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"If there are those who think we are to jump immediately into a new world order, actuated by complete understanding and brotherly love, they are doomed to disappointment. If we are ever to approach that time, it will be after patient and persistent effort of long duration. The present international situation of mistrust and fear can only be corrected by a formula of equal status, continuously applied, to every phase of international contacts, until the cobwebs of the old order are brushed out of the minds of the people of all lands." -- Dr. Augustus O. Thomas, president of the World Federation of Education Associations, quoted in the book International Understanding: Agencies Educating for a New World


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Sep 26 06:22

In Auschwitz open your eyes and don't listen to the guides

Vincent Reynouard explains what to look for when visiting Auschwiz

(Note: Here is an interesting expose on the psychological "conditioning" tactics used on children to emotionally manipulate them into accepting the BIG LIE of "THE Holocaust(TM)" . . .

. .. rather than giving them the critical thinking skills to analyze the claims and images logically and rationally.

In French with English subtitles. (turn on the cc).)

Sep 26 06:13

Syria Claims Tacit Deal Between US, Russia On Ending War

In an interview on Syrian state media today, top Syrian government adviser Bouthaina Shaaban claimed that there is a “tacit agreement” between the US and Russia on coming to some sort of agreeing on the ongoing civil war, and that some sort of negotiated settlement could happen soon.

Sep 26 06:03

Precrime: Predictive Policing Program Aims to Pinpoint Those Most Likely to Commit Crimes

The strategy, known as predictive policing, combines elements of traditional policing, like increased attention to crime “hot spots” and close monitoring of recent parolees. But it often also uses other data, including information about friendships, social media activity and drug use, to identify “hot people” and aid the authorities in forecasting crime. The program here has been named the Kansas City No Violence Alliance, or KC NoVA. And the message on that June night to Mr. Brown and the others was simple: The next time they, or anyone in their crews, commit a violent act, the police will come after everyone in the group for whatever offense they can make stick, no matter how petty.
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Sep 26 05:26

Woman Refuses to Lie to IRS on Federally Prepared Tax Return - Jailed for Contempt

The Constitution and human rights under assault in the USA by the State. Who would have thought it could happen here? From the article:

"Here's the problem in all of this, Mrs. Hendrickson was not charged with tax evasion nor was she charged with falsifying her tax returns. She was charged with contempt of court because she would not sign a document that she did not believe to be true." Read more at:



September 25, 2015

Sep 25 22:22

Russian Jets Strike ISIL Positions in Syria's Aleppo

TEHRAN (FNA)- Military sources said that the Russian Air Force launched a series of airstrikes above Aleppo's Eastern countryside, targeting the ISIL terrorist group's positions along the Deir Hafer-Aleppo Highway while the Syrian Army attacked the terrorist group on the ground, Arab media reports said.

Sep 25 21:22

Iran’s ‘take’ on Russian build-up in Syria

Things were going splendidly for Israel until Russia arrived on the scene as the great ‘spoiler’.

The first detailed Iranian commentary on the Russian military build-up in Syria appeared in a Fars news agency piece.

The Iranian interpretation runs counter to the story being spread by Israel and right-wing American propagandists that the Russian forces intend to join the war in Syria.

The Israeli media even claimed that the Russian intervention in Syria is in active collaboration with the so-called Quds Force of the IRGC. The Israeli disinformation aims to put pressure on the Barack Obama administration not to coordinate with Russia over Syria.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Sep 25 20:55

We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter and Now Owe $203,000 to His Ammo Dealer

We have been getting a lot of questions about our lawsuit against Lucky Gunner, the online company that sold ammunition to the man who murdered our daughter Jessica along with 11 others in an Aurora, Colorado, theater. Especially after the Rachel Maddow Show covered us twice, people ask us about the judge's order that we pay Lucky Gunner's attorneys' fees, since our lawsuit was unsuccessful.

Sep 25 18:48

Kentucky counties that banned alcohol have significantly higher meth problems

"Dry counties" that prohibit alcohol sales seem to have a bigger meth problem than other counties.
That's the thought-provoking conclusion of a new paper by researchers at the University of Louisville. In the state of Kentucky, some counties ("dry") prohibit alcohol sales completely. Others allow it only within certain municipalities ("moist,") or don't place restrictions on alcohol sales at all ("wet").

Sep 25 18:09

Thumpathumpthump, Here Come Trump: Pols Have Knickers in Knot

Posted on September 24, 2015 by Fred Reed

What is it that puzzles New York about Trump’s enormous appeal? . He does what so many of us desperately want. He takes no guff from the loathsome talking heads who have never baited a hook or worried about a mortgage payment or been bankrupted by the confluence of Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. He doesn’t whimper and wriggle and apologize like a puppy who has wet the rug after saying something that upsets the priss spigots. He says, perhaps in different words, what so many want to say. “Stick it where the sun don’t shine.”

It’s wonderful. The Beltway bastards just don’t know what to do about it.

Sep 25 17:05

Syria conflict: Hezbollah confirms truce in two areas

The Lebanese Shia militia Hezbollah has confirmed a six-month truce in fighting against anti-government rebels in two areas of Syria.

Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, said the truce would cover the town of Zabadani, near the Lebanese border, and two Shia towns in the north-east.

He said the deal was reached under UN auspices and with Iranian mediation.

Hezbollah has long been fighting alongside President Assad's forces to secure the Syrian border with Lebanon.

The deal will see anti-Assad fighters allowed to withdraw from Zabadani, which been under siege from pro-government forces backed by Hezbollah.

Sep 25 16:31

Number of U.S. Children in Poverty is Shocking

We’ve always known there are children in America living in poverty, but the actual number of children living in poverty might surprise you.

Sep 25 15:44

Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

Sep 25 15:23

Kentucky Politician Files Lawsuit Claiming a First Amendment Right to Accept Bribes

It’s a rare and precious moment when a politician does something which perfeclty demonstrates what he or she really thinks about democracy and power. This is one of those times.

Sep 25 15:23

The secret technology: the Russian nuclear industry has overtaken the whole world

Today Rosatom is the world's only structure, which has the whole production chain in the nuclear industry. So, can afford large-scale tasks. And in the future to reach the level of a global company. Russian nuclear scientists put into commercial operation a plant for the production of uranium-plutonium fuel.
Rostov nuclear power plant was commissioned two months ahead of schedule and already put into operation. To boast of "Rosatom" may not only a national success. Orders from foreign partners — that's 30 nuclear power units in 12 countries. And another ten projects are currently in the process of discussion. The biggest portfolio in the world is worth 300 billion dollars.

Sep 25 15:22

Israeli soldiers assault AFP team at West Bank demo

Beit Furik (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) - Two AFP journalists were assaulted Friday by Israeli soldiers who destroyed and seized their equipment in the occupied West Bank after the funeral of a Palestinian killed by the army.
A video journalist with the agency, Italian Andrea Bernardi, was thrown to the ground and jabbed in the side with a weapon.

Sep 25 15:11

Wake Up! The US Economy Is A Fraud


Sep 25 14:46

Debunking the "The Saudis did 9-11" nonsense!

And finally, here is some common sense that totally undermines the attempt to frame Saudi Arabia for 9-11. If Saudi Arabia really wanted to hurt the United States, they don't need to fly airplanes into skyscrapers to do it. All they have to do is ask for their money back, all at once. The resulting damage to the US financial system would make 9-11 look like a minor inconvenience in comparison.

And it would be perfectly legal for Saudi Arabia to ask for their money back.

Which is why we know that the claim that Saudi Arabia was behind 9-11 has no more basis in fact than the claim that Saddam had nuclear weapons or that Assad gassed his own people right in front of the UN chemical weapons inspectors.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently twitter is being flooded with claims that someone "leaked" the missing 28 pages from the 9-11 report that puts the blame for 9-11 on Saudi Arabia.

This article explains why this latest attempt to save Israel is just more bovine excrement.

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WRH Exclusive
Sep 25 14:43

Russia slams Poland for banning entry to sanctioned Crimean official

The Russian Foreign Ministry has criticized Poland for banning Georgy Muradov, the deputy head of the Council of Ministers of Crimea, from entering Poland to attend an OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM).
This is another unfriendly move by the Polish authorities that will lead to negative consequences, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement published on the ministry’s website on Friday.

Sep 25 14:38

Moscow urges US to abandon ideas of its impeccability in human rights issues

The United States should accord with reality its erroneous ideas of exceptionalism and impeccability in the issues concerning human rights, Russia's Foreign Ministry said on Friday in comments on the outcome of the Universal Periodic Review of Belarus, United States situation with human rights in the US.
"We would like to believe that Washington will take criticism from the international community and will eventually begin improving the situation with human rights within the United States," the ministry said. "To do so, [the country] should abandon mentor approaches to the others and to accord with reality its erroneous ideas about own exceptionalism and impeccability in the issues concerning human rights."

Owl 1

Sep 25 14:34

Kremlin denies foreign media reports on Russian army presence in Baghdad

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday denied reports by some foreign media that Russian servicemen are allegedly in Baghdad now where they are establishing a coordination center jointly with their Iraqi and Iranian colleagues.
"I have already said that there have appeared many reports that are untrue recently," Peskov said. Asked whether that report was such, he answered in the affirmative.

Sep 25 14:31

Tajikistan’s prosecution agencies claim rebel general was financed from abroad — media

Tajikistan’s state television said on Friday that rebel general Abdukhalim Nazarzoda and his associates, reportedly eliminated in a recent security sweep in the mountains, were financed from abroad. The television cited the prosecutor general’s office as saying that Nazarzoda’s followers had been financed from abroad. Nazarzoda, according to the prosecutor general’s office, had organized from 10 to 30 anti-government groups of up involving 300 people in all across the country. Among members of these groups were top-ranking officers from the Tajik defence ministry.



Sep 25 14:18

Institutions of Higher Indoctrination

Professor Janice Fiamengo, University of Ottawa, speaks about the negative effect that academic feminism has on freedom of speech. Examples of the increasingly drastic measures used to enforce adherence to policies imposed by gender ideologues clearly demonstrate the validity of Fiamengo's warning.

Sep 25 14:05

Ted Cruz Slams Outgoing John Boehner Over ‘Early Reports’ That He ‘Cut a Deal’ With Nancy Pelosi Before Resigning

Hours after House Speaker John Boehner announced that he would be resigning from Congress, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz added fuel to the fire by saying he’d heard “early reports” that Boehner cut a deal with Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to continue funding some of President Barack Obama’s most controversial measures.

Sep 25 14:02

False Flag Averted? Another Truck Carrying Uranium Caught Fire at Honeywell Plant

You probably didn’t hear about this one in the national news, but with everything else going on these days, it might be something to pay attention to, especially since it’s reportedly been happening a lot lately.

Last Sunday, a semi carrying uranium ore caught fire near the Honeywell Plant in Metropolis, Illinois. The fire began in the engine of the truck cab and was subsequently put out by the fire department. Officials stated that the truck was not at the facility itself and there was no immediate danger. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been notified.

No one was hurt and the fire didn’t spread, but how often are trucks carrying uranium just bursting into flames in this country??

Apparently it's the third time in four months something like this has happened at this location...

(read more)


Sep 25 13:32

The Biggest Silver & Gold Scam In History


Sep 25 13:16

FLASHBACK - GOP congressman launches bid to oust John Boehner as House speaker

A Republican congressman has filed a request to oust House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) in a new and unusual challenge to his leadership from the GOP's right flank.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like Boehner may have quit to save himself from being defeated in an election.


Sep 25 12:58

Saudi Prince Arrested on Charges of Sexual Assault in US

The 28-year-old Majed Abdulaziz Al Saud was arrested after he tried to force a worker at a Beverly Hills estate to perform oral sex, Los Angles Times reported.

Los Angeles police Officer Drake Madison quoted by local media said Al Saud was arrested but was released on a $300,000 bond the next day.

Sep 25 12:50

State Department Hands Over ‘New’ Hillary Clinton E-mails to Benghazi Panel

Foggy Bottom uncovers additional messages related to the oft-investigated attack. Why didn’t they find the e-mails sooner?

Sep 25 12:41

Hillary Did Not Turn Over All Work Email

Hillary Clinton says she turned over all work-related emails to the State Department, even certifying that under penalty of perjury to a federal judge in August.

Sep 25 12:40

Officials Uncover Proof Hillary Clinton Didn’t Turn Over All Work-Related Emails From Her Private Account

The revelation adds to the growing questions related to the Democratic presidential front-runner’s unusual usage of a private email account and server while in government.

The messages were exchanged with former top Gen. David Petraeus, beginning before Clinton entered office and continuing into her first days on the job.

Officials said they largely pertained to personnel matters and in no way dealt with classified material. But their existence challenges Clinton’s claim that she has handed over the entirety of her work emails from the account.

The Daily Beast also reported on Friday that the State Department has given a “handful” of new Hillary Clinton emails to the House panel investigating the 2011 Benghazi attacks.

A “senior State Department official” told the news outlet, “Following our second review of former Secretary Clinton’s emails… the Department is producing a small number of emails relating to Benghazi.”

Owl 2
Sep 25 12:31

Poroshenko's Hunger Games: How the 'Crimea plan' is Backfiring

Petro Poroshenko is either confused himself or he wants to confuse his overseas "curators". Anyway, he explained the goal of the Crimea’s trade blockade in such an intricate way that any hopes in the good judgment and common sense of the head of "independent" Ukraine, alas, are gone. According to Poroshenko, tons of food are rotting on the border with the Crimea the purpose of which is to bring the peninsula back under the sovereignty of Ukraine. That is, at first, by using bombs and shells the Kiev authorities tried to make Ukraine attractive for the residents of Donbas. Now, the Maidan regime beckons the Crimean by means of hunger... What kind of policy is that? How can people want to return to the country, whose authorities are dreaming of starving them to death or killing them?

Sep 25 12:30

Top Pope Advisor Says Vatican Will Not Divest From Fossil Fuels

Pace University's Chris Williams and IPS' Janet Redman discuss the Vatican's contradictory policy in light of the Pope's call to fight climate change

Sep 25 12:27

Can we negotiate with fascists?

How can we come to terms with fascists?! Some of them we will conditionally call "formalists," for whom it is important that everything is "in accordance with democratic norms and procedures" and "freedom of speech" is observed. The fact that they are totally divorced from reality uttering delusional gibberish is of no concern to them. Just like the fact that Hitler came to power democratically. The second type we will call "symbolists" for whom it is important that above their towns a rag of certain strictly defined colors is hanging or that everyone wears certain (archaic) clothes, or has the same hairstyle. For them it is a guarantee of happiness. When something is at odds with their ideas about the ideal, they experience deep frustration. We will refer to the third group as "consumers" who are interested only in the assortment and variety of sausages in the stores (and in their refrigerator too, although, quite often, it is paradoxically of secondary importance).

Sep 25 12:23

Video - Putin Politely Schools a UK Journalist

Putin answers a loaded set of misinformed questions from a UK journalist - John Simpson from the BBC - and the journalist gets a polite 5 minute schooling on the recent history of Russia-US bilateral relations and US military expansionism the process.

Sep 25 12:21

More work emails discovered in Hillary Clinton’s private account: Officials

Officials say the Obama administration has discovered a chain of emails that Hillary Rodham Clinton failed to turn over when she provided what she said was the full record of work-related correspondence as secretary of state.

The revelation adds to the growing questions related to the Democratic presidential front-runner’s unusual usage of a private email account and server while in government.

Sep 25 12:07

The real email question: Did Hillary Clinton sell US secrets?

While the media is focusing your attention on the shiny object that is her email server, the real story is not being told. The circumstantial evidence indicates that Hillary Clinton, or members of her inner circle with her connivance, purloined highly classified US intelligence and either sold it, traded it, or used it for personal gain. This is not a conspiracy theory and it is not hyperbole. Stick with me for a moment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More people are starting to ask if Hillary was selling US (and UN and foreign) secrets for "donations" to her "charitable" foundation!

Sep 25 11:54

China Opens 600-Feet-High Glass-Bottomed Bridge in Canyon That Inspired 'Avatar'

China has just opened its first glass-bottomed suspension bridge, and being nearly 600-feet-high and 1,000-feet-long, it definitely isn't for the faint of heart.

The high-altitude, transparent bridge opened this past Thursday in Zhangjiaje Grand Canyon in central China's Hunan province, according to Chinese newspaper, the People's Daily.

The canyon, which is a part of the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, reportedly inspired the world of James Cameron's "Avatar," the China Daily reported, adding that a sky column similar to one seen in the movie, was renamed "Avatar Hallelujah Mountain" in 2010.

Sep 25 11:39

Daily Mail: ‘Stench of death' around Rand Paul’s campaign, warn Republican insiders

Rand Paul could be the next Republican to quit the presidential race, GOP strategists say, if his fortunes don't turn around fast. Paul's campaign has the 'stench of death' around it, one strategist with senior level experience on a presidential campaign said, and another questioned the depth of his war chest

Sep 25 11:32

Tropical Storm Niala

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not expected to hit us.

Sep 25 11:29

Spontaneous-looking moment with girl, pope was staged

Sophie Cruz's brief encounter with Pope Francis during his parade in Washington this week appeared to be the kind of spontaneous moment that is so endearing about this pope: an initially hesitant young child wrapping an arm around his neck as he offers a kiss and a blessing.

But for 5-year-old Sophie, the moment unfolded as perfectly as it was scripted by members of a coalition of Los Angeles-based immigration rights groups. They had been preparing for nearly a year for the young girl from suburban Los Angeles to make a dash for the popemobile to deliver a message about the plight of immigrant parents living in the country illegally.

Owl 3
Sep 25 11:27

California Vaccine Refusers to Get “Court Order” or “CPS Visit” Under SB277

California Senate Bill 277 (SB277) is setting a dangerous precedent by removing medical consent from California school children in 2016. In addition, the bill appears to be in violation of the Nuremberg Codes for informed medical consent.

Sep 25 11:19

Confederate flag returns to Georgia license plates

The Confederate battle flag is making a return appearance to Georgia license plates. The specialty tag devoted to the Sons of Confederate Veterans will return after a minor redesign.

The state is saying as little as possible about this. Governor Deal is out of the country. And the state revenue department, which issues license plates, is only saying that it has had "positive conversations" about the plate with the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Sep 25 11:16

They’re Robbing Kids of Critical Thinking

Seattle public school teachers reached a tentative agreement with the school system after a five-day strike. As with most labor actions, there were a number of points at issue, but one of them was the question of basing teacher evaluations on student scores on standardized tests that are a source of frustration for growing numbers of teachers, parents and students.

Sep 25 11:15

FBI Arrests Chinese Millionaire Once Tied to Clinton $$ Scandal

The FBI has arrested a politically prominent Chinese millionaire, the alleged secret source of foreign money in a campaign finance scandal during the Clinton administration, on charges he lied about why he brought more than $4.5 million in cash into the United States over the last two years.

Ng Lap Seng was arrested in New York last weekend by FBI agents working with federal prosecutors assigned to the public corruption squad in the Southern District of New York, according to federal authorities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hope Seng will offer a deal to give evidence against the Clintons regarding Chinagate!

Sep 25 11:14

CPS Workers Are Now Being Stationed in Our Schools

Many of you reading this probably remember a time when seeing a school resource officer was a rare occurrence in public schools. It was one of those situations that was mainly reserved for crime ridden inner city schools. But as time went on, more and more police departments started employing officers whose chief responsibility was to watch our kids, even in districts with low crime rates. Now there are nearly 20,000 of these officers nationwide.

It turns out that we may be seeing the beginning of a similar trend in our public schools, but instead of police officers, it will be with employees from Child Protective Services. In Erie County, New York, the school districts have announced a new partnership with the Department of Social Services, that would allow CPS workers to show up in their schools several days a week. They will have to provide an office for the workers, who will be able to “streamline” their investigations into child welfare.

Sep 25 11:12

How US Made and Grew ISIS

The George W. Bush administration created many of today’s worst geopolitical problems. ISIS is one of them.

Sep 25 11:11

The Sneering at China’s President Xi

In mainstream U.S. media, it’s always a “safe play” for pundits to sneer at foreign leaders and countries that interfere with American hegemony, thus guiding the public toward unnecessary hostilities, a phenomenon now playing out in the treatment of China and President Xi, writes Dan Steinbok.

Sep 25 11:09

Female Priests Stage Die-In Outside D.C. Church Urging Pope Francis to Open Priesthood to Women

The pope’s visit has also drawn criticism over his position on women’s leadership within the church.

Sep 25 11:08

Hillary’s Tweet About Having a Muslim President Reminds Us the Obama Birther Movement Started with Her

It’s just weird that we live in a time when presidential candidates bicker with each other on a social media platform that has a 160-character limit.

In response to presidential hopeful Ben Carson answering a question about whether or not he thinks it would be okay to have a Muslim president with, “I absolutely would not agree with that,” Hillary Clinton tweeted this a few days ago:

Can a Muslim be President of the United States of America? In a word: Yes. Now let's move on. -H

Hm. That’s certainly an interesting comment that can be taken more than one way, and it just so happens to come from someone whose initial 2008 presidential campaign started the entire Obama birther movement to begin with.

(read more)

Sep 25 11:05

Gallup: 60% of Americans Want a New Political Party. But, Why?

A Gallup poll issued on September 25th is headlined “Majority in U.S. Maintain Need for Third Major Party,” and it opens: “A majority of Americans, 60%, say a third major political party is needed because the Republican and Democratic parties ‘do such a poor job’ of representing the American people.”

Sep 25 11:02

NATO Insists Kiev Implements Minsk Agreement

New sounds are being heard at NATO: for the first time, NATO criticizes not the arch-enemy Russia, but the Government in Kiev, which is funded by the EU, telling them to adhere to the Minsk agreements. Whether Kiev can be trusted to adhere to anything, is another question: The country’s extreme right have imposed a blockade of Crimea [contrary to Minsk] — without the government obstructing them at all. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has called upon Ukraine to implement the peace plan for the war zone in Donbass. “It is extremely important that Ukraine continue to implement all aspects of the Minsk agreements,” he said on Tuesday in Kiev. No other solution to the conflict exists. Stoltenberg was attending a meeting of the Ukrainian Security Council, the first NATO chief to do so. He then signed an agreement on a planned NATO representative in Kiev.

Sep 25 11:01

Russia Checks Western Lies on Syria

You have to hand it to Russia. In recent weeks, one move after another by Moscow over the Syrian crisis could be accompanied by the audible word “check”, leaving Washington and its minions grappling with disorientation about how to respond to the Russian moves. At the heart of the West’s disorientation what is being exposed is its glaring criminal deceptions over Syria. This week, Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zahkarova probed the Western rationale towards Syria with this incisive proposition.
She said that if Washington insists that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should stand down, then the United States government should henceforth remove its signature from the 2012 Geneva Communiqué. The same logical ultimatum applies to Britain and France.

Sep 25 11:00

The Pope’s 3 Biggest Hypocrisies Since He Came to America

For a man who is supposed to represent the highest virtues of Christianity, Pope Francis sure has habit of racking up hypocrisies on a regular basis. However, it’s surprising how many of these hypocrisies were spawned in just the past few days. In fact, they’ve been mounting since the moment he embarked on his trip to North America, and I mean that quite literally.

As he pontificates to us about the threat of global warming and criticizes climate deniers, he does so while traveling the world in his Boeing 777.

The pope’s flights from Rome to Cuba, Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia and then back to D.C. and to Rome will total around 11,500 miles, so overall the pontiff will emit around 572 tons of CO2 during his trip.

To put that into perspective, 572 tons is the same carbon footprint as burning over 557,000 pounds of coal or over 1,200 barrels of crude oil.

Sep 25 10:50

40% more people are homeless than when David Cameron swept into Number 10

Charities have blamed Tory welfare cuts for a 40% surge in homelessness sinceDavid Cameron swept into Number 10.
Campaigners say shrinking payments under the benefit cap are partly to blame for a huge rise in families facing life on the streets.

Sep 25 10:50


"Germany May Be Leaving the US Anti-Syria Coalition"

Right on cue - within a matter of days - a massive EPA and piranha press hit piece is unleashed against Volkswagen (The People's Wagon) originally sketched by the genius Hitler himself -- but we digress. It does indeed appear that Vladimir Putin was right after all, when he made the stunning allegation, back in 2014, that America was practicing "blackmail":

Sep 25 10:45


The crimes, lies, and frauds of the Clintons are epic in scale, scope, and sheer audacity! Herewith is a by no means all-inclusive telling of the duo of deception, the marriage of mendacity, the couple of corruption!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Because there is a lot more to the crimes of the Clintons than a private email server!


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WRH Exclusive
Sep 25 10:43

UNGA session underway in times of unprecedented destabilization of international relations

"We see not only terrorism, but also an absolutely unprecedented destabilization of international relations over the last years," Churkin said. Among those responsible for this "are also American colleagues who often make decisions without approval from UN Security Council but think that other countries should respect these decisions," he added. "[The United States] created a so-called coalition against ISIL [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant — the former name of the Islamic State terrorist organization] and think that it is the international coalition which everyone should respect though it has no UN Security Council resolutions at its basis," the envoy stressed.

Sep 25 10:42

Newly Released Documents Contradict Hillary Clinton’s Claim on Top Aide Huma Abedin: ‘I Was Not Directly Involved’

Hillary Clinton personally signed off on a special arrangement that allowed one her top aides, Huma Abedin, to work for the State Department and the corporate consulting firm Teneo simultaneously, despite the former secretary of state’s previous claims.

Clinton was asked about Abedin being employed and paid by both organizations during a recent interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. The longtime Clinton aide was also working for the Clinton Foundation at the time.

“Well, you know, I was not directly involved in that,” Clinton said in the Sept. 4 interview when asked about Abedin’s employment deal. “But everything that she [Abedin] did was approved, under the rules, as they existed, by the State Department.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hillary owes me a new egg timer.

Sep 25 10:39

Revealed: How Hillary's right-hand woman Huma Abedin avoided disclosing her husband's business dealings after Clinton PERSONALLY signed off on employment deal

New emails show that Huma Abedin dodged disclosing financial information about her husband, disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner, as Hillary Clinton personally signed off on a special employment deal for her longtime aide.

In the spring of 2012, Abedin switched from being Clinton's deputy chief of staff at the State Department to the secretary of state's senior advisor, a job with the distinction of being a 'special government employee,' which allowed Abedin to bring in outside income as well.

Judicial Watch, a right-leaning advocacy group that files Freedom of Information Act lawsuits in the quest for greater government transparency, was given documents that show that Clinton personally signed off on Abedin's job move.

Sep 25 10:30

Florida's Holocaust Mandate

In 1994, the Florida Legislature passed the Holocaust Education Bill (SB 660) which amends Section 233.061 of the Florida Statutes (Chapter 94-14, Laws of Florida), relating to required instruction. The new law requires all school districts to incorporate lessons on the Holocaust as part of public school instruction. The statute reads as follows:

Florida Statute 1003.42(f)
The history of the Holocaust (1933-1945), the systematic planned annihilation of European Jews and other groups by Nazi Germany, a watershed event in the history of humanity, to be taught in a manner that leads to an investigation of human behavior, an understanding of the ramifications of prejudice, racism, and stereotyping, and an examination of what it means to be a responsible and respectful person, for the purposes of encouraging tolerance of diversity in a pluralistic society and for nurturing and protecting democratic values and institutions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another reminder that Israel has subverted the US Government at all levels. Our children should be learning skills for the economic future, not propagandized about things that supposedly happened in another country on the other side of the planet long before they were born!

Sep 25 10:30

“Doomsday” Arctic Seed Vault Tapped for First Time in History as Syrian Civil War Threatens Biodiversity

With Russian boots officially on the ground at Latakia and with rumors circulating that the PLA may arrive within weeks, Syria has officially replaced eastern Ukraine as the most likely theatre for the start of World War 3.

While we certainly hope that cooler heads will prevail, the determination on the part of Washington, Riyadh, and Doha to oust the Assad regime simply isn’t compatible with Tehran and Moscow’s efforts to preserve the existing global balance of power which means that something will ultimately have to give and if it becomes clear that Iran is set to benefit in any way from whatever the outcome ends up being, expect Benjamin Netanyahu to make another trip to The Kremlin, only next time, he won’t be so cordial.

Sep 25 10:28

Forget the New World Order, Here’s Who Really Runs the World

The phrase New World Order is largely derided as a sophomoric conspiracy theory entertained by minds that lack the sophistication necessary to understand the nuances of geopolitics. But it turns out the core idea — one of deep and overarching collusion between Wall Street and government with a globalist agenda — is operational in what a number of insiders call the “Deep State.”

Sep 25 10:28

The Australian Government Proclaims – Environmentalism and Alternative Music Are Signs of Terrorism

Environmentalists and teachers are up in arms over a new Federal Government anti-radicalisation kit that links green activism and “alternative music” to terrorism.

The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Terrorism Michael Keenan launched the Radicalisation Awareness Kit in the form of a 32-page booklet on Monday.

Sep 25 10:18

Kiev sends note of protest to Kazakhstan over schoolbooks saying Crimea is part of Russia

"The Ukrainian Embassy has sent a note of protest to Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry in connection with the fact that schoolbooks issued by the Mektep publishing house say the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is a federal subject of the Russian Federation," the statement said. "The distribution of this information contradicts the position of the international community and Kazakhstan that has repeatedly stated its support to Ukraine’s territorial integrity," the note of protest stressed. Ukraine calls on Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Education and Science "to facilitate immediate withdrawal of schoolbooks [that say Crimea is part of Russia] from Kazakhstani schools."
Crimea ready for electricity turn-off by Ukraine http://tass.ru/en/economy/823548

Sep 25 10:16

Nigerian migrants trying to enter Kiev under guise of football team detained at airport

"Officers of the Kiev independent checkpoint detained a ‘football team’ at Boryspil airport yesterday [on Thursday, September 24]," said the State Border Guard Service, adding that the 12 detained Nigerians arrived by an Istanbul-Kiev flight. "The citizens said they arrived in Ukraine to play in a match that would take place in the Trans-Carpathian region," the agency added. The border guards’ suspicion was raised by the information provided by the passengers. "Nobody was waiting for this ‘team’ to arrive in Ukraine and no competitions were scheduled on their arrival day. It also turned out that the men from Nigeria had no means of subsistence for staying in Ukraine," the service said. The fake footballers also failed to give the true reasons for their trip to Western Ukraine. As a result, the Ukrainian side denied entry to the Nigerian citizens through the state border. "The trespassers will be sent back by a return flight," the State Border Guard Service said.

Sep 25 10:14

China conducts debut launch of Long March-11 carrier rocket

China has successfully conducted debut launch of Long March-11 (Changzheng) carrier rocket, the country’s Central television reported on Friday.
The launch took place from the Jiuquan cosmodrome in northwestern China’s Gansu province. The rocket carries four microsatellites.
Long March-11 is a solid-fueled launch vehicle developed by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT). The designers said the most powerful solid-rocket motor that is manufactured in China is installed on it.


Sep 25 10:10

Far-right forces march in Paris against arrival of refugees

The protest took place outside a consulate building of Germany, from where several groups of migrants have been already taken in buses to France at public expense. The crowd of around 500 people carried the flags of France, Germany and Hungary, where Prime Minister Viktor Orban is known for a tough position against migrants. The protesters shouted the slogans "Our people are more important for us than others," "We are owners of our house," "More secure border - less poverty." The demonstrators accused the French and German governments stressing that they hope for the inflow of cheap workforce.
Police forces were deployed to the building, but no incidents took place.

Sep 25 10:07

Washington Free Beacon: Russian spy 'prostrates' US Navy second month on end

The American special agencies have had no rest for over two months, watching a research vessel, which reached the Caribbean islands. Only one Russian military research vessel Yantar has kept them in awe. Washington Free Beacon claims that the vessel has different goals. The Russian ship allegedly gathers data on the nuclear submarines based in Kings Bay, Georgia. Beside that, Yantar is equipped with cable-cutting gear and two deep-water submersibles. Nothing short of cartographic terrain intelligence. Author of the article should have never thought of such an equipment needed for modern oceanographers. They haven't set off for a sailing that far, though. The conclusion made by him is quite panic: Russians are getting ready to clash with the US submarines. The US Strategic Command claimed, most probably wishing to scare the inquisitive researchers on Yantar, that nuclear missile submarine USS Wyoming was sent to Scotland.

Sep 25 10:05

Russian unmanned nuclear submarines to encircle USA

Nowadays, there are reports from Western publications saying that Russian scientists are supposedly revisiting the idea. No one knows yet, whether such reports are based on factual data or plain rumors. There is no agreement that would outlaw the creation of unmanned submarines, Nor is there an agreement on the limitation of the power of nuclear weapons. Such a submarine should be a robotic submarine capable of traveling under the water at a large depth, escape from enemy vessels and maintain combat readiness for years. The hull of an unmanned submarine should be made of titanium. The material would ensure a diving depth of more than 1,000 meters (this depth is a guarantee of almost total invulnerability and stealth for a nuclear submarine). The biological protection of the reactor on board an unmanned submarine can be decreased considerably. The construction will thus be lighter, whereas the warhead will be more powerful.

Sep 25 10:04

U.S. drug company sues Canada for trying to lower cost of $700K-a-year drug.

A U.S. drug company is taking the Canadian government to court for its attempt to lower the price of what has been called the world's most expensive drug.

Sep 25 10:03

Jeb Bush: The Pope Shouldn't Discuss Climate Change Because 'He's Not A Scientist' (

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) said he disagrees with Pope Francis' call to fight climate change and thinks the pope should not delve into the issue because he "is not a scientist."

Sep 25 10:01

Just another accident? False East Coast tsunami warning broadcast for NY, CT, and MA

Newsrooms in NY, CT and MA issued a Tsunami warning for the east coast of the United States on the morning of September 24, 2015 and, after much confusion and a flurry of Twitter messages, the official explanation was that the alert was an accident.

Sep 25 09:59

FLASHBACK - John F. Kennedy Jr.: Evidence Of A Cover up

Just days prior to his death, NBC Dateline hinted that JFK Jr. was considering an entry into politics, and mentioned that a story to that effect was to be published in the July 26th, 1999 issue of NEWSWEEK.

NEWSWEEK recalled that issue from the distrubutors, and had them destroyed. CNN ran a story claiming that NEWSWEEK planned to change covers and re-distribute, but that never happened. The NEWSWEEK issue dealing with JFK Jr. is dated August 2nd. The July 26th 1999 issue of NEWSWEEK simply vanished.

John F. Kennedy Jr. had already publicy stated a desire to run for Pat Moynihan's Senate seat should he retire. Had Kennedy done so, he would have probably won, and Hillary Clinton's grab of the NY Senate seat as a stepping stone in her run for the White House would have failed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Reposted at reader request.

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WRH Exclusive
Sep 25 09:58

Get hold of Syria, or milk Russia? Hollande and Merkel quarrel over resources

The so-called refugees crisis is a culmination point of the development, which has been taking place for several years so far, and is characterized with various contradictory economic interests of the parties, which take part in political and military clashes in the region. "France and Great Britain have always had the strongest interest in the use of natural resources of the whole Middle Eastern region. Germany used to distinctly restrain itself from a large-scale military intervention. The Germany's energy interests are aimed at the East, at Russia," Karl-Heinz Wendt told Pravda.Ru. The German human rights advocate noted, that interests of various EU countries differ about this significant issue. "Thus, it is strange, that the French President backed the initiative of Merkel.

Sep 25 09:56

Pope Francis condemns use of Marijuana despite fact that God gave us “every seed-bearing plant […] upon the face of the Earth” to use, as stated in the Bible

Last Friday Pope Francis condemned the legalization of the all natural, medicinal, plant, herb, known as a marijuana, which is currently is classified as a Scheduled I Controlled Substance by the U.S. Federal Government.

Webmaster addition: Haven't you ever wondered why Jesus had so much trouble waking up the boys on the Mount of Olives even as the Roman soldiers were coming for them? :)

Sep 25 09:55

Sailed from Sevastopol: Russian naval fleet headed to Syria

The fleet of Russian warships on their way to the eastern Mediterranean, where he will participate in naval exercises off the coast of Syria, said the Ministry of Defence.

Flotilla, led by the ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, sailed from Sevastopol, in Crimea, and late on Sunday, September 27, arrives at the destination.

The exercises involved and frigates with guided missiles "Smetlivi" and landing ship class "tapir", and a number of auxiliary ships.

They will be joined by another frigate and missile gunboat, which were previously transferred from the Black Sea into the Mediterranean Sea.

Civil Aviation had earlier warned that bypasses the area between Cyprus and the Russian naval base in the Syrian city of Tartus, according to "Sputnik".

Sep 25 09:55

Chinese Navy sets off for Syria

Beijing has taken decision to take part in combating IS and sent its vessels to the Syrian coast. Igor Morozov, member of the Russian Federation Committee on International Affairs claimed about the beginning of the military operation by China against the IS terrorists. "It is known, that China has joined our military operation in Syria, the Chinese cruiser has already entered the Mediterranean, aircraft carrier follows it," Morozov said. According to him, Iran may soon join the operation carried out by Russia against the IS terrorists, via Hezbollah. Thus, the Russian coalition in the region gains ground, and most reasonable step of the US would be to join it. Although the stance of Moscow and Washington on the ways of settlement of the Syrian conflict differs, nonetheless, low efficiency of the US coalition acts against terrorists is obvious. Islamists have just strengthened their positions.

Sep 25 09:50

FLASHBACK - Foreign Government Gifts to Clinton Foundation on the Rise

The Clinton Foundation has dropped its self-imposed ban on collecting funds from foreign governments and is winning contributions at an accelerating rate, raising ethical questions as Hillary Clinton ramps up her expected bid for the presidency.

Sep 25 09:49

FLASHBACK - Newt Gingrich: Clinton foreign donations 'clearly' violate Constitution

Hillary Clinton is in the political crosshairs as the author of a new book alleges improper financial ties between her public and personal life.

At issue in conservative author Peter Schweizer’s forthcoming book Clinton Cash are donations from foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation during the four years she served as secretary of state.

George Stephanopoulos used an interview with Schweizer on ABC This Week to point out what other nonpartisan journalists have found: There is no "smoking gun" showing that donations to the foundation influenced her foreign policy decisions.

Still, former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich says the donations are "clearly illegal" under federal law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

George Stephanopoulos is neck deep in the Clinton email scandal, so of course he is going to protect her, to protect himself!

Sep 25 09:49

Russian journalist detained on Ukraine’s border with Crimea

Unidentified people have detained NTV journalist Yekaterina Voronina and her Ukrainian operator near the town of Kalanchak on Ukraine’s border with Crimea, the Moscow-based NTV Company reported on its website on Friday. Voronina was shooting a footage about Crimea’s blockade by Crimean Tatar activists and members of Ukraine’s Right Sector movement for NTV’s Central Television program. According to NTV, the people who detained her did not have any identification papers. "The people who detained the NTV journalist forbade her even to approach the border checkpoint. It is noteworthy that Voronina officially crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border at Odessa airport where she had arrived from Moscow by plane," Vadim Takmenev, the director and anchorman of the Central Television program", said. He added that Voronina had been questioned for three hours. The border guards examined her personal belongings for three hours.

Sep 25 09:48

FLASHBACK - Hillary Clinton under fire for foreign donations, link to Russia uranium deal

The White House struggled Thursday to fend off a barrage of questions about foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation during the tenure of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, including reports of donations linked to a deal that helped Russia nearly corner the world uranium market with State Department approval.

Sep 25 09:46

Kremlin spokesman says it took several attempts for Putin to reach Elton John by phone

Peskov added that the meeting between Putin and John may take place if their working schedules allow that. "Putin decided to call him several days ago, and they could not reach each other. Elton John was somewhere in Brazil and so on. He does not sit in one spot as well. He has an active position, and that is why he travels so much. And you are aware about the president’s working schedule as well," Peskov explained. The spokesman added that "Elton John has his own schedule to keep." "If schedules allow, then such meeting could take place. At least, they both are ready," Peskov confirmed. "At first he [Elton John] hesitated," Peskov said. "We decided to ask Russian Ambassador to London Alexander Yakovenko to get in touch with the musician and tell him about the phone call.

Sep 25 09:45

After Inciting a Race War Against Whites, Jews Are Now Giving Up Their “Whiteness”

Jews have identified as “White” in order to infiltrate, take over, and subvert White Western civilization. However, now that they have achieved incredible power and used government, media, and academia to wage an all-out assault against White people, top jewish leaders are now telling jews to abandon “Whiteness” in order to join in the fight against “racism”.

According to them, race is just a social construct, so there really is no issue with jews choosing to be White one day and an oppressed minority (that controls almost everything) the next.

The title of this recent article from the Washington Post really says it all.

"Jews in America struggled for decades to become white. Now we must give up whiteness to fight racism."

Sep 25 09:42

Russian lawmaker from US sanctions list gets US visa

Alexey Pushkov, the head of the Russian State Duma Committee for Foreign Affairs, included in the US sanctions list, on Friday got a US visa, which, however, restricts his participation in the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly. "The visa has been granted… I learnt on Friday morning that the US government and the US State Department issued a single entry visa for me for a week in accordance with the US commitment to the United Nations," Pushkov told journalists on Friday. The visa however imposes certain restrictions on Pushkov’s movement in the United States. "I cannot move away from Manhattan to 25 kilometers but I am not planning to go too far away from the United Nations headquarters. I will be short of time," Pushkov explained.

Sep 25 09:41

German diplomat: Military solution to Syrian conflict possible

"To make it clearer, it's not about deploying the Bundeswehr [the German armed forces] but it's about whether we can take part in the planning process," Ischinger said. "Will the creation of a no-fly zone in some parts of Syria facilitate the settlement? Is Russia ready to participate in such actions? How can we contribute to it?" he asked.
The 69-year-old former German diplomat has welcomed joint diplomatic initiatives of the West and Russia aimed at resolving the conflict in Syria.
Ischinger, who runs the annual Munich Security Conference and took part in international talks on Bosnia and Kosovo, told German television channel ARD on Friday: "It has long been clear that without Russia, neither in Ukraine nor in Syria will it be possible to achieve peace."

Sep 25 09:38

FLASHBACK - Problem for Hillary? ?Clinton charity didn't disclose foreign donors

Hillary Clinton's run for the White House is facing new questions focused on undisclosed foreign donations to Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). CHAI, based in Boston, is one of the largest Clinton charities.

In 2013 alone, foreign countries donated at least $54 million to CHAI to help fight HIV/AIDS and other illnesses. But CHAI didn't inform the State Department -- that year or any year -- when Clinton was Secretary. The lack of disclosure was in spite of a 2008 memo of understanding stating that the Clinton "foundation will share such countries" with a State Department "ethics official for review."

Sep 25 09:36

Why Women Are Running From Hillary: They Think She's Lied About The Email Server

Guy and Katie have noted the rather alarming collapse Hillary Clinton has seen with one of the main cohorts of her 2016 coalition: women. The former first lady has dropped an astonishing 29 points with Democratic women since July, falling from 71 percent to 42 percent. One of the main reasons why this group is running away from the candidate who could possibly make history by becoming the first female president of the United States is the email server. Women (shocker!) don’t believe Clinton is telling the truth–and that she did “something wrong” when she decided to set up this elaborate system, which by the way, was vulnerable to hacking.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 25 09:33

Team Hillary ‘completely changes story’ on wiped server (they’ve REALLY outdone themselves this time)

According to Politico’s Playbook, the Clinton campaign’s “talking points” to spin the report that the FBI was able to recover emails from Hillary’s server are that “rumors” the server was wiped clean “were never true.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 25 09:31

Ukraine’s sanctions will make Russian air companies suspend flights to Moldova — expert

"When Ukraine imposes sanctions on Russia air carriers, we will have to say goodbye to Moldova. It is lossmaking to make flights to Moldova bypassing Ukraine. If a bypassing route to Europe and Turkey take 40 minutes, it will take at least 90 minutes and 1,500 kilometres to get to Moldova bypassing Ukraine. It is a sensitive issue for us, since we have a rather big passenger traffic. However, Moldovan air companies will be obviously happy."
It was earlier reported that Kiev has banned Russian air carriers Aeroflot and Transaero from flying to Ukraine with the ban taking effect on October 25.
Russia to take tit-for-tat measures if Ukraine bans Russian airlines’ flights — minister http://tass.ru/en/politics/823723

Sep 25 09:30

Was He Really The Most Evil Man Alive?

We have been lied to about Adolf Hitler and WWII. This video was done by a friend of mine from Sweden. He is unable to post this to his channel, so I am posting it here. Did you know that it's illegal to even question the official story of the "holocaust" in some countries? The truth doesn't need to be protected by law. The truth stands on it's own, and we were lied to about the supposed "holocaust" of the jews during WWII.

Sep 25 09:29

Another campus rape hoax

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See article below about the revival of 1990s rape hysteria as a tool for Hillary's campaign!

Sep 25 09:28

Ukraine ready to receive refugees from Africa, Middle East

Ukraine is ready to help Europe to withstand the migration crisis, the Ukrainian State Migration Service said on Friday.
"Ukraine expresses its readiness to help Europe in resolving the migration crisis and to accommodate refugees in its territory," the statement said, not specifying the amount of migrants the country will accept.
The service noted that it is ready to receive refugees from North Africa and Middle East states.

Sep 25 09:24

Trump still GOP front-runner despite all attacks

According to a WMUR/CNN Granite State Poll, Self-funded Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is currently dominating the GOP pack with a 10% lead over Carly Fiorina

Sep 25 09:23

Google Starving Out Independent Antiwar Journalists

Sep 25 09:20

Top 4 fallacies of the hijacked environmental movement

The hijacked environmental movement is a symptom of the current general, collective state of humanity: good hearted but ignorant. Kind hearted but hoodwinked.

Sep 25 09:16

Who is your favorite GOP candidate?

Jeb Bush
0% (2 votes)
Ben Carson
2% (31 votes)
Chris Christie
0% (4 votes)
Ted Cruz
1% (13 votes)
Carly Fiorina
0% (5 votes)
Mike Huckabee
0% (0 votes)
John Kasich
1% (8 votes)
Rand Paul
5% (84 votes)
Marco Rubio
0% (3 votes)
Donald Trump
53% (810 votes)
None of the Above
37% (572 votes)
Total votes: 1532
Sep 25 09:08

Three New Polls Out – Has Donald Trump Plateaued?

On Thursday three new polls released, all showing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump continuing to hold on to his lead in the primary race. While one might consider this good news for the billionaire reality TV star, a closer look might show some reasons for concern in the Trump camp.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You need to take a careful look at just who is being polled. The demographics are being chosen to manufacture the numbers to serve the GOP/Corporate agenda, which is to get Trump out.

Sep 25 09:06

NYC cops question woman over T-shirt with Arabic writing as she walks dog past 9/11 Memorial

“I told him it was an old T-shirt from a protest group,” Kim said. “That got him going even more, and I had to explain that it was from an anti-Iraq War group from a long time ago — like, 10 years ago.”

The shirt bears the name of activist organization We Will Not Be Silent, which was founded in 2006 to encourage artist participation in social justice issues.

“I guess my boss was friends with the organizers of the protests,” Kim said. “I just thought the shirt was cool, so I kept it.”

Police are legally permitted to approach anyone and ask about “circumstances of interest,” according to the American Civil Liberties Union, but citizens are not obligated to provide information or even answer officers’ questions.

Sep 25 09:04

BEX ALERT - 23% of women report sexual assault in college, study finds

A new survey of college students, one of the largest ever focusing on sexual assault and sexual misconduct, has reignited the debate over just how big a problem sexual assault on campus really is.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The only way they could get that number was to include kissing as a form of sex assault.

People of my age will immediately recognize this as a replay of the 1990s male-bash feminism, designed to unite women voters behind any candidate promising to protect them from all us evil males that no politically correct woman should stand next to without a hazmat suit! Then as now, inflated numbers to create this fictional crisis were created by extremely loose definitions of sexual assault, including (I kid you not) holding hands. Women who agreed to sex but had morning-after regrets cried rape! According to the FBI supplemental crime statistics of the time, rape became the second most often falsely reported crime! TIME magazine quoted Catherine Comins, the Assistant Dean of Student Activity at Vassar as saying a false rape accusation was a good experience for a man to go through. Anyone interested in just how out of control the situation got should read "Who Stole Feminism" by Christine Hobbs Sommers, an equity-feminist herself who saw a positive social movement hijacked by the gender-feminists for political and financial gain.

So why are the liberals screaming that women on campus are poor helpless victims for male lust at the same time they insist women are the equal of males in combat?

Hillary's campaign for 2016 assumed they had the "Vagina Vote"; that women in America would vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman. But that strategy is failing. America was encouraged to vote for Obama just because he was black and look how that worked out! Second, many women, feminists included, do not see Hillary as a positive role model and consider it insulting that Hillary would assume their votes would be decided on such a shallow basis. Hillary's claimed support for victims of sexual assault is undermined by her vicious attacks on her husband's many victims. And finally, much to Hillary's annoyance, many women, tired of the gender-neutral politically correct candidates paraded before us election-year after election-year, are responding positively to Donald Trump's strong alpha male persona.

So Hillary is dusting off the 1990s male-bash rape-hysteria feminism to try to scare women voters back into line. But fresh paint cannot hide old rot, and in the end, this sequel will not play well in Peoria!

Sep 25 08:52

Five times that big pharmaceutical companies have screwed over sick people more than Martin Shkreli

The hedge fund manager has been accused of being completely amoral, but he's still nothing compared to big pharma

Sep 25 08:46

Flashback 2008 - "Councilor Fujita Questions 9/11 at the National Diet of Japan "

At the National Diet of Japan on January 10, 2008, Councilor Yukihisa Fujita of Democratic Party of Japan questioned 9/11.

(Note: Posted in light of the recent German Volkswagen "scandal" in the Zio-Mafia-Media after Germany announced it was "breaking ranks" with the Zionist agenda on Immigration/Invasion of Europe.

For it was not long after this 9-11 TRUTH movement began in Japan's government that we saw the completely fabricated "Toyota Accelerator Pedal" crisis that "magically disappeared" once Japan dropped the issue of 9-11 Truth)

Sep 25 08:42

Austerity is being used as a cover-story for class war against the poor, Yanis Varoufakis says

Austerity and deficit reduction are being used as a cover-story for conducting class war against the poor, an economics professor who served as Greece’s finance minister has said.

Yanis Varoufakis noted simultaneous reductions in taxes on the wealthy and cuts to spending on social security amounted to a redistribution of wealth away from the poor to the rich.

“The problem is that austerity is being used as a narrative to conduct class war,” Mr Varoufakis told the BBC’s Question Time programme.

“To be talking about reducing the state further when effectively what you are doing is reducing taxes like inheritance tax and at the same time you are cutting benefits – that is class war.”

Sep 25 08:40

Hillary Clinton personally signed deal that let top aide collect two salaries

Hillary Rodham Clinton personally signed the controversial deal in 2012 that let her top aide Huma Abedin simultaneously work for the State Department and a private New York firm with deep ties to the Clinton family, according to records made public Thursday.

Sep 25 08:39


No one knows the emptiness of such promises more than Hussein Abu Khudair.

His 16-year-old son Muhammad was abducted from outside his Jerusalem home and burned alive in June 2014, hours after a right-wing rally in the city during which protesters chanted “Death to the Arabs.”

“Those who abducted my son had participated in the demonstration, which provided moral support for them to kidnap and set my son Muhammad on fire,” Hussein explains in the documentary.

“For four days, the Israeli police claimed that my son had been killed on grounds of family disputes,” he adds.

“If it had not been for surveillance cameras that documented the abduction and the abductors, the Israeli police would have registered the case against unknown persons.”

Sep 25 08:38


Pontiff visits Cuba before his arrival in USA

Sep 25 08:37

BEX ALERT - White House: Next Week’s Planned Meeting Proves Putin ‘Desperate’

The White House went so far in their narrative to claim that Putin’s offer of talks wafts of “desperation” and that it took several requests to get Obama to agree, something he only did on the notion that US interests could be “advanced” in some way by the meeting.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 25 08:34

BBC British media caught lying about kids again. 72% of refugees are adult male, only 15% are children. BBC claimed 53% children

An analysis of photographs the BBC uses to illustrate Europe’s migrant crisis has revealed the publicly funded organisation is using mostly pictures of children, despite the actual number of children making the trip being suspiciously low.

The United Nations Refugee Agency reported last week there were 72
per cent men, 13 per cent women, and just 15 per cent children making
the trip to Europe by sea. This was out of a total of 381,412 people,
meaning that 274,616 of those making the trip were men, with just 49,583
women, and 57,211 children.

The numbers, updated for this week, claim there are now nearly 80,000
children arriving, and over 305,000 men, and just over 57,000 women.

But a Breitbart London analysis of over 200 images used by the BBC on its website shows a staggering 53 per cent of children as the focal points of images, with 36 per cent focused on the men, and just 10 per cent focused on women.

Sep 25 08:32

Kiev Bans Russia's Aeroflot, Transaero Airlines From Flying to Ukraine

Kiev has banned Russia's Aeroflot, Transaero airlines from flying to Ukraine Friday.

"We have taken the decision on the prohibition of Russian airlines' flights to Ukraine, and Aeroflot and Transaero in the first place,"
a statement of the Ukrainian government reads.

Sep 25 08:32

Jewish community leaders expressed surprise and disappointment that a Hamilton, Ont. NDP candidate had evidently never heard of Auschwitz camp.

Jewish groups said they were astonished that an educated school trustee running for the New Democrats in the federal election was reportedly unfamiliar with one of the Nazis’ most notorious death camps.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Would anyone care to explain why a knowledge of something that supposedly happened in Germany before we were all born has any relevance to what is going on in Canada today ... other than as a prelude for the inevitable Israeli begging for special privileges and money?

Sep 25 08:30

The pope should not grant sainthood to a brutal missionary

Junipero Serra, the Franciscan friar who Pope Francis plans to canonize during his first trip to the United States this week, advocated and oversaw the whipping, beating, flogging and extermination of Native Americans in what is now California. Serra, the founder of the state’s first mission in San Diego in 1769, will be the first saint canonized on American soil.

At that time, according to records kept by the missions, the state’s indigenous population ranged from 133,500 to 350,000. As a result of enslavement, malnutrition and the introduction of diseases, the missions were responsible for the deaths of 62,000 indigenous Californians from 1769 to 1833. This genocide is just another disgraceful example of Native American history that is forgotten, whitewashed or ignored.