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December 11, 2009

Dec 11 09:00

Obama Urged to Earn His Nobel Prize at Climate Talks

President Barack Obama had not even accepted his Nobel Prize in Oslo yesterday before environmental advocates began calling on him to earn it when he attends climate talks in Copenhagen next week.

“Obama, in part, has been awarded the Nobel Prize with the expectation that he will deliver the kind of leadership necessary to get a climate treaty,” Greenpeace USA’s Damon Moglen said on Dec. 9, a day before Obama won the same prestigious award given to Al Gore two years ago for his work on climate change. “He won it, and now is the time to earn it.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We give you a medal, and you give us a pipeline into Americans' wallets. Such a deal!"

Dec 11 08:58

Millions in U.S. Drink Dirty Water, Records Show

More than 20 percent of the nation’s water treatment systems have violated key provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act over the last five years, according to a New York Times analysis of federal data.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, Obama wants to tax us all trillions to pay for a global warming crisis which does not exist, and has ordered the EPA to declare CO2 a toxic pollutant, while the most basic necessity of life, clean water, is vanishing from America.

Dec 11 08:55

Drug import amendment halts health debate

Expanding access to low-cost prescription drugs from overseas might look like a sure winner in the effort to make health care more affordable. President Barack Obama has long supported the idea. So have many Democrats and a significant number of Republicans.

But the seemingly popular idea brought the Senate health care debate to a standstill Thursday, as Democrats divided over whether they should bow to the drug industry's fierce opposition.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trust me, they will eventually. They always do.

Dec 11 08:52

It's A Climategate Christmas

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Dec 11 08:46

CLIMATEGATE - BBC Exposes 'Fudge Factor' in ClimateGate Global Warming Computer Programming Code

Even the BBC didn't let this scoop get away.

A segment on the Dec. 3 broadcast of BBC's "Newsnight," showed the implications of the story behind the so-called "ClimateGate" scandal are more than just e-mails concealing data, but an incompetence analyzing the data by way of faulty computer code.

Dec 11 08:39


The code is so hacked around to give predetermined results that it shows the bias of the coder. In other words make the code ignore inconvenient data to show what I want it to show.

Dec 11 08:37

Context for 'hide the decline' discovered

At issue was a proxy-temperature graph showing trends in temperatures for the preceding 1000 years. The first version of this graph, prepared initially by Keith Briffa, did show a significant decline in temperatures late in the twentieth century. The attendees at the IPCC meeting expressed, in no uncertain terms, their sentiment that this decline was an outlying result that ought to remain hidden, presumably from the broader scientific community and the public, in order to avoid what they feared would be a misconstruction of this decline.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, there was a temperature chart that showed a decline, and they hid it from the public whose taxes pay for all their toys.

That is what we have been saying all along.

Dec 11 08:07

Shell Wins Rights To Iraq's Giant Manjoon Oil Fields

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just in case you wondered what your kids were killed and crippled for.

Dec 11 07:39

Judge affirms $675k verdict in RIAA music piracy case

A federal judge in Boston today formally signed off on a $675,000 fine that a jury assessed against Boston University doctoral student Joel Tenenbaum for illegally sharing 30 copyrighted songs.

But in an unusual decision, U.S. District Court Judge Nancy Gertner expressed "very, very" deep concerns at the "astronomical penalties" available to music companies under copyright laws. Gertner said the court would have been willing to consider Tenenbaum's fair use defense in the case but concluded that the manner in which the arguments were presented by the defense counsel made it all but impossible for her to do so.

Dec 11 07:28

Spying begins on UK web users

We reported last week on plans to enforce copyright law by forcing internet service providers to spy on consumers to detect and report every piece of copied music, movies, e-books, games and software.

Now one UK ISP, Virgin Media, is trialling some of the technology needed to do that on about 1.6 million of its customers.

Dec 11 07:20

Jewish settlers 'to increase by 10,000 within year'

An Israeli minister has predicted there will be 10,000 new settlers in the occupied West Bank over the next 10 months and insisted that a moratorium did not freeze but only limited construction.

Dec 11 06:39

Wake Up America-Current State of Affairs in a Nutshell

Wake Up America-Current State of Affairs in a Nutshell

Stephen Byers, Sr
Whitefield, NH USA

To my Fellow Americans,

“I am concerned for the security of our great nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within” – General Douglas MacArthur.

Dec 11 05:08

Riddle of the Arctic roll solved as Russia admits 'one of our missiles misfired'

As a missile launch it was an embarrassing failure.

But as an impromptu firework display, it was spectacular.

The mystery of the blue light display that lit up Norway's sky on Wednesday morning appeared to have been solved yesterday, after Russia admitted to a missile test in the area, having initially denied it.

The jinxed Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile failed at the third stage after being test-fired from a submarine in the White Sea, Russia's military said.

Dec 11 05:01

CLIMATEGATE - Copenhagen climate change summit: The world is COOLING not warming says scientist Peter Taylor ... and we're not prepared

Climategate does not just demonstrate the corruption of science and peer-review; it also demonstrates the incompetence of specialists who do not understand planetary ecology, especially its cycles.

We’re being fatally led up the wrong garden path by green businesses, politicians, the IPCC and their computer geeks with their doctored spreadsheets and forecasts. They need to get out more and study the real world – not their virtual reality – because, like the asset bubbles of the financial crisis, the global warming bubble is about to burst…

Dec 11 04:53

Israel fury at UK move to label settlement produce

Britain was today embroiled in an international row after Israel accused the government of encouraging a boycott of foods from its settlements in the West Bank.

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has issued voluntary guidance to UK supermarkets stating labels should differentiate between "Israeli settlement produce" and "Palestinian produce". Foods are currently labelled "Produce of the West Bank".

Dec 11 04:51

CLIMATEGATE - Records fall as temperatures plunge to single digits

Seattle's proximity to Puget Sound, which is near 50 degrees most of the year, helps keep us a little warmer, but even more of a factor is what's called the "urban heating effect." In essence, just by being a big city, we generate a lot of heat on our own. All the asphalt and concrete from roads and buildings to a better job of absorbing the day's warmth and then radiating it back out into the city at night, where as vegetation and forests in rural areas don't keep the heat in as well.

Dec 11 02:10

Quotes by John Emerich Edward Dalberg (English Historian, 1834-1902)

“And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that. All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“A people averse to the institution of private property is without the first element of freedom”

“Guard against the prestige of great names; see that your judgments are your own; and do not shrink from disagreement; no trusting without testing”

Dec 11 01:59

Ron Paul's Hour of Power

The decades-long campaign of Ron Paul to have the Government Accountability Office do a full audit of the Federal Reserve now has 313 sponsors in the House.

Sometimes perseverance does pay off.

If not derailed by the establishment, the audit may happen.

Yet, many columnists and commentators are aghast.

An auditors' probe, they wail, would imperil the Fed's independence and expose it to pressure from Congress to keep interest rates low and money flowing when the need of the nation and economy might call for tightening.

Dec 11 01:25


He has been dead since December 13, 2001 and now, finally, everyone, Obama, McChrystal, Cheney, everyone who isn't nuts is finally saying what they have known for years.

December 10, 2009

Dec 10 22:26

Climategate reaches the British House of Lords

There is the issue of the science, which I had previously taken as given; but many people’s faith is being tested. We are often told that the science is settled. I suppose that is what the Inquisition said to Galileo. If so, why are we spending millions of pounds on research? The science is far from settled. – Lord Turnbull Dec 8th 2009

Dec 10 22:26

NASA Stonewalling Stokes Fears Climategate Will Spread to U.S.

Climategate may be just the tip of the global-warming iceberg according to the Washington, D.C.-based Competitive Enterprise Institute, which says the next weather-science scandal may erupt right here in the United States.

For nearly three years CEI, a free-market, public-interest organization, has pursued a series of Freedom of Information Act Requests intended to force NASA's climate-science division to hand over e-mails it says could reflect the same sort of pro-warming bias seen in the recent e-mails from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of East Anglia University.

Dec 10 22:23

CLIMATEGATE - Are we feeling warmer yet?

There have been strident claims that New Zealand is warming. The Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), among other organisations and scientists, allege that, along with the rest of the world, we have been heating up for over 100 years.

But now, a simple check of publicly-available information proves these claims wrong. In fact, New Zealand’s temperature has been remarkably stable for a century and a half. So what’s going on?

Dec 10 21:27

The Greatest Zionist Myth: Debunked

THE GREAT ZIONIST MYTH: The Palestinians never existed before modern Israel was established. They came from other Arab lands to try to take what the Israelis had rightful claims to. “Palestinians” pretend to the world and to themselves that they have always been there, but they are delusional and do it all merely because they hate Jews.

The following series of questions has been circulating on the internet for awhile. It is a piece of trashy Zionist propaganda, meant to make the Palestinians look as though they never existed – a favorite Zionist fairy tale.

Dec 10 21:06

Ramping up Afghanistan war to control Caspian oil and gas transport routes

James Dorion, an energy expert, had written as early as September 10, 2001, in Oil & Gas Journal, “Those that control the oil routes out of Central Asia will impact all future direction and quantities of flow and the distribution of revenues from new production.” Could it be any clearer, given the US oil and gas interests in the Caspian Basin that Afghanistan was to be reined in, especially when Iran, which paralleled it north to south was not a pipeline option, giving its mutual hostilities with the US.

Dec 10 20:42

Study to investigate alleged side effects of aspartame

The University of Hull is to conduct an independent study, funded by the Food Standards Agency, to assess whether the artificial sweetener aspartame causes symptoms in those people who feel that they are sensitive to it.

Aspartame is 150 times sweeter than sugar and is found in more than 4,000 products including diet soft drinks, cereal bars, yogurts and chewing gum.

Advice from the Food Standards Agency and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) remains that aspartame is safe to consume. However, a number of people have reported sensitivity to the product including headaches, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhoea and fatigue.

Dec 10 19:56

Jim Rogers: Audit the Fed, Then Abolish It

In this Tech Ticker interview Jim Rogers explains the reasons for auditing the Federal Reserve...

Dec 10 19:27

On eve of receiving Nobel, Obama's DOJ files amicus brief upending Nuremberg Protocols

It is important to note that the Administration did not have to file this brief since it had withdrawn as counsel and paid for Yoo’s private counsel. It has decided that it wants to establish the law claimed by the Bush Administration protecting Justice officials who support alleged war crimes. They are effectively doubling down by withdrawing as counsel and then reappearing as a non-party amicus.

The Obama Administration has gutted the hard-fought victories in Nuremberg where lawyers and judges were often guilty of war crimes in their legal advice and opinions.

Dec 10 19:00

A cross made out of starts ((this is real)) see it and be amazed

I know someone some where will say this proves God is real...
this proves nothing .. just accept it for what it is... a beautiful coincidence!
PS: click on the picture to enlarge and see it in all it's glory

Dec 10 18:52

Israeli court bans family visits for Gaza prisoners

The Israeli Supreme Court has opposed a petition that calls for granting permission to the Palestinian residing in the Gaza Strip to visit relatives in Israeli detention camps.

According to an Israel Radio report on Wednesday, the judges at the court ruled that family visits do not fall under the ‘minimum humanitarian needs’ Israel is committed to allow in and out of the Gaza Strip.




Dec 10 18:36

UK’s richest man could make more than £1bn from carbon trading scheme

New analysis released by climate change NGO Sandbag has revealed that the UK’s richest resident, Lakshmi Mittal, CEO and major shareholder of the steel giant ArcelorMittal, could make over £1 billion between now and 2012 from his company’s participation in the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme.

Dec 10 17:57

News BBC Article “Himalayan Glaciers Melting Deadline ‘A Mistake’ “

In its 2007 report, the Nobel Prize-winning Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said: “Glaciers in the Himalayas are receding faster than in any other part of the world and, if the present rate continues, the likelihood of them disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner is very high if the Earth keeps warming at the current rate. “

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The actual year in the original report was 2350.

Dec 10 17:14

Hockey stick observed in NOAA ice core data

In fact for the entire Holocene — the period over which, by some odd coincidence, humanity developed agriculture and civilization — the temperature has been higher than now, and the trend over the past 4000 years is a marked decline. From this perspective, it’s the LIA (Little Ice Age) that was unusual, and the current warming trend simply represents a return to the mean. If it lasts.

Dec 10 17:02

Global Temperature and Atmospheric CO2 over Geologic Time

There has historically been much more CO2 in our atmosphere than exists today. For example, during the Jurassic Period (200 mya), average CO2 concentrations were about 1800 ppm or about 4.7 times higher than today. The highest concentrations of CO2 during all of the Paleozoic Era occurred during the Cambrian Period, nearly 7000 ppm -- about 18 times higher than today.

Dec 10 17:02

AGW, a liberal excuse for hating poor people

They never once even consider the economic impact that the carbon tax (more progressive than carbon credits, this is “REALLY” liberal here) that they want will have on their larger community, the blue collar workers that already spend 20% of their take home on the expense of their commute to the industrial site located where there is no mass transit or the dairy farmers that can barely cover their electric bills.

Dec 10 17:00

CLIMATEGATE - Record cold in San Fransisco - People shiver, birds drop dead

Tuesday inflicted the coldest morning of the year on the Bay Area - a record-setter in some parts - and any living thing breathing frosty air was either miserable or an unusually enthusiastic fan of the brisk outdoors.

"I don't know how we can take another night like last night," said 57-year-old Eddie Hensley, huddled under a blanket in an alley near Sixth Street in San Francisco in the still-chilly afternoon. "That was the coldest I can remember. Thought I would freeze solid right here on the sidewalk."

Dec 10 16:55

Environmentalist Gore allowed zinc mine

Al Gore has profited from zinc mining that has released millions of pounds of potentially toxic substances near his farmstead.

Massive white mountains of leftover rock waste are evidence of three decades of mining that earned Gore $570,000 in royalty payments for the mineral rights to his property.

Dec 10 16:38

Israel Has Prepared A Plan To Strike Iranian Nuclear Plants

90 planes would penetrate Syrian and Turkish airspace undetected by radar...
Iranian Minister of Defence warns: our forces are prepared to strike Israeli arms factories and nuclear plants.
It was reported yesterday, Wednesday, that Iranian Defence Minister Ahmed Wahidi made a statement to the effect that if the Jewish state were to attack the Islamic Republic’s nuclear sites, Tehran would respond by striking Israeli arms factories and nuclear plants. Israel did not rule out military action if diplomacy failed to solve the international dispute over Iran’s nuclear programme, which the West suspects is aimed at developing weapons. Iran denies the claim and asserts that it would respond if attacked.

Dec 10 16:30

Hoax and Change: Climategate Evidence ..... not Hacked, Inside Whistleblower

Climategate, the biggest fraud in science history, has more twists and turns than a Christie novel. Check out this latest stunning post which I found over at Watts Up With That -- the leading blog on the true science of climate change. It's a very thorough and technical analysis, which proves that the release of documents came from an inside whistleblower, instead of from some Russian hacker. His identity has not been released. This is important, because the climate changers have been using the hacking as an illegal act in an effort to mitigate the impact of the released messages that show Global Warming is a scam.

Dec 10 16:10

Sockeye decline linked to climate change

Food-poor ocean waters warmed by climate change likely played a significant role in the death of millions of sockeye salmon in British Columbia's Fraser River ahead of what was supposed to be a bumper year, says a scientific think-tank.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How does "food poor" link to warming by climate change?

Warming increases food.

Overfishing depletes food.

So does disease process.

Dec 10 16:08

CLIMATEGATE - A Complete List Of Things Supposedly Caused By Global Warming

Dec 10 15:55

CLIMATEGATE - Media admits Polar Bear "cannibalism" their nature, not caused by global warming.

The gory photos of male polar bears devouring cubs, dragging shredded carcasses around and creating a bloody mess on the white snow of Canada's North have caused a stir on the Internet and in reports that link the activity to climate change.

But cannibalism among the species is a natural occurrence, says one expert, disputing what is just the latest story to put the polar bear in the debate over man-made global warming.

"Both Inuit and scientific knowledge show that cannibalism in polar bears happens, and it probably always has," said Steve Pinksen, director of policy and legislation for Nunavut's Department of Environment.

Dec 10 15:52

Heated Climategate Debate on Fox News

Dec 10 15:48

US expands unlawful drone war in Pakistan; violates letter, spirit of all US, UN war laws

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

The US is at unlawful war with Pakistan, having bombed over 50 sites and killing over 400. the Pakistan government rejects this violation of their nation, but just as the US has no respect for the laws limiting war to a narrow definition of self-defense in Afghanistan, Iraq, rhetoric for more war with Iran, and torture, they have no respect for peace in Pakistan.

Americans receive propaganda in support of US government murder and Crimes Against Peace, such as in this piece from the NY Times that say whatever BS seems most palatable without mentioning US and international law. Other propaganda encourage escalation of this unlawful war. President Obama’s escalation of the unlawful war in Afghanistan will concentrate troops on Pakistan’s border.

Dec 10 15:37

As World Considers Treaty to Fight “Global Warming,” Much of U.S. Buried by Blizzard

Irony? The talks in Copenhagen begin as countries around the world negotiate a treaty designed to cap CO2 emissions. Meanwhile a blizzard made it’s way across the country this week and frigid temperatures have followed. Yes, God does have a sense of humor. While most of the public opposes taxing energy and CO2 emissions, the world’s leaders seem determined to do just that.

Despite the controversy surrounding Climategate where some scientists have been busted trying to portray recent global cooling as warming, the talks proceed as if there is some eminent danger from “global warming.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Because there is a bloody FORTUNE to be made, here!!!"

Dec 10 15:11

CLIMATEGATE - Threat of climate change should be treated like war say engineers

Britain must adopt a 'war time footing' to tackle catastrophic climate change, a major report has warned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How very telling.

Remember when environmentalists insisted we should learn to live in harmony with nature?

And now the plan is to declare war on nature?

Dec 10 14:56

Climate Change now Killing Salmon TOO!

Dec 10 14:19

UN may curtail 400-year-old 'freedom of the seas'

The 400-year-old freedom of the high seas would be lost under United Nations plans to limit environmental damage.

Military forces of several nations are in discussions with conservationists over pooling surveillance resources to enforce the changes.

The “freedom of the seas” has given mariners legal rights to roam the high seas — a boundary that usually occurs 200 nautical miles from shore — at will. Specialists gathered at a London conference are saying that fishermen have been pushing the concept too far.

Dec 10 14:00

PSU panel to review all 'Climategate' e-mails

While world leaders are spending the week in Copenhagen, Denmark, debating the best way to solve the global warming crisis, Penn State is still investigating if meteorology professor Michael Mann's research on the topic was ethical.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So... the institution that got all that cash to study human-caused global warming, now gets to investigate whether the guy who got them all that cash did a tacky no-no?

Somehow I am not expecting honesty or objectivity to come out of Penn State.

Dec 10 13:59

108-year-old Editor & Publisher going out of business

A going concern since 1901, Editor & Publisher -- "America's Oldest Journal Covering the Newspaper Industry" -- is going away at a time when that industry continues to get smaller by the day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 10 13:57

NASA manipulating data to support global warming?

Dec 10 13:36

CLIMATEGATE - Copenhagen: Global Population Control Program Suggested To Stop Climate Change

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is there anyone reading this stupid enough to think that if all human being vanished tomorrow, that the Earth's climate would suddenly stop changing?

Dec 10 13:26

How to make a faraday cage wallet - Protect the private info on all your rfid chips.

You already have your tin foil hat, and you're pretty sure no one can find you on the Google. However, there's one detail you may not have thought of, and that's those pesky RFID chips.

RFID tags identifying who and -- gasp! —- where you are can be found in passports, ATM cards, credit cards and some state-issued ID cards. The same technology will possibly even be used in paper money in the near future.

With the right equipment, these chips can be read from afar by data snoops or your friendly government official. A Faraday cage is sufficient for blocking such eavesdropping.

Here's how to hide yourself from both the baddies and The Man.

Dec 10 13:23

End global warming. It’s so easy a U.N. ambassador could do it

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The IPCC Director and the Geico Caveman; separated at birth????

Dec 10 13:18

If you've done nothing wrong, you have everything to worry about

People who say this are fools, not to be too blunt about it. Not only are they willing to trade away my rights, since they haven't a basic appreciation of theirs, but their understanding of the relationship between government and the governed is one of subservience based on fear, and the idea that their fear is not only natural, but justifiably permanent given the state of the world.

Dec 10 13:15

CLIMATEGATE - The Lies and Deceptions Continue at Copenhagen and Beyond

Of course the warmest years have occurred in recent decades because the world has generally warmed since the nadir of the Little Ice Age (LIA) in 1680 AD.

Dec 10 13:09


Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is an animated map of the growing loss of jobs here in the USA.

Dec 10 13:07

Financial Reform Is Being Gutted ... And Congress Might Not Even Realize It

As I have repeatedly pointed out, proposed derivatives legislation will not make things better:

* A leading credit default swap expert (Satyajit Das) says that the new credit default swap regulations not only won't help stabilize the economy, they might actually help to destabilize it.

* Senator Cantwell says that the new derivatives legislation is weaker than current regulation

Now, Mike Konzkal points out that the new derivatives bill may be completed gutted, and that Congress might not even realize it:

Dec 10 13:05


Shatat spoke personally to this writer on Tuesday 8 December, recounting the horrible ill-treatment he had been meted out by members of the Palestinian General Intelligence or Mukhabarat last month.

Dec 10 13:02

CLIMATEGATE - Top scientists coerced into defence of the Met Office

One scientist said that he felt under pressure to sign the circular or risk losing work. The Met Office admitted that many of the signatories did not work on climate change.

Dec 10 13:00

CLIMATEGATE - Bombshell Poll on Climate Change – 77% don’t believe!

A nationally televised 'debate' on global warming followed by a viewers' poll has delivered a landslide result: 77% don't believe global warming is man made.
Dec 10 12:54

Sound familiar? US refuses to allow UN inspectors to investigate its WMDs

The United States said Wednesday that it remained opposed to international inspections of biological weapon sites, even though it stressed its commitment to a UN treaty covering such arms and invaded Iraq in part over its alleged stalling of -- UN weapons inspectors.

Dec 10 12:53

U.S. Foreclosures to Reach 3.9 Million in Second Record Year

Foreclosure filings in the U.S. will reach a record for the second consecutive year with 3.9 million notices sent to homeowners in default, RealtyTrac Inc. said.

Dec 10 12:52

Lord Monckton Warns Obama Will Attempt Use of Executive Authority to Commit US to Copenhagen Agreement

In a brief video released on the Internet, Lord Christopher Monkton is seen giving a speech today in Copenhagen warning that President Obama will try to use his Executive Authority to sign an agreement, rather than a treaty, to commit the United States to undertake measures against climate change that will seriously damage the freedoms and prosperity of America.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Because I can get away with it, that's why, BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Dec 10 12:50

Children as young as five 'to be taught about the dangers of the internet'

Every primary school child in the country will be taught about the dangers of the internet and how to safely surf online, Gordon Brown has announced.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Only visit websites that end in .gov!"

Dec 10 12:49

Israel's notorious Hannibal procedure

The fatal shooting by Israeli soldiers of an Israeli man earlier this week as he tried to scale a fence into the Gaza Strip was reportedly part of a drastic procedure the army was supposed to have phased out several years ago.

The Israeli media reported that Yakir Ben-Melech, 34, had bled to death after he was shot under the "Hannibal procedure," designed to prevent Israelis from being taken captive alive by enemy forces.

One critic, Uri Avnery, a former Israeli legislator and leader of Gush Shalom, a small radical peace group, defined the procedure as meaning: "Liberate the soldier by killing him."

Dec 10 12:48

Cancer From the Kitchen?

What if breast cancer in the United States has less to do with insurance or mammograms and more to do with contaminants in our water or air -- or in certain plastic containers in our kitchens? What if the surge in asthma and childhood leukemia reflect, in part, the poisons we impose upon ourselves?

Dec 10 12:44

CLIMATEGATE - Brownshirt Youth Corps Invade Monckton Speech

Groups of agitant green youth corps invaded the stage during Lord Monckton’s speech at an Americans for Prosperity event in Copenhagen yesterday, attempting to sabotage the private meeting while chanting cult-like environmental mantras in
Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is exactly the gestapo-esque behavior described in the leaked CRU emails

Dec 10 12:41

No, Wells Fargo, You Can't Leave Animals To Die

Wells Fargo foreclosed on a Rhode Island shelter for abandoned animals, barred former owner Dan MacKenzie from entering the property, and seems to be just letting the animals fend for themselves, the Providence Journal reports.

Dec 10 12:37

Detainee 063: serialized interrogation and torture log of Mohamed al-Kahtani

Over the course of the fifty days, Al-Qahtani, Detainee 063, is questioned by teams of interrogators working in shifts, typically for twenty hours a day. While individual entries of the log are sometimes brutal and unpleasant to read, what is particularly disturbing about the treatment Al-Qahtani receives is its relentlessness.

Dec 10 12:33

A new report questions "suicides" at Guantanamo

Admiral Harry Harris, the camp's commander, said it showed "they have no regard for life" and that the suicides were "not an act of desperation, but an act of asymmetric warfare aimed at us here at Guantanamo"; another official anonymously said that the suicides showed the victims were "committed jihadists [who] will do anything they can to advance their cause," while another sneered that "it was a good PR move to draw attention."

Dec 10 12:32

Mistrial in Case of Hate Blogger Charged With Judge Threats

The mistrial was declared after jurors, deliberating their second day, said they were hopelessly deadlocked. A retrial was set for March 1.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would not be surprised if the second trial never happens.

Dec 10 12:30


Dec 10 12:28

Earlier version of "Norwegian Spiral" took place in November.

Dec 10 12:08

German Ex-Diplomats: Constant Support of Israel Must Cease

Twenty-four former German ambassadors urged the German government to take a harder position against Israel and to rethink its Middle East policy.

In letters sent to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, they ask for a more resolute stance against Israel's settlement policy. “Israel will not be able to keep on hoping to gain peace and retain its hold on Palestinian territories at the same time,” the group wrote in a position paper quoted by the Süddeutsche Zeitung daily.

Dec 10 12:07

Dems to lift debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion, fear 2010 backlash

In a bold but risky year-end strategy, Democrats are preparing to raise the federal debt ceiling by as much as $1.8 trillion before New Year’s rather than have to face the issue again prior to the 2010 elections.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"How do we screw the voters so that they think it's a good thing?"

Dec 10 11:44

Homeland Security Aiming For Big Brother Programs to Read Minds and Emotions

n the sci-fi thriller Minority Report, Tom Cruise plays a D.C. police detective, circa 2054, in the department of “pre-crime,” an experimental law enforcement unit whose mission — to hunt down criminals before they strike — relies on the psychic visions of mutant “pre-cogs” (short for precognition) who can see the future. It may be futuristic Hollywood fantasy, but the underlying premise — that we can predict (if not see) a person’s sinister plans before they follow through — is already here.

Dec 10 11:02

Nobel peace prize: Norwegians incensed over Barack Obama's snubs

Barack Obama's trip to Oslo to pick up his Nobel peace award is in danger of being overshadowed by a row over the cancellation of a series of events normally attended by the prizewinner.

Norwegians are incensed over what they view as his shabby response to the prize by cutting short his visit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 



Dec 10 11:00

CLIMATEGATE - Rise of sea levels is 'the greatest lie ever told'

Although the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) only predicts a sea level rise of 59cm (17 inches) by 2100, Al Gore in his Oscar-winning film An Inconvenient Truth went much further, talking of 20 feet, and showing computer graphics of cities such as Shanghai and San Francisco half under water. We all know the graphic showing central London in similar plight.

Dec 10 10:45

Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above Norway

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This appears to be a malfunctioning rocket test, and yes I have seen one before. This appears to be a multi-engine liquid-fueled rocket is spinning out of control because one engine has failed. The white is the exhaust from the engines, while the blue is most likely unburned propellant leaking from the damaged section.

Dec 10 10:41

CLIMATEGATE - Greenpeace Leader Admits claims about Greenland ice sheet melting were propaganda !

Dec 10 10:38

CLIMATEGATE - Himalayan Glaciers Not Melting

The report by Vijay Kumar Raina, formerly of the Geological Survey of India, seeks to correct widely spread reports that India's 10,000 or so Himalayan glaciers are shrinking rapidly in response to climate change. It's not true, Raina says. The rumors may have originated in the Asia chapter of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC's) 2007 Working Group II report, which claims that Himalayan glaciers “are receding faster than in any other part of the world and, if the present rate continues, the likelihood of them disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner is very high if the Earth keeps warming at the current rate.” Evidently, the bogus reporting was based on measurements from only a handful of glaciers.

Dec 10 10:34

CLIMATEGATE - Colder, hotter, whatever

ANDREW GEOGHEGAN: Something odd is happening in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. It hasn’t stopped raining for the past week and the temperature has plunged towards freezing. This may be normal at the height of winter, but this is summer…

THABISO METLA: This climate has changed because in the past it was no longer cold at this time. It is cold yet it is summer...

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"But it's STILL your fault and YOU WILL PAY FOR IT!!!" -- The Goracle

Dec 10 10:32

Surfing Huge Waves in Hawaii

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Mike Parsons versus "Jaws", 2002

Dec 10 10:27

CLIMATEGATE - Open Letter to Steve McIntyre : The 'Highest Order Bit' of Climategate is being ignored by Scientists – WHY?

I would like to begin by thanking you for your good forensic science work, and for your innate commonsense in ab initio sensing what naturally didn't sound right about climate-science's proclamations. But I would also like to express my disappointment that you have stopped a tad short of unraveling the social engineering that lies just behind the thin facade of this mega-funded science of Global Warming. Proving to the mainstream science skeptics that it was fictitious may have been deemed an important first step in unraveling the science of its deception for those of scientific acumen. But stopping there is unforgivable as is the absence of any demonstrated political acumen.

Dec 10 10:21


Just in case you are wondering why YouTube removes videos critical of zionism…. just look at this….. and wonder no more.

Dec 10 10:19


In 1958, then-foreign minister Golda Meir raised the possibility of preventing handicapped and sick Polish Jews from immigrating to Israel, a recently discovered Foreign Ministry document has revealed.

Dec 10 10:18


Muslim as well as Christian leaders in occupied Palestine have rightly denounced this shameless endeavor to corrode our moral heritage and collective dignity as a people struggling against foreign occupation, oppression and racism.

Dec 10 10:14

Truth in Advertising

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Been there.

Done that.

Didn't keep the T-shirt.

Dec 10 10:10

Obama's Rejection Speech

That was not a peace prize acceptance speech. That was an infomercial for war. President Obama took the peace prize home with him, but left behind in Oslo his praise for war, his claims for war, and his view of an alternative and more peaceful approach to the world consisting of murderous economic sanctions.