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"[W]hen the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man – who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly, but weaken them, and let them sink gradually, by totally disusing and neglecting the militia." -- George Mason


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March 25, 2010

Mar 25 11:54

US Downplays Hopes for Afghan Reconciliation

With the Karzai government entering into face-to-face peace talks with the insurgent faction Hezb-e Islami earlier this week, the United States seems to be going out of its way to downplay the chance of any diplomatic resolution of the ongoing war.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates warned that the timing for peace talks was all wrong, because the Taliban leaders aren’t convinced that they’re going to lose the war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates: when, sir, will you consider the timing "right" for reconciliation talks to proceed?!?

How many more of our brave young men and women in uniform will need to continue to fight, get killed, or maimed for life for a war where the outcomes are only to produce private profit for corporations?!?

And that begs the question: why is the the US in Afghanistan in the first place?

There are two outcomes, one of which has already been accomplished. The other is still illusive.

The first outcome, about which we can well say, "mission accomplished", is the control of the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely.

The second outcome had to do with "pacifying" Afghans to the point where the pipelines could be installed with which to control Eurasian oil. That, outcome, nearly 9 years on in Afghanistan, appears as elusive as ever.

Gate's position here makes utterly no sense whatsoever, when the only tangible, possible way to stop the violence is for the US to invest in this reconciliation, not try to stop it.

Wouldn't that make for greater security, the kind of security which would make possible the installation of those pipelines?!?

Forgive me: I was just being logical here.

Mar 25 11:40

'I was stabbed in the back,' says soldier who used human shield in Gaza

The trial began on Wednesday for two Israel Defense Forces soldiers suspected of using Gazan children as human shields during Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip in 2008, according to Channel 10.

The soldiers, who breached the army's rule against using civilians as human shields during war, are tried for violating IDF authority and for inappropriate conduct.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Notice that this soldier is not repentant for having done something fundamentally, repugnantly morally wrong; he is angry because he got caught and prosecuted for doing it.

Mar 25 11:34

Maliki Backers Threaten ‘Escalation’ Over Lack of Recount

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki today reiterated calls for the full manual recount of the votes cast earlier this month, though the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) has insisted repeatedly that it will not allow political pressure to affect its decision to refuse it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This refusal to honor the election results on the part of al Maliki could result in riots, or worse.

Mar 25 11:32

The Crisis That Wasn’t

The propaganda spewed at the current AIPAC conference makes it equally clear that Israel and its supporters are the leading advocates of an attack on Iran and their victory over Obama will only embolden them. Israel can trigger a war by bombing Iran and provoking retaliation that will draw the United States in and there is nothing Washington can do to stop that. When war happens and the awful consequences become clear Obama and Hillary will wish that they had stood up to Israel and AIPAC this week and stopped the madness. But by then it will be too late.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Mar 25 11:27

Report: Pope Benedict XVI Warned About Milwaukee Priest By Weakland

Allegations are now surfacing, that Pope Benedict, before he became pope, ignored warnings about a priest in Milwaukee.

The information comes from two lawyers who filed suits against the Milwaukee Archdiocese.

Mar 25 11:26

Egypt's government to restrict NGO vote monitoring

- Egypt's government is seeking to severely restrict the work of non-governmental organizations, including preventing them from monitoring elections, three dozen NGOs said Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my (absence of) surprise.

Mar 25 11:26

"The Only People Who Still Might Be Fooled Are the American Taxpayers, Who Are Ultimately Responsible When the Bills Come Due"

Financial experts such as Nouriel Roubini and Bill Gross know, of course, that it is all a Ponzi scheme.

Foreign debt holders know about America's financial situation, which is why purchases of Treasuries by foreign central banks are declining.

But the American people are in for one rude shock ...

Mar 25 11:25

Evidence Grows for Multiverse

Back to National Geographic:

The find adds to the case that chunks of matter got pushed outside the known universe shortly after the big bang —which in turn hints that our universe is part of something larger: a multiverse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or ...

The Big Bang is just religion disguised as science, and there really is no border to the universe.

What the evidence reported in the story is showing is that there is enough matter to create a gravity field detectable in the motions of the galaxies we can see from Earth, but the gravity field points to a source well outside the presumed edge of the universe which has been calculated from the observed red shift, which is assumed to be caused solely by relative velocity. But since the prime assumption is that our "banged" universe cannot reach that far, that there simply must be a wholly separate universe out there. Of curse, since "universe" means "all that there is", whatever is out there creating this gravity field is by definition part of this universe, which creates a paradox for the Big Bangers.

But here is another one that I postulated some time back for which no banger has yet had an answer.

When we gaze out into the night sky, we see galaxies extending into the distance as far as we can see, in every direction. The presumed size of the universe (and its age) keep getting revised as more distant objects get detected, but here it the problem. If the universe is finite, it should appear lopsided. In one direction we should see the end of the universe much more closely than the opposite direction, unless the Earth just happened to be in the exact center of that universe, and of course the odds against that are (pardon the expression) astronomical!

Climategate has proven that "scientists" are just normal folk subject to political pressure, and religion is the oldest political body in the world.

The fact is that this latest discovery puts the final nail in the Big Bang model, even though the die-hard bangers will refuse to see it.

Mar 25 11:24

Curbing Taliban opium trade could cut support

Curbing the Taliban's multimillion dollar opium poppy business was a major goal of a military operation to seize this former insurgent stronghold. With the town in NATO hands, the Marines face a conundrum: If they destroy the crops and curb the trade, they lose the support of the population — a problem for which they have no easy solution.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So now that the US/NATO forces control Marjah, what do they also control?!?

They now control the drug trade, which includes where the drugs wind up.

As reported on 12 March, 20910 in


"Russia's envoy to NATO has sharply criticized the alliance's battle with drug trafficking in Afghanistan, saying it has led to a surge in heroin smuggling that is endangering Russia's national security."

"Russia "is losing 30,000 lives a year to the Afghan drug trade, and a million people are addicts," Rogozin said. "This is an undeclared war against our country."

Coincidence?!? I think not. The introduction of cheap, illegal drugs to a country is one way of destabilizing a country without firing a shot.

Mar 25 11:14

Netanyahu Faces Choice: Peace Or Settlements

The Israeli leader will not likely be able to settle east Jerusalem with Jews and maintain strong relations with the Obama administration. He will be hard pressed to please his far-right coalition partners and still negotiate credibly with the Palestinians. And he cannot alienate important allies and still expect decisive international action against archenemy Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The writer of this article makes a critically wrong assumption here.

They assume that Netanyahu and the Israeli government actually want peace.

Netanyahu and the Israeli government simply want territory, by any means necessary, and will do whatever they feel the need to do to obtain this outcome, period, end of discussion.

Is there a real "split" between the Israeli and US governments?!?
There were a couple of UN General Assembly resolutions condemning the Israeli conduct on human rights yesterday, and the US voted against all of them.

And if there were a split, would the US and Israel just have signed a huge arms deal (for which, by the way, the US taxpayer will be shouldering the bill, as usual)? If there was a real rift, would this deal have gone through at all?!?

No, Israel will continue annexing illegal land with impunity, East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank, until there will be no territory left for a Palestinian state.

And the US government will simply continue to go along as Israel's enabler, because Israel has a stranglehold over US foreign policy.

Mar 25 11:11

Albert Einstein on the task of humanity -

"A human being is part of the whole, called by us 'universe,' limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a prison, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons close to us.

Our task must be to free ourselves from our prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all humanity and the whole of nature in its beauty." – Albert Einstein

Mar 25 11:03

Netanyahu heads home with US-Israeli spat unresolved

In comments before leaving the United States, Netanyahu insisted that the two close allies had made "progress," but it was clear the divide over settlement activity had not been bridged.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is political theatre of the highest order.

What "progress" there was which was made during these meetings had everything, I would be willing to bet, had to do with tweaking a timeline for a US attack against Iran, and nothing to do with the settlement issue.

Mar 25 11:01

More than 250 Congress members declare commitment to 'unbreakable' U.S.-Israel bond

More than 250 members of Congress have signed on to a declaration reaffirming their commitment to "the unbreakable bond that exists between [U.S.] and the State of Israel", in a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Every congresscritter who signed that letter needs to be deported to the Israel they clearly love above their own constituents.

Mar 25 10:59

Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Take Own Lives

The foreclosure crisis in Philadelphia is now becoming a matter of life and death. Eyewitness News has learned that in the past month, two homeowners took their own lives before sheriff's deputies arrived to tell them that they were being evicted.

"They really don't understand that it's imminent, it's going to happen. Take some sort of proactive steps to stop it from happening," foreclosure prevention director Darrel K. Stewart said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Darrel K. Stewart: the President's much-touted "Foreclosure Prevention Program" isn't working because lending institutions refuse to lower payments to allow homeowners who are "under water" to survive financially!

Therefore, there are few to zero "proactive steps" to take under those circumstances.

Mar 25 10:55

Despite row, U.S. and Israel sign massive arms deal

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Washington this week absorbing the full wrath of the Obama administration, the Pentagon and Israel's defense establishment were in the process of sealing a large arms deal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I keep telling you; this "row" is just political theater for the masses.

Mar 25 10:53

New poll: About 1 in 3 Americans thinks 9/11 was "a big fabrication"

A new poll has shown that about 1 in 3 Americans -- roughly 100 million people -- think 9/11 was "a big fabrication."

Mar 25 10:53

Of Cutting Gas Lines

Here in Virginia where we're addicted to the practice of killing people in order to teach them not to kill people, there are certain things that must not be said about the moron(s) who cut a gas line to a backyard grill at the home of the brother of a congressman who voted for a health insurance bill.

Mar 25 10:43


Norman Finkelstein may be a curmudgeon who can barely contain his contempt for institutions he feels have violated the public trust. But look past the attitude and sometimes poor choices (which, after all, Finkelstein’s nemesis Dershowitz has in spades) and he’s an excellent, even obsessively detailed scholar, and certainly no anti-Semite. And he’s fundamentally morally right. We Jews especially should be outraged.

Mar 25 10:42


Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in the United States this week armed with a mandate from the Israeli parliament. A large majority of legislators from all of Israel’s main parties had supported a petition urging him to stand firm on the building of Jewish settlements in occupied East Jerusalem — the very issue that got him into hot water days earlier with the White House.

Given the Israeli consensus on Jerusalem, there was no way Mr Netanyahu could have avoided rubbing that wound again in his speech on Monday to the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the powerful pro-Israel lobby group.

Mar 25 10:40

Prisoners forced to submit to radiation experiments for private foreign companies

In Illinois, federal judges have allowed at least two lawsuits to proceed against correctional officials for using full body scanners to reveal the anatomy of both prisoners and visitors without removing their clothing. This is the very same device that airports are seeking to implement on some inbound flights to the United States.

Mar 25 10:39


Zionists are embarking on an ’image campaign’ now that they feel secure in their acts of aggression and terrorism against the people of Palestine. They got a big boost to their morale this week when America backed off from their condemnations criticisms against the settlement expansions. AIPAC made sure this would happen.

Mar 25 10:34


"What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!"
Pope Leo X (As attributed by John Bale, Bishop of Ossory, in The Pageant of Popes, p. 179, 1574)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted for Pope Benny!

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WRH Exclusive
Mar 25 10:25

Catholic Church quietly expelling and punishing children, homeless

Catholicism is awesome, isn't it? Whilst we've all been appalled by the international scope and scale of the decades long abuses against children in the Catholic Church in Europe something all too typical has been going on within its walls right here at home.

First of all, in Colorado, we have the Rev. Bill Breslin, an Irish American pastor, defending his decision not to allow the child of a lesbian couple to continue to attend school in his parish. That kid should have picked better parents, apparently.

I confess I'm no biblical scholar but I do recall that Jesus said something very specific on this topic: "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of God."

Mar 25 10:24

Sinead O'Connor: 'There should be a full criminal investigation of the pope'

Years after her controversial 'Saturday Night Live' appearance, the Irish singer is still at odds with the Catholic Church, saying it must come clean about sexual-abuse allegations.

Mar 25 10:20

IDF Denies Troops Were in Lebanon

The IDF on Thursday denied a report by Hizbullah media that Israeli troops have crossed the international border into Lebanon. The IDF said that no unusual operations had taken place on the northern border Thursday.

Earlier, Hizbullah media said that 17 IDF troops had crossed the border and conducted a ground operation in south Lebanon early Thursday. The soldiers returned to Israel after about two hours.

Mar 25 10:09

Pope still protecting pedophile bishops

Mar 25 09:59

Nullifying ObamaCare has begun in South Carolina

South Carolina Constutional amendment Nullifying ObamaCare to be heard at the SC State house Columbia Thursday, March 25, 2010 9:00 AM
If you are in South Carolina, you are needed in Columbia to show support for a Constutional amendment nullifying ObamaCare.
If you are NOT in South Carolina you are needed to do the same thing in your state.

Mar 25 09:57

NATO rejects Russian call for Afghan poppy spraying

NATO Wednesday rejected Russian calls for it to eradicate opium poppy fields in Afghanistan, saying the best way for Moscow to help control the drug would be to give more assistance against the insurgency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 25 09:54

Marijuana legalization officially on California ballot

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They remembered where they left those petitions!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 25 09:54

FLASHBACK - Israel recruits 'army of bloggers' to combat anti-Zionist Web sites

The Immigrant Absorption Ministry announced on Sunday it was setting up an "army of bloggers," to be made up of Israelis who speak a second language, to represent Israel in "anti-Zionist blogs" in English, French, Spanish and German.

Mar 25 09:51

US concern about Israel’s illegal settlements is 42 years too late

That U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had the courage to tell AIPAC’s conference that Israel’s continued construction of Jewish housing on occupied territory is undermining both the prospect for peace and America’s credibility and own best interests was good news. The bad news is that this and other Obama administration expressions of concern are 42 years too late.

Mar 25 09:46

FLASHBACK - World's Leading Scientist Fighting Against Global Warming is Opposed to Cap And Trade

Yesterday, Dr. Hansen told the Guardian:

He is vehemently opposed to the carbon market schemes – in which permits to pollute are bought and sold – which are seen by the EU and other governments as the most efficient way to cut emissions and move to a new clean energy economy.

Therefore, Hansen says:

It would be better for the planet and for future generations if next week's Copenhagen climate change summit ended in collapse.

Hansen has previously said that cap and trade "will not work", and he has previously called cap and trade "a Ponzi-like ... scheme".

Mar 25 09:45

Woman Who Invented Credit Default Swaps is One of the Key Architects of Carbon Derivatives, Which Would Be at the Very CENTER of Cap and Trade

As I have previously shown, speculative derivatives (especially credit default swaps or "CDS") are a primary cause of the economic crisis. They were largely responsible for bringing down Bear Stearns, AIG (and see this), WaMu and other mammoth corporations.

According to top experts, risky derivatives were not only largely responsible for bringing down the American (and world) economy, but they still pose a substantial systemic risk:

Now, Bloomberg notes that the carbon trading scheme will be largely centered around derivatives:

Mar 25 09:43

Poll: 73% of Russians view US as aggressor

Almost three-quarters of Russians view the US as an "aggressor" seeking world domination, according to an opinion poll released by Levada Center polling agency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Russians bore the brunt of stopping the last power-mad global empire, so they are paying close attention.

Mar 25 09:33

Public scepticism prompts Science Museum to rename climate exhibition

The museum is abandoning its previous practice of trying to persuade visitors of the dangers of global warming. It is instead adopting a neutral position, acknowledging that there are legitimate doubts about the impact of man-made emissions on the climate.

Even the title of the £4 million gallery has been changed to reflect the museum’s more circumspect approach. The museum had intended to call it the Climate Change Gallery, but has decided to change this to Climate Science Gallery to avoid being accused of presuming that emissions would change the temperature.

Mar 25 09:29

Bees in more trouble than ever after bad winter

Scientists are concerned because of the vital role bees play in our food supply. About one-third of the human diet is from plants that require pollination from honeybees, which means everything from apples to zucchini.

Mar 25 09:27

Does New Obamacare 10% Tanning Tax Discriminate Against Whites?

Mar 25 09:25

Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations

Mar 25 09:20

12 Taxes in Health Care Law Violate Obama’s Pledge Not to Increase Taxes on Households Earning Less than $250,000

As many as a dozen taxes in the new health care law violate President Barack Obama’s campaign pledge not to raise taxes on families earning less than $250,000 and on individuals earning less than $200,000.

At least seven of these taxes directly affect health consumers regardless of income, such as the individual mandate to buy insurance, the employer mandate, the tanning tax, and limits and penalties on health savings accounts. In addition, Republicans argue that the tax impact of the law should include indirect taxes, such as the annual taxes on the health care sector that will be passed on to consumers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear President Obama
What those of us who supported you wanted for health care was a system such as they have in other civilized nations in which the government taxes the people, then spends the taxes to take care of the people, proving education, good roads, good schools, and health care. Canada does that. So does France. So does Norway.
Here in the United States we have been living under a different system in which the government takes our money and gives it to Wall Street, gives it to Israel, and spends the rest on perpetual preparations for wars.
As a result, the US citizen is expected to (after forking over all that cash to the government for Wall Street, Israel, and war) pay for their own advanced education and health care, often going deeply into debt in the process.
I would like to share an anecdotal story that I heard only last night from a well-traveled friend who recently witnessed medical care in the US and in France for similar minor injuries. Cost in the US, $700. In France, for a similar injury, the French doctors were most apologetic that because my friend was not a French citizen, he would have to pay for the medical care. The cost in France was 45 Euros! Cost for the prescription medicine in the US was $240. Same exact medicine in France (same manufacturer) was about 1/10th of the American cost. I mention this only to point out that medicine in the US is a huge money-making operation, indeed a racket, and your health bill totally avoids addressing that fact.
Now then, back to the basics.
The problem with your approach to health care is that it doesn't change the basic American system. Most of our money is still being sucked away to give to Wall Street, Israel, and the War Machine. The basic care of this nation and its infrastructure has been abandoned, and there is a documentary "The Crumbling of America" on History International that details how bad things are.
Your new health care plan, which in the short version provides health insurance to all Americans by forcing them to go out and buy health insurance, merely continues the old system. We are still expected to pay for our health care (the most expensive in the world and 29th in quality). The only difference is that now we have the IRS watch us do it.
This is not what we wanted when we voted you in. You promised to stop these wars and to bring our kids and our money back home to this nation which needs both.
Your health care reform does not really reform anything, it just wraps the present oligarchical system in more red tape. You may have made a lot of your campaign donors very happy, Barack, but We The People are mightily pissed at you and your Congress.

Mar 25 09:11

Top Ten Reasons East Jerusalem does not belong to Jewish-Israelis

Netanyahu mixed together Romantic-nationalist cliches with a series of historically false assertions. But even more important was everything he left out of the history, and his citation of his warped and inaccurate history instead of considering laws, rights or common human decency toward others not of his ethnic group.

So here are the reasons that Netanyahu is profoundly wrong, and East Jerusalem does not belong to him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bumped back to the top.This is worth reading and saving.

Mar 25 09:05

Would-be burglar gets lead instead

Tamika Seay's home on Second Avenue Southeast was broken into March 12th. So she went out and bought a gun, and Tuesday night when she heard someone breaking in again, she grabbed it, and started shooting.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The important lesson here is that in both burglaries, the police were not present.

Mar 25 09:03

ObamaCare Day One

Democrats dragged themselves over the health-care finish line in part by repeating that voters would like the plan once it passed. Let's see what they think when they learn their insurance costs will jump right away.

Even before President Obama signed the bill on Tuesday, Caterpillar said it would cost the company at least $100 million more in the first year alone. Medical device maker Medtronic warned that new taxes on its products could force it to lay off a thousand workers. Now Verizon joins the roll of businesses staring at adverse consequences.

Mar 25 09:01

"My fellow Americans, tonight I'm going to talk frankly about a pesky little nation called Israel ... "

Alexander Cockburn – Counter Punch March 19-21, 2010

So here’s the vice president of the United States of America,standing with all the injured dignity of a man who has just had a bucket of sewage dumped over his head and who amid his discomfiture, actually did use the word “condemn” and “Israel” in the same paragraph. The next day Biden heads for Tel Aviv university and confides to the audience that he is a Zionist and that, “throughout my career, Israel has not only remained close to my heart but it has been the center of my work as a United States Senator and now as Vice President of the United States.” Get that: “the center of my work.” This mission statement is not quoted in the U.S. press.

Mar 25 09:01

Purported Bin Laden message hints at retaliation

An audio message purportedly from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden threatened retaliation against Americans if alleged 9/11 mastermind Khaled Sheikh Mohammed is executed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pretty tough words for a dead guy, right?

Actually, this little bit of spin is intended to provoke a reaction of, "We'll show that Osama who's boss; FRY THE GUY!" in the public, to get around the small problem that the entire case against KSM rests on confessions extracted under torture. Because after all, if "Osama been dead for 8 years” says KSM is the mastermind, then he MUST be guilty!

Mar 25 09:00

“They’re Cops; They’re Going to Beat You.”

“As I was laying down and getting punched, this woman that was with them is telling me, `Quit resisting. They’re cops. They’re going to beat you,’” Clark later recalled.

This was not a demand that Clark submit to an “arrest” (which in this case would have been a simple abduction). Rather, it was a candid statement of criminal intentions, coupled with a demand that the victim simply remain still and passively absorb whatever abuse the aggressor saw fit to inflict on him.

Mar 25 08:57

The Southern Poverty Law Center...Another Jewish Hate Organization In Disguise?

I bet you thought the Southern Poverty Law Center had something to do with the civil rights of poor African Americans didn't you? At some point I did too. That's why I thought it was strange when I heard that the SPLC had branded We Are Change as a hate group. You see that's apparently what the Southern Poverty Law Center does. It solicits vast amounts of money each year to support its wealthy board of directors and brands Americans as hate groups. Not a bad gig if you are a greedy, unscrupulous and hypocritical shit. But who has become the serious harbingers of hate in this country?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Needless to say, the "megaphonies" are already trying to get this article into trouble.

Mar 25 08:55


Mar 25 08:50

Israeli soldiers 'used child to check for booby-traps'

The staff sergeants in the Givati infantry brigade have been charged with acting "in breach of military norms" by forcing the child at gunpoint to open bags they believed might be rigged with explosives.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The 'Most Moral Army in the World' strikes again.

Mar 25 08:49

Violent threats hit Obama allies over health vote

Top Democratic lawmakers called in police and the FBI after House members who voted for historic health care reform received violent threats and obscene, abusive messages.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am certain the British Government got much the same back in 1776. It's sort of the natural order of these things.

Mar 25 08:47

Pope faces fresh claims of child sex abuse cover-up

Pope Benedict XVI faced fresh pedophilia cover-up claims as church files suggested he failed to take action against a US priest accused of molesting up to 200 deaf boys.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You know, now I am really starting to wonder about those 12 dudes hanging out with each other all the time back in Galilee!

Mar 25 08:43

US health care fixes hit snag and must return to House for second vote on procedural issue

The bill making changes in President Barack Obama's newly enacted health care overhaul will have to go back to the House of Representatives, a Democratic spokesman says, but the revisions are minor and not expected to derail the legislation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time to glare at the politicians!

Mar 25 08:40

KBR's Idle Hands in Iraq

It was just a single contract for a single job on a single base in Iraq. The Department of Defense agreed to pay the megacontractor KBR $5 million a year to repair tactical vehicles, from Humvees to big rigs, at Joint Base Balad, a large airfield and supply center north of Baghdad. Yet according to a new Pentagon report [PDF], what the military got was as many as 144 civilian mechanics, each doing as little as 43 minutes of work a month, with virtually no oversight.

Mar 25 08:38

Coffin placed on Carnahan's lawn

A coffin was placed on a Missouri Democrat’s lawn, another in a string of incidents against lawmakers after their vote Sunday on a health care overhaul.

Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-Mo.) had a coffin placed “near his home,” a spokesman said Wednesday evening.

The coffin was from a prayer vigil.

This came after Rep. Tom Perriello’s (D-Va.) brother’s gas lines were cut, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) received death threats and Rules Committee Chairwoman Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) received a message saying snipers were being deployed to kill children of those who voted for health care overhaul.

Mar 25 08:35

"I Want my Bailout Money"

Mar 25 08:32

Judea declares War on Obama by Gilad Atzmon

Last week we read about AIPAC’s assault against President Obama. It was reported that the Jewish Lobby in America took its gloves off. In the open, AIPAC decided to mount pressure on the American leadership and President Obama in particular.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am not so sure. Yesterday the United Nations Human Rights Council passed three resolutions condemning Israel over its policies in occupied Palestinian and Syrian territories.

However, the United States voted against them all.

Doesn't sound to me like there is really a split between Israel and the US. Israel is merely having the US strain against its slave-chains in front of the TV cameras to give Israel deniability when the US attacks Iran.

Mar 25 08:14

Israeli Supreme Court: No Bread For Muslim Inmates Over Passover

The Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected an appeal from an Arab prison inmate who asked to receive bread instead of matzah with his meals during the upcoming Passover holiday.

Mar 25 08:08

Going Mad or Becoming Sane is the Nature of the Game

Manners and civil discourse have disappeared from the stage and you get people like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter. The left has its own talking heads and both sides bow down to the God of Stupid, addressing the mutant intellect audiences that nod their heads in agreement to xenophobic speech as if it were their mother’s voice. It’s not always easy to walk through the world these days. You have to bob and weave in the opposite direction and not collide with the people going the other way. You have to know better than to tell them the bridge is out up ahead because at least you get the finger and maybe a beer can in the head.

Mar 25 07:53

Transcript Of States Lawsuit Against The United States Dept. Of Health

The following is the official transcript of a lawsuit made up of 13 States of the U.S.A against the Health Dept. and Co due to the Health Care Bill as proposed and passed by Democrats in the House of Representatives et al.

Mar 25 07:44

The Pelosi Sanction

We should never forget who this woman is or where she came from. In short, she is the spoiled rotten daughter of a Baltimore crime boss who didn’t miss a beat hopping from her rich Daddy’s lap to the lap of her multi-millionaire husband. During her quest for power and prestige, she has not once let her feet touch the same ground or travel the same difficult road that you and I travel on a daily basis. Yet there she is, on top of the world, looking down at the rest of us and mandating how we little people are to live our lives.

Mar 25 07:30

Militarizing Latin America

In short, moves towards "a world of peace" do not fall within the "change you can believe in," to borrow Obama's campaign slogan.

Mar 25 07:16

Malware delivered by Yahoo, Fox, Google ads

Malware that exploits holes in popular applications is being delivered by big ad delivery platforms including those run by Yahoo, Fox, and Google, according to Prague-based antivirus firm Avast.

Viruses and other malware were found to be lurking in ads last year on high-profile sites like The New York Times and conservative news aggregator Drudge Report.com, and this year on Drudge, TechCrunch and WhitePages.com. The practice has been dubbed "malvertising."

Mar 25 07:15

Dingell: It will take some time for ObamaCare to “control the people”

Dingell: It will take some time for ObamaCare to “control the people”

From WJR’s Paul W. Smith show, a Freudian slip from Rep. John Dingell. Smith asked why we’re waiting for 2014 to cover people, and Dingell said this in his defense:

“Let me remind you this [Americans allegedly dying because of lack of universal health care] has been going on for years. We are bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 [million] American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.”

Because controlling the people is what it’s all about.

Mar 25 07:07

Smallpox Outbreak in Africa, World Health Org. Investigates Reports of 4 Cases in Uganda

Reports from eastern Uganda in Africa say there have been four seperate outbreaks of the disease Smallpox.

The World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland said it had been made aware of reports of the smallpox outbreaks and were taking the reports very seriously.

Smallpox is thought to have been the only human disease previously eradicated, the smallpox outbreak in Uganda, if confrimed, would be huge news with massive implications.

Mar 25 06:59

The Enemy Amongst Us

On Monday, AIPAC kicked off yet another of its policy conferences which usually features a who’s-who of Israel-obedient politicians (you might be thinking that includes the entirety of Congress and the Executive Branch, and I say ‘well almost’). As most of us know, AIPAC is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. I won’t spend much time on that but there really are a few key points to note...

Mar 25 06:57

France Backs Away From Carbon Tax

While U.S. politicians try to keep the idea alive here, the French have announced cancellation of their version of cap-and-trade. They say it will hurt their competitiveness. Vive la France.

Mar 25 06:57

Is China about to give in to the US on Iran?

The United States has been fighting tooth and nail to have a new round of sanctions imposed against Iran at the United Nations. If this happens, will it be soon? What will the new sanctions be and could China finally support the US-backed ideas?

Mar 25 06:52

Russia's top weatherman's blow to climate change lobby as he says winter in Siberia may be COLDEST on record

In a new blow to the climate change lobby, Russia's top weatherman today announced that the winter now drawing to a close in Siberia may turn out to be the coldest on record.

'The winter of 2009-10 was one of the most severe in European part of Russia for more than 30 years, and in Siberia it was perhaps the record breaking coldest ever,' said Dr Alexander Frolov, head of state meteorological service Rosgidromet.

Mar 25 06:51

Keiser Report No27: Markets! Finance! Scandal! - Max Keiser for President of Greece!

This week Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert look at the scandals of Ben Bernanke's zero reserve requirements proposal; the game of IMF chicken between Greece and Germany; the sinister German hedge fund spy plan; and Max Keiser for President of Greece?! Keiser also talks to Business Insider's Gregory White about deflation, inflation and moving to Asia!

Mar 25 06:49

Explain why you sold Britain's gold, Gordon Brown told

Gordon Brown has been ordered to release information before the general election about his controversial decision to sell Britain's gold reserves.

The decision to sell the gold – taken by Mr Brown when he was Chancellor – is regarded as one of the Treasury's worst financial mistakes and has cost taxpayers almost £7 billion.

Mar 25 06:48

Daily Mail cites video game as proof of terrorist doomsday plot

Fear-mongering hacks at The Daily Mail have been caught mistaking footage from a popular video game series as proof of al-Qaeda's "terrifying vision" for a nuclear attack on Washington.

The paper splashed a gory image showing the utter destruction that would result from the plot by terrorists to carry out a nuclear attack. In the foreground are the charred ruins of the Capitol in a city that is utterly devoid of people, cars or any other sign of life.


America: on the road to destruction. It's only a dream ... or is it?

Mar 25 06:43

Police Recruit Internet Cafe Owners To Spy On Users

As part of the lurching advance towards the kind of society that we thought had been consigned to the darkest days of the 20th century, the Nazi-fication of Britain continues with the news that the police are working with Internet cafe owners to spy on users who visit “extremist websites”.

“The intitative is part of the Prevent strand of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, which aims to stop radicalisation by winning the “battle of ideas”. Café owners are asked to use their own judgement as to what amounts to extremist material,” reports the Register.

Mar 25 06:36

'Osama bin Laden' threatens revenge for 9/11 trial

Osama bin Laden has warned that Americans would be killed in retaliation if a US court sentences Khaled Sheikh Mohammed to death, according to an audio recording broadcast today.

Mar 25 06:35

Review all anti-terrorism laws, say MPs

All counter-terrorism laws passed since 11 September 2001 should be reviewed to see if they are still necessary, says a committee of MPs and peers.

It questioned whether ministers could legitimately argue, nine years on, that a "public emergency threatening the life of the nation" remained.

And it said the government's "narrow" definition of what amounted to complicity in torture was "worrying".

Mar 25 05:59

Global National Intelligence Services Confirm Israel Did 9/11 Says Former UN Diplomat and Defense Contractor

Gordon Duff is the senior editor of Veteranstoday.com, a former UN diplomat, a defense contractor, and a global political and economic advisor. He just returned from a trip to Pakistan. Duff was interviewed by Mark McGrath and Phil Cooke on "The Ugly Truth" Radio Program yesterday (03-24-10). Half of Mr. Duff’s family are Jewish and so are most of his friends. He is not anti-semitic. You can listen to the podcast of Mr. Duff's radio interview at the following address: theuglytruth.podbean.com...

Mar 25 05:56

Health bill to face fresh Senate vote

Republicans forced a new vote on fixes to historic US health care reform legislation by finding two procedural "violations," a spokesman for a top Democratic senator said on Thursday.

Mar 25 05:49

Trucks burned in possible threat to Calif. police

Four municipal trucks were set ablaze in a rural Riverside County town plagued by bizarre booby trap attempts to kill police officers, and authorities said Wednesday the fire may be linked to the earlier attacks.

"Everyone is worried, everyone is being careful," Hemet police Lt. Duane Wisehart said. "You get scared a little bit and then you get angry. It keeps happening."


Mar 25 00:16

The US is at a Precipice

By Tim Gatto

Mar 25 00:09


By Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff

March 24, 2010

Mar 24 23:01

UNITED NATIONS - Latest Announcement of Approval for Jerusalem Settlements ‘Unacceptable’, Secretary-General Says in Security Council Briefing on Middle East

The statement issued by the Quartet in Moscow reflected strong agreement on all main points.

First, Quartet members stressed the need for proximity talks to move ahead, and to become direct negotiations as soon as possible, with the goal of resolving all final-status issues within 24 months.

Second, the Quartet emphasized that the parties should respect the conditions which made proximity talks possible, and act in accordance with international law and the Road Map.

Mar 24 22:54

UN rights body censures Israel

The United Nations Human Rights Council has passed three resolutions condemning Israel over its policies in occupied Palestinian and Syrian territories.

However, the United States voted against them all.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for the illusion of a political divide between the US and Israel!

Mar 24 21:23

The REAL reason Google is leaving China

Given that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have no access to the Chinese Internet market, the White House believes that Google alone cannot play a large role in China as it did in Georgia and Iran.

Mar 24 20:44

Situation Possibly Hopeless - no signs of life from the media...

But none of these idiots ever asked the jackass in the mirror why they themselves didn't commit a violent act when the Tea Party published this address. Maybe because they are Albemarle County residents - the smartest people in the universe - immune themselves to such instigations - but ready to lock up anyone for saying things that will effect those weaker-minded crazy people out there.

Mar 24 16:51

Bibi Netanyahu’s babe: kneepad diplomacy lives!

Alan Sabrosky argues that US politicians’ loyalty to Israel – “there isn't any longer even a facade of ‘dual loyalty’, only loyalty to Israel alone – has reached a point where, despite its enormous power, the US is totally paralysed in the face of Israel.

Mar 24 16:48

Obama still has no stomach to take on Israel

Jonathan Cook argues that, despite recent tension between the US White House and Israel, “it remains doubtful that the US actually has the stomach to extract from Israel the concessions needed to create that elusive entity referred to as a viable Palestinian state”.

Mar 24 16:46

Israelis unhappy with weak loyalty of “British dogs”

Gilad Atzmon views the reasons behind the anger of Israeli politicians at the insufficient loyalty displayed by their British counterparts that culminated in the expulsion of an Israeli spy over the cloning of UK passports used by the murderers of a Hamas fighter in Dubai.

Mar 24 16:32

U.S. Is Riskier Than Euro Zone; So Says CDS Market

Something troubling has occurred in the market for default protection on the debt of the world's biggest borrower.

As the folks at Standard Poor's Valuation and Risk Strategies division noted in a research note Monday, the difference between the spread on U.S. sovereign credit default swaps and an equivalent benchmark for AAA-rated euro-zone sovereigns flipped into positive territory March 12. As U.S. CDS spreads expanded to their widest levels in two years, that cross-region gap blew out to 5.7 basis points last Friday before narrowing to 4.7 Tuesday.

Mar 24 16:30

Treasurys Sink After Poor Sale

Treasury prices fell hard after a poor five-year auction that escalated concerns about the government's ability to sell its massive amounts of debt.

Worries about supply picked up this week after the government's $44 billion two-year auction on Tuesday attracted less demand than anticipated. The five year sale was messier, sending Treasury prices tumbling. Demand at the auctions may have been impacted by less buying from Japan as its fiscal year-end approaches. Nonetheless, the poor results put investors on edge given the huge amounts of debt the government is likely to continue to issue to fund its budget deficit.

Mar 24 16:07

Oregon war propaganda , parade, flag lowering

Governor orders flags lowered in soldier’s honor
Wednesday, Mar 24, 2010
"Flags at all public institutions in Oregon are to be flown at half-staff on Thursday in memory of Army Pfc. Erin McLyman of Eugene, Gov. Ted Kulongoski has ordered."
"For traffic safety reasons, the route has been changed for the procession that will carry Mc­Lyman’s remains from West Lawn Memorial Park to her funeral at Eugene Faith Center on Thursday."
"The family wished to publicize the route in case people wish to stand, salute or otherwise show their respects, funeral director Mark Musgrove said. The funeral will begin at 2 p.m."

Mar 24 15:46

Texas inmate seeking DNA test gets last-minute stay of execution

The order was handed down less than an hour before Henry "Hank" Skinner, 47, was scheduled to be executed by injection for the New Year's Eve 1993 killings of his live-in girlfriend, Twila Busby, and her two sons, Elwin Caler, 22, and Randy Busby, 20, in Pampa, Texas.

Mar 24 15:45

Folger's To Close KC Coffee Plant

The J.M. Smucker Company announced Wednesday it will close its Kansas City Folger's Coffee plant in the summer of 2012.

Mar 24 15:32

Breaking News From the Department of the Really Weird

Through a phenomenon known as 'superposition' a particle can be moving and stationary at the same time — at least until an outside force acts on it. Then it instantly chooses one of the two contradictory positions.

But although the rules of quantum mechanics seem to apply at small scales, nobody has seen evidence of them on a large scale, where outside influences can more easily destroy fragile quantum states. "No one has shown to date that if you take a big object, with trillions of atoms in it, that quantum mechanics applies to its motion," Cleland says.

Mar 24 15:30

A TERRIBLE MISTAKE: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments.