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December 9, 2015

Dec 09 09:49

Kremlin considers IMF decision on Kiev’s debt very dangerous precedent

"We will carefully analyze the causes and possible consequences of this decision," he said. Peskov added that the main issue is sovereign debt of Kiev. "(The decision of the IMF - TASS) precedent, of course, is unwanted for us and, most importantly, from our point of view, quite dangerous in the international practice, because, in plain language, creates a very dangerous precedent for allowing the possibility of non-payment of sovereign debt," Peskov said. Russia’s Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukayev said that the decision of the IMF regarding the debt of Ukraine creates a problem for the global market for sovereign debt in general. "Of course we have a negative attitude. It (IMF decision on sovereign debt - TASS) is especially strange if applies to the past loans ... This is a problem not only for Russia, Ukraine, but the overall global market of sovereign debt," he said. According to him, the decision is pushing Ukraine closer to default.

Dec 09 09:48


A blast has been reported at a pesticide plant in the city of Jilin, Jilin Province in northeastern China. A fire has broken following the explosion, with emergency crews now working at the scene.

Dec 09 09:47

Geminid meteor shower peaks under dark skies

Break out the blanket and the lawn chair. This year’s Geminid meteor shower will be a gem. When the shower peaks December 14, as many as 120 meteors an hour will be visible at sites free from city lights.

And this year’s Geminid meteor shower is at its prime under dark skies just three days after New Moon. That leaves no moonlight to wash out the bright streaks from this prolific meteor shower.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I get up before sunrise here and step out on the back porch while my coffee is brewing, and I have already seen a couple sizeable meteors, so it looks like this year's Geminids will put on a real show! I will be out there with a camera (of course) and will post anything interesting I get!

Dec 09 09:46

Russian lawmaker says US position on Crimea of no importance to Russia

Biden’s statement that "the US will never recognize Crimea had just a symbolic meaning as no matter what the US attitude to Crimea’s reunification with Russia is, this will have no influence on the Russian position and will be no decisive factor in future Russia-US relations," Pushkov said. Pushkov stressed that "the situation with Crimea is and will be beyond NATO."

Dec 09 09:45

Russia PM: Turkey violated international law giving ground for reciprocal military action

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says Turkey violated international law and gave ground for reciprocal military actions but the Russian leadership decided against it.

Dec 09 09:43

Moscow calls for harsh OSCE reaction to deportation of Russian reporters from Turkey

Russian Foreign Ministry's Special Representative for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law Konstantin Dolgov has stated the necessity of a harsh OSCE reaction to the deportation of Russian reporters from Turkey. "Deporting the Russian reporters without explanations, the Turkish authorities continue trampling freedom of speech and access to the media. Ankara’s disregard for its international obligations requires a harsh reaction from OSCE and other relevant international organisations," he tweeted.
Turkey’s actions against Russian journalists are unacceptable — Russian Foreign Ministry http://tass.ru/en/politics/842416

Dec 09 09:41

Putin invites British experts to take part in deciphering data from Su-24 flight recorders

Russian President Vladimir Putin and UK Prime Minister David Cameron have agreed in their telephone conversation that both countries have "similar approaches toward the threat coming from ISIL and other terrorist groups operating in the region (Middle East)," the Kremlin press service said on Wednesday. The conversation was held on the initiative of the British side.

Dec 09 09:39

Turkey defends additional troop deployment in Iraq

Turkey's prime minister on Wednesday defended the country's deployment of additional forces to Iraq last week, saying it was an "act of solidarity" with Iraq's fight against the Islamic State group.

Turkey has stationed troops at a base outside Mosul since last year as part of a training mission coordinated with the Iraqi government in Baghdad. The arrival of additional Turkish forces last week, however, sparked uproar in the Iraqi capital.

Iraqi officials gave Turkey a 48-hour deadline to withdraw additional troops and Turkey declared it had halted the new deployment. Iraq's U.N. Ambassador Mohamed Alhakim told reporters in New York on Tuesday that Baghdad and Ankara were working to solve the dispute bilaterally and "I think it's going very well."

Dec 09 09:37

ISIS show off TANKS and devastating hi-tech weapons looted from Iraqi army and bought from West

ISIS propagandists have released pictures of the sophisticated and devastating weapons it wields as part of its campaign of terror across the Middle East - including heavy TANKS.

Dec 09 09:36

This smart car seems to have tattled on its driver

A Florida woman was reportedly arrested and placed into custody last week, after her car implicated her in at least one alleged hit-and-run incident.

You read that right.

Dec 09 09:34

Anti-Semitic markings carved into doors at Rowan

Officials at Rowan University say swastikas and other anti-Semitic markings were carved into the doors of a residence hall.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In all likelihood another hate crime hoax.

Dec 09 09:33

Beware: Oscar-Nominated Ukraine Documentary Distorts Maidan Story

The documentary film Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom has been shortlisted for Oscar in the documentary category. This film presents a typical version of the Maidan massacre and other cases of political violence during the ‘Euromaidan’ movement in Ukraine in late 2013, early 2014. All the cases of violence directed against Euromaidan are attributed to government forces and to agents provocateurs, while all revelations and videos of pro-Maidan snipers are ignored or edited out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That's how you win an Oscar in Hollywood!

Dec 09 09:33

Witness to San Bernardino shooting says getaway driver was “regular white dude”

Again the media is not fully reporting what eyewitnesses to the shooting have said; which to be quite frank is namely that the suspects were actually “white.”

Dec 09 09:33

Kiev forces violate ceasefire regime 10 times over last 24 hours — DPR defense ministry

"(Ukrainian forces) violated ceasefire regime 10 times. Over last 24 hours they fired more than 20 mines of 120mm and 82mm caliber. As a result of shellings, one DPR militiaman was injured," Donetsk News Agency quoted a DPR defense ministry spokesperson as saying. Kiev forces shelled the settlements near Gorlovka — Ozeryanovka, Zaytsevo, Spartak — and Donetsk airport, as well as the village of Sakhanka in DPR’s south. According to DPR defense ministry, Kiev forces used mortars, infantry fighting vehicles and small arms.
OSCE confirms buildup of Ukrainian forces in Donbas buffer zone http://tass.ru/en/world/842436

Dec 09 09:32

Clinton's Defense Chief Blasts US Plans to Spend $1 Trillion on Nukes (William Perry)

The US is on the “brink” of kicking off a new nuclear arms race that will elevate the risk of nuclear apocalypse to Cold War levels, former Secretary of Defense William Perry warned Thursday.

Perry also called for the breaking of the nuclear triad by dismantling the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) stockpile.

Dec 09 09:28

Israel: Moroccan Jews ‘Who Suffered Anti-Semitism’ to Get Holocaust Payments

Israel is moving forward to grant Holocaust survivor’s payment to Israeli Jews of Moroccan origin and other Arab countries, who suffered from anti-Semitism during World War II.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So now all Jews, even the ones who were not in Europe, are getting "Holocaust" money from you!

Dec 09 09:27

Veterans denied benefits due to improper medical testing

A ruling by a state medical board suggests that veterans nationwide may have been denied brain injury treatments and disability benefits because the Department of Veterans Affairs is using an improper test, according to a new investigation by KARE 11 News.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But we were saving money!!! Isn't that a good thing?" -- Official White Horse Souse

Dec 09 09:27

No, Virginia, Russia Won't Dethrone King Dollar

Despite years of harebrained conjectures, Russia–alone or in tandem with China–has neither the strength nor the interest to challenge U.S. financial hegemony.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

On the other hand, if the US dollar destroys itself ...

Dec 09 09:26

Over 9,000 people killed, 20,000 wounded during conflict in Donbas — UN

More than 9,000 people — both civilians and military, have been killed and over 20,000 have been wounded as a result of the conflict in east Ukraine, the United Nations said in a regular, 12th, report on rights and freedoms in the country. The statement also cited the report as saying that "the situation for an estimated 800,000 people living along both sides of the contact line has been particularly difficult." "Restrictions against media professionals by the Ukrainian Government also undermine freedom of expression," the statement said. The UN said its report also notes that "elements of the Security Service of Ukraine appear to enjoy a high degree of impunity, with rare investigations into allegations involving them."

Dec 09 09:25

Watch: Trump Just Went After MSNBC So Hard They Cut To An Unscheduled Commercial Break

As Trump explained his proposal, he and the show’s hosts both wanted to talk at the same time.

“You’ve got to let us actually ask questions, you’re just talking,” Scarborough said.

“Joe, I’m not just talking — I’m giving you the facts,” Trump replied.

“We will go to break if you keep talking,” Scarborough said,

Trump took him up on the dare and Scarborough followed through.

“Go to break, go to break, go to break right now,” he said. “We’ll be right back with more Morning Joe.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't agree with Trump on a lot of issues, but he is clearly hated by the Wall Street/Israel/DC power elite and that alone is enough for me to support him!

Dec 09 09:22

Czech president speaks out against granting EU membership to Turkey

Turkey should not become a part of the EU, the President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman said on Wednesday as he addressed voters in the north of the country. He indicated that although Turkey is a NATO member-state, sometimes it behaves as if it were an ally of the Islamic State terrorist grouping. Zeman criticized the EU's plans to remit €3 billion to Turkey for the upkeep of 2 million refugees stranded on its territory, since Ankara is supposed to block the road to Europe for them. He believes Turkey is capable of hosting the refugees on its territory, in no small a measure because it shares religion with them. Zeman called for caution in the process of building up relations with Turkey. He added that the Turkish ambassador to the Czech Republic was likely to file a note of protest with the Prague Castle.

Dec 09 09:22

BEX Alert!!! - "Time Magazine Person of the Year - The Choice: Angela Merkel"

At a moment when much of the world is once more engaged in a furious debate about the balance between safety and freedom, the Chancellor is asking a great deal of the German people, and by their example, the rest of us as well. To be welcoming. To be unafraid. To believe that great civilizations build bridges, not walls, and that wars are won both on and off the battlefield.

By viewing the refugees as victims to be rescued rather than invaders to be repelled, the woman raised behind the Iron Curtain gambled on freedom. The pastor’s daughter wielded mercy like a weapon. You can agree with her or not, but she is not taking the easy road. Leaders are tested only when people don’t want to follow.

For asking more of her country than most politicians would dare, for standing firm against tyranny as well as expedience and for providing steadfast moral leadership in a world where it is in short supply, Angela Merkel is TIME’s Person of the Year.

Dec 09 09:22

Watch: Trump Gets Hit With Attack From CNN Over Muslim Plan, Responds With 4 Words

The candidate likened his proposal to some of those taken by Franklin Delano Roosevelt during World War II against “enemy aliens,” including those of German, Italian and Japanese ancestry living in the United States. Tens of thousands were rounded up for questioning, with approximately 30,000 ultimately interned for varying lengths of time during the war.

“Look at what F.D.R. did many years ago, and he’s one of the most respected presidents,” Trump said during an interview on Good Morning America on Tuesday. The candidate stopped short of advocating for internment camps.

Trump emphasized multiple times during his CNN interview that any action taken would be temporary, until “representatives can figure out what is going on.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The image of the "Fanatical Muslim JIhadist" was created by ABCNNBBBCBSFOX to support the conquest of the Middle East, but now that it has collided with the globalist plan to blend all the nations together, it is a bad thing, and fodder for attacks on Trump. But Trump is right. Past Presidents have taken a hard line on immigration and were well thought of for it at the time, including Roosevelt's interment of all Japanese in WW2, Eisenhower's "Operation Wetback" against illegal Mexican Immigrants, and Jimmy Carter's ban on Iranian immigrants!

Dec 09 09:13

7 Insane Police Tactics That'd Be Funny If They Weren't Real

Lately, it seems like clips of police officers abusing civilians are threatening to overtake adorable kittens as the Internet's most popular video genre. Police departments across the country are well aware of how these incidents are affecting their reputations, and are searching for new (read: nonlethal) ways to restore public trust in law enforcement. Unfortunately, some of these tools resemble crosses between the efforts of Wile E. Coyote and Q from the James Bond movies (when he was played by John Cleese). For instance ...

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Dec 09 09:10

Ted Cruz wants to nuke the Middle East

"We will utterly destroy ISIS," he said. "We will carpet bomb them into oblivion. I don't know if sand can glow in the dark, but we're going to find out."

That's right, Ted Cruz just promised to nuke the Middle East if elected.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The real question is whether oil we need to buy and use will be glowing in the dark!

Dec 09 09:09

Anchorage Assembly endorses vote-by-mail election in 2017

The Anchorage Assembly unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday night to support conducting the 2017 city election by mail, rather than by in-person polling precincts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The gates just opened for massive election fraud in Alaska!

Dec 09 09:08

Best Buy discounts Apple Watch: Simple sale or sign of weaker demand?

Best Buy discounts the Apple Watch by $100 in a move that either will bring in more traffic or reflect that interest in the wearable isn't converting to sales.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Americans have lost their "Discretionary" wealth. Between skyrocketing health care costs, increased taxation, declining wages and salaries, most Americans are struggling just to get by. Yes, the iWatch is cool. But people (like me) are asking, "Is it really something that will be useful?" For most people the answer is, "Not really." Most of the iWatch functions require the presence of an iPhone, and if you have the iPhone, why do you need the iWatch (or the rumored iRing)? It's just one more device to learn how to use, keep charged, and constantly install software patches on! People get tired of that after a while.

Dec 09 09:06

Sanders: "ISIS and terrorism are a huge national issue that we have got to address, but so is poverty, so is unemployment, so is education, so is healthcare, so is the need to protect working families. And I will continue to talk about those issues."

Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) presidential campaign told reporters during a Tuesday event in Baltimore not to ask questions about the terror threat from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Dec 09 08:50

'Craft Intl mercenaries carried out San Bernardino shooting'

Mercenaries from the Craft International, a tactical training company for the US military, carried out last week’s false flag operation in San Bernardino, California, according to Steven D Kelley, a former NSA/CIA contractor.

“The people that were on the scene and saw this happen also reported that three tall white men wearing black shirts, khaki pants and tanned combat boots were actually the shooters. The description is almost exactly what the gentlemen from Craft International, the mercenary organization that was involved in so many other false flags, actually look like. This seems to be their standard uniform,” he noted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The same people were seen at the Boston Marathon false-flag.

One of them was seen before the attack wearing a black backpack ...

That matched exactly the black backpack the bomb was in.

After the bombing, the same man was no longer wearing his backpack!

The backpacks worn by Zsarnaev brothers at the scene were white and grey.

Dec 09 08:02

Mercenaries reported killed in Yemen

Seven mercenaries – six Colombians and their Australian commander – are reported to have been killed fighting near Taiz in central Yemen. According to the local Saba News agency:

"The army and popular committees repulsed an attempt of the mercenaries of the Saudi-led coalition to advance toward al-Amri area in Dhubab district and killed and wounded many of them, including six Colombian soldiers and their commander Philip Steetman, an Australian national, a military official in Taiz said."

- See more at: http://www.al-bab.com/blog/2015/december/yemen-mercenaries-colombia-au...

Dec 09 08:01

Gangsters With Badges

The man was threatened with summary execution for the high crime of exiting his vehicle and what amounts to “contempt of cop.” The Hero initially lost his taxpayer-subsidized employment, but until the video got loose, was not charged criminally with anything. It is only because a third party managed to video the incident and because of subsequent embarrassment that the Hero ended up facing charges.

Which is exactly why these incidents continue to occur.

We – that is, the non-badged – are reminded often that we must obey the law supinely because if not there will be consequences. This rule does not apply with equal vigor to those who enforce said laws.

To unholster a weapon for the purpose of intimidating another person is criminal brandishing, a felony.

Dec 09 08:00

Alleged jihadi tourist caught with a stash of gun training videos after returning from Syria 'was a paid MI5 helper'

An alleged Jihadi tourist who was caught with a stash of gun training videos after returning from Syria has told a court he was a paid MI5 informant.

Dec 09 07:58

The Israeli Litmus Test

While many Americans may believe that US policies are designed to address American needs, America’s new Ambassador to Israel explains that this is far from the case.

In a recent speech before the Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI), Ambassador Daniel Shapiro clarified what drives US policies:

“The test of every policy the Administration develops in the Middle East is whether it is consistent with the goal of ensuring Israel’s future as a secure, Jewish, democratic state. That is a commitment that runs as a common thread through our entire government.”

Shapiro went on to say:

“This test explains our extraordinary security cooperation, our stand against the delegitimization of Israel, our efforts on Iran, our response to the Arab Spring, and our efforts on Israeli-Palestinian peace.”

Dec 09 07:57

Syria rebels begin evacuating last Homs district under deal

The deal to evacuate Homs will see some 2,000 rebels and their families leave the besieged city which will return to government control

Dec 09 07:56

SodaSteam Completes Withdrawl from Illegal West Bank Settlement in Mishor Adumim and Relocates in the Negev Desert

After SodaStream’s many announcements to withdraw from its factory in Mishor Adumim Industrial Zone, the company has now completed its withdrawal from its sole West Bank-based facility.

Dec 09 07:55

Dishonest Money Will Die – I Hope

Honest money – gold and silver – are not supported by governments and central bankers for obvious reasons. The Fed can “print” $85 Billion per month to buy dodgy paper to support the banking system, but the Fed can’t produce 75 million ounces of gold each month. Consequently we use dishonest money.

Dec 09 07:52

Putin Hopes "There Will Be No Need To Nuke" The Islamic State

Regarding the submarine strikes we must, of course, analyze everything that happens on the battlefield, how the weapons acts. Both the "Kalibrs" and the X-101 rockets as a whole proved to be very good. This new, modern, highly efficient, and highly precise weapon can be equipped with both a conventional warhead as well as a special, nuclear warhead. Naturally, in the fight against terrorism that is unnecessary, and I hope there will be no need [to use nukes against the Islamic State].

But, if it is.... which of course was the unsaid message: Russia not only can deploy tactical nuclear warheads to Syria overnight, but it may, "not now", but eventually be forced to use them against "the Islamic State."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, this was a not very subtle message to the US!

Dec 09 07:50

Canada Just Warned That Negative Interest Rates Are Coming

Dec 09 07:50

Turkey Puts Medical Doctor On Trial For Comparing Erdogan To Gollum

Well as those who frequent these pages are no doubt acutely aware, Erdogan has for all intents and purposes lost his mind since AKP put on a better showing at a re-run election the President engineered in early November. In addition to the renewed media crackdown, he’s shot down a Russian warplane and invaded Iraq.

Well, just when you thought things couldn’t get any more surreal in Turkey, Dr. Bilgin Ciftci, a physician with the the Public Health Institution of Turkey has lost is job and now faces two years in prison for sharing the following on social media:

Dec 09 07:49

What Happens When Yellen Raises Rates?

"The world's central bankers will print until deflation gives way," warns Mike Maloney, "they have the arrogance to just think they can control it." They can't.

Dec 09 07:49

The Global Economic Reset Has Begun

By Brandon Smith

In my last article, I outlined the deliberately engineered trend toward the forced “harmonization” of national economies and monetary policies, as well as the ultimate end goal of globalists: a single world currency system controlled by the International Monetary Fund and, by extension, global governance, which internationalists sometimes refer to in their more honest public moments as the “new world order.”

The schematic for the new world order, according to the admissions of the internationalists, cannot possibly include the continued existence of U.S. geopolitical and economic dominance...

Dec 09 07:48

'Zumwalt Sails for the First Time': Monster US Destroyer Heads Out to Sea

The USS Zumwalt, the US Navy's largest and most expensive destroyer ever built, began sea trials Monday in the Atlantic Ocean.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The sloped sides are intended to deflect radars from other ships ... but are huge billboards to airborne look-down radars.

Based on recent history, I get a whiff of boondoggle off of this one.

Dec 09 07:46

While the world is pushing for more surveillance, Germany wants to become encryption site number one and make end-to-end encryption the standard

In November, the Interior Minister of Germany, Thomas De Maizière, signed a charta to strengthen confidential communication online. This charta states that is supports and promotes strong end-to-end encryption. While around the world surveillance measures are on the rise, Germany wants to become 'Encryption Site Number One'.

Dec 09 07:45

Russia Hopes Turkey to Refrain From Moves Like Deploying Troops to Syria

Russia hopes that Turkey will not carry out actions in Syria like it did in Iraq, placing its troops in this country, Russian envoy to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said.

Dec 09 07:44

US Missile Agency Orders 17 New Raytheon SM-3 Missile Interceptors - DoD

On October 20, for the first time, a SM-3 was test-fired to intercept and destroy a ballistic missile in a test in the European theater.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A violation of the ABM treaty by the United States.

Dec 09 07:42

Downed Su-24’s black box to reveal truth about Turkey’s treacherous strike – Putin

The flight recorder of the Russian Su-24 recently downed by Turkey in Syria has been recovered and presented to President Putin, who said it must be opened in the presence of international experts to reveal truth about the treacherous “stab in the back.”

Dec 09 07:42

Turkey detains & deports Russian journalists investigating ISIS oil trade reports

Russian journalists preparing an investigative report into Ankara’s alleged involvement in the oil trade with ISIS have been detained and deported from Turkey. Moscow strongly condemned the treatment of the Rossiya 1 TV crew, demanding explanations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Got something to hide, Erdogan?

Dec 09 07:41

Putin unleashes 8 hours of hell onto ISIS targets

It looks as if Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to get er’ done, destroying ISIS targets in the region with a hail of missile and bomb strikes over an eight-hour period.

Dec 09 07:41

IMF allows lending to countries with arrears; Russia prepares to go to court over Ukraine debt

The International Monetary Fund has agreed to change its policy on lending to countries that are in arrears to other governments. With Ukraine being among the states that asks for financial aid while owing Russia, the move has angered Moscow.

Dec 09 07:40

‘Popcorn lung’: E-cigarette flavor chemicals linked to lung disease – study

More than 75 percent of flavored electronic cigarettes and their refill cartridges contain the chemical diacetyl, which is linked to a disease known as ‘popcorn lung’, a new study by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has shown.

Dec 09 07:40

The Use Of Secret Courts Confirms The End Of Democracy In Britain

By Graham Vanbergen

The use of secret courts is where trials take place that are not open to the public, nor generally reported in the news and generally no official record of the case or the judge’s verdict is made available. Often there is no legal allegation. The accused is usually not able to obtain the counsel of an lawyer or confront witnesses for the prosecution, and the proceedings are characterised by a perceived miscarriage of justice to the benefit of the ruling powers of the society. This is the stuff of cold war Russia and Nazi Germany – right? Think again...

Dec 09 07:35

Earnest: ‘Fake Hair’ Trump’s Muslim Ban ‘Disqualifies Him’ from Presidency

Press Secretary Josh Earnest lambasted Donald Trump‘s “carnival barker routine” Tuesday, arguing that the Republican presidential candidate’s recent proposal to ban Muslims from the United States is “disqualifying.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Earnest told reporters that Trump’s proposal shows the business mogul is incapable of preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution, and thus “disqualifies him from serving as president.”

First off, Jimmy Carter blocked Iranian immigrants, and Eisenhower's "Operation Wetback" blocked the illegal Mexican immigrants. Neither Eisenhower nor Carter were considered unfit to be President based on those actios. Second, if adherence to the Constitution is a requirement for the Presidency (and it IS) then Obama should be impeached for violating almost the entire Bill of Rights, with his attacks on the Second Amendment, violations of the Fourth Amendment by spying on the American people, use of torture, imprisonment without trial, extrajudicial execution of American citizens in drone strikes, etc. etc.

Dec 09 07:21

Chicago releases video of police using Taser on man in cell who later died

Hours after the U.S. Justice Department said it was investigating whether Chicago police officers had made a habit of breaking the law in their practices, the city released a video late Monday showing officers using a Taser on a man in a cell and then hauling him out along the ground.

The incident took place in December 2012, and the man shown in the video, Philip Coleman, later died at a hospital after suffering an adverse reaction to an antipsychotic drug.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

FOX News was running a segment this morning, "Do Cops Get The Respect They Deserve?"

Dec 09 07:20

Why the Freedom Vs Safety Argument Is a Trap

Now that another mass shooting has occurred, the debate between the pro-gun and the anti-gun camps is raging once again. It plays out about the same way every single time. One side says that we need to restrict firearm ownership in some capacity if we want to save lives, and the other side will say that to do so would be a violation of our constitutional rights. Then they will add that actually, if more civilians have access to guns, then society will be safer overall.

Dec 09 07:16

‘Embarrassing to defend’: US general blasts Raytheon’s GPS control system a ‘disaster’

A top-brass US Air Force general has openly criticized a new ground control system for GPS satellites built by Raytheon, calling them a ‘disaster’, condemning their defense contractor for bloating budgets while not delivering anything functional on time.

The system in question – GPS OCX – is the ground-based command and control network that will manage GPS satellites with significantly improved accuracy and precision, while providing unprecedented levels of cyber protection.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... maybe ...

Dec 09 07:14

Defence argues RCMP entrapped hapless BC Legislature bomb plotters - could conviction be stayed?

While police forces in France and Belgium battle fierce ISIL attackers, the RCMP is facing a potential entrapment ruling that could free two jailed but hapless B.C. "terrorists" convicted in the 2013 Canada Day bomb plot.

And even worse, presiding justice Catherine Bruce ruled in a disclosure decision last week where the defence is requesting RCMP solicitor-client communications that:

"I have found that the defence has raised a prima facie case that the RCMP violated s. 83.19 of the [Criminal] Code by providing money, services, and accommodation that helped them to commit terrorist activities."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So it isn't just the FBI making up their own terror plots to bust!

Dec 09 07:12

Venice mania – 667 square foot 1 bed and 1 bath property listed for nearly $1.5 million. Signs of mania putting cracks in the market.

The place is listed at $1,495,000 and it is 667 square feet. Does the above look like it is worth $1,495,000?

Dec 09 07:09

Scenarios of real war between Russia and Turkey

It is an open secret that guns start shooting only when politicians and diplomats are powerless to stop them from doing it. Yet, let's assume that a real war sparks between Russia and Turkey (NATO) - what kind of war would it be? What results would it bring?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No, the guns start shooting when the politicians decide war is their best option for increased wealth and power!

Dec 09 07:07

Suicide rates are highest for men in their 50s and we're not sure why

Men take their own lives at about four times the rate women do, a number the Movember Foundation highlights this month in its campaign around men's mental health.

In Canada and the U.S., the highest suicide rates are among men in their 50s (except for men over 75 in the U.S.).

But we're not sure why.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would say the economy is the prime reason. Despite feminism, men remain the primary earners in most families and after a lifetime of work to see that the benefit of that work goes to tyrannical governments and greedy corporations and not to ones own family can induce a deep sense of personal failure at an age when one realizes one has very few productive years left.

Dec 09 07:00

Chain Store Sales Collapse Following Already Disappointing Black Friday

Just as we warned, based on credit card data, [4] this holiday spending period is a disaster. Following disappointing sales over the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend, there has been absolutely no follow-through momentum as is usually seen. Chain Store same-store-sales crashed 6.3% week-over-week...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate news programs are down to doing pitches for "The Perfect Holiday Gift", such as watches and electronics.

Of course, we here in the Independent Media also have a suggestion for Christmas shopping ... firearms! :)

Dec 09 06:54

Climate change is 'largest science communication failure in history'

Experts hope painting a grim picture of the future will get people to change their behaviour. But for many of us, it may actually do the opposite.

Dec 09 06:50

Idaho Deputy Brian Wood's Shocking New Facebook Post About The Jack Yantis Killing

One of the two sheriffs from Council, Idaho who killed 62-year-old rancher Jack yantis on Sunday, November 1st has posted a shocking new Facebook message thanking his friends for their love and support, and once again defending the killing of Yantis. Police had called Jack Yantis at his home on Sunday night last month as he ate dinner with his family, asking Jack to come help take care of his injured bull, which had been hit by a car. When Jack went to the scene as dispatch had asked, he was, as his nephew put it, "Murdered in cold blood by trigger happy rookies gunned down at the end of his own driveway for trying to take care of his own livestock!!!!!!"

Dec 09 06:47

Suicide rate in Alberta climbs 30% in wake of mass oilpatch layoffs

The suicide rate in Alberta has increased dramatically in the wake of mounting job losses across the province.

The most recent data only goes to June, but according to the chief medical examiner's office, 30 per cent more Albertans took their lives in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.

Dec 09 06:47

FBI to modify its 'travesty' system for tracking number of civilians killed by cops

The FBI will revamp its heavily criticized system for tracking fatal police shootings in the US. For the first time, the bureau will release data about all incidents that result in severe injury or death to civilians at the hands of police.

“We are responding to a real human outcry,” Stephen L. Morris, assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division, told the Washington Post. “People want to know what police are doing, and they want to know why they are using force. It always fell to the bottom before. It is now the highest priority,” he added.

Dec 09 06:44


Dec 09 06:43

Ukraine Displeased: US Supplying Kiev With Outdated Military Equipment

The Ukrainian military has criticized the quality of military equipment supplied by the United States to the country. Kiev has claimed that the received military items are outdated and useless, DWN reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We want the weapons that are NEW and useless, like the F-35!" -- President Chocolate

Dec 09 06:41

Interest-Free Finance is Being Seriously Discussed in Russia

A significant debate is underway in Russia since imposition of western financial sanctions on Russian banks and corporations in 2014.

It’s about a proposal presented by the Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church. The proposal, which resembles Islamic interest-free banking models in many respects, was first unveiled in December 2014 at the depth of the Ruble crisis and oil price free-fall.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That will REALLY put Russia on the US Government's Special High Interest Targets list!

Dec 09 06:38

9 Nusra militants killed in Lebanon-Syria border clash with Hezbollah

Nine Syria-based Nusra Front militants, including a senior commander, were killed Wednesday in an ambush and an ensuing clash with Hezbollah fighters near the northeastern border town of Arsal

Dec 09 06:38

RBS's Coutts Unit Fined in Germany Over Alleged Tax Evasion

Swiss bank Coutts & Co. Ltd., a unit of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc, has reached a settlement with German authorities over alleged tax evasion.

Dec 09 06:37

It is the war party that has a reputation problem, not Stop the War

The chorus of attacks on the Stop the War Coalition in recent weeks is a reflection of the weakness of the government's case for war. David Cameron failed to get cross-party consensus in the vote for war in parliament. A large majority of Labour MPs, as well as the SNP, Plaid and the Greens voted against airstrikes, as did a majority of the Shadow Cabinet. They did so following the lead of Jeremy Corbyn. Polls show opinion moving rapidly against support for the war.

Dec 09 05:38

Tax-Exempt Funds Aid Settlements in West Bank

Believing that Christian help for Jewish winemakers here in the occupied West Bank foretells Christ’s second coming, they are recruited by a Tennessee-based charity called HaYovel that invites volunteers “to labor side by side with the people of Israel” and “to share with them a passion for the soon coming jubilee in Yeshua, messiah.”
Note: Insane

December 8, 2015

Dec 08 22:53

Russia strikes ISIS targets in Syria from sub in Mediterranean for first time (VIDEO)

Russia has, for the first time, targeted Islamic State targets in Syria with Kalibr land-attack cruise missiles launched from a submarine in the Mediterranean Sea, according to Russia’s Defense Minister.

Dec 08 22:23

Suddenly, there's a surge in interest to buy guns around San Bernardino

"This is basically home protection," said Doug Crossman, a 32-year-old resident of nearby Mentone who was also shopping at Gun Boss Armory. He said his wife works about a mile from the site of Wednesday's shooting and had been badly shaken by it, leading the couple to decide to buy a handgun.

"I'd rather be sitting on the phone with the cops with a gun in my hand than on the phone praying nobody's going to shoot," Crossman said.

Dec 08 21:55

Alligator eats burglary suspect hiding from cops

Brevard County Sheriff’s Maj. Tod Goodyear says 22-year-old Matthew Riggins told his girlfriend he would be in Barefoot Bay to commit burglaries with another suspect. Authorities received calls Nov. 13 about two suspicious men in black walking behind homes and investigated. Riggins was reported missing the next day.

"Time to ban alligators!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Dec 08 20:54

Jimmy Carter Blocked Iran's Immigrants . . . Is Donald Trump's Muslim Immigration the Same?

The obvious difference between Trump’s plan and Carter’s historical actions is that the Carter administration targeted nationality, not a professed religion or ideology. But the Carter administration also took those factors into account when determining whether or not Iranians were allowed to enter or stay in the United States.

It could be argued that this is a case of comparing apples to oranges, but it does show that a previous U.S. president has taken religion into account when determining whether or not a person may be allowed entry into the United States. The question is whether Trump is right to suggest that the United States should temporarily block the immigration of any who profess Islam.

Dec 08 19:48

Thousands attend funeral of Palestinian teen slain in Duheisha Refugee Camp

Thousands of Palestinians attended the funeral of 19-year-old Malik Akram Shahin on Tuesday morning, hours after he was shot dead by Israeli forces during a detention raid into Duheisha refugee camp south of Bethlehem. Shahin was shot in the head during a predawn detention raid into the refugee camp on Tuesday morning. Local residents said that Israeli soldiers fired live rounds, tear gas canisters, and stun grenades "indiscriminately" through the camp's narrow alleys

Dec 08 19:33

U.S. coalition investigating reports its airstrikes killed at least 36 Syrian civilians

By Roy Gutman and Zakaria Zakaria

McClatchy Foreign Staff

The U.S.-led coalition says it’s reviewing reports that its airstrikes against Islamic State militants Monday killed at least 36 civilians, including 20 children, in a village in eastern Syria.

Dec 08 19:22

Saudi Arabia accused of trying to wreck Paris climate deal - One of the world’s largest oil producers is getting in the way of a deal and making implausible objections, say delegates and campaigners

Saudi Arabia stood accused on Tuesday of trying to wreck the Paris climate summit in order to protect its future as one of the world’s largest oil producers.

Dec 08 18:59

Elderly Shooting Victim of San Bernardino Reveals How Police "Threw Her Husband To The Ground," Cuffed Him For Over An Hour, "which is a bunch of crap if you ask me"

More amped-up, maniac cops attack an old man who was simply going to visit his wife of 42 years, who has been shot three times and was in the hospital. Are they the 'heroes' who 'keep us safe'?

Dec 08 17:01

Millions of Internet Explorer users must update, or lose patches

The software giant will no longer update older versions of Internet Explorer, leaving millions without patches or security updates.

Dec 08 17:01

After 60 Years, B-52s Still Dominate U.S. Fleet

The bombers were scheduled for retirement years ago, but they are expected to keep flying until at least 2040.

Dec 08 16:56

Lenov-lol, a load of Tosh, and what the Dell? More bad holes found in PC makers' bloatware

Lenovo laptops and PCs can be hijacked by visiting a malicious website – and Dell and Toshiba machines suffer vulnerabilities, too, we're told.

If you're running the Lenovo Solution Center bundled with Lenovo gear, and you browse by an evil webpage, scripts on that page can run code with full system privileges on your computer, allowing them to install malware, spy on you, and cause other havoc. Any programs or software nasties already on your machine can exploit Lenovo Solution Center to gain admin access, and therefore full control, without you lifting a finger.

Dec 08 16:55

Obama's No-Fly, No-Buy Violates 2nd AND 5th Amendments: List Uses "Secret Criteria" To Bar Guns

Under the slippery-slope of terrorism surveillance and Obama’s far-reaching gun control agenda, such a list could take away everyone’s legal right to bear arms.

[T]he no-fly list is a secret list that uses secret criteria to determine who finds a home on it. So if you link banning guns to the no-fly list, the scenario presented is completely feasible: The government could theoretically add anyone it wants to the no-fly list, even broad categories of people, and thereby prevent them from owning a gun.

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Dec 08 16:53

Penis Transplants Being Planned to Help Wounded Troops

Within a year, maybe in just a few months, a young soldier with a horrific injury from a bomb blast in Afghanistan will have an operation that has never been performed in the United States: a penis transplant.

The organ will come from a deceased donor, and the surgeons, from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, say they expect it to start working in a matter of months, developing urinary function, sensation and, eventually, the ability to have sex.

Dec 08 16:45

In Paris, Scientists Debunk UN “Climate” Hysteria

Amid United Nations efforts to shackle humanity to a UN “climate regime” at the COP21 global-warming summit, an international team of scientists and experts from various fields debunked the hysteria at a separate conference in Paris for realists. Essentially, the prestigious scientists said, there is no man-made global-warming crisis. The UN's “climate” efforts, meanwhile, have a much more sinister agenda: Destroying industrial civilization, propping up kleptocrats with Western tax funds, and seizing control of the global economy under the guise of regulating the immensely beneficial “gas of life,” also known as carbon dioxide. The top U.S. senator on the Environment Committee also offered a message of hope to climate realists, saying the “climate charade” by the UN and the Obama administration was dead on arrival.

Dec 08 16:41

39% of Adults who attended public school believe "Jews are responsible for most of the world's wars," Neocon Study Group Finds

The American Enterprise Institute recently published results of a study they conducted in conjunction with the ADL measuring adults responses towards eleven 'anti-Semitic stereotypes.' They wanted to determine the effect of private verses public schooling on the anti-Semitic attitudes of adults. There were eleven statements in the survey, which included 'Jews have too much control over the United States government,' 'Jews have too much power in international financial markets,' 'Jews think they are better than other people,' 'Jews have too much control over the global media,' 'Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust,' and 'Jews in the United States are more loyal to Israel than to this country.'

Dec 08 16:20

Poll: 68% of Trump’s supporters would vote for him if he bolts the GOP

Donald Trump not only continues to lead the Republican presidential field in a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll. The overwhelming majority of his supporters also say they would vote for him if he bolted the GOP and ran as an independent.

The nationwide survey, taken Wednesday through Sunday, finds a trio of Republican candidates who show emerging national strength — Trump, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio — as other once-serious contenders struggle for traction.

And in a chilling sign for Republicans, 68% of Trump's supporters say they would vote for the blustery billionaire businessman if he ran as an independent rather than a Republican; just 18% say they wouldn't. The rest were undecided.

Dec 08 16:18

A closer look at San Bernardino and the lies. N.Y. Man was posing as DHS, Really?

Dec 08 16:17

Mainstream Media Admits Gun Control Doesn’t Work

During an interview with Hillary Clinton, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos apparently agreed with a statement by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) pointing out that strict gun laws didn’t prevent recent terror attacks.

“As you know, some of your Republican rivals have also criticized you for focusing on gun control after the San Bernardino attacks,” he told Clinton Dec. 6. “Sen. Marco Rubio points out that France has some of the strictest gun control in the world – that didn’t stop the Paris attacks.”

“California has some of the strictest gun control laws here – it didn’t stop those attacks, either. So what law would have stopped this?”

Dec 08 16:17

ran 2.0? Russia to Loan Egypt $25 Billion to Build NUCLEAR Power Plant

Russia is set to provide Egypt with a $25 billion line of credit to construct the nation’s first nuclear power plant.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel will scream about this!

Dec 08 16:16

Pallet Powered Garden

A Pallet Powered Garden is an easy to manage mini garden concept, hopefully leading to free fresh vegetables and plants everywhere

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Kickstarter project for today's radio guest.

Dec 08 15:43

War on Christmas! Right-wing Israeli Group Targets Palestinian Christians, Protests Christmas Tree Event in Jerusalem

The right-wing Jewish group ‘Lehava’ held a protest outside of the YMCA in Jerusalem, shouting at Palestinian Christian children and families as they were entering and leaving the annual Christmas-tree decoration party.

Dec 08 15:32

Swedish PM: Knife attacks are not classified as terrorism

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven on Monday tried to improve the strained ties between his country and Israel, but only raised more ire when claiming stabbing attacks were not considered terrorism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nothing anyone says or does will ever please Israel, so maybe it is time to simply stop trying!

Dec 08 15:31

Chancellor George Osborne says UK has 'got its mojo back' with air strikes

Britain has "got its mojo back" and stands alongside the United States in the fight to "reassert Western values", George Osborne has said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Wars not make one great." -- Yoda

Dec 08 15:19

EXPOSED .. Feds use the BLM to gain control of local water Resources in Oregon .. UN AGENDA 21

Dec 08 15:19


Dec 08 15:18

Condemn Falwell's "end those Muslims" remarks

Last week Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University, gave a speech encouraging students to carry guns and kill Muslims.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle, Jerry...

Has it occurred to you that Israel would love nothing better than for the stupid Christians and stupid Muslims to kill each other off in a global crusade/jihad?

Dec 08 15:15

US Mint Halts Gold Eagle Production

Dec 08 15:14

Norway Offers to Pay Refugees to Leave: “$9,300 Dollars And Free Flights Home”

Norwegian leaders have been promoting the idea that refugees will not be accepted, and that it would be better to leave with a significant amount of help.

A family with two children is eligible for up to $9,300 dollars – and free flights home, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration told the media outlet. More than 900 people reportedly have accepted.

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Dec 08 15:00

Why Syria’s Options Are So Bad

The incoherence of Western policy toward Syria goes back decades to Cold War covert schemes that thwarted a democratic turn — and to more recent neocon insistence on “regime change,” not negotiations. Those choices have now left the West with a set of unpalatable options.

Dec 08 14:54

Downsizing the News Staff - Diminishing Quality and Credibility

The same day Murdoch terminated 9 percent of his staff (at the National Geographic), the owners of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News fired 46 journalists, leaving only one copyeditor at the Daily News. A month earlier, the Los Angeles Times cut about 10 percent of its news room staff. The Chicago Sun-Times fired all its 28 photographers, including one who won the Pulitzer Prize, and is relying upon lower-paid freelancers and wire services.

Dec 08 14:38

Montenegro invited to join NATO in dubious payoff

On December 2, NATO invited Montenegro to become the 29th member of the US-led military alliance. The Montenegro’s parliament in September passed a resolution by 50 votes out of 79 to support the country’s NATO membership. "Montenegro’s accession to NATO will be another important step in the Euro-Atlantic integration of the entire Western Balkans region", NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on the occasion. "And it makes clear that NATO keeps its doors open, to complete our vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace", he added.

Webmaster addition: The people of Montenegro are not happy about this, protesting and burning NATO flags!

Dec 08 14:30

The submarine "Rostov-na-Donu" cruise missiles "Calibre" hit IS in the province of Raka

Russian Minister of Defense - Army General Sergei Shoigu - informed the head of state tonight, Vladimir Putin, that the submarine "Rostov-on-Don" - just as it reached the coast of Syria, cruise missiles "Caliber-PL" targeted bases and positions of the Islamic State of .

Shoigu reported to his supreme commander, "We first applied against terrorists cruise missiles" caliber "of the Mediterranean. Launched by the submarine "Rostov-on-Don." Affected are two major points established Islamic state on the territory of the Province of Cancer. It is for our submarine was the first live firing from an underwater position. "

Dec 08 14:26

What Stinks in Saudi Ain’t the Camel Dung

In recent weeks one nation after another is falling over themselves, literally, to join the Turkey shoot known, erroneously, as the war in Syria, ostensibly against the Islamic State. The most wanted but most feared question is where will this war frenzy lead, and how can it be stopped short of dragging the entire planet into a world war of destruction?

Dec 08 13:45

The Rabbis Speak Out: The 130 Year Record of Religious Jewish Opposition to Zionism

"The Zionists brought us to the Holocaust. It is well known that it was possible to redeem Jews from the Nazis with money, and save many hundreds of thousands of Jews in Hungary. The Zionist leaders who now sit in government prevented it!"
Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich

Dec 08 13:33


A sayanim (sing. Sayan; Hebrew: helpers, assistants) is a Jew living outside Israel who volunteers (or more appropriately is emotionally blackmailed) to provide assistance to Israel and/or the Israeli Mossad utilizing the capacity of their own nationality to procure assistance. This assistance includes facilitating medical care, money, logistics, and even overt intelligence gathering. Estimates put the number of sayanims in the hundreds of thousand.

“With a network of ‘sayanim’ scattered everywhere throughout the world (as described by ex-Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky in his book ‘By Way Of Deception’) Israel literally has millions of eyes and ears, watching and listening to everything as it all pertains to the Jewish state.”

Dec 08 13:16


Blue Collar jobs may have been disappearing rapidly as robots and other technological advances have rendered workers redundant, but that’s nothing compared to what’s going to happen to white collar jobs predicts real estate titan Jeff Greene, per Forbes:

Dec 08 12:57

UN Approves Russia-led Proposal To Limit Militarization of Space

The United Nations General Assembly has approved a Russian-led resolution calling for nations to refrain from being the first to deploy weapons into outer space, in spite of U.S. resistance and European silence on the proposed measure, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Dec 08 12:56

Yemen Conquered the Southern Province of Saudi Arabia

Sanaa - Yemen's armed forces spokesman said that the military forces of this country took control of some Arab provinces in the south of Saudi Arabia.
Serf Lukman, spokesman for the armed forces of Yemen in an interview with Lebanon's Al Ahad indicated that Yemeni military forces took control of the southern provinces of Saudi Arabia, this country has appropriated 80 years ago.

Yemeni armed forces spokesman added that the armed forces of this country in recent days fired over 1,000 missiles, killing about 40 Saudi soldiers and destroyed more than 75 US military vehicles, two tanks and several armored military vehicles.

Meanwhile, Saudi warplanes today bombed several north-western Yemeni province.

As a reminder, the Saudi air invasion of Yemen began before some 9 months, and continued land invasion of the country airborne attacks on the port of Aden and the south and southeast of the country, which is traditionally pro-Saudi-minded.

Dec 08 12:53

Russia strikes ISIS targets in Syria from submarine in Mediterranean for first time

Russia has, for the first time, targeted Islamic State targets in Syria with Kalibr land-attack cruise missiles launched from a submarine in the Mediterranean Sea, according to Russia’s Defense Minister.

Dec 08 12:38

Talking to Screens

Dec 08 12:34

Terrorism and Some Hard Truths - An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

In my estimation there is no organization in the world, including ISIS, more dangerous to American society than the National Rifle Association which insists that we all still live in some variant of 19th century Tombstone, Arizona.

Much of the present breast-beating over Islamic terrorism is politically motivated exaggeration. Yet even here the U.S. government will not do much other than spy on its own citizens with ever greater intensity. To really make the U.S. safe from Middle East terrorism, Washington will have to dump Israel, play hardball with Saudi Arabia, and swear off the regime-change policy that has so disastrously driven its actions in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Dec 08 12:22

NYT: Americans With Assault Rifles Should "Give Them Up For The Good Of Their Fellow Citizens"

Well, it seems the media’s horrific campaign of inaccuracy hasn’t stopped. According to Reuters, for the first time in nearly a century, The New York Times editorial board took their plea for gun bans to the front page on Saturday, calling our nation’s inaction on gun control a “moral outrage and a national disgrace.” No, we shouldn’t be surprised that they decided to follow the likes of the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times with their own inane call to arms for gun control. And we shouldn’t be shocked that they want policies that employ confiscatory measures, while also banning an entire class of firearms, specifically assault rifles and certain types of ammunition

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 08 12:11

War Is On The Horizon: Is It Too Late To Stop It?

Washington is not opposed to terrorism. Washington has been purposely creating terrorism for many years. Terrorism is a weapon that Washington intends to use to destabilize Russia and China by exporting it to the Muslim populations in Russia and China.

Washington is using Syria, as it used Ukraine, to demonstrate Russia’s impotence to Europe— and to China, as an impotent Russia is less attractive to China as an ally.

For Russia, responsible response to provocation has become a liability, because it encourages more provocation.

In other words, Washington and the gullibility of its European vassals have put humanity in a very dangerous situation, as the only choices left to Russia and China are to accept American vassalage or to prepare for war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US government is hell bent on going to war because they want to use it as a distraction for the ever-contracting US economy, and misdirect peoples' anger at foreign governments, rather than having them focus on the messes DC and the Federal Reserve have created out of mismanagement, incompetence, and greed.

Most likely, the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be suspended when this war gets going, because far too many people are aware of the real reasons for this war, and this is the tactic the US government will use to silence them, if not with outright extrajudicial assassinations right here at home.

But there are some problems here which I truly wish the "adults in the room in DC" would really look at before making a final commitment to this war.

In Russia and China, there is a tacit agreement between weapons makers and the governments, that when weapons, planes, and ships are delivered, they perform according to spec the very first time they are deployed. Russia and China spend less, but get much more bang for their weapons buck than do their US military counterparts.

In the US, with the incestuous relationship between weapons manufacturers, lobbyists, and (alleged) Congressional representatives, weapons are frequently well behind schedule, over budget, and do not field deploy anywhere close to the manufacturers' hype, the first time they are deployed.

There is something in the American military-industrial culture which allows this to be perfectly acceptible when, for our men and women in uniform, it is absolutely NOT acceptible, when their lives are on the line, and they need weapons to work as advertised.

The other problems, as they effect the US, are that we do not have the money, the manufacturing, or the troop strength to insure a positive outcome to a war against Russia and/or China; this is why a military option is a really bad idea here.

And if you want to see how well NATO will perform, and understanding that past is prologue to the future, just take a look at its 14 years record with the occupation of Afghanistan; there is not one, single military metric by which this occupation can be characterised as a "success", ever.

Dec 08 12:07

San Bernardino HOAX BUSTED! Landlord "It's Not Real"!!!!

Dec 08 11:43

Turkey Refuses To Withdraw Troops From Iraq, Threatens To Slap Sanctions On Russia

Last Friday, Turkey invaded Iraq.

That sounds more dramatic than it actually was. Turkey sent around 150 soldiers and two dozens tanks to Bashiqa, just northeast of Mosul in what Ankara described as an effort to replace an existing contingent of around 90 troops that have supposedly been on a “training” mission with the Peshmerga for the better part of two years.

As we documented over the weekend, this is hardly the first time the Turks have entered the country.

However, the circumstances are quite different this time around. That is, this isn't a anti-terror mission aimed at tracking the PKK. Over the weekend, we asked if Turkey was simply trying to protect lucrative oil smuggling routes run by both ISIS and the KRG. On Sunday, an angry Iraq gave Ankara 48 hours to withdraw the troops - or else.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This borders on insane, from a standpoint of what Turkey is doing here; it has, unofficially, declared war on Iraq, in violation of Iraq's sovereignty.

And the only thing that Turkey could do to Russia, in terms of sanctions, would be to attempt to block its access to the Bosphorous Straits, which would be a violation of the Montrose Convention, either of which could provoke near-immediate military response from Russia.

This appears to be the White House using Turkey to provoke a war between Russia and NATO.

Dec 08 11:39

Turkey’s First Son enjoys dinner with leaders of ISIS

“It’s Saturday night and I’m going to meet some friends at a restaurant, we’ll eat, drink and have good time. I meet up with these two at Ci?eristan Restaurant, owned by Kember from Ci?eris Brothers, every chance I get. We laugh and joke, tell stories and drink our beers. We smoke ‘em if we got them and if we’re lucky maybe see more of my friends. If I’m very lucky, maybe someone will snap a photo of me and my friends together.”
Said No Terrorist Ever.

Hollywood has nothing on these guys. They know the who, the what, and how to manipulate the media into thinking they are being persecuted while all the time going behind the media’s back and to getting away with terrorism, murder by the hundreds, and becoming ürber rich as the sell all the plunder, blood-sweat- and-tears, oil and artifacts they take from the people!

Dec 08 11:38

Innocent Unarmed Man Shot in the Head While Asking Cops for Help has to Sue to Get Justice

Thanks to Los Angeles’ finest, Walter DeLeon has lost a quarter of his skull, almost all his eyesight, the ability to walk, and his life is in shambles.

In June of this year, DeLeon, 49, was on his regular evening walk to a nearby park when LAPD Officer Cairo Palacios “feared for his life” and shot him in the head.

DeLeon was not armed, he did not attack the officer, nor did he say or do anything that would have been construed by a normal person to be aggressive behavior. However, the dastardly Palacios and his partner perceived ‘imminent danger’ because DeLeon had a towel wrapped around his hand to wipe the sweat from his face on his walk.

An attorney for Palacios, Gary Fullerton explained how running up to an unarmed man and shooting him in the face was ‘within departmental policy’ because Palacios was convinced his life was in danger due to the towel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This policy could backfire in a big way when citizens, knowing their lives are in danger from the police, start per-emptively shooting them!

Dec 08 11:36

Greece: Seized tanker Haddad 1 concealed 5,000 shotguns 'for Libya Islamists'

Greek authorities have discovered a gargantuan cache of weapons aboard a cargo ship headed to an Islamist controlled area of Libya.

The coastguard said a search of only the first two of the 14 containers carried by the Bolivian vessel Haddad 1 had revealed almost 500,000 rounds of ammunition and 5,000 shotguns, of a type similar to that used by police, with no accompanying documentation.