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"The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes." -- Abraham Lincoln


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January 22, 2009

Jan 22 21:56

What caused the financial crisis in the US?

Back in 1971, the USA printed and spent far more paper money than they could cover by gold. When the French demanded redemption of their dollar holdings in gold, the USA discovered that they could not honour the debt, thus committing an act of bankruptcy. So the USA went to the Saudis to cut a deal - we’ll keep you in power, no mater what you do, as long as OPEC denominate all sales of oil in US dollars (which was termed as Petrodollar). The deal was done.

Jan 22 21:15

Obama inaugural's "carbon footprint" five times larger than a coal-fired power plant

Even though Obama proposes job-destroying tax hikes on employers who emit carbon dioxide, the Institute for Liberty reports his $170 million inauguration had a total "carbon footprint" of 575,000,000 pounds.

Jan 22 20:12

Mystery Prison Buses in the Desert

By Ellen Brown

On a recent visit to Tucson, Arizona, where I was invited to give a presentation on monetary reform, I was disturbed by a story of strange goings on in the desert. A little over a year ago, it seems, a new industrial facility sprang up on the edge of town. It was in a remote industrial zone and appeared to be a bus depot. The new enterprise was surrounded by an imposing security fence and bore no outward signs identifying its services. However, it soon became apparent that the compound was in the business of outfitting a fleet of prison buses. Thirty or so secondhand city buses were being reconfigured with prison bars in the windows and a coat of fresh paint bearing the “Wackenhut G4S” logo on the side.

Jan 22 18:58

Obama's presidency seen as black entitlement power?

By Paul Proctor
January 21, 2009

One of my wife’s friends told her on Tuesday that someone she knew had been renting a house to a single African-American woman for several years. The lady had apparently never missed a payment or even been late with one.

But, for some strange reason, immediately after Barack Obama was elected to office last November, the woman reportedly stopped paying rent. When politely questioned about it, she told her landlord: “We have a new president now and some things are going to change.” He replied: “Well, that’s fine, but you still have to pay your rent,” to which she reiterated: “No, we have a new president now – and some things are going to change.”

Jan 22 18:01

Prez Obama STILL silent on Gaza slaughter, destruction

Hamas raps Obama for silence on Gaza war
(01-22 15:50)
Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic group, criticized President Barack Obama for not speaking out during Israel's three-week offensive in the Gaza Strip, where more than 1,300 people were killed.
''The wave of hope that met your election was heavily dampened by your silence on the Gaza massacre,'' Mussa Abu Marzuk, the deputy leader of the political bureau of Hamas, wrote in a column published in the London-based Guardian newspaper.

Obama urges Israel to open Gaza border

Jan 22 17:33

Army accuses KBR contractors of 'negligent homicide' for electrocution

United States Army investigation has accused former Halliburton subsidiary KBR, along with contractors the company used and two of the firm's supervisors, of 'negligent homicide' in the electrocution of a soldier

Jan 22 17:17

Seagate offers free data recovery for faulty drives, new firmware

Seagate Technology LLC today is offering free data-recovery services for customers who purchased the company's Barracuda 7200.11 desktop hard drive through December 2008. A firmware bug in those drives has produced a high number of failures.

According to users on Seagate's online support forum the drives tend to freeze for about 30 seconds during I/O transfers of streaming video or when reading or writing files at low speeds.

"We're offering free data recovery because the information on the drives is not deleted. It's just rendered inaccessible by this suspect firmware," said Seagate spokesman Michael Hall.

Jan 22 17:10

MAC HACKERS - Pirated iWork '09 installer may contain trojan horse

Intego, makers of VirusBarrier and other security software for the Macintosh, issued a security alert for Mac users on Thursday, advising them about the existence of a new Trojan Horse, which they’ve named OSX.Trojan.iServices.A. This new Trojan Horse can be found in pirated copies of Apple’s iWork ‘09 application suite, which has been downloaded over 20,000 times, according to Intego’s numbers.

When installing an infected pirated copy of iWork ‘09, an extra iWorkServices package is installed; this installation begins as soon as the user launches the iWork ‘09 installer. This package is installed as a system-wide startup item, where it has read-write permissions as root. In other words, this code can do anything to any part of the system, with full authorization.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jan 22 14:41

Housekeeper and Taxes Said to Derail PRINCESS CAROLINE'S SENATE SEAT Bid

DANNY HAKIM and NICHOLAS CONFESSORE | Wed- Jan 22, 2009 | New York Times

ALBANY — Problems involving taxes and a household employee surfaced during the vetting of Caroline Kennedy and derailed her candidacy for the Senate [...]

Jan 22 14:15

It Is Time To Get Angry...

We live in a society that tolerates lying as part of normal social behavior in the form of "white lies". We expect politicians to lie to us. We accept that CEOs lie to us. I am here to say, "where does it end?"

Jan 22 13:28

Ahhhhh, The Memories!


Jan 22 11:20

Gordon Brown's plan to save the world

An embarrassing slip of the tongue

Jan 22 11:18

Buy a Gun!

My band, The Gitmos, have unleashed our anthem for the 2nd Amendment: "Buy a Gun!". You can hear it at www.myspace.com/thegitmos and become our friend. Or this should work without having to really go to Myspace: http://music.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=music.popupplayer&songid...
Feedback appreciated. Here are the lyrics:

We're all set to riot
Buy a gun
Before you lose your Second Amendment
Buy a gun

Or they'll burn you out like in Waco
They'll stick your ass in a camp
Jack-booted cops in riot-gear
Gonna kick your ass and laugh
A Revolution is on it's way
Better lock and load your AK

Buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun buy a gun
Before you wish you bought a gun

Jan 22 11:02

Increase in burglaries shows effect of recession

The first indications that the recession is beginning to have an effect on the underlying crime rate in England and Wales are evident in today's Home Office quarterly crime figures.

The rises recorded in the police data for domestic burglaries and fraud and forgery in the year to September are warning signs that the longest sustained fall in the overall crime rate in modern history will soon be coming to an end.

It has long been recognised that the best anti-crime measure of all is a job and, as unemployment starts to rise rapidly, criminologists expect to see increases in the offences that are committed in big volumes, such as burglary and car crime, and make up the bulk of the overall crime rate.

Jan 22 10:45

Barclays may lose control to Gulf investors

The Government is in talks with Barclays after the bank admitted that raising extra capital could trigger a clause that would deliver control to its Middle East investors.

Government insiders were last night reeling at the possibility that helping Barclays could see Britain's fourth biggest lender automatically delivered to the Middle East as the result of a little known clause agreed in the bank's October capital raising.

Jan 22 10:18

How to Inflame the Entire Muslim World

How will history describe the Israeli war against the Palestinians in Gaza? Another Holocaust, this time perpetrated by the descendants of the victims? An election ploy by ambitious Israeli politicians to win votes in the February 10 elections? A test range for new American weapons? An effort to lock the new Obama Administration into an anti-Iranian position? An attempt to establish its military "credibility" after its disastrous defeat in the war with Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006? Perhaps all of these…and more.

Jan 22 09:55

Israel wanted a humanitarian crisis

The scale of Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip, and the almost daily reports of war crimes over the last three weeks, has drawn criticism from even longstanding friends and sympathizers. Despite the Israeli government's long-planned and comprehensive PR campaign, hundreds of dead children is a hard sell. As a former Israeli government press adviser put it, in a wonderful bit of unintentional irony, "When you have a Palestinian kid facing an Israeli tank, how do you explain that the tank is actually David and the kid is Goliath?


Jan 22 08:49

Tiny Timothy Geithner Blithering Like a Drama Queen Before Congressional Hearing

Thur- Jan. 22, 2009 | Bloomberg.com | Rebecca Christie in Washington

Geithner Pledges Prolonged Effort to Stabilize Banks

Timothy Geithner, President Barack Obama’s nominee for Treasury secretary, pledged an expanded and prolonged government role in everything from stabilizing banks to ensuring credit for small businesses [and Tiny Tim apparently intends to give your kids the allowance they've lost too!].

Geithner [...] told lawmakers yesterday “we’re at the beginning of this process of repairing the system, not close to the end.” He committed to “much more substantial action” on a “very dramatic scale.”

Jan 22 08:20

US army recruitments up as jobs dwindle

The US military is luring Americans to join the service as the country's devouring economic recession is cutting jobs across the nation.

The last few months witnessed dramatic rises in the country's unemployment rates with the December jobless rates skyrocketing to 7.2%.

The army, meanwhile, has offered a steady paycheck, benefits and training to any individual who joins the forces.

As the result, military recruiters said they have had no problems enlisting new blood despite the hazards that tend to scare the young off, The New York Times reported.

Jan 22 08:12

Europe’s winter of discontent

A hurried resolution to the Ukraine-Russia gas war was reached during a visit to Moscow by Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko to meet with her Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin this week. Ukraine finally agreed to pay higher European prices for Russian gas in 2010, after a 20 percent discount in 2009.

This accord came in the wake of sharp criticism of Ukraine by European leaders and Putin’s first official visit to Germany as prime minister, where he presented a more ambitious long-term solution to the unending troubles with Ukraine that have left European countries without winter fuel more than once. His proposal involves leading European energy companies forming a consortium with Russia’s Gazprom to ensure that Russian supplies reach their destination.


Jan 22 08:03

Phantom Shares

Jan 22 07:41

Microsoft to slash 5,000 jobs, misses on 2Q profit

the layoffs appear to be a first for Microsoft, which was founded in 1975, aside from relatively limited staff cuts the software company made after acquiring companies.

The company announced the cuts as it reported an 11 percent drop in second-quarter profit, which fell short of Wall Street's expectations. Microsoft shares plunged 7 percent in pre-market trading.

Microsoft said it was being hurt by deteriorating global economic conditions and lower revenue from software for PCs. The holiday quarter of 2008 was the worst the PC market had seen in several years.

Jan 22 06:41

WANTED For war crimes and crimes against humanity

Take note of wanted posters of additional war criminals at the bottom of the page (at link). Notify the appropriate authorities if any of these dangerous psychopathic war criminals are spotted in your neighborhood.

The Prosecutor
POBox 19519
2500 Hague
Fax +31 70 515 8 555


Jan 22 05:49

Will the real Barack Hussein Obama please stand up?

The American people right now are giddily supporting their president. The feeling of unity and excitement is palpable. The feel is not unlike the days after the tragedy of 9/11/01, when Americans were told they were attacked by terrorists who hated freedom.

Jan 22 05:45

How Citigroup managed to pull a 180

Citigroup executed a classic Washington fold earlier this month when it agreed with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to back the so-called bankruptcy cram down legislation, which it and the rest of the banking industry had been fighting for years.

Jan 22 05:34

Bad Bank, Bad News

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson blew it, Ben Bernancke blew it and now it looks like Lawrence Summers and David Axelrod, Obama's top economic advisers, are about to blow it big time. The horse is long since dead but the flogging continues.


Jan 22 04:19

OBAMA: Afshin Rattansi talks to Cindy Sheehan

Jan 22 04:14

Barack Obama could visit Russia in April

MOSCOW, January 22 (RIA Novosti) - U.S. President Barack Obama could pay a visit to Moscow in April, a Russian business daily said on Thursday, citing a source close to the U.S. State Department.

Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the U.S. on Tuesday in Washington, becoming the country's first African-American head of state.

According to the source quoted by Kommersant, Obama will set off for his first European tour in April and is to visit London on April 2 to participate in the G20 summit, and meet for the first time with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev.

Jan 22 01:29

The Obama presidency: Here comes socialism

2009-2010 will rank with 1913-14, 1933-36, 1964-65 and 1981-82 as years that will permanently change our government, politics and lives. Just as the stars were aligned for Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson and Reagan, they are aligned for Obama. Simply put, we enter his administration as free-enterprise, market-dominated, laissez-faire America. We will shortly become like Germany, France, the United Kingdom, or Sweden — a socialist democracy in which the government dominates the economy, determines private-sector priorities and offers a vastly expanded range of services to many more people at much higher taxes.

Jan 21 22:10

The True Scope of the Housing Bust

Any sober-minded investor who wants to face reality, no matter how grim, needs to hear this expert tell why the current housing mess is so much more substantial than the real estate pain experienced even during the Depression.

Fannie Mae's first Chief Credit Officer, Edward Pinto.

Jan 21 22:10

Whistleblower: NSA spied on everyone, targeted journalists

Former National Security Agency analyst Russell Tice, who helped expose the NSA's warrantless wiretapping in December 2005, has now come forward with even more startling allegations. Tice told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on Wednesday that the programs that spied on Americans were not only much broader than previously acknowledged but specifically targeted journalists.

Jan 21 21:41

I Apologize for Not Submitting to Robbery

Actually, Mr. Geithner, you don't owe anything. To apologize to the State for not paying taxes is like apologizing to a robber for not handing over your wallet fast enough.

Jan 21 21:23

Government healthcare failing in Finland

The Finish public health care system is “teetering on the edge of collapse.” Apparently demise is being blamed on the inability of the state to find doctors willing to fill public positions.

Jan 21 20:00

Forty Years Ago, A Cosmonaut Experienced What Can Only Be Described as 'Hell'

We cover a lot of cool NASA space shuttle stuff here at Gizmodo, but we'd be remiss if we didn't mention an important milestone for that other vital spacecraft, out of Russia, the Soyuz.

That milestone happened on Friday, when the Soyuz program celebrated the 40th anniversary of an historic event: The first orbital docking between two craft where human beings left Earth in one craft, and returned in another.

To say the event went smoothly would be, well, a total frickin' lie, as cosmonaut Boris Volynov would experience one of space flight's most harrowing reentries on this most historic trip.

Jan 21 19:38

Lots of Pure Water Ice at Mars North Pole

Planum Boreum, Mar's north polar cap contains water ice "of a very high degree of purity," according to an international study. Using radar data from the SHARAD (SHAllow RADar) instrument on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), French researchers say the data point to 95 percent purity in the polar ice cap.

Jan 21 19:33

$630 Million Donated Toward Polio Eradication Efforts

CELIA W. DUGGER | New York Times | Wed- Jan 21, 2009

JOHANNESBURG — Twenty years after the world set out to eradicate polio, the crippling disease is still stubbornly endemic in four countries: Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rotary International and the British and German governments announced the injection of $630 million to help keep the cause of polio eradication alive for another few years, with the hope of finally bringing the disease under control in its last four bastions and other countries to which it has spread.

Jan 21 19:01

Intel to Cut at Least 5,000 Jobs

ASHLEE VANCE| New York Times | Wed- January 21, 2009

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — With demand for its chips drying up at record rates, Intel has decided to shut down several plants and dismiss thousands of workers.

As many as 6,000 people could be dismissed, depending on how many workers can secure jobs at other Intel plants. Intel employed 84,000 people at the end of last year, and had already eliminated 20,000 jobs in the last three years.

Jan 21 18:22

In Final Legal Act, Bush Appeals Spy Ruling

With a mere 64 minutes left in its last full day in office, the Bush administration asked a federal judge to stay enforcement of a ruling that would keep alive a lawsuit which tests whether the president can bypass the Congress and eavesdrop on Americans without warrants.

Jan 21 18:21

Limbaugh: I Fear Obama’s Repeal Of Bush-Era Secrecy Rules ‘Make It Easier’ To Hold Bush To Account

What I’m afraid of is what Obama’s done here is made the gathering of the information for this kind of stuff– This is not American. This is not America. This is not what America does. We don’t– This is Banana Republic kind of stuff.

Jan 21 18:06

Credit Card Processor Says Some Data Was Stolen

Heartland Payment Systems, a major payment processing company, disclosed a data breach on Monday that potentially exposed tens of millions of credit and debit cardholders to the risk of fraud in what could quickly become one of the country’s biggest data compromises.
Your Money Guides
Identity Theft »

Robert H. B. Baldwin Jr., Heartland’s president and chief financial officer, said that his company believed the card numbers, expiration dates, and in some cases cardholder names were exposed after attacks on its computer systems at the one point where data had been unencrypted.

Jan 21 18:00

Lexus Or Justice? Dead Prez Speaking Truth

Jan 21 17:59

Obama: the Zionist wolf in sheep’s clothing

Obama is completely controlled by the same forces that have controlled George Bush, so much so that The Chicago Tribune quotes leading Jews bragging that Obama is so in the hands of the Zionists that he is “the first Jewish President.” Obama received about 80 percent of the Jewish vote in the United States!

Jan 21 17:31

It's Your Choice Youth: YOU CAN RESIST!

Jan 21 17:06

The One and Only: Waiting for Word From on High

By Chris Floyd

Jan 21 16:35

Obama's "Bush Gaza crimes", recognizes Abbas, not Hamas' Haniyeh

Last update - 20:03 21/01/2009
White House: Obama determined to help consolidate Gaza truce
By News Agencies

"U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday called four Middle East leaders, including Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, to express his commitment to be actively engaged in the path toward Middle East peace."
"An aide to Abbas said Wednesday that Obama had called him to express his commitment to achieving peace in the Middle East.
Wednesday's call fulfills a promise by Obama to get involved in Mideast peacemaking from day one of his presidency.

Jan 21 15:06

Resistance is called ‘terrorism’

Enshrined in the Israeli narrative is the “terrorist” designation of its enemies. For most ordinary people “terrorist” is a highly emotive label and when it’s prefixed with “Islamist,” it evokes images of hooded, anti-Western extremists lopping off heads or planting bombs in five-star hotels to fulfill the demands of a warped ideology masquerading as religion.

For Israel, the ‘war on terror’ has been a gift to its propaganda merchants. After all, what reasonable person can blame a country under ‘terrorist attack’ for extending its power to protect its citizens from crazed evildoers? Sadly, public perception isn’t generally nuanced enough to take account of a crucial fundamental: Israel is the occupier and the Palestinians its victims.

Conversely, genuine resistance groups struggling against the yoke of occupation have been hobbled by George W. Bush’s black-and-white rhetoric, as they have been tarred with the same brush as Al Qaida and its franchises. Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Miliband slammed the ‘war on terror’ during a recent visit to Mumbai, calling it a “misleading and mistaken” doctrine inviting “invidious comparisons” between diverse organisations.

Jan 21 14:57

OK Muslims -Time to Police Yourselves - with link to video

I wouldn't be fair if I didn't call attention to another religious zealot - this time on the Islamic side - making statements that should be condemned by people sharing his faith who claim Islam is a peaceful religion.

Jan 21 14:37

Not all blacks drank the Obama-Messiah Kool-Aid

Not All Black People Voted For B. Hussein-Obama
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Jan 20, 09)

"There is a huge problem with following a person who has a magnetic personality–and promises you that he can give you a blissful life. By placing your life into this person’s hands, you are surrendering your free will. Something that the Creator gave to all of us!

In 1978, in a small South American Country known as Guyana, 909 followers of the reverend Jim Jones did as he commanded. They drank poison laced kool-aid. Within minutes, they were dead. Congressman Leo
Ryan, and three members of the media who had accompanied him to Guyana to investigate Jones’ cult, were shot to death on orders from Jones!"

Jan 21 13:42

NEADS Operator Warns Others to Watch What They Say on Tape

An operator at the Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) on 9/11 warns other operators to "be careful what we say on the loop, because these are being recorded and these tapes will be handed over." The tapes formed the basis of the 9/11 Commission's account of what happened. A timeline of the day's events can be found here: http://www.historycommons.org/timelin... This section is from tape 15, at 37:52, probably about 9:16 a.m. real time.

Jan 21 12:40

Obama undeterred by common sense hesitation, has ANOTHER rescue plan.

Obama to unveil new rescue plan: Geithner
Treasury nominee offers no estimate of cost, signals more money needed

Greg Robb, Senior Reporter | MarketWatch | Jan. 21, 2009

In testimony Wednesday before the Senate Finance Committee, Geithner didn't say how much the new package would cost. He refused to give specifics [...]

Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve Board chairman, told the panel that the cost of fixing the banks would cost several trillion dollars.

More government assistance would be needed, Geithner added, because the crisis is far from over. More money also will have to be used to get credit markets back to normal.

The nominee also defended his actions related to the collapse of Lehman Brothers. [...]

Jan 21 12:40

Woman Convicted of Terrorism under Patriot Act for Spanking Children on Airplane

One sign of a police state is the imprisonment of ordinary citizens for committing annoying acts. In America, over 200 people have been sent to prison for raising their voices on commercial airline flights, convicted of felonies under the laws of the Patriot Act.

Jan 21 12:23

A very flawed world monetary order

The source of all the recent problems has to do with debt - too much of it.

Jan 21 12:21

Geithner calls Tax Forms TOO COMPLICATED, Immigration, CONFUSING AS HELL.

Geithner calls for tougher bailout terms

NEW YORK | CNNMoney.com | Wed- Jan 21, 2009 | Colin Barr, Fortune senior writer

Geithner, appearing at his confirmation hearing Wednesday, also apologized to the Senate Finance Committee for his past underpayment of taxes, but assured senators that the missteps were unintentional [, and that the $34,000 oversight resulted from overly complex tax forms which have apparently always baffled Tiny Tim. No mention was made of the short and cute housekeeper, and, illegal alien, Tiny Tim was playing house with for a while. But in the Halls of Congress it was generally conceded that for a Dartmouth graduate the immigration laws were probably overly complex too.]

Jan 21 11:24

Israel: Determined to Destroy the World

Throughout the world, Israel’s invasion of Gaza was inappropriate and “over the top,” except in America and Israel. The world has typically been at odds with America over Israel. Only one US President has ever “stood up” to Israel, and that was President Dwight D. Eisenhower when he threatened dire consequences to Israel if it did not withdraw from Gaza in 1956.

Since Eisenhower, all subsequent administrations have been sympathetic and supportive with all that Israel does at the very least. The apex of full approval of Israel was on June 8, 1967 when Israel bombed the USS Liberty killing 34 sailors, There is scant evidence that the Obama administration will be any different in general. This is especially true when the long running disputes between Iran and Israel are factored in.

Jan 21 09:49

Tax-Cheat Geithner Gets Sickeningly Populist Pleading for Confirmation Pledging Givaways

ZACHERY KOUWE | New York Times | Wed Jan 21, 2009

Geithner Urges Quick Changes to Bailout Fund

"Many people believe the program has allowed too much upside for financial institutions, while doing too little for small business owners, families who are struggling to keep their jobs and make ends meet, and innocent homeowners," Mr Geithner said.

Mr. Geithner [...] faces questions over his recent payment of $34,000 in back taxes for Social Security and Medicare that he failed to pay as a senior official of the International Monetary Fund from 2001 to 2003, including a small payment in 2004 after he left.

Jan 21 08:37

The Obama Stimulus Plan Won't Work

The experience in the 1930’s is instructive. Even though federal government spending increased from $9.8 billion in 1934 to $14.2 billion in 1940, the unemployment rate in 1940 was still a staggering 14.6%. A 45% increase in New Deal spending in 6 years did not end the Depression.

Xmas w/o borders

Jan 21 07:40

Israeli military says complete withdrawal from Gaza “out of the question”

Israel continued to withdraw some of its troops from the Gaza Strip Tuesday, in moves timed to coincide with the inauguration of US President-elect Barack Obama.

Announcing an end to Operation Cast Lead early Sunday morning, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had said his government intended to remove its forces “at the greatest possible speed.” The Israeli army has confirmed, however, that a “complete withdrawal is out of the question” at this time.

Jan 21 07:29

Russian gas begins to flow into wary Europe

Siberian gas started flowing into the EU yesterday, ending the bitter dispute between Russia and Ukraine that shredded both countries' reputations as fuel suppliers and left Europe desperately seeking to shift its energy policies away from dependence on Russian monopolies.

A new 10-year deal on gas pricing and transit between the Russian and Ukrainian state gas firms, Gazprom and Naftogaz, saw Russia pumping the gas through Ukraine's pipelines to Slovakia in the EU while Kiev allowed the fuel to flow without interruption.

The resumption of supplies appeared to end the worst, so far, of a series of disputes of distinctly political hue between Russia and its former Soviet underling, Ukraine.

Jan 21 07:23

'Israeli nukes threaten world'

An Iranian diplomat says the Israeli crimes committed against Gazans should alarm the world about the threat of Israel's nuclear arsenal.

Geneva-based Iranian diplomat Ali-Reza Moayyeri said Tuesday that Israel's extreme measures against Gazan civilians should bring world attention to the threat posed by Tel Aviv's stockpile of nuclear warheads.

“No word can do justice to the extent of Israel's war crimes in the Gaza over the past three weeks,” said Moayyeri.

Although Israel neither denies nor admits of possessing an atomic arsenal, former US President Jimmy Carter has described Tel Aviv as the sole possessor of a nuclear arsenal in the Middle East.

Jan 21 07:03

US military lawyer: I Was Slow to Recognize the Stain of Guantanamo

By Darrel J. Vandeveld
Sunday, January 18, 2009;

My small role in the "Global War on Terror" started in November 2001, with a rousing farewell party in my home town of Erie, Pa. I was going off to avenge the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, with a sense of pride and moral purpose.

Over the next seven years, I served in Bosnia, Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq as a military lawyer. They were not easy assignments. I witnessed the horrifying effects of roadside bombs. Some of my friends were killed. Others took their own lives. Still others have suffered wounds from which they will never fully recover. All of us fought because we believed that we were protecting America and its ideals.

But my final tour of duty made me question everything we had done.

Jan 21 06:48

Ex-K.G.B. Agent Buys a London Newspaper

The owners of The Evening Standard, an afternoon newspaper in London that has long been part of the city’s fabric, announced Wednesday that they had agreed to sell the newspaper to a Russian tycoon, Aleksandr Y. Lebedev, a former K.G.B. agent who was stationed in the British capital during the Cold War.

Jan 21 06:23

The Power of AIPAC - Who Runs America?

By Brian Crowley

January 19, 2009 "Counterpunch" -- Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt were pretty close, politically and personally. They led the fight against fascism in the early 1940s, and although they had their disagreements they got on very well. They were both blunt in expressing their views, but there was no doubt who was the more powerful : Roosevelt called the shots, although Churchill had a lot of influence on him. But it would have been unthinkable for Churchill to have behaved in the way that the present (though not for long) prime minister of Israel did with the present (though not for long) president of the United States.

Jan 21 06:14

The Economy, Obama's Race to Lose | Obama to be led around by his nose on economy

Obama Starts ‘Remaking America' by Tackling Banks, Afghanistan

Ken Fireman and Edwin Chen | Bloomberg.com | Wed-Jan 21, 2009

The plunge in bank stocks yesterday added pressure on Obama to take quick action as he meets with his economic advisers today. While full details of a bank rescue haven’t been settled yet, people familiar with the deliberations said the package is likely to include a $50 billion-plus program to forestall foreclosures, fresh injections of capital into the banks and steps to deal with toxic assets clogging lenders’ balance sheets.

Stimulus Package

The plan for the banks may be twinned with an $825 billion economic-stimulus bill being negotiated with Congress.

Jan 21 05:45

Khadr couldn't pick out Arar immediately, FBI agent admits

(Side note from StingRay: Maher Arar is a Syrian-born Canadian who was held while in transit through the US and sent to Syria by the US to be tortured because of his alleged links to terrorism. It was later determined, after he was held and tortured in a Syrian prison for 10 months and finally released, that he had valid alibis and could not have been at the "terrorist training camps" on the dates alleged. I'll leave it up to the readers to judge who was the real terrorist in this case.):

CBC News

Jan 21 05:42

Israel’s hands around our throat are showing

In the closing days of the Bush disaster, Israel is moving to consolidate gains it has made over the past eight years toward its ultimate goals of “Greater Israel” and the Zionist-dominated New World Order.

The urgency of the hour for Israel can be seen in the open display of Jewish/Israeli political muscle-flexing in Washington. The normally invisible Israeli hand around America’s throat has been clearly visible lately, as America moved to take four specific actions on Israel’s behalf which will probably prove to be harmful to America’s interests, forcing a major expansion of the war on terror.


Jan 21 03:29

More Americans Joining Military as Jobs Dwindle

As the number of jobs across the nation dwindles, more Americans are joining the military, lured by a steady paycheck, benefits and training.

Jan 21 03:25

"Ask not what the banks can do for you…ask what you can do for the banks,"

World needs Obama to succeed," begins an editorial in the Financial Times.

"The Hope of the World," says one Paris-based magazine…with a photo of Barack and Michelle on the cover.

Never before have so many people counted so much on just one man.

In the torrent of words and pictures are two thoughts: One, a sense of achievement and pride…in that Americans elected the son of an African as their top man. It is thought to mark a major step forward for the whole human race. We have risen above our prejudices…and our past. At least, that's what they say. Two, there is an expectation…or perhaps only a wish…that this man can somehow keep the world economy from falling apart.

Jan 21 00:20

Brits want their guns back!

The British called - They want their guns back!

Jan 21 00:14

Israel's Gaza goal: destroy Hamas power, replace with Abbas' Fatah

Israel’s doctrine of destruction
Bombs to “send Gaza back decades”

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth

21 January 2009

Jonathan Cook describes how, after running out of targets in the first few days of its war on Gaza, Israel widened the definition “Hamas-affiliated targets” to include mosques, universities, the courts, schools, ambulances, hospitals, bridges, roads, electricity generating stations, sewage lines, factories, workshops and shops.

In the last days before Israel imposed a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza to avoid embarrassing the incoming Obama administration, it upped its assault, driving troops deeper into Gaza City, intensifying its artillery bombardment and creating thousands more displaced people.

January 20, 2009

Jan 20 23:05

Kenyans expect "their" Obama to save them

From The Times
January 21, 2009
Kenyans hail election of saviour Barack Obama
Rob Crilly in Nairobi

"“This man is Jesus,” shouted one man, spilling his Guinness as Barack Obama began his inaugural address. “When will he come to Kenya to save us?” If Barack Obama’s spin doctors have been trying to lower expectations since his election victory, the message clearly has not reached the land of his father.

Millions of people around the country thronged giant TV screens or crammed into bars to watch the inauguration of a man viewed as Kenya’s best hope of a prosperous and happy future. "

"Kenya is a country in need of a saviour. Last year 600,000 people were left homeless by the violence that followed disputed presidential elections.

Jan 20 22:43

WTF! Robert Gates Named "Designated Successor" On Inauguration Day.

“In order to ensure continuity of government, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been designated by the outgoing administration, with the concurrence of the incoming administration, to serve as the designated successor during Inauguration Day, Tuesday, January 20th.”

Jan 20 20:45

Should the US Pull the Plug on Israel?

96% (4045 votes)
No. I like being Israel's bitch.
4% (188 votes)
Total votes: 4233
Jan 20 20:25

Gaza: A Mom says Good Bye to her Child *Image*

A child with no Dad "killed by Israelis time ago) and now he says goodbye to his mom also,......

Jan 20 18:45

UN Ban urges Arabs to back US/IS puppet Abbas

Ban urges Arabs to back Abbas in Gaza crisis

Yesterday, 11:59 am
Reuters Louis Charbonneau

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday urged Arab leaders to join together in backing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in his efforts to reunite the war-ravaged Gaza Strip with the West Bank.

Speaking a day after Israel and the militant Palestinian group Hamas announced separate ceasefires, Ban also said that Arab unity was crucial if the three-week Gaza conflict was not to be repeated in the future.

"The Palestinians themselves must face the challenge of reconciliation, and work to achieve a unified government under the leadership of President Abbas," Ban told an Arab League summit expected to approve $2 billion in aid to rebuild Gaza.

Jan 20 18:39

Haaretz's Gideon Levy, censures Israel's tyranny

Last update - 09:35 18/01/2009
Gideon Levy / An open response to A.B. Yehoshua
By Gideon Levy

Dear Bulli,

Thank you for your frank letter and kind words. You wrote it was written from a "position of respect," and I, too, deeply respect your wonderful literary works. But, unfortunately, I have a lot less respect for your current political position. It is as if the mighty, including you, have succumbed to a great and terrible conflagration that has consumed any remnant of a moral backbone.

Jan 20 18:27

Olmert expects deeper Israel ties with Obama presidency.

"I am convinced that the United States' deep and abiding ties with Israel will strengthen further. "

Jan 20 18:23

Israel pissed Pollard went unpardoned!

"The petition [to commute Pollard's sentence] was on the president's desk and we had indications that he would consider it along with other high-profile cases, but I don't know why he didn't accept it," said Pollard's attorney Larry Dub.

"We are disappointed because the commutation was long overdue but we will continue to fight."