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June 5, 2017

Jun 05 17:08

Labour Leader Urges Conservative PM To Resign Over Police Cuts

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has called on British Prime Minister Theresa May to resign for reducing the number of police officers during her six years as interior minister, which has allowed terrorists to attack the country three times in recent months.

Jun 05 17:08

Why The London Terror Attack Happened Now

One has to wonder why terrorists like those who struck on Saturday night in London, and earlier in Manchester, launched their attacks now. It is difficult not to infer that their violence was timed to influence the UK election this coming Thursday.

Jun 05 16:58

Obama Actually Tripled the Terror Rate in Only Six Years! (Video)

If there’s one thing former President Obama loves doing, it’s touting and puffing up his non-existent accomplishments. One of the main ones he loves to bring out is how great his administration’s counterterrorism efforts were. Obama loves bragging so much, that many people actually believe the nonsense he says! In reality, the facts simply don’t support his "peddled "fiction," to borrow his words.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at a report showing that since 2011 the terrorism rate in the world tripled. And if you count only the OECD countries, terrorism related deaths have increased by 900 percent! Obama has screwed up massively, and a lot of work will need to be done to erase the damage done by his administration. Unfortunately, as recent events have shown, the task will a long and difficult one.

Jun 05 16:52

Germany: 62yo Woman Fined 1,350 Euros For Sharing Anti-Migrant Joke On Facebook

German thought police punished an elderly woman with a 1,350 euros fine for sharing and “liking” a comedic anti-migrant meme on Facebook.

Jun 05 16:39

Ex-spy says NSA did mass surveillance during Utah Olympics

A former top spy agency official who was the target of a government leak investigation says the National Security Agency conducted blanket surveillance in Salt Lake City during the 2002 Winter Olympics, according to court documents.

Ex-NSA official Thomas Drake wrote in a declaration released Friday that the agency collected and stored virtually all electronic communications going into or out of the Salt Lake area, including the contents of emails and text messages.

"Officials in the NSA and FBI viewed the Salt Lake Olympics Field Op as a golden opportunity to bring together resources from both agencies to experiment with and fine tune a new scale of mass surveillance," Drake wrote.

Jun 05 16:31

Europe's looming data protection rules look swell – for IT security peddlers. Ker-ching!

The rush to comply with Europe's upcoming General Data Protection Regulation will balloon the continent's IT security budgets to $11.5bn in 2018, analyst group Canalys reckons.

That's a 16 per cent year on year increase, apparently. For what it's worth, IDC thinks Europe will spend $19bn on IT security this year, and more next year. Whichever figure you prefer, both analysts houses are anticipating fatter infosec invoices as the decade closes out.

Jun 05 16:08

Ten alarming, REAL threats to the environment that are widely ignored by “climate change” advocates

Ten alarming, REAL threats to the environment that are widely ignored by “climate change” advocates
Monday, June 05, 2017 by: Mike Adams
(Natural News) The art of climate fear mongering is rooted in the ability to terrorize the population over threats that hardly matter at all while completely ignoring the REAL threats to our global ecosystem.

Isn’t it interesting how people who shudder in fear over President Trump pulling out of the Paris climate treaty say nothing about Fukushima radiation and the mass pollution of the Pacific Ocean with radionuclides?

Jun 05 15:46

Devastating Global ‘ExplodingCan’ Cyber Attack Is Imminent, Warns Experts

Experts have warned that a devastating global cyber attack is imminent.

Jun 05 15:45

Shelves empty in Qatar as PANIC sets in

Jun 05 15:45

UK Police Release All Detained Over London Terror Act Without Charges

The UK Police have released without charges all those detained over the deadly terrorist attack in London that claimed lives of five people and injured dozens more on Saturday.

Jun 05 15:37

BBC Reporter Slams Corbyn, Labelled 'Zionist' by Twitter

To anyone paying attention, the BBC are heavily biased towards the Conservative government.

Jun 05 15:35

Massive Effigy Of Theresa May Flipping V-Sign At Europe Erected On White Cliffs Of Dover

A huge likeness of UK Prime Minister Theresa May giving Europe the offensive hand gesture was briefly erected atop the White Cliffs in Dover on Monday morning.

Jun 05 15:33

FBI Documents Show Chinese Influence In Bay Area Protest Groups

Documents released by the FBI Records Vault have revealed a troubling connection between figures associated with Chinese communist affiliated protest groups in the 1960’s and 70’s and Bay Area politicians.

Jun 05 15:17

Breaking: Jeff Sessions Files Charges Against NSA Leaker

leak to a news media outlet

Jun 05 15:07

Who’s funding Scotland’s Conservatives and why are they trying to hide it?

New revelations have emerged that could potentially expose an influx of ‘dark money’, that has been used to fund Tory propaganda in Scotland.

Jun 05 15:06

Media yawns at Obama Era domestic spying revelations

Documents show NSA systematically violated rights of countless Americans

Jun 05 15:06

Bilderberg Banker Refuses To Answer We Are Change Questions

We Are Change attempt to question Larry Summers about his attendance at the upcoming Bilderberg Meeting.

He doesn't like it.

Owl 1
Jun 05 15:05


Ratings for the month of May reveal that the grip Fox News has held on the top spot among cable news networks is slipping. Although Fox News won the overall ratings for the month, it lost to MSNBC in weekday prime-time viewers in the age group advertisers covet most.

Jun 05 15:03

Overdoses skyrocket, Big Pharma scrambles for profits

Recent headlines concerning pharmaceutical profits, how drug companies feel about the customers they serve and the ongoing overdose crisis provide evidence that U.S. patients are playing roulette by placing faith in drug makers.

Jun 05 14:59

One Of The London Attackers Was Just Identified and Look Who He Was!!

Jun 05 14:59

NASA Hit Piece on Industrial Age Warming & Volcanic Cooling

A new article by NASA to answer the question if a Warming Earth is natural, they focus on CO2 emmissions, and talk about the pre-industrial age, but never show charts of pre-industrial age, but tell you how natural change occur too slowly through history and that its all "human caused" quick rises in temperatures.

Jun 05 14:53

Video: Megyn Kelly Brings Out ‘Fiery’ In Putin As He Slams Western Media Coverage Of Russia

The 21st St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2017) has become Russia’s foremost gathering of business and government leaders, and world experts representing science, media, and society. They will discuss the key economic issues facing Russia, emerging markets, and the world as a whole. The theme of this year’s forum is ‘In Search of New Balance in the Global Economy.’

Jun 05 14:42

Britain Can’t Launch Wars Abroad And Be Safe At Home: Robert Fisk

British Prime Minister Theresa May should know that Britain cannot launch wars abroad and be safe at home, according to Robert Fisk, a celebrated English writer and journalist.?

Jun 05 14:28

WOW! Flint Official Allegedly Says ‘N**gers Not Paying Bills’ Caused Water Crisis

Jun 05 14:26

Watch: This Thug Tries To Rob A Store Where Every Customer Is Armed

People who support gun control often argue that it would be disastrous if everyone was walking around with a gun at all times. They fear that it would make firearm accidents more likely, and in the event that a robber or a mass shooter is on the loose, there would be a chaotic hail of gunfire from all directions. -- It’s a silly argument to make, considering that even in states where there are loose gun laws, and where it is easy to obtain a concealed carry permit, only a minority of citizens carry guns at all times. But for the sake of argument, what would happen if everyone was armed in the vicinity of a violent criminal?

Jun 05 14:25

MSNBC Anchor Wonders If Trump Trying To Provoke A Terror Attack To Prove A Point

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts theorized on Sunday that President Trump is trying to provoke a terrorist attack on U.S. soil in order to “prove himself right” about Islamic terrorism.

Jun 05 14:20

Well damn. The Intercept has an NSA document showing Russia was trying to hack the vote itself in Nov

Someone strategically decided to leak the NSA documents

NSA report details Russian hacking effort days before election

Jun 05 14:03

Democrats wish Hillary would shut up

Even Democrats can’t stand her.

Jun 05 14:01

Washington’s Allies Call for US to Step Up South China Sea Patrols

As China continues to assert its presence in the South China Sea, Japan and Australia reiterated their calls for the US to stick with its longstanding policy of conducting freedom-of-navigation operations in the region.

Jun 05 14:00

Video: As Tensions Rise Between Greece And Its Creditors, Is Grexit Back On The Table?

Former SYRIZA MP Costas Lapavitsas explains that, so long as Greece remains in the Eurozone, it will not be able to reverse austerity and direct its fiscal policy.

Jun 05 13:55

National Security Issue -- FBI raids Huma Abedin Linked Dearborn home (Brother/Sister)

What a coincidence. We have all of these active shooters the same day the FBI does raids on Huma


Owl 2
Jun 05 13:53

Serial Sexter Carlos Danger Is Moving in Back Home (Video)

Former Hillary Clinton advisor Huma Abedin has repeatedly demonstrated bad judgment in both her personal and professional life. In her professional life, she was complicit in Clinton’s many wrongdoings, including the email scandal that may have actually been triggered when FBI agents seized her husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop for unrelated allegations of sexual misconduct. And in her personal life, she just seems unable to let go of her sex offender husband Anthony Weiner.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at the latest news that despite filing for divorce from Weiner, she has purportedly yet to serve him with divorce papers and that he is still living in their home, which she has just renewed their lease on. Perhaps being around Hillary for so long has made her see her husband’s behavior as minor in comparison. But then again, moral depravity from the left has always been par for the course.

Jun 05 13:49

Video: At Least 484 Civilians Killed By US-Led Coalition Strikes Since Start Of Campaign Against ISIS

A new Operation Inherent Resolve report has upped the official civilian death toll of the US-led aerial bombing campaign in Syria and Iraq by more than a third.

Jun 05 13:48

Design Fault: Counterterrorism’s Egregious Failures Don’t Trouble Our Leaders At All

I think anyone who takes an objective view of the abysmal record of failure on the part of the official who as Home Secretary and Prime Minister has been in charge of UK counterterrorism policy for many years must agree with the declaration of Theresa May following the London attacks: “enough is enough.” Well said, Mrs. May. We must repudiate these failed policies and all those who have pushed them, of whatever party or ideological stripe.

Jun 05 13:47


It's not just the FBI that can't seem to turn in its privacy-related paperwork on time. The FBI has pushed forward with its biometric database rollout -- despite the database being inaccurate, heavily-populated with non-criminals, and without the statutorily-required Privacy Impact Assessment that's supposed to accompany it. As of 2014, it hadn't produced this PIA, one it had promised in 2012. And one that applied to a system that had been in the works since 2008.

Jun 05 13:41

Thank God for Donald Trump (Paris Clime Change Agreement)

Further, opting out of such nonsense was one of Mr. Trump’s campaign promises. Yes, our friends on the left are now excoriating him for this promise keeping, which just demonstrates their own hypocrisy. Would that President Trump also keep his promises not to engage in military adventurism all around the world.

Jun 05 13:40

Scott Adams: Most Problems are Information Problems

I have a hypothesis that nearly all solvable problems in the modern world are information problems in disguise. For example, unemployment is largely (but not entirely) a problem of people not knowing where to find jobs, as opposed to no jobs existing. I could give you lots of other examples where information would solve a major problem, but today I want to focus on one: Stopping terrorism.

Jun 05 13:35

Bravo for Trump’s Climate Haymaker

We have welcomed the Donald all along as the Great Disrupter, but yesterday’s Rose Garden haymaker was above and beyond the call of duty. It was vintage Trump—no double-talking mainstream speech-crafter slipped in even a hint of equivocation. Not a single olive branch of accommodation was offered to the ruling elites anywhere on the planet. To be sure, the whole thing was done in the name of a pugnacious “America First” narrative; and it was delivered by a forceful but unprincipled occupant of the Oval Office who has appointed himself America’s jobs czar.

Jun 05 13:34

Theresa May Should Resign Over Security Failures – Ex-Cameron Advisor

Prime Minister Theresa May should resign rather than seek re-election because her security failures allowed the recent spate of terror attacks to happen, said Steve Hilton, a former strategy advisor to David Cameron.

Jun 05 13:32

Dear Great Britain – Blame Your Intelligence Agencies and Government, Not the Internet

The dishonest and dangerous response of Theresa May’s UK government to the horrific terrorist attacks of the past month is unfortunately all too common when it comes to those in power. Rather than look inward at the glaring shadiness and corruption inherent throughout UK government polices, its “leaders” are looking to use these barbaric acts as a excuse to push through an authoritarian and illiberal expansion of state power. Specifically, Theresa May’s government is despicably using the attacks to push for regulation and censorship of the internet.

Jun 05 13:32

Detroit may force businesses to share surveillance

Detroit police and city officials are drafting an ordinance that would make it mandatory for all venues that serve customers after 10 p.m. to join Project Green Light, a program that allows officers to monitor businesses’ high-definition video feeds in real time.

All businesses open that late — from party stores and gas stations to sports stadiums like Comerica Park and venues like the Fox Theatre — would be subject to the ordinance if it’s passed, police said.

Police report double-digit reductions in violent crime at businesses that have enrolled in Project Green Light, and they hope the ordinance will result in similar drops in crime citywide. Others insist it would be government overreach to force businesses to join the program, raising privacy concerns and questioning whether such a broad ordinance would be legal.

Owl 3
Jun 05 13:31

What the hail is going on in Bruce Mines?

We've seen better cycling weather, that's for sure

Jun 05 13:27

Trump Vows To Prevent Future Terrorist Strikes In US

US President Donald Trump has vowed to prevent future terrorist strikes in the United States, following an attack in central London that left dozens of casualties.

“We renew our resolve, stronger than ever before, to protect the United States and its allies from a vile enemy that has waged war on innocent life. And it has gone on too long,” Trump said during a speech in Washington, DC, on Sunday night.

Jun 05 13:23

Reminder: Obama used Qatar to distribute NOT LESS than 20,000 TONS of military hardware to JIHADISTS in Libya & Syria! Then, CLINTON sold them BILLION$ in American weapons!

Jun 05 13:22

The Trilateral Commission and Technocracy

Founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Trilateral Commission embarked on a New International Economic Order based on Technocracy. Brzezinski called this the "Technetronic Era" in his 1970 book, Between Two Ages. History now reveals the original Trilateral strategy and the means by which they have carried it out.

Jun 05 13:19


The Supreme Court announced on Friday that it has set June 12 as the deadline for the challengers of President Donald Trump’s travel ban to file their responses.

Jun 05 12:52


We still don’t know the identities of the three individuals said to be responsible for the London Bridge attack last week. The police don’t want you to know who they are. Why? Would we discover something we’re not supposed to know if the names are released? Is it possible the cops are hiding something?

Jun 05 12:51


Management and Logistical Failure? Quoting a recently declassified US government audit, Amnesty International reports that the US Army “has failed to keep tabs on more than $1 billion worth of arms and other military equipment” channelled to Iraq under the Iraq Train and Equip Fund (ITEF).

In 2015, US Congress appropriated $1.6 billion for the ITEF program. The funds were earmarked to fight against the ISIS in response to Obama’s counter-terrorism campaign launched in Summer of 2014. In a bitter irony, a large number of these weapons landed up in the hands of terrorists including the ISIS.

The 1.6 billion were spent on light weaponry. It’s all for a good cause: The shipments of weapons and ammunition were according to reports dispatched to Iraq (c/o the Iraqi Armed Forces) to be distributed to armed groups involved in fighting ISIS-Daesh.