one party against another but one administration against the rule of law. If the Obama administration refuses to act that will make two administrations.

Apr 25 16:19

FLASHBACK - Indonesian fears over US Navy laboratory

A UNITED States Navy research laboratory in Jakarta is at the centre of a diplomatic stand-off with Indonesia, amid allegations it is involved in intelligence collection and biological weapons production.

Apr 25 16:17

CDC sits on documents

Employees at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have generated about 4,000 pages of documents assessing risks to the agency’s reputation posed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s reporting.

But the CDC is keeping those records secret, despite directives from the Obama administration that federal agencies presume government records are open to the public under the federal Freedom of Information Act.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How lucky for CDC that a pandemic breaks out just when they are dealing with a scandal!

Apr 25 16:15

Pandemic in the making

Canada's chief public health officer expressed deep concern about a swine influenza outbreak gripping Mexico and the southwestern United States as health officials around the world went on high alert for a potential global flu pandemic.

"This is very concerning, clearly. That's why we're all paying attention," David Butler-Jones said yesterday. "What it will lead to is impossible to predict."

Apr 25 16:15

Swine flu outbreak international 'public health emergency': WHO

Calling the swine flu outbreak in Mexico and the United States a "public health emergency of international concern," the World Health Organization asked countries around the world Saturday to step up their reporting and surveillance of influenza.

The move signals that the WHO fears the outbreak could spread to other countries and is calling for a co-ordinated international response to contain it.

Apr 25 16:12

Flu Kills The Torture Memos

In a 'Holy convenience, Batman!' moment, a 'unique' flu virus (one likely concocted in US Army labs) overtakes media coverage of revelations that the highest levels of the US government instructed the CIA (and private contractors) to torture terror suspects.

Apr 25 15:22

Perry Requests Antiviral Medications From CDC

Gov. Rick Perry Saturday asked the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 37,430 courses of antiviral medications from the Strategic National Stockpile as a precaution after three cases of swine flu were confirmed in Texas.

Apr 25 15:19

Runaway bull's supermarket sweep

A runaway bull has been captured on CCTV doing some 'on the hoof' shopping in an Irish supermarket.

The animal had been at the local mart in Ballinrobe, County Mayo, when it escaped and made off through the town, paying a visit to Cummins' SuperValu. where it made its way around the store before leaving for pastures greener.

Apr 25 15:19

FLASHBACK - Scientists Resurrect Deadly Flu Virus

In a contained laboratory at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, scientists used reverse genetics to re-create the 1918 flu virus that killed 20 million to 50 million people, according to studies released Wednesday.

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Someone drop a beaker?

Apr 25 15:17

Florida National Guard readying for huge deployment

Florida is preparing for one of its largest National Guard mobilizations in history.

More than 4,000 soldiers will be called to duty in the next few months. Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Ron Tittle says most will be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, but others could go to domestic security missions.