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July 21, 2010

Jul 21 07:59

'Mossad agents' expelled from Mauritius

Israeli men arrested upon arrival on island by officers claiming they came to spy on Dubai citizens.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"No, really, honest; we just wanna watch them. That's all. Really.

Jul 21 07:56

IDF destroys West Bank village after declaring it military zone

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Poof, you're a military zone!

Jul 21 07:56

BP: A Long, Bloody History of Reckless Greed

British Petroleum, the company responsible for the worst single-source environmental catastrophe in U.S. history, has over its 100-year history caused a number of environmental and workplace disasters. But the harm BP has caused goes further. In the early 1950s, BP and the British government convinced the U.S. to overthrow the democratic government of Iran - an action that has had disastrous consequences for Iran, the U.S., and the Middle East to this day.

Jul 21 07:53

Palestinian Holocaust: Children Victims of Cast Lead


Jul 21 07:51

Sources: Blagojevich sticking by his decision not to testify

It looks like former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich hasn’t changed his mind about not testifying in his own defense against corruption charges, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times this morning.

Jul 21 07:51

Secret gold swap has spooked the market

It takes a lot to spook the solid old gold market. But when it emerged last week that one or more banks had lent 380 tonnes of gold to the Bank of International Settlements in return for foreign currencies, there was widespread surprise and confusion

Webmaster's Commentary: 

font size=4>Ever notice how these little events that shake confidence in gold always happen at the start of a drop in the stock market?

Jul 21 07:49

When will the Israelis learn?

on Tuesday that his forces were ready to move on inhabited areas in Lebanon where Hizbullah is allegedly stockpiling its arsenal, should his country and the Shiite group soon come to blows.

We wonder whether the head of Israel’s military will next inform us that the sun rises in the east. We would encourage Ashkenazi to consult the history of his forces, which have attacked almost nothing but inhabited areas during their regular parades of military hardware through our country.

Jul 21 07:45

On The Israeli Right's New 'Peace' Agenda by Gilad Atzmon

As the Israelis are becoming conscious of their inevitable tragic circumstances, a final desperate attempt to rescue the Zionist project has come to life. Astonishingly enough it is the Israeli right that is now pushing for ‘one binational State.’ It is pretty staggering to find out that while the Israeli so-called ‘left’ is locked within the 1967 territorial paradigm that is fueled by Judeo centric racial ideology, it is actually the hawkish Zionist thinkers who are willing to move the discourse forward.

Jul 21 07:44

Memo to Congressional Democrats: Obama Screwed YOU too

Jul 21 07:43


Instead of talking ‘Peace’, Israel discloses its plans for their next war….

“The IDF has … implemented operational changes in its orders and combat doctrine designed to further minimize civilian casualties and damage to civilian property in the future,” the report said.

Jul 21 07:42


He easily forgets that most Ashkenazi Jews are actually Russians, poles, and other East Europeans of Khazari origin, brought by Zionism to Palestine to live on land that belongs to another people. Besides, since when did God promise these racist thugs the land of Palestine?”

Jul 21 07:41


Jul 21 07:41


“Never Again” means never again to crimes against humanity and dehumanization anywhere in the world. Liberate all ghettos.

Jul 21 07:40

Michigan Says Enough To Fed: Takes Matters Into Own Hands As It Starts Using Own Currency...And Gold

If the ruling kleptocrats, pardon, the Fed, demand on being such an intimate part of everyday life, and procuring all of the population's real wealth and cash producing assets in the process, said population has a choice of either going with this sheepish approach, and meekly allowing the loaded gun to be parked at its temple, or do what Michigan, with its 99.9% real unemployment, has decided to do.

Jul 21 07:33

$500,000 Damages in Genetic Rice Trial

A federal jury awarded a rice farmer $500,000 for his claim that genetically modified rice contaminated his crop. It was the third of five "bellwether" trials involving hundreds of lawsuits that farmers have filed against Bayer CropScience. The complaints are the result of an August 2006 announcement that LibertyLink, a herbicide-resistant rice, had somehow been released from testing facilities. The rice had not yet been approved for sale for human consumption, causing rice futures to plunge.

Jul 21 07:31

NAACP 'snookered' over video of former USDA employee

The NAACP has retracted its original statement condemning comments made by a former Agriculture Department official who resigned after a video clip surfaced of her discussing a white farmer.

The NAACP said in a statement Tuesday that it was "snookered by Fox News" and conservative website publisher Andrew Breitbart.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am still operating on the theory that race relations are being disrupted to make this the issue for the November elections.

Jul 21 07:29

All immigrants face mandatory language test

Her first language is English. Yet like all other skilled immigrants applying to settle in Canada, the American corporate lawyer must now take a language test to prove her English is good enough to settle here.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Back in the 1980s, when I worked briefly in Germany and Italy, I made a point of learning as much of those languages as I could to be able to get around, because that is the courteous thing to do. I never really mastered those languages, of course, but the mere fact that I was making the attempt impressed the locals and they extended every courtesy to help me along. In contrast, other Americans who showed up assuming that everyone would speak English for them (a group of Texans at Herrenchiemsee is a particularly vivid memory) got a major cold shoulder. Most Germans and Italians do speak excellent English; they just resented the attitude that they had to do it to please the noisy foreigners.

Jul 21 07:22

Jurists say Arab's rape conviction sets dangerous precedent

Sabbar Kashur, 30, had consensual sex with a woman after he posed as a Jewish bachelor interested in a long-term relationship.

When the woman found Kashur was not a Jew but an Arab, she filed a police complaint that led to charges of rape and indecent assault.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Interesting. There was another country that had laws criminalizing sex between the "pure" race and the "mongrels." Can't recall the name of the place off the top my my head but their leader wore this crazy Charlie Chaplain mustache... :)

Jul 21 07:18

The phony "withdraw" hype

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The troop levels haven't changed. The troop labels have changed.

Jul 21 07:09

Do you think the famous surrealist Magritte was trying to tell us something??

Jul 21 06:19

Edward Bernays and the Assassination of Democracy

From Episode Two of the film series "The Century of the Self" by Adam Curtis. The nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays started his business life as a publicist. While still in his twenties, he was part of the propaganda effort that drove the United States into in World War I (WW I.)

He personally advised several US presidents starting with Woodrow Wilson and counseled numerous corporations and business associations. Hitler's propaganda chief and Nazi henchman Joseph Goebbels was a reader and fan of Bernay's writing in particular Bernay's book "Crystalizing Public Opinion."

In this short excerpt from Curtis's film we see one example of Bernays at work.

July 20, 2010

Jul 20 23:51

Olympia Food Co-op removes Israeli goods from shelves; first US store to institute boycott

By Haitham Sabbah

Olympia, WA– The Olympia Food Co-op Board of Directors has decided to boycott Israeli goods at their two locations in Olympia, Washington. At a July 15th meeting packed with Co-op members, the Board reached this consensus. The Co-op becomes the first US grocery store to publicly join the international grassroots movement for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) on Israel for its human rights abuses.

Co-op board member Rob Richards explained, “My hope is that by being the first in the US to adopt the boycott we act as a catalyst for other co-ops to join in. Each additional organizational entity that joins may have a very small effect on the big picture, but drop by drop fills the tub.”

Jul 20 23:19

BBC HARDtalk: Israeli Arab Minister of Knesset Haneen Zoabi [VIDEO]

Arab Knesset member Haneen Zoabi who has had her diplomatic privileges revoked by parliament has condemned what she calls the civilian ‘siege’ of Gaza. She was sanctioned this week for taking part in the Gaza flotilla convoy last month.

Jul 20 22:42

Money Laundering and the Global Drug Trade Fueled by Capitalist Elites

When investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker broke the story four years ago that a DC-9 (N900SA) "registered to a company which once used as its address the hangar of Huffman Aviation, the flight school at the Venice, Florida Airport which trained both terrorist pilots who crashed planes into the World Trade Center, was caught in Campeche by the Mexican military ... carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine destined for the U.S.," it elicited a collective yawn from corporate media.

Jul 20 22:39

Job losses in Gulf region could reach 100,000 or more

A July 19 report by Moody’s Analytics estimates that as many as 100,000 jobs and $7.4 billion could be lost in the Gulf region as a direct result of the BP oil spill. These numbers represent the high end of the estimated impact of the BP oil spill in the Gulf, according to the company.

Jul 20 22:18

House Majority Leader: Gitmo Closure ‘Not a Priority’

Some 18 months after President Barack Obama announced to all Americans that the detention center at Guantanamo Bay would be closed within a year, it remains as open and active as ever, with large numbers of detainees still being held without charges and only one possible civilian trial already set up going forward.

Jul 20 22:16

Top Officials Reiterate Pledges to Continue Afghan War

On the eve of the latest policy conference, top US and NATO officials have arrived in Kabul to pledge their support to the continuation of the Afghan War, with promises of an unending commitment to propping up the Karzai government going forward.

Jul 20 22:12

Walter Williams: The Founders' vision against ours

By: Walter Williams
Examiner Columnist

July 8, 2010 We've just finished celebrating our founders' 1776 revolt against King George III and the English Parliament. Let's reflect how the founders might judge today's Americans and how today's Americans might judge them.

Jul 20 22:12

Food Co-Op in Rachel Corrie's Hometown Boycotts Israeli Goods

Olympia is the hometown of the International Solidarity Movement activist Rachel Corrie who was killed seven years ago in Gaza - a Caterpillar bulldozer ran over her as she tried to prevent demolition of a Palestinian house. Last month, the student body of Evergreen State College in Olympia, where she studied, passed two resolutions which called for the college foundation "to divest from companies that profit from Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine

Jul 20 19:06

BP 'Awarded' MASSIVE Iraq Oil Contracts in Gordon Brown's 'New World Order'

Iraqi oil fields become a treasure trove for the usual suspects as our soldiers protect their booty

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Is anyone still confused as to why we continue the absurd wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

In Afghanistan, the Director of the CIA has openly boasted that fewer than 100 Al Qaida members remain there, yet there are reportedly 102,000 U.S servicemen and at least 120,000 private contractors still stationed there. Incidentally, the recent "discovery" of vast mineral deposits is being touted as a new justification to stay.

Jul 20 17:47

Climategate inquiry glosses over the facts

The tone of the Climategate inquiries was set by Britain's parliamentary inquiry. With an election looming, the parliamentary committee could only hold one day of hearings, and found that the scientists involved had not attempted to mislead people.

Yet the hearings did not include testimony from the most severe critics of the hockey stick graphic, such as Canadians Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick, who could have explained exactly why the e-mails did suggest impropriety.

The parliamentary inquiry was also assured by the UEA that the quality of the science would be reviewed by another inquiry to be headed by Lord Oxburgh. Yet Lord Oxburgh's panel handed down a short report which did not examine the quality of the science at all.

Jul 20 17:29

JEFF GATES: Sayanim — Israeli Operatives in the U.S.

Sayanim — Israeli Operatives in the U.S.

Americans know that something fundamental is amiss. They sense—rightly—that they are being misled no matter which political party does the leading.

A long misinformed public lacks the tools to grasp how they are being deceived. Without those tools, Americans will continue to be frustrated at being played for the fool.

When the “con” is clearly seen, “the mark” (that’s us) will see that all roads lead to the same duplicitous source: Israel and its operatives. The secret to Israel’s force-multiplier in the U.S. is its use of agents, assets and sayanim (Hebrew for volunteers).

Jul 20 15:06

37 Year Old Greek Investigative Journalist And Blogger Murdered

The Guardian reports that the prominent Greek reporter and blogger Socratis Giolas was allegedly murdered by the Sect of Revolutionaries terror group, after being shot 16 times in front of his pregnant wife. "The 37-year-old radio chief is the first journalist to be killed in the country since newspaper publisher Nikos Monferatos was gunned down by the infamous 17 November terror group in 1985. Giolas, who was also a frequent blogger, posting reports on popular online newsblog Troktiko, sought to illuminate Greece's seamier underside. The shooting came days before he was due to release an investigative series on corruption, colleagues said

Jul 20 14:23

"The Real Terrorists, 9/11 FOIAs Denied, Economic Realism"

The Corbett Report

Jul 20 13:11

CIA to UNICEF, big aid has a very dirty secret

CIA to UNICEF, big aid has a very dirty secret
By Thomas C. Mountain
Jul 20, 2010, 00:21
ASMARA, Eritrea -- Former national security advisor in the Clinton White House and failed nominee to head the CIA, Anthony “Tony” Lake is now executive director of the United Nations Children Fund, UNICEF.
Having a background in Western intelligence is a requirement to run a Big Aid “familia.” Every head of any of the major international aid agencies comes vetted by years of loyal service up to and including being a “made man” (or woman in today’s equal opportunity offender circles) like Tony Lake.

Jul 20 13:10

Sarkozy accused of working for Israeli intelligence

As if his marital challenges were not enough cause for concern, "Sarco the Sayan" has suddenly emerged as the most infamous accolade of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The influential French daily Le Figaro last week revealed that the French leader once worked for -- and perhaps still does, it hinted -- Israeli intelligence as a sayan (Hebrew for helper), one of the thousands of Jewish citizens of countries other than Israel who cooperate with the katsas (Mossad case-officers).

Jul 20 12:51

The Botox Fix for a Sovereign Debt Burst

Central Banks are owned and controlled by private interests. The interest they charge governments needs to be paid with new money that is created into existence by an accounting entry, again at additional interest. It is a mathematical impossibility to pay off all the debt under this malevolent system. Government has added to this duplicity by enacting laws that force every citizen and even the State itself to honor fiat currency as the only legal tender acceptable for transactions and debt repayment. Is it any wonder that the economic world is ready to collapse under a mountain of counterfeit debt?

Jul 20 12:41

Woman allegedly mocked during airport strip search.

Flynn — a frequent traveller who has been strip-searched twice before — said this time was different. She said the women made her bend over a table, open her legs, and squat and cough. They asked her personal questions, like when she last had sex, Flynn said.

She fought back tears throughout the ordeal.

“I thought, if I start crying, they're gonna think I'm guilty,” she said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Any TSA bozo tries that with my wife; they are going to the hospital or the morgue and I don't care how long they lock me up. Enough is enough!

Jul 20 12:34

6.6 Quake hits New Guinea

Jul 20 12:24

Hillary Clinton: Pakistani Government Knows Where Bin Laden Is

Jul 20 11:53

FLASHBACK - ROV films oil leak coming from rock cracks on seafloor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is from June, before the well was capped.

Jul 20 11:32

California Official's $800,000 Salary in City of 38,000 Triggers Protests

Hundreds of residents of one of the poorest municipalities in Los Angeles County shouted in protest last night as tensions rose over a report that the city’s manager earns an annual salary of almost $800,000.

Jul 20 11:31

Top Expert: There Were No Natural Seeps Within 3 Kilometers of Blown Out Well

Berkeley engineering professor Bob Bea has very little confidence in what’s been said publicly about the seeps.

He’s troubled that we’re just now hearing about seeps three kilometers away, because a survey of the seabed conducted before BP drilled its well didn’t indicate anything like that.

Jul 20 11:25


Why would a supposedly Pro Palestinian Blogger devote herself to the defamation of Jews involved in the Palestinian cause?

They wouldn’t!

The person’s aim is openly to disgrace the entire cause and make it appear as if Palestinians and their supporters are anti Semites. This is not the case at all …. only the zionists themselves attempt to make that an issue. The aim may not be openly disgrace the cause. The problem is a confusion of issues to the point that one doubts what the aims are, because if they don’t have real arguments, they effortlessly fall into the same exact traps that the zionists do, using the same racial profiling techniques, and focus on the messenger and not the message.

Jul 20 11:23

What Those Who Killed the Tar Sands Report Don't Want You to Know

Fortunately, civilians can do what politicians can't. In the interests of accountability and transparency, I read through 300 pages of evidence and pulled out the sort of uncomfortable revelations that Ottawa doesn't want U.S. oil customers, industry investors or Canadian taxpayers to know.

The evidence, of course, all points to one embarrassing conclusion: Ottawa has managed its mandate in the tar sands as irresponsibly as the U.S. Mineral Management Services oversaw the safety of deep sea drilling in the Gulf.

Jul 20 11:16

On this day in 1969 - One Small Step

Jul 20 11:07

On this date in 1993 - The Death of Vincent Foster: The murder that launched WRH

Jul 20 10:55

Analysis: 'Groundhog Day' for MidEast peace process

The main focus of the talks in Cairo was to convince the Palestinians and Israelis to move from, until now, largely fruitless "proximity" or indirect talks to direct negotiations.

Direct talks were suspended in December 2008 when Israel launched its offensive against Gaza. The 2009 election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, never a peace process enthusiast, made reviving direct talks all the more complicated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Proximity talks"; a blind mongoose striking at a paralyzed cobra.

Jul 20 10:51

Greek hotels kick out unruly Israeli teens

One of the Mare Monte hotel employees described the Israelis' conduct: "All of the other guests complained about them. We told them to keep quiet. They settled down for a while but on the second night they began being loud again and also caused damage to property. The other guests came to the front desk and presented an ultimatum: 'Either the Israelis go or we go.' That's why they were kicked out."

Sneh said that the hotels which expelled the teens on Sunday have informed they would not be hosting anymore Israeli youths.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

First they pissed off the Turks, and I said nothing because I am not Turkish.

Then they pissed off the Greeks, and I said nothing because I am not Greek... :)

Jul 20 10:20

BP's Scheme to Swindle the "Small People"

BP committed fraud in furnishing oil-spill-response data required to obtain a permit to enable them to drill the MC 252 location. The reality is they were not prepared to handle or control a blowout and resulting oil spill of this magnitude. Simply put, they lied.

"BP, in their haste to cut corners and save money in the completion process on the well location at MC 252, exhibited willful neglect in their duties to complete the well safely, which led to the blowout and explosion that killed 11 people. Eleven souls that will never come back. Eleven families with mothers and fathers and wives and children. Children who will never see their fathers again.

"This neglect and loss of life constitutes negligent homicide and all involved should be arrested and charged as such."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This scenario will never happen. BP, with its monied, political clout, will never really pay the real compensation the families here deserve, and will never do the real remediation the Gulf needs to heal.

The taxpayers will wind up footing the bill, while BP executives are laughing all the way to the bank.

Jul 20 10:13

Generation without future, a future without generations: the endless suffering of Afghan children

Do we really think that those children who survive and reach adulthood will be thankful to the western countries? Do we really think that Afghanistan will not become the greatest reserve of desperate people without a real future? And where there is no future, you need hope; hope that, as we know, radical interpretations of religion can easily offer. Our attempt to achieve security through bombs and useless killing today will be the reason for our continued insecurity tomorrow.

Jul 20 10:08

Obama's War on the Internet: The Ministry of Truth

The Ministry of Truth was how George Orwell described the mechanism used by government to control information in his seminal novel 1984. A recent trip to Europe has convinced me that the governments of the world have been rocked by the power of the internet and are seeking to gain control of it so that they will have a virtual monopoly on information that the public is able to access.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Intelligent, inventive people are always going to find a way around any kind of attempted "total control" of information; anyone remember the "Samizdat" in the old Soviet Union?!?

That system of interlinked faxes put the lie to any official bit of bull biscuits being offered as "truth" by the Kremlin.

It will be the same with any attempted "total control" of the net; people will find ways around it.

Jul 20 10:03

Militarization of Central America and the Caribbean: The U.S. Military Moves Into Costa Rica

While it is doubtful that the U.S. wants to directly engage in a military conflict with, most likely, Venezuela right now, preparations for this possibility are being made. What is more likely in the short term is that the U.S. military will use its forces to engage in sabotage and intimidation in hopes of reversing support for the nations aligned with ALBA.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

JUST what we need: a war on a third front, making the US's alleged "war on terror"... a world war!

Jul 20 09:58

BP's Incentive: To Not Capture All the Oil.

hile they have every incentive to get the well killed, BP also has every incentive to not capture 100% of the well flow until they do. As soon as they do capture all the flow, then a real, measurable number will be in front of the public, and that's the last thing BP wants, since that number will then be used to extrapolate environmental damage, hence per barrel fines that will likely run to the tens of billions anyway. What bewilders me is why the government is letting them get away with it. Where is the Coast Guard, Steve Chu, the EPA, and the new Bureau of Ocean Energy Management? Where is the White House? Where is the main stream media? Are industry bloggers the only ones who are asking these questions?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The questions raised here indicate what many have known for some time; BP is totally in control here, not the US government.

Jul 20 09:58

Black USDA official resigns after saying she only 'did enough' for white farmer

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Between this story, the "Brown Berets" telling Californians they are "too white" to be Americans, and the focus on Mel Gibson's private tirades, I think Obama has decided to create racial strife in the nation for the next three months so that Democrats can run on he race issue and avoid the economy, the failed wars, the Gulf Oil disaster, and Israel's attack on Americans this election season.

Jul 20 09:55

Requiem for the Antiwar Movement

No more marching in circles, it makes us dizzy.

No more signing petitions, it gives us writer’s cramp.

No more calling Congress-scum, the war machine is its master.

The establishment wants us to think that this busy-work has a chance to be effective—but when is the last time any of these tactics worked on a Federal level? Your president or your congress rep couldn’t care less want you think or want. Your vote doesn’t even count—in case you haven’t heard, they steal votes and falsely manipulate you, anyway.

Jul 20 09:52

ZioNazis, Time Fugues and other Anomalies.

Despite the wider ignorance of what is taking place, more and more people are waking up to what has been going on and it is making the ZioNazis very uneasy. This is why Mel Gibson is being pilloried. They think they’re pretty slick. They paint Gibson as a racist who is slandering the black race. The point of this is for the ZioNazis, arguably the most virulent racists on the planet, to jump to the defense of the black race as if they were the most righteous, compassionate and caring of groups. They’ve been co-opting civil rights and sundry organizations for years so as to give the impression that they are the ones who care about the downtrodden; never mind that the downtrodden are in the position they are in due to the ZioNazis.

Jul 20 09:47

Gulf War Syndrome, PTSD and Military Suicides: U.S. Government's Message to America’s Vets: "Drop Dead"

The current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are manifesting with an entirely new series of physical and mental illnesses and diseases. Some are being recognized, such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but many others are not. Hundreds of thousands of our veterans are living in destitution, are incarcerated, have attempted or committed suicide, and can no longer fit into a normal family life. And yet the government once again, as it did to previous Gulf War vets, turns its backs on them. This is an American tragedy, and that is where our story begins.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Every single one of our Vets should get precisely the same kind of health care Dick Cheney gets: they have earned it.

Jul 20 09:43

Johnson & Johnson Down After Cutting Outlook

Jul 20 09:41

Is experimental well cap making disaster worse?

Oil and gas started seeping into the Gulf of Mexico again Sunday night, but this time more slowly, and scientists aren't sure whether the leaks mean the cap that stopped the flow last week is making things worse.

Jul 20 09:40

Sayanim — Israeli Operatives in the U.S.

To date, America has blinded itself even to the possibility of such a trans-generational operation inside our borders and imbedded inside our government. Instead the toxic charge of “anti-Semitism” is routinely hurled at those chronicling the “how” component of this systemic treason.

Making this treason transparent is essential to restore U.S. national security. That transparency may initially appear unfair to the many moderate and secular Jews who join others appalled at this systemic corruption of the U.S. political system.

Yet they are also concerned that somehow they may be portrayed as guilty by association due to a shared faith tradition. That would be not only unjust to them but also ineffective in identifying and indicting those complicit.

Jul 20 09:35

It's the end of the world as we know it.

That is how the largest theft in the history of the world was carried out. 300M people worked and saved their whole lives to set aside $2.5Tn into a retirement system that, if it were paying a fair compounding rate of 5% interest over 40 years of labor (assuming an even $62Bn a year was contributed), would be worth $8.4Tn today - enough money to give 100M workers $84,000 each in cash! The looting of FICA hid the massive deficits of the last 30 years in the Unified Budget. Presidents and Congresses were able to reduce taxes on the wealthiest Americans without complaint from the deficit hawks, because they benefited. The money went directly from the pockets of average Americans into the pockets of the rich.

Jul 20 09:31

US deploys aircraft carrier to South Korea

The U.S. is sending the massive aircraft carrier the USS George Washington to South Korea this week, the military announced Monday.

The carrier was expected to be in South Korea's port of Busan by Wednesday and could participate in an upcoming military exercise.

The nuclear powered carrier, one of the world's largest warships, will be accompanied by three destroyers — the McCampbell, the John S. McCain and the Lassen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if the design intent here is the ratcheting up of tensions on the Korean peninsula, rather than defusing of those tensions.

Jul 20 09:28

Analyst: Israel’s Next War Could Be Lebanon

While speculation over a possible Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities intensifies, at least one influential analyst is calling on Washington to focus more on the likelihood of a new war breaking out between Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia and how to prevent or contain it.

In his eight-page “Contingency Planning Memorandum” released last week by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), retired U.S. ambassador Daniel Kurtzer argued that Israel was more likely than Hezbollah to initiative hostilities and that it could “also use a conflict with Hezbollah as the catalyst and cover for an attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, this may well be the case.

Israel desperately needs a war, to attempt to make the flotilla massacre go away; and this time, it will go all the way to the Litani River, because it so desperately needs the water. And of course, there are those natural gas deposits in the Mediterranean off the coast of Lebanon Israel wants to claim as its own as well.

The Obama administration is also desperate for a war to distract from the BP Gulf oil disaster, the imploding economy, the results of its colossally brain-dead foreign policy decisions, and two existing disastrous wars, going into the midterm elections.

The timing of this upcoming war with Iran will be cynically calibrated as to potentially give the Democrats the best possible advantage for the mid-term elections (if, in fact the war has a successful outcome.)

There may well be a whole new dimension to the phrase "October Surprise", if in fact, it takes that long to get such a war going.

Jul 20 09:21

Oil lies becoming more preposterous

"I have worked with air, steam, and hydraulic leaks up to the 4,500 PSI (pounds per square inch) range," Landau wrote. "They were claiming wellhead pressures of up to 70,000 to 100,000 pounds per square inch. Now, they are claiming pressures of 6.5-7K PSI."

Jul 20 09:17


Jul 20 09:15

Many crying foul as election administrators see unprecedented turnover

"It's not solely because of his political affiliation," Jim Miller, the Monroe County Election Commission chairman said. "I wont tell you why exactly I voted the way I did or didn't, or why I didn't vote for Paulette Summit because you'd have to get into it for everyone, and I don't want to do that."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jim Miller is the guy whose body was found in a burning car a few days ago.

Jul 20 09:14

Israel Declares ‘Iron Dome’ a Success: Production Will Depend on US Funding

The largely US-funded “Iron Dome” missile defense system has been declared a runaway success by the Israeli military today, following a test of intercepting short range missiles.

The Obama Administration has already convinced Congress to throw $205 million in additional funds at the program, which is being funded above and beyond Israel’s normal billions in US military aid, but exactly how many of these batteries that will produce, and whether they will actually be put to any use, remains to be seen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Your tax dollars at work, folks; not saving the US's crumbling infrastructure, not helping homeless Vets sleeping in our streets, not bringing back the high paying jobs that used to support a reasonable lifestyle, but enhancing Israel's military capabilities!

At this moment, one US cent spent on Israel is one cent too much.

Jul 20 09:10

More Than 40 Pct. Leave Obama Mortgage-Aid Program

The number of people dropping out of the Obama administration's program main program to help those at risk of losing their homes outstripped those who received aid for the second-straight month.

The Treasury Department says about 530,000 borrowers have dropped out of the program as of last month. That's more than 40 percent of the nearly 1.3 million enrolled since March 2009. It's a sign that foreclosures could rise and weaken an ailing housing market.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama's program is a failure, but hen it was never intended to be a success. The Home Loan Modification Program was pure political theater to make Obama look like he was doing something to help ordinary Americans, but Obama never changed he rules for the bailouts, which allowed banks to make more money kicking people out of their homes than working with homeowners to let them stay on the property.

Jul 20 09:09

Sources: Amiri Told CIA Iran Has No Nuclear Bomb Program

Contrary to a news media narrative that Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri has provided intelligence on covert Iranian nuclear weapons work, CIA sources familiar with the Amiri case say he told his CIA handlers that there is no such Iranian nuclear weapons program, according to a former CIA officer.

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA counterterrorism official, told IPS that his sources are CIA officials with direct knowledge of the entire Amiri operation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, the truth is most likely not going to derail this strident march toward a military confrontation with Iran, courtesy of Israel and the US.

Jul 20 09:06

What they are REALLY doing in Iran!

Jul 20 09:05

Mexico car bomb: 'Colombianization' of Mexico nearly complete

Last week's Mexico car bomb in the border town of Cuidad Juarez killed three. It is the first known use of a car bomb against authorities and marks a troubling new level of violence in the country's brutal drug war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to the US government; if there was ever a good time to start protecting our borders, now would be a damn fine time to start!!

Jul 20 09:03

Chavez Warns of US Military Escalation

"There are highly alarming elements: the military exercises that the South Koreans and gringos performed in the Yellow Sea; the pressure on Iran for daring to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes; the mobilization of U.S. and Israeli troops near Iran's coasts, and the violence in Iraq and Afghanistan occupied by the empire," Chavez said during his usual Sunday news commentary, "Las lineas de Chavez."

Chavez denounced the continuing and false accusations by Obama government agencies regarding alleged links between Caracas and international drug trafficking, and the surprising presence on unconvincing explanations for thousands of U.S. marines in Costa Rica and the overflights of Dutch aircraft in Venezuelan territory.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hate to say it, but Chavez has got this right.

And of course, the Obama administration would accuse the Venezuelan government of involvement with drug trafficking, while conveniently ignoring the Medellin cartel next door in Columbia, the US's "good geopolitical friend" in the region.

Jul 20 09:02

The Transformation of American Warfare: Fighting Wars with Robots

The Pentagon is rapidly improving its ability to fight wars with robots. This capability is “bringing about the most profound transformation of warfare since the advent of the atom bomb,” says Scientific American, and raises “a host of ethical and legal issues.”

Jul 20 09:01

Goldman Profit Drops 82%

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., clobbered by turbulent markets and charges to settle the U.S. government's civil-fraud complaint, posted its lowest earnings since the peak of the financial crisis.

Jul 20 08:55

Report: Egypt's Mubarak dying of cancer

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is thought by intelligence agencies to be dying of cancer affecting his stomach and pancreas, The Washington Times reported.

U.S. and Western intelligence agencies, determining the 82-year-old leader was terminally ill, have been watching for a transition of power in the Middle Eastern nation that is a vital U.S. ally, the Times reported Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If these reports are true, it will be an absolute game-changer in the Middle East.

The next elections are not scheduled until September of 2011. If Mubarak does not live to that point in time, however, one has to wonder if there will be an interim "caretaker government", or a call for special elections at the time of his demise.

Jul 20 08:54

Apple Tells Congressmen It Batches, Encrypts Location Data

Apple told Congress it collects location information about users of the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers in batches and encrypts it before sending it over a WiFi connection from the device to Apple's servers every 12 hours.

Jul 20 08:53


In recent times, our expanding technology has confirmed that Galileo and Bruno were right, and Aristotle and the church were flat out wrong. The Earth does move. There are no deferents or epicycles, or even epicycles on the epicycles. The models of the universe which are based on a moving Earth are quite accurate and able to predict the behaviors of the planets as evidence by the fact that we send spacecraft to those planets on a regular basis.

The theory of a geocentric universe and the theory of epicycles were not science. It was religious doctrine masked as science.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

linked in light of the story below which reports that the hunt for the so-called God Particle", the Higgs Bosun, has so far produced no positive results.

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WRH Exclusive
Jul 20 08:50

Radiation scan problems only noticed after patients' hair falls out

New concern over lack of regulation in medical radiation has been spurred by a case in which more than 300 patients received excessive levels of radiation, but doctors only uncovered the problem when patients' hair began to fall out.

The radiation errors occurred at three hospitals in Los Angeles and one in Alabama, during heart tests performed with a special form of computed tomography (CT) scan. Some patients received more than eight times the intended radiation dose

Jul 20 08:46

Israel considers changing law to allow seizure of more Palestinian property

ISRAEL IS considering extending to east Jerusalem a law on abandoned properties, allowing the state to take control of Palestinian property worth millions of euro.

If the Israeli courts approve the move, the government will be entitled to take control of east Jerusalem buildings whose owners moved to enemy states during the 1948-9 Arab-Israeli war, Israel’s war of independence, and property owned by people living in the West Bank.

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who views the whole of Jerusalem as Israel’s united capital, refused to give any public pledges, but reportedly promised US officials that Israel would refrain from “provocations” in Jerusalem during the period of peace talks with the Palestinians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Should this law be changed to allow this seizing of Palestinian property under this pretext, this will be the last nail in the coffin of any potential "peace process", which is precisely what Netanyahu wants.

The Israeli government doesn't want peace; it wants territory, and by any means necessary.

Jul 20 08:40

Europe Considers New Penalties for Iran

The European Union is considering tough new sanctions against Iran to protest its nuclear program, including banning investment in the oil and gas sector and tightening restrictions on shipping and finance.

Countries in the bloc would stop “all cargo flights operated by Iranian carriers or originating from Iran with the exception of mixed passenger and cargo flights.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF approved, these EU sanctions are merely the prelude to the war which will almost inevitably follow.

And in this coming war, it will be American kids who will fight, die, and get maimed for life to neutralize yet another of Israel's alleged "existential enemies" in the Middle East.

Jul 20 08:40

It’s the End of the World As We Know It

First of all, despite clamping down on immigration, our population grew by 2.6M people last year. Unfortunately, not only did we not create jobs for those 2.6M new people but we lost about 4M jobs so what are these new people going to do? Not only that, but nobody is talking about the another major job issue: People aren’t retiring! They can’t afford to because the economy is bad - that means there are even less job openings… The pimply-faced kid can’t get a job delivering pizza because his grandpa’s doing it.

Jul 20 08:36

Growing Number of Prosecutions for Videotaping the Police

That Anthony Graber broke the law in early March is indisputable. He raced his Honda motorcycle down Interstate 95 in Maryland at 80 mph, popping a wheelie, roaring past cars and swerving across traffic lanes.

But it wasn't his daredevil stunt that has the 25-year-old staff sergeant for the Maryland Air National Guard facing the possibility of 16 years in prison. For that, he was issued a speeding ticket. It was the video that Graber posted on YouTube one week later -- taken with his helmet camera -- of a plainclothes state trooper cutting him off and drawing a gun during the traffic stop near Baltimore.

Jul 20 08:35

The Crucifixion of Mel Gibson

This is Hollywood paying Mel Gibson back for the unforgivable crime of making a movie about Jesus Christ several years ago. And for refusing to condemn his own father when Hollywood scum attacked Hutton Gibson for having his own views about World War 2. And for Mel telling a cop that Jews are behind all the wars of the world, which might’ve been an exaggeration, but not a huge one. They certainly were behind the Iraq quagmire – over in Israel, the main newspaper bragged in 2003 that the Iraq War was a Jewish creation:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Meanwhile, look at all the Hollywood luminaries who are ecstatic that Roman Polanski evaded punishment for drugging and raping a 13-year old girl!

(Anyone have Mel's number? I wonder if he needs an "recently liberated" visual effects guy for his next project.)

Jul 20 08:25

US-S.Korea war games to send 'clear message' to N.Korea

The United States and South Korea will launch a major military exercise on Sunday in the Sea of Japan as a warning to North Korea over the sinking of a South Korean ship, the two countries' defence chiefs said.

Seoul's defence ministry said earlier the drill had been relocated from the sensitive Yellow Sea (West Sea) to the Sea of Japan (East Sea) in deference to Chinese protests.

But Gates and Kim said future drills would be held in both seas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is not a "...warning to North Korea"; this is a hamfisted message to China, seemingly engineered to encourage its recalcitrant client state back to the negotiating table.

Unfortunately, it may very well backfire, and have the absolute opposite outcome.

Jul 20 08:22

Sex-abuse case against rabbi raises larger issues

The case, with echoes of clergy sexual abuse incidents in the Catholic Church, is a reflection, scholars say, of similar abuse cases that have taken place in the orthodox Jewish community, where rabbis are held in high regard and the social penalties for criticizing clergy can be high.

A number of prominent orthdox rabbis have faced charges, including Baruch Lanner, the subject of a 2000 expose in The Jewish Week, and Yehuda Kolko, who was featured in a 2006 New York magazine article.

“There is a growing acknowledgment that we have a problem, which has taken a long time,’’ said Yosef Blau, an Orthodox rabbi who is the spiritual adviser at the theological seminary at New York’s Yeshiva University. “Denial has been very powerful in the community.’’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Black hearts lurk under those white robes.

Jul 20 08:17

Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright

According to records obtained by The Daily Caller, at several points during the 2008 presidential campaign a group of liberal journalists took radical steps to protect their favored candidate. Employees of news organizations including Time, Politico, the Huffington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Guardian, Salon and the New Republic participated in outpourings of anger over how Obama had been treated in the media, and in some cases plotted to fix the damage.

Jul 20 08:16


“As far as I know – it concerns any Israeli products. We exempted “Peace Oil” – it’s a joint product produced by the Palestinian farmers. Any product that is made by the company that works to improve the conditions of the Palestinians will be exempted.”

Jul 20 08:15


Jul 20 08:14

You are too white to be American! Says Latino KKK

Jul 20 08:11

Israel army 'ready' to bomb Hizbullah in civilian areas

Jul 20 08:08


Jul 20 08:06

Signs of the times: Oil-spill victims on Grand Isle post protest

If you want to know how residents here feel about the oil spill, just read the signs that are posted on seemingly every electrical pole, planted in front yards or hung on the 10-foot stilts that keep houses off the ground in case of flooding. Some are funny, like the six-painting SpongeBob series or the old toilet labeled "BP Headquarters." Some are angry: "Cannot fish or swim. How the hell are we suppose [sic] to feed our kids now?" Others strain for pointed puns, dubbing BP the "Bayou Polluters."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just when the seething anger people are feeling about having had their lives and livelihoods taken away from them here will move beyond the painting of signs, and just what form it will take.

Jul 20 08:05

Wall Streeters pulled back, but foreclosures swamp Nantucket natives

"It's two different markets," says Brian Sullivan, a broker for Maury People Sothebys. There's Wall Street, and everyone else. You can see that on Yahoo's real estate listing for distressed properties on Nantucket: nearly two-thirds are listed for under $1 million, the price sector dominated by the island's 12,000 year-round residents. But the banks have basically turned their backs on small borrowers, so anyone who does want to buy will have a hard time getting a loan. "They want to lend to people borrowing $1.5 million and up," says Sullivan.

Jul 20 08:03

Israel: No map of Palestinian state presented to Mubarak

The Arabic Asharq alawsat newspaper earlier quoted an Israeli source as saying Netanyahu showed Mubarak a map with the future borders of the Palestinian state. According to this report, Mubarak said the proposed map was far from the Palestinian and Arab demands for a state within the 1967 borders.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If US administration wants to know the sincerity and truthfulness of Israeli leaders..they should ask them.."Show us the Palestinian map"...
The answer is there isn't any map...because Israel's intention is only to buy time while continue to build settlements and hoping that one day Palestinians will give up.

Jul 20 08:02

BP trying to legally ‘contaminate’ Gulf scientists: report

A BP plan to hire Gulf scientists could mean that there are fewer experts to testify against them when the oil spill case goes to trial.

The University of South Alabama turned does a BP offer to hire the entire marine science department after they obtained a copy of the contracts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable, but perfectly predictable.

Jul 20 08:00

Victim's Daughter Decries Dismissal of Murder Charges

Daughter's tenacious pursuit had led to the arrest and charging of a suspect nearly three decades after a triple murder that the suspect had linked to "covert" government action. NBCLA's Patrick Healy reports the daughter was in court when the prosecutor moved for dismissal.

Jul 20 08:00

Argentina - Cold weather kills thousands of cattle and over 100 people

The polar wave that has trapped the Southern Cone of South America has caused an estimated one hundred deaths and killed thousands of cattle, according to the latest reports on Monday from Argentina, south of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia.

Jul 20 07:57

New Yorkers reject Palin's blithering bigotry

Sarah Palin’s semiliterate yet somehow Shakespearian tweet protesting the "Ground Zero mosque" has drawn fresh attention to a cause that excites bigots across the country. Her friend Mark Williams, the racist loudmouth expelled from the Tea Party movement over the weekend, is already leading a national campaign of agitation against the "mosque" and the worshippers of Islam’s "monkey god." Florida evangelist William Keller wants a piece of the fame and fortune, too. New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio even seems to believe that opposing the mosque — and perhaps all mosques — will revive his stagnating candidacy.

Jul 20 07:53

German court sentences priest to a 10-month suspended sentence for sexually abusing girls

A court in southern Germany has convicted a Roman Catholic priest of sexually abusing three underage girls and handed him a suspended sentence of 10 months.

The state court in Weiden said Tuesday it found the cleric guilty of unduly touching young girls below the waist during religious education classes in an elementary school in four cases last year.

Jul 20 07:52

Exclusive Intifada Interview with Ken O’Keefe: “Israel Executed People in International Waters”

Exclusive interview with the courageous ex-Marine , hero of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, who subdued and disarmed two israeli Commandos

ELias:It was reported that you disarmed Israeli commandos. How many did you disarm and how?

kenneth O'Keefe: I was involved in disarming two of them, one of his 9mm pistol, the other of his assault rifle. They had fallen from the top deck to the deck below, myself and another brother were there, we immediately acted to neutralize and disarm them. It was that simple, I am sure any man of means would do what I did in that situation.

Jul 20 07:50

Iran to West: Stop backing terrorism

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has called on the US and certain European countries to stop supporting terrorism.
"Western countries had better stop supporting terrorists instead of giving them shelter on their soil and strengthening them," Mehmanparast said at his weekly press conference on Tuesday when asked about the recent Zahedan bombings.

On Thursday, two bombs were detonated in quick succession in front of the Zahedan Grand Mosque in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan. At least 27 people lost their lives and more than 100 others were injured in the incident.

Mehmanparast called on Western countries to provide an explanation as to why they back terrorist groups, for instance Jundallah, if they are really opposed to terrorism.

Jul 20 07:50

Modern Political Prisoners in America

When I was growing up, I learned in school that one of the reasons the United States of America was better than the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was because we didn't hold political prisoners in our jails. That was something the bad, bad communists did.

Jul 20 07:45

Altered BP photo comes into question

A blogger has noticed that the oil giant altered a photograph of its Houston crisis room, cutting and pasting three underwater images into a wall of video feeds from remotely operated undersea vehicles. The altered photo is displayed prominently on the company's Web site.

Jul 20 07:43

California dominates small-biz bankruptcies

Jul 20 07:41

Hedge funds accused of gambling with lives of the poorest as food prices soar

Financial speculators have come under renewed fire from anti-poverty campaigners for their bets on food prices, blamed for raising the costs of goods such as coffee and chocolate and threatening the livelihoods of farmers in developing countries.

Jul 20 07:41

Repossessions could hit 175,000 a YEAR, according to unpublished Government report

Labour has been warned the number of repossessions could spiral to 175,000 in 2012, it can be revealed for the first time today.

The 'worst case scenario' prediction would have meant record-breaking numbers of families, equal to nearly 480 every day, being evicted from their homes.

Jul 20 07:40

French police struggle to restore order after two days of riots in Grenoble

"There's no future for hoodlums and delinquents because in the end the public authority always wins," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Louise XVI couldn't have said that better

Jul 20 07:39

The 6 Most Surprising Ways Alcohol Is Actually Good for You

Let's be clear: Alcoholism will kill you dead. Drunk driving will kill you, and probably multiple children along the way. There are no medical benefits to chronic drunkenness.

But for all the times booze gets us in trouble, every now and then it acts like a trusty sidekick, coming in to help us out of potentially embarrassing and life-threatening situations in ways we never thought possible.

Jul 20 07:38

Job-creating startups hit record low

Just 3.7% of out-of-work managers said they are starting their own businesses rather than look for a job. That compares with 7.6% in the same period a year ago and 9.6% in the second half of 2009. The previous low was 4.4% in the second half of 2008 when the credit crunch led to the financial crisis.

Jul 20 07:36

BP Insider Admits Disaster Call Center Is A Diversion, Don't Even Take Notes...

Jul 20 07:31

12 year old Girl Forced in Chertoff's Naked Body Scanner w/out Parents Knowing

Airport body scanners reveal all, but what about when it's your kid?

Jul 20 07:28

Bill Arkin: “Top Secret America” + Tim Shorrock: Why did it take them 7 years to do this story?

“Top Secret America” Washington Post Investigation Reveals Massive, Unmanageable, Outsourced US Intelligence System

Jul 20 07:28

Cities Rent Police, Janitors to Save Cash

Faced with a $118 million budget deficit, the city of San Jose, Calif., recently decided it could no longer afford its own janitors. So the city's budget called for dropping its custodial staff and hiring outside contractors to clean its city hall and airport, saving about $4 million.

To keep all its swimming pools open and staffed, the city is replacing some city workers with contractors.

Jul 20 07:27

Housing Starts Decline

Housing starts dropped by 5.0%, to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 549,000, the Commerce Department said Tuesday. Single-family housing starts slipped 0.7% to an annual rate of 454,000. Apartment construction fell harder.

Jul 20 06:46

Ron Paul EXPOSES the Real GDP and Unemployment Numbers - VIDEO

Ron Paul explains the real GDP and unemployment numbers and how they are cooked to fool the public about the true severity of the economic crisis.

Jul 20 06:38

Group Calls for Hearings Into Google’s Ties to CIA and NSA

More information has emerged about Google’s relationship with the government and spook agencies (see PR Newswire below). The revelations should come as no surprise.

Jul 20 05:58

Times loses almost 90% of online readership

Based on the last available ABCe data for Times Online readership (from February 2010), which showed that it had 1.2 million daily unique users, and Hitwise's figures showing it had 15% of UK online newspaper traffic, that means a total of 332,800 daily users trying to visit the Times site.

If none of the people visiting the site have already registered, the one-on-four dropout rate means that traffic actually going from the registration site to the Times site is just 84,800, or 1.06% of total UK newspaper traffic – a 93% fall compared with May.

Jul 20 04:23

Napolitano Says Bush and Cheney Should Be Indicted

Ralph Nader talks with Judge Napolitano about a topic that has already been forgotten by Obama and the people.

Jul 20 04:20

How the US Economy is Being Deliberately Destroyed

"How can you have an economy without jobs?"

Good question.

Where have all the US jobs gone and why? And what are the long term consequences of this?

The US a Third World nation? For a lot of its citizens it's become so.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like duck, then maybe it is a duck.

Jul 20 02:55

BP photoshops fake photo of crisis command center, posts on main BP site

It looks like BP took a photo from 2001, and in order to make it look like the command center in July of 2010, they pasted pictures of the oil well leaking over the old photo.

Jul 20 00:16

Israel 'close to deal on F-35

Jul 20 00:00

12 year old Girl Forced in Chertoff's Naked Body Scanner w/out Parents Knowing

Airport body scanners reveal all, but what about when it's your kid?

People are concerned about privacy, delayed flights, health effects. - Now there's another concern. What about kids? Do they have to go through this, too? And what are parents' rights?

July 19, 2010

Jul 19 23:59

Zionism - Trojan Horse Of The West

For centuries the West has attempted to get a foothold in the Middle East. They finally succeeded in 1948 when the state of Israel supplanted the land formerly known as Palestine. Virgil wrote of how the Greeks were able to enter the city of Troy hidden in a huge wooden gift horse, similarly, the great nations of the western world successfully claimed the gateway to the Middle East by way of Zionism.

Jul 19 21:38

Israel Declares new missle a Success, Production Will Depend on US Funding

The largely US-funded “Iron Dome” missile defense system has been declared a runaway success by the Israeli military today, following a test of intercepting short range missiles.

Jul 19 21:23

GORDON DUFF: Our Unreported Cold War With Israel


9/11 was like Pearl Harbor to America, uniting many, awakening bitter skepticism in a few. Where Pearl Harbor began America’s official role in crushing the Fascist juggernaut that threatened to dominate the world, 9/11 had quite the opposite effect. America’s response to 9/11 was oppression at home and a tirade of frenzied phobic reactions around the world. No American institution suffered more than the military. The team of Cheney and Rumsfeld, together since the disastrous Nixon years, began a process of purging America’s military of talent and leadership, instead building a force to serve a sinister agenda of religious heresy and extremist politics.

Jul 19 18:59

Pace man dies in shootout with Santa Rosa deputies

Five deputies with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office are on paid administrative leave after an armed Pace man was shot and killed Sunday night in his home...

Jul 19 18:09

Bomb-making tips, hit list behind Blogetery closure

More details are surfacing about why Blogetery.com, a blogging platform that claimed to service more than 70,000 blogs, was mysteriously booted from the Internet by its Web-hosting company.

The site was shut down after FBI agents informed executives of Burst.net, Blogetery's Web host, late on July 9 that links to al-Qaeda materials were found on Blogetery's servers, Joe Marr, chief technology officer for Burst.net, told CNET. Sources close to the investigation say that included in those materials were the names of American citizens targeted for assassination by al-Qaeda. Messages from Osama bin Laden and other leaders of the terrorist organization, as well as bomb-making tips, were also allegedly found on the server.

Jul 19 17:31

The Bibi & Obama Show - Raise and Fold

I presume Barack Obama's Likud membership card is in the mail. No doubt Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu has seen to it. After all, Obama has now paid his dues. After a few idle negative statements about expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank/East Jerusalem, Obama caved at the slightest push-back from the Israel lobby -- election year, you know -- and now he's apparently fine with them. He went from saying the settlement expansion "could end up being dangerous [!]" to saying, "I think that he [Netanyahu] is dealing with a very complex situation in a very tough neighborhood." We can be sure that Netanyahu will not permanently stop the expansion and Obama will not take any action -- such as cutting off the money -- to bring that about. (Even Gen.

Jul 19 16:58


9/11 was like Pearl Harbor to America, uniting many, awakening bitter skepticism in a few. Where Pearl Harbor began America’s official role in crushing the Fascist juggernaut that threatened to dominate the world, 9/11 had quite the opposite effect. America’s response to 9/11 was oppression at home and a tirade of frenzied phobic reactions around the world. No American institution suffered more than the military. The team of Cheney and Rumsfeld, together since the disastrous Nixon years, began a process of purging America’s military of talent and leadership, instead building a force to serve a sinister agenda of religious heresy and extremist politics.

Jul 19 16:55

US-Israeli Belligerance Towards Iran and its Consequences

Israel thumps on the war drum leaving the US no choice but to follow thumping on the same drum. Their belligerence has known no bounds. This time the belligerence is against Iran. There’s no stopping the hawks. Not China, nor Russia nor any European country. All the five permanent UN Security Council members have signed the war warrant against Iran in the form of four sanctions for it’s refusal to stop the nuclear enrichment program that is considered it’s inherent right as NPT signatory. The US has out rightly rejected all of Iran’s proposals to end the crisis. UN is a 5-nation failed show.

Jul 19 16:41

Video: National Guard Staff Sergeant facing 16 years for filming retarded MD trooper

But it wasn't his daredevil stunt that has the 25-year-old staff sergeant for the Maryland Air National Guard facing the possibility of 16 years in prison. For that, he was issued a speeding ticket. It was the video that Graber posted on YouTube one week later -- taken with his helmet camera -- of a plainclothes state trooper cutting him off and drawing a gun during the traffic stop near Baltimore.

Jul 19 16:31

Health care law's massive, hidden tax change

Section 9006 of the health care bill -- just a few lines buried in the 2,409-page document -- mandates that beginning in 2012 all companies will have to issue 1099 tax forms not just to contract workers but to any individual or corporation from which they buy more than $600 in goods or services in a tax year.

Jul 19 16:05

Officials plan to end homelessness by 2014

"When I first came to this state when I was as a professor in the 1970s, I remember winos in the alleys, not chronic homelessness," said Hobson... executive director of the DESC since 1987.
"I think we’re raising a generation of young people to think that homelessness has always been a feature of America."

Jul 19 15:57

Homeless camp a symbol of rising problem

"I was working for a guy under the table, then he ran short on work," said the 55-year-old, who did not want to give his last name. "It doesn't take long when you're trying to pay rent."

Jul 19 15:53

An Open Letter to All Who Support Shalit’s Family

If the price for the release of one thousand Palestinian political prisoners is an Israeli soldier who was part of the criminal siege of Gaza, then so be it.

You understand that the Israeli government is responsible for the fact that Shalit is still a prisoner because Netanyahu’s government refuses to release the Palestinian prisoners that Hamas demands. You are willing to exchange Shalit because in your eyes the life of one Israeli is more valuable than the lives of one thousand Palestinians. As long as you hold to this racist outlook, you remain prisoners of the Israeli state. All 11,000 political Palestinian prisoners should be released, because they belong to a nation struggling against the oppression that you are part of.

Jul 19 15:53

Police investigate machete attack at homeless camp

The homeless camp sits near Ashdale Plaza and Kmart off Dale Boulevard.
Those who live there often use a heating and cooling shelter that sits next to the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission’s Transit Center. There they can shower and eat a hot meal.

Jul 19 14:29

Obama Spill Chief: BP Oil Well Leaking, Not Major Concern

Oil and gas are leaking from the cap on BP's ruptured oil well, but federal officials intend to leave it in place for now.

Jul 19 14:27

Sea Ice News #14 – an inconvenient July

[I]t has been the slowest July (1-17) Arctic melt in the eight year JAXA record.

Ice extent has declined at less than half the rate of 2007, and total ice loss has been more than 200,000 km² less than the previous low in 2004.

DMI now shows Arctic ice extent as second highest for the date, topped only by 2005.

"Yeah, but, but, some ice in the Himalayas has melted. This PROVES the planet is warming uncontrollably because of YOUR CO2 emissions. Cough up suckers and we'll save you from a fiery death." - Official White Horse Souce

Jul 19 14:10

Breaking: Phil Jones got to endorse papers for Oxburgh inquiry

Previously I have said this about the lack of integrity regarding the recent Climategate investigations:

The investigations thus far are much like having a trial with judge, jury, reporters, spectators, and defendant, but no plaintiff. The plaintiff is locked outside the courtroom sitting in the hall hollering and hoping the jury hears some of what he has to say. Is it any wonder the verdicts keep coming up “not guilty”?

Now from Bishop Hill we learn that it appears that the Oxburgh investigation let Dr. Phil Jones endorse what evidence (papers he’s published) to review.

Jul 19 14:00

Flashback - Geithner’s Dirty Little Secret

By F. William Engdahl, 30 March 2009

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has unveiled his long-awaited plan to put the US banking system back in order. In doing so, he has refused to tell the ‘dirty little secret’ of the present financial crisis. By refusing to do so, he is trying to save de facto bankrupt US banks that threaten to bring the entire global system down in a new more devastating phase of wealth destruction.

The ‘dirty little secret’ which Geithner is going to great degrees to obscure from the public is very simple. There are only at most perhaps five US banks which are the source of the toxic poison that is causing such dislocation in the world financial system. What Geithner is desperately trying to protect is that reality. The heart of the present problem and the reason ordinary loan losses as in prior bank crises are not the problem, is a variety of exotic financial derivatives, most especially so-called Credit Default Swaps.

What Geithner does not want the public to understand, his ‘dirty little secret’ is that the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the passage of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act in 2000 allowed the creation of a tiny handful of banks that would virtually monopolize key parts of the global ‘off-balance sheet’ or Over-The-Counter derivatives issuance.

Jul 19 13:40

Military war tactics return home with US gangs' soldiers

'Scary' growth of gangs in war zones
Chicago cop who served in Afghanistan and Iraq has warning: Gang members are coming home with military training
July 18, 2010
BY FRANK MAIN Staff Reporter
Stoleson, who stressed he was not speaking for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections or the Army, said it appears the problem is worse than ever. He warned that soldiers who return to gang life back home are especially dangerous because they know military tactics that they can use against the police and the public -- as a Marine did in 2005 when he killed a police officer and wounded three others in a California ambush.
"Gang members are coming home now with one or two tours," he said. "Some were on the field of battle."

Jul 19 13:25

The Times loses two-thirds of web traffic

Rupert Murdoch's decision to charge people to access The Times and The Sunday Times websites has led to a 66 per cent drop in traffic.

Jul 19 13:23

Feds find Multiple Methane , Oil Leaks From BOP and Sea Floor

Despite Multiple Methane And Oil Leaks From BOP and Sea Floor Feds Allow BP To Risk Uncontrolled BP Gulf Oil Spill Blowout
by Alexander Higgins - July 19, 2010 at 1:47 pm
As the condition of BP’s leaking oil well continues to deteriorate rapidly BP has tried desperately to prevent the Federal Government from monitoring the sea floor for oil and methane leaks.
But yesterday the Feds finally moved in with their own ships and equipment to monitor the sea floor.
The Government almost immediately found oil leaking from the sea floor along with multiple methane leaks but did not immediately inform the public of their findings.
However, it didn’t take long before an “anonymous government official” leaked the those findings to the media.

Jul 19 13:15

America and Israel Must Stand United Against Iran

In Remarks to Zionist Organization of America, Rep. Wasserman Schultz Defends Israel, Pledges to Stand Against Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, what Schultz means is that your kids will stand against Iran, while she and Israel stand back and cheer them on!

Jul 19 13:11

BP Moves the Goalpost for the Oil Well Integrity Test

In one sweeping statement, that the press let him get away with, Wells moved the target pressure down as much as 1,500 psi from the 9,000 psi to 7,500, much closer to the 6,700 psi they were holding, which is actually at the lower end of the ambiguity range we talked about on Friday. Wells did it again yesterday, moving the "good integrity" range number down to 6,000 psi to 7,500 psi, saying,

"But at this point there is no evidence that we have no integrity and that's very good and the fact that the pressure is continuing to rise is giving us more and more confidence that as we go through this process."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How very Soviet of them.

Jul 19 13:09

Oil Cap Leaking: Seepage Detected Two Miles From Wellhead

The federal government Monday allowed BP to keep the cap shut tight on its ruptured Gulf of Mexico oil well for another day despite news the well is leaking at the top and something is seeping from the sea floor nearby.

Jul 19 12:08

Obama's War on the Internet: The Ministry of Truth

By Philip Giraldi

The Ministry of Truth was how George Orwell described the mechanism used by government to control information in his seminal novel 1984. A recent trip to Europe has convinced me that the governments of the world have been rocked by the power of the internet and are seeking to gain control of it so that they will have a virtual monopoly on information that the public is able to access. In Italy, Germany, and Britain the anonymous internet that most Americans are still familiar with is slowly being modified. If one goes into an internet café it is now legally required in most countries in the European Union to present a government issued form of identification.

Jul 19 12:06


AJCongress Suspends Activities

The American Jewish Congress has suspended its activities after running out of funds.

Jul 19 12:04

Swiss bank to lift lid on hidden Kafka works

Two Israeli sisters say they inherited the documents from their mother, but the Israeli state claims them as part of the country's cultural heritage.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The owners want to sell it, but Israel has poked its legal nose in and said that since the works were by a Jew, they are the property of Israel.

Jul 19 11:58

6 Completely Legal Ways The Cops Can Screw You

We are so lucky to be living in an era of law when it's no longer common for, say, suspects to be interrogated with live cobras tied to the ends of nightsticks. Unfortunately, there are still many colorful ways the police can royally screw you while Lady Justice shrugs.

For instance, you might be surprised to learn that right now in the U.S., it's actually legal for the cops to...

Jul 19 11:37

Las Vegas Vs. Homeless People

This year Las Vegas made it illegal to give food to homeless people in parks.

Jul 19 11:34

Government Stopping Charities From Feeding The Homeless

The National Coalition for the Homeless has issued a report detailing laws and ordinances in a couple of dozen localities across the nation that prohibit charities – churches, civic organizations, charities, etc. – from feeding the homeless. Or, at least, inhibit their ability to do so with burdensome regulation.

Jul 19 11:33

The 18 States Facing The Most Brutal Austerity Cuts

Even the sober Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says 46 states are facing a Greek-like crisis. These state governments must inaugurate an austerity regime to cut spending by $112 billion for FY2011.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I can do that easily. Stop the wars and stop payment on all those checks to Israel!

Jul 19 11:31

FLASHBACK - Homeless Tent City in Navada

Jul 19 11:30

As Predicted, BP Tries to Pretend New Leak is a "Natural Seep"

Obviously, if there are natural oil or gas seeps nearby, there are already pre-existing channels up to the seafloor ... so that may very well be the path of least resistance for the subterranean oil to flow up to the seafloor.

Therefore, if there were a substantial breach in the well bore, nearby natural oil and gas seeps could very well increase in volume.

Jul 19 11:13

Raw Story: DC’s spy establishment in panic mode over Washington Post expose

Washington's intelligence establishment appears to be in panic mode over an upcoming Washington Post series about runaway growth in defense and intelligence spending.

A State Department email has accused the Post of planning to make public "top secret" information about defense and intelligence contractors working for the US, despite an admission in the same email that the Post's information came from "open sources."

Jul 19 10:24

We Have Been Lied To On A Monumental Scale

Jul 19 10:17

Dissent and you may disappear or go to jail

If you put all this together and look at what’s going on it could give one the distinct impression that governments around the world aren’t liking the internet, they’re not liking bloggers who disagree with them, and they want to make sure everyone cow-tows to whatever they decide you should believe in, and no bitching allowed. Make too much noise and your website will disappear and we now even have the potential in the European Union that you may go to jail if you don’t go along with the party line.

As I noted earlier this week, I was offline for a while because I had my blog hosted at Blogetery, who mysteriously had an entire server confiscated by an as yet to be discovered government agency for an as yet to be discovered reason(s). This took about 70,000+ blogs offline instantly.

Jul 19 10:14

ClimateGate Final Cut OFFICIAL TRAILER

Jul 19 10:07

FLASHBACK: Muslim Convert Agent Provocateurs Make Threats Against South Park Creators:

Muslim Converts from a website called revolutionmuslim.com have made threats against South Park creators. As usual with these type of wild ass provocations... there are no real Muslims involved. Only American and foreign converts with some type of vested interest in stirring up American anger against Muslims. This week's asshole provocateurs : Joseph Cohen AKA Yousef Al-Khattab and Zachary Chesser AKA “Abu Talhah al-Amrike.” These characters involved with the revolutionmuslim.com website have a direct connection to another Muslim convert faker with an interest in provocateuring Muslims and creating another stupid Muslim cartoon controversy: JihadJane AKA Colleen Rose as you will see below.

Jul 19 10:03

Fairytale economics – spending into poverty legend. How the allure and trappings of consumption led the middle class into a modern form of debt servitude.

Jul 19 09:58


MEANWHILE….. on the ‘other side’ of the wall….

Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank, Gaza and the Diaspora will usher in 62 years (plus) of the destruction of their nation (by the very people spoken about above).

Every day is a day of mourning for Palestine, there is no specific date on the Islamic calendar.

Has the day not come for both of these peoples to set aside a day of celebration marking the establishment of a Just and Lasting Peace with Justice in the region? Let us both look forward to that bright and wonderful day and prepare for a day of feasting, not fasting.

Jul 19 09:45

FLASHBACK - Radical Muslim group run by Israeli Jews!

The Radical "Muslim" Group That Threatened South Park Creators Was Founded and Run by Joseph Cohen, a Former Israeli Radical Who Used to Live in a Settlement in the West Bank. Fundamentalist Jews who pretend to be Radical Muslims, a growing problem...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Growing?" Israelis pretending to be dangerous terrorists to scare us into killing Israel's enemies has been going on all along, whether it is the Lavon Affair or "Al Qaeda."

Jul 19 09:40

Gun Owner Stops Men Dressed As FBI Agents Attempting Break Into His Home

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Play it safe, and shoot for the "B" on sight! :)


"[Your information is] too precise, too complete to be believed. The questionnaire plus the other information you brought spell out in detail exactly where, when, how, and by whom we are to be attacked. If anything, it sounds like a trap."

FBI response to the top British spy, Dusko Popov (code named "Tricycle") on August 10, 1941, dismissing Popov's report of the complete Japanese plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor: The Verdict Of History by Gordon Prange, appendix 7 published in 1986. Based on records from the JOINT CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, Nov 15, 1945 to May 31, 1946.

Jul 19 09:37

23% Say U.S. Government Has the Consent of the Governed

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To be accurate and honest, the poll should exclude everyone receiving a government check.

Jul 19 09:36


I was in San Diego this weekend and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this temporary tent city to help homeless vets. This place give the homeless vets in Sa Diego a place to saty for 3 nights in tents. They also offer medical help and job placement during this event.

I tried to get into the event but the guards at the entry would not allow me to enter even without a camera. Here are some photos that I was able to get without entering the site.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is how the US Government rewards those who serve in its wars of conquest.

If there is a large homeless tent city near where you live, please (without endangering yourself) take pictures and send them in. I intend to post a permanent gallery of the photos to use in reply to all those drones screaming about how the recovery is on track.

Jul 19 09:35

Barghouthi: 100 settlement units underway in Beit Jala

Israel recently began construction on 100 new settlement units in the southern West Bank district of Bethlehem, Palestinian lawmaker Mustafa Barghouthi announced Sunday.

The latest settlement construction is underway on Palestinian land in the towns of Beit Jala and Al-Walaja, as US Middle East envoy visits the region for the latest round of indirect talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Barghouthi said.

He said Israeli authorities began overturning land and surrounding it with barbed wires, which he said was an attempt to thwart Palestinian land owners from protesting the confiscation. He said the work began secretly to avoid "the exposure of the Netanyahu government's false claims of freezing settlement construction."

Jul 19 09:29

Guantánamo Bay detainee says interrogation record was blanked

A former Guantánamo Bay detainee says that key exchanges from his interrogation by British security service officers have been blacked out or deliberately omitted from the notes to hide the agents' complicity in torture. Other exchanges, he says, have been removed simply to hide evidence of spurious and potentially embarrassing lines of questioning.

Jul 19 09:28

A Hidden World, Growing Beyond Control: The Paranoid US Government

"only a handful of senior officials - called Super Users -know about all the department's activities"

As friend noted in our research circle, "I know Mike will call me a Communist, but private industry should NOT be in this business. Only government officials should be in charge of this..... you can't convince me that private industry somehow is helping our security."

Jul 19 09:17

Are We Replaying Iraq…In Iran?

By Lawrence Davidson

Jul 19 09:04

Former New Yorker Samir Khan behind graphics of new Al Qaeda recruiting magazine Inspire: officials

A slick new Al Qaeda magazine written in English to lure U.S. jihadists may be the work of a former New Yorker with an eye for graphics - and a lust for American blood.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And as phony as Adam Gadahn (real name Adam Pearlman) and Yousef Al Khattab (real name Joseph Cohen).

Jul 19 08:55

Report: Israel convinces Obama to plan for Iran strike

According to a report in Time magazine Israel has managed to convince Washington to put the option of a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities back on the table.

Israel has long argued that all of the international sanctions against Iran are pointless unless Western powers are prepared to back them up with the threat of force.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I want you all to remember this story. I want you to remember this story because it illustrates how the US (and other) governments have been subverted by Israel. I want you to remember this story because it illustrates how Israel always gets other nations to spend their treasure and their blood in wars on Israel's enemies. I want you to remember this story because when the attack on Iran triggers WW3, I want those who survive to look up from the rubble that used to be their lives and remember very clearly just who it was that started all this insanity!




Jul 19 08:44

Union Shops Driving Down Job Growth, Critics Warn

The White House and congressional Democrats have made several moves to promote the interests of labor unions, but the efforts may result in fewer jobs available to workers, say critics who argue that unions restrict competition by raising wages and expanding government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No shit!

Jul 19 08:42

GOP senators: Obama failing in oil clean-up

Just days after BP temporarily plugged the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, Senate Republicans on Sunday lashed out at the Obama administration for failing to clean up America's soiled shoreline.

Jul 19 08:42


Pending court approval, government could assume control over properties of people who moved to enemy states during the War of Independence, as well as structures that belong to people now residing in the territories.

Jul 19 08:40


Jul 19 08:36

Gulf Oil Disaster: Is The Loop Current Breaking Down?

If true, this could be bad news for the thermohaline, i.e., Europe's ticket out of freezing. For starters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The only solution we can see is to tax the American people into poverty with a carbon tax, because Al Gore needs those carbon credits to get our, I mean, his trading system up and running." -- Official White Horse Souse

Jul 19 08:34

Hillary Clinton Announces $7.5 Billion Aid Effort For Pakistan

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And we only have to shut down 46 American schools to pay for it all!" -- Official White Horse Souse


Check this out.

Click for larger image

I took this picture at the bank Friday when I was visiting my dollar. Our schools are having to beg for supplies while our tax money goes to wars, Wall Street, and foreign governments.

This poster is an advertisement for the total abandonment of the American people by the government.

Jul 19 08:27

Washington Post exposes US 'intelligence flaws'

The US secret intelligence gathering systems have grown so much since 9/11 that no-one knows their exact cost, nor size, the Washington Post reports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which means the intel behemoth is not only impossible to control, but drowning in the sheer volume of data it generates, paralyzed and unable to evaluate.

Jul 19 08:26

US intelligence spending completely out of control, Washington Post reveals

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And for all that money, they don't seem to have any!

Jul 19 08:20

Bubbles Visible in Underwater Cams

As of this moment (11:06 Eastern Standard Time), bubbles are apparent near the blowout preventer from ROV2's Oceaneering video cam here:

Jul 19 08:16

Journalist Sokratis Giolias gunned down in Greece

According to colleagues, he was about to publish the results of an investigation into corruption.

Jul 19 08:16

Troops patrol French village of Saint-Aignan after riot

The riot erupted on Sunday morning in Saint-Aignan after a gendarme had shot and killed a traveller who had driven through a checkpoint, officials said.

Travellers armed with hatchets and iron bars then attacked the village police station and hacked down trees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not quite the Bastille, but hopefully the government will get the point. You can only push people so far before they start pushing back.

Jul 19 08:12

Rig's Final Hours Probed

Federal authorities investigating BP PLC's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico are zeroing in on bad decisions, missed warnings and worker disagreements in the hours before the April 20 inferno aboard the Deepwater Horizon that spawned one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What the Federal Authorities seem to be ignoring is that this entire disaster would have been prevented if the Obama administration, instead of groveling before Israel, had used its first 400 days in office to "kick some ass" in the US Federal Minerals Management Service. The MMS had a long history of incompetence and corruption, accepting gifts (including sexual favors) from the very oil companies they were supposed to be supervising, doing drugs, and spending their time watching internet porn.

The oil drillers are no more safe than MMS is willing to force them to be. That is their job. So the root cause of this disaster rests squarely with the Federal Government.

Jul 19 08:04

Hungary Minister: IMF Talks Break Off On Lack Of Austerity

Hungary's talks with the International Monetary Fund and the European Union broke off Saturday as the government refused to implement fiscal austerity measures to reach this year's budget deficit target, Economy Minister Gyorgy Matolcsy said Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe Hungary decided they didn't feel like impoverishing their own people to make the international bankers that much richer.

Jul 19 08:03

Home-Builder Confidence Drops

Rattled by economic conditions and the expiration of a government subsidy for home buyers, U.S. builder confidence in July sank to its lowest level in more than a year, casting doubt on the housing sector's recovery.

Jul 19 08:02

After Training, Still Scrambling for Employment

“Training was fruitless,” he said. “I’m not seeing the benefits. Training for what? No one’s hiring.”

Jul 19 08:02

In Ireland, a Picture of the High Cost of Austerity

As Europe’s major economies focus on belt-tightening, they are following the path of Ireland. But the once thriving nation is struggling, with no sign of a rapid turnaround in sight.

Jul 19 08:01

Moody’s Cuts Ireland’s Credit Rating

Ireland’s efforts to pull out of a deep economic slump suffered a setback Monday when a major credit agency downgraded the country’s bond rating, citing a weak banking system and rising debt.