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November 2, 2016

Nov 02 13:03

Meet Birgitta Jónsdóttir: The Ex-WikiLeaks Volunteer Who Has Helped The Pirate Party Reshape Iceland

In Iceland, the anarchist Pirate Party made big gains in Sunday’s national elections, raising the prospect it will form a coalition government with other left-wing parties.

Nov 02 12:58

The Fix Is In: NBC Affiliate Accidentally Posts Election Results A Week Early: Hillary Wins Presidency 42% to Trump’s 40%

NBC affiliate WRCB TV in Chattanooga, Tennessee has inadvertently posted election night results. The results page appears to be similar to what mainstream news networks display on election night, including Presidential and Congressional results, the popular vote count, electoral votes, and percentage of precincts reporting.

Nov 02 12:44

Flashback: Billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein once claimed he helped found Clinton Foundation as he touted close relationship with former president during plea bargain negotiations

Lawyers for billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein once claimed he co-founded the Clinton Foundation as they touted his relationship with the former president during plea negotiations.

In an attempt to boost Epstein's image before he was sentenced for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution in 2008, his attorneys tried to emphasize his close ties with Bill Clinton, Fox News reports.

A July 2007 letter to the South Florida State U.S. Attorney's office, written by lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Gerald Lefcourt, claimed that Epstein had been part of the original group that set up the Foundation's Clinton Global Initiative, focusing on 'some of the world's most pressing challenges.'

They also mention Clinton was a guest of Epstein who hosted a trip to Africa in 2002 on his private Boeing 727 - dubbed 'Lolita Express' - on behalf of the charity.

Nov 02 12:38

US State Dept Claims Comparing Mosul With Aleppo Is ‘Insulting’

Meanwhile across the border, as U.S.-backed Iraqi forces enter the outskirts of the ISIL stronghold of Mosul – a humanitarian crisis is unfolding there too.

Nov 02 12:18

Hillary Camp In "Full Panic Mode" As Early Black Voter Turnout Plunges In Key Swing States

Clinton in deep trouble as early black voter turnout is collapsing in key swing states...what are the chances that ABC and CNN will adjust the "ethnic oversamples" in their next polls to reflect these actual facts?

Nov 02 12:17

Swing Voters Want Wall Street Reform

Nearly 70 percent of voters in four battleground states support breaking up the big banks and eliminating loopholes that favor Wall Street executives.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That works for Trump and against Hillary!

Nov 02 11:53

FBI Releases Files On Bill Clinton’s Pardon Of Fugitive Marc Rich

The FBI has dealt another blow to the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, this time by releasing documents concerning her husband former President Bill Clinton.

Nov 02 11:40

FLASHBACK - The Death of Vincent Foster

This is the story that nobody dares touch. This is the story that ended my career in Hollywood back in 1994.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It only took them twenty two years to catch up with me, but it is nice to see!

So, what would had happened if the FBI, instead of playing thug with the careers of those who spotted the obvious flaws in the official story, had properly investigated and arrested those responsible?

We might have avoided three Presidential administrations convinced that they could do whatever they wanted to do and get away with it, whether it was murdering the White House Deputy Council, lying about Saddam's nuclear weapons to start a war of conquest, or scamming us all with 9-11, or human-caused global warming, Obamacare, etc.

Just something for you FBI types to think about while you try to fall asleep.

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WRH Exclusive
Nov 02 11:40

The War Over Pipelines: Heidi Heitkamp Has Big Financial Ties To Warren Buffett

What is going on at Standing Rock is another pipeline war with Buffet and Soros up to their necks in the demos. If the pipeline goes into operation Buffet and his railroad lose billions. Soros is invested in railroads and oil in Brazil.This is about money!

After a catastrophic, but thankfully not deadly or injurious, train derailment near Casselton, North Dakota, right before the holiday the need for pipeline infrastructure has been put into sharp focus. Pipelines are, without a doubt, a safer way to transport oil. They’re not perfect – as North Dakotans saw earlier this year when a Tesoro-owned pipeline dumped about 20,000 barrels of oil on the ground near Tioga – but one thing pipelines never do is derail.

All railroads run through population centers (western society was built around the railroad), whereas pipelines tend to avoid population areas. And while oil leaking isn’t good for the environment, a leak is far less deadly than a train coming off the rails.

Nov 02 11:35

BIZARRE FINDINGS - FBI Released FOIA on Vince Foster's Suicide & "Missing Gun File".

Nov 02 11:34

The Toxic Science Of Flu Vaccines

Joshua Hadfield was a normal, healthy developing child as a toddler. In the midst of the 2010 H1N1 swine flu frenzy and fear mongering about the horrible consequences children face if left unvaccinated, the Hadfield’s had Joshua vaccinated with Glaxo’s Pandermrix influenza vaccine….

Nov 02 11:31

Stock Market Metric Predicts Trump Win

Stovall said in that year, Britain and France joined with Israel in a military action against Egypt over the Suez Canal. It was also the year of the Hungarian Revolution.

“This time around if the Democrats retain the White House, I will come up with two responses. One is that history is a guide but never gospel, and two, the negative performance by the market could be a reflection of the worry of domination that a Democratic sweep would bring,” said Stovall.

Nov 02 11:29

Windows 10 market share stalls after free upgrade offer ends

It looks like users won't adopt it if they have to pay for it

Nov 02 11:18

America’s Psychopathic Establishment

It’s not only the right-wing think tanks (such as the Hudson Institute and the Rand Corporation) that urge America to invade countries that pose no threat against the U.S., but also liberal think tanks (such as the Open Society Foundation and the Brookings Institution) that urge firebombing of cities and even ethnic cleansing in order to defeat foreign leaders whom the American aristocracy want to overthrow.

Nov 02 10:48

While Huma's Lawyers Negotiate with DOJ, Anthony Weiner is Said to Be Cooperating with FBI

According to Fox News Chief Political Anchor Bret Baier, Weiner has been cooperating with the FBI's investigation in to his alleged online sexual affair with a 15-year-old girl.

It was this investigation that reportedly brought a new set of “electronic devices” to the attention of the FBI. These devices — which were shared by Weiner and his estranged wife, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin — are said to contain new emails “pertinent” to the Clinton investigation.

More importantly, Weiner's cooperation with the FBI would explain why “no warrant was needed to access his computer.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 02 10:38

Trump Whistles His Dogs

In her recent Washington Post Article, Jewish academic Cheryl Greenberg makes one valid observation. Trump’s criticism of the Jews is far more subtle than his disapproval of other groups and identities (Mexicans, Muslims, Women etc). Though Trump is not known for pulling his punches, when it comes to the Jews, Trump chooses his words very carefully. Trump, according to Greenberg, is so careful “that it’s not clear that Trump himself fully understands the implications of what he’s saying.” I guess that the Jewish academic couldn’t restrain herself from looking down at the Goy candidate.

Greenberg sees Trump as a puppet-master who controls his audience by means of ‘dog whistling’. “Trump’s references to money, bankers and international conspiracies appear to be deliberate anti-Semitic dog whistles, and his alt-right supporters recognize (and celebrate) that.”

Nov 02 10:33

Sierra snow makes for cold trick-or-treating in Truckee


Nov 02 10:33

SR 1308 – Julian Assange Surfaces - He's OK – Part 1

Nov 02 10:31

Tom Cotton NUKES Clinton Foundation: ‘Largest Money Laundering… Operation In The World’ [AUDIO]

Sen. Tom Cotton heavily criticized the Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation during a Tuesday morning interview on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show.

Hewitt asked Cotton how quickly he believes the FBI could complete its new review of emails related to Clinton’s private email server.

“650,000 emails is a lot of emails,” the Arkansas senator noted. “But then again, when you use modern searching techniques, you might be able to winnow it pretty quickly.”

Nov 02 10:31

Hillary Cancels Last Public Event Because Crowd Yelled “Lock Her Up”

As Hillary was about to go on stage for her last rally, she abruptly canceled.

Nov 02 10:29

To paraphrase Nixon, when Clinton hides emails, it is not illegal

A Republican congressman named Ken Buck, refreshing the tree of liberty with his patriotic blood, stood up for due process last week.

"Lady Justice doesn't see black or white," Buck shouted in Loveland, Ohio. "She doesn't see male or female. She doesn't see rich or poor. But soon, Lady Justice will see Hillary Clinton."

Black and low-income Americans would likely have another view. On the face of it, Buck's remark was unhinged from reality.

But Representative Buck was vocalizing something Americans want to believe: the founding myth that unlike authoritarian states, or the more corrupt, classist nations of the Old World, the United States holds all equal before the law.

Nov 02 10:26

Huma Abedin at center of Hillary Clinton FBI investigation

Nov 02 10:24

Hillary's #1 aide Huma Abedin: Undeniable ties to terrorists & 9/11 funders (Watch before voting!)

Owl 1
Nov 02 10:16

New York Times reports 95.7 percent fall in quarterly profit

The New York Times Co reported a 95.7 fall in quarterly profit, hit by restructuring charges related to headcount reductions.

Net profit attributable to the newspaper publisher fell to $406,000, or break-even per share, in the third quarter, from $9.4 million, or 6 cents per share, a year earlier.

Revenue fell to $363.6 million from $367.4 million.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The movie "Network", authored by Paddy Chayefsky, has become famous for the iconic scene of Howard Beale screaming, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this any more."

But buried in the back story is how the CEO of the conglomerate that owns the network, Arthur Jensen, convinces Beale to push propaganda for the conglomerate. As a result, audience shrinks, ratings drop, the network is hard pressed for money, but Jensen refuses to allow any change to Beale's show, until finally, in an act of desperation, network management has Beale assassinated on-air.

While I don't expect televised shootings of the presstitutes and whorespondents any time soon, Chayefsky did understand the dynamics that keeps bad news on the air and good news off, and accurately predicted the financial disaster that resulted for the networks!

Nov 02 10:08

It’s Over: Hillary’s ISIS Email Just Leaked and it’s Worse Than Anyone Could Have Imagined…

Even though when Trump called Hillary the ‘founder’ of ISIS he was telling the truth and 100% accurate, the media has never stopped ripping him apart over it.

Today the media is forced to eat their hats because the newest batch of leaked emails show Hillary, in her own words, admitting to doing just that, funding and running ISIS.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 02 10:07


The novel The Yiddish Policemen’s Union should come with a large, bold warning label affixed to the outside cover, like those labels on cigarette packs. WARNING: READ WITH CAUTION IF YOU ACTUALLY LIVE UNDER A JEWISH ISRAELI MILITARY OCCUPATION.

Nov 02 10:07

Ukraine prevented a coup in Montenegro

Ukrainian special services have carried out a unique operation to prevent a coup in Montenegro, said on his page on Facebook associate of Administration Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian Taras Berezovec political technologist.

In the opinion of Berezovca, Ukrainian media should pay attention to this kind of information, not the declaration clerk why these days scandal.

"The failure of the coup in Montenegro and attempt to shift Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic - a unique operations abroad, the duel in which the Ukrainian intelligence service definitely won the Russian intelligence service," wrote the reporter.

"Western special services never could so quickly and effectively detect and neutralize more than 30 participants in the conspiracy, had it not been SBU", he stressed. Berezovec added that the majority of participants who were allegedly involved in the conspiracy of the Ukrainian intelligence service handed over to American intelligence.


Nov 02 09:52

How did that get there? Curiosity rover discovers a strange 'Egg Rock' METAL meteorite on Mars

Nasa's Curiosity rover launched for its mission to Mars in November 2011, but it's never seen anything quite like this.

Scaling the steep slopes of Mars' treacherous Mount Sharp earlier this week, the rover stumbled upon a tiny, metallic meteorite, with some puzzling features.

Using its ChemCam Remote Micro-Imager, a long-distance, laser-guided camera aboard the rover, Curiosity captured several detailed close-ups of the strange object.

The metal meteorite has been dubbed by Nasa scientists as the 'Egg Rock'.

Experts from Arizona State University have suggested that the object is made of nickel-iron, a metal alloy found in the cores of planets and used to make special, durable batteries.

Nov 02 09:49

Alabama’s Human Guinea Pigs: Burning People Alive On Death Row

Alabama’s last execution may have burned a man alive because the “consciousness assessment” it administers is about as scientific as someone jostling you when you nod off on the sofa.

This is clear from the firsthand account of Ms. Terry Deep, a federal investigator who witnessed the execution of Christopher Brooks at Holman Prison in Atmore, Alabama on January 21, 2016.

Nov 02 09:46

Venezuela's Currency Disintegrates: Bolivar Plummets 20% In One Week

This spectacular chart - one which awaits every fiat currency at some point - shows how many Bolivars one USD buys: as of today it is 1,567. It was 1,222 seven days ago.

Nov 02 09:46

The Moment Michael Moore Realizes Hillary Clinton Might Lose

Nov 02 09:45

China Shows Off Its New J-20 Stealth Fighter Jet

Today China showed off its aviation - as well as reverse-engineering - capabilities when it unveiled for the first time ever its Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter at an air show on Tuesday, in the latest sign of the growing sophistication of the country’s military technology.

Nov 02 09:41

U.S. House Speaker Ryan renews call to suspend classified briefings for Clinton

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan on Friday renewed his call for U.S. intelligence officials to stop giving Hillary Clinton classified briefing typically given to presidential candidates in the wake of FBI Director James Comey's letter citing additional emails now under review.

Nov 02 09:41

FBI releases Bill Clinton closed case files days before vote

The FBI has unexpectedly released documents concerning ex-president Bill Clinton's pardon of the husband of a wealthy Democratic donor, in a surprise move just days before the election in which his wife is seeking to become America's first female president.

The release of the heavily redacted 129-page report over the pardon of trader Marc Rich -- an investigation that closed in 2005 without charges -- triggered questions from Democrats already angered by the FBI's probe into hundreds of thousands of newly uncovered emails possibly linked to Hillary Clinton.

While the Rich documents were published online Monday, they received little notice until they were posted on Tuesday on a Twitter account for the Federal Bureau of Investigation's division managing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that had had no posts since a year ago, except for a small handful released simultaneously on Sunday.

Nov 02 09:40


Wikileaks is helping President Obama keep his 2008 campaign promise — to be the most transparent administration in U.S. history — whether he likes it or not. And, once again, we’re learning more about the inner sanctum of the administration and its communication practices. As FBI Director James Comey announced Friday, a new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has been launched, just days before the presidential election. Comey’s move drew fire instantly from the Democrats who claim Comey is attempting to sway the election in Donald Trump’s favor. While many are focused on Comey’s actions and renewed investigation, Wikileaks has uncovered what may prove to be a systemic problem of executive branch accountability not merely limited to the former secretary of state’s emails.

Nov 02 09:39


Minnesota will let the health insurers in its Obamacare market raise rates by at least 50 percent next year, after the individual market there came to the brink of collapse, the state’s commerce commissioner said Friday.

The increases range from 50 percent to 67 percent, Commissioner Mike Rothman’s office said in a statement. Rothman, who regulates the state’s insurers, is an appointee under Governor Mark Dayton, a Democrat. The rate hike follows increases for this year of 14 percent to 49 percent.

“It’s in an emergency situation — we worked hard and avoided a collapse.” Rothman said in a telephone interview. “It’s a stopgap for 2017.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 02 09:39

DOJ's Peter Kadzik Exposed Colluding With Clinton Campaign

"Heads up. Another filing in the FOIA case went in last night or will go in this am that indicates it will be awhile (2016) before the State Department posts the emails."

Nov 02 09:38


They’ve done it before without causing casualties or damage. According the Russian Foreign Ministry, terrorists fired two mortar rounds at the embassy’s compound.

One shell exploded near the diplomatic mission’s entrance, damaging the building and four vehicles. The attack came from terrorist-controlled Jobar district.

On Friday, the Security Council addressed the incident, saying its “members…condemned in the strongest terms another mortar shelling of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Damascus (Syrian Arab Republic), which caused significant material damage.”

Nov 02 09:37


The FBI released documents from their Clinton Email Investigation.

From the FBI website:

Hillary Rodham Clinton served as U.S. Secretary of State from January 21, 2009 to February 1, 2013. The FBI conducted an investigation into allegations that classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on a personal e-mail server she used during her tenure.

The FBI released the documents in four sections, linked below:

Nov 02 09:36

30 Seconds Of 'Deplorable' Reality From MSNBC's Chris Matthews

Owl 2


Nov 02 09:30

Deliberate Leaks are being Strategically Made to Stop Clinton Inc

All our indications from behind the curtain are suggesting that there are many within the “intelligence” sector and “law enforcement” sector who are deeply troubled with the Clintons. They are trying to release documents and info to stop the Clinton Inc. Machine. That’s all we can say on this topic right now. Suffice it to say, there is a real internal battle going on in Washington.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If Hillary steals the White House, there will be a major epidemic of "suicides" in DC!

Nov 02 09:25

#Podesta25: 'Crony-Capitalist' Clinton in 'Crushing' Email Leak

In what really is quite a polite email from a journalist requesting a comment from the presidential nominee's strategist on how Hillary Clinton's campaign is going, Benenson informs Podesta that he is just going to ignore it.

All this came about following an email forwarded by communications adviser Mandy Grunwald, who reckons the articles written by the Politco journos are "idiotic."

Nov 02 09:24

EXCLUSIVE: Source of DNC, Podesta Leaks 'Comes From Within Washington'

According to former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, the now infamous Podesta and Democratic National Committee emails were not leaked by Russian hackers, but by a Washington insider.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Nov 02 09:22

Hillary is Finished, This Exploding Google Trend Proves It: "Change Early Vote" - Nathan McDonald

Nov 02 09:20

Montreal police tracked journalist's iPhone: “I was living in the fiction that police officers wouldn’t dare do that, and in the fiction that judges were protecting journalists -- and hence the public -- against this type of police intrusion,” Lagace said

A Montreal journalist whose iPhone was monitored by police for months said Monday he was outraged to discover he’d been “spied on” as part of what he calls an effort to identify his sources.
The French-language newspaper said it learned at least 24 surveillance warrants were issued for columnist Patrick Lagace’s phone this year at the request of Montreal’s police’s special investigations unit. That section is responsible for looking into crime within the police force.

Nov 02 09:20

Dakota Access pipeline protesters crowdsource for $5,000, get $1 million

The crowdsourcing goal was modest: $5,000, enough to help a few dozen people camping in North Dakota to protest the nearby construction of the four-state Dakota Access oil pipeline. The fund has since topped a staggering $1 million.

Nov 02 09:19

What You Can Do About the Rigged Investigation of Hillary Clinton

The rigged investigation into the new batch of Hillary Clinton-related emails just got epically more rigged.

Remember yesterday when I wrote that John Podesta’s best friend, Peter Kadzik, was going to be running the investigation into the emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer? The emails that implicate Hillary Clinton and her gang in all sorts of heinous things?

Well, the collusion is even greater than that. Here's what you can do about it.

Nov 02 09:17

FLASHBACK - The Jorge Cabrera Scandal

The Justice Department released on
Wednesday photographs showing a convicted Miami cocaine trafficker
who is seen standing next to and posing with vice president Al
Gore. The two were attending a party in Florida last December.

Apparently, Cabrera was asked to make a large donation to the
Clinton-Gore campaign in exchange for perks like hob-nobbing with
Al Gore and the first lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Nov 02 09:12

British Pediatrician Sexually Assaulted 19 Patients

A court in Britain has put on trial a former children’s doctor for sexually assaulting 19 young patients, including boys and girl, in the 1970s and 1980s.

Michael Salmon, consultant pediatrician, assaulted 18 girls and a boy while working at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Southeastern England’s Buckinghamshire County during that period.

Nov 02 09:11

Can The American People Defeat The Oligarchy That Rules Them?

Aren’t you surprised that Hillary and the presstitutes haven’t blamed Putin for FBI director Comey’s reopening of the Hillary email case? But the presstitutes have done the next best thing for Hillary. They have made Comey the issue, not Hillary.

According to US Senator Harry Reid and the presstitutes, we don’t need to worry about Hillary’s crimes. After all, she is only a political woman feathering her nest, just as political men have done for ages. Why all this misogynist talk about Hillary? The presstitutes’ cry is that Comey’s alleged crime is far more important. This woman-hating Republican violated the Hatch Act by telling Congress that the investigation he said was closed is now reopened. A very strange interpretation of the Hatch Act. During an election it is OK to announce that a candidate for president is cleared but it is not OK to say that a candidate is under investigation.

Owl 3
Nov 02 09:10

Clinton Campaign For Disclosure Of Emails Duplicitous, Analyst Suggests

Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton should call for release of the affidavit that convinced a judge to issue a warrant to authorize the FBI to go through newly discovered emails related to her private server scandal rather than calling for the release of the 650,000 as she did after FBI Director James Comey wrote a letter to the Republican-controlled Congress, revealing the new probe.

Nov 02 09:07

FBI releases Vincent Foster file

From Part 3, page 135.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

First Marc Rich, now Vince Foster; yeah, someone at the FBI has decided the Clintons have had enough fun!

Nov 02 09:06

Military Veteran: Standing Rock Is The First Time I Actually Fought For The People

‘I’ve been on the wrong side of history’ I was in Iraq when President Bush announced the “surge” in January 2007. I was in Afghanistan when President Obama announced the “surge” in December 2009. But it wasn’t until I visited Standing Rock in October 2016 when I actually served the American people. This…

Nov 02 08:59


The account to which the emails were being forwarded was partially redacted, except in one email. The address was Humamabedin@yahoo.com.

“As soon as I had that, I realized that she was sending many classified State Department emails offline to Yahoo, which is completely insecure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This appears to be the pipeline by which those emails got onto Huma's laptop into the "LifeInsurance" directory!

Nov 02 08:55

Investigators SHOCKED At What They Found Sweeping Hillary’s Hotel Room

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has touted her “experience” on the campaign trail, but as Donald Trump aptly noted she has “bad experience.” Yet another tidbit about that experience has been released thanks to a Freedom of Information request: Clinton’s crack team left behind classified information on a 2010 trip to China.

This seems to be a trend with the Clinton camp — top aide Huma Abedin left sensitive documents in a car on a trip to India during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

Nov 02 08:54

Electronic Voting: The Greatest Threat to Democracy

The dumpster fire that is the 2016 presidential election is thankfully almost behind us. But in its final throes, it is currently belching a peculiar pollution. The claims of election rigging coming directly from Donald Trump have raised a serious question about the legitimacy of our elections – the foundation of the legitimacy of our government, as governing in a democracy requires the consent of the governed.

While Mr. Trump may be more concerned with the role of non-citizens, election officials and the media in the manipulation of the outcome, he’s missing the greater threat to the future of democracy – Internet voting. Or rather, the likelihood of Internet voting fraud.

Nov 02 08:53

Michael Moore Warns Men: Your ‘10,000-Year Reign Is Over’ If Hillary Clinton Wins

Men are going to have to “get over it” and accept the fact that a woman will be leading the nation if Hillary Clinton wins the election next week, filmmaker Michael Moore said on Tuesday.

“It’s the muscle memory of 10,000 years that’s in our DNA where we’ve run the show forever,” Moore told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. “Next Tuesday possibly ? hopefully ? a woman is going to lead the most powerful country on Earth. In other words, the 10,000-year reign is over.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think Hatshepsut, Cleopatra, Empress Theodora, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Isabelle I of Castile and Aragon, Mary I, Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria of Great Britain, Catherine the Great of Russia, Olga of Kiev, and the Dowager Empress Cixi of China might have a few choice comments on Moore's grasp of history.

Nov 02 08:46

Hillary Poll numbers sliding

RyLiberty on twitter

Nov 02 08:41

Egyptian soldiers arrive in Syria: reports

A group of officers from the Egyptian Army traveled to the Syrian port-city of Tartous on Tuesday to train with Russia's military advisors near the Islamic State's front-lines.

Nov 02 08:37

Hillary Clinton explodes on Bill 'rapist' protester

Nov 02 08:35

Iraqi Army Discovers US-Made Missiles in ISIS's Military Base in Mosul

Iraqi army and popular forces have discovered a number of US-made missiles from a military position of the ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh) in the Southern part of Mosul, informed local sources disclosed after the first group of pro-government troops opened their way into Southern Mosul on Monday.

Nov 02 08:31

Major Hillary Donor Inside Dem Fundraiser: Blacks Are “Seriously F***ed in The Head"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Make this one go viral! Hillary is already losing black voters to Trump, and this will only accelerate the process!

Nov 02 08:29

SYRIA UPDATE: Russia negotiating with Turkey to withdraw Jihadis from Aleppo

Following the failure of the Al-Qaeda attempt to break the siege of the Jihadi held district of Aleppo, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is giving the Jihadis in eastern Aleppo what is effectively an ultimatum.

The terms of this ultimatum have been set out by General Valery Gerasimov, the Chief of the Russian military’s General Staff:

“Taking into account that our American colleagues are incapable of separating the opposition from terrorists, we appeal to all the leaders of armed groups directly to stop combat actions and leave Aleppo with their arms.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You can't DO that, because ... because ... because ... well, just BECAUSE!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Nov 02 08:26

BEX ALERT - Behind 2016’s Turmoil, a Crisis of White Identity

Western whites have a place within their nations’ new, broader national identities. But unless they accept it, the crisis of whiteness seems likely to continue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This piece of NWO tripe is intended to sell the idea that the people who built America should just accept that their accumulated legacy is to handed to others and not argue over their relegation to the lower ranks of society. Of course, that does not apply to the author of this piece, who is Jewish and sees herself as part of the master race; God's chosen people!

But what would happen if some writer suggested that Jews should quietly "know their place" amid the growing Muslim population of Palestine?

Or that American blacks should "know their place" amidst the influx of illegal hispanics flooding across the borders?

Nov 02 08:22

New Poll: Americans Feel Less Safe After 15 Years Of War

We were told that we had to attack Iraq because the Saddam Hussein government made us less safe. We were told we had to bomb and kill Gaddafi in Libya because his regime made us less safe. Ditto with the Taliban in Afghanistan and Assad in Syria.

Nov 02 08:12

Suez Crisis: Ten Rules That Shook the World Order

Sixty years ago Britain and France colluded with Israel in invading Egypt to reclaim the Suez Canal, nationalized by Egypt. The adventure finished Britain and France as global powers and cleared the way for a new player - the United States. But the rules of the game remain the same.

It's become an oft-repeated mantra by politicians in the West that they have built a rules-based international order that is under attack and needs protecting. One of the biggest building blocks was put into this western "rules-based" international order exactly 60 years ago by Britain and France, with a little bit of help from US and Israel. So what are those "rules" now applied to Syria and those who support her?

Nov 02 08:11

Terrorist State: Ukraine threatens to shoot down Belarusian civilian plane

On November 1st, Sputnik Belarus published the scandalous transcript of talks between the crew of a Belavia Belarusian Airlines plane and Ukrainian dispatchers. On October 22nd, a civilian aircraft of Belavia Belarusian Airlines flew from the Zhulyany Airport near Kiev to Minsk. When the plane was 50 km away from the Belarusian border, the plane’s crew received a message from the Zhulyany airport’s dispatch service demanding that they immediately return to the point of departure. The dispatcher stated that, if the plane failed to comply with the demands, fighter jets would be sent. The Ukrainian dispatcher said: “For failure to comply, military aircraft will be sent up to intercept you.”

In so doing, Kiev authorities almost repeated the tragedy of the Malaysian Boeing shot down over Ukrainian airspace on July 14th, 2014.

Nov 02 08:09

Trey Gowdy Explosive Interview Today 11/01/16 In Fox & Friends T is not Comey's fault,it's Clinton's

Nov 02 08:07

“Stop watching RT and other Russian-biased sources.” A Tale of Two Cities

Listening to CNN and NPR (National PR), no one would ever guess that it’s the same struggle in each city, a struggle to liberate innocent civilians from the headchoppers of ISIS. But in Mosul, NPR acknowledges that the innocent civilians are forced to stay and serve as human shields for ISIS.

Your retired Latin prof translator/commentator keeps up with the help of Facebook friends in 35 countries. Comparing the international posts and comments with the American ones points out the irony. One of them, in Romania, has been advised to “Stop watching RT and other Russian-biased sources.”

But in Romania, there is no access to Fox, CNN, or even to NPR. So what is the poor Rumanian to do? And in another bingo for Godwin’s law, the one advising against trusting RT calls Trump “another Hitler.”

Nov 02 08:05

Ukrainians in Shock as 'Revolutionary' Political Elite’s Riches Revealed

Now that Kiev politicians have been forced to publicly declare their wealth, Ukrainians are outraged by the clear excesses displayed by the country’s elite.

Nov 02 08:04

Hillary Vote Stealing Caught Red Handed! Red Alert!

In this shocking video, Bev goes over how she has proven they steal our votes by activating the "fraction" feature of ALL the voting machines used to tabulate the results. Doing it this way means they control it at the central stations tabulating the vote, not at voting booth.

They don't care what happens at the voting booth because they can control exactly how the election will come out! They have caught them red handed doing the rigging in this video! They run out of the building with computers! Later, the computer is reformatted to destroy all evidence!

The good news in all of this is Bev reported on The Alex Jones Show that we can fight back! She says this video and information must go viral NOW! She said that temporary restraining orders must be filed in all 50 states to insure the "Fraction" function is disabled on the machines, to force the machines to take pictures of the ballots and to SAVE these pictures for an audit after the election.

Nov 02 08:03

Julian Assange Lawyers All Dead: Who Were John Jones And Michael Ratner?

Two lawyers who represented WikiLeaks founder and editor Julian Assange had died only a month apart.

First was John Jones, who died in an apparent suicide on April 2016. Then on May 2016, Michael Ratner, a 72-year-old civil and human rights attorney who represented the WikiLeaks founder in the U.S., also died.

Nov 02 08:02

'We are losing control of the streets' Merkel's Germany descends into lawlessness

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing catastrophe over her failed migrant policy, according to a new report.

Nov 02 08:01


It will be after the election when Americans realize no President has had any connection to the direction or control of America since William H. Taft was defeated by election manipulation by the Wilson democrats in 1912.

2016 is a 1912 Rhyme -- After 1912 America changed forever. Then, like now, most were oblivious as the nation lost a war to invading banking psychopaths; a bloodless war, but a violent war none the less. The nation was stabbed in the heart, never to recover; Constitutional government ceded to corporate piracy, American assets turned over to banking parasites, a people stripped of Sovereignty and reality gave way to Bread and Circuses.

Nov 02 07:58

Obama Trade Chief Says TPP May Still Pass Congress After Elections – Report

Although TPP has lost traction on Capitol Hill, a US trade chief indicates the 12-nation trade deal may still pass Congress after Presidential elections, despite strong opposition from both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“It’s up to the congressional leadership to decide to bring it forward. If they [House and Senate leaders] bring it forward, I think we can get the votes there,” US Trade Representative Michael Froman told CNBC Tuesday. “This trade agreement eliminates 18,000 taxes on our exports. And members of Congress are starting to see that.”

Nov 02 07:58

WikiLeaks releases 26th batch of #PodestaEmails from Clinton campaign chair

Wikileaks has released a new tranche of correspondence from the hacked email account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta.

Nov 02 07:55

Susan Sarandon slams Clinton’s “unconditional” support for Israel

In a Facebook post announcing her endorsement of Stein, Sarandon lists her disagreements with Clinton over the minimum wage, opposition to legalizing marijuana, and her support for fracking and offshore drilling.

Sarandon is also backing the Standing Rock Sioux in their struggle to stop an oil pipeline being laid across their tribal land in North Dakota.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 02 07:43

Bombshell In Hillary Clinton Investigation! NEW Evidence Documents Hillary-Abedin Sending Classified Materials on Unsecured Server

The legal watchdogs at Judicial Watch just helped find a massive break in the Hillary Clinton criminal case. Hillary Clinton-insider Huma Abedin’s estranged husband Anthony Weiner has a perverted past, and his laptop had more than 650,000 emails which involve Team Clinton.

But what you didn’t know is that – according to a FOIA request from Judicial Watch – the 323 pages from Department of State documents show there are email exchanges which included classified information… at least three, and probably more!

Each one of these email messages is a highly illegal crime!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 02 07:39

Adelson Spends $25mn On Anti-Clinton Super-PAC: Report

US Republican mega-donor and hard-line Zionist Sheldon Adelson has committed at least 25 million dollars to a super-PAC working against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Nov 02 07:34

The Intercept Outs Neocon Democrat’s Smear Against Trump As ‘Putin’s Puppet’

On November 1st, The Intercept headlined “HERE’S THE PROBLEM WITH THE STORY CONNECTING RUSSIA TO DONALD TRUMP’S EMAIL SERVER”, and the reporting team of Sam Biddle, Lee Fang, Micah Lee, and Morgan Marquis-Boire, revealed that:

“Slate’s Franklin Foer published a story that’s been circulating through the dark web and various newsrooms since summertime, an enormous, eyebrow-raising claim that Donald Trump uses a secret server to communicate with Russia. That claim resulted in an explosive night of Twitter confusion and misinformation. The gist of the Slate article is dramatic — incredible, even: Cybersecurity researchers found that the Trump Organization used a secret box configured to communicate exclusively with Alfa Bank, Russia’s largest commercial bank. This is a story that any reporter in our election cycle would drool over, and drool Foer did.”

Nov 02 07:16

Forced Medication In Prison: Suicides From Injections Of Psych Drugs Go Unnoticed

In 2008, a man named Michael Heston hung himself in incarceration at Federal Medical Center in Rochester, Minnesota, after being forced to endure injections of psych meds involuntarily on a regular basis. He wrote to a medical freedom advocacy group called Mind Freedom begging for help, saying “I live in mortal fear,” and…

Nov 02 01:48

Lemmings and Republicans – Alan Ned Sabrosky

So why are so many Republican leaders doing all they can do to diminish Trump and give the election to Clinton ?

For conservatives and Republicans, a win by Hillary Clinton in November would be a catastrophe — and not just because people like Miley Cyrus and Al Sharpton would not leave the country.

It would mean continued assaults on the 1st and 2nd Amendments, especially the latter. Higher taxes and more welfare. More war — Hillary Clinton’s defense secretary-in-waiting, Michelle Flournoy, has openly said as much. And it would mean her appointment of at least one justice to the US Supreme Court, and perhaps as many as four, creating a liberal block of five to seven justices that will put its stamp on the country for a generation or more.

November 1, 2016

Nov 01 21:08

2016 Florida Polls: Hillary Clinton Winning 28 Percent of Republican Early Voters

As of November 1st, Real Clear Politics’ polling average has Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton by 0.8 percentage points in Florida. That is a drop from this time last week, when Clinton was ahead of Trump in the state by an average of 2.4 percentage points.

But the latest poll that’s gaining a significant amount of attention is from William & Mary College, and it has Clinton ahead of Trump in Florida by eight points, 48 percent to 40 percent. Most surprisingly, though, that poll has Clinton winning 28 percent of Florida’s Republican early voters.

Nov 01 19:14

30GB Rothschild Data Hack Reveals $150 Million Hillary Campaign Donation

The Hacker Group Anonymous has just released 30 GB of data hacked from a foundation with close ties to the Clinton Foundation.

As the WikiLeaks Podesta emails have shown us the Clinton Foundation and the Hillary Clinton campaign have close ties to the Rockerfellers, the Rothschilds and Soros.

The Hacker Group Anonymous has just released 30 Gigabytes of data it claims was hacked from the Bradley Foundation which is apparently serves as a money laundering front between the Rothschild’s and the Clinton’s by using using the Bradley Foundation and the Clinton Foundation.

The announcement just came via the Anonymous Global Twitter account.

Nov 01 18:59

As Flint Suffers, Nestlé Plans Dramatic Expansion of Water Privatization in Michigan

By Lauren McCauley

The state of Michigan has reportedly issued preliminary approval for bottled water behemoth Nestlé to nearly triple the amount of groundwater it will pump, to be bottled and sold at its Ice Mountain plant, which lies roughly 120 miles northwest of the beleaguered community of Flint.

“Nestlé Waters North America is asking the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for permission to increase allowed pumping from 150 to 400 gallons-per-minute at one of its production wells north of Evart,” MLive reported on Monday...

Nov 01 18:40

Now it’s CLINTON saying the polls are rigged: Crisis-hit campaign copies Trump playbook as she slips behind for first time since May in key tracker

Hey Hillary, have you seen this...?

"O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!"

Nov 01 18:38

Clinton campaign boss John Podesta is being paid $7,000 a month by top Hillary donor - whose mortgage company was accused of fueling 2008 crash

Sandler and family members have donated $4.4 million to the Clinton campaign and groups supporting the candidate.

The Sandlers became wealthy running a Savings and Loan institution that they sold to Wachovia bank for $26 billion not long before the financial collapse.

They made more than $2.6 billion from their holding in it and donated much of their worth to the foundation, according to the publication.

Sandler was criticized for the institution having made adjustable rate mortgages that were later securitized, and were ripped for contributing to the financial collapse.

Nov 01 18:36

Clinton campaign chairman Podesta boasted that Justice Department official who is now in charge of keeping congress informed of email probe 'kept me out of jail'

'Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail,' Podesta, whose emails were hacked and released by Wikileaks, told President Obama's aide Cassandra Butts in September 2008.

It is unclear - although highly likely - that Podesta was referring to the Lewinsky link. He was White House chief of staff at the time of the scandal.

Nov 01 18:29

Palestinians Demand UK Apologize For 1917 Balfour Declaration That Helped Create Israel

A campaign by Palestinian activists demanding the UK issue a formal apology for supporting the idea of a Jewish state in the Middle East almost a century ago is gaining momentum after the launch of a new parliamentary petition.

Nov 01 18:29

Boost Britain’s NATO Spending So US Will ‘Take Us Seriously,’ Says Peer

America will only treat Britain as a serious global player if the UK raises the share of its GDP contributed to NATO each year, according to former Labour Foreign Secretary Lord David Owen.

Nov 01 18:18

'Dump All Those Emails': Latest WikiLeaks Tranche Reveals #Podesta Advice

WikiLeaks has released the 25th batch of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta.

The latest tranche consists of almost 2,500 emails, bringing the number released so far to almost 42,000. WikiLeaks has claimed it will publish 50,000 emails in total in the run up to the US presidential election on November 8.

Nov 01 17:38

Strike Shuts Down Philly Public Transport A Week Before Election

Thousands of public transport workers in the US city of Philadelphia have gone on strike after failing to reach a contract agreement with authorities, raising fears of voting problems just a week before Election Day.

Nov 01 17:30

Soros-Connected Group Sends Out 'Voting Report Cards' to Scare Minorities Into Voting Hillary

Millions of deceptive "voting report cards" are being sent to "African Americans, Latinos, Millennials and unmarried women" in swing states to scare them into voting for Hillary Clinton.

The "report cards" are being sent by a group connected to billionaire George Soros, who is one of Hillary Clinton's top donors.

Nov 01 16:59

US Stock Market Action Signals A Trump Victory

The US stock market has a good track record calling presidential races. Today, it is sending information that counts against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The performance of the S&P 500 Index has signaled the outcome of every Presidential election since Y 1984.

A gain in the benchmark for American equity in the 3 months prior to the vote has seen the incumbent party win 86% of the time since Y 1928.

Now, the benchmark is down 2.9% since 8 August with just a week until the vote on 8 November, a fact that augurs well for Donald Trump.

Nov 01 16:43

Trump Leads With 46% While Clinton Trails At 45% After FBI Reboots Email Scandal Investigation

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump shows a one percent, 46-45, lead over Democrat Hillary Clinton, according to the latest poll. Trump’s resurgence follows revelations that the FBI is taking a renewed look at the Clinton e-mails scandal.

Nov 01 16:42

USA Elections: A Revolutionary View

Perhaps the biggest perceived political dilemma for the world right now is what will happen in the United States, and thereby to the world, depending on which of the two becomes president. Because of this unprecedented hate-filled election campaign, many pundits consider this election to be the most important in USA history.

Nov 01 16:20

LA Times poll puts Trump 4 points ahead of Clinton

With one week remaining until Election Day, Donald Trump now leads Hillary Clinton by 4 points in a new poll of U.S. adults, according to a Los Angeles Times/USC poll conducted Oct. 31.

The Republican nominee received 47 percent of respondents' support, while the Democratic candidate fielded 43 percent.


Trump had trailed Clinton by 1 point in the same poll Oct. 25.

Nov 01 16:12

Poll: Trump expands lead in Missouri, Blunt still in trouble

Donald Trump has expanded his lead over Hillary Clinton to double digits in a new poll of Missouri, while an incumbent Republican senator is struggling to hold onto his advantage.

Monmouth University's Missouri poll shows Trump ahead of Clinton by 14 percentage points, 52-38, among likely voters, after Trump bested Clinton by 5 points, 46-41, in mid-October.

Nov 01 16:11

US Extends Sanctions Against Sudan For Another Year

The United States has extended sanctions against Sudan for one more year, claiming the Islamic country’s policies are still an “extraordinary threat” to America’s national security.

Nov 01 16:08

Federal judge orders Republicans to reveal poll-watching deal with Donald Trump campaign

A judge wants the RNC to open up about how it's working with Donald Trump to watch the polls on Election Day

Nov 01 16:07

Trump widens lead in Arizona, Prop 205 losing, new poll shows

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appears to be widening his lead over Democrat Hillary Clinton in Arizona, according to a new poll done during the two days after reports the FBI was investigating emails that might be linked to Clinton.

The survey, released Tuesday by Phoenix-based Data Orbital, shows Trump leading Clinton, 45 percent to 41 percent. The gap between the candidates is within the poll’s 4.12 percent margin of error.


A YouGov/CBS survey done before the FBI news last week had Trump up two points over Clinton. Another Data Orbital survey last week showed Trump up two points.

The polling website fivethirtyeight.com gives Trump a 58.9 percent chance of winning Arizona.

Nov 01 16:03

Texas Poll: Trump Lead Swells to 12

The KTVT-CBS 11/Dixie Strategies Poll reveals that if the election for president was held today, 52 percent of likely voters said they would vote for Trump, and 39 percent said they would vote for Clinton, reported CBSDFW. The Dallas CBS affiliate wrote, the poll result “casts doubt on any Democratic victory on November 8.”

Polls by the CBS affiliate in August had Trump 11 points over Clinton with 46 percent to Clinton’s 35 percent. In October, their poll had Trump at 45 percent and Clinton at 38 percent.

Nov 01 16:02

WRAL poll: Trump charges ahead in NC

With a week to go until Election Day, Republican Donald Trump has seized control of a tight presidential race in North Carolina, according to an exclusive WRAL News poll released Tuesday.

SurveyUSA polled 659 people statewide Friday through Monday who have already cast their ballots or are likely to vote in the election and found Trump with a 51 to 44 percent lead over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.9 percentage points.

In a WRAL News poll released three weeks ago, Clinton led Trump 46 to 44 percent.

Nov 01 15:58


A hidden backdoor election theft mechanism within voting machine software has been discovered and will be widely used in the election, says vote fraud expert Bev Harris.

“You need to have votes counted as fractions,” Harris said on The Alex Jones Show Monday. “You need the votes to be counted with decimal places, like you count money. If a vote is a dollar, you also need to have cents with it. That will not show. It’s hidden.”

Nov 01 15:50

FBI Sees No Ties Between Trump, Putin: Report

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has found no clear links between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Russia, officials say, proving false allegations by the candidate’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Nov 01 15:49

Pennsylvania Police Raid Democrat "Advocacy Group" Office Over Alleged Voter Fraud

"Of course there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before election day. Why do Republican leaders deny what is going on? So naive!"

Nov 01 15:48

From Berkeley To Kent State

Here is a video of a recent protest at the University of California, Berkeley, the nation’s most academically prestigious tax-funded university. It is the premier state school today. It was in 1964. It was in 1880.

Nov 01 15:30

Breaking – Hillary Just Got Politically Assassinated: Wikileaks Just Released Her Full Isis Donor List With Names!

WikiLeaks just finished the job that started few months ago! Hillary just got killed! She is not going to survive this! It’s too much! Pure treason! According to Conservative Daily Post: Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are the founders of ISIS. We have proven that through emails and documents leaked from WikiLeaks, but liberal media outlets still refuse to cover it.

After all, they are still more focused on what Trump said eleven years ago than what Hillary has actually done.

Nov 01 15:22

AT&T Helping Feds Spy On Everyone

By Michael Maharrey

Communications company AT&T spies on you at the behest of the federal government and rakes in millions of taxpayer dollars in the process.

Through the program known as Project Hemisphere, AT&T searches trillions of call records for the DEA and other law enforcement agencies. The company collects data from every call that flows through its switches – not just calls made by AT&T customers...

Nov 01 15:12

Feds Ramp Up REAL ID Bullying Tactics

By Michael Maharrey

The federal government ratcheted up its game of chicken with states over REAL ID last month, threatening once again to ban residents of non-compliant states from using their driver’s license as ID to clear TSA checkpoints...

Nov 01 15:10

UK MPs To Probe Human Rights Situation In Persian Gulf Arab States

A group of UK lawmakers have formed a group to scrutinize the status of democracy and human right in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf region, a Scottish MP says.

Margaret Ferrier made the announcement Monday, following a seminar by Amnesty International.

Nov 01 15:07

Terrified Clinton camp blasts FBI chief over 'blatant double standard'

The campaign manager of Hillary Clinton has accused FBI Director James Comey of recklessly engaging in a “blatant double standard” following his agency’s announcement to reopen an investigation into new emails sent by the Democratic presidential candidate on a private email server during her time as secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

Nov 01 15:01

Thousands Of “Organic” Beauty Products Found Containing Banned Chemicals

By Brianna Acuesta

Beauty products that claim to be “organic” or “natural” are far from it.

When it comes to the term “organic,” there’s actually not as much regulation surrounding use of the word as consumers would like. The U.S. Department of Agriculture regulates organic claims in farm products, but it’s the controversial Federal Drug Administration that has control over cosmetics...

Nov 01 14:59

Why Shouldn't I Work for the NSA? (Good Will Hunting)

Nov 01 14:44

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Fundraising Benefited From Loophole In Federal Anti-Corruption Rule

‘Particularly Vulnerable To Pay To Play Practices’

Despite an anti-corruption rule that was designed to reduce the financial industry’s political power, top officials from the investment firm BlackRock hosted Hillary Clinton at campaign fundraisers earlier this year.

The cash — which poured in through a loophole in the law — came in as BlackRock’s federal contracts to manage billions of dollars of retiree assets will be up for renewal during the next president’s term.