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May 8, 2009

May 08 17:33

Exodus of Pakistani civilians as battle against Taleban rages

With jet fighters screeching overhead, tens of thousands of people fled Pakistan’s once-idyllic Swat Valley yesterday, increasing a humanitarian crisis that threatens to undermine public support for the military campaign against the Taleban.

The UN says that more than 200,000 people have left Swat in the past few days, and another 300,000 are on the move or trying to leave after the collapse of a three-month-old peace deal between the Government and the Islamists this week. They will join the estimated 555,000 who have fled other conflict zones in northwestern Pakistan since August, taking the total number of displaced people in the region to more than one million.

May 08 17:18

Obama renews sanctions on Syria

US President Barack Obama, citing continuing concern about Syria's support for militants, has renewed for one year economic sanctions on Damascus imposed by his predecessor George W. Bush in 2004.

Syria gave no immediate reaction to the decision announced here Friday as the Obama administration pursues cautious steps to engage diplomatically with Damascus as part of efforts to promote Arab-Israeli peace.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to President Obama and his administration: has anyone bothered to mention to you that sanctions and diplomatic engagement are mutually exclusive?!?!?

May 08 17:18


Webmaster's Commentary: 

A reminder that there are protests; it's just that the media won't cover them.

May 08 17:15

Group condemns FEMA move to evict thousands of Katrina survivors

“Though more than 4,000 Louisiana homeowners have received rebuilding money only in the last six months, or are struggling with inadequate grants or no money at all, FEMA is intent on taking away their trailers by the end of May,” writes Shaila Dewan for The New York Times. “The deadline, which ends temporary housing before permanent housing has replaced it, has become a stark example of recovery programs that seem almost to be working against one another.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These people have been deemed by both the Bush and Obama administrations as completely expendable; that's just the bottom line.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
May 08 17:09

Democrats were routinely briefed on Bush ‘torture’ techniques, document shows

The document is explicit (PDF here). Most damningly, perhaps, is its description of a meeting held between CIA staff and then-House Intelligence Committee Chairman Porter Goss and now-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which shows that Pelosi was briefed on the Bush Administration’s torture techniques in 2002 — even though she’s publicly said she was never told about the use of waterboarding.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is why we will never see prosecution of anyone for war crimes; the Democrats are just as culpable as the Republicans in allowing the CIA to continue to torture.

And that's a damned shame.

Because until and unless these activities are investigated and prosecuted to the highest extent American law allows, this country will never again be able to represent itself as holding dear those values of human rights and human dignity, as embodied in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

May 08 15:45

Ed Shultz Asks the Question: President Obama- Do you support excluding Single Payer from Discussion?

Let Baucus know(http://baucus.senate.gov/contact/emailForm.cfm?subj=issue) that we will not let single payer be "excluded" by him or anybody. He is obviously courting his financial insurance company backers. Thats where the money is for him. Will President Obama step up to the plate and demand the inclusion of Single Payer at the table?

May 08 15:27

Ron Paul on Stress Test Propaganda

May 08 14:43

Is Rupert Murdoch losing it?

Maybe he knows something the rest of the world doesn't. He often has. Or maybe he's just losing his touch. I was surprised also to read in Clark's piece about the jaw-dropping decline in News Corp profits. The newspaper division collapsed, and the television profits went up in smoke.

Hey, if Murdoch's right, he might introduce the rest of the world to the model that can save the newspaper once and for all. That'd be something to celebrate. Or it could be that we're getting to the end of the Murdoch era. In that case, I wouldn't cry.

May 08 14:28

MPs claimed for everything but the cuddly toy

Two elephant lamps, a CD player, a yucca tree, a Dyson vacuum cleaner, an illuminated make-up mirror, a Zanussi oven.

It has everything apart from a cuddly toy. The conveyor belt of what MPs put on their expenses goes on and on ... a subscription to Sky, a granite worktop, a pizza wheel, a wine rack, a cordless hammer drill, an LG washing machine, an ice cube tray, and even a packet of Maltesers.

In the Generation Game, if contestants could remember the goodies on the conveyor belt they got to keep them. The only difference for MPs, it seems, is that they needed to remember to keep the receipt.

And no matter how tacky, extravagant, or trivial, they did.


One item above all seems to sum up the system. A Tory MP's £10 claim for a bag of manure.

May 08 14:21

MPs' expenses: a flipping outrage

In response to this newspaper's disclosures about the routine abuse by MPs of their second home allowance, the House of Commons authorities last night asked the police to investigate – not the wrong-doing of Members of Parliament, but how the information exposing it was leaked. If evidence were needed that parliament simply fails to understand the deep anger felt in the country about the tawdry goings on at the Palace of Westminster, then this, surely, is it. MPs want to avoid a proper investigation; there are no resignations; there is not even contrition: merely excuses.

May 08 13:52

The Global Warming Hypothesis and Ocean Heat

Despite a consensus among scientists on the use of ocean heat as a robust metric for AGW, near-surface air temperature (referred to as “surface temperature”) is generally employed to gauge global warming. The media and popular culture have certainly equated the two. But this equation is not simply the product of a naïve misunderstanding. NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), directed by James Hansen, and the British Hadley Centre for Climate Change, have consistently promoted the use of surface temperature as a metric for global warming. The highly publicized, monthly global surface temperature has become an icon of the AGW projections made by the IPCC.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The global warming cult likes to pick and choose the data which most supports their screed for a carbon-tax, but as this article points out, localized surface temperatures are not a reliable indicator of the total heat content of the environment.

It is argued that calculating the heat content for the entire ocean is a more reliable way to gauge global temperatures, presuming no major sob-oceanic volcanic eruptions.

May 08 13:44

Afghanistan: DOD Makes Excuses, CNN Rushes to Repeat the Spin

Yesterday, while Sec. of State Clinton was expressing “deep regret” over Monday's civilian deaths in Bala Baluk, US military spokespeople were telling a different story. After similar incidents, one of the usual claims made is that the civilian casualties are inevitable since villagers are “used as human shields by the Taliban” but this time, DOD is spinning at a whole new level, claiming that the Taliban rounded up civilians and killed them with grenades – then loaded the bodies into trucks to use are an anti-American photo op. CNN quickly had Barbara Starr on air repeating the DOD version within hours of the Clinton apology.

May 08 13:42

U.N. experts prepare to investigate war crimes in Gaza

International human rights experts examining alleged war crimes in the Gaza Strip said on Friday they planned to visit soon, and renewed a call for Israel to support their investigation.

An Israeli government official said last month that the Jewish state would not cooperate with the United Nations inquiry into violations by Israeli troops and Hamas militants during the December 27-January 18 offensive in Hamas-ruled Gaza.

May 08 13:30

Fannie Mae suffers $23.2 bln loss

May 08 13:22


May 08 13:11

Time Calls Geithner a "Con Man" and the Stress Tests a "Confidence Game"

Time Magazine assesses Geithner and the stress tests in a reasonably honest article entitled "Stress Tested: Has Geithner's Bank Confidence Game Worked?".

A "confidence game" is, of course, just the formal name for a con job.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The second syllable of "economy" is "con!"


May 08 13:05

Take Your Guns to Church

Take Your Guns to Church -- Jesus Commanded Bearing Personal Arms
Failure to be armed violates a direct, pointed, and unequivocal commandment given by Jesus Christ.

May 08 13:02

Global Crisis ‘Vastly Worse’ Than 1930s, Taleb Says

The current global crisis is “vastly worse” than the 1930s because financial systems and economies worldwide have become more interdependent, “Black Swan” author Nassim Nicholas Taleb said.

May 08 12:48

Looking More Closely at “Good” NFP Data

-U6 Unemployment, the broadest measure of “labor underutilization” rose to 15.8%; This is up 77.5% (6.6 percentage points) from a year ago;

May 08 12:45

Unemployment to 8.9%; Broader to 15.8%

May 08 12:44

The Annihiliation Of The Dollar's Purchasing Power

This is the chart they don't want you to see

May 08 12:26

Watch Out for the Scam Double-Bluff!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And you thought Nigeria was where all the scammers were!

May 08 12:24

Is JamesMakesMoney a Scam

This scam is running rampant let me tell you exactly what happens with this B.S business Ok remember this lil man says get started for a dollar well i’ma let you see the terms and conditions for that supposed $1 this young man is talking about. if you purchased the program or your about to purchase the program read what I TOOK STRAIGHT OFF THIS mans website on the order form. A reminder to all y’all before signing up for anything read the terms and conditions ALWAYS READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS I GOT THIS READ BELOW.

May 08 12:12

Navy forces kidnap fishermen near Gaza City while jet fighters bombard open areas

Israeli naval forces kidnapped on Thursday midday Palestinian fishermen off the Gaza City shore while jet fighters shelled open areas in the city.

Local sources said five Palestinian fishermen were kidnapped by the Israeli navy, witnesses reported that troops sunk the boat after thy kidnapped the five men.

Also on Thursday midday Israeli jet fighters shelled open areas in Gaza Ctiy close to the Israeli borders.

May 08 12:06

Senate Will Move on Hate Crimes Bill; Critics Claim Bill Simply Unnecessary

Critics of the measure contend that, if the bill becomes law, it will force local and state law enforcement to prosecute and sentence individuals not only for the crimes they commit, but also for their beliefs—a slippery slope which will take the country down the road toward eventually criminalizing the thoughts of the American people.

Conservatives were quick to blast the bill for elevating a few in the eyes of the law.

May 08 11:51

AIG Misses Targets; Shares Slide

During the first quarter, the company continued to unwind its notorious financial products unit, widely considered one of the prime movers behind the financial crisis. Costs related to those actions contributed the most to AIG's loss in the just-ended quarter, the company said.

The New York-based insurer, which has remained in business only because of U.S. bailout money, reported a loss of $4.35 billion, or $1.98 a share, for the period ended March 31. That's narrower than the year-ago period, when AIG lost $7.81 billion, or $3.09 a share. And in the fourth quarter of 2008 AIG posted the biggest loss in corporate history: $61.7 billion.

May 08 11:39

Israel’s Bad-Faith Negotiating Position

Israel has set two conditions for new talks, both conflicting with U.S. policy. The first is Iran’s effective nuclear disarmament, which is impossible because of those Iranian facts on the ground, and because the U.S. has set itself against military action.

The second demand is also made for propaganda purposes, and is of transparent bad faith. It is that Israel be "recognized as a Jewish state" by all its interlocutors. This is impossible because Israel refuses to describe which "Israel" is to be recognized. The 1948 state recognized by the U.N.? Israel within the 1967 armistice borders (long ago violated by colonies and annexation of Palestinian lands)? Or an Israel with frontiers yet to be defined — since annexation and colonization continue today?

May 08 11:36

Afghans riot over air-strike atrocity

Shouting "Death to America" and "Death to the Government", thousands of Afghan villagers hurled stones at police yesterday as they vented their fury at American air strikes that local officials claim killed 147 civilians.

May 08 11:31

Pentagon’s Black Budget Grows to More Than $50 Billion

The Pentagon wants to spend just over $50 billion on classified programs next year, newly-released Defense Department budget documents reveal. “That’s the largest-ever sum,” according to Aviation Week’s Bill Sweetman, a longtime black-budget seer — a three percent increase over last year’s total.

May 08 11:29

'Lieberman sees Europeans as cowards'

Basically, Lieberman told Europe that their mother dresses them funny unless they are willing to kill Iranians for Israel.

I don't think Europe is too impressed with Israel right now.

May 08 11:11

Thomas Jefferson on Banks

May 08 11:04

9/11: Controlled Demolition Comparison

May 08 10:47

Government will backstop all funds for stress-test banks

Geithner said that the government will backstop the funds raised from private investors used to meet the cash requirements called for by the stress tests. So already, we know that the stress test procedure is not a free market procedure.

Moreover, Rose asked what would happen if a bank couldn't raise the required funds within 6 months. Geithner said that, in that case, the government would just give the funds to the bank.

So not only is the methodology for the stress tests a joke, but the procedure going forward is as well.

May 08 10:12

U.S. Missile Defense Secrets, UK Medical Records Accidentally Sold on eBay

Accidentally! MY A.. (BUTT)!! If these people do not know what they are doing what business do they have making "Missile Defense Systems"

A hard drive has been carelessly released, but is fortunately in safe hands

(ISRAELI'S I'm sure! You can bet they had a look at this HD)

Hot off the heels of the of selling the B-2 stealth bomber's radar spectrum to a Russian national and intrusions by Chinese hackers, the U.S. Armed Forces have another leak on their hands. Researchers analyzing 300 hard drives bought at computer fairs and on the internet auction site eBay discovered a surprise -- a hard drive containing U.S. missile defense secrets that was not properly wiped by contractor Lockheed Martin.

May 08 10:06


Those who criticize Israel or those who interrogate Zionism (the ism that gave birth to Israel) are often labeled “anti-Semitic” by the Zionist lobby. This lobby, a world-wide movement, is seen to be most influential in the United States where it vigorously defends the interests of Israel.

To view Israel unsympathetically means vilification by this group: it avows political critique is something that threatens the existence of all Jews. Yet, ironically, some of the most ardent critics of Israel have been Jews – academics and political liberals who have not denigrated their Jewishness in any way because of their conscience.

May 08 10:03


May 08 10:03


Today is a special day on the calendar for those of us involved in the Palestinian struggle. The Palestinian Think Tank is one year old today. Against all odds and harassment from the zioenemy, they have survived and grown.

May 08 09:58

Iran invites Germans to participate in its oil, gas market

Iran has invited German companies and industries to participate in the country's gas and oil market, the official IRNA news agency reported on Wednesday.

Iran's Oil Minister Gholam-Hossein Nozari asked the German owners of gas and oil industry to "easily enter Iran's market."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, sanctions against Iran demanded by Israel will result in Germany gaining access to Iran's oil?

May 08 09:57

Facebook urged to remove Holocaust-denial groups

"There is no First Amendment right to free speech in the private realm," Cuban said. "This isn't a freedom-of-speech issue. Facebook is free to set the standard that they wish."

Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt said his company is in agreement with Cuban that the Holocaust-denial pages are offensive and objectionable.

Where the two sides part, Schnitt said, is whether people have the right to discuss such ideas on Facebook.

"It's a difficult decision to make. We have a lot of internal debate and we bring in experts to talk about it," Schnitt said. "Just being offensive or objectionable doesn't get it taken off Facebook. We want it [the site] to be a place where people can discuss all kinds of ideas, including controversial ones."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Interesting that Cuban acknowledges that Facebook as a right to set the standards they wish, then proceeds to tell them what that standard ought to be.

But Cuban is actually wrong. Newspapers and magazines and TV are private companies, yet the courts have consistently ruled that First Amendment protections of free speech apply to them.

May 08 09:37

Recap of 2009 AIPAC Policy Conference

May 08 09:33

it’s time to ask questions

I write to you as a Jewish woman who is both American and Israeli. I have lived in Israel for over 50 years, and I can tell you that I have had enough of wars and insecurity.

America keeps on sending us billions of dollars in weapons every year. And yet, Israel has become the least safe country for Jews to live in (except for war zones such as Afghanistan, where no one is safe).

May 08 09:16

FLASHBACK - Torture was taught by CIA; Declassified manual details the methods used in Honduras; Agency denials refuted

The 1983 manual was altered between 1984 and early 1985 to discourage torture after a furor was raised in Congress and the press about CIA training techniques being used in Central America. Those alterations and new instructions appear in the documents obtained by The Sun, support the conclusion that methods taught in the earlier version were illegal.

May 08 09:15

cia torture manual circa 1983

The Sun’s story noted the admonition on page 46 of the 1963 manual that when planning an interrogation room, “the electric current should be known in advance, so that transformers or other modifying devices will be on hand if needed.” The Sun reported that “...this referred to the application of electric shocks to interrogation suspects.”

May 08 09:14

U. S. Army Torture Manuals

May 08 09:13

FLASDHBACK - School of the Americas CIA Torture Manual

Manuals used by the U.S. Army's School of the Americas between 1982 and 1991 appeared to condone executions, beatings and other human rights abuses, the Pentagon said in a disclosure that prompted renewed calls for the school's closure.

The Pentagon on Friday disclosed English translations of portions of seven training manuals it said were pulled from use in 1991 by then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney. He determined that the language violated U.S. policy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, back in 1996, Cheney was OPPOSED to torture?

May 08 08:55

Why torture questions must be answered

The idea that our country does not torture is based on World War II policies, but since 1950 the CIA has been studying torture techniques and has been exporting its knowledge abroad through the Office of Public Safety and the School of the Americas. However, torture was not our official policy, until the George W. Bush administration.

May 08 08:53

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

Operation MOCKINGBIRD — The CIA begins recruiting American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda. The effort is headed by Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham. Graham is publisher of The Washington Post, which becomes a major CIA player. Eventually, the CIA?s media assets will include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service and more. By the CIA?s own admission, at least 25 organizations and 400 journalists will become CIA assets.

May 08 08:41

Fed Inspector General Knows Roughly Nothing About The Fed

The inspector general tasked with overseeing and auditing the Federal Reserve knows pretty much nothing about what the Fed is doing. That's the conclusion that comes from watching the exchange Tuesday between Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) and inspector general Elizabeth A. Coleman.

May 08 08:40

UN Treaties Fail to Respect American Sovereignty and the Constitution

No one in government has been more consistent in their position regarding the UN and its continued threat to American sovereignty than Congressman Ron Paul. On February 24, he reintroduced H.R. 1146, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. If passed, it would effectively pull the U.S. out of the UN. Membership in the UN only serves to undermine American sovereignty. The UN is guilty of dictating environmental, labor, trade, gun and health laws. Through its system of international treaties, the U.S. finds itself increasingly bound by UN agreements.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I cannot agree to surrender control over my life to a governing body that cannot control Israel.

May 08 08:35

U.S. Jobless Rate Hits 8.9%, but Pace of Losses Eases

The American economy lost another 539,000 jobs in April and the unemployment rate leapt to 8.9 percent, yet the deterioration was slightly milder than expected, buoying hopes that better days are approaching.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As more jobs are lost over time, there are less and less jobs to lose, so of course the numbers are going to come down.

And these numbers are based on people filing for unemployment. Those whose benefits have run out are not included and of course these numbers do not show the large numbers of Americans who have lost high-paying jobs and are working for much lower-paying jobs today ... which means they are struggling to make their mortgage and credit card payments.

May 08 08:31

Right then, fall into line you 'orrible little pupils! Government wants the military to run state schools

The Armed Forces will be drafted in to run state schools under plans to drive up discipline and respect in classrooms.

Ministers are in talks with defence chiefs about taking over a handful of schools and turning them into military academies.

Alongside daily lessons, pupils would be expected to take part in activities such as drills, uniformed parades, weapons handling and adventure training.

May 08 08:29

A Full-Court Press for Pakistan War

This week brings yet another bumper crop of panic buttons and alarm bells from the powers-that-be, with ever-increasing emphasis on the "Taliban kooks with Muslim nukes" theme: one more variation on the old "mushroom clouds rising in American cities" ploy that has worked like a charm for our militarists lo these 60 years or more.

Some of the war-pushing powers-that-be are public figures in the Obama Administration (including Obama himself, who has dutifully taken on the Bushian mantle of Fearmonger-in-Chief), and some of them are shadowy, unnamed eminences in the military-security apparat, clearly aiming to act for Obama as those daggers of the mind did for Macbeth: "Thou marshall'st me the way that I was going."

May 08 08:20

CIA Says It Briefed Congressional Leaders

The document appears to conflict with recent statements from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was then the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee. Ms. Pelosi has said she hadn't been told that the CIA was using the technique known as waterboarding, or simulated drowning. According to the document, Ms. Pelosi was one of the first lawmakers briefed on the interrogations in 2002.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now we know why Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, worked so hard to protect President Bush, a Republican, from investigation; because her own complicity in war crimes would have been exposed!

May 08 08:08

A giant US military base emerges in Afghanistan

In the forbidding Afghan desert, US engineers are carving out a sprawling military camp as part of a dramatic American troop build-up designed to confront Taliban insurgents.

The desolate plain in southern Helmand province that Afghans call the "desert of death" has turned into a hive of frenetic activity, underscoring President Barack Obama's decision to expand the US military commitment to the war.

May 08 08:07

USPS: Your Five New, Insured Laptops That We Lost Are Worth $74

The US Postal Service lost five new Lenovo laptops that Pedro's friend bought and shipped to him. Pedro expected that this might happen, so he wisely insured the package for $3,000. After stalling for about two months, USPS finally agreed to pay his insurance claim, but reduced the payment, claiming his merchandise was only worth $74.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We used to send out demo CDs and DVDs using USPS. About 1/3 never reached their destinations.

May 08 08:01

US renews sanctions against Syria

May 08 08:01

CIA Says Pelosi Was Briefed on Use of 'Enhanced Interrogations'

Intelligence officials released documents this evening saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was briefed in September 2002 about the use of harsh interrogation tactics against al-Qaeda prisoners, seemingly contradicting her repeated statements over the past 18 months that she was never told that these techniques were actually being used.

May 08 07:57

Afghan girl's burns show horror of chemical strike

Life as 8-year-old Razia knew it ended one March morning when a shell her father says was fired by Western troops exploded into their house, enveloping her head and neck in a blazing chemical. Skip related content

Now she spends her days in a U.S. hospital bed at the Bagram airbase, her small fingernails still covered with flaking red polish but her face an almost unrecognisable mess of burnt tissue and half her scalp a bald scar.

May 08 07:56

Is Obama Taking on the Israel Lobby?

Assistant secretary of state Rose Gottemoeller’s surprise announcement that the US would like every nation – including Israel – to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) sent shockwaves from Tel Aviv to Brooklyn, confirming the worst fears of the Obama-haters who make up the radical fringe of the Lobby. You’ll recall that the first thing accused Israeli spy Steve Rosen, AIPAC’s former chief lobbyist, did when he resurfaced was to set up an “Obama Watch” blog on the web site of the crazed Daniel Pipes, one of the main perpetrators of the “Obama-is-a-secret-Muslim” meme. Expect the attacks on the President coming from the Lobby to intensify.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I do not see Obama's request that Israel sign the NNPT as standing up to the lobby at all. More and more Americans are now aware that financial and military aid to Israel is illegal under the Symington Amendment to the Foreign Appropriations Act. If Obama pursuades Israel to sign the NNPT, then he can go on sending them billions of your tax dollars every year with which to drop white phosphorus on school kids.

May 08 07:53

The true cost to the BBC of iPlayer...

Over on CNet, Nate Lanxon has delivered a stonking piece on the technical background to the BBC's iPlayer servers.

Which does raise the question, though: is it value for money?

I'm trying to work out how much more - or less - it costs the BBC to deliver a TV programme over iPlayer than it does to transmit it in the old-fashioned way.

This is surprisingly difficult to do, but I think I have an answer: it costs around sixteen thousand times as much to stream a programme as to broadcast it.

May 08 07:51

"They Frankly Own the Place"

"If you have two candidates running for office and one is a finance-industry-friendly candidate and the other is the consumer-friendly candidate, the finance-industry-friendly candidate is going to get tens of thousands of dollars from the financial services industry that the other consumer-friendly candidate is not going to get. So, the finance-industry-friendly candidate is going to have much more money to run for election and is more likely to win. He or she is more likely to stay in office, because candidates that vote in alignment with industry interests have more money to run for re-election. So you have this system where Congress as a whole is bought and biased in favor of industry, even if no individual legislator changes their mind on a vote.

May 08 07:42

Gordon Brown blames expenses row on 'the system'

Gordon Brown blamed the MPs' expenses row on "the system" as he and the Cabinet were hit with a slew of new revelations about their taxpayer-funded claims.

"We knew it was broken, so we decided to exploit it."

May 08 07:40

MPs' expenses: the cabinet's key claims

Expenses claims made by key cabinet ministers, including Gordon Brown, have been exposed by a Daily Telegraph investigation.

May 08 07:37

Israeli "Death to Arabs" Facebook Group

May 08 06:09

Afghan Civilian Deaths Present U.S. With Strategic Problem

Problem? 2 dozen?

May 08 06:00

Finance a Lemon Bank (GMAC) is asking for billions more to avoid bankruptcy for a while longer

The New York Times - MICHAEL J. de la MERCED - GMAC, Among the Weakest, Seems in Line for a Bailout -It looks as if one more bank needs a bailout. And, four months ago, this bank was not even a bank. GMAC must raise a staggering $11.5 billion in capital, the equivalent of roughly half its current equity.

[These finance companies -the auto-loan sharks- ARE THEY REALLY MORE ECONOMICALLY VITAL THAN KEEPING PEOPLE FROM HAVING TO LIVE IN THE STREETS AND OUT OF DUMPSTERS ??? It's time to start prioritizing a little better than this shit -AGAIN!]

May 08 05:59

Who Will Stop the AIPAC Jews Before it is too Late


May 08 05:52

Sen. Feinsteins Husband Cashes In On Crisis

Adding insult to injury!

May 08 05:45

Feingold bill gives all U.S.water to the feds!

This is really going to P.O. a lot of people!

May 08 05:32

Do'nt Answer the Census

Another violation of The Constitution!

May 08 05:27

Afghans riot over air-strike atrocity

Support the troops rah!rah!rah!

May 08 05:19

Ex-GI convicted of raping,killing Iraqi girl

Support the troops? Not hardly!

May 08 05:10

Chart of the day SHOWS West Texas Crude is up 68% since Obama took office -ALL THE BAILOUT MONEY IS GOING OVERSEAS!

BBC Business News - Markets - Data

[A guy named "Stephens" emailed and alerted me to the fact that U.S. mainstream media reporters of U.S. economic data are fudging the oil price numbers. Look at this BBC graph. It clearly shows a barrel of oil trading well below $35 during the second week in February. Today oil closed in London -trading at $58.12 for a barrel of West Texas crude. That is a 68% increase since Obama started splashing his trillions in bailout money around. In the same period of time, the demand for oil as crashed, leaving oil supertankers stranded idle -but oil is up a whopping 68% ??? So much for an economic stimulus.]

May 08 04:55

HUMANITY:THE WARRIOR-RAPISTS - Look deep into the face of your own humanity

BBC - Americas - US ex-soldier guilty of Iraq rape - A jury in the US state of Kentucky has found a former private soldier guilty of the rape of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and the killing of her and her family.

[For your voyeurism an article picture is provided courtesy of the U.S. Military -to look into the face of this child rapist/murderer. You are looking into a mirror.]

May 08 04:34

The Economic Girlie-Man Cries like a Baby With Badly Messed Diapers

The Mercury News - State may raid cash from cities, county - Kurtis Alexander -SANTA CRUZ -- Call it a threat or a grim reality.

[Call it Proposition Hang Arnie for turning his stupendous box office celebrity into the keys to the governor's mansion. If California leads the nation, someone ought to be getting Arnold with the tar and feathers or the noose -real soon now.]

May 08 03:44

Is Obama Taking on the Israel Lobby? It sure looks like it

The elaborate pretenses that surround any discussion of Israel are fast making it impossible to say a word about that country without uttering a number of increasingly obvious lies.

We are, for example, supposed to believe that Israel is really a part of the West, when demographics – and the country’s radical political shift – point in the opposite direction. It is commonly asserted as incontrovertible fact that Israel is a democracy, just like us, the only one in a region ruled by monarchs, mullahs, and secular nationalist despots – and we aren’t supposed to notice its population of Palestinian helots in the occupied territories.

May 08 03:39


flashback: May 31, 2003 Dissent in the ranks. US Secretary of State Colin Powell was under persistent pressure from the Pentagon and White House to include questionable intelligence in his report on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction he delivered at the United Nations last February, source: US News and World Report Magazine. According to the report, the draft contained such questionable material that Powell lost his temper, throwing several pages in the air and declaring, "I'm not reading this. This is bullshit."

May 08 03:36

Rush to Powell: Go be a Democrat

When they're done with you , they're done with you . (*I thought Powell was the most 'stand up' member of Bush's administration . This is what he gets for that . LAMBASTED !)

“What Colin Powell needs to do is close the loop and become a Democrat, instead of claiming to be a Republican interested in reforming the Republican Party. He's not. He's a full-fledged Democrat,” Limbaugh said.

“Is this really the kind of party that we want to be when these kinds of spokespersons seem to appeal to our lesser instincts rather than our better instincts?" Powell replied.

May 08 03:25

Cheney: ‘I think it would be a mistake’ for the GOP to become more moderate.

think progress: With only 20 percent of Americans self-identifying as Republicans, the GOP is searching for a way forward. Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Olympia Snowe (R-ME), along with Colin Powell, have said the GOP must move toward the center to expand its tent. In an interview with Scott Hennen, a North Dakota radio host, Cheney declared that becoming more moderate “would be a mistake“:

May 08 03:23

Hannity And Steyn Attack Colin Powell Over Criticisms Of Limbaugh And Coulter

news hounds: Who couldn't see this one coming? Colin Powell had the nerve to speak out publicly against the hate mongering of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, calling it bad for Republicans. So rather than debate the actual effect of Limbaugh and Coulter on the party, Sean Hannity called on Limbaugh-sub Mark Steyn to discredit Powell. And on the other side? Nobody. With video. http://www.foxnews.com

May 08 02:46

In the Name of Venality

Vanity Fair: It can fairly be said that the chain of catastrophic bets made over the past decade by a few hundred bankers may well turn out to be the greatest nonviolent crime against humanity in history. They’ve brought the world’s economy to its knees, lost tens of millions of people their jobs and their homes, and trashed the retirement plans of a generation, and they could drive an estimated 200 million people worldwide into dire poverty. In other words, never before have so few done so much to so many

May 08 01:57

Student's Wikipedia hoax quote used worldwide in newspaper obituaries

A WIKIPEDIA hoax by a 22-year-old Dublin student resulted in a fake quote being published in newspaper obituaries around the world.

The quote was attributed to French composer Maurice Jarre who died at the end of March.

It was posted on the online encyclopedia shortly after his death and later appeared in obituaries published in the Guardian, the London Independent, on the BBC Music Magazine website and in Indian and Australian newspapers.

May 08 01:55

Cyberbullying Bill Not About Protecting Kids, It is About Shutting Down the Opposition

Arianna Huffington, the liberal darling in bed with the globalist George Soros by way of the Bermuda-based Atlantic Philanthropies, has posted an article on her website penned by Rep. Linda Sánchez, the Democrat congress critter from California. Sánchez is behind the so-called Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act, an effort to impose draconian regulations on the internet.

May 08 01:51

Stephen Hawking on Gaza

May 08 01:29

Green Shoots Or Greatest Depression?

KINGSTON, NY -- The financial fields replete with sprouting "green shoots" should be viewed with suspicion, if not alarm, warns Gerald Celente, The Trends Research Institute Director. "They are not a mirage, but they are ephemeral."

Field Marshall Ben Bernanke and his Green Shoot Brigade have fertilized the economic landscape with trillions of sweat equity dollars extorted from today's public and the public of generations to come. Regardless of how depleted the land, heavy doses of dollars spread so thickly over the financial and government territories, will force "green shoots" to grow. But the fundamentals of the economy remain unsound. They will not be corrected by forced fertilizing barren acreage.

May 08 01:13

The Great Water Heist

May 7, 2009

May 07 21:06

'Dear Mr. Lieberman, in General, You Are not Welcome Here'

Throughout his political career, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has rattled sabers in the Middle East. On Thursday, Germany's foreign minister is meeting with the ultranationalist. Here's the dressing down Frank-Walter Steinmeier should give him when the press isn't listening.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Germany finally grows a spine.

May 07 20:58

Report: Iran could have enough material for nuke in months

A foreign intelligence agency and some U.N. officials estimated that Iran could reconfigure its centrifuge cascades and produce enough weapons-grade material for a bomb within six months."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pop Quiz:

Is that "foreign intelligence agency" ...

A. Israel?

B. Israel?

C. Israel?

D. Israel?

E. Israel?


F. Israel?

May 07 19:27

Al-Jazeera Airs Call for Biological Attack

In the video, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Nafisi expresses ardent support for terrorism,

May 07 19:25

New York Fed chairman Friedman abruptly resigns

Stephen Friedman, chairman of the board at the Federal Reserve bank of New York, abruptly resigned Thursday, days after The Wall Street Journal pointed out his approval of a request by Golaman Sachs was in violation of policy because of his considerable holdings in Goldman shares.

May 07 19:17

Jews are Blamed for Economic Crisis

A survey conducted by the Boston Review in its May/June issue shows that nearly 25% of American non-Jews blame “the Jews” a moderate amount or more for the financial crisis.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, look who is in the key positions of power in the economy. Ben S. Bernanke: Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Donald L. Kohn: Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Randall S. Kroszner: Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve.
Frederic S. Mishkin: Member of Board of Governors of Federal Reserve.
Alan Greenspan: Advisor to Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. Recent Chairman.

... and Bernie Madoff-with-the-loot didn't help things, either!

May 07 17:46

Government Could Destroy Records in Hundreds of Guantanamo Cases

A stockpile of documents about hundreds of Guantanamo Bay detainees, some written by the prisoners themselves, could be destroyed under a little-known provision of a federal court order the Bush administration obtained in 2004.

May 07 16:35

Michael Crichton predicted this in "Looker."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is more than a little scary. This technology allows advertisers and presumably politicians to directly measure the brainwaves of people seeing their commercials and speeches. This could lead to carefully crafted advertisements and campaigns able to reach past the rational and logical centers of thought and trigger specific emotional responses of trust and agreement.

The potential for abuse is rather obvious.

May 07 16:35

NY Fed chair Friedman resigns

Stephen Friedman, chairman of the New York Federal Reserve's board of directors, resigned on Thursday amid questions about stock purchases in his former firm Goldman Sachs.

May 07 15:32

Poverty and Food Insecurity in the Developing World: For Us, Tolls the Bell

"Senator Lugar and others [Senators John Kerry, Susan Collins, Robert Casey, Richard Durbin and Thomas Harkin] of the US Senate have introduced ‘Global Food Security Act’ [GFSA, No. S384] to be administered by the USAID. [1] ‘The bill was read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.’ Although it seems to have a humanitarian purpose, GFSA is as sinister as the two pending bills HR875 and S425. I say this because not one US regulatory authority has successfully regulated industries in the interest of the people at least in the last ninety-odd years. Monopolies have been protected and cartels continue to kill in the US and across the world.

May 07 14:18

Georgia's Pain

On May 5th, a Georgian former diplomat, Vakhtang Maisaia, was arrested by the Counterintelligence Department of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs. He is being charged with espionage for having passed sensitive information to Russian agents. That is the official spin.

I have no evidence to offer the contrary except the word of a human rights activist and journalist inside Georgia who says Maisiai is innocent. Obviously there is a conflict here. But in Georgia, truth comes at a terrible cost.

May 07 14:17

The AIPAC Spy Case

A much smaller news item competing with these sensational stories was that the U.S. Justice Department announced that it is dropping the espionage charges against two former AIPAC agents. The story was so small that it barely was a blip on the media's radar, bringing absolutely no comment on the network news and talk shows.

That's known as clever public relations. Announce the bad news on a day when it won't be noticed.

May 07 14:15

Insiders Selling At A Furious Pace

Last week there was a report that corporate insiders were selling at a faster rate that at any time since October, 2007 -- right near the top of the market.

Well, the market's only raged higher since then and insider selling is only getting more intsense.

May 07 14:14

Rupert Murdoch: “Internet Will Soon Be Over”

The establishment media is dying and advertising revenue has plummeted as people turn to blogs and the alternative media for their news in an environment of corporate lies and spin.

This has forced sectors of the corporate media to charge the dwindling number of loyal readers they have left for news content, a practice which is set to become widespread according to Murdoch. This will only send more people over to the alternative media as the old organs of de facto state-controlled propaganda wither and die.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The revolution has begun!

Do not wait for orders; grab your keyboards and ride towards the sound of lies.

May 07 14:11

Shock as woman returned to home

A woman has spoken of her shock after social services and police turned up at her home with a battering ram to take away her 86-year-old mother.

Ros Figg, of Coventry, took her mother Betty, who has dementia, from her local care home to look after her at home.

But two social workers and four police officers with a warrant arrived to take her back and placed a blanket over her head as they did so.