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October 27, 2015

Oct 27 20:09

Poll: Trump leads Carson by 14 points nationwide

Pollsters found support for the real estate mogul at 35.6 percent, compared with 21.7 percent for retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson. Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) trails the pair, with 10.7 percent.

Oct 27 20:06

Iran could join Syria peace talks after US drops longstanding opposition

US reverses course on Iran’s inclusion in talks to end Syrian civil war in diplomatic move that could be crucial to ending four-year conflict

Oct 27 19:49

Confederate soldier Julius Howell Interview What The south Fought For

Confederate soldier Julius Howell talking about his capture and imprisonment at the Union prison camp at Point Lookout, Md. Howell was born in 1846 near the Holy Neck section of Suffolk, in the Holland area. He was the youngest of 16 children, the son of a prominent Baptist minister. His daddy wouldn't allow him to join the army until he was 16½, he says in his account.
He saw action guarding the Blackwater River against Yankees until his regiment was called to help defend Richmond in 1864. By then, he was a corporal and courier for two generals.

In April 1865, Howell was taken prisoner at the battle of Sailor's Creek and was transported to Point Lookout, Md., a notorious Union prison. He was there when he heard about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

Oct 27 19:26

NCSEA Summit in Las Vegas: 25 New Structural Engineer Sign AE911Truth's Petition

Of those we engaged in conversation, 25 of them signed our petition demanding a new investigation. How did we get such a high percentage to stop by our booth and sign on the dotted line? As attendees walked past, we asked: "Did you know a third tower came down on 9/11?" Hearing that question more than 14 years after the tragic event had become a dim, distant memory in their minds, they generally stopped dead in their tracks and, with a puzzled look, asked, "What?!"

"Yeah," we responded, pointing to the looping video on our TV monitor. "Look at Building 7. How is it coming down? Did fire cause it to fall that way? Or is that a controlled demolition?" Most of them replied matter-of-factly: "Controlled demolition." Our next line: "NIST says 'normal office fires.' But fire has never brought down a steel-framed skyscraper — and no plane hit this building. Would you like to join the 2,350 architects and engineers who are calling for a new independent investigation?"

Oct 27 19:19

Cornell University kicks Fox News off campus after questions about 'liberal bias'

A Central New York college is under fire for kicking Fox News Channel off campus after questions about the school's alleged "liberal bias."

Oct 27 19:17

Arkansas rejects marijuana legalisation due to 'spelling and grammar errors' in proposal

Plans to legalise marijuana in Arkansas have been scuppered - by spelling errors and “ambiguities in text”.
Arkansas Attorney General, Leslie Rutledge, said “errors of grammar, punctuation and spelling” were the reason behind her rejection of the constitutional amendment, the Associated Pressreports.

Oct 27 18:39

Strategic Engineered Migration as Weapon of War

Researchers have discovered a very interesting fact related to the use of social networking sites. It has come to light that calls on Twitter for refugees to travel to Germany have mostly come from the US. The time spent practising in other countries has not been in vain – from Iran during the 2009 presidential elections to Egypt and Tunisia, where the role played by social networking sites in mobilising the population was considerable.

What we are seeing now is the practical implementation of theoretical calculations of a strategic nature. Such strategies have been under development for a long time. One of them is a study by the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University that bears the name “Strategic Engineered Migration as a Weapon of War“, which the author also uses for the title of this article. The study was first published in 2008 in the Civil Wars journal. Using a combination of statistical data and case study analysis, the author of the work, Kelly Greenhill, provides answers to the following questions: can refugees be a specific type of weapon, can this weapon only be used in wartime or in peacetime as well, and just how successful can its exploitation be? On the whole, Greenhill answers these questions in the affirmative.

Oct 27 17:53

Drone buzzes refugee march in Slovenia

Drone footage highlights the scale and drama of the long flow of Middle Eastern refugees from one camp to another, after crossing the Croatia-Slovenia border.

Oct 27 16:37

Knife-Wielding Israeli Settler Attacks Founder of Rabbis for Human Rights

Tension is continuing to mount in Israel over a string of recent Palestinian stabbing attacks and an intense crackdown by the Israeli government. Since October 1, at least 58 Palestinians have been shot and killed by Israelis at the scene of attacks or during protests in the West Bank and Gaza.

Oct 27 16:30

The U.S. Government Is Spending 400,000 Dollars On A Single Helmet

Would you pay $400,000 for a single helmet? Of course you wouldn’t – but that is precisely what the U.S. government is doing. Just the helmet for the pilot of the new F-35 Lightning II is going to cost taxpayers nearly half a million dollars.

Oct 27 16:29

Charles Glass: Tony Blair is Right – Those Who Removed Saddam Hussein Share Blame for Rise of ISIL

In an interview on Sunday, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted that there were "elements of truth" to the claim that removing Saddam Hussein played a part in the creation of ISIL.

Oct 27 16:20

Penalty for No Health Insurance to Rise

The penalty for those without health insurance is set to rise in 2016.

Oct 27 15:35

Complicity in Neoslavery: Chris Hedges Calls Out Corporate America for Exploiting Prison Labor

In his address, Hedges spoke about the effects that police violence and mass incarceration has on families. "There are husbands and wives severed, sometimes forever, from their spouses," said Hedges.

Oct 27 15:33

FBI recommends that victims of ransomware pay up

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) advises companies that fall victim to hacks involving Cryptolocker, Cryptowall or other forms of ransomware to pay the ransom, said Joseph Bonavolonta, an assistant special agent with FBI, speaking at the Cyber Security Summit 2015 in Boston

Noting that while the agency has their back, “the ransomware is that good,” the Security Ledger quoted Bonavolonta as saying. “To be honest, we often advise people just to pay the ransom" because efforts by the Bureau to defeat the encryption used have proved futile.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The FBI just admitted that the NSA exists only to spy on law-abiding citizens and cannot find real criminals or terrorists!

Oct 27 15:17

US officials: Iran invited to next round of Syria talks

Iran has been invited to participate for the first time in international talks over Syria's future, U.S. officials said Tuesday, a shift in strategy for the United States and its allies as they seek to halt the four-year civil war and eventually ease President Bashar Assad out of power.

Iran has yet to reply, the officials said.

Oct 27 15:04

Surprise: Ashkenazi Jews Are Genetically European

The origin of the Ashkenazi Jews, who come most recently from Europe, has largely been shrouded in mystery. But a new study suggests that at least their maternal lineage may derive largely from Europe.

Though the finding may seem intuitive, it contradicts the notion that European Jews mostly descend from people who left Israel and the Middle East around 2,000 years ago. Instead, a substantial proportion of the population originates from local Europeans who converted to Judaism, said study co-author Martin Richards, an archaeogeneticist at the University of Huddersfield in England.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Oct 27 15:03

Genetic Roots of the Ashkenazi Jews

Most Ashkenazi Jews, traditionally believed to have descended from the ancient tribes of Israel, may in fact be maternally descended from prehistoric Europeans.

Oct 27 15:02

US Congressman subpoenas NOAA climate scientists over study

So when National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists published an update to the agency’s global surface temperature dataset that slightly increased the short-term warming trend since 1998, Rep. Smith was suspicious. The armada of contrarian blog posts that quickly alleged fraud may have stoked these suspicions. But since, again, he's the chair of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Rep. Smith was able to take action. He's sent a series of requests to NOAA, which Ars obtained from Committee staff.

Oct 27 15:00

BEX ALERT - New Poll Finds That GOP Voters are Out of Their Minds

Is Donald Trump electable? A sizable majority of Republicans seem to think the answer is yes.

A new poll suggests that more Republican-leaning voters believe he is capable of winning a general election next year than any other candidate. About 70 percent of Republicans say he’s a potential victor in November 2016, more than any other GOP candidate. Trailing Trump are neurosurgeon Ben Carson and former Florida governor Jeb Bush, both of whom are ranked as plausible winners next year by about 60 percent of GOP voters.

Oct 27 14:58

Italian mayor offers 'gun bonus' to citizens

Gianluca Buonanno, the Northern League mayor of Borgosesia in Piedmont, has promised to pay citizens who wish to buy a firearm €250 towards their purchase – a sum which is around 30 percent of the price of a small pistol in Italy, La Repubblica reported.

Oct 27 14:40

Donald Trump Huge bump in the Polls Huffing ton Post National Average Trump 32.9% Carson 20% W/5 new Polls showing Trump above 35%

Oct 27 14:40

Clashes Rage: Tires burn as IDF shoot tear gas at Palestinian protesters

Dozens of Palestinians in the West threw projectiles at Israeli troops who responded with tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets.

Oct 27 14:37

Verizon Increasing Costs of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon plans to add $20/month onto the grandfathered unlimited data plans for existing customers.

Oct 27 14:37

GM Recalls SUVs for Fire Hazard

General Motors is recalling SUVs due to a fire hazard associated with the use of front windshield wipers.

Oct 27 14:36

Clinton’s Plan Doesn’t Worry Wall Street

The revelation of Hillary Clinton’s plan for removing excess spending on Wall Street has bankers sighing with relief instead of trembling in fear.

Oct 27 14:35

Busted! Israeli IDF Colonel Arrested In Iraq for Leading ISIS Militants

Oct 27 14:31

12 Days Before ’08 Crash, Congress was Secretly Told to Sell Off Their Stocks

Earlier this month, it was reported that less than two weeks before the economic collapse of 2008, several members of Congress took their money out of the stock market. Many high ranking government employees were given a heads-up about the impending market crash in secret meetings with the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department. Then they used that information to engage in insider trading.

It was revealed that Senator Shelley Capito and her husband sold $350,000 worth of Citigroup stock at $83 per share, just one day before the stock dropped to $64 per share. Another shady trader was Congressman Jim Moran, who had his biggest trading day of the year days after the secret meeting, sellings stock in nearly 100 different companies.

These actions would be illegal for any American in any other circumstance, but members of Congress and high-ranking government officials are actually exempt from insider trading laws.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, they are not exempt, but the laws are never enforced against them.

Oct 27 14:31

Record Gun Sales in Austria as Refugee Crisis Accelerates

Most Americans like to believe that the citizens of Europe have been completely disarmed by their governments, but that's only partially true. Gun rights vary considerably from nation to nation, and guns can still be had, even in places with strict laws. However, a very interesting trend has emerged in those places.

Despite how hard it is to attain these weapons in countries like Austria, firearms are currently being sold there in record numbers much like they are in the United States. But instead of the threat of confiscation, this trend is being fueled by the refugee crisis. According to a Czech TV report, pretty much all of the long guns in the country have been sold out for the past three weeks. One gun merchant revealed that most of the buyers are women who want to protect themselves, and those who can't buy firearms are buying up pepper spray.

(read more)

Oct 27 14:30

Turkish MPs reveal details about Sarin gas in Syria

In Turkey, two lawmakers have accused the ruling AKP party of having links with terrorists group in Syria. The MPs have said chemical substances produced in Turkey have been transferred to Syria under the nose of intelligence agencies.

Oct 27 14:28

Gun Sales Rise as Investors Push to Target Gun Makers in Violence

After Sandy Hook, investors wanted gun makers to be targeted for producing the weapons used in the crime, but if rising sales are any indicator, the move was unsuccessful.

Oct 27 14:19

Yemen hospital hit by Saudi-led airstrikes - Medecins Sans Frontieres

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes have hit a Yemeni hospital run by Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), the international humanitarian aid organization said on Tuesday.

An "MSF facility in Saada, Yemen was hit by several airstrikes last night with patients and staff inside the facility," the group tweeted.

Sadaa is the largest city in Sadaa province, northwestern Yemen.

Oct 27 13:59

Did Saddam's money become ISIS trust fund?

I think that one of the balls that got dropped greatly by the press has been that George Bush was trying to distribute $12 billion of Saddam Hussein's money, took the cash and brought it into the tribal leaders of Iraq. And I believe that was the start of ISIS and not anything else. And I think that the press basically abandoned that story and left the general public either to not know about it or to have very few of us know about it, and therefore have very little discussion at all...

Oct 27 13:58

Odessa: A Fate Worse Than Death

If you are under 21, do not read this. If you are over 21, you have a moral obligation to read this, and view the photos, to to look into the depths of human depravity, into the face of pure evil, to ponder it, to understand it, because if you do not understand it, you cannot fight it, and if you do not fight it, you cannot defeat it. And if we do not defeat it, it will defeat us…

Oct 27 13:54

Ceasefire chronicles: Fierce fighting in Donetsk, "Aidar" battalion pulled fresh reserves

In the zone of the so-called anti-terrorist operation the situation has deteriorated, the Ukrainian army continues to pull new vehicles to the front line. In addition, fighters of the punitive battalion "Aidar" arrived at the contact line with heavy weapons...

Oct 27 13:45

U.S. Karabakh mediator sees gunfire incident at contact line as unacceptable

James Warlick, the U.S. co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group for settling the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, has confirmed that an OSCE monitoring team came under fire recently while crossing from the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh republic (NKR) to Azerbaijan.

Oct 27 13:45

Foreign Ministry: Russian sub rumors are part of information campaign

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has described a number of Western military officials' latest remarks as elements of an information campaign being waged against Russia.

Oct 27 13:44

DPS could be insolvent by spring, state treasurer warns

Gov. Rick Snyder’s state treasurer and Detroit Public Schools’ emergency manager painted a dire picture of the district’s finances Tuesday during the first legislative hearing on the governor’s plan to rescue debt-ridden DPS.

State Treasurer Nick Khouri said Michigan’s largest school district faces “insolvency” as early as the spring if the Legislature doesn’t approve a plan to assume $515 million in DPS debt. Even a debt-free school district will face challenges stabilizing enrollment, paying its pension bills and containing costs, Khouri said.

“We’ll never get there if you don’t take care of the legacy costs,” Khouri told a House subcommittee that sets K-12 school spending.

Oct 27 13:41

Sanctions hindering maintenance of helicopters bought by U.S. for Afghanistan

The sanctions imposed on Rosoboronexport by the United States have been harmful for the maintenance of Russian helicopters purchased by the U.S. for Afghanistan, Rosoboronexport General Director Anatoly Isaikin said at a press conference in Moscow on Oct. 27. "Previously, every hardware delivery to Afghanistan had to be approved by the United States. It is hard to get this approval under the sanctions, even for giving maintenance to 63 helicopters supplied to Afghanistan," Isaikin said. These contracts have been put on hold, he added. The Afghan Armed Forces are sending numerous requests for Russian armaments but Rosoboronexport can only make the deliveries under commercial contracts. Afghanistan has two options: either to buy helicopters under commercial contracts or to receive them as military aid via the Defense Ministry, Isaikin said.

Oct 27 13:26

Press Digest: Russian air force to strive for greater airstrike accuracy

Russian pilots in Syria will not spare precision-guided munitions in their attempts to minimize the risk of hitting accidental targets and civilians, reports news website Gazeta.Ru, citing experts. Recently, Human Rights Watch said that 17 people had been killed in the province of Homs as a result of Russian airstrikes. The Kremlin dismissed the report as a "canard."

Oct 27 13:18

House GOP begins impeachment against IRS chief

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz began the impeachment process against IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Tuesday, accusing him of misleading the public and destroying documents that were being sought under a congressional subpoena.

It’s the latest move in the battle over tea party targeting at the tax agency, and comes less than a week after the Justice Department issued a report finding no criminal behavior in the IRS’s decision to subject conservative groups to intrusive scrutiny.

Oct 27 13:17

At least 20 Turkish aircraft violate Greek airspace

The Turkish jets were spotted in a number of areas of the Aegean Sea, where they stayed for several minutes, Greek publication Kathimerini said, Pravda.Ru reports. "Five groups of 14 aircraft, as well as six separate planes have committed 15 violations and 31 other violations," the Greek newspaper wrote.

Oct 27 13:08

Russian Fighter Jets Hits Militants' Positions in Golan Heights near Israel Border

The Russian air force hit rebel positions in Southern Syria, near the Golan Heights, for the first time since it began its air campaign against the Takfiri terrorists last month.
The Russian air force struck terrorists' positions in the Southern parts of Syria for the first time in the past month. http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940805001144
Brookings Institution: None of NATO’s Members Could Match Russia in Sky http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940804001434

Oct 27 13:05

Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Makes New Gains in Key Provinces

The Syrian army backed by Hezbollah fighters and the Russian air force destroyed terrorists' positions in Aleppo, Hama, Daraa, Homs, Damascus and Idlib over past 24 hours.
The Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance forces seized back the city of Jisr al-Shughour and its surrounding mountainous areas in the province of Idlib on Tuesday. http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940805000645
The Syrian army shot down nearly half a dozen spy drones of the foreign-backed terrorists in the Southern parts of the country on Tuesday. http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940805001407
Two top commanders of the Al-Nusra terrorist group were killed along with tens of their troops in the Syrian army's wide-scale attack in Idlib province on Tuesday. http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940805001440
Syrian Forces Take Control of Key Heights Near Turkish Border http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940804001584

Oct 27 12:49

Yemenis Protest against Saudi Invasion in Front of UN Office

Yemeni People staged a protest in front of the UN office in Sana’a to call for an end to the Saudi war and the unjust blockade imposed by Riyadh on their nation since seven months ago; they also condemned the US for supporting Saudi Arabia's massacring of women and children in Yemen. [PHOTOS]

Oct 27 12:43

Voices of Rise Up October: Quentin Tarantino, Cornel West, Victims’ Families Decry Police Violence

On Saturday, thousands rallied in New York City against police brutality as part of three days of protest called "Rise Up October." Some 40 families across the country impacted by police violence participated in the event alongside scholars such as Dr. Cornel West and Chris Hedges, as well as celebrities including playwright Eve Ensler and filmmaker Quentin Tarantino.

Oct 27 12:43

Libyan helicopter shot down outside Tripoli, at least 12 killed - official

A Libyan helicopter carrying military commanders from Tripoli's self-styled government was shot down on Tuesday by another armed faction west of the capital, and at least 12 people were killed, authorities and security sources said.

Oct 27 12:40


When analyzing geopolitics it’s important to try and skate ahead of the puck, so to speak. That is, while it’s useful to understand what’s going on now, it’s even more imperative to analyze the situation in an attempt to understand how the situation is likely to evolve going forward. As it relates to the Mid-East, that means looking past Syria and on to Iraq. As we’ve outlined in great detail of late, there’s every reason to suspect that Russia will expand its airstrikes across the Syrian border and indeed, Baghdad has reportedly given Moscow the go-ahead to hit ISIS convoys fleeing Syria into Iraqi territory. This is in direct contradiction to what PM Haider al-Abadi told Gen. Joseph Dunford last week and suggests that Baghdad is about to pivot East, after becoming frustrated with a lack of results stemming from more than a year of US airstrikes against Islamic State targets.

Oct 27 12:36

Opposition Bloc announces election victory in 17 Ukrainian regions

Ukraine’s Opposition Bloc is winning the October 25 elections to local self-government bodies in 17 Ukrainian regions, according to preliminary vote count, the party said on its official website on Monday. The Opposition Bloc won an absolute and indisputable victory in Ukraine’s southeastern provinces - the Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kirovograd, Luhansk, Nikolayev and Odessa regions.

Oct 27 12:35

Ukraine goes back to feudalism instead of federalization — Ukraine’s former prime minister

"Instead of federalization of which we had talked so much we have found ourselves on the verge of miserable feudalization when every region had been placed in the hands of certain feudal lords who organized the elections," Azarov stressed.

Oct 27 12:29

FLASHBACK - Geraldo Rivera: My Sources Tell Me Benghazi Was About Running Missiles to Syrian Rebels

Geraldo Rivera said Friday that his sources tell him the U.S. was involved in a secret mission in Libya to arm the Syrian rebels, which was the reason for the initial secrecy about the attack in Benghazi.

Oct 27 12:27

Disgust at Walmart’s Israeli soldier costume for kids

Mstrong>Walmart’s Israeli soldier’s costume for children shows insensitivity to victims and survivors of war crimes.

Oct 27 12:26

Afghan quake leads to destruction in neighboring Tajikistan

Tajikistan’s National Emergencies Committee said that in the morning they had received information on the partial damage to about 20 residential buildings, several schools and other social facilities in the settlements of Ishkashim, Roshtkala, Murghab and other villages in Badakhshan, which borders on the territory where the earthquake’s epicenter was located. Seismic stations in Tajikistan register more than 1,000 earthquakes per year, but people feel only dozens of them.

Oct 27 12:26

‘IDF guilt presumption: wrong Palestinian, wrong place’

A young Palestinian getting beaten up and arrested by Israeli soldiers while showing minimal resistance was caught on security camera footage. Despite the same video proving his innocence, it was not reviewed for days after the arrest.

Oct 27 12:23


If you ever buy kid’s meals at Wendy’s you’ll be happy to know that the apples they serve will not be GM ‘Arctic apples’ as per a recent statement by the company. The company confirmed in April via email to Friends of the Earth that it has no plans to sell Arctic apples. McDonald’s and Gerber have also reportedly stated that they won’t be using this GM apple variety. Can we trust them?

Oct 27 12:20


Parents are venting their outrage at the Common Core school standards over a math quiz that was posted online, showing how teachers are marking students down even for correct answers. The quiz, posted to Reddit, shows how a teacher marked two questions as incorrect on a third-grader’s math quiz, despite the student finding the solution to the problem.

Oct 27 12:19

Local official says Donetsk airport shelled for 4 hours

"The shelling of one of the terminal at the Donetsk airport that has started around 8am still continues. Around 12pm several explosions of mines of 120mm caliber were registered".

Oct 27 12:14

There Was a Radioactive Waste Fire in Nevada That Nobody Is Talking About

You may recall that last week, the residents of St. Louis were understandably alarmed by an underground trash fire that was threatening to burn its way into a radioactive waste dump. While that was going on however, there was another similar incident that largely skated under the radar of the mainstream media. On October 18th, a radioactive waste dump outside of the small town of Beatty, Nevada caught fire, and nobody knows why. The 80 acre site contains 22 radioactive depositories that are buried underground. One of the site managers filmed the incident as it unfolded.

(read more)

Oct 27 12:12

Serbian politicians on visit to Crimea are ready to tolerate Ukrainian sanctions

"We believe that (Ukraine) is unlikely to impose any sanctions against our (Serbian) state. But the sanctions can be imposed against members of our delegation. Perhaps, we will be banned access to the Ukrainian embassy. We may be announced persona non grata in Ukraine. But it does not matter for us. It is important that we are going to develop relations with Russia".

Oct 27 12:11

A New War May Be Brewing in the Balkans

It’s been nearly 20 years since the Dayton Accord put an end to the bloody war in the Balkans, which killed over 140,000 people after the Yugoslav government collapsed. However, there are rumblings in the nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina that are threatening to reignite the conflict.

As part of the Dayton Accord, two independent entities were created within the nation of Bosnia: the Bosniak-Croat Federation and the largely Serb Republika Sprska. The government in Sprska is planning to unveil a referendum on the anniversary of the Dayton Accord. There will be a single question on the ballot that will ask their citizens if they support the legality of their current union with the Bosniak-Croat Federation. Many are calling the question a veiled independence referendum that will give the president of Sprska permission to obstruct the laws and institutions of the central government.

(read more)

Oct 27 12:11


As Democrats look to make gun violence a core issue in the 2016 presidential campaign, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds wide agreement that gun violence is a problem but bitter and stark division on whether new gun laws should trump the constitutional right to gun ownership. The survey finds that 46 percent say new laws to reduce gun violence should be a bigger priority, while 47 percent say it's more important to protect the right to own firearms. This marks a shift away from gun laws since April 2013, when Democrats' push for increased background checks fell short in the aftermath of the massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.; back then, a 52 percent majority said new laws should be a priority.

Oct 27 12:08

Now Saudi Arabia Has Bombed a Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Yemen

The US changed its story four times (at least) on why it bombed a civilian hospital staffed by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) otherwise known as Doctors Without Borders, in Kunduz, Northern Afghanistan earlier this month. Twenty two people died, including 12 staffers and 10 patients (three of whom were children) — and injuring 37 other people. Twenty four staff are still missing.

Now news just broke that Saudi Arabia bombed another Doctors Without Borders hospital last night, this time in northern Yemen.

Luckily only two doctors were "lightly wounded" and no one died this time. Reportedly everyone had just enough time to run to safety before another missile hit the maternity ward.

This is, yet another, war crime, and pretty much everybody knows it.

But they just keep justifying it by claiming terrorists might be hiding in these hospitals, so they have no choice but to bomb hospitals.

Gee. Kinda makes you wonder who the terrorists really are.

Oct 27 12:06

IS militants airlifted from Syria to Yemen, Saudi Arabia — Syrian army spokesman

"On October 26, according to the reconnaissance data, four planes from Turkey arrived to the airport of the city of Aden (Yemen). Two of them belong to Turkish Airlines, one — to Qatar Airways and one more aircraft owned by an airline of the United Arab Emirates," said the Syrian army spokesman. "There were more than 500 militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization on board, they were taken from Syria to save them from Russian airstrikes," General Mayhub said. According to him, "the militants were met by officers of the Saudi coalition that took them from the airport in three groups. The first went to the city of Al-Bab in Mandeb province (Yemen), the second — to Marib (Yemen), the third — to the Saudi regions of Jizan and Asir."

Oct 27 12:06

How the Globalists Are Dividing, Conquering and Destroying America by Turning American Citizens against Each Other

The robber baron bankster himself J.P. Morgan commented after the Great Depression:

When through a process of law the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and more easily governed by the strong arm of the law applied by the central power of leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders. This is well known among our principle men now engaged in forming an imperialism of [crony] capitalism to govern the world. By dividing the people we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us.

Oct 27 12:06

No foreign power is behind the European Resistance

No foreign power is behind the European Resistance

With the people of Europe standing up against misrule, their rulers take comfort in the thought that a there must be foreign power behind it all.

Oct 27 12:00

US military aid to Israel to increase by $1bn as Social Security recipients get no raise

The annual military aid provided by America to Israel is expected to increase by nearly $1 billion by the end of this decade, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported. According to the newspaper, the total amount of aid given to Israel by America since 1962 has reached approximately $100 billion; $3.1 billion during the past year.

Oct 27 12:00

Top US LNG Producer: We Can't Compete With Russia

U.S.-based Cheniere Energy doesn't believe it will become Europe's leading liquefied natural gas (LNG) player despite bullish export plans.

The company, headquartered in Houston, is at the forefront of what is being called a U.S. energy renaissance with plans to churn out its first batch of LNG for overseas shipments in the next few months.

Oct 27 11:49

$15 minimum Wage Without Job Loss

Jeannette Wicks-Lim, says that the fast-food industry could absorb the increase in its overall wage bill without resorting to cuts in their employment levels.

Oct 27 11:40

Obama’s Education Reversal is Sheer Political “Theater”

Executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report Glen Ford says that the Obama administration claim to want a reduction in time spent on standardized tests.

Oct 27 11:33

Who owns your genes? Are they a cure?

By Jon Rappoport

In an October verdict, rendered by the Australian High Court, the purported breast-cancer gene, BRCA1, cannot be patented by any company.

The Court distinguished between an invention, which can be patented, and a discovery of something that is already there, such as a gene in the human body.

The Court’s verdict, hailed as “a victory for the people,” obscures a deeper question: how do genes help cure disease?...

Oct 27 11:23

Beijing Summons U.S. Ambassador Over U.S. Navy Patrol

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui summoned U.S. Ambassador to China Max Baucus on Tuesday, lodging "serious representations" and expressing "strong discontent" over a U.S. warship patrol in waters near China's Nansha Islands in the South China Sea.

"This action by the United States threatens China's sovereignty and security interests and endangers the safety of personnel and facilities on the reef, which is a serious provocation," Zhang said.

Earlier on Tuesday, USS Lassen entered waters near Zhubi Reef without the permission of the Chinese government.

Zhang noted that it had done so regardless of China's earlier dissuasion. China is "strongly discontented with and firmly against" the move, he said.

Oct 27 11:13

No, It’s Not a Hoax: Hot Dogs Actually Tested Positive for Human DNA

By Claire Bernish

If you’ve ever chosen the prosaic American classic at a grill out, you’ve likely suffered the snarky query: “You really gonna eat that? Do you have any idea what they put in hot dogs?!”

While insect parts, eyeballs, and that one oddly unidentifiable hard bit might cross your mind, any suggestion a hot dog contains human DNA likely sounds facetious. It shouldn’t. An astonishing 14.4% of samples tested for “The Hot Dog Report” by Clear Food — which provides molecular analysis of commonly purchased food brands — were euphemistically labeled “problematic.”...

Oct 27 11:11

Washington's Syria "Strategy" In Complete Disarray As "Ally" Turkey Bombs US-Armed Rebels

In the latest example of US foreign policy gone horribly awry, "ally" Turkey is now bombing the very same Syrian Kurds who just two weeks ago received 50 tons (literally) of US weapons and ammo paradropped from on high. The situation has become so convoluted and self-defeating that one wonders how long it will be before someone in Congress decides it's time to take a look at exactly what's going on here and why it seems like this entire debacle is simply too bad to be true.

Oct 27 11:09

Islamic invasion pulls trigger: Europe now scrambles for guns

A Czech TV report confirms that long guns – shotguns and rifles – have been flying off the shelves in Austria, and Austrians who haven’t already purchased a gun may not have a chance to get one for some time. They’re all sold out.

And those arming themselves are primarily women.

“If anyone wants to buy a long gun in Austria right now, too bad for them,” the Czech newscaster says. “All of them are currently sold out.”

He cites the Austrian news outlet Trioler Tageszeitung as the source of his report.

“We cannot complain about lack of demand,” Stephen Mayer, a gun merchant, told Trioler Tageszeitung.

Oct 27 11:08

Judge rocks Hillary's testimony: 'Serious legal trouble'

In her testimony Thursday, Napolitano said, the Department of Justice and FBI audience was looking for “perjury, for misleading statements and for what federal law calls ‘bad acts.’”

“Perjury is lying under oath. Mrs. Clinton committed perjury when she denied that she knew anything about supplying arms to rebels,” Napolitano said.

“Not only did she know about it, she authorized it,” he asserted.

Napolitano noted a New York Times columnist called her the “midwife of chaos” for her “introduction of U.S. military hardware into the hands of gangs in Libya, some of whom were run by known al-Qaida operatives, several of whom murdered Ambassador Stevens.”

“I wish Congressman Pompeo had persisted in this line of late-night, last-minute questioning,” the former judge said.

Napolitano offered why Clinton’s testimony would be particularly damaging to the FBI audience listening to her testimony.

Oct 27 10:58

Obama wins Indonesian backing for Pacific trade pact

US President Barack Obama won Indonesia's endorsement for a contentious trans-Pacific trade deal Monday, with the president of Southeast Asia's largest economy vowing to join.

During a meeting with Obama at the White House, Joko Widodo risked the ire of economic nationalists at home and pledged to join the pact.

"Indonesia is an open economy and with a population of 250 million, we are the largest economy in Southeast Asia," Widodo said in the Oval Office.

"Indonesia intends to join the TPP.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my (complete absence of) surprise here.

Indonesia widely uses slave labor (against which American labor cannot financially compete);has oil; and sits on one of the most active trading area in the region, the Strait of Malacca; so of COURSE, it has been invited to join TPP, and will accept the invitation.

His faux populism aside, Obama's "hope and change" has morphed into financial betterment for the 1% with this treaty, and to hell with the rest of us.

Oct 27 10:55

Just the latest isolated incident

Islamic jihadists block the streets of Copenhagen calling for sharia law and jihad

Hizb-ut Tahrir is a radical Islamofascist group that has been banned in several countries (not Obama’s America, of course). Notice how most of the women are in burqas and walking behind the men.The people of Denmark stood up to the Nazis in WWII, but are standing idly by as the IslamoNazis destroy their country.It appears they are frozen in place by the "COEXIST" indoctrination

Pick a side, any side.

Oct 27 10:54

U.S. Media hypes ‘WWIII now inevitable’

While we are happy to report this morning that the US has sailed within 12 miles of China’s artificial islands in the South China Seas without incident as shared in this new story from the Guardian, we can also report that the government of China is not happy with what they call the US’s ‘illegal actions’ and has urged the US to ‘think twice’ about ‘making trouble’ and urged the US to ‘immediately correct their mistake.’

Oct 27 10:53

October 26, 1976: Remarkable Early-Season Snowfall

A significant storm will develop and pass through Upper Michigan at mid-week. It will bring rain and possibly snow in some parts as the storm moves out and colder air briefly flows in with the departure of the low. Significant snow is not expected. Overall this month is running close to average on temperature and that should not change as we approach the end of the month. On the other hand, October 39 years ago had persistent cold and and frequent snow.

October 1976 ended over five degrees below average. Snow fell at intervals beginning in mid-month with impressive totals all the down to the shore of Lake Superior. On October 26, 1976, Marquette was digging out from a remarkable 6.3 inch snow that fell the day before. The snow continued with nearly 3 inches on the 27th. The month ended with a total of 17.5 inches--an October record.

Oct 27 10:52

AMERICA & EU, Say ENOUGH! - Human Locust on the way!

Yesterday,at the hospital we had a meeting about how the situation here and at the other Munich hospitals is unsustainable. Clinics cannot handle emergencies, so they are starting to send everything to the hospitals.

Many Muslims are refusing treatment by female staff and, we women are refusing to go among those animals, especially from Africa. Relations between the staff and migrants are going from bad to worse. Since last weekend, migrants going to the hospitals must be accompanied by police with K-9 units.

Many migrants have AIDS, syphilis, open TB and many exotic diseases. If they receive a prescription in the pharmacy, they learn they have to pay cash. This leads to unbelievable outbursts, especially when it is about drugs for the children.

They abandon their children with pharmacy staff with the words: “So, cure them here yourselves!” So the police are not just guarding the clinics and hospitals, but also large pharmacies.

Oct 27 10:46

ISIS getting more supply drops from America

Webmaster's Commentary: 

ISIS? Weren't we all told those are the BAD GUYS?!?

Oct 27 10:45

WATCH: German Citizens Panic, ‘This Is Our Future’ – As Muslims March Through City

A new video appears to show Islamists marching in the German city of Hannover while at least two girls look on and express their fears.

Oct 27 10:41


98 years after the Bolsheviks established the Soviet Union, all traces have been erased in the Ukraine …. Darth Vader has replaced Lenin in Odessa’s central square ….

Lenin’s face has been covered by Darth Vader’s mask, and his coat has been turned into a cape. The helmet also reportedly serves as a Wi-Fi hot spot.

Oct 27 10:40


343 British scholars call for all-encompassing academic boycott of Israel in response to an ad published in the same paper on Friday opposing a cultural boycott.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 27 10:38


More news continues to pour in about Officer Ben Fields.

And as you might have guessed, it’s quite disturbing.

Officer Fields is the subject of nationwide outrage right now, after two videos surfaced showing him attack a schoolgirl. (Watch the original unedited videos.)

Officer Fields is currently on “administrative leave” for the attack.

Like a true coward, he deleted his social media accounts to avoid all the backlash he was getting from Americans.

It turns out that he has a troublesome past, and this would not be his first time initiating violent action on innocent people.

In 2005, Officer Fields attacked an Army medic.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What messages, I have to wonder, did this officer get from his CO, or city or state officials, to the effect that this kind of behaviour against a kid was absolutely, perfectly OK, and routine?!?

I would suggest to people who can, like those in Grass Valley, South Carolina, and are living in areas where police brutality is common, to move.

Take the money away from the local tax base; rob schools of students, so those schools no longer get matching funds from the Federal and State governments, and take your business transactions outside the community.

It is a peaceful, and completely non-violent way, of demonstrating to city, county, and police executives that because you will not tolerate this kind of behaviour, you are moving to a part of the country where this behaviour is not tolerated on the part of the police.

If financial circumstances prevent you from moving, now is the time to establish a police/community relations board, even if it is not officially sanctioned. Invite leaders of the local police department; if they chose not to show, make that public, not in a nasty way, but in such a way that it becomes thoroughly public through social media.

Organise your community; petition; make all such acts so public that every member of your community will put the highest form of legal pressure against the local educational board and mayor until such behaviour stops, completely.

And to add insult to actual injury, the young woman who filmed the incident was arrested, and held on 1,000.00 bail. As reported by WLTX:

outh Carolina high school student who witnessed her classmate being physically abused by a school resource officer was arrested and held on $1,000 for filming the incident. Niya Kenny, 18, told WLTX she was shocked and disturbed when she saw Officer Ben Fields flipping her female classmate out of her desk and pinning her to the ground for refusing to leave class. “I was screaming ‘What the f, what the f is this really happening?’ I was praying out loud for the girl,” Kenny told WLTX. “I just couldn’t believe this was happening I was just crying and he said, since you have so much to say you are coming too. I just put my hands behind my back.”

Welcome to Amerika, my friends.

Oct 27 10:36


The Orwell estate is cracking down on people who dare to use the number "1984" without permission. In a truly Orwellian move they have sent a takedown request, targeting an Internet radio host, for selling T-shirts that feature the four iconic numbers.

Oct 27 10:35

Confronting the Obvious Truth: Palestinian Authority vs. the People

After reiterating his support for the two-state solution which is now but a fading mirage, Erekat told Al-Jazeera, “We are fully supporting our people and their cry for freedom.”

I think not, Mr. Erekat. Twenty years is long enough to show that those who have taken part in their people’s oppression, cannot possibly be the advocates of their people’s freedom.

Oct 27 10:26

Guatemala just elected a comedian with zero political experience to be president

This Sunday, Guatemala held the final round of its presidential election. Jimmy Morales, a television comedian with no political experience and no real policy platform, won with 70 percent. Just six months ago, Morales was commanding less than 1 percent in polls.

Oct 27 10:26

Military Veterans Have 50 Percent [Increased] Chance To Develop Motor Neurone Disease

People who served in the military have a 50 percent increased risk of developing an incurable neurodegenerative illness called Motor Neurone Disease (MND), a new study says.

This disease, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), is a progressive disease that attacks the central nervous system, leading to the death of upper and lower motor neurons. These neurons are responsible for easy daily activities like gripping, walking, speaking, swallowing and even breathing.

In 2003, a similar study was conducted and linked military service with the development of MND. In fact, they found out that there is an increased risk of developing the disease for military veterans who served in the Gulf.

Oct 27 10:24

NASA Is Sending a Spacecraft Deep Inside an Alien Geyser

Flying just 30 miles above a massive plume of water erupting from Saturn’s moon Enceladus, the Cassini probe will gather the best samples ever from an ocean beyond Earth.

Oct 27 10:22


A federal district court yesterday dismissed Wikimedia v. NSA, a lawsuit brought by the ACLU on behalf of a broad group of educational, legal, human rights, and media organizations whose communications are swept up by the NSA’s unprecedented Internet dragnet.

Our lawsuit concerns the NSA’s “upstream” surveillance, which involves the mass interception and searching of Americans’ international Internet communications. The court held that our clients lacked “standing” to bring suit, because they had not plausibly alleged that their communications were being monitored by the NSA. That’s just plain wrong.

The court’s opinion relies heavily on the Supreme Court’s decision in a previous ACLU lawsuit, Amnesty v. Clapper, a challenge to warrantless surveillance under the FISA Amendments Act of 2008. In February 2013, the Supreme Court dismissed that case on the grounds that the plaintiffs could not prove that they had communicated with the NSA’s targets.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just what the NSA has on the members of this court to force them to dismiss the lawsuit.

Oct 27 10:20


A federal court on Monday ruled that a Michigan man can challenge his inclusion on the government's "No Fly List," in a move that is being celebrated as a victory for the hundreds of U.S. citizens assigned to that secretive list, as well as the countless Arab-Americans routinely subjected to similar racial profiling.

Reversing a previous district court ruling, Circuit Judge Julia Smith Gibbons ordered (pdf) "further proceedings" in the case of Saeb Mokdad, a Lebanese-American who since September 2012 has been prohibited three times from boarding a plane to visit his family in Lebanon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Judge Gibbons, congratulations for doing the right thing here; you have, in my eyes, become a heroine of the Constitution.

It doesn't mean that this decision won't get slammed down by a higher court; but that this judge had the courage to do the right thing demonstrates to me that there are still good, moral, people in this country.

And it is those people who are worth (peacefully) fighting for, to get this country's government back on the track of following the Constitution and Bill of Rights in all aspects of its functioning.

Oct 27 10:20

**VOLUME WARNING** F-22 fighter jets fly over Honolulu, Hawaii at 1:18AM - 10/27/15 **VOLUME WARNING**

Loud jets taking off over Waikiki at 1:18AM and can be heard for 20 minutes. Very annoying

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, they were!

Oct 27 10:16

BP warns of further job cuts as profits fall 40%

Chief executive Bob Dudley says biggest number of job cuts likely to be in US as third-quarter profits tumble from $3bn to $1.8bn

Oct 27 10:14

Russia Defense Ministry asks NATO to prove allegations of airstrikes on hospitals in Syria

Russian Defense Ministry has asked the NATO member countries and Saudi Arabia to prove the allegations about Russia’s airstrikes on hospitals in Syria recently spread by English-language media outlets, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said on Tuesday.

"We have invited today the military attaches of the United States, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, NATO bloc and requested them to provide a formal justification of the essence of these statements or make a rebuttal, especially concerning the outrageous accusations in a number of English-language media about alleged airstrikes on hospitals," Antonov said after a meeting with military attaches.

Oct 27 10:14

Study says standardized testing is overwhelming nation’s public schools

The number of standardized tests U.S. public school students take has exploded in the past decade, with most schools requiring too many tests of dubious value, according to the first comprehensive survey of the nation’s largest districts.

A typical student takes 112 mandated standardized tests between pre-kindergarten classes and 12th grade, a new Council of the Great City Schools study found. By contrast, most countries that outperform the United States on international exams test students three times during their school careers.

In a video posted to Facebook by the White House on Saturday, President Obama pledged to take steps to reduce testing overload.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, the tyranny of testing has destroyed both the love of teaching and learning in this country.

But for Obama making the claim that he wants "to fix that." means that the problem will most probably get worse before it gets better (after he has finished his second term).

There is nothing this President has touched (the P5+1 deal with Iran being the sterling exception here) which he has not made worse; and if you are having a hard time with this, please good look at the economy; his epic foreign policy fails in Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and Syria; and the number of people now jobless and homeless because of the offshoring/outsourcing of job, which continues unabated under his watch.

Are the American people worse off, at almost every level, than before he took office?!?


Oct 27 10:11

Overwhelming UN vote says US blockade of Cuba needs to end

The UN General Assembly has voted 191-2 to condemn the US blockade of Cuba, with only the US and Israel opposed.

Oct 27 10:06


On July 26, Seneca Police Lt. Mark Tiller ran towards 19-year-old Zachary Hammond’s car with his gun drawn as Hammond’s date, Tori Morton, allegedly sold a few grams of marijuana to an undercover cop.

According to Seneca Police Chief John Covington, Hammond drove toward Lt. Tiller in an attempt to murder him. Fearing for his life, Tiller shot Hammond twice at point-blank range killing him. But according to witness statements and Hammond’s autopsy, the teenager was not attempting to run down Tiller in the moments before his death.

Hammond’s autopsy revealed that the teen was shot in the back of his left shoulder and his side.

In a letter from Hammond’s attorney to the FBI, a witness has recently come forward describing officers planting evidenceunder Hammond’s body and high-fiving his dead hand after the shooting. Although police found no weapon or drugs on Hammond, Chief Covington claims that a white powdery substance was found at the scene.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, murder, and lying about having committed it, have become standard operating procedure to police departments around the country.

People with skills and kids, please get the hell out of Amerika, because any engagement with the police, even if you are completely innocent, can result in an assassination.

Oct 27 09:55

Officer kills pedestrian while driving 30mph over limit. Charged with misdemeanor.

A Benton Township patrol officer who was driving 30 miles above the speed limit when he hit and killed a pedestrian last month is being charged with a misdemeanor -- moving violation causing death, the Berrien County prosecutor announced today.

Oct 27 09:51

In shift, Jeb Bush turns to brother George W. for 2016 help

Jeb Bush has played down his famous family roots in his pursuit of the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, but with his campaign in trouble, he turned on Monday to brother George W. Bush for a political morale boost.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Somehow, I don't think that is going to work as well as Jeb thinks! :)

Oct 27 09:46

WI Republicans Fast-tracking Bill that Effectively Kills Workers' Comp

Approximately 100 years ago, labor and management struck a "grand bargain" where if a worker gets injured at work, the worker cannot sue their employer for damages—even if the injury is clearly the employer's fault.

Oct 27 09:45

Lets stop with the Auschwitz lies

This is a factual list of facilities available to prisoners at the alleged Nazi death camp of Auschwitz in Poland.

Most of these facilities can still be seen in the camp today, including the cinema, swimming pool, hospital, library and post office. (and brothel building right at the main gate)

Webmaster addition:

Oct 27 09:36

Russia's "Bombing" of Syrian Hospitals: The Incredible Expanding Lie

When reports of Russian military aviation striking what AFP called a "field hospital" came to light, they were met by immediate skepticism, even by critics of Russia. AFP's article, "13 dead as Russia strike hits Syria field hospital: monitor," reported that:

At least 13 people including medical staff were killed when Russian warplanes struck a field hospital in northwestern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Wednesday.

Of course the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is actually a single individual named Rami Abdel Rahman who is admittedly sympathetic to those seeking the division and destruction of Syria. Rami Abdel Rahman is also based in the UK, so is not actually "observing" anything in Syria. He himself has been observed coordinating his activities with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Rami Abdel Rahman admits he has not actually been to Syria for the last fifteen years!

Oct 27 09:29

Netanyahu: I don't want a binational state, but we need to control all of the territory for the foreseeable future

This guy is completely 110% nutzs!You forgot the last part. Die by the sword not live forever by the sword!
The Israelis are killing each other and their political leadership has lost it!
The zios are killing Israel one Palestinian at a time!

Netanyahu then turned to opposition MKs and said: "You think there is a magic wand here, but I disagree. I'm asked if we will forever live by the sword — yes."

Oct 27 09:27


Whenever you’re running an air campaign there’s always the possibility of collateral damage. In simpler terms, we you’re dropping bombs on populated areas, you’re invariably going to kill some non-combatants. Now ideally, you want to keep the number of dead civilians to a minimum, which is why The Intercept’s recent investigative report on America’s drone program was so disturbing - it turns out 90% of people killed aren’t the intended target.

Oct 27 09:27

"We're Winning!": Al Gore Indoctrinates 'Army of Mini-Gores' to Fight Climate Change

Gore is making the rounds again with his slide show of “scary stuff,” you know, pictures of weather disaster aftermath and claims that rising temps and apocalyptic natural events helped trigger modern political events like the Syrian Civil War and the Arab Spring (the CIA and George Soros apparently get a pass, according to Gore, it was man-made climate change).

But Gore tells his mini-Gores (shudder) he is optimistic.

“You know when you’re at a football game and the momentum shifts, and you can just feel it in the stadium?” Gore asked the trainees. “Well, the momentum is shifting! We’re winning! We’ve got to win faster, but we’re winning!”

As Politico’s Michael Grunwald points out:

Gore’s avalanche of statistics and images is designed to overwhelm, to make the reality of climate change undeniable.

Oct 27 09:06

Eichmann ‘wasn’t a bad person,’ says his daughter-in-law, dooming her political career

Carmen Bretin Lindemann was running for mayor in a village in Argentina. Then she gave a TV interview in which she blamed the Jews for falsifying history

Oct 27 09:06

Feds Investigate Hobby Lobby CEO For Bliblical Artifacts Possibly Stolen From The Middle East

One of America’s most famously Christian businesses is amassing a vast collection of Biblical antiquities. The problem is some of them may have been looted from the Middle East.

Oct 27 08:56

CDC Study Spending $1 Million to Reduce 'Rigid Masculinity'

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is funding a study that seeks to change male "gender norms" to reduce sexual violence against women, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

The study uses a curriculum called "Manhood 2.0" to develop "healthy masculinities" in young black men. It has received nearly $1 million in funding from the CDC so far.

Oct 27 08:56

Americans blame mass shootings on mental health, not gun control – poll

As the gun control debate intensified with renewed energy in the aftermath of the Roseburg, Oregon massacre, a new survey by Washington Post/ ABC News has revealed that 63 percent of Americans think that mass shootings depend directly on “mental health problems,” while only 23 percent believe gun control laws are at the core of the problem.

Oct 27 08:55

Cops Just Raided This Innocent Family’s Home Because a Stolen Car Was “Parked Nearby”

At this point the family members knew nothing about why they were being ill treated.

Erin Broussard, the girlfriend of one of the boys, says she thought the house had been broken into by burglars.

“At first I thought we were getting robbed, then I saw it was cops,” she commented.

The neighbors stepped out of their houses to enquire was going on.

At around the 45 minute mark they left the family go.

This is when the Landrys learnt that a car had been stolen from the dollar store nearby and it was found unattended and running in front of their home.

Nancy says the officers wasted time on a confused family while missing out on the opportunity of catching the real perpetrators.

Oct 27 08:54

US ‘Absolutely Prepared’ for More Ground Combat in Iraq: Pentagon

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Friday he expects U.S. troops to engage in more combat operations in Iraq against ISIS, even at the risk of American deaths. “I’m absolutely prepared to do that,” he told reporters, according to a transcript of his remarks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle, Ash!

Oct 27 08:53

UN Paris Climate Hypocrisy: Limos and Learjets

Time to get out your AGW hypocrisy meters. AGW, of course, stands for anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming. And the hypocrisy meters are about to ring off the charts, as the AGW alarmists descend in droves on Paris for COP 21 (21st Conference Of Parties), the United Nations’ much-ballyhooed climate summit, set to take place November 30-December 11.

It happens every time: the millionaires, billionaires, and “public servants” — Prince Charles, Al Gore, Ted Turner, Richard Branson, Hollywood celebs, presidents, prime ministers, etc. — swoosh into the confab in their tax-payer provided jets, or their own private Learjets and Gulfstreams, to preach to the rest of us on why we must reduce our “carbon footprints” and submit to a UN-mandated “carbon budget.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With any luck, they will be hit with a blizzard!

Oct 27 08:53

Shaken Baby Syndrome or Death by Vaccine Doctor Speaks Out

More and more innocent men and women are being falsely accused of committing shaken baby syndrome and later jailed for murder after a vaccine injury has occurred.

Oct 27 08:49

Sesame Street rolls out autistic muppet to 'normalize' vaccine injured children... follows Elmo push for mass vaccinations

In yet another sickening example of the absolute mental derangement of modern society, Sesame Street has rolled out its first autistic muppet named "Julia," says the Sesame Street website

The rollout of autistic Julia is Sesame Street's attempt to "normalize" vaccine injuries and depict those victimized by vaccines as happy, "amazing" children rather than admitting the truth that vaccines cause autism in some children and we should therefore make vaccines safer and less frequent to save those children from a lifetime of neurological damage.

Oct 27 08:48

China Lodges Protest with U.S. on Warship Patrol

The Foreign Ministry on Tuesday expressed "strong discontent" and "resolute opposition" over a U.S. warship patrol near Zhubi Reef, which is part of China's Nansha Islands in the South China Sea.

This action by the United States threatens China's sovereignty and security interests, endangers the safety of personnel and facilities in the reef, and harms regional peace and stability, ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said in a statement.

Lu urged the U.S. to "immediately correct its wrongdoing."

Earlier on Tuesday, the U.S. warship USS Lassen entered waters near Zhubi Reef without the permission of the Chinese government, according to Lu.