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"... Secret CIA operations constitute the usually unseen efforts to shore up unjust, unpopular, minority governments, always with the hope that overt military intervention ... will not be necessary. The more successful CIA operations are, the more remote overt intervention becomes, and the more remote become reforms. Latin America in the 1960s is all the proof one needs." -- Philip Agee, CIA Diary, p561


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June 5, 2015

Jun 05 13:49


While the Greek government believes it may have won the battle, if not the war with Europe, the reality is that every additional day in which Athens does not have a funding backstop, be it the ECB (or the BRIC bank), is a day which brings the local banking system to total collapse. As a reminder, Greek banks already depends on the ECB for some €80.7 billion in Emergency Liquidity Assistance which was about 60% of total deposits in the Greek financial system as of April 30. In other words, they are woefully insolvent and only the day to day generosity of the ECB prevents a roughly 40% forced "bail in" deposit haircut a la Cyprus.

Jun 05 13:48


Nothing says Police State USA quite like a SWAT team raiding a family home and killing their dog because they are unable to pay their natural gas bill. The woman whose dog was killed and home destroyed by SWAT officers is Angela Zorich, and her story about her police state experience will shock the conscious.

Jun 05 13:29

Snowden: “The Balance of Power Is Beginning to Shift”

Snowden’s commentary noted that privacy advocates still have work ahead of them given the fact that the newly-signed USA FREEDOM Act essentially compels corporations to sweep up Americans’ phone records on behalf of the government. “Some of the world’s most popular online services have been enlisted as partners in the NSA’s mass surveillance programs, and technology companies are being pressured by governments around the world to work against their customers rather than for them. Billions of cellphone location records are still being intercepted without regard for the guilt or innocence of those affected. We have learned that our government intentionally weakens the fundamental security of the Internet with ‘back doors’ that transform private lives into open books.

Jun 05 13:07

VIRTUAL 9-11: Will the US & Israel Hack The US Banking System Computers and Falsely Blame It On Iran (or Syria or Russia or China)?

I suspect what is being planned is a "virtual" 9-11; a 'terror' attack carried out in cyberspace, instead of the real world. I view this is highly likely based on the sudden flurry of media stories and statements by people like Joseph Lieberman about how Iranian hackers are attacking the US financial system computers. (Senator Lieberman has also been pressuring Obama to sign an executive order to take over the internet.) Of course, the common sense approach still applies. Why would Iran, which wishes to avoid a war, do something that provocative? Why would Russia, or China do anything, when all they have to do is sit and wait while the US financial system self-destructs?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time for a repost given the "bad China" nonsense about hackers. What possible benefit does China get from 30 year old personnel records?

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Jun 05 12:53

Yet Another Sketchy Sharpton Family Nonprofit

It’s not enough tax-evading Al “I’ve got a scheme” is not penalized for his many crimes and misdemeanors. Now his daughter Dominique is proving the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Her “non-profit” should be investigated and soon before her records disappear in a suspicious fire just like her dear ol’ dad’s did (twice).

(On an aside, a $5 million lawsuit over a sprained ankle, huh? That’s a very expensive ankle.)

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Jun 05 12:51

10 Corporations That Got Away With Murder

With TPP and its deranged Atlantic cousin, TTIP, both proceeding — and Citizens United still buttering up our elections for corporate feasts — watchdogs and whistleblowers have never been more important to our democracy.

However, while a hero like Edward Snowden can reveal to us the surveillance state and dragnet data collection enabled by the Patriot Act, one person alone can’t stop its successor, the USA FREEDOM Act, from privatizing mass data collection and outsourcing the job to the government’s Big Data partners.

Jun 05 12:47

A Government That Ignores Its Own Laws Is NOT a GOVERNMENT!

This missive was written by a little-known liberty organization back in November 2012... it's more relevant today than ever.

It is absolutely true that the Founding Fathers gave us a system of government that should have protected our nation from the excesses of any single president. However, the checks and balances, balance of powers, and other limitations enshrined in the Constitution, have all been ignored by our current government. Those checks and balances disappeared as soon as those in power realized that they could ignore the law and no one would do anything about it...

A government that ignores its own laws is NOT A GOVERNMENT!!!

It’s just a bunch of bullies asserting the power through coercion and threats. Our government now ignores its own laws.

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Jun 05 12:28


Jun 05 12:26

Iraqi Sunni Tribes Announce Backing for ISIS as Sectarian Tensions Soar

The Pentagon has made its centerpiece of its strategy in Iraq arming Anbar Sunni tribes to convince them to back the Shi’ite-dominated government. That plan has been stalled by the government blocking most of the arms transfers, and with sectarian tensions on the rise, it looks like some of those tribes are going the other way.

Today, key Anbar sheikh Ahmed Jumaili read a joint statement from a number of key tribes in Fallujah, pledging loyalty to ISIS, and expressing their belief that the best way to return calm to the province was by backing ISIS against the “infidels, apostates and Shias.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 


JUST when you think US foreign policy could not get any more screwed up than it already is concerning Iraq, you get surprised yet again, and reminded of that profound one-liner by the American comedian Ron White: "You can't fix stupid!"

Jun 05 12:25

America has added over a million new jobs so far in 2015.

In a good sign for people looking for work, the U.S. economy gained 280,000 jobs in May. Economists surveyed by CNNMoney projected there would only be 222,000 jobs gains.

The unemployment rate ticked up slightly in May to 5.5%, according to the Labor Department. That increase is a sign that more people returned to look for work in May, economists say.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Major BEX here.

Jun 05 12:18

UPDATE 5-Fracking not a 'widespread risk' to drinking water -U.S. EPA

Fracking for shale oil and gas has not led to widespread pollution of drinking water, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency draft report said on Thursday, although it warned some drilling activities could potentially cause health risks.

The study, requested by Congress and five years in the making, said fracking could contaminate drinking water under certain conditions, such as when fluids used in the process leaked into the water table.

The EPA said it found isolated cases of water contamination, but "the number of identified cases ... was small compared to the number of hydraulically fractured wells.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am sure that executives of oil companies which do the fracking, and contribute mightily to both parties, in this country, are doing their happy dance right now.

Of course, I am an individual who firmly believes that all state and national representatives who approve of fracking must be compelled to live right over land where the fracking is done, and see what fun it is to find your health compromised by this activity, even for infants in the womb.

As reported at Web MD.com:

Living close to a high number of "fracked" natural gas wells may be linked to an increased risk of having a lower birth weight baby, according to a new study of Pennsylvania birth rates. High-volume hydraulic fracturing -- also known as "fracking" -- allows access to large amounts of natural gas trapped in shale deposits. Natural gas wells using this method are increasingly common in the United States. For example, the number of these types of wells in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale rose from 44 in 2007 to more than 2,800 in 2010, the researchers pointed out. In this study, University of Pittsburgh researchers analyzed the birth records of more than 15,400 babies born in Pennsylvania's Washington, Westmoreland and Butler counties between 2007 and 2010. Women who lived close to a high number of natural gas fracking sites were 34 percent more likely to have babies who were "small for gestational age" than mothers who did not live close to a large number of such wells, the study found. Small for gestational age means a baby is smaller than normal based on the number of weeks the baby has been in the womb, according to the March of Dimes. The findings held true even after the researchers accounted for numerous factors that could affect a newborn's weight, including whether a mother smoked, her race, age, education, prenatal care and whether she'd had previous children, as well as the baby's gender. The study, published online June 3 in the journal PLOS One, does not prove that living close to a high concentration of natural gas fracking sites caused lower birth weights, but does show the need for further investigation, the researchers said. "Our work is a first for our region and supports previous research linking unconventional gas development and adverse health outcomes," study co-author Bruce Pitt, chair of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health's Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, said in a university news release. "These findings cannot be ignored. There is a clear need for studies in larger populations with better estimates of exposure and more in-depth medical records," he added. Fracking produces waste fluids, along with air and noise pollution. "Developing fetuses are particularly sensitive to the effects of environmental pollutants. We know that fine particulate air pollution, exposure to heavy metals and benzene, and maternal stress all are associated with lower birth weight," Pitt said.

But, of course, to the politicians who get paid off to look the other way, and the oil companies making huge profits from this process, these babies and their families are simply "collateral damage".

Jun 05 12:11

US Deployment of Missiles in Europe May Lead to Russia’s Exit From INF

Russia is fully complying with commitments made under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) and does not want to withdraw from it, Viktor Ozerov, the Chairman of the Federation Council on Defense and Security, told RIA Novosti.
However, if the United States decides to put its missiles in Eastern Europe, Russia will seriously consider pulling out of the agreement, Ozerov said.

Earlier, AP reported that the Obama Administration plans to deploy land-based missiles in Eastern Europe that "could pre-emptively destroy the Russian weapons" in response to Moscow's alleged violation of the INF treaty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is precisely the outcome the US government wants to see happen, if in fact they place missiles in Eastern Europe, as though Russia has no right to be upset by this move.

I would almost be willing to bet real money that it is not a question of if these US missiles are placed in Eastern Europe, but when.

Jun 05 12:08

NATO Begins Huge Sea and Air Campaign in Baltic

NATO has begun a huge air and sea operation in the Baltic region involving over 5,000 troops and scores of ships and aircraft, despite declaring the Baltic States to be under no threat from Russia.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday that the alliance sees no immediate threat from Russia to its Baltic member states, despite NATO itself ramping up military forces in the region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh, no; this move is to ASSURE the Russian government that NATO is absolutely up to no harm, right?!?

I am having a palm to forehead moment at velocity, reading this article.

NATO is playing picador, and working hard to either create an incident to which Russia must respond, or, alternatively, creating a false flag to blame on Russia, to get the US people on board for a war against it.

Well, I have a short memo for NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg: HELL NO, SIR!!

The American people, war-weary, and war-skeptical will NOT support such an insane mission, either on the part of NATO, or the US military.

We have seen just how "swimmingly" the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan has gone; we have seen how wonderfully "stable" Libya has been after the assassination of Ghadaffi; and we understand that any US/NATO intervention, anywhere on this planet, will be doomed to become yet another epic fail.

It is painfully apparent that the concept of "negotiation in good faith" has been wiped clean from the NATO lexicon.

Jun 05 12:06

ISIL Sustains Casualties in Clashes with Hamas in Gaza Strip

Heavy clashes erupted between Hamas and the ISIL in Sheikh Ridvan district of Gaza after the resistance group's security forces tried to apprehend a notorious Salafi commander earlier in the day, the Palestine Today news website reported.

ISIL's fans have intensified their activities in the Gaza Strip recently and reports show that Hamas is confronting the Takfiri terrorists by all means.

On Sunday, the ISIL killed a Hamas commander named Saber Siam in the Gaza Strip.

ISIL militants placed a bomb in the vehicle of Saber Siam and detonated it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But ISIS never attacks Israel! :)

Jun 05 12:04

Using a Toy to Open a Fixed-Code Garage Door in 10 Seconds

It may be time to upgrade your garage door opener. Security researcher Samy Kamkar has developed a new technique that enables him to open almost any garage door that uses a fixed code–and he implemented it on a $12 child’s toy.

Jun 05 12:01

Greece delays IMF payment as cash runs short

The heavily indebted country has postponed a payment to the International Monetary Fund, underlining how urgently it needs its creditors to release more bailout funds to avoid default and possible exit from the eurozone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They are calling it a "delay" so that the credit-default swaps do not activate!

Jun 05 12:00

‘May the Farce Be With You': School Locks Down Over Man in Stormtrooper Costume

It was the worst Star Wars sequel ever – more a farce, than anything.

But intergalactic justice was served, apparently. Or maybe we just crossed over into a dimension without rights or even basic sense.

George Cross, 40, of Lynn, was dressed in a white plastic “Star Wars” stormtrooper costume, and the gun was not real. But Lynn Police spokesman Lt. Rick Donnelly said that “the way things are today, you can’ have that.”

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Jun 05 11:52

IRS Created Team of Lawyers to Hide Info From Congress

We haven’t heard a whole lot about the IRS/Tea Party scandal of late. You know – where the IRS intentionally delayed or refused local Tea Party groups their tax status in order to protect Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012 and to curtail Republican gains in the 2014 election.

Jun 05 11:52

NJ Woman Brutally Murdered While Waiting for Pistol Permit to Protect Herself

In New Jersey, you have to get permission from your local police chief to be allowed to simply purchase a firearm.
There is no open or concealed carry in the state unless you work as a security guard, prosecutor or police officer.

Jun 05 11:50


In a nutshell, civil forfeiture is the practice of confiscating items from people, ranging from cash, cars, even homes based on no criminal conviction or charges, merely suspicion. This practice first became widespread for use against pirates, as a way to take possession of contraband goods despite the fact that the ships’ owners in many cases were located thousands of miles away and couldn’t easily be prosecuted. As is often the case, what starts out reasonable becomes a gigantic organized crime ring of criminality, particularly in a society where the rule of law no longer exists for the “elite,” yet anything goes when it comes to pillaging the average citizen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I barely recognise this country anymore.

Welcome to Amerika, my friends; land of the cowed, and the home of the surveilled.

Jun 05 11:46


When the world first got wind of a $900 stipend being offered to young scholars to partake in GMO banana trials to be tested on live, human, Iowa State University students, many were in an uproar. Most people were quite certain that the “informed consent document” that ISU lead researcher Wendy White gave to students did not disclose the health risks associated with eating GMOs of any kind.
Since then, the informed consent document was redacted and revised, but it is still being accused of exemplifying special interests. It is really nothing more than a bulleted list of biotech talking points, none truly addressing what these college students would really be subjecting themselves to.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The callous disregard shown to these students in this experiment typifies the corporate thought process about people put potentially in harm's way by using their products; and that is people are completely expendable for the good of the bottom line.

Jun 05 11:41


A federal judge is probing whether the Department of Defense’s inspector general (IG) destroyed documents related to the case of Thomas Drake, a former National Security Agency official turned whistleblower.

Drake endured retaliation from the government and prosecution from the Obama administration for cooperating with other whistleblowers starting a dozen years ago regarding NSA surveillance programs. The Department of Justice tried to convict Drake of violating espionage laws while acting as a whistleblower, but the case fell apart and prosecutors had to settle for getting Drake to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The absolute, wanton corruption, at the highest levels of this government no longer shock me; it has become the absolute norm for this administration.

Jun 05 11:29

NYC's Iconic Art Store In Danger Of Closing

Jun 05 11:26

Network: the last great film about media

By Jon Rappoport

In the brilliant 1976 film, Network, written by Paddy Chayefsky, the programming head of a giant television network, Diana Christensen, shifts the whole news department over to the entertainment division.

Thus emerge new shows with galloping ratings: Howard Beale, Prophet of the Air Waves; The Mao Tse-Tung Hour, in which a guerrilla group films itself carrying out armed bank robberies; and Sybil the Soothsayer, a Tarot reader.

Diana becomes the network’s new executive star.

There is no longer even a pretense of a need for news anchors to appear authoritative, objective, or rational.

Diana Christensen is unstoppable. She sees, with burning clarity, that audiences are bored to the point of exhaustion; they now require, as at the end of the Roman Empire, extreme entertainment. They want more crime, more violence, more insanity, out in the open. On television...

Jun 05 11:21

Obama’s OSHA to Companies – Transgender Bathrooms A Must

Everyone has heard of OSHA – that’s the government agency charged with keeping people safe in the workplace. Up until now, OSHA has put forth many common sense guidelines that have protected the life and health of millions of American workers.

Jun 05 11:20

Israel Signals it’s Ready to Destroy Hezbollah

These days Lebanon, as with this region, is being shaken by political and ‘terrorism” crises, threats to stability, growing popular unrest, and ideological and theological sacrum bellum turbulence. Forces not seen since the beginning of the last century with the end of the Ottoman Empire and its replacement with the hegemonic Sykes-Picot diktat.

Yet, with all of Israel’s swelling international legitimacy problems, the Zionist regime still occupying another country, Palestine, can sound its bugle, which having no valves or other political pitch-altering complications, blast-summons its agents in Washington and elsewhere to get busy and circle the wagons.

Jun 05 11:20

The Red Cross has defended its work in Haiti following a devastating earthquake five years ago after a media investigation found it had only built six houses despite raising nearly half a billion dollars in donations.

ProPublica, an investigative journalism website, and U.S. radio network NPR confronted the American Red Cross this week with a report about the relief agency's use of donations to help the 1.5 million people displaced by January 2010 earthquake.


Jun 05 11:12

Russia’s answer to Ukraine’s sanctions over Crimea to be adequate — Russian deputy

Russia’s answer to Ukraine, if it imposes sanctions over Crimea’s reunification with Russia, will be adequate as prescribed by international practice, Leonid Slutsky, the head of the Russian State Duma Committee for CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Compatriots residing abroad, said on Friday.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said earlier on Friday that he had submitted a list of anti-Russian sanctions to the Ukrainian government over Crimea’s reunification with Russia. According to him, the Ukrainian sanctions list includes everybody who represented the country at the false (March 16) referendum. The restrictive measures will apply both to legal entities and individuals, Poroshenko said adding there were many natives of Crimea on the sanctions’ list.
"Naturally, Russia’s reply will be adequate and possibly symmetrical as prescribed by international practice, if the sanctions are really imposed," Slutsky told TASS.

Jun 05 11:09

Poroshenko: Ukraine won't let Russian peacekeepers to Transdniestria through its territory

"We have no obligation to let through Russian military and we will not be doing that," he said, adding that Ukraine was determined to strictly abide by international commitments in that respect.
"I see no grounds for an escalation [of tensions] there [in Transdniestria]," Poroshenko said.
The governments of Russia and Ukraine back in 1995 concluded an agreement on transit through Ukraine of Russian military units stationed in the territory of Moldova on a temporary basis.
Transdniestria’s Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski said Ukraine’s refusal to let through Russian military was upsetting the peacekeeping format in the region and jeopardizing Kiev’s role in Transdniestrian settlement talks. She said that "any action aimed at shaking loose the peacekeeping format in the security zone of the Dniester conflict is impermissible."

Jun 05 11:05

"Powerful Hail" North Carolina

Jun 05 11:02

Detained ex-chief of US Chamber of Commerce to be expelled from Russia tonight

Scott Blacklin, the former head of the US Chamber of Commerce in Russia, will leave Russia for abroad on Friday evening, the Federal Bailiff Service department for Nizhny Novgorod told TASS.
"The foreigner will be delivered to a passport control area at the Nizhny Novgorod airport. He will take a night flight abroad," the Federal Bailiff Service said without any further details.
The Sormovsky district court of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia’s fifth largest city, ordered to expel Blacklin from the country for violation of Russia’s migration rules. The court ruling took effect on Friday, June 5.

Jun 05 11:00

Syria, Egypt may join Shanghai Cooperation Organization as observers — diplomat

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Arab League don’t cooperate as of yet, but the six-nation organization has prospects for cooperation with the Arab states looking to join it as observers, the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s department for Asian and Pacific cooperation said on Friday.
At the moment, "the SCO cooperates with Arab countries in a bilateral format," Bakhtier Khakimov said, noting that Syria and Egypt had applied for observer status in the organization.
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization brings together Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Afghanistan, India, Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan have observer status, while Belarus, Turkey and Sri Lanka are "dialogue partners".

Jun 05 10:59

California’s massive swing to renting: Only 1 out of 3 California families can afford to buy in today’s market.

Rental Armageddon continues for California and other expensive metro areas around the country. There now seems to be a consensus that home prices can’t fall and that somehow, the Fed or government will step in no matter what happens. This seems to be odd logic since the Fed didn’t step in during 2007 through 2009 before the market got smashed. Of course in the minds of Californians six years ago might as well be ancient history and the 1,000,000+ Californians that lost their home to foreclosure recently are just like the suckers that lost out during the Gold Rush. The argument for home prices being high usually revolves around the following: the Fed is stuck in low rates forever, inventory is low, foreign money is infinite, your monthly payment is about the same as rent (as long as you make a giant six-figure down payment), local household incomes mean squat. That last point is the most important at least in the long-term. Rents are also a function of how healthy the economy is.

Jun 05 10:58

Facing Major Data Breach, US Tries to Blame China

The US Office of Personnel Management today confirmed a major security breach in which some four million federal employees had their personal information taken, in what is believe to be the biggest single breach of government computer networks in history.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And JUST in time to help push the Cybersecurity bill, too!

Jun 05 10:58

Austrian court rejects Ukraine’s claims to Russia’s property in Vienna

The Kremlin Property Management Department has received an Austrian court’s ruling rejecting Ukraine’s claims to Russian property in Vienna, Department spokesman Viktor Khrekov said on Friday.
"Late in May this year, the Austrian judicial system sent Russia a package of documents confirming the legitimacy of the system’s actions and recognized the Russian Federation as the indisputable owner of the property," the spokesman said, adding Moscow "received the documents."

Jun 05 10:57

An Economic Reason for the US vs. China Conflict

There are many reasons that the US is pushing on China in the South China Sea. Two articles have been published on Counterpunch in recent weeks exploring “why?” None mention an important economic reason that has, at least in part, motivated the US to go to war and is very much at stake in the growing dispute with China: the value of the dollar.

The dominance of the dollar in world trade is critical to its value and to the US economy. Once the US abandoned the gold standard, it signed firm agreements with Saudi Arabia and all of Middle East OPEC nations that bound them to sell oil in dollars. Because of this agreement the dollar is often referred to as the “petrodollar.” The value of the dollar/petrodollar rests on its being the currency of international trade, not only for oil, but for weapons and food and everything else.

Jun 05 10:57

DPR says Ukraine deploying heavy weapons near engagement line

Reconnaissance services of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) have reported more episodes of Ukrainian heavy weapons’ presence in the vicinity of the engagement line in Donbas, DPR defence ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin said on Friday.
"The conflict is escalating. The situation is very hard, including in psychological terms. Kiev has returned all heavy weapons which used to be pulled out to positions near the disengagement line. We have returned to a situation before February 12".
Self-proclaimed Donetsk republic territory shelled 46 times over 24 hours http://tass.ru/en/world/798980

Jun 05 10:41

FLASHBACK - Bayer Exposed ( HIV Contaminated Vaccine )

Jun 05 10:36

FLASHBACK - The Ten Worst Drug Recalls In The History Of The FDA

Many dangerous drugs have slipped past the FDA and found their way into the marketplace. When the agency approves a dangerous drug, there can be a number of consequences, often times tragic. Once news of a tragedy reaches the public, pressure mounts for FDA policy to change, as happened after the Thalidomide controversy in the 1960s.

Jun 05 10:33

TSA has no excuse to continue the groping

Last August, Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole attacked an article I wrote, stating that it was "Misleading, inaccurate and unfairly disparages the dedicated (TSA) workforce. … We will not sit back and allow misinformation and conjecture to malign our employees."

Pistole resigned last December — in time to miss the uproar this week about TSA agents failing to detect 95% of the weapons and bombs smuggled past them by Inspector General testers. While Pistole is leading the PR pushback to absolve his former agency, the I.G. report is the latest confirmation that TSA continues blindly blundering and pointlessly abusing Americans' rights and privacy.

Shortly after TSA was created in late 2001, one of its early mottoes was "Dominate. Intimidate. Control." From the start, the TSA put more focus on browbeating hapless travelers than intelligently focusing on actual aviation hazards.

Jun 05 10:30

Bing ads now allow dodgy download sites to spoof Google

More than a month after Expert Reviews discovered that Bing ads linked to dodgy download sites, the Microsoft-run search engine has, if anything, gotten worse. Now, as well as blatant links to dodgy sites, we've discovered that Bing ads are allowing advertisers to spoof legitimate sites, including Google.

Searching for Google Chrome on the UK version of Bing, we were hit with large ad box. While the top two hits were clearly for dubious download sites, it's the third link that made us pause: it showed a link that appeared to be from Google.com and listed the link as www.Google.com/Chrome.

Although the site looks legitimate, the URL is actually spoofed and clicking it leads to a completely different site (csoftonline.com). This is incredibly misleading and, while the main Bing search engine shows legitimate results, the differences between the sponsored and organic search listings won't be obvious to everyone.

Jun 05 10:19

The FBI is Responsible for More Terrorism Plots In the United States Than Any Other Organization. More Than Al Qaeda, More Than Al Shabaab, More Than the Islamic State, More Than All Of Them Combined

Investigative reporter Trevor Aaronson- executive director of the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, author of The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism – has spent years researching and writing about FBI terrorism “stings” on mentally retarded and destitute Muslims orchestrated by informants convicted of rape and child molestation, who make some $100,000 per sting.

Jun 05 10:19

TPP Begins to Unravel as Obama Launches Final Push For Votes

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade package is beginning to unravel, with more prominent voices slamming President Obama and the Republican leadership over the secretive deal that threatens to cost American jobs and hand big corporations new powers that would violate national sovereignty.

House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Rules Committee chairman Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) refused to reveal to Breitbart whether they had read the TPP agreement but still said they would support the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and allow President Barack Obama to fast-track the TPP.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

TPP is not a military secret. And it involves the livelihood of all Americans. From where does Obama get any kind of Constitutional authority to classify this deal we will all be expected to live by?

Jun 05 10:13

‘If I’m London mayor, Max Keiser will be economic advisor’ – George Galloway

London mayoral candidate George Galloway says he would appoint radical financial commentator and RT presenter Max Keiser to be his economic advisor if he is elected to City Hall in next year’s election.

Galloway revealed the planned appointment on Twitter, adding that “Mr Banker” should take note.

Jun 05 10:10

Moscow 'closely looks' into reported US plans to return medium-range missiles to Europe

The Pentagon is considering scrapping a Cold War-era treaty and deploying nuclear-capable intermediate-range cruise missiles in Europe over Moscow’s alleged treaty violations, AP reported. The Kremlin says it is looking closely into the report.

Jun 05 10:08

Chicago may become the next Detroit

Jun 05 10:07

I’m One of Hundreds Sentenced to Death in Egypt. The US Is "concerned." That’s Not Enough

On May 16, an Egyptian court sentenced me to death in absentia in a highly politicised case, along with more than 120 other defendants, including the former president, Mohamed Morsi. The US and EU have expressed their "grave concern" regarding these recent mass death sentences in Egypt. This is good. But it is not enough.

Jun 05 10:04

Guantanamo detainee details CIA sexual abuse and torture

Newly-released testimony from Guantanamo Bay prisoner Majid Khan has shown that the CIA used torture practices that were “far more brutal and sadistic” than even those revealed by the Senate report on torture released last year.

Jun 05 10:02

Is titanium dioxide a safe filling agent?

Take a look at products that commonly contain the additive in your fridge. Find titanium dioxide listed on the ingredients of any of the following items that commonly contain the additive.

• Cottage, cream and processed cheeses
• Condiments including mayonnaise, mustard, horseradish cream, and vinegar
• Nut spreads such as almond or peanut butter
• Desserts such as custard, tapioca pudding, sherbet or sorbet
• Sausages
• Processed deli meats
• Confectionery sugar
• Canned fish products
• Dairy drinks including chocolate milk, eggnog, kefir or whey-based drinks
• Prepared foods such as potato and macaroni salad, and foods containing battered fish or poultry
• Energy drinks labeled as "sport," "energy," or "electrolyte" beverages with a water base
• Processed snacks like Twinkies and powdered donuts
• Many different supplements contain the filler

Jun 05 09:59

Summer? Are You There?

Warm weather lovers were set up to be disappointed if we even got an ‘average’ June, let alone a cold one. And yes indeed has it been chilly to kick off Meteorological summer. Many of you have been sending in photos of your wood stove cranking or some logs crackling in the fireplace over the last several nights – Martha’s Vineyard even dropped into the mid-30s Thursday morning!

Jun 05 09:58

Feeling the chill? Washington, D.C., hasn’t seen a June week this raw in years

You might have a feeling that this weather is strange, and you can’t remember the last time we saw a week this chilly in June. That’s because we haven’t actually seen one like this since 2009, which is the last time D.C. had two consecutive days of high temperatures in the 60s.

Jun 05 09:58

Toxic ingredients used in nail salons causing manicurists to miscarry

Apart from inadequate pay, manicurists are continually exposed to a range of harmful chemicals routinely used in the salon that result in cancer, miscarriages, and respiratory and skin ailments. Some manicurists who worked in salons while pregnant report having one, two or even three miscarriages.

Others report giving birth to children who suffer from mental retardation, leaving them unable to walk and speak properly.

"The stories have become so common that older manicurists warn women of child-bearing age away from the business, with its potent brew of polishes, solvents, hardeners and glues that nail workers handle daily," reports The Times.

Jun 05 09:56


The Israeli government and its spokesmen just won’t admit that the BDS Movement is not the enemy ….. they themselves are!

More headlines and Op-Eds from the ziopress appear daily with the intention of destroying and discrediting the Movement.

Following are the examples of today (Click on links to see reports)

Jun 05 09:56

Keeping Up With…

Nearly 17 million viewers watched Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer in which the Olympian said she has the soul of a woman.

“It takes courage to share your story,” Barack Obama Tweeted his support for Caitlyn.

Bradley Manning.


Chelsea Manning.


Jun 05 09:47

MI5 agents watched as I was tortured: British spies implicated as Londoner held for 13 years in Guantanamo speaks out

The last ‘Briton’ in Guantanamo Bay has given the first detailed account of how he was tortured in the presence of British agents.

Shaker Aamer says his head was repeatedly slammed against a wall while a British officer was in the room.

On another occasion, a young British officer in a red beret visited him in a ‘cage’. Both alleged incidents took place on US bases in Afghanistan shortly after his 2001 capture.

Mr Aamer’s account is one of the most serious allegations levelled at the security services for ‘complicity’ in the CIA’s notorious torture programme.

Lawyers for Mr Aamer – who has been held at Guantanamo Bay for 13 years without charge or trial – say the 48-year-old British resident is being denied freedom to keep a lid on his claims.