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"War in Europe in 1934 was inevitable." -- H. Morgenthau, Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Hearst Press, September, 1933 (also quoted in"The Palestine Plot"by B. Jenson, p. 11).



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May 1, 2010

May 01 00:15

Obama, Vera Baker: National Enquirer Publishes Presidential Cheating Scandal

In a story that the National Enquirer has been working on since 2008, the tabloid announced on its website that President Barack Obama spent the night with former fundraiser, Vera Baker in a DC hotel. The Enquirer has been trying to obtain confirmation of the details of the story it started looking into since 2008. Those details have apparently been confirmed.

April 30, 2010

Apr 30 22:55

30,000 Anti-Global Warming Scientists Can’t Be Wrong

Nature Magazine, the academic journal that introduced the world to X-rays, DNA double helix, wave nature of particles, pulsars, and more recently the human genome, is set to publish a paper in June that shows atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) is responsible for only 5-10% of observed warming on Earth.

Apr 30 21:13

Lloyd Blankfein, Vampire at Large

When historians look back on this time of the most pervasive corruptions at all levels of society, one name will stand as the icon above all the rest. That name will be Goldman Sachs. Lloyd Blankfein’s comment about doing God’s work will also be remembered as the ultimate in hubris and sheer naked, panting greed. Like the proverbial goat, which pisses all over himself in the runaway excitement of pending coitus, Lloyd will be a karmic bookmark and the face of his times; a man without shame. Lloyd is the bridegroom at the marriage of The Whore of Babylon.

Apr 30 20:32

Honda recalls 167,000 Acura TSX for possible fire hazard

Honda Motor Company's luxury vehicle division Acura announced Friday a recall of some 167,000 Acura TSX models to replace a power steering hose that could lead to a "smoke or a fire" hazard.

"Affected TSX vehicles are 2004-2008 models sold in the United States with the 2.4L inline 4-cylinder engine," a company statement said, adding that the repair "involves installing a new power steering hose, o-ring gasket and fluid."

Honda said the hose has a potential "for premature deterioration... as a result of prolonged exposure to high under-hood temperatures" and could develop cracks allowing power steering fluid to leak on the hot exhaust system "potentially generating smoke or a fire."

The repair, it added, will be "all done at no cost to the vehicle owner."


Apr 30 18:44

Document: BP didn't plan for major oil spill; asserted adverse environmental impacts unlikely

British Petroleum downplayed the possibility of a catastrophic accident at an offshore oil rig that exploded and caused the worst U.S. spill in decades along the Gulf Coast.

In its 52-page exploration plan and environmental impact analysis for the well, BP repeatedly suggested it was unlikely, or virtually impossible, for an accident to occur that would lead to a giant crude oil spill and serious damage to beaches, fish, mammals and fisheries.

The U.S. Coast Guard estimates the mile-deep well is spewing 200,000 gallons per day.


The Gulf of Mexico experiences hurricanes every year. Knowing this, anyone that believed BP' impact analysis is a damned fool. This is Katrina all over again.

Apr 30 18:00

New speed cameras trap motorists from space

A new type of speed cameras which can use satellites to measure average speed over long distances are being tested in Britain.

Apr 30 17:57

Cold fusion experimentally confirmed

U.S. Navy researchers claimed to have experimentally confirmed cold fusion in a presentation at the American Chemical Society's annual meeting.

"We have compelling evidence that fusion reactions are occurring" at room temperature, said Pamela Mosier-Boss, a scientist with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (San Diego). The results are "the first scientific report of highly energetic neutrons from low-energy nuclear reactions," she added.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Apr 30 17:54

Earthquakes, Global Warming, and Bad Journalism

Let's get something straight: Earth isn't mad at us. The string of devastating earthquakes that has plagued the planet through the first part of 2010 is just bad tectonic luck. And the small volcanic eruption in Iceland that made big headlines was equally random.

The is no connection whatsoever between them, except for the fact that they occurred in the same year on the same planet. A planet inhabited by at least one person -- respected science journalist and author Alan Weisman -- who wants to shout "Doomsday is Upon Us!" From the nearest media mountaintop.

Apr 30 17:51

Apollo 11 launch revisited in slow-mo HD

HD footage of the first 30 seconds of the Apollo 11 launch slowed down and analyzed as an 8-minute video.

Spectacular stuff

Apr 30 17:34

Stowaway Earth Microbes May Survive on Mars, Contaminating the Search for Life

Relax, David Bowie: in all likelihood there is life on Mars. Unfortunately for those of us hoping to find organic life forms thriving elsewhere in our solar system, there's a reasonably good chance the microbial life we might someday find on Mars was put there by us.

I read about this somewhere the other day. I can't remember where though... ;)

Apr 30 17:20

The Warrior Convictions to Fight our real Enemy

I usually focus my posts on the Middle East and most notably what our Gallant Little Ally and all of the Red Sea pedestrians are up to. That keeps me busy for sure and this is only slightly off topic. I heard some headlines in the news this morning that were a bit shocking and I seriously questioned the accuracy...

Apr 30 16:22

Jewish groups: Boycott Ahmadinejad in NYC

Jewish groups are calling on U.N. member representatives to walk out in protest when Iran's president speaks next week at the United Nations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel appears to be in a total panic over Ahmadinejad's speech to the UN next week.

And notice how Israel screams "anti-Semite" when anyone suggests boycotting Israel, yet never hesitates to demand that others boycott Israel's enemies.

Apr 30 16:17

BBC are cowards

Frankie Boyle has lashed out at the BBC, branding them ‘cowardly’ and ‘cravenly afraid of giving offence’ after censuring one of his jokes.

In an angry open letter, the comedian hit back at the BBC Trust for apologising for a gag he felt drew some small attention to the ‘apartheid’ in Palestine.

Apr 30 16:04

Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico reaches US Gulf coast

Apr 30 15:00

U.S. Coast Guard responding to overturned oil rig

The U.S. Coast Guard said Friday it was responding to an overturned oil rig in an inland canal near Morgan City, Louisiana.

Apr 30 14:54

Dems spark alarm with call for national ID card

Democratic leaders have proposed requiring every worker in the nation to carry a national identification card with biometric information, such as a fingerprint, within the next six years, according to a draft of the measure.

Apr 30 14:08

Goldman-Sachs "Shitty Deal" - Goldman-Sucks More Like

Apr 30 13:25

US gives Abbas private assurances over Israeli settlements

Americans consider withholding veto protecting Israel at UN if building goes ahead at Ramat Shlomo

Apr 30 13:07

Understanding Derivatives in Layman's Terms

An Easily Understandable Explanation of Derivative Markets.

Heidi is the proprietor of a bar in Detroit. She realizes that virtually all of her customers are unemployed alcoholics and, as such, can no longer afford to patronize her bar. To solve this problem, she comes up with a new marketing plan that allows her customers to drink now, but pay later. She keeps track of the drinks consumed in a ledger.

Word gets around about Heidi's "drink now, pay later" marketing strategy and, as a result, increasing numbers of customers flood into Heidi's bar. Soon she has the largest sales volume for any bar in Detroit.

By providing her customers freedom from immediate payment demands, Heidi gets no resistance when, at regular intervals, she substantially increases her prices for wine and beer, the most consumed beverages. Consequently, Heidi's gross sales volume increases massively.

A young and dynamic Vice President at the local bank recognizes that these customer debts constitute valuable future assets, and increases Heidi's borrowing limit. He sees no reason for any undue concern, since he has the debts of the unemployed alcoholics as collateral.

Apr 30 12:12


"That we are overdone with banking institutions which have banished the precious metals and substituted a more fluctuating and unsafe medium, that these have withdrawn capital from useful improvements and employments to nourish idleness, that the wars of the world have swollen our commerce beyond the wholesome limits of exchanging our own productions for our own wants, and that, for the emolument of a small proportion of our society who prefer these demoralizing pursuits to labors useful to the whole, the peace of the whole is endangered and all our present difficulties produced, are evils more easily to be deplored than remedied." --Thomas Jefferson to Abbe Salimankis, 1810. ME 12:379

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why did we not listen?

Apr 30 12:08

Obama administration defies congressional subpoena on Fort Hood documents

The Obama administration said Tuesday it would provide more information to Congress about the Fort Hood shootings but continued to defy a subpoena request for witness statements and other documents.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At the time of the shooting, inside sources at Fort Hood reported that what actually happened was that enraged soldiers, informed they were to be deployed yet again to Iraq after having already served their enlistment commitments, rebelled and went on a shooting spree. The US Government decided that admitting there was rebellion in the ranks was probably a good way to inspire other soldiers fed up with the wars to quit shooting themselves and start shooting the politicians. So a plan was quickly improvised to blame the deaths on a crazed long nut assassin (Copyright 1963 CIA) and of course the villain de jour is always going to be a nasty mean ol' Muslim.

With the White House defying a subpoena to provide witness statements, one thing that we now know for a fact is that the story of Fort Hood spoon-fed to us all by ABCNNBBCBS is likely not true.

Apr 30 12:01

Did Osama bin Laden Confess to the 9/11 Attacks, and Did He Die, in 2001?

Apr 30 11:57

CLIMATEGATE - The Science of Global Warming in Perspective

For most of the twentieth century, scientists were unconcerned about global warming, because carbon dioxide saturates (saturation explained below) and cannot do more heating. Whatever CO2 did in the past, adding more CO2 cannot change anything. But then global warming was dug up by environmentalists, and rationalizers took another look at the science and said, maybe saturation does not occur at the top of the atmosphere. As time went on, every element of the science was contrived to promote global warming alarmism.

Apr 30 11:55

Hawaii lawmakers OK civil unions, send bill to gov

Hawaii is a step closer to joining a small group of other states in allowing same-sex civil unions.

Apr 30 11:53

Former Boonville Priest Indicted on Sex Charges

Gerald Howard, formerly known as Carmine Sita, is charged with forcible sodomy, attempted forcible sodomy and kidnapping.

Apr 30 11:52

CLIMATEGATE - EU Research Finds No Increase In Severe Storms - Contradicts AGW Model Predictions

Global warming alarmists and the climate models have long predicted that the frequency of severe storms would increase. Data worldwide indicates otherwise and a new study by an EU researcher confirms this.

Apr 30 11:41

Bailout Bill Would Require Banks to Track and Report Personal Checking Accounts to Feds

Subtitle G of the Dodd discussion draft bill requires that records be maintained and reported “for each branch, automated teller machine at which deposits are accepted, and other deposit taking service facility with respect to any financial institution, the financial institution shall maintain a record of the number and dollar amounts of deposit accounts of customers.”

What’s worse, banks will be required to submit these records to the new super regulatory agency called the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (page 1041). The CFPA will be allowed to use this information for any purpose “as permitted by law” under CFPA rules—rules set by CFPA themselves.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good reason to close all checking accounts and go back to using cash!

Apr 30 11:30

VIDEO: Gaza: In Plain Language

The best video I have seen on Operation Cast Lead. Video at source.

This was arguably the first aerial bombing campaign ever conducted on a defenseless civilian population held captive within a fenced enclosure and not allowed to escape the assault.

....Given this litany of horror and the coldly premeditated nature of its execution we must ask, what kind of society condones this level of brutality?

....Unfortunately, we need look no further than ...the United States...

Apr 30 10:59

Mich. files tax lien against Aretha; Queen of Soul says she's been busy on road

Aretha Franklin acknowledges she owes income taxes to the state of Michigan.

The Detroit News reports that Michigan last month filed an $11,076 lien against Franklin's home in Bloomfield Hills in Oakland County.

Apr 30 10:51

Flea infestation shuts down Ohio health department

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You can't make this stuff up!

Apr 30 10:35

End oligarchy economics, save trillions with public civic education breakthrough

*hyperlinks live at source*

US universities and colleges could end unlawful US wars and stop banksters’ rigged-casino fraud if they taught the central facts of these issues. This four-part series of articles is an open proposal for their action. Feel free to share it.

This is my proposal for the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) Ed.L.D. program. I’ll add one link a day:

Open proposal to US higher education: End unlawful war, oligarchy economics with education. 1 of 4

Open proposal to US higher education: End unlawful war through breakthrough civic education. 2 of 4

Open proposal to US higher education: end oligarchy economics, save trillions with education. 3 of 4

Apr 30 10:11

American priest stabbed to death in Venezuela

An American priest has been stabbed to death in Venezuela, authorities said in a statement.

Esteban Woods, a 68-year-old priest from Vancouver, Washington, was found dead Thursday in his house with several apparent stab wounds, according to the statement from Venezuela's Public Ministry.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Silencing a witness before the lawyers tracked him down?

Apr 30 10:09

First Quarter GDP Expands at 3.2 Percent, Significantly Slower Than Previous Quarter

Apr 30 10:09

Arizona Legislature Passes Bill to Curb 'Chauvanism' in Ethnic Studies Programs

After making national headlines for a new law on illegal immigrants, the Arizona Legislature sent Gov. Jan Brewer a bill Thursday that would ban ethnic studies programs in the state that critics say currently advocate separatism and racial preferences.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Does getting a degree in ethnic studies quality anyone for real employment .... other than as a teacher of ethnic studies? Do people with a degree in ethnic studies know how to build a better car or design a better airplane or manufacture next year's must-have electronic toy?

Apr 30 10:07

CLIMATEGATE - This is Science?

Remember, the point of this all is not science, but funding. This is basically a glossy budget presentation. Obama has said that climate is really, really important to him. He has frozen a lot of agency budgets, and told them new money is only for programs that supports his major initiatives, like climate change. So, every agency says that their every problem is due to climate change, just as every agency under Bush said that they were critical to fighting terrorism. This document is the NIH salvo to get climate change money, not actual science.

Apr 30 10:05

Scandal: Obama, Gore, Goldman, Joyce Foundation CCX partners to fleece USA

Glenn tells us that a watchdog has steered him to the collusion between Barrack Obama, George Soros, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, Franklin Raines (super crooked Fannie Mae head), CCX, and Generation Investment Management (GIM-London based co-founded by AL Gore).

Apr 30 10:04

CLIMATEGATE - Deutsche Bank, RWE Raided in German Probe of CO2 Tax

Apr 30 10:03

IPCC's River Of Lies

Another shoe has dropped from the IPCC centipede as scientists in Bangladesh say their country will not disappear below the waves. As usual, the U.N.'s climate charlatans forgot one tiny detail.

It keeps getting worse for the much-discredited Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which seems to have built its collapsing house of climate cards on sand or, more specifically, river sediment.

Apr 30 10:00

Building collapses in West Philadelphia

Because debris is scattered over a wide area, it appears there was an explosion.

However, there is no official word on the cause. Witnesses on the scene report hearing a loud blast.

Apr 30 09:48

Fahad Hashmi And Terrorist Hysteria In US Courts

In America’s post-9/11 zeal for elevating terror suspects to the status of supermen, existentially threatening the very life of the United States in an unprecedented manner (rather than managing one massive attack on the US through the intelligence agencies’ inability to communicate with one another), Guantánamo, Bagram, Abu Ghraib andthe CIA’s torture dungeons are not the only places where the rule of law was shredded.

Apr 30 09:43

Seven Deadly Sins In Afghanistan

If we could establish that funding an escalation of war in Afghanistan was illegal, immoral, against the public will, economically catastrophic, counterproductive on its own terms, and a cynically motivated intentional failure, well then nothing would change. Unless people use that information in pressuring their representatives to vote No. Because most of this is pretty easily known. Nonetheless I think it's a good place to start, so let me take these points one at a time.

Apr 30 09:41

Oil spill sparks new drilling ban

The US administration has banned oil drilling in new areas of the US coast while the cause of the oil spill off Louisiana is investigated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So the busted well in the gulf forces Obama to reverse himself on offshore drilling? Now I am starting to wonder just how this drilling platform exploded in the first place! Any global warming cultists seen lurking about with bundles of C-4? :)

Apr 30 09:39

The Big Bad (Israeli) Wolf Is Nothing But A Coward

Last Thursday was apparently the "Arrest Palestinian Children Day" for Israel's army. Ahmad Sabbah, a 13-year old boy from Tuqu' south of Bethlehem was also handcuffed and blindfolded before being carted off to an Israeli detention camp. As I read about Ahmad's story, told by his distressed mother, all I could think about was my own son and how this could be him one day.

Apr 30 09:38

Obama orders review of oil rig blast

President Barack Obama is ordering Interior Secretary Ken Salazar "to conduct a thorough review" of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig and subsequent oil spill.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama is dealing with two issues here. First, he doesn't want his own "Katrina" in which New Orleans get trashed while the government doesn't appear to be doing anything. And Second, this well disaster comes mere weeks after Obama's push to open up US coastlines for drilling.

Apr 30 09:34

Davis School District faces major budget shortfall

Davis School District is facing its most challenging budget season in its history: a budget shortfall of $30 million this year and $31 million next year.

A huge budget shortfall for the Davis School District means bigger classes and maybe a tax increase.

Apr 30 09:29

Attorney Uncovers Docs Implicating Vatican in Sexual Abuse Coverup

An investigation by The Associated Press suggests that Pope Benedict’s handpicked replacement to oversee abuse cases at the Vatican did nothing to restrict a California priest after learning that he had previously molested a thirteen-year-old boy. As the scandal spreads across Europe and Latin America, bishops in Ireland, Germany, and Belgium have resigned and new abuse allegations are emerging in Norway and Chile. Here in the United States an alleged victim of priest abuse in Wisconsin announced a lawsuit against the Vatican last week.

Apr 30 09:28

Michael Krieger - This Is The Last Dance

For example, someone that is bullish on the market right now is likely to see conventional wisdom on stocks and the economy as overly bearish after ten years of no returns for U.S. equities. In contrast, someone that expects a market collapse will say that everyone is a cheerleader and that the “conventional wisdom” after such a huge rally is for stocks to continue to go up. This is not how I would describe conventional wisdom and all is does is drag the debate into the intellectual gutter. Rather, to me conventional wisdom is more the “zeitgeist” of the financial and economic community at any given time.

Apr 30 09:26

Under UN Criminal Code, Lawsuit Charges Cardinals Mahony in L.A. Rivera in Mexico City, for Catholic Priest Pedophile Crimes

“These Crimes Require International Court Jurisdiction,” reads Complaint and Demand for Jury Trial filed April 20, 2010, in U.S. Federal Court for the CA Central District in Los Angeles.

Apr 30 09:24

Profitable Depopulation Plot Links JP Morgan-Chase And Goldman Sachs To Vaccination Contaminations And BigPharma Corruption

Investigating conflicting pharmaceutical interests influencing news coverage, Sherri Kane, previously a writer for FOX News in Los Angeles, learned that the majority shareholders in FOX, TimeWarner, News Corp., and the Wall Street Journal, are heavily invested in GlaxoSmithKlein and Merck's CSL Laboratories, both makers of risky drugs and vaccines.

Apr 30 09:23

Now It's a European Banking Crisis

For months the top leaders of the European Union resisted the idea of a bailout for Greece, wringing their hands over the estimated $61 billion cost. While the jawboning continued, the infection took hold. Bond vigilantes drove the Greeks' borrowing costs into the double digits. Investors, fearing a contagion in Europe's southern tier, dumped the stocks and bonds of Portugal and Spain. As it spread, markets started to pummel European banks and insurers for their exposure to what could prove to be one of the worst sovereign debt disasters ever. A bank crisis and a debt crisis rolled into one—the medical bills for this extreme case will make Europe long for the modest $61 billion of just a few weeks past.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the trap of a private central bank issuing the public currency at interest. The moment that first note goes into circulation, more money is owed to the private central bank than is actually in existence. Repayment of the debt is impossible. That is the trap.

The founders of the United States saw the trap clearly, which is why they set up a Treasury Department that issued the public currency interest free, to prevent private bankers from enslaving the public labor.

“The refusal of King George 3rd to allow the colonies to operate an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators, was probably the prime cause of the revolution.” – Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father

Sadly, greed by politicians sold this nation back into the same private bankers' trap in 1913. There can be only one outcome and because people who have spent their lifetimes addicted to other peoples' money would rather die than surrender their wealth, the path we were placed on ultimately ends with the bankers and their politician lackeys hanging from the streetlamps.

Apr 30 09:16

Athens clash at finance ministry over budget cuts

Protesters in Athens clashed with police as a group tried to force its way into the Greek finance ministry.

Police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd as the unrest flared over austerity measures that may be taken in return for a massive bailout deal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 30 09:11

World fails to stop extinction

World leaders have failed to prevent the extinction of species despite pumping millions of pounds into nature conservation, according to a new study.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are so many things wrong with this I almost do not know where to start.

But that's never stopped me before.

First, I find it amusing, in a sick tragic kind of way, that all these governments dropping white flaming death on their fellow humans try to assuage their guilt by expressing concern over a species of cockroach hovering at the edge of extinction.

Second, nobody actually knows how many species there actually are. Like the global warming cult, estimates are basically scientific-sounding wild ass guesses, usually skewed to favor a particular agenda or scare some foundation out of grant money. Nobody actually knows if the number of species going extinct exceeds the number of new species coming into being.

Third, species have always gone extinct. Nature is change. Nature is chaos. And as the planet changes, life evolves to adapt, of failing to adapt, goes extinct. Occasionally a big honking rock falls out of the sky to stir things up.

Fourth, species MUST go extinct to make way for something better. That is called evolution. Had the dinosaurs not gone extinct (see big honking rock above) we would not be here. If we preserve said species of cockroach, are we sabotaging a future superior, possibly beneficial life form trying to evolve into that niche?

Apr 30 08:49

Obama administration considers challenges to Arizona immigration law

A team of top government lawyers has quietly begun studying legal strategies for the Obama administration to mount a challenge to Arizona's new illegal immigration law, including the filing of a federal lawsuit against the state or joining a suit brought by others who believe the bill unfairly targets Latinos.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Arizona law mimics the existing Federal law. But the Federal law is never enforced, so Arizona is simply copying the Federal law into state law so that the state can enforce it. Obama's move is essentially proving to the public that the non-enforcement of the Federal law is by design.

The second reason this move by Obama is a mistake is because we have all seen the rioting by Mexicans that took place in Arizona after the new immigration law was passed. If Obama challenges the Arizona law, the message that will be received by the public is that rioting works! Whatever you want from the government, you can get it by rioting!

Apr 30 08:46

Goldman: Still Greedy, No Longer Patient

Nowadays — although the firm’s chief executive, Lloyd Blankfein, would never (and probably could never) concede the point — Goldman’s mission, along with its argot, have changed. This shift is not doing the firm or its boss any favors. As was made abundantly clear during Tuesday’s 11-hour Goldman Sachs-athon on Capitol Hill, the bank has eschewed its client-focused ethic in favor of “making markets” for its trading “counterparties.” It is no coincidence that not one of the seven current or former Goldman professionals grilled by senators in the hearing is, or ever was, a banker; most came from the trading floor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The traders (i.e. the gamblers) took over, which is what destroyed ENRON.

Apr 30 08:45

New call for massive UK tax increase: 'Britain needs extra 6p in the pound to tackle ballooning national debt'

Taxes could rise by six pence in the pound over the next 10 years to slash public borrowing, an economic forecaster warned today.

Although cuts and a public sector pay clampdown will halve the UK's deficit over the next five years, the National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) said more action is needed to reduce borrowing to below 3 per cent of GDP by 2020.

'We assume it is achieved through income taxes rising by an equivalent of six pence in the pound on the basic rate,' NIESR said.

Apr 30 08:44

U.S. Opens Criminal Investigation Into Goldman

Ratcheting pressure on Goldman Sachs two days after its executives were grilled and rebuked in the public glare, the Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation of the Wall Street powerhouse over mortgage securities deals it arranged.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I still think this is political theater to force Obama's "Financial Reform" Bill (really a sell-out to the world bank) on us all, but the up side is that this criminal case might panic some of the tightly interlocked players in the scam to start pointing gingers, and the whole mess could blow up in the public eye.

Apr 30 08:42

Pelosi Had More Guards Than Guests?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly had more security guards than guests at a recent Florida fundraiser. The Palm Beach Post writes Pelosi had 12 guards, mostly Capitol police, plus four Palm Beach officers, two sheriff's deputies and two police boats, adding up to at least 20 in her security detail. There were 18 guests.

Apr 30 08:42

Top Treasury Official Is Involved in Subprime Mess?

A top Treasury Department official helping craft financial overhaul legislation is facing questions about his involvement in the subprime mortgage crisis. Conservative media outlets are looking at Eric Stein's work as a senior vice president for the Center for Responsible Lending.

The organization helped get loans to people with less-than-perfect credit. It was also partially funded by billionaire John Paulson, who is currently answering questions regarding what involvement he had in the Goldman Sachs dealings.

Apr 30 08:40

The Complete Manual for The British Jewish Voter by Gilad Atzmon

With Britain’s three-way race for prime minister entering the final lap, many Brits are still wondering who to vote for. As if it makes any difference. However, if you are interested in my take on the subject, I would suggest you opt for Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. If you want to know why, it is pretty simple - just because the Jews don’t like Clegg at all.

Apr 30 08:39

Iran's Bid To Disrupt NPT Will Fail: U.S.

"If President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to come (to the U.N. in New York) and announce that Iran will abide by the non-proliferation requirements under the NPT, that would be very good news, and we would welcome that," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters Thursday in Washington.

"But if he believes that by coming, he can somehow divert attention from this very important global effort or cause confusion that might possibly throw into doubt what Iran has been up to, about which I don't think there is any room for doubt, then I don't believe he will have a particularly receptive audience," she said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is pure political propaganda bovine excrement by Clinton. Iran is 100% in compliance with the NNPT and all IAEA inspections, and Hillary knows it. What the US fears is that Iran will simply make that point at the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference, then demand to know why the US is in violation of Article 4 of the NNPT with regard to assistance to nations developing peaceful nuclear power and the NNPT as a whole by demanding Iran surrender their rights to peaceful nuclear power under that treaty. Iran will then ask why Israel remains free to pursue its well-documented creation of nuclear weapons while refusing numerous requests by the UN and US to sign the NNPT and allow IAEA inspections.

Hillary is trying to create a climate in which American suckers simply will not pay attention to Iran's comments. Of course, this is not likely. Most Americans understand that the lies being told about the Iranian nuclear threat are no more substantive than the ones we were told about Iraq.

I rather expect there will be some manufactured event to distract the media from reporting on the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference, not unlike the attack on the Sudan aspirin factory that distracted the media from Monica Lewinsky, or the "Victoria's Secret" defense at the William Kennedy Smith rape trial that lured reporters away from the Noriega trial across the hallway, in which Noriega tried (and failed) to blow the whistle on the Bush involvement in Iran-Contra cocaine smuggling.

Apr 30 08:28

Schwarzenegger wants to run for president

Calif. governor tells Leno he would run ‘without any doubt’ if he could

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The President from ENRON. Swell.

Apr 30 08:24


Remember the racism found in the streets of Jerusalem?

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Over 1000 New York-area Jewish extremists gathered in midtown Manhattan to rally against the Barack Obama administration’s call for a freeze on construction in occupied East Jerusalem and to demand unlimited rights to colonize the West Bank.

Source of video

Here you can see 7 Reasons NOT to Support Israel…..

Apr 30 08:22

Fake Al Qaeda

"The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . ." -- Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked as the corporate media and war machine crank up the propaganda to invade Iran.

Optional Banner: 
WRH Exclusive
Apr 30 08:21


Stewart linked the Muslim group, Revolution Muslim, to Osama bin Laden and 9/11. And he noted that the New York-based radical group enjoyed the parks, entertainment and Jewish delis for which New York City is known.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Revolution Muslim" is a fake Muslim site, created to sell the "danger" of Muslims, and is run by a fake terrorists named Youssef Al-Khattab whose real name is Joseph Cohen. His "media contributor", Adam Gadahn, is really named Adam Pearlman.

See Fake Al Qaeda

Xmas w/o borders
Apr 30 08:18

… Palestine is officially part of Israel !! Israeli tourism maps annex Palestinian lands

The response to this threat did not come from Palestinians, but was delivered by Peter Hansen, at the time UNRWA commissioner general.He told the Palestinian daily Al Hayat Al Jadida: “We cannot expect a people under occupation to have textbooks which idealise, praise and express love for their occupiers.”

Apr 30 08:17


More videos of the great action of resistance in the village of Al-Walaja where Palestinians and internationals stopped army bulldozers

Apr 30 08:14

Israeli diplomat flees British anti-Israel demonstrators

Talya Lador-Fresher, Israel’s deputy chief of mission at the Israeli embassy in London, had to be shuffled out a side door and into a “get-away” car by Manchester police on Wednesday, following a lecture she gave at the University of Manchester that was crashed by pro-Palestinian student protestors.

Apr 30 08:10

George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent'

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld covered up that hundreds of innocent men were sent to the Guantánamo Bay prison camp because they feared that releasing them would harm the push for war in Iraq and the broader War on Terror, according to a new document obtained by The Times.

The accusations were made by Lawrence Wilkerson, a top aide to Colin Powell, the former Republican Secretary of State, in a signed declaration to support a lawsuit filed by a Guantánamo detainee. It is the first time that such allegations have been made by a senior member of the Bush Administration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So how does Obama know for an absolute fact that some of those people he is keeping locked up are not innocent? Or is he too keeping them prisoners purely to save the White Houise public embarrassment (not yet officially a crime in the United States).

Apr 30 08:09

Yitzhar Settlers Vandalize Palestinian Homes, Torch Fields

According to the Palestinians, the settlers threw stones, shattered windows and destroyed the roofs of local Palestinian homes. The Palestinians said Israeli occupation soldiers did not prevent the settlers from venting their rage.

Apr 30 08:08

"Anti-Semite" Mark Twain on Jewish Finance

In the cotton States, after the war, the simple and ignorant Negroes made the crops for the white planter on shares. The Jew came down in force, set up shop on the plantation, supplied all the Negro's wants on credit, and at the end of the season was proprietor of the Negro's share of the present crop and of part of his share of the next one. Before long, the whites detested the Jew, and it is doubtful if the negro loved him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One need look no further than Bernie Madoff-with-the-loot or the Goldman Sachs emails bragging about fortunes made by destroying millions of American homeowners to understand what Mark Twain mkeant by "commercial abilities."

Apr 30 08:03

Ministry by Priest Broke Deal, Suit Says

A woman from New York who says she was abused by a priest from the Jesuit order of the Roman Catholic Church has filed an unusual lawsuit accusing the Jesuits of breach of contract for allowing the priest to perform public ministry even though he was barred from doing so because of a settlement stemming from an alleged sexual assault.

Apr 30 08:02

Former Nazi Bank To Rule The Global Economy

European Central Bank chief Jean-Claude Trichet’s announcement that the Bank for International Settlements is to become the primary engine for global governance is a shocking admission given the fact that this ultra-secretive menagerie of international bankers was once controlled by top Nazis who, in collusion with global central banks, funneled money through the institution which directly financed Hitler’s war machine.

Apr 30 08:01

Financial Ebola Sweeps Through Global Bond Markets

Translation? The cost of borrowing for the Greek government — not some subprime mortgage customer or deadbeat credit card holder — shot up almost NINE-FOLD in the span of six months.

Apr 30 08:01

IAEA rejects own reports, purpose, Non-Proliferation Treaty: Orwellian vote condemns compliant Iran

Iran received US assistance under the US-imposed dictator, the Shah Pahlavi (a "king"). When Iran deposed their king, the US withdrew their assistance and refused to refund billions of dollars Iran had paid. France also reneged on contracts without refunding Iran’s payments. The issues over Iran allowing other nations to develop their nuclear fuel is colored by this history of US and France still owing Iran billions of dollars, and refusing Iran’s offer to only allow a fuel exchange if their unprocessed uranium is simultaneously swapped with enriched fuel.

Apr 30 07:58

FLASHBACK - IAEA Legal Expert Stifles Neocrazies

According to ElBaradei’s June, 2009, report [.pdf], the IAEA Secretariat, for the umpteenth time "continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran."

Apr 30 07:56

Southern Poverty Law Center, Palestine, & the Definition of Genocide

Thank you

So, let me get this straight:

You tear my veil to free me

You jail me to rid me of my terror

You kill my beloved to liberate me

You shoot my baby to erase my misery

You starve me to show me how to vote

You threaten me to bring me to my senses

You wage war on me to help me find peace

You slay my people to teach me compassion

You humiliate me to aid me live with dignity

You insult me to illustrate freedom of speech

You crush my bones to save me from my evil

You demolish my home to elevate my morality

You torture my children to teach me how to love

You uproot my tree to raise my ethical standard

You steal my resources to bring me social justice

You assassinate my leaders to bring me democracy

Apr 30 07:47


Boiled down, what the new Arizona law does is to duplicate federal
immigration law, making the commission of what are now federal crimes to be state crimes. It's illegal under federal law to walk the streets without documents of immigration status anywhere in the country, including Arizona; this law just makes that illegal under state law as well.

Meanwhile, angry Mexicans stormed the Arizona state capitol last Friday and started a riot in which water bottles and other projectiles were hurled at police. On Monday, protestors smeared refried beans in swastika patterns on windows at the state capitol. Brewer, the bill, and Arizonans as a whole have been described as racists, Nazis, totalitarians, idiots and worse (if that's possible).

Apr 30 07:43

The Israel Lobby and the Left: Uneasy Questions

It is important to note that the Israel lobby is much more than AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee), which primarily focuses on Congress and directs funding from Jewish PACs and individuals to those politicians it considers to be deserving. Its other more visible components are the biggest Jewish organizations, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, and the American Jewish Congress, but there are also a number of others, not the least of which is the extreme right wing Zionist Organization of America, which at the moment is extremely influential in Washington.

Apr 30 07:42

Jewish groups: Change Va. prayer policy

The Jewish Federation communities of the Commonwealth have written a letter to Gov. Bob McDonnell asking him to reconsider his decision that lifted a ban on Virginia State Police troopers referring to Jesus Christ in public prayers, Virginia Politics reports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Holy War comes to America.

Apr 30 07:39

The death of an American hospital

St. Vincent’s hospital in Greenwich Village has lasted for 160 years serving the community, particularly the poor. Now it faces a $700 million debt bankruptcy due to ongoing mismanagement, the shadow of malfeasance and deal-making with real interests. It is presently being cut up into parts that add up to much less than the glorious whole this institution once was. An investigation is in order!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The short version is that the land the hospital sat on was worth more in the short run as a condo development, so moneyed interests decided the 160-year-old hospital had to go!

Apr 30 07:32

Seven taxes thrown into mix for NH

The committee voted to expand the tobacco tax to include products except premium cigars at the new tax rate, raising an extra $3.5 million.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Except premeum cigars?!?!" So, once again, the people who can most afford the tax do not have to pay it?!?!?!?

The New Hampshire State Motto: LIVE FREE OR DIE!

Apr 30 06:20

Teen girls bribed to get Gardasil vaccine with shopping vouchers

The British National Health Service (NHS) has begun bribing teenage girls between the ages of 16 and 18 to get Gardasil vaccines. Officials are giving shopping vouchers worth the equivalent of roughly $70 to girls who agree to get jabbed with the vaccine, which has been implicated in numerous cases of severe harm and death.

Officials from NHS Birmingham East and North have initiated the pilot program which is costing taxpayers the equivalent of about $35,000. No parental consent is required in order for young girls to participate in the program.

Apr 30 06:07

Massive oil spill in Gulf of Mexico nears landfall

A massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico neared wildlife refuges and seafood grounds along the Louisiana coast on Friday, as efforts redoubled to avert what could become one of the worst U.S. ecological disasters.

President Barack Obama pledged on Thursday to "use every single available resource" to contain the oil slick and the U.S. military ratcheted up operations.

The leak from a ruptured oil well on the ocean floor off the coast of the southern state is pouring out crude oil at a rate of up to 5,000 barrels (210,000 gallons or 955,000 liters) a day, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -- five times more oil than previously thought.


Guess who WILL pay for this when all is said and done?
(No, it will NOT be BP)

Apr 30 06:03

VIDEO: Let's Keep America American

Let's keep America American. No amnesty for illegals, keep the hordes out! An anti-immigrant advertisement brought to you by Mark Fiore.

Apr 30 06:00

Analysis of Al Qaeda Yemen Tape Shows Not All Footage Is New

The new al Qaeda video of accused bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab at a desert training camp included footage that had been released previously, in January, 2009, according to a frame by frame analysis by terrorism expert Evan Kohlman of Flashpoint Global Partners.

Apr 30 05:31


Every time I watch the news on Israel TV I have flashbacks to my childhood watching
'Shoot 'em out’ Spaghetti Westerns. The 'players were foreigners in the films, the players are foreigners, for the most part, in the news. Foreigners living in illegal settlements in the illegally Occupied West Bank. Foreigners that have made the lives of the Palestinians there most unbearable.

Yet, they go unpunished. But how can we expect anything different in a country that is run by criminals as well?

Apr 30 05:20

Radical Muslim group run by Israeli Jews!

Now, go here and watch Jon Stewart joke and make derogatory comments about the group that threatened the creators of South Park for showing the image of Muhammad on their recent show. Then he thanks all the “other” religions for not behaving like the “Radical Muslims” did when Stewart makes fun of their religion. He then shows clip after clip showing how they have made fun of Jewish people without anyone threatening violence.

Radical Muslim is a COINTELPRO site, run by a “converted” jewish settler pretending to be a “radical Muslim”. He is the ONE Muslim that complained about the South Park episode… an ex-radical Israeli settler, Mr. Stewart… real Muslims haven’t threatened South Park once since 2001 when they FIRST ran an image of the prophet on their show.

Apr 30 05:14

Is Obama A Congenital Liar & Sadistic Torturer?

by J. Speer-Williams

Not long ago Obama, a relatively unknown Afro-American, was being sheep-dipped (gaining an identity, to build creditability) as a Constitutional Law professor (when he – by rights – should have been studying our Constitution) at the highly regarded University of Chicago School of Law, while he doubled as an Illinois state legislator.

And even though flextime Professor Obama had produced no original scholarship papers on Constitutional Law, he was offered a tenured position at the lofty Chicago School of Law. But oddly enough, hard working Professor Obama refused tenure, as he must have known he was on a much faster greased track to something much bigger ... if ... he could only improve his poor teleprompter reading skills of what others wrote for him.

Apr 30 05:10

Want to Get Rich? Work for Feds

For decades, public sector unions have peddled the fantasy that government employees were paid less than their counterparts in the private sector. In fact, the pay disparity is the other way around. Government workers, especially at the federal level, make salaries that are scandalously higher than those paid to private sector workers. And let’s not forget private sector workers not only have to be sufficiently productive to earn their paychecks, they also must pay the taxes that support the more generous jobs in the public sector.

Apr 30 00:11

U.S.-Trained Somali Troops Defect to Insurgency

MOGADISHU, Somalia — Hundreds of Somali troops trained with millions of U.S. tax dollars have deserted because they are not being paid their $100 monthly wage, and some have even joined the al-Qaida-linked militants they are supposed to be fighting, The Associated Press has learned.

The desertions raise fears that a new U.S.-backed effort beginning next month to build up Somalia’s army may only increase the ranks of the insurgency.

April 29, 2010

Apr 29 23:40

5 more "terrorists" created today; Afghans Protest After NATO Kills Father of Five

The official statement reads largely the same as the others do. “An individual with a weapon” is spotted during the raid and after being determined a threat “was shot and killed.” Other than a protest in Jalalabad nothing was unusual.

Apr 29 21:58

Northern NY, New England storm drops foot of snow