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"Should Germany merchandise (do business) again in the next 50 years we have led this war (WW1) in vain." -- Winston Churchill in The Times (1919)



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August 30, 2017

Aug 30 21:46

Modi Cash Ban a `Total Failure' as 99% of Banned Notes Back

Banks have received 15.28 trillion rupees ($239 billion), or 99 percent of the currency invalidated, the Reserve Bank of India said in its annual report on Wednesday. The government had initially estimated about 5 trillion rupees wouldn’t be declared following the sudden move on Nov. 9, indicating that this was cash stashed away illegally to avoid tax. The cash ban prompted the central bank to print new currency, reducing its profit and cutting annual dividend payout to the government by half.

“This data proves that demonetization was a total failure,” said Mohan Guruswamy, chairman of New Delhi-based Centre For Policy Alternatives, who’d advised a previous government led by the current ruling party. “The prime minister obviously had overstated his case. You’ve lost so many jobs across sectors. How can people trust Mr. Modi and his numbers?”

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Aug 30 19:43

Speeding driver, car, aim for presidential motorcade, jumps bar ditch

Secret Service agents apprehend driver of mysterious vehicle which headed for President Trump’s motorcade at a high rate of speed Wednesday

Aug 30 18:53

FEMA now doing door-to-door sweeps in Houston suburb: Report

FEMA and DHS officials were spotted staging government-owned recreational vehicles at a local FedEx facility before relocating and setting up in and around neighborhoods in the suburb of Spring, according to a report posted to YouTube by DAHBOO77.

Aug 30 18:53

Top US Drug Company Introduces Pill for 'Russia Anxiety Syndrome'

It has now been almost a year since the media have been bombarding the US public with frantic reports of Russian meddling in their democracy. Despite providing no evidence, the sheer volume and intensity of the onslaught is having a noticeable effect on average Americans. Thankfully, pharma giant Dewey Cheatum & Howe, has introduced new medication named 'Sovieta' to help sufferers. Check out their latest advertisement above.

Aug 30 18:50

Fake firefighters, Homeland Security agents, and immigration officials are ordering Houston residents to evacuate in a bid to rob their houses, report warns

Looters posing as firefighters and Homeland Security special agents are telling residents to evacuate in order to ransack their homes in a sinister twist to Hurricane Harvey.

Aug 30 18:23

Your Government Shutdown Survival Guide

On or around October 2, the US federal government will shut down – again. The actual date could be a bit earlier or later, depending on how the government’s cash flows. Technically, the government should have shut down on March 15, 2017. That was the date that a congressionally approved temporary extension of the debt ceiling expired. So on that date, the amount of debt on the books ($19.808 trillion) became the new debt ceiling. Since then, the Treasury hasn’t been able to issue any more federal debt.

Aug 30 18:14

Joel Osteen lambasted in hilarious memes as the televangelist goes on Twitter blocking spree - shutting out users who criticized him for not opening his church to Houston victims sooner

Joel Osteen has become the butt of many jokes online for his delayed reaction to Hurricane Harvey.

The televangelist has been widely criticized for failing to open his 17,000-seat church to flooding evacuees sooner.

Aug 30 17:46

Social Media is A Tool of the CIA: “Facebook, Google and Other Social Media Used to Spy on People”

Social Media and Search engines are being used to Spy on Americans! But not only on Americans. The process of personal data collection is worldwide. What is at stake, however, is not only the issue of “Privacy”. The online search engines also constitute an instrument of online media censorship.

Aug 30 17:27

Theresa May Threatens More Sanctions Against North Korea

British Prime Minister Theresa May has threatened to impose more sanctions on North Korea and asked China do more to stop North Korea’s nuclear missile launches.

Aug 30 17:27

No End to Coverups — Paul Craig Roberts

Just like the assassination of JFK. Just like the assassination of RFK. Just like the assassination of Martin Luther King. Just like 9/11. Just like Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction.” Just like “Iranian nukes.” Just like the “Gulf of Tonkin.” Just like Gaddafi and Libya. Just like Assad’s “use of chemical weapons.” Just like . . .It is endless, isn’t it?

Aug 30 17:22

The Next Ginned-Up War of Aggression

When politicians are feeling the heat, they start a war and their popularity goes up even if the war is unnecessary or completely ridiculous. Donald Trump, the presidential candidate who promised that he would not take the nation into another Middle Eastern war, did so when he launched a fifty-nine cruise missile barrage against a Syrian Air Base even before he knew for sure what had happened on the ground. It was totally stupid but proved to be popular, even among talking heads and Congressmen, some of whom described his action as “presidential” in the best sense of the word.

Aug 30 17:18

Gun Rights Gathering Scheduled for Dallas

Once a year, gun rights leaders and activists from around the country get together to discuss the state of the movement, and strategies for advancing the cause, at the Gun Rights Policy Conference, sponsored by the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Aug 30 17:04

California Legislature Wants to Tax Drinking Water for First Time in History

Although Senate Bill 623 is titled: “Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund,” a coalition of agricultural and environmental lobbyists convinced its author Sen. Bill Monning (D-Carmel) to amend the ground water cleanup bill that has been moving through the Legislature since February, to quietly add a water tax of 95 cents per month on every residence and business. The bill would also tack on $30 million in farm and dairy fees.

Aug 30 16:58

Made in the USA (by Robots): China to Open Sewbot Factory in Arkansas, Producing Shirts for 33 Cents

By early 2018, Tianyuan Garments Co., based in the Suzhou Industrial Park in eastern China, will unveil a $20 million factory staffed by about 330 robots from Atlanta-based Softwear Automation Inc. The botmaker and garment company estimate the factory will stitch about 23 million T-shirts a year. The cost per shirt, according to Pete Santora, Softwear’s chief commercial officer: 33¢.

Aug 30 16:56

465,000 Patients Need Software Updates for Their Hackable Pacemakers, FDA Says

Patching has long been one of the most tedious chores for those who want to keep their electronic devices secure or up to date. Sometimes, patches require a restart, disrupting your workflow. Sometimes, patches screw up the software, making it unusable. These are just some of the reasons why users normally dread patching.

Aug 30 16:37

Haiti Network Blames UN Mission for Rape, Killings, Cholera

The executive director of the Haitian Dominican Redemption Network Jacques Viau said the U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti, “has left many girls raped, children without parents, women and children with machine guns, others killed, with the only answer that they were rebellious people." In light of this fact, Haitian activists have said the nation should consider consequences prior to agreeing to collaborate with United Nations along the Dominican-Haitian border.

Aug 30 16:37

Border Patrol Launches Program to Scan the Face of Every Person Leaving U.S.

By Derrick Broze

Private airlines are the last line of defense against the growing use of biometric facial recognition software at American airports.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have announced plans to scan the faces of all flyers exiting the United States...

Aug 30 16:36

New York Times Off The Hook In Sarah Palin Defamation Suit

A federal judge has tossed Sarah Palin’s defamation suit against the New York Times, finding no “actual malice” in the publishing of an op-ed blaming her for the shooting of a member of Congress.

Aug 30 16:36

Milo to Spend 'Hundreds of Thousands' on Security at Berkeley

Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos says he will spend “hundreds of thousands of dollars” on security during an upcoming event at the University of California-Berkeley.

Aug 30 16:36

Spoiled Red Bull heir kills policeman, Interpol asking world for help in catching him

The 32-year-old grandson of the billionaire who invented the Red Bull energy drink killed a policeman in Thailand five years ago and is still living the life of luxury. And now Interpol has issued a "red" alert, asking for member countries to arrest and extradite him.

Aug 30 16:34

Brits Want US To Have War With Russia To Get Rid Of Trump: Analyst

The British and their assets in the US Republican and Democratic Parties are planning to have a devastating war with Russia in order to get rid of Donald Trump because the US president is not willing to continue the policy of confrontation against Russia and China, a journalist and political analyst in Washington says.

Aug 30 16:08

PlayStation Plus price rises significantly as Sony makes it more expensive to play online

Sony has announced that it will increase the price of its Plus membership – required to play the console over the internet – significantly next month.

And the price rise will happen automatically unless people go through a complicated process to cancel it.

The hikes apply differently according to how people pay for their membership: the yearly price is increasing from £39.99 to £49.99, and the monthly one will rise from £5.99 to £6.99. Similar price rises will happen to those that pay in euros.

The change will go into effect at midnight on 31 August, and every charge after that will be increased.


The only way to get out of the price hike permanently is to cancel the PlayStation Plus membership.

Aug 30 16:00

"The Last Administration Never Hit 3% GDP" Trump Slams Obama During Speech

Aug 30 15:46

Emmanuel Macron's Africa refugee plan condemned as 'racist and inhumane'

European Parliament’s Rapporteur on the Commission’s Union Resettlement Framework, Left MEP Malin Björk, said the plan was “tainted by structural racism towards the African population”.

“Europe has no right to criminalise mobility or movement - especially not in third countries,” the Swedish MEP said.

“Irregular migration is not a crime - by calling it a crime is akin to calling these people criminals. The most worrying aspect of this plan is that it is coupled with stopping spontaneous arrivals at European territory completely. This breaches the international right to leave one's country and to seek asylum.

“Furthermore, using resettlement as the framework within which EU externalises its borders is to destroy over five decades of humanitarian work and international solidarity. In terms of increased loss of human lives and suffering, the consequences of this plan will be disastrous.”

Aug 30 15:41

Antibiotic-resistant genes are being spread all over the world in animal feed, scientists discover

Antibiotic-resistant genes are being spread around the world in animal feed, according to new research that adds to fears humanity could lose one of our most important medicines.

A Government-commissioned report last year estimated 10 million people a year could die worldwide by 2050 because of the rise of “superbugs”, prompting the then Prime Minister David Cameron to announce a crackdown on over-prescribing by GPs and lead efforts to tackle the problem at the United Nations.

Bacteria resistant to the “last resort” antibiotic, colistin, was found in the UK in December 2015, following similar discoveries in parts of Europe, Africa and China.

Aug 30 15:40

Bitcoin Soars To Record High $4,600

The prices of Bitcoin has exploded overnight, surging over 6% to a new record high above $4600 as demand from South Korea and Japan spurred more safe haven buying as gold and Treasury bond prices rose following North Korea’s most provocative missile launch yet.

Aug 30 15:39

Mining Near Yellowstone To Be Banned, As National Monument Review Moves Ahead

US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is recommending a 20-year ban on mining near Yellowstone National Park. But that doesn’t put to rest the anxiety that environmentalist and outdoorsman groups feel about President Donald Trump’s national monument review.

Aug 30 15:31

Russia, China Join Together In Space Exploration Effort

China and Russia are set to sign a milestone agreement in October on joint space exploration from 2018 to 2022, sending manned missions to the Moon for the first time... It is to be signed against the background of space exploration race the US is trying to win... It’s not about peaceful space research only.

Aug 30 15:29

Big Bank Bosses Are Dumping Their Stocks As "Credit Risk Ricochets Back"

"Credit risk is ricocheting back as a legitimate concern after years of hibernation..."

Aug 30 15:28

19 European Countries Now Have Negative Interest Rates

The Jackson Hole monetary conference had no sooner ended than one more European country was added to the scroll of countries with negative 2 year sovereign yields...

Aug 30 15:23

Arkema CEO: "No Way To Prevent Imminent Explosion" At Flooded Texas Chemical Plant

Richard Rowe, the chief executive of Arkema's American operations said that "the company has no way of preventing chemicals from catching fire or exploding at its heavily flooded plant" and added that the company now expects chemicals on site to catch fire or explode within the next six days."

Owl 2
Aug 30 15:22

Pentagon confirms 11,000 troops are in Afghanistan, 2.6k more than reported before

The Pentagon has acknowledged that the number of the US troops deployed in Afghanistan stands at 11,000, significantly higher than figures voiced previously.

The troop levels, aimed at “more transparency,” were revealed at a joint news briefing by the Pentagon’s Chief Spokesperson and Joint Staff Director Wednesday.

The new numbers add 2,600 to the previously voiced figure of 8,400. They do not, however, represent a troop increase in line with US President Donald Trump's recently announced new Afghanistan strategy.

Aug 30 14:52

EU Demands That Britain Start ‘Negotiating Seriously’ On Brexit

The EU’s Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier is “concerned” about the progress of talks and has urged Britain to start “negotiating seriously” as the stand-off over the divorce bill intensifies.

Aug 30 14:52

Video: Barcelona Attackers Managed To Avoid Anti-Terrorism Security Controls – Spanish Minister

The terrorists who killed 16 people and injured 120 others in Barcelona and Cambrils in mid-August probably managed to evade specialized security controls.

Aug 30 14:51

Stores Accused Of Price Gouging In Wake Of Hurricane Harvey

In what is being denounced as a blatant attempt to “take advantage” of Hurricane victims to “make easy money,” several stores throughout Houston, Texas—the area hit hardest by Hurricane Harvey—are steeply hiking prices on bottled water, Grit Post‘s Ken Klippenstein reported Tuesday.

Aug 30 14:26

HuffPo: ‘Becoming A Racist’ Is ‘Unfortunate Side Effect Of Serving Your Country’

This is the kind of subversive bilge that gushes from The Huffington Post and other left-wing outlets like a fountain.

“Becoming A Racist: The Unfortunate Side Effect Of Serving Your Country,” is the headline of a recent HuffPo op-ed penned by contributor David Fagin. The author describes himself as a “musician, Trump Resister” and “food snob.” Yes, those sound like highly reputable credentials.

Aug 30 14:26

500 British Muslims Attend ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Training Camp

More than 500 British Muslims have taken part in an ‘anti-terrorism’ training camp to learn how to identify extremism and help those in danger of becoming radicalized.

The three-day ‘Al-Hidyah 2017’ conference at Keele University in Staffordshire, hosted by Minhaj-ul-Quran International, a leading moderate British Muslim organization, focused on extremists’ talk of “us and them” and their use of false terminology in citing the Koran.

Aug 30 14:12

Arpaio's Pardon And The Rise Of Militarized Police: The View From Phoenix

Today we bring you a conversation about Trump’s pardon of former sheriff Joe Arpaio with Alejandra Gomez, the co-director at Living United for Change in Arizona: LUCHA.

Sarah Jaffe: You were at the rally and counter-rally outside of Trump’s infamous talk last Tuesday night in Phoenix, right? Tell us how it went from where you were?

Aug 30 14:10

Bradford Muslims Receive Acid Attack Threat

Muslim residents in a city in northwestern England have received letters containing threats of acid attacks, amid the rising rate of hate crimes in the United Kingdom, particularly after terrorist attacks in London and Manchester.

Owl 3
Aug 30 14:00

Houston Residents Speak Out On Historic Flooding From Hurricane Harvey

Stories of devastation along the Gulf Coast continue to emerge three days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall near Rockport, Texas.

Perhaps the most glaring and harrowing example is an image that has gone viral on Twitter showing a number of elderly women sitting helplessly in water inside a nursing home in Dickinson, Texas. It was not until the image spread across the Internet that any rescue efforts were made.

Aug 30 13:59

Study Finds Eating Low Carb, Moderate Fat Diet May Lower Risk Of Death

Contrary to most dietary advice handed out for decades, consuming moderate amounts of fat appears to reduce the risk of premature death, a major global study has found.

Aug 30 13:51

Laura Ingraham proposes naming Antifa a terrorist organization.

Aug 30 13:50

Viral Sensation Slams Fake Race War

How we’re all being manipulated to submit to hysteria.

Aug 30 13:50

Denver Votes To Shield Illegal Immigrants From Federal Authorities

Denver, Colorado has unanimously passed an ordinance, restricting local officials’ cooperation with federal immigration authorities. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) fired back, accusing the city council of deliberately obstructing federal law.

Aug 30 13:46

Exclusive: Imran Awan Has Still-Active Secret House Account, And It’s Tied To An Intelligence Staffer

The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned

Aug 30 13:36

Politico Tweets, Deletes Cartoon Mocking Hurricane Harvey Victims

PS - Axios, is a Politico spinoff of sorts

Aug 30 13:36

The US Cities with the Biggest Housing Bubbles

This is how monetary policies have crushed the value of labor.

Aug 30 13:36

Currency war talk restarts after Jackson Hole

“We’re back in a little bit of that currency-war dynamic,” said Julia Coronado, president and founder of MacroPolicy Perspectives.

Aug 30 12:47

Linda Sarsour Redirects Hurricane Relief Donations To Leftist Political Organization!!

My first reaction at this was wow! My second reaction was anger. The Daily Wire wrote about this story after Linda Sarsour sent out these tweets.
Sarsour is the jihadist who has been leading the Democrat Women’s March movement along with calling for jihad against President Trump to a Muslim audience. Her defenders said she meant for the individuals she spoke to be enlightened but if you listen closely, she never used those words, and it sounded very angry.

Aug 30 12:46

Osteen Asks For $50 Minimum Donation For Helping Hurricane Victims

Shameless: Osteen asks for a minimum $50 donation after public pressure forced the televangelist to open his megachurch to hurricane refugees.
Public pressure forced televangelist Joel Osteen to open his spacious 16,800-seat megachurch to hurricane refugees, however, the prosperity gospel preacher is working all the angles, and is currently seeking donations to subsidize his efforts to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Suggested donations on his website for ‘Hurricane Disaster Relief’ start at $50, with $100 and $200 donations also suggested.

Aug 30 12:35


True to the playbook of bank bailouts, the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) decided to bail out Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation, the largest privately owned bank in the country, and the seventh largest bank behind six state-owned banks. The Central Bank put in an undisclosed amount of money in return for at least a 75% stake. This is likely to be Russia’s biggest bank bailout ever, well ahead of the current record holder, the $6.7 billion bailout of the Bank of Moscow in 2011.

Aug 30 12:31

No Political slant here -- Kaepernick 'artifacts' headed to Smithsonian Museum

'It should be put right there alongside Muhammad Ali. He's this generation's Ali'

Aug 30 12:20

New Decision in US Vaccine Court SIDS Case Is Significant

Not reported by any major media outlet was a recent July 10th decision by the Office of Special Masters of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, known as the vaccine court, that sufficient evidence was put forth to rule that vaccination caused a child to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Aug 30 12:10

Video: ‘Can’t Buy A Statue, Can Buy A Flag’: Spike In Confederate Flag Sales As Tensions Flare Across US

Amid tense debate on the future of Confederate statues around the US, business appears to be booming for a major Confederate flag manufacturer in Huntsville.

Aug 30 12:09

Polish Official: EU’s Suicidal Migrant Policy Is Killing Europe

Polish Minister of the Interior Mariusz Blaszczak has issued a stinging rebuke to the European Union, asserting that their “suicidal” open border policy is the equivalent of “looping a rope around Europe’s neck.”

Aug 30 11:55

Women's March Encourages People To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims--Well, Except For The White Ones

The Women’s March is encouraging people to donate to organizations that specifically help non-white groups after Hurricane Harvey.

In a tweet Tuesday, Women’s March said, “here’s a list of organizations working to keep immigrant, Black, Latinx, & other communities safe after Hurricane Harvey.”

Twitter users immediately chided the organization for not focusing their crisis donation efforts on all Americans rather than just select groups.

Aug 30 11:36

It Only Took A Day For The March To DC To Lose Nearly All Of The Marchers

The March to DC from Charlottesville, Va., started with nearly 200 marchers Monday, but by Tuesday morning there were only 35 marchers.


The overnight rains were enough to keep all but “about 35” from marching Monday morning, the day after the pep talk when police escorted the group from Emancipation Park downtown Sunday.

Aug 30 11:34

Merkel heckled twice in one day as she defends refugee policy (VIDEOS)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was heckled twice on Tuesday by right-wing anti-immigrant protesters as she stubbornly defended her open-door refugee policy, one of the most contested issues in the country’s upcoming federal election.

Members of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party booed Merkel, the top candidate of the Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU) at an election campaign rally in the town of Bitterfeld-Wolfen, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

“Merkel must go away”, “Protect basic law from Merkel” and “I used to be CDU voter, today I want to see Mrs. Merkel in court,” were the welcoming chants from AfD supporters in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the Leipziger Volkszeitung reported.

Aug 30 11:33

Iran, Again

Israel has been pushing hard on Washington, recently having sent a high-level combined intelligence and military delegation to confer with National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster and Special Mideast Envoy Jason Greenblatt to explain the alleged Iranian threat. And the neocon chorus is also signaling that it expects the Trump Administration to do something. Frederick Hof of the hardline Atlantic Council recently wrote that the fundamental mistake made by Washington consisted of not invading Syria and installing an acceptable government years ago, which would have kept Iran out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When there are huge differences in how the US and Israel perceive "alleged world threats", the US government should follow its own path, rather than any path dictated by Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Right now, he is the subject of a corruption trial coming up, which makes him geopolitically wounded; and nothing is more dangerous that a geopolitically wounded politician. So he feels as though a war against Iran will give him some desperately needed "distraction".

It is widely understood that Tel Aviv has been cheerleading for regime change in Tehran for some time; but of course, with the cost being borne only in American blood, and with American money.

But there is one factor Giraldi didn't mention in his article (and I consider him an excellent, fact-based blogger) and that is the following: the 6,000 lb gorilla, napping on the Bosendorfer grand, by the name of Russia.

Russian officials and military personnel have long stated that any attack against Iran would be met by a Russian attack against the perpetrator.

Should anything happen to Iran, this will be a threat to our national security

Russian Air Defense will Protect Iran

I would politely suggest to President Trump that any attack against Iran by the US/and or Israel will result in Russia coming to Iran's aid militarily, and their military capabilities, as evidenced by their tour de force performance in Syria, are formidable.

I would also like to politely suggest to President Trump, and Sec Def Mattis, that right now, the US military does not have the troop strength, the weaponry, the manufacturing, or the money to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war with Russia over Iran.

And to both President Trump and Sec Def Mattis, please understand: the purpose of this trip by Israel's Special Mideast Envoy Jason Greenblatt, is to get the US government to sign off on waging an unprovoked war against Iran, for absolutely no good reason, which could have devastating implications both domestically, and internationally.

I respectfully counsel calmness, and restraint.

Aug 30 11:30

‘Even without nukes, military conflict with N. Korea will turn South into desert’

If the current situation in East Asia is not resolved, a number of countries “will be living under a threat of a nuclear volcano erupting,” Russian diplomat and an expert in Asian studies, professor Georgy Toloraya told RT.com.

“Everyone understands perfectly well that for North Korea, if it initiates an aggressive strike, a military conflict will mean a complete and immediate destruction, because no one can deny the US military might,” Toloraya said.

“However, for the US, attempts to solve this problem militarily also bring on a retaliatory strike by North Korea that would turn South Korea into a desert,” he warned, saying the North doesn't even need nuclear weapons for that.

Aug 30 11:25

BOMBSHELL: These teenage girls DIED of meningitis even after getting vaccinated… total media blackout

High school senior Kimberly Coffey came home from school one day complaining of body aches and fever. Her health quickly deteriorated, and she eventually ended up on life support after her organs failed. She died and was buried just three days before her high school graduation in the prom dress that she never got to wear. Her mother said she couldn’t believe her diagnosis at first because she had received the vaccine, and now she is trying to make sure everyone knows that the vaccine does not offer the protection many people think it does.

In a separate incident, 19-year-old Emily Stillman, a college sophomore, complained of body aches and headache. ER doctors initially thought she was suffering from a migraine, but a spinal tap performed after she lost consciousness revealed that she had meningitis. Her mother said she had no idea that the vaccine did not protect against all strains of the illness.

Aug 30 11:16

Hurricane Harvey damaged ExxonMobil refineries, causing hazardous pollutants to leak

After Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas last weekend, you probably didn’t think the situation could get any worse. Sadly, it did. On Tuesday, ExxonMobil acknowledged that two of its refineries were damaged during the natural disaster, causing hazardous pollutants to leak into the environment.