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"One result of U.S. political and economic leadership at the end of the millennium is a society of superfluous consumption that is reaching levels that seem not only immoral but absurd as well." -- Lorenzo Meyer, journalist, Reforma (Mexico City), Aug 5, 1999



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October 22, 2015

Oct 22 03:23

Ideology of Islamic State 'ignorance' — Russia’s Chief Mufti

"Why people go to them [terrorists], get recruited? They get $5,000. Some deceived people think they are taking part in the sacred war against infidelity. But this is not God’s work, this is provocation," he explained.
Putin’s approval rating reaches historical maximum of almost 90% http://tass.ru/en/society/830823 According to Russian Public Opinion Research Center, such high rating is registered in connection with events in Syria, Russian aviation’s airstrikes at terrorist positions.

Oct 22 03:16

Ukrainian forces shell DPR positions near Volvo Center in Donetsk

"Ukrainian forces opened fire around 11pm. The shelling stopped only after midnight," Prikhodko said. According to preliminary information, Ukrainian forces opened fire from mortars of 82mm caliber. No one was injured in the incident. Prikhodko said that intensified shellings at DPR positions "indicate Kiev’s desire to disrupt the ongoing weaponry withdrawal."
Ukrainian forces shell Oktyabrsky district in Donetsk from mortars http://tass.ru/en/world/830838 "We just received information that at night Ukrainian forces shelled the Oktyabrsky settlement," Donetsk News Agency quoted Prikhodko as saying. He added that no one was injured in the incident.
Prikhodko said that Ukrainian forces have violated ceasefire regime three times over the last 48 hours.
New batch of Russian humanitarian aid arrives in Donbas http://tass.ru/en/world/830842
Kiev to open 1st checkpoint on disengagement line in Lugansk region October 27 http://tass.ru/en/world/830844

October 21, 2015

Oct 21 21:24

Questions for Hillary Clinton - By Judge Andrew Napolitano

I have publicly advised members of Congress that they should not ask any questions of Clinton; instead, they should have a prominent attorney who is her equal in intellect and knowledge of the law yet is a fierce, experienced cross-examiner do so. But the lure of TV cameras will probably cause the committee members to reject my advice. As well, some of the committee members are lawyers, and the committee’s chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy, is a former federal prosecutor. Anyway, here goes...

Oct 21 20:14


Google is rejecting calls from copyright holders to remove entire domain names from Google search based on copyright infringements. In a letter to the U.S. Government the company points out that this would prove counterproductive and lead to overbroad censorship.

Oct 21 20:06

Germany should build a fence against refugees, says chief of German police union

The chief of the German police union has called for a fence along the country's border to set "an example" for other countries amid the ongoing refugee crisis.

Opposing Chancellor Angela Merkel's stance of welcoming those fleeing war, Rainer Wendt signalled his desire that Germany follow the Hungarian approach of building a wall, in the interview with the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

He said this was necessary to keep "internal order" in the country, and said social unrest was likely if Ms Merkel pursued her policy of open borders.

Oct 21 20:04

Anti-Immigration Violence Surges In Germany, Government Responds

The violence surrounding anti-immigration sentiments in Germany has been increasing, setting off a new level of concern. Violent incidents included the stabbing of a politician overseeing refugees, a veiled call to reopen concentration camps at an anti-immigration rally of nearly 200,000 people, arson attacks on refugee shelters, threats made to local officials responsible for feeding and housing migrants and mock gallows -- with nooses labeled for Merkel and her deputy and leader of Social Democrats Sigmar Gabriel -- were even erected at an anti-immigration event last week.

Oct 21 18:33

Netanyahu causes uproar by blaming Palestinians for Holocaust

Israeli prime minister under fire for suggesting that a World War II-era Palestinian leader convinced the Nazis to adopt their Final Solution to exterminate European Jews

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 21 18:07

Election fraudster silenced - the hard way

This is an "old" story from "way back" in 2008.

On election day 2008, Mike Connell, the computer mastermind behind the numerous election frauds run by Karl Rove, was in court ordered to testify before a judge about what he knew about the case.

A few days later, he died in a plane crash.

Welcome to real American history

Oct 21 18:02

Thousands Still Homeless a Year After the Bay Area's Biggest Encampment Was Shuttered

On a rainy morning last December, hundreds of people emerged from a muddy gully in San Jose, California, hauling their possessions in garbage bags and shopping carts after the city's largest homeless encampment, known as "The Jungle," was closed.

Oct 21 18:02

Skull and Bones Member John Kerry: Bar Global Warming Skeptics From Elected Office

Here's the gaseous statement that elicited our playground response, made Wednesday by Kerry from his Climate and Clean Energy Investment Forum, as recorded by Talk Radio News Service:

"But when I hear a United States senator say, 'I'm not a scientist so I can't make a judgment,' or a candidate for president for that matter, I'm absolutely astounded. I mean, it's incomprehensible that a grownup who has been to high school and college in the United States of America disqualifies themselves because they're not a scientist when they've learned that the Earth rotates on its axis, but they're not a scientist; where they've learned that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and it does so 24 hours a day; and you can run the list of things that we know science tells us happens, and we accept it every single day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We only want TRUE BELIEVERS in the government!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

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Oct 21 18:00

War Criminal Blair memo provides ammo for critics

Less than a day after a revelation that Tony Blair had plotted the invasion of Iraq a year before it actually happened speculations are rising in Britain over how this could provide more ammunition to criticisms against the former prime minister.

Oct 21 18:00

Thomas Mulcair is Cracking Down on Pro-Palestinian Sentiment in the NDP

If there's one thing the ostensibly progressive federal NDP just won't put up with from its candidates, it's the slightest criticism of Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And the NDP got hammered in Canada's elections! Because the Canadian people are as fed up with the "Friends of Israel" as the American people are!

Oct 21 17:42

Breaking Story: Israeli General Captured in Iraq Confesses to Israel-Isis Coalition

USA Parliament (Intr) Foreign Minister and European Department for Security and Information Secretary General Ambassador Dr Haissam Bou Said exclusively confirms to VT that the Israeli Brigadier Yussi Elon Shahak captured by the Iraqi popular army confessed during the investigation that,

“There is a strong cooperation between MOSSAD and ISIS top military commanders,” asserting that “there are Israeli advisors helping the Organization on laying out strategic and military plans, and guiding them in the battlefield.”

The terrorist organization also has military consultants from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Saudi Arabia has so far provided ISIS with 30,000 vehicles, while Jordan rendered 4500 vehicles. Qatar and United Arab Emirates delivered funds for covering ISIS overall expenditure.


Oct 21 16:57

Police say UK journalist Jacky Sutton’s death in Istanbul airport was suspicious

The unexplained death of British journalist Jacky Sutton in an Istanbul airport is now being treated as suspicious after police discovered thousands of euros in her bag, adding fresh doubt to reports suggesting she killed herself due to lack of funds.

Oct 21 16:30

Is the US Media Ignoring Military Burn Pits' Harm to Middle East Civilians?

The US media has failed to expose the civilian toll of recent wars by largely ignoring burn pits' toxic effects on local people, a US researcher argues in a new report, suggesting the burn pits are this generation's Agent Orange.

Oct 21 16:00

E. Coli in Two Meningococcal Vaccines!

By Catherine J. Frompovich

As readers will see from the CDC Pinkbook of vaccine excipients and media, the two 2015 Meningococcal B vaccines Bexsero and Trumenba contain E. coli, so what can be expected from that ingredient being injected into the human bloodstream? ...

Oct 21 15:42

US has no choice but to coexist with Iran, CIA chief said in 2007: Wikileaks

The United States has "no choice but to find a way to coexist" with Iran, said CIA Director John Brennan in 2007, according to a new leak by Wikileaks.

Wikileaks published Wednesday data the organization claimed it had obtained from an email account belonging to Brennan.

Oct 21 15:32

Margaret Mead and Samoa

Oct 21 15:28

US Government Accused of Stifling Medical Marijuana Research

Government bias and schizophrenic marijuana policy in the U.S. are stifling research into its medical uses, charges a new paper published Tuesday by researchers with the Brookings Institution, which in turn could heighten public policy and health risks as more and more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana usage.

Oct 21 15:22

General director of Doctors Without Borders: Bombing of Afghan Hospital No Mistake

The head of an international medical charity whose hospital in northern Afghanistan was destroyed in a U.S. airstrike says the “extensive, quite precise destruction” of the bombing raid casts doubt on American military assertions that it was a mistake. The Oct. 3 attack on the compound in Kunduz city, which killed at least 22 patients and hospital staff, should be investigated as a possible war crime, said Christopher Stokes, general director of Doctors Without Borders, which is also known by its French abbreviation MSF.
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Oct 21 15:19

Israel: Racist mob lynches migrant as violence intensifies

An angry Jewish mob lynched an unarmed Eritrean migrant worker in the southern city of Beer Sheba after an Israeli security guard repeatedly shot him on Sunday. The crowd cursed and kicked him, chanting, “Death to Arabs!” “Arabs out!” and “Am Israel Hai!” (“The people of Israel still live”).

Oct 21 15:16

DELOREAN issued a recall on the DMC-12 model

Advisory details

On a certain DMC-12 car converted into a time machine, a defect in the flux capacitor could lead to inability to travel through time while travelling at 88 miles per hour (141.6 km/h) and may increase energy consumption beyond 1.21 gigawatts. This could have disastrous consequences. Correction: Doc Brown will affect repairs.

Oct 21 15:14

Microsoft wants US government to obey EU privacy laws

Microsoft has published a blog post by Brad Smith, the company's president and chief legal officer, on the implications of the collapse of the Safe Harbour arrangement between the EU and US. In the post, Smith calls for the US government to agree that "it will only demand access to personal information that is stored in the United States and belongs to an EU national in a manner that conforms with EU law, and vice versa."

Smith declares that "privacy really is a fundamental human right," and points out that privacy rights are not meaningful if they change every time that data moves from one jurisdiction to another. "Individuals should not lose their fundamental rights simply because their personal information crosses a border. While never stated quite this directly, this principle underlies every aspect of the European Court’s decision, and it makes sense."

Webmaster addition: I want the US govermment to comply with the Bill of Rights.

Oct 21 15:12

2015 was the worst in history for OSX malware

2015 had 5 times more malware than all of 2010-2014 combined. Currently Windows is still the most targeted operating system, but with Apple gaining increased market share we are going to see more malware, including ransomware, starting to be created for Apple computers.

Oct 21 15:03

High Stakes – Cleaning Up After Harper

Canadians couldn’t have been much clearer on Monday when they hit the polls in numbers that haven’t been see for decades: The Harper era is history after some ten years of Conservative rule led by outgoing Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. Elected with a decisive majority, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada have been given a mandate for change. Canadians were no doubt sick of the divisive politics, our crumbling international reputation, our fragile resource-burdened economy, and a government who was relentless in its bidding for Big Oil.

Oct 21 14:53

“CDC Lyme Group Violates Law With Preferential Treatment Of IDSA,” Advocates Say

Tuesday, October 20, 2015. The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) group responsible for policy on Lyme disease violates federal law by extending preferential treatment to the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) says a petition created by a group of Lyme patient advocates. The petition to End Preferential…

Oct 21 14:52

New York City Activists Ticket Residents of Gentrified Neighborhood

Anti-police brutality activists in New York City took a trip to a gentrified neighborhood on October 18 to catch white people freely committing the type of crimes that get black and brown people regularly harassed by cops.

Oct 21 14:51

Raw Milk Farmer Released After Overnight Jail Time For Removing Surveillance

West Grey Police detained raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on October 19, 2015 and held him overnight when he reported for booking on theft charges. The Canadian government is pressing criminal theft charges against the Ontario farmer for allegedly removing surveillance cameras spying on visitors and other activity at his farm.…

Oct 21 14:43

Rikers Island suppressed prisoner sex abuse complaints – advocate

Most reports of sexual abuse at New York City’s Rikers Island prison were never passed on to the police, the city’s public advocate says. The prison reported only two incidents out of the 116 complaints, and none of the 28 accusations of rape.

Oct 21 14:39



Oct 21 14:27

Beneath the mask of the Human Rights industry: Prominent British Jews Advocate Increases in Refugees

As a former member of the Communist Party, Sir Stephen Sedley is an unlikely champion for human rights. Nevertheless it is an industry that has been good to him, so it was not surprising that his signature appeared on a letter in The Times calling for Britain to admit thousands more “Syrian refugees.” (Sedley is a prominent posturer among those discussed in Tobias Langdon’s “They posture, you pay.”)

Oct 21 14:19

Portland State course aims to 'make whiteness strange'

According to Portland State University Professor’s Rachel Sanders’ “White Privilege” course, “whiteness” must be dismantled if racial justice will ever be achieved.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They tried that in Zimbabwe.

Oct 21 14:07

France to submit Security Council resolution on international protection force at al-Aqsa mosque

France will present a Security Council resolution this week on behalf of the Palestinian leadership calling for international observers deployed in Jerusalem, according to senior Palestinian official and member of the PLO executive committee Hanan Ashrawi.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US will veto.

Oct 21 14:04

Palestinians not behind Shoah, says Germany

Germany on Wednesday stressed its inherent responsibility in the Holocaust, after Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu stirred controversy over his claim a Palestinian leader gave Hitler the idea of exterminating Jews.

Oct 21 13:32

Monsanto asks California to pull plan to list glyphosate as cancer cause

A plan by California environmental officials to list a commonly used herbicide as cancer-causing should be withdrawn, Monsanto Co told state regulators on Tuesday, saying California's actions could be considered illegal because they are not considering valid scientific evidence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Only science we buy and pay for is valid, dammit!" -- Monsatan

Oct 21 13:30

BEX ALERT - Treasonous Jimmy Carter Defies Obama, Gives Russia Maps of Terrorist Positions in Syria

Former President Jimmy Carter said recently that he provided maps of Islamic State positions in Syria to the Russian embassy in Washington, a move apparently at odds with the Obama administration’s official policy of not cooperating with Russia in the Syrian war.

Let's see how Fox News spins this into “naive, senile old man helps evil Russia”:

Oct 21 13:01

Bush administration didn’t just let 9/11 happen, they made it happen: Scholar

An American philosopher and researcher says former US President George W. Bush deserves full blame for the September 11, 2001 attacks, which were orchestrated to implement the Project for the New American Century.

Oct 21 13:00

The Secret Memo: Tony Blair’s Iraq Role Will “Follow Him to His Grave.”

The fact that Blair has gone on to amass a fortune since leaving office in 2007 – through his role as adviser to various governments around the world, some with egregious human rights records; his role as a consultant to an international bank, a Saudi oil company, and as a speaker at various corporate and international business gatherings – many find especially repugnant. What these memos prove is that Tony Blair was blinded by the power of Washington, desperate to bask in its favors and prestige, determined in the process to become a political player on the international stage. Instead he has become a laughing stock, particularly in the UK, where public revulsion of him is widely felt, indeed it is now a toss-up between him and Margaret Thatcher over which is the most loathed British prime minister in the country’s recent history.

Oct 21 12:58

Twenty-First-Century Fascism

Globalization of trade and central banking has propelled private corporations to positions of power and control never before seen in human history. Under advanced capitalism, the structural demands for a return on investment require an unending expansion of centralized capital in the hands of fewer and fewer people. The financial center of global capitalism is so highly concentrated that less than a few thousand people dominate and control $100 trillion of wealth.

The few thousand people controlling global capital amounts to less than 0.0001 percent of the world’s population. They are the transnational capitalist class (TCC), who, as the capitalist elite of the world, dominate nation-states through international trade agreements and transnational state organizations such as the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, and the International Monetary Fund.

Oct 21 12:58

Russia and India to Create Joint Military Satellite System

The system may later be expanded to other BRICS states...

Oct 21 12:54

Basurin: 14 Ukrainian ceasefire violations + Church Burned (video)

In the Donetsk People's Republic, the situation escalated dramatically over the last 24 hours. The Ukrainian army are reported to have violated the ceasefire fourteen times. The burning of a church in Krasny Partizan draws parallels with the demolition of Christianity in Syria at the hands of Obama's other proxy thugs...

Oct 21 12:46

Putin's next move towards multipolar world: South Ossetia

South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov has recently announced an intention to conduct a referendum in the country to join the Russian Federation. According to Tibilov, reunification with Russia has been a longstanding dream of the South Osetian people. Moscow has not been showing friendly attitude to such statements on post-Soviet space lately, but in this case, Russia made an exception. "Political reality prompts us to make our historical choice. We must reunite with brotherly Russia to ensure security and prosperity for our republic and our people for centuries to come," Tibilov said. Moscow does not welcome statements about reunification after the referendum in Crimea. Russia halted such referendums in the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. Transdniestria was recommended not to bother on the subject as well, even though the republic approved an adequate bid in 2006. Leonid Tibilov made the statement after the meeting with presidential aid Vladislav Surkov.

Oct 21 12:46

As Tensions Rise, US Sailors Visit Chinese Aircraft Carrier

A group of US Navy officers toured China’s aircraft carrier, Chinese media reported on Wednesday, as tensions between Washington and Beijing increase over territorial claims in the South China Sea.

Washington has said it may soon sail warships near Beijing's artificial islands in the area to challenge Chinese claims to the region.
US Navy amphibious assault vehicles with Philippine and US troops on board maneuver in the waters during a combined exercise in the South China Sea.
© AP Photo/ Bullit Marquez
How Will China Respond if US Patrols the S China Sea?

Beijing has maintained that the islands will primarily serve humanitarian purposes, a claim that has been dismissed by Washington, which suspects they will be used as military outposts.

The United States has called on China to build trust through increased military transparency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How about some transparency from DC itself?

Oct 21 12:45

US Sells New Warships to Saudi Arabia Despite Warnings of War Crimes in Yemen

The Obama administration has approved an $11.25 billion deal to sell four advanced, Lockheed Martin-made warships to Saudi Arabia.

Oct 21 12:44

Europe to use army to protect borders from migrants

On October 21, the parliament of Slovenia approved the use of army units for border protection to limit the influx of migrants from the Middle East. According to Interfax, the Slovenian government announced that the number of refugees had exceeded at the capacity of the state to accept them. As many as 19,400 refugees have entered the 2-million-strong Slovenia since Saturday. The number of refugees has grown considerably after Hungary closed its borders. Prime Minister of Slovenia Miroslav Cerar stated that said that the government of Slovenia was going to apply for financial and material assistance from the EU. Hungary is suffering from the influx of migrants from the Middle East and Afghanistan. The refugees use Hungary as a transit state on the way to Germany. Budapest was forced to build a wall on the border with Serbia to restrict the flow of migrants. Another wall is currently under construction between Croatia and Slovenia.

Oct 21 12:41

€3 BILLION Not Enough, Says Turkey – And They Won’t Stop Migrants Going To Europe Either Way

The whopping €3 billion inducement negotiated between Turkey and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is already being sneered at by the Turkish government, with the country’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu stating in an interview that he didn’t intend for his country to become a “concentration camp” for migrants either – implying the nation will not stop migrants going to Europe.

Oct 21 12:40

France: 96 percent of asylum rejects stay

France's asylum procedures have been slammed as too long and inefficient, with as many as 96 percent of refugees who are refused asylum not being deported, an official report found.

Oct 21 12:37


Although the hacked emails are from Brennan’s “non-government” accounts, he occasionally used the address for several intelligence related projects, according to WikiLeaks. The leaked papers include alleged drafts containing discussions about “challenges for the US Intelligence Community in a post cold-war and post-9/11 world,” as well as proposals regarding “torture methods.”

Oct 21 12:36

Russia's State Hermitage Museum denies Ukrainian media claims about Crimean exhibits

"It’s far from the first time they (Ukrainian media people) make these claims," a spokesperson for the press service told TASS. "I don’t know where they took the story this time but such injections of misinformation occur regularly enough after the intervals of about two months." "Nonetheless, we are not removing anything from Crimea," he said. "I hope you know Mikhail Borisovich (Dr. Mikhail Piotrovsky, the State Hermitage Museum director - TASS) objects strongly to any redistribution of museum collections." The State Hermitage Museum does not remove from the Crimea even the archeological finds made by its staff-members during expeditions to the Crimea and send them directly to local museums.

Oct 21 12:34

Russian planes join firefighting effort in Indonesia

"Two planes of Russia’s Emergencies Ministry landed today in Palembang, the center of the South Sumatra province," the press attache of Russia’s embassy in Indonesia, Nikolay Karapetyan, told TASS. Russian rescuers are expected to be involved in the operation for one month. The crew members have huge experience in combating fires. Russia’s aircraft have been earlier used in Serbia, Greece, Montenegro and other countries. The amphibious Be-200 multi-role aircraft can drop 12.5 tonnes of water at a time. Indonesia has launched a major effort on fighting wildfires in the country’s history. The operation also involves the planes of Singapore. The aircraft of Malaysia and Australia flew back home on Monday after completing five days of the firefighting effort. The fires on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan have generated huge amounts of smoke affecting the territory of Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Oct 21 12:33


Saudi Arabia is currently using US ships to block food, fuel, and medical supplies from entering Yemen, with US-manned ships “patrolling alongside”. Doctors Without Borders has reported that the blockade is “killing as many people in Yemen as the bombing”, and the Red Cross and other groups have said it is causing a humanitarian crisis, as Yemen imports almost one hundred percent of its food. While nationalist news outlet Reuters asserts that deals like the current weapons shipment to Saudi Arabia are “carefully vetted”, independent investigative journalist Gareth Porter asked the Obama regime about the clear “illegality of resupplying further munitions to the Saudis”, and was told only that the US has asked King Abdulaziz to investigate himself regarding his war crimes.

Oct 21 12:33


The Dodd-Frank regulations are so lethal to community banks that some say the intent was to force them to sell out to the megabanks. Community banks are rapidly disappearing — except in North Dakota, where they are thriving. At over 2,300 pages, the Dodd Frank Act is the longest and most complicated bill ever passed by the US legislature. It was supposed to end “too big to fail” and “bailouts,” and to “promote financial stability.” But Dodd-Frank’s “orderly liquidation authority” has replaced bailouts with bail-ins, meaning that in the event of insolvency, big banks are to recapitalize themselves with the savings of their creditors and depositors. The banks deemed too big are more than 30% bigger than before the Act was passed in 2010, and 80% bigger than before the banking crisis of 2008. The six largest US financial institutions now have assets of some $10 trillion, amounting to almost 60% of GDP; and they control nearly 50% of all bank deposits.

Oct 21 12:29

Report: Corporate control of British media is dangerous

A new report says control of the UK media is concentrated in the hands of just a few large corporations, threatening news plurality at an “endemic” level.

Oct 21 12:26

More Saudi Forces Killed in Clashes with Yemeni Troops in Asir

Yemeni army’s snipers killed five Saudi forces in al-Rebou’a area in Asir, informed sources said. Earlier reports said Yemen's army and popular forces took control of several villages in Saudi Arabia's Southwestern border region of Jizan as they continue their retaliatory attacks against the Persian Gulf kingdom. The Yemeni forces pressed ahead with their ground offensive in the al-Khubah district in Jizan on Tuesday evening, and captured several villages. Meanwhile, Yemeni soldiers fired a number of mortar shells at a military camp in the al-Rahwa Village in the Saudi region of Asir. No reports on possible casualties and the extent of damage were immediately available. On Monday, Yemen's army and popular forces conducted retaliatory attacks against the Saudi troops in Jizan region, killing at least 13 of them.

Oct 21 12:23

Syrian Deputy FM: Harsh Response Waiting for Qatar

Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal al-Meqdad blasted Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid bin al-Attiyah on Wednesday for threatening his country, and warned that Damascus will give an utterly harsh response to any foreign aggression. Meqdad's remarks came after the Qatari foreign minister said on Tuesday that “Qatar has been looking for alternatives under the United Nations umbrella to save the Syrian people" and using military option in Syria with the help of Saudi Arabia and Turkey is possible. "Our response to any aggression will be very hard," Meqdad said on Wednesday. He said the role of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the destruction of Syria is completely evident, and reiterated, "Syria will defend its sovereignty against any country that wants to support massacre and terrorism." The Syrian deputy foreign minister underlined that Syria will not be an easy target for Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Al-Attiyah stressed Qatar’s continued “steadfast” support for the Syrian opposition.

Oct 21 12:21

Iraq Moves to Exclude US from Anti-ISIL Campaign

Deputy Secretary General of Iraq's Badr Organization Abdolkarim al-Ansari blasted the US-led Anti-ISIL Coalition's poor performance in fighting the Takfiri terrorists, and said his country does no more want Washington's help in the war against the militant group. He, meantime, appreciated the role played by the quadrilateral coalition comprising Syria, Russia, Iran and Iraq against the ISIL, and said, "The Iraqis welcomes Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi's request from Russia for direct intervention in the anti-ISIL fight and our country does not need the American troops."

Oct 21 12:19

Hezbollah Forces Destroy Al-Nusra Front's Base in Arsal with Guided Missiles

The Lebanese Hezbollah resistance forces destroyed a military position of the al-Nusra Front terrorist group in the Arsal barrens of Lebanon on Wednesday.

Oct 21 12:16

Admiral punished suspected whistleblowers, is still poised for promotion

The Navy is poised to promote the admiral in charge of its elite SEAL teams and other commando units even though Pentagon investigators determined that he illegally retaliated against staff members whom he mistakenly suspected were whistleblowers.

Rear Adm. Brian Losey was investigated five times by the Defense Department's inspector general after subordinates complained that he had wrongly fired, demoted or punished them during a vengeful but fruitless hunt for the person who had anonymously reported him for a minor travel-policy infraction, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post.

Oct 21 12:16

What Congress Should Ask Hillary Clinton

There are dozens of Hillary Clinton scandals that I have no wish to minimize. But how is it that her habits of secrecy themselves attract more interest than the secrets already exposed?

Here is someone who has allowed shipments of weapons to countries that effectively paid her bribes. Last May the International Business Times published an article by David Sirota and Andrew Perez with the headline "Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department."

As the article recounts, Clinton approved a massive weapons sale to Saudi Arabia, almost certainly involving weapons since used to bomb innocent families in Yemen, despite official State Department positions on Saudi Arabia and, I might add, in apparent violation of the Arms Export Control Act.

Oct 21 12:16

Apple Comes Out Against CISA Days Before Critical Vote

Just days before a critical vote, Apple has become the latest major tech company to voice their opposition to CISA, a so-called cybersecurity bill that experts say would undermine user privacy while utterly failing to improve cybersecurity.

Oct 21 12:12

Ukraine lodges first complaint to WTO against Russia — Economic Development Ministry

"This morning the first complaint was lodged to the WTO against Russia, which is related to restrictions imposed on Ukraine’s railroad cars and switches," Deputy Minister was quoted as saying by Ukrainian News information agency. "We expect those issues to be managed by Russia at consultations stage, which will last for 30 days," she said. Mikolskaya added that the complaint will be followed by similar ones, related to groundless imposition of restrictions on supplies of railroad cars from Kryukov car-building plant, Dnepropetrovsk switch-making plant and other manufacturers. Ukraine’s revenues dropped by 34 times — from $1.7 bln in 2013 to $51 mln in 2015 — due to restrictions imposed by Russia, Deputy Minister added.

Oct 21 12:10

Between 3.000 and 6.000 refugees per day enter in EU trough Serbia

"This is terrible, we don't have enough food, water, clothes, beds, first aid and we're short on stuff". Says N.G. from croatian red cross. He says that they have good communication with police from cratia and Serbia.

"If you ask me, this is invasion, and I'm not sure that rain and cold weather and winter that will soon begin will stop them", says policeman.

Oct 21 12:10

Sibel Edmonds Exposes Exactly What Could Bring Down This Entire Corrupt System!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hastert went into office in the 1980s with a net worth of something like 260,000 and left office with a net worth of over $17 Million making some $160,000 annually. How does that compute? He was 'doing his thing' the whole time according to Sibel.

Oct 21 12:09

Three sunken ships from PQ-17 Arctic convoy found on Barents Sea floor

Wrecks of three ships that were part of the Arctic convoy PQ-17, which the forces of the Third Reich destroyed on high seas in July 1942, have been found on the seafloor in the Norwegian sector of the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) said. The wrecks were traced by the staff members of the national cartographical office who were researching the seafloor close to the Norwegian-Russian border. Sonars helped the mappers to identify the shipwrecks up to 140 meters long and 21 meters wide at the depth of 200 to 300 meters. The ships were identified as The Honomu and The Carlton, both of the U.S., and the Earlston of Britain. The wrecks lie inside the former so-called ‘gray zone’ of the Barents Sea that was opened for research only after 2010 when Norway and the USSR settled the decades-old dispute regarding the sovereign rights to that area.

Oct 21 12:05

Abkhazian opposition demands president’s resignation

"We do not trust the incumbent authorities and consider them to be dangerous. The rulers should understand that they better go as soon as possible so long as there are chances not to fall into an abyss," Alkhas Kvitsiniya, the leader of the opposition Amtsakhara (Tribal Fires) party, said at the party’s extraordinary congress in Sukhum.
Khadzhimba not to step down as Abkhazian president http://tass.ru/en/world/830761 Abkhazian President Raul Khadzhimba told his supporters on Wednesday he would not step down despite the opposition’s demand of new elections. A pro-presidential rally organized by the Aruaa public organization of war veterans took place at Sukhum’s theatrical square on Wednesday. About 2,000 people from various parts of Abkhazia took part in the action, which passed peacefully without any riots.

Oct 21 12:05

School Sends 6-Year-Old Girl Home in Nothing But Underwear and a T-Shirt

When a six-year-old with medical issues had an accident at Belle Terre Elementary School in Palm Coast, the school didn’t call her parents to come bring a change of clothes or even just send her home in her wet, soiled pants.

No, the school, in its infinite wisdom, sent the humiliated little girl home on the bus in her underwear.

According to the father, who has now hired a lawyer after the school apparently told him something to the effect of, “Well, we thought her shirt was long enough to just send her home like that,” the little girl had the accident in the first place because the teacher ignored her request to go to the bathroom when she needed to.

(read more)

Oct 21 12:03

Defeated Harper supporters call for independent “Republic of Western Canada”

Supporters of defeated Prime Minister Stephen Harper are calling for an independent “Republic of Western Canada” covering Canada’s western provinces after the Liberal Party swept to power in the general election on Monday.

Oct 21 12:03

Russia’s counter-sanctions painful for EU — Hungary FM

"As we are part of the European Union, we must share the common views," Szijjarto said in an interview with the Russian television channel Lifenews. "Implementation of the Minsk Agreements on Donbas in full may become a prerequisite for the lifting of sanctions. We hope this will happen soon, as Russia’s counter-sanctions are very painful for Europe," he said. Szijjarto underscored that Hungary agrees with the viewpoint of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the necessity of cooperation between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

Oct 21 12:02

US House Resolution Seeks New Conflict in Ukraine

The US House of Representatives, which never ceases sticking its nose in other people’s business, is tomorrow scheduled to take up H. Res. 348, a bill “Supporting the right of the people of Ukraine to freely elect their government and determine their future.” The bill can only increase tensions in Ukraine and threaten the fragile eight month old “Minsk II” ceasefire agreement.

Oct 21 12:00

Terrorist groups in Syria hold talks on unification against government forces

"The communications reconnaissance data suggest that the commanders of several large units of the Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorist group have started negotiations with the Islamic State commanders on the unification of forces for containing the advancing Syrian government troops," Konashenkov said. It was also reported that an air strike was carried out by Russian warplanes against the site of gathering of leaders the terrorist groups operating in the area of the town of Sarmin in Syria’s Idlib province. According to the spokesman, "on October 19, intercepted radio exchanges provided information about the planned gathering of the leaders of armed groups" operating in the area of Sarmin. Konashenkov noted that "after additional verification of this information through other channels, identifying the time and place of the meeting, a decision was made to carry out a strike on the site of gathering of terrorist leaders."

Oct 21 11:58

Russian planes hit 83 IS targets in Syria over past 24 hours — Defense Ministry

"The planes of Russia’s aviation group in Syria made 46 sorties against 83 infrastructure facilities of the IS terrorist organization over the past 24 hours," Konashenkov said. The planes hit targets in the provinces of Idlib, Aleppo, Deir ez-Zor, Damascus, Hama. A facility of the Jabhat al-Nusra group housing a plant manufacturing radio-controlled demolition bombs and also a warehouse with explosive substances was destroyed near Aleppo. Two nearby trucks that delivered dozens of tons of explosives were also destroyed. A field camp of the Jabhat al-Nusra group was also found during the aerial reconnaissance in the town of Khan Shaykhun in the Al-Ghab plain. "The airstrike of Su-25 fighter jets on this facility with its infrastructure - these are places for accommodating gunmen, warehouses and vehicles of terrorists - was destroyed," Konashenkov said. An Islamic State command and observation post in Syria's Idlib province was destroyed as well.

Oct 21 11:55

Putin urges to adopt UN General Assembly resolution on depoliticizing sport

"We consider it important to work out and adopt a separate UN General Assembly resolution to finally seal the principle of depoliticizing sport in international law," Putin said at the first forum of the World Olympians Association (WOA).
IOC chief Bach says chances were high to avoid boycott of 1980 Olympics in Moscow http://tass.ru/en/sport/830740 International boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in the former Soviet Union could have been avoided if the International Olympic Committee (IOC) considered the opinion of Olympians at that time, IOC President Thomas Bach said on Wednesday.

Oct 21 11:55

'Sweden is approaching the limit of its capacity'

Sweden is reaching maximum capacity for accepting refugees, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said as he visited a centre for asylum seekers in Trelleborg.

Oct 21 11:54

Pope Francis brain tumour report denied by Vatican

The Vatican denies an Italian media report that Pope Francis has a benign brain tumour.

Newspaper group, Il Quotidiano Nazionale, says the pontiff was diagnosed with a curable “small dark spot on the brain.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That could explain his statements about global warming and baptizing Martians!

Oct 21 11:53

London refuses to give Russia information on IS positions in Syria — Russia’s ambassador

"We are actively working with the British on the Syrian issue. And my contacts in the Foreign Office show that so far this work has not been very successful," Yakovenko said. According to the ambassador, during the last meeting in the British Foreign Office about a week ago he raised the issue of "Britain’s collaboration with us in terms of identifying the targets to be hit in Syria to destroy the IS." "Unfortunately, I received a negative answer. The British said they would not cooperate with us on this issue," Yakovenko said. He added that he had asked the British side, on behalf of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, to provide contact information of the Free Syrian Army for conducting negotiations. "The answer was negative," he said. "The British side was not prepared to talk to us on this issue as well. I was told that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister [Mikhail] Bogdanov knew well all moderate opposition, therefore there is no need to say once again who to do business with."

Oct 21 11:52

Montenegro has a colored revolution, the more atypical it crashes a pro-American regime

• Americans are just now beginning to reap the benefits of their irrational policy during the last twenty-five years. US authorities over the world kept at the fear of their military force, that Washington was ready to enforce against any for whatever reason, absolutely no heed to international law

• Those who are afraid, are now in Syria convinced that Russia can protect that if Moscow says "no", then the marine carriers "democracy" will not sail, and the air will not fly in America, no one else will be allowed to "ubombarduje" and returns in stone century, and are therefore starting to openly defend their national interests

• Milo Djukanovic is not ruled by the will of the Montenegrin people, but by the will of the United States. M?utim, ended the possibility of the US to impose its will on the people of Montenegro, Djukanovic's time to go

Oct 21 11:51

Kiev forces shell self-defense forces near Donetsk — DPR defense ministry

"Around 10pm, [Ukrainian forces] opened fire from small arms and mortars at the Volvo Center, the shelling continued for 1.5-2 hours. This is another attempt to disrupt weaponry withdrawal in DPR," Donetsk News Agency quoted DPR defense ministry as saying. On Tuesday, October 20, Ukrainian forces staged a provocation attempt near the Volvo Center on the north-western outskirts of Donetsk, the defense ministry reminded. "As a result of the Ukrainian provocation, one militiaman was killed and another was seriously injured. The enemy lost up to five people," the ministry added. According to DPR defense ministry, OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) mission also registered the violation of ceasefire regime by Ukrainian forces.

Oct 21 11:19

NATO Begins Dress Rehearsal for Europe-wide War

More than 35,000 troops are participating in NATO’s month-long Trident Juncture war games, along with some 140 warplanes and 60 warships. The militaries of 30 different capitalist governments aligned with the NATO alliance are involved.

Massive NATO drills are taking place in Italy, Spain and Portugal. The drills are designed to prepare the NATO powers for large-scale strategic warfare outside the boundaries of the NATO countries, according to NATO officials.

The main focus of the NATO drills is to prepare for comprehensive strategic warfare spanning broad stretches of the Eurasian landmass, comments from NATO officers have made clear.

“Trident Juncture 2015 will demonstrate NATO’s new increased level of ambition in joint modern warfare and will showcase a capable, forward-leading Alliance,” NATO’s command center said in a statement Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, this is about one thing, and one thing only: war with Russia.

As with the US, just because an action would be the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing NATO could do is, unfortunately, no guarantee that NATO, prodded and poked by the US government, won't do it.

And why war, and why now?!?

The economy is collapsing around our ankles; and rather than the US government admitting that the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing was yet another epic fail by the private central banks which comprise the Fed, this coming, global war is the only thing they can think of to misdirect the anger of the American public at this collapse away from its designers,and toward a trumped-up enemy which is now being utterly vilified by the corporate whorespondents.

And if you want a very real-world demonstration of just how "brilliantly" NATO is working, please take a look at their joint occupation of Afghanistan with the US, 14 years on; the current state of that country tells it all.

Oct 21 10:58

LA prosecutors won't charge Saudi sheik with multiple sexual assaults because “insufficient evidence”

Prosecutors for the county of Los Angeles say they will not file charges against a Saudi prince recently arrested for sexual assault at a gated mansion on the edge of Beverly Hills.

A civil lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court on Sept. 25 says he attacked multiple women inside the home for several days.

The prosecutors say insufficient evidence. More like, sufficiently a Saudi sheik.

Not even a screaming, half-dressed, bloodied and battered houseworker literally climbing an 8-foot wall of his gated compound to escape would suffice. Because that actually happened.

Insufficient evidence.

Oct 21 10:58

FINALLY: Obama Admits He Is Training ISIS In Syria

Text "Obama accidentally admitted US government is training ISIL (ISIS, Islamic State) which White House later denied and corrected the "mistake".This is consistent with what my research ultimately concludes and what many in the alternative media have been reporting."

Oct 21 10:47

Benjamin Netanyahu blames Holocaust on Palestinian leader Haj Amin al-Husseini

He said that the pair met in November 1941, and claimed: "Hitler didn't want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jew. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, 'If you expel them, they'll all come here (to Palestine).' According to Netanyahu, Hitler then asked: "What should I do with them?" and the Mufti replied: "Burn them."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for "there is no such place as Palestine and no Palestinians", eh Bibi?

Oct 21 10:46

Palestinian families in East Jerusalem evicted amid rising tensions

Israeli police on Monday helped settlers carry out the eviction of a Palestinian extended family in East Jerusalem, which has been occupied by Israel since the war of June 1967. The involvement of the police was seen by local organizations as signaling an escalation of evictions and a potential flashpoint.

“A large police force was deployed [Monday] morning to evict the Abu Nab family. Street was put under curfew,” Betty Herschman, the international relations and advocacy director for Ir Amin, a nonprofit advocacy group in Jerusalem that monitors settlement activity, told Al Jazeera.

The Abu Nab family’s eviction was the result of a law that allows Jewish citizens — but not Palestinians — to reclaim properties lost during the 1948 war. Israel’s Supreme Court ruled April 16, 2015, in favor of the Abu Nabs’ eviction and said Jewish settlers could reclaim property that had been owned by a Yemenite Jewish community in the 19th century.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are going to see a wave of this kind of annexation in East Jerusalem, most probably with hundreds, if not thousands, of Palestinian families thrown into the streets.

Oct 21 10:42


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Word is getting out about the possibility that Hillary sold US secrets to foreign "donors" to her "charitable" foundation. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE, RIVERO'S RANGERS!

Oct 21 10:40

Israeli Checkpoints Block Palestinian Access to Hospitals in East Jerusalem

A massive Israeli crackdown on Palestinian unrest, particularly in occupied East Jerusalem, has left hundreds of people wounded, and ever-growing restrictions of movement on the Arab population there and elsewhere. Either situation would be problematic, but combined the situation is getting much, much worse.

This huge influx of new patients threatens to overwhelm hospitals which are suddenly surrounded with checkpoints, and which Israeli security forces are heavily restricting access to. Even the doctors and other staff at these hospitals are struggling to get to work.

For patients, in many cases, it’s nearly impossible, with people who used to live less than 10 minutes from the hospital finding waits of an hour or more just to get around a military checkpoint, and report Israeli troops firing live rounds at them as they try to get wounded relatives to receive care.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More Israeli serial genocide against the Palestinians.

Oct 21 10:37

Analysis: Tories considered telling voters that Stephen Harper would not seek re-election

In the final days before the election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s top campaign organizers floated the idea of telling voters he would not seek another term if he won, the Star has learned.

Sources say Harper’s strategists urged using British Prime Minister David Cameron’s successful “lame-duck” move to salvage a Conservative government, but realized it was too late for such a Hail Mary pass.

Oct 21 10:37


Oct 21 10:37

US General: Iraq Doesn’t Want Russia’s Help

Fresh off his visit to Iraq, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joe Dunford declared that Iraq doesn’t want Russian help in fighting ISIS, and that the US is their “main ally” and all they need in the ongoing war, while accusing Russia of making the Syrian war “worse” by their recent participation.

Gen. Dunford claimed to have been told this in meetings with Iraqi PM Hayder Abadi, even though Abadi has publicly insisted, repeatedly, that he “would welcome” Russian airstrikes against ISIS and indeed would welcome help from any country willing in the battle.

Oct 21 10:35

For the First Time, Japan Finally Admits Fukushima Radiation Caused a Former Worker’s Cancer

Despite the fact that Fukushima children are showing 50 times the normal rates of thyroid cancer, and other former employees who have come down with, in some cases, multiple types of cancer are suing TEPCO for damages in relation to the 2011 disaster, up until now neither TEPCO, nor the Japanese government have officially admitted that radiation released from the destroyed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor could be responsible.

Well now Japan has officially acknowledged for the first time that a case of leukemia in one of the plant’s former workers “meets the conditions” to be recognized as caused by Fukushima radiation, according to a Japanese Ministry of Health official at a recent press conference.

This is a big deal. The Japanese government didn’t even admit this possibility when Masao Yoshida, the director of the plant at the time of the accident until six months after the fact, later died of cancer.

Oct 21 10:31

Refugees flood Slovenia

Every day, thousands of ?migrants? enter Slovenia. If you noticed there are only men, no woman, no children.

Oct 21 10:31

U.S. to Iraq: If Russia helps you fight ISIS, we can't

The U.S. has told Iraq's leaders they must choose between ongoing American support in the battle against militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and asking the Russians to intervene instead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Don't let the door hit you on the way out, guys!" -- Eye-rack

Oct 21 10:30

Cosmic Power: Europe, Russia team up to colonize Moon

The European Space Agency (ESA) is set to join Russia’s ambitious plan to colonize the Moon, with an announcement that it will provide key tech for a planned exploration mission in 2020, and possibly help construct a permanent outpost.

Webmaster addition: It is a measure of how far the US has declined that our nation was not even asked to participate!

Oct 21 10:29

In Other Countries, It Wouldn't Be 'Too Late' For Biden To Run

If Vice President Joe Biden had announced his presidential candidacy today, he would have entered the race with 384 days until Election Day. But he said it was too late for him to be competitive.

Here's the thing: 384 days is an absurdly long time.

At least, it is when you compare American campaigns to those in other countries. The U.S. doesn't have an official campaign season, but the first candidate to jump into the presidential race, Ted Cruz, announced his candidacy on March 23 — 596 days before Election Day.
Whether you measure from the first candidate's entry or the first caucus, the U.S. campaign season is way longer than many other countries'.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Biden was given another reason not to run. Bought, blackmailed, or outright threatened.

Oct 21 10:25

More Lies From The New York Times

The New York Times Has Degenerated Into A Propaganda Organ Of The US Government

44 years ago the NYT published the Pentagon Papers.
Today the NYT publishes neoconservative lies, which have destroyed several countries and millions of peoples, and dishonest apologies for Washington’s war crimes. Stephen Lendman tells us about the latest NYT atrocity.

It is amazing that anyone still reads the NYT.

Oct 21 10:19

Air Force Confiscates Private Property Near Area 51

Last month, a family living near Area 51 reached out to the media, and revealed that not only has the US government harassed them for decades, but they’ve tried to confiscate the land which has been in their family since the 19th century. Now the Sheahan family’s struggle is coming to an end, as the government finalizes the transfer of their property to the US Air Force.

The government offered what would appear to be a generous sum of $5.2 million for the land, but the family turned it down. They believe that the property is worth way more than that. “I have a geologist friend who I took out there, who’s just a buff, and he said it is literally almost priceless” according to Barbara Sheahan “There is so much there, not only the ore which is in the ground that can be mined, but in all the intrinsic value of what’s on the land.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the US government has resolved to confiscate private land, there is nothing it won't do to accomplish that goal; at that point, alleged "property rights" become meaningless.

Oct 21 10:18

Western Digital self-encrypting hard drives riddled with security flaws

Encrypted data is often easily recovered, in some cases with no password required.

Oct 21 10:17

How the NSA broke encryption on trillions of secure connections

Some Edward Snowden leaks have revealed that the NSA and other intelligence agencies can break encryption barriers for mass surveillance purposes. It has been theorized that a flaw in encryption used by many Internet services lets the spy agency decrypt HTTPS, SSH, and VPN traffic, and a new paper seems to prove that.

Indeed, a massive effort comparable to the attempts of breaking the German Enigma coding machine during the World War II seems to have given the NSA the tools required to break trillions of secure connections.

Oct 21 10:13

Heightening Tensions: West Bank clashes drag on between IDF and Palestinians

The West Bank city of Ramallah has seen fresh clashes. Israeli Defense Force troops fired tear gas at stone throwing Palestinian youths.

Oct 21 10:12

Lawsuit: Obama Administration Withholding Draft of Clinton Whitewater Indictment By Brendan Bordelon

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to obtain copies of a 20-year-old draft indictment against Hillary Clinton for her role in the Whitewater scandal. In a press release sent to reporters late on Tuesday, Judicial Watch announced its intent to file a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against NARA for withholding an indictment written by Hickman Ewing, Jr., the deputy independent counsel and prosecutor investigating Whitewater, in 1996. The agency admitted it had found the records in March 2015 but is withholding the documents, claiming their release would constitute an unwarranted invasion of Clinton’s privacy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF the indictment was, in fact, not a sealed document, from where does Clinton have an alleged "right to privacy"?!?

Under these circumstances, the short answer is, she does not.

Oct 21 10:10

Why is Benjamin Netanyahu trying to whitewash Hitler?

Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly asserted that Adolf Hitler had no intention of exterminating Europe’s Jews until a Palestinian persuaded him to do it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But, but, but ... Israel says there is no such thing as Palestinians!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooooo confused now! :)

Oct 21 10:01

BBC implies Palestinian dead are Israeli

A prime example this week was a segment on the BBC’s flagship radio news program Today. On 19 October it broadcast a four-minute chat between veteran presenter John Humphrys and one of its Middle East correspondents, Kevin Connolly.

With 42 Palestinians killed at that time, and thousands more injured in attacks by settlers and soldiers, Humphrys began his conversation with Connolly like this: “Yet another attack on Israelis last night. This time an Arab man with a gun and a knife killed a soldier and wounded 10 people. Our Middle East correspondent is Kevin Connolly. The number is mounting, isn’t it Kevin? The number is about 50 now, isn’t it?”

Not only does Humphrys’ introduction make it sound as though only Israelis are being attacked, he quite extraordinarily implies that the 50 who had been killed since the beginning of the month were all Israelis.

Oct 21 10:00

How The White House And Paul Ryan Are Making Sure Forced Labor Remains Part Of Their Trade Deal

The House of Representatives will quickly get down to unfinished business once it returns from the holiday recess: defending trading partners that engage in slavery.

On the eve of the holiday recess last week, the Senate passed legislation giving President Barack Obama fast-track authority to shepherd trade deals through Congress. The anti-slavery provision was, for the White House and other backers of the deal, an unwelcome rider.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This just...makes me want to hurl.

There should be thousands of people, looking this agreement and realizing the horrific moral compromises which have been made here, in the name of the almighty buck, demonstrating (peacefully) in front of the White House, and chanting:

Ho, ho... hay hay....
Obama says that slavery stays,
Ho, ho... hay hay....
Obama says that slavery stays,

That the President, of all people, and Paul Ryan are the "fixers" to enable Malaysia in this manner, and assure the continued use of slave labor, against which US markets cannot possibly compete, boggles the mind.

How many more American jobs will be lost because of this?!? And will Americans have the gumption to completely boycott Malaysian goods in their stores, particularly clothing?!?

Oct 21 10:00

Israeli soldiers kill two teens in Hebron

Israeli forces shot dead five Palestinians, including two teenagers in the occupied West Bank and a man in Gaza, on Tuesday.

Oct 21 09:58

Again, The Nonsense....

Yes, exponents are great when they work for you. But here's the problem: There is no such thing as infinite compound growth when you live in a place of fixed size.

The Planet Earth is of fixed size, mass and resource.

So what has driven this mantra?

Simple: A 30ish year cycle of generally falling interest rates which made financial leverage "profitable."

That cycle has now ended.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Karl explains what the FED's zero interest rate policy means to the prospect of economic expansion. The dilemma arises from the fact that most pension funds are comprised of laddered Treasury bonds and municipal bonds whose returns are reduced over time as the FED's rates decline. The steady decline of interest income means they cannot meet their 8% claimed returns. Jim Willie & a few other knowledgeable folks said years ago that once ZIRP was reached, there was no way out. The incentive to save money by traditional means has been eliminated, since putting money into CDs or a bank savings account means you lose purchasing power when price inflation is computed. Of course, that's what Keynesian morons want; they think saving is bad because it reduces current consumption, which is their be-all & end-all. Of course, this is destructive long-term, because the only way to build a base for future growth is by saving something from current production (meaning postponing some current consumption & therefore gratification) to use for investment.

Oct 21 09:55

Top Senate Democrats Call On GOP To Reimburse Taxpayers For Benghazi Committee's Costs: The senators asked the RNC to stop using the committee to raise money

Top Senate Democrats want to shut down the House Benghazi committee amid allegations it seeks to attack Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. And they want Republicans to reimburse taxpayers for the committee's more than $4.5 million cost.

Oct 21 09:52


Watch as Netanyahu publicly asserts that Adolf Hitler had no intention of exterminating Europe’s Jews until a Palestinian persuaded him to do it.

Just one of the many lies in the following video

(Which, BTW, were refuted by historians and politicians)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 21 09:51


As Israeli authorities increase restrictions on Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem, residents of al-Issawiya say humiliating inspections by Israeli forces have turned their lives into a “nightmare.”

“The Israeli occupation is trying to practice a policy of humiliation at the military checkpoints in the main exits of al-Issawiya,” said Hani al-Issawi, a member of a local committee to defend land in in the town.

“Residents are not allowed to leave the village in groups. Every single person must undergo inspections,” he added.

Men, including the elderly, are forced to pull up their shirts up and sometimes take their trousers down upon entrance and exit to the neighborhood, while many undergo physical inspections.

Oct 21 09:50


The US, Israel’s guardian-ally, has used its veto power at the UN Security Council numerous times to kill dozens of UNSC resolutions that would have forced Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories and allow for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.

Oct 21 09:45

Netanyahu: Hitler didn't want to exterminate Jews

Oct 21 09:44


The State Department initially approved a weapons shipment from a California company to Libyans seeking to oust Moammar Gadhafi in 2011 even though a United Nations arms ban was in place, according to memos recovered from the burned-out compound in Benghazi.

The documents, obtained by The Washington Times, show U.S. diplomats at the Benghazi compound were keeping track of several potential U.S.-sanctioned shipments to allies, one or more of which were destined for the Transitional National Council, the Libyan movement that was seeking to oust Gadhafi and form a new government.

At least one of those shipments, kept in a file marked “arms deal,” was supposed to come from Dolarian Capital Inc. of Fresno, California, according to an end use certificate from the State Department’s office of defense trade controls licensing that was contained in the file.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But what about weapons which did make it into Libya under her watch?!?

Oct 21 09:38

They Profit, We Die: Toxic Agriculture and the Poisoning of Soils, Human Health and the Environment

Our food system is in big trouble. It’s in big trouble because the global agritech/agribusiness sector is poisoning it, us and the environment with its pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and various other chemical inputs. The Rockefeller clan exported the petrochemical intensive ‘green revolution’ around the world with the aim of ripping up indigenous agriculture to cement its hegemony over global agriculture and to help the US create food deficit regions and thus use agriculture as a tool of foreign policy.