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Mar 30 11:19

Federal Asset Forfeiture Program Already Back In Business

By Mike Maharrey

The federal government’s Asset Forfeiture Equitable Sharing Program is back in business, proving once again that depending on the federal government to limit itself is a fool’s errand.

Equitable Sharing allows state and local police to collect up to 80 percent of asset forfeiture proceeds when they hand cases off to the federal government instead of prosecuting the forfeiture under state law...

Mar 30 11:09

Former Bush Official Just Confirmed That Our Wars Are for Corporate Interests

By Claire Bernish

“I think Smedley Butler was onto something,” Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former George W. Bush administration heavyweight, told Salon in an exclusive interview.

Major General Smedley Butler earned the highest rank in the U.S. Marine Corps, accumulating numerous accolades as he helped lead the United States through decades of war. He later became an ardent critic of such militarism and imperialism.

“War is a racket,” Butler famously said, and Wilkerson — who has also turned critical of U.S. imperialist policy — agrees with and admires the esteemed Marine...

Mar 30 10:42

Tay is back (for a spectacular few minutes): Microsoft accidentally relaunches controversial bot - which claims it is 'smoking kush in front of the police'

Microsoft's playful teen chatbot that turned into a Hitler supporting racist was back online today.

Tay was turned on overnight 'as part of testing', but spammed its 213,000 followers with the same tweet and boasted about using drugs in front of police.


Within a few hours of being an online test, Tay tweeted 'You are too fast, please take a rest' over and over again.

But did switch it up with one tweet: 'I'm smoking kush in front the police' – complete with a leaf emoji.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Mar 30 10:22

Ransomware scum sling PowerShell, Word macro nasty at healthcare biz

Miscreants have put together a strain of ransomware written in Microsoft Word macros and PowerShell, Redmond's scripting language.

The malware is designed to infect organizations, encrypting files and demanding money to unscramble files. Interestingly, installation of the ransomware begins after someone opens a booby-trapped Word document, which runs macros to download and run the software nasty.

This means victims, who may be wise to not opening executables emailed to them, can be sent innocent-looking Word files and tricked into reading them, thus triggering an infection.

Mar 30 10:21

NASA discovers black hole here on Earth – in its software budget

While NASA can do some amazing things in space, back on the planet's surface its coders are less than stellar.

The US agency has spent four years developing code that will run its future Spaceport Command and Control System (SCCS) software. But an audit by its Office of Inspector General has found that the project's costs are up 77 per cent over budget, at $207.4m, and the completion point for the project has been kicked back more than a year to September 2017.

The report notes that rather than use commercial off-the-shelf software from a single supplier who might go out of business, NASA decided – as it has in the past – to use several different commercial systems and bind them together with its own code. While this sounded good, the results have been terrible.

Mar 30 10:11

Mal Men men hit LiveJournal with Angler exploit kit

Malwarebytes researcher Jerome Segura says malvertisers have served the world's most dangerous exploit kit - Angler - through compromised advertisements run on LiveJournal.com and news service Likes.com.

The attacks are the latest in a string of brazen and successful malvertising campaigns that are smashing the web's most popular websites.

It represents a colossal win for the malvertising criminals: Livejournal pulls 140 million clicks a month while Likes attracts some 110 million visitors.

Visitors to the sites or any other compromised through malvertising need only be served the malicious advertising to become victim and do not need to click on ads.

Mar 30 10:11

NATO Warns Europe To Prepare For War With Russia

NATO’s top commander has warned Europe to beef up its air defenses over the Baltics in anticipation of a Russian invasion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 30 09:58

Moscow Says Putting Iran’s Ballistic Tests on UNSC Has No Basis

Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Mikhail Ulyanov once again affirmed that Iran’s recent ballistic missile tests were not in breach of a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution adopted last July.

Mar 30 09:57

Missouri anti-abortion lawmaker thinks being a ‘former embryo’ makes him a reproductive health expert

Missouri state Rep. Mike Moon (R) argued this week that he had the right “as a former embryo” to strip abortion rights from women.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As long time readers know, I accept that abortion should be available under certain circumstances, but oppose it being used as retro-active birth control by women who don't want to admit they are "bad girls" by using contraceptives. I also think that within a marriage, a husband should have some say in whether his wife aborts their baby or not. I've personally been through that experience in my first marriage. But that "former embryo" argument is admittedly out there looking at the ramp and shark.

Mar 30 09:52


Let it be understood that if Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Mitt Romney and the Republican Party power brokers steal the Republican nomination from Donald Trump at the convention -- when Trump is the clear leader -- we will walk out of the Republican party and not support its nominee. Trump’s support transcends his personality and is a movement that if the Republican Party was open, would welcome and leverage to the country’s advantage, instead of impeding, obstructing and destroying. Further, we will not return to the Republican Party but will go about the task of consolidating Trump’s political gains and reform the corrupt political system that cares more about itself than the interest of the United States. Karl Rove and company, never ones to lack hubris, are very mistaken if they think that humpty dumpty (the Republican Party) can be put back together.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, Patton got that from Sun Tsu, but you get the idea!

Mar 30 09:40

Michelle Alexander on Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote

Mar 30 09:35

As Long as Hillary Clinton Risks FBI Indictment, Bernie Sanders Is the Real Front-Runner

The FBI’s refusal to release records in the probe speaks volumes, primarily because supporters of Hillary Clinton can’t imagine any wrongdoing, much less criminal indictments.

However, a refusal to release records pertaining to Clinton’s private server should concern the Clinton campaign, primarily because this is a criminal investigation. In terms of legal opinion stating that indictments are warranted, former attorney general Michael Mukasey explains why Clinton likely faces criminal indictments in a Wall Street Journal piece titled Clinton’s Emails: A Criminal Charge Is Justified:

Owl 1
Mar 30 09:33

#NeverTrump Activist Unhinged, Backflips

Webmaster addition: What some people will do for $16 an hour!

Mar 30 09:32


This TV Commercial aired on MeTV today...
ISRAEL as usual needs YOUR help!
The supporting of a foreign country over ones own citizenship is Treason!
I saw the above ad on a TV commercial and damn near vomited, as have many other Americans.

Mar 30 09:31

Scalia's Death Clears Way for Union Win in Supreme Court

In a split 4-4 decision, deep-pocketed interests like the Koch Brothers & the John Birch Society lost ground in their decades-long battle against unions, says Center for Media and Democracy's Lisa Graves

Mar 30 09:25

Arizona Voter Fraud

The outraged voters in Arizona are just another example of the growing feelings of anger toward government. One citizen captured it best after yelling at the corrupt politicians who rigged the election to ensure Hillary would win. “The corruption has become so prevalent that you became comfortable, and you became so comfortable that you became lazy, and you became so lazy that you got caught. You (Purcell) are a snake in the grass and we see you!”

More than 100,000 signatures have been collected demanding a new election and a federal criminal investigation. They reduced the number of places people could vote by 70% to prevent the vote from coming out. On the Democratic side, we have the machine working hard to ensure Hillary is nominated. On the Republican side, they are doing everything to prevent Trump from being nominated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 30 09:17

Obama Urges Rethink On US Drug Policies As Opiod Overdoses Kill More Than Traffic Accidents

President Barack Obama is urging a major re-think of US drugs policy, saying treatment programs are “underfunded.” He also believes that for too long narcotics problems has been judged “through the lens of the criminal justice system.”

Mar 30 09:09

If Bernie Sanders wins the New York Democratic primary, some superdelegates vow to back Hillary Clinton anyway

At least a half-dozen Democratic superdelegates in New York State who have already decided to support Hillary Clinton said Tuesday they would maintain their allegiance to her — regardless of the results of the Empire State’s primary.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 30 09:00

Washingtonians Hound Superdelegate Who Supports Clinton After Constituents Favored Sanders

Bernie Sanders crushed Hillary Clinton in Washington’s caucuses Saturday, yet state Rep. Rick Larsen, a superdelegate, is ready to vote for her anyway. Sanders backers flooded Larsen’s Facebook account, demanding that he honor the will of his constituents.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time to warm up the tar and pluck the chickens!

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Mar 30 08:55

World Economic Situation: Serious Difficulties Call For Bold Measures

Dr. Yilmaz Akyuz, Chief Economist of the intergovernmental organization South Centre, says that the 2008 financial crisis may be moving in a third wave.

Mar 30 08:51

Bag Filled With Voter Registration Forms, Personal Info Found Abandoned In East Bay Park

A Concord man says he found a bag filled with voter registration forms containing the personal information of two dozen residents while walking his dog near the Pleasant Hill BART station.
Easter Sunday morning, Bob Ericson of Concord was walking his dog on the Iron Horse trail near the BART station when he spotted the bag stuffed full of stacks of paperwork.

Mar 30 08:51

Cologne-Style Rape Gangs, Vulnerable Borders, Migrant Hoards… Another Day In The Brexit Debate

EU rules make UK borders vulnerable and risk bringing Cologne-style rape gangs to British cities, prominent anti-EU campaigners have claimed in the latest exchange of fear mongering and moral panic ahead of the Brexit referendum.

Mar 30 08:50

Bolivia declares Israel a 'terrorist state' (8/1/14)

Bolivian President Evo Morales declared Israel a "terrorist state," Wednesday, because of the ongoing offensive in the Gaza Strip. Israeli citizens will now be required to obtain a visa before traveling to Bolivia.

Owl 2
Mar 30 08:48

Secret Fed deal abroad spurs stagflation at home

Here’s the real story. At the last G20 meeting in February, secret agreements were made between the most powerful economies to lift both the US and Chinese economy.

The details of these deals have been leaked on the Internet over the past few weeks and supported by the actions of central bankers involved.

It is what The Daily Reckoning last week called “The most important financial development of 2016, with enormous implications for you and your portfolio.”

The Fed and other members of the G20, which met in February, intend to maintain the current Chinese system.

They want China to stay strong economically.

The antidote to China’s misery, according to the Keynsian-poisoned G20, is more yuan printing. More liquidity that will supposedly boost the Chinese economy.

As a further, formal yuan loosening would yield a negative impact felt round the world, other countries agreed to tighten instead.

Mar 30 08:47

Breaking…Vaxxed, the film you can’t see, will be screened in New York! Mar29

I’ve just been informed that Vaxxed, the film about the vaccine-autism connection you can’t see…is now booked at the Angelika Film Center in New York.

It will start screening this Friday, April 1, and go through the next Thurs.

If you live anywhere near NY, get there and see it. Help pack the house. END THE CENSORSHIP.

Mar 30 08:46

The vaccine in Vaxxed: so pure, angels sent it for your kiddies

Whatever happens in a doctor’s office must be good, right?

Don’t worry, be happy, angels brought the MMR vaccine to Earth so doctors could shoot your kiddies with it.

The film, Vaxxed, which has been axed from the Tribeca Film Festival, is all about the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.

Long-time CDC researcher, Bill Thompson, publicly admitted he and his colleagues committed gross fraud, to make the vaccine seem safe, to pretend it had no connection to autism, when it did. They lied. That’s what Vaxxed is about.

So pardon me, but I thought I’d offer some quotes about MMR. Just to keep you in the loop.

Mar 30 08:43

Hillary Clinton, Google and Al Jazeera walk into Syrian Civil War: Western media buries story

The western media has broadly ignored a fascinating story linking Google, Al Jazeera and Hillary Clinton’s State Department to a ‘regime change’ program in Syria. Imagine if Ukraine and RT had been involved in such a scheme?

There are things every journalist should endeavor to accomplish every day. These include changing their socks, brushing their teeth, avoiding cliche and steering clear of 'whataboutism'. While there’s never an excuse for mishandling the first three, I’ve always felt there could be times when the latter is justified. This is one of them.

As you probably know, Wikileaks has been publishing thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton’s private servers recently. They’ve ranged from the tedious to the sublime. And the mainstream US media hasn't given them the coverage they deserve.

Mar 30 08:42

BOMBSHELL: French Counter-Terror Boss: ‘I Have Proof Who Killed Litvinenko - It Wasn’t Russia’

A former French official who has had senior roles in internal security and terror fighting has come forward with a remarkable statement: that he has documentary evidence proving that Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian spy who died from polonium poisoning, was killed by US and UK special services.

Mar 30 08:42

Increased activity at Sakurajima's Minamidake crater, Japan

After several relatively calm weeks, eruptions have picked up again at Japan's Sakurajima volcano. This time, the center of increased activity is Minamidake crater, Sakurajima's old summit vent, instead of the usual Showa crater.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A lot of volcanoes are kicking up lately! One possible explanation is that as the Earth enters a cooling phase, the crust shrinks, opening up fissures and vents which were held together during warmer times.

Mar 30 08:40

EU admits plot for FEDERAL superstate and describes Brussels attacks as an 'opportunity'

Gianni Pitella, leader of the socialist group in the European Parliament, claimed the attack's on the Belgian capital's metro system and airport showed the need for even closer intergration of the 28 member nations of the bloc.

Mar 30 08:40

Pro-Brussels lobby 'misleading voters' by hiding its NAME on fear-mongering propaganda

The glossy propaganda pamphlet dropped into letterboxes across the country this morning scrawled with doom-laden theories about huge job losses and supermarket price hikes if Britons vote to leave the EU.

The controversial dossier was produced by Britain Stronger in Europe (BSIE) - which is officially leading the campaign to keep us in the EU - and features a series of claims by so-called "independent experts".

But the pro-Brussels group decided to leave its logo off the document altogether, whilst its name was only included in tiny grey small print which is barely legible.

Mar 30 08:39

Campbell Brown: The New Leader of the Propaganda Arm of School Privatization

Perhaps guided by the old adage that you have to spend money to make money, the champions of education "reform" have poured billions into the effort to privatize and profit from America’s schools. Those funds are used on multiple fronts: launching charter schools, underwriting the political campaigns of politicians, and of course, investing in media to propagate the free-market privatization vision. Among the most visible properties in this effort is the Seventy Four, the well-funded, power broker-backed education news website run by former journalist-turned-school privatization activist Campbell Brown. Launched last year, the site’s reported $4 million annual budget comes from a collective of school privatization’s big hitters: The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Jonathan Sackler (of OxyContin producer Purdue Pharma) and the Walton Family Foundation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The goal of government schools is to make children more useful to the government. Hence we may conclude that the goal of corporate owned schools will be to make children more useful to corporations. They will be taught that vaccines are safe, GMO's healthy, massive debt the norm, and the importance of always wearing this year's fashions!

Owl 3
Mar 30 08:35

Lindsey Graham in Israel: Trump’s foreign policy worse than Obama’s

As for Hillary Clinton, Graham said: “I’m not excited about a third term of Barack Obama, and I think in many ways that is what it would represent.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is Graham trying to get Israel's support to make a play for the nomination at a brokered convention?????

Mar 30 08:35

Auschwitz survivor urges accused to ‘tell the truth’ in likely final Nazi trials

“There has to be justice’
Note: Indeed, "tell the truth" tell us about the swimming pool, the orchestra, the soccer field, the Auschwitz money for inmates, the plays at the theater. Tell it all brother!

Mar 30 08:34

Tensions Mount In The Golan Heights Over Oil And Territory

As Afek works to uncover what could be a step towards energy independence for Israel, the Israeli leadership is lobbying the United States to change its historical position that the region belongs to Syria. They want the U.S. to support Israel’s strategic interests in and claims to the Golan Heights, including the development of its natural resources. With the worsening situation in Syria and the need for Syrian rebel support, the United States and the rest of the international community have a delicate task ahead in dealing with the Golan Heights, however, it is likely that Israel will eventually have its way.

Mar 30 08:33

RT Revelation About Ankara-Daesh Oil Trade Discussed in Turkish Parliament

Deputy of the oppositional Republican People's Party (CHP) Murat Emir has sent a corresponding request to the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in which he asked him to comment on the documents presented in the film.

The RT documentary crew recently came across bundles of unique documents, which revealed the scope of the illicit business and the revenue it provided. The report provided evidence that Turkey has been purchasing oil from Daesh, and is either supporting or ignoring terrorists crossing its border into Syria.

According to the report, Daesh was said to have gained up to $2 million daily from oil sales before the Russia- and US-led coalitions largely destroyed the group's oil infrastructure in late 2015.

Mar 30 08:31

It’s Dash: US bank stops man’s payment as dog’s name resembles Daesh

A?US bank blocked a man’s online payment to his dog walker because his service dog’s name sounded like a dreaded terror network.
Bruce Francis, 55, from San Francisco, was transferring $374 from his account to his dog walker and wrote his dog’s name ‘Dash’ in the memo line, as he has done every month for the past couple of years.

Mar 30 08:30

Israel - Map Censorship

"Information Clearing House" - What is the difference between a textbook publisher giving into pressure from Christian fundamentalists seeking to censor the teaching of evolution, and a publisher giving in to Zionists seeking to censor awareness of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine? Neither phenomenon is a matter of opinion or perspective. One act of censorship denies facts established by scientific research. The other denies the documented violation of international law (for instance, the Fourth Geneva Convention) and multiple UN resolutions. So the answer to the question just asked is – there is no difference.

Mar 30 08:28

Wow! Minneapolis Fed commits to END “Too Big to Fail” Banks

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Fed link; their call to end TBTF:

Seven years after the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, the biggest banks are still too big to fail (TBTF). Without action, they continue to pose a serious, ongoing risk to our nation’s economy. It’s time to seriously consider bold and transformational solutions to address TBTF once and for all. The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis is launching a major initiative to develop a plan to end TBTF and prevent similar economic devastation from hurting the American people.

My response sent this morning:

Dear Fed member,

Thank you for your call to end TBTF. This is my March 2016 article, amended/revised from my 2015 Claremont Colleges paper delivered at their international “Seizing an Alternative” conference. Both of the above linked articles contain short illustrative videos.

Care to communicate your best shot to help? Go here.

Mar 30 08:27

Israel Is Cornering The Medical Marijuana Market

Since 2014, U.S. firms have invested about $50 million in licensing Israeli medical marijuana patents, cannabis agro-tech startups and firms developing delivery devices such as inhalers, said Saul Kaye, CEO of iCAN, a private cannabis research hub.

Mar 30 08:22

Doctors Demand Regulation Of Big Pharma

The American College of Physicians (ACP), a group of 143,000 internal medicine doctors, on Tuesday published a position paper calling on the government to do more to regulate the skyrocketing costs of pharmaceutical drugs.

Mar 30 08:19

The only difference between a Christian gunman and a Muslim terrorist is racism

Once we learned that Dawson wasn’t Muslim, reporters went out of their way to calm the American public. There was still almost no other information about the case, the suspect, or his motivations. “Don’t worry,” one outlet after another told us, “it’s not terrorism.”

Mar 30 08:18

Boeing Quietly Prepares To Cut 8000 Jobs

Mar 30 08:16

Journalism: Not What It’s Cracked Up To Be

By Catherine J. Frompovich

“What’s happened to mainstream journalism?” is the question being asked by millions of thinking people, and more than ever before. Could a real clue be found in what may be termed “sound bite” reporting rather than investigative journalism dug up by investigative journalists? They, like the extinct Dodo bird, are becoming a vestige of the past, especially since most media (90 percent in the USA) are owned, controlled, and manipulated by five corporations: Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom...

But not all journalists are satisfied to take the “cool aid” (hush money) or drink from the kook aid trough, as they say...

Mar 30 08:14

How Many Tech Startups Are Empty Shells?

It's widely accepted that most tech startups will fail. Perhaps the core business proposition didn't pan out, or the execution was flawed, or the initial success foundered on poor management, or another startup scaled up fast enough to suck up all the oxygen in the room--there are many reasons a startup with a fair chance at success can fail.

But what if many if not most of the current batch of startups have zero chance of succeeding because they're nothing but empty shells of gaseous public relations? Coder Daniel C. recently shared his experiences interviewing at numerous tech firms, both established firms and startups.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember the Mel Brooks movie/play/musical "The Producers?" The story line was two men who set up a production to fail miserably to make a fast buck at the expense of their investors. Anyone think that sort of chicanery is confined only to show business?

Mar 30 08:13

Obama’s Fakery, ‘News’ Media’s Suckery

How can it be that the same news-medium that reported, on 22 April 2015, that the Obama Administration allows countries it signs trade-pacts with to murder their trade-union organizers and insists upon continuing to permit those murders, has now also reported on 24 March 2016, “The Obama Administration Just Took A Huge Step On Worker Safety: It’s known as the silica rule, and it’s a big frigging deal”?

Mar 30 08:13

Does Cruz Even Know Where He's From???

Tonight during the CNN Town Hall with Ted Cruz held in Wisconsin, Senator Cruz – a sitting Senator from Texas – claimed that Fort Hood is in Florida:

Fort Hood is the largest U.S. military installation in the world, covering 214,000 acres and housing over 53,000 people. It is located halfway between Austin and Waco, Texas.

Oh, and just a reminder, Senator Cruz, I realize that you are very distracted by a certain growing scandal – and for good reason because that’s about to blow wide open – but your home state is Canada – I mean Texas.

Mar 30 08:10

The US Wants the Islamic State Group to Win in Syria

Watching a recent video of a State Department spokesperson speaking on that subject might confuse some U.S. war supporters. I doubt many residents of Palmyra, Virginia, or Palmyra, Pennsylvania, or Palmyra, New York could give a coherent account of the U.S. government's position on which enemy should control the ancient Palmyra in Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US Government is in a real corner. They have been bombing Syria for months now while telling you, the American people, that the goal was to get ISIS and Al Qaeda out of Syria. Well, ISIS and Al Qaeda are all but gone now, and the US Government cannot very well turn around and say, "Okay, we lied to you; this is a war to conquer Syria and the invasion begins tomorrow." Once a lie on that scale is absolutely confirmed in the minds of Americans, all the other lies will begin to fall apart.

Mar 30 08:05

GOP panelists eager to scrap rule that helps Trump

All four early appointees of the rules committee for this year’s Republican convention told POLITICO they’re prepared to weaken or scrap a rule that could limit the convention’s alternatives to Donald Trump.

The four took issue with a rule, originally imposed by Mitt Romney forces in 2012 to keep rival Ron Paul off the convention stage, requiring a candidate to win a majority of delegates in eight states to be eligible for the party’s nomination -- a threshold only Trump has exceeded so far. If preserved, the rule could block John Kasich or Ted Cruz from competing with Trump at the convention, set for July in Cleveland.

If the committee scraps the requirement entirely, it could open the door to multiple candidates, possibly even some who never entered the primaries, competing for the party’s nomination at a brokered convention. And even a lower threshold would make it easier for Trump’s rivals to challenge him.

Mar 30 08:04


Private companies with close ties to DHS and the police are turning America into a giant surveillance state!

Mar 30 08:03

US election: Trump steps back from Republican support pledge

US Republican front-runner Donald Trump has dropped his pledge to support the party candidate if he does not win the nomination for the November election.

Mr Trump's rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, refused to say outright whether they would unite behind a nominee.

Mar 30 08:03

States moving to GPS-based weight and distance tax

As vehicles continue to get more fuel efficient, state and federal governments are looking at alternative funding mechanisms to shore up their fuel tax revenues. The Congressional Budget Office, for instance, recently proposed that Congress pass legislation that would charge drivers a tax for every mile they drive. Some states are not waiting on a federal solution. Oregon and California have already taken actions to tax motorists based on the type of vehicle, weight and distance they travel on state roads.

Mar 30 07:58

Slap In The Face: Obama Administration To Cut Off Flint Emergency Aid

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance being provided to Flint as a result of the Obama administration’s limited declaration of an emergency over the lead poisoning of the city’s water was due to expire in mid April. On March 25, FEMA sent a letter to the state of Michigan informing it of a limited four-month extension, at which point “no further extensions will be granted.”

Mar 30 07:57

Vaxxed From Cover Up to Catastrophe TRAILER

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the trailer for the film "Vaxxed" which Robert DeNiro was forced to yank from the Tribecca Film Festival. But the attempt to censor this film has backfired because latest word is that Vaxxed just landed a distribution deal with Cinema Libre Studio and the controversy caused by the Tribecca censorship (the banned in Boston effect) will lead to larger audiences!

Mar 30 07:57

Hundreds of thousands of leaked emails reveal massively widespread corruption in global oil industry

A massive leak of confidential documents has for the first time exposed the true extent of corruption within the oil industry, implicating dozens of leading companies, bureaucrats and politicians in a sophisticated global web of bribery and graft.

Mar 30 07:55

The University of California has been admitting thousands of students from out-of-state with lower grades and test scores than state residents as a way to raise cash, a state audit released Tuesday reveals

The University of California has been admitting thousands of students from out of state with lower grades and test scores than state residents as a way to raise cash, a state audit released Tuesday reveals.

Mar 30 07:51

Spring snow leads some Sierra resorts to extend skiing into May

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe announced winter operations will continue until May 8

Monday storm had delivered 11 inches of snow at Northstar California Resort by midafternoon

Mar 30 07:50

There's snow place like Michigan

Only yesterday I was admiring the purple crocus along the border of my yard.

Only yesterday I was thinking of raking and picking up sticks from the winter winds, and starting my spring cleanup.

I’d come to accept this phenomenon known as spring and realized it actually decided to arrive before June 1 this year. Mother Nature was on quite a roll — late start to winter and an early start to spring? Great, I thought. I was pleased. I’d been cautious to accept it but as I examined my garage, I decided sleds could be stored, snowshoes could be put away and bikes could come down from their imprisonment on the ceiling.

With hockey season over, my son had taken out his baseball equipment, his basketball, his football and his soccer ball. My daughter inquired, “What sport is he into now? It isn’t obvious.” I was certain spring was here to stay.

Mar 30 07:48

NHP reports dozens of crashes during snowy Monday commute (

The Nevada Highway Patrol began working crashes early Monday morning in the Reno-Sparks area during fresh snowfall.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 30 07:47

Snowfall in Bolton causes traffic problems during morning rush hour

Residents in Bolton woke up to a blanket of white covering the area, but the snow is causing some problems on the M61

Mar 30 07:46

Surprise snowfall hits Lancashire

Heavy snow fell in parts of Lancashire this morning catching out commuters as they made their way into work following the Easter break.

Mar 30 07:46

FLASHBACK - Team Cruz, Capitol Police Emails Pop Up in Ashley Madison Data Dump (Updated)

Per media reports, the client records harvested by hackers identifying themselves as "Impact Team" include some 36 million email addresses. Ashley Madison does not, by its own admission, engage in any type of email verification, making fictitious accounts another resource in the cheater's toolbox.

Approximately 15,000 of those appear to sport the “.mil” or “.gov” designation assigned to the armed forces and federal agencies, respectively.

Impact Team has not divulged the names associated with the pilfered hook-up records, but a data-driven social media user combed through the information and compiled the most common occurrences.

Among those purportedly seeking relations away from their spouses are emails associated with:

The office of GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, R-Texas.
The Capitol Police.
Seven folks with ties to House offices.
Nearly four dozen people who punch timecards at the White House.

Mar 30 07:43

Feds to Fine Schools for Not Following Michelle Obama’s Lunch Rules

The federal government is taking steps to fine schools that do not comply with first lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch rules.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 30 07:37

BEX ALERT - 'ISIS is planning a major attack in Israel'

ISIS affiliate in Gaza claims ISIS will increasingly focus on US and Israel, promises a major attack in Israel is only a matter of time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, based on this story, the story that ISIS will attack Jewish children in Turkey, and all the nations that have issued travel warnings to get their people out of Turkey, here is what I think is about to happen.

There are going to be two or more false-flag attacks in Turkey and Israel which will be blamed on ISIS in Syria, which will allow both nations to declare war on Syria, even though the Russians and Syrians have pretty much chased ISIS out of the place. Syria will ask for Russia's help, the US will come in on the side of Israel and Turkey, and WW3 will be well and truly under way!

Mar 30 07:34

Arizona Secretary Of State Confirms Election Fraud Did Happen

In Maricopa County, where voter suppression issues were the most obvious on election night, the number of polling places was slashed from 400 in 2008, to 200 in 2012. But in 2016, Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell slashed that number again, leaving just 60 polling sites open for an area that has a population of more than four million people.

But it wasn’t just the lack of polling locations that contributed to the tremendously long lines. The locations that were open were inappropriately small, some with as few as six voting booths on site.

Worse, as thousands of voters waited in line outside the polling locations, half the voting booths were purposely left empty by poll workers, who trickled voters in as slowly as possible.

Mar 30 07:19

BEX ALERT - Leave Hillary Alone

Come on, aren’t these attacks ridiculous? This passes as legitimate conversation among our media “elite.” That’s shameful. Do your job, talk about content. Talk about her record, not her chest!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For obvious reasons, comments are not allowed on this article. Had they been, this would have been my comment!

Okay, let's talk about Hillary's record. Let's talk about shady cattle futures trades, Let's talk about Whitewater, Castle Grande, Flowerwood, and other land-flip deals tied in with money laundering as part of the CIA's gun and drug-running during Iran Contra. Let's talk about the utter failure of Hillarycare. Let's talk about Hillary's slapping down of the "bimbo eruptions." Let's talk about the murder of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster. Let's talk about China-gate, a possible forerunner to Hillary's email server scandal. Let's talk about Secretary of State Hillary giving sweet weapons deals to nations that donated to her "charitable" foundation. Let's talk about at least 15 violations of Title 18 with regards to the aforementioned server. Let us talk about how emails from that server reveal that Libya was invaded to destroy the Gold Dinar. Let's talk about how more of those emails reveal that Secretary of State Hillary was smuggling Libyan weapons through that consulate in Benghazi to ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria, supposedly our enemies in the war on terror.

Yes indeed let us talk about her record.

Mar 30 07:12

Customer files lawsuit against Old Spice over defective products

A new lawsuit claims hundreds of people may have received severe rashes or chemicals burns after using a popular men's deodorant brand.

The class-action lawsuit filed this month names 13 Procter & Gamble Old Spice deodorants.

The products listed in the lawsuit are:

Old Spice After Hours Deodorant

Old Spice Champion Deodorant

Old Spice Pure Sport High Endurance Deodorant

Old Spice Artic Force High Endurance Deodorant

Old Spice Bearglove Deodorant

Old Spice Lion Pride Deodorant

Old Spice Swagger Deodorant

Old Spice Fresh High Endurance Deodorant

Old Spice Aqua Reef Deodorant

Old Spice Classic Fresh Deodorant

Old Spice Fiji Deodorant

Old Spice Wolfhorn Deodorant

Old Spice Champion Deodorant

The lawsuit claims the products are defective.

Radena Leggett wants to warn others about what can happen.

"I was totally shocked that he had skin falling off out of his armpits," Leggett said.

Mar 30 07:09

The More Corrupt the State, the More Numerous the Laws

Distinguishing between real crimes (i.e., harming or threatening to harm people or property) and breaking the law is critical to your personal freedom. The next step is for you to minimize your exposure to arbitrary, make-believe “crimes” invented by your home government.

You can do this by diversifying internationally. That means moving some of your savings abroad in the form of physical gold to a safe jurisdiction, owning real estate in another country, opening foreign bank/brokerage accounts, and obtaining a second passport, among other things. Taking these steps will significantly dilute the power bureaucrats in your home country have over you.

Mar 30 07:08

U.S. Ambassador: We “Vigorously Oppose” Boycotts of Israel

The United States “vigorously opposes efforts to isolate or boycott Israel,” Ambassador Dan Shapiro told an anti-boycott conference on Monday.

“We have demonstrated this commitment for decades and continue to devote substantial resources in our government to this fight,” he added. “We consider it an extension of our longstanding commitment to fight any effort to delegitimize Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How do you oppose Israel delegitimizing itself by being an apartheid state?

Mar 30 07:00

The 6 Biggest Lies Used To Start Horrifying Wars

War is terrible. We're pretty sure we're not the first people in history to voice that opinion. However, you get the sense that it's at least waged over important things: territorial disputes, national security, assassinations, which starter Pokemon is best -- big, big stuff. But, wars are sometimes started by nothing much at all -- just a little lie, and then ...

Mar 30 06:58

5 Brainwashing Tricks That Work No Matter How Smart You Are

Everyone is talking about Scientology again, and why not? It's a billion-dollar cult apparently based on convincing actors they have superpowers. But there's no reason to single them out -- look around and you'll see the world is full of people who've either gotten brainwashed into doing something weird (like that co-worker who's way too into yoga) or murderous (like, you know, all those people who keep joining ISIS). You would never do something like that, of course, so what makes those people different?

Why is it so easy for evil/stupid movements to find followers -- including intelligent, well-educated ones? I'm pretty sure the future of civilization hangs on figuring this out, so here's what I've got:

Mar 30 06:56

Manipulating Trump Voters Will Backfire

Chicago was the optimum place to mobilize demonstrators since local left-wing activists had been repeatedly taking to the streets to protest Mayor Rahm Emanuel over the shooting of Laquan McDonald.

It turns out that MoveOn.org provided financing for signs and banners, and used its email lists to urge members in the Chicago area to come and join the protest. MoveOn.org activists that showed up were told to blend in with the crowd.

Roughly one hundred of them were able to obtain wristbands that would gain them entry into the building where the Trump rally was to be held.

The plan was to wait until Trump came to the podium and then all the protesters would simultaneously begin disruptive activities.

MoveOn.org is a creature and creation of the far left that has been a functionary for pushing the most extreme policies of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party.

It was founded with cash assistance from left-wing billionaire and globalist agitator George Soros.

Mar 30 06:53

Club Isis: Watch terrorist Salah Abdeslam drinking and dancing in Brussels disco prior to Paris attacks

Only months before they participated in the purportedly religiously motivated mass slaughter of 130 people in Paris, Brahim and Salah Abdeslam were partying, drinking and living life to the full, a new video shows. The French brothers, who lived in the Brussels district of Molenbeek, are seen dancing and having a good time at a high-end nightclub in the Belgian capital in recorded mobile phone footage obtained by the CNN.

The clip was recorded by friend of the pair at a concert of French rapper Lacrim in the up-market Avenue Louise on 8 February, 2015. It shows Brahim, 31, cigarette in hand wooing a blonde girl while Salah, 26, dressed in an orange sweatshirt hopping to the sound of music in the background.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And once again we discover that the so-called "Muslim" terrorists are not in fact devout Muslims at all!

Mar 30 06:53

IDF murderer or Jewish martyr? Soldier who shot Palestinian proclaimed 'national hero' by far-right

Outside a courthouse in southern Israel, a crowd of hundreds waved Israeli flags, hoisted posters and chanted in support of a soldier who fatally shot a Palestinian knife attacker near Hebron. The crowd chanted "Kahane is alive" in reference to the late extremist Israeli rabbi Meir Kahane and in support of the soldier, who was caught on camera executing the man as he lay on the ground.

Mar 30 06:52

Chernobyl: Huge sliding arch to block radiation is nearing completion 30 years after nuclear disaster

Nearly 30 years after the world witnessed the worst nuclear accident in its history, a huge structure designed to prevent deadly radiation spewing from the site is nearing completion. The 30,000 tonne 'New Safe Confinement' arch – the world's largest land-based moving structure – will be pulled over the former Chernobyl nuclear power plant to contain radiation from the damaged reactor for the next 100 years.

Mar 30 06:46

Omar Accomplished His Job, Omar Is Free To Go

The truth is obvious. Right wing Israeli politicians knew about Omar Barghouti’s activities all along. Israel allowed Omar Barghouti to travel around the globe and condemn the occupation. Israel allowed it because from a very early stage BDS was an Israeli controlled opposition maneuver.

For Israel, BDS presented the ideal front on which to fight. Instead of battling for a Palestinian Right Of Return, that is ethically solid and backed by UN resolutions, the solidarity movement was reduced to an internal Jewish debate over the “Right to BDS.” Instead of dealing with the acute Palestinian refugee crisis in Syria and Lebanon, our devoted solidarity campaigners gathered around their local food store to protest against gefilte fish made in Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Interesting analysis. But BDS has broken out of control around the world.

Mar 30 06:41

Israel’s West Bank land grabs biggest in decades

This month, Israel announced two sweeping land grabs in the northern and central occupied West Bank, prompting anti-settlement group Peace Now to warn that the Israeli government had reverted to its major land confiscation policies pre-dating the 1993 Oslo accords.

On 21 March, Israeli authorities began notifying Palestinian residents of the Nablus-area villages of al-Sawiya, al-Lubban al-Sharqiya and Qaryout that their land would be declared “state land” and become part of the Israeli settlement Eli.

Mar 30 06:40

Company fined $10 million for using nerve agent and poisoning US family

The Justice Department has fined Terminix $10 million after the pest control company illegally used a nerve agent that sickened a Delaware family vacationing on the US Virgin Islands.

"Terminix companies knowingly failed to properly manage their pest control operations in the US Virgin Islands, allowing pesticides containing methyl bromide to be applied illegally and exposing a family of four to profoundly debilitating injuries," US Assistant Attorney General John C. Cruden said in a statement Tuesday, according to The Associated Press.

Mar 30 06:39

Microsoft is not giving up on Universal Windows Platform

First introduced with Windows 8 as Windows Runtime, UWP is a key feature in Windows 10, enabling development with one API set for PCs, tablets, phones, and other form factors. Presentations will cover aspects such as the UWP App Model and adaptive UI. In one session, Andrew Clinick, group program manager on the Windows Phone team, will introduce app model capabilities ranging from app deployment improvements to capabilities to drive app engagement on devices.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is one of those ideas that sounds great at an executives cocktail party but really isn't workable. Different devices are used for different tasks. I send text messages on my cell phone, not on my desktop. Much of my non-political computer work these days is music, supporting Claire's choir with tools like Sonar and Sibelius, which require large screens and could not possibly be used on small-screen devices. Trying to force everything to work on everything adds needless cost and complexity to an already bloated and buggy operating system!

Mar 30 06:26

REPOST - Exposing the Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look at Hillary’s Emails

Before 2011, Libya had achieved economic independence, with its own water, its own food, its own oil, its own money, and its own state-owned bank. It had arisen under Qaddafi from one of the poorest of countries to the richest in Africa. Education and medical treatment were free; having a home was considered a human right; and Libyans participated in an original system of local democracy. The country boasted the world’s largest irrigation system, the Great Man-made River project, which brought water from the desert to the cities and coastal areas; and Qaddafi was embarking on a program to spread this model throughout Africa.

But that was before US-NATO forces bombed the irrigation system and wreaked havoc on the country. Today the situation is so dire that President Obama has asked his advisors to draw up options including a new military front in Libya, and the Defense Department is reportedly standing ready with “the full spectrum of military operations required.”

Mar 30 06:25

Turkey ‘demands’ takedown of Erdogan-mocking video, German authors add subtitles instead

Ankara reportedly pressurized Berlin into removing a satirical clip aired by NDR earlier this month. However, the show’s producers decided to amplify the message and released English and Turkish subtitled versions of the video criticizing the Turkish President.

Following the broadcast of the satirical piece titled “Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan” on an NDR show titled “Extra 3” on March 17, German Ambassador Martin Erdmann was summoned several days later to officially explain “in length” the reasons for the broadcaster’s behavior.

Mar 30 06:24

Rumbled? Tories ‘broke the law’ to win 2015 general election

Dozens of Conservative Party MPs broke the law during local campaigns to win seats in the 2015 general election, which saw a Tory majority seize power, a new investigation alleges.

Some 24 candidates are accused of failing to declare funds spent on the Conservatives’ “RoadTrip 2015,” a bus which transported campaigners to marginal seats in the lead-up to the election and which has been widely credited as helping MPs win their seats.

The Daily Mirror investigation alleges MPs did not declare spending on the bus, along with the associated costs of food and hotel accommodation.

Mar 30 06:21

Lavrov says Russia keen maintain Lebanon's interests

Future Movement Leader Saad Hariri Wednesday discussed with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov means to end Lebanon's crises during a visit to Moscow

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Lebanon now swings into the Russian sphere of influence.

Mar 30 06:14

Frontline - Saudi Arabia

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Frontline had a good program on PBS last night
concerning Saudi Arabia.

March 29, 2016

Mar 29 21:56

Ayesha Gaddafi as a new leader of resistance against NATO and the Libyan terrorists

She is back! The daughter of Muammar Gaddafi will lead the resistance against NATO and the other Libyan terrorists. Ayesha stated that she is now the leader of the resistance and she is about to create a new secret government.

Mar 29 20:50

Zionists "Aiding" Palestine for "Peace": A Canadian Story !!

This is the story of my friend in short without giving much details but what I want to tell you is not to allow the Zionist to fool you and use you as they did to my friend and many other Palestinian activists.

Mar 29 20:38

What it really means to be a friend of Israel

As La Clinton and others perform their obscene ritual acts of obeisance let us ponder what being a Friend of Israel really entails. It means aligning yourself with the vilest villainy. It means embracing the terror and ethnic cleansing on which the state of Israel was built.

Mar 29 19:49

Planned Soros sponsored disruptions of elections

A ship of fools setting sail on a collision course can only result in the sinking of the election process. Civil disobedience is a valid tactic to confront abusive power.

Mar 29 19:13

Another US Financial Firm To Cut 7000 Jobs

Mar 29 18:32

California to Delay BPA Warnings on Canned Foods Because Regulator Says Label Is Too Scary

By Steven Maxwell

To tell or not to tell. That is the dilemma and heated debate which is occurring in California over Bisphenol A (BPA) in some of the canned food products sold at grocery stores. The regulators are concerned that wording on the label is too scary. They claim to be worried that poor customers won’t buy canned food anymore.

Warnings are supposed to be on food product labels and/or posted on retailers shelves by May of 2016, but California is delaying the labeling law and is making other, less alarming, plans to inform consumers of the presence of BPA...

Mar 29 18:10

The idea that Bernie Sanders has been too negative to debate Hillary Clinton is ridiculous

Asked about the possibility of a New York debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders before the Empire State primary on April 19, Clinton pollsterJoel Benenson said this on CNN Monday:

Senator Sanders doesn't get to decide when we debate, particularly when he's running a negative campaign. Let's see if he goes back to the kind of tone he said he was going to set early on. If he does that, then we'll talk about debates.

Mar 29 17:44

Short list of countries that advise to not travel to Turkey: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Slovenia, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, China and Russia

About 3/4 of the world are being advised by their Governments that traveling to Turkey is dangerous because of the radical religious terrorists that the Turkish Government is harboring in Turkeys effort to overthrow the popularly elected Syrian Government.

Mar 29 15:45

BEX ALERT - Isis has ‘advanced plans to attack Jewish children’ in Turkey, intelligence sources say

Isis has advanced plans to carry out a terror attack heavily targeting Jewish children in Turkey, according to intelligence officials.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This false-flag would allow both Israel and Turkey to declare war on Syria, to "get ISIS" ... except that Russia and Syria have pretty much kicked ISIS out of Syria! But this dovetails with all the nations that just issued travel warnings for their citizens to get out of Turkey NOW!

Mar 29 15:29

FLASHBACK - George Bush Admits the News are Using Fake Stories

Mar 29 15:19

Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad Have Liberated Syria from the U.S. and “Jihadist Alliance”

It has been an alliance between the leaderships of U.S., Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE; but, regardless of whether it’s called “the U.S. alliance” or “the Saudi alliance,” or even (possibly) “the Turkish alliance” (and it could be called by any of those three names), it’s the jihadist alliance, and it now seems to be near its final defeat, by, quite clearly, the Russian alliance: Russian air power has enabled the Syrian army (called the SAA or “Syrian Arab Army”) of Bashar al-Assad, plus Lebanon’s Shiite warriors (called “Hezbollah”), plus organization by Iran’s generals, to exterminate thousands of ISIS jihadists. The pro-Syrian alliance, under Russian air-power, are now making final preparations to finish the job, in the Syrian headquarters of ISIS — the city of Raqqa, where ISIS’s “Caliph” is, who could soon be meeting his end.

Mar 29 15:19

Non-Jews should not be allowed to live in Israel – Israel’s Chief Rabbi

Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhal Yosef has faced a public backlash after saying that according to Jewish law some non-Jews should be forbidden to live in Israel.

“According to Jewish law, it’s forbidden for a non-Jew to live in the Land of Israel – unless he has accepted the seven Noahide laws,” Rabbi Yosef said during his weekly Saturday lecture on March 26.

Non-Jews who fail to live by the seven Noahide laws should be expelled to Saudi Arabia, he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But if you say we are being racist and apartheid, you are just being a filthy dirty Jew-hating anti-Semite who wants Hitler tome back and gas Jewish babies in the ovens." -- Nodding Yahoo

Mar 29 15:17

Actor Robert De Niro is Now Part of the “Conspiracy Theory” Club: Forced to Cancel Anti-Vaccine Film “Vaxxed”

The Los Angeles Times and other main-stream media (MSM) networks has criticized actor and filmmaker Robert De Niro for allowing the screening of the anti-Vaccine documentary film ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Conspiracy’produced and directed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

The article ‘How Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival sold out to anti-vaccine crackpots’ criticized DeNiro’s decision to air the movie during the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City:

The festival, which was co-founded by Robert De Niro in 2002, has placed a film purporting to defend Wakefield and accusing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of a cover-up on its program this spring. The film is called “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Conspiracy.” Its director: Andrew Wakefield

However, DeNiro (whose son has autism) canceled the screening of the film due to the MSM pressure on his decision to air the film. The LA Times confirmed DeNiro’s decision to cancel the film in an UPDATE:

Mar 29 15:06

The writing is on the wall for the European Union

The latest bomb attacks in Brussels are the clear proof that the attacks in Paris were not a fluke, but the first in what is likely to be a long string of similar terror attacks. Such attacks are really nothing new, this is exactly what Russia has to endure in the 1990s, from the same people and for the same reasons. But whereas Russia eventually succeeded in defeating both the Chechen Wahabi insurgency and the Chechen Wahabi terrorism, Europe appears to lack all the resources needed to prevail. What is even worse, EU leaders appear to be dead set in their current russophobic policies thereby cutting themselves off the much needed help Russia could offer.

Mar 29 14:46

Neocon War Hawks Have Always Backed Hillary Clinton

The neoconservative Right would have you believe this election affords them a uniquely tough choice. On the one hand, there’s Hillary Clinton, liberal bogeywoman and hated embodiment of the Democratic establishment. On the other, there’s Donald Trump, who has repeatedly called the Iraq war a mistake, accused the Bush administration of lying to drag the United States into said war, claimed he would be “neutral” in his dealings with Israel and just recently sketched out an “unabashedly noninterventionist approach to world affairs” for the Washington Post editorial board.

Mar 29 14:44

The Drone Program Ponzi Scheme: Systematic Mass-Murder

I was disturbed to learn of the recent mass killing by the US government of yet another group of brown-skinned persons of unknown identity, this time in Yemen. Only two weeks ago, reports surfaced of a mission in Somalia which culminated in the deaths of an estimated 150+ terrorist suspects. The victims in Yemen, as is customary, were identified post-mortem as persons all of whom posed an “imminent threat” to US forces and allies. The estimated number of deaths in Yemen from the attack on Tuesday, March 22, 2016, is more than 50, with nearly as many people harmed. None of the dead were civilians, according to US officials.

Mar 29 14:37

Scientists Discover Bread Mold Could Make Greener Electrochemical Batteries

Scientific breakthroughs often come from unlikely sources, and a recent discovery has proved to be no exception. Who would have imagined a connection between moldy bread and ‘greener’ electrical batteries?