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November 18, 2015

Nov 18 16:30

Italian Prime Minister: Europe's Anti-Russia Policy to Lead Nowhere

Europe's anti-Russia policy will lead the region nowhere, Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said Wednesday.

"Only the ones who did not experience the Cold War can like it. The anti-Russia approach in Europe will lead nowhere," Renzi told the Italian Sky TG24 TV channel in an interview.

Italy has been long asking Russia to return to cooperation with the Western countries, the prime minister added.

Nov 18 16:30

Tenn. GOP Caucus Chair: ‘We need to activate the National Guard to round up Syrian refugees already here’

Glen Casada, the Tennessee state House GOP Caucus Chairman, told the press Tuesday that he doesn’t care what bureaucrats in Washington think and said that all Syrian refugees already inside of the United States should be rounded up and sent back to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Nov 18 16:29

Big Antarctic ice melt scenarios 'not plausible'

"With our model we have done some 3,000 simulations," explained Dr Edwards.

"People have done multiple simulations before, but what they haven't then done is see how well they compare with the present day, and put that into re-weighting the predictions.

"So, we take those 3,000 runs and compare them to what's happening now in the Amundsen Sea, and if any look as though they are going too fast or too slow, we give them a lower weight in the future.

"We're constraining the model with the observations. Nobody has really done this sort of formal scoring before."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No shit.

Nov 18 16:16

The Legacy of The Westlake Nuclear Waste Landfill

On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes back to the broadcast Dawn Chapman of Just Moms STL (www.stlradwastelegacy.com/). The two of them have a very down to earth conversation about: The reality of what is going on currently with the landfill, and the ongoing underground fire at the regular waste landfill next door; What this reality means for the people who live there; The resistance at every government level that they have encountered while trying to get answers; The need for community wide action on the ground there; Some solutions to start with, and more. Throughout the broadcast they stress the point to the people in the area affected by Westlake that they are not alone and as isolated as it may seem. Tune into this powerful broadcast.

Nov 18 16:08

Don't want Windows 10? This tool lets you stay on Windows 7 and prevent automatic upgrades

So what can you do? We suggest that you download GWX Control Panel, a piece of freeware that enables users to permanently remove the annoying blue and white "Get Windows 10" pop-up box on your desktop's notification area, as well as preventing Microsoft from secretly installing the 6GB of Windows 10 drivers, images and language packs you don't want.

In addition, the program also claims that it can detect and automatically remove any Windows 10 installation files that might have already downloaded to your PC, if you don't want to head over to Windows Explorer and search for the C:$Windows.~BT folder yourself.

Nov 18 16:04

UK Public Support for Refugees Wanes as First Syrians Reach Scotland

The image of a lifeless toddler washed up on a Turkish beach, fully clothed with his shoes still strapped to his feet, sent shockwaves around the world and thrust the reality of the refugee crisis into the public conscience. Aylan Kurdi drowned trying to reach Europe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Except the photo was staged, the body placed for dramatic effect, and it turned out the boy wasn't even a refugee, but the son of the boast captain smuggling people across.

Nov 18 15:45

There is No Military Solution: Could ISIL Be Strengthened by U.S., French, Russian Bombing?

France and Russia have staged a series of new airstrikes on the Syrian city of Raqqa, the de facto capital of the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

Nov 18 15:32

Russian Planes Destroy 500 ISIS(G20) Oil Trucks in Syria

Nov 18 15:29

Train with tanks

Was getting some ice cream in Atlanta where I live and saw this train, so I whipped out my iPhone.

Nov 18 15:29

Up to 6 inches of snow possible in weekend storm

Uncertainty remains as of Wednesday afternoon, but they're quite similar. Either way, forecasters expect a system to produce the season's first snowfall late Friday night into Saturday, potentially creating a mess on West Michigan roadways.

Nov 18 15:24

A321 jet crash in Sinai was terrorist act – Putin

The Russian plane crash in Sinai, Egypt, was caused by a terrorist attack as traces of explosives have been found in the wreckage of the plane.

Nov 18 15:24

Abdel Bari Atwan: Inside How the U.S. & Saudi Arabia Aided Growth of the Islamic State

Two days after the Paris attacks, President Obama met Saudi Arabia’s King Salman for a bilateral meeting at the G20 summit in Turkey on Sunday.

Nov 18 15:18

SYRIAN AMBASSADOR says: “MORE THAN 20% of ‘refugees’ pouring into the EU likely have ties to ISIS”

In early September, an unnamed ISIS operative confirmed that an estimated 4,000 covert ISIS terrorists had arrived in Europe disguised as refugees.

Nov 18 15:16

Paris attacks: Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo used as Al-Qaeda symbol on live broadcast about terrorism

A journalist from Spanish state broadcaster TVE has apologised after using a Star Wars logo to represent Al-Qaeda.

The channel's daily morning show La Mañana used the logo of the Rebel Alliance, the resistance that fights Darth Vader in the classic films, during a piece about terrorism .

Nov 18 15:10

Sinai 7K9268 jet downed by foreign-made bomb, $50mln for info

The Russian plane crash in Sinai, Egypt, was caused by a terrorist attack as traces of explosives have been found in the wreckage of the plane.

Nov 18 15:07

We are Angry over Death of My Cousin in Paris, As Well As the Deaths of Children in Iraq & Syria

On Sunday more than 1,000 people overflowed a ballroom at California State University, Long Beach to honor Nohemí González, the 23-year-old student who was shot dead on Friday during the Paris attacks.

Nov 18 14:58

"[Activist like Soros] are trying to rip off our birth right to sovereignty and stigmatize people by accusing them of upholding an outmoded Christian identity"


Nov 18 14:53

Davis County, Utah attorney investigating Sen. Harry Reid in Shurtleff case

SALT LAKE CITY — Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings confirmed that he is investigating U.S. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid based on evidence he has come across in prosecuting former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

In a response to questions this week, Rawlings in a prepared statement said he's looking into Reid and others based on the overlap in facts and witnesses in the Shurtleff case. Shurtleff himself reported what he felt may be potential crimes, Rawlings said.

Nov 18 14:45

Lost on the ‘Dark Side’ in Syria

When, in early August, the Pentagon’s former highest ranking intelligence official, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, said that it had been a “willful decision” by the “West” to back the establishment of “a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria” in order to bring pressure on the Syrian government, and then went on to confirm that the recently declassified 2012 U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report on the rise of ISIS in Syria, had explicitly warned of the possibility of “an Islamic State” being declared “through a union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria,” there was almost silence in the mainstream media.

Nov 18 14:43

BREAKING: Honduras Officials Catch Syrians With Stolen Passports Trying To Get Into The U.S.

Police in Honduras caught five Syrians who were trying to make their way to the United States with stolen and doctored passports, a police spokesman in Tegucigalpa told Reuters Wednesday.

The Syrians had no apparent link to the attackers in Paris, police said. The stolen passports were reportedly Greek.

They look well fed and groomed too me.

Nov 18 14:41

Some popular fallacies about Islamism

Magdi Abdelhadi debunks some of the common misconceptions about Islam and Islamism, and spells out the essential steps that must be taken if the pernicious ideology that drives the likes of Al-Qaeda and Islamic State is to be defeated.

Nov 18 14:30

Texas Ranchers, Counties Sue Feds Over BLM Land Grab

Multiple ranchers, a sheriff and several Texas counties are suing the federal government for unconstitutionally attempting to seize thousands of acres of private property along the Red River.

Nov 18 14:30

‘The Attacks Will Be Spectacular’

An exclusive look at how the Bush administration ignored this warning from the CIA months before 9/11, along with others that were far more detailed than previously revealed.

Nov 18 14:28

Naughty Ninjas

The citizens of South Park decide they no longer need a police force in town. (Faux ISIS scare.)

Nov 18 14:18

Hillary Clinton’s War Record – 100% For Genocide

By Brandon Turbeville

While Bernie Sanders may be tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails,” the recent scandals that have resulted from her Capitol Hill hearings, combined with the virtually non-existent investigation into the State Department funding of terrorist organizations have gone only a short distance in demonstrating the lengths to which Hillary Clinton has acted as the supporter and executioner of warfare since the first day she assumed any national position in government.

In addition to her history regarding the Syrian and Libyan crises, it should never be forgotten that Hillary Clinton has supported virtually every military conflict launched during and since her husband’s own disastrous tenure as President...

Nov 18 14:16

In Sevastopol arrived ships with missiles "Caliber-NK" that will Chess hold half of Europe

Modern Russian small missile ships "Green Down" and "Serpukhov" - identical to those from the Caspian Sea cruise missiles "Calibre" beat bases and fortified positions of the Islamic state in Syria - arrived in Sevastopol.

This build "a Russian naval glory" will from now their home port.

A spokesman for the Russian Black Sea naval fleet Vyacheslav Trukhachev confirmed the arrival of rocket ships that can hold in chess all in the range of at least 1500 kilometers, and pointed out: "Both ships were previously successfully passed state tests in Novorossiysk."

"Green Down" and "Serpukhov" the fourth and fifth warship from 'Buyan-M ".

These ships - thanks to long-range cruise missiles "Caliber-NK" - can solve the tactical part of the strategic tasks and will substantially increase the firing power of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea and Mediterranean.

Nov 18 14:12

Sanders Puncture Clinton’s Foreign Policy Experience Bubble

Jeff Cohen says that if it were not for Bernie, Hillary would be running high with her foreign policy experience narrative, uncritically upheld by the mainstream media

Nov 18 13:59

Syrians with stolen passports caught trying to enter US

Police in Honduras caught five Syrians who were trying to make their way to the United States with stolen and doctored passports, a police spokesman in Tegucigalpa told Reuters Wednesday.

The Syrians had no apparent link to the attackers in Paris, police said. The stolen passports were reportedly Greek.

At least one suspect in Friday's massacre had reportedly entered Europe with a fake Syrian passport.

The suspects in Honduras were in police custody, and had flown to the country from Costa Rica, according to Reuters. They were trying to arrive in the U.S. by land, presumably by traveling through Mexico, the police spokesman added.

Nov 18 13:46

Pro-EU technocratic government installed in Romania

Romania’s Social Democratic Prime Minister Victor Ponta resigned on November 4, following right-wing demonstrations against his government. The protests, held in the aftermath of a deadly nightclub fire in Bucharest on October 30, were organized by media outlets and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with links to various European interests and attended largely by professionals and layers of the middle class. Between 10,000 and 20,000 people took part in rallies organized in the Romanian capital of Bucharest and other cities throughout last week, with far greater numbers being cited in the media.

Nov 18 13:46

BBC Had Prior Knowledge Of 9/11

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The man interviewed in this clip, Tony Rooke, will be our on-air guest next Tuesday to talk about his new 9-11 film, " Incontrovertible."

Nov 18 13:44

The Crackdown Begins: Europe Just Passed "Strict Controls To Make It Difficult To Acquire Firearms"

And while we are awaiting for a full blown European version of the Patriot Act, we can say that the second part of the forecast just came true, because this morning The European Commission announced it had adopted a package of measures to strengthen control of firearms across the European Union and meant simply to make it "difficult to acquire firearms."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

France already had strict gun control, which is why none of the victims of the "terror" attack could shoot back! But those laws did not prevent the "terrorists" from acquiring military weapons! Remember the witness reports of three-round bursts? That is not a feature supported on the Kalishnikov, but on the M-16 and its variants!

Nov 18 13:35

"Pitiless war": Illegal French airstrikes on Syria hit stadium, museum, clinics

Anti-ISIS activists in Syria claim a stadium, a museum, medical clinics and a political building have been hit after France launched airstrikes in retaliation for the Paris terror attack.

Nov 18 13:33

Paris attacks: Mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud 'killed' in police raid on Saint-Denis apartment

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So now he cannot tell us who really hired him!

Nov 18 13:32

Kerry compares anti-ISIS fight to WWII, Holocaust

Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday said that the Paris attacks will serve as a rallying point for the entire world, while defending the Obama administration’s strategy against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“This is a moment for all of us,” Kerry told the annual briefing of the Overseas Security Advisory Council, comparing it to the "fascism of World War II" and the “horrors of the Holocaust.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The propaganda is getting desperate! With the Paris attackers now revealed to be Europeans, there is no justification for bombing Syria, so they try to sell this with WW2 and the holohoax, trying to convince us all a potentially nuclear WW3 is a good thing!

Nov 18 13:23

Paris attacks: The eight terror suspects named so far are not refugees and all have EU passports

Claims that a surge in the number of refugees entering Europe from Syria has allowed jihadists to sneak into France, Germany and Belgium unchecked and unnoticed have propagated in the days since Friday's Paris terror attacks, in which 129 people were killed and hundreds more were wounded.

A passport found near the remains of a suicide bomber at the Stade de France purporting to belong to a Syrian refugee named Ahmed Almuhamed, 25, gave rise to 'scare' headlines such as 'Paris attacks terrorist suspect rescued near Greece after his refugee boat sunk' and 'Jihadis sneaked into Europe as fake Syrian refugees'.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 18 13:19

‘No talk of anti-terror coalition if political parties use terror for their own agenda’

Extremists who planned and carried out the terror act on Sinai plane are not committed to ideology but to money

Nov 18 13:01

Moment Russian cruise missile flies by targeting ISIS in Syria

Russia has deployed its fleet of strategic bombers to double the volume of airstrikes on Islamist targets in Syria, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has announced.

Nov 18 12:57

Netanyahu hints at possible annexations in West Bank

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday hinted at the possibility of an Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank.

“There’s all sorts of unilateral moves and sorts of directions. Wait and see. And they’re not necessarily in the direction that people think,” he said, refusing to elaborate.

Nov 18 12:56

Things That Can And Cannot Be Said

Every nation-state tends towards the imperial—that is the point. Through banks, armies, secret police, propaganda, courts and jails, treaties, taxes, laws and orders, myths of civil obedience, assumptions of civic virtue at the top. Still it should be said of the political left, we expect something better. And correctly. We put more trust in those who show a measure of compassion, who denou­nce the hideous social arrangements that make war inevitable and human desire omnipresent; which fosters corporate selfishness, panders to appetites and disorder, waste the earth.

—Daniel Berrigan
poet, Jesuit priest

Nov 18 12:48

Falling into the ISIS Trap

The terrorist outrage in Paris has brought the reaction that “the ISIS strategist” – assuming there is such a singular person – expected and wanted, a massive, retaliatory bombing raid.


Nov 18 12:42

Americans' knowledge of Islam based on false information: Analyst

The majority of American people have a very limited and “primitive” knowledge about Islam and have mostly received false information about the religion, a political analyst in Virginia says.

Nov 18 12:42

GridExIII Drill Coincides with American Terror Threat: “ISIS Cells Could Attack Our Power Grid”

The threat of an ISIS attack on U.S. soil has become tangible... all while the North American Energy Reliance Corporation (NERC) has launched GridExIII, high level national security exercises for November 18-19... simulating an attack on the power grid:

“NERC’s grid security exercise (GridEx III) is designed for electric utilities to exercise their response to simulated coordinated cyber and physical security threats and incidents…"

Rogue cells inside a legitimate drill COULD be used to take down the entire power grid, and emergency response teams would play along in real time as if it were only a scenario. By then, it might be too late.

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Nov 18 12:21

London Tooting Broadway station evacuated, armed police on scene - reports

Armed police have evacuated Tooting Broadway London Underground station following a security alert, according to reports.

Nov 18 12:20

You Know What the ISIS Soda Can Bomb Means, America

Now, in addition to having TSA grope your wife’s boobs and rip out your grandmother’s colostomy bag while you are taking your flip flops off on your way to Disneyland to have them swabbed for bombs, no one is going to be able to drink anything out of a can on a plane in the U.S. ever again. You know. To keep you safe from ISIS soda can bombs.

(read more)

Nov 18 12:15

Harrassing Russian Sports Has Become the West's Favorite Game

The Olympics, Football, Light Athletics - what will they go after next?
Why should athletes who never used doping be scapegoated?

Nov 18 12:14

FLASHBACK - France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree

Political elites and super-bureaucrats are worried. It’s becoming harder to control their fragile, constructed consensus reality. This is intellectual terrorism, perpetrated by the state.

A history stitched together by lies and cover-ups, political assassinations, slight-of-hand false flag deceptions, secret societies, dual loyalties and stolen fortunes – this has been the exclusive privilege of organized crime and the ruling elite for centuries.

Putting aside history’s ‘big ticket’ items though, the real reason for this authoritarian trend is much more fundamental. By knocking out their intellectual competition, political elites and their media moguls hope to minimalize, and thus eliminate any alternative analysis and opinion by applying the completely open-ended and arbitrary label of “extremist” to everyday speech and public discourse. They want to wind back the clock, where a pre-internet, monolithic corporate media cartel held a monopoly on ideas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Truth needs no law to support it. Truth is self-evident to all. Truth withstands re-examination. Truth survives questions. Throughout history, from Galileo to Zundel, only lies and liars have resorted to the courts to enforce adherence to dogma.

Nov 18 12:12

Kadyrov Says Hang Terrorists from Drones and Drop Them on Other Terrorists

Chechen leader's idea is actually as practical as it is clever...

Nov 18 12:10

CIA Whistleblower Kiriakou Honored

CIA officer John Kiriakou, the first U.S. official to confirm that waterboarding was used to torture “war on terror” detainees, then faced a retaliatory prosecution and 30 months in prison. Recognizing his sacrifice, the literary group PEN gave Kiriakou its First Amendment Award, observed ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

Nov 18 12:06

Will Israel’s Terror Fight Gain Sympathy?

Guarded hope that new counterterrorism focus in Europe would lead to greater understanding on the Israeli-Palestinian front.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 18 12:01

Politico Reports Bush Knew 2001 Terror-Attack Was Imminent and Wanted It

A stunning news-report at Politico on November 12th, titled “The Attacks Will Be Spectacular,” reveals that the then CIA Director George Tenet, and his anti-terror chief Cofer Black, say that they had told the White House this, but that the response coming back to them was “We’re not quite ready to consider this. We don’t want the clock to start ticking.” As Politoco’s reporter, Chris Whipple, then explains: “(Translation: they did not want a paper trail to show that they’d been warned.)”

Nov 18 12:00

M6.8 - 119km SW of Dadali, Solomon Islands

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No tsunami threat to Hawaii or the west coast.

Nov 18 11:54

Paris : The Winners And Losers

The EU Commission created under Article 42, the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), the development of which, has been seen as a contentious issue as far as NATO is concerned.

NATO already consists of 22 EU member states together with four non members states, Iceland, Norway, Turkey and Albania but many well known commentators and academics believe NATO to be nothing more than an American interventionist force, as Prof. Noam Chomsky explains;

Nov 18 11:44

America's Empire of African Bases

In the shadows of what was once called the “dark continent," a scramble has come and gone. If you heard nothing about it, that was by design. But look hard enough and -- north to south, east to west -- you’ll find the fruits of that effort: a network of bases, compounds, and other sites whose sum total exceeds the number of nations on the continent. For a military that has stumbled from Iraq to Afghanistan and suffered setbacks from Libya to Syria, it’s a rare can-do triumph. In remote locales, behind fences and beyond the gaze of prying eyes, the U.S. military has built an extensive archipelago of African outposts, transforming the continent, experts say, into a laboratory for a new kind of war.

Nov 18 11:38

Identified Paris Attackers Were Not Refugees

Contrary to previous reports, all identified terrorists involved in the Paris attacks last week were European nationals. Does this affect the outlook on Syrian refugees resettling in foreign countries?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The attackers were using phony refugee passports, so closing the borders makes perfect sense. If we go on allowing the refugees into nations, terrorists will go on pretending to be refugees to get in.


Nov 18 11:31

BEX ALERT - Daily Beast, Michael Weiss: Bashar al-Assad's Connection to ISIS

Daily Beast senior editor Michael Weiss says Assad enabled jihadists to use Damascus as a transit point in an effort to exacerbate extremism among the militant groups fighting his government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Last August Weiss was insisting Russia was sending ISIS into Syria!

Daily Beast is someone's propaganda outlet.

Nov 18 11:31

Tennessee GOP leader: Round up Syrian refugees, remove from state

A top Tennessee Republican lawmaker believes the time has come for the National Guard to round up any Syrian refugees who have recently settled in the state and to stop any additional Syrian refugees from entering Tennessee.

"We need to activate the Tennessee National Guard and stop them from coming in to the state by whatever means we can," said House GOP Caucus Chairman Glen Casada, R-Franklin, referencing refugees.

"I’m not worried about what a bureaucrat in D.C. or an unelected judge thinks. ... We need to gather (Syrian refugees) up and politely take them back to the ICE center and say, 'They’re not coming to Tennessee, they’re yours.' "

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That would be an interesting moment: States' National Guard units against the US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines (which Obama most probably will not hesitate to send in) whose mission will be preventing any further dislocation of Syrian refugees.

I would like to hope that President Obama is cognizant of the reality that there is an election next year; pulling this kind of stunt would not do well for the Democratic Party, particularly in the so-called "swing states".

But I can rather well imagine that other states' lawmakers may well be having the same thoughts as has Mr. Casada.

Nov 18 11:19

Chechen jihadis leave Syria to fight for Ukraine against Russia

A battalion of fighters from the Caucasus is deployed on Kiev’s side in the Ukraine war. But their presence may do more harm than good.
MARIUPOL, Ukraine — Just an hour’s drive from this city under siege, at an old resort on the Azov Sea that’s now a military base, militants from Chechnya—veterans of the jihad in their own lands and, more recently, in Syria—now serve in what’s called the Sheikh Mansur Battalion. Some of them say they have trained, at least, in the Middle East with fighters for the so-called Islamic State, or ISIS...

Nov 18 11:19

Benjamin Netanyahu Will Be Arrested If He Ever Sets Foot in Spain Again

By Claire Bernish

Should Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ever set foot inside Spain, he—and six other current and former Israeli government officials—will be subject to arrest, thanks to a Spanish judge who effectively issued an arrest warrant for the group late last week...

Nov 18 11:17

Goncharov: "NATO exercises show an intention to capture Donbass by force"

Large-scale military exercises involving NATO troops, scheduled for Ukraine, shows that Kiev is ready for a military solution to the conflict in the Donbass. This opinion was expressed by an individual who is a member of the public Council of Luhansk, Tikhon Goncharov, when commenting on the President of Ukraine’s decision to pass into law the allowance of military personnel of the USA and Canada to participate in military exercises in Ukraine in November-December of this year. In accordance with the document, “units of the armed forces of the United States, other countries participating in NATO and the States-participants of the program “Partnership for peace” will arrive in Ukraine . The total number of foreign military personnel may be up to 2.5 thousand people. They will arrive in Ukraine in late November for up to 61 days...

Nov 18 11:15

Video portraying 'London Muslims celebrating terror attacks' is fake

A Facebook video being widely shared that supposedly shows Muslims in London celebrating in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks is fake, it has been shown.

The video, entitled “Muslims Around The World Celebrate The Islamic Victory In Paris France”, claims to show a large group of Muslim men cheering and waving Pakistani flags outside Tooting Broadway station in south London, following Isis’ statement claiming responsibility for the attacks.

The voice of a newsreader can be heard over the cheering, describing scenes of Friday's violence in which 129 people were killed in a wave of attacks.

It has since been revealed that the footage actually shows British Pakistanis celebrating a cricket victory during the 20/20 games in 2009.

Nov 18 11:11

First Ever NATO Drill Will Test a “Simulated” Troop Deployment Near Russian Borders

NATO is conducting its first-ever test deployment of troops in the Baltic from a UK-based command center. The simulated build-up close to Russia’s borders is aimed at checking the capabilities of the organisation’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) to control large formations ‘within a challenging security crisis.’

Over the past year, NATO has dramatically increased the number and pace of its military drills across Europe, most intensively near Russia’s borders. Earlier in November, the alliance launched massive “Trident Juncture 2015” exercises involving 36,000 troops as well as more than 60 warships and around 200 aircraft from all NATO member states. Seven more partner nations were involved: Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Macedonia, Sweden and Ukraine. This made Trident Juncture the biggest drill since 2002, when about 40,000 troops took part in NATO’s “Strong Resolve” exercise.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This pre-caching of weapons in Eastern Europe telegraphs that NATO is planning some kind of malicious attack on Russia, or wants to create a false flag which will be blamed upon Russia.

Nov 18 11:09

BRICS Network University ready to teach students from BRICS states for free

Thousands of students from Russia, India, Brazil, China and South Africa will be able to study on an exchange basis for free at the BRICS Network University, Russian Education Minister Dmitry Livanov said.

Nov 18 11:08

‘After ISIS loses its support base in Syria, all these people will scatter’

Vladimir Akhmedov, a senior fellow at the Institute of Oriental Studies and an Arabist and diplomat who has worked in Syria and Saudi Arabia, spoke about Russia and Iran’s goals in Syria and what awaits the country in the future... The Iranians have been involved in the Syrian events from day one, they are well versed in the situation and are helping the Syrian government economically; it involves big money. Besides, Iran is interested that a branch of the Iranian gas pipeline goes via the territory of Syria, instead of the Qatari one. This example is often cited as the cause of the outbreak of the conflict. Iran has significantly strengthened its presence in Syria over the past decade. Recently, a statement was made by the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), who said that Russia "may not be as worried about whether Assad will remain in power as we are"...

Nov 18 11:05

War Is Good? Weapons Manufacturers Stocks Soar After Paris Attacks

A recent report by journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out stock prices for weapons manufacturers sharply increased just after the terrorist attacks in Paris last week. Greenwald was following the tip of Brooklyn journalist Aaron Cantú, who posted screenshots for the recent stock performances of major weapons contractors on his Twitter page early Monday morning:

On Monday, nearly as soon as the markets opened, stocks for weapons manufacturers began to soar — Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Thales saw increases in a day that was rather calm for the rest of the market.

It seemed that the whole world knew immediately after the attacks that more war was on its way, and these rising stock values appear to substantiate the case. This week, various European countries, along with the United States, have promised more military action in the Middle East, despite the fact Western military intervention over the past decade created this mess to begin with.

Nov 18 11:01

U.S. Government Moves To Exploit Paris Terror Attacks To Ban Privacy

Last week, the British Prime Minister told Parliament that he wants to “ensure that terrorists do not have a safe space in which to communicate.”

Strong encryption refers to the act of scrambling data in such a way that it cannot be understood by anyone without the correct key or password — even law enforcement with a warrant, or the software manufacturer itself. It’s used in some of the most popular tech products in the world, including the iPhone, WhatsApp messenger, and Facebook.

A highly respected cryptographer and security expert is warning that David Cameron’s proposed ban on strong encryption threatens to “destroy the internet.”

– From the post: Top Computer Security Expert Warns – David Cameron’s Plan to Ban Encryption Would “Destroy the Internet”
You didn’t think the surveillance state would give up that easily did you? Of course not.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All the draconian actions taken by the US government, relative to freedom and communication, and every bit of US government surveillance, did not stop the attack in Paris.

And I would like to remind those in DC that doing more of the same thing, over and over the same way, yet expecting a different outcome, is one of the most classical definitions of insanity.

Nov 18 10:54

A321 crash: Bomb placed underneath passenger seat

The bomb that caused the Russian passenger plane to crash over Sinai on October 31 was most likely placed under one of the passenger seats by the window. According to the Kommersant newspaper, the explosion could occur in the rear part of the cabin, where the tail frames are located. The explosion led to the destruction of the frames and the depressurization of the cabin. The plane immediately lost the tail section and collapsed in the air. The people on board were killed almost instantly as a result of a sharp pressure fall. Russian FSB experts, who examined the wreckage of the A321, found a large hole in the fuselage the edges of which were curved inside out.

Nov 18 10:52

Air France Flight AF55 diverted to Halifax on 'false alert' bomb threat

No explosives were found aboard two separate Air France planes that were diverted to Halifax and Salt Lake City due to bomb threats, according to the airline.

Authorities in both cities thoroughly inspected both aircraft, passengers and their luggage, and nothing was found, according to an Air France release.

The airline said the bomb threat that led to the diversion of Flight AF55 to Halifax Stanfield International Airport was a "false alert."
Air France to Halifax

The bomb threats were received by telephone shortly after AF55 left Washington, D.C., for Paris on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, NSA; here is your chance to prove that saving telephone Metadata can find the bad people. Let's see you identify who made these hoax calls. We're waiting... Still waiting ... Hello? Anyone there?

Nov 18 10:51

More attacks in Europe to follow?

US intelligence had not yet confirmed that it was the Islamic State group that claimed responsibility for the attacks. At the same time, the CIA Director added that the attacks in Paris and the crash of the Russian A321 aircraft in Egypt, were signs of the activities of the Islamist group. Noteworthy, Islamic State posted a message on Twitter saying that next targets would be London, Rome and Washington. It appears that the Americans are confused about the fact that the omnipresent NSA and the intelligence network are unable to cope with the terrorist threat. The refusal of the authorities of 24 US states to accept refugees from Syria came as an expression of general uncertainty and lack of confidence to special services. There is another version: Washington did not even think to cope with the terrorist threat. Many analysts suggest that Washington and US allies in the Middle East finance the Islamic State...

Nov 18 10:49

Peace, Democracy and Human Rights in the EU

One should ask the 23.000 citizens of the German town of Ellwangen about the EU's advancement of peace now that 4.500 "refugees" have been dumped in their midst. The people of Ellwangen no longer dare to go out for fear of getting raped, mugged and beaten up by the largely young, male, Muslim "refugees". Even church services are being disrupted by "refugees" who do as they please. These "refugees" show their appreciation by defecating all over the place, in private gardens, public parks, sidewalks, anywhere...

Nov 18 10:47

Paris attacks: RCMP examines whether voice on ISIS recording is Canadian

The RCMP is examining whether the voice on an audio recording attributed to ISIS and released in the wake of the Paris attacks belongs to a Canadian.

Const. Annie Delisle, a spokeswoman for the RCMP, confirmed to CBC News on Wednesday that the police force is aware of media reports about the apparently Canadian voice, "and are following up."

On Monday, CBC News asked three linquistics specialists to analyze the recording, and all concluded the voice, speech patterns and dialect are distinctly Canadian.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"BOMB CANADA!" -- Canadian Bacon (and South Park)

Nov 18 10:45

Latest Incidents Show Police Brutality Persists Despite Elevated Awareness

Separate incidents in two U.S. cities over recent days reveal that tensions remain elevated over police brutality and use of excessive force in the United States.

Nov 18 10:43

BEX Alert!!! - "Univ. of Vermont holds privilege retreat for students who 'self-identify as white'"

The University of Vermont held a three-day retreat so students who “self-identify as white” could confront their own “white privilege.”

“Examining White Privilege: A Retreat for Undergraduate Students Who Self-Identify as White” took place last weekend, November 13-15, and was “specifically for white students.”

According to the university, the self-identifying white students who attend the retreat will come to “recognize and understand white privilege from an individual experience” and have the opportunity to “conceptualize and articulate whiteness from a personal and systematic lense as well as the impact of white privilege on the UVM community and beyond.”

(Note: More Cultural Marxist Psychological Warfare to promote the Jewish "White Genocide" agenda via "Shame" and "Guilt" programs sold as "Education")

Nov 18 10:38

Israel Approves Another 454 Settlement Homes in East Jerusalem

A hugely controversial set of settlement expansion plans, mostly in the Ramat Shlomo settlement in occupied East Jerusalem, was announced today by the Israeli government, reviving a plan which was frozen back in 2012 under heavy international pressure.

The Ramat Shlomo plan was for 436 settlement housing units as part of a 660 unit plan back in 2010. This segment was frozen in 2012 amid harsh criticism from US and EU officials. Today’s announcement unfreezes these, and adds 18 m,ore units in Ramot.

Though the prime minister’s office didn’t offer any details on the reasoning, it is widely believed today’s move is “retaliation” for the European Union’s decision to label Israeli products differently if they come out of settlements in the occupied territories.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Israeli government just demonstrated, yet again, that they do not want peace, but territory, and by any means necessary.

Nov 18 10:35

Kerry: Syria Ceasefire, Transition Could Be ‘Weeks Away’

Speaking to reporters today in Paris about the weekend Syria talks in Vienna, Secretary of State John Kerry said he believes an agreement on a ceasefire and transition to end the Syrian Civil War could be mere weeks away, saying there was a need to recognize how much the talks have accomplished.

The consensus on the need for a settlement has been growing in recent weeks, and spiked among Western nations after Friday’s Paris attacks, though everyone still seems to be holding out for their respective long-standing positions, and Kerry didn’t indicate any wiggle room on that.

That means that the question of what happens to President Assad is still up in the air, and everyone being more interested in a settlement but no more interested in compromise just means a lot more arguing about Assad’s status.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Were I a betting woman, I wouldn't bet on this happening "within weeks."

Nov 18 10:29

Netanyahu: In wake of Paris attacks, world should condemn attacks against Israel

After the tragic events in Paris on Friday where gunmen affiliated with the Islamic State or ISIS killed 129 people in separate and coordinated attacks, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on world leaders to condemn acts of “terrorism” and “radical Islam” perpetrated by Palestinians, claiming “the terrorists who attack us have the same murderous intent as those in Paris.”

“The time has come for the world to wake up and unite in order to defeat terrorism. The time has come for countries to condemn terrorism against us to the same degree that they condemn terrorism everywhere else in the world,” Netanyahu said at the start of a weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, further adding Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas should renounce attacks on Israelis over recent weeks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Of course, in Prime Minister Netanyahu's "bizarro world", Israel's actions have done absolutely nothing to incite Palestinians to violence; nothing whatsoever.

I do not know if the man has so lied himself into a corner that he cannot dig his way out, or if he really believes that Israel has zero responsibility for Palestinian anger, which has lead to violence against completely innocent Israelis.

I abhor and condemn violence; but I can understand how it comes about.

The Palestinian people are consistently dealing with serial Israeli genocide against them; they cannot get the materials they desperately need to re-build Gaza, which was brutally destroyed by Operation Protective Edge (in which schools and hospitals were bombed); they can get thrown into jail in selective detention, which can continue indefinitely, even against children, who may be tortured to confess, with no due process whatsoever; many are denied desperately needed medical treatment; homes and crops can be bombed by settlers with impunity (killing those within those homes); and many have had their homes demolished or taken from them on the charge that "proper building permits did not exist", in homes in which Palestinian have lived for generations.

Under these circumstances, I would conclude that the energy toward any kind of rapprochement between Palestinians and the Israeli government has been thoroughly exhausted by the actions of the Israeli government, and this is precisely how the Israeli government wants to see things remain; the Israelis do not want peace, but territory, and by any means necessary.

So I strongly caution Prime Minister Netanyahu that, with all that is going on against the Palestinians, playing the "victim card" here will not get you any real traction in the international court of public opinion.

Nov 18 10:22

EXCLUSIVE: Strategic Al-Rashwan Heights Now under Syrian Army's Control

The important al-Rashwan heights is located in Job al-Ahmar area in the Northern parts of Lattakia and was freed by the Syrian army assisted by the Iraqi resistance forces and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) military advisors.
An informed source within the Syrian military ranks on Wednesday rejected rumors spread by the terrorist groups about their victories against the government forces near the newly-liberated village of Deir Hanna in Lattakia. http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940827000564
Intelligence sources disclosed on Wednesday that ISIL militants are fleeing the Syrian city of Raqqa in hundreds to save their lives after sustaining heavy casualties in the Russian airstrikes and long-range cruse missile attacks form its Mediterranean fleet. http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940827001359

Nov 18 10:19

Two More Civilians Killed in Saudi Airstrikes on Yemen

Saudi fighter jets bombed a residential area in the Yemeni Province of Ta'iz on Wednesday, leaving at least two civilians dead.

Nov 18 10:16

Basij Commander: Writing Israel's Name Instead of ISIL Decodes Paris Tragedy

Commander of Iran's Basij (volunteer) Force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi blamed Israel for the recent terrorist attacks in the French capital which killed over 150 people. "If we write the word Israel instead of ISIL, the behind the scene of the recent events in France will come into light; the ISIL is the infantry unit of the US and the usurper Zionist regime since they don’t have fighters today anymore and have lost power to fight, and they have created the ISIL by making investment on the fools," Naqdi said on Wednesday. "Such events should happen in Europe in order for the US and its hirelings to be able to justify their presence in the region and escape from criticisms," he added. Naqdi also described Saudi Arabia as the dealer of the recent incidents, and said Riyadh has founded the ISIL stream and as long as the US is unable to fill the banking accounts of its arms companies with the Saudis' money, these wars and cruel massacres will continue...

Nov 18 10:15

Australian establishment seizes on Paris attacks to justify war and police state measures

The alleged Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) attacks in Paris last Friday have been seized upon by the Australian political and media establishment to justify the country’s involvement in the US-led wars in Iraq and Syria and the abrogation of democratic rights at home that has taken place on the pretext of combatting terrorism.

Nov 18 10:13

NYT Editorial Slams “Disgraceful” CIA Exploitation of Paris Attacks, But Submissive Media Role Is Key

A truly superb New York Times editorial this morning mercilessly shames the despicable effort by U.S. government officials to shamelessly exploit the Paris attacks to advance long-standing agendas. Focused on the public campaign of the CIA to manipulate post-Paris public emotions to demonize transparency and privacy and to demand still-greater surveillance powers for themselves, the NYT editors begin:

It’s a wretched yet predictable ritual after each new terrorist attack: Certain politicians and government officials waste no time exploiting the tragedy for their own ends. The remarks on Monday by John Brennan, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, took that to a new and disgraceful low.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"That is what we do!" -- Cocaine Importation Agency

Nov 18 10:12


The hacker collective Anonymous declared war on ISIS in a video. They threaten to track down ISIS members and to launch cyber attacks.

Nov 18 10:08

US intentionally spare ISIS in Syria, want terrorists to weaken Assad – Russian FM

The US and its allies are playing a dangerous game in Syria as they count on Islamic State to weaken President Bashar Assad, but at the same time don’t want the terror group to seize power in the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.
Islamic State, Russian anti-terror op in Syria
Despite announcing ambitious plans for its coalition against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), “the analysis of those [US-led] airstrikes during over a year lead to conclusion that they were hitting selectively, I would say, sparingly and on most occasions didn’t touch those IS units, which were capable of seriously challenging the Syrian army,” Lavrov told the Rossiya 1 channel.

The Russian FM called Washington’s actions in Syria a “dangerous game,” making it hard to determine America’s true aims in Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Lavrov has this entirely correct, unfortunately for the American people.

Your tax dollars have been at work, supporting the very terrorists who are (allegedly) hated and despised by the US government, and sworn to be our "mortal enemy", while this government has been actively training and supporting ISIS in an attempt to create regime change in Syria.

Are you angry yet?!?

The disgust I feel for this Federal government, in its schizophrenic lying to the American people about what it is attempting to accomplish in its foreign policy in the Middle East, has reached absolute critical mass, with its covert support of ISIS.

But Americans are beginning to wake up to the lies this government has been feeding them.

They now understand that they cannot believe anything coming out of the White House, Senate, Congress, the Pentagon, or State Department, because they are collectively lying to us to pursue their own agenda.

Nov 18 10:07

Russia does not support UN resolution on IAEA because of Crimea stance

Russia did not support the UN General Assembly’s resolution in support of the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] on Tuesday for the first time because of its stance on Crimea, whose nuclear facilities were defined as part of Ukraine in the final report. Russia’s Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin noted that the annex to the IAEA report "contained factually inaccurate assertions that Sevastopol during the entire period covered in the report [2014] had allegedly been part of Ukraine." "This is a false statement ignoring the fact that following the illegal coup in Kiev in February 2014, Crimea’s population, including the city of Sevastopol, voted in the referendum for the secession from Ukraine and for the reunification with Russia," the diplomat said. According to him, Russia cannot agree with the agency’s documents, which "contradict this objective reality." "For us they are negligible from the legal and practical points of view and have no content," Churkin said.

Nov 18 10:05

IKEA's Double Standard on Workers' Rights

For the past 18 months, employees at several IKEA stores in the United States, including those in Stoughton, Massachusetts, have been attempting to form a union with the United Food and Commercial Workers, the largest retail union in North America. In response to this campaign, IKEA management has taken a number of actions that violate the company's official policy of neutrality on unionization.

Nov 18 10:03

Russia delays demonstrating new RS-26 ballistic missile to US inspectors till 2016

The demonstration of Russia’s newest RS-26 Rubezh ballistic missile to US inspectors has been delayed until next year, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told TASS on Wednesday.

Nov 18 10:01

London commuter shields Muslim girl from ‘racist abuse’ on the Tube

A London commuter has revealed in a social media post that has gone viral how he defended a young Muslim woman wearing a hijab when she was racially abused and told that “her people” murdered victims of the Paris attack.

Ashley Powys, 22, got on the Victoria Line at Oxford Street station on his way home from work at around 8pm Monday.

Nov 18 09:51

Feds Stealing More Than Thieves: Federal Civil Asset Forfeitures Exceed All Burglaries in 2014

Federal cops are now officially raking in more "assets" than burglars in this country do.

What does that tell you?

(read more)

Nov 18 09:47

Calif. teen sues cop who threw her face-first to the ground hours after she graduated high school

18-year-old Gabbi Lemos was brutally assaulted by a police officer after celebrating her graduation from high school at her home. Hours after the party, Deputy Marcus Holton and six other officers with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department arrived uninvited at the home and began aggressively interrogating people who were outside.

Before approaching the house, Holton noticed that Gabbi’s sister Karli was sitting in a parked vehicle outside with her boyfriend and he began to question them. At one point during the interrogation, Holton opened Karli’s door and attempted to physically rip her out of the vehicle.

Gabbi’s mother Michelle Lemos then came out and told her to go in the house. Next, according to the lawsuit, Holten “bolted around the family and without a word caught Gabbi from behind the neck in a chokehold, lifting her small body off the ground several feet before throwing her face-first onto the driveway.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, this is what "to protect and serve" looks like in California; and again, it is not just California which is having this epidemic of police violence; it is everywhere in this country.

People with skills and kids, please get out of Amerika while you still can; the time for such an exit is diminishing by the day.

UPDATE: The California police have just changed their motto from "To Protect And To Serve" to "We Treat You Like a King. Rodney King!"

Nov 18 09:42

Russia, US remove unguarded elements for dirty bomb from Antarctica

Russia and the United States have removed from Antarctica the "dirty bomb" components — radioactive elements from autonomously operating equipment. They are not protected and could get into the hands of terrorists, head of the Russian Antarctic Expedition (RAE), Deputy Director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute Valery Lukin told TASS on Wednesday. "Four radioisotope thermoelectric generators and four sources of ionizing radiation, which were used in different equipment, have been removed from Antarctica within the framework of the joint Russian-American program," he said. "These radioactive sources may be used by international terrorism for making a dirty bomb," Lukin said, adding that "such attempts [at seizing unprotected radioactive devices] have been made, but not in Antarctica."

Nov 18 09:42

Approaching Global Insanity

What's really at stake if the world gets conned again and gives in to USI, Israel & NATO, supposedly under the global silence of the UN ­ will be nothing less than the conscription of every NATO “nation” into an all out and probably nuclear war, which will more than likely end in a nuclear conflagration which this planet cannot survive.

That 'war' will directly INVOLVE the lives of every man woman and child,
that is living on this planet today.

Every nation must close their borders, rise up and send back all the undocumented, to wherever they came from ­ immediately.

If this is not done, together with OUTLAWING

every part of Political Correctness and Zero Tolerance,
in every country,then humanity and nature are equally doomed to die
a very ugly death and this will happen very soon, if the global public does not act!

Nov 18 09:39

20 inches of snow reported in Colby, Kansas early Wednesday

A heavy winter storm dumped more than a foot of snow in northwest Kansas, forcing the closure of at least one area highway.

The National Weather Service says the heaviest snowfall was from Atwood to Colby, where about 20 inches of snow was recorded early Wednesday.
A KDOT webcam shot of I-70 near Colby Tuesday afternoon.
A KDOT webcam shot of I-70 near Colby Tuesday afternoon.

Heavy snowfall was also reported in Sharon Springs, which got about a foot of snow, and Goodland, which recorded about 7 inches of snow.

Nov 18 09:39


Earlier this morning, as I was just minding my own business reading what appeared to be an uneventful Wall Street Journal article titled, Justice Department Gets Tougher on Corporate Crime, I came across a stunning revelation.

Before getting into it, I should provide a little background. Back in September, I highlighted a document known as the “Yates memo,” referring to a document written by deputy attorney general Sally Yates which promises to target individuals in cases of corporate wrongdoing. This of course made everyone wonder why the Justice Department wasn’t doing so in the first place. Which brings me to the shocking revelation in yesterday’s WSJ article…

The changes to the U.S. Attorney’s manual make clearer the practical impact the shift is expected to have in individual investigations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely amazing!!

Nov 18 09:38

Russia's warplanes in Syria start hunting Islamic State tanker trucks — General Staff

"I would like to point out that a decision has been made to let Russian planes fly sorties to search for tanker trucks carrying petroleum products belonging to terrorists in areas controlled by the organization calling itself the Islamic State (outlawed in Russia)," Kartapolov said. Russian officials have repeatedly called to implement the UN Security Council resolution that was passed upon Russia’s initiative, on preventing the financing of terrorism. However, the Russian Foreign Ministry has admitted that the efforts to disrupt financing of terrorist activity in the Middle East depend on some countries’ good conscience.

Nov 18 09:38

Heavy snow and blizzard conditions engulf parts of Colorado and Kansas (Photos)

A strong, wintry storm — the second in less than a week — is dumping over a foot of snow on parts of eastern Colorado and western Kansas on Tuesday, and slinging strong wind gusts up to 65 mph.

Conditions began to deteriorate late Monday night in the Denver area as a heavy bands of snow set up over the metro and areas east and south. The winds were howling along Interstates 76 and 70 just before sunrise, which created dangerous white out conditions for early-morning travelers.

Nov 18 09:38

Snow cancels Denver flights

Air travelers headed to Denver and other Colorado cities faced a second day of snow-related flight disruptions on Tuesday. And problems cropped up elsewhere as a line of storms moved across a large part of the central United States.

Nov 18 09:37

Wintery storm brings snow to Colorado, twisters to Texas

A powerful wintery storm dumped heavy snow on parts of Colorado on Tuesday while bringing the threat of tornadoes to millions in Arkansas and Texas, where a handful of damaging twisters had plowed through that state's Panhandle the day before.

Nov 18 09:37

PHOTOS: Blizzard Unleashes Travel-Disrupting Snow to Colorado, Kansas

A vigorous storm system delivered blizzard conditions across the Central United States through much of the day Tuesday.

Travel delays and power outages were reported as result of the fierce winds and blowing snow. Blizzard conditions were observed at Denver International Airport, which resulted in numerous flight cancellations and delays. The Colorado Department of Transportation had to shut down portions of Interstate 70 due to white-out conditions.

Nov 18 09:36

Russia decides to impose food embargo against Ukraine — minister

Russia's government has decided to impose food embargo against Ukraine starting from January 1, Russia’s Economic Development Minister Alexey Ulyukayev said in an interview aired by the Rossiya-24 TV news channel on Wednesday. "Since Ukraine joined anti-Russia sanctions - economic, financial - we’ve decided to impose … protective measures in the form of food embargo," he said, adding that the decision is "postponed till January 1."
Ukraine estimates potential losses of Russia’s food embargo at $600 mln in 2016 http://tass.ru/en/economy/837543

Nov 18 09:34

Residential building in Donetsk suburb on fire after mortar shelling — media

Ukraine’s Armed Forces opened mortar fire at the village of Spartak in the area of Donetsk Airport, which resulted in a residential building catching fire, local residents told the Donetsk News Agency on Wednesday. "We have come under intense shelling, a house is on fire at 50 Solnechnaya Street. Two elderly people live there," a resident said.

DPR: Kiev disrupts Contact Group meeting http://tass.ru/en/world/837529

Nov 18 09:34


The Free Thought Project has been covering the murder of 19-year-old Zachary Hammond by Officer Mark Tiller since the incident occurred on July 26th. Three weeks ago the heartbreaking dashcam video was finally released, which shows a maniacal Tiller ruthlessly take the life of this teenager over a suspected bag of weed.

According to the Post and Courier, “the Hammond case was far from unusual” in South Carolina.

A campus cop at Spartanburg Methodist College shot to death an unarmed college student driving a car—including twice in the head—after responding to a report of a vehicle break-in. Of course, the cop claims that 20-year-old Delvin Simmons was trying to run him over, but there is no bodycam or dashcam video to refute that claim.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

De-escalation, and "walking back" a situation so it does not erupt in violence, do not appear to be tools in Americas' police officers' "tool kit" and this is not just about South Carolina, but about the nation as a whole.

One has to wonder if "the word" has come down from the highest Federal and State authorities that it is OK assassinate unarmed suspects with impunity, because it reinforces the power of The State over the individual.

The other factor, of course, is the IDF training of American police, which makes those police treat American citizens just the way the IDF treats the Palestinians.

Nov 18 09:32

IS may be planning new terror attacks in Europe — German interior minister

"The security threat to Europe, including Germany, is really serious," Thomas de Maiziere said adding that the Paris terror strikes had, in all probability, been part of the first coordinated series of the Islamic State terror attacks in the European continent. "They may not be the last," the minister warned.

Nov 18 09:32

Obama says Putin a 'constructive partner' in Syria talks

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday praised Russia's role in talks to end the Syria crisis and offered the prospect of better ties if Moscow focused military strikes on the Islamic State group.

Obama said Russia had been a "constructive partner in Vienna in trying to create a political transition," referring to international talks in Austria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Russia won;t leave Syria and Obama is trying to save face about it.

Nov 18 09:29

Paris Attacks Intensify Debate Over How Many Syrian Refugees to Allow Into the U.S.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris, at least 26 governors
have said they oppose the entry of Syrian refugees into their
states. Whether they have the authority to block them is not clear.

Some countries, like Turkey and Germany, have accepted hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. But the United States has so far admitted only a tiny fraction of the estimated four million refugees who have fled Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All it takes is one ...

Nov 18 09:25


A new report from the ACLU of Ohio reveals the majority of jails it examined in Ohio charge prisoners “pay to stay” fees that can reach thousands of dollars. The fees are even levied against the poor, despite state law that’s supposed to prevent it.

Of the 75 jails reviewed by the ACLU, 40 charge a one-time booking fee or a daily fee that can amount to crippling debt for those incarcerated for long periods. The ACLU found the daily fee can be as high as $66.09 a day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Charging prisoners for their own upkeep, which ultimately becomes unpayable debt, is almost a guarantee of recidivism.

What I do not understand is that countries like Sweden are closing a number of their prisons, because they don't have enough prisoners to fill them. Sweden is very big on rehabilitation, and their recidivism rate is no where near what it is in the US. So what is wrong with this picture?!?


Nov 18 09:22

Syria’s Assad says Paris now “knows what Syria has lived for five years”

After the Islamic State (IS) terrorist attack in Paris Friday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is seeking to win support in the ruling class in France and other imperialist powers, presenting his regime as a reliable, anti-terrorist ally of imperialism in the Middle East.

Nov 18 09:17


According to witness testimony that has been mostly overlooked by the international media, the attackers were described as clean-shaven white men who were driving a brand-new black Mercedes-Benz.

According to the UK’s Mirror, an eyewitness by the name of Mahoud Admo said that he witnessed the initial drive by shooting, and saw the attackers without masks as they passed by in Mercedes-Benz calmly firing machine guns into the crowd.

The fact that Admo was not able to get footage is entirely understandable, but it is certainly odd that with how public of an attack this was that there was not an abundance of cell phone a security camera footage. Even without video evidence, witness reports suggest that the attackers do not meet the stereotypical description of a “terrorist” that is depicted in the media. This was also indicated by the fact that all of the terrorists who were named so far were actually EU citizens.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: the shooter was a hired merc.

Nov 18 09:15

US May Bring Criminal Charges Against JP Morgan, RBS Executives, Prosecutors Pretend

Could the US be about to change course and actually go after bank executives? We doubt it, but as WSJ reports, Federal prosecutors are actively pursuing criminal cases against executives from RBS and JP Morgan in connection with their roles in packaging shoddy mortgages.

Nov 18 09:12


The terrorist attacks carried out in the heart of the French capital, either coincidentally or intentionally, have served as the perfect point of leverage for the West on the very eve of the so-called “Vienna talks” regarding Syria.

It was clear, however, that Russia and the US have again had to agree to disagree about Assad. The Paris attacks “show that it doesn’t matter if you’re for Assad or against him,” said the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov. “Isis is your enemy.”
However, to explain the West’s apparent failure to prioritize, the Guardian claims:

Isis, in their [the West’s] view, is a symptom of political failings in both Iraq and Syria. The Vienna participants are to meet in Paris before the end of the year to review progress toward a ceasefire and the selection of delegations for the Syrian talks.

Nov 18 09:12

New bill would delay Freedom Act; let NSA to keep storing Americans’ phone data

A Republican senator from Arkansas has submitted a bill that would extend the NSA’s ability to collect Americans’ phone metadata by more than a year. Tom Cotton insisted the last week’s terror attacks in Paris proved the value of such spying activities.

Cotton introduced his bill, titled the Liberty Through Strength Act, on Tuesday, which proposes postponing the “transition timeline in the USA FREEDOM Act until after January 31, 2017.”

Nov 18 09:11

Who Was Really Behind Paris Terrorist Attacks? Michae Rivero - November 17, 2015

Nov 18 09:09

The great smart meter rip-off: Energy giants will use devices to DOUBLE the cost of power when you need it most

Energy giants are set to use digital smart meters as a way to double the cost of power when families need it most — adding nearly £60 a year to the average bill.

A Money Mail investigation has discovered Britain’s leading power firms are expected to introduce tariffs that charge more at peak times when they roll out new electronic meters which monitor how much energy you use by the second.

It means electricity and gas used in the evenings could cost 99 per cent more than at other times — penalising everyone cooking family meals, watching popular TV shows and heating their homes on chilly winter evenings.

Higher charges will also apply in the morning when people are most likely to be taking baths and showers and having the central heating on.

Money Mail has discovered that British Gas has already trialled a tariff that charges more at peak times.