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"One can only assume that Israel is more important to these people than their own country." -- Spiro Agnew



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July 4, 2010

Jul 04 12:18


Jul 04 12:11

Gaza children at grave malnutrition risk

Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip is associated with long-term damage to Palestinians' health, placing their children at risk of stunted growth or malnutrition.

Jul 04 11:39

The Hilo Massacre

To protect against such efforts in the future, severe and even more repressive laws were enacted. Trespass and criminal syndicalism laws viewed almost any speech or action regarding labor as evidence of criminal intent, and anti-picketing laws were freely applied to include a ban on union meetings. This tight net of law, it was thought, would at last be sufficient to restrain labor organization. The 1924 Filipino strike proved them wrong. Despite police repression, the Filipino workers conducted a strike which rotated through the Islands and lasted for over six months. Despite a police ban on meetings, defined as two or more workers, the sugar workers carried their strike to the limits of the physical and human resources.

Jul 04 11:29


during his visit to New York a month ago, Lieberman did not meet a single representative of the administration but only Jewish politicians and Israeli diplomats.
Perhaps they refused to meet with him?? Think about it, would you???

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tourists often see the few remaining sugar cane fields being burned, and are informed that this is part of the process for harvest, which it is. The extremely wet core of the plant, where the sugar is stored, is safe from fire while the dry outer husks burn away. This makes the harvest easier.

But what tourists are never told is that the trick of burning the cane fields was discovered during the labor unrest of the 1930s when abused workers tried to burn the cane fields to destroy the property of the plantation owners. In the process of attempting to salvage their crop, the plantation owners discovered that it was actually easier to get the sugar once the outer layers of the cane were burned away.

Jul 04 10:47

Old technology stymies Calif. gov's pay-cut order

A state appellate court ruled in Schwarzenegger's favor Friday, but the state controller, who issues state paychecks, says he can't comply. One reason given by Controller John Chiang, a Democrat elected in 2006: The state's computer system can't handle the technological challenge of restating paychecks to the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jul 04 10:38

Sheep For Slaughter: Is the Elite really trying to KILL us?

Eric Blair - Activist Post

There has been much in the mainstream news recently about population control. In fact, there seems to be a concerted effort by the Elite to introduce the idea as a legitimate debate about dealing with the “problem” of over-population. It appears the elite are trying to legitimize these claims using the global warming argument that CO2, which humans exhale, must be minimized at all costs.

Jul 04 10:33

A New Declaration of Independence for a New Revolution

America is fast coming to a crossroads from which there will be no return if we take the wrong path. Do we take the road that leads away from America and toward a Euro-esque way of governing? Do we cast aside our American character and bury our great nation in a grave of socialist-styled authority? Do we damn our progeny to a failed superstate that violate every tenet of our original ideals?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Do we allow our nation to continue being slaves to Israel?

Jul 04 10:32

New Yorkers protest Tzipi Livni despite hidden location

About 50 protesters picketed outside the Russian Tea Room yesterday as Tzipi Livni spoke inside. The protest was organized by Jews Say No!, American Jews for a Just Peace, and Adalah-NY: The New York Coalition for the Boycott of Israel. Livni was giving a speech as part of a two-day conference on “Peace and Security” hosted by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jul 04 10:30

Lieberman: Israsl has a DIVINE RIGHT to Americans' money!

Two key U.S. senators on Sunday dismissed Mideast envoy George Mitchell's suggestion that Washington withhold loan guarantees to pressure Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people. A friend to Israel is no friend of America.

Memorize this list of Israel's whores in the US Government and vote them out of office before it is your children being murdered by Israel! There is no more important issue this election!

America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third.

Jul 04 10:26

No 'Sorry' from US as Iran plane tragedy marked

Jul 04 10:24

Independence Day?

Perhaps it's time we revisit the idea. Are we still independent? The revolution was against a nation that imposed massive corporate parasitsm upon us.

Who could argue that we are under a similar affliction now? But today, our afflictor is given its rights and power by the congress and the supreme court.

We face injustice in every direction. The coast guard protects BP from the media. Traitors like Joe Barton protect the oil giants from a weak president who does too little.

Jul 04 10:23


For years, a succession of American presidents has played up to Israel’s ambiguity about its nuclear weapons arsenal but now it looks like the games afoot. It always seemed, even on the odd occasion that the US and Israel didn’t quite see eye to eye on various issues in the past, that the issue of Israel’s nuclear weapons status was sacrosanct.

Today, however, the New York Times has revealed that President Obama has broken the tradition of the US ignoring Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal. As Mark Lander writes in the NYT:

Jul 04 10:22

Eco-Terrorism Suspected At Papaya Farm

Laureto Julian said in his 30 years of papaya farming he's never had something like this happen to him before. About 8,500 young papaya trees were chopped in half sometime Wednesday, the fruit left on the ground. It's a loss of about $100,000 for Julian.

"I cry when I seen that place," said Julian. "I don't understand why they do that to me."

One nonprofit bio-tech organization speculated eco-terrorists are behind the destruction -- those who are against genetically-modified crops.

Jul 04 10:05

Israel’s attack on Egypt in June ’67 was not ‘preemptive’

It is often claimed that Israel’s attack on Egypt that began the June 1967 “Six Day War” was a “preemptive” one. Implicit in that description is the notion that Israel was under imminent threat of an attack from Egypt. Yet this historical interpretation of the war is not sustained by the documentary record.

The President of Egypt, then known as the United Arab Republic (UAR), Gamal Abdel Nasser, later conveyed to U.S. President Lyndon Johnson that his troop buildup in the Sinai Peninsula prior to the war had been to defend against a feared Israeli attack.

Jul 04 10:03

'Israel trying to block U.S.-Saudi Arabia defense contract'

Israel is trying to prevent a big defense contract between the United States and Saudi Arabia from going through, a senior defense source told Haaretz. The deal includes the purchase of scores of new F-15 fighter jets and the upgrading of the 150 F-15s already in the Saudi air force.

The source said Israel expressed a number of reservations to the Americans over the past month, and the issue is expected to come up in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's meetings in Washington on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Yu're not supposed to sell those weapons to Saudi Arabia; you are supposed to give them to US, schmuck!"

Jul 04 10:01

U.S. Gives Israeli Spy Asylum

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel's agent provocateur in HAMAS?

Jul 04 09:58

Church Office Failed to Act on Abuse Scandal

... it was Cardinal Ratzinger who might have taken decisive action in the 1990s to prevent the scandal from metastasizing in country after country, growing to such proportions that it now threatens to consume his own papacy.

Jul 04 09:57

UN Warns of New War in North; Claims on Gas May Be Trigger

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has warned that violence may break out again between Hizbullah and Israel as tensions rise over charges that the terrorist organization has obtained advanced long--range Scud missiles from Syria.

One trigger for another war could be the huge natural gas fields that Israeli firms have discovered off Israel’s Mediterranean Coast and which both Lebanon and Hizbullah claim belongs to them.

Replying to Lebanese warnings to Israel not drill in its waters, Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau declared last week that Israel would use force if necessary to defend its rights to develop the fields, which it says are not in Lebanese territory.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Israel is looking for an excuse - any excuse - to reinvade Lebanon, not only from a standpoint of these natural gas finds, which each country claims belongs to them, but also for the water the Litani river, which Israel desperately needs.

Jul 04 09:56

Small business sidelined in slow recovery from recession

In every recession over the last three decades, it has been America's small businesses — those Lilliputian companies with fewer than 100 employees — that stepped forward, began hiring and pulled the country out of the mire.

Not this time.

Jul 04 09:55

Remmeber yesterday when we were told the US was giving 15 million to preserve Auschwitz?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's actually 150 million!

Jul 04 09:51

Illinois Stops Paying Its Bills, but Can’t Stop Digging Hole

For the last few years, California stood more or less unchallenged as a symbol of the fiscal collapse of states during the recession. Now Illinois has shouldered to the fore, as its dysfunctional political class refuses to pay the state’s bills and refuses to take the painful steps — cuts and tax increases — to close a deficit of at least $12 billion, equal to nearly half the state’s budget.

Then there is the spectacularly mismanaged pension system, which is at least 50 percent underfunded and, analysts warn, could push Illinois into insolvency if the economy fails to pick up.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We're going to see more and more states fall into this crisis mode, as the economy continues to tank.

Jul 04 09:49

'Obama warns Erdogan international Gaza flotilla probe bad for Turkey'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear President Pussy.

The job for which you are elected and paid to do is to take care of the American people.

After that, your job is to take care of the American people.

And after that, your job is to take care of the American people.

As an American, and the descendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence, I am sickened, disgusted, and appalled at your continued genuflection to Israel and your attempts to browbeat all other nations to Israel's will.

Shame on you.

Contrary to recent polls, you are unquestionable the worse President this nation as ever known.

Jul 04 09:45

Youtube video captures undercover 'agent provocateurs' assaulting man at Montreal protest

A man arrested at Thursday's march against police repression around the G20 Summit has come forward to reveal that he was assaulted by undercover "agents provocateurs" when he attempted to film them.

Jul 04 09:42

Breaking: Obama shuts down 33% of the country’s oil refining capacity

This was the inherent threat that Obama had presented for months. Either give him Cap and Trade or we will shut everything down through the EPA.

Jul 04 09:41

Dubious Intelligence on Iran's Nuclear Program Used to Justify UN Sanctions and US War Threats

Olli Heinonen, the Finnish nuclear engineer who resigned Thursday after five years as deputy director for safeguards of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), was the driving force in turning that agency into a mechanism to support U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran.

Heinonen was instrumental in making a collection of intelligence documents showing a purported Iranian nuclear weapons research programme the central focus of the IAEA's work on Iran. The result was to shift opinion among Western publics to the view that Iran had been pursuing a covert nuclear weapons programme.

But his embrace of the intelligence documents provoked a fierce political struggle within the Secretariat of the IAEA, because other officials believed the documents were fraudulent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These are the same kind of bogus, trumped-up charges we went through when it was claimed by the US government that Iraq's Saddam Hussein had been on a "shopping spree" for yellowcake uranium before the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Will the American people be so gullible as to believe these claims against Iran, after the cost of blood and money in Iraq and Afghanistan?!?

Let's hope not.

Jul 04 09:37


More IDF Lies about Israeli Activists in the West Bank

Jul 04 09:35


It was only one paragraph buried deep in the most plain-vanilla kind of diplomatic document, 40 pages of dry language committing 189 nations to a world free of nuclear weapons. But it has become the latest source of friction between Israel and the United States in a relationship that has lurched from crisis to crisis over the last few months.

At a meeting to review the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty in May, the United States yielded to demands by Arab nations that the final document urge Israel to sign the treaty — a way of spotlighting its historically undeclared nuclear weapons.

Jul 04 09:34


Outright censorship is not the only means in the Israel lobby’s toolkit for silencing opposition. In recent years, Israel has embarked upon a “re-branding” campaign to promote an image of itself as a modern, liberal society with open values while whitewashing its deplorable human rights record.

Jul 04 09:34


Silwan is home to 50,000 Palestinian residents in East Jerusalem, just south of the old city. Since 1967, no building permits have been approved in the neighbourhood. As families expanded over the years, residents were forced to build without permits making their homes illegal and vulnerable to demolition.

Jul 04 09:32

Israel: A Failing Colonial Project

Increasingly, despite its early military and political successes, Israel cannot for long endure as a colonial project. It must choose between wars – and destruction – or transition to a state for all its peoples.

Jul 04 09:27

Nixon and Kissinger joked over Chile assassination

Kissinger: They’re blaming the CIA.
Nixon: Why the hell would we assassinate him?
Kissinger: Well, a) we couldn’t. We’re—
Nixon: Yeah.
Kissinger: CIA’s too incompetent to do it. You remember—
Nixon: Sure, but that’s the best thing. [Unclear].
Kissinger: —when they did try to assassinate somebody, it took three attempts—
Nixon: Yeah.
Kissinger: —and he lived for three weeks afterwards.

“The comments seem to fit the facts of what we know from congressional investigations of CIA covert actions at the time about the Schneider assassination [and] contradict official denials of a CIA role.

Jul 04 09:23

U.S. Fails to Complete, or Cuts Back, Iraqi Projects

After two devastating battles between American forces and Sunni insurgents in 2004, this city needed almost everything — new roads, clean water, electricity, health care.

The American reconstruction authorities decided, however, that the first big rebuilding project to win hearts and minds would be a citywide sewage treatment system.

Now, after more than six years of work, $104 million spent, and without having connected a single house, American reconstruction officials have decided to leave the troubled system only partly finished, infuriating many city residents.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to the US government's finding yet even more ways to collectively throw the Iraqi people under a bus.

Jul 04 09:20

As US fights, China spends to gain Afghan foothold

The emerging alliance is giving Kabul an alternative to its sometimes strained ties with the West. The two neighbors share a narrow, mountainous border, the Wakhan Corridor, and links that date back centuries to the caravans of tea, spices and other riches that traveled the Silk Road.

Afghanistan is "well aware that the U.S. is likely to only be a temporary ally so it's looking for a longer-term partner in the region. China would be an obvious choice," said security analyst Christian Le Miere, editor of Jane's Intelligence Review.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

While the US has been waging wars to attempt to secure energy, China has been making deals to achieve the very same outcome, without firing a shot.

Jul 04 09:16

Americans Have No Rights

Under Barack Obama, the former professor of constitutional law, Americans’ civil liberties have shrunken drastically – to the point that his administration claims the right to execute its citizens without charge or due process of any recognizable kind. And citizens that leave the country cannot be sure they will be allowed back in. But where is the outrage among Democrats, when Obama out-Bushes Bush? “It seems that Democrats did not in fact feel any affront to Bush policies, only to his party affiliation.”

Jul 04 09:12

7.9 million jobs lost, many forever

The recession killed off 7.9 million jobs. It's increasingly likely that many will never come back.

The government jobs report issued Friday shows that businesses have slowed their pace of hiring to a relative trickle.

Excluding temporary Census workers, the economy has added fewer than 100,000 jobs a month this year -- a much faster and stronger jobs recovery than occurred following the last two recessions in 2001 and 1991.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This alleged "recovery", however, is particularly devoid of the good-paying jobs which have been allowed to be offshored by the US government.

Many people are working two, close to minimum-wage, jobs in order just to survive.

Jul 04 09:09

On Fourth of July, Let Iraq Go

The Fourth of July celebrates the Declaration of Independence of the American colonies of Great Britain, on the grounds that they deserved representative government and popular sovereignty– something denied to them by the British crown.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or by the present day American people.

Jul 04 09:06

Homeless in Waimanalo see more people in the area

The homeless at Waimanalo Beach Park say more people are moving in and now, they say they're the target of a homeless sweep.

Jul 04 09:05

Israel admits altering flotilla audio tape. Still spinning story to save face.

This transmission had originally cited the Mavi Marmara ship as being the source of these remarks, however, due to an open channel, the specific ship or ships in the “Freedom Flotilla” responding to the Israeli Navy could not be identified.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The "By way of deception" people got BUSTED!!!!!!

Jul 04 09:03

WHO: Medical equipment still banned from Gaza

Spare medical parts and replacements are, in practice, barred from entry into Gaza, or only arrive "after great delays," a World Health Organization spokesman told Ma'an on Friday.

Following the release of a report from the WHO on Gaza City's Ash-Shifa Hospital, the spokesman emphasized that beyond the impeded access to parts, engineers are unable to enter Gaza to service the equipment. "Life saving equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars has been held up in Ramallah for over six months," the statement said.

Jul 04 09:02

BP admits failing to use industry risk test at any of its deepwater wells in the US

BP was facing fresh criticism over its approach to safety on Saturday night after critics said it did not use an industry standard process to asses risk ahead of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

The procedure, known as a safety case, was developed in Britain after the catastrophic Piper Alpha oil rig explosion of 1988 in which 167 people lost their lives.

However, BP admitted to The Sunday Telegraph that it does not use safety cases on any of its US wells, including the high-pressure deep water Macondo well from which up to 60,000 barrels of oil per day are still leaking in the Gulf of Mexico.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable! And only now, the US is considering the adopting of such a procedure for offshore oil drilling?!?!?

Jul 04 08:57

Fears over Lebanon confrontations

A spate of clashes between the UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon and local residents has sparked fears that Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia political party, is unhappy with military exercises being carried out in the area.

The past two weeks have seen a series of confrontations between villagers and Unifil peacekeepers in the south of the country, where Israel fought a devastating month-long war against the Hezbollah in 2006.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The timing here is interesting, in light of the fact that Israel would love any excuse to reinvade Lebanon, particularly in light of the fact that natural gas reserves have been discovered off the coast of Lebanon (which Israel, of course, claims as theirs).

One has to wonder if the real culprit in fomenting this unrest is Israel, rather than a grass-roots movement against UNIFIL per se.

Jul 04 08:50

BP, cops detain reporter for taking pictures of oil refinery

According to Rosenfield, the officers said they had a right to look at photos taken near secured areas of the refinery, even if they were shot from public property. Rosenfield said he was told he would be "taken in" if he declined to comply. Michael Marr, a BP spokesman, released a statement explaining the company's actions:

Paul Steiger, editor-in-chief of ProPublica, said: "We certainly appreciate the need to secure the nation's refineries. But we're deeply troubled by BP's conduct here, especially when they knew we were working on deadline on critical stories about this very facility. And we see no reason why, if law enforcement needed to review the unpublished photographs, that should have included sharing them with a representative of a private company."


Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder what BP was so terrified these pictures would document.

It appears that publicly paid law enforcement officials have now become the enforcement arm of private corporations. This means that a true dictatorship has arrived in this country without any President ever having to declare martial law.

Jul 04 08:21

The Political Whores Of Washington

Last week, 338 members of the US House of Representatives signed a petition calling on President Obama to veto any resolution by the United Nations denouncing the murderous Israeli raid on the Gaza freedom Flotilla on 31 May, in which 9 Turkish peace activists were brutally but needlessly killed.

“We urge you to continue to use US influence and, if necessary veto power, to prevent any biased or one-sided resolutions from passing.” The petition, sponsored by Ted Poe (R-TX) and Gary Peters (D-M) viewed the naked Israeli assault, which occurred in international waters, as an act of self-defense. “We believe that it is in the national security interests of the United States to unequivocally reiterate that the US stands behind its longtime fried and ally.”

Jul 04 07:58

‘Israel Training Intensively in Combat Tactics Suited to Lebanon’

“Should another war break out – like the one with Hezbollah almost exactly four years ago – the Golani Brigade will not be unprepared.”
According to media reports, the Israeli army is carrying out drills that cope with the Second Lebanon War and includes an intensive penetration of the Israeli forces into the same regions. The reports noted that the drills aim at achieving better results in a potential next round of fighting.

Jul 04 07:58

International Lawyer Says Israel A Liability Not An Asset For The US

Dr. Franklin Lamb, International Lawyer
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has launched a week-long meeting to discuss ongoing nuclear programs in the Middle East.

The IAEA Board of Governors meeting opened in Vienna on Monday focusing on Iran, Syria, and Israel — which is believed to be the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.
This is the first time the Board of Governors has made a move to discuss Israel’s nuclear arsenal since 1991.

Jul 04 07:57

4th of July: From Celebration of Independence to Acceptance of Slavery?

What we can do on this 4th of July is to reinforce the idea of independence. Many of our friends and neighbors need a little help. They are having a hard time seeing the enemy within for the distractions of the failing economy and the threat of 'events' such as the Gulf disaster and the brain numbing repetitive rhetoric of 'terrorism' and the false celebrity culture.

Perhaps over that burger and beer and the figurative 'bombs bursting in air' you can plant a seed of dissent towards the powers that be or as some call them the powers that think they be. Isn't it our duty to do so?

Jul 04 07:51

First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico as spill cover-up goes Orwellian

As CNN is now reporting, the U.S. government has issued a new rule that would make it a felony crime for any journalist, reporter, blogger or photographer to approach any oil cleanup operation, equipment or vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. Anyone caught is subject to arrest, a $40,000 fine and prosecution for a federal felony crime.

Jul 04 07:33

How Goldman gambled on starvation

By now, you probably think your opinion of Goldman Sachs and its swarm of Wall Street allies has rock-bottomed at raw loathing. You're wrong. There's more. It turns out that the most destructive of all their recent acts has barely been discussed at all. Here's the rest. This is the story of how some of the richest people in the world – Goldman, Deutsche Bank, the traders at Merrill Lynch, and more – have caused the starvation of some of the poorest people in the world.

Jul 04 07:29

Can it rain oily compounds in the Gulf of Mexico? Yes! Chris Landau geologist & meteorologist

Do not let your kids eat the hail or drink the rainwater. It is likely to contain some benzene and cyclohexane. Can it rain oily compounds? The short answer is it certainly can. It is also not complex to work out which chemical compounds will be coming down in our rainwater. It is those with a similar boiling point and freezing point to water. It is those that are not too heavy, that are similar to that of air at 1.2 kg per cubic meter. They should be able to rise easily to upper atmospheric levels.

Let us start with water. On earth at everyday working temperatures matter has 3 phases. They are solid, liquid and gas. We know these phases by other names called ice, water and steam.

Jul 04 07:21

TSA to Block "Controversial Opinion" on the Web

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is blocking certain websites from the federal agency's computers, including halting access by staffers to any Internet pages that contain a "controversial opinion," according to an internal email obtained by CBS News.

The email was sent to all TSA employees from the Office of Information Technology on Friday afternoon.

It states that as of July 1, TSA employees will no longer be allowed to access five categories of websites that have been deemed "inappropriate for government access."

The categories include:

Jul 04 07:19

Antarctic sea ice peaks at third highest in the satellite record

While everyone seems to be watching the Arctic extent with intense interest, it’s bipolar twin continues to make enough ice to keep the global sea ice balance near normal. These images from Cryosphere today provide the details. You won’t see any mention of this in the media. Google News returns no stories about Antarctic Sea Ice Exent.

Jul 04 05:24

Emergency S.O.S.: America Falling to Foreign Bank Takeover

This Fourth of July, the United States is indeed in peril; it is not only the Gulf Oil Spill, Russian spies and threats of war with Iran which Americans must worry about. Instead it is the quiet but deadly conquest by private, central banks, who lobbied Congress to once again vest new powers in the Federal Reserve and, by all indicators, further weaken the U.S. economy through its future actions.

The financial crisis has indeed been developed in such a way that no nation can ever repay all the debt, and control by global economic forces is all but inevitable.
“This is as big as World War I or World War II,” Alex Jones warns. “What is happening now is bigger than the banking takeover of 1913… it is a worldwide financial coup d’etat.”

Jul 04 05:13

Veterans Today Opposes U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan

By Jeff Gates

What news outlets can our military trust? Fox News? CNN? The New York Times? For a nation dependent on informed consent, where can we as veterans turn for the real facts?

Weak on Defense and Bill of Rights, Not During War Time

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is untrustworthy, weak on defense and supports the Bill of Rights only with conditions. With our military imbedded in foreign conflicts on false premises, her wartime appointment must be rejected.

Jul 04 05:11

BP Bringing People To Tears At Clearwater Claims Office

BP's only Bay area claims office opened Monday in Clearwater. Some are getting money to help offset losses caused by the oil spill, but many are not satisfied.

For Kathy Birren, the BP claims process is so frustrating it brings her to tears...

Jul 04 04:31

PHILIP GIRALDI: Executive Privilege

The removal of General Stanley McChrystal from command provided President Barack Obama with the perfect opportunity to review the entire Afghan war strategy and declare it a failure. That he did not do so means that the war now belongs fully to the president and he, in typical Washington fashion, will insist on something that he can describe as “mission accomplished.” The fighting will continue until Washington runs out of money and soldiers and is forced to craft together a phony peace settlement before leaving with its tail between its legs. The whole world knows that United States foreign policy has become little more than a pathetic joke, a fact that is also becoming increasingly clear to many Americans who do not live inside the Washington beltway bubble.

Jul 04 00:43



Jul 04 00:12




By Puppet Government Productions

A hard hitting new video debunking the continuing puppet show in Washington DC, and the “doubletalk” complicity of President Obama in continuing the phony “war on terror.”

A Must Watch:


July 3, 2010

Jul 03 23:17

Thousands of new war vets mentally unstable with PTSD/TBI, drugged

Nearly 8,000 New Vets Suffer from PTSD, Over 7,000 Suffer from TBI, Over 4,000 Suffer from Both
“After being redeployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan, thousands of New York veterans are suffering from PTSD and TBI and many are not even aware of it,”.... Additionally, Senator Gillibrand is expressing concerns over the increased reliance on psychotropic medication to treat TBI, which has nearly tripled, increasing from approximately 100,000 prescriptions to more than 300,000, with no clear evidence as to its effectiveness."

Jul 03 23:13

Bishop Donald Corder: The Sun Tzu of a Turkish Samurai - The Commander - Part 3

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken up the challenge in the face of the hegemonic giants comprised of the dominant capital and ruling class of the US, and he is one who has mobilized assets on behalf of the global voice, and rallied the world around his decision to champion the Palestinian peoples under Zionist occupation and the historic ways of life of the Turkish peoples. This represents the nightmare dilemma of a US hegemony and Zionist machine.

Jul 03 21:21

Chavez Regime Nationalizes U.S. Oil Rigs

Chavez Regime Nationalizes U.S. Oil Rigs | Print | E-mail
Written by Alex Newman
Tuesday, 29 June 2010 12:40
After socializing and devastating vast swaths of the Venezuelan economy, socialist “President” Hugo Chavez announced that his government was nationalizing a fleet of oil rigs owned by an American firm.

Oklahoma-based drilling company Helmerich & Payne stopped production with its 11 rigs after a conflict with Venezuela’s state-owned oil conglomerate PDVSA, which defaulted on its nearly $50 million bill after the collapse in oil prices. So rather than make payment, the Venezuelan regime decided to take over the equipment.

Jul 03 20:36

Obama’s Justice Dept's Racist Hostility Toward White Victims' Rights

Obama’s Justice Dept.’s Black Panther Case: RACISM and A Lawless Hostility Toward Equal Enforcement of the Law.
Monday, June 28th
Mr Adamas give us the the reason behind the rejection of the case, racism
Most disturbing, the dismissal is part of a creeping lawlessness infusing our government institutions. Citizens would be shocked to learn about the open and pervasive hostility within the Justice Department to bringing civil rights cases against nonwhite defendants on behalf of white victims. Equal enforcement of justice is not a priority of this administration. Open contempt is voiced for these types of cases.

Jul 03 16:10

The Ultimate "RED" Herring: The Russians Are Back!

Michael Edwards
Activist Post

The evil, Red communists apparently are back to subvert the sacred institutions of America. Mainstream media's contrived naïveté to the idea of deep-cover sex spies from Russia is nothing but a planned diversion for what is the long-standing practice of many nations blending into the halls of corporate recruitment in order to join the Globalist network.

Jul 03 16:07

Hey Hillary, Which ‘Intolerant Governments’ Are You Referring To?

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech to the Community of Democracies in Poland Saturday for the 10th anniversary celebration of the founding of the organization, whose 16 members strive to “forge international consensus on ways to support and promote democracy.”

"We must be wary of the steel vise in which governments around the world are slowly crushing civil society and the human spirit,” Clinton was quoted in an Associated Press propaganda piece titled "Clinton: Activists Being Crushed By ‘Steel Vise’ Around the World."

“Intolerant governments across the globe are ‘slowly crushing’ activist and advocacy groups that play an essential role in the development of democracy,” she added.

Jul 03 15:43

Britain more interested in saving Israelis from garden shed rockets than British citizens from Israeli pirates

Stuart Littlewood explains why the hope that UK Liberal Democratic Party leader Nick Clegg’s presence in the governing coalition would have a moderating effect on the rabid Conservative Zionists is misplaced. Following a recent exchange with Clegg, he concludes that the junior coalition partner has fallen in with the Tory Zionists.

Jul 03 15:41

If Palestinians are granted the right to work, Lebanon wins

Franklin Lamb calls on Lebanon’s parliament and political elites to grant the Palestinian refugees living in the country the right to work, arguing that this is not only part of Lebanon’s obligation under international law, but also would benefit the Lebanese economy.

Jul 03 15:31

First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico as spill cover-up goes Orwellian

As CNN is now reporting, the U.S. government has issued a new rule that would make it a felony crime for any journalist, reporter, blogger or photographer to approach any oil cleanup operation, equipment or vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. Anyone caught is subject to arrest, a $40,000 fine and prosecution for a federal felony crime.

Jul 03 15:28

July snow falls on Mt. Washington

Ignoring the calendar, which showed the beginning of the month of July, a dusting of snow fell Thursday on Mount Washington in New Hampshire, startling tourists and forcing the closure of the road to the top.

Jul 03 14:53

BP at first said there were 3 leaks: spillcam, capped, and.... Where's the third

While everyone has been focused on what BP puts in front of the camera, the third oil leak, which was admitted to by BP months ago, is being ignored in the oil spill media blackout.

For those who may have forgotten: On May 5, 2010, The Washington Post reported: “BP caps one of three oil leaks in gulf.”

The Huffington Post concurred: “NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- The Coast Guard says BP has managed to cap one of three leaks at a Deepwater oil well..”

So the first leak was confirmed capped, we are all watching the second leak on live videos provided by BP. What has become of the third oil leak?

Xmas w/o borders
Jul 03 11:48

Israel can't be trusted to probe Gaza flotilla raid, say Rachel Corrie's parents

Israel cannot be trusted to conduct a reliable investigation of its raid of the Gaza-bound aid flotilla, the family of Rachel Corrie, an American human rights activist who was killed in Gaza, wrote to U.S. United Nations envoy Susan Rice earlier this month.

Jul 03 11:48

BP/ Gov't Lying To Public About Safety Of Florida Beaches

BP and Government Misleading Public About Safety Of Florida Beaches
Posted by Alexander Higgins - June 23, 2010
As a tide of tarballs from the BP Gulf Oil Spill assaults the Florida coast line local Florida residents, businesses and county officials are demanding action from BP, State, and Federal Government officials in charge of monitoring and responding to the spill.
"They are also demanding answers to other questions like why local beaches have been declared safe and remain open even though tarballs have been washing ashore for weeks in Florida and the DEP hasn’t tested the waters for hydrocarbons since May 1st."

Jul 03 11:48

Wiesel working to free former Yukos exec

Elie Wiesel has launched a global campaign to free former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who is on trial in Moscow for embezzlement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But it is all so UNFAIR! WE are ABOVE the law; don't you get it????"

Jul 03 11:35

Nudge on Arms Further Divides U.S. and Israel

At an annual meeting to review the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty in May, the United States yielded to demands by Arab nations that the final document urge Israel to sign the treaty — a way of spotlighting its historically undeclared nuclear weapons.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But, but, but, if we sign the Nuclear Nonm-Proliferation treaty then the world won't believe we are threatened by Iran and we won't be able to sell nuclear weapons to other countries under the table, and, and, and ... you don't love us any more, you damned filthy anti-Semitic Hitler-sucking Nazi SCUM!!! whimper whimper whine whine)" -- Tel Aviv

Jul 03 11:27


It’s a long time since Pearl Harbor, Auschwitz, Hiroshima and the firestorm of Dresden and I hope that, one bright day sometime in the future, it will seem a long time since the blockading of the supply flotilla to Gaza and the bombing of Israeli citizens by Hamas and Hizbolla.

Jul 03 11:26

The myth of Israeli morality

Israeli claims that Turkish activists "resisted" its takeover of the ships do not change the reality that the Israeli army performed an illegal armed operation against activists who challenged the siege of Gaza - not with weapons, but by trying to deliver food and medical supplies to the besieged Palestinian population.

Jul 03 11:20

We were permanently banned from the Miami-Dade Metrorail for taking photos

We had planned to ride the Metrorail through three stations to see if anybody would try to stop us from taking pictures of the trains.

We didn’t even make it inside the first station.

By the time it was over, three hours after a security guard told us it was against the law to take pictures in the parking lot of the Douglas Road Metro Station in Miami, a 50 State Security Captain had banned us for life from ever setting foot on the Metrorail again.

All because we took photos in the parking lot.

Clearly, somebody is going to learn a lesson in all this. And it’s not going to be us.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Back when I was working on "LOST" I needed to take some reference photos from the top of the parking structure at the Dole Pineapple Building (now converted to offices and a shopping complex) in planning to make it look like the LAPD for an episode. I was actually detained by the building security while the local DHS called the production office to verify I was really taking pictures for a "legitimate" reason. As a result, we all had ID tags issued to us. I requested that they say, "Don't shoot me, I work for LOST!" (A reference to the infamous Chiat/Day ID tags during the Los Angeles Olympics) but my request was denied by the rather humorless security droogs.

Jul 03 11:14

The Declaration of Independence from Israel and the Neocon cabal

When in the Course of inhumane events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with a plutocratic fascist state, with a massive lobby which is routinely caught in espionage and openly ignores international laws in order to set up its dogmatically supported racial police state, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that we should declare the causes which impel them to the separation between us. End all aid to Israel. Force AIPAC to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Jul 03 11:14

The hidden hand of Joe Biden

When President Barack Obama announced in the Rose Garden last week that he had sacked Gen. Stanley McChrystal, he also made a point of telling his fractious Afghanistan team that he welcomed “debate” but would not abide “division.”

The poster child for that all-for-one approach was standing directly on the president’s right: Vice President Joe Biden.

On Afghanistan, Obama’s most problematic foreign policy issue, Biden has earned the president’s respect and confidence by being both private skeptic and public cheerleader for administration policy. With a combination of subtlety and discretion that belie his reputation as a glad-handing chatterbox, Biden has parlayed the tricky dual role into a steady — if somewhat improbable — path to power in the Obama White House.

Jul 03 11:12


Jul 03 11:11

California budget nightmare – in 1970 California took in 28 percent of state revenues from personal income taxes. Today, the state pulls in 52 percent from personal income taxes. Massive shift to service oriented state.

Jul 03 10:52

General Petraeus in Afghanistan warns of tough mission

A brass band played as guests munched on burgers, corn-on-the-cob, popcorn and ice-cream cones

Jul 03 10:50

Americans Have No Rights

Americans no longer have any rights which their government need respect. The onslaught against civil liberties and human rights may have begun under the Bush administration, but it has been perfected under the Obama regime with the complete and unqualified support of the congressional Democratic majority. Any outrage about the ever-tightening grip of executive authority is reserved for presidents with the letter R after their names.

There is no act taken by the Obama administration, no matter how tyrannical, which elicits reaction of any kind. There is no loss of rights inflicted upon Americans that will cause Democrats to speak up against an ever worsening situation.

Jul 03 10:48

The Torturers and Their Victims: Cowardice, American-Style

Tragically, America has become a nation of cowards, from the political weasels in Congress who vote up the $700 billion Pentagon budgets for war to the man in the White House who will not enforce the law to the gutless hirelings in the CIA and the Pentagon who perform the tortures ordered from the top. This July 4th, the American national holiday, the national anthem will resound across the nation. Its final stanza asks the question of whether the flag still flies over "the home of the brave?" How I wish I could say that it did!

Jul 03 10:44

When War Criminals are Rewarded for Killing People: Tony Blair Awarded the "Liberty Medal"

When war becomes peace.

When killing is presented as a humanitarian endeavor.

When war criminals are rewarded for killing people.

When killing is justified in the name of democracy. When killing people is equated with to "bringing liberty" to those you have killed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This prize has become just about as debased as has the alleged Nobel Peace Prize.

Jul 03 10:42

Dangerous Crossroads in World History: Obama’s New Iran Sanctions: An Act of War

When the UN refused to agree to the severe sanctions that the U.S. wanted, Obama responded with typical Bush flair and went solo. The new U.S. sanctions against Iran — signed into law by Obama on July 1st — are an unmistakable act of war.

If fully enforced, Iran’s economy will be potentially destroyed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I frankly don't think that the sanctions will be in place all that long before there is an Israeli-US military attack against Iran.

All the pieces, both in terms of strategy and military hardware, appear to be pretty well in place.

All that remains is some suitable initiatory event to be used as the"justification" for such an attack.

Jul 03 10:38

The U.S. Economy is Falling. Towards another Credit Collapse?

We are now at the point where one can only sit back and cackle as the insanity unravels. The president earlier agreed with his supervisor that the Economy is doing swell on a day when the market posted the 5th highest TRIN rating in history, the ECB is saying all is well even as Europe is about to implode, and now, S&P has just announced it has put Moody's on credit watch negative, the reason: "We believe there may be added risk to U.S.-based credit rating agency Moody's business profile following recent U.S. legislation that may lower margins and increase litigation related costs for credit rating agencies."

Jul 03 10:28

House Democrats ‘Deem’ Faux $1.1 Trillion Budget ‘as Passed

Last night, as part of a procedural vote on the emergency war supplemental bill, House Democrats attached a document that "deemed as passed" a non-existent $1.12 trillion budget. The execution of the "deeming" document allows Democrats to start spending money for Fiscal Year 2011 without the pesky constraints of a budget.

Never before -- since the creation of the Congressional budget process -- has the House failed to pass a budget, failed to propose a budget then deemed the non-existent budget as passed as a means to avoid a direct, recorded vote on a budget, but still allow Congress to spend taxpayer money.

Jul 03 10:26


With war profits soaring, gasoline prices through the roof, the national debt at over 13 trillion dollars and 65 billion in heroin pumping out of Afghanistan, a country totally “poppy free” when we arrived, it doesn’t take a genius to see why it was so important for the “cardboard lotharios” Bush and Cheney to invent make-believe bad guys who could never be beaten because they never existed in the first place.

Jul 03 10:22

More on Scary Russian Spies, and on What Should Concern You

Yes, it's laughable and ludicrous. What I find interesting at this point isn't any of that, especially since I've debunked this kind of self-created hysteria on more than a few previous occasions (as have other writers, to be sure). But governments lie all the time; when it comes to consolidating and enhancing their own already immense powers, they rarely do anything else. None of that should be surprising to any minimally functioning adult. That such ridiculous routines continue to evoke panic and fear among so many Americans is testament only to Americans' remarkable (and frequently unforgivable) immaturity, ignorance and willingness to believe an endless stream of lies.

Jul 03 10:15

Lahore Backlash: In the Wake of Bombing, Anti-US Sentiment Grows

With the Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) publicly denying any role in the deadly bombing of a key Sufi shrine in the city of Lahore the mystery of exactly who is responsible continues to grow. Who is taking the brunt of the backlash from the attack, however, is not, as eyes turn squarely to the US.

“America is killing Muslims in Afghanistan and our tribal areas, and the militants are attacking Pakistan to express anger against the government for supporting America,” one Lahore resident told the Associated Press. Several others expressed similar sentiments.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder as to whether the complete destabilization of Pakistan is the US goal here.

The US activities in Pakistan, including the killing and wounding of many civilians in the drone attacks, might well lead one to that conclusion.

Jul 03 10:05

UN chief warns Israel-Lebanon tension could lead to new conflict

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned Friday that increasing tensions between Lebanon and Israel could lead to a new conflict with potentially devastating consequences.

In a report to the UN Security Council, Ban accused the neighboring countries of violating the 2006 cease-fire resolution that ended the Second Lebanon war and added that the Hezbollah continues to maintain "a substantial military capacity" in violation of UN resolutions and an arms embargo.

The UN chief also criticized Israel for continuing to violate the cease-fire by conducting daily over flights of Lebanon and refusing to withdraw from the disputed northern border village of Ghajar.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon: are we supposed to applaud you for your magnificent grasp of the obvious??

Israel is itching for any excuse to reinvade Lebanon, now that natural gas deposits have been found off the coast of both countries, with each claiming the find as its own.

Hezbullah has rearmed because they know another invasion is coming.

But until the UN can actually do something to bring Israel to heel (a distinct impossibility for the UN since Israel's inception), all the talk in the world isn't going to cure its voracious appetite for more territory, and by any means necessary.

Jul 03 10:02

Zionism’s Colonial Enterprise Is Doomed, but…

Ronen Bergman, a senior military and political analyst for the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, recently wrote what I consider to be one of the most important articles for decades on the subject of the mindset of the Zionist state’s military and political leaders. It was reproduced in the Wall Street Journal under the headline Siege Fatigue and the Flotilla Mistake.

Getting to the main thrust of his analysis, Bergman wrote this (my emphasis added):

Jul 03 09:57

'Obama warns Erdogan international Gaza flotilla probe bad for Turkey'

United States President Barak Obama warned Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that an international probe into Israel's deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla could have negative consequences for Turkey, British Arabic-language daily al-Hayat reported Saturday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


The truth of the business is, such an international probe will create further negative consequences for Israel, the foreign government Obama has sold out to, and protects at all costs.

Jul 03 09:50

Obama orders changes to pathogen security practices

The president issued an Executive Order directing what the White House said were "fundamental changes" to the way substances known as Biological Select Agents and Toxins (BSAT) are stored.

The order states that the measures are intended to stop the "misuse, theft, loss, and accidental release," of the deadly agents.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The timing of this executive order is more than a little interesting, given that it was done on a Friday, with little or no actual publicity on this, right before a major national holiday.

Jul 03 09:39

Defense Secretary Gates tightens rules for media relations

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has tightened rules on media relations for the US military, only days after the top general in Afghanistan was sacked over disparaging comments he and aides made in an interview.

Titled "Interaction with the media," the memo instructs Pentagon officials to notify the Defense Department's assistant secretary for public affairs "prior to interviews or any other means of media and public engagement with possible national or international implications."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This kind of gives the phrase "don't ask, don't tell" a whole new level of meaning, doesn't it?!?

Jul 03 09:34

In Search of Lee Harvey Oswald with some comments

But now in the year 2010 as Americans wake up to the criminal nature of their own government things are not so simple.

Jul 03 09:15

The Real Unemployment Rate: 21.5%