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April 2, 2010

Apr 02 12:15

Moscow Terror: CIA-Saudi-Mossad Operation?

Mr. Putin vowed vengeance. "A crime that is terrible in its consequences and heinous in its manner has been committed," he said. "The terrorists will be destroyed." (March 29, Monday)

G-8 Foreign Ministers Meeting: Foreign ministers of the leading industrial powers and Russia discussed nuclear non-proliferation and Iran, at a meeting near the Canadian capital, Ottawa. The ministers, preparing for the annual G8 summit in Canada in late June, are urging "strong steps" to curb Iran's nuclear program. (March 30th, Tuesday)

U.S. President Barack Obama says he wants to see a tough new round of sanctions against Iran taken up by the UN Security Council "within weeks." (March 31st, Wednesday)

Apr 02 11:57

Famous Papal Forgeries -

While exiled in Avignon, France, the papacy commissioned a series of forged documents that are known today as the Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals. The documents – fictitious letters back-dated by centuries which granted the Church absolute control over all Europe, Asia Minor and Egypt – were compiled and enforced by popes and their associates over a span of nearly four centuries. Voltaire, one of the Enlightenment’s greatest intellectuals, derided the Decretals as ‘the boldest and most magnificent forgery that ever deceived the world.’

Apr 02 11:55

Albert Einstein on ‘ethical behavior’ –

“A man’s ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties and needs; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death.” – Albert Einstein, Religion and Science

Apr 02 11:53

Financial Reform 201

As economists such as George Stigler and Sam Peltzman pointed out, regulation has the effect of offering protection to regulated firms, but also serving to keep out competitors. In other words, contra Krugman, regulation creates what in effect are government-sponsored cartels. From this, we see "Capture Theory" emerging, as the regulated industries and their government regulators form a tag team that operates to the benefit of the people in the system -- and against consumers.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Apr 02 11:43

The Seattle Bubble has burst!

Apr 02 11:43

Israel confronts its nightmare scenario

There is nowhere to hide amid the armies of envoys and negotiators, analysts and commentators who are dug in across the windy wastelands of Middle East diplomacy.

So when Hillary Clinton congratulated Benjamin Netanyahu for his ''unprecedented'' gesture of a partial freeze on expanding Jewish settlements on Palestinian land, someone inevitably would come along and burst her bubble.

Uncharacteristically, Clinton had left herself no wriggle room.

Apr 02 11:26

Monty Python - Crackpot Religions Ltd.

Apr 02 11:23

Cease-fire at risk as hostilities rise along Israeli border with Gaza Strip

Tensions along the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip have escalated in the past week, threatening a cease-fire with the ruling Hamas movement that has held since Israeli forces waged war in Gaza last year to try to end rocket attacks into Israel.

The Israeli air force early Friday struck at what the military said were a weapons manufacturing site and two arms storage facilities in retaliation for recent Palestinian rocket fire.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, they blew up a cheese factor.

Apr 02 11:22

Gaza police: Collaborator arrested

The general investigation unit of the the de facto police in central Gaza detained a suspected collaborator on Friday, saying the man provided information to Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The real question is if this guy was one of the ones firing those rockets into empty lots in Israel!

Apr 02 11:05

Is it time to replace the US Government?

94% (1899 votes)
6% (119 votes)
Total votes: 2018
Apr 02 11:05

Is It Time for Law Abiding American Citizens to Stop Paying Their Taxes and Start a New Government?

The evidence is now overwhelming. The United States government has facilitated the theft of trillions of dollars of national wealth and 99% of the US population no longer has political representation.

Apr 02 11:00

The Feds’ Militia in Michigan

Lawyers defending eight of the people charged in the case asked a judge during a hearing in Detroit to grant bail to the militia members, arguing that merely possessing weapons and voicing opposition to the government is not illegal.

Apr 02 10:36

US ‘fabricated documents’ in pursuit of Iranian engineer

The US authorities have been accused of presenting fabricated documents to French courts to support their demand for extradition of an Iranian engineer, as his court postpones deciding his fate for the sixth time.

Apr 02 10:28

Moreno struggled to defrock 2 priests

The late Tucson Bishop Manuel D. Moreno, often characterized as a poor advocate for sexual abuse victims, struggled with both canon law and Vatican mandates in his efforts to defrock two local priests, documents obtained by the Arizona Daily Star show.

In one case, Moreno pleaded with then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, for help in removing the Rev. Michael Teta, who was convicted by the church in 1997 of five crimes including sexual solicitation in the confessional.

Apr 02 10:27

Ratzinger And The Cases Of Father Teta And Father Trupia

It was well-known in Arizona two decades ago that Father Michael Teta was a rapist of teen boys. Teta was first suspended from his duties in 1990 because he was credibly accused of such crimes. But it took seven more years to successfully convict him in a canonical court of sexual molestation, in part because of the arcane legal expertise necessary to conduct such a trial. During that time, the rapist was paid living expenses, legal fees and health insurance by the church.

Apr 02 10:26

Cops & CPS Seize Child From Parents For Mistrusting Government

A family in Williamson County, Austin have lost custody of their 7-year-old son as part of a Child Protective Services investigation because the parents taught their children to mistrust the government, an action that deemed them to be “unsuitable parents,” according to charges leveled by police officers in CPS documents.

Apr 02 10:25

Obama: Iran aims to acquire nukes

"All the evidence indicates that the Iranians are trying to develop the capacity to develop nuclear weapons," Obama told CBS. "They might decide that, once they have that capacity that they'd hold off right at the edge - in order not to incur - more sanctions."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to President Obama:

1. If in fact Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons, as a member of the NNPT, and subject to IAEA inspections, why have no IAEA inspections come up with incontrovertible proof that this is happening?!?

2. The US has given both Iran - and the world - an object lesson of what happens to a country which doesn't have a nuclear deterrent, as in the case of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

3. Mr. President, there is Federal law, called the Symington Amendment. This law stipulates, unequivocally, that the US is forbidden to give any financial or military aid to any country possessing nuclear weapons which is not a member of the NNPT, and refuses to have its nuclear facilities inspected.

As the revelations of Mordechai Vannunu indicated in the late 1980s, and as confirmed by both former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and former US President Jimmy Carter, Israel has nuclear weapons. Israel refuses to sign the NNPT and has refused inspection of its nuclear sites.

Mr. President, why is the US consistently breaking the law by giving Israel financial and military assistance?!? Can you please explain this to We the Taxpayers, who annually fork over 3 billion dollars in aid to Israel?!?

Apr 02 10:23

FOX News Junkie Shot Up “Liberal” Church. Where Was The SPLC?

While FOX News trawls patriot websites looking for comments placed by trolls and COINTELPRO operatives, perhaps it is time we shine the big bright flashlight of truth onto their war-mongering, hate fueled speech that motivated one of their fans to act out in a horrific act of violence that barely even got a mention out of that vigilant monitor of the radical right, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Apr 02 10:22

Obama Can Stop Funding Illegal Settlements

President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Secretary of State Clinton have been uncharacteristically frank about how illegal Israeli settlements obstruct prospects for Middle East peace. General Petraeus went even further, advising a reluctant Congress that Arab perceptions of one sided US support for Israel actually harms US national security and endangers troops. It is now time for President Obama to cut off hidden US funding — private and public — to illegal Israeli settlements.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It won't happen. The public disagreement between the US and Israel was pure political theater to fool the world into thinking the US is an objective arbiter in the Middle East.

Apr 02 10:21

Catholic Abuse Hotline Overrun Amid New Allegations

It was a much criticized idea. Earlier this month, Germany's Catholic Church announced that it was planning a hotline for sexual abuse victims to call should they be in need of counselling or advice. Given the ever-increasing wave of abuse allegations being levelled at clerics in Germany this spring, however, many critics doubted whether victims would phone up the organization that was responsible for their suffering in the first place.

The critics were wrong. On Wednesday, the first full day of the hotline's operation, fully 4,459 people phoned up -- far more than the therapists hired to man the phones could handle.

Apr 02 10:20

FLASHBACK - Former bishop Pilla says report of kickbacks a shock

Former Bishop Anthony Pilla said he was shocked when confronted with evidence that Cleveland Catholic Diocese employees stole hundreds of thousands of dollars through what prosecutors call an elaborate kickback scheme.

Pilla, the longtime leader of the diocese who retired in last year, took the stand in the trial of Anton Zgoznik, who is accused of multiple counts of conspiracy, money laundering, mail fraud and obstruction of justice.

Apr 02 10:17

Pope's preacher: Abuse critique like anti-Semitism

Pope Benedict XVI's personal preacher on Friday likened accusations against the pope and the Catholic church in the sex abuse scandal to "collective violence" suffered by the Jews.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now they are just getting silly!

Apr 02 10:14

U.S. Recants Claims that Detainee Who Was One of the Main Sources for the 9/11 Report, and Repeatedly Tortured, Was Involved in 9/11 or Even Al Qaeda

Abu Zubaydah was the first "high-value" detainee who was tortured, as the U.S. claimed he was a top Al Qaeda terrorist who knew a lot about 9/11.

He was waterboarded at least 83 times in August 2002 alone.

In fact, Abu Zubaydah was one of the main sources of information for the 9/11 report.

Never mind that he was literally crazy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the US Government grabs a schizophrenic and tortures him into confessions that form the core of the official report on 9-11.

And then the US Government wonders who 100 million Americans don't trust the official story!

Apr 02 10:11

Catholic Church child abuse scandal: religion as a licence to prey

The latest allegations concern Pope Benedict the 16th, who is accused of personal involvement when he was a bishop in covering up for paedophile priests — one of whom is alleged to have sexually assaulted 200 deaf children — and allowing them to continue working with children in the dioceses to which they had been moved.

In this chapter of clerical horrors, it was common practice, a clerical ritual you might say, to move paedophile priests, whose character had become too well-known where they were, into new areas where they were not known. In practice, that was to give them a new supply of children to molest.

Apr 02 10:09

Church admits abuse victims came second

The head of Germany's Catholics has admitted in a Good Friday message that victims of child abuse had been inadequately cared for because of the Church's effort to protect its reputation.

Apr 02 10:05

Obama urges China to back Iran nuclear sanctions

Barack Obama has urged Beijing to "ratchet up the pressure" on Iran over its nuclear programme after a breakthrough for the US administration in persuading China to agree to talks on fresh sanctions against Tehran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apparently, the folks who wrote this article about an alleged "breakthrough for the US administration in persuading China to agree to talks on fresh sanctions against Tehran" didn't get the memo.

As reported yesterday in:


"China Denies Backing Iran Sanctions"
"Yesterday’s claims that the Chinese government had, after months of US cajoling, finally agreed to support sanctions against Iran appear to be premature, and China has reiterated its past position that diplomacy, not sanctions, should resolve the issue."

There is no "breakthrough" with China, Iran's #1 trading partner, and there are no "...signals from Beijing that it might support fresh punitive measures', period, end of discussion.

Apr 02 09:56

FLASHBACK - Diocese of Paterson recommending priest under FBI investigation be reinstated as church pastor

A lawyer for the Diocese of Paterson has recommended that a Morris County priest be returned to active ministry even as the FBI continues to investigate how the clergyman spent parish funds.

Apr 02 09:48

Mongolia: The Pentagon's Trojan Horse. US-NATO Partner Wedged Between China And Russia

Mongolia, however remote it is and previously inaccessible it may have been, is no exception to the wave of worldwide U.S. military expansion.

NATO now has a military partner squeezed between Russia and China.

With its vast expanse (over 600,000 square miles) and its sparse population (less than 3 million people with almost 40 percent living in the capital), Mongolia is the optimal location for U.S. military surveillance (ground, air and satellite) to monitor China and Russia simultaneously. The nation’s new U.S.-educated head of state is not likely to deny Washington’s requests in that regard.

Apr 02 09:34

The Dangers of Nuclear War: U.S.-Russian Nuke Deal no Cure for Real Threat

The most fundamental problem is that the provisions do not eliminate nuclear weapons but instead change their level of readiness. Nuclear weapons have three states of readiness: fully equipped and ready to be fired, readied but with the head and body separated, and finally, in storage conditions with the warhead removed.

Apr 02 09:31

Financial Fraud and the Economic Crisis

The “F Word” (for fraud) is back in polite conversation on Wall Street. Fraud and financial crime are slowly becoming part of the debate over what must be done to restrore confidence in what has so plainly been a confidence game.

Drilling for oil has knocked financial reform out of the headlines but among commentators, a concern with crime and the absence of punishment is being raised again.

First there was Robert Reich, the former Clinton Labor Secretary, a small man with a large and insistent voice. He’s practically spitting because he’s so pissed off with the inaction, asking where has the SEC been—not the Bush SEC which blew the Madoff probe but the Obama appointees:

Apr 02 09:26

The Iraqi Pilgrimage to Iran

Without equivocation, a large number of politicians, and particularly key players in the elections, flocked to Tehran to hold meetings with senior officials of the Iranian regime including General Qassim Sulaimani, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ al-Quds Corps and the official responsible for Iraqi affairs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So let me wrap my head around this; the greatest benefactor from the US invasion and occupation of Iraq is turning out to be...Iran?!?!?

Apr 02 09:21

US Recants Claims on "High-Value" Detainee Abu Zubaydah

The Justice Department has quietly recanted nearly every major claim the Bush administration made about Abu Zubaydah, the alleged al-Qaeda leader who was the first suspected terrorist subjected to the torture of waterboarding and other White House-approved "enhanced interrogation techniques."

For the first time, the government officially admitted that Zubaydah did not have "any direct role in or advance knowledge of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001," and was neither a "member" of al-Qaeda nor "formally" identified with the terrorist organization.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So let me get this straight: we tortured this man... for absolutely no damned good reason.

Apr 02 09:02

Israeli Terrorism Against America

Apr 02 08:59

French priest admits child abuse

Father Jacques Gaimard, director of a Christian radio station in the northern region of Upper Normandy, was charged on Wednesday with sexual assaults on a minor in 1992 and 1993 and released on bail.

Apr 02 08:53

China Denies Backing Iran Sanctions

Yesterday’s claims that the Chinese government had, after months of US cajoling, finally agreed to support sanctions against Iran appear to be premature, and China has reiterated its past position that diplomacy, not sanctions, should resolve the issue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The UK's "Guardian" got caught with its journalistic pants down when it made the claim as reported on 31 March as reported at:


"China supports Barack Obama's call for new Iran sanctions"

"According to officials with knowledge of the talks, an agreement to begin drafting a security council resolution was reached in a telephone call involving representatives of the US, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany."

Note that these "officials" were never sourced.

Apr 02 08:51

Feds Approving Bogus Products as 'Energy-Efficient,' Investigation Finds

The federal government has been slapping "energy-efficient" ratings on products that don't even exist -- including a bogus space heater with a duster stuck to it and an alarm clock supposedly powered by gasoline.

Apr 02 08:50

9/11 Reconstruction: Mental Before Physical

We need Congress to authorize and fund a new 9/11 investigation. The highly fragmented 9/11 truth movement must unite behind a political strategy to make this happen. The only reason to fear a new investigation is the likely unsettling finding that, indeed, the US government was a lot more than incompetent and negligent.

Apr 02 08:49

ABC Nightline: What the Pope Knew About Father Maciel

Apr 02 08:46

Earth Hour participation down

Canadian interest in Earth Hour waned this year, according to a poll by Ipsos Reid.

Apr 02 08:46

Efforts underway to 'bury' UN Gaza report

"I think its part of the wider effort basically to bury the recommendations of the Goldstone report, unnecessarily delaying the implementation of its recommendations," the UN's special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories told Ma'an news agency.

He said the prolonged process made the UN less likely to hold accused war criminals accountable and that the delays would "remove the reality of what happened in Gaza from the collective memory of world society."

Apr 02 08:45

Sex Abuse Scandal Casting Shadow Over Pope John Paul II's Sainthood

Five years ago Catholics around the world were mourning the death of Pope John Paul II, who headed the church for 27 years. Now questions have arisen over his record combating pedophile priests and it appears his fast track to sainthood may be slowing down.

Apr 02 08:44

China Denies Backing Iran Sanctions

Yesterday’s claims that the Chinese government had, after months of US cajoling, finally agreed to support sanctions against Iran appear to be premature, and China has reiterated its past position that diplomacy, not sanctions, should resolve the issue.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed earlier this week that there was a “consensus” on the need for sanctions and claimed specifically that China had a “growing awareness” of the importance of the move.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US's current Secretary of State is a colossal embarrassment to this country, and displays all the diplomatic finesse of a back-hoe stuck in overdrive.

She knew from the beginning that Russia and China (now Iran's number one trading partner) will absolutely not go for "sanctions that bite" against Iran.

So now, what? Non-UN,multilateral sanctions which can only result in a war against Iran?

Apr 02 08:37

Papal Scandals

There simply must be a vicar of Christ on earth, and so popes have been succeeding each other for nearly 2,000 years—but not without the occasional misstep. From cronyism to incest and even an attempt to sell the papacy, pontiffs have occasionally strayed from the righteous path. “The Catholic Church is no stranger to scandals and controversy,” says Anura Guruge, author of The Next Pope.

Apr 02 08:35

Combating the growing influence of climate sceptics

A fascinating new study commissioned by Oxfam and produced by digital mapping agency Profero has shed new insights into the way climate sceptics’ networks operate. The study’s conclusions, as yet unpublished but seen by Left Foot Forward, were presented to a closed meeting of campaigners on Wednesday night.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note the language used, with words like "combat" and "campaign" which reveals this debate is not about science but about agenda.

Apr 02 08:34

What War with Iran Means

"Diplomacy has failed," Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., told AIPAC, "Iran is on the verge of becoming nuclear and we cannot afford that."

Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute, Neocon Central, writes, "The only questions remaining, one Washington politico tells me, are who starts it, and how it ends."

As to who starts it, we know the answer. Tehran has not started a war in memory and is not going to launch a suicide attack on a superpower with thousands of nuclear weapons. As with Iraq in 2003, the war will be launched by the United States against a nation that did not attack us — to strip it of weapons it does not have.

Apr 02 08:34

Keep your hands off my stuff!

Keep your hands off my stuff!

The more social programs there are and the bigger government gets, the more expensive government becomes and the less freedom we have. The money has to come from somewhere and if it doesn’t come from the people directly through taxes, it must be printed. This causes the more insidious tax of inflation which most people don’t see or understand.


Apr 02 08:32

'Climategate': Parliament Backs the Science, if Not the Scientists

"Within our limited inquiry and the evidence we took, the scientific reputation of Professor Jones and CRU remains intact.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hardly surprising. The British Government, as desperate for carbon tax money as anyone else, held just one day of hearings and did not allow any critics of the AGW science to speak.

Apr 02 08:31

Aafia Siddiqui: Victimized by American Depravity

...“After that, they observed that she would read the Qu’ran, from memory and from the book. They again would send six, seven men, who would strip her naked and misbehave etc. They took the Qu’ran and threw it at her feet and told her that only if you walk on the Qu’ran will we return (it) to you. She would cry and shout that she would not do it. Then they would beat her with their rifle butts so much that she would be bloodied. All her face and body would be injured. Then they used to pull out her hair one by one, just like this…. They threatened (to) take her to the court like this, naked.”...
Her sister Fowzia said “It is all on tape. I am not making this up. They are sadists or whatever.

Apr 02 08:30

Candidates spar over who’s the best friend of Israel

Republican Ed Lynch said he’d be far better on Israel than Deutch, who is Jewish.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

People worried about Israel should move there.

America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third!

Apr 02 08:29

Extremist group demands governors resign

A domestic extremist group has sent letters to more than 30 U.S. governors demanding they resign, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI said in an intelligence note.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This feels like another FBI front group manufacturing headlines.

Apr 02 08:28

Sadr supporters hold referendum in Iraq

Supporters of Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr went to polls on Friday in a referendum on who should the bloc back in the race for the country's premiership.

The referendum is organized by about 40,000 Sadr supporters. It will in no way play any official role in the ultimate outcome of who gets to govern. But, it could signal just how crucial Sadr's support is for whoever assumes power in Iraq.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It will be interesting to see just how this plays out in the power struggle for the leadership of Iraq.

Apr 02 08:20


Three children have been reported injured in eastern Gaza City after Israeli aircraft carried out a series of missile attacks across the Palestinian territory.

Palestinian hospital officials said the children were injured by flying debris after the air raids that came in the early hours of Friday.

Al Jazeera’s Casey Kauffman, reporting from Gaza, said there were attacks in at least six locations.

Apr 02 08:20


During our presence outside the conference, I got an earful of everything from thoughtful debate to the most vulgar of insults to outright ignorance on the issues: “There is already a settlement freeze!” “Gaza isn’t under siege, Israel is!” “AIPAC has nothing to do with policy!” This last remark was made while standing under the enormous sign reading “AIPAC Policy Conference.”

Apr 02 08:19

U.S. to use profiling checks for incoming flights

The Obama administration will announce Friday a new screening system for flights to the United States under which passengers who fit an intelligence profile of potential terrorists will be searched before boarding their flight, a senior administration official said.

The procedures, which have been approved by President Obama, are aimed at preventing another terror attack like the one attempted by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian suspected of ties to al Qaeda who tried to blow up an airliner Christmas Day with a bomb hidden in his under wear, the official said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder: just where is this Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab now?!?

Have you noticed that the trial of this man, begun in January of this year, has literally fallen off the radar screen in the corporate media??

It's almost as though the incident never took place, the guy is still in jail, and there is not one word about a supposed plea bargain which was supposed to happen because of his cooperation with authorities.

And why would that be?!? Possibly, because the whole thing was a setup?

And who benefits, ultimately? Not any foreign or domestic traveler, that's for sure.

It is simply a "fear factor" ploy to get travelers accustomed to complying with having to go through those metal detectors at airports. Those metal detectors, by the way, were ordered years ago.

Apr 02 08:18


The latest rift between the United States and Israel, which began with Israel’s announcement of more planned construction planned in Ramat Shlomo – a Jewish-only neighborhood – that would further separate East Jerusalem from the rest of a future Palestinian state, distracts from the larger, even more inhumane separation that must be reversed if the Israeli- Palestinian conflict has any chance of being resolved peacefully. This is the separation between Israel and Palestine themselves.

Apr 02 08:17


Gideon Levy is a rare voice of courage in an Israeli media generally supine towards the political establishment. Since 1988, he has written the “Twilight Zone” column for the Israeli daily Haaretz, documenting unflinchingly the myriad cruelties inflicted on the Palestinian people under occupation.

Apr 02 08:17


The drama started weeks before the terrorist attacks - at a Jewish residential complex In Mumbai run by the Chabad-Lubavitch ultra-orthodox movement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of the revelation that Mumbai terrorist David Headley was actually a US agent.

Apr 02 08:12

Doug Casey on Anarchy Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator

....I never said a truly free, anarchic society would be a utopia; it would simply be a society that emphasizes personal responsibility and doesn't have any organized institutions of coercion. Perfect harmony is not an option for imperfect human beings. Social order, however, is possible without the state. In fact, the state is so dangerous because it necessarily draws the sociopaths – who like coercion – to itself.

Apr 02 08:10


Eggnogsticism is a monotheistic religion that centers itself around the belief that, in our lives, there exists a supreme eggnog. Also central to Eggnogsticism is the belief that true understanding only comes from direct experience of the eggnog.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My favorite religion is Frizbeeterianism, which teaches that when you die your soul flies up on the roof. Unless you have been bad, then it gets sucked under a car and a dog chews it up!

Apr 02 08:10

Welcome to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Apr 02 08:06

Hubbard and "Start a Religion for $$$"

"I always knew he was exceedingly anxious to hit big money - he used to say he thought the best way to do it would be to start a cult." -- Sam Merwin, then the editor of the "Thrilling" group of magazines: quoted in "Bare Faced Messiah" p.133 from 1986 interview. Winter of 1946/47.

"Around this time he was invited to address a science fiction group in Newark hosted by the writer, Sam Moskowitz. `Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous,' he told the meeting. `If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way to do it would be start his own religion.'
-- "Bare Faced Messiah" p.148. Reference given to LA Times, 27 Aug 78. Supposed to have happened in spring 1949.

Apr 02 08:00

100 million Americans question or find fault with the official 9/11 story

Though 12 per cent of respondents reject the commission's findings, one-in-five Americans (21 percent) are undecided. In particular, 35 percent of Independents and 34 percent of Democrats do not accept the official version, compared to just 20 percent of Republicans.

These figures translate to about 100 million Americans that question or find fault with the official 9/11 story, far from a trivial number and far too many to dismiss as conspiracy nuts and part of the lunatic fringe. This is the important message that merits public appreciation.

Apr 02 07:59

3D-face creator says Shroud proves resurrection

"People are not going to forget the face of Jesus this Easter," says Ray Downing, creator of the 3D computer technology that produced the "real face of Jesus" from the image of the crucified man in the Shroud of Turin. The image was seen in a highly watched History Channel special broadcast Tuesday. The program will be replayed Saturday night and Easter Sunday afternoon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Forget about those whiny kids; we got MIRACLES for you! Miracles!! See? See? Miracles. Oooooooh; miracles! Magic! Talismans! Spells! Candles! The face of Jesus!"


The Shroud has been carbon dated to the Middle ages.

The face on the shroud is that of a European man. The historical Jesus was Middle Eastern.

The weave of the Shroud is a 6 to 1 herringbone weave, a form of weaving unknown in Jesus' time.

Apr 02 07:56

Obama to Crush Economy with Massive CO2 Taxes as Early as Next Week

Abandoning all loyalty to the democratic processes this nation holds dear, President Obama has made the decision that getting energy tax legislation through Congress with the approval of the American people is just too much of a pain to bother with. Instead he will have the EPA declare as early as next week that CO2 is a dangerous global warming gas and will start regulating its emissions immediately.

Apr 02 07:51

U.S. and Colombia Cover Up Atrocities Through Mass Graves

This scandal revolves around the Colombian military, most recently under the direction of Juan Manuel Santos, knowingly murdering civilians in cold blood and then dressing them up to look like armed guerillas in order to justify more aid from the United States. According to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pilay, this practice has been so "systematic and widespread" as to amount to a "crime against humanity." And sadly, when Ms. Pilay made this statement, she literally did not know the half of it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Your tax dollars at work, folks.

Apr 02 07:45

Forensic experts to reexamine WTC rubble

New York forensic experts will start a major new search Monday through debris from the World Trade Center for remains of people killed in the 9/11 terrorist attack, officials said.

"That material is going to be sifted to see if there are any human remains," said Jason Post, a spokesman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "We're taking every step we can to recover the remains of 9/11 victims."

Experts, including anthropologists, will hand check the material in the 1.4-million-dollar operation, which could go on as long as three months at a closed location at a landfill on Staten Island

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder about the timing of this operation, and the "real reason" for doing this now, almost 9 years after the event.

Is this really about finding human remains, or is this an attempt to shut people up who are continuing to ask legitimate, logical questions about how and this horrendous event happened?!?

Apr 02 07:27

Vatican was told 50 years ago to act against paedophile priests

A former pope was warned that paedophile priests should be removed from active ministry and repeat offenders expelled from the church, according to a clerical communique that has emerged following a US lawsuit.

The letter, written in August 1963 by the head of an order that specialised in the treatment of priests accused of abusing children, suggests that the Vatican and Pope Paul VI should have known about failings in procedures for dealing with such cases, according to the lawyer who produced it.

Apr 02 07:26

Catholic Abuse Hotline Overrun Amid New Allegations

A hotline set up by the Catholic Church in Germany to counsel victims of sexual abuse was overrun on its first day, with almost 4,500 calls.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Welcome to the Catholic Sexual Abuse Automated Hotline.

"If you were sodomized by a priest, press 1."

"If you were sodomized by a Bishop or above, press 2."

"If you were forced to engage in oral sex, press 3."

"If you have photos, please stay on the line and the next available lawyer will be negotiating a settlement with you as soon as possible."

Apr 02 07:22

Pray for scandal-plagued church: archbishop

Halifax Archbishop Anthony Mancini says it's time to acknowledge that the Roman Catholic Church is falling apart, but urges parishioners not to lose faith.

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"As long as you still believe, we gotcha!"

Apr 02 07:21

Police team to probe priest abuse of children

The police in Northern Ireland are to establish a dedicated investigation team to look into cases of alleged child abuse by Catholic priests.

Apr 02 07:10

The Pope should reconsider his state visit to Britain

As an archbishop, Vincent Nichols clearly has a duty to mount a defence against the rising criticism of the "Holy Father". As a man who must understand just how serious this crisis is to the standing of the Church and the faith of its parishioners, however, the Archbishop should be privately advising Benedict XVI to consider cancelling his forthcoming visit to Britain next September. The Pope, to put it baldly, is now too embattled and too damaged by the worldwide revelations of abuse and cover-up to be able to come to this country without controversy, protests and distaste.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The pro-molestation crowd is taking the position that the Pope is immune from prosecution or even having to testify because he is a sovereign head of state. However, the Pope was not a Pope when the cover-ups and conspiracy to obstruct justice occured. He was a Cardinal and not protected by Sovereign immunity.

Apr 02 07:09

Journalist on the run from Israel is hiding in Britain

In his article for Haaretz, Mr Blau reported that one of two Islamic Jihad militants killed in Jenin in June 2007 had been targeted for assassination in apparent violation of a ruling issued six months earlier by Israel's supreme court. While not outlawing assassinations in the West Bank altogether, the ruling heavily restricted the circumstances in which they were permissible, effectively saying that they should not take place if arrest was possible.

Apr 02 07:08

FLASHBACK - Former Jesuit claims breach of contract

A small, earnest man with a round cherubic face that turns pink when he gets excited, German seems more likely to be cast as Walter Mitty than Martin Luther.

But German, 51, is taking on the Catholic Church by accusing its most potent leaders of turning a blind eye to his repeated reports of other priests' sexual misconduct and misuse of church funds.

Apr 02 07:06

Israel arrests soldier and gags media in militant assassination cover-up

Israel has placed one of its former soldiers under house arrest for allegedly leaking details of a controversial policy to kill wanted Palestinian militants, and has slapped a gag order on the national media to prevent it covering the development, according to sources both in the Jewish state and abroad.

The moves are being challenged by the media in a country that prides itself on its freedom of speech. An appeal is expected to be lodged this month by a television news channel and by the centre-left newspaper Haaretz, while the mass-market daily Maariv satirised both the gag and the lack of media defiance by declaring: “Due to a gag order we cannot tell you what we know. Due to laziness, apathy and blind faith in the defence establishment we know nothing at all.”

Apr 02 07:05

Feds Prepare To Use Anarchists To Provoke Tea Party Violence

Given the past history of how so-called “anarchist” groups are so easily infiltrated and provocateured by the authorities to commit meaningless acts of violence that only serve to discredit political causes, we should be alarmed by the possibility that anarchist plans to “crash the tea parties” will present the perfect opportunity for the establishment to create a flashpoint with which to demonize constitutionalists as unruly extremists.

Apr 02 07:04

Canada to Surrender its Sovereignty to NWO under proposed law.

C-6’s language is a constitutional nightmare: within it are eight blatant violations, ranging from warrantless search and seizure to being guilty until proven innocent, in a complete diversion from due process of law, all based on the opinion of a Health Canada inspector, and adjudicated by the Health Minister. However, as dire the portents of these breaches of the Constitution are, they pale in comparison to the catastrophic effects of Sections 2 and 14, which make Canadians “subject to the dictates of foreign authorities”… authorities which are unnamed and undefined, but may include governments and associations. (Read trade groups, WTO, WHO, NAFTA, etc.)

Apr 02 07:02

Israeli Court Decides Not To File Charges Against Soldier Who Killed Nonviolent Protestor in Bil’in

Despite a video clearly showing the death of Bassem Abu Rahma, who was shot in the chest by a gas bomb, an Israeli court decided Thursday that the killing that took place during a nonviolent protest against the Annexation Wall in Ni’lin near Ramallah, was not intentional.

Apr 02 07:02

Mumbai Terrorist Was US Agent

After terrorist conspirator and “former” U.S. government agent David Coleman Headley received promises of leniency and extradition protection from American prosecutors for his role in the 2008 Mumbai massacre, speculation about his true masters was set ablaze as outrage erupted across India.

Apr 02 07:01

Report: Valley rabbi arrested for sexually assaulting child

Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Thomas Henman said Rabbi Bramly is accused of raping a 7-year-old girl in March 2000 in New York City.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted for the Catholics who are whining that the sexual abuse scandal is just a Jewish plot to attack the Catholic Church.

Apr 02 04:48

New Documentary Exposes Move Towards Totalitarian World Government

Film maker Jason Bermas has collected a truly monumental amount of video archive and document material to render completely obsolete claims that the agenda of today’s ruling elite is not the open move towards a global totalitarian world government which will be run to the detriment of the people in the self-interests of the tiny ruling class that sit atop the power pyramid.
Bermas’ highly anticipated documentary Invisible Empire exposes the New World Order in their own words, by painstakingly showing how the elite have not only conspired to create a dictatorial global government in private, but have publicly stated their agenda hundreds of times in public.

Apr 02 02:57

Q&A on Obamacare

A few days ago, via e-mail correspondence, I answered some queries about the new health-care-insurance law put to me by Marina Galisova, a reporter for the Slovak weekly magazine Tyzden. It seems that this interview has formed the topic of an article in the magazine, although I cannot be sure because I cannot read Slovak. In any event, on the assumption that not many readers of The Beacon can read Slovak, either, I reproduce here the questions Galisova put to me and my answers.

April 1, 2010

Apr 01 21:53

Mumbai Terrorist Was US Agent

After terrorist conspirator and “former” U.S. government agent David Coleman Headley received promises of leniency and extradition protection from American prosecutors for his role in the 2008 Mumbai massacre, speculation about his true masters was set ablaze as outrage erupted across India.

Headley — a former Drug Enforcement Administration agent and the son of a Pakistani diplomat — pled guilty to various criminal charges on March 18 in connection with his terrorist activities in India, Pakistan and Denmark. He is reportedly “cooperating” with investigators.

Apr 01 21:44

Atheists are believers who hate God, says Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The absence of belief is not a belief.

Equating atheism with belief is like calling "barefoot" a type of shoe.

All of this tortured logic and spin is, of course, an attempt by the Vatican to pull the focus off of the real issue, which is the epidemic of molested children and the subsequent cover-up.

Apr 01 17:54

Mark Twain on the Bible and Religion

...a God who could make good children as easily a bad, yet preferred to make bad ones; who could have made every one of them happy, yet never made a single happy one; who made them prize their bitter life, yet stingily cut it short; who gave his angels eternal happiness unearned, yet required his other children to earn it; who gave is angels painless lives, yet cursed his other children with biting miseries and maladies of mind and body; who mouths justice, and invented hell--mouths mercy, and invented hell--mouths Golden Rules and foregiveness multiplied by seventy times seven, and invented hell; who mouths morals to other people, and has none himself; who frowns upon crimes, yet commits them all; who created man without invitation, then tries to shuffle the responsibility for man's acts

Apr 01 17:52

Rational thoughts from a religious skeptic. — Mark Twain

The Christian’s Bible is a drug store. Its contents remain the same; but the medical practice changes… The world has corrected the Bible. The church never corrects it; and also never fails to drop in at the tail of the procession — and take the credit of the correction. During many ages there were witches. The Bible said so. the Bible commanded that they should not be allowed to live. Therefore the Church, after eight hundred years, gathered up its halters, thumb-screws, and firebrands, and set about its holy work in earnest. She worked hard at it night and day during nine centuries and imprisoned, tortured, hanged, and burned whole hordes and armies of witches, and washed the Christian world clean with their foul blood.

Apr 01 17:50

Mark Twain quotations - Religion

Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion--several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn't straight. He has made a graveyard of the globe in trying his honest best to smooth his brother's path to happiness and heaven. - "The Lowest Animal"

I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man's reasoning powers are not above the monkey's. - Mark Twain in Eruption

Apr 01 17:26

Former Socialist India Becomes Fascist

The bad news is that the people of India are about to morph into the sheeple of India. They are going to allow their government to issue national ID cards to every citizen within the next few years.

Apr 01 17:06

Israel pounds Gaza with missiles

The Israeli military said it had targeted weapons storage facilities in the central Gaza Strip, in Gaza City in the north and the southern Gaza Strip, all in response to rockets fired from Gaza.

Late on Thursday and just two hours before the air strikes, the military said a Palestinian rocket fired from Gaza had landed in an open area of southern Israel.

There was no claim of responsibility for the rocket, which caused no casualties.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay folks, here is a question: Do you really think that in 20 years the Palestinians haven't figured out a way to have these rockets actually hit something useful? (And by the way there was only one rocket last Wednesday.) And if the Palestinians have a rocket (a firework really) that doesn't hit anything useful and does not cause any damage, why would they even fire it, knowing that this will give Israel the excuse to come in with all their modern weapons (paid for by the US tax payer) and start blowing up what little the Gazan people have left to live on?

Or does it really make much more sense that these totally useless and ineffective rockets are just a propaganda device by Israel's agents-provocateurs to justify a renewal of the military efforts to push the Palestinians off of what is left of their lands?

Apr 01 16:50

Thirteen Israeli air strikes hit Gaza Strip

Israeli warplanes have carried out at least 13 air strikes on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources have told the BBC.

There were no immediate reports of casualties.

Four of the strikes took place near the town of Khan Younis, where two Israeli soldiers were killed in clashes with Palestinian fighters last week.

The Israeli strikes are the most serious for more than a year, says the BBC's Jon Donnison from Jerusalem.

Apr 01 16:45

Anatomy of a Fake Tea Party Patriot

The Tea Party has become an establishment group that is redirecting its supporters back into the mainstream Republican Party. Patriots in name only show us who they really are through their actions. Here is just one example of an establishment representative masquerading as a Tea Party patriot.

Apr 01 16:34

Damn it? Pretty Please!

As long as you are not a Palestinian you could almost make an argument that the Middle East game of “Smoke and Mirrors” is actually amusing. Again, it is only amusing if you do not have to actually witness and deal with the nasty end of the Israel stick on a daily basis. For those that do, the Palestinians and all of their friends and neighbors in that part of the world...

Apr 01 16:16

Oregon Gov/AG to defend forced health bill in court

Oregon plans to defend health care reform bill in court
April 01, 2010 3:28 PM
While 15 states, including Virginia, plan to wage a legal fight against the new federal health care reform bill, Oregon is taking the opposite tack. According to the Portland Business Journal, Gov. Ted Kulongoski and Attorney General John Kroger announced today that Oregon will be the first state to take legal action in court to defend the bill.
Kroger is quoted as saying that “I think it is critical that the courts hear not just from the opponents of the health care legislation, but from those states that believe it is constitutional.” He plans to ask attorney generals in other state to work with Oregon to develop a legal strategy.

Apr 01 16:02

Israeli planes and helicopters bomb Gaza targets

Israeli planes and helicopters carried out at least seven missile attacks on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Friday, causing damage and slightly wounding two children, Palestinian witnesses and officials said. They said four air strikes took place in open areas near the central town of Khan Younis, the site of a deadly clash last week between Israeli troops and Palestinian gunmen.

Two caravans were destroyed there in Friday's attack but there were no casualties, officials said. A fifth missile hit a cheese factory in Gaza City, setting it on fire, witnesses and Hamas officials said. Hospital officials said two children were injured by flying debris.

Helicopters struck twice in the central refugee camp of Nusseirat, destroying a metal foundry. There were no casualties.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Terrorists eat cheese!" -- Tel Aviv

Apr 01 15:19

Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza Strip

Israeli warplanes carried out at least five missile attacks on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Friday, Palestinian witnesses said.

Apr 01 15:17

Officials: Low census returns could hurt Dallas-Fort Worth

North Texas elected officials today said they're concerned about low census response rates in parts of the state and urged residents to return their census forms as soon as possible.

Apr 01 14:53

A Rare Voice Of Courage: Journalist Gideon Levy

Gideon Levy: Zionism has many meanings. For sure, the common concept of Zionism includes the occupation, includes the perception that Jews have more rights in Palestine than anyone else, that the Jewish people are the chosen people, that there can’t be equality between Jews and Arabs, Jews and Palestinians. All those beliefs which are very basic in current Zionism, I can’t share them. In this sense, I can define myself as an anti-Zionist.