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"The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget." -- Thomas Szasz


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Jun 27 05:39

Donald Trump is reckless on Syria. It's his most dangerous foreign policy folly.

Trump said Obama's horrendous leadership on Syria could start WWIII.
He's making things even worse


Jun 27 05:35

Here’s Why Cheap Gas Prices May Actually Be a Very BAD Sign for the Economy

You may have filled up with gas recently and did a little happy dance when you saw how low the price was...but this may not be a good sign for our economy.

In fact, it could be downright BAD NEWS. Here's why.

Jun 27 01:41

US lied about Syrian chemical attack then bombed them anyway

Syria was on the list of 7 countries to be picked off in 5 years in the phoney US led 'war on terror' that began post the 9/11 false flag attacks.

Jun 27 01:10

Addressing Trump's Errant Foreign Policy

Conservatives such as myself , who seek a return to America's historic , and successful foreign policy of non intervention in overseas quarrels that are unrelated to American interests thought we had won in November . In Donald Trump we thought we had elected a non-interventionalist president . He pledged good relations with Russia , avoidance of new wars , and at least by inference, ending the conflicts he inherited, including the hopeless war in Afghanistan

But that's not how things turned out>>>

June 26, 2017

Jun 26 19:01

Town Seeking 'Termination' Of Employee Who Posted Hate Speech On Video Of Muslim Teen

The Lindenhurst School District posted a video (watch it at the bottom of this story) on Facebook Thursday morning featuring salutatorian Yasmin Zohny along with co-valedictorians Sofiya Yanyak and Ziad Sabry. The video was shared to a local Facebook group in the afternoon. A few minutes later, Andrew Vita posted two comments under the video. Both directed vile hate speech toward Zohny, who is Muslim.

Jun 26 18:51

Vaccine Ingredients: America’s Dirty Little Secret

By Sarah Carrasco

At first glance, vaccination appears to be a life-saving benefit of modern medicine. We are told vaccines eradicated polio, the measles and a host of other communicable diseases. However, as the health of America’s children declines, we must take a critical look at causal factors and commonalities in this population.

About half of the children in the U.S. suffer from a developmental disability or chronic health condition. The health of our children is in peril and good sense dictates there must be a cause. How could fifty percent of a nation’s children be sick?...

Jun 26 16:23

New Video Emerges of #NoDAPL Provocateurs Setting Vehicles on Fire

By Derrick Broze

Yet another example of law enforcement provocateurs attempting to paint protesters in a negative light.

In response to accusations that TigerSwan, a private military contractor, purposefully set law enforcement vehicles on fire in order to blame opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline, I have decided to release new video from the night of the fires. Followers of my journalism are likely aware that I made 3 trips to Standing Rock, North Dakota in August, October, and December 2016. During my October trip I witnessed the Morton County Sheriff’s Department and supporting private contractors use LRAD sound cannons, tear gas, batons, tasers, and “less than lethal” ammunition rounds against the opponents of Energy Transfer Partner’s DAPL...

Jun 26 16:09

Global Internet Forum Targets 'Free Speech' Under The Guise of Fighting Terror

Today, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube are announcing the formation of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, which will help us continue to make our hosted consumer services hostile to terrorists and violent extremists.

Jun 26 15:53

Driver plows through 100s of people at ‘Go Skate Day’ event in Brazil (VIDEOS)

A driver indiscriminately rammed through crowds of skateboarders who packed the city streets on Sunday at an event in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
"Lots of people were running, some guys tried to smash the car, of course. But a lot of people just ran trying to protect themselves while the guy zigzagged trying to hit the crowd," eyewitness Ezequiel Magalhães told El Globo.

Jun 26 15:53

The Federal Government Owns 61 Percent Of Idaho, 64 Percent Of Utah And 84 Percent Of Nevada

Did you know that the federal government owns 28 percent of all land in the United States? 

Jun 26 15:50


White House press secretary Sean Spicer humiliated liberal media reporters during an interview Wednesday by revealing the real reason behind his preference for off-camera briefings.

Jun 26 15:46

Huge Violation! Nuclear Material Was Just Shipped by Air to Both Coasts

Federal regulators are investigating an “absolutely unacceptable” violation of improper handling of nuclear material after the mislabeled cargo was sent on commercial cargo flights to two laboratories in the United States.

Jun 26 15:28

Don’t Renegotiate NAFTA: Get US Out!

Jun 26 15:28

Welcome to the Age of No Privacy

The government has become an expert in finding ways to sidestep what it considers “inconvenient laws” aimed at ensuring accountability and thereby bringing about government transparency and protecting citizen privacy. Indeed, it has mastered the art of stealth maneuvers and end-runs around the Constitution.

Jun 26 15:25

Iraq could be removed from Child Soldiers Prevention Act list

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s decision to ignore the advice of his senior diplomats and drop Iraq and Myanmar from a list of the world's worst offenders in their use of child soldiers is “disgusting” and "damaging" to the U.S., say critics.

Jun 26 15:20

The Collapse Of Brick-And-Mortar Retail Becomes A Real-Estate Question

Caught up in the middle of the brick-and-mortar retail meltdown, Macy’s announced wave after wave of store closings. The 100 store closings it announced in August 2016 included Macy’s Men’s store in San Francisco and its store at Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco. Macy’s owned the buildings of both of them. This brought Macy’s store count in San Francisco from three to just one store.

That’s how bad the meltdown is!

Jun 26 15:13

Obamas "Scandal Free" Presidency seems to be full of traitors. Really makes you think.

Jun 26 14:59

Netflix promotes shameful pro-abortion agenda

Talk about skewed perspective. A new series is winning glowing media reviews after the lead character casually justifies an abortion by arguing it’s “not the right baby.”

Netflix’s GLOW takes its name from Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a real life all-female wrestling series televised in the 80s. The fictionalized Netflix comedy, released Friday, stars actress Alison Brie as Ruth Wilder.

Jun 26 14:43

The Demise of the Democratic Party Will Come Soon if They Don’t Change Their Ways

The Democratic Party appears to be going full speed ahead toward its ultimate demise.

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Jun 26 14:42

"The Dollar Is Not A Safe Haven" - Jim Rogers

Jun 26 14:42

TSA Considering an Outrageous New Policy

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is considering implementing a new national policy that would require passengers to remove books from their bags at airport checkpoints, like they would laptops. And given the administration's reputation for religious profiling, the procedure could likely be used to violate passengers' First Amendment rights.

Jun 26 14:40

CNN caught reporting fake news about Trump and Russia, issues apology

CNN has retracted a story linking an ally of Donald Trump to a Russian bank, amid an FBI investigation into alleged ties between campaign aides and Moscow.

Jun 26 14:22

If S.1241 passes, it will be a crime to transport or possess more than $10,000 in cash with penalty being ALL your assets siezed.

3 co-sponsors so far:

Sen Feinstein, Dia.nne [D-CA]* 05/25/2017 Sen. Cornyn, John [R-TX]* 05/25/2017 Sen. Whitehouse, Sheldon [D-RI]* 05/25/2017

Jun 26 14:13

Scalise Investigation Update #2 – Petition To Remove Steve Scalise As Majority Whip Sent To John Podesta To Sign – WIKILEAKS Email

This is a huge development update on the Steve Scalise shooting. It was reported to me by IWB Sleuths.

Steve Scalise was under pressure from the Democrats to step down as GOP Majority Whip. We have a Wikileaks email sent to John Podesta asking him to sign a petition demanding that Steve Scalise step down.

Jun 26 14:12


Senate Republicans released a “working draft” of a health care reform bill Thursday morning, and it was immediately pounced upon by a number of highly critical Democrats, chief among them House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, The Daily Caller reported.

Owl 2
Jun 26 13:59

Anti-Trump Leak Campaign Damaging U.S. and Allied Operations

A new wave of leaks targeting the Trump administration has actively endangered ongoing intelligence and military operations being conducted by the United States and its allies, sparking anger and concern inside and outside the White House, according to multiple conversations with senior U.S. officials intimately familiar with the situation.

The classified leaks, which are being handed to sympathetic journalists by former Obama administration officials who left the government and by holdovers still serving in the Trump administration, have damaged a number of ongoing operations, ranging from American efforts to prevent Russian infiltration of the United States to Israeli efforts against ISIS, sources said.

Jun 26 13:58

Police: TSA Worker Caught Stealing Cash at Florida Airport

A Transportation Security Administration employee at a Florida airport has been fired after police said surveillance video showed him stealing cash.

The Orlando Sentinel reports 22-year-old Alexander Shae Johnson was arrested Thursday. Court records show he faces a third-degree felony grand theft charge.

An Orlando police report says a passenger selected for a pat-down search while going through security at Orlando International Airport saw Johnson standing near her bag. The report says she went through her bag afterward and realized cash was missing before noticing a bulge in Johnson's shirt pocket that turned out to be money.

Johnson said the cash was his but the video showed otherwise. In a statement, TSA said it has "zero tolerance" for misconduct.

Jun 26 13:57

Jeremy Corbyn responsible for largest surge in Labour popularity since WWII

The Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn, long defined as "unelectable" by the establishment, won the largest shift of votes toward the party since WWII. He stood on a socially and ecologically progressive platform.

Jun 26 13:42

Heads Up! Dangerous Marcher Android Malware Can Steal Login Data to Many Apps

A Trojan virus that poses as an Adobe Flash Player update is targeting Android smartphone users.
The malware can obtain login credentials from at least 40 different retail, social media and banking apps.

Jun 26 13:16

Liar Bill Clinton slams Trump over 'alternative' facts

Bill Clinton is a liar. That is not my opinion, it is a matter of record. He lied under oath and was both impeached and stripped of his law license due to his dishonesty.

Jun 26 13:10

The Winning on Immigration Continues

The winning is too much! We are taking our country back. And we have the right guy in charge to do so. While we have admitted some refugees so far that could potentially be dangerous, President Trump has stuck to his promises in enforcing the law and bringing common sense immigration back. And there’s more good news to come.

Jun 26 13:10

Podesta To Secretly Testify In House Intelligence Hearings- Here Is What He Is testifying About

Deep State, cover up. We demand open investigation the publjc must see the B.S. for themselves.

Owl 3
Jun 26 13:06

FEMA Search & Rescue worker admits his Denver-based team arrived to Manhattan 1-day ahead of 9/11

A Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Task Force worker by the name of Tom Kenney admitted during a live broadcast of a Sept. 13, 2001 CBS News segment titled: “Attack On America” in which he admitted to journalist Dan Rather that his Denver-based Urban Search & Rescue team had arrived to Manhattan the night prior to the attacks and was able to quickly spring into action the following morning as scheduled.

Jun 26 13:04

Seymour Hersh Reports How Trump Bombed Syria on Completely False Pretenses

Jun 26 12:43

Washington Post tries to stir racial tensions (again)

The Washington Post’s Jenn M. Jackson has had enough of people praising Bruno Mars and is accusing the singer of appropriating black culture and funk music for financial gain.

Jun 26 12:38

U.S. Military Officials: There Was NO Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria … Trump Bombed Syrian Base DESPITE Advice From Military and Intelligence Chiefs

A top U.S. missile and chemical weapons expert has documented for months that the Syrian government did not carry out a chemical weapons attack against civilians, and that contrary claims by the Trump White House, French intelligence services, the New York Times, CNN and other “mainstream” sources are wrong … and worthless propaganda.

Former top military and intelligence officials – including many who warned against the faulty Iraq intelligence in advance of the Iraq war – have long said that the claims that Assad carried out the chemical weapons attacks was bunkum.

Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh – who broke the stories of the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam and the Iraq prison torture scandals, which rightfully disgraced the Nixon and Bush administrations’ war-fighting tactics – reported yesterday in the large German publication Weld that U.S. military officials tried to tell Trump that a chemical weapons attack never occurred at all:

Jun 26 12:38

Why the Democratic Party loses – and how it can win again

The combination of a clownish president and far-right Congress give the Democratic Party the greatest political opportunity seen in America for decades. Their four defeats in four special elections so far this year show why they are losing — and how they can begin to win. This has been badly reported in the news media.

Jun 26 12:33

Eric Trump Says DNC Head Tom Perez "Quite Frankly A Nutjob"

The democrats are quite frankly a bunch of nutjobs. liberalism can be cured.. they just need to take the first step and realize they have an issue and need to correct it.

Jun 26 12:30

Is Hillary Clinton the most hated woman in America?

Losing presidential candidates over the past quarter century have tended to become more popular in the months following the election. But former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has broken that trend, according to Gallup.

Jun 26 12:07

Illinois is about to Declare a State of Bankruptcy and SEIZE all state pension funds

just as the Health Ranger repeatedly warned for the last year

Jun 26 12:07

Jews are Freaking Out About What Happened at a Chicago Gay Parade

Chicago’s Dyke March is already an example of the self-destruct mechanism in progress, even before you get to what happened this weekend. This parade is meant for gay people who feel that the typical Pride marches are too mainstream and corporate. Too much about white people. Too much about celebrating and not enough about seething angrily at THE MAN. So they had to go and organize this other parade, where gays who were never really comfortable with the idea of being “accepted” can go and pretend they’re still fighting for a cause.

And once you crowd people like that together in one place, controversy is sure to follow.

And so it did. A marcher named Laurel Grauer told the Windy City Times that she was asked to leave the parade when she showed up with a rainbow flag displaying the Jewish Star of David.

Jun 26 12:06

CNN Published Fake News on Russia. What Happened Next Will Stun You.

But what’s particularly surprising about their latest foray into unethical journalism is that they actually retracted and deleted the story. And what’s more, the story is threatening to erupt into a major scandal as the heads of the network try to salvage what’s left of CNN’s once-respectable reputation. The network, which utterly failed to internalize the lessons of the 2016 election, may finally be ready to take a serious look at how they are conducting their “news” organization. May finally be ready to make some changes that could put it back on serious ground. Could it be that CNN has finally seen the light?

Jun 26 12:05

Nancy Pelosi Dismisses Democrats Calling For Her Removal

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared on “CBS This Morning” Monday where she was greeted with a video package of Democratic congressmen calling for her ouster.

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) even called Pelosi more toxic than Donald Trump.

Ouch. When that many politicians are calling for a leader’s removal, perhaps the leader in question should address their concerns. But moonbat Pelosi did no such thing. She simply dismissed them all:

Jun 26 12:03

Video: Long-Term US Anti-Iran Agenda Begins With Destabilizing Syria – Martin Jay

Two Russian Navy frigates and a submarine have fired six Kalibr cruise missiles on Islamic State targets in Syria, the Defense Ministry said.

Jun 26 12:03

CNN Imposing New Rules On Russia Stories, Leaked Email Shows

American television news channel CNN is apparently imposing new rules on stories “involving” Russia following removal of a news item about alleged ties between an ally of US President Donald Trump and the Kremlin from its website.

Jun 26 12:03

Video: ‘Night Hunters’ Mi-28 Flight In 360: Russian Aerobatic Team Performs Epic Stunts

The Russian ‘Berkuts’ aerobatic team celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Jun 26 11:56

Fire safety expert criticises Theresa May over Grenfell fire

A fire safety expert has criticised Theresa May for not convening a Cobra meeting to support local authorities in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Jun 26 11:46

Hillary Clinton's connection to 9/11... revealed?

Field McConnell is a career military and airline pilot who is closely linked to the flying events of 9/11. His Air National Guard unit had F16s over Wash

Jun 26 11:43

We Must Support Theatre 80 and Lorcan Otway!

Before the publication of my recent book, Being in Time, I visited the USA for a brief coast-to-coast tour. The literary/music expedition was met with significant opposition in New York City at Theatre 80. Theatre 80 is a great historical institution with a history of providing an intelligent platform for musicians including John Coltrane and Thelonius Monk, theatre, movies and speakers, including me.

We planned a night of open discussion on different issues to do with my new book, critiquing ID politics and the post political condition. We wanted a truly open dialogue and we personally invited each of my NYC and American detractors to share the podium. Apparently, not one had the courage to engage in a public dialogue with me. This is understandable I guess, I’ve bought myself a reputation of being outspoken on issues to do with Jewish power and controlled opposition.

Jun 26 11:42

The Collapse Will Be Driven By A Credit Collapse, Has The Date Been Set?

Corporations are now looking at block-chain technology. Visa, Microsoft and many others are turning towards the crypto world while the corporate media and the banking community will begin to tell you how bad the block-chain is.

Jun 26 11:37

I6 Killed, 13 Injured As Female Suicide Bombers Again Hits Nigerian University

A series of suicide bomb attacks, on Sunday night and Monday morning, killed 16 persons and injured 13 others

Jun 26 11:36

UK police would not cope with repeat of 2011 ‘mass riots’

Police have warned that harsh cuts will leave them unable to deal effectively with terrorism and cybercrime, and struggling to respond to riots like those which swept England in summer 2011, a senior officer has warned.