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"The target suffered a terminal illness before a firing squad in Baghdad." -- CIA officer testifying to US Senate hearing, after bloody CIA aided Ba'th Party coup overthrew Iraqi Prime Minister Abdel Kassem, 1963



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April 30, 2009

Apr 30 07:16

Reports on disease origin 'groundless'

The government on Wednesday rejected as "groundless" foreign reports labeling China as the origin of the swine flu outbreak.

According to the reports, dead pigs found in Fuqing, Fujian province, might be the source of the outbreak in Mexico.

But the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) said the pigs died of swine dysentery and dropsy, both common among young pigs, adding investigations into pig farms around the area found no signs of an epidemic.

Apr 30 07:10

Bend over, America and get ready for the largest tax increase in history... the cap and trade scheme.

Cap and Trade’s $3,900 per Family per Year Price Tag....

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I keep telling you it's all a scam...

Apr 30 07:02

World Panics Over New Media-Borne Virus

When I first heard about Pigmageddon -- the latest phenomenon set to wipe us all out, yet again -- I was ironically just leaving a relatively empty screening of the new movie “Earth”, featuring dying polar bears, elephants lost in the ever-growing deserts, and great white sharks which, if you believe what you read at peak slow-news times, were only taking a brief respite from ravaging tourist beaches to earn their actor’s union card. Tough luck, DisneyNature -- no one cares about “climate change” right now.

Apr 30 07:01

Doubt over INM future

Newspaper giant Independent News and Media (INM) warned today of “significant doubt” over whether the entire company can continue as a going concern.

INM, which owns more than 200 newspaper and magazine titles across the world including the Irish Independent, said it cannot pay a €200m bond which is due to mature on May 18.

The group said that while it still remained profitable it was now in danger of breaching the covenants on its borrowing facilities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No doubt the corporate media will whine and blame the bloggers for their troubles, but the fact is that most of the corporate media made the choice to stand with those who lied us into wars of conquest, and the public no longer trusts them, even as the corporate media blasts us with new polls assuring us that the world loves our glorious leaders!

Apr 30 06:59

Mohamed Khodr - Why take the billboards down?

A letter to Mr. Kevin Reilly, Jr., Mr. Sean Reilly, Mr. James R. McIlwain of Lamar (company that took the money to install a billboard paid for 8 weeks, but tore it down early)

Apr 30 06:56

Hezbollah warns of another Israeli invasion

A senior Hezbollah official has warned of a possible "Israeli attack" during Washington and Tel Aviv's joint military exercise in the region.

Speaking during the national dialogue talks aimed at mending the political divisions between rival Lebanese factions, Hezbollah parliamentary bloc head Mohammed Raad said Tuesday that Lebanon must go on high alert during Israel's biggest-ever military maneuvers on May 31.

Apr 30 06:55

Mr. Visible Meets the Invisible Man.

There’s this swine flu that’s turned into a full blown epidemic of press coverage about itself without being much of anything at all. Like some of you, I have a curious nature. Automatically, my mind goes rummaging around behind what I am being told and it keeps doing that until a little plausibility chime goes off and then… it fleshes it out like those clothes on the invisible man again.

Apr 30 06:51

Disbarment Sought for Lawyer Who Altered Law School Grades

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Apr 30 06:41

Britain ends combat operations in Iraq

"Today Iraq is a success story," Brown said after meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in London. "Britain can be proud of our legacy that we leave there."

Apr 30 06:40

Vaccination Programs Under Scrutiny (Part 3)

In the late 1990s, the U.S. Public Health Service and the American Academy of Pediatrics petitioned drug companies to remove thimerosal from vaccines intended for children. Why? Well, in one study that examined CDC statistics, researchers found evidence that children who receive just three vaccines containing thimerosal are 27 times more likely to develop autism, compared to children who get vaccinations containing no thimerosal. That's a 2,700 percent increase. Who needs more proof than that? Apparently, the current (2007) administration of the U.S. government does.

Apr 30 05:32

Combating Epidemic Ignorance

In the turbulent imagination of the hard-core conservative, American foreign policy should be about telling off the rest of the planet. According to the right-wing mind-set, a manly foreign policy would curtail any effort at seeking influence abroad, cut off assistance to developing countries, forget about improving our global image and, above all, withdraw from the existing international organizations, especially the United Nations, which is nothing more than a gargantuan waste of money and a hive of parasitic bureaucrats. Only if we brusquely and even violently dismiss the obnoxious foreigners who annoy us can we vindicate our political and moral superiority.

Then there is the real world

Apr 30 04:52

Beyond Waterboarding: What Interrogators Can Still Do

On his second day as President, Barack Obama ordered the agency to use the Army Field Manual as its interrogation playbook. The manual, originally written for Cold War prisoners but updated in 2006, states that "no [detainee], regardless of nationality or physical location, shall be subject to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment as defined in U.S. law." It also categorically states that harsh interrogation techniques are essentially useless. "Beyond being impermissible, these unlawful and unauthorized forms of treatment are unproductive because they may yield unreliable results, damage subsequent collection efforts, and result in extremely negative consequences at national and international levels."

April 29, 2009

Apr 29 22:11

Who Owns These Two Houses?

The first house in the top image covers more than 10,000 square feet and is at Belle Meade, an upscale city suburb of Nashville, Tennessee, and is the home of the ‘Environmentalist’ Al Gore.

Apr 29 21:56

Spain plugs in largest solar-tower power plant

The 531-foot solar tower, located near Seville, Spain, features a number of improvements on the first design and has exceeded the anticipated output. Called PS20, the installation is the largest in the world with a capacity of 20 megawatts, enough electricity to supply 10,000 homes, according to the company.

Apr 29 21:11

Obama’s teleprompter commits mutiny during major science speech

When the president was announcing the members of his science and technology council, the teleprompter froze up.

Not having note cards, what else could the president do but admonish the TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States) to knock it off.

Apr 29 21:00

Feds Forced Furtiveness for Photo-op Flight

Let's see now. You're planning a photo-op flight of Air Force One in front of the Statue of Liberty--at a cost to taxpayers of $328,835--and you know it could cause a panic among denizens of the Big Apple. Do you (a) let everyone know what to expect so that panic does not ensue or (b) force everyone to keep it a secret so that panic does ensue?

Apr 29 20:55

Enzi: It's 'war' in black community

Enzi: It's 'war' in black community
Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 12:30 am
"Peacekeeping is what the inner city desperately needs. We're awash in angry personalities who confuse force with strength and leave ballooning body counts as their only result. This is why we as citizens and African-Americans must make ending violent urban crime the internal civil rights movement of the 21st century for our own good and the national interest."

Apr 29 20:54

XP Mode in Windows 7 is a scam

IF YOU HAVEN'T been stuck in a cave lately, you will undoubtedly have heard that Windows Vista SP2.1, aka Windows 7, will have an 'XP mode'. Before you jump up and down for joy, you should know that it won't do what you think it will, it is a scam.

Apr 29 20:52

Obama’s teleprompter commits mutiny during major science speech

When the president was announcing the members of his science and technology council, the teleprompter froze up.

Not having note cards, what else could the president do but admonish the TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States) to knock it off.

Apr 29 20:14

GM to force up to 1,200 dealers out

General Motors Corp. told its dealers Tuesday that it will force 1,000 to 1,200 underperforming sites to close as the automaker tries to thin dealer ranks to make the remaining outlets more profitable.

Apr 29 20:13

First Mexico fatal flu victim sought help for days

Mexican health officials are still scrambling to understand how the illness broke out. Attention has focused on a town in Veracruz state near a large pig farm where another confirmed case of swine flu in a human was detected.

But Lezana said the presence of Eurasian swine flu genes in the H1N1 virus makes it unlikely that the disease originated in a Mexican pig farm.

Apr 29 19:32

State investigators: Dead Wellington polo horses had hemorrhaging lungs

With the necropsies on the 21 horses that died in Wellington on Sunday nearly complete, the Florida Department of Agriculture confirmed today that the horses suffered from hemorrhaging of the lungs.

"The thing that is consistent with all the horses is hemorrhaging and pulmonary edema," said Mark Fagan, spokesman for the agricultural department. "That's consistent through all the necropsies so far, and we certainly expect that with the remaining few necropsies."

Apr 29 19:17

Darwin's Radio: Prehistoric Gene Reawakens to Battle HIV

About 95% of the human genome has once been designated as "junk" DNA. While much of this sequence may be an evolutionary artifact that serves no present-day purpose, some junk DNA may function in ways that are not currently understood. The conservation of some junk DNA over many millions of years of evolution may imply an essential function that has been "turned off." Now scientists say there's a junk gene that fights HIV. And they've discovered how to turn it back on.

Apr 29 19:05

FLASHBACK - Bayer Distributes AIDS

Apr 29 19:04

'Extraordinary' £1m salary of the man we pay to fight poverty

The head of a Government-owned firm set up to eliminate world poverty has been criticised after earning almost £1million in a year.

MPs yesterday attacked the 'extraordinary' salary of Richard Laing, the chief executive of the former Commonwealth Development Corporation now known as CDC.

He took £970,000 in pay and bonuses in 2007, while other senior executives earned an average of £435,000.

CDC, which is wholly owned by the Department For International Development, uses private equity funds to plough money into poorer countries, mainly in Africa and Asia.

But MPs on the public accounts committee said there was only 'limited evidence' that CDC had made any impact on reducing Third World poverty.

Apr 29 19:02


Apr 29 18:02

U.S. Commerce Department: U.S. economy worst in 50 years

It's official. The United States is mired in its worst economic downturn in half a century, the U.S. Commerce Department reported Wednesday.

Apr 29 18:02

Swine flu? A panic stoked in order to posture and spend

We have gone demented. Two Britons are or were (not very) ill from flu. "This could really explode," intones a reporter for BBC News. "London warned: it's here," cries the Evening Standard. Fear is said to be spreading "like a Mexican wave". It "could affect" three-quarters of a million Britons. It "could cost" three trillion dollars. The "danger", according to the radio, is that workers who are not ill will be "worried" (perhaps by the reporter) and fail to turn up at power stations and hospitals.

Appropriately panicked, on Monday ministers plunged into their Cobra bunker beneath Whitehall to prepare for the worst. Had Tony Blair been about they would have worn germ warfare suits. British government is barking mad.

Apr 29 17:53

"Science is bad" - Religious Brainwash of Kids by Creationists

Two Creationists take home schooled kids on a tour of a natural history museum filling their minds with Young Earth Creationist Bullshit.

Apr 29 17:44

We need to be inoculated against outbreaks of panic

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 29 17:44

Time Warner forced to absorb film costs

Time Warner has been forced to absorb the cost of four films released in 2008 by its Warner Brothers subsidiary after one of the studio’s key financing partners failed to contribute its 50 per cent share.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The most creative writing at the studios is in the accounting department.

Apr 29 17:37

New Blow for Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Theory

The newest research, led by Gerta Keller of Princeton University in New Jersey, and Thierry Adatte of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, uses evidence from Mexico to suggest that the Chicxulub impact predates the K-T boundary by as much as 300,000 years.

"Keller and colleagues continue to amass detailed stratigraphic information supporting new thinking about the Chicxulub impact, and the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous," says H. Richard Lane, program director in the National Science Foundation (NSF)'s Division of Earth Sciences, which funded the research. "The two may not be linked after all."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Al Gore will announce that the dinosaurs died from global warming.

Apr 29 17:13

[Video] Heavy Watergate, The War Against Cold Fusion

Don't expect a rush to research cold fusion to avert "climate disaster" - it won't provide energy companies with an extra £800 per household in 2050.

Apr 29 17:12

Theatre Manager Assaulted By Anti-Alex Jones Vandal at Truth Action Ottawa Event

Apr 29 17:09

House Passes Hate Crime Bill - Jewish Groups Rejoice

There are many opinions on what the negative effects of this law will be to free speech and how it may be twisted to prosecute and censor anyone who may decide to speak about a 'repressed' minority.

One thing is not an opinion. The Feds will be able to step into state and local jurisdictions in violation of the constitution just by crying 'hate.'

Apr 29 17:03

"We Will Bury You!"

Monday, Nov. 26, 1956 "About the capitalist states, it doesn't depend on you whether or not we exist. If you don't like us. don't accept our invitations, and don't invite us to come to see you. Whether you like it or not. history is on our side. We will bury you!"

Just the day before, ambassadors of twelve NATO nations had walked out on a Khrushchev tirade that lumped Britain, France and Israel as bandits. Now Khrushchev was off again..

Apr 29 16:46

Billboards criticizing US aid to Israel taken down under pressure

According to information from Lamar, it appears groups claiming to be pro-Israel have conducted a campaign to pressure Lamar to remove the billboards. The Coalition believes this is a deliberate attempt to silence its right to free speech because the humanitarian message of the billboards supports equal rights for the Palestinian people, thereby necessitating criticism of Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"First Amendment? You don't get no First Amendment. We are Israel! We are above the Constitution!!!!"

Apr 29 16:45

Arlen Specter's Government Investigation

What do we have to look forward to , with Arlen Specter joining the Senate majority ?
He get's a full blown federal investigation going , an act of congress , so to speak , because The New England Patriots broke an official NFL regulation . ACORDING TO SPECTER !

Arlen Specter's SpyGate Government Investigation is a Waste of Time

As to why Senator Arlen Specter would be calling hearings on the Patriots SpyGate matter is beyond me. This is borderline absurd and a complete waste of taxpayer dollars.

Apr 29 16:30


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Page 6

Apr 29 15:50

We can’t get hands on flu drugs say London doctors

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Transation: This stuff is gonna COST YOU BIG TIME!!!!!!!

Apr 29 15:37

World 'unlikely to stop global warming reaching critical levels'

Meanwhile a separate study by the UK Energy Research Centre found meeting the target to cut greenhouse emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 will cost around £17 billion a year, or around £700 on the average electricity bill by 2050.

However, if people object to onshore wind farms and nuclear power stations, it will cost £20 billion a year, as more expensive technologies will have to be used, adding £800 to the electricity bill.

"If you object we'll make the headlines even scarier. Cough up suckers!"

Apr 29 15:36

World 'unlikely to stop global warming reaching critical levels'

Meanwhile a separate study by the UK Energy Research Centre found meeting the target to cut greenhouse emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 will cost around £17 billion a year, or around £700 on the average electricity bill by 2050.

However, if people object to onshore wind farms and nuclear power stations, it will cost £20 billion a year, as more expensive technologies will have to be used, adding £800 to the electricity bill.

"If you object we'll make the headlines even scarier. Cough up suckers!"

Apr 29 15:08

Mexico warns swine flu may deepen recession

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A deadly swine flu outbreak could push Mexico deeper into recession, but the epidemic's impact on the economy may be short-lived, Mexico's central bank said on Wednesday.

Mexico's economy is already limping badly because of falling demand for its exports and the central bank said in a report that the economy contracted by as much as 8 percent in the first quarter.

Apr 29 15:05

NASA may abandon plans for moon base

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 29 14:56

Egyptian Christians riot after swine flu cull

“Our pigs are healthy. They are our capital and they have no diseases,” said Adel Ishak, who feeds his pigs from the rubbish he collects in Manshiet Nasser, northeast of Cairo.

Apr 29 14:55


SOMETHING smells fishy in the market. And the aroma seems to be coming from Goldman Sachs.

Apr 29 14:54

FLASHBACK - Lawmakers sever ties between CDC and Big Pharma

Currently the CDC oversees vaccine research, safety and promotion, a situation that has been drawing more and more public criticism in recent years. The CDC compiles the list of vaccines that doctors are to give all children in the US, based on the recommendations of an advisory panel, and in many states kids can not attend day care or public schools unless they have received the CDC-endorsed vaccines.

A recommendation by the CDC guarantees a huge market for a vaccine and enables the drug company to use the government as a marketing device for its product. The annual global market for vaccines is expected to be over $10 billion this year.

Apr 29 14:53

California Marine has swine flu; 30 quarantined

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - About 30 U.S. Marines in southern California on the biggest military base in the United States have been quarantined after one of them was confirmed to have contracted the swine flu virus, the Marine Corps said on Wednesday.

The case was identified at the Twenty nine Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center and was confirmed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the base said in a statement.

Apr 29 14:52

Napolitano retracts 'passive surveillance' term

On Wednesday, Napolitano said that U.S. officials are "actively" questioning visitors at the border, asking questions about "whether they are ill, their travel history and the like."

She also discounted turning to thermal meters to gauge whether people are carrying a fever, and Napolitano also said she does not believe the facts of the current situation would merit closing the borders.

Apr 29 14:52

Jerusalem settlement 'extended'

Construction has begun on approximately 60 new homes in a Jewish settlement in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem, the Israeli campaign group Peace Now says.

The work, in East Talpiot settlement, is aimed at creating a belt around East Jerusalem that would sever it from the rest of the West Bank, the group says.

Settlements on occupied land are illegal under international law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Law, shmaw; Gold told us it's okay!"

Apr 29 14:51

The CDC, Vaccines and Autism

Nothing is new here. The CDC, the agency that runs the vaccine program, again has again produced a population study that shows vaccines aren't linked to neurological problems in children. The epidemic number of children with autism isn't even mentioned. The fact the CDC has an obvious bias in showing that vaccines haven't damaged hundreds of thousands of children because they also run the vaccine program isn't noted. Dr. Paul Offit, who is described only as from Philadelphia Children's Hospital, is included on the ABC NEWS report telling us that it was a mistake to ever remove mercury from vaccines. ABC NEWS
didn't think it was important to mention that Dr. Offit is himself a vaccine patent holder and is a member of the advisory committee that recommends the childhood vaccine schedule.

Apr 29 14:49

FLASHBACK - CDC research funding scandal 2.0

Some of you ME/CFS readers might remember that ten years ago the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) got caught misusing money Congress had appropriated specifically for CFS research by using it for other diseases instead. At the time, CDC employee/CFS researcher Bill Reeves blew the whistle on his colleagues and went on to take the lead in CFS research, including reallocating the misspent money for the research it was intended.

But, alas, it is now Reeves who has been apparently caught misappropriating money. And this time, instead of the money going to other research, it's simply going to a pet contractor.

Apr 29 14:45

WHO confirms pandemic threat raised to 5

GENEVA (Reuters) - World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan raised the pandemic threat awareness level to 5 on Wednesday, meaning the world is at imminent risk of a pandemic from H1N1 swine flu.

"I have decided to raise the level of influenza pandemic alert from phase 4 to phase 5," Chan told a news briefing.

Level 6 is the final stage, a pandemic -- a global epidemic of a new and deadly disease.

Apr 29 14:29

WHO raises pandemic alert level

A phase five alert means human-to-human transmission in at least two countries.

Apr 29 14:25

Swine Flu Alert Level Up To Second Highest

The World Health Organisation has raised the pandemic threat level over the swine flu outbreak to five - its second highest level.

Apr 29 14:13

WHO says swine flu moving toward pandemic level

GENEVA (AP) — The World Health Organization says the swine flu outbreak is moving closer to becoming a pandemic.

WHO flu chief Dr. Keiji Fukuda told reporters on Wednesday that developments in the disease are moving the agency closer to raising its pandemic alert to phase 5, indicating widespread human-to-human transmission.

He said the health body was monitoring the situation but was not yet ready to move the pandemic alert level up from its current level of 4, which means it is being passed among people.

Apr 29 14:06

Don't let swine flu news silence Gaza Atrocities

Physicians offer chilling account of Gaza atrocities
By Marc Abizeid, Special to The Daily Star
April 28, 2009

BEIRUT: Renowned Chinese-English physician Dr. Swee Ang gave a moving testimony on Saturday of Israel's destruction in the Gaza Strip as witnessed in her recent trip to the tiny Palestinian enclave. "Cluster bombs, deliberate assassinations of whole families that they would line up and shoot," Ang said as she listed a number of acts committed by Israel during its 22-day assault on Gaza in December and January that left over 1,400 Palestinians dead.
"The Israelis would wait until the ambulances got the wounded and then attack them, killing and injuring the drivers," she continued.

Apr 29 14:01

Feds knew Air Force One photo-op flyover might spark panic in the city - but didn't give a hoot

Federal officials knew a flyover in lower Manhattan could spark chaos and panic in the streets below - but they did it anyway.

Apr 29 13:19

How they Debunk Antarctic for Al Hore

The British Antarctic Survey, working with NASA, last week confirmed ice around Antarctica has grown 100,000 sq km each decade for the past 30 years.
"""the word "NASA" should tell u this is Lie"""

“Our results show the complexity of climate change across the Earth. While there is increasing evidence that the loss of sea ice in the Arctic has occurred due to human activity, in the Antarctic human influence through the ozone hole has had the reverse effect and resulted in more ice. Although the ozone hole is in many ways holding back the effects of greenhouse gas increases on the Antarctic, this will not last, as we expect ozone levels to recover by the end of the 21st Century. By then there is likely to be around one third less Antarctic sea ice.”

Apr 29 13:18

Trying to debunk Antarctica for Al Hore

New York City-sized ice collapses off Antarctica

The new icebergs added to 330 sq kms of ice that broke up earlier this month with the shattering of an ice bridge apparently pinning the Wilkins in place between Charcot island and the Antarctic Peninsula.She said 370 sq kms of ice had cracked up in recent days from the Shelf, the latest of about 10 shelves on the Antarctic Peninsula to retreat in a trend linked by the U.N. Climate Panel to global warming.

this seems very bogus to me,
this happens every year at the end of summer down there
and was there not a link on this site saying that Antarctica was growing ?

Apr 29 13:04

How Old is the Universe?

If we compare the two age determinations, there is a potential crisis. If the universe is flat, and dominated by ordinary or dark matter, the age of the universe as inferred from the Hubble constant would be about 9 billion years. The age of the universe would be shorter than the age of oldest stars. This contradiction implies that either 1) our measurement of the Hubble constant is incorrect, 2) the Big Bang theory is incorrect or 3) that we need a form of matter like a cosmological constant that implies an older age for a given observed expansion rate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

at least NASA is now willing to consider that the Big Bang theory is incorrect.

But again, looking at the farthest detectable object (lower down on this page), we reach a paradox which strongly suggests that the Big Bang theory is flat-out wrong.

Apr 29 12:51

DOD Can’t Handle the Truth?

As we have witnessed in the hunt for Osama, our satellite-photo-addicted intel shops can’t tell us much. But there is a vast amount of 4GW material available open-source: Web sites by and about our opponents, works by civilian academics, material from think-tanks, reports from businessmen who travel in areas we are interested in – the pile is almost bottomless. Every American soldier with access to a computer can find almost anything he needs. Much of it is both more accurate and more useful than what filters down through the military intelligence chain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The DOD is putting blinders on our troops because the fact is that we are the bad guys in his war and DOD does not want any more soldiers figuring that out for themselves.

Apr 29 12:49

Spanish judge opens probe into Guantanamo torture

A Spanish judge on Wednesday opened an investigation into an alleged "systematic programme" of torture at the US Guantanamo Bay detention camp, following accusations by four former prisoners.

Judge Baltasar Garzon will probe the "perpetrators, the instigators, the necessary collaborators and accomplices" to crimes of torture at the prison at the US naval base in southern Cuba, he said in his ruling, a copy of which was seen by AFP.

The judge based his decision on statements by Hamed Abderrahman Ahmed, known as the "Spanish Taliban" and three other former Guantanamo detainees -- a Moroccan, a Palestinian and a Libyan.

Apr 29 12:41

Swine influenza - WHO update

As of 18:00 GMT, 29 April 2009, nine countries have officially reported 148 cases of swine influenza A/H1N1 infection. The United States Government has reported 91 laboratory confirmed human cases, with one death. Mexico has reported 26 confirmed human cases of infection including seven deaths.

The following countries have reported laboratory confirmed cases with no deaths - Austria (1), Canada (13), Germany (3), Israel (2), New Zealand (3), Spain (4) and the United Kingdom (5).

WHO advises no restriction of regular travel or closure of borders.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a major disconnect between the actual (lack of) severity of this epidemic, and the fear-mongering we are seeing in the media.

Apr 29 12:37

The New American Century Has Not Been Cancelled

Anyone who thought the neoconservative project for a new American hegemony was finally cancelled when Obama came to power, promising to change Bush's failed course in Iraq and Afghanistan, has by now had their hopes dashed. The Obama administration has proven itself just as inclined to interventionism and picking up the White Man's Burden as Dubya ever was, albeit with a less coarse and selfish face.

Apr 29 12:35

Accountability, Torture, and the Obama Administration

Witness Against Torture's 100 Days Campaign to Close Guantanamo and End Torture began in the heady days following President Obama's Executive Orders, signed on day one, promising the closure of the detention camp at Guantanamo within a year and ending the CIA's "enhanced interrogation" program.

Apr 29 12:34

Blood Lust

War. The ultimate game. An addiction to death and the rush it brings. Even tho war is hell, many players cannot fathom doing anything else..ever. I know such a man. A man trying to leave the "theater" behind but cant because as he puts it, "it is what I am good at." But there is a more sinister underlying reason people such as these return for tour after tour and make the military their life's careers. The true warrior is of a different breed than the ones repulsed by death and destruction but live by the creed, "I like killing things." Blood lust. Pleasure derived in death.

Apr 29 12:34

Join Christian Peace Witness for Iraq in Washington, D.C.!

Apr 29 12:33

100 Days to Close Guantánamo and End Torture

Apr 29 12:29

Swine flu genes from pigs alone

The deadly H1N1 flu virus that’s fuelling fears of a global pandemic appears to be a hybrid of two common pig flu strains, scientists who have studied the disease have told Wired. Earlier reports called it a combination of pig, human and avian influenza strains.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

and they say Twitter is the one spreading misinformation!

Apr 29 12:10

A complete list of things caused by global warming

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 29 11:44

Larry Summers is a Big Fat Idiot

Of course, Summers was one of the people most responsible for gutting the Depression-era banking laws which helped protect our economy, allowing the big financial institutions to speculate and gamble using insane amounts of leverage, and insisting that toxic derivatives be left completely unregulated.

Arianna Huffington, Naomi Klein and others have argued that - even if smart - his ideas are toxic.

But Friday, Summers proved that he's really not that smart. On Friday, Summers basically said we should continue to do the exact same things which got us into this mess

Xmas w/o borders
Apr 29 11:42

Introducing the Holo-Disc

The products that GE plans to sell based on the technology -- starting in 2012 -- will work in devices similar to current disc readers, allowing buyers to still access and play their old albums, movies, and other media. Crucially, at least from a cost perspective, GE says the new discs will also be manufactured using the same molded plastic technique that's currently used for making discs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Data storage isn't the problem any more for home users, data MANAGEMENT is.

Most home users use their disk drives like closets, simply shoving in more files wherever they may fit. After a few years, you can wind up with stacks of disks and no clue what is on them or where to find things.

New intelligent tools are needed for sorting and categorizing and indexing the inevitable accumulation of files that accompanies increased data storage.

I also hope that the promise of a 100 year life-span is accurate. We heard the same promises when CD-ROM was introduced, then value-engineering resulted in disks that erased themselves after only a few years.

Apr 29 11:37

Brett Dennen - Ain't No Reason (Official Single Video)

It is our routines and our comforts that allow us to ignore social issues. For some of us, it is our privilege to be ignorant. This video tells the story of social issues challenging our privileges and entering our routines making them impossible to ignore. Social injustice cannot be ignored when you are forced to deal with them.

Apr 29 11:30

FLASHBACK - Castro Blames the C.I.A. For an Epidemic in Cuba

President Fidel Castro said tonight that he shared the profound suspicion of many Cubans that a series of disastrous crop blights and the current epidemic of dengue fever, which has killed 113 people, including 81 children, were deliberately introduced into Cuba by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Back in 1981, we dismissed such claims as the ravings of "The Enemy."

But today, in the post "Saddam's nooks" age and amid revelations of the institutionalized use of torture by the US government, it may be that we were a bit too hasty in our prejudices.

Apr 29 11:25

GDP Down 6.1%, Reflecting Continuing Economic Woes

Apr 29 11:18

Crown Dependency of Forvik - Vehicle Licenses

On 29th April 2008 I put an old Landrover car on the Shetland roads. It has a Forvik numberplate, Forvik tax disc and an FK sticker for country of registration. On the vehicle is a notice:

Tax Free Vehicle
This vehicle is not subject to UK statutes
No consent is given for any clamping, towing, confiscation, or impounding,
The owner reserves the right to charge
£1,000 plus expenses
for any infringement of this notice.
By carrying out any of the above actions you
enter into a contract agreeing to these terms.

Apr 29 11:13

The US should cut military spending in half

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More than that. Think of how much money we could save if we were not traveling around the world killing Israel's enemies.

Apr 29 11:08

Four generals detained in Hariri case freed

Four Lebanese generals detained for nearly four years in connection with the 2005 assassination of ex-premier Rafiq Hariri were freed on Wednesday following a ruling to that effect by a special UN court,

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another frame-up collapses.

So, who really killed Hariri, and why?

You get three guesses and the first two don't count.

Apr 29 11:01

Taliban gunmen shooting couple dead for adultery caught on camera

In footage which is being watched with horror by Pakistanis, the couple try to flee when they realise what is about to happen. But a gunman casually shoots the man and then the woman in the back with a burst of gunfire, leaving them bleeding in the dirt.

Apr 29 10:56

Secretive Bank Stress Tests Heighten Investor Stress

The bank stress test of the nation’s 19-largest financial institutions is a flawed exercise that threatens to elevate the very economic-system stress it was designed to relieve.

Apr 29 10:55

US 'losing control' in Afghanistan

Richard Armitage, a former US deputy secretary of state, has told Al Jazeera that the conflict in Afghanistan may be "spinning out of control".

Apr 29 10:55

World Bank finds Israel’s water policy hard to swallow

As a former, and by many accounts successful, finance minister, Benjamin Netanyahu presumably knows his way around economics. So when the Israeli prime minister says he will work to provide the Palestinians with economic, if not political, independence, might that not suggest his hard-line government understands that a prosperous Palestine would be an important first step towards a more stable Middle East?

Apr 29 10:52

Supreme Court Rules that Government Can Fine for 'Fleeting Expletives'

The Supreme Court said yesterday that the Federal Communications Commission may penalize even the occasional use of certain expletives on the airwaves but left for another day the question of whether such a policy is constitutional.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 29 10:48

FBI E-Mail Says Bush Authorized Abuse of Iraqis

Senior FBI agents stationed in Iraq in 2004 claimed in an e-mail that President George W. Bush signed an executive order approving the use of military dogs, sleep deprivation and other harsh tactics to intimidate Iraqi detainees.

Apr 29 10:47

Detective suspended after cocaine worth nearly £150k allegedly found in his car

Police said: “An officer has been bailed without charge pending further enquiries and suspended from duty.”

Apr 29 10:46

Biden Son and Brother Near Epicenter of Two Ponzi Schemes

As I have said many times, the bad guys always try to get near centers of power. Joe Biden was a very powerful Senator when Stanford and Rusciano sought to do business with his son and brother.

It appears that the most likely explanation for the Bidens' possible involvement with two bad guys is that they are clueless about finance, probably set the business up, in part, to trade off of the Senator's power, and never had a clue as to the types of bad guys that would circle around to give the appearance of being close to such power.

Apr 29 10:45

The False "Profits" of Christian Zionism

But these false prophets are making big profits sowing fear and confusion, whether it's Israel making a gift of a customized Lear Jet to Jerry Falwell or John Hagee paying himself over a million dollars a year in TAX FREE money while having several palaces to live in, like the $2.1 million 7,969-acre ranch outside Brackettville, Texas , with five lodges, including a "main lodge" and a gun locker. It also includes a manager's house, a smokehouse, a skeet range and three barns or the six-bedroom, 5,275-square-foot house in one of San Antonio's most exclusive gated communities, The Dominion. The house, similar in architectural style to the building at Cornerstone Church - classical Greek revival and white with tall pillars reaching from the ground to the roof - is appraised at $688,900.

Apr 29 10:43

Torture; the other Red Meat.

There’s a kind of irony in the fact that the former, talk out of this particular hole in their body and the substance of their words is the very substance known to proceed out of that very same hole. They might well know that 9/11 was an Inside Job but they don’t want to know because the obvious conclusion of ‘who’ was behind the 9/11 attacks threatens the pursuit of their appetites and threatens their position among the other chimps in the zoo, as it threatens their ability to spoon feed their children with preposterous lies in the interest of protecting them from dangers that only the truth could deliver them from.

Apr 29 10:36

Lights Out

The United States electricity grid is old, creaky, and getting more vulnerable by the day. Most people won't think twice about the dynamics involved that work in tandem to supply the "juice" to the outlet.

Apr 29 10:21

Calamity Jane Harman Shoots Herself in the Foot

The exposure of the Jane Harman-AIPAC axis of treason has exploded the illusion of the Israel Lobby’s invulnerability. Here they thought they had the AIPAC espionage trial swept safely under the rug, or nearly so, what with the prosecution of two former top Lobby officials seemingly stalled indefinitely, and the Justice Department "reviewing" whether to pursue the case. Not only that, but accused Israeli spy Steve Rosen is riding high, having recently been instrumental in the downfall of Obama administration appointee Charles Freeman.

Apr 29 10:18

Cheney's Twisted World

It’s wise, I believe, to resuscitate al-Libi’s story right now for two particular reasons. The first is because, when he was handed over to US forces by the Pakistanis, he became the first high-profile captive to be fought over in a tug-of-war between the FBI, which wanted to play by the rules, and the CIA -- backed up by the most hawkish figures in the White House and the Pentagon -- who didn’t.

Apr 29 10:16

Zionist Lobby Targets Another Tenured Professor

I said, in presenting this material, I said that Gaza is Israel's Warsaw and I explained the context. That's because in Warsaw the Nazi's surrounded Warsaw, concentrated Jews in Warsaw, wouldn't let anyone in, wouldn't let anyone out, wouldn't let supplies in, wouldn't let supplies out; as a result there was famine and disease and so forth...

DH: Which is exactly what's...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, is Abe Foxman not committing the same egregious offenses that Joseph McCarthy did?

Apr 29 10:12


WE Palestinians are often asked where the Palestinian Gandhi is and urged to adopt nonviolent methods in our struggle for freedom from Israeli military rule. On April 17, an Israeli soldier killed my good friend Bassem Abu Rahme at a nonviolent demonstration against Israeli confiscation of Palestinian land. Bassem was one of many Palestinian Gandhis.

Apr 29 10:11


On Saturday, Australia’s most well-known cartoonist and social commentator Michael Leunig, gave his readers a disturbing account of how the time-honoured traits of decency and caring for others in what we call our civilised world, are fast giving way to the callous “me first” syndrome with dire consequences for the human condition that few realise will inevitably affect even them. He recounts a shocking incident where a women is accosted by a group of men in a suburban street and is saved by a 72-year-old man who is badly beaten, but lives with honour intact. He then reminds us about the incomprehensible atrocities taking place in Gaza against an imprisoned and defenceless people while most of the world turns away without any sense of outrage or compassion.

Apr 29 10:10


Mohammed Al-Sheikh Yousef could save his eyesight if only he could cross the border out of Gaza. He was denied a permit by Israel; he got one from Egypt, but not for someone to accompany him. And he can’t go on his own because he cannot see very well.

“If Mohammed does not get out of Gaza for medical treatment within the next 14 days, he may totally lose his eyesight and be blind for life,” Dr. Mawia Hasaneen, head of the ambulance and emergency service for Gaza hospitals told IPS in a telephone interview.
“In the past few weeks we have received 150 appeals from people in Gaza who are in need of urgent medical care,” says Ran Yaron from Physicians for Human Rights, a human rights group in Israel that campaigns on behalf of Palestinian patients to obtain exit permits for healthcare.

Apr 29 10:06

FLASHBACK - President Bush Fails To Gain International Criminal Immunity For War Crimes With Which He Has Not Been Charged

Even though no War Crimes charges have been brought against President Bush by the International Criminal Court, the Bush Administration has been lobbying hard for another year of War Crimes immunity.

The United Nations refused.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember back in 2002 and 2003 when President Bush was arm-twisting other nations to grant US forces and officials immunity from war crimes prosecutions? And the more astute observers (moi?) were pointing out that nobody would spend that much political capitol on immunity unless one was planning or already committing war crimes? And the Bush defenders kept insisting that the immunity was to prevent "harassment" of our government officials?

Well, now we know that at the same time Bush was lobbying for immunity for war crimes, torture was taking Place, WHICH PROVES THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION KNEW THEY WERE COMMITTING WAR CRIMES AT THE TIME!

Apr 29 10:02

Democrats Urge Torture Probe by Special Counsel

US Attorney General Eric Holder testifies before Congress while protesters hold signs urging him to prosecute members of the Bush administration for authorizing torture.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As far as I am concerned the entire government is delegitimized by the torture scandal, and while I predict that the Special Counsel will accomplish no more than did Ken Starr or Laurence Walsh, I also predict there will be a renewed fight over the Coleman/Frankin Senate seat in order to prevent the Democrats from gaining that filibuster-proof Senate. In fact, Al, if you are reading this, stay out of small airplanes!

Personally I thin we ought to ship the entire Bush administration to the Hague right now.

Apr 29 09:53

Goldman Sachs Hires Barney Frank Staffer To Be Its Lobbyist

The Goldman Sachs relationshp with Congress has just gotten even more intimate. Goldman has grown another tentacle, designed to grab directly at the House Financial Services Committee chair Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass.

Apr 29 09:53

Dutch Publication: Prince Bernhard was deeply involved in weapons trade

Although there is some sense in the general public of what the prince was up to, he is usually characterised as a somewhat corrupt but nevertheless lovable scoundrel. Aalders asks himself:

'How does a man who lies, scams, accepts bribes, cheats on his wife, serves only his own interests, consorts with unreliable individuals, arms deals, corrupts ministers, continuously spreads false stories about himself, remain so extremely popular for so long?'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Because he is living the life so many secretly wish they could?