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January 29, 2016

Jan 29 15:06


Let us start with an historical fact. Treason and betrayal by the highest levels is a common feature of history, whether it is Judas vs Jesus, Brutus vs Julius Caesar, Benedict Arnold, the Rosenbergs, Jonathan Pollard, Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen. It is just a fact of life. It does happen.

Back in 1996, when Bill Clinton was running for re-election, he authorized the transfer of highly sensitive technology to China. This technology had military applications and allowed China to close the gap in missile performance with the United States. The transfers were opposed and severely criticized by the Defense Department.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Today's announcement that Hillary's server contained documents so secret they cannot be released only reinforces the suspicion that she was repeating the 1996 "China-gate" secrets for donations operation, running an espionage operation right out of the US Department of State.


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WRH Exclusive
Jan 29 14:58

Latest on Hillary: Some Emails "Too Damaging" to be Released; 22 Classified "Top Secret"

And, in other breaking news, Hillary Clinton still isn't in jail...

Obviously she knows she isn't going to be either.

(read more)

Jan 29 14:43

Close The F**king Border And Damn The Illegals And Refugees

Jan 29 14:42

Jeb Bush adopts new posture, boasts, ‘Mission accomplished’

CBS News’ Major Garrett asked the Florida Republican, “Can Jeb Bush be a surprise story here on caucus night?” The candidate, bemused, responded, “Yes, since the expectations are so low.”

Garrett, apparently unconcerned about twisting the knife, replied, “Well, you have succeeded there, governor.”

Bush, without missing a beat, raised his arms in triumph. Laughing a bit, he replied, “Mission accomplished.” “Mission accomplished.” “Mission accomplished.” “Mission accomplished.” “Mission accomplished.” “Mission accomplished.” ...

Jan 29 14:33

4,500 Russian-Germans Demonstrate Against Migrant Crime in Baden-Württemberg

The Russian immigrant community in Germany may have more balls than the post-'45 sissyfied native population.Many assume that Turks make up the largest immigrant group [in Germany]. This impression is understandable because they tend to stand out and they usually voice themselves more loudly. The largest group migrating to Germany in the last few decades, however, is the repatriating Russian-Germans. Since the wall came down, about 3 million people have come to Germany from Eastern Europe, mostly from Russia — since 1950 the repatriate population totals to more than 4.5 million. Even when most of them have successfully integrated themselves into today's German society and are no longer distinguishable, they hold onto many of the classic German virtues. So it’s not surprising that, according to information given by the media, more than 4,500 Russian-Germans took to the streets in Baden-Württemberg on the weekend to demonstrate against violence committed by foreigners.

Jan 29 14:31

Iran Says It Flew Drone Over U.S. Carrier - Raw Video

Jan 29 14:27

US Ambassador Tells the Truth About al-Qaeda's Syrian Allies

Robert Ford was US Ambassador to Syria when the revolt against Syrian president Assad was launched. He not only was a chief architect of regime change in Syria, but actively worked with rebels to aid their overthrow of the Syrian government... Ford finally admitted early last year that most of the moderates he backed were fighting alongside ISIS and al-Qaeda. Witness this incredible Twitter exchange with then-ex Ambassador Ford...

Jan 29 14:27

Microsoft's Windows-and-devices group again records lower revenue

Microsoft yesterday again reported a decline in revenue for the group responsible for Windows, the Surface line of 2-in-1s and notebooks, and smartphones, in 2015's fourth quarter.

Jan 29 14:23

McCain Wants to Stop US Air Force From Importing Russian Rockets

Sen. John McCain is introducing legislation on Thursday to prohibit the use of Russian-made rockets in the U.S. space program, but analysts predict it will face resistance from his own party.
RD-180 engines are used in the first stage of the US-made Atlas booster rockets. The US industry does not produce an analogue to the Russian RD-180 engine. Chief editor of "Arsenal of the Fatherland" Viktor Murakhovsky told Pravda.Ru that "the Americans use these engines for their most ambitious scientific and military programs, such as the launch of the spacecraft to Pluto." "They have no other alternative, as they intend to build their own engine like that some time in 2020". http://www.pravdareport.com/news/world/28-01-2016/133189-rd_180_rocket...

Jan 29 14:22

Now Among Largest Firearms Investors, Soros in Gun Control Scheme to Dump Stocks: “I’m Very Much Against Guns”

Stay vigilant; the right to keep and bear arms is under sneak attack.

Advocates for divesting from the firearms industry got a boost from Wall Street titan George Soros last week. The billionaire investor is in a strong position to make such a call: He’s one of the leading financiers of the gun control movement, and the fund he leads recently owned a piece of the firearms industry.

Soros expressed interest in the divestment idea: “I’m very much against guns. And if it can be organized on a large enough scale, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Jan 29 14:21

US House Democrats ask Snyder for Flint documents

US House Democrats ask Snyder for Flint documents

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Latest on Flint’s water crisis and efforts to fix the problem of lead in the drinking water (all times local):

3:40 p.m.

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee are asking Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder for documents related to the crisis over lead-tainted water in Flint, Michigan.

Owl 1
Jan 29 14:07

You have now landed in Geneva, Syria

Let’s start with last summer, when Iranian Quds Force superstar commander Qasem Soleimani laid down the law, in person, in Moscow, establishing without a doubt the grim situation across the Syrian theater of war.

Essentially Soleimani told the Kremlin and Russian intelligence that Aleppo might be about to fall; that Jabhat al-Nusra was at the doors of southern Damascus; that Idlib had fallen; and Latakia – home to Russia’s naval base at Tartus – would be next.

One can imagine the effect of this jolt of realpolitik on President Putin’s mind. That clinched his resolution to stop the fall of Syria, and prevent it from becoming a Libyan remix.

It’s easy to pinpoint who’s livid with all the Russian action: Saudi Arabia, Turkey and – last but not least – the ‘Empire of Chaos’, all at the table in Geneva.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is about to get very nasty very quickly, until we have some adults in the room ratcheting the tensions down here.

Turkey is a NATO member, and if attacked by Russia, may well - as is its privilege as a NATO member - invoke Article 5 of the NATO CHARTER, which states that when one member is attacked, it is as though all NATO members are attacked, and must come to the aid of the attacked party.

This potentially places NATO against Russia, in a military military conflict which will have intense international repercussions.

Let's say, we are looking at the fuse well and truly lit for World War III for real.

Jan 29 13:54

Trump tomato attack: Flying vegetables & ‘Heil Trumpler!’ spice up campaign rally

Flying tomatoes and ‘Heil Trumpler!’ T-shirt-clad man spice up Trump’s campaign rally in Iowa.

Jan 29 13:54

Bilderberg Presidential Candidate Confronted And Exposed As A Liar

In this video Luke Rudkowski and Julio N Rausseo confront former presidential candidate and now Marco Rubio spokesperson George Pataki on attending the elites only bilderberg meeting. Pataki praised himself as an honest man more than two times during the press conference but when asked about the bilderberg meeting he quickly showed how dishonest he was.

Jan 29 13:51

HIDDEN CAM: Gun Show "Loophole" Exposed!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The video includes clips from Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton, as well as President Barack Obama and a handful of journalists and celebrities. In each clip, an individual mentions something relating to the wide accessibility of guns in America, particularly automatic weapons, which can reportedly be purchased even if a buyer doesn’t have a license. All of these claims are, of course, outright lies.

Jan 29 13:49

Beijing Plans Aircraft Carrier Patrols in Disputed South China Sea

The Chinese Navy will likely deploy an aircraft carrier for permanent operations in the South China Sea, where China and other countries in the region are feuding over competing territorial claims, an expert said.

Professor Chu Shulong, the director of the Institute of International Strategic and Development Studies at Tsinghua University in Beijing, told IHS Jane’s that the deployment will likely occur when the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy's second aircraft carrier is fully operational.

"For the Northern Sea, Yellow Sea, and Eastern Sea, China does not need an aircraft carrier. Chinese land-based [aircraft] are capable of reaching places like the Diaoyu Islands," Chu said, in reference to the territories also claimed by Japan and known in Tokyo as the Senkaku Islands.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to the US government; playing "chicken" with a Chinese aircraft carrier, to express your "displeasure" over China potentially patrolling these waters, is not a sane or sound strategy here.

Jan 29 13:47

Senators Stabenow, Peters and Congressman Kildee Announce Legislation to Help Flint Families

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), U.S. Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) and Congressman Dan Kildee (D-MI) today announced new legislation to help Flint families. First, the legislation provides up to $400 million in new federal emergency funding to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help replace or fix the City of Flint’s water supply infrastructure. Second, it establishes and funds a $200 million Center of Excellence on Lead Exposure to focus on the immediate and long-term needs of children and adults exposed to lead. Third, it includes legislation announced by Senators Peters, Stabenow and Congressman Kildee requiring the EPA to warn the public of high lead levels in drinking water if a state fails to do so. Fourth, it gives the State of Michigan new flexibility to use funding to help forgive water infrastructure loans. The legislation will be introduced as an amendment to the Energy Policy and Modernization Act before the Senate.

Jan 29 13:44

Indictment Looms As FBI Declares 22 Clinton Home-Server Emails "Top Secret"

Just as we warned, and she must have known, it appears at least 22 of the emails found on Hillary Clinton's private email server have been declared "top secret" by The FBI (but will not be releasing the contents) according to AP.

Clinton has insisted she never sent or received information on her personal email account that was classified at the time. No emails released so far were stamped "CLASSIFIED" or "TOP SECRET," but reviewers previously had designated more than 1,000 messages at lower classification levels for public release. Friday's will be the first at the top secret level.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like "Hillarygate" is just about to unravel, and the timing couldn't be possibly be better!

Jan 29 13:37

Negative Rates In The U.S. Are Next: Here's Why In One Chart

When stripping away all the philosophy, the pompous rhetoric, and the jawboning, all central banks do, or are supposed to do, is to influence capital allocations and spending behavior by adjusting the liquidity preference of the population by adjusting interest rates and thus the demand for money.

To be sure, over the past 7 years central banks around the globe have gone absolutely overboard when it comes to their primary directive and have engaged every possible legal (and in the case of Europe, illegal) policy at their disposal to force consumers away from a "saving" mindset, and into purchasing risk(free) assets or otherwise burning through savings in hopes of stimulating inflation.

Today's action by the Bank of Japan, which is meant to force banks, and consumers, to spend their cash which will now carry a penalty of -0.1% if "inert" was proof of just that.

Jan 29 13:36

Something to Hide? Supreme Court Forces Judge to Explain Why He's Keeping Planned Parenthood Shooting Records Secret

Dozens of media outlets have complained to the state's Supreme Court that the judge turned down requests for basic records such as affidavits of probable cause, which the judge has sealed because he says they are "contrary to public interest" to unseal them.

But whose interest is really served by keeping these records hidden from the public?

Others have pointed out at length that the reason may be the highly suspicious nature of the shooting itself, due to multiple factors...

(read more)

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Jan 29 13:33

Details emerge about Russia's mysterious Ebola vaccine

In January 2016, Russian authorities announced a vaccine for the Ebola virus, which killed thousands of people in West Africa last year. Officials, however, did not go into detail about how it works or how in less than two years researchers managed to develop a unique drug that has no equivalent in the world. According to RBTH's sources, the new vaccine might in fact have been conceived to fight against biological weapons...

Jan 29 13:31


The Iowa Caucuses are coming up on Monday, and for the first time, smartphones will play a role in calculating who wins. But it’s not a government app that party leaders will be using to file totals, it’s a Microsoft product. And that has at least one candidate concerned. In an interview with MSNBC, Bernie Sanders’ Iowa campaign manager Pete D’Alessandro was suspicious of a large corporation’s intentions in helping total the vote. “You’d have to ask yourself why they’d want to give something like that away for free,” he told the news channel.

Jan 29 13:30

Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine form alliance in response to Russia’s rise

3 countries to launch joint brigade of 4,000 troops. The multinational military unit, with its headquarters in the Polish city of Lublin, is being formed amid concerns over the development of Russia's military might. The three countries signed an agreement in September 2014 in Warsaw to form the so-called LITPOLUKRBRIG (Lithuanian–Polish–Ukrainian Brigade) brigade, which will mainly participate in peacekeeping operations. For Ukraine, the project opens up new possibilities for training troops to the standards of NATO, of which Poland and Lithuania are members. Vladimir Yevseyev, head of the department of Eurasian integration and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization at the CIS Institute, expressed doubts that the brigade would actually get involved in a conflict. “They're not preparing to fight, but to deter the Russian Federation,” Yevseyev said. “Different states are trying to set up joint military forces.

Jan 29 13:29

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Faux Feminism’

Journalist Liza Featherstone discusses Clinton’s record on women and the working class.

Owl 2
Jan 29 13:27

Saudi Arabia asks Russia to reduce oil production

Saudi Arabia has suggested Russia cut its oil production by five percent –about 500,000 barrels per day – a source familiar with ongoing negotiations among the oil-producing countries told Gazeta.ru. Presently, the parties are discussing various possible ways of reducing supply in the world market, the source pointed out. However, Russian companies do not intend to reduce production just yet, while the Saudis will not be able to achieve a significant supply reduction in the world market with Russia alone, experts say... On January 28, 2016 representatives of Russian oil companies and Alexander Novak, Russia’s Minister of Energy, discussed the proposal made by Saudi Arabia to consider the possibility of output. Russia is not yet ready to cut output.

Jan 29 13:25


The alliances and proxies of the Syrian Front explained. The concept that humanity is teetering on the edge of third world war is no longer the domain of the lunatic fringe. Those of you who have been paying attention know that in reality, the war is already underway. In this video we're going examine the profiles of the key players and the alliances they've formed, expose their motives, and present evidence of crimes that they've already committed. All of our sources will be linked below.

Jan 29 13:24


The Taliban controls more of the country than at any time since U.S. troops invaded in 2001, notes the quarterly report to Congress by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. The fragile economy is worsening. One of the few bright spots of the troubled reconstruction effort — getting more girls in school — has been tainted by allegations of fraud.

Jan 29 13:24

Obama = killer? Activists put provocative banner opposite US embassy in Moscow

Jan 29 13:23

Trump’s Campaign Just Exposed 1 Thing About Fox News’ Debate Chief He Won’t Want Out There

In an interview on CNN, Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, said Brooke Sammon, daughter of Fox News Channel Vice President Bill Sammon, serves as national press secretary for Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who is battling Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Marco Rubio, like Ted Cruz, does not meet the "Natural Born" requirement to be President. Although born in Miami, his parents were not American citizens at the time, but Cuban.

Jan 29 13:21

Obama’s War Against the First Black Republic

We’re back to the Andre Apaid era and more image and perception manipulations to manufacture world indifference and consent to UN-US-EU-OAS-NGO terror in Haiti. Yet, the only reason the corrupt and raunchy Michel Martelly is still in office is because of their powerful tyranny against the majority poor in Haiti. (Read, Torture to Silence Dissent in Haiti Is Paid for with US Tax Payers Money.)

Martelly’s son Olivier Martelly is indicted on drug/money laundering charges but no media publishes this. That’s like Barack Obama’s children getting indicted and held in Russian, but it’s kept secret from the American public.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is very disconcerting that Obama's American government values freedom, human rights, and democracy ONLY when it doesn't get in the way of large corporations and very monied individuals doing business; when it does not, those values are honored in their absolute breach, resulting in dictatorship, and the suppression of the population, even through torture.

Jan 29 13:18

Hawaii Residents Irritated With Michelle Obama’s Extended Stay

Well folks, it turns out that Michelle Obama is showing her true narcissistic tendencies just as her husband does. As she continues her lavish Hawaiian vacation on the tax payer’s dime, Hawaii natives are ready for the mooch to return to D.C.

As she carelessly contributes to the, already abysmal, nation’s debt, it looks like she has been taking some time to spend with her celebrity friends. The entitled FLOTUS has been making frequent visits to Oprah Winfrey’s, “palatial 12-bedroom Maui estate.”

During that time, Secret Service has been shutting down almost all access around her making day-to-day- life for residents, literally impossible. Beyond this, as she thoughtlessly carries about her leisurely activities, she seems oblivious that her time there is hindering others from their own recreational activities—Secret Service has been shutting down local hiking trails.

Jan 29 13:15

Poland Apologizes for TV Host's Behavior Towards Medinsky

The Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky was interviewed by the famous TV presenter, Maria Prze?omiec. The main topic of conversation was the desecration and destruction of monuments of Soviet soldiers in Poland, and plans to demolish the monument dedicated to General Ivan Chernyakhovsky. "With the cemeteries, clearly, they are entitled to respect. But what about the monuments — why can Russia not understand that for the poles they do not represent liberators, and are imposed on them by power?" — The presenter asked Medinsky. "I'm afraid that if it were not for these 600 thousand Soviet soldiers who died liberating Poland, there would be no Poland and poles today. In Germany they did not imply the existence of the Polish nation or the state", — said the Minister. "What do you think about the monument to General [Chernyakhovsk], who killed the leaders of the Army?" — asked Prze?omiec. "He never killed the leaders of the Army," retorted Medinsky.

Jan 29 13:12

US and Japan shouldn't interfere in Spratly dispute

Grigory Lokshin, leading research fellow at the Centre for the Study of Vietnam and ASEAN, RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies told Pravda.Ru how the conflict of interests around the South China Sea would develop. 'The dispute, which is going on between China and countries of the region, is their inner affair. We stand for their meeting and settling everything by means of negotiation without use of force and threats'. What about common ground on the Spratly, the expert said, that 'it's a very difficult question on the sovereignty and it can't be settled without a mutual compromise, as globally important communications and trade routes lie here. The parties should sit down to talk without any outer non-regional forces, especially the US and Japan, that shout most loudly. The problem is that none of the countries, neither China, nor Vietnam or the Philippines consider that their national interests can be achieved by oppressing the interests of another party.

Jan 29 13:11

War and the Destruction of Social Infrastructure in America

Counties in Louisiana and Texas, as well as the cities of Baltimore, Maryland; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Washington D.C. and Boston, Massachusetts all reported that substantial numbers of children have been exposed to elevated lead levels, largely through municipal drinking water.

Many water pipes in the United States are over 100 years old, and a large number of cities still have 100 percent lead plumbing.

The reasons are not hard to find. According to the Congressional Budget Office, public capital investment in transportation and water infrastructure, already underfunded for decades, has been slashed by 23 percent since its peak in 2003.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So there is no money to fix desperately needed water infrastructure, because most of the American government's capital is tied up in existing and soon to come wars, while innocent American children become victims who are doomed to permanent disability because they have to drink poisoned water?!?!?

Folks, something is hideously flawed here, and it's downright criminal that this should be happening.

Jan 29 13:08

MSP: Woman killed in Dearborn 'armed with 3-ton vehicle'

The woman was identified as Detroit resident Janet Wilson, according to the Medical Examiner's Office, which said the manner of death was ruled a homicide and was caused by multiple gunshot wounds. Wilson's death marked the second fatal shooting involving the department in recent months.

Michigan State Police First Lt. Michael Shaw confirmed Thursday the woman was not armed with a gun, but said she was "armed with a three-ton vehicle."

Owl 3
Jan 29 13:04

LIBOR Traders Get Off Scot Free in rate-rigging scandal

James Henry, former chief economist at McKinsey & Co. says, still there are no systemic and institutional accountability to prevent interest rates manipulation.

Jan 29 13:02

Daesh training camps found in Europe

According to the police, there is a whole training system for terrorists in Europe. Special training camps operate covertly in the guise of religious meetings. The Europol report says that, 'besides training camps in Syria, there are also smaller ones in the EU and the Balkan States. The ISIS recruiters have a possibility to check physical condition and firmness of purpose of those willing to enter the group due to survival techniques training.' Jihadis are taught how to handle weapons and behave oneself during an interrogation. The skills are needed to conduct terror acts at their home countries and abroad. Education is carried out in the guise of religious lessons and the Koran reading. The bases are allegedly located in the Ardennes. About 400 'Jihadi fighters' have already set off to the Middle East from Belgium. More of them are only among the British and German. The Balkans are also reported to have serious problems with their security.

Jan 29 13:01

Hillary Clinton: The Bride of Frankenfood

Although during her tenure in the White House as first lady Hillary enjoyed the benefit of 8 years of organic non-GMO food by virtue of her residency in the White House, 2016 candidate Clinton has been perhaps the most vocal proponent of GM food to yet enter the race.

According to Global Research writer Stephen Lendman, nearly all the food produced for the Clinton White House was obtained from local growers and suppliers, GMO-free, pesticide-free, and with a preference for organic.[1] That, preference, however, is not to be afforded the American people and the people of the Third World for whom Hillary is pushing every toxic GM variety known to man.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As a presidential candidate, Clinton has more baggage than Kim Kardashian does on a fashion shoot!!

If (shudder) she is elected or steals the election, expect more wars, and much more frankenfood.

Jan 29 13:00

European leader insults Iranian president by pork and wine

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani turned down a dinner with the French President Francois Hollande, as the French party refused to take wine off the table and serve halal meat instead. The French representatives offered the Iranian delegation to organize a meeting of the leaders during lunch time. However, the Iranians refused of such a meeting, calling it "too cheap". Leonid Gelibterman, President of the International Enogastronomic Centre, Chairman of the Moscow based Russian branch of the International Wine and Food Society, told Pravda.Ru that France should have done it most likely on purpose, rather than through ignorance, so that to demonstrate that 'if you come to ours, everything will go on according to our rules'. 'If a French delegation goes to Iran, women should probably cover their heads and put on most modest dresses.

Jan 29 12:57

Canada artificially cries about cultural genocide of indigenous population

The Canadian Court of Human Rights ruled that the federal government violates the rights of indigenous peoples of America who live in reservations. The government "does not provide them services for the protection of childhood, even though such services are used in other regions of the country." Canada celebrates justice, but the Indians do not agree. Their justice consists in the return of the rights on land that had been taken away from them. At present, the indigenous people of Canada represent nearly 600 tribes who speak 60 languages grouped into 12 different language families. According to the 2006 census, the number of Indians in Canada made up 732,520 people, or about 2.8 percent of the population of the country... It took the commission six years to prepare the report. The main conclusion of the work is as follows: more than 150,000 people had been taken away from indigenous peoples in 100 years, CBC News reports.

Jan 29 12:54

Vietnam lashes China for suspicious activity on Spratly Islands

Vietnam expressed its protest in connection with China's use of runways built on Fiery Cross Reef (Spratly Islands)... Vietnam's official Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Hai Binh said that China's actions violated Vietnam's sovereignty over the Spratly Islands and came contrary to the agreement between the top leaders of the two countries and the 2002 Declaration on the Conduct of the Parties in the East Sea ??(the declaration was signed between the Association of Southeast East Asia, ASEAN and China - ed.). According to the Vietnamese official, China's actions in the area of the Spratly Islands threaten peace and stability in the South China Sea. These actions, according to Hanoi, cause damage to the political trust between the two countries and negatively affect the traditionally good relations between the peoples of Vietnam and China. The Philippines joined the protest.

Jan 29 12:51

Should Russia take US clowning seriously?

So if that is the case, a pretty black-and-white statement, why have we not yet seen sanctions against Putin?..
Needless to say that the White House is fed up with all the talk about "Obama's weakness." To demonstrate its force, the US administration chooses, among other things, to attack the Russian president. The relations between Russia and the United States are still on a low level, and the Obama administration will not be able to improve them this year. Therefore, the US administration assumed that speaking "rubbish" about Russia would be just fine. Do we have to expect any development on the topic of Putin's corruption or do they just know it? Obviously, any improvement of relations between Russia and the United States is out of the question now. The White House has burnt all the bridges.

Jan 29 12:51

Congressional Hearings on Surveillance Programs to Kick Off — in Secret

The House Judiciary Committee will hold its first hearing next week on two of the NSA spying programs revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden that vacuum up domestic content despite being ostensibly targeted at foreigners: PRISM and Upstream.

But, to the great consternation of 26 government accountability groups who wrote an angry letter to committee leaders on Wednesday, the public is not invited. The entire hearing is classified, and closed.

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act of 2008, which has been cited as the legal authority for those two programs, lapses next year.

The debate over whether to reauthorize it is expected to be the most substantive public examination of the NSA’s surveillance regime since Congress’s decision to end NSA’s collection of bulk metadata of U.S. phone calls.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to Congress: The bad guys already have the encryption strong enough to be unbreakable by the US government.

And the abusive surveilling of the American people has done nothing to protect us, but everything to cause the American people to hold Congress in absolute and utter contempt.

On top of that, no sane person in the world wants anything to do with American made computer products or ancillary equipment, because they are terrified that the US government is listening in through a back door, and may be stealing their geopolitical or product intelligence.

In short, these programs have done more harm than good to the citizens of our country, and we want it stopped, thank you very much.

Jan 29 12:47

Kremlin waits for explanation from US officials on corruption accusations against Putin

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters earlier today that such groundless statements aim to play the card of Vladimir Putin in upcoming elections both in the United States and Russia. The spokesman said that US admits its weakness by making such statements. "We are confident that this is not a demonstration of force but rather of weakness and powerlessness. This will not affect neither Putin nor Russia in any way," he noted. As a press secretary, Peskov said he would never have made such accusations against a leader of a foreign country. "This is an absolutely unacceptable statement from the point of view of general practice of international relations, a groundless (accusation)," he said. "This is so obvious that it is hard to analyze it," he added. "It is impossible for us to imagine. If I had insulted the US president like this, I would have been fired," the Kremlin spokesman said.

Jan 29 12:41

The Economic Meltdown: It’s Global. Period.

Jan 29 12:41

Official: Some Clinton emails 'too damaging' to release

The intelligence community has now deemed some of Hillary Clinton’s emails “too damaging" to national security to release under any circumstances, according to a U.S. government official close to the ongoing review. A second source, who was not authorized to speak on the record, backed up the finding.

The decision to withhold the documents in full, and not provide even a partial release with redactions, further undercuts claims by the State Department and the Clinton campaign that none of the intelligence in the emails was classified when it hit Clinton's personal server.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Okay, the suckers didn't buy the 'snowstorm made us late' excuse, so let's just say it's a threat to National Security!" -- Official White Horse Souse


I told you when the State Department tried to delay with the snowstorm excuse there was something juicy in this last batch!

So, we get the "nunya bizniss' treatment ... which means we are all free to imagine the worst interpretation; The FBI discovered that Hillary Clinton was putting those classified documents on her private server to sell to foreign governments, collecting and laundering the cash through her "charitable" (nudge nudge wink wink say no more) foundation.

Jan 29 12:40

US Hawks Ignore Top Israeli Official on Iran

Last week, Israel’s top military official made some staggering comments during the course of a security conference in Tel Aviv. Here’s how The Forward‘s JJ Goldberg reported the comments of Lieutenant General Gadi Eisenkot, Israel’s chief of staff, which seem as of yet to be unavailable in a full English translation from the original Hebrew:

Eisenkot said there were two “existential threats” to Israel, and both are currently “declining.” One was the threat of nonconventional weaponry, including both Iran’s nuclear program and Syrian chemical weapons…
First, he said Israel faces no existential threats right now, because Obama’s Iran nuclear deal has removed the greatest threat to Israel’s existence…
As for the Iranian nuclear agreement, he said it is “a strategic turning point” that includes “many risks but also opportunities.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a serious, sober, and reasonably sane assessment, which is why DC will make every effort to ignore it completely.

Jan 29 12:36

White House: Claims of Putin’s Corruption Are ‘Administration’s View’

Earlier this week, Treasury undersecretary Adam Szubin told a BBC program that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “the picture of corruption.” Questions about whether Szubin went off-script or was reflecting official US allegations were resolved today, when the White House affirmed that Szubin’s comments amount to an official “administration view.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Given all the corruption of the US government, including the White House spokesperson's statement today that many of Hillary Clinton's emails are "too damaging to release", this Putin-bashing appears to be desperation on the cusp of madness.

But it is what a government will do when it is attempting to demonize a foreign political figure as a prelude to war.

Jan 29 12:33

The U.S Has Spent a Trillion Dollars to Catch up With Russia

The Obama administration intends to spend a trillion dollars in the next 15 years, about half the annual defence budget of the USA, on the modernization of the arsenal of cruise missiles, writes The Economist. The reason for opening one of the most expensive military programs was the demonstration of the Russian cruise missiles "Kalibr", dispelling the myth of the hegemony of the United States in the field of precision weapons. None of our ships are able to destroy the enemy ship using the standard weapons at a distance greater than 100 kilometers (the range of American anti-ship CU "Harpoon"). And none of the ships are capable of launching these missiles since their 1999 entrance into the service of the Navy," said the Deputy Director of the Center for the study of American naval power at the Hudson Institute, Bryan McGrath. However, US military commanders do not understand the panic because of the accumulated arsenal of thousands of "Tomahawks"...

Jan 29 12:27

Canadian FM Responds to Lavrov's Comment About "Rabid Ukrainian Diaspora"

On the 28th of January, during a speech in Parliament, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Stephane Dion, commented on the statement of his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, who yesterday commented on "rabid Ukrainian Diaspora" and its impact on the Canadian leadership... As a reminder, soon after Lavrov accused the Canadian authorities of condoning Ukrainian Diaspora, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin thanked the same Diaspora for their support.

Jan 29 12:23

The U.S And Turkey Are Creating A "Kosovo" in the Kherson Region

The "face" of the blockade of Crimea, the businessman and former Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean government, Lenur Islyamov, claims to be the first Ukrainian Vice-Governor to have his own army. A source in the Kherson regional state administration reported on January 26th to Ukrainian media that officials in Kiev had given candidate Islyamov a new job. We are actually talking about illegal armed groups, despite the Poroshenko administration pledging to disarm such groups, according to the Minsk 2.0 agreements... Deputy head of oblast... The Cabinet of Ministers in its decision introduced this position in the regional administrations, whose territory bordered the combat zone — Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya, Lugansk, Kharkiv and Kherson regions. But if you look at a map of Ukraine, Kherson region is the only one not having access to Donetsk or Lugansk. But Kherson region directly borders Crimea, and all land border crossings are located on its territory.

Jan 29 12:16

Pentagon Seeks ‘Hundreds More’ US Troops in Iraq and Syria

Last week, Pentagon officials were talking up a few hundred additional “trainers” for the ISIS war in Iraq and Syria. This appears to have just been the start, as reports now suggest that over the last several weeks, the Pentagon has sought another 800 US troops for the war.

800 would be a big deployment for a war in which the “no boots on the ground” mantra has continued to be repeated by the administration, so the plan is to split this up over several deployments. Over the past 18 months, the US has brought some 3,700 troops into Iraq, over a large number of small escalations.

Absent from the Pentagon push for ever more troops is the question of if the Iraqi government will go along with it. Several times in the past they’ve expressed annoyance at the US announcing escalations before asking them, and several Shi’ite militias in Iraq have complained that the US presence is already far too large.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears that the White House, Pentagon, and State Department are, collectively, suffering from SMD (Selective Memory Disorder), and I can demonstrate very clearly why.

Fact: Iraq doesn't want more US military troops.

And does anyone beside me happen to remember the Shiite Cleric, Muqtada Al Sadr?!?

Does anyone else beside me in Foggy Bottom, any adults in the room there remember the Mahdi militia he used to lead?!?

Does anyone beside me in DC remember that he threatened, if US troops did not leave PRECISELY on the date stipulated in the SOFA Agreement with Iraq, that our military would be "fair game" for his militia?!?

How happy is this guy going to be with more American deployments coming to his country?

And the question which SHOULD be keeping Sec Def Carter awake at nights is, how long would it take for this man to "get the band back together", i.e., how long would it take him to reconstitute the Mahdi militia?!?

Unfortunately, should he choose to do so, the logical short answer is, not long at all.

So let's turn our attention to Syria.

ISIS, US government trained and funded, was established to create regime change in this country.

Basshar Al-Assad, Syria's president, invited Russia to get rid of all the jihadists in his country, including ISIS.

The escalation of an American military presence will GUARANTEE, at some point or another, a military confrontation with Russia, which is a really, really bad idea.

The US military does not have the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia, and that is what makes the military option so scarily dangerous.

I have become singularly disenchanted with a Federal Government which sees war as the only way to get what it wants, rather than good faith, hard-won negotiations, and appears to be hell-bent on preserving and enhancing the wealth of the 1%, even at the cost of sheer misery for most of the rest of us, in doing so.

All I can tell you, is that something wicked this way comes; and unfortunately, the US Federal Government will be both morally practically responsible for generating Big Mistake # III.

Jan 29 12:10

Spectacular launch of Ariane 5 rocket with Intelsat satellite

An Ariane-5 carrier rocket with Intelsat 29e communications satellite was launched from spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.

Jan 29 12:07

Anti NATO Protest in Bulgaria (VIDEO)

On the 28th January, in the Bulgarian capital, about a thousand people took part in a spontaneous protest against lawlessness in the country. National flags, portraits of Bulgarian national heroes as Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, Ivan Vazov and posters with slogans "NATO get out of our country", "Stop the US occupation," could be seen today outside parliament. Resentment exploded in the last few days due to attempts to rewrite history after Bulgaria remembered the terrible 500 years of Turkish rule. Specifically, it is suggested that slavery under the Turks is called "presence" or even "cooperation" with the Turks, as well as attempts to remove great Bulgarian authors from school textbooks. People rebelled and came out in defense of its history. This attack on the history is considered by many as the dictatorship of the United States, who does not hesitate to openly interfere in the internal politics of the country and to impose their will.

Jan 29 12:06

They Knew: Michigan Officials Started Giving Clean Water to State Employees A Year Ago

State employees Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budgets were notified of Flint’s water not being up to federal standards and were provided with clean water a year before residents of the city.

Jan 29 12:00

Russia’s EU envoy doubts Turkey’s intention to close border with Syria

"It would be naive to think that Turkey is pulling in its troops toward the [Turkish-Syrian] border to block it," he said. Chizhov said the EU-Turkish relations are "a rather complicated issue," with negotiating processes on many issues connected with Turkey being protracted, in particular, the issue of Turkey’s admission to the EU. "On the other hand, Turkey is not hurrying to establish migrant accommodation centers. The EU has promised… €3 billion to the Turks, but it is not hurrying to open up its purse," he said.

Jan 29 11:57

Russia supports Syrian Kurds’ participation in the intra-Syrian talks — diplomat

"Those [oppositionists] who met in Moscow and Cairo agreed to stand together. This Moscow-Cairo group demands representatives of the Syrian Kurds be invited to the talks. We support this idea since it looks impossible to discuss the agenda without Syrian Kurds. Some regional powers insist on excluding the Kurds. We believe we should not yield to this blackmail." According to the diplomat, the meeting between UN Special Envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura with the Damascus official delegation is the main result of the first day of the Geneva talks. "The arrival of the Syrian government delegation and its meeting with de Mistura is the main result of the first day of talks. It signals that the [Syrian] government has taken a constructive approach and will be constructive in seeking the achievement of positive results in the interests of the Syrian people," the diplomat said.

Jan 29 11:54

Snow showers moving through Baltimore region

Brief but potentially heavy snow showers could leave a coating of fresh powder around the region around midday Friday.

Radar showed the showers moving through the Interstate 83 corridor about noon, after having passed through Carroll and Frederick counties.

Jan 29 11:54

Winter Storm Jonas: Fourth Strongest Nor'easter since 1950

The massive blizzard that rocked the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. last weekend, killing at least 58 and leaving over $2 billion in damage, has been rated the 4th most severe snowstorm to hit the area in the past 66 years, said NOAA. A Category 4 or “Crippling” rating was given to the storm using NOAA’s Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale, also known as NESIS. NESIS scores are a function of the area affected by the snowstorm, the amount of snow, and the number of people living in the path of the storm. Wikipedia has a list of NESIS rankings based on the original scale (created by Paul Kocin and Louis Uccellini] as well as a revised version implemented by NOAA in 2005.

Jan 29 11:53

Rouhani: US, Iran Must Work Together to Calm Middle East

With the lifting of sanctions, Iran is poised to play a more active role in international diplomacy. During his visit to Italy, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed that if the United States has any hope of solving conflicts in the Middle East, it needs Tehran’s help.

President Rouhani is conducting a four-day visit to Rome and Paris to shore up international business contracts, now that Iran is no longer isolated by sanctions.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani gestures at the conclusion of his press conference, in Tehran, Iran, Sunday, Jan. 17, 2016. The implementation of a historic nuclear deal with world powers is expected to pave the way for a new economic reality in Iran, now freed from harsh international sanctions

Iran to Push Long-Awaited Trade with Europe After Lifting Sanctions
Speaking in Rome, the president stated his hope that Tehran and Washington can work together to solve regional problems in the Middle East.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Rouhani is absolutely correct in his assessment; however, with Israeli pressure consistently working against this kind of rapprochement, unfortunately, it may only happen when pigs fly.

Jan 29 11:52

Donetsk republic militia report 153 episodes of shelling by Kiev forces over past day

"Ukrainian troops opened fire at the republic’s territory 153 times. As a result, they committed 23 violations of the ceasefire regime. Ukrainian troops used tanks, mortars of 82mm and 120mm caliber, armored personnel carriers, anti-aircraft systems, anti-tank guns and firearms," the Donetsk News Agency quoted him as saying. According to the DPR defense ministry, the settlements of Trudovskiye in Donetsk’s western suburb, Zhabichevo, Lozovsky and Spartak, as well as the area of the Volvo Center in the vicinity of the former Donetsk airport, the airport and the village of Naberezhnoye came under fire. Earlier, the DPR defense ministry reported 148 episodes of shelling along the engagement line in Donbass by Ukrainian troops on Thursday.

Jan 29 11:51

Russian weapons exported to Fiji at its official request — foreign ministry

Russian weapons are being supplied to Fiji at the official request from that country and will be used to boost the efficiency of a peacekeeping mission in the Golan Heights, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Friday. "Reports about more ‘Russian traces’ spotted, this time, in the south of the Pacific have turned to be another failure of conspiracy theorists," she said. "A batch of Russian small arms and munitions is being supplied to Fiji at the official request of that country. These weapons will be used by Fiji’s mechanized infantry battalion which part of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) deployed in the Golan Heights." Russia will expand comprehensive practical cooperation with Fiji and other southern Pacific states, including in the military technical sphere. "Such cooperation is not meant to interfere into their domestic affairs and is not aimed against third countries".

Jan 29 11:49

Pentagon Looking for 'Worthy Partners' to Fight Daesh in Libya

The United States has deployed military personnel to Libya in an effort to establish contact with militias and other forces that Washington may be able to back in the fight against Daesh, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook told reporters that there is a "small" presence of US military personnel in Libya seeking to establish contact with various militias and other factions to "get a better sense of who the players are" and "who might be worthy of US support."

Cook refused to say if the military personnel included US soldiers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: the US government is looking for proxy fighters to do our killing for us, and just as savagely viciously as the Saudis are doing in Yemen, where schools, hospitals, residences, and ambulances are targeted, and innocent civilians are getting assassinated by the hundreds.

Jan 29 11:44

How the U.S. Drives the Drug Wars in Mexico

Carmen Boullosa and Mike Wallace, co-authors of “A Narco History: How the United States and Mexico Jointly Created the "Mexican Drug War" say the militarization of the drug policy began in the 1930’s

Jan 29 11:43

Obama creates cancer 'moonshot' task force — with Biden at the helm

President Obama established a White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force Thursday, giving a formal structure to Vice President Biden's mission to "end cancer as we know it."

The cancer "moonshot" was one of the few substantive policy proposals of Obama's last State of the Union address this month, when he announced that he would put his vice president "in charge of Mission Control." It's been a priority for Biden since his son, former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, died of brain cancer last May.

In a statement Thursday, Biden laid out an ambitious goal for the task force, which he hoped would continue into the next administration: "To make a decade worth of advances in five years."

"We’re not trying to make incremental change here," he said in a post on the web site Medium. "We’re trying to get to a quantum leap on the path to a cure."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sounds great, doesn't it?!?!?

But here's the problem, and it's all about the money; a cure would, in essence, be a one-visit, or several short visits to the doctor, which would provide the cancer industrial complex with far less money than it gets through the regimens of burning, poisoning, or performing surgery to create a state of remission of cancer.

The cancer industrial complex is NOT going to be very happy about that loss of revenue, not one bit.

And in many instances I have seen with friends and family who have been treated conventionally, the cancer comes back, even more aggressively, after the first cancer is alleged to have been successfully treated, and is in remission.

But if President Obama and Vice-President Obama want to do something right now to enhance cancer prevention, here is what they should be doing:

1. Eliminating all GMOS from American food.

2. Making sure that glyphosate is not sprayed on cotton, which is later processed into women's sanitary products, like tampons and pads. Glyphosate is a known carcinogen, and for women to be forced to use products upon which this poison has sprayed is...criminal.

3. Really evaluating the safety, and efficacy of vaccines before they are allowed to be given to people. The side effects of vaccines have been known to cause autism, and cancer.

4. Declaring health care as a basic human right, then educating Doctors, and their patients, about the power of nutrition.

But unfortunately, none of this is going to happen, because the pharmaceutical-industrial complex and the medical-industrial complex, both contribute great amounts of money to political campaigns to see that all that I have outlined... will never happen.

This is why people need to educate themselves on nutrition and wellness, and when a physician wants to prescribe some medication, pointedly ask themselves if that physician is getting any compensation from the pharmaceutical house manufacturing that medication; many do.

Jan 29 11:43

HSBC online banking is 'attacked'

HSBC says it "successfully defended" an attack on its online banking system but services are disrupted on a key day for many people's personal finances.

The bank is apologising to customers trying to login to its online banking which, for many, is unavailable.


It is not the first time this month that HSBC customers have faced a suspension of the service. HSBC customers faced two days of problems with online banking at the start of January.

Jan 29 11:43

10 Horrifying Facts About American Eugenics

One of the main goals of the Third Reich was creating a so-called Master Race. It was a horrible time in history, and something we can look back on in sadness. But contrary to popular belief, the Third Reich didn’t invent the idea of a Master Race, or of eugenics—America did. Several decades before the movement caught on in Germany, Americans were flaunting their Caucasian genes and the “Better Babies” they would bear, and sterilizing those deemed less worthy of a family. It was a terrible program, about which Hitler would later say, “There is today one state in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but the United States.” And it didn’t even end after World War II.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 29 11:41

UN Peace Talks on Syria Remain Stalled

Vijay Prashad says the government in Damascus has made significant gains inside Syria with the help of its allies, and this has changed the tenor of the Western response to Russia

Jan 29 11:40


If Donald Trump had any second thoughts about skipping the GOP debate, he certainly didn’t show it as he took the stage before a raucous crowd at Drake University on Thursday night to say that he had raised nearly $6 million for veterans in one day.

Jan 29 11:40

Ron Paul: Fed In A Box - No Tools Left

Jan 29 11:38

What life is like for women in London since the refugee crisis.

Jan 29 11:25

Jordan Page - Ballad of LaVoy Finicum (Cowboy's Stand for Freedom)

Dedicated to the memory of Robert LaVoy Finicum; AZ rancher, father of 11 children, patriot, and member of Citizens for Constitutional Freedom who was killed by police with his hands above his head on 1/26/16 near Burns, Oregon.

Jan 29 11:24

A record of sexual assault by migrants in Hamburg

Jan 29 11:22

Major Study: Antidepressants Double Risk of Suicide and Aggression In Young People … Drug Companies Covered Up Stats

The Telegraph reports this week that a major new study confirms that antidepressants can double the risk of suicide and aggression in young people … and that the drug companies have been covering up the stats:

Antidepressants can raise the risk of suicide, the biggest ever review has found, as pharmaceutical companies were accused of failing to report side-effects and even deaths linked to the drugs.

An analysis of 70 trials of the most common antidepressants – involving more than 18,000 people – found they doubled the risk of suicide and aggressive behaviour in under 18s.


The review – the biggest of its kind into the effects of the drugs – was carried out by the Nordic Cochrane Centre and analysed by University College London (UCL) who today endorse the findings in an editorial in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Jan 29 11:19

Ben Carson Dazzles At Fox News Republican Debate By Revealing 'Putin Is A One-Horse Country'

Overlooking the fact Ukraine is not a NATO member, the doctor ploughed on: "I think we ought to put in our missile-defense system. I think we ought to give Ukraine offensive weapons, and I think we ought to fight them on an economic basis, because Putin is a one-horse country — oil and energy."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 29 11:18

'She's escaped prosecution more times than El Chapo, perhaps Sean Penn should interview her': Fiorina's attack on Hillary is hit of the night for undercard GOPers stuck in Trump's shadow

Republican presidential candidates relegated to an early debate spent the night in Donald Trump's shadow once again even though the billionaire wasn't on stage, let alone at the debate site.

Trump skipped tonight's main stage debate to hold his own event across town benefiting veterans amid a tiff with the host of the evening's festivities, Fox News.

And yet, the frontrunner came up multiple times in the so-called 'undercard' debate as low-polling candidates tried to soak up what little limelight was left ahead of the first 2016 contest, on Monday, in Iowa, where tonight's debates took place.

It was a hit on Hillary Clinton that set Carly Fiorina apart from the competition, though.

Jan 29 11:17


For more than two weeks, the parents of five missing young people have been living inside a Mexican state prosecutor's office in an attempt to pressure authorities to find their children. The parents spent the first night sitting on cold plastic chairs. Then they brought mattresses, a microwave oven and a television set inside the government building.

Jan 29 11:17

Navy commander pleads guilty to bribery in massive corruption case where he 'accepted prostitutes in exchange for classified information'

A Navy commander accused of diverting ships to Asian ports for a Malaysian contractor offering prostitution services and other gifts pleaded guilty to bribery charges Thursday.

Michael Misiewicz is one of the highest ranking Naval officials to be charged in the massive scandal, which is centered on businessman Leonard Francis, nicknamed 'Fat Leonard' .

Francis has admitted to providing an exhaustive list of gifts in exchange for classified information that helped his company Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd. overbill the Navy by at least $20 million.

Jan 29 11:12

New Hampshire militant busted after buying grenades to bring back ‘the original Constitution’

A New Hampshire man seeking to get back to the “original Constitution” was arrested by the FBI on Wednesday after he purchased grenades from an undercover agent, telling him he had another $200,000 on hand to buy C-4 explosives and “rocket-type stuff.”

Daniel E. Musso Sr., 54, of East Kingston was taken into custody for receipt and possession of an unregistered firearm, reports the Union-Leader.

According to authorities, in early 2015 Musso provided a local firearms dealer with $6,000 and a wish list of items he wanted to purchase including guns, large amounts of ammunition, a gas mask, grenades and rockets.

According to the investigation affidavit, Musso allegedly claimed he could sell large quantities of grenades and that he belongs to a group of people bringing back “the original Constitution,” while noting that he feared the government might be on to their efforts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Call me silly, but this reeks of setup!!

Where in heaven's name did this guy come up with the $260,000.00 to make these buys, anyway?!? I mean, even with Wiemar-Republic style inflation going on in this country, that is not a small amount of money, and in some states, may even be enough to buy a home outright.

And one does NOT support the total restoration of the Constitution and Bill of rights with violence; one does this with calm, rational thinking, and changing, and hopefully inspiring, one mind at a time as to how important these documents should be, in the daily lives of all American citizens.

One also needs to point out the legislation in the 21st century which have eviscerated many of those rights granted to us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, including the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, and the NDAA, which should be ultimately removed from law by Congress.

This appears to be a desperate attempt to completely kookify, marginalize, and smear all those who are completely peaceful when it comes to supporting the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which I, as Christian pacifist, absolutely do.

After all, these documents ARE the original "contract with America", and should be respected, as the basis of the law of the land, by all Americans.

I have to wonder just how far this trial will go before the judge throws it out of court as a complete setup of another not terribly bright patsy; heaven knows, the FBI has certainly pulled stunts like this before.

Jan 29 11:11

Indian-American Group Backs Donald Trump For President

Calling Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump as the "best hope for America", some Indian-Americans in the New York Tristate area have formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) to support and raise funds for him.

Headed by Dr. AD Amar, a business professor with Seton Hall University in New Jersey, the 'Indian-Americans for Trump 2016' was registered as a PAC with the Federal Election Commission last week.

Its sole goal is "to garner actively the support of all Americans, but particularly Indian-Americans, to have Donald J. Trump become the next President of the USA," the PAC said in a press release.

Jan 29 11:10

Watch What Happens When O’Reilly Asks Trump The 1 ‘Embarrassing’ Question He Didn’t Want To Be Asked

Amid a discussion that was both heated and contentious, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly managed to get a smile out of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on his Wednesday night show.

However, he did not get Trump to change his mind and agree to attend Thursday’s Republican residential debate. In fact, O’Reilly had to agree that he had broken a pre-show agreement with Trump in which O’Reilly had promised not to bring up the debate.

Jan 29 11:08

Comedian Goes Undercover to Test Out the ‘Gun Show Loophole’ — Watch How Gun Sellers React to Requests

With the debate over gun control in America raging on fiercer than ever, conservative pundit and comedian Steven Crowder decided he would conduct an experiment to see if it really is as easy to purchase automatic weapons as some liberal politicians and celebrities have claimed.

Crowder visited several weapon vendors at a gun show and attempted to buy a gun without a license, resulting in a hilarious failure that he recorded on a hidden camera. He then featured the undercover stunt on his web-based series Louder With Crowder.

Jan 29 10:57


After the notorious video of Laquan McDonald getting shot by Chicago police officers 16 times went viral last November, investigators have been making their way through the other videos of the scene. In doing so, they’ve discovered that three of the dash cams pointed at McDonald that day did not record video, and others had no audio. Now a Chicago Police Department audit reveals that many of the department’s dashboard cameras have been deliberately sabotaged.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am not surprised; after all, it IS Chicago.

But the Superintendent of police needs to do some game-changing for the Chicago police department. If these cameras are messed with deliberately in any way, the officer who did this should be fired, with no chance of getting their job back, period, end of discussion. That should be made very clear to every officer in the force, with no exceptions.

Jan 29 10:56


Ancient astronomers were tracking planets using math believed to have first appeared in 14th-century Europe. The discovery suggests that ancient astronomers were using mathematical concepts thought to have arisen centuries later in Europe. It's also the first time anyone has found direct evidence that Babylonians used this kind of abstract mathematics for astronomy.

Jan 29 10:48


As the nation rightly focuses on Flint’s ongoing water crisis, other cities in the state of Michigan face even higher levels of lead contamination. The alarming pervasiveness of potentially toxic drinking water extends across the United States.

The Detroit News reports that “Elevated blood-lead levels are seen in a higher percentage of children in parts of Grand Rapids, Jackson, Detroit, Saginaw, Muskegon, Holland and several other cities, proof that the scourge of lead has not been eradicated despite decades of public health campaigns and hundreds of millions of dollars spent to find and eliminate it.”

Of over 7,000 children tested in the Highland Park and Hamtramck areas of Detroit in 2014, 13.5 percent tested positive for lead. Among four zip codes in Grand Rapids, one in ten children had lead in their blood. In Adrian and south-central Michigan, more than 12 percent of 640 children tested had positive results.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The consequences of lead poisoning on children are permanent.

Yes, there have been some attempts to ameliorate it with chelation therapy, and intravenous vitamin C. The problem is, although these treatments may get the lead levels lower, they cannot stop the damage to the brain which has already happened.

The Governor of Michigan, and whatever state and city officials who signed off on allowing toxic water into homes in this state (and let me guess; most of these neighborhoods are probably in dire poverty), and any other states, should resign en masse, be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and if convicted, do the hardest time imaginable.


There also needs to be a trust fund, perhaps at the national level, to take care of these people, because upon attaining adulthood, they will never be able to function or compete for what scarce jobs there are out there.

I can hardly begin to appreciate the anguish the parents of these kids must be feeling upon learning this, and the level of complete betrayal from their government they must be feeling right now.

Clean water is a basic human right, period, end of discussion.

Jan 29 10:44

A Pardon From Obama Might Be The Only Way to Save Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been stumbling along since it began. Once seen as the “inevitable” Democratic nominee, Clinton’s failure to connect with primary voters might be inviting another well-known Democrat into the race. The former First Lady is also in hot water because of her email scandal. Now faced with an FBI Investigation, some are wondering if she could be facing prison time in addition to losing in a second primary.

Jan 29 10:42

Despite declaring Flint water safe, MI officials trucked their own supply into state building – doc

The controversy over Flint’s water contamination took another turn on Thursday, as a newly revealed document shows state workers were trucking in their own water supply in January of 2015, almost a year before the governor acknowledged the lead problem.

Jan 29 10:40

Zika Outbreak Epicenter In Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released In 2015

Oxitec first unveiled its large-scale, genetically-modified mosquito farm in Brazil in July 2012, with the goal of reducing “the incidence of dengue fever,” as The Disease Daily reported. Dengue fever is spread by the same Aedes mosquitoes which spread the Zika virus — and though they “cannot fly more than 400 meters,” WHO stated, “it may inadvertently be transported by humans from one place to another.” By July 2015, shortly after the GM mosquitoes were first released into the wild in Juazeiro, Brazil, Oxitec proudly announced they had “successfully controlled the Aedes aegypti mosquito that spreads dengue fever, chikungunya and zika virus, by reducing the target population by more than 90%.”

Though that might sound like an astounding success — and, arguably, it was — there is an alarming possibility to consider.

Nature, as one Redditor keenly pointed out, finds a way — and the effort to control dengue, zika, and other viruses, appears to have backfired dramatically.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 29 10:38

Edward Snowden joins Twitter, immediately starts following the NSA

If the NSA ever wants to get in touch with famed whistleblower Edward Snowden, it can do so via direct message on Twitter — a privilege that is theirs and theirs alone.

Snowden officially joined Twitter early Tuesday afternoon as a verified user with the handle @Snowden.

His first tweet, sent at 12 p.m. ET, reads, "Can you hear me now?" His Twitter bio states simply "I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. Director at @FreedomofPress."

The account's location is unspecified.

Jan 29 10:38


The primary concern, de Mier said, was the uncertainty and lack of scientific data regarding potential the GM mosquitoes will pose long-term harm to Key West’s ecosystem and its inhabitants.

She and others who oppose the research also point out the potential risk of females being released along with the males, the possibility that the gene will mutate, and any unforeseen potential negative effects it might have on the area’s insects and wildlife.

Researchers, however, dismiss these concerns.

De Mier and her cohort in Key West aren’t the only skeptics. Earlier this year, Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology looked at information from Oxitec’s trials in Malaysia and Grand Cayman, and accused the company of having a lack of transparency. Its findings suggest “deficits in the scientific quality of regulatory documents and a general absence of accurate experimental descriptions available before releases start.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The bottom line here is that these genetically engineered mosquitoes may well be responsible for the Zika outbreak in the first place.

Tampering with the very fabric of life can create an ELE (extinction level even) for humankind, and it is time that scientists and researchers face that reality with more than a little humility.

Jan 29 10:35

You can actually BUY the Zika virus!

Jan 29 10:32


AMERICAN AND BRITISH INTELLIGENCE secretly tapped into live video feeds from Israeli drones and fighter jets, monitoring military operations in Gaza, watching for a potential strike against Iran, and keeping tabs on the drone technology Israel exports around the world.

Under a classified program code-named “Anarchist,” the U.K.’s Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, working with the National Security Agency, systematically targeted Israeli drones from a mountaintop on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. GCHQ files provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden include a series of “Anarchist snapshots” — thumbnail images from videos recorded by drone cameras. The files also show location data mapping the flight paths of the aircraft. In essence, U.S. and British agencies stole a bird’s-eye view from the drones.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The troubling questions are, where, precisely, is the Israeli government looking at using these armed drones, and to whom are they selling this technology?!?

They have a history - and track record - of selling to anyone who has the money to buy; North Korea, perhaps?!?

Jan 29 10:31

36 children die in war-torn Syria from UN measles vaccines; government claims vaccines were intentionally sabotaged

According to a mid-September report by Britain's Telegraph newspaper, at least 36 children were recently reported to have died "excruciating deaths" after being given what Damascus says were "tainted" vaccines via a United Nations-sponsored program in the rebel-held northern part of the country.

The deaths caused UN health officials to suspend the vaccination program, especially following reports that the vaccines were sabotaged. The effort in Syria to provide care for the civil war's victims is a high-profile affair, and the UN vaccination effort was ostensibly premised on a desire to prevent an outbreak of measles.

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"We all know vaccines are totally 200% safe, so it simply MUST have been sabotage! There can be no other possible explanation!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Okay,. how about that vaccine accident last week in Britain that put a bunch of school kids in hospital? Was that also sabotage?

Jan 29 10:29

Zika freakout: the hoax and the covert op continue

Two: The TdaP vaccine:

This is a case of suspicious correlation. A study posted in the US National Library of Medicine, “Pertussis in young infants: a severe vaccine-preventable disease,” spells it out:

“…in late 2014, the [Brazilian] Ministry of Health announced the introduction of the Tdap vaccine for all pregnant women in Brazil.”

Obviously, pregnant women are the target group; they are giving birth to babies with smaller heads and brain damage, and the recommendation for them to take the vaccine was recent; 2014.

Barbara Loe Fisher, of the National Vaccine Information Center, writes:

“Drug companies did not test the safety and effectiveness of giving influenza or Tdap vaccine to pregnant women before the vaccines were licensed in the U.S and there is almost no data on inflammatory or other biological responses to these vaccines that could affect pregnancy and birth outcomes…

Jan 29 10:29

US handed illegal visas to future Al Qaeda terrorists – Ex-visa officer

America’s anti-Soviet efforts in Afghanistan sparked the formation of Al-Qaeda. Something acknowledged by senior officials in Washington back in 2012.

Jan 29 10:27


On Thursday evening we detailed the dramatic increase in Google search queries for gun permits in Germany. Specifically, since January 1, the number of Germans Googling “gun permits” has risen more than 1,000%.

Meanwhile, sales of non-lethal weapons such as tear gas pistols have skyrocketed, as Germans look to protect themselves against what many see as a hostile foreign invasion.

But while most Germans are (for now) content to counter the perceived threat from hostile migrants with non-lethal arms, at least one citizen on Friday decided to deploy a more deadly weapon in the “battle” to preserve German society: a grenade.

“Unknown assailants hurled a hand grenade at a shelter for asylum seekers in southern Germany on Friday but the device did not explode and no one was injured,” AFP reports. “Police in Villingen-Schwenningen said about 20 residents of the shelter were temporarily evacuated but were able to return to their rooms in the early morning hours.”

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I am frankly surprised that the numbers of Germans who want Merkel gone is so low.

My heart goes out both to the innocent refugees, who have done, and are doing nothing wrong, but also to the people in Germany and Europe who have been brutalized, raped, and beaten by some of these people.

This is a huge, and not at all thought out, social experiment gone horribly wrong.

Of course, the logical thing Europe should be doing is telling the US government to stop bombing the countries in the Middle East to control the oil, and the currency in which that oil is sold, which is the reason for this flood of refugees; unfortunately, because it is the logical thing to suggest that the US government do, it will not happen.

Jan 29 10:24

High-severity bug in OpenSSL allows attackers to decrypt HTTPS traffic

OpenSSL maintainers release update that fixes key-recovery bug. Patch now.

Jan 29 10:23

Comex bleeds to death … fast!

Jan 29 10:22

Zepeda v. PayPal Settlement

You are part of the Settlement if you had an active PayPal account between April 19, 2006 and November 5, 2015.

You are part of the Settlement and also may be eligible to submit a Claim for a cash payment if you had a hold or reserve placed on your account and/or your account was closed or suspended by PayPal between April 19, 2006 and November 5, 2015.

Jan 29 10:21

The Political Assassination of LaVoy Finicum?

According to a report on his own You Tube channel, LaVoy Finicum was killed on the evening of January 26, 2016 by a US special forces unit while the deceased Arizona rancher “was on his knees with his hands up.”

Finicum is said to have been shot “three times” in an episode that also included the arrest on Highway 395 in Oregon of some of the leadership of the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom. Nevada Assembly woman Michele Fiore also reported in a tweet that Finicum was shot by federal authorities with his hands up.

In a more recent report, North West Liberty News published an interview with Victoria Sharp who was in the “ambushed” car carrying the targeted entourage with LaVoy Finicum at the wheel. She said that Finicum was shot six extra times by special forces police after he was already downed by police gunfire.

Jan 29 10:20

The astonishing moment couple tried to step outside their New Jersey home but found snow had blocked their ENTIRE doorway and left an imprint of the door

Millions of East Coasters chose to stay at home during the blizzard on Saturday.

But this New Jersey couple truly had no option.

Shawn Yin and Helen Liu of Kendall Park were literally snowed-in after the blizzard dumped enough snow to cover their entire doorway.

The snow pile even had the imprint of their door when they opened it in a failed attempt to step outside.

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Jan 29 10:17


The United Nations says Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stands by every word of his criticism of Israeli settlement-building this week and rejects Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s comment that the remarks justify terrorism….

Ban spoke out again Wednesday, telling a General Assembly committee that the Palestinians “watch as Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, expand and expand.”

The UN chief, who is in the final year of his term, also said that “you can count on me to speak up” to help achieve an Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Jan 29 10:17


Airbnb, the popular travel website, is the target of a new campaign against its listings of accommodation in the settlements built by Israel in the occupied West Bank.

Five organizations launched a campaign called Stolen Homes on Wednesday calling on Airbnb “to immediately stop listing vacation rentals in Israeli settlements, all of which were built on stolen Palestinian land and deemed illegal under international law.”

A petition notes that “through earning fees from settlement vacation rentals, Airbnb is directly profiting from the continuing occupation and dispossession of Palestinians.”

The petition is supported by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, American Muslims for Palestine,Jewish Voice for Peace, the US Palestinian Community Network and Codepink.

Jan 29 10:16

Snowden files reveal US and UK spied on feeds from Israeli drones and jets

Feeds including from cockpit cameras reportedly hacked using freely available software under programme run from GCHQ

Jan 29 10:16

Scientists warn Zika virus could become ‘explosive pandemic’ as plans to unleash genetically modified mosquitoes move forward

U.S. scientists are warning that the Zika virus could soon become an “explosive pandemic” while urging the World Health Organization to take so-called urgent action to combat the virus already causing panic across the Americas

Jan 29 10:13

Carter: IS trying to strengthen its 'footprint' in Libya

Islamic State fighters are trying to "consolidate their own footprint" in Libya by setting up training sites, drawing in foreign recruits and using the levers of economic power to raise money through taxes, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Thursday.

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'So, you see, we really HAVE to re-invade Libya. We HAVE to. REALLY!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jan 29 10:12

Hitler Youth nabbed: German police swoop on 90-something ex-SS Panzer war crimes suspects

Germany’s criminal police searched homes belonging to former soldiers of the 12th SS Panzer Division, including those of three suspects said to have taken part in a 1944 massacre in France that killed 86 men in a reprisal against the Resistance.

The searches took place all across Germany with the law enforcement officers going after former members of 12th SS Panzer Division Hitler Youth, including three main suspects living in Saxony and Lower Saxony, German media report.

The three men – all in their 90s – were charged with taking part in the so-called Ascq massacre that occurred on 1 April 1944 in the northern French village, several kilometers off the Belgian border. On that day, a train carrying SS soldiers from the 12th Panzer Division derailed after an explosion at the railroad.

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They are wagging the Nazis really hard, which signals Israel is about to do something really nasty!

Jan 29 10:10

Gilad Atzmon - I am in NYC this weekend

Hello everybody, I am in NYC for a few days for interviews and sessions.

On Sunday afternoon I will be running a workshop on Controlled Opposition. I will also attempt to explain why Anti Zionism has failed to stop Zion and why the Anti War movement hasn’t stopped a single war. Why is anti capitalism funded by capital? All these problematic issues must be addressed. On Sunday I will unveil the last piece in the puzzle. If you are in NYC come and witness the dots being connected.

January 31, 1-5 PM

18 West 18 Street, between 5th and 6th,

Room Number 603

Jan 29 10:09

Want to feel better? Move to Hawaii, Alaska

A new report ranking all 50 states based on residents' sense of well-being puts Hawaii at No. 1, followed by Alaska, which held the top spot last year.

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2016-01-hawaii-alaska.html#jCp

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Jan 29 10:08

Poll: Trump dominates NH with bottleneck for second place

Donald Trump continues to hold a strong lead in the early-voting state of New Hampshire while his Republican presidential rivals battle for a distant second place in a new poll.

The real estate mogul is supported by 27 percent of likely GOP primary voters in the Granite State, leading his nearest rivals by 15 points in a Suffolk University poll released Thursday.

Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich tie with 12 percent apiece, followed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 11 percent and Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) at 10 percent.

Each of those candidates have gained 3 points since November when Suffolk last polled the state, with the exception of Trump, who has gained 5 points since then.

Jan 29 10:08

Ohio EPA: Unacceptable lead levels in Chagrin Falls school drinking water

New information shows that students at a Chagrin Falls school may have been exposed to lead-tainted water. A press release from Gurney Elementary says the building may have corroded water lines that are contributing to the potential lead exposure. The Ohio EPA tested the school’s water back in August and has been investigating possible lead contamination for months. The district has shut off water fountains and is providing bottled water for students and staff for the time being. The district will test Gurney’s water again next week.

Jan 29 10:05

FBI Release Oregon Video Footage Depicting Death of Robert Lavoy Finicum – But Questions Remain

On its own, this FBI drone footage would appear to support previous government and media claims by CNN, Washington Post and others that the victim was indeed “reaching towards his waistband” which gave federal and state police justification to unleash deadly force. However, it is still not completely clear from this aerial footage whether or not Finicum was holstered, and also whether or not he lowered his arms before or after he was shot multiple times and killed. Certainly, if any shots were fired, even in the vicinity, this might have prompted Finicum to reach for his weapon.

Jan 29 10:03

Gov. Rick Snyder has appointed more than a dozen "emergency managers" to replace democratically elected leaders in Michigan, most of them in majority black cities

the spring of 2013, Detroit was groaning under the weight of its troubles. It had accumulated billions in debt, was riddled with crime and had seen much of its affluent tax base disappear. A former mayor, Kwame M. Kilpatrick, was convicted of racketeering and fraud.

Jan 29 10:03

"Everybody in Maine, we have constitutional carry. Load up and get rid of the drug dealers,” Gov. LePage said.

Governor Paul LePage is taking aim at drug dealers in Maine.

"Everybody in Maine, we have Constitutional Carry. Load up and get rid of the drug dealers,” Gov. LePage said.

A day after suggesting Maine should bring back public executions and "guillotines" to get rid of drug dealers, Wednesday brought more tough talk, but he denies he's encouraging vigilante justice.

Jan 29 10:02

Group of scientists gave standing ovation for plan to kill 90 percent of human population with airborne Ebola

Some clues about the origins of the latest Ebola outbreak may be found in the contents of a speech given at the 109th meeting of the Texas Academy of Science back in 2006. Professor Erik Pianka reportedly told his audience that the best way to kill off 90 percent of the human population would be to spread an airborne version of the Ebola virus, to which he received an enthusiastic standing ovation.

Jan 29 10:02

Geneva talks participants to make third attempt to start Syrian peace process

The meeting will start against the background of the total confusion over the talks participants, which, apparently, is not big surprise to the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura. From the very start he did not say that the negotiations will be easy and so he did his best not to announce a successful outcome in advance. Despite the fact that de Mistura had sent invitations to the potential participants in the peace conference on January 22, it is still unclear who exactly will arrive in Geneva on Friday. So, there is still intrigue regarding the participation in the talks of the opposition Supreme Negotiating Committee supported by Riyadh. The committee members have not yet decided whether to fly to Switzerland or not...

Jan 29 10:02

Isis in Syria: Kurdish militants plan massive attack against Daesh to secure Turkish border

The Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) and its allies in Syria are understood to have made plans to seize a stretch of the Syrian-Turkish border currently held by Islamic State (Isis) fighters. The offensive will deprive Daesh (IS) of a pivotal logistical route for supplies and foreign recruits, but may also have the potential to offend Turkish authorities.

Jan 29 10:00

6 Pro-Christian Films That Made Christians Look Like Jerks

Christian films have a reputation for being heavy-handed, but they're more or less consistent in their messages of the importance of spirituality and family. However, some Christian filmmakers lay on the rhetoric so thick that they accidentally reveal some hidden part of their own personalities, be it deep-seated prejudice, a torture-porn fetish, or an affinity for Twilight slash fiction. Warning: The last entry is pretty gruesome.

Jan 29 09:59

Rule 1: Talk About Anything Political in Hollywood ... Except Gaza

As casualties mount in Gaza, an uncharacteristic reticence about the conflict has settled over high-level Hollywood. Cultural affinity and political support for Israel run deep in the entertainment industry, as they have since Israel's founding in 1948. It's commonplace for top executives to be on a first-name basis with prominent Israeli politicians and business leaders. As a consequence, the current Israeli incursion into Gaza, even with its civilian and child casualties, has not generated public debate among executive ranks. The celebrities and athletes who have expressed pro-Palestinian sentiments are being dismissed — for now at least — as "uninformed," an adjective expressed to THR by several top executives.

Jan 29 09:59

Dollar falls below 75 rubles on Moscow Exchange, Brent prices up 2.4%

Brent oil futures with supply in March 2016 rose 2.4% on the London’s ICE to $34.7 a barrel. Oil prices started growing on Thursday after statements made by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak regarding his readiness to take part in the meeting of OPEC member-states and other oil producers in February. 5% production cut by each country may be the subject matter of forthcoming consultations, Novak said.

Jan 29 09:58

Immigrants Want Cross Removed from Swiss Flag

An immigrant group based in Bern has called for the emblematic white cross to be removed from the Swiss national flag because as a Christian symbol it "no longer corresponds to today's multicultural Switzerland."

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Bread. Circuses, Banned flags. Banned words. The fall is near!

Jan 29 09:56

Saudi Arabia has no plans to negotiate oil production cut with Russia — media

The authorities of Saudi Arabia do not plan to hold talks with Russia regarding oil production cut, Saudi daily Al-Iktisadiya reported on Friday.
Russia will not purposefully cut oil production: "We assume our oil sector is private and commercially focused. It is not under control of the state. We have a certain participation interest but the market on the whole is regulated by decisions of individual companies. So it will continue," the official said. If the period of low oil prices lasts longer, the Russian oil market is capable of adjusting production and investments level on its own, Dvorkovich said. http://tass.ru/en/economy/853018

Jan 29 09:55

NRA’s data shows contamination level in Tokyo tap water higher than Fukushima by 24 percent

According to NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority), Cs-134/137 density in Tokyo tap water is 24% higher than Fukushima.

Jan 29 09:54

Anti NATO Protest in Bulgaria (VIDEO)

On the 28th January, in the Bulgarian capital, about a thousand people took part in a spontaneous protest against lawlessness in the country. People gathered on the square of the National Assembly and literally filled the center of the capital.

National flags, portraits of Bulgarian national heroes as Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, Ivan Vazov and posters with slogans "NATO get out of our country", "Stop the US occupation," could be seen today outside parliament.

Jan 29 09:54

Punisher of the Seas: How The "Kalibr" Of "Buyan" Makes NATO Tremble

The word "small" in the title of this ship points out only its capacity of water displacement – the MRK project 21631 is 949 tons, which is comparable to the corvette class. The tonnage is really small, as initially, the project "Buyan-M" was designed as the type of ship not ideal for ocean spaces, but for operations in closed maritime areas for the protection of economic zones (for example in Russia – the Black, Caspian and Azov seas).

Jan 29 09:53

EU Chief Says Six Out of Ten Migrants Have No Right to Refugee Status

Frans Timmermans, the first vice president of the European Commission, has said that 60 percent of so-called refugees arriving in the EU are economic migrants not fleeing persecution or warzones and are not entitled to asylum.

Jan 29 09:53

Tony Blair BLASTED for giving 'superficial' evidence to probe into IRA's links with Libya

Blair has declined to appear before a Commons select committee investigating issues surrounding compensation for victims.

Instead the former Prime Minister has in writing strongly denied trying to stop them from receiving recompense.

Tory Laurence Robertson wrote to Mr Blair, saying he was "disappointed" by his "reluctance" to give oral evidence.

Jan 29 09:51

Grandfather who has lived in Britain for 50 years ordered to LEAVE by tomorrow

Thomas Podgoretsky made his home in Falmouth, Cornwall back in 1968 and his four children and six grandchildren all live nearby.

But the 71-year-old American lost his right to stay in the UK after he had an unplanned extended stay in the US when he suffered two heart attacks and a stroke while on holiday.

Because of the health scares medics said he was too ill to fly home meaning he was out of the country for over two years - breaching the terms of his leave to remain in the UK.

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But the refugees pour on in!

Jan 29 09:50

REVEALED: Here’s what the EU referendum ballot paper will look like - ready for Brexit?

BREXIT campaigners today welcomed the release of the ballot paper for Britain’s historic EU referendum, as they urged voters to take their “one chance” to cut ties with Brussels.

Jan 29 09:48

NATO’s increased military presence in E. Europe doesn’t mean return to Cold War – Stoltenberg

NATO will continue increasing its presence in Eastern Europe as Russia remains a serious security challenge for the block, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said as he presented his annual report.

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"There is no new Cold War. We are calling it the Chilly Confrontation this time!" -- Official White Horse Souse