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March 2, 2016

Mar 02 12:32

US, Israel Hold Ballistic Missile Defense Drill, Test Emergency Medical Response

US and Israeli armies held a joint military drill at an army base in Israel on Tuesday.

Mar 02 12:25

Three dozen journalists visit Syria’s Gnaymiya village recaptured from militants

The media were able to see for themselves the delivery of humanitarian aid to the village located 20 kilometers away from the border with Turkey. Before the beginning of hostilities Gnaymiya had a predominantly Armenian population. The local old church was strongly damaged during the conflict. "When truce was declared, no more than twenty five people remained in the village. These days we can see ever more people return to their homes. Three tonnes of relief aid has been delivered to the village and more will be brought, if need be," Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told the media. When humanitarian supplies were delivered to Gnaymiya, local residents already numbered 150. Most of them returned home when truce took effect.

Mar 02 12:22

Russia receives reports on artillery shelling from Turkish territory — defense official

"The Russian center continues receiving information from the Syrian General Staff and Kurdish units supporting the cessation of hostilities in Syria on the ongoing artillery shelling from the Turkish territory," Kuralenko said. "We regard Turkey’s actions as openly provocative and aimed at disrupting the ceasefire regime and the reconciliation process in the Syrian Arab Republic," Kuralenko stressed. He added that the Russian center had checked the information provided by the Geneva-based working group on incidents linked to the shelling of positions of opposition units. The general clarified that the Russian warplanes were not delivering air strikes at the armed units that had supported the cessation of hostilities and had informed the Russian or US center of their locations.

Mar 02 12:21

NHS Privatisation – Is Hunt Selling Department To Company His Cousin Is Chair Of?

Remember the scandalous disposal of Royal Mail? Both Michael Heseltine and Peter Mandelson had tried and failed to sell it off in 1994 and 2009 respectively, both driven by the Treasury’s need for cash. Vince Cable’s handling of the sale was disastrous.

Mar 02 12:18

US to work through nuclear attacks at Russian borders

The US strategic bombers B-52 will work through nuclear strike attacks under the NATO drills Cold Response in Norway. Three bombers set off on 1 March from the Spanish airbase Moron, where they had been dispatched from the continental part of the US. Delegations of the exercises' member-countries will observe acts of the bombers. According to the local media, they should have arrived in the town of Namsos at 11a.m. London time. Noteworthy, that B-52 will carry out a range of flights from the airbase in Spain to conduct exercises in the territory of the Norwegian region Trøndelag. The American Air Force Times believes that involvement of bombers of such a level aims at the US support of its NATO allies to defend them from the Russian 'aggression'.

Mar 02 12:16

Early week comedy: NATO chief accuses Russia of helping ISIS infiltrate Europe

...it is funny to hear how, in Breedlove's opinion, the cause for such flow of immigrants is the Russian military campaign against ISIS; that's right, according to NATO's chief the airstrikes "nominally against Isis but largely against the various rebel groups arrayed against Assad, have allegedly killed more than 1,000 civilians, including children", adding that these indiscriminate attacks mean to terrorize Syrians and "get them on the road" toward neighboring countries and Europe. He also stated that "ISIS is "spreading like a cancer" among refugees. The group's members are "taking advantage of paths of least resistance, threatening European nations and our own". In few words, according to General Breedlove, ISIS would be benefiting from Russian airstrikes which would not be aimed at jihadists but rather at "rebel groups" and that is the main cause for the major refugee flow towards Europe that becomes a perfect "horse of troy" for potential terrorists.

Mar 02 12:13

Turkish citizens accused of Erdogan's insult 1845 times

1845 cases against the Turks who insult Erdogan have been put in the country since the beginning of his presidential mandate in 2014, Bekir Bozda?, Turkish Minister of Justice stated in the Parliament. Such a violation of law requires one to four years imprisonment, according to the Turkish criminal code. Opposition accuses Erdogan of forcing dissenting with his policy to silence. Thus, famous people, journalists, and even schoolchildren were prosecuted in such a way. Erdogan's policy is reported to have more clear signs of an authoritarian management style. The current head of the state considers even scathing criticism to be an "insult". Hilal Kalafat, a journalist from the Turkish city of Afyon, for example, told Pravda.Ru that she was sentenced to 28 months of imprisonment because of her critical messages in Twitter, which had been perceived as a public insult of the President of Turkey Erdogan.

Mar 02 12:13

‘Turkish Military Actions On Syrian Border Could Lead To Truce Disruption’ – Russian MoD

Turkey’s “provocative” military buildup on the border and shelling of the Syrian territory could thwart the truce and disrupt the peace process.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Mar 02 12:11

US to deliver Turkey bunker buster guided bombs $683 mln worth

The US Department of Defence signed an agreement with two American companies to produce bunker buster guided bombs BLU-109 and deliver them to the Armed Forces of Turkey. Exact volume of deliveries is not reported, however, it is known that total sum of concluded agreements makes up about $683 mln. Ellwood National Forge and General Dynamics Ordnance & Tactical Systems will act as weapon suppliers. The purchase will be carried out under the program of weaponry export. The Turkish party expects the supplies to be finished by 2020 at the very latest. By the way, Alastair Crooke, former member of the British Intelligence MI6 calimed, that the 'Syrian calm' may turn out to be just a harbinger of a storm, but not the end of the military actions. As he said, groups backed by the US, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia would probably make use of the gained time to rearm.

Mar 02 12:09

US pushes too tough Bulgarians to Russia

The day before 138th Anniversary of the Bulgarians' liberation from the 500-long Turkish slavery, the Battle of Shipka Pass, and restoration of the Bulgaria's independence, the country's authorities invited Erdogan, but not Putin... It happened because "there arrived a new US Ambassador Eric Rubin. Before taking the baton from Marcie Ries, he said clearly that he would annihilate all the Russophile media, non-government organizations, and any word in favour of Russia"... these words roused to action all the politicians, mass media representatives, and other public figures in Bulgaria. "And they have already started the annihilation campaign of the 3 March, diminishing the influence and role of Russia in this event". However, such acts against Russia just backfired. "People who did not have a clear stance on Russia, went over to it. According to some estimations, they make up about 80 per cent of the country's population.

Mar 02 12:03

Hillary Clinton’s Dark Drug War Legacy In Mexico

Mexico, John M. Ackerman wrote recently for Foreign Policy, “is not a functional democracy.” Instead, it’s a “repressive and corrupt” oligarchy propped up by a “blank check” from Washington.

Mar 02 12:01

USA needs more victims to recognize mass killings of Christians as genocide

The USA is not ready to recognize the systematic killings of Christians in Iraq and Syria by Islamic State militants as genocide, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. Earnest, answering reporters' questions, said that the term "genocide" had a clear legal definition that, according to the administration of US President, could not be used in relation to the mass killings of Christians by ISIL... According to Fox News, the number of Christians in Iraq has declined from 1.5 million to 275K since 2003. On February 24, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that there was additional investigation conducted to clarify whether the killings of Christians in the region could be regarded as genocide. In January, the United Nations published a report, according to which the actions of the Islamic State against the civilian population on the occupied territories could be regarded as crimes against humanity and genocide.

Mar 02 11:59

US Intelligence: Genetic engineering becomes a weapon of mass destruction

James Clapper, Director of the US National intelligence claimed that genome editing with the help of the CRISPR technology is equal to the weapon of mass destruction, under the annual report of global threats. New genetic technologies of genome editing allow to carry out some changes in the cells at the DNA level. Genetic engineers can delete or replace DNA chains in the human body, that allows to reduce diseases which are spread at the genetic level. However, taking into account more wide spreading, quite low cost and quick rate of these technologies development, not only doctors can be interested in them. In particular, basic compounds for an effective CRISPR tool may be be bought through the Internet for $60. This creates a threat for economic and national security of the US, Clapper noted.

Mar 02 11:32

Ruble-yuan currency swap mechanism to be implemented after testing — Russia’s Central Bank

"The currency swap mechanism aimed at enhancing partnership between central banks of the two states, has been successfully tested on several transactions starting from October 2015 to allocate financing within a limited range of Russian and Chinese contract partners. Pilot deals enabled the Bank of Russia and the People's Bank of China to ensure availability of using swaps if needed in the future," the report said. The swapline agreed between the central banks of the two countries in October 2014 to ease export payments, totals 815 bln rubles ($11 bln) and 150 bln yuan ($22.8 bln). "The national currency swap agreement is aimed at triggering trade and investment cooperation between the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China and evidences rising financial cooperation level between the Bank of Russia and the People’s Bank of China," the Russian regulator said.

Mar 02 11:31

Spacecraft carrying 3 cosmonauts successfully lands in Kazakhstan

The Soyuz TMA-18M spacecraft carrying Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko, US astronaut Scott Kelly and spacecraft commander Sergey Volkov has successfully landed in Kazakhstan, Moscow-based Mission Control Center told TASS on Wednesday. "The spacecraft has landed," the center said. Russia’s Roscosmos state corporation earlier said Kelly and Kornienko, who spent 11 months at the International Space Station (ISS), would exit the capsule themselves thus imitating landing on Mars where no search and recovery teams will meet them, however they failed to leave it without any outside help. "Specialists of the search evacuation service helped the cosmonauts to get out of the capsule," the center said. "The Soyuz landing was as normal. The weather conditions were ideal and allow rescuers to work," Melekhov said.

Mar 02 11:27

New precipitation record set in Moscow

The total length of traffic jams in Moscow caused by abnormal snowfall has exceeded the distance between Moscow and Rome — 3,400 kilometers, said the press service of the traffic situation monitor operated by the Yandex Internet company. "The total length of traffic jams reached 3,400 kilometers, which is even more than the distance between Moscow and Rome. The reason for this was heavy snowfall which continued all night," the press service said. Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said earlier on Wednesday that it would take several days to completely eliminate the effects of the record snowfall in the Russian capital. The weather in Moscow broke the 50-year-old precipitation record for this particular day. According to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center, last night Moscow had up to 24 mm of snow at the VDNKH weather station (in the northeast of Moscow), which is slightly more than 70% from the amount the city sees during one month (34 mm).

Mar 02 11:24

Expert: Ukrainian authorities delay Donbass elections due to lack of chances of success

"I think the root of the problem is that the current Ukrainian authorities have no chance of winning the elections in Donbass as well as in the event of the early Verkhovna Rada elections," he said. According to Suslov, the lack of prospects for winning these elections makes them unnecessary for them, "the more so because they will be monitored by international observers."

Mar 02 11:22

Ukrainian shelling attack damages 5 power substations in west of Donetsk

In addition, according to the Donetsk mayor’s office, Ukrainian shells have hit five residential houses and two farm buildings.
Kiev troops shelled militia positions in the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic six times over the past 24 hours, including from mortars, a local militia member said on Wednesday. Ukraine’s forces opened fire at militia positions near Krasny Liman village three times using 82-mm mortars and small arms. The shelling came from direction of the Trehizbenka village. Three local villages - Kalinovka, Logvinovo and Zheltoye - came under fire from an infantry fighting vehicle and small arms. http://tass.ru/en/world/860093

Mar 02 11:19

Moscow calls speculations about 'hybrid war' between Russia and Moldova dangerous

The speculations of Moldovan Defense Minister Anatoly Salaru that Moldova and Russia are in a state of a "hybrid war" with each other are extremely dangerous, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday. "He went as far as saying that Russia and Moldova are in a state of some ‘hybrid war’ aimed at destabilizing the situation in Moldova. It is clear that these speculations are extremely dangerous," the diplomat said. "They [the statements of Moldova’s defense minister — TASS] are standing in contrast with the desire of Moldova’s new cabinet of ministers to work towards improving the Russian-Moldovan relations. A question, which comes to mind after such statements, is: what Chisinau’s official stance is and who determines it," Zakharova added.

Owl 1
Mar 02 11:17

Syria ceasefire regime violated 31 times — Russian Foreign Ministry

A total of 38 local reconciliation agreements have been reached in Syria and the Syrian ceasefire regime that took effect on February 27 has been violated 31 times, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday. "Over the first three days [of the ceasefire] the total number of local reconciliation agreements has increased to 38," she said. "Also, 31 cases of violation of the ceasefire regime have been registered. The American group on [Syrian] reconciliation has been informed of these facts," she said.

Mar 02 11:07

The Kiss-Ass Emails to Hillary Clinton From a Former Goldman Sachs Bankster

Oh Hillary, I heard you had a concussion. Take some chicken noodle soup.

Mar 02 11:06

Thomas Graham: US-Russian relations have entered a new era

Difficult relations were inevitable, if only because the United States and Russia espouse radically different views of world order. We interpret differently key principles such as sovereignty, territorial integrity, and self-determination; we differ over what constitutes the legitimate use of force; we disagree about the legitimacy of spheres of influence; and, of course, we count different numbers of poles of power in the world today. Two countries with such profound differences can co-exist, and even cooperate in a multipolar world, but they can never be strategic partners, as many in both countries had hoped at the end of the Cold War. Tough competition was and remains inevitable; all that was missing in the early post-Cold War period was a Russia strong enough to defend its interests. That situation changed after Putin rose to power...

Mar 02 11:03

Deliveries of cold-rolled steel to US are not strategic for Russia — steelmaker

The deliveries of cold-rolled steel to the US are not strategic for Russia, a representative with the press service of Russian steelmaker NLMK (Novolipetsk Steel Works and its subsidiaries) told TASS on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the US Department of Commerce imposed preliminary duties on imports of cold-rolled steel, used to make auto parts, appliances and shipping containers, from seven countries, including Russia. The US authorities set the duty for products by Russian company Severstal at 12.62% and for NLMK at 16.89%. For all other Russian producers and exporters of cold-rolled steel from Russia the duty was set at 14.76%. The duties will be valid until the end of the anti-dumping investigation which was initiated in response to the petition of American steel companies, accusing competitors from seven countries of dumping.

Mar 02 11:03

Cops Shoot and Kill Naked Woman in Her Bed After They Order Her to Show Them Where She Keeps Her Gun

The only threat, again, comes from people calling 911 for "help". The only "help" increasingly offered by these officers in the modern American police state is into an untimely grave.

(read more)

Mar 02 11:01

NATO "intensively works" with Turkey to push forward refugee mission in Aegean

NATO is working with Turkey towards finalizing the details of the deployment of its ships in the Aegean Sea to stop the flow of migrants into Europe, a NATO official told TASS on Wednesday. "Our ships are in place, they are collecting information, and we're working intensively to finalize the operational details with Turkey, Greece and Frontex," the official said. "Everyone is aware of the urgency of the task, and we're on track." A NATO naval mission to help stop migration in the Aegean sea was put on hold after Turkey denied entry to its waters to the bloc’s warship, the French news agency AFP said on Wednesday. According to the AFP, despite NATO requests, "the Turks refused" this weekend to allow the vessels to enter into Turkish waters.

Mar 02 10:38

FBI’s James Comey had an embarrassing day against Apple

It was a bad day on Capitol Hill for FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday.

First, Comey was forced to admit that his agency’s effort to get Apple to create new software to allow the government to more easily break into a terrorist’s iPhone will likely not be a one-off.

There will likely be other requests from the government to have Apple unlock other iPhones, he said.

Then, Comey admitted that the FBI made a mistake in the early days of its handling of the iPhone 5c belonging to San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook by re-setting the cloud storage setting connected to the phone.

That mistake likely made it harder for agents to break into the phone to see if there were clues locked on the phone of any future terror attacks.

Mar 02 10:37

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s Surprise Endorsement Gives Sanders a Chance to Change the Whole Primary Game

Just as the media, in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s landslide win in South Carolina’s Democratic primary Saturday, are predictably writing the obituary for Bernie Sanders’ upstart and uphill campaign for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) has handed him an opportunity to jolt the American people awake.

Announcing on “Meet the Press” that Americans need a real choice of commander-in-chief — one “who has foresight, who exercises good judgment,” she announced today her resignation as vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee — an organization that has been actively working to promote Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Mar 02 10:36

Monster traffic jams in Moscow after heaviest spring snowfall in 50yrs

Dozens of canceled flights, tailbacks equaling the distance between Moscow and Rome, and almost 1,000 traffic incidents overnight – the strongest ‘early spring’ snowfall in 50 years has stormed the Russian capital.

Moscow received 20cm of snow overnight, which is some 65 percent of the monthly norm, according to weather services. Meteorologists say this is the heaviest snowfall since 1966.

Mar 02 10:24

BEX ALERT - When he wasn’t plotting mass murder, bin Laden worried about climate change

Osama bin Laden wrote a letter calling on the American people to help President Barack Obama fight “catastrophic” climate change and “save humanity,” in the latest evidence of his worries about environmental issues, newly released documents show.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sooooooo .... if we stop global warming, won't the terrorists win? :)

Mar 02 10:23

Bill to Block Mandatory GMO Labeling Advances in Senate

D.C. dysfunction at its finest: Committee passes law that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

. Congress can't agree on much especially if it benefits the people, but when it comes to hiding what is in our food and supporting the big food corporations, they can sure work together. They have bipartisan support for the DARK Act which would ban GMO food labels.

Mar 02 10:21

Oahu Trump Rally: Makiki District Park at 4pm

There is still time to organize and invite supporters to attend the Sunday events!

We just found the advertiser who was causing problems on the site and disconnected them. Please help us cover the shortfall while we get new advertisers..

Mar 02 10:21

Kauai Trump Rally: 4611 Mamane St Kapaa, HI 96746 or call Dr. Sandra Combs at 808-631-1818.

Our Honolulu poll observers will be having a meeting this Saturday, March 5th, at the Honolulu Coffee house on Oahu. We will be sending more information to our poll observers via email.

We are continuing to call supporters. However, we still need poll observers at all locations on the big island and more on Maui in town.

If you’re interested in making calls, let us know by responding to this email! You can also sign up to volunteer for Hawaii on the Donald J. Trump website.

You can make a huge difference by putting out a little effort. Vote Tuesday and help us call others and encourage them to vote in the days before Election Day. We will call those who have been identified as Trump supporters and remind them to go to the polls! To find your voting location, click here.

Mar 02 10:14

FBI & BLM Agents Linked To Corruption, Cover Ups & Frame Ups

Special Agent in Charge Bretzing’s link to this case is troubling in light of the accusations of wrongdoing and excessive tactics that mirror the current situation in Burns, Or. and the circumstances surrounding the death of LaVoy Finicum. Now enter into the equation the question of Indian Artifacts at the Malhuer Reserve and accusations that occupiers were defiling them and one must begin to become suspect. Considering Agent Bretzing’s connection to another investigation, one involving the FBI and fraud, corruption and National Security Leaks out of the FBI’s Salt Lake City Office, it is a downright frightening pattern. Throw Bretzing’s ties to BLM Agent Dan Love and Love’s connection to the Bundy’s into this circus of similar coincidences and that pattern begins to crystallize. Where FBI Agent Greg Bretzing goes, questions of corruption, fraud, strong arm tactics and death will follow.

Mar 02 10:10

FLASHBACK - Israel's attack on the USS Liberty - The full story

On Thursday 8 June 1967, Israeli air and naval forces attacked America's most advanced spy ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, killing 34 of its crew and wounding 174. The lesson of this cold-blooded, murderous attack was that there is nothing the Zionist state might not do, to its friends as well as its enemies, in order to get its own way.

Forty five years on, thanks to the complicity of the mainstream media, the cover up ordered by President Johnson is still in place.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted at reader request

Mar 02 09:49

Nuclear Red Alert. Saudi Fight-Bombers Equipped with Nuclear Warheads

Warning: Saudi Arabia, although a signatory to the Nuclear Weapons Non- Proliferation Treaty has just, in violation of its pledge, acquired atomic bombs from Pakistan.

“We have nuclear bombs”: this is what was said on February 19 on Russia Today by the Saudi political analyst, Daham al-Anzi, de facto spokesman for Riyadh.

Riyadh has over 250 fighter-bombers with dual conventional and nuclear capability, provided by the US and by the European powers. Since 2012, Saudi Arabia is part of the “Nato Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency,” the NATO agency that manages European Eurofighter and Tornado fighters, of which Riyadh bought from Britain twice the number of that of the whole Royal Air Force.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for a "nuclear-free Middle East".

And the very real possibility that Saudi Arabia may well use these nuclear bombs against Syria cannot be discounted.

Mar 02 09:38

How much did Barack Obama rip-off while President?

Americans are most forgiving of their former Presidents. When they leave office, most people forget about all the shenanigans and sweet heart arrangements. On the surface, Obama looks like a relative novice when compared to the Bushes and Clintons. Hey, give him a little slack. He is just ready to get started. By any evaluation, the net worth of the Obama’s is mere chump change from the rarified air of the Trump Towers. Making money at the end of the office term is understandable. Few folks would expect Obama to be the next Jimmy Carter, when he has to pay for his own golf vacations.

Mar 02 09:36

Pentagon chief warns Beijing of ‘specific consequences’ over South China Sea militarization

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter has warned China against militarizing the disputed island chain in the South China Sea and threatened “specific consequences” should Beijing not wind down its activities in the region.
Following China’s deployment of surface-to-air missile systems on Woody Island last month, in addition to military aircraft, Carter stated that “China must not pursue militarization in the South China Sea” during a speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.

Woody Island is the biggest island in the Paracel chain in the South China Sea. China laid claim to the island in the 1950s, but the rights to the area, which is at the heart of economically important shipping routes in the South China Sea, are being contested by Taiwan, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam.

“Specific actions will have specific consequences,” Carter stressed. “These activities have the potential to increase the risk of miscalculation or conflict among claimant states.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sec Def Carter, a word please: think very carefully about how you want to approach China's military build-up in and around these islands.

Is it really worth World War III?!? Or are you playing "picador" against Beijing, in order to provoke a response you can use to "justify" military action against China?!?

I understand that the Moody's latest downgrade of China's economy was a form of asymmetric attack against the country, which may - or may not- have been founded on fact. But a shooting war, sir?!? REALLY?!?

Sec Def Carter, the timing is so wrong for such a war right now; the US military doesn't have the weaponry, the troop strength, the manufacturing, or the money to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war with China, and that is what makes the military scenario so scarily dangerous here.

The Chinese government has made enormous strides in the development of their weaponry over the last decade, and when Chinese weapons makers deliver their products, and they are field-deployed, they work as advertised, or better.

Unfortunately, because American weapons production involves such an incestuous relationship between the Congressional representatives who hand out the contracts, and the weapons manufactures who get them (and the palms that get greased in the process), when our American military receive these weapons, frequently, they perform badly; are delivered late; and have huge cost over-runs.

Please understand; as a Christian pacifist, who never advocates violence, I abhor war. But if our men and women in uniform are fighting, I want them to have the best, most reliable weapons possible.

So please, sir, think very carefully about the next step here.

Mar 02 09:35

The Next Total Solar Eclipse Takes Place On March 8th

Webmaster addition: The original headline erroneously reported the eclipse as taking place on the 3rd. That is incorrect. It takes place next week.

Mar 02 09:33

Six N.J. newspapers call on Christie to resign

Six New Jersey newspapers issued a joint editorial Tuesday calling on Gov. Chris Christie to resign in the wake of his failed presidential campaign and his subsequent endorsement of rival Donald Trump.

The six newspapers including the Asbury Park Press, the Cherry Hill Courier-Post and the Morristown Daily Record — all Gannett-owned papers that are part of the USA TODAY NETWORK — were apparently spurred to editorial outrage by a Monday press conference in which Christie refused to answer questions about anything other than his nomination of a state Supreme Court judge. Asked why, Christie replied, "Because I don't want to."

Mar 02 09:32

Anti-BDS Motion – Why Does Canada Sanction Other Countries for Human Rights Violations but Not Israel?

This week, the Canadian Parliament overwhelmingly voted in favour of a motion condemning the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

The motion, passed on February 22 by a 229-51 vote, states:

“That, given Canada and Israel share a long history of friendship as well as economic and diplomatic relations, the House reject the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which promotes the demonization and delegitimization of the State of Israel, and call upon the government to condemn any and all attempts by Canadian organizations, groups or individuals to promote the BDS movement, both here at home and abroad.”

First, there is no such thing as “friendship” between states. States have no friends, they have interests and nothing else.

Mar 02 09:31

Bernie, Time to Grow the Seeds of Revolution

Even the public media serves establishment politics. Last week's NPR newscaster reported the opening of five Clinton offices In MA .Two Clinton supporters followed. One echoed Clinton's pragmatic progressive slogan (sub-message, Sanders is impractical). A Planned Parenthood executive reinforced the Clinton for women message. Maintaining the facade of objective coverage, the report gave a nod to Sanders' UMASS rally. No testimonials. No emphatic support/opinion to insinuate into public consciousness, and no spokesperson's appeal to a voting group.

Mar 02 09:30

Is the Fix In? DNC Chair has sold out US citizens to the financial sector of loan sharking!

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz Joins GOP Attack on Elizabeth Warren's Agency

Could this power drunk move be the stumbling of the facade, a look behind the curtain as Hillary campaigns to continue the Obama Presidency? Really? How does attacking Elizabeth Warren's work that she has fought so hard to protect the struggling of our citizens on the ropes from the vultures of greed?

Owl 3
Mar 02 09:29

MA was stunning Bernie achievement

Bernie coming so closein MA is miraculous, and a stunning achievement. I am really, really proud of what Bernie’s done in this state.

He far exceeded Obama's performance here 8 years ago, one of the best campaigns of all time, and unlike the President, Bernie had to go up against the entire establishment. He didn’t have Ted Kennedy on his side. He didn’t have Deval Patrick on his side. In fact, Bernie was able to achieve this amazing result without almost any elected official’s endorsement.

The media may spin what Bernie Sanders has done here differently, but it is an amazing grassroots effort, from one of the biggest underdog campaigns of all time.

Mar 02 09:26

US Delta Force to begin operations in Iraq

The US Army’s elite Delta Force units are preparing for operations to target, detain or kill the main Daesh (ISIL) operators in Iraq, says a US official.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Iraqis are saying the US forces keep getting in the way of attacks on ISIS.

Mar 02 09:25

The media's Trump reckoning: 'Everyone was wrong'

From the New Yorker to FiveThirtyEight, outlets across the spectrum failed to grasp the Trump phenomenon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No, they all saw the Trump phenomenon. Their assigned task was to kill it.

And they failed.

The corporate media has lost the war for the minds of Americans!

Mar 02 09:21

Hillary Clinton: A Bigger Warmonger Than Bush/Cheney?

Bush and Cheney launched two disastrous and totally unnecessary wars which increased terrorism and undermined America’s standing in the eyes of the world.

Hillary Clinton is at least as bad …

She is largely responsible for the war in Syria, which is plunging the Middle East and Europe into chaos.

The New York Times confirms that Clinton is responsible for the violent regime change in Libya, which was also completely unnecessary.

Hillary is largely responsible for the bombing of Yugoslavia … another wholly unnecessary war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 02 09:20

Poroshenko, Elites Getting Filthy Rich Off the Backs of Ukrainians (Video)

Just the other day, Ukrainian blogger Yurasumy analyzing the catastrophic state of the post-Maidan Ukraine wrote:

“Has the population begun to live better? Maybe some people have but this absolute minority of the Ukrainian population are the ones who made a business out of the blood of their citizens. Most people are worse off, and most have fallen into poverty.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Were I a betting person, I would not bet against a military coup against Poroshenko, and not in the terribly distant future, either.

Mar 02 09:20

Sports Authority to File For Bankruptcy Protection

Beleaguered Sports Authority Inc. (SA) will file for bankruptcy protection immediately or could find itself out of business completely in coming weeks if it fails to find a buyer for its business, according to reports.

Mar 02 09:19


I will support Donald Trump
97% (880 votes)
I would rather give the White House to Hillary Clinton
3% (31 votes)
Total votes: 911
Mar 02 09:18

After Super Tuesday, Republicans Face Moment of Truth

GOP leaders who had hoped Trump would stumble face tough choices

Mar 02 09:18

Congressman Suggests FBI Is Taking Advantage of San Bernardino Tragedy to Push Agenda

A leading House Democrat expressed serious concern on Tuesday that the FBI is exploiting the ISIS-inspired massacre of 14 people in San Bernardino to sidestep Congress on the encryption debate.

Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., said it was troubling “that in the middle of an ongoing congressional debate on this subject, the FBI would ask a federal magistrate to give them the special access to secure products that this committee, this Congress, and the administration have so far refused to provide.” He spoke at a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, of which he is the ranking Democratic member.

“Why has the government taken this step and forced this issue?” he asked.

It was a rhetorical question.

Mar 02 09:15

State Dept: Review of Clinton secret emails may wait until after November election

The State Department may wait until after the November election to finish its review of classified information former Secretary Hillary Clinton sent on her secret email account, a spokesman said Tuesday, vowing they will not be held to the political calendar.

“We’re not going to rush judgment of any of these things,” spokesman John Kirby told reporters.

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I hate to say I told you so, but ... no, wait ... actually I rather enjoy it!

Mar 02 09:14

Israel Grants First Golan Heights Oil Drilling License To Dick Cheney-Linked Company

Israel has granted a U.S. company the first license to explore for oil and gas in the occupied Golan Heights, John Reed of the Financial Times reports.

A local subsidiary of the New York-listed company Genie Energy — which is advised by former vice president Dick Cheney and whose shareholders include Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch — will now have exclusive rights to a 153-square mile radius in the southern part of the Golan Heights.

That geographic location will likely prove controversial. Israel seized the Golan Heights in the Six-Day War in 1967 and annexed the territory in 1981. Its administration of the area — which is not recognized by international law — has been mostly peaceful until the Syrian civil war broke out 23 months ago.

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Imagine my (absolute absence of) surprise here.

Mar 02 09:13

Can Americans Handle Four More Years Of This?

No child (or student, or poor person, or grandchild, or debtholder, or healthy person, or retiree, or African American, or family, or homeowner, or renter) left behind untouched...

Now that is a legacy.

Mar 02 09:10

ANIMATION - Trump, Clinton reign super supreme on Super Tuesday

Mar 02 09:10

‘Plan B’ and the Bankruptcy of US Syria Policy

US Secretary of State John Kerry provoked widespread speculation when he referred in testimony before the Foreign Relations Committee last week to “significant discussions” within US President Barack Obama’s administration about a “Plan B” in Syria. The speculation was further stoked by a “senior official” who told CBS News that options under consideration included “‘military-like’ measures that would make it harder for the regime and its allies to continue their assault on civilians and US-backed rebels.”

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The next round of Syrian peace talks is to commence on 9 March; Assad is having Parliamentary elections on 13 April. For the US to move precipitously against Syria militarily before these dates could be a disaster, from a US governmental "PR" perspective.

Russia, has, in fact, gotten this sorted for the Al-Assad government; the supply lines to ISIS have been effectively cut, and the jihadists have been all but defeated.

But the wild card here is Turkey.

Davotoglu, the country's prime minister, has stated emphatically that Turkey will not stop shelling Syria, because the Kurdish fighters have not been characterised as "terrorists" by the US and the West.

I have to wonder if Turkey isn't planning for some kind of "false flag" within its borders, and claim that the responsibility for the attack comes from Russian military.

As a NATO member, Turkey, claiming to be the aggrieved party, could well invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter, and then NATO would be obliged to protect Turkey from this alleged "Russian aggression".

Edrogan's mental state doesn't seem to be too stable these days, and appears to be a megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur, lusting for complete power and control over his government.

Mike has a saying that the greatest threat to world peace is the world leader who is the most unstable; and unfortunately right now, Edrogan fits this bill to a T.

Mar 02 08:48

Zika PAYDAY! Obama wants to funnel $1.8 billion for vaccine research and more

Until 2016, Zika wasn't taken very seriously by American authorities. The relaxed attitude suggested that it was just another mundane disease in third-world countries. This much was clear from the CDC's attitude and lack of recommendations regarding the virus. Soon enough, however, a concerning percentage of pregnant women that contracted the virus gave birth to children suffering from birth malformations. Even though Zika was not fatal, there seemed to be a link between the virus and congenital disorders.

Mar 02 08:47

London Bubble Trouble – Visas Issued to Wealthy Foreigners Plunge 84%

It appears the music may have finally stopped for one of the world’s largest luxury real estate bubbles: London.

It’s well known that foreign oligarchs love London real estate as a means to launder funds, typically “earned” by soaking their host countries dry via corruption and fraud. This has caused absurd and irrational spikes in high-end residential real estate in the English capital, as well as a flood of new construction.

With emerging markets now completely collapsing, the seemingly endless flood of foreign money is drying up, and with it, London real estate.

So has the London real estate bubble popped? Probably.

Mar 02 08:47

Hackers rely on weak passwords when brute-forcing PoS terminals

Logs from these honeypots provides an insight into what opportunistic scanners are using in order to test – and likely compromise – internet-connected point-of-sale (PoS*) systems, kiosks, and compromised desktop PCs which offer the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) service for remote management.

The study, which focused on retail terminals, pulled out statistics on the frequency and source of opportunistic attacks, as well as the top attempted passwords and usernames. The overlap between these chosen credentials and published password dumps collected from breach data was also highlighted.

Instead of old favourites such as “12345” and “password” on the user side, credentials such as “x”, “St@rt123”, “P@ssw0rd” and “admin” appeared in the top 10 of password guessing attempts. Usernames of “administrator”, “admin” and “pos” were among the most frequently guessed in the hi-tech doorknob-rattling by hackers.

Mar 02 08:43

“Beyond upset” Voting irregularities reported across the nation on Super Tuesday

Voters in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia and Texas flooded voter hotlines to complain about dysfunctional polling booths and ballots in Republican primaries. Callers to an Austin radio station complained of machines switching their vote for Trump to Rubio.

By lunchtime on Super Tuesday, Election Protection, a nonpartisan coalition of groups that run election-day hotlines, said their hotline has received more than 1,000 calls. The majority of calls came from Alabama, Georgia and Texas.

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Remember what I told you about election fraud. It can swing a contest a few percentage points but it cannot reverse a landslide!

Mar 02 08:38

UN approves toughest sanctions on North Korea in 20 years

he U.N. Security Council has unanimously approved the toughest sanctions on North Korea in two decades, reflecting growing anger at Pyongyang's latest nuclear test and rocket launch in defiance of a ban on all nuclear-related activity.

The United States and North Korea's traditional ally China spent seven weeks negotiating the new sanctions. They include mandatory inspections of cargo leaving and entering North Korea by sea or air, a ban on all sales or transfers of small arms and light weapons to Pyongyang, and expulsion of diplomats from the North who engage in "illicit activities."

Mar 02 08:31

British Troops Headed to Tunisia to Keep ISIS Off Libya Border

British Defense Minister Michael Fallon today announced that his nation will be sending a team of ground troops to Tunisia to join that nation’s Libyan border defense operations, aiming to keep ISIS from infiltrating across the border.

The first deployment will be only 20 troops, nominally “trainers,” but Fallon talked up the need to keep ISIS out of Tunisia and hinted that this might just be the first step, adding that Britain is also “urgently” helping to try to form a new unity government in Libya.

Fallon also suggested that once there was a new government in place in Libya, Britain would be open to more expansive military action there, at the invitation of this new faction they are working to install.

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Oh, terrific: after the US epic fail in Libya, now the UK's military wants to have a "go" at installing a western-centric government there, a "reconquista", if you will.

Good luck with that!!

And a small memo to British Defense Minister Michael Fallon: those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it, and it appears, sir, that you are moving quite rapidly in that direction right now.

Remember how the American military involvement with Vietnam started?!? By the embedding of US "advisors" with South Vietnamese troops.

And you do recall just how that war ended for the US?!? The word "horrifically" just doesn't even begin cover it.

I know this announcement calls for just a handful of troops, so that you can "sell" this successfully back home in the UK. But trust me; ultimately, this war for the resources of Africa, which the US and UK both covet, will involve thousands of UK (and probably US) troops, with much blood and money spent.

But at the end of the day, as happened in Vietnam, you may well be no less able to control the geopolitical outcome here that was the US able to do in Vietnam.

I would strongly urge you and caution you, please, to reconsider this deployment; because when a country is fighting a war, in order to win, it has to be on the right side of history.

This is something no military or civilian leader of any country should ever, ever forget.

Mar 02 08:13

3,841 Killed in Iraq During February

At least 3,841 were killed and 1,606 were wounded across Iraq during February.

During February, Antiwar.com counted 3,772 dead and 1,012 wounded. The fatalities consisted of 345 civilians, 524 security personnel, and 2,903 militants. Among the injured were 605 civilians, 217 security personnel, and 190 militants. These figures are compiled from news reports.

The United Nations released its figures on Tuesday. Their associates in Iraq counted 670 dead and 1,290 wounded. Of those fatalities, 410 were civilian and 260 were military. At least 1,050 civilians and 240 security personnel were wounded. The U.N does not count militant deaths or those that occur in Anbar province. The Anbar Health Directorate said four civilians were killed and 126 were injured in the province.

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Ah, the Bush "legacy" of death, destruction, and despair which just keeps on giving in Iraq.

Mar 02 08:09

Pentagon OKs $683 Million Smart Bomb Deal for Turkey

Last December, the Turkish government deployed a battalion of 25 tanks and roughly 1560 troops into northern Iraq. Acting without Baghdad’s permission, the move was roundly condemned as a breach of sovereignty. Ankara has also been engaged its own internal war against Kurdish communities in the country’s southeast, with the death toll reaching some 5,000 people.
Turkish troops
Russia Backs Baghdad's Demands for Turkish Troops Removal From Iraq's North
Now, with all parties honoring the Syrian ceasefire, Turkey is threatening to plunge its neighbor back into the five-year civil war.
"[The Turkish government] view themselves as victims and losing parties in the Syrian war," Germany’s Telepolis magazine noted. "For this reason they will resort to provocations until the ceasefire is shattered."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported by http://en.trend.az/world/turkey/2501623.html:

This is the first such sale to Turkey by US defense contractors, and Ankara expects the transaction to be completed by 2020. Despite its continuing aggression, Turkey is a key NATO ally, so Washington’s complicity in Ankara’s actions do not come as a surprise.

As indicated, although the delivery of these weapons will not happen for another 4 years, the message it sends is, "Erdogan, please just continue to attempt to destabilize Syria, and we will reward you for it."

And Turkey's Prime Minister Davutoglu has stated very clearly that Turkey will not observe the cease-fire. As reported at http://www.trunews.com/turkey-says-they-wont-honor-syrian-ceasefire/?utm...

Turkey is declaring they will not honor the upcoming Syrian ceasefire, claiming dissatisfaction the agreement does not acknowledge the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia as a terrorist group. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu threatened that Ankara will take action against the Kurds if they deem it necessary, as reported by TRUNEWS. “The ceasefire is not binding for us when there is a situation that threatens Turkey’s security, we will take necessary measures against both the YPG [People’s Protection Units] and Daesh [Arabic acronym for Islamic State] when we feel the need to,” Davutoglu said to CNN Turk. The U.S., an ally of Turkey, considers the YPG to be an important key to winning the Syrian civil war, which has complicated the crisis. Turkey has been shelling the YPG, which operates near its border, fearing the Turkish Kurds (PKK) could get involved as they have sought autonomy for decades. The Russians believe Turkey is making things worse and accuses Ankara of having “imperial ambitions”, according to RT

Mar 02 07:59

Central Bankers Admit that Central Banks Have Failed to Fix the Economy

Between 2008 and 2015, central banks pretended that they had fixed the economy.

In 2016, they’re starting to admit that they haven’t fixed much of anything.

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But the bankers are richer than ever before! So that makes everything all right!

Mar 02 07:59




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Mar 02 07:52

Widespread Reports In Texas Of Voting Machines Switching Votes From Trump To Rubio

Several voters in Austin would beg to differ, and they called into a local radio station to say that their votes for Donald Trump had been changed to Marco Rubio.

Austin radio station KLBJ (oh, the irony in those call letters!) had callers dialing into the “Todd and Don Show” with reports of voting machines incorrectly stating who they had voted for. One of the radio hosts remarked:

"That’s not good. You are the fourth person to call us in the past half hour to say they had that same problem. They voted for Trump but it popped up Rubio or somebody else.

"Something’s fishy. Something is going on strange."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 02 07:51

China rebukes Moody’s after it cuts nation’s debt outlook to ‘negative’ over uncertainty on economic reforms and fiscal risks

Credit-rating agency Moody’s downgraded its outlook on Chinese government debt from “stable” to “negative” on Wednesday, which triggered a strong rebuke from state media.

Moody’s cited uncertainty over the authorities’ capacity to implement economic reforms, rising government debt and falling foreign reserves as the reasons behind the downgrade.

However, the state-run news agency Xinhua called the agency’s decision a “misreading”.

In a commentary, it said the move was another “habitual” bearish view from “some Western institutions” on the Chinese economy, which did not evaluate China’s fiscal prudence “in a dynamic and developmental way”.

Wu Qing, a researcher at the research institute of finance at the State Council’s Development Research Centre, said the government debt was invested in the country’s new economic growth drivers, which would generate income.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is not the rating itself which concerns me so much, but the timing of the rating, at a moment when the US appears to be heading toward a potential military confrontation with the China over the South China Sea, over which China claims a large stake, including the disputed Spratley Islands, and several other islands, claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam.

Mar 02 07:48

Schoolboy error, Mr Mayor: German worthy embarrassed when he posts a screenshot of his internet browser to make a political point - but forgets to shut down all the porn site tabs

A German mayor was left embarrassed after a screenshot of his computer he used to make a political point revealed his penchant for 'punishment' pornography.

Mar 02 07:47

The "War on Terror" is a Massive Zionist Fraud

Kudos to Christopher Bollyn for refusing to let 9-11 slip down the memory hole
and mass murderers go unpunished.

In this article, Bollyn traces the origins of the "War on Terror" to the 1979 "Jerusalem Conference" where Neo Cons plotted to use "international terrorism" to enlist the West to advance Zionist world domination.

Mar 02 07:46

FLASHBACK - Lord James of Blackheath $15,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOO FRAUD EXPOSED February 16 2012

Mar 02 07:42

GlaxoSmithKline fined less than $100,000 for killing 14 babies during vaccine trials

In reacting to recent news that pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline accidentally dumped 12 gallons of live, concentrated polio virus into a Belgian river, it is important to remember that the company has a long history of safety violations in its vaccine business. In 2012, for example, an Argentinean judge found the company guilty of conducting illegal vaccine trials that led to the deaths of 14 babies.

Yet the company was fined only 400,000 pesos, at the time the equivalent of about $93,000. Two doctors involved in the trial were fined another 300,000 pesos each.

The company was found guilty of conducting trials on human beings (which is prohibited in Argentina) and of falsifying parental authorizations allowing the company to experiment on babies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"What are you complaining about? That works out to $950 per pound of baby! Way overpriced in our opinion!" -- Glax-O-smit-whine

Mar 02 07:41

Nato chief: Vladimir Putin 'weaponising' refugee crisis to 'break' Europe

Vladimir Putin is purposefully creating a refugee crisis in order to “overwhelm” and “break” Europe, Nato’s military commander in Europe said today.
Gen Philip Breedlove, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe and the head of the US European Command, said that President Putin and Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad had “weaponised” migration through a campaign of bombardment against civilian centres.

"Together, Russia and the Assad regime are deliberately weaponising migration in an attempt to overwhelm European structures and break European resolve," Gen Breedlove told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"These indiscriminate weapons used by both Bashar al-Assad, and the non-precision use of weapons by the Russian forces, I can't find any other reason for them other than to cause refugees to be on the move and make them someone else's problem," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me, but has General Breedlove gone absolutely barking mad, to make the accusation that Russia and Syria were creating "...weaponized migration"?!?!?

It is the US and the West which has been funding, supporting, and training ISIS for years, in an attempt, unsuccessfully to date, to create regime change in Syria.

Is it any wonder that Syrian moms, dads, and families want to be somewhere where the bombs are not falling, somewhere safe?!?

Without the US and West's intervention, there would be no stream of refugees, but of course, in classic US denial/style, Breedlove cannot, or will not, take responsibility for the degree to which US intervention in Syria has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in Syria, which has now come home to roost in Europe.

Mar 02 07:39

Blair benefited from classified intelligence while bidding for contracts, new biography claims

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair benefited from classified intelligence data while hunting for lucrative business deals with far-flung regimes, an explosive new biography claims.

The controversial book, which was authored by investigative journalist Tom Bower, paints a damning portrait of Blair’s conduct in and out of office. Titled ‘Broken Vows,’ it is due to be published later in March.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More proof that people in government use the secrets looted from you for personal gain.

Mar 02 07:38

Deaths reported after 7.9 quake strikes off Indonesia, tsunami warning issued

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Indonesia, killing an unconfirmed number of people. The country has issued a tsunami warning, the National Meteorolgical Agency reported.

The shallow quake led to multiple deaths, according to Indonesia's search and rescue agency.

Mar 02 07:37

Trump Dominates Super Tuesday, While Bernie Disrupts the Night Hillary Was Supposed to Lock Things Up

Bernie Sanders won four states—Vermont, Colorado, Oklahoma and Minnesota—far more than anyone expected in mainstream Democratic Party circles. As expected, Hillary Clinton won across wide swaths of the South—from Virginia to Georgia to Arkansas to Texas—doing well among Black and Latino voters. However, Sanders surprising wins outside Vermont show that Clinton’s candidacy has weak spots.

Mar 02 07:36

The lies about the 1967 war are still more powerful than the truth

In retrospect it can be seen that the 1967 war, the Six Days War, was the turning point in the relationship between the Zionist state of Israel and the Jews of the world (the majority of Jews who prefer to live not in Israel but as citizens of many other nations). Until the 1967 war, and with the exception of a minority of who were politically active, most non-Israeli Jews did not have – how can I put it? – a great empathy with Zionism’s child. Israel was there and, in the sub-consciousness, a refuge of last resort; but the Jewish nationalism it represented had not generated the overtly enthusiastic support of the Jews of the world. The Jews of Israel were in their chosen place and the Jews of the world were in their chosen places. There was not, so to speak, a great feeling of togetherness.

Mar 02 07:35

How Billionaires Use Non-Profits to Bypass Governments and Force Their Agendas on Humanity

As wealth becomes concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, the billionaire class is increasingly turning to foundations and non-profits to enact the change they would like to see in the world. Amid the rise of philanthrocapitalism, growing numbers of critics are raising serious questions about whether this outsized influence is doing more harm than good.

Mar 02 07:35

Erroneous CO emissions over California cause unrealistic CO concentration in GEOS-5 model

Elevated carbon monoxide (CO) concentrations over California in the GEOS-5 products since February 25, 2016, are incorrect. They are a consequence of unrealistic emissions derived from satellite observations of fires, which led to elevated concentrations of atmospheric CO (as well as other species).

Mar 02 07:33

What CHOICE? Hillary Clinton wants to take away women’s rights to say NO to mandatory vaccines that damage their children

Hillary Clinton claims to be pro-choice and supportive of women, minorities and children. So why does she condone the use of government power to strip away women's rights when it comes to vaccines?

Mar 02 07:31

Hidden helpers in the heroin trade

Mar 02 07:27

Lebanon presidential election session fails despite high turnout

Lebanon failed for a 36th time Wednesday to elect a new head of state due to a lack of quorum despite witnessing one of the highest lawmaker turnouts since March 8 launched it boycott of the vote nearly two years ago.

Mar 02 07:27

Bail-In Regulation To Blame For “Bank Turmoil” In EU?

The Financial Times recently looked at how the new bail-in resolutions in the EU, U.S. and most of the western world and asked whether they may be leading to “bank turmoil” and increased concerns about banks and the banking sector in the EU. As is typically the case with coverage of the bail-in regime, the important article was little noticed.

Mar 02 07:24

Eviscerating Yugoslavia: Nazis, Bilderbergers & Clinton Liars

NATO bombs rained down on Bosnia. The Croats went on a US-backed offensive. The Yugoslav government was forced into the US-sponsored Dayton Peace Accords, which rubber-stamped the partition of Yugoslavia. [18] In 1995 President Milosevic said he had been misled at Dayton by the US delegation, which was led by Clinton envoy Richard Holbrooke, former investment banker at Credit Suisse First Boston, the old Eastern Establishment opium bank that served as paymaster for the Kennedy and deGaulle hits and handled Richard Secord’s Lake Resources accounts.

Mar 02 07:23

UN Fears Global Food Crisis Due to Mass Bee Deaths

We’ve known for years that bee populations all across North America and Europe are collapsing at an alarming rate. Though science has yet to settle on a single cause for the bee deaths, the most likely culprit seems to be some of the pesticides we use on our crops; though it’s just as likely that there are multiple reasons for colony collapse disorder, and most of them are caused by human activity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And while the finger-pointing and blame-shifting continues apace, the Earth slides into a disaster.

Mar 02 07:22

Mad Berners accuse Bill Clinton of ruining Super Tuesday

Bill was alongside Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on Tuesday, greeting election workers and voters at the Holy Name Church, located in West Roxbury, Boston, according to MassLive. At the polling station, Clinton reportedly spoke with voters, posed for photos, smooched an old woman and purchased a cup of coffee. When a woman asked for a photo inside the polling station, Clinton said, "As long as we're not violating any election laws."

But perhaps he was! Massachusetts law prohibits vote solicitation within 150 feet of a polling station. Many claim, however, that Clinton, who visited four polling stations in the eastern part of the state on Tuesday, was much closer than that during some of his visits.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At one of those polling stations, Bill's security impeded access to the polling station for more than an hour.

Mar 02 07:22

Hillary Emails Betrayed Whereabouts of Murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens

An email containing the whereabouts and plans of murdered U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens passed through Hillary Clinton’s private server, dispatches released Monday in the final group of messages from Clinton’s emails reveal.

The email was actually first released last May but was contained in Monday’s batch as well, serving as a reminder that numerous emails sent to Clinton’s private address betrayed Stevens’ location while he was stationed in arguably one of the most dangerous zones in the world for an American diplomat.

The email in question was written Sunday, April 10, 2011 by State employee Timmy Davis and sent to the State email addresses of other employees, including Clinton’s then-foreign policy aide, Jacob Sullivan and Clinton’s senior aide.

Abedin forwarded the message to Clinton. At the time, Stevens was the U.S. envoy to the Libyan rebels.

The dispatch read:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please, tell me with a straight face: is this the candidate you can trust with American's nuclear weapons code, having pulled something like this, on an unsecured server?!?

Mar 02 07:17

Poroshenko, Elites Getting Filthy Rich Off the Backs of Ukrainians

Two years later, a destroyed economy, a ruined country, sovereignty sold to Brussels, thousands of innocent lives lost....all in order to live worse off than under Yanukovych

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No US intervention has ever improved the lives of the people.


Mar 02 07:16


German Prime Minister Angela Merkel has declared that she intends to continue a policy of attracting migrants to the country. She spoke about this in an interview with German television channel ARD. Merkel said the immigration crisis has been the biggest challenge during her time as Prime Minister, but she sees no other way out but to let more and more refugees into the country and to try to reach an agreement with Turkey, which is the main source of refugees. Merkel clearly opposed Austrian actions of restoring border controls, despite the fact that it led to a significant decrease in the influx of migrants in Germany. She said that there was nothing that could make her change her course - despite growing anger in Germany at her government's handling of the issue. According to a recent poll, 81% believes that her government has lost control of the migrant crisis.

Mar 02 07:16

Germany ‘threatens’ to scrap open-door policy ahead of EU-Turkey refugee crisis summit

Germany, the ultimate destination for most refugees, may soon start turning them away at its borders, if the number of entries does not drop. The Interior Minister had reportedly sent a strong message to the EU that the “time of waving the issue through is over.”

Mar 02 07:16


Saudi Arabia has acknowledged that the US-led anti-ISIS coalition has held a “political” discussion about a potential ground troop deployment in Syria. Riyadh’s statements have been criticized by Damascus as destructive and a threat to regional security.

In an interview with Reuters, an aide to Saudi Arabia’s defense minister, Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri, confirmed that defense ministers from the anti-Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) coalition debated placing ground troops on the ground in Syria during a ministerial meeting in Brussels last month.

“It was discussed two weeks ago in Brussels,” Asseri said, clarifying that the discussions took place on the “political” level only without going into details of a potential “military mission.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A US/Saudi/Turkish invasion of Syria, in order to oust Assad, would be madness of the highest order, because it would, ultimately, mean war with Russia, which will not back down from its commitment to the Al-Assad regime.

I would strongly caution President Obama to avoid this scenario as though it were the plague, and work with Russia on a diplomatic solution.

But unfortunately, the US economy is in industrial-strength meltdown, and the US government needs a war upon which to blame both the horrific economic conditions in which way too many Americans find themselves, and the real unemployment numbers, which are ugly beyond belief.

Mar 02 07:15

Indonesia issues tsunami warning after 7.9 quake strikes off Sumatra

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Indonesia, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). The country has issued a tsunami warning, the National Meteorolgical Agency reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No tsunami warning has been issued here in Hawaii.

Mar 02 07:14


Turkey could join the European Union earlier than expected after its help in dealing with the 'disorderly' migrant crisis, Angela Merkel signalled today.

The German Chancellor arrived in Istanbul for talks with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on how to stem the flow of people from conflict in the Middle East.

Mar 02 07:14

Erdogan turns Turkey into zone of instability and dictatorship

Turkish President Recep Erdogan expressed his insubordination to the Turkish Constitutional Court. Will Erdogan eliminate those who disagree with him? He is confidently taking his country to destruction.

Mar 02 07:13

Control-freak Cameron demands to vet speeches planned by WORLD LEADERS to make sure they don't undermine his bid to keep Britain in the EU

Downing Street officials have demanded world leaders send them speeches that could affect the referendum campaign in advance so they can be vetted.

In an extraordinary bid to control what the public is told in advance of the vote, the Prime Minister's aides have asked that countries consult them and are careful not to say anything that could boost the Brexit side.

Mar 02 07:13

‘Uncontrollable radioactive flow’ from Indian Point continues to contaminate the Hudson River

No matter where you live, “uncontrollable radioactive flow” is not a phrase that you want to hear in relation to your local water source. Unfortunately for some towns located on the Hudson River, the Huffington Post reports that radioactive elements from the Indian Point nuclear power plant are most likely seeping right into the waterway and potentially contaminating the drinking water systems of several towns located along the river route.

Mar 02 07:12

Trump sweeps up SIX STATES in ‘Super Tuesday’ as he steamrolls his way to the White House

The billionaire hotelier vowed to “go after” Democrat frontrunner Hilary Clinton, who also pulled in a series of wins on ‘Super Tuesday’.

The firebrand said: “I am a unifier. Once we get all this finished, I'm going after one person – Hillary Clinton.”

Mar 02 07:09

Visualising U.S. Exports & Imports

Based on the data, the U.S. exported over $1.5 trillion and imported over $2.2 trillion in goods throughout 2015. This leaves leaves the U.S. with a negative balance of $735 billion!

Mar 02 07:07


A new in-depth report from The New York Times paints a damning portrait of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the US government’s involvement in the war in Libya. While there had been previous reports citing Clinton as leading the charge for the US to enter the war and overthrow former Libyan Leader Omar Gaddafi, the Times published a play-by-play story with on-the-record comments numerous current and former Obama Administration officials.

The most prominent of those on-the-record comments came from former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who claimed that the decision to go to war in Libya was heavily influence by Clinton. In fact, Gates says she made the difference in a “51-49” decision that ultimately destroyed the country of Libya and allowed ISIS to grab new territory in the Middle East.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF you really want more wars, more foreign policy disasters, and the return of the draft, please continue supporting this candidate!!!

Mar 02 07:04

Chemical Safety Bill Could Help Protect Monsanto Against Legal Claims

Facing hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits, the giant biotechnology company Monsanto last year received a legislative gift from the House of Representatives, a one-paragraph addition to a sweeping chemical safety bill that could help shield it from legal liability for a toxic chemical only it made.

Monsanto insists it did not ask for the addition. House aides deny it is a gift at all. But the provision would benefit the only manufacturer in the United States of now-banned polychlorinated biphenyls, chemicals known as PCBs, a mainstay of Monsanto sales for decades. The PCB provision is one of several sticking points that negotiators must finesse before Congress can pass a law to revamp the way thousands of chemicals are regulated in the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


If you are a US corporation, it must be great to be able to buy US legislators, and get them to protect you from the huge, vast evil it has done, and is still doing, with chemicals which are known carcinogens!!

Mar 02 06:56

M7.8 - Southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia

Mar 02 06:21

2 California sheriff's deputies charged with organizing inmate fight club

SAN FRANCISCO – Two Northern California sheriff's deputies and a former colleague were charged Tuesday with involvement in setting up jail inmates fights to gamble on them.

Former San Francisco Sheriff's deputy Scott Neu was charged with eight felonies and nine misdemeanors, including assault by an officer and criminal threats. Deputy Eugene Jones, 45, was charged with two felony counts of assault by an officer and three related misdemeanor counts.

Mar 02 06:04

Salmon caught near Seattle proven to be inundated with antidepressants, cocaine and more

(NaturalNews) We're all familiar with horror stories about juveniles on drugs, but normally it's humans that are involved, not fish. This case, however, involves juvenile chinook salmon who never had the chance to "Just Say No."

Disturbing new research has indicated that young salmon found in Puget Sound tested positive for more than 80 different drugs, including cocaine, antidepressants and dozens of other medications used by humans.

Mar 02 05:51


Facing hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits, the giant biotechnology company Monsanto last year received a legislative gift from the House of Representatives, a one-paragraph addition to a sweeping chemical safety bill that could help shield it from legal liability for a toxic chemical only it made.

Mar 02 05:51

Pennsylvania Bishops Covered Up Abuse of 'Hundreds of Children': AG

A scathing grand jury report released Tuesday details how two Catholic bishops of a small Pennsylvania diocese covered up cases of priests who preyed upon hundreds of young children — allowing sexual abuse to go unchecked or the offenders to return to work.

And the 147-page report, overseen by Pennsylvania's attorney general, blasted roughly 50 predator priests who acted as "wolves disguised as shepherds" over four decades.

Mar 02 05:27

Donald Trump drives GOP’s record turnout; Democrats lack enthusiasm

Republicans continued to shatter turnout records in their presidential primaries and caucuses Tuesday, while Democrats lagged behind in what analysts said was a clear indication of an enthusiasm gap heading into the general election.

(*And here's why . I never recall seeing a separate ballot for Democrats and another for Republicans , but then , maybe it always has been that way , I changed my affiliation to independent , once I became disillusioned with the present administration . I used to be a registered Democrat .
I know many who support Trump , but didn't switch their affiliation , so they were handed a Democrat ballot . What did they do ? They Voted For Bernie , or so they thought . I think the inability to be A Democrat For Trump could explain The Lack Of Enthusiasm on the Democratic end of the rink .
If you're a victim of this form of fascism , you need to get to your town hall , or wherever it is you register to vote , and switch to INDEPENDENT , as soon as you're able to .)

Mar 02 05:00

Clinton can’t count on Sanders’ supporters in November

‘Bernie or Bust’
More than 50,000 people already have signed up at the Revolt Against Plutocracy, pledging to vote for the Green Party candidate in the general election or write in Mr. Sanders’ name if Mrs. Clinton wins the Democratic nomination. Other groups, such as Grassroots Action for Bernie, are taking to social media, using Facebook and Twitter to try to get the “Bernieorbust” hashtag trending.

Even Sanders supporters not tied to the movement, or unaware of its existence, seem to agree with its principles, making one thing clear: The Democratic National Committee and Mrs. Clinton will have a hard time attracting many of Mr. Sanders’ voters.

“I will not be voting for Clinton if Sanders does not win the nomination,”>>>

Mar 02 04:48

Trump’s winning streak baffles GOP

Trump’s winning streak baffles GOP Losing Club for Losers
Republicans insisted that real estate developer Donald Trump sign their silly little pledge before they let them into their Losing Club for Losers. They said that unless he signed their pledge, he would run as a third party candidate if he did not win the nomination. He would hurt the party. He would fracture the vote and ensure whoever did win the nomination could never win the general election.

Being the bigger man, the adult in the room, the serious one among them, Mr. Trump signed their silly little pledge and officially joined the Losing Club for Losers.

Ever since, he has put on an clinic on how to win. How to win debates, how to win shouting matches, how to win news cycles, how to win insult face-offs. And how to win in polls and how to win in primaries.

He wins among rich and poor, whites and Hispanics, educated and uneducated. He is just winning so much that we are almost tired of winning already.


Mar 02 04:26

Facebook Latin America’s Boss Arrested In Brazil

Police in Sao Paulo have arrested Facebook’s most senior executive in Latin America in the latest clash between Brazilian authorities and the social media company its refusal to provide private information about its users to law enforcement.

A Tuesday news release says that Facebook’s vice president for Latin America, Diego Dzodan, was arrested on an order from a judge in the northeastern state of Sergipe. Dzodan is accused of ignoring a judicial order in a secret investigation involving organized crime and drug trafficking.

The decision by Judge Marcel Montalvao follows the company’s refusal to surrender user information from the WhatsApp messaging service, an application Facebook bought in 2014.


Mar 02 03:42

Super Tuesday Results: The Trump Nightmare Continues

Mathematically, it should be pointed out, Trump can still be denied. If Cruz or Rubio dropped out today and the non-Trump forces united behind the remaining one of those two candidates, there are enough delegates left in Florida, Ohio, New York, and California for someone else to win the Republican nomination—or, at least, to force a floor fight at the Party convention, in Cleveland. But given the scale of Trump’s victories during the past few weeks, and given the fact that Cruz and Rubio both seem certain to keep going for a while, he is close to becoming the presumptive nominee. A win over Rubio in Florida, on March 15th, would give him that status.

After yesterday’s votes, only Trump has won primaries (or caucuses) in three regions of the country: the South, the West, and the Northeast. He combines an outsider’s aura with the ability to draw support from several different parts of the Republican coalition and to bring in new voters.

(*Nightmare ? What kept me tossing and turning all night was the idea of Punk @$$ Rubio 'winning' through vote fraud )

March 1, 2016

Mar 01 22:37

More than a third of people shot by LAPD in 2015 mentally ill: report

Over the next year, he said 1,100 officers will undergo extensive training on dealing with people who are mentally ill, including working with mental health professionals to learn to de-escalate situations, Moore said...Of 38 people actually struck by bullets, 14, or 37 percent showed signs of mental illness, the report said. By comparison, just 19 percent of those shot by police had indications of mental illness in 2014, the report said.

Mar 01 19:54

Former DEA Agent Exposes US Government’s Role in Cocaine Epidemic

Waking Times

There is an epidemic of cocaine, heroin, and other drug use in America, and many other drugs are being shipped into the US in greater numbers than ever before. Are the United States government and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to blame for flooding American communities with cocaine in the 1970’s by covertly supporting the Latin American drug trade?

Mar 01 19:52

Medical Marijuana Legalized on Entire Continent of Australia

Waking Times

Australia’s population is roughly 23 million – while the US has approximately 318 million potential medical marijuana patients. All the same – lawmakers in the country have just legalized medical marijuana for the entire country, with a vote made by the Australian Parliament last Wednesday.

Mar 01 19:46

Taking Apart Psychiatry: Fraud-Kings of the Mind

Waking Times

Promoting diabolically false science, psychiatry creates a gateway for defining many separate states of consciousness that don’t exist at all. They’re cheap myths, fairy tales.

Mar 01 19:42

The U.S. oil slick is getting wider: Oil boom going bust

Only about a week ago, one reader scoffed at me because oil prices had stabilized (or so the market theory d’jour went). The big stock market crash I had predicted had run its course, he thought. The Saudis and Russia had entered a deal on oil, and Iran was coming on board; the stock market was back up as a result. Everything was normalizing again. Whew! He could write off the doom-and-gloomers.

Mar 01 18:36

Bill Clinton appearance blocking a voting poll!!!

This is so corrupt!! Mayor of New Bedford, MA campaigning for Hillary and blocking this voting poll!!! No one has come here to vote in the 2 hours I've been here by the door!!

Mar 01 18:33


Former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova is confident Department of Justice prosecutors have convened a grand jury in the Hillary Clinton email case, based on comments from Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Lynch was interviewed Monday on Fox News’ “Special Report with Brett Baier.”

DiGenova, who was U.S. attorney for Washington, D.C., for four years, during which time he handled cases involving international drug smuggling, espionage, insider trading, public corruption, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and more, also told WND he was confident the FBI is in the process of developing a solid criminal case against Hillary Clinton.

If there’s no prosecution, said diGenova, who served as chief counsel for the Senate Rules Committee as well as counsel to the Senate Judiciary, Government Affairs and Select Intelligence committees, there will be “an eruption you cannot believe” within the intelligence community.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forget the intelligence community. If there is no prosecution of Hillary the entire populace will erupt!

Mar 01 18:27

Trump Insider: Texas & Ohio Ripe For Election Fraud

Mar 01 18:24

European Banks: Defaults Are Inevitable

Mar 01 18:16

An Essential Citizen’s Guide To The Truth About GM Crops And Food

Before the internet, you had to head down to the library and try to access certain books and journals to get the information you required. If you were lucky, the publications were in stock and not out on loan; if not, you would have to go on a waiting list or search through what was available on the shelves. And the fact it took months or even years for a text to finally end up in print often meant certain information could already be outdated as soon as it hit the shelves. What now takes two minutes to access on the web, could have taken weeks to access before.

Mar 01 18:07

Brokered Conventions And Party Breaks Ups Would Make Tuesday Truly Super

Glen Ford, executive editor and founder of BlackAgendaReport.com was back for this installment of The Ford Report in which he talked about the potential value to progressive movements should Trump and Sanders supporters break from their parties.

Mar 01 18:04

BREAKING: Second Wound Discovered On Dead Clinton Attorney – It Wasn’t A Suicide

Back in 1993, a close friend of the Clintons and a member of Bill’s White House counsel named Vince Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park in the Washington, D.C., area, apparently the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

According to Conservative Tribune, two researchers think they have found a second gunshot wound on Foster’s body, possibly from a different caliber gun. Researchers Hugh Turley and Patrick Knowlton have cited documents buried in the National Archives that were drawn up by a federal prosecutor involved in the original investigation. This prosecutor believed the second wound proves Foster was murdered.