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May 04 12:18

Hungry and frightened: Famine in Ethiopia

Graham Peebles highlights the role of Ethiopian government policy in accentuating the effects of the drought, which is causing famine affecting up to 18 million people, and laments that anyone has to go hungry in a world which has enough to feed everyone.

May 04 12:11

Israel controls ISIS.

Many have long suspected the connection, given that ISIS serves the Zionist agenda so well, but now we may have more proof. According to Veterans Today, hackers were recently able to get access to several months of personal computer data and mobile phone calls of Israeli Chief of Staff under Netanyahu, Manzar (Mandi) al-Safadi. The hack allegedly revealed that al-Safadi had been communicating and cutting deals with many Lebanese personalities and Syrian opposition figures who cooperated with Israel in the Syrian crisis. The hackers allegedly found information which helped them to gain “valuable intelligence on Israel’s supports for terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.”

May 04 12:10

New Evidence of Undiscovered, Mysterious Planet Nine Befuddles Astronomers

For the second time this year, world-class astronomers claimed to have proven the existence of Planet Nine despite being baffled about the planet’s genesis and uncertainty of its present location.

May 04 12:09


Dr. Cynthia McKinney reveals Hillary’s murderous past with Benghazi, and how the globalists will attempt to fuel race wars to further divide Americans.

May 04 12:04

Hot Women in Ads Banned to Please Fat Feminists

May 04 11:57

Hitler the Ultra Zionist!

In a bizarre effort to paper over the historical truth regarding Hitler and the Haavara Agreement, Professor Rainer Schulze of Essex University wrote an article totally lacking intellectual integrity. Schulze’s piece in the Independent, ‘Hitler and Zionism: Why the Haavara Agreement does not mean the Nazis were Zionists’, demonstrates that fear of Zionists and their extensive power extends beyond the Labour party. It is deeply entrenched within the British psyche and institutionally embedded in academia.

Schulze article leads him to the conclusion that: “any claim that Nazis and Zionists ever shared a common goal is not only cynical and disingenuous, but a distortion of clearly established historical fact.” The German/British professor’s failure to apply elementary academic analytical skills to the issue results in faulty scholarship.

May 04 11:55

Six MIllion Jews My A$$

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have been informed that YouTube is blocking this video in Germany, so that the German people do not learn how they have been hoodwinked for the last half century. Anyone know a free video distribution system this can be put on?

May 04 11:53

LOCAL CALIFORNIAA Jewish group is demanding the removal of a welcome sign at Crescenta Valley Park

A Southland Jewish organization is seeking the removal of a sign at Crescenta Valley Park that pays tribute to a German World War I hero, claiming the site has connections to Nazi atrocities.

The sign reads "willkommen zum Hindenburg Park," meaning "welcome to Hindenburg Park." It commemorates a section of the park named for Paul Von Hindenburg, who was Germany's president from the late 1920s to early 1930s.

In the '20s, the grounds were acquired by the German American League and served as a gathering place for local Germans. The park also was the site of the first Oktoberfest celebration in Southern California.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You will forget all history except the one we made up for you to believe in!!!!" -- Nodding Yahoo

May 04 11:48

FPC Takes On Bill That Lets Your Boss Take Your Gun Rights

AB 2607, by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), which allows your boss, professor, or therapist to take away your gun rights, has hit the Assembly Floor and could be voted on at anytime.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which makes this morning's workplace shooting down in Texas, with its too-convenient timing, look like a staged event.

May 04 11:45

Aeropostale Closing All Its Canadian Stores

May 04 11:43


By November, Clinton is going to be a carcass. Trump is up at 5am after a long night and itching for destruction. I literally kiss the ground for this election.


May 04 11:41

Fresh Market Starts Closing Stores

May 04 11:23

Trump: Muslim Migration "Destroying Europe, I'm Not Gonna Let That Happen to The U.S."

Fresh off his massive victory in Indiana, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump told MSNBC's Morning Joe earlier today that he would stick by his controversial policy on Muslim immigration because the migrant crisis is "destroying Europe".

Trump's proposal to place a temporary halt on Muslim immigration to the United States was perhaps his most incendiary of the campaign, but the New York billionaire shows no signs of walking it back.

Asked if he still believed "Muslims should be banned from entering the country until we can figure out what's going on," Trump said that he didn't care if the policy hurt his chances in a general election.

Owl 1
May 04 11:18

Mississippi's ban against gay couples adopting children is dead after the state didn't appeal a federal judge's injunction

Mississippi's ban against gay couples adopting children is dead after the state didn't appeal a federal judge's injunction, said the lead counsel for plaintiffs.

May 04 11:17

Doctors in US incorrectly prescribe antibiotics in nearly a third of cases

Nearly one-third of Americans prescribed antibiotics during doctor’s office visits probably should not have received the drugs, were not given a long enough course or did not get the right dose, according to new research.

May 04 11:16

Rubio Learns To Love The Senate

(*Probably because he's come to realize he wouldn't be able to skip out on really important stuff in The Oval Office , the way he could skip all those important Votes that he missed In The Senate .)

May 04 11:15

Americans Waste Enough Food To End World Hunger

You need to know this … While much of the mainstream media was focused on 2016 election cycle, Secretary of State John Kerry was making history with his granddaughter at the United Nations.

May 04 11:02

Moody's: Despite reforms, European Union remains vulnerable to any future crisis

Moody's: London, 04 May 2016 -- While reforms have strengthened the European Union in recent years, it remains vulnerable to any future shocks, leaving governments and other issuers of debt exposed to negative credit implications, Moody's Investors Service said in a report today.

The report, "European Union: Significant Political Change, Yet Economic Vulnerabilities Remain", is available on www.moodys.com. Moody's subscribers can access this report using the link at the end of this press release. The research is an update to the markets and does not constitute a rating action.

Since the global financial crisis and the European sovereign debt crisis, the EU has made progress in strengthening its institutions, including the establishment of the European Stability Mechanism, the European Banking Authority and other structures.

However, institutional reform and the euro area's integration are unfinished and have left the EU exposed to shocks and downside credit risks.


May 04 11:01

BREAKING: John Kasich Quits Race, Ends Campaign

Senior advisor for the Ohio Governor tells NBC that former Lehman Brothers employee John Kasich will be suspending his campaign for President.

I have included a couple of good Trump links from this morning including Piers Morgan going off on the liberal PC pussies who oppose Trump. It's pretty awesome considering it's Piers Morgan, who I don't always like.


May 04 10:56

European Union Accused of 'Schizophrenia' Over Greek Bailout Conditions

A group of eight European lawmakers have said that the third Greek bailout conditions - which call for Athens to impose deep austerity measures of its people - reflects the "schizophrenia" and "absurd strategy" of its creditors.

As part of its third bailout agreement with its creditors — the European Commission, the European Central Bank, (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), known collectively as the 'Troika' — Greece has been forced to raise taxes, improve tax collection, cut state spending and impose severe changes to its state benefit system, in return for bailout money.


May 04 10:50

6 More Workers Sickened By Radioactive Fumes At Hanford Nuclear Site

Six more workers at the Hanford nuclear site in Washington state were taken to a medical clinic for exposure to radioactive fumes, bringing the total number of affected workers to 26. Fumes have reportedly been leaking from waste tanks since last week.

May 04 10:30

First In Global Home Sales — Including West Bank Settlements

At 2 pm on this coming Thursday, May 5, a group of activists will gather at the annual shareholder’s meeting of RE/MAX to protest the real estate company’s policies of selling real estate in the West Bank settlements of Occupied Palestine. The sponsoring groups include Front Range Jewish Voice for Peace; Friends of Sabeel, Code Pink, Coloradans for Justice in Palestine, and HeartLand. It is part and parcel of a national movement to press the real estate giant to stop selling land in the West Bank illegally expropriated from Palestinian landowners as a part of Israel’s intensified settlement policy there.

May 04 10:22

Seven of the world's biggest banks have agreed to pay $324 million to settle a private U.S. lawsuit accusing them of rigging an interest rate benchmark used in the $553 trillion derivatives market

The settlement made public on Tuesday, which requires court approval, resolves antitrust claims against Bank of America Corp, Barclays Plc , Citigroup Inc , Credit Suisse Group AG , Deutsche Bank AG , JPMorgan Chase & Co and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc .

May 04 10:22

Self-proclaimed "Sharia Police" in Germany to stand Trial on the grounds of violating laws against wearing uniforms with political messages

Düsseldorf state court said on Tuesday that eight of the nine accused men can face trial on the grounds of "violating laws against wearing uniforms with political messages."

May 04 10:17

Iraq’s political chaos makes Canada’s war there trickier

Canadian troops are training Kurdish forces for a planned assault on Mosul, a city controlled by the Daesh militants since 2014. But as Time magazine has reported, the much-delayed assault is hampered by tensions between the Kurdish peshmerga and the Baghdad-controlled Iraqi army.

Again the dispute centres on territory: Should areas won back from Daesh go to semi-autonomous Kurdistan? Or should they go to Iraq proper?

This poses a problem for Canada. Like the U.S., Ottawa supports the concept of a unified Iraq.

But in practice, it finds itself training Kurdish soldiers who don’t view themselves as Iraqi and who might well end up fighting Iraqis.

Owl 2
May 04 10:11

Ex-HP boss Carly Fiorina sacked one week into new job

Carly Fiorina's astonishing career trajectory into oblivion remains on target tonight after her bid to be US Vice President was cut mercifully short.

Just seven days ago, the ex-HP boss was chosen to be the running mate of Texan senator and Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. On Tuesday evening, crushed into a sad paste by the unstoppable Donald Trump, Cruz dropped out of the White House race and disbanded his campaign.

In a textbook Fiorina move, the former IT highflier thus brought about a wobbly merger, oversaw mass layoffs, and was ultimately given the boot.

She accomplished that all in one week; at HP, it took her five years.

May 04 10:09

Revealed: How NASA saved the Kepler space telescope from suicide

And you think you’ve had tough remote support jobs

May 04 10:08

EU set to bin €500 note

According to the Wall Street Journal, the ECB's Governing Council will decide not to produce a new €500 bill as part of the "Euro 2 series" of notes, which has already seen revamped €5, €10 and €20 paper currency replacing their original 2002 counterparts.

However, existing €500 notes will probably remain in circulation as legal tender for at least several years, until all of the Euro 2 series is issued, ending with the €200. "Even after that, people with €500 notes would be able to redeem them at national central bank branches within the eurozone," the WSJ notes.

May 04 10:00

EU was designed to be United States of Europe

EU was designed to be United States of Europe, Brussels founder claims in shock interview
THE European Union was created in order to become a "United States of Europe" according to one of the founders of the 28-member bloc.

Georges Berthoin, a surviving member of the European coal and steel commission cabinet, has revealed the initial idea of the EU was to create a closer union.

The cabinet was the first step towards a federation of Europe and set up in 1952.

But the EU was set up as the European Economic Community in 1957 and seen as a trade agreement between countries in the continent.

But Mr Berthoin has revealed the long-term plan was to create a state resembling the US.


May 04 09:55

‘Islam Not Part Of Germany’: German Right-Wing AfD Party Adopts Anti-Islamic Manifesto

Delegates from the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party have backed an election manifesto which slams Islam as incompatible with the country's constitution and calls for a ban on Islamic symbols.

May 04 09:48

Sanders: 'The Convention Will Be a Contested Contest'

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Sunday said there will be a "contested contest."

In a news conference from Washington, D.C., on Sunday, the Vermont senator urged superdelegates from states where he has won the majority of the vote to reconsider their support.

"It is virtually impossible for Secretary Clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by June 14 with pledged delegates alone," he said.

"She will need superdelegates to take her over the top. The convention will be a contested contest," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, with Debbie Wasserman Schultz in charge, the Democratic convention will give the nomination to Hillary, unless Hillary's crimes and corruptions are driven into the public consciousness. That mean YOU, Rivero's Rangers, have to keep copying off the articles and videos about Hillary's crimes and potential espionage, and flood them onto social media everywhere you can. Hillary may have a million dollars worth of trolls propping her up online, but We The People greatly outnumber them, and if we all speak with one voice, "NO HILLARY", we can shout down her paid propagandists!

May 04 09:48


Let us start with an historical fact. Treason and betrayal by the highest levels is a common feature of history, whether it is Judas vs Jesus, Brutus vs Julius Caesar, Benedict Arnold, the Rosenbergs, Jonathan Pollard, Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen. It is just a fact of life. It does happen.

Back in 1996, when Bill Clinton was running for re-election, he authorized the transfer of highly sensitive technology to China. This technology had military applications and allowed China to close the gap in missile performance with the United States. The transfers were opposed and severely criticized by the Defense Department.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

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WRH Exclusive
May 04 09:48


The crimes, lies, and frauds of the Clintons are epic in scale, scope, and sheer audacity! Herewith is a by no means all-inclusive telling of the duo of deception, the marriage of mendacity, the couple of corruption!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

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WRH Exclusive
May 04 09:47

Cruz Control: Ted's Resignation Garners Strong Reactions From Twitter

The announcement that Ted Cruz was suspending his campaign was welcome news to many and painful for others to swallow. However, the internet was quick to joke about the Texas Senator’s demise, as it always is in the case of someone’s personal downfall.

Owl 3

May 04 09:43

Newly surfaced footage of Hillary Clinton could damage her on ISIS/Terror/Iraq

2014 - Hillary Clinton laughs about the "hard choices" of sending US soldiers to the Middle East, while admitting she made a mistake voting to authorize the Iraq War.

2011 - Hillary Clinton is excited about Iraq's promising future as a business opportunity for US companies and Oil.

2002 - Hillary Clinton parrots Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld as she votes "with conviction" to give Bush the authorization to invade Iraq.

May 04 09:41

Have we forgotten about Hillary's racist joke that she blamed on NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio after she started getting criticized for it?

May 04 09:38

ABC Sells COUNTLESS Old News Archives To The Public - Just NOT The 20/20 Episode About The Dancing Israelis

Many old programs from corporate news and entertainment networks are made available to the public for sale and use in private homes. ABC's 20/20 has an entire online marketplace where they sell episodes going years back. But when a documentary filmmaker and 9/11 researcher wanted to buy a copy of ABC's 20/20 episode titled 'The White Van: Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?' from June 21, 2002, it was a no go. They forwarded me the e-mail exchange they had with ABC, it is below.

May 04 09:27


Sources: John Kasich to drop out

(CNN)-John Kasich is dropping out of the Republican presidential race, two sources familiar with the plan confirmed to CNN.
Kasich's decision came after he improbably became the last challenger to Donald Trump, who emerged as the presumptive GOP nominee Tuesday night when Ted Cruz dropped out.

Even before winning his home state of Ohio in March, Kasich was facing pressure to get out of the race>>>

May 04 09:26

Behavior therapy NOT drugs should be used to treat ADHD in young children, say experts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported today that three in four young kids diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are put on medicines.

May 04 09:25

Lehman Brothers Greets: The EU Banking System is a 46 Trilllion Euro Ponzi-Scheme

There is a great chance that the financial system will collapse this month … or next month, but definitely very soon as all signs point to this inevitable outcome. Recently I published why the US banks are broke and if they have not collapsed yet it is because we need to reach the level of awakening of the masses when this fact will generally be accepted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

ALL Private Central Banks are Ponzi Schemes.

May 04 09:25


During Saudi King Salman’s first visit to Egypt in the beginning of April, Cairo announced that it had agreed to demarcate its maritime borders with Saudi Arabia and transfer control of the two islands at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba, Tiran and Sanafir, to the Saudis. Saudi Arabia is now tasked with practically upholding the obligations assumed by Egypt for these islands under its peace treaty with Israel.

Indeed, the Straits were the casus belli back in 1967, when Gamal Abd al-Nasser cast all caution (and international norms) to the wind and closed them to Israeli shipping. Eilat is a strategic asset and the terminus of Israel's trade with much of Asia and Africa. Even the secretive Protocol of Sèvres signed by Britain, France and Israel in October 1956 had included an explicit reference to Israel's need for the two islands.

May 04 09:23

Police: Stop calling drug dealer’s phone, we’re trying to search it

Police in Alliance would like prospective drug purchasers to stop calling a suspected drug dealer’s phone so that they can search the device without being interrupted.

May 04 09:22

US Army Is Getting Ready for a Great Power War (Read Russia or China)

Forget a lighter army for 'low-intensity' expeditions. US Army is arming to take on a heavily mechanized force

May 04 09:21

The Grisly Truth About How World War II Was Won

Russians know that it was their soldiers who really won the war. They remain angry that their military achievements are ignored by American triumphalists and myth -makers.

May 04 09:21

They’re Bringing Back Feudalism… and Nobody Seems to Notice

Today, the government knows what you watch on TV, what you read on the Internet, whom you call, and everything you do on your smart phone and computer. It has a record of every penny you’ve ever earned, saved, borrowed or spent. It knows where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going.

All this government tracking is possible thanks to the mountain of laws and regulations that sprouted from the war on (some) drugs, the war on terror and so forth. Over the years, these schemes have incrementally destroyed privacy. Now, they’re going in for the kill.

There’s not much about your life the government doesn’t know already. The last vestiges of privacy may vanish very soon. Once that happens, governments will have almost unbreakable control over the individual.

This is exactly the opposite of how a free society works.

May 04 09:19

Sweden Becomes First Western Nation to Reject Low-fat Diet Dogma in Favor of Low-carb High-fat Nutrition

Sweden has become the first Western nation to develop national dietary guidelines that reject the popular low-fat diet dogma in favor of low-carb high-fat nutrition advice.

The switch in dietary advice followed the publication of a two-year study by the independent Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment. The committee reviewed 16,000 studies published through May 31, 2013.

May 04 09:18

Detroit Schools Shuttered as Lawmakers 'Illegally' Withhold Teacher Pay

Ninety-four of 97 Detroit Public Schools (DPS) remained shuttered on Tuesday as the ongoing city-wide teacher "sickout" prompted calls for Michigan lawmakers to "stop playing political games and do the right thing for Detroit's students, educators, and community."

The Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT) announced a second day of action after the city and state lawmakers failed to assure the union that teachers will be paid their full yearly salary.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Look, if we pay you, we can't pay the bankers!!!!!"

May 04 09:17

BBC’s Conspiracy Files on MH17: Russia Did It!

Last night (May 3rd) the British Bullshit Corporation aired their episode of their Conspiracy Files series on MH17. Although finally, for the first time, a mainstream-media broadcast dealt with the persistent rumors (and evidence!) that there was a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet, possibly even two, present on the same altitude and flight path of MH17, the program turned out to be a major disappointment.

Virtually all counter-arguments made in the program against the theory that one or two Ukrainian Su-25s may have deliberately shot down MH17 and that the passenger plane was NOT downed with a Russian BUK surface-to-air missile system operated by pro-Russian rebels came from Elliot Higgins, better known as the nerdy British blogger Bellingcat. This guy has been exposed as a disinfo agent on multiple occasions:

May 04 09:12

Ten reasons why the Trump Train's given the cocky, lazy, PC-crazed Washington elite the spanking it deserves- and left Hillary shaking in her Goldman-financed boots

10) He’s a winner. Now, there’s no denying it. The critics poured scorn when he first entered the race last summer, most saying he’d be ‘gone in three weeks’. The same critics then claimed in December that he had ‘no chance’ of winning the Republican nomination. Now, as it’s clear that he has, they’ve all trebled-down to insist he ‘cannot possibly’ beat Hillary Clinton in a general election. Really? In England, a small soccer team called Leicester City just won the elite Premier League at odds of 5000-1. Nobody gave them a chance but a combination of strong leadership, high energy, sharp focus and sheer determination allowed them to beat off all-comers and pull off one of the greatest shocks in sporting history. How? The establishment teams just never thought it could happen…until it was too late.

May 04 09:10


Following Donald Trump’s sweeping victory in the Indiana primary and Ted Cruz suspending his campaign Tuesday night, John Kasich vowed to remain in the presidential race until a Republican reaches the required delegates to clinch the party’s nomination.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

UPDATE: FOX News is reporting that Kasich is suspending his campaign.

May 04 09:05


Over the previous years of covering the GMO issue on this website, I've been advancing the idea that if the BRICSA bloc were smart, they would make GMOs a geopolitical issue, along the lines of everyone having a basic human right to (1) know what they're eating and (2) to be able to choose to eat non-GMO foods. This, of course, is a hot-button way of stating the problem of the mercantilist policies successfully pursued by I.G. Farbensanto and other agribusiness giants in the west, who've been fighting tooth-and-nail against GMO labeling laws, and organic foods. Their science has been doctored, their claims on the healthiness of their products is in dispute.

May 04 09:04

Michael Chabon blasts Israeli occupation of Palestine

Prominent Jewish-American author Michael Chabon says the Israeli oppression of Palestinians is worse than the apartheid system in South Africa.

May 04 09:02

Carter accuses Russia of 'nuclear saber-rattling'

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has criticized Russia for what he described as “nuclear saber-rattling” and pledged to continue a robust military buildup on NATO’s eastern flank to deter the Russian “aggression.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

May 04 09:01

9/11 investigation will expose CIA, Mossad role: Scholar

CIA Director John Brennan is afraid of that a serious investigation into the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks will expose the role Israeli and American intelligence played in the 9/11 coup d’état, says Dr. Kevin Barrett, an American academic who has been studying the events of 9/11 since late 2003.

May 04 08:59


In 2011, I purchased bottled water at Mitchell International Airport and made the unwise decision of purchasing the thirst quencher prior to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint. While approaching the front of the line I was informed by a Milwaukee TSA agent that my bottle of water was prohibited and to please place it in the garbage. When inquiring why this may be, the agent made me aware that I may have explosives contained within my bottle of water and that I am to immediately throw it in the trash. I quickly complied and sarcastically responded, “might be explosives and you want it the garbage next to you, gotcha.” In the aftermath of 9/11, the government enacted strict security procedures and now prohibits many items on flights leaving American airports, under the guise of “safety”. So what happens to all the personal items collected or confiscated after airport security seizes them?

May 04 08:59


On May 14, 1948, 18-year-old Mariam Fathallah, her family, and the rest of the Palestinian town of Al-Zeeb were forced out of their homes and into Lebanon. By the end of the year, their 4,000 year-old community was leveled and half of all Palestinians in Palestine had been killed or expelled. Palestinians know this event as the Nakba (“the catastrophe”). Mariam, now 86 years old and respectfully known as Umm Akram, has spent the last 68 years in crowded, makeshift refugee camps, where she has raised three generations of children who are waiting to return to their homes in Palestine. She has lived through 5 Israeli invasions of Lebanon and the 1976 Tel Al-Zaatar camp massacre which killed 2,000 refugees.

Amena El-Ashkar, 23, is the granddaughter and great granddaughter of Nakba survivors and has known no home other than a refugee camp.

Umm Akram and Amena are among six million Palestinians not living in Palestine. They are citizens of no country.

May 04 08:57

Has YOUR account been hacked? Hundreds of millions of passwords stolen from Google and Yahoo users in major security breach

If you have a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo email account, you may want to update your password.

A new report has found that Russia's criminal underworld is trading hundreds of millions of stolen usernames and passwords belonging to these accounts.

This is according to a Reuters investigation, which spoke to Alex Holden, founder and chief information security officer of Wisconsin-based Hold Security.

Holden, who last year uncovered the largest data breach to date, claims that the details of 272.3 million stolen accounts are now being traded.

Webmaster addition; Why? How useful is someone's Google account to a criminal? I think Hold Security is just grabbing some free publicity by cashing in on the present Russia-bashing fever.

May 04 08:57

Hillary Says FBI Has NOT Contacted Her On Email Case, Trump Comments About Case To Morning Joe

Hillary is asked about the case yesterday by Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC.

Trump's response is included.


May 04 08:54

BLM Leader: ‘We Will INCITE RIOTS Everywhere If Trump Wins!’

Though the outcome of America’s presidential election is still up in the air, Black Lives Matter has made it clear that one outcome is certain. If Donald Trump is the victor, violence will erupt in the streets. This according to rapper and activist Tef Poe when he took to Twitter to say,

“Dear white people if Trump wins young n****s such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Under the USAPATRIOT Act, threats of violence to coerce a change in political views is defined as an act of terror.

Black Lives Matter has proclaimed themselves a domestic terrorist group.

May 04 08:54

Payday loan firm Wonga suffers record loss of £80m in wake of new rules that tightened up lending criteria

PAYDAY loan firm Wonga has revealed that it doubled its losses last year.

The UK’s biggest payday lender suffered a record loss of £80million in 2015.

Wonga blamed “stricter lending criteria” and the introduction of a regulatory price cap which saw revenues from consumer lending collapse to £77.3m from £217.2m the previous year.

May 04 08:47

FLASHBACK - CNN Host Shuts Down Interview as Trump Supporter Links Hillary Clinton to Pedophile

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Starts at 6:20.

May 04 08:44

Former Mc Cain speech writer backs Clinton over Trump

By Jessica Chasmar - The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A longtime speechwriter and top aide to Republican Sen. John McCain on Tuesday vowed support for Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump becomes the Republican presidential nominee, calling the GOP front-runner a “bats—t crazy narcissist.”

Mark Salter, who served as a senior adviser to McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, wrote on Twitter: “[T]he GOP is going to nominate for President a guy who reads the National Enquirer and thinks it’s on the level. I’m with her.”

May 04 08:42

FLASHBACK - Obama signs Executive Order for possible MARTIAL LAW in AUGUST 2016

May 04 08:39

Ken O'Keefe - The REAL TRUTH About the Middle East

May 04 08:38

Quora - If Donald Trump were assassinated right after becoming president, how would it make you feel?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like someone is already trying to gauge the public reaction to taking Trump out!

May 04 08:37


Here's the incredible clip of Ted punching Heidi in the face during his speech last night.

Heidi's battered mug sums up Goldman Sachs' night in the Hoosier State.


May 04 08:32

The 9 strangest moments of Ted Cruz's campaign

Ted Cruz, the only Republican presidential candidate to be parodied as the zodiac killer, has called his campaign quits following Donald Trump's win in the Indiana primary.

The U.S. senator from Texas suspended his campaign telling his supporters Tuesday evening, "We gave it everything," and then moments later he accidentally hit his wife Heidi in the face — twice.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Heidi needs Secret Service protection!

May 04 08:31

Hillary’s Campaign Caught RED HANDED – Things Just Got Worse!

This week it was confirmed: The general election will feature conservative businessman Donald J. Trump against Hillary Clinton.

But Hillary Clinton’s major obstacle is her record of criminal behavior. The FBI has a serious criminal investigation looking into her email usage and transmission of top secret documents.

Now, a bombshell report reveals just how corrupt Team Hillary is. Even as the investigation is ongoing, Hillary Clinton’s campaign made multiple payments to a company that “specializes in hard drive and document destruction.”

The transactions, captured on Hillary’s campaign finance records, show that Team Hillary is actively destroying files right now! What records? We may never know.

May 04 08:30

Active Shooter In Texas, Multiple Victims Shot, More Than 2 Dead…

In Harris County, Texas, emergency services have responded to a building in the west part of the county near Katy. There are reports of an active shooter.

A man armed with a shotgun entered a building in the 20400 block of Franz Road and fired many shots. Harris County Precinct 5 Constable’s Office confirms multiple people have been shot.

Schools are on lockdown, and at least 2 people have died, according to the Westlake Volunteer Fire Department.


May 04 07:48

How A Collapse In South America Could Trigger Martial Law In The U.S.

By Brandon Smith

If an economic system collapses in the woods and no one is paying attention, are there any consequences outside the woods? Well, yes, of course. As with most situations financial and global, however, consequences are not usually taken very seriously until they have spawned a vast bog of sewage we all have to then swim through.

The issue is and always will be “interdependency,” and the dissolution of sovereign borders. Take a close look at the European Union, for example...

May 04 07:37

Violent Brawl At Turkish Parliament As MPs ‘Debate’ Constitutional Amendments

A Turkish constitutional committee meeting descended into chaos when a verbal argument between the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and oppositional Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) spiraled out of control into a brawl.

May 04 07:20

Syrian Army Forces And Pro-Govt Fighters Shell Opposition-Held Parts Of Aleppo

While int’l leaders try to stablish peace in Syria, Army forces and pro-govt fighters shell opposition in Aleppo

May 04 07:13

EU BORDER THREAT: Brussels to fine countries €250,000 for EVERY REFUGEE refused entry

The financial penalty, which would see countries who wish to retain control of their own borders fined hundreds of millions of euros, is expected to be unveiled tomorrow.

With countries including Hungary refusing to accept quotas of migrants issued by the European Union, the huge financial threat has been introduced to prevent states from choosing who to accept in their countries.

The deliberately high fine of €250,000 per asylum seeker will leave countries with no choice but to accept thousands of migrants - or face huge penalties.

Poland, for example, would be forced to pay €1.5billion if they kept their borders closed to the 6,200 migrants on their quota.

May 04 07:06

Anti-Gun Georgia Governor Deal Meets Personally with Bibi Netanyahu

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, who vetoed a concealed carry bill yesterday, has a long history with Israel. The 73-year-old Baptist lawyer, who only switched to the Republican party after many years in office as a Democrat, went to Israel in 2014 to personally meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Deal brought along his wife and a gaggle of government slugs. He bragged that in only one year since he became governor, "imports from Israel to Georgia increased by 71 percent and total trade increased by 46 percent! Israel is a vital partner in friendship! We are here to bolster our ties as we celebrate Georgia’s 20th year in the Israeli market and our long-standing commitment to the country,” Deal said on his Israel trip, as he made deals.

May 04 06:39

Google Signs Self-Driving Deal With Chrysler

Google's parent company Alphabet has signed a deal with Fiat Chrysler to more than double its fleet of self-driving cars. It's the first time Google has partnered with a carmaker in its autonomous driving project, but it's also a boost for Fiat Chrysler, which has been lagging behind its competitors in developing this technology. Also today, is it time to say goodbye to the €500 note?

May 04 02:03

Who is Still Running for US President?

Two Republican candidates remain in the race, and 520 delegates are still up for grabs before the convention that begins July 18 in Cleveland, Ohio. A republican candidate needs 1,237 delegates to win the nomination.

Donald Trump:
- New York businessman Donald Trump has won 1,047 delegates.

John Kasich:
Ohio governor John Kasich has won 171 delegates. It is mathematically impossible for him to win the nomination
Two Democratic candidates remain in the race, and 1,163 delegates are still up for grabs before the convention that begins July 25 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A democratic candidate needs 2,383 to win the nomination.

Hillary Clinton:
- Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has won 2,202 delegates.

Bernie Sanders:
- Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has won 1,400 delegates.

May 04 01:48

The Weaknesses that Doomed Ted Cruz

Indiana was supposed to be friendly territory for Cruz, who burst onto the national scene in 2012 by harnessing the tea-party movement, and was the first to grasp that the simmering anger that propelled him to office could also fuel a presidential campaign. Hoosier State Republicans had traded Richard Lugar for the archconservative Richard Mourdock the same year Cruz was elected to the Senate, and as recently as a few weeks ago there was reason to believe they could revive Cruz ahead of the campaign’s final stretch. But in the end, like those in so many other states this cycle, they broke for a candidate with fewer conservative bonafides but more of a claim on the outsider status and anger that Cruz once owned.

Cruz lost Indiana to Donald Trump by 16 points on Tuesday>>>

May 04 01:38

CANADA: Albertans Flee A City In Flames

‘Huge parts … may burn tonight, and more of it may burn tomorrow’; Albertans flee a city in flames
All of Northern Alberta spent Tuesday night on a war footing as — with only a few hours of warning — 60,000 Fort McMurrayites endured one of the largest evacuations in Canadian history.


May 04 01:31

GOP Concedes: Trump WILL BE The Nominee… “We’re Going After Hillary Clinton”

It is a bombshell moment in this bizarre 2016 election, as Trump now has enough momentum to convince even the GOP establishment to get behind him.

“We are going to win again and we are going to win again bigly,” a confident Trump declared from Trump Tower in New York.

A fed up electorate is up against a crumbling empire… and anyway you slice it, Trump’s victory is historic.

Read more at SHTFplan.com

May 03 21:28

Bill Kristol prefers Hillary to Trump: What happened to all those conservative principles?

Kristol is just fine with a Hillary Clinton presidency because fundamentally the neocons do not have any conservative principles at all. It’s always been a sham and a masquerade. Since their origins in the Democratic Party, they have always been on the left at heart when it comes to social policy, and any deviation from that is only the result of strategic decisions, not principle. They are completely unprincipled, and the Trump candidacy has brought this to the fore.

May 03 19:26





May 03 19:13

TTIP—American Economic Imperialism by Paul Craig Roberts

These so-called “free trade agreements” are not trade agreements. The purpose of the “partnerships,” which were drafted by global corporations, is to make corporations immune to the laws of soverign countries in which they do business. Any country’s sovereign law whether social, environmental, food safety, labor protections—any law or regulation—that impacts a corporation’s profits is labeled a “restraint on trade.” The “partnerships” permit corporations to file a suit that overturns the law or regulation and also awards the corporation damages paid by the taxpayers of the country that tried to protect its environment or the safety of its food and workers.

The law suit is not heard in the courts of the country or in any court. It is heard in a corporate tribunal in which corporations serve as judge, jury, and prosecutor.

In other words, the “partnerships” give global corporations the power to overturn democratic outcomes. Allegedly, Europe consists of democracies. Democracies pass laws protecting the environment and the safety of food and labor, but these laws democratically enacted reduce profits. Anything less than a sweatshop, with starvation wages, no environmental protection, no safety legislation for food or worker, can be overturned at will by global corporations under the terms of the “partnerships.”

Only a traitor, a well paid one, could sign such a pact.

May 03 18:54


I have Ted's goodbye speech as he announces he is quitting the race. A few short highlight clips and the full speech.


May 03 18:52


Here's the full speech video. It just ended about 10 minutes ago.