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June 5, 2015

Jun 05 08:06

Israelis and Saudis Reveal Secret Talks to Thwart Iran

Among those who follow the Middle East closely, it's been an open secret that Israel and Saudi Arabia have a common interest in thwarting Iran. But until Thursday, actual diplomacy between the two was never officially acknowledged. Saudi Arabia still doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist. Israel has yet to accept a Saudi-initiated peace offer to create a Palestinian state.

It was not a typical Washington think-tank event. No questions were taken from the audience. After an introduction, there was a speech in Arabic from Anwar Majed Eshki, a retired Saudi general and ex-adviser to Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the U.S. Then Dore Gold, a former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations who is slotted to be the next director general of Israel's foreign ministry, gave a speech in English.

While these men represent countries that have been historic enemies, their message was identical: Iran is trying to take over the Middle East and it must be stopped.

Jun 05 08:05

It’s official: the USA FREEDOM Act is just a destructive as the USA PATRIOT Act

Secret FISA courts still exist. Lone wolf surveillance authority and roving wiretaps still exist. They can still grab oodles of other data like medical and business records.

And the US Attorney General has even been awarded new ’emergency powers’ to use in his/her sole discretion… just in case the secret courts might be uncooperative.

The big victory being cheered by the media pertains to the collection of phone records. This one is actually hilarious.

The USA FREEDOM Act prevents the government from seizing and storing ‘call detail records’, the so-called meta-data information like your phone number, the other caller’s phone number, the length of the call, etc.

But section 107(k)(3)(B) of the new law specifically states that ‘call detail records’ do NOT include the *actual content* of the call itself. Or your name. Address. Financial data. Cell-site location. Etc.

So basically they can’t archive your phone number. But everything else is fair game.

Jun 05 08:01

What happened to Sourceforge?

It’s sad to see that what used to be a great company ten years ago is now in a blatant disregard for the rights and work of the open-source community.

Jun 05 08:01

$15 Minimum Wage Approved in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles city council tentatively approved a $15 minimum wage at it’s meeting Wednesday. The wage will be increased up to $15 an hour by 2020.

Jun 05 08:00

Replace Your Face: Anti-Surveillance 3D-Printed Mask Lets You Pass As Someone Else

Chicago-based artist Leo Selvaggio has started URME Surveillance, who aim to produce a prosthetic mask that could potentially render CCTV tracking and tracing obsolete. Different levels of product will be available, from inexpensive paper versions, to state-of-the-art 3D-printed models. Selvaggio wants to make his face available to all his users to wear in public, will full permission to anyone, anywhere to become his virtual doppelgänger.

One of the most widely deployed police and NSA surveillance systems is called Virtual Shield, and can not only track you, but can also pull up all of our corresponding information as well. The URME mask would make this impossible.

Jun 05 07:59

Debt and the Tinderbox

We know that the Federal Reserve cranked up their digital printing presses and created over $16 Trillion in new currency, swaps, loans, bailouts, gifts, etc. in response to the 2008 financial crisis. Example: Bernie Sanders says that Bank of America received over $1.3 Trillion in bailouts.

If you invested in stocks and bonds, the various QE – “money printing” programs were probably successful for you.

Jun 05 07:59

Gaming Plug-In Leaves Millions of PCs Vulnerable

A security researcher has warned that a gaming plug-in presently installed in hundreds of millions PCs contains a flaw which makes the computers vulnerable to malicious hackers stealing user data.

A gaming plugin installed in over 200 million computers contains a critical flaw that enables attackers to steal user data directly from the websites they’re logged into, according to a security researcher. This affects websites which offer web mail as well as social media and networking accounts.

Jun 05 07:58

White House officials meet with Israeli NGO

NGO reportedly presents its report that suggests that the Israeli army may have violated international law during last year's war in Gaza

Jun 05 07:58

Tony Blair recruited by cheerleader for Israel’s crimes

The war criminal who morphed into a Middle East “peace envoy” will now work pro bono for an Israel lobby group.

Jun 05 07:57

Palestine solidarity campaigners dominate annual meeting of G4S

The annual general meeting of the security company G4S descended into chaos on Thursday as board members faced a grilling over the firm’s involvement in Israel’s occupation.

For the third year in a row, the firm’s AGM was taken over by human rights campaigners directing tough questions at chief executive Ashley Almanza and chairperson John Connolly.

Campaigners from groups including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, London Palestine Action, Stop G4S and War on Want, who had bought a share each in the company in order to attend, far outnumbered those whose shares were bought for profit.

Jun 05 07:57

Boycott to continue until Orange cuts Israel occupation ties, campaigners say

Campaigners from the boycott, divestment and sanctions coalition BDS Egypt say they will escalate their boycott of Mobinil until its parent company Orange makes good on a pledge to pull out of Israel.

Orange today confirmed that it intends to end a brand licensing agreement with its Israeli affiliate Partner Communications.

Jun 05 07:56

Claiming to preserve Jerusalem, Israeli archaeologists wreck Palestinian heritage

Israel’s National Planning Committee has overseen an appeal by several bodies who oppose the further expansion of the powerful settler group Elad’s control over archaeological sites in Silwan, a congested Palestinian neighborhood located just meters away from al-Aqsa Mosque and the walls of the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem. With the blessing of the authorities, Elad plans to build a giant new visitors center on top of an excavation site.

Elad (a Hebrew acronym for “To the City of David”) is a private organization that has become the de facto administrator of some of the most controversial archaeological sites in Jerusalem. Elad was founded in 1986 with the explicit goal of removing Palestinians from East Jerusalem and settling Jews in their place. It accomplishes this by providing assistance in the purchase or seizure of Palestinian properties.

Jun 05 07:55

CARBONAZI BEX ALERT - New research suggests global warming is accelerating

With 2015 so far running hotter than any year on record, and with May temperatures expected to be in the 0.79–0.84°C anomaly range, it becomes increasingly likely that we will set another all-time record this year. With hope, this will end the discussion of the so-called “pause” or “hiatus,” which never existed in the first place.

Jun 05 07:55

Ali Abunimah on Israel’s national panic about BDS

I spoke to The Real News Network about the mobilization by the Israeli government and media against the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.

Among the questions we talked about: what is BDS? Why is Israel reacting to it now? Is it really bringing effective pressure for Palestinian rights on Israel?

Jun 05 07:55

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The National Lobby of Parliament for Palestine will take place on Tuesday 23 June, from 2-6pm. As it gets closer, more and more people are contacting their MPs about the lobby. Over 1,000 letters have been sent overall, and almost 200 of those have been people requesting a meeting on the day.

Thank you to all those who have contacted their MPs so far.

Informing and pressuring our representatives in Parliament is central to our campaign. We need to make sure that our voice is heard in Westminster, and to do that we rely on people like you. This is the first lobby for Palestine that has taken place in this new parliament, so its crucial we send a strong message. Please take action to make Palestine a key issue in this coming parliament, and contact your MP and send one of the following letters to them.

Jun 05 07:54

Israel balks at Swiss gov’t funding for exhibit by Israeli leftist group

Israel has formally complained to the Swiss government over its funding for an exhibit by an Israeli NGO that alleges misconduct by Israeli soldiers in their dealings with Palestinians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Of course we have a right to mistreat the Palestinians. But you don't have a right to say anything about it. Go make fun of the Muslims. THAT is free speech!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Jun 05 07:52

Boston police cast doubt on claim terror suspect planned to behead Pamela Gellar

The organizer of a May event in Texas highlighting cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed said on Thursday that she was the target of a man who federal prosecutors said had intended to behead police officers in Boston.

However, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said it did not seem that Usamaah Abdullah Rahim had developed a specific plan to attack Pamela Geller.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pamela playing victim! "Oh, feel sorry for me! Please!"

Click for larger image

Jun 05 07:46

Saudi-led naval blockade leaves 20m Yemenis facing humanitarian disaster

Aid agencies say embargo imposed by US and UK-backed Arab coalition has had dramatic effect, with almost 80% of population in urgent need of food, water and medical supplies

Jun 05 07:41

Nuuk, Greenland Having Its Coldest Year On Record

Normally by this date, around 20% of Greenland is melting. This year the area of melt is less than 2% – the latest start to a melt season on record.

Greenland has gained half a trillion tons of snow and ice since September. This all has to melt in the air or flow into the sea and melt – in order to keep equilibrium of the ice sheet.

Look for climate experts to take pictures of glaciers calving into the ocean, and claim that it is an indication that Greenland is melting down. Because they are crooks, not scientists.

Jun 05 07:40

The US wants to blow up the WTO to curb the BRICS?

The world trade organization gives US those advantages for which it was intended. Other countries have learned to play by the WTO rules not worse. For example, the BRICS. And it seems that the US intends to loud surprise.
The US and the EU making further plans against the BRICS countries, according to WikiLeaks. On the website published secret protocols of the economic conspiracy against Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. It is a secret agreement in trade in services, Finance, transport and e-Commerce. The new Association TiSA, which will include 23 countries of the WTO, in particular the US, EU, Turkey, Mexico, Australia, Pakistan and Israel, WikiLeaks presents, as an economic counterbalance to the BRICS. Talks allegedly held for the second year. Not just behind closed doors, and in an atmosphere of deepest secrecy. Because they are just outside the WTO rules and in spite of them.

Jun 05 07:38

Alarmists Face Disaster In Greenland

Greenland is having their coldest and snowiest summer on record. The capital of Greenland is still buried in snow on June 6

Temperatures on the ice sheet are still -15C

The melt season is over a month late, and is the slowest on record.

Temperatures at the capital are the coldest on record in 2015

Jun 05 07:37

The Central Banks Are Losing Control Of The Financial Markets

Every great con game eventually comes to an end. For years, global central banks have been manipulating the financial marketplace with their monetary voodoo. Somehow, they have convinced investors around the world to invest tens of trillions of dollars into bonds that provide a return that is way under the real rate of inflation. For quite a long time I have been insisting that this is highly irrational. Why would any rational investor want to put money into investments that will make them poorer on a purchasing power basis in the long run?

Jun 05 07:35

Demonstration against the G7 summit in Munich (photo)

About 34 thousand people took part in demonstrations against the G7 summit in the Bavarian capital Munich on Thursday.

Jun 05 07:33

Die Zeit: the G7 summit without Russia is a problem for the West, but not for the Kremlin

The leaders of the seven leading countries of the world again without the Russian President, but this does not mean political isolation of Moscow in the world. Moreover, it helps the Kremlin to be more independent, believes the German edition.

Jun 05 07:31

The Empire Was Temporarily Defeated - Paul Craig Roberts

Washington’s color revolution for Macedonia has failed for now. Korybko describes how Washington-funded NGOs are used as Fifth Columns to destabilize and to overthrow governments in order to bring countries under Washington’s control.

Jun 05 07:29

Fracking causes lower birth weights - study

In an alarming new study, University of Pittsburgh researchers revealed that pregnant parents who live in close proximity to fracking wells are more likely than their counterparts, who live farther away, to have babies with lower birth weights.

Jun 05 07:27

Western ‘News’ Media as Tyranny’s Propagandists Hiding Reality

The ugly realities are covered up, not covered; here’s an example of what you don’t see in the regime’s media about the people whom Americans’ tax dollars are bombing and killing:

Jun 05 07:03

"We have two goals: the return of the Crimea and the cessation of the war in Donbass"

Petro Poroshenko gave the annual press conference on the occasion of the anniversary of his presidency.
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko held in Kiev the press-conference devoted to the results of the first year of his reign. The journalists were mostly interested in the situation in the Donbass, Kiev and Moscow, the odds of the Ukrainian President with the oligarchs and the level of personal income. Like the day before (in his address to the Verkhovna Rada) Petro Poroshenko did not skimp on the hard attacks against Russia. In particular, he sympathized with Japan, for the first time, stating that Russia "annexed the Kuril islands".


Jun 05 07:00

The Kremlin responded to reports about the placement of US missiles in Europe

Earlier on 5 June, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov said that Russia knows how to respond to possible deployment of missiles. "If the US begins to increase its presence in Eastern Europe and the objectives of this group are definitely not third or fourth launch sites in the middle East, and in the open — Russia, Russia has enough forces and means for adequate answers — starting with the effective withdrawal from the INF Treaty and to strengthen groups of Iskander along our Western borders," added the Senator.

June 4, 2015

Jun 04 23:40

Twitter Shuts Down Politwoops, A Treasure Trove Of Deleted Tweets

Webmaster addition: Twitter has also blocked Tweetadder as well, but the government's mass tweeting systems seem to be working just fine!

Jun 04 23:04

Kiev Wants Foreign Troops Aiding Its War on Donbass

In March, Ukraine's parliament passed legislation calling for international peacekeepers (foreign troops from countries it OKs) deployed in Donbass - to aid its lawless aggression. The measure breached Minsk II. It called for OSCE monitoring, not foreign troops likely from countries allied with Kiev, if authorized.

Jun 04 22:56

Why Washington Went After FIFA - The Real Target is Russia

Washington’s attack on world soccer is following the script of Washington’s attack on the Russian-hosted Sochi Olympics. The difference is that Washington couldn’t stop the Olympics from being held in Sochi, and was limited to scaring off westerners with lies and propaganda. In the current scandal orchestrated by Washington, Washington intends to use its takeover of FIFA to renege on FIFA’s decision that Russia host the next World Cup.



Jun 04 21:47

Hackers steal files on 4 million US govt workers

The agency tasked with recruiting workers for the US government has fessed up to allowing the personal details of 4 million people to be stolen by hackers.

The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has sent out an alert to current and former government employees warning of the data breach.

"Beginning June 8 and continuing through June 19, OPM will be sending notifications to approximately 4 million individuals whose Personally Identifiable Information was potentially compromised in this incident," the OPM said.

The OPM alert does not disclose just what information was lost but said that it would provide credit monitoring and identity monitoring to all those who had their information swiped.

Jun 04 19:26

Ex-intel officials: Pentagon report proves US complicity in ISIS

According to leading American and British intelligence experts, a declassified Pentagon report confirms that the West accelerated support to extremist rebels in Syria, despite knowing full well the strategy would pave the way for the emergence of the ‘Islamic State’ (ISIS).

The experts who have spoken out include renowned government whistleblowers such as the Pentagon’s Daniel Ellsberg, the NSA’s Thomas Drake, and the FBI’s Coleen Rowley, among others.

Their remarks demonstrate the fraudulent nature of claims by two other former officials, the CIA’s Michael Morell and the NSA’s John Schindler, both of whom attempt to absolve the Obama administration of responsibility for the policy failures exposed by the DIA documents.

Jun 04 19:25

Secret Surveillance Agency More Powerful Than the NSA

The National Security Agency (NSA) may have been forced to take a stutter step in its surveillance program (or resort to methods not made public) earlier this week regarding the collecton of metadata under the PATRIOT Act, but there is another agency that is more secretive, more invasive, and has more information on you than could be gathered from your metadata.

Gawker’s Phase Zero reports on the scope of this shadow agency’s surveillance:

If you have a telephone number that has ever been called by an inmate in a federal prison, registered a change of address with the Postal Service, rented a car from Avis, used a corporate or Sears credit card, applied for nonprofit status with the IRS, or obtained non-driver’s legal identification from a private company, they have you on file.

Jun 04 19:24

ISIL Sustains Casualties in Clashes with Hamas in Gaza Strip

Several ISIL terrorists were killed and wounded in heavy clashes between the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas and the Takfiri terrorists in the Gaza strip on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Funny how ISIS/ISIL always attacks Israel's enemies, but never Israel!

Jun 04 19:23

Oil Tycoon Attacks Anti-Fracking Researchers

Jun 04 19:23

Special Report: Website “The Counted” Tracks Police Shootings of Americans

You wouldn’t think a country like the United States, that is supposedly the most free and prosperous country in the world, because of its freedom, would need to have a website to track police shootings. No, not police shootings where the officers are shot by criminals — police shootings where out of control Militarized police unload dozens of rounds of ammunition into the bodies of citizens.

The website, is actually a page that runs on the Guardians website, and it is called ‘The Counted.’

The Counted is a huge database with records of Americans killed by police (by year), and offers you the ability to report, or give a tip of a recent shooting you may know about.





Jun 04 17:42

The era of Iran is over; the age of Boycott,Divestment and Sanctions begins

How the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is changing organized American Jewish life.

The news that Sheldon Adelson will this weekend host a secret conference for Jewish groups aimed at countering the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is yet more evidence that “pro-Israel” activism in the United States is entering a new phase. The Iran era is ending. We are entering the age of BDS...READ MORE

Jun 04 16:57

John Cusack on Civil Liberties, Drones, and NSA Spying: "Obama Is Worse Than Bush"

It isn’t unusual for celebrities to be open about their political beliefs or support for a particular candidate (typically a Democrat).

But every once in a while, an actor speaks up and it makes headlines because what they said is so controversial – and true.

John Cusack is one of those people.

The Hollywood veteran, known for being outspoken (“I just say what I think, and if people don’t like it, that’s OK.”), was recently interviewed by The Daily Beast, and he didn’t mince words when asked about Obama’s approval ratings dropping below those of George W. Bush...

Jun 04 16:19

SandyHook School Not in Operation During Alleged Masacre

Jun 04 16:19

Germany angry over UK’s potential exit from EU

Former German Foreign Minister has warned the UK that Angela Merkel will not prioritize its potential exit from the EU and give in to demands on Britain’s relationship with the bloc.

Jun 04 16:03

Dysfunctional Ukrainian Military

Corruption is rampant. Hundreds of millions of dollars disappear into the pockets of high-ranking military officials.
Ordinary Ukrainians suffer enormously from impoverishment, unemployment, skyrocketing inflation, unaffordable goods and services, and hugely repressive regime practices.
Documents obtained by Donbass military intelligence show “poor morale leads to alcohol abuse and violation of military discipline among (Ukrainian) soldiers, according to statistical data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (along with) the growth of crime committed against the civilian population.”
Mass desertions continue – fed up Ukrainian soldiers going AWOL. They’re underpaid, poorly fed and clothed, deplorably treated overall, and opposed to fighting their own people. Cell phone use is banned. Soldiers can’t stay in touch with families and loved ones. They’re prohibited from going into cities. They can’t leave Ukrainian controlled southeastern areas.

Jun 04 16:00

Maryinka strike may be a deceptive maneuver before attack on Lugansk Republic

The Ukrainian military can develop some active military actions in the so called Lugansk region. This was disclosed by DPR Defence Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin to journalists in an interview yesterday.
«So it’s quite possible that today’s offensive was just developing attack or diversionary strike. More massive provocations could be awaited in Lugansk People’s Republic tomorrow. It is no mere chance that water supplies to Luhansk were cut just today», — stated the spokesman.

Jun 04 15:43

Army Fails to Warn Residents Before Urban Warfare Explosions: “All of a Sudden, Boom!”

Mac Slavo

Yet another location is erupting into urban army exercises ahead of the nationwide Jade Helm drills that have many concerned about martial law...

“I was standing there, and all of a sudden, boom!” Jean Glenn said.

Explosions you’d expect in a war zone echoed through Flint. People’s homes shook and those inside were caught off-guard.

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Jun 04 15:40

The impact of austerity has fallen most heavily on those least able to bear it

Next week the Irish State will appear before a UN committee in Geneva to account for its record on economic, social and cultural rights. In 1989 Ireland ratified an international covenant to respect, protect and fulfil rights such as the right to health, education, social security, an adequate standard of living and fair working conditions.

Jun 04 15:31

Terror trial collapses after fears of deep embarrassment to security services

The prosecution of a Swedish national accused of terrorist activities in Syria has collapsed at the Old Bailey after it became clear Britain’s security and intelligence agencies would have been deeply embarrassed had a trial gone ahead, the Guardian can reveal.

His lawyers argued that British intelligence agencies were supporting the same Syrian opposition groups as he was, and were party to a secret operation providing weapons and non-lethal help to the groups, including the Free Syrian Army.

Bherlin Gildo, 37, who was arrested last October on his way from Copenhagen to Manila, was accused of attending a terrorist training camp and receiving weapons training between 31 August 2012 and 1 March 2013 as well as possessing information likely to be useful to a terrorist.

Jun 04 15:31

UK Forced to Rethink Terrorism Laws After Trial Collapse

The collapse of a trial at London’s Old Bailey after it was revealed the British Government and its intelligence agency MI6 had assisted anti-Assad militias could have lasting implications for other terrorist cases and powers of police arrest.

Jun 04 15:30

MI6 complicity in Jihad confirmed in court

Those who've been paying attention know well that Al Qaeda and ISIS were created and supported by the US, aided and abetted by Israel and NATO. Documentary evidence and numerous reports contradict the official narrative that ISIS is a direct result of Islamic fundamentalism. It is rare however for the reality to be revealed in open court as it was on Monday in the case against Swedish national, Bherlin Gildo.

Jihadist trial collapses on MI6 role: implications re other cases, foreign and intel policy

Jun 04 15:20

Hillary Clinton Calls for Automatic Voter Registration

Hillary Clinton proposed Thursday that Americans be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18, unless they opt out, and that states expand opportunities for early voting—saying these moves will make it easier for young people and minorities to cast ballots.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gotta get lots of names of people who don't vote for the vote-riggers to use!

Jun 04 15:19

State Farm CEO, who's led company since 1985, stepping down

State Farm Insurance Cos. announced Thursday that Chief Operating Officer Michael Tipsord will become its next chief executive, succeeding Ed Rust Jr., who has led the private company since the mid-1980s.

The Bloomington-based insurance and financial company said in a news release that Tipsord will take over in September from Rust, who has held the post since 1985. Rust, 64, will remain chairman of the company's board.

Jun 04 15:11

Vladivostok to Introduce Visa-Free Regime for Foreigners

Foreigners will be granted an eight-day visa on arrival at Vladivostok, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has announced.
Russia is planning to introduce a simplified visa regime in the eastern port of Vladivostok, which will allow foreigners arriving there to stay for eight days without preparing a visa in advance.
The free port of Vladivostok will encompass 13 municipalities in total, TASS reported. These include most of Vladivostok and Zarubino ports, as well as Vladivostok International Airport. The plan also calls for an international transport corridor to be built connecting the province of Primorye with China and other neighboring countries.