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November 17, 2009

Nov 17 05:29

Following Zakheim and Pentagon trillions to Israel and 9-11

Following Zakheim and Pentagon trillions to Israel and 9-11

By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Judicial Inc’s bio of Dov (linked below) tells us Zakheim was/is a dual Israeli/American citizen and an ordained rabbi and had been tracking the halls of US government for 25 years, casting defense policy and influence on Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. He is, as I described him earlier, the bionic Zionist. In fact, Judicial Inc points out that most of Israel’s armaments were gotten thanks to him. Squads of US F-16 and F-15 were classified military surplus and sold to Israel at a fraction of their value.

Nov 17 05:24

A Case For Secession- Introduction

Nov 17 05:01

One Nation, Under Surveillance

What have you got to hide? The answer may shock you!

Nov 17 03:22

Justin Raimondo gets an ass kicking from readers for tap dancing around 9/11 Truth.

I am referring to the readers' comments to a recent Raimondo column at antiwar.com, The Trial of the Century and the Long Shadow of 9/11

To view the comments, click on link above and go to the Raimondo article and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on where it says, "CLICK to DISCUSS THIS ARTICLE" in large text to see viewers comments or to leave comments of your own.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano

November 16, 2009

Nov 16 22:21

David Icke: stunning analysis of what's behind US political/economic manipulative control

Among hundreds of writers, I’ve documented the US government lies in current wars, transfers trillions of our dollars to the financial elite, and maintains a monetary system by and for those elites that guarantees Americans and their posterity will live under increasing and unpayable national debt. Once the cognitive dissonance has been breached to verify these facts, the natural response is to ask why they would lie on such a massive scale. What are they trying to do?

Nov 16 21:48

Government Is This Public's Enemy!

The Government of the United States has been Public Enemy number one, since September 11, 2001. It's the one fact that has eluded far too many people that call themselves Americans, for far too long. This blood-stained truth is also that most-important-piece of the global puzzle that seems to have escaped too many that still believe they are actually political activists.

Nov 16 21:42

ADL covering up for crimes of financial elites

The ADL is accusing the New York Times Maureen Dowd of anti-semitism over a recent op-ed titled "Virtuous Bankers? Really!?!" The article about corruption on Wall Street specifically involving Goldman Sachs. In a letter to the Editor in the NYT, ADL National Chair Robert G. Sugarman stated, "While one can agree or disagree with Maureen Dowd's portrayal of Goldman Sachs and other bankers (column, Nov. 11), her statement that "the bankers who took government money and then gave out obscene bonuses are the same self-interested sorts Jesus threw out of the temple" potentially raises one of the classic themes of anti-Semitism linking Jews and abhorrent money-lending practices. However unintentional, Ms.

Nov 16 18:56

Israeli Owned Moving Van Photographed on 9/11/2001


officer: with a mural painted uh airplane diving into New York blowing up. Two men got outta the truck ran away from it, we got those two [inaudible] under.

officer: kay great.

officer: [inaudible] are you holding those to guys [inaudible] (kay?)

multiple voices/commotion: [inaudible] f**king beat the shit out of him.

officer: all right listen you need any [inaudible] on those two guys over there? you all right over there kay?

officer: we got both suspects under kay, we have the suspects who drive?drove in the van and that exploded we have both of them under kay let's get some help over here

Nov 16 18:48

War threat between Venezuela and Colombia increases

Tensions between the countries reached a new high after the Colombian military arrested four Venezuelan soldiers, just days after Mr Chavez told his army to "prepare for war" with Colombia.

The Venezuelan ambassador to Bogota, Gustavo Marquez, said that the seriousness of the situation could not be overstated and that "there is a pre-war situation in the entire region".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could go from a war of words to a war of bullets in a heartbeat.

And don't forget; one of the major factors in this is the treaty the US has signed with Columbia this last October, allowing for a significant number of American troops to be deployed on Columbian military bases.

Nov 16 18:34

Missing Iranian General Found In Israel

An Iranian general who disappeared in Turkey two years ago amid media claims of defection is being held inside a jail in “Israel”, several newspapers reported on Monday citing a conservative website.

Ali Reza Asgari, a deputy defense minister under the previous government of president Mohammad Khatami, disappeared after checking into a hotel in Turkey in February 2007.

Nov 16 18:27

Iran moves to silence opposition with internet crime unit

Iran has moved to block the last remaining outlet of expression for the country's political opposition with the launch of a special force to police the internet.

A 12-member team reporting to the chief prosecutor will scour websites with a view to pressing charges against those judged to be "spreading lies" and "insults" against the Islamic system. Members will include police and personnel from other, unspecified, parts of Iran's security apparatus.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If this is true, as one might expect to happen after the desecration of the grave of Neda Soltan, these elements are just probably going to have the same amount of luck with suppressing dissent as has China.

A savvy Iranian dissident is going to find a way around the roadblocks, and keep themselves and their friends from being visible to prying eyes on the net.

Nov 16 18:21

Anti-war soldier faces 10 years in jail

A British soldier who faces up to 10 years in jail for speaking out against the war in Afghanistan will go before a military judge this week to discover if he will remain in an army jail while he awaits trial.

In an escalation of the Ministry of Defence's legal action against him, Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, 27, was arrested and charged last week with five counts of disobeying lawful commands and standing orders in relation to his public opposition to the war expressed at an anti-war rally last month.

He had already been charged with desertion for refusing to return to fight in Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Through these actions, the British MOD has proved itself just as pathologically allergic to the truth as their counterparts in the US Pentagon.

Nov 16 18:18

Israeli Army Troops Hang Sign at Base: ‘We Won’t Evacuate Settlers’

A number of Israeli occupation army forces from the Nachshon Battalion on Monday hung a sign at their basis proclaiming that their unit would refuse to evacuate Israelis from West Bank settlements.

The move comes nearly a month after soldiers from the Shimshon Battalion waved banners with the same message during their graduation ceremony in occupied Jerusalem. Two occupation soldiers were expelled from their brigade and given 20 days in military prison following that incident.

Nov 16 18:18

Clinton to Palestinians: US Policy on Settlements Has Changed But Not Really

In the aftermath of media and White House reports of a strained relationship between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama, footages published days later showed that the meeting was far from tension. On the contrary, it even showed a very positive atmosphere between the two leaders who were meeting in the presence of key leaders of the Zionist Lobby.

Nov 16 18:14

N.Korea unlikely to give up nuclear weapons: US expert

North Korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear weapons in the foreseeable future despite the upcoming talks with Washington, a former senior US diplomat who recently visited Pyongyang said Monday.

David Straub, once head of the State Department's Korea desk, gave his views as Washington prepares to send an envoy to the North for discussions on reviving the stalled six-nation nuclear disarmament talks.

"I see no indication that North Korea, in the foreseeable future, is prepared to give up its nuclear weapons programmes on terms that the US will find politically acceptable," Straub told a Seoul seminar, according to Yonhap news agency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Are we to congratulate this man for his magnificent grasp of the obvious?!?

The US taught both North Korea and the rest of the world a very pointed object lesson about what happens to those countries which do not have a nuclear deterrent, as happened with Iraq and Afghanistan.

The North Korean government may be many things, but they are not crazy. They understand that any first-strike by North Korea would result in that country being turned into green glass by a US counter-strike.

This is about deterrent capabilities only.

Nov 16 17:49

Grave of Neda Soltan desecrated by supporters of Iranian regime

Supporters of Iran’s regime have desecrated the grave of Neda Soltan, the student who became a symbol of the opposition after she was shot dead during an anti-government demonstration on June 20.

The incident was confirmed by Ms Soltan’s fiancé, Caspian Makan, who fled from Iran after being released on bail following 65 days in prison. A recording of Ms Soltan’s mother weeping and cursing those responsible has been posted on the internet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to look at this, and think, "cui bono?!?

Who benefits?!?

It certainly isn't the current Iranian government.

It certainly isn't those opposition supporters, who will probably wind up even more harassed and surveilled than they ever were before.

So, who benefits?

Those foreign governmental agencies who feel they will profit from more instability in Iran.

If you can't identify and name the perps, you have absolutely no idea of who desecrated this grave, period, end of discussion.

Nov 16 17:44

Palin says she doesn’t believe in evolution

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain's (R-AZ) vice presidential running mate, signals in her new book Going Rogue that she doesn't believe in evolution, panning it as theory that human beings "originated from fish that sprouted legs and crawled out of the sea."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For someone who conceptually would have been a heartbeat away from the Presidency, had McCain won the election, this statement is completely terrifying.

Nov 16 17:39

US against unilateral Palestinian statehood bid

The United States voiced opposition Monday to unilateral Palestinian moves to seek recognition for an independent state, saying negotiations with Israel were the best way forward.

A State Department spokesman reiterated US commitment to a future Palestinian state but poured cold water on an initiative to ask the United Nations Security Council to recognize a state unilaterally.

This in turn drew a warning from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that: "Any unilateral action will undo the framework of past accords and lead to unilateral actions from Israel."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As a country which adamantly refuses to be a partner for peace, Israel has left Palestinians with few other options. There are no real accords which mean anything of substance for the Palestinian people, and particularly not for Palestinian people living in Gaza.

The Palestinians are no fools; they understand that time is very limited in which to declare, and establish, a Palestinian state on their own terms. Palestinian negotiator Erakat has made a very bold move in this direction.

I simply hope he's got his Kevlar undies on right now.

Nov 16 17:23

Doctor 420 - Medical Marijuana Doctors

I am proud to offer a live person 24 hours a day / 7 days a week patient verification system with unlimited verifications. This allows my patients to use their recommendation at ANY time in the entire state of California.

Complete patient satisfaction is guaranteed. I guarantee a 100% refund if you do not qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation.

Nov 16 17:11

MD explains toxic content of flu vaccine, manufacturer’s warning of fatal/crippling consequences

I’ve written two previous articles that may be helpful (here and here). Dr. Roby Mitchell explains this better than I can in this 8-minute video.

You may have heard that "vaccines" are a staged process in a nefarious plan of population reduction. When our government lies with paper-thin propaganda for Wars of Aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan, and lies for more war with Iran, we know that that mass-murder of millions of human beings is within their acceptable actions. For articulate commentary that explains this perspective: here, here, here, and here.

Nov 16 16:56

Exclusive: Jobs 'Saved or Created' in Congressional Districts That Don't Exist

Here's a stimulus success story: In Arizona's 9th Congressional District, 30 jobs have been saved or created with just $761,420 in federal stimulus spending. At least that's what the website set up by the Obama Administration to track the $787 billion stimulus says.

There's one problem, though: There is no 9th Congressional District in Arizona; the state has only eight Congressional Districts.

There's no 86th Congressional District in Arizona either, but the government's recovery.gov Web site says $34 million in stimulus money has been spent there.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Eastasia is our enemy, Pacifica is our friend, Pacifica has always been our friend!

Nov 16 16:17

Bush memos parallel claim 9/11 mastermind’s children were tortured with insects

Bush Administration memos released by the White House on Thursday provide new insight into claims that American agents used insects to torture the young children of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Nov 16 16:00

Microsoft allows advertising on PC desktops

Microsoft has opened up its Windows 7 operating system to advertising, allowing brands to advertise on PC desktops.

The technology company has struck a series of deals with the likes of Porsche, Pepsi and Twentieth Century Fox, which will allow users to add the branding of each company on their desktop.

It is pilot scheme which will run until next October and will be extended to Windows 7 borders and sounds – as well as Internet Explore 8 add-ons, which will direct people back to each advertisers’ homepage.

Nov 16 15:56

Fluoridation Increases Infant Death Rates

Fluoridation causes more premature births, one of the top causes of infant death in the USA. It poses the greatest risk to poor non-white mothers and babies. This is the finding State University of New York researchers from data spanning 1993 to 2002.

Nov 16 15:36

Violent Video Games Can Increase Aggression

Playing violent video games like Doom, Wolfenstein 3D or Mortal Kombat can increase a person's aggressive thoughts, feelings and behavior both in laboratory settings and in actual life, according to two studies appearing in the April issue of the American Psychological Association's (APA) Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Furthermore, violent video games may be more harmful than violent television and movies because they are interactive, very engrossing and require the player to identify with the aggressor, say the researchers.

Nov 16 15:29

Winter crisis could see UK 'run out of gas in hours'

If its storage facilities are full, the UK has enough gas supplies for about 16 days, based on average demand. France's storage capacity would last a maximum of 91 days and Germany's 73 days.

But National Grid has told energy companies that they only need to fill tanks by a minimum of 2.3% this winter. If all gas imports to the UK ground to a halt, for example if Gazprom turned off supplies to Europe, and supplies from the North Sea were disrupted, this amount would keep the country's households and businesses supplied for just six hours on a cold day.

Nov 16 15:25

President Obama: Don’t Lecture China on Censorship

President Obama, in his visit to China, held a “town meeting” with Chinese students in which he praised openness and lectured them on the value of freedom of information, saying that he is a “supporter of non-censorship” and that open access to information was a “source of strength.”

And yet America is hardly free of censorship. Heck, the president himself has gone to court to prevent the release of photographs of US troops torturing captives in Iraq, Afghanistan and at Guantanamo. Talk about censorship! But it goes way beyond just such crude, totalitarian style control over information.

Nov 16 15:22

Welcome Home, War! - How America's Wars Are Systematically Destroying Our Liberties

As the "War on Terror" enters its ninth year to become one of America's longest overseas conflicts, the time has come to ask an uncomfortable question: What impact have the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq--and the atmosphere they created domestically--had on the quality of our democracy?

Every American knows that we are supposedly fighting elsewhere to defend democracy here at home. Yet the crusade for democracy abroad, largely unsuccessful in its own right, has proven remarkably effective in building a technological template that could be just a few tweaks away from creating a domestic surveillance state--with omnipresent cameras, deep data-mining, nano-second biometric identification, and drone aircraft patrolling "the homeland."

Nov 16 14:53


Nov 16 14:40

Report: More Americans going hungry

The number of Americans who lack dependable access to adequate food shot up last year to 49 million, the largest number since the government has been keeping track, according to a federal report released Monday that shows particularly steep increases in food scarcity among families with children.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But we can spend billions on Israel and trillions on war.

Nov 16 14:38

Dollar falls, sending gold to record high

The dollar fell on Monday as China accused the United States of increasing protectionism and following unexpectedly strong Japanese economic growth figures, pushing gold prices to a record high point.

US President Barack Obama is in China for a three-day mission aimed at convincing Beijing that Washington is its partner, not its rival.

As the dollar dropped against the euro and yen, gold struck an all-time peak of 1,133.20 dollars an ounce.

Nov 16 14:38

Faber Predicts War to Distract from Bad Economy

However, “military Keynesianism” – using military spending to stimulate the economy – has been U.S. policy for half a century. And the economist who coined that term said that such a policy always and “inexorably” leads to “an actual war” in order to justify all of the military spending.

Nov 16 14:31

Postal Service reports $3.8 billion loss

The U.S. Postal Service reported a $3.8 billion loss in the 2009 fiscal year, despite $10 billion in cost-cutting measures.

Nov 16 14:05

Congress members jumping onto 'pink slips' campaign

A news conference has been scheduled for Nov. 17 at 11 a.m. at the House Triangle outside the U.S. Capitol to address the "pink slips" campaign that already has generated more than 4.5 million notices to members of Congress that their jobs will depend on their representation of America's real needs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Their 'jobs'???????

Think outside the coffin, ummm, the box!

Nov 16 12:56

Fake 400 troy oz Gold bars found...from central bank transfer to Hong Kong.

There are now reports of fake 400 oz gold bars in Oct. of this year. The report from Hong Kong said that the bars were gutted and had tungsten inside instead. The finger was first pointed at the Chinese for making the fake bars. The Chinese have pointed the finger at the Clinton Administration for the problem. Saying that they gold plated tungsten blanks and sold them on the open market. Many of these fake bars might possible be in the GLD ETF holdings!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The more I thin about this, the more I wonder if this isn't a hoax story designed to trick investors into staying in the stock market by undermining confidence in gold investments.

Nov 16 12:50

Obama Tax Credit to Leave 15.4m Workers With Additional Tax Bill

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Nov 16 12:12

Dobbs Was Forced Out Say Sources, CNN Insiders

Huge severance package was part of deal offered by higher ups who "wanted him out"

Nov 16 11:24

Can We Save America?

How come the Wall Street robber barons who brought on the financial crisis are still calling the shots and pillaging the economy?

Congress is bought and paid for, and the fox is guarding the chicken coop in the Executive Branch, with Summers and Geithner calling the shots.

The American people are furious at the giant banksters who have picked their pockets so they can make huge bonuses. But - so far - the American people have for the most part kept their volcanic anger to themselves.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So far ...

Nov 16 11:13

Twenty Years From Now, You Will Lie To Your Children

In twenty years children are all too likely to be living poor, on a hostile planet, working long hours to pay down the sins of their fathers.

And they might well be enraged, too, as they should be.

A decade or two from now, if they confront their right-wing elders – gazing in anger and astonishment at the bottomless capacity of their parents’ selfishness – you can safely bet that their questions will be met with dissembling deception.

Twenty years from now, regressives will lie to their children.

We know this because those regressives are already lying today, covering their execrable crimes the only way possible.

With deceit.

Nov 16 10:50

Israel Has Already Lost

Netanyahu expresses here a wish that is shared by most if not all Israelis. They all dream to open their eyes in the morning just to find out that all Goyim, Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims just left the region.

Nov 16 10:49

How To Create A Terrorist

Going from Ramallah to Jerusalem by bus should only take about twenty minutes, but since Israel constructed the separation wall it usually takes up to one hour. In addition to the wall one has to negotiate Qalandia checkpoint, a hi-tech airport/border security style military facility. Everyone has to disembark from the bus, pass through the checkpoint and, assuming that everything went as planned, get back on the bus on the other side of the wall and continue on their journey to Jerusalem.

Nov 16 10:35

Another Abu Ghraib? Iraqis Abused by UK Occupation Troops

British occupation soldiers forced an Iraqi detainee to wear an orange jump suit and told him that he was to be executed at the US-run Guantanamo Bay camp, according to allegations in a report Monday. The 23-year-old man said he was beaten and sexually abused and flown to a British detention centre in southern Iraq which he believed was the "war on terror" camp in Cuba, the Independent said.

The man's case is among accusations being investigated by Britain's Ministry of Defense that soldiers tortured Iraqi civilians, including the abuse of a 16-year-old boy at knifepoint. A British medic was also accused of records of abuse.

Nov 16 10:28

Christians In Jerusalem Want Jews To Stop Spitting On Them

A few weeks ago, a senior Greek Orthodox clergyman in Israel attended a meeting at a government office in Jerusalem’s Givat Shaul quarter. When he returned to his car, an elderly man wearing a skullcap came and knocked on the window. When the clergyman let the window down, the passerby spat in his face.

“When there is an attack against Jews anywhere in the world, the Israeli government is incensed, so why when our religion and pride are hurt, don’t they take harsher measures?” he asks.

Nov 16 10:17

The Industry of Guilt and the Way Beyond

These viral plagues that are being loosed on humanity are not accidental. They are being time released in locations around the world by the same forces that have manipulated the financial system and performed all of the false flags and started the horrendous and unnecessary conflicts around the globe. Are they part of some temporal organization that’s been around for centuries? I hear all kinds of things about that. Are they members of a particular race or religion? I hear all kinds of things about that too. To understand ‘who’ and ‘what’, you must study the nature of the human mind. You have to study consciousness and how it operates according to impulse and motive.

Nov 16 09:40

New Derivatives Legislation "Was Probably Written by JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs"

As I have repeatedly written (see this and this), the new derivatives legislation is so bad that it probably increases - rather than decreases - the risk to the financial system.

Nov 16 09:31

The 12 Days Of Global Warming

Nov 16 09:22

Zionist-Soviet EU Dissidents Face Charges Of Sedition, Possible Execution

The new post-Lisbon Soviet European Union is a deliberate construct of International Zionism. The modern jaundice-skinned Israelis, whom we already know are in no way related to the ancient People of the Land, the Palestinians (the true descendants of the Children of Israel), intend to rule Europe from Jerusalem. They, like Menachem Begin, a terrorist who participated in the 1946 murder of 91 British soldiers and civilians, insist that the body of an Ashkenazi (non-Semitic) ‘Jew’ is in every respect physiologically superior to that of all other races of the human species and claim special ‘Master Race’ status for themselves.

Nov 16 09:19

Virginia teen athlete in wheel chair after H1N1 vaccine shot

A teenage Virginia athlete is in a wheel chair now after suffering Guillain-Barre Syndrome within hours after receiving an H1N1 swine flu vaccine shot. 14-year-old Jordan McFarland developed severe headaches, muscle spasms and weakness in his legs after being injected. He will need "extensive physical therapy" to recovery, reports MSNBC. Plus, he'll need the help of a walker for four to six weeks.

Nov 16 09:17

Netbooks are dead. Long live the notebook.

Netbooks — those underpowered mini laptops with 7-inch screens and unusable little keyboards — are a dying fad. However, the legacy of the netbook will be that inexpensive notebook computers are here to stay, and they are lighter and thinner than ever.

Analysts and pundits will continue to use the term “netbook” but I’m going to argue that the device that we originally called the netbook is being phased out — and thankfully so.

Nov 16 09:16

ElBaradei: Iran’s Qom Facility ‘Nothing to Be Worried About’

Though the full details of the IAEA’s findings won’t be available until some time later this month, the nuclear watchdog’s chief Mohamed ElBaradei says that inspectors found “nothing to be worried about” in their inspection of Iran’s Qom facility in October.

“It’s a hole in a mountain,” ElBaradei noted, saying the site was indeed, as Iran said, a backup enrichment site in case the Natanz facility gets attacked by Israel or the US.

Nov 16 09:15

Do Doctors Always Tell the Truth?

At least nine doctors there told the medical journals which published their research findings that they had no conflicts of interest with companies that figured into their work. After digging into university records, the Journal Sentinel uncovered a different story.

Nov 16 09:14


Not to be Missed!! I wrote about this on November 6th, but Today is the day so I'm reposting it with an update as well. Dispatches the premiere investigative program in Britain is to investigate the Pro Israel Zionist Lobby!! Americans and others outside of England or Ireland, will not know about this investigative program. It is much like the American program called "60 minutes". They are investigating the Pro Israel Zionist Lobby and it's influence within Britain and British Politics.

Nov 16 09:13

Pro-Israel lobby group bankrolling Tories, film claims

Channel 4's film alleges that William Hague faced threats of a withdrawal of funding from CFI after he described a retaliatory attack by Israel on Lebanon in 2006 as 'disproportionate'. Photograph: Martin Godwin

Pro-Israeli organisations in Britain look set to see their influence increase if the Conservatives win the next election, a film scrutinising the activities of a powerful but little-known lobby warns today.

Nov 16 09:11

Diplomats are leery of Iranian plant

One of the diplomats - a senior official from a European nation - said the enrichment hall is too small to house the tens of thousands of centrifuges needed for peaceful industrial nuclear enrichment, but is the right size to contain the few thousand advanced machines that could generate the amount of weapons-grade uranium needed to make nuclear warheads.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, basic nuclear methods 101, and take notes, there is a quiz next period.

It takes FEWER centrifuges to enrich uranium to the 5% to 7% levels needed for a power station, and far MORE centrifuges to enrich the uranium up to the 95% to 98% needed for a nuclear weapon.

Either this diplomat is an idiot lacking any science background, or merely assumed that you are.

Nov 16 09:05

Israel could annex more of West Bank - minister

Israel warned the Palestinians on Monday that declaring a state without concluding a peace agreement would lead to Israeli counter-measures that could include annexation of more of the occupied West Bank.

"If the Palestinians take such a unilateral line, Israel should also consider ... passing a law to annex some of the settlements," Environment Minister Gilad Erdan, a close ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told Israel Radio.

Nov 16 09:04

How ABC News' Brian Ross Cooked His 'Hasan Contacted Al Qaeda' Scoop

Ross' report yesterday that Hasan had attempted to "make contact with people associated with al Qaeda" took over the internet yesterday and sparked a furious round of speculation that Hasan's attack was part of an Islamic terrorist plot. The headline, "Officials: U.S. Army Told of Hasan's Contacts with al Qaeda," said it all. The far more mundane truth emerged today in the pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post: Hasan had communicated via e-mail with Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical American cleric living in Yemen who formerly served as the imam of a mosque Hasan had attended in Virginia. What did they talk about? From the Washington Post:

Nov 16 09:01

Obama says al Qaeda still greatest threat to U.S.

President Barack Obama said on Monday that al Qaeda remained the biggest threat to U.S. security...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You mean, these Al Qaeda (nudge nudge wink wink)

Nov 16 09:00

The Israeli Occupation of America: How Israel Gained Control of American Foreign Policy and Public Opinion

The sad fact however is that the Americans–as much as they champion themselves as a “free people”–are in no better shape than the Palestinians. On the contrary, the American position is worse than that of the Palestinians. The Palestinians can identify the enemy–he is the one with the gun and blowing away their loved ones. They KNOW they are occupied and oppressed. They KNOW how Israel occupied Palestine, killed its inhabitants and forced the majority of those who survived the carnage out of their homes and lands to then live as strangers in refugee camps.

The Americans however, have no idea. Like a drug addict who thinks he feels great after shooting up, he does not realize he is a slave, to his substance and to his pusher.

Nov 16 08:59

Police warn German extremist may be planning attacks in Afghanistan

German authorities said the man is believed to be a contact person of the so-called "Sauerland Group", which was suspected of planning terror attacks in Germany and whose members were arrested in September 2007.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Except that as that case went to trial, it turned out that the so-called "Sauerland Group" was a mishmash of secret service games, prosecutors' alarmism spread by the media, and basic failures of justice.

In other words, some patsies got set up to be arrested so that the SS could look good in the press.

Nov 16 08:47

Supreme Court refuses to hear Redskins' naming case

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to revive a lawsuit on behalf of Native American activists who claimed that the Washington Redskins' team name is so offensive that it does not deserve trademark protection.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no truth to the rumor that the team considered renaming itself the Washington Niggers.

Nov 16 08:38


CHUTZPAH is not a strong enough word to describe the situation reported below. Imagine your home taken away from you illegally, the lands around your home as well. Imagine being forced into a filthy refugee camp where you have been staying for over sixty one years.

Now imagine settlements built on YOUR property to house those that stole YOUR land. Now imagine one of those illegal settlers, who just happens to be Israel’s Foreign Minister, saying the following……

Lieberman: Settlements an excuse for Arabs to complain

Nov 16 08:36


Another case of ‘blaming the victim’…….
For over 60 years Israelis have been stealing the water and other resources that belong to the Palestinian people…. but now that the illegal settlements are growing rather than disappearing, the Palestinian’s use of water has become a ‘threat’ to these criminals.

Amnesty International, said in a report released last month, Israel is denying Palestinians adequate access to clean, safe water while allowing almost unlimited supplies to Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank.

Nov 16 08:31


There are two kinds of courage in war - physical courage and moral courage. Physical courage is very common on the battlefield. Men and women on both sides risk their lives, place their own bodies in harm's way. Moral courage, however, is quite rare. According to Chris Hedges, the brilliant New York Times war correspondent who survived wars in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans, "I rarely saw moral courage. Moral courage is harder. It requires the bearer to walk away from the warm embrace of comradeship and denounce the myth of war as a fraud, to name it as an enterprise of death and immorality, to condemn himself, and those around him, as killers. It requires the bearer to become an outcast.

Nov 16 08:16

The Rise Of The US Surveillance State & The Zionists Behind It

CENTRALIZING POWER INTO THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH is yet another ploy of the powerful Zionist-Jewish network in America to consolidate their influence-peddling into a single power bloc.

Nov 16 08:16

IDF Chief Rabbi: Troops who show mercy to enemy will be 'damned'

"In Israel's wars, warriors are God-fearing people, righteous people, people who don't have sins on their hands," he said. "One needs to fight with an understanding of what one is fighting for."

Nov 16 08:08

Cray blows by IBM to regain supercomputing crown

A Cray supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory has regained the title of the world's most powerful supercomputer, overtaking the installation that was ranked at the top in June, while China entered the Top 10 with a hybrid Intel-AMD system.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Make a great animation system!

Nov 16 08:04

Gordon Brown: Britain can lead new world order

PRIME Minister Gordon Brown said on Monday Britain must play a comprehensive role in 'changing the world' as he defended the country's military mission in Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The New World Order appears to be the old British Imperialism, which already died one horrible death in Afghanistan.

Nov 16 08:03

'Nobody considers that a tax increase?' Ask the Justice Dept. and joint commitee on taxation

President Obama appeared on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos in September, insisting that the penalty for those who don't buy health insurance is not a tax. However, with the passage of H.R. 3962, otherwise known as the "Affordable Health Care for America Act", the exact opposite has proven to be true.

A letter from Thomas A Barthold, Chief of Staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation, specifies clearly and repeatedly that the penalty for the non-insured is indeed a tax, with potential prosecution and jail time for those who do not comply released The 4 page letter, sent to Rep. Dave Camp on Guy Fawkes day, was response to the Michigan Republican's questions

Nov 16 07:58

Delegates to NATO join anti-war demo

Nov 16 07:57

Some Fear Bush Administration Could Become Target in 9/11 Trial

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't have a problem with that.

Nov 16 07:55

Iowa girl suspended for empty shotgun shell at school

A Des Moines, Iowa, girl who brought an empty shotgun shell to school to show her science teacher was suspended for violating the school's weapons policy.

Authorities say 12-year-old Jazmine Martin brought the shell to school last week. It was a souvenir from a summer vacation to South Dakota. It was empty and had the word "blank" written on the front.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is the problem. These kids know this is a totally silly and inappropriate application of the rules, and as a result, will grow up respecting neither the rules or the useful idiots enforcing them.

Nov 16 07:53

Suit strips Raptor invisibility cloak

A former engineer for defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. claims in a federal whistleblower lawsuit that the company knowingly used “defective” stealth coatings when building its F-22 Raptor stealth jets.

Darrol Olsen, a stealth engineer who was fired by Lockheed in 1999, claims Lockheed “falsely certified” the coatings between September 1995 and June 1999, saying they had passed stealth tests and concealing results that showed otherwise. Olsen said in the lawsuit he was told to “stay out of it” when he complained to his superiors.

Nov 16 07:53

Obama Talks Human Rights in China

For President Obama, speaking openly about the Chinese government's human rights record during a town hall meeting on its own soil was an exercise in moderation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It was an exercise in hypocrisy coming from the nation that wiretaps its citizens, engages in torture and imprisonment without trial, show trials (see New York), and "Free Speech Zones".

Nov 16 07:51


Webmaster's Commentary: 

How is Iran a threat to the United States?

Don't we have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world? Our parents paid $5 trillion for it, back when a trillion was really as lot of money! Are you telling us that all that money was wasted? That We The People were cheated?

Nov 16 07:49

HAMAS to Palestinians: End occupation before declaring a state.

Hamas on Monday rejected a Palestinian Authority suggestion to seek international support for unilaterally declaring a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, saying true independence required the complete cessation of Israeli occupation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hamas has it backwards. Declaring a Palestinian state means that the Israeli occupation will be legally an invasion, and Palestinians will have the right to fight back.

Nov 16 07:48

Drug Makers Raise Prices in Face of Health Care Reform

Even as drug makers promise to support Washington’s health care overhaul by shaving $8 billion a year off the nation’s drug costs after the legislation takes effect, the industry has been raising its prices at the fastest rate in years.

In the last year, the industry has raised the wholesale prices of brand-name prescription drugs by about 9 percent, according to industry analysts. That will add more than $10 billion to the nation’s drug bill, which is on track to exceed $300 billion this year. By at least one analysis, it is the highest annual rate of inflation for drug prices since 1992.

Nov 16 07:46

China Criticizes U.S. Financial Management During Obama Visit

China's top banking regulator issued a sharp critique of U.S. financial management only hours before President Barack Obama commenced his first visit to the Asian giant, highlighting economic and trade tensions that threaten to overshadow the trip.

Nov 16 07:40

U.S. Army Sends Infant to CPS, Mom to Afghanistan For Courtmartial!

This is a heart wrenching story,if you have a heart!

Nov 16 07:40

David Icke Speaks about H1N1

Nov 16 07:37

A thorn in the world’s side

My acquaintances are warning me: Don’t go. Hostile elements will cause disturbances, protest, shout and interfere. The atmosphere at British universities is anti-Israel to an extent unseen in the past. Israel is perceived as a thorn in the civilized world’s side.

An Israeli professor who quietly left a prestigious British university told me: “My academic and social life there was intolerable. Colleagues stayed away from me as if I was a leper. I was not invited to meetings, which were shifted from university buildings to private residences in order to keep me out. The fact I openly expressed leftist views was to no avail. My objection to the occupation and endorsement of a return to the 1967 borders made no difference. In practice, I became ostracized.”

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Nov 16 07:36

Australia to trial genetically modified sugar cane

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It stirs the coffee for you!"

Nov 16 07:32

Debating The Holocaust - A New Look At Both Sides

On one side is the traditional, orthodox view -- six million Jewish casualties, gas chambers, cremation ovens, mass graves, and thousands of witnesses. On the other is the view of a small band of skeptical writers and researchers, often unfairly labeled "deniers," who contend that the public has been gravely misled about this emotion-laden chapter of history.

The author establishes that the arguments and findings of revisionist scholars are substantive, and deserve serious consideration. He points out, for example, that even the eminent Jewish Holocaust scholar Raul Hilberg acknowledged that there was no budget, plan or order by Hitler for a World War II program to exterminate Europe's Jews.

Nov 16 07:31

Plastic chemicals 'feminise boys'

Chemicals in plastics alter the brains of baby boys making them "more feminine", say US researchers.

Males exposed to high doses in the womb went on to be less likely to play with boys' toys like cars or to join in rough and tumble games, they found.

Nov 16 07:30

GM says it lost $1.2 billion in third quarter, says it shows progress

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Titanic sank only 20 feet instead of 25 feet in the last hour. Everybody can go back to sleep!

Nov 16 07:28

Republicans Once Again Shamelessly Exploiting Terrorism For Political Purposes

Nov 16 07:25

Israel gaffe reveals 'Iran ship photos' were forged

After Israel released photos it said proved that a huge shipment of weapons for Hezbollah came from Tehran, Iranian news agencies publish evidence showing that the photos are forged.

"Take a close look at the photos, one of which merely shows a couple of boxes labeled 'Ministry of Sepah' without providing corroborative evidence that they came from Iran, and you will see the huge gaffe committed by Israel," it added.

The article explained that Iran's Ministry of Sepah gave its place to the Defense Ministry more than twenty years ago. "So this begs the question of what the emblem of a nonexistent body was doing on the cargo?"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the same goof made with the forged Niger uranium documents used to start the war with Iraq. They used an out-of-date letterhead and the forged signature of an official who had left the agency years previously.

Nov 16 07:21

The Significance Of The Bow: Obama Is A House Servant For The Global Elite

The predictable response to criticism surrounding Obama’s botched bow to Emperor Akihito this weekend has been to claim that the outrage is a contrived creation of the political right-wing. However, the Japanese themselves are obviously just as embarrassed about the whole spectacle.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In Japan, the person who bows lowest is signaling they are of inferior rank. The correct bow for Obama to have done was to match that of the Emperor himself, i.e. as a man of equal status.

Nov 16 07:19

Zsa Zsa Gabor Blames Bernie Madoff for $118,321 Tax Bill

According to documents obtained by The Associated Press on Friday, the IRS filed a lien of more than $118,000 for the years 2001 and 2002 against the 92-year-old actress on Oct. 5 in the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds.

Gabor lawyer Chris Fields estimates that Gabor lost about $7 million in Madoff's Ponzi scheme and the tax bill is part of the fallout. Fields says third-party money managers invested Gabor's money with Madoff.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don;t see how LOSING $7 million creates a tax obligation.

But then nobody seems to understand the tax code. They can't even find the actual law that says taxes are owed on wages and salaries.

Nov 16 07:16

Last Ice Age took just SIX months to arrive

It took just six months for a warm and sunny Europe to be engulfed in ice, according to new research.

Previous studies have suggested the arrival of the last Ice Age nearly 13,000 years ago took about a decade - but now scientists believe the process was up to 20 times as fast.

In scenes reminiscent of the Hollywood blockbuster The day After Tomorrow, the Northern Hemisphere was frozen by a sudden slowdown of the Gulf Stream, which allowed ice to spread hundreds of miles southwards from the Arctic.

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Nov 16 06:50

Mystery of the dying budgies: Dozens of prized birds drop off their perches in front of judges during show

Bird lovers and exhibitors watched in horror as 38 prize budgies keeled over and died during a show.

Owners and organisers rushed about getting their cages outside into the fresh air as the budgerigars began plummeting from their perches.

Nov 16 06:43

Death from Swine Flu Vaccine under Investigation

According to the German press agency (Deutsche Presse Agentur), a man from the German Federal State of Thuringia has died following a innoculation for the Swine Flu.

The local newspaper “Thuringia Allgemeine” reports that the 55 year-old from Eichsfeld was vacinnated on Thursday November 12, 2009 and died that night.

Nov 16 06:43

Video: House Prices Still Have A Ways To Fall

In the following video Dan Alpert of Westwood Capital speaks to Tech Ticker about falling house prices and how the overall real estate market will continue to decline...

Nov 16 06:41

Israeli ‘portable pain ray’ raises fears of non-lethal weapons proliferation

Israeli researchers have developed a portable device that causes excruciating sensations of burning and can be built for just $250,000, raising fears that even the world's poorest, most oppressive governments will now be able to use advanced non-lethal weapons on their civilian populations.