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June 2, 2010

Jun 02 21:43

A Cry For Help From A Political Prisoner

video on my court case, the judge ruled against me behind closed doors without having a hearing.
Jun 02 21:41

Why does our Congress protect Israels sovereignty more than our own?

If we support Israel being sovereign and nationalistic why is it so taboo for Americans to do the same within our own country!?

Jun 02 21:40

israel busted faking photo to justify their terrorism

Jun 02 21:37

SUPERB! DEMOCRACY NOW:Global Condemnation

Amy Goodman

Global Condemnation of Israeli Armed Attack on Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla: At Least 10 Dead, Hundreds Remain in Detention.

Jun 02 21:18

Obama’s Timidity and Deaths at Sea

By Ray McGovern

A chief lesson to learn from President Barack Obama’s recent unwillingness to stand up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Lobby is that such timidity can get people killed.

Casualty figures are still arriving in the wake of Israel’s Sunday night-Monday morning commando attack on an unarmed flotilla trying to bring relief supplies to the 1.5 million Palestinians crowded into Gaza. Already, at least nine civilian passengers are reported killed, and dozens wounded.

Jun 02 21:13

Full Text of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Speech! (English, Turkish)

By Mary Rizzo

Today I do not only want to speak to my dear people but to all of humanity.

I want to call to the conscience and hearts and minds of the whole of humanity, I would like to share courageously my feelings.

Yesterday, in the darkest moment of the night two bloody attacks occurred.

The first of them was the terrorist attack against our military troop at the Iskenderun Naval Base. In this malicious, vicious attack six of our soldiers died, and they have become martyrs. Seven of our soldiers have been injured.

The second, at dawn in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the heart of humanity has taken one of her heaviest wounds in history. The aid ships, from the humanitarian heart, these flowing aid ships have been hindered with guns, by violence, despotism.

Jun 02 19:58

Partial List of Prohibited Items for Gaza

Prohibited Items: sage, cardamom, cumin, coriander, ginger, jam, halva, vinegar, nutmeg, chocolate, fruit preserves, seeds and nuts, biscuits and sweets, potato chips, gas for soft drinks, dried fruit, fresh meat, plaster, tar, wood for construction, cement, iron, clucose, industrial salt, plastic/glass/metal containers, industrial margarine, tarpaulin sheets for huts, fabric for clothing, flavor and smell enhancers, fishing rods, various fishing nets, buoys, ropes for fishing, nylon nets for greenhouses, hatcheries and spare parts for hatcheries, dairies for cowsheds, irrigation pipe systems, ropes to tie greenhouses, planters for saplings, heaters for chicken farms, musical instruments, size A4 paper, writing implements, notebooks, newspapers, toys, razors, sewing machines and spare par

Jun 02 19:43

Gaza flotilla: How Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs fakes photos of seized weapons

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The EXIF data on the photos presented by Israel as "proof" that the Gaza aid flotilla was smuggling weapons were actually taken in 2006!

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jun 02 19:38

Supreme Court backs off strict enforcement of Miranda rights

In her dissent, Sotomayor faulted the majority for announcing a "new general principle of law" that will be confusing in practice.

"Criminal suspects must now unambiguously invoke their right to remain silent — which, counterintuitively, requires them to speak," she said.

Jun 02 19:05

Attack complicates new sanctions on Iran

Israel's lethal confrontation with pro-Palestinian activists in the Mediterranean is complicating United States strategy toward Iran and undermining the likelihood of a solid sanctions victory at the United Nations.

US officials sought on Tuesday to separate the two issues and said they are still actively pursuing a fourth round of punitive measures against Iran in the UN Security Council.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US and Israel are not going to get a new round of sanctions passed at the UN Security Council: China will most likely see to that.

But what one can see and feel and hear here in the US is the Israeli-driven corporate propaganda machine starting its completely predictable rant about how Turkey's aid workers who were on those ships, and the charity which financed them, are terrorists, and affiliated with Hamas, Hezbullah, Syria, and Iran.

There are two possible scenarios here, both, unfortunately leading to some kind of military confrontation with Iran.

The first is some military confrontation between Israel and Turkey as Turkey offers military escort to ships attempting to break the immoral and illegal blockade of Gaza.

Israel would then use this as their "justification" to attack both Turkey and Iran.

The second is as follows: the timetable for the passage of sanctions has been set by the US government, just today, as Monday, 21 June; just barely two weeks away from the Fourth of July celebration here in the States. There may well be some kind of "false flag" attack to be blamed on Iran on the 4th, and the US would use that as their "justification" for attacking Iran.

It is appearing that there will be some kind of military attack against Iran; right now, sadly, it appears to be just a question of which country's "justification" for such an attack happens first.

Jun 02 18:53

Israeli strike echoes in Pakistan

Over the past few years the Palestinian issue, which has seen the rise of the fundamentalist Hamas in Gaza, has in many respects been downgraded from an international conflict into a complex local issue.

Israel’s deadly attack on Monday on an unarmed Turkish aid ship trying to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza has overnight changed this, sparking protest rallies across the Muslim world. Even the biggest facilitator of the Gaza siege, Israel's ally Egypt, reacting to the protests, opened the Rafah border crossing into Gaza.

The incident has also turned the spotlight on the United States, which ultimately might be the major loser, especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The conceptual links Pakistani people are making between the massacre of aid workers on the flotilla bound for Gaza, and the massacre of Pakistanis by US drone attacks, are going to be very difficult for the US to sever in any meaningful way, particularly when the US is demanding that the Pakistani government and military escalate a war against their own people.

Jun 02 18:33

Canadian on Gaza flotilla says he was beaten

Canadian on Gaza flotilla says he was beaten
Wed Jun 2, 3:49 PM
By The Canadian Press
Rifat Audeh was one of three Canadians detained during the raid that took place in international waters Monday.
Audeh told The Canadian Press he and other activists were physically abused by the troops.
"I was beaten by the soldiers. They tied my hands behind my back, put a blindfold on me, threw me on the ground," he said in a telephone interview from Jordan, where he arrived after being deported by Israeli authorities.
"I thought they were actually going to break my arms and legs while they were doing this because it was very violent."

Jun 02 18:32

Rising doubts over Obama Asia trip

The White House said Wednesday that President Barack Obama's Indonesia and Australia trip this month was still on, despite speculation he may delay it again, this time over the BP oil spill.

Obama's political handlers may judge that it would look bad for the president to head abroad while the oil disaster unfolds back home.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This postponement, should it happen, will far likelier be due to a military conflict against North Korea, Iran, or both, rather than the disaster in the Gulf.

Jun 02 18:28

Conservative pundits blame Obama for Israeli raid on flotilla

On Tuesday, Sen. John McCain told Fox News that the Obama administration's calls for a settlement freeze in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem set the stage for the deadly May 31 incident.

"This is another step in a chain of unfortunate events beginning with President Obama’s insistence that there be a freeze, as a precondition for peace talks, a freeze on settlements in Jerusalem," McCain told Fox's Sean Hannity. "Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, not a settlement."

Talk show host Michael Savage linked President Obama to the flotilla raid much more directly. Savage told listeners that he believed the Israeli commandos sent on board the Mavi Marmara were "betrayed" so that their deaths would be "good PR" for Israel's allies. (No Israeli service members died in the raid.)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to John McCain: Israel has simply ignored the Obama administration on every issue where Obama has asked for some restraint, (including the issue of a settlement freeze), so Obama's request had absolute zero effect on the events that led up to this massacre.

Israel doesn't care at all about what the US might like it to do in the name of peace, as long as those American Taxpayer-supported checks keep on rolling in.

And a memo to John McCain: the capital of Israel is not Jerusalem: it is Tel Aviv!

This Orwellian corporate coverage of these events, and the degree to which corporate media is blaming the victims, very aptly demonstrates the degree to which the Israeli government absolutely doesn't have the truth on its side.

Jun 02 18:22

Commandos used kidnapped captain's child as threat

Thursday3/6/2010June, 2010
Activists tell of ‘barbaric’ attack
“The attack was totally barbaric,” he said by telephone from a bus taking the freed activists to Amman. “They used legitimate and maybe illegitimate weapons: rubber bullets, live ammunition, sound bombs and tear gas bombs. They also used batons as they landed to beat those on board to control the ship.”
“We were not armed. We did not go there to fight,” Brahimi, who said he was the co-ordinator of the Algerian contingent on board the convoy’s ships, said. “We used sticks and all what we could find to defend ourselves to stop the assault. During the second assault, they succeeded in kidnapping the young son of the captain, and then we found ourselves obliged to give up.”

Jun 02 18:09

Michael Moore's website picks up story of Ann Wright.

Jun 02 17:42

Israelis shot people in forehead, says Pakistani

Israelis shot people in forehead, says Pakistani
Israel News.Net
Wednesday 2nd June, 2010 (IANS)
A Pakistani journalist who was captured during a naval attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla alleged Wednesday that Israeli soldiers were shooting people in cold blood.
Talat Hussain, one of the 124 people arriving in Jordan following their release by Israeli authorities, claimed that the commandos 'shot people in the forehead'.
'I witnessed myself the first Israeli assault on the ship. There was no weapon on the ship,' Hussain told Aaj news channel by phone from Jordan.

Jun 02 17:13

Brilliant cartoon on Netanyahu!

Jun 02 16:18

AP INTERVIEW: Turkish aid group had terror ties

"The Turkish Islamic charity behind a flotilla of aid ships that was raided by Israeli forces on its way to Gaza had ties blah blah terror blah holocaust blah blah blah anti-semite blah blah blah blah " -- Official Israeli Whore

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 02 15:47

Schizophrenia Is The New Ad Gimmick - Privacy Fears Mount as Ad Targeting Grows

Offline, new digital signs with hidden cameras can use facial recognition software to tailor messages similar to the scenario in the science fiction film "Minority Report." Some analysts say the new technology is positive, enabling firms to get the most for their advertising dollars.

Walking westward on Prince St. between Mulberry and Mott Streets, I heard a woman's voice in my head whispering, "Who's there? Who's there?" Not like I "heard" a woman's voice like when I wear flared jeans with skinny shoes and I "hear" a woman's voice in my head say, "Wait, you've got to be kidding?" but like an actual woman's voice in my head. This usually means I've had a psychotic break.

Jun 02 14:52

U.S. Government: Murderers Should Lead Investigation of Their Murders

The United States thinks that Israel should lead the investigation into the incident that happened between Turkish humanitarian ships and the Israel military in which the Israeli military boarded the ships and murdered civilians defending themselves.

Jun 02 14:33

Israel detains Hawaii activist

Michael Rivero, webmaster of the activist website whatreallyhappened.com, said Wright is "a very well-liked, very well-respected peace activist." He likened the Israeli raid to piracy and called it "an act of war."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note the obvious flood of "Megaphonies" in the comments section.

Jun 02 14:29

Biden: Israel right to stop Gaza flotilla from breaking blockade

VP Biden tells Charlie Rose that the Israel Navy might not have needed to drop commandos onto the Gaza-bound ship, but insists that Israel is entitled to defend its security.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Against Hummus???????

Jun 02 14:27

BP's Dismal Safety Record

As the nation comes to grips with the worst oil disaster in its history , there is evidence BP has one of the worst safety track records of any major oil company operating in the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And yet only a month before the disaster, the US Government gave the Deepwater Horizon a safety award!

Jun 02 14:25

Video on Netanyahu’s Facebook Page Says Activists Plotted ‘a Terrorist Attack’

This video was apparently made by a New York-based advocacy group called Fuel For Truth. A video on the group’s Web site explains that its “mission is to disseminate accurate information about Israel and the Middle East to young Americans, 18 to 34.”

As I noted in a previous post, the release of fragments of edited video by Israel’s military is less helpful in establishing what exactly happened during the raid than the release of the unedited, time-stamped footage would be.

That supporters of Israel in the United States feel that it is necessary to find some way to engage young American Jews is not surprising.

Jun 02 14:12

Hawaii Woman Detained In Gaza After Deadly Attack - Video - KITV Honolulu

Jun 02 14:04

U.N. Report Highly Critical of U.S. Drone Attacks

A senior United Nations official said on Wednesday that the growing use of armed drones by the United States to kill terrorism suspects is undermining global constraints on the use of military force.

Between us and Israel, who needs constraints on the use of military force?

Jun 02 14:01

Letter from an online zionist supporter

Jun 02 13:54

US seeks UN vote on Iran sanctions by June 21

The United States hopes for a UN Security Council vote on a new Iran sanctions resolution by June 21, State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said Wednesday.

"The president (Barack Obama) said he'd like to see this done by the end of spring. Is that june 20 or 21?" Crowley asked before a reporter replied June 21. "So sometime between now and then."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, we now have a hard deadline for UN Security Council sanctions against Iran.

If those sanctions are a "no-go" (which I would be willing to bet, China will see to, as Iran's foremost trading partner), look for unilateral and/or multi-lateral sanctions by the US, the UK, and the EU to be levied as a provocation.

Note also that the date is almost literally two weeks away from the US 4th of July holiday, which falls on a Sunday this year.

That may just be the start date for the attack against Iran.

Jun 02 13:53

Flashback: Ha'aretz says U.S. officials face 'pro-Israel' background check

Foreign Policy - Friday, December 4, 2009: There is an amazing story in Ha'aretz today on the "pro-Israel" litmus test that determines who is permitted to serve in the United States government. Here's the sort of lede you're not likely to read in the New York Times or Washington Post:

"Every appointee to the American government must endure a thorough background check by the American Jewish community.

In the case of Obama's government in particular, every criticism against Israel made by a potential government appointee has become a catalyst for debate about whether appointing "another leftist" offers proof that Obama does not truly support Israel."

Jun 02 13:45

U.S.: UN council rushing to blame Israel for Gaza flotilla deaths

The UN Human Rights Council's resolution to condemn Israel and investigate its deadly raid of a pro-Palestinian ship puts "complete responsibility" on Israel for the clashes that left nine people dead, the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My fellow patriots.

Gaze on the government supposedly of these United States, as it ignores acts of piracy and war committed against a US-flagged ship and against American citizens in international waters, in their haste to serve their masters in Tel Aviv.

Gaze on the government supposedly of these United States, which did not hesitate to invade Iraq, although Iraq had committed no offense against the USA.

Gaze on the government supposedly of these United States, which did not hesitate to invade Afghanistan, although Afghanistan had committed no offense against the USA.

Gaze on the government supposedly of these United States, which did not hesitate to invade Pakistan, although Pakistan had committed no offense against the USA.

Gaze on the government supposedly of these United States, which did not hesitate to send warships to intervene when Somali pirates started hijacking ships and kidnapping innocents in international waters.

Now gaze in disgust on that same government, supposedly of these United States, as it pointedly ignores an act of war committed not only against the United States but against NATO.

Gaze in disgust as the government supposedly of these United States, even as it failed to defend a US ship and US citizens from acts of war and piracy, work to protect the foreign nation that hijacked that US ship and kidnapped those US citizens in international waters from the just criticism and investigation of the world's civilized nations.

Gaze on that government, supposedly of these United States, and ponder this.

No government can serve two masters. A government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people. As we watch this government, supposedly of these United States, turn its back on a US flagged ship and 12 American citizens attacked in international waters while protecting the nation that committed those crimes, clearly we see that this government, supposedly of these United States, clearly is not serving the American people.

Be angry.

Be very angry.

Jun 02 13:34

20 in Black Caucus Ask for Curbs on Ethics Office

Twenty members of the Congressional Black Caucus, including its chairwoman, are asking the House to severely restrict the powers of an independent ethics office that has spent much of its first full year investigating accusations of wrongdoing among black caucus members

Jun 02 13:31


Jun 02 13:20

Israeli MP’s terror on aid ship: “Plan was to kill activists and deter future convoys”

Jonathan Cook reports on the eyewitness account of an Arab member of the Israeli parliament who says that Israeli warships fired on the Gaza-bound aid flotilla “a few minutes before commandoes abseiled from a helicopter directly above them”, and suggested that some unarmed peace activists had been executed while others were deliberately left to bleed to death.

Jun 02 13:19

Washington Questions Obama's Commitment to Israel

Leaders on Capitol Hill seem unlikely to come to an agreement on Israel's role in a deadly raid Monday that killed nine activists on a flotilla carrying aid to Gaza, sparking criticism the Obama administration is not forceful enough in acting in defense of a key ally.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How about criticism the Obama administration is not forceful enough in acting in defense of a US-flagged ship hijacked in international waters?

How about criticism the Obama administration is not forceful enough in acting in defense of 12 American citizens including a diplomat and ambassador kidnapped in international waters?

How about criticism the Obama administration is not forceful enough in responding to an outright act of war against our nation?

I know FOX News is supposed to be a mindless Israeli drone, but let's not abuse the privilege!

Jun 02 13:19

Israel’s shameful justification for murdering peace activists

Neve Gordon considers the flaws and contradictions in Israel’s justification for attacking the Gaza-bound international aid flotilla and murdering innocent peace activists on board.

Jun 02 13:13

Israel’s ‘mad dog’ diplomacy doesn’t make it more secure

But the Israeli commando attack on Monday on the Gaza-bound flotilla, in which several crew members and international solidarity activists were killed and dozens wounded as they tried to break Israel’s blockade of the enclave, proves that this is now a diplomatic strategy too. Israel is feeling cornered on every front it considers important – and like Dayan’s “mad dog”, it is likely to strike out in unpredictable ways.

Jun 02 13:05

FLASHBACK - IDF Cover up proves Israeli Army Cannot investigate Itself.

Jun 02 12:58

Mark Regev interviewed about Gaza Freedom Flotilla by Jon Snow

Jon Snow gives a lesson in questioning Israeli propaganda.

He leaves Regev looking like a complete turkey.

Other news organisations should take note.

Jun 02 12:41

Sydney marchers in global wave of protest against killings and blockade

A PROTEST at Sydney Town Hall last night closed down a central city block during peak hour, with thousands marching to condemn the Israeli attacks on the Gaza flotilla.

Jun 02 12:27

Robert Fisk: Western leaders are too cowardly to help save lives

Has Israel lost it? Can the Gaza War of 2008-09 (1,300 dead) and the Lebanon War of 2006 (1,006 dead) and all the other wars and now yesterday's killings mean that the world will no longer accept Israel's rule?

Don't hold your breath.

Jun 02 12:23

The Gaza Flotilla: How Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Fakes Photos of Seized Weapons

On the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs’ Flickr page, the pictures of the so-called weapons seized on the ships taking part in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla provide ample evidence of the deviousness of those darned anti-semitic terrorists. Be forewarned: the following pictures are not for the faint-hearted.

Jun 02 12:10

UN Human Rights body votes to dispatch independent probe into attack on Gaza aid convoy

Strongly condemning Israel's actions against the humanitarian flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip, the United Nations Human Rights Council voted today to dispatch an independent, international probe into violations of international law resulting from Monday's incident.
Webmaster's Commentary: 

The United States cannot veto the UN Human Rights Commission. An independent investigation not under Israel's control will be carried out after all. So Obama showed himself to the world as Israel's stooge for no good reason. He was just another chip played by Israel.

Jun 02 12:10

Achille Lauro ship attack, Piracy is an international crime

All At Sea
By Yvonne Ridley
June 01, 2010 "Information Clearing House" -- I wonder how many of you remember the hijacking of the Italian cruise ship the Achille Lauro way back in October 1985?
"- under article 3 of the Rome Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation of 1988, it is an international crime for any person to seize or exercise control over a ship by force, and also a crime to injure or kill any person in the process. The treaty necessarily adopts a strict approach. One cannot attack a ship and then claim self-defence if the people on board resist the unlawful use of violence."

Jun 02 12:06

Feds Approve New Gulf Oil Well off La

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jun 02 12:06

Israel Killing Non-Violent Activists - Another Day Hard At Work

The MV Rachel Corrie,now en route to Gaza - still heroically attempting to break the deadly siege on the people of Gaza, has come under attack - not just due to the nature of its mission but for its name.

The name,as many have stated,is now coming back to haunt the people of Israel - Rachel Corrie lives.

Jun 02 12:05

Seattle: Protesting Israel's Capture and Murder of Gaza Activists on the Mavi Marmara

Jun 02 11:30

Chutzpah Lives Here.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In retaliation for Turkey's expression of anger about its citizens, Israel is considering recognizing the Armenian Massacre of 1915. The same guys PERPETRATING the Palestinian massacre of... well, right now?

Just figured you might want to get a good laugh :)

Jun 02 11:24

Latest Setback for BP: Saw Snags Underwater

Jun 02 11:20

Irish aid boat holds course towards Gaza despite Israel warning

The final boat in the Gaza aid flotilla was sailing at full speed towards the territory’s coast tonight despite warnings that it would be intercepted by Israeli forces.

The MV Rachel Corrie, a 40-year-old cargo ship bought by the Irish arm of the Free Gaza Movement, was delayed and avoided capture during Monday night’s assault. Tonight it was still in international waters about two days from Gaza, carrying a consignment of aid and 19 activists and crew, among them five Irish nationals, the organisation said.

The Irish taoiseach, Brian Cowen, warned Israel tonight that he expected no violence against those on the Rachel Corrie.

Jun 02 11:19

Israel's International Piracy and Terror

As expected by many, the serial terrorist Israeli army attacked on May 31st 2010, the "Freedom Flotilla" ships with gas bombs and live fire, murdering at least 19 humanitarian international activists, 16 of them Turks including one MP, and injuring 29 others. The Israeli navy, then, kidnapped the 700 humanitarian activists and their ships to Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One wonders just when Americans are going to wake up to these facts.

As I type this, the Rachel Corrie aid ship is just about 3 hours away from Gaza, with its aid materials and humanitarian volunteers.

I wouldn't bet against another massacre here, courtesy of the Israeli government.

Jun 02 11:11

Organizers: Freedom Flotilla 2 in a few weeks

"Following the massacre committed by Israeli forces against solidarity activists on board the Freedom Flotilla in international waters, there have been increasing calls by Arab, Islamic, and European countries to launch a new aid fleet much bigger than the first one. This is a clear challenge by the free people of the world in the face of Israel’s arrogance," Madhi said.

During a televised speech Tuesday, Erdogan said future flotillas bound for Gaza territorial waters under Israeli threat would be accompanied by a military escort to ensure their safety.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If there is any military confrontation between Turkey and Israel, that will most likely set the entire region ablaze.

Perhaps that is what Israel wants to use as a "justification" to begin its attack on Iran.

Jun 02 11:09


Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just an expansion of Israel's main talking point; that the aid flotilla and their supporters are all terrorists.

Those who have known me for the last 16 years know the tweet is a hoax. So now ask yourself, what else has Israel been lying about for the last 70 years. USS Liberty, for example.

Jun 02 11:08

A Plague Upon The World: The USA is a "Failed State"

"To American eyes a vague “terrorist threat,” a creation of their own government, is sufficient justification for naked aggression against Muslim peoples and for an agenda of world hegemony."

Jun 02 11:05

Terror on Aid Ship: "Plan Was to Kill Activists and Deter Future Convoys"

An Arab member of the Israeli parliament who was on board the international flotilla that was attacked on Monday as it tried to take humanitarian aid to Gaza accused Israel yesterday of intending to kill peace activists as a way to deter future convoys.

Haneen Zoubi said Israeli naval vessels had surrounded the flotilla’s flagship, the Mavi Marmara, and fired on it a few minutes before commandos abseiled from a helicopter directly above them.

Terrified passengers had been forced off the deck when water was sprayed at them. She said she was not aware of any provocation or resistance by the passengers, who were all unarmed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This massacre may have the absolute opposite effect than that the Israeli government had planned on, such as a potential military confrontation with Turkey.

Jun 02 11:01

Mood of resistance sweeps continent

The British protests against cuts on 22 June will be part of a cross?European fightback. There are moves towards a day of coordinated strikes and demonstrations across the continent.

Jun 02 11:01

Israeli International Aggression: White House Thumbs Up To State Terror and Murder

Here it comes – the White House whitewash of Israel’s bloodied hands – an odious act of complicity that flouts international law and sets the scene for more state terrorism and murder of civilians.

After days of conspicuous US absence from joining the rest of the world in unequivocally condemning Israel over its killing of civilians on board the international convoy bringing humanitarian aid to the desperate people of Gaza, we now have the nauseating sight and sound of Washington defending the indefensible.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reaction of governmental officials to this massacre,is proof positive that the US government, from the Obama administration on down, has become Israel's complete "acquisition".

Jun 02 11:01

Lisbon: Massive Demonstration Against Government

Over three hundred thousand people (more than three per cent of the Portuguese population) marched today in central Lisbon in a mega-demonstration against the socially insulting policies of the conservative, right-wing Government provided by the Socialist Party, an insult to Socialism, an insult to Government and the epitome of laboratory politics practised by professional politicians who have never had a real job.

Jun 02 11:00

Direct Bias Shown on BBC on Flotilla Crime

In most of its coverage BBC depended on Israeli sources whilst the Palestinian side has been ignored. PRC suggests that such coverage harm the image of BBC and could classify it as an alternative for some Israeli media outlets.

Jun 02 10:59

US President Barack Obama has failed to condemn Israel over Gaza ship attack

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Like the obedient servant he is...

Jun 02 10:57

The Israeli Massacre and the Cover-Up

The precise details of the seizure and ensuing massacre remain vague. And for good reason: Israel, whose officials have for weeks been discussing diplomatic options for confronting the flotilla (whose approximately 700 participants are accompanied by some 10,000 tons of cargo), launched a media disinformation blitz parallel to the military operation. In a pattern reminiscent of the Gaza assault of 2008-9, communications from the flotilla were persistently disrupted, its satellite telephones entirely cut off just prior to the pre-dawn assault. Within Israel, the military censor moved almost immediately to prohibit reporting about details of casualties.[1] Having established a near monopoly on access to information, the Israeli government dispatched its spokespeople to tell their story.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the participants in this flotilla are repatriated and start to talk publicly, (and trust me, the alternative media will make absolutely certain that their stories are heard), there will be no amount of official joint Israeli/US corporate media bovine excrement sufficient to cover up the real truth of what happened here.

Jun 02 10:56


I am a Jew and I am outraged and ashamed by the acts Israel has perpetrated. I am not a self hating Jew, not an anti-semite, as some religious extremist Jews have accused me and other Jews who criticize Israel.

Jun 02 10:54

New Law Will Require a License to be a Journalist

He told FoxNews.com that some reporters covering state politics don’t know what they’re talking about and they’re working for publications he’s never heard of, so he wants to install a process that’ll help him and the general public figure out which reporters to trust.

Jun 02 10:51

Americans protest deadly Israeli attack

The protesters slammed the attack that left at least 20 international peace activists dead as “illegal and deplorable” and demanded justice for those responsible.

“This is not a Muslim issue, it’s not an Arab issue, it’s a human rights issue,” a 41-year-old demonstrator told The Detroit News.

Amid international outrage over the brutal assault, Tel Aviv has remained unabashed about its military action against the Flotilla, vowing to continue its naval blockade of Gaza as an ‘act of self defense.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For Israel, "self defense" usually means slaughtering the innocent, as happened with both this massacre, and last year's "Operation Cast Lead".

Jun 02 10:48

Reporters Without Borders: 15 journalists still missing

Reporters Without Borders is urging the Israeli authorities to release a list of the journalists who were arrested during Monday’s raid on the humanitarian flotilla and to say where they are being held.

There were at least 15 foreign journalists travelling with the flotilla who still cannot be reached directly, the Paris-based media watchdog said. These are the names of the journalists known to have been aboard the flotilla:

Xmas w/o borders
Jun 02 10:43

Source: Hillary asking foreign leaders to `dial down' criticism of Israel

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been privately asking foreign leaders to "dial down" criticism of Israel until all the facts of the flotilla attack are known, according to a source who personally discussed the matter with her.

"She says she's been working the phones for last 24 hours trying to get people to cool off a little bit, to see what the facts are," the source tells me, adding that she said she was trying to "dial down some of the rhetoric of the inernational community."

"It's difficult," the source adds. "She says people are furious."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to US Secretary of State Clinton: the facts are known, which is why people are furious. And I can guarantee you, Madame Secretary, this issue will not go away.

These ships were grabbed in international waters by Israeli commandos who shot live-fire into them. The ships were unarmed, and attempting to deliver desperately needed aid to Gaza

Unarmed peace activists were killed and maimed in this process, and I can guarantee you, most of the aid earmarked for Gaza will never get there.

What you should be doing is demanding from Israeli official an accounting of all American citizens, find out who have been killed and/or wounded, and have a complete accounting of what has happened to retired Colonel Anne Wright, right the heck now!

Jun 02 10:41


Jun 02 10:39

Israel sees no need to apologize for raid

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... which is only fanning the world's rage even higher!

Jun 02 10:38

Pelosi: ‘I Don’t Want To Go Into A Discussion Of The Blockade Of Gaza’

Today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) held a conference call with bloggers, where she received questions — including from ThinkProgress — about Israel’s raid of the flotilla carrying humanitarian aid and activists bound for Gaza. Pelosi refused to speak directly about whether Israel’s blockade is causing a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Jun 02 10:36

Freedom fleet 2 to set sail to Gaza in weeks

The "European Campaign to End Siege on Gaza", announced that it already obtain the funding of the first three ships of the new fleet which will go to the Gaza Strip, which will be named "fleet of Freedom 2", related to the name of the First Fleet, who was exposed to piracy and a bloody massacre by Israel against the peace activists on board.

Jun 02 10:34

Former U.S. Ambassador Peck Calls Gaza Ordeal--"Piracy!"

Jun 02 10:32

Captain recounts attack on Flotilla

Captain Huseyin Tokalak said the Israeli Navy had threatened to sink his ship, Gazze, before Israeli commandos took over the vessel at gun point, the Reuters news agency reported.

Jun 02 10:31

As Obama Wavers, Congressmen Cheer Aid Ship Massacre

President Obama’s reluctance to comment in any but the most vague terms of the massacre of 19 aid workers by Israeli commandos late Sunday night has left many wondering exactly where the US government will fall on an issue which has been blanketly condemned by virtually every government in the civilized world and virtually every government outside the civilized world.

But the lack of White House comment has opened the door for Congressmen to stake out public positions on the matter and, perhaps predictably, those that have commented have universally praised the killings.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Every single one of these "Israel-Firsters" needs to be voted out of office just as soon as possible.

The crushing burden of supporting such a pariah nation with 3 billion dollars worth of aid annually, military aid, and a brought to heel fawning corporate media, has completely demolished this country's former reputation of fairness, and respect for the dignity of human life,and has got to go, NOW.

We need politicians who put America first, second, and third, period, end of discussion!

Jun 02 10:23

Nicaragua cuts ties with Israel

The Nicaraguan government Tuesday suspended the country’s diplomatic ties with Israel in protest of Israel’s deadly raid on the Gaza-bound international aid flotilla on Monday, various media outlets reported.

Jun 02 10:23

Turkey is ready to go in war with Israel, according to Erdogan

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made it clear that Turkey is ready to go in war with Israel.

In his parliamentary address Erdogan accused Israel of a "bloody massacre” as he described Israel's raid on a flotilla, including a Turkish ship, carrying relief supplies to blockaded Gaza.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to the Israeli government: welcome to the wonderful world of unintended consequences.

Jun 02 10:20


Webmaster's Commentary: 

"They were terrorists! And they were Al Qaeda! They had Hummus of mass destruction! They had Iranian nooks! They had a death star! They were dressed like sluts! They really WANTED it! They had POINTED STICKS!!!!!!" -- Tel Aviv

Jun 02 10:19

Israel will not lift Gaza blockade – Netanyahu

Despite the international pressure, Israel is not going to lift the blockade of Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters on Wednesday. He warned against delivering lethal supplies to the Gaza Strip, which he said remains a hideout for terrorists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu; what about the infants, children, and pregnant women of Gaza?!? Are they "terrorists" also, because they have the temerity to still be breathing after this brutal, illegal, and immoral blockade?

As reported on 2 June, 2010 in:



"10 percent of children under five are stunted (low height for age, usually attributed to a chronic lack of protein and micronutrients, including iron and essential vitamins), a steadily increasing trend over recent years, according to UNICEF. [5]

More than 10 percent of children are chronically malnourished, according to the World Health Organization, a significant increase since siege began.

The number of children under five suffering from acute malnutrition nearly doubled between 2006 and 2008 from 1.4 to 2.4 percent, according to UNICEF."

65 percent of children aged 9-12 months, and 35 percent of pregnant women are anemic. [6]"

Prime Minister Netanyahu, you and the Knesset must be particularly proud of these numbers, in terms of the health detriments infants, women, and kids, because these numbers are a direct result of your blockade of Gaza.

This is simply one horrific component of your "final solution" for Gazan Palestinians.

Jun 02 10:15

World Council of Churches condemns flotilla raid

The World Council of Churches has condemned the Israeli naval raid on a Gaza-bound vessel carrying humanitarian aid in international waters before dawn Monday that killed at least 10 civilians and injured more.

Jun 02 10:05

US naval attack group makes for South Korea

A US naval attack group led by the George Washington nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is making for South Korea for holding emergency exercises with a South Korean naval force.

Military manoeuvres with gunnery and missile firing are held one month ahead of schedule. Yet another US-South Korean military exercise is due in late June, the one against enemy submarines.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"This oughta distract the suckers from Israel and that damned oil leak!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse


"Military exercises", my astrolabe!

Even if China votes to veto any censure of the North Korea at the UN security council, it appears that the US is getting ready to provoke North Korea into a military confrontation.

And if that happens, one has to ask; what degree of Chinese military support can North Korea count on should such a US-provoked attack happen?!?!?

Jun 02 10:00

China's Wen reveals fears of any Korea conflict spreading

North Korea has been blamed by an international investigation for sinking the South Korean corvette Cheonan in March, killing 46 sailors, but China has refused to join condemnation of its ally Pyongyang and said it is still assessing the evidence.

In a transcript of an interview with Japanese broadcaster NHK posted on the Chinese Foreign Ministry website on Wednesday, Wen declined to say whether China would support any censure of the North by the U.N. Security Council. As a permanent member of the Council, China could veto any such action.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If there is a censure vote at the UN Security Council, one can almost bet on a veto by China as an attempt to ratchet down tensions in the region.

Unfortunately, however, the US government needs a war right now, to distract a very angry populace from its financial woes, and the horrendous mismanagement of both foreign and domestic policy under Obama's watch.

Jun 02 09:56

Settlers torch hundreds of Nablus olive trees

Residents of the illegal Yitzhar settlement set fire to more than 100 dunums of Palestinian lands near Urif village, southwest of Nablus on Wednesday afternoon, Palestinian officials said.

Jun 02 09:54

China Tells Defense Secretary Gates Not To Visit

Beijing didn't elaborate, but China leaders were angered by the Obama administration's recent decision to go ahead with arms sales to Taiwan worth more than $6 billion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My bet would be that this non-invite has nothing to do with the US arms sales to Taiwan, and everything to do with pressure to hold North Korea accountable for the torpedo which sank the South Korean ship last March, for which the US has been blaming North Korea, and wanting to forward the matter to the UN for some kind of sanctions/punishment against North Korea.

Jun 02 09:51

Netanyahu: “Siege will Continue”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Keeping the Warsaw Ghetto in starvation is necessary for the survival of the Reich!

Jun 02 09:49

Gaza flotilla activists deported as witnesses accuse Israel

On their return home, many of the activists accused the Israelis of having opened fire without warning.

"Israeli commandos started shooting from the air without warning," Kuwaiti lawyer Mubarak al-Mutawa, who was on the main vessel, the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmara, told reporters in Kuwait City.

Morrocan MP Abdelqader Amara told AFP in a hotel in Amman: "The Israelis used live ammunition and showed us all the barbarism and cruelty in the world although all of us were unarmed."

There was very little official information about the condition of the injured passengers being treated in Israeli hospitals. Physicians for Human Rights put the number of wounded activists at 52.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Every single country of every individual on this flotilla should demand an immediate identification of, and accounting for, all the dead and injured.

Jun 02 09:48

Israel Confidently Defies World, Rejects Independent Probe Calls

“Gaza is an “Iranian-sponsored terrorist state,”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

and at this point, the bovine excrement meter exploded, just 2 days out of warranty.

Jun 02 09:47

U.S. is world's top user of targeted killings, U.N. says

The United States was identified Wednesday as the world's No. 1 user of targeted killings, largely as a result of its dependence on unmanned drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Jun 02 09:47


Flotilla attack: ‘First the shots, then the ship was turned into a lake of blood’

Jun 02 09:47


Israel’s propaganda war in the media is obviously successful. Israel’s act of terrorism on the seas was an act of war…. now they are prepared to go full scale. Psychological preparation has been underway for a number of years now with many pre announced air raid drills. It is drummed into the Israeli skull that they are surrounded by enemies… watch the following to see children being traumatised during one of these drills.

Jun 02 09:44

Israeli ambassador calls raid ‘responsible,’ likens to US attacks in World War II

Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to the United States, called his country's raid on an aid flotilla en route to Gaza "perfectly legal, perfectly humane and very responsible" in an interview Tuesday with Fox News.

Oren likened the attack to that of the US in World War II.

"The US acted under similar international law when it fought the Germans and the Japanese in World War Two," the ambassador said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, let me wrap my head around this; the killing and maiming of volunteer humanitarian aid workers, who were trying to get desperately needed aid to Gaza is "perfectly legal, perfectly humane, and perfectly responsible"?!?!?

It appears that Oren's embrace of the Orwellian use of the English language ranks right up there with that of Netanyahu or Ehud Barak, and that's saying something!

Jun 02 09:43

Goldman Sells 44% of its stocks 3 weeks before blowout.

Hmmm when did this happen before? Sound Familiar?

Jun 02 09:43


Jun 02 09:38

Israel 'underestimated reactions'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No shit!

Jun 02 09:33

Egypt allows generators into Gaza

Egypt has allowed a shipment of electric generators into Gaza, the first time it has let in non-food or medical supplies since Israel’s 2008-2009 assault on the strip.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But, but, but, Israel said that the people of Gaza were not suffering any hardships, and now we find out they can't just plug their refrigerators into the walls?????? :)

Jun 02 09:31

Latest Oil Containment effort hits snag

I thought they said this for sure was gonna work?

Jun 02 09:25

As Obama Havers, Congressmen Cheer Aid Ship Massacre Foreign Affairs Chair Lauds Killings of 'Brutal' Aid Workers

President Obama’s reluctance to comment in any but the most vague terms of the massacre of 19 aid workers by Israeli commandos late Sunday night has left many wondering exactly where the US government will fall on an issue which has been blanketly condemned by virtually every government in the civilized world and virtually every government outside the civilized world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So let me see if I understand this.

An oil well blows up in the Gulf of Mexico and Obama forms a congressional commission to investigate what happened, but when Israel hijacks an American-flagged ship and kidnaps American citizens in international waters (for which the US sent warships when the Somalis did the exact same thing), Obama insists that Israel, the attacking nation, should be allowed to handle the investigation themselves.

Or did I misunderstand what President Pussy was saying?

Jun 02 09:19

A Conservative Estimate of Total Direct U.S. Aid to Israel: Almost $114 Billion

Jun 02 09:10

BP Disaster - The MTV version!