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"Gun control is the theory that a woman lying raped and strangled with her own pantyhose in an alley is preferable to that same woman explaining to police how her attacker got shot."


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June 30, 2017

Jun 30 06:42

ICE Director Shuts Down CNN's Jim Acosta Over Illegal Immigrants

"You can't want to be a part of this great nation and not respect it's laws"

Jun 30 06:41


The White Helmets, an al-Qaeda affiliated group funded by George Soros and the British government, have reportedly staged another chemical weapon attack on civilians in the Syrian city of Khan Shaykhun to lay blame on the Syrian government.

A day prior to the attack, Gulf-based Orient TV announced “Tomorrow we are launching a media campaign to cover the airstrikes on Hama country side including the usage of chemical warfare against civilians.” This shows clear foreknowledge that the rebels were going to stage an attack by Orient TV.

The White Helmets filmed much of the footage being released on the chemical attack. They have also been known to stage “rescue” videos in the past. However, this time it appears children were indeed killed in the making of this “media campaign.”

Jun 30 06:41

Acetaminophen Taken During Pregnancy Can Inhibit Masculinity

Acetaminophen – known in other parts of the world as paracetamol and under various brand names such as Tylenol – is making scientific headlines more and more now. If you are pregnant, you should think twice before popping these pills according to the researchers in a new study. In an animal model, acetaminophen…

Jun 30 06:25

Another False Flag Gas Attack To Be Blamed On Syrian Government (Video)

Syria has been out of the news cycle for a while as the mainstream media continues to beat the dead horse that is the discredited Trump-Russia conspiracy narrative. And while Syria might be in the back of the American public consciousness at the moment, you can be sure that the masterminds at the Deep State have not forgotten. And evidence shows that they are gearing up to set the superpowers at play into a deeper conflict.

In the following video, Today’s Yellow Snow (formerly Right Wing News) looks at recent antagonistic statements from the White House against the Syrian government, Russia, and Iran. Not only are they accusing the Syrian government of preparing for another chemical attack, they have also warned that any further attacks will be blamed on them, together with Russia and Iran. This completely ignores the many factual gaps that exist in proving that the Syrian government was even responsible for the last attack! The whole situation is a tinderbox; will it soon explode?

Jun 30 06:18

Report: Same Army lab in anthrax scare might have also lost small amount of sarin

The same Army laboratory that mishandled anthrax in 2015 leading to a nationwide scare might also have lost a small amount of the chemical sarin, the Pentagon’s inspector general has found.

In a report released this month, the inspector general for the Department of Defense found officials at the Army’s Dugway Proving Ground in Utah and a contractor that facility was using to care for chemicals did not properly inventory its sarin, a nerve agent that can be fatal to humans if they come in contact with it.

Dugway stored its sarin in a two-container system. The sarin was stored in a primary container, which is then stored inside a secondary container. But officials only checked the secondary containers when doing inventory, and did not check inside the primary container, so they did not know if all the sarin was still in the containers, the inspector general found.

Jun 30 06:16

Ex-Weapons Inspector: Trump’s Sarin Claims Built on ‘Lie’

The lack of any meaningful fact-based information to back up the claims of the White Helmets and those who sustain them, like the U.S. government and Bellingcat, raises serious questions about the viability of the White House’s latest pronouncements on Syria and allegations that it was preparing for a second round of chemical attacks. If America has learned anything from its painful history with Iraq and the false allegations of continued possession of weapons of mass destruction on the part of the regime of Saddam Hussein, it is that to rush into military conflict in the Middle East based upon the unsustained allegations of an interested regional party (i.e., Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress) is a fool’s errand.

Jun 30 06:11

Fukushima nuclear disaster: Tepco executives on trial

Three former power company executives have gone on trial in Japan on charges linked to the Fukushima disaster.

It is the first criminal trial over the 2011 meltdown at the nuclear plant.

Jun 30 06:10

Grenfell Tower: Cladding 'changed to cheaper version'

Cladding fitted to Grenfell Tower during its refurbishment was changed to a cheaper version, documents obtained by the BBC suggest.

Documents show the zinc cladding originally proposed was replaced with an aluminium type, which was less fire resistant, saving nearly £300,000.

Jun 30 06:09

Lionel likens CNN to professional wrestling or magic: ‘We all knew it was fake’

Legal and media analyst Michael William Lebron, a.k.a. Lionel, recently appeared on RT to talk about the newly released Project Veritas video which shows CNN producer John Bonifield saying that the entire Russian narrative is total and complete “bullsh*t.”

Jun 30 06:09

Sarin used in deadly April 5 attack in Syria, watchdog probe finds

The investigation did not apportion blame. Its findings will be used by a joint United Nations-OPCW investigation team to assess who was responsible.

Jun 30 06:07

Boris Johnson urges action against Assad after chemical watchdog concludes sarin used in Syria attack

Boris Johnson has made a fresh appeal for international action against Bashar al-Assad after a chemical weapons watchdog ruled an attack in Syria that killed more than 74 people used sarin nerve gas.

Jun 30 04:05

Make No Mistake, We Are Already at War in Syria

Trump's Anti-war Campaign Promises Were Just Glib Campaign Rhetoric

(*Liberal site The American Conservative , just doesn't get it . Sure Trump lied to get into office . It was that or liar Hillary Clinton . Trump Had To Lie To Expose All The Liars In Washington , And In The Media .
Syria ? Who's talking about Syria ? Trump's real war is with CNN )

Jun 30 03:31

Putin Receives Former US Diplomat Henry Kissinger in Kremlin

(*Kissinger: A name that is synonymous with Bad News)

Jun 30 03:23

Congress Threatens to Cut Iraqi Kurds' Funding if They Secede

In a move that could have significant reprecussions on America's long cozy relationship with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) the House Armed Services Committee’s version of the military spending bill has declared military aid to the Kurdish Peshmerga to be contingent with the KRG remaing part of Iraq


Owl 1
Jun 30 03:15

A War On Globalism

Have you ever wondered why Donald Trump is so deeply hated by the elite?  It isn’t because he is a Republican.  In fact, there are lots of Republicans out there that the elite absolutely love.

June 29, 2017

Jun 29 22:42

Washington Has Been At War For 16 Years: Why?

Paul Craig Roberts

For sixteen years the US has been at war in the Middle East and North Africa, running up trillions of dollars in expenses, committing untold war crimes, and sending millions of war refugees to burden Europe, while simultaneously claiming that Washington cannot afford its Social Security and Medicare obligations or to fund a national health service like every civilized country has.

Considering the enormous social needs that cannot be met because of the massive cost of these orchestrated wars, one would think that the American people would be asking questions about the purpose of these wars. What is being achieved at such enormous costs? Domestic needs are neglected so that the military/security complex can grow fat on war profits.

The lack of curiousity on the part of the American people, the media, and Congress about the purpose of these wars, which have been proven to be based entirely on lies, is extraordinary.

Jun 29 20:44

GST launch: Stage set for India's biggest tax reform; Opposition to boycott gala midnight event

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will at midnight unveil the new tax regime replacing overnight the messy mix of more than a dozen state and central levies built up over seven decades, with a one national GST unifying the country's USD 2 trillion economy and 1.3 billion people into a common market.

Jun 29 20:40

CNN's Shady Drones to Be Grounded Because of "Fake News?" (Video)

The mainstream media is already invasive enough, with uncaring journalists shoving cameras into the faces of crying victims after a tragedy, all to boost ratings. So it may be only a matter of time before drone technology comes into widespread use by them, enabling them to invade the privacy of yet more people. And the first network likely to do so? CNN, of course.

In the following video, Today’s Yellow Snow (formerly Right Wing News) looks at the fact that CNN is the only news network to be granted an FAA exemption to use drones in their newsgathering operations. The waiver was of course granted during the Obama administration and is couched in the language of ‘research and development’.

Will the mainstream media soon have drones buzzing around at every single event? Furthermore, if they do, CNN certainly should NOT be permitted to. How can CNN possibly be trusted with cameras in the sky after all we've recently learned about their blatant dishonesty.

Jun 29 18:36

Top Vatican adviser to Pope Francis, Cardinal Pell charged with sex abuse

Another day in the house of god...

Jun 29 17:21

Presidential Voter Fraud Panel Starts

Vice President Mike Pence yesterday had an organizational call with the new members of the election fraud panel that President Trump asked to be created.

Jun 29 17:19

IN GERMANY: Muslim Migrant crime rises 50%, Muslim Migrant violence soars, Muslim Migrant sex crimes double in a year

Yet Germany cannot understand why Eastern European countries refuse to accept any Muslim migrants at all.

Jun 29 17:15

Susan Rice Will Reportedly Testify Behind Closed Doors About Unmasking

Jun 29 16:39

Spies do spying, part 97: The CIA has a tool to track targets via Wi-Fi

The latest cache of classified intelligence documents dumped online by WikiLeaks includes files describing malware CIA apparently uses to track PCs via Wi?Fi.

The Julian Assange-led website claims the spyware, codenamed ELSA, infects a target's Windows computer and then harvests wireless network details to pinpoint the location of the machine. The software nasty is said to pull data from Google and Microsoft in order to pinpoint the real-world location of the infiltrated machine.

"ELSA is a geo-location malware for Wi?Fi enabled devices like laptops running the Microsoft Windows operating system," says Wikileaks.

"Once persistently installed on a target machine using separate CIA exploits, the malware scans visible Wi?Fi access points and records the ESS identifier, MAC address and signal strength at regular intervals."

Jun 29 16:15

The World Is Now $217,000,000,000,000 In Debt And The Global Elite Like It That Way

The borrower is the servant of the lender, and through the mechanism of government debt virtually the entire planet has become the servants of the global money changers. 

Jun 29 16:10

$30 Oil Could Spark Contagion In Energy Markets

If oil prices continue to fall, the financial damage could start to become a concern.

Jun 29 16:06

Trump Rips ‘AmazonWashingtonPost’ As Fake News

President Trump on Wednesday attacked The Washington Post and its owner, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, for its coverage of him and his administration. 

“The #AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes referred to as the guardian of Amazon not paying internet taxes (which they should) is FAKE NEWS!” the president tweeted Wednesday morning.

Jun 29 15:55

CNN’s Entire Russia Narrative Exposed As Fake News For Ratings

By Aaron Kesel

CNN isn’t having a good week. First, three of their top reporters were fired for poor journalism covering a story where a Trump ally, Anthony Scaramucci, was accused of being under congressional investigation which was retracted. Then, Project Veritas leaked two conversations proving CNN’s accusations of President Donald Trump colluding with Russia were baseless and for ratings.

With this one-two punch on CNN’s admitted Russian hoax they are almost certainly feeling the blowback from this latest scandal; and, according to James O’Keefe, it’s just the start of more to come. Which could include more tapes from CNN or other networks/newspapers like the New York Times...

Jun 29 15:33

House panel approves repeal of U.S. military powers enacted in wake of 9/11

A House committee on Thursday passed an amendment to repeal broad war-making powers approved by Congress in the aftermath of 9/11 that have allowed the U.S. military to take various actions overseas in the years since.

Jun 29 15:30

At least 4 injured in ‘major incident’ at Florida power plant

Multiple injuries are reported, including at least two burns, after a “major” incident occurred at the Big Bend Power Station, a coal-fired power plant near Tampa, Florida. Emergency crews are responding to an “active scene.”

At least four people were taken to Tampa General Hospital as a result of a burn incident that occurred around 4:30pm Thursday, WFLA reported. The news outlet reported a helicopter airlifting at least two people.

The coal-fired plant is owned by TECO Energy.

Jun 29 15:28

Pelosi suffers multiple brain freezes during NYC appearance

Internal conflict between multiple demons wanting to speak.

Owl 2
Jun 29 15:09

Theresa May Will Not Last Much Longer As British PM, Citigroup Warns Clients

Clients should brace themselves for the downfall of UK Prime Minister Theresa May, as her weakened minority government is unlikely to hobble along beyond a few months, top investment bank Citigroup warns.

Jun 29 15:08

US Heightens Airport Security For Foreign Flights To Avoid Laptop Ban

The administration of US President Donald Trump is implementing strict aviation security measures for all international flights coming into the country in order to avoid a laptop ban.

Jun 29 15:07

UK Prepared To Retaliate Against Cyberattackers With Troops, Airstrikes – Fallon

Britain is prepared to launch military retaliation including sending in troops and airstrikes against foreign state hackers targeting the UK, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has warned.

Jun 29 15:00

Mika Brzezinski: “Our Job” to “Control Exactly What People Think”

Jun 29 14:57

The Fed Just Announced The Final Confirmation That The Economy Is About To Crash

Retailers are now starting to fight among each other as the retail industry breaks down. The Fed just made it harder for students going to college, the rates are going up.

Jun 29 14:57

CNN's Death Spiral

It's been a catastrophic month for the Fake News Network (CNN) as scandals, retractions, resignations, apologies and lawsuits catapult the cable news network into a death spiral.

Jun 29 14:51

US Air Strike Kills Scores Of Civilians In Syria

A US air strike early Monday killed dozens of civilians near the Euphrates River town of Mayadin in Syria’s eastern Deir al-Zour province.

The US bombs struck a prison run by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) where civilians deemed opponents of ISIS were being held.

Jun 29 14:51

Video: US Promises Turkey To Take Back Weapons From Kurds After ISIS Defeat

The leading force fighting Islamic State on the ground is the Kurds, who are being armed by the Americans.

Jun 29 14:31

In "Unprecedented Step" US Sanctions Chinese Entities With Ties To North Korea

After allegedly pressuring the Chinese government to act first and adopt sanctions against nearly 10 local entities who the US claims provided North Korea with materials used in its nuclear program, the US has decided to act. In an unprecedented step, the Treasury Department slapped financial sanctions on two Chinese nationals and a Chinese shipping company over their ties to North Korea stemming from its nuclear program, according to Reuters.

Owl 3
Jun 29 14:29

Greta Van Susteren out at MSNBC after 6 months

MSNBC has parted ways with veteran broadcaster and host of "For the Record" Greta Van Susteren after just six months on the job, network president Phil Griffin said in a memo to employees Thursday.

"Greta is a well-regard television veteran and one of only a few broadcasters who can say they've hosted shows at all three major cable news networks," Griffin wrote in the memo, which MSNBC's PR account tweeted. "We are grateful to her and wish her the best."

Jun 29 14:15

HOW RACIST! : Trump Election Panel asks all 50 States for Voter Roll Data

Jun 29 14:14

More Americans See Liberty In Decline. Why?

According to a new Gallup survey, over the past eleven years Americans’ satisfaction with the level of freedom in the country has declined by 16 percent. The US freedom ranking in the world has dropped from 11th to 71st.

Jun 29 14:13

The Truth About CNN

Brian Stelter accuses Infowars of stoking “hatred” against Clinton News Network.

Jun 29 14:12

Afghanistan’s Lessons For Syria

The battle for Raqqa is now being waged, and the diverse forces that have been helping to extinguish the self-proclaimed caliphate of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) soon must face squarely what becomes of the portion of Syria that ISIS had controlled.

Jun 29 13:52

What The Fed Giveth...

In December 2008, at the peak of the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve (Fed) lowered the Federal Funds interest rate to zero. In taking this unprecedented step, many investment professionals assumed the Fed was out of bullets to stem the crisis.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke proved them wrong by introducing Quantitative Easing (QE).

Jun 29 13:50

Tox - alternative to Skype.

Whether it's corporations or governments, digital surveillance today is widespread. Tox is easy-to-use software that connects you with friends and family without anyone else listening in. While other big-name services require you to pay for features, Tox is completely free and comes without advertising — forever.

Jun 29 13:27

Trump Calls CNN ‘Fake News’ During Energy Speech

President Donald Trump took a break from talking about energy Thursday to blast CNN as “fake news.”

Trump was talking about leaving the Paris Accord, arguing that it was a myth that pulling out of the agreement would harm the environment.

He used the point to pivot to the topic of fake news.

Jun 29 13:27

BREAKING: Editors at the Failing NYT gather before a staged walkout

BREAKING: Copy editors at the Failing NYT gather before a staged walkout to protest all the job cuts/firings going on there!

Jun 29 13:19

US-Backed Syrian Fighters Warn of Open Warfare with Turkish Forces

An official with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the coalition of US-backed militants with the stated goal of creating a secular, democratic, federalized Syria, said that the SDF sees a "big possibility of open, fierce confrontation" with Turkish forces in northwestern Syria. This comes after the two sides exchanged fire on Wednesday.

The senior official, Naser Haj Mansour, told Reuters that the SDF would confront the Turks "if they try to go beyond the known lines." Turkish forces are there to support anti-government, primarily Islamist Syrian rebels.

Mansour went on to say that a Turkish attack against SDF-controlled areas would do "great harm" to the SDF's efforts against Daesh. The two factions are currently embroiled in a struggle over the city of Raqqa, Daesh's primary stronghold in Syria.

the city, trapping Daesh within. "There is a plan to impose a complete siege, but if this will take a day or two days, I can't say," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unintended consequences yet again!!

Jun 29 13:11

NYSE President Explains Why Markets Should Be Rigged More

Targeting Short Sellers: what they do is “icky and un-American.”

Jun 29 13:10

Shadow Brokers Threaten To Reveal Identity Of Ex-NSA Hacker

The mysterious Shadow Brokers hacking group threatened Wednesday to reveal the identity of an alleged former NSA hacker.

In a message posted online, the group – responsible for leaking the NSA exploits which powered the WannaCry and so-called Petnya ransomware outbreaks – accused the alleged hacker in broken English of “writing ugly tweet to theshadowbrokers” and of belonging to Equation Group, a highly sophisticated team suspected of NSA.