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December 15, 2015

Dec 15 09:07


Judging by his prime-time speech last week, the final year of Barack Obama’s presidency will be marked by increased militarism abroad and authoritarianism at home. The centerpiece of the president’s speech was his demand for a new law forbidding anyone on the federal government’s terrorist watch list from purchasing a firearm. There has never been a mass shooter who was on the terrorist watch list, so this proposal will not increase security.However, it will decrease liberty.

Individuals can be placed on the list if their Facebook or Twitter posts seem “suspicious” to a federal agent. You can also be placed on the list if your behavior somehow suggests that you are a “representative” of a terrorist group (even if you have no associations with any terrorist organizations). Individuals can even be put on the list because the FBI wants to interview them about friends or family members!

Dec 15 09:06

Police: Mom shaved daughter's head, told her she was dying for cancer scam

Authorities in Texas said they arrested a mother accused of shaving her 7-year-old daughter's head and fraudulently claiming the child had cancer.

Dec 15 09:06

Former Capitol clerk pleads in white powder hoax

Federal authorities said Michael Dekota McRae, 28, pleaded guilty to conveying false information concerning a biological weapon on Monday.

In a plea agreement, McRae, a former legislative clerk to Iowa State Representative Ako Abdul-Samad, admitted to writing a threatening letter addressed to Representative Abdul-Samad. The letter contained racial slurs and threats to kill both McRae and Abdul-Samad.

Authorities said McRae inserted the letter containing a white powdery substance into an envelope, which he placed into a legislative mail receptacle. McRae opened the threatening letter on the chamber floor during an active session of the Iowa Legislature.

Authorities said McRae also admitted that he intended the white powder simulate a biological agent or toxin, and he perpetrated the hoax for the purpose of creating fear.

Dec 15 09:05

Terms 'Christmas' and 'Thanksgiving' banned at school

A Brooklyn principal is generating controversy for her removal of certain traditions at her school.

The New York Post reports that Eujin Kim of PS 169 has put an end to recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance as well as references to Santa Claus, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

In fact, the latter terms are being broadly referred to as "winter celebrations" and the "harvest festival," respectively.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You will forget who you are so you will be more useful to the New World Order! You will forget who you are so you will be more useful to the New World Order! You will forget who you are so you will be more useful to the New World Order! You will forget who you are so you will be more useful to the New World Order!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Dec 15 09:05

Putin signs law allowing Russia to overturn rulings of international rights courts

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law allowing Russia's Constitutional Court to decide whether or not to implement rulings of international human rights courts.

Dec 15 09:02

Multiple video evidence of San Bernardino false flag attack: are .01% planning for multiple false flags to ‘justify’ martial law, arrest ‘truthers’???

Put yourself in the shoes of the evil .01% for a few moments. How you roll is with Emperor’s New Clothes obvious crimes:

Unlawful and lie-began wars.
Crimes Against Humanity for ongoing policy of poverty that’s killed over 400 million human beings just since 1995 (~75% children; more deaths than from all wars in Earth’s recorded history).
So-called “money” that is actually debt that creates accelerating and unpayable total debt. The .01% hide ~$30 trillion in tax havens.
Destruction of nearly all rights lawfully guaranteed in the US Bill of Rights within the US Constitution, and in Orwellian inversion of limited government.
“Covering the crimes” with lies by corporate media.
These crimes annually cost millions killed, billions harmed, and trillions looted, with recent history continuing literal centuries of US lie-began Wars of Aggression that involved nearly all families in two horrific global wars for colonial empire.

Dec 15 09:00

U.S. Lawmakers Make Stunning Move To Investigate Obama For Helping ISIS

Three committees in the House of Representatives announced Friday that they were launching concurrent investigations into allegations that President Barack Obama deliberately manipulated intelligence reports from Syria and Iraq, allowing the Islamic State group to thrive.

According to the Washington Examiner, Republican Reps. Ken Calvert of California, Mike Pompeo of Kansas and Brad Wenstrup of Ohio will lead the investigations for the Armed Services Committee, Intelligence Committee and the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, respectively.

Dec 15 08:59

Obama to Expand Modern-Day Slave Trade With TPP

Not long after the White House invited Thailand to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the AP reported the country was relying on slave labor to ship shrimp to the U.S.

And it’s unlikely Thailand’s billion-dollar slave industry would prevent it from joining the TPP considering that Obama previously removed an anti-slavery provision from the TPP and also allowed Vietnam to join the partnership despite its flourishing slave trade.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"So who cares if there is slavery? It makes money. MONEY! And that is all that matters!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Dec 15 08:58

"A Night In Aleppo": Scenes From Syria's Most War-Torn City

Back in October, we brought you “Syrian Showdown: Russia, Iran Rally Forces, US Rearms Rebels As ‘Promised’ Battle For Aleppo Begins,” in which we detailed Russia and Iran’s preparations for an push north towards Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city that’s held by a hodgepodge of militants, rebels, and jihadists (if one is inclined to differentiate between the three).

As Reuters noted at the time, "the assault means the army is now pressing insurgents on several fronts near Syria's main cities in the west, control of which would secure President Bashar al-Assad's hold on power even if the east of the country is still held by Islamic State."

In other words, we said, if Assad can secure Aleppo, Iran and Russia will have successfully restored his grip on the country for all intents and purposes.

Dec 15 08:57

Monday Humor: Barack Obama Reveals His Secret Plan To Crush ISIS

Having earlier taken credit for the 'success' achieved recently against ISIS, one comedic trader had a suggestion for how President Obama could really "depress, deflate, defeat, and destroy" the terrorists:

Dec 15 08:56

"Stealth" Currency War Continues - China Weakens Yuan Fix For 7th Consecutive Day

The Yuan fix has now weakened for 7 consecutive days. Aside from the August devaluation, this is the biggest devaluation in the Yuan since records began in 2004. At the current level of 6.4559 per dollar, the Yuan has retraced to the level it was at when QE ended in July 2011. Chinese stocks are fading a smidge after yesterday's afternoon session "rescue" ramp.

Dec 15 08:56

Chesapeake Bonds Plummet To 27 Cents Of Par After Company Hires Restructuring Advisor

After numerous false starts and months of hollow hopes for the stakeholders of beleaguered gas producer Chesapeake Energy, including an activist stake built up by none other than Carl Icahn which was the source of much transitory joy, various notional reducing debt exchanges, and speculation of asset sales, the time is coming when the inevitable debt-for-equity restructuring, one which could wipe away most or all of the existing $2.6 billion equity tranche (down from $11 billion a year ago) is on the table.

Dec 15 08:55

War & Economic Calamity Coming, 2016 Predictions-Gerald Celente

Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente says 2016 is going to be very rough. What’s coming right at us? Celente says, “Global recession, and it’s already happening, all they have to do is open their eyes and open their ears. Iron ore, copper, aluminum, nickel, zinc, one after another from wheat to dairy products to corn. When you look at the Bloomberg Index, it’s down to 1999 levels on average. What is that telling us? There is too much product and not enough demand. It’s the same thing with oil. There’s too much production and not enough demand. . . . What we are looking at is a global slowdown because commodities are the canary in the mine shaft.”

Dec 15 08:55

Angry mobs hit the streets in backlash against migration as teenager is 'raped by refugee'

TENSIONS are running high between locals and migrants in a north European country after an asylum seeker was arrested over the rape of a 14-year-old girl.

Dec 15 08:49

Even ISIS Admits US Funding. Michael Rivero

Dec 15 08:48

THE SAN BERNARDINO SHOOTING – What Really Happened Behind The Scenes?

The latest media driven shooting attack said to have taken place in San Bernardino, California over a week ago now – and still there’s a growing list of details that don’t add up.

Dec 15 08:44

The boom, the bust, the darkness: suicide rate soars in wake of Canada's oil crisis

In what used to be the ‘Texas of the north’, unemployment is creeping to 2008 levels, employment insurance beneficiaries have doubled, and the once economic powerhouse is in the throes of a potential mental health crisis

Dec 15 08:42

Rape “right-wing” females to create “multicolored descendants”, says French Doctor

In the blog section of French media outlet, Nouve L’obs, a doctor wrote that any woman who votes for Front National (French anti-mass immigration party) has a “reptilian brain” and should be raped and impregnated to produce “multicolored descendants.”

Dec 15 08:40

Fukushima report declassified: Worse than we were told

Fukushima nuclear power plant is still experiencing major contamination issues nearly five years after the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent meltdown.

A new declassified report from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, written on March 18, 2011 just days after the disaster, sheds light on just how bad it was.

We now know that "100% of the total spent fuel was released to the atmosphere from unit 4."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember this photo?

The official story at the time was that this was simply an explosion of hydrogen gas.


I pointed out that when hydrogen burns it produces water vapor, which is white, and the color of this plume is a pale yellow green...

... the color of the quadrivalent form of plutonium oxide!

Dec 15 08:26

Your Daily Dose of BOOGA BOOGA! Los Angeles schools closed over terror threat

The Los Angeles Unified School District closed all schools after a bomb threat was called in to a school board member, the LA Police Department has confirmed. The LAUSD is the nation’s second largest, with 640,000 students in over 1,000 schools.

The threat was made to “students at school,” LAUSD Superintendent Ramon Cortines said at a press conference Tuesday morning. He said the 'electronic threat' was made against several schools in the district.

'It was a message," he said refusing to elaborate while the investigation is underway.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pushing the "terror" meme. Ahead of ... what?

Dec 15 08:24

The Anatomy of a Hoax – Let’s Talk about Climate Change

Dec 15 08:22

Jeb Bush’s Campaign Is His Own Iraq War

It was bad enough for Jeb Bush to launch a presidential campaign in the shadow of his brother, whose disastrous Iraq War made him one of the most unpopular presidents of all time. But now it’s so much worse, because Jeb’s campaign is going just like the Iraq War.

Dec 15 08:21

Video: Israeli settlers blast “Muhammad is dead” song at Palestinians

This video shows a group of Israelis from the Kiryat Arba settlement “playing hate songs through a loud speaker to residents of the Hebron neighborhood of Jabal Johar,” according to Israel’s B’Tselem human rights group, which published it last month.

The song heard in the video, filmed by Mai Dana on 11 October, includes the repeated refrain “Muhammad is dead” – disparaging the prophet.

Dec 15 08:21

Why won’t Israel return the body of a 14-year-old girl?

Hadil Awwad was shot dead by Israeli forces on 23 November. She was executed after allegedly trying to stab an Israeli man with scissors on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem.

Her 16-year-old cousin Nurhan was also injured and has subsequently been charged with attempted murder.

Hadil’s mother, Maliha, does not accept Israel’s version of events. Maliha said that the scissors found on her daughter were the ones Hadeel had used in art class.

Dec 15 08:20

Are toxins from Israeli bombs making Gaza babies ill?

The study showed that there was a statistically significant spike in the incidence of congenital heart disease in babies born directly after a war.

“This could be attributed to the environmental toxins they are exposed to during the wars,” Abed told The Electronic Intifada.

“All of us here are exposed to toxins that are carcinogenic,” Abed said, “but babies are particularly vulnerable in the first three months of gestation.”

Dec 15 08:19

Haaretz Investigation: Israeli Corporations Gave Millions to West Bank Settlements

From energy giants to makers of chocolate spread, documents show public and private Israeli companies have donated millions of shekels to settlements beyond the Green Line.

Dec 15 08:18

Israel’s Moral Erosion

Amid global anger over militants citing the Koran as a defense for terrorism, less attention gets paid to Israel citing God’s will as expressed in the Bible as the moral justification for stealing Palestinian land, an ethical crisis that is eroding Israel’s world standing, writes Alon Ben-Meir.

Dec 15 08:18

200 women sue WEN Hair Care claiming it causes hair loss

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Wen by Chaz Dean, and marketing company Guthy-Renker. Over 200 women are claiming the product causes severe and possibly permanent damage to hair, including significant hair loss to the point of visible bald spots, hair breakage, scalp irritation, and rash, the Daily Beast reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That shampoos can cause hair loss has actually been known for some time. But, they make MONEY and that is all that matters, and if you lose your hair that stimulates the economy because then you have to go to a hair restoration clinic! See how it works?

We just found the advertiser who was causing problems on the site and disconnected them. Please help us cover the shortfall while we get new advertisers..

Dec 15 08:17

Why Has the Labor Participation Rate Plunged?

Dec 15 08:12

Senior Russian lawmaker blasts Saudi-led anti-terror coalition as ‘unviable’

The Islamic counterterrorist coalition launched by Saudi Arabia will not be effective, or even feasible, without Iraq and Iran, the head of the Federation Council’s International Relations Committee maintains.

“Not only Sunni but some Shia nations have been invited into this coalition, such as Yemen, Lebanon and Bahrein. But it still lacks Iraq and Iran and without them we anyway cannot say that this coalition is feasible and effective,” Konstantin Kosachev wrote in his Facebook account on Tuesday.

Kosachev added that Iraq and Iran were actively cooperating with Russia in the counterterrorist sphere.

Dec 15 08:11

Saudi Arabia announces 34-state Islamic military alliance against terrorism

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday announced the formation of a 34-state Islamic military coalition to combat terrorism, according to a joint statement published on state news agency SPA.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's laughable that Saudi Arabia and Gulf states are claiming now that they'll be waging a war against ISIS, the group they created, and supported, when in fact, the aim of such coalition is to topple the Syrian government under the guise of defeating ISIS..

Dec 15 08:10

Did a Republican Megadonor Just Secretly Buy Nevada's Biggest Newspaper?

Conventional wisdom holds that you do not want to buy a newspaper because newspapers are terrible investments. Yet late last week, someone did buy the largest newspaper in Nevada, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and paid a premium for it. Even stranger, nobody knows who it was, and the new owners seem to be actively working to keep it that way.

The sale has created a controversy because, while there is no rule requiring a newspaper to disclose its owners, the Journal-Review will be, by far, the largest newspaper in America whose owners are secret. The intrigue is not just journalistic: For a well-heeled person interested in influencing an election, owning the largest paper in the state that in a few short months will hold one of the first nominating events of the primary season (third for Democrats and fourth for Republicans) is a good place to start.

Dec 15 08:09

Time To Crack Down on Newtown 'Truthers' Who Tarnish Memory of Noah Pozner

The heartache of burying a child is a sorrow we would not wish upon anyone. Yet to our horror, we have found that there are some in this society who lack empathy for the suffering of others. Among them are the conspiracy theorists that deny our tragedy was real. They seek us out and accuse us of being government agents who are faking our grief and lying about our loss.
Note: The truth is nobody died it was a FEMA drill and your lies continue.

Dec 15 08:06

FLASHBACK - Obama the love child?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With Ted Cruz eligibility to be President of the United States crumbling fast (the latest revelation is that Cruz's parents were both Canadian citizens at the time of his birth, and Cruz's mother cannot document her claim that she was born in Delaware), Cruz's supporters have fallen back on the excuse that if Obama was President despite being born in Kenya, that we should cut Cruz some slack, the Constitution be damned! But the claim that Obama was born in Kenya was a hoax started by the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2007!

Dec 15 08:06

FLASHBACK - Bombshell: ‘Washington Post’ Confirms Hillary Clinton Started the Birther Movement

New analysis from the Washington Post removes any doubt that the anti-Obama Birther movement was started in 2007 and 2008 by Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and her Democrat supporters.

As Breitbart News reported earlier this month, other left-wing media outlets, like Politico and the Guardian, had already traced the Birther movement back to Democrats and Ms. Clinton. Using his wayback machine on Wednesday, the Post‘s David Weigel took an in-depth look at the origins of the false rumors that President Obama is a practicing Muslim who was not born in a America. Weigel’s reporting contains the final pieces of a very disturbing puzzle.

What Weigel found and re-reported was astounding, details many of us had forgotten or never heard of, including a 2007 bombshell memo from the Clinton campaign’s chief strategist.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With Ted Cruz eligibility to be President of the United States crumbling fast (the latest revelation is that Cruz's parents were both Canadian citizens at the time of his birth, and Cruz's mother cannot document her claim that she was born in Delaware), Cruz's supporters have fallen back on the excuse that if Obama was President despite being born in Kenya, that we should cut Cruz some slack, the Constitution be damned! But the claim that Obama was born in Kenya was a hoax started by the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2007!

Dec 15 08:06

Poland says the rumored Nazi ghost train isn't real

After analyzing mining data, Polish experts say there is no World War II-era Nazi ghost train in southwestern Poland, the BBC reports.

In November Polish mining experts began analyzing data from the site where two amateur treasure hunters said they found "irrefutable proof" of a Nazi ghost train filled with stolen gold in late August.
Note: Another holocau$t lie exposed. Will it never end.....No!

Dec 15 07:52

How John McCain Crippled Obama’s War on ISIS

A story leaked out of Washington credits Senator John McCain, empowered by America’s corrupt congress to oversee Pentagon programs, with derailing the Obama administration’s “coalition bombing campaign” in Syria and Iraq. McCain and key right wing extremists, working in concert with Turkish, Israeli and Saudi intelligence, have placed a “political shield” over terrorist targets in Iraq and Syria, something that has frustrated American pilots, silenced by the threat of imprisonment or worse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 15 07:50

Parents Upset Over 11 Year Old's Cocaine Homework Assignment

Parents at a school in California aren't too happy with a homework assignment that their 11 year old son received titled, " The Cocaine Trade: From Field To Street. "

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Whatever happened to teaching SKILLS that lead to jobs. Unless the CIA plans to recruit future smugglers from Common Core.

Dec 15 07:46

Hackers trace ISIS Twitter accounts back to internet addresses linked to Department of Work and Pensions

Hackers have claimed that a number of Islamic State supporters' social media accounts are being run from internet addresses linked to the Department of Work and Pensions.

A group of four young computer experts who call themselves VandaSec have unearthed evidence indicating that at least three ISIS-supporting accounts can be traced back to the DWP's London offices.

Dec 15 07:41

“Black Irish” Ted Cruz may face birther questions of his own

But Cruz was born in Canada so he cannot run for president, right?

Wrong. It appears his Irish American mother can make him eligible. But some claim his mother,Eleanor Darragh a Canadian citizen when Cruz was born, never showed her US birth certificate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The issue is not whether Cruz is a US citizen but whether he meets the requirement for "Natural Born" US citizen, meaning born in the United States, which is a requirement for the Presidency. Cruz admits he was born in Canada of a Cuban father and a mother who may have not been a US citizen at the time.

Dec 15 07:36

Trump Not Wrong When He Said That Hillary “Has Killed Hundreds of Thousands of People”

Donald Trump may be known for many things, but mincing words certainly isn’t one of them. While most of his inflammatory remarks — including an outright entry ban for all Muslims attempting to immigrate — have most of the U.S., if not the world, up in arms, his latest accusation that Hillary Clinton “has killed hundreds of thousands of people” might be closer to the truth than many people realize.

Hillary is a war hawk of the highest order, and as Trump pointed pointed out, her record as Secretary of State under Obama evidenced the transformation of that hawkish attitude into prolific opportunity.

Dec 15 07:34

And Another: Junk Bond Fund Run By Clintons' Close Personal Friend Slammed With Heavy Redemptions

It may not be a mutual fund like Third Avenue, but Marc Lasry's Avenue Capital Group hedge fund is far more prominent in the investing community, and as such news that it too has been slammed with redemptions from its high yields fund in recent weeks will hardly ease fears about a capital outflow from the junk bond which has sent junk ETFs down 12% for the year and has become the main topic of discussion over the past week following a flurry of reports about panic among holders of below-investment grade bonds.

What is just as surprising is that among its investments, Lasry does have a mutual fund, in fact two of them - the Avenue Credit Strategies Funds, an open- and close-ended fund, which as we first showed last Friday, are not only among the worst performers year to date, but have tumbled by a whopping 9% in the past three months.

Dec 15 07:33

Lebanon PM says paralyzed govt 'worthless'

Prime Minister Tammam Salam Tuesday vowed to keep the government functioning despite its de facto state of paralysis, expressing hope for an end to the nearly 19-month-long presidential void.

Dec 15 07:33

9/11: A Global Perspective – WW3 Now Raging over Oil, Money and Power. The Battlefield, Our Pockets, the Price, Debt Slavery.

“…we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. “Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised.

No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.” -- John F. Kennedy

Dec 15 07:31

Erin Brockovich, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Discuss Massive Methane Leak in Porter Ranch

In an interview with KTLA`s Lynette Romero and Chris Burrous, attorney-activists Erin Brockovich and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discussed a massive methane leak that has prompted fears over potential long-term health effects. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Dec. 12, 2015.

Dec 15 07:23

FBI Agents Knocked On Neighbors Doors In San Bernardino Asking If They Had Camera Footage The Day Of The Shootout With Suspects

John Friend of The Realist Report interviews a man who lives directly in front of where the shootout between law enforcement officers and the terrorist suspects ended. The Asian man hid in his bathroom on the floor as the barrage of gunshots began. Later that day, the FBI knocked on his door and he allowed them inside his home. They asked if he had a camera and if he took any footage of the shootout, which he did not. The FBI also asked if he lives with anyone, but the man told the FBI that his roommate was not home. The man saw the dead bodies and blood in the street after the shootout, but the suspects both had masks on so he couldn't see their faces. He also says he saw the police, SWAT Team, and 'ARMY' on the scene at the time of the shootout.

Dec 15 07:21

Donald Trump Pinata Destroyed By Children, LatinosLaughingAtLiberalsLaughingAtLiberals

Dec 15 07:20

French court rules that "Native White French" do not exist

The court said that ‘native French’ as a group “does not cover any reality; legally, historically, biologically, or sociologically.”

It ruled that “‘Whites’ or ‘the White race’” is “in no way a legal component of the quality of the French” and apparently that “Native White French do not constitute a group of people“, according to the 1881 Act on Freedom of the Press.

Dec 15 07:19

Let's talk about Huey Long: a true enemy of the Federal Reserve, a true friend of the masses, and who was (of course) assassinated less than a year before his planned Presidential run.

He served as the governor of Louisiana from 1928-1932 and in the Senate from 1932 until his assassination in 1935 which, interestingly (though not surprisingly), occurred shortly before his planned presidential bid in 1936.

With Long as its governor, Louisiana's hospitals and schools were expanded, charity hospitals were set up to provide healthcare for the poor, free textbooks were given to schools, toll-free bridges were erected, and massive highway construction was undertaken, among many other things. Despite wikipedia's biased account that "He remains a controversial figure in Louisiana history, with critics and supporters debating whether he was a dictator, demagogue or populist," it cannot be stressed enough that the common people loved him and he was (or would have been) a real, legitimate threat in the 1936 Presidential election.

Dec 15 07:18

Homeless Women and Children Booted by 'Christian' from Shelter to Keep Them From 'Tempting' Men

In a fine illustration of American Christianity's priorities, a Kentucky homeless shelter director has banned women and children from the town's only shelter to keep people from having sex.

"It seems like these last days it's getting worse ... the ungodly type," director Billy Woodward told local news station WYMT. Although presumably not dripping with sin like the shelter's female residents, children are no longer welcome either, due to "the woman factor," he told the station. An exception could be made if they're accompanied by male relatives. The women were sent to a shelter in another town 30 minutes away.

Dec 15 07:17

Prominent Tennessee Senator Fails To Disclose Millions In Hedge Fund, Real Estate Investments

Put simply: if voters don’t know where the money is coming from (even if the contributions are “charitable”) they are operating with incomplete information with regard to who may be influencing the candidates.

Now, it turns out Tennessee Senator Bob Corker - who you might recall had a run in or two with Ben Bernanke and once penned a scathing FT Op-Ed about the market’s unhealthy fixation with the Fed - failed to disclose millions in income from hedge funds and real estate investments.

As WSJ reports, “Mr. Corker late Friday filed a series of amendments showing that his personal financial reports as originally filed included dozens of errors and omissions.”

Ok, so what’s the nature of these “mistakes?”

Dec 15 07:15

Meet The Burmese "Slaves" Helping Wal-Mart Maintain Margins

Peak globalization? Burmese men, women and children are being sold to factories in Thailand - "no names are used, just numbers" - and forced to peel shrimp that ends up in global supply chains. As a recent AP investigation uncovered, U.S. customs records show the shrimp made its way into the supply chains of major U.S. food stores and retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, Whole Foods, Dollar General and Petco, along with restaurants such as Red Lobster and Olive Garden.

Dec 15 07:15

More cuts loom as bill goes to vote

Lawmakers are on Tuesday night set to vote on a new round of prior actions demanded by creditors in exchange for a further 1 billion euros in bailout loans, a package that is widely expected to pass as contentious reforms including a pension overhaul and a new tax bill have been put off until January.

The new multi-bill of measures foresees the creation of a new privatization fund, to be jointly supervised by Greek and foreign officials, the partial sell-off of Greece’s power transmission operator ADMIE, regulations allowing the sale of some nonperforming loans held by Greek banks, and a unified wage structure for civil servants.

Dec 15 07:14

'We must get to Mars before World War Three kicks off:' Elon Musk warns religious extremism and nuclear attacks will prevent us landing on the red planet

Mankind may only have a brief window to set foot on Mars before a disaster such as a third World War makes it no longer possible, Elon Musk has warned.

The founder of SpaceX, which was the first private company to resupply the International Space Station, fears such a war could set back technological advancements.

His company is preparing to announce its ambitious plans for rocket and spacecraft technology to carry humans to the red planet.

Dec 15 07:13

Saudi Prince Silent Amid Tweeted Jabs From Trump, Coulter and Stone

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is ducking for cover amid a light barrage of tweeted jeers from Donald Trump, Ann Coulter and Roger Stone.

All dare to disagree with his royal decree on Friday that Trump exit the 2016 presidential race.

Dec 15 07:12

Syngenta mixed GMOs into US crops to force the world to accept untested biotechnology, lawsuit claims

Syngenta mixed GMOs into US crops to force the world to accept untested biotechnology, lawsuit claims

Dec 15 07:05

9 million bags of Fukushima cleanup material confirm my Yakuza mafia report (as well as the original Fukushima report) was BANG ON.

How bad was Fukushima blown away? So bad that an entire section of Japan had to have the first three inches of top soil stripped from the ground by workers, countless numbers of which have died, and these people who have died were Japan's homeless, who were pulled from the streets by the Israeli controlled Yakuza mafia and forced to work until the radiation killed them.

Dec 15 04:54

Washington Post whines: ‘fringe’ news entering mainstream

Even the Washington Post, center of all that is good and right and true and holy about the news, is under siege. What can be done to protect WaPo from The Fringe? Is it time for Bob Woodward to write a new book? Do they need surgical masks? Hazmat suits? Should they flee underground and turn the whole operation into a level 4 virus lab with steel vaults and air seals?

Well, dear WaPo, I have a piece of fringe for you. I know you need more readers, and this is a killer. Literally. If you set your hounds loose on it for six months or so, you’ll drag out some of the most explosive material you’ve ever seen, and you’ll be able to print two editions a day. Readers’ll fight with each other to grab issues of the paper off the stands. Watergate? Bill and Monica? Sunday picnics compared with what I’m offering you. And it’s definitely fringe, because you and other mainstream outlets have never covered it with any emphasis. Ready?

December 14, 2015

Dec 14 22:26

Hillary and her Israeli Billionaire Sugar Daddy

Israeli-American Haim Saban is one of America's richest self-made billionaire. He is the owner of numerous media and entertainment outlets — and a big Democratic donor. Born in Egypt and raised in Israel, he has become a generous name in Democratic politics. One would often question the agenda behind the generous monetary flow bestowed by Haim Saban on the Clinton's. what does Haim Saban wants in return of his generosity , to Hillary's campaign.?

Dec 14 21:49

Backslash: Anti-surveillance gadgets for protesters

“There is a huge disparity between the amount of technologies used by the authorities and the technologies available to protesters and activists during protests and riots,” warn Pedro Oliveira and Xuedi Chen, two designers from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. “That gap is only getting wider.”

Oliveira and Chen hope to even the odds with an electronic arsenal of their own. At the Radical Networks conference in Brooklyn this past October, they presented the Backslash kit, a package of devices that help protesters stay safe and connected during demonstrations. Gadgets include everything from portable routers that create improvised communication networks in the event of an Internet blackout to a pendant that blocks radio signals (to prevent cell phone surveillance).

Dec 14 20:03

Japan still leads the way towards our endgame

Dec 14 19:25

Republican Billionaires Just Can’t Seem to Buy This Election

You’d think buying an election would be easy. This is, after all, the rough pitch that political consultants deliver when persuading donors to part with their money. (It’s also the primary theme of Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign.) The formula traditionally goes like this: Out-raise the competition, bludgeon them with attack ads, and watch the votes roll in. In the five years since the Supreme Court enshrined unlimited campaign contributions to organizations not directly affiliated with candidates, money has poured into the political system. And yet spending the cash haul effectively has never been more difficult.

Dec 14 19:21

Just miles from the US border, Lexmark fires 90 long-term employees who asked for their pay to be increased by 6 pesos to 120 pesos ($7) a day.

Hundreds of workers at the Lexmark plant in Juarez have been fired after they walked off the job last week, asking for raises, the right to unionize as well as other demands.

Dec 14 17:58

Israel’s Moral Erosion

a real challenge for spin-doctors

Dec 14 17:57

Teacher Invented ISIS Knife Attack Amid French Hysteria: “This Is Daesh. This Is a Warning”

After all, people in France have become so terrified as of late, that perhaps they would believe any story that sounded even possibly credible:

A preschool teacher who claimed to have been attacked by a masked assailant invoking Islamic State (Isis) has admitted he made up the story, French prosecutors have said.

[...] The 45-year old teacher at Jean Perrin nursery school had earlier claimed that a man in overalls and a balaclava had arrived while he was preparing his class on Monday, grabbed a box cutter and scissors that were in the room, and attacked him.

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Dec 14 17:43

Three Cheers For the War Machine

By Chris Veritas

Did you know the Pentagon pays millions to the NFL to display “earnest and heartfelt patriotism”? Well, not anymore, since word got out. That means all the giant flags unfurled over fields, and the F-16s screaming overhead, were not displayed out of love for country. But I bet most thought they were.

These days in America it’s all about war. Big Media harps endlessly about it, civilians are wearing camouflage as a fashion statement, the Middle East is on everybody’s lips, and being pro-war is the only position one dares to profess (You don’t support terrorism, do you?)...

Dec 14 17:42

Taiwan Just Banned GMOs In School Cafeteria Lunches

Today in Taiwan, the Legislature effectively banned the use of genetically modified food ingredients – or processed food with such ingredients – in school meals. Some amendments were made to the School Health Act by the amendment sponsors that would halt the use of GMOs in food prepared for students. The Central…

Dec 14 17:25

US Marshal Calls for ARREST of Hillary Clinton! She's Responsible for....

Dec 14 17:11

Remember Palestine?

Op-Ed By Ahmad Barqawi

Maybe we’ve just grown tired of the Palestinian cause; maybe Palestine has lost its “revolutionary” luster after the hellish season that was the “Arab Spring”, in favor of “nobler” and more urgent matters in the Arab World, like chasing the Houthis out of the Yemeni capital for instance or liberating Syria from the “Alawite” occupation, according to GGC-media that is.

Dec 14 16:45

Does Clinton Really Oppose the TPP? There Is a Test for That

Of course she doesn't really oppose TPP, she’s just another puppet for corporate America.

Dec 14 16:45

Democrat Party is Broke – Wants US Taxpayers to Fund Their 2016 Convention

Already struggling with finances, the Democratic Party has drafted a plan to have taxpayers help pay about $20 million for next summer’s nominating convention, reversing a change Congress approved just a year ago.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Doesn't Hillary have some cash in that charitable foundation of hers?

Dec 14 16:43

Police Chief Andrew Spencer captures family's puppy and shoots it while caged at a firing range

Police Chief Andrew Spencer resigned this week after it was revealed that he shot and killed an innocent dog that was in a cage and meant no one any harm. To make matters even worse, he took the puppy to a firing range and killed it there because he did not want to deal with finding its home.

Spencer found the dog and managed to get it into a cage using a catcher pole. He then wrote in his report that he had planned to take the dog to a shelter where it would be “destroyed,” but then he got another call about a car accident so he decided to do it himself.

The report said that he had planned to go to “the cheapest vet to destroy the dog at the cost of the city.” However, the report continued “Due to the higher priority call and the imminent destruction of the dog, I decided it was best to destroy the dog and respond to the accident.”

Dec 14 16:41

Deconstructing Israel’s “Self-Defense” Claim and Its Campaign Against the ICC

Immediately after the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor announced the opening of a preliminary examination of the situation in Palestine, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a multipronged public campaign attacking the legitimacy of the ICC. The US State Department added its support to Israeli efforts to stop the ICC inquiry.

Dec 14 16:39

Fukushima: Over 100 New Radioactive Contamination Sites Found Off North America’s West Coast

By Star Fox

New research From the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has found that radiation from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan has reached more sites off North America’s west cost with the highest levels of radiation detected to date...

Dec 14 16:37

Inmate’s brutal death at NY prison highlights lack of accountability – report

Leonard Strickland was a schizophrenic prisoner from New York City held at the Clinton Correctional Center in Dannemora, New York, near the Canadian border, after he was convicted of criminal possession of a weapon, the New York Times wrote of the case. Strickland had no record of serious disciplinary problems at Clinton during the four and a half years he was there, state records indicated.

Dec 14 16:37

Furniture designers expose ‘out of touch’ copyright system in UK fight

This latest battle over intellectual property rights (IPR) is keeping a lot of attorneys busy – and highlights how “copyright [is] completely out of touch with how people actually use digital technology“, according to ARS Technica.

Dec 14 16:33

Obama Strikes Back! President To Force US Into New International Carbon Market

Even though Obama’s Cap and Trade schemes have failed to pass several times here in the United States, it appears the President is now getting ready to strike back at his detractors.

According to Bloomberg Business, the Obama administration is planning to force the U.S. into helping create and participate in a new international carbon market in order to hasten the transition to a carbon free economy:

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Dec 14 16:30

Mass Starvation of Germans, 1945-1950 (Eisenhower's Death Camps)

More than nine million Germans died as a result of deliberate Allied starvation and expulsion policies after the Second World War, including 1.5-2 million German prisoners, which is the alleged number that died in Auschwitz.

Dec 14 16:30

ISIS Leader Admits We Are Being Funded By The Obama Administration

Dec 14 16:29

Cass Freight Index

Since 1990, the Cass Freight Index™ has been a trusted measure of North American freight volumes and expenditures. Our monthly Cass Freight Index Report provides valuable insight into freight trends as they relate to other economic and supply chain indicators and the overall economy.

Dec 14 16:18

Congress Reportedly Slipping CISA Spy Bill Into Must-Pass Omnibus

Digital rights groups are sounding the alarm after sources reportedly confirmed on Monday that the controversial cyber-surveillance bill formerly known as CISA has been slipped into the “must-pass” omnibus spending bill that Congress is expected to vote on later this week.

Dec 14 16:16

Banking's 'Uber moment' is already happening — 100,000 bankers lost their jobs in 2015

The "Uber moment" in finance that the former CEO of Barclays warned about recently is already happening — 11 big banks have cut a combined 10% of their staff this year.


Dec 14 15:48

Palestinian artists reveal harsh reality of society

Palestinian artists use graffiti to reveal reality of society in Gaza City.

Dec 14 15:48

An End to the Right’s Reign In Spain?

“Volatile” seems to be the adjective of choice for pollsters going into the Dec. 20 Spanish elections, a balloting that will likely not only change the face of politics in the European Union’s (EU) fifth largest economy, but one that will have reverberations throughout the 28-nation organization. Long dominated by two parties—the right-wing People’s Party (PP) and the center-left Socialist Workers Party—the political landscape has atomized over the past two years. “For the first time in general elections in Spain,” says Manuel Mostaza Barros of Sigma Dos poll, “we have four parties polling above 15 percent when it comes to voter intentions.”

Dec 14 15:42

National Front loses in 2nd round of French regional elections – exit polls

France’s far-right National Front party, headed by Marine Le Pen, has failed to win a single region in the second round of the country’s regional elections after a solid victory in the first round, several exit polls have shown.

Dec 14 15:33

Chemical agent sarin smuggled from Turkey to ISIS – Turkish MP

ISIS terrorists in Syria received all necessary materials to produce deadly sarin gas via Turkey, a Turkish MP claimed

Dec 14 15:19

4 Examples of Mainstream Media Fabricating News to Push for War

As we inch further into the future and evermore closer to the next, and certainly last, world war, it seems proper to give pause and consider the significance of the fact that much of the information provided on world events is dreadfully compromised by corporate and political propagandists.

Mainstream media, with its exceptional reach, is able to mold the public’s first impression of any global event thereby establishing the ‘official story,’ the one that is repeated again and again during the first moments of a crisis. They capitalize on the immediate shock value of an act of extraordinary violence or unrest to mold public perception into conformity with a narrative that will become the abiding fiction by which any further substantive investigation of the event must be measured against.

Dec 14 15:16

Israel's influence over the US Government makes me ...

1% (12 votes)
99% (937 votes)
Total votes: 949

Dec 14 15:04

Another Big Contrived Event is Coming -- BILL HOLTER

Dec 14 14:53

Utah DOT urges drivers to avoid roads after 4:00 p.m.

KUTV) - As the snow continues to fall across the Wasatch Front, officials with the Utah Department of Transportation are urging people to avoid commuting after 4 p.m. Monday.

While not mandatory, UDOT officials say another round of snow is expected to hit the area and will create difficult driving conditions that could lead to a very difficult commute.

Dec 14 14:50

Boots Out! Iraq demands Turkey pull out troops from country

Baghdad has asked the United Nations Security Council to demand Turkey immediately withdraws its troops from northern Iraq.

Dec 14 14:42

U.S. May Be Salvaging Victory for Jihadists: How & Why

According to Britain’s Telegraph, in a recent report, the U.S. Tow antitank missiles that U.S. President Barack Obama sent in October to the Islamic Sunni fighters in Syria to use against the forces of the non-sectarian Shiite ruler there, Bashar al-Assad, have been so effective against Russia’s forces that Assad had invited in, that Russia — defending (upon Syria’s legal request) President Assad’s forces, and attacking the jihadists imported into Syria by the Saudis and the rest of the West — is now being forced to send into the battle Russia’s costly T-90 tanks, which are less vulnerable to America’s missiles.

Dec 14 14:41

Online child abuse investigation leads to hundreds of arrest

The National Crime Agency (NCA) says the investigation and arrest of the people involved in nasty work saved hundreds of other children who could be the future victims.

Dec 14 13:59

Undocumented Citizen? The Absurd New Word for Illegal Aliens

This is the inevitable endpoint of politically correct language. Some of us are so sensitive that we can no longer use words that make sense. There is no such thing as an undocumented citizen. Someone who is not documented, is by definition, not a citizen. Don’t tell that to the Nicole Mehta, head of the university’s Common Ground Multicultural Dialogue Program. She claims that the term undocumented citizen was determined by students through surveys and focus groups.

Dec 14 13:58

W.H. Press Secretary Can’t Explain How Regulations Will Stop Mass Shootings

Like a true tyrant, Obama doesn’t have a good explanation for why our rights need to be discarded, or how that might benefit us in any way. On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about the Obama Administration’s gun policies. Specifically, a reporter pointed out that none of Obama’s proposals would have stopped any of the mass shootings we’ve had. Here’s the answer Josh Earnest gave (or I should say, the answer he didn’t give because he completely dodges the question).

Dec 14 13:55

Twitter Had to Warn Its Users They Might Have Been Attacked by “State-Sponsored Hackers”

Why worry about typical hackers when the government is hacking everyone? It’s to the point that Twitter is having to warn its users that “state-sponsored hackers” may have “tried to obtain sensitive data from their accounts.”

Dec 14 13:52

Tear Gas Fired In Kosovo Parliament

Dec 14 13:50

Cheap oil puts the House of Saud at risk: Spengler

Saudi Arabia spends money like there’s no tomorrow. A new report from the International Monetary Fund suggests that there might not be a tomorrow for the House of Saud. Without massive spending cuts, the Kingdom will exhaust its monetary reserves in five years at current oil prices, the IMF reckons. Saudi Arabia is a rich country full of poor people, and the House of Saud has bought a lot of legitimacy by subsidizing its subjects. The dynasty might not survive the sort of austerity measures that the IMF insists are necessary to keep the Kingdom from running out of reserves by 2020. Egypt, now dependent on Saudi subsidies, also is at risk.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That cheap oil pouring out of Syria is causing more harm than ISIS is!

Dec 14 13:30

The 10th Amendment – The Last Bastion of Liberty

In this age of increasing federal overreach, one can feel the hand of the government perhaps more than any other time in our albeit short history as a nation. Thanks to criminal actions from bureaucrats, constitutional violations such as the Patriot Act have become the new law, eroding our liberties on this soil with each passing day, much like a sand dune standing against a series of crashing waves.

So here we are. What do we do now? Some are taking action against the system. Some want to peacefully non-comply just enough to not be thrown into a cage. It is in times like these when creativity saves lives and fortunes. We must look to existing logistical solutions already in place.

Dec 14 13:25

Trump–Our ‘allies’ in the Middle East are funding ISIS

Dec 14 13:10

Israel Supports Islamic Terrorists

Israel claims that it’s in a mortal struggle with Islamic terrorists …

But as we reported last year, the Israeli military has admitted to supporting Syrian Islamic jihadis. And see this.

Last week, Daily Mail journalists embedded with Israeli troops reported:

Almost every night, Israeli troops run secret missions to save the lives of Syrian fighters, all of whom are sworn enemies of the Jewish state.

Dec 14 13:09

Fed, ECB “Monetary Insanity” Is “Frightening” - Gold Rigged … For Now

Key points and topics covered:

- “Monetary insanity” of ECB and Fed is “frightening”
- “Absolutely nothing has been learned” since financial crisis
- “Financial hypocrisy on a grand scale”
- Ireland was vassal of Bank of England and now ECB
- Ireland needs to get “financial and monetary independence”
- Huge demand for gold and yet prices manipulated lower
- Real unemployment is U.S. probably 15-20%
- Dollar may rally in short term but vulnerable in long term
- Russia, China may monetise gold as geopolitical weapon
- Gold and silver are “hedges for you in local currency terms”

Dec 14 13:08

Janet Yellen Busy in the Fed Workshop (Humor)

Dec 14 12:33

US hobbyists 'must register drones' from 21 December

Drones in the US, and the people who fly them, must be registered on a government database starting from 21 December.

Any drones purchased from that date onwards must be logged before the first outdoor flight, the country's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has said.

Existing drone owners have until 19 February 2016 to register their drones, but a $5 (£3.30) fee will be waived to encourage registration within the first 30 days.

FAA spokesman Les Dorr told the BBC that it would seek to educate, rather than punish, those found to have no registered their drones.

But he added: "For people who simply refuse to register, we do have enforcement tools available."

Dec 14 12:32

MSM Claims Assad Funds ISIS – Evidence Claims Otherwise

By Brandon Turbeville

Just when you think the propaganda coming from the Western mainstream media and Western governments couldn’t get any dumber, they come right along and top themselves. This time, there are no easily disproven claims of chemical weapons usage by the Assad government or new and creative ways to accuse Assad of killing his own people. Instead, major mainstream mouthpieces like the Daily Beast have recently “revealed” who is buying the stolen oil from ISIS and, according to the notoriously misleading outlet, it’s not Erdogan, Turkey, or Israel – it’s Assad...

Dec 14 12:21

Bernie Sanders Seeks to Cut Carbon Emissions by 80%

“What the scientists tell us is that we have a relatively short window of opportunity to bring about the fundamental changes that we need in our global energy system to transform our energy system.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Only 3% of atmospheric CO2 comes from human activity. So even of Bernie succeeds in cutting 80% of human-caused CO2 emissions, that is just over 1%, tops. Meanwhile, nobody talks about reforestation as a solution to increased CO2, or the CO2 produced by warfare. The case that CO2 is raising the Earth's temperature has been destroyed by the record-setting winters we have gone through these last few years, and while we seem to be getting a slower start to winter this year, even the Carbonazis are admitting the record hot El Nino current is the cause, even as they try to claim that El Nino is the result of human activity.

Dec 14 12:13

A Holiday Note to Congress: Half of Your Country is In or Near Poverty

Members of Congress, comfortably nestled in bed with millionaire friends and corporate lobbyists, are in denial about the true state of the American middle class.

Dec 14 12:11

Antibiotics Kill. Gradually and Inconspicuously.

There are several sides to the story. If one acquires an infection – antibiotics stand lonely on the shelf of choices. However we as a civilization have squandered the magical qualities of antibiotics by massively overusing them. If one buys pork, beef or chicken from a major store most likely the animals one is to consume is infested with a cocktail of antibiotics.

Dec 14 11:55

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Director Kathryn Bigelow to Develop Jihad Recruitment Series for HBO

Zero Dark Thirty and Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow will co-executive produce a jihadi recruitment drama series for HBO, TheWrap reports.

Dec 14 11:55

Vatican refused to sack Irish Catholic priest convicted of child sex abuse 9 years ago

The Vatican refused to remove a Victorian priest despite his child sex abuse conviction and the pedophile wanted money to agree to be defrocked, documents obtained by AAP show.

Dec 14 11:55

Jew Confronts “Dirty Goyim” Christian on University Campus

Must watch video of a neurotic, barefoot, homosexual, marxist-atheist jew having a mental breakdown as a result of encountering public christian activism in the form of sign holding on campus at University of California, Berkeley.

Dec 14 11:43

El Niño will be blamed on human-caused global warming

Recent history suggests that El Niño-driven, elevated global temperatures this year and next will be blamed on CO2-driven, human-caused global warming. Every weather fluctuation is blamed on it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This article correctly points out that whenever there is an El Nino current warming the Pacific, the Carbonazis attempt to link it to human activity.

The science says something else.

Click for larger image

It is clear from the above thermal image of El Nino that the heat bloom originates from a point source in the western Pacific, then spreads out as it flows east towards the Americas.

Here are some more historic measurements of El Nino.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Human activity is spread across the globe, yet Historically the El Nino heat emerges from a point source!

Now let us look at the above maps aligned with a map of the Pacific Ocean floor!

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

The heat blooms are originating form the same location in the Pacific.

Let's take a detailed look.

Click for larger image

Every one of those conical-shaped projections above the ocean floor is a volcano! The ones that break the surface form islands, such as here in Hawaii. Nobody actually knows how many are active at any given time. Indeed nobody actually knows how many active volcanoes and thermal vents there are on the floor of the world's oceans. Absent a seismic event, or a patch of floating pumice floating on the ocean above the volcano, there is as yet no means for knowing which and how many of those volcanoes are active.

Clearly, the El Nino current is the result of variances in the number and degree of sub-ocean volcanic activity taking places, which explains why none of the climate experts have been able to reliably predict when El Nino will occur.

In any event, El Nino is the result of natural processes and not human activity!

Dec 14 11:21

Australia Pulls Nurofen Products From Shelves

Nurofen Back Pain, Period Pain, Migraine Pain and Tension Headache products are in fact identical, an Australian court has ruled.

Dec 14 11:19

Pregnant Women on Antidepressants More Likely to Have Child With Autism

A new study shows that women who take antidepressants in the later stages of pregnancy are more likely to have a child with autism.

The study specifies one particular group of antidepressants in particular — the SSRIs, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, such as Prozac, Zoloft or Paxil.

Dec 14 11:17

Scotland prepares to shiver as more snow is on the way

The Met Office said the front, which is pushing slowly northwards, will stall over Scotland and meet a colder air front hovering over the region. As it does so, the associated rain is expected to turn to snow.

Forecasters warned: "Some disruptive snow is likely for a time north of northern parts of the Central Belt."