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"The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchal society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its objective is not over Eurasia or East Asia but to keep society intact." -- George Orwell From "1984"



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August 2, 2010

Aug 02 23:11

PETE STARK: "The Federal Government, yes, can do most anything in this country."

California Representative Pete Stark:

Aug 02 22:40

The Social Security Scam – Why all taxpayers must file income tax returns

You have been told that Social Security is an insurance program run by the federal government. You were led to believe that your income would be taxed at a certain rate for the cost of the program. Then in times of medical emergency or upon retirement you would be eligible for Social Security benefits. On the surface, this would seem to be an equitable arrangement.

But the federal government failed to fully inform you as to all of the other ramifications of applying for a Social Security number. For instance, did you know that you became a federal employee? Well, you did - specifically you became a member of the Merchant Marine. You also became an employee of a corporation that is involved with importing to and from the U.S. possessions. Another consideration is that if FICA is based upon a percentage of your earnings, then the government has somehow been granted the right to know the amount of your income and the sources of your income – this is not a hallmark of freedom. These statements and more will be evidenced by the actual federal statutes and regulations further on this page.

Like all great magicians, the federal government has you looking at the obvious while hiding the basis of the trick that the magician is performing right in front of your eyes.

Aug 02 21:23

Federal Judge Bolton Issues Illegal Injuction.

Aug 02 21:19

Is It Antisemitic To Say Zionist Jews Control USA Foreign Policy ?

Aug 02 19:48


Veterans Today

Aug 02 19:46

Gold Dinar, Silver Dirham


Aug 02 19:41

Foreclosure Dispute With Bank Sets Off Shootout With Hernando Deputies

...Deputies were summoned to 5351 Joyner Ave., near the Oak Hill Golf Club, at 3:20 p.m. Monday. An employee from a local bank that is foreclosing on the home had telephoned authorities to ask that they check on him, said Sgt. Donna Black, a sheriff's office spokeswoman...

Aug 02 18:56

How American News Media Works In Favor Of Israel

By Alison Weir Special to Salem-News.com

Critical analysis from one of the nation's leading voices on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.
Alison Weir
Alison Weir

(SACRAMENTO) - The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s major sources of instability. Americans are directly connected to this conflict, and increasingly imperiled by its devastation.

It is the goal of If Americans Knew to provide full and accurate information on this critical issue, and on our power – and duty – to bring a resolution.

Aug 02 18:48

America’s “Dog in the Fight”

In a clumsy and transparent effort to avoid granting Palestinians civil rights in the interim, some US protégés in Lebanon could care less about the refugees reclaiming their stolen homes and lands in Palestine. But, like the Palestinian refugees themselves, they are dead set against the refugees staying any longer than absolutely necessary in Lebanon.

Aug 02 18:43

Former Israeli officials in the U.S. government

Who benefits from invading and occupying Iraq? Are Americans defending U.S. national security, or the security of our colonial outpost in the Arab World? This interview discusses the neoconservative Zionist cabal of the Bush administration who beat the drums for our illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Aug 02 17:34

PINAL COUNTY, Ariz.Sheriff Seeks Donations For Guns To Fight Drug Cartel

Sheriff Seeks Donations For Guns To Fight Drug Cartel
UPDATED: 4:13 pm MST August 2, 2010
PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. -- The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office is in need of funding to purchase rifles to arm first responders in the war against the Mexican drug cartel members and their affiliates.
There has been an increase in dangerous incidents, such as high-speed vehicle pursuits, shoot-outs, and incidents of ambush between deputies and smugglers.
Sheriff Paul Babeu said, “My deputies are outgunned and we are outmanned. We need help to raise money to buy Arizona made semi-automatic rifles to fight this threat against our citizens.”

Aug 02 16:57

Shock wave and bubble: the untruth about the Cheonan

Only a small coterie in the USA and South Korea know for sure what really happened to the South Korean warship. But, unreported in the Western media, the ‘proof’ that the Cheonan was sunk by North Korea has been thoroughly discredited.

Aug 02 16:35

SEC Probes BP Potential Insider Trading: Sources

U.S. securities regulators are investigating whether people may have illegally profited from trading on nonpublic information at BP Plc in the weeks and months following the disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill, two sources familiar with the investigation said on Monday.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is also investigating whether BP properly disclosed information on risks related to its deepwater oil operations in the Gulf of Mexico, one of the sources said.

Aug 02 16:29

BP urged to rename petrol stations

Embattled oil giant BP is reportedly facing pressure to re-name its US petrol stations under their old Amoco brand as the backlash in America shows no sign of easing.

Aug 02 16:26

'Cannabis gave me my life back'

Agonising migraines had put Marie Summers in a 'prison of pain', until she overcame inhibitions about using an illegal drug. The result seemed like a miracle

Aug 02 16:15

Why Does Max Keiser Still Believe in Global Warming?

Somebody help me wake this Guy up Please. He's an economist and not a scientist (falls victim to straw-men arguments and poisoned wells)!!!
Max Keiser: "I spent about 10-12 hours this weekend reading all the anti-global warming material I could find. One of the things I discovered was that a majority of the talking points on the subject originate from just a handful of ‘think tanks’ almost all of them funded at some point by Exxon and/or Koch. But that wasn’t the thing that interested me as it was to be expected, the bit that interested me was that many of the lobbyists at these ‘think tanks’ were veterans of Big Tobacco propaganda and lobbying."

Aug 02 16:01


It is apparently now a crime for Palestinian children to walk near the wall of Apartheid…. tomorrow breathing may be illegal.

Aug 02 15:30

US regulators out of the loop on chemical risk

American regulators, charged with ensuring the safety of food and consumer products, are in the dark about the suspected chemical, 2-methylnaphthalene. The Food and Drug Administration has no scientific data on its impact on human health.

The Environmental Protection Agency also lacks basic health and safety data for 2-methylnaphthalene - even though the EPA has been seeking that information from the chemical industry for 16 years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It took me thirty seconds with a search engine to identify a medical journal article showing that 2-methylnaphthalene is a major carcinogen.

If you or someone you know had one of those recalled boxes of cereal, please send this article to them.

Aug 02 14:53

Fines, small tax bill send Baltimore home to tax sale

Aug 02 14:52

Project Vigilant and the government/corporate destruction of privacy

So, while Lamo has repeatedly denied (including in his interview with me) that he ever worked with federal authorities, it turns out that he was a "volunteer analyst" for an entity which collects private Internet data in order to process it and turn it over to the Federal Government.

Aug 02 14:42


This week, the last piece fell into place. The National Research Council, part of the National Academy of Science, heavy on politics and light on science, announced that America was no longer able to track nukes threatening our shores. Their report titled Nuclear Forensics: A Capability at Risk, released last week, outlines the details of a secret study requested by the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense and Energy, specifically the National Nuclear Security Administration. The gist of the story is easy, if a nuke goes off in America, dirty nuke in Times Square, one in a container at a port, anywhere, America won’t be able to tell who made it. Not a word of the report is true.

Aug 02 14:34

Wikileaks, causes for concern

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The recent document dump by Wikileaks provides nothing to support the anti-war movements, while justifying the expansion of the wars into Pakistan and Iran on the grounds of fighting the Taliban.

That Assange is engaging in fraud is revealed by his inclusion of reports on Osama Bin Laden even though Osama is documented as having died in late 2001. Assange's utter "It ain't a conspiracy unless it's MY conspiracy" dismissal of the 9-11 truth movement calls his agenda into question.

Aug 02 14:15

Sidney Harman Buys Newsweek for $1

Harman's wife is California congresswoman Jane Harman.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wouldn't have paid more than fifty cents, myself!

Aug 02 14:11

Stock Market & Birth Certificates. How much are YOU worth?

Jordan Maxwell explains that people are owned by banks. YOUR birth certificate and mine are on the stock exchange. This puts a new spin on "human resource".

Aug 02 14:08

How to Avoid the Prying Eyes

The Internet is rife with surveillance technology, but you can cover some of your tracks

To launch IE8 in InPrivate browsing mode by default do this.

Aug 02 14:00

Roll Over or Get Tough

Time Warner Cable is asking for public comments no whether to accept higher programming prices or allow blackouts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is my comment: I am ready to live entirely without CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC News, NBC News, ABC News, and every other "News" channel trying to tell us all is well with the nation and how much fun war is!

That should save a lot on our cable bills!

Aug 02 13:50

Revered Israeli rabbi preaches slaughter of gentile babies

Jonathan Cook considers the ideas of a leading Israeli rabbi, Yitzhak Shapira, who together with another rabbi, Yosef Elitzur, has written a book in which he sanctions the murder of Palestinian children and babies.

Aug 02 13:47

Leaderless Resistance

The concept of Leaderless Resistance was proposed by Col. Ulius Louis Amoss, who was the founder of International Service of Information Incorporated, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Col. Amoss died more than fifteen years ago, but during his life was a tireless opponent of communism, as well as a skilled Intelligence Officer. Col. Amoss first wrote of Leaderless Resistance on April 17, 1962...

Aug 02 13:39

SEC charges billionaire Texas brothers who donate to GOP with fraud

Sam and Charles Wyly, billionaire Texas brothers who gained prominence spending millions of dollars on conservative political causes, committed fraud by using secret overseas accounts to generate more than $550 million in profit through illegal stock trades, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Thursday.

According to the SEC, the brothers, who live in Dallas, created an elaborate and clandestine network of accounts and companies on the Isle of Man and in the Cayman Islands. The brothers then used these accounts and companies to trade more than $750 million of stock in four public companies on whose boards they served, not filing the disclosures required for corporate insiders, the SEC said.

In one case, the SEC alleges that the Wylys traded based on insider information they learned as board members, netting a profit of $32 million.

Aug 02 13:34

A primer for disproving IPCC’s theory of man made global warming using observed temperature data

Comparison of the claims by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of 1) “Most of the observed increase in global average temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely” man made, and 2) “For the next two decades a warming rate of 0.2 deg C per decade is projected” are shown in this article not to be supported by the observed data, thus disproving IPCC’s theory of man made global warming.

Aug 02 13:32

Making Gaza A 'European Ghetto'

While most Israeli leaders are resistant to fully lifting the blockade of Gaza, Avigdor Lieberman, the right-wing foreign minister, is advocating that Israel abandon the Strip to international monitoring and economic rehabilitation.

The proposal, recently leaked to the Israeli press, does not amount to freeing Gaza but rather to placing it under European sea and land inspections and a reconstruction plan.

Aug 02 13:27

It's Christmas already at Selfridges

Aug 02 13:26

Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Puts a Price on Arizona Sheriff's Head

A Mexican drug cartel has reportedly put a hefty price tag on the head of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mexican drug lords are already able to get past the border as it is right now. A totally open border means lots of new competition, which will force drug prices down. Not sure what drug lord wants that!

On the other hand, lurid stories of "Colombian Neckties" awaiting Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a great way to keep immigration as the top issue going into the election season!

Aug 02 13:15

House approves oil spill legislation

The bill, passed 209 to 193, would impose new safeguards for offshore drilling, remove a liability cap for spill damages, and hit energy producers with a new tax to fund conservation measures.

In its most sweeping response to the gulf oil spill, the House on Friday approved legislation that would impose new environmental safeguards for offshore drilling, remove a liability cap for spill damages, and slap industry with a new tax to fund conservation projects nationwide.

The measure, which follows dozens of Capitol Hill hearings into the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, would remove a $75-million liability cap on oil firms for economic damages caused by spills. It would also hit energy producers with a new $2 per barrel tax to fund land purchases for national parks, forests and wildlife refuges.

Article Comment: Taxation is a lazy, uninspired means of effecting regulation. It's time to nationalize the oil industry and eject all foreign-owned oil companies. It should have been done decades ago.

Aug 02 13:13

Revered Rabbi Preaches Slaughter Of Gentile Babies

A rabbi from one of the most violent settlements in the West Bank was questioned on suspicion of incitement last week as Israeli police stepped up their investigation into a book in which he sanctions the killing of non-Jews, including children and babies.

Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira is one of the leading ideologues of the extreme wing of the religious settler movement. He is known to be a champion of the “price-tag” policy of reprisal attacks on Palestinians, including punishing them for attempts by officials to enforce Israeli law against the settlements.

Aug 02 12:43

Bringing the Extremes into the Middle.

I tell myself I’m not going to write anything today. I’ll take the day off …but this is what I do with my days. If I take the day off then that’s probably what I will do for recreation. It’s important to me to communicate with you because I’m always being communicated with and it has to go somewhere if I start to overflow. This relationship of mine isn’t easy a lot of the time.

Aug 02 12:26

Your Choice: Thomas Jefferson or the Status Quo

Nullification isn’t constitutional, Tucker rushes to assure everyone, since he doesn’t see it mentioned anywhere in the U.S. Constitution itself. But that’s the thing about the powers of the states: they don’t have to be mentioned explicitly. Only the powers of the federal government (as well as the restrictions on the states) are to be specifically enumerated. That’s the nature of a limited, federal system. And as I show in the book, the power of nullification was indeed assured to the people at the state ratifying convention of Virginia, the state from which so many of our most important statesmen and thinkers hailed. Add to this the obvious, commonsense point that a federal government allowed to have a monopoly on determining its own powers will continuously discover new ones, which happens to be precisely what has occurred, and you have a logically unassailable case for state nullification. (For that matter, where in the Constitution is the federal government granted the exclusive, monopoly power to judge its own powers infallibly? Assigning certain kinds of cases to the Supreme Court is not the same thing, and the Supremacy Clause, as I show in the book, merely begs the question.)

Some of us are a little tired of electing do-nothing plastic men who intensify our fiscal problems, and then hope the rubes fall for their pretty talk about limited government. We’re also impatient with the equally failed strategy of waiting for the federal government’s own courts to roll it back – a foolish approach Jefferson viewed with contempt, since he knew the federal courts would simply rubber-stamp federal usurpations. Forgive me if I remain unconvinced that the best strategy for rolling back government is to wait for a good Supreme Court, perhaps in the year 2874, or to keep writing to my bought-and-paid-for congressman.

Two dozen states nullified the REAL ID Act of 2005, and the federal government had to back down. California persisted in its medical marijuana policy after the Supreme Court said to cut it out. (Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana wrote amicus briefs in support of California, by the way, since even though those states disagreed with its policy, they also believed in the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.) Several states have already nullified various federal gun regulations. Cap-and-trade nullification is being drafted as we speak.

Aug 02 12:23

First Web-based Jailbreak for iPhone 4 arrives; here's how to do it

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A recent court ruling has declared that jailbreaking your own equipment is not a violation of the DMCA. So have fun, but remember that once you step past Apple's boundaries, you are on your own and if you do not know what you are doing, you can wreck your phone. Final note is that this web system is VERY busy and it will probably take a while to complete the process.

Aug 02 12:09

Obama On The Iraq Drawdown: 'As Promised and On Schedule'

“As a candidate for President, I pledged to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end. Shortly after taking office, I announced our new strategy for Iraq and for a transition to full Iraqi responsibility. And I made it clear that by August 31, 2010 America’s combat mission in Iraq would end. That is exactly what we are doing—as promised, and on schedule.”

The president says that by the end of the month more than 90,000 troops will have come home from Iraq since he took office.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, when Obama was campaigning, he said nothing about waiting until August 1, 2010. He said "first thing" and "you can take that to the bank."

Now we are in another campaign season and Obama is crowing how 90,000 troops have been brought back home from Iraq since he took office ... without mentioning how may have been sent, and mopre to the point, how many were sent back two and three times. The fact is that this is Obama's "Mission Accomplished" moment; an election season hoax underscored by the admission that at least 50,000 troops will remain in Iraq, just under a different name, so they don't count as combat troops.
Aug 02 11:28


On Friday, 30 July, a group of Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian fields in the town of Burin in the West Bank. They set the fields on fire and assaulted a number of citizens who attempted to defend their land. Hundreds of dunums (one dunum equals 1,000 square meters) of land near the Hawara military checkpoint were also set ablaze, destroying hundreds of olive trees.

Aug 02 11:26

Wall Street Journal: We know better than the CIA about Iran's nookular bombs. Really!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A pathetic pro-war propaganda piece by Edward Jay Epstein who insists that because of the "secret intelligence" that he and his friends know that Iran has nuclear weapons even though every US intelligence agency says otherwise.

Aug 02 11:07

CLIMATEGATE - Arctic cooled to pre-industrial levels from 1950-1990

New research by German and Russian scientists indicates that summer temperatures in the Arctic actually fell for much of the later 20th century, plunging to the levels seen at the beginning of the industrial revolution.…

Aug 02 09:30

Jewish groups angered by churches' boycott call

AUSTRALIA'S leading church group has called on Australian churches and the public to boycott Israeli goods made in occupied Palestinian territories.

The National Council of Churches in Australia - which includes the Catholic, Anglican, Uniting and Orthodox churches among its members - passed the resolution last month.

Aug 02 09:25

UN panel to fully investigate Gaza flotilla incident

A four-member UN panel was appointed Monday to fully investigate the Israeli interception of an aid flotilla off the coast of Gaza Strip, which resulted in nine people killed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Including a 19-year old boy, born in New York, carrying a US passport, and shot to death while lying helpless on the deck of the aid ship.

Israel may well have felt that they could hijack foreign-flagged ships in international waters and murder foreign citizens without cause and evade the consequences because they have gotten away with it before. 34 Americans on board the USS Liberty were murdered by Israel in a failed attempt to trick the US into war against Egypt, and not only did then-President Johnson not hold Israel to account; he actively aided the cover-up of that crime!

So here we are with Israel again committing acts of piracy or acts of war (take your pick) on the high seas against American-flagged ships. 19 people are dead, 60 wounded, and 9 American citizens briefly taken prisoner. So far, President Pussy Obama, like President Johnson, is bowing and scraping to help get Israel off of the hook for their barbarous actions.

Quite a far cry from 1904 when Ion Perdecaris was kidnapped by Mulah Raisuli and President Teddy Roosevelt sent 7 battleships to invade Morroco if need be, stating, "This government wants Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead."

The time has come for the American people to demand to know the nature of the "Special Relationship" between Israel and the United States; to demand to know why Americans are impoverished while Israel is enriched on our taxes, why our government still refuses to admit Israel has nuclear weapons even as the British press publishes proof of Israel's attempted nuclear sale to South Africa, how it is that Israel can attack and kill Americans during the Lavon Affair, USS Liberty, USS Cole, Beirut, 9-11, and finally how Israel can so often trick America into war on Israel's enemies such as Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. and not arouse the anger of the US Government.

All this election season I have been saying that American needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third. This crisis precipitated by Israel is a test of the resolve of America's leaders to take care of America and Americans and so far the entire government right up to the Oval Office is clearly wanting for the courage and resolve to deal with this latest atrocity. Ever ready to invade the unoffending nations Israel wants invaded, the US Government stands mute and impotent before a real attack on Americans in international waters.

The voters need to demand why.

Aug 02 09:19

Are the American people obsolete?

The richest few don't need the rest of us as markets, soldiers or police anymore. Maybe we should all emigrate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or revolt.

Aug 02 09:17


NOT surprisingly, the ADL was one of the most vocal forces of opposition regarding the proposed building of a mosque at the site of Ground Zero….

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Aug 02 09:14


Outgoing British ambassador to Israel, Tom Phillips, has been quoted as saying that the British public is drifting away from Israel due to negative impression about Israeli criminal policies against Palestinians.

Speaking during an interview with the right-wing newspaper, the Jerusalem post, Philips acknowledge that as far the British public was concerned, things for Israel were not what they used to be.

“There is a drift of opinion away from Israel. This is not government. This is happening with the popular mood.”

Aug 02 09:13


Despite our political differences, we can only feel pity for Abu Mazen whose two open choices are both bad: a) negotiate while Israel continues to colonize and ethnically cleanse what remains of the occupied areas and thus lose what little credibility remains among the Palestinian public, OR b) insist on reference to International Law (and thus a settlement freeze) and lose hundreds of millions in funding and lucrative positions of power over the now de facto self-rule areas. In either case there will be no end to the occupation and no real or sovereign Palestinian state in the foreseeable future.

Aug 02 09:08

Israeli airstrike injures 42 in Gaza

Israeli warplanes targeted the home of a senior Hamas military leader in the central Gaza Strip early Monday leaving 42 civilians injured, medics said.

The Israeli army has denied involvement, with an Israeli military spokeswoman saying there was no army or air force activity overnight.

Aug 02 09:01

Palestinian loss of land 1946 - 2000

Aug 02 08:40

HSBC makes £7BILLION profit in just six months... then vows to hand its bankers £6BILLION in pay and bonuses

Global banking giant HSBC unveiled bumper half-year profits of £7billion today - then outlined plans to hand more than £6 billion 'compensation' to its staff.

But HSBC bosses immediately risked stirring public fury when they revealed that 'just over 20 per cent' of revenue had been allocated for pay and bonuses.

Aug 02 08:38

£1.2bn spent to beat swine flu... and just 26 lives saved

The £1.2billion spent on tackling the swine flu pandemic that never was may have saved as few as 26 lives at a cost of up to £46million each, an astonishing study has found.

The vast sum spent on vaccinations, anti-virals and facemasks prevented such a paltry number of deaths because the virus turned out to be far less deadly than normal flu.

The £46milllion cost of saving each life is enough to pay the salary of almost 2,000 nurses.

Aug 02 08:36

Nasa loses touch with hibernating Mars Rover which may never call home again

One of the Mars Rovers has not woken from its winter hibernation, sparking fears that it may never move again, Nasa has confirmed.

The agency's mission controllers have not heard from the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit since March 22nd,

Aug 02 08:36

Shimon Peres denies calling British 'anti-Semites'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And anyone who says I did is an anti-Semite!!!"

Also, this quote currently appears in the article (but will probably be changed quickly).
“The president did express concern that some people in Britain do not fully appreciate the difficulties of facing an onslaught of terror whilst adhering to democratic practice, as Israel does,” the statement read. “Israel civilians have endured over 10,000 missiles fired on them from Israel.”

Did Peres just admit that Israel is firing the rockets used to justify the attacks on the Palestinians?

See IDF official says Hamas did not fire rocket that "justified" Israeli air strikes across Gaza

Aug 02 08:35

Astronauts forced to shut down part of International Space Station after cooling system fails

Astronauts on the International Space Station have been forced to shut down equipment after one of the station’s two cooling systems broke down overnight.

Aug 02 08:34

A fantastic look at Hummingbirds using High Definition cameras.

Aug 02 08:34

Sea Ice News #16

Summer is rapidly winding down in the Arctic, and (based on DMI graphs) the region north of 80N appears set to finish the summer as the coldest on record. So far, there have only been a small handful of days which made it up to normal temperatures. The Arctic is one of many places described by climate scientists as “the fastest warming place on earth.”

Aug 02 08:32

NOAA graphs: 62% Of Continental US Below Normal In 2010

Despite the second strongest El Niño on record, 62% of the US has had below normal temperatures for the year so far.

Aug 02 08:20

Obama says his 'modest' Afghan aims can be achieved

Under pressure over the increasingly unpopular war in Afghanistan, US President Barack Obama underlined the limited nature of his "fairly modest" objectives and insisted they can be achieved.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama's "modest" aim is to stick out the war until after the election, then admit we lost! (And of course, another couple months of Opium won't hurt either!)

Aug 02 08:17

BP executive 'absolutely' would eat Gulf seafood

BP's chief operating officer sought to give the southern US fishing industry a much-need boost Sunday, saying he'd "absolutely" eat Gulf of Mexico seafood after the massive oil spill devastated the region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, let's just fly this guy and his whole family out to the Deepwater Horizon site, catch some fish and serve it up fresh all on live TV!

Aug 02 08:12

Alex Jones Banishes Mike Rivero

I think most of us will have some disagreements with Rivero on certain issues, that's to be expected when folks are passionate about finding truth, but once again the bottom line is whether one has the courage to challenge Israel, their lobbyists and supporters in the media and both in and out of government Doing so can be dangerous to your health ... both economically and possibly otherwise.

Aug 02 08:10

Afghanistan: The unsustainable in pursuit of the unbeatable

At midnight last night, the United States formally recorded its most lethal month in the seemingly endless war in Afghanistan. Some 66 servicemen died – at least two a day, every day, for 31 days. That was July. June was the deadliest for the coalition as a whole, and the first six months of 2010 were among the bloodiest for civilians since records began in 2007. What will August bring? Or September and October, months which, General David Petraeus, the US commander, has warned may well bring even more intense fighting? By that time, the war will have gone into its 10th year, and so will move towards, and beyond, the landmark when it will have lasted longer than the First and Second World Wars combined.

Webmaster's Commentary: 



In Afghan fields the poppies grow.
Between the crosses.
Row on row.

Aug 02 08:08

Pentagon's vanishing act

Forgetting to deduct an expense from a checkbook, a temporary lapse in accountability, is something ordinary Americans can relate to. But their government losing track of how billions of dollars were spent in Iraq is impossible to comprehend.

What makes the lapse infuriating as well as unfathomable is the U.S. Defense Department's inability to explain, let alone correct, the continuing irresponsibility. The scope of the Pentagon's laxity in accounting for money designated to rebuild a war-ravaged Iraq is astounding.

Aug 02 08:08

Elite Cyber Group Comes Over Ground To Recruit Hackers

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A private contractor wrapped in the flag is hiring hackers to attack websites the government does not like.

Aug 02 08:05


Israel always claim that they are acting only in retaliation to Palestinian attacks against Israel. This is not the case. Invariably Palestinians launch their weapons against Israel in response to Israeli attacks against them in the first place.

Aug 02 08:01

BP Oil Spill: URGENT UPDATE! Corexit Operations Still In Progress 2 weeks after oil leak supposedly stopped.

Aug 02 07:56

Hey Peres look at your so called English speaking anti-semetic terrorists which your country killed

Aug 02 07:53

The ADL Spying Case Is Over, But The Struggle Continues

In 1993, the District of Attorney of San Francisco released 700 pages of documents implicating the Anti-Defamation League, an organization that claims to be a defender of civil rights, in a vast spying operation directed against American citizens who were opposed to Israel’s policies in the Occupied West Bank and Gaza and to the apartheid policies of the government of South Africa and passing on information to both governments.

Under great political pressure, Smith later dropped the charges. One wonders what would have happened had an Arab-American or Muslim organization been caught spying with the names of 10,000 people and 600 organizations in their files.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Aug 02 07:51

40 Bizarre Statistics That Reveal The Horrifying Truth About The Collapse Of The U.S. Economy

Most Americans still appear to be operating under the delusion that the "recession" will soon pass and that things will get back to "normal" very soon. Unfortunately, that is not anywhere close to the truth. What we are now witnessing are the early stages of the complete and total breakdown of the U.S. economic system. The U.S. government, state governments, local governments, businesses and American consumers have collectively piled up debt that is equivalent to approximately 360 percent of GDP. At no point during the Great Depression (or at any other time during our history) did we ever come close to such a figure.

Aug 02 07:50

CLIMATEGATE - Peru declares state of emergency amid plunging temperatures

Hundreds die from extreme cold in remote mountain villages.

Aug 02 07:43

Passengers not pleased as Spirit Airlines adds fee for carry-on bags

Spirit Airlines on Sunday began charging passengers to carry luggage on flights, an industry first.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder when the3y will start charging people for the clothes they are wearing on board!

Aug 02 07:42

Arizona Sheriff: ‘Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy’

Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu is hopping mad at the federal government.

Babeu told CNSNews.com that rather than helping law enforcement in Arizona stop the hundreds of thousands of people who come into the United States illegally over its southern border in Arizona, the federal government is targeting the state and its law enforcement personnel...

Aug 02 07:41

Cluster Crimes: Israel and Cluster Bombs

On August 1, 2010, the Convention on Cluster Munitions, adopted in Dublin, Ireland in May 2008, took effect worldwide. 108 countries have signed it, 38 of them have already ratified it. Among these societies, are former users, producers and victims of cluster munitions. Two countries are notorious for their absence in this honorable list: the USA and Israel.

Aug 02 07:36

IDF official says Hamas did not fire rocket that "justified" Israeli air strikes across Gaza

A military official told Ynet he did not believe Hamas had fired the Grad rocket that exploded in Ashkelon Friday morning, though it remains unclear who was responsible.

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Aug 02 07:35

Raiding and Regulating the New Enemies in the War on Drugs: Rawesome 'Foodies'

Eric Blair
Activist Post

As if the prohibition of non-corporate drugs wasn't already enough of a tragedy of liberty, the Feds are now increasingly arming themselves to raid peaceful organic farms, food Co-Ops, and even Amish dairies over raw milk.

This past week the Los Angeles Times reported that policeman, with guns drawn, raided a private organic food store in Venice California called Rawesome Foods:

"With no warning one weekday morning, investigators entered an organic grocery with a search warrant and ordered the hemp-clad workers to put down their buckets of mashed coconut cream and to step away from the nuts.

Aug 02 05:27

Iran's Ahmadinejad calls for TV debate with Obama

Saddam Hussein (Feb. 26, 2003) tried the same thing. (Transcript, page 3)

"Rather: Are you speaking about a debate?

Rather: This - this is new. You-- you are suggesting, you are saying, that you are willing, you are suggesting, you're urging a debate with President Bush? On television?

Translator For Saddam Hussein: Yes. That's my proposal."

(Transcript, page 3)


Aug 02 05:07

Fury as Israel President Claims English are ‘Anti-semitic’

strong>Israel’s president has accused the English of being anti-semitic and claimed that MPs pander to Muslim voters.
Shimon Peres said England was “deeply pro-Arab … and anti-Israeli”, adding: “They always worked against us.”

Aug 02 04:55

Big Banks Fund Cluster Bombs

Over ninety countries have promised to ban cluster bombs, whose mini explosives often fail to explode and lie like land mines for years. But campaigners say its the banks driving the trade now, with financial institutions showing few qualms about funding the world's weapon makers.

Aug 02 04:24

Palestinian Detainee Abuse During Operation Cast Lead

Detainees, including children, were taken from their homes, held in large pits (two - three meters deep), unsheltered from the bitter cold for days, each pit holding 60 - 70 prisoners, their hands shackled and eyes covered. They couldn't even leave their pits to relieve themselves. The sanitary conditions were appalling, the amount of food, water, and blankets negligible.

Aug 02 01:40


Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, revealed in a recent interview:

"The Pakistani Taliban is in close cooperation with, supplied, financed, armed and trained by Israel and India to attack Pakistan."

Duff’s claims are based on a February 2010 fact-finding tour of Pakistan, where he was briefed by the highest levels of the country’s military and intelligence establishment, including Lieutenant-General Hamid Gul, former Director-General of the ISI, Admiral Iftikhar Ahmed Sirohey, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and General Mirza Aslam Beg, former Chief of Army Staff.

Aug 02 00:36

Gilad Atzmon: Israel Cannot Handle Its Past

Israel cannot handle its past. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu decided this week to extend from 50 to 70 years the time state archives remain classified. Israel realizes that it has too much to hide.

August 1, 2010

Aug 01 23:51

George Carlin -"Who Really Controls America"

Aug 01 21:11

Israeli Military Shoots Palestinian Prisoner

Aug 01 21:10

If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing! VIDEO WAS CENSORED!

Aug 01 21:08

The Tragic Death of a Night Porter

In fact, Dariusz Ratajczak’s troubles began with the publication of his booklet, “Dangerous Topics,” in March, 1999. The treatise was self-published and limited to only 320 copies, but gave credence to the old maxim that the ‘pen is mightier than the sword. Ratajczak’s essay provoked a firestorm of criticism among his contemporaries. In the month following the book’s publication, a rather surprised Ratajczak was summoned to the editorial offices of the Gazeta Wyborcza, a leading Polish newspaper, where he was sneeringly told, “We’ll trample you into the ground for the little book, and the little sub-chapter on the Holocaust.”

Aug 01 20:33

Israeli High Schoolers Assist Razing of Bedouin Town

By Michael Leon – Editor – Veterans Today

EDITORS NOTE: Veterans Today condemns State Sponsored “Hitler Youth” of Israel — Vicious and bigoted forcing non-Zionist peoples out of their homes for Zionist Settlers to move in.


U.S. Taxpayers left paying ”Trail of Tears” bill as President Obama Responds by Doing Nothing!

Continue Reading

Aug 01 20:13

Obama’s Middle East Moment of Truth

The new Middle Eastern diplomatic detente leaves Obama only one way forward. If he wants to succeed, he will have to make it clear to the far-right Israeli government that it must stop settlements, return to its 1967 borders and accept a viable, contiguous Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Aug 01 18:15

If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing!


Must listen interview with former Republican Congressman Paul Findlay:

Findley speaks out about the Israeli lobby and its manipulation of US foreign policy in the Middle East, resulting in thousands of American deaths and tens of thousands of Muslim deaths


Paul Findley in following youtube with nearly 3 million views :

Continue Reading

Aug 01 17:03

i am frigin pissed now really pissed

this is not about Mike not fitting in because he is atheist, or denies chemtrails...if you would take a few minutes and listen to the show that comes after Mike's show in GCN, well, let me tell ya, every time those yuppie pieces of shit talk, makes me go scope in my rifle...sorry, i wont hurt anyone, but just making a point. this is nothing but hurting Mike because he DARES speak out about israel.

Aug 01 16:57


re: Ms Glick’s stating: ‘Zionism after all is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. To say that Jews – uniquely among all the nations – have no right to freedom and self-determination is obviously anti-Semitic.’

First off, this infers that Jews cannot be ‘free’, nor enjoy ‘self determination’ in countries other than Israel, which judging by their great success and pre-eminence in the US and in many other countries wherein they reside, is near to nonsense.

Unique to Zionism’s notion of the Jewish State is the claim that Israel belongs, and is home to, ALL Jews worldwide, no matter where they reside and regardless their citizen status elsewhere.

No other modern nation state is comprised on grounds of such specific ethnocentrism.

Aug 01 15:40

IDF official says Hamas did not fire rocket that "justified" Israeli air strikes across Gaza

A military official told Ynet he did not believe Hamas had fired the Grad rocket that exploded in Ashkelon Friday morning, though it remains unclear who was responsible.

Aug 01 15:38

In memory of 9/11 victims, church to burn Qurans

New York, Jul 31: A US church has sparked off a huge controversy by mulling an 'International Burn a Quran Day' to observe the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack.

The Dove World Outreach Centre in Gainesville, Florida, will be hosting the event to remember the victims of the Sep 9, 2001 attack and has extended a invitation to all the Christians to burn the Muslim holy book at its premises from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Ah... the religion of Peace and Love strikes again.

Aug 01 15:36

Flashback: Osama Is Under Your Bed

In the days leading up to the mandated Congressional debate regarding said legislation, terror warnings suddenly bloom like nightshade. The White House or the FBI or the CIA, or all three in concert, ratchet up the national tension level with forecasts of doom and death and fire from unknown quarters. Said legislation passes without so much as leaving a wake in its path, nothing explodes, and everyone goes on with their lives in the belief that they just narrowly dodged a bullet. At the conclusion of the process, the foundations of American freedom have been redacted, edited, clipped and round-filed.

Aug 01 15:18

County justice of the peace arrested for jailing kids with unpaid 'truancy' fines

An Hidalgo County Judge finds herself on the other side of the bench after being indicted.

Judge Mary Alice Palacios is accused of sending kids to jail for months at a time, because they couldn't pay their truancy fine.

Aug 01 15:06

Solving the 800-year mystery of Pisa's Leaning Tower

Professor John Burland has spent the last two decades striving to save - and understand - the Leaning Tower of Pisa. After defying gravity, Italian bureaucracy and accusations of corruption, it seems he's finally cracked the case.

Aug 01 14:47

Controversy over South Korea's sunken ship

"South Korea should reopen an investigation, and the parliament should open an investigation into the JIG on suspicion of fabricated data," Suh told Nature. "They failed in their task of proving that this was done by North Korea, and so it is quite likely that they fabricated data."

Aug 01 14:35

“HUGE discrepancies”: 1.8 million gallons of dispersant “now in question”, “Either BP was lying to Congress or to the Coast Guard”

For example, in one approval request, one of BP’s top executives, Doug Suttles, claimed that the maximum daily application of dispersants on the surface in the days preceding June 16, 2010 was 3,360 gallons on June 12. However, an examination of the dispersant totals BP provided to congressional staff in its daily “Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Response Updates” indicates that on June 11, BP said it applied 14,305 gallons of the chemical on the surface; on June 13, 36,000 gallons; and on June 14, 10,706 gallons.

According to publicly disclosed amounts on DeepwaterHorizonResponse.com, more than 1.8 million gallons of toxic dispersants were used to break up the oil as it came out of the well, as well as after it reached the ocean surface. The validity of those numbers are now in question.

Aug 01 13:48

Judge 'inundated' with death threats after Arizona ruling

The increase in threats coincides with more online use and the proliferation of blogs, he said. A quick scan shows many sites and discussion forums where Bolton is called a traitor or other, unprintable names.

Aug 01 12:43

Oliver Stone Apologizes for the Truth

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A lot of people are whining that Oliver Stone should have shown more personal courage and stood his ground regarding his original statements about Jewish control of the media. But the more I think about it, the more I have come to understand that Oliver Stone outsmarted the Israeli shills in Hollywood. When Haim Saban demanded that CBS/Showtime cancel Stone's series unless Stone apologized, he walked into Stone's trap, because in giving Haim Saban that apology, Stone communicated to the world the truth of his claims; that Israel's supporters do maintain an iron-fisted tyranny over the corporate media in this country. Had Stone fought back, Israel would scream anti-Semitism and play victim once more, in Panavision. By apologizing, Oliver Stone turned the tables. Now he is seen as the victim, and Haim Saba is the modern incarnation of Joseph McCarthy.

Game, set, and match to Oliver Stone.

Aug 01 12:27


In no particular order, these are the salient points that are converging, rapidly, screaming out our inexorable collision with National disaster:

–Very high levels of saber-rattling by lots of influential people, both in the US and abroad, both “allies” and “enemies” in recent weeks, more so than usual.

–Huge build-up of Naval forces, US and Israeli, munitions, in Gulf AO.

–Key positions in US military, all branches, held by Israeli dual citizens

Aug 01 11:52

US boosts Israeli missile funding

US House appropriators have pushed funding for Israeli missile defense programs to its highest level ever, with $422.7 million now slated for 2011.

Last week, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense added $95.7m. to the original White House funding request for the long-range Arrow programs and medium-range David’s Sling, according to sources close to the panel. The lion’s share – $108.8m. – will go to the Arrow 3 system, which the US signed off on after some initial hesitation.

n addition, the monies include $205m. pledged this spring by US President Barack Obama to the short-range Iron Dome project.

The package is more than twice as much as last year’s total, and adds up to nearly $1 billion in aid to joint US-Israel missile defense programs in the past four years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With an economy in meltdown, two failed wars grinding on, US infrastructure crumbling, and homeless Vets sleeping on our streets, this is the highest and best use Congress sees for our tax dollars, more weapons for Israel?!?

Every single Congressperson supporting this must be handed their hats and show the door in this next election, period end of discussion!!

Aug 01 11:41

Al-Qaeda Creating an Army in Yemen

he heads of Al-Qaeda in Yemen claimed Thursday to be creating an army in the country's south. In an audio recording posted online, terrorist commander Mohammed Sayeed al-Omda said Al-Qaeda will soon have a fighting force of 12,000 soldiers based in the cities of Aden and Abyan.

Omda issued a threat to continue attacking Yemeni troops. “This is a message to the Yemeni government forces and National security service: Our swords are ready and we are going to cleanse the land,” he declared.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now, let me get my head around this.

The government of Yemen, headed by "President" (apparently, for life) Ali Saleh. This government is characterized by impartial observers as being one of the most hideously corrupt governments in the region, with rampant poverty, illiteracy, no infrastructure, and zero transparency in its government.

This deadly "cocktail" of circumstances makes violent radicalization look attractive to some.

Yet, the US government has supported this thug unequivocally; and by the way, here is actually what your tax payer dollars to Yemen have paid for. As reported in:


"The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has asserted that tens of millions of dollars in U.S. military and security assistance was diverted from the war against Al Qaida to Yemen’s campaign against the Iranian-backed Shi’ite rebels, called Houthis, in the north. The committee reported discrepancies between records of U.S. security assistance and those in the Yemeni military."

"The need for monitoring has become acute amid a significant increase in U.S. military aid to Yemen. Washington has approved more than $150 million in military and security aid for 2010 as the Pentagon oversaw an offensive against Al Qaida."

So, instead of attempting to fix the infrastructure, economy, and literacy in Yemen, what has President Selah chosen to do with our money?!? It apparently has been spent on a genocide against his own people.

When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable; but somehow, the US State Department, Pentagon, and White House are consistently, pathologically incapable of grasping this fact, as demonstrated by the thugs they continue to support in the name of "regional stability".

Aug 01 11:36

The Real Aim of Israel’s Bomb Iran Campaign

The idea of waging a U.S. war of destruction against Iran is obvious lunacy, which is why U.S. military leaders have strongly resisted it both during the Bush and Obama administrations. But Gerecht makes it clear that Israel believes it can use its control of Congress to pound Obama into submission

Aug 01 11:20

US Support for Israel Near All-Time High

Speaking Saturday night, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that he welcomed the support of the American public, as expressed in a Gallup poll released Friday. The poll showed that US support of Israel is at a near all-time high; 67 percent of Americans held a favorable opinion of Israel, more than for nearly any other country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder precisely what slender demographic the Gallop group polled in order to predetermine the outcome here.

Most thinking people I know, particularly after one American was shot while lying helpless on the deck of an aid ship in Israel's flotilla massacre, are highly concerned about how Israel is and has been treating the Palestinians; the siege of Gaza; and the brisk annexation of Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Also, most thinking people I know are concerned by the fact that Israel is a nuclear armed power which refuses to sign the NNPT.

They are also alarmed at the degree to which the US and Israel are militarily coordinated, at the highest level.

They are also alarmed at the degree of Israeli influence over the US Congress.

They understand that Israel was a tremendous "cheerleader" for the US war against Iraq, another of its alleged "existential threats" in the region; they understand that the war against Iraq was based on a pack of lies, as will be the impending war against Iran.

Thinking Americans cannot support Israel, because it has become a danger to the Middle East, and a danger to the survival of the US itself.

Aug 01 11:11

Flu jab linked to fits in under fives: officials

GPs have been told not to use a particular flu jab on 110,000 children under five after it was linked with a tenfold increase in fits, it can be revealed.

Aug 01 11:07

Details of 100 million Facebook users published online

The personal details of 100 million Facebook users have been collected and published online in a downloadable file, meaning they will now be unable to make their publicly available information private.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OOPS there!!!!

Aug 01 11:03

An Entourage Surpassing the Queen's...

President Obama showed up at the G-20 summit in London with everything but the proverbial kitchen sink-although he did bring the White House chef and the kitchen staff.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At a time when Americans are losing their jobs and their homes, Obama traveled to the G20 with more than 500 retainers, including the White House kitchen staff to prepare his meals! This story was major news in the European newspapers, but was never mentioned on ABCNNBBCBS.

Aug 01 11:02

Greenspan: Modest economic recovery 'in a pause'

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says he thinks the economy is having a modest recovery, but right now there's a "pause" in that recovery, so it feels like a "quasi-recession."

Greenspan says long-term unemployment is pulling the economy apart even though large banks are doing much better and large companies are in excellent shape.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Pause", my astrolabe!

It is obvious that this gentleman in is a world of his own which has absolutely nothing to do with working Americans.

This country is in a recession, period, end of discussion, and any attempt to mischaracterize the US's current economic woes as anything else is like putting lipstick on a pig.

Aug 01 10:57

New Kosher seal - shakedown scam like the others?

After being caught hiring illegals - they try to restore their image (and make a few sheckles in the process, I assume.)


While he declined to disclose companies that he says are on board for the new seal, Allen say that "major names that people will recognize will be among the first to go forward with this.”


Aug 01 10:52

The “Summer Camp Of Destruction:” Israeli High Schoolers Assist The Razing Of A Bedouin Town

I traveled to al-Arakib yesterday with a delegation from Ta’ayush, an Israeli group that promotes a joint Arab-Jewish struggle against the occupation. The activists spent the day preparing games and activities for the village’s traumatized children, helping the villagers replace their uprooted olive groves, and assisting in the reconstruction of their demolished homes. In a massive makeshift tent where many of al-Arakib’s residents now sleep, I interviewed village leaders about the identity of the cheering civilians. Each one confirmed the presence of the civilians, describing how they celebrated the demolitions. As I compiled details, the story grew increasingly horrific.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome for the "new normal" for Arab Bedouins!

Aug 01 10:50

The Real Reasons Why the US and India Demonize Pakistan's ISI

It has often been argued that America expects Pakistan to be actively engaged in the Afghan war in return for the military assistance it provides. The answer is quite simple. The American establishment is doing all that needs to be done in support of its own war and not for the love of Pakistan. The war is theirs, not Pakistan’s. Pakistan should do and is doing what is necessary and feasible, without jeopardizing its own security.

As for the assistance, bulk of the $10 billion that America gave in the past and was branded as "aid" was in fact the reimbursement of expenses that Pakistan had already incurred in supporting the war effort.

Aug 01 10:43

Corexit Kills; Update on the Oil Disaster and the Chemical Rape of the Gulf

People need to wake up! Corexit is killing the Gulf at an alarming level and yet the corporate news is still taking very little notice. Recently, we have seen an influx of reports by local mainstream news, a clear sign that these chemicals are having such a profound effect that local news stations would basically become irrelevant if they didn’t report on Corexit9500.

Aug 01 10:36


Webmaster's Commentary: 

The text in the printed Honolulu Advertiser appears to have been copied from this website.

Aug 01 10:35

Timing of National Guard's Deployment to Southwest Border Stirs Confusion, Anger

President Obama announced in May he would send National Guard troops amid growing concerns about border violence stemming from illegal immigration and drug smuggling. Many called for a military presence along the U.S-Mexico border to assist border patrol agents as Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a controversial law making illegal immigration a state crime -- a policy that a judge weakened this week in federal court.

Earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security said the troops would be sent Aug. 1. But now both the National Guard Bureau and the Customs Border Protection says that date was when they were directed to start ramping up their numbers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no "confusion" to be found here, although the anger is completely understandable.

The Federal government, which refuses to take the necessary steps to control illegal immigration (because Congress' campaign contributors love cheap illegal labor) is cynically timing this deployment closer to the election, so that they can appear to have "done something" on the issue.

Unfortunately, the deployment of just 1200 National Guard members is merely cosmetic, and cannot really solve the problem here, because there is no real will in Washington to solve it.

Aug 01 10:35

Chelsea's Wedding: Let Let Them Eat Cake

Before we attend to the poor political judgment of such an extravagant affair during times of economic distress, let us wonder aloud where a poor boy who became governor of Arkansas and president of the United States got such a fortune that he can blow $3,000,000 on a wedding.

The American people did not take up a collection to reward him for his service to them.

Where did the money come from? Who was he really serving during his eight years in office?

How did Tony Blair and his wife, Cherrie, end up with an annual income of ten million pounds (approximately $15 million dollars) as soon as he left office? Who was Blair really serving?

These are not polite questions, and they are infrequently asked.

Aug 01 10:24

Have you heard? Mike blows Judge Susan R Bolton out of the water! MP3

Aug 01 10:17

Video of forced eviction in Paris suburb prompts shock

French politicians as well as advocates for immigrants and housing rights are reacting strongly to a video shot last week of police forcibly removing women and children of African descent from a makeshift tent housing camp in a poor Paris suburb.

Aug 01 10:17

Iran Encircled: Two US Congressional Resolutions, One World War

We have our target and we now have our army.

We are now witnessing the legalization and industrialization of another war, one which will set the entire region ablaze.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The twin gorillas, sitting on the Steinway in the living room, which no one in the US government wants to talk about, are Russia and China.

One has to wonder what these two countries will do if the US and/or Israel attacks Iran.

And the further complication to a potential "win" against Iran is the reality that the US has literally outsourced almost all of its manufacturing infrastructure, which is absolutely critical to winning a war which goes for any length of time.

Aug 01 10:16

Greece will be a war zone, Sect of Revolutionaries warns tourists

Security forces fear wave of terror as austerity programme provokes strikes, protests, violence – and assassination.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Greek people have balls Americans can only dream of!

Aug 01 10:15

Banksters are Coming for Your Retirement Next

The international banks’ economic hit men have successfully enslaved-by-debt everything from nations, entire industries, state and local governments (who will need their bailout soon), and nearly every person on the planet. Even if an individual doesn't have any bank financing or credit cards, they still pay the private Federal Reserve through inflation. As author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins, would say: the time has come for the banks to collect their “pound of flesh” from average citizens by way of your pensions.

Aug 01 10:12

USA funded Osama Bin Laden in 1989 to destabalise Pakistan

Aug 01 10:11

It Doesn't Matter what we do Because No One Says a Thing.

Of course, I had done a lot of bad things before. I had help but I would have done it all on my own if I could. Somehow I understood that if I just screamed and complained loud enough, while I was tormenting and abusing others, it would look like I was the one who was being persecuted.

Aug 01 10:10

Army Says Mustard off Hawaii Must Stay

Chemical weapons dumped in deep water five miles south of Pearl Harbor after World War II should remain at the site because moving them could pose more of a threat to people and the environment, the Army said Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, this is propaganda by Florida to scare the tourists back to their oil-soaked shores! :)

Aug 01 10:08

Kabul rioters burn SUVs, yell 'Death to America'

Afghan police fired shots on Friday to disperse hundreds of people protesting the deaths of civilians in an accident involving a U.S. Embassy vehicle, officials said.

Aug 01 10:08

An Exercise in Folly: The Last Thing the U.S. needs Right Now is Another War

The logic of pushing a country like North Korea toward negotiations by conducting nearby military exercises -- which include one of the largest aircraft carriers in the U.S. Navy, the nuclear-powered Abraham Lincoln -- is not entirely clear to me.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Logic and the US White House, the Pentagon, and the State Department, have never had a good, consistent relationship in the first place!

Aug 01 10:05


Webmaster's Commentary: 

My wife thought I was having a nervous breakdown; I was laughing so hard!

Aug 01 10:03

Drunk israeli settler brags how jews killed Jesus

Aug 01 10:03

Debt is devouring Sovereign Nations. In the US, the Deficit is being Funded and Monetized by the Fed

What Washington, the Fed and Wall Street have to understand is that you cannot borrow your way to wealth. There is an eventual law of diminishing returns. Present prosperity cannot be paid for by future production and services. The public senses this and their confidence continues to dissipate. Seventy percent believe there will be no recovery. They are angry and want to purge congress and the Senate of the criminals they previously elected. This is a reflection in part of unemployment of 22-3/8%, falling hours and wages and perpetual loss of purchasing power.

Aug 01 10:00

Hillary Clinton: Pakistani Government Knows Where Bin Laden Is

Aug 01 09:58

Greece will be a war zone, Sect of Revolutionaries warns tourists

"Greece has entered a new phase of political violence by anarchist-oriented organisations that are more murderous, dangerous, capable and nihilistic than ever before," said Athanasios Drougos, a defence and counter-terrorism analyst in Athens.

The threats came from a guerrilla group called the Sect of Revolutionaries, as it claimed credit for the murder of Sokratis Giolas, an investigative journalist. Giolas was shot dead outside his Athenian home on 19 July, in front of his pregnant wife.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if this group isn't some kind of government "plant" to delegitimize the anger felt by the Greek people over the austerity measures with which they have been forced to deal, due to the IMF loan.

Aug 01 09:49

Disturbing: Israeli Youth Help Raze Entire Bedouin Village

I support Israel's legitimate interests and rights in what is a very tough neighborhood, but this behavior -- reported by Max Blumenthal -- is not that of an Israeli that is behaving responsibly and is rather, an Israel that is playing recklessly with its own interests and America's.

Aug 01 09:49

Gulf Loop Current Stalls from BP Oil Disaster

Oceanographic satellite data now shows that the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico has stalled as a consequence of the BP oil spill [volcano] disaster. This according to Dr. Gianluigi Zangari, an Italian theoretical physicist, and major complex and chaotic systems analyst at the Frascati National Laboratories in Italy.

He further notes that the effects of this stall have also begun to spread to the Gulf Stream. This is because the Loop Current is a crucial element of the Gulf Stream itself and why it is commonly referred to as the “main engine” of the Stream.

Aug 01 09:47

A Police State You'd Better Believe In

When our nation is waging "war on" so many things (drugs, crime, poverty, terrorism), it's hard to know where to enlist and when to defect. Or put another way, when should a patriot oppose his government? One answer, which we may hope is obvious, is when his government is waging war on liberty. The trick, of course, is to recognize it as such, since the government will always claim to be defending liberty when waging war against it.

Aug 01 09:47


Life for Palestinian families is not a game. Their homes are not sand castles, but the uniformed bullies treat them as such, demolishing them for sport and then doing it again when they are rebuilt.

Aug 01 09:46

Military keeps distressed soldiers at combat site

Sgt. Thomas Riordan didn't want to return to Afghanistan after home leave. He had just fought through a battle that killed eight soldiers, and when he arrived home his wife said she was leaving. He almost killed himself that night.

When his psychologist asked what he thought he should do, Riordan said: Stay in Colorado.

Instead, the military brought Riordan back to this base in the eastern Afghan mountains, where mortar rounds sound regularly and soldiers have to wear flack jackets if they step outside their barracks before 8 a.m., even to go to the bathroom.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We didn't have a great deal of this kind of stress syndrome going on in our military during World War II, because the men and women in uniform understood, very clearly, that the US was on the right side of history.

However,many in today's military, serving in Afghanistan understand that in the prosecution of this war does not put the US on the right side of history.

This is a war about potential private profit from oil pipelines, drugs, and minerals.

That is what every maiming, physical or psychological, or death of every American soldier has been about in this horrendous, slow-dance slaughter.

Aug 01 09:38

US cannot afford to withdraw from global role: Mullen

The US military's top officer on Sunday said economic trouble at home should not lead the United States
to walk away from its global role, warning against a turn toward isolation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: If the American people decide they are tired of having their lives looted for all these foreign wars, the military are gonna have to get regular jobs building stuff instead of blowing crap up and killing people for a living.

Aug 01 09:35

The Tribunal Conspiracy

It seems only logical that Israel would try to nail the Lebanese group through the Hariri affair, hoping that this would shatter the current alliance between Hezbollah and Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the second son of Rafik, along with creating havoc between Lebanese Sunnis and Shiites, notes Sami Moubayed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Short version. When Mossad whacked Hariri, Israel led the campaign to blame Syria for the assassination, to force Syria and their military support out of Lebanon, setting the stage for the failed 2006 invasion of Lebanon by Israel. Now, Israel is pointing the finger at Hezbollah for the murder, to try and again weaken Lebanon in advance of a new invasion.

Aug 01 09:35

UK retailer Cafepress peddles Islamophobic, anti-Arab, pro-Jewish wares

Gilad Atzmon views the curious case of the British online retailer cafepress.co.uk which openly sells Islamophobic, anti-Arab, pro-Jewish, pro-Israel and pro-war products such as t-shirts, caps and babysuits.

Aug 01 09:35

Israel warns Hamas after rocket fire

"I see the Hamas as directly responsible for any attack that comes from the Gaza Strip toward the state of Israel and the international community should see it this way as well," Netanyahu said. "Israel reserves the right to defend its citizens and we will continue to use all means to protect the people of Israel and the children of Israel."

The attacks caused damage but no injuries. No Palestinian group took responsibility for the attacks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Look for another major strike against Gaza by Israel in the not too distant future.

Aug 01 09:31

Israel classifies its past as top secret

Lawrence Davidson explains why the Israeli government has decided to extend for an additional 20 years the period during which state documents must remain classified and the possibility that previously declassified documents might be reclassified.

Aug 01 09:30

Greece orders military to step in as truckers vote to continue strike

The Greek government ordered the country's armed forces to help deliver fuel as truck drivers voted to continue a contentious strike, state media reported.

Officials said Friday that military vehicles would be used to ensure the supply of fuel to airports, power plants and hospitals, and navy boats could help carry tanker trucks to islands, according to official news agency ANA.

Greece's 33,000 licensed truck drivers went on strike this week to protest government plans to open up their industry and issue new licenses.

The government is required to make the changes under the terms of loan packages from the European Union and International Monetary Fund.

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The Greek people appear to be fed up with having to do with less so that politicians and bankers can have more.

Aug 01 09:24

US military chief admits to Iran attack plan

The top US military officer says he has a plan to attack Iran if needed to prevent it from getting nuclear weapons, but is "extremely concerned" about the possible repercussions of such a strike.

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said military action against Iran could have "unintended consequences that are difficult to predict in what is an incredibly unstable part of the world."

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The only reason that part of the world is unstable is Israel and the US won't mind their own business!

Aug 01 09:23


When President Obama announced his new war plan for Afghanistan last year, the centerpiece of the strategy — and a big part of the rationale for sending 30,000 additional troops — was to safeguard the Afghan people, provide them with a competent government and win their allegiance.

Eight months later, that counterinsurgency strategy has shown little success, as demonstrated by the flagging military and civilian operations in Marja and Kandahar and the spread of Taliban influence in other areas of the country.

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Nine years on, the only way out will be through a negotiated settlement in Afghanistan.

At that point, the US will need to negotiate with whatever government is left in Kabul for the oil pipeline and mineral rights, which puts the US squarely where it was in August of 2001, when the Bush administration thought that the price being demanded by the Taliban was "too high", and that somehow, a war - and the cost in blood and money - would be "cheaper".

Aug 01 09:14

US military chief admits to Iran attack plan

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said military action against Iran could have "unintended consequences that are difficult to predict in what is an incredibly unstable part of the world."

But, speaking on Sunday's "Meet the Press" program on NBC, Mullen said allowing Iran to develop a nuclear weapon was also unacceptable.

"Quite frankly, I am extremely concerned about both of those outcomes," he said.

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Exhausted and Exasperated Memo to Admiral Mullen:

Iran is a signatory to the NNPT. All of their nuclear work, dedicated to developing a power plant, with technical assistance from Russia, is done under the supervision of the IAEA. To date, no nuclear material has been unaccounted for, nor has Iran been enriching uranium above the 20% level necessary for the creation of nuclear isotopes. To enrich to weapons level uranium takes 90% or better enrichment.

However, Admiral Mullen, Israel, which has nuclear bombs, refuses to sign the NNPT, or allow its nuclear sites to be inspected.

Sir, I submit that the only reason that the US is set to go to war against Iran is that Israel has ordered the US to do this. And again, just as was the case with Iraq, it will be American kids who will fight, get maimed for life, and die to neutralize yet another of Israel's alleged "existential threats" in the region.

Aug 01 09:04

US 'refutes' July death toll in Iraq

The US military on Sunday took the unusual step of refuting Iraqi figures released a day earlier which showed July was the single deadliest month in the war-torn country since May 2008.

The American decision to release their own toll came after the Iraqi figures showed a sharp upswing in the level of violence nearly five months after parliamentary elections which have yet to result in the formation of a new government and as the United States carries out a major troop withdrawal.

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We know when the US military spokespeople lie to the American people: they open their mouths, and words come out of them.

At this point, after all the lies of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, I would almost be willing to accept the Iraqi figures over and above the US's figures on this.

Aug 01 09:00

BP, Coast Guard ignored order to stop using dispersants: report

BP continued spraying large amounts of a controversial dispersant onto the surface of the Gulf of Mexico even after an EPA order to stop doing so, the Washington Post reports.

According to the Post, BP used a loophole in the EPA's order that allowed the Coast Guard to rubber-stamp "exemptions" to the order.

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Aug 01 08:59

US to activate missile shield over southern Europe: report

Citing unnamed Pentagon officials, the newspaper said the US Defense Department is nearing a deal to establish a key radar ground station probably in Turkey or Bulgaria.

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Although this is not sourced, looking at a map, it is clear to see that the Pentagon is not thinking about Iran in terms of this missile shield placement, but Russia.

Aug 01 08:58

Arab Knesset Member urges Europe to Downgrade Israeli Ties

Arab Knesset Member Haneen Zoubi is in the UK with two other Palestinian members of the Knesset trying to raise awareness of the plight of the 1.5 million Palestinian Arab Citizens of Israel. Zoubi stated the Israeli Laws discriminate against the Arab citizens of Israel.

Aug 01 08:25

Oxford Professor Calls for Mass Drugging Population Through Water Supply

Everything documented in this detailed article correlates with the ongoing eugenics operations of the Scientific Dictatorship already underway. Humanity is under chemical, biological and psychological attack. Please check out this essential research and share the information with everyone you know. -Alex Jones