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"If Congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given to be used by themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations." -- President Andrew Jackson



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Nov 14 09:04

New Mexico: Another Democrat Wins Congressional Seat After 8,000 Votes Were Found in a Warehouse

And after narrowly losing the congressional race to Democrat Xochitl Torres Small in Tuesday’s election, Herrell showed up on President Donald Trump’s favorite TV network Saturday. The state legislator told a Fox News host that she isn’t conceding to Torres Small, and she questioned the counting of absentee ballots that provided the final margin of victory for her opponent.

According to Herrell, an hour after some media outlets called the race and she gave her victory speech, the Secretary of State’s office called and said, “They had magically found 4,000 ballots that had not been counted.” She said about an hour and a half later, the office said there were an additional 4,000 ballots.

The Secretary of State’s office said the election was fair.

Nov 14 09:02

Why the most expensive military ever still can’t win a war

I can’t remember what they decided to spend the money on. But they definitely used it. He said he would often come across unused equipment in the Pentagon that seemed out of place… and conclude that it must have been to eat up budget surpluses.

This anecdote shouldn’t be surprising. The military only seems to pinch pennies when it comes to taking caring of veterans who have sacrificed their physical and mental health for the Pentagon.

The Air Force spent $300,000 over the last few years on coffee mugs. But these aren’t just any coffee mugs. These attach to an airplane’s control panel, and keep the coffee hot! Soup too–they will keep soup hot as well. Quite versatile.

And each mug only costs $1,200. Which is strange, since I remember my dad getting a similar device for Christmas one year that plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car. And I can’t imagine my mom spending more than $29.95 on such a gift.

Nov 14 09:01

MSNBC's Eddie Glaude: "I Overestimated White People," I Didn't Think They Would Put Trump In Office

Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. said he "overestimated" white people in 2016 and didn't think they would put someone like Donald Trump in office. Glaude expressed fear of a Trump loss and what the president and his supporters will do. He also accused the president of "doubling down" on the rhetoric that caused the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting by introducing the Fourteenth Amendment to the discussion.

"Nothing is going to get better after this midterm," Glaude said Wednesday on MSNBC. "Everything is going to get more intense, and it may even get worse. But let me say this. Not only did he not do all the things you just laid out. He introduced birthright citizenship. He doubled down. He doubled down on what motivated them to go in there and kill 11 people. He doubled down like a moral monster."

Nov 14 09:00

Fox News Launches Twitter Boycott Over Handling of Tucker Carlson Video

Fox News went dark on Twitter starting last Thursday, reportedly over the social media platform’s slow response in taking down a tweet showing the home address of the cable network’s host Tucker Carlson.

The Hill reported the incident precipitating the Fox boycott on Twitter was when a left-wing group called Smash Racism DC, which is associated with antifa, converged on Carlson’s home in Washington, D.C., last Wednesday night.

Smash Racism tweeted video of the incident and wrote, “BREAKING. Activists ring doorbell, hold protest at the Washington D.C. area home of @TuckerCarlson, racist, sexist, bigoted FOX News personality. So far no one has opened the door.”

Nov 14 09:00

Student beats up, attempts to strangle teacher as French school violence hits headlines again

Just as France calmed down after the case of a student threatening a teacher with a ‘gun’ in class went viral, another scandal has hit the suburbs of Paris after a student beat and attempted to strangle his teacher at a school.

The violent incident took place at a vocational high school in the Bezons commune earlier in November, when a 16-year-old attacked his math professor after he told him to leave the class.

Nov 14 08:58

Tomb of French Nazi collaborator vandalized after Macron sparks outcry over his praise

After widespread backlash over President Emmanuel Macron’s praise for a top military chief-turned Nazi collaborator, it looks like locals just don’t want Marshal Philippe Petain to rest in peace, as his tomb has been vandalized.
The military chief’s tomb on Yeu Island was defaced last weekend, as its wooden cross was torn apart and “For my father” was scrawled in black on its surface, French news outlet Le Parisiene reports. It is the third time that the tomb has been damaged. It was first defaced in 2007 and then again in 2016.

Nov 14 08:58


On the eve of the November 11th elections in Donbass, the mood was tense. Citizens and the people’s militias were aware of credible reports from intelligence, that Ukrainian forces planned to attack on the evening of November 10th or the day of the elections, November 11th. But a massive public media campaign conducted primarily through social media, alternative media, and numerous phone calls from citizens to OSCE representatives, as well as the diligent work of journalists and analysts such as Dr. Popov, turned the tide.

Nov 14 08:57

Poll shows Timoshenko as Ukraine’s presidential frontrunner, while Poroshenko struggles

Former Prime Minister and leader of the Batkivshchina Party, Yulia Timoshenko, is the frontrunner in Ukraine’s forthcoming presidential election, a joint survey by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS), the Razumkov Center and Rating pollster showed on Tuesday.

"Twenty-one percent of those who’ve made their choice and plan to go out and vote are ready to support Yulia Timoshenko. That being said, actor Vladimir Zelensky is backed by 11%, while Pyotr Poroshenko got 10%, along with Civil Position Party leader Anatoly Gritsenko also with 10% Meanwhile, Co-Chairman of the Opposition Block Yuri Boiko is backed by 9%, Radical Party leader Oleh Lyashko 8%, singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk 6%, and leader of opposition party Ours, Evgeny Murayev, is supported by 5% The rating of other candidates is less than 5%," according to KIIS.

Nov 14 08:56

Political Crisis In Israel: Defense Minister Resigns, Slams Netanyahu For “Surrendering to Hamas”

Nov 14 08:41

Political Crisis In Israel: Defense Minister Resigns, Slams Netanyahu


Nov 14 08:39

video --rambles incoherently -- Brenda Snipes, asked if her history has bearing on her ballot handling in FL

Snipes cannot count the number of times she has broken election laws. Counting is not her thing.

Nov 14 08:38

US-Led Coalition Used Cluster Munitions During Strikes on Deir Ez-Zor - Reports

The strikes were the second reported instance of US-coalition forces carrying out deadly strikes in the town of al-Sha'afa, Der ez-Zor this week, with Syrian media earlier reporting that over 60 civilians had been killed or injured in deadly coalition airstrikes in the town on Monday.

The US-led coalition resorted to the use of cluster munitions in airstrikes on the towns of al-Sha'afa and Hajin, the Syrian Arab News Agency has reported, citing local media and civilian sources.

The news follows reports from earlier this week that over 60 civilians were killed or injured by a US-led coalition airstrike in al-Sha'afa, Der ez-Zor province this week, along with a separate attack in the city of Hajin earlier this month, which reportedly killed over 15 civilians, mostly women and children.

Nov 14 08:37

Iran Has 'Credible' Info on Saudi Plan to Kill Top Officials – Foreign Minister

Over the weekend, The New York Times cited three unnamed sources as saying that top Saudi intelligence officials had discussed the possibility of killing Iranian “enemies” by hiring private operatives. Saudi authorities haven’t commented on the report yet.

In an interview with Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, a London-based pan-Arab media outlet, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif claimed that Tehran was aware of Saudi Arabia’s alleged plans to have senior Iranian officials killed.

“Tehran had credible information on this,” Zarif said.

Nov 14 08:36

Lawless Britain: Thugs wield machete in broad daylight in Birmingham

Images of a horrifying knife crime in Britain have surfaced online showing thugs wielding machete attacking a young man in the second largest city of Birmingham.

Tabloid newspapers published the video on their websites on Tuesday, showing violent scenes of an attack in broad daylight in Birmingham where a group of attackers chased, kicked and slashed a young victim with machetes in front of passer-bys.

The newspapers ran headlines like “lawless Britain” or “bloodbath Britain” to highlight the attack which comes amid a surge in violent knife crimes and other methods of brutal attack in Britain’s large cities.

Nov 14 08:36

US Congress Wants to Cut Off Aid to Saudis Over Khashoggi, Yemen War

Earlier, Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton said that the recently released audio recording allegedly depicting the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in no way implicated the top leadership in Riyadh in the crime.

The Senate is working on legislation to cut off all US assistance to Saudi Arabia for the war in Yemen, and in reaction to Riyadh's response to the killing of a dissident journalist, Republican Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Corker has said.

According to the senator, the resolution targeting the Saudis could be voted on before the end of the year.

"Senators are looking for some way to show Saudi Arabia the disdain they have for what has happened, with the journalist, but also concerns about the way Yemen has gone," Corker said, speaking to Reuters on Tuesday.

Nov 14 08:36

video No Wonder Trump Calls Them The Enemy of the People.

Nov 14 08:30

Joy in Gaza, anger in Israel after ceasefire

A ceasefire announced on Tuesday brought an end to more than 24 hours of airstrikes across Gaza and a massive barrage of mortars and missiles into southern Israel.

Palestinians held mass rallies across Gaza following the ceasefire:

Nov 14 08:29

Neil Young Blasts Trump After He Loses Home To Wildfire

>>>the conflagrations in Southern California are urban interface fires, meaning they have nothing to do with forest management, as a local fire association pointed out.


Nov 14 08:29

CNN's Jim Acosta's actions to Trump don't represent the best of journalism

We want journalists to ask questions and seek truth. But Jim Acosta’s encounter Wednesday at a White House press conference was less about asking questions and more about making statements. In doing so, the CNN White House reporter gave President Donald Trump room to critique Acosta’s professionalism.

In this time of difficult relations between the press and the White House, reporters who operate above reproach, while still challenging the power of the office, will build credibility.

This is in no way a defense of Trump’s suspension of Acosta’s White House press credentials. Rather, it’s a caution to not hand your critic the stick to beat you with.

Nov 14 08:28

The Role of Poultry Viruses in Human Cancers

The incidence of cancers has been rising for the last half century, and the question is why? Up to 20 percent of all cancers are caused by infectious agents, chiefly viruses. We’ve known this was possible for a century, when a cancer-causing virus was discovered in chickens. The idea was considered such heresy that Dr. Peyton Rous, the man who made this landmark discovery, wouldn’t get his Nobel Prize until 55 years later.

Nov 14 08:28

Polar bear numbers are so HIGH they threaten native Inuit populations, claims controversial Canadian government report bitterly contested by environmentalists who have made creature the icon of global warming

Polar bear numbers are so high they threaten native Inuit populations, a controversial Canadian government report has found.

The animals, which have become one of the enduring symbols of the environmental cause, are growing in such numbers that they cannot currently safely co-exist with humans in northern Canada, the report suggested.

But the findings have been bitterly contested by environmental scientists who say that climate change has simply pushed the bears closer to humans as they search for food.

Nov 14 08:27

Why cryptojacking malware is a bigger threat to your PC than you realise

Cryptocurrency mining malware has been one of the most prolific forms of malicious software distributed by cyber criminals throughout 2018, but given how some view it as relatively benign compared with other more damaging attacks like ransomware and trojans, it's occasionally overlooked as a threat.

However, cryptojacking malware - which secretly hijacks the processing power of infected machines to mine for cryptocurrency on behalf of the attacker - is still ultimately a form of malware and users can't afford to be complacent about it.

That's because cryptocurrency miners give attackers a foothold into PCs which can be exploited to deliver more damaging malware in future, security firm Fortinet has warned in its latest threat landscape report - noting that underestimating cryptojacking places organisations under heightened risk.

Nov 14 08:26

Southern California's deadly wildfire roars back to life and burns through 50 acres in 30 MINUTES fanned by hurricane-force winds as statewide death toll climbs to 50

Two deadly wildfires continued to burn largely out of control in California on Wednesday - driven by tinder-dry conditions and hurricane-strength winds.

In the south, the Woolsey Fire ripped through 50 acres in the Santa Monica Mountains in 30 minutes on Tuesday morning as gusts of 85mph caused a flare-up, even as thousands of people were allowed back to their homes.

Meanwhile in the north, six more bodies were found among the ashes of Paradise - a town completely incinerated by the fire - bringing the death toll from that fire alone to 48, the deadliest in state history.

The state-wide death toll now stands at 50, including a couple who died in the Woolsey Fire, though more than 200 people are still unaccounted for.

Nov 14 08:22

Trump Nominates Neomi Rao to Replace Brett Kavanaugh

President Trump has nominated Neomi Rao, administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), to fill Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s seat on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

It’ll be interesting to see how Democrats go about trying to destroy an Indian-American nominee simply because she was nominated by Trump.

Nov 14 08:21

How ZTE helps Venezuela create China-style social control

Chinese telecoms giant ZTE is helping Venezuela build a system that monitors citizen behavior through a new identification card. The "fatherland card," already used by the government to track voting, worries many in Venezuela and beyond.

Nov 14 08:19

Group of advertising executives claim they lost their jobs because they are 'white, male, straight and British' after director announced plans to 'obliterate' the Mad Men culture

A group of “white, male, straight, British” executives have claimed they were victims of discrimination after being made redundant by one of London’s top advertising agencies.
They reportedly lost their jobs at J Walter Thompson (JWT) agency in the summer following a speech by creative director Jo Wallace saying she wanted to “obliterate” its reputation as a “Knightsbridge boys’ club”.

Nov 14 07:48

Heartbreak of Britain's homeless teens: Young girls reveal how they walk the streets all night because they are too scared to sleep rough

Stacey Dooley has uncovered the heartbreaking reality of the lives of homeless teenager, including girls who walk the streets at night because they're too scared to sleep rough and an 18-year-old whose 'home' is a tent under a filthy railway bridge.
The presenter took to the streets for a BBC Children in Need special, which airs tonight, to meet with young people who are trying to survive as best they can with no home or family support.

Nov 14 07:45

Red Flag Gun Laws: Yet Another Government Weapon for Compliance and Control

Nov 14 07:19

Germany in REVERSE: German economy SHRINKS for first time since 2015

Europe's biggest economy was dented by lower consumer spending and disruption to levels of car production, caused by new pollution tests that were introduced back in September.

Gross domestic product (GDP) stumbled by 0.2 percent between July and September, the Federal Statistics Office said on Wednesday.

It marked the first quarter-on-quarter fall for Germany since 2015 and raised fears that a near-decade-long expansion is crumbling from the inside.

The economy grew by 1.1 percent from July to September in the same period last year.

Nov 14 06:12

Saudi Intelligence Met with Trump Admin and Mossad To Discuss Iran Sabotage and Assassinations

A plan to use private intelligence operatives to sabotage Iran was developed by Trump confidant George Nade and Joel Zamel, an Israeli known for his “deep ties” to Israeli intelligence and security agencies.

Nov 14 05:42

What’s the Truth About Those “Re-education” Camps in China?

With the recent media coverage surrounding China’s alleged re-education camps, many Americans are having a knee-jerk reaction, both pro and con, to the claims by Western MSM outlets regarding the nature of the Chinese police state in Xinjiang.

Is China really operating a network of concentration camps or is it really just arresting terrorists and trying to get a handle on the growing terrorist threat in the province? Is it really providing “vocational” training or is it attempting to push state indoctrination into the minds of an entire ethnic group?

Nov 14 05:35

Iran Dismantles 5 Int'l Drug Trafficking Gangs

The intelligence ministry disbanded five international drug trafficking bands in Northwestern Iran, seizing a considerable amount of heroin.
The intelligence ministry forces in the West Azarbaijan province dismantled five drug trafficking bands in a series of operations, the ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

It noted that over six tons of required materials for producing heroin and 385kg of heroin has been seized in operations, adding that 11 people some of them with European citizenship have been arrested in this connection.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are two origins of producing and trafficking of various types of narcotic in the region.


Nov 14 05:26


Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigns in protest against Gaza ceasefire
Avigdor Lieberman announces resignation in protest against Gaza ceasefire with Hamas, making early elections likely.

"Despite the difference in opinion, I tried to stay a faithful member of the government for as long as possible … but it has failed," Lieberman said.

He said he also fiercely objected to Israel's allowing Qatar to deliver $15m in aid to Gaza last week.


Nov 14 03:45

Trump appoints John Abizaid as new ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Appointment of former army general John Abizaid comes after nearly two years of US ambassadorial absence in Riyadh.

US President Donald Trump has named a former army general with long experience in the Middle East as ambassador to Saudi Arabia, a post that has been vacant since Joseph Westphal left in January 2017.
The 67-year-old's appointment, which will have to be approved by the Senate, comes at a time when relations between the longstanding allies are being put to the test following the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.


Nov 14 02:41

New hurdle arises in Pelosi’s march to speakership

Democrats in the Problem Solvers Caucus are proving to be the latest hurdle to Rep. Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) rise to the Speakership.

Ten Democrats in the bipartisan, 48-member group are vowing to withhold their support for Pelosi - or any other Speaker nominee - unless the candidate commits, in writing, to certain changes in House rules designed to empower rank-and-file lawmakers and break partisan gridlock.
If some Republicans cross the aisle and back Pelosi for Speaker, they will have some cover from the White House. A day after Republicans' midterm drubbing, Trump endorsed Pelosi for Speaker and even suggested some Republicans should vote for her.

"In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats," Trump tweeted. "If they give her a hard time, perhaps we will add some Republican votes. She has earned this great honor!"


(*REMEMBER THAT: 10 Democrats oppose her , Trump suggested Republicans vote for her .
Even though Republicans and Democrats alike have made the usage of FACTS irrelevant in most cases )

Nov 13 19:24

California wildfire rips through nuclear waste site, fueling airborne toxin risk concerns

Nov 13 18:07

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four — How About GMO Potatoes No More

By Catherine J. Frompovich

What’s the main selling point of the GMO potato? Its flesh stays white and doesn’t oxidize when cut. It doesn’t turn green, brown or black when exposed to air or light, or when it’s bruised or diseased. The genetically engineered trait, which prevents the potato’s natural discoloration was achieved by silencing the potato’s melanin gene...

Nov 13 17:28

Florida Rep. Deutch: Rick Scott recount behavior 'dangerous'

because of his “attempts to cast doubt on our elections.

Nov 13 17:16

LauraLoomer v MSNBC @AriMelber

WATCH: Protesters Chant ‘Trump!’, ‘Fake News!’ at MSNBC’s Ari Melber During Chaotic Live Show in Broward County

Nov 13 17:14

Call for UK ban on 'grotesquely sugary' freakshakes

Freakshakes are milkshakes that also contain chocolates, sweets, cake, cream and sauce.

The Toby Carvery Unicorn Freakshake came top of the survey with 39 teaspoons of sugar or 1,280 calories.

That is more than half the daily recommended amount of calories for an adult and over six times the amount of sugar recommended for seven to 10-year-olds.

In terms of sugar, it is the equivalent of drinking more than five cans of cola.

Nov 13 17:11

'Ugly' mistake sends Google data to China

Google data for search and cloud services went astray for more than an hour on Monday thanks to an "ugly" mistake by an African ISP.

The data was sent the wrong way when MainOne Cable, in Nigeria, updated address books for key network hardware.

The update saw it claim to be the best way to reach millions of Google net addresses.

The mistake spread to other networks and led to Google traffic travelling via China and Russia.

In a tweet, MainOne said the mistake had been made during a "planned network upgrade".

It added: "The error was corrected within 74 minutes and processes put in place to avoid reoccurrence."

Nov 13 17:09

Things are about to get Fun and Scary

Nov 13 17:09

Poland to Break with EU by 2020?

Nov 13 16:49

When you inadvertently say the quiet part out loud

Schumer: “The more time that passes since Election Day, it’s looking even better and better for Democrats. “