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November 28, 2010

Nov 28 10:40


Beck vs. Assange and What it all Means
Too many Americans, and their leaders as well, haven’t got an accurate sense of the real world. In part, that is why the U.S. government regularly formulates domestic and foreign policies that answer the demands of interest groups while harming the rest of us. Such policies fail in the long run. In doing so they open political space for both charlatans and truth tellers. And here they are in the persons of Glenn Beck and Julian Assange.

Nov 28 10:24

Norway - Coldest WInter in 140 years!

Nov 28 10:23

1912 Warning About The Federal Reserve: “A government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations”

“Then we shall have only corporate currency, and a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations—a “soulless” corporate republic.”

Nov 28 10:20

Dr Phil - A Brutal Assault by TSA Over A Contact Lens Fluid

Nov 28 10:15

Obama Will Ban Firearms

Nov 28 10:09

Colorado Lawyer Files For Injunction Against DHS and TSA

In his complaint, he details his personal story of how he and his daughters were treated during an "enhanced pat down" by the TSA on a recent trip to San Diego, describing the TSA agents' behavior as "disgusting, unconscionable, sexual in nature, unnecessary and a complete violation of his and his children's constitutional rights."

Nov 28 10:07

IDF officers get photo of dead child

Gruber is just one of the officers who received a threatening poster from Spain, after his name appeared on a website referring to IDF soldiers involved in Operation Cast Lead as "war criminals".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You've got to give it to the Israeli press as among the world's most Orwellian users of the English language.

"Threatening"?!? This is simply a documentation of the death and destruction wreaked upon Palestinian citizens (many children, women, the medically fragile, and the elderly) during Operation Cast Lead.

This child doesn't "appear"to be dead: he or she is dead.

And so the question is put, rather as a theological question, than a moral question, since Jewish Israelis are supposed believe in a God.

And it is a question which must be put to IDF leadership: how do you explain the murder of children, and attempt to defend the indefensible?

What kind of monsters are you, that you express utterly no remorse for these actions?!?

As reported on 12 September, 2009 at:


The Israeli official figures seriously underestimated the civilian Palestinian death toll exacted during its onslaught in Gaza early this year, according to painstaking research to be published today.

The first detailed casualty figures from an Israeli human rights organisation since the war ended puts the number of children under 16 killed in the offensive at 252 as opposed to the 89 cited by the military. B’Tselem says its fieldworkers gathered death certificates, photos, and testimonies relating to all 252 of the children.

B’Tselem, which said it had carried out “months of meticulous investigation and cross-checks with numerous sources” has, unlike the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), made public the names of all those it said were killed in the war. It said that since the IDF had refused to furnish the agency with its own detailed list, it was impossible to compare the names but that “the blatant discrepancy between the numbers is intolerable.”

Nov 28 10:01

Senate Bill S 510 PASSED! 74 to 25, The Government now makes you a criminal for growing your own GARDEN!

Nov 28 09:56


IDF officers get photo of dead child

‘How will you explain this to God?’ says letter sent from Spain to homes of officers exposed on ‘war criminals’ website. ‘I’ve gotten used to curses, but when such a thing arrives at your doorstep, it’s very unpleasant,’ reserve colonel tells Ynet

Nov 28 09:56


If it’s OK to crush to death a protester with a bulldozer, why shouldn’t it be OK to shoot out the eye of another protester? According to the Israeli ‘Justice’ System, it IS OK as can be seen in the following…..

Nov 28 09:44

Making peace impossible

In a move primarily aimed at making it harder to cede occupied Arab land as part of any peace agreement with Syria or the Palestinians, the Israeli Knesset this week approved a bill requiring a two-thirds Knesset majority, as well as a general referendum, for any prospective withdrawal from the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem, occupied by Israel during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, writes Khaled Amayreh in occupied East Jerusalem.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel doesn't want peace; it wants, and has always wanted, territory, and by any means necessary.

What we are most likely to see, in the aftermath of the passage of this bill, will be a brisk annexation of Jerusalem and the West Bank, coupled by forcible expulsions of Palestinians who have lived in various homes here for generations.

Nov 28 09:40

Obama Style Fascism

Our system is such that any Oval Office occupant is an enemy of democracy. Our safety depends on ourselves alone. Changes in political parties either mean nothing or greater danger if the party in power is trusted when it should not be. It can happen here and it is happening right before our eyes.

Nov 28 09:28

More "Big Bang" Epicycles.

Circular patterns in the universe's pervasive background radiation suggest the Big Bang was only the latest of many.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How so, if the universe started with an undifferentiated singularity?

See (and repost) "The Big Bang is just Religion Disguised as Science!"

Nov 28 09:21

Report: N.Korea deploys missiles near S.Korea border

North Korea has deployed SA-2 surface-to-air missiles near its disputed Yellow Sea border with South Korea, a report said Sunday as a major US-led naval exercise began further to the south.

The missiles appear to be targeting the South's jet fighters flying near the Northern Limit Line which marks the border, Yonhap news agency quoted a government source as saying.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Like the South Korean government hasn't been beefing up defense on their side of the border?!?

North Korean leadership is many things, but it is not stupid. It sees what is coming, and is doing the best to defend itself and its people.

And remember: as reported on 23 November 2010 at:


"The skirmish began after North Korea warned the South to stop carrying out military drills near their sea border, South Korean officials said.

When Seoul refused and fired artillery into disputed waters - away from the North Korean shore - the North retaliated by shelling Yeonpyeong."

Nov 28 09:19

Ireland bailout protest draws 100,000 to Dublin streets

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Read the comments! The people of Ireland are furious that the government wants to starve the people to fatten the bankers!

Nov 28 09:16

The Psychopathy of International Banker Scum.

One of the worst personal shortcomings a person can have is a lack of capacity to be embarrassed by their own behavior. Alex Jones is a classic example. When I heard what he said, I couldn’t believe it at first. It’s the sort of thing that only gets said by absolutely sold out hacks without conscience, principles or a brain. In Alex’s case it’s a form of career suicide. You can’t take something like that back and only a Tea Party supporter or a southern Baptist fundamentalist would believe it. I expect Alex Jones to be a Fox commentator in six months. He said that Hezbollah was training Mexican drug gangs. That’s laugh out loud funny.

Nov 28 09:13

Odd Couple: North Korea & America

The sails of US Asian policy ride on the winds of North Korean belligerence

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

On March 26, 2010, the ROKS Cheonan is hit by what appears to be a German-made torpedo, sinks while claiming the lives of 46 South Korean sailors.

The world, America at the lead, was quick to point its finger at North Korea before South Korea itself ruled them out as a suspect. North Korea adamantly insisted it was not behind the attack, and despite their paranoid and isolated posture little beyond insanity could serve as a motive . . .

Nov 28 09:13

"Do You Doubt The Official Conclusion Of How Building 7 (WTC-7) Came Down?"

Nov 28 09:11

The Luck of the Irish Runs Out

The Irish government announced plans this week to tap the welfare state and working class for much of the $20B in savings they've pledged to find over the next four years, but the austerity measures will not touch large businesses like Microsoft, Intel, Google, HP, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pfizer, which created jobs and fueled exports in Ireland after being lured by low corporate tax rates.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

January 1, Americans will be hit with the largest tax increase in US History. As for the Irish, the corps are paying NOTHING and the whole punishment for the crooked banks falls on the heads of innocent citizens. THAT is Fascism!

Nov 28 09:07

China to fund $6 Billion refinery expansion in Cuba

China is taking another great leap forward in its Latin American energy plans, raising Cuba's energy importance in the process, with a deal to lead a $6 billion refinery expansion project on the communist island, experts said this week.

The project, to be funded mostly by China's Eximbank, is the latest of several significant moves in the region for the Asian power as it continues to expand its global influence.

For Cuba, the refurbishing of its antiquated refinery in the coastal city of Cienfuegos will provide an outlet for oil it hopes to tap soon in the Gulf of Mexico, while also laying the groundwork for the island to possibly become a key oil transhipment point for the Caribbean basin.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I mention this is passing, only to point out that if it were not for the consistently insane US boycott of Cuba, access to that oil could well have gone to US companies.

US companies have business relationships with - and investments in - countries like Viet Nam, for heaven's sake!!

Nov 28 09:05

7 men busted for playing chess at US park!

Police officers in bullet-proof vests charged seven men with the "crime" of playing chess in an area off-limits to adults unaccompanied by kids.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just getting plain silly now!

Nov 28 09:04

Zodiac actor placed on terror list for opposing oil drilling method

Indie actor Mark Ruffalo says he found himself on the Pennsylvania Homeland Security office's terror watch list for organizing screening of an oil-drilling documentary.

According to the World Entertainment News Network, Ruffalo -- who has starred in such films as The Kids Are All Right, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Zodiac -- told GQ magazine he found it "pretty f--cking funny" that he would be suspected of terrorism for raising the alarm about what many say is an environmentally harmful way of drilling for oil and gas.

Nov 28 09:00

Stop ripping our country apart, say Irish protesters

Almost 50,000 people marched through Dublin yesterday in protest at harsh austerity measures designed to haul Ireland out of its financial crisis.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The government got into this mess without the peoples' permission; they can get out of it without the peoples' help!

Nov 28 08:53

South Korea Slams China's Feeble Attempt To Cool The Crisis

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak told a visiting senior Chinese official earlier Sunday that Seoul was not interested in the early resumption of the six-party talks as it is more urgent to deal with Pyongyang's belligerence.

Seoul's foreign ministry also effectively rejected Beijing's proposal, saying that China's offer to resume six-party talks on North Korea "should be studied very carefully" and creating the right atmosphere for reopening the negotiations is a priority.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears, under US pressure, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has rejected the one possibility, presented by China, which could lead to substantial reductions in tension here.

And again, if the US is really sincere about reducing tensions, why has there been no emergency meeting of the UN Security Council called by the US and South Korea?!? That makes absolutely no sense at all, unless the real agenda is the fabrication of a war which would inevitably pit the US and China against each other.

Nov 28 08:52

Americans are catching a clue, I tell you

Nov 28 08:51

TSA - Lying dogs versus useful dogs

Nov 28 08:51

TSA - Lying dogs versus useful dogs

Nov 28 08:47

U.S. Seeks to Keep Korean Tension From Escalating to Conflict, Mullen Says

The U.S. is trying to prevent North Korea’s attack on a South Korean island from escalating into a more significant conflict, said Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“We’re very focused on restraint and not letting this thing get out of control,” Mullen told CNN in an interview scheduled for broadcast tomorrow on “Fareed Zakaria GPS” and posted on the network’s Website. “The South Koreans so far have responded that way. Nobody wants this thing to turn into a conflict.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF what Mullen is saying is true, why has there been no emergency meeting at the UN Security Council?

Why has there been no immediate and direct communication from the US to Chinese officials, in light of the fact that North Korea is a client state of China?

As reported today at: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3990723,00.html

"China said on Sunday it wants emergency consultations among six governments involved in talks aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear programme, adding that the consultations would not amount to a full restart of the stalled negotiations.

The call was made by a senior Chinese diplomat, Wu Dawei, at a brief news conference. The talks bring together North and South Korea, host China, the United States, Japan and Russia."

Nov 28 08:43

Large fish die-off at the mouth of the Mississippi

State wildlife officials are investigating a large fish kill at the mouth of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.

"By our estimates there were thousands, and I'm talking about 5,000 to 15,000 dead fish. Different species were found dead including crabs, sting rays, eel, drum, speckled trout, red fish, you name it, included in that kill," said parish president Craig Taffaro.

Nov 28 08:41

U.S, South Korea War Games To Go On After Deadly North Korea Shelling [UPDATE: South Korean Military Reports Artillery Fire]

China's State Councilor Dai Bingguo, a senior foreign policy adviser, met with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in Seoul, according to Lee's office, which provided no details. South Korea's Yonhap news agency said they discussed the North Korean attack and how to ease tensions.

The meeting followed similar discussions Saturday between Dai and South Korean Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan, according to Seoul's Foreign Ministry.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The fact that one of China's top diplomats met with both South Korea's Foreign Minister and President indicates that neither country wants the situation with the North to escalate: these meetings are very significant.

Unfortunately, however, it is the US which appears to be salivating for a way to create a military confrontation against China. The US cannot possibly pay China back all the money it has borrowed to fund its perpetual war machine. China refused to revalue its currency at the G20, China and Russia have dropped the dollar in their economic dealings with each other, and now France's Sarcozy wants to include China's currency in a "basket" of currencies to replace the dollar as the reserve currency.

Additionally, there are those in the bowels of power in DC who believe that a war would distract people in the US from their current economic misery. I would like to strongly suggest to those people that this is a highly unlikely scenario.

Nov 28 08:34

On Korea, Here We Go Again!

If American journalism should have learned one thing over the years, it is to be cautious and skeptical during the first days of a foreign confrontation like the one now playing out on the Korean Peninsula. Often the initial accounts from the “U.S. side” don’t turn out to be entirely accurate.


Nov 28 08:34

MINUS 17C! Britain shivers as record low temperatures grip the country (and even a Arctic buzzard visits)

Britain shivered in record low temperatures overnight as the big freeze maintained its grip on the country, forecasters said today.

The mercury at Llysdinam near Llandrindod Wells plunged to minus 17.3C - the principality's lowest ever temperature for November and the UK's chilliest for the month since 1985.

Nov 28 08:33

Detailed Info on The over 400 Palestinian Villages Burnt/Genocided by European Zionists in 1948

I challenge any Zionist or Israeli or Jewish who pretend that Palestine was the land of the Israelis , to produce and show us a map with the name Israel on it, before 1048.

Nov 28 08:31

Steven Spielberg: Body Snatcher–A Review of the Miniseries “Band of Brothers”

The 9th episode of Band of Brothers, titled “Why We Fight”, represents an unprecedented level of ambition — to claim America’s WWII sacrifices as motivated by the desire to save Jews from Nazi persecution, to make America’s sacrifice in WWII all about the Jews, not about Americans doing their duty in a tragic internecine conflict.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We know this spin is a complete lie because present day Israel shows absolutely no gratitude for the sacrifices America made to stop Hitler in WW2.

Nov 28 08:23

Norandex (Building Materials Retailer) To Close 36 Stores By Year's End

Norandex, a distributor of building materials, plans to close 36 branches by the end of the year across the U.S. because of weak business or proximately to other branches.

However, the company also plans to add an unspecified number of locations where business is strong, said Mike Horgan, Norandex communications specialist...

Nov 28 08:06

US Government seizure of the internet has begun; DHS takes over 76 websites

As part of a new expansion of government power over information, the Department of Homeland Security has begun seizing and shutting down internet websites (web domains) without due process or a proper trial. DHS simply seizes web domains that it wants to and posts an ominous "Department of Justice" logo on the web site.

Over 75 websites were seized and shut down last week, and there is no indication that the government will stop such efforts. Right now, their focus is websites that they claim "violate copyrights," yet the torrent-finder.com website that was seized by DHS contained no copyrighted content whatsoever. It was merely a search engine website that linked to destinations where people could access copyrighted content. Google also links to copyrighted content -- does that mean the feds will soon seize Google, too?

Nov 28 07:58

The TSA: Protecting The Government From YOU!

If ever there was an indicator of just how apathetic and well trained the American public truly is, it must be this situation with TSA. Like a herd of bedraggled sheep, thousands of you forfeited your 4th and 5th amendment rights and allowed the government to irradiate you and view your virtually naked body, or allowed yourself to be subjected to an enhanced pat-down…nothing short of a sexual encounter. And for what? This is a training and conditioning exercise you fools! This has nothing to do with making us safer, national security or protecting America. It has nothing to do with making your flight safer. It has everything to do with conditioning you to accept a full body assault as long as the persons doing it are wearing a government badge.

Nov 28 07:54

Inconvenient Truth About Green Agenda

var VideoID = "13247"; var Width = 425; var Height = 344;

Nov 28 07:50

The Banker

Nov 28 06:35

6 Reasons To Start World War III If You Are A Globalist

Activist Post

The average person can barely imagine why World War III would be anything but a civilization-ending event. And, yet, we have heard Neocons ramping up rhetoric that suggests a new world war would be a viable option to correct a dying dollar and economy. Or, perhaps it is simply a sound investment if you are a Globalist . . .

Nov 28 06:33

China Calls For North Korea Talks

Nov 28 06:30

Tensions Persist On Korean Peninsula

Nov 28 06:28

South Korean President Meets With Chinese State Councilor

Nov 28 06:23

North Korea can trigger the feared 21st century US-China war


The recent exchange of artillery fire in the Yellow Sea between the armed forces of North Korea and South Korea caused Asian stocks to tumble and heightened fears that North Korea might recklessly instigate another US-China war, similar to what happened during the 1950s Korean War.

By now, many Chair Wrecker readers have realized why we have been raising the alarm for over three years now for Filipinos to watch intently the moves that the US has been making in Mindanao and against China. Three years ago, your Chair Wrecker felt like a Biblical Prophet, alone and unheeded, crying out in the wilderness.

Nov 28 06:22

South Korea: A Dispatch From the Frontline of WW3

These people (South Korea) are tariffing the crap out of our cars and agricultural products. They are not worth one drop of American blood or treasure!

Nov 28 06:20

North Korea can trigger the feared 21st century US-China war


Nov 28 06:16

Britain In Grip of The Big Chill For Weeks!


Nov 28 06:14

Death Rates At 19 Hospitals "Alarmingly High" Says Report

Close enough for government work!

Nov 28 05:36


By James M. Wall

Currently there is considerable anger in our political dialogue. An embattled president faces a Congress with many members who have achieved power by promoting fear over hope. It is a formula for short term political gain and long term national disaster.

In such a time we might despair. One commenter in a recent posting on this blog admonished me to stop “bouncing back to MLK events”. I do not agree; this is no time to forget history.

Nov 28 04:13

How secure is your cash in Irish banks

The economic crisis in Ireland is causing near-panic among the 2.3 million British savers who have billions of pounds on deposit in bonds and accounts with the country's banks. Protection schemes are in place, but concerns are growing over whether the Irish scheme would have sufficient cash to pay out in the event of a bank default.

Even if it does, some experts believe savers should not be taking risks, especially if better rates can be found elsewhere with traditional British banks and building societies.

It now looks likely Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank will be part or fully nationalised. Anglo Irish was nationalised in September after its collapse. It is expected Allied will be fully nationalised with Dublin taking an 85 per cent stake in Bank of Ireland. This should mean a default is unlikely but the guarantee is only as strong as the Irish government itself.
With fears that the crisis may spread to Portugal and even Spain, savers in other foreign-owned banks are being urged to consider moving their money to safer organisation

Nov 28 03:45

We've Been Had!

P. S.

A Special Invitation to the Herd:

Nov 28 03:34

Tax the Rich: A Deficit Plan That Doesn't Hit We, The People

1) Restore pre-Reagan top tax rates. We didn't have massive deficits until we reduced the top tax rates.

2) Income is income. No more reduced capital gains tax rate. The incentive to invest should be to make a bunch of money from a good investment. The reason there is a low capital gains tax rate is that the wealthy get most of their income from capital gains. And the reason they get most of their income from capital gains is there is a low capital gains rate. The resulting income shifting schemes are a drag on the rest of us. (Also applies to dividends.)

Nov 28 03:27

Maliki wants foreign troops out of Iraq

Iraq's recently-reinstated prime minister has warned against any extension to the foreign presence on the strife-weary country's soil.

Nouri al-Maliki, who was mandated earlier in the month to remain premier for another four years, said on Saturday, "I do not feel the need for the presence of any other international forces to help Iraqis control the security situation," the Associated Press reported.

"The security agreement with what it included of dates and commitments will remain valid," he said.

The remarks were reportedly some of the harshest the Iraqi leader had ever addressed to Washington.

Under the arrangement, the almost 50,000 US soldiers deployed in Iraq, are expected to withdraw by the end of 2011.

Nov 28 03:22

Max Keiser: Teutonic Genie out of bottle, America punches itself in face

Five minute video

Nov 28 00:37

TSA Agent Claims Videotaping Against The Law!

The TSA has now been caught denying American citizens the right to videotape their encounters with airport security. It is very clear that TSA believes they are 100% above the law.


My wife and I arrived at the airport for our annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage Tuesday evening, and like millions of others, came face-to-face with the TSA’s upgraded security measures. I breezed through; My wife, who apparently looks far more dangerous than I do, was pulled aside for a pat-down.

Nov 28 00:28

Prognosis 2012: Towards a New World Social Order

The United States does not control its own destiny. Rather it is controlled by an international financial elite, of which the American branch works out of big New York banks like J.P. Morgan Chase, Wall Street investment firms such as Goldman Sachs, and the Federal Reserve System. They in turn control the White House, Congress, the military, the mass media, the intelligence agencies, both political parties, the universities, etc. No one can rise to the top in any of these institutions without the elite’s stamp of approval.

...Rather the key is monetary reform, whether at the local or national levels. People have lost control of their ability to earn a living. But change could be accomplished through sovereign control by people and nations of the monetary means of exchange.

November 27, 2010

Nov 27 20:08

Exposing 8th grade US History textbook lies in wars, money, and power

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

The following is what I wrote and delivered to meeting participants concerning our school’s 8th grade US History text; a leading national textbook. Surprisingly, the textbook company author in attendance was in agreement (this person co-authored the 7th grade text). All of Social Science teachers and administrator managing our department are also in agreement. We’re developing primary source documents for our students to read and then compare to the text’s account of history to see these lies of omission and commission for themselves.

Consider the 5-minute PuppetGov video, “Simple card tricks for war” on the left as an historic and artistic expression to show how Americans are lied-into wars.

Nov 27 18:42

North Korea lost 30% of its population as a result of US bombings in the 1950s

The World is at a dangerous crossroads.

The US is seeking a pretext to wage war on North Korea.

North Korea is said to constitute a threat to Global Security.

From the Truman Doctrine to Obama. The history of the 1950s Korean confirms that extensive war crimes were committed against the Korean people. As confirmed by the statement of General Curtis Lemay:

"Over a period of three years or so we killed off - what - twenty percent of the population."

North Korea lost thirty percent of its population as a result of US led bombings in the 1950s. US military sources confirm that 20 percent of North Korea's population was killed off over a three period of intensive bombings:

Nov 27 17:36

FBI Arrests Supposed Terrorist in Oregon Bomb Plot

FBI agents arrested a Somali-born teenager on Saturday for what they described as planning a “spectacular terrorist attack.” The suspect was apprehended as he attempted to set off a bomb near a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland Oregon. Nineteen year old Mohamed Osman Mohamud was apparently targeted by the FBI in a series off events that seem all too familiar.

The FBI has a record of supplying supposed terrorists with fake and sometimes real explosives. The case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud seems to line up directly with the FBI helping along a terrorist who essentially becomes a terrorist after the FBI starts their investigation.

Nov 27 17:19

Irish Relief Fleeting as `Day of Reckoning' Nears

Borrowing costs for Europe’s most indebted nations are at record highs as Ireland’s capitulation in accepting a bailout of its banking industry stokes concern that other countries also will have to seek aid.

“It’s no longer taboo to speak about a restructuring,” said Johannes Jooste, a portfolio strategist at Bank of America Corp.’s Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management

(*at least they're in good hands !)

Nov 27 15:45

Iceland Better Off Than Ireland Because They Let Big Private Banks Fail, says President

Jonas Bergman and Omar R. Valdimarsson

Iceland’s President Olafur R. Grimsson said his country is better off than Ireland thanks to the government’s decision to allow the banks to fail two years ago and because the krona could be devalued . . .

Nov 27 14:06

Police seek powers to shut websites

The police are seeking powers to shut down websites deemed to be engaged in "criminal" activity.

The Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) has tabled a plan for Nominet, which oversees .uk web addresses, to be given the domain closing power.

Nov 27 14:03

A Majority Of Americans Believe The US Government No Longer Operates Within The Constitution

A rather indicative poll released by Rasmussen earlier this week finds that a majority of Americans (44%) now believe that the government operates outside the confines of the Constitution, compared to just 39% who believe government does not take liberties with the precepts laid out by the founding fathers (and 17% were busy watching dancing with the stars to have an opinion either way).

Nov 27 13:40


“recent admissions that the Israeli lobby, AIPAC, routinely receives masses of classified information makes them suspect #1 for being the source of Wikileaks”

Wikileaks is an intelligence operation to weaken and undermine the American government, orchestrated from Tel Aviv, using dozens of operatives, dual citizens, some at the highest authority levels, spies for Israel. Through leaking carefully selected intelligence along with proven falsified documents, all fed to a controlled press, fully complicit, Wikileaks is, in fact, an act of war against the United States.

Nov 27 13:14

War Is A Racket

Nov 27 12:45

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Nov 27 12:41

Eve of Destruction

Nov 27 11:44

Eliot Spitzer: The Fed Is a Ponzi Scheme

Nov 27 11:42

FLASHBACK - As millions of Britons holiday at home after that promise of a 'barbecue summer', how did the Met Office get it so wrong?

The campers paddling between flooded tents didn't need to be told. Neither did the families huddling for shelter beside deserted beaches.

But yesterday the weathermen officially admitted that their prediction of a 'barbecue summer' had been hopelessly wrong.

Nov 27 11:18

EU rescue costs start to threaten Germany itself

The escalating debt crisis on the eurozone periphery is starting to contaminate the creditworthiness of Germany and the core states of monetary union.

Nov 27 11:18


The holiday of Eid al-Ahda — the Feast of the Sacrifice — is celebrated by Muslims across the world to commemorate the prophet Abraham’s sacrifice of a sheep in the place of his son Ishmael. Palestine is no different than most countries where the holiday is observed, but with one notable exception: the Israeli occupation. While sheep are smuggled into Gaza from Egypt through underground tunnels, Palestinians in the West Bank face their own Israeli-imposed restrictions. These hardships however fail to dim the generosity, grace and sense of community that mark these three holy days of Eid.

Nov 27 11:17


Following the lead of DePaul University,Princeton students call for a boycott of Hummus produced in the Occupied Territories..

Nov 27 11:16

On the Gaza human shield case

Amira Hass also wrote this excellent article on the case, arguing that Israeli generals, not lowly soldiers, should be held accountable for alleged war crimes. Human Rights Watch also released a statement on the matter, calling the suspended sentence a “slap in the face for the victims of violations during Operation Cast Lead.”

Nov 27 11:12

Gulf spill: Tar balls spark partial shrimping ban

An area off the Gulf Coast hit hard by the BP oil spill was closed Wednesday to fishing for a deepwater shrimp species after a skipper hauled up tar balls in his net, federal regulators said.

Nov 27 11:11

Wall St steeled for more FBI insider trading raids

The FBI is planning further raids on hedge funds suspected of involvement in an insider trading scam, as a three-year investigation enters its final stages, with prosecutors aiming to make arrests and lay charges within the next few weeks.

Wall St is braced for further revelations, even as traders complain federal authorities may be widening the definition of insider trading and conducting fishing expeditions against powerful hedge fund managers, such as Steven Cohen of SAC Capital.

Nov 27 11:09

Israel razes east Jerusalem home

Jewish settlers moved into a house in the Al-Tur district of occupied east Jerusalem on Wednesday, just hours after Israeli officials razed another Palestinian home in the same neighbourhood.

Nov 27 11:06

Time For I Told You So; And for war…It’s inevitable now

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, so war is inevitable. But if we are a free people then we have the freedom to decide for ourselves just who we shall make war on. Shall we spend our blood making war on the enemies the bankers have chosen for us, or are we, like the people of Europe, better off making war on the bankers?

Nov 27 11:03

The U.S. Economy: Stand by for more worse news

A top economic adviser to the Democratic Party, speaking on deep background, told WMR that the domino-like collapse of the economies of Iceland, Greece, Ireland, and, now, possibly Spain, is coming also to the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The globalists wanted a planet free of economic borders. They got it. And now that the planet is free of such borders, like a building free of fireproof doors or a ship free of watertight bulkheads, the entire structure is in danger of total destruction.

Thanks a lot, bozos. You wanted to stand atop a pyramid built to your vanity and scream that you were kings of the world. But history will record that you were the doom of the world.

Nov 27 11:00

Next Debt Crisis May Start in Washington

The US needs to take urgent action to cut its debt in order to prevent the next financial crisis, which may start in Washington, Sheila Bair, chair of the Federal Deposits Insurance Corp. (FDIC) wrote in an editorial in the Washington Post.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US debt crisis began in Washington with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. The instant that bill became law the nation's doom was sealed!

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit.We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” -- Woodrow Wilson 1919

Nov 27 10:57

TSA Worker Accused Of Assault Had Prior Record

Channel 2 Action News has learned a TSA security worker accused of abducting and sexually assaulting a woman had previously been convicted of misdemeanor harassment and stalking.

Randall King remains hospitalized following a suicide attempt. Police said last Wednesday, King agreed to drive a woman home from the airport. Instead, investigators said King took her to a MARTA station parking lot and placed novelty handcuffs on her.

Investigators said he drove her 50 miles away to his home in Troup County and sexually assaulted her. The woman told police that King gave her a suicide note, his car and let her go, investigators said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Basically, this tells us that the TSA isn't doing a very good job of checking out their own hires. So much for claims that this is all being done for reasons of security! Are they at least making sure that these perverts panting onto our private parts don't have communicable diseases?

Nov 27 10:50


President Roosevelt (FDR) provoked the attack, knew about it in advance and covered up his failure to warn the Hawaiian commanders. FDR needed the attack to sucker Hitler to declare war, since the public and Congress were overwhelmingly against entering the war in Europe. It was his backdoor to war.

FDR blinded the commanders at Pearl Harbor and set them up by -

1. denying intelligence to Hawaii (HI)
2. on Nov 27, misleading the commanders into thinking negotiations with Japan were continuing to prevent them from realizing the war was on
3. having false information sent to HI about the location of the Japanese carrier fleet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


"[Your information is] too precise, too complete to be believed. The questionnaire plus the other information you brought spell out in detail exactly where, when, how, and by whom we are to be attacked. If anything, it sounds like a trap."

FBI response to the top British spy, Dusko Popov (code named "Tricycle") on August 10, 1941, dismissing Popov's report of the complete Japanese plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor: The Verdict Of History by Gordon Prange, appendix 7 published in 1986. Based on records from the JOINT CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, Nov 15, 1945 to May 31, 1946.

Nov 27 10:46

President Roosevelt's Campaign To Incite War in Europe: The Secret Polish Documents

Much has already been written about Roosevelt's campaign of deception and outright lies in getting the United States to intervene in the Second World War prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Roosevelt's aid to Britain and the Soviet Union in violation of American neutrality and international law, his acts of war against Germany in the Atlantic in an effort to provoke a German declaration of war against the United States, his authorization of a vast "dirty tricks" campaign against U.S. citizens by British intelligence agents in violation of the Constitution, and his provocations and ultimatums against Japan which brought on the attack against Pearl Harbor -- all this is extensively documented and reasonably well known.[1]

Nov 27 10:35


Nov 27 10:34

What Good Is Wall Street? Much of what investment bankers do is socially worthless.

....In a recent article titled “What Do Banks Do?,” which appeared in a collection of essays devoted to the future of finance, Turner pointed out that although certain financial activities were genuinely valuable, others generated revenues and profits without delivering anything of real worth—payments that economists refer to as rents. “It is possible for financial activity to extract rents from the real economy rather than to deliver economic value,” Turner wrote. “Financial innovation . . . may in some ways and under some circumstances foster economic value creation, but that needs to be illustrated at the level of specific effects: it cannot be asserted a priori.”

Turner’s viewpoint caused consternation in the City of London, the world’s largest financial market. A clear implication of his argument is that many people in the City and on Wall Street are the financial equivalent of slumlords or toll collectors in pin-striped suits. If they retired to their beach houses en masse, the rest of the economy would be fine, or perhaps even healthier.

Nov 27 10:32

Obama the Bomber Thanksgiving of the Drones

The Bush bomber handed over to the Obama bomber, to win the 'War on Terror’ to save America from destruction by evil Islamists.

Johnson and Nixon ordered mega-deaths by bombing, and lied about their illegal barbarity, and didn’t care how many people died in their ferocious onslaughts. Half a century later, the bombs continue to hail down, killing at the whim of those who command their carnage. Cambodia collapsed into bloody revolution and genocide. Presumably that’s what Obama wants for Pakistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take a good, hard look at those dead kids whose pictures top this article.

Imagine for one second that they were your kids.

What would you think about your national government, which let this murder happen, courtesy of a foreign government?!?

And if the video cams the US is using are so precise that "The techno-killer sees the twitches of his beard, the wrinkles and crinkles at the corners of his eyes...", why does the US military continue murdering children and other non-combatants?!?

Nov 27 10:31

Dublin protesters march against cuts as bail-out looms

Tens of thousands of people have marched through Dublin in protest at the government's austerity programme.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear Irish. Remember, you outnumber the bankers!

Nov 27 10:29

Obama Nearly Killed By Basketball

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently the Secret Service are NOT fast enough to throw themselves in front of a basketball!

The Harlem Globetrotters have been arrested as a potential threat to the President!


Everybody needs to carry basketballs at all future Obama public appearances.

Don’t do anything bad with them.

Just carry them. Dribble. Shoot a hoop. Spin them on a finger...

Nov 27 10:24

Famous Last Words: BP's Inside Game

In a rare display of emotion, Obama ranted for 20 straight minutes. The target of his anger wasn't BP but the press. He fumed that he was being unfairly portrayed as being remote and indifferent to the mounting crisis in the Gulf. "Hell, this isn't our mess," Obama railed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes Obama, it is your mess. You are the President. You wanted the job and now you have it and a big part of that job, indeed the largest, is to make sure this country is running efficiently and smoothly and safely. Even as you came into office it was known that the Minerals Management Service, supposedly the protector of America's interests with regards to oil exploitation, was corrupt, lazy, and failing to enforce the existing safety regulations. Your first job, before that bible was even cold, should have been to start firing the governmental incompetents and replacing them with men and women who understood that they were not working for benefit of the oil companies (who dopnated so generously to your campaign), but the people of the United States.

But you did not do that.

So yes, President Pansy, this is indeed your mess!

Nov 27 10:19

Portuguese austerity plan, imminent Irish bailout deal fail to alleviate European debt crisis

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The very nature of a private central bank issuing the public currency at interest is to sink the nation and the people further into debt. The Euro, like the dollar, is a boat with ten holes and only nine corks, and the "bailouts" are simply yanking a cork from one hole and pounding it into another in front of the assembled media while proclaiming that one is "doing something" about the sinking ship.

Nov 27 10:19

Afghanistan is About Perpetual War

The war in Afghanistan is about perpetual war, not Afghanistan.

It’s about preventing democracy in the United States, not bringing it to Southwest Asia.

And it is the tombstone of the Obama Presidency.

To justify the fight, they’ve rounded up the usual suspects: Terror. Oil. Minerals. Poppies. Democracy.

It keeps the public frightened and dependent.

For a truly prosperous society, educated and secure, cannot be ruled by the few. Poverty, ignorance and fear are the three pillars of authoritarian control. Without war, they all disappear.

Thus Afghanistan. Before it: the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, central America. After: whoever else is handy.

Nov 27 10:18

Protesters hit Italian streets a 2nd day

Students and teachers opposed to government reforms took to the streets for a second day Thursday, staging protests in cities across Italy, authorities said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The so-called "Clash of civilizations" is really a clash of banking systems, with the private central bank model attempting to impose itself on the rest of the world as it already did the United States and Eurozone. The bankers figured this would be easy since they were able to fool the public into helping them try to force Germany back into using the imposed central banking system of the Wiemar Republic.

Of course, it took a World War for the bankers to succeed in getting Germany off a state-issued currency. But then no number of other peoples' lives are too great a price to pay to ensure a cascade of debt created with nothing more costly than ink and paper. Apparently, the bankers are ready to play that same dirty trick again, this time against China.

However, while the media might have succeeded in concealing the true reasons for WW2 and the assassinations of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy from the American people, the situation is decidedly different today. Time makes ancient truth uncouth, and it will be impossible for the bankers to talk the planet into a new world war to force the private central bank model on the rest of the world, when the people of the US and Eurozone understand clearly that it is that very same private central bank model that has impoverished the general population to enrich themselves; that is it that same predatory private central bank model that is the enemy of all the people of the world!

In daring greatly to bring about a global government to enforce a global private bank, it appears they may have triggered a truly global revolution against all private banks!

Nov 27 10:17

Spain's leader vows deficit reduction amid crisis

Harold Heckle
Associated Press

MADRID — Spain's prime minister mounted a vigorous defense Saturday of his nation's economy and finances, insisting his administration will forge ahead with austerity measures and force troubled banks and regional governments to reveal information about savings and restructuring efforts . . .

Nov 27 10:14

NATO and South Asian security: NATO Plants Itself In South Asia For The Long Haul

Overarching these considerations comes the U.S. strategy visualising NATO as the provider of security to the Silk Road that transports the multi-trillion dollar mineral wealth in Central Asia to the world market via the port of Gwadar. The Afghan-Pakistan trade and transit agreement concluded last month was a historic milestone and was possible only because of Washington's sense of urgency. Without doubt, Pakistan is assured of a key role in the U.S. regional strategy. This will keep foreign money flowing into Pakistan's economy and the Pakistani military will willingly accelerate the partnership programmes with NATO, and even upgrade them.

Nov 27 10:07

The Threat of War in Korea: Philippines prepares for possible mass evacuation from S.Korea, requests Japan's aid

President Aquino's concerns come after reports of a U.S. naval task force led by the George Washington nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that will join South Korean warships in naval exercises on November 28-December 1.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is obvious, by both the holding of these talks, and the reporting of them by Japan's NHK, that the governments of both Japan and the Phillipines believe that renewed war between North and South Korea is imminent.

Nov 27 09:56

Torture Tort Terror

An administration truly concerned about excessive secrecy would have waited to see if either side in the lawsuit actually needed privileged information to make its case. Instead Obama, like George W. Bush before him, insisted that the mere possibility was enough to deprive torture victims of a legal remedy.

Given President Obama’s plans to continue extraordinary rendition under a different name, you can see why he’d rather not delve into questions like these. But candidate Obama told us to be wary of presidents who use national security as a cover for violating people’s rights.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'd almost be willing to bet that you didn't see anything that last paragraph had to say in any US Corporate media outlet!

But as reported today at:


"Barack Obama to allow anti-terror rendition to continue"

"Despite ordering the closure of Guantanamo and an end to harsh interrogation techniques, the new president has failed to call an end to secret abductions and questioning."

"According to a detailed reading of the executive orders signed by Mr Obama on Jan 22, renditions have not been outlawed, with the new administration deciding it needs to retain some devices in Mr Bush's anti-terror arsenal amid continued threats to US national security."

So let me get my head around this: under Obama's watch, the US is still outsourcing torture?!?!?

This is unflipping believable, particularly since humankind has known from the time of the Catholic inquisition, that torture only gets someone to confess to having committed a pre-ordained list of crimes to get the torture to stop; but torture never gets a person to tell the truth.

Nov 27 09:48

Spanish Bailout Could Be Too Much for Euro

The eurozone has bailed out troubled member states with success thus far, but Europe now faces a graver economic threat then ever before: the possibility of a major economic collapse in Spain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Claims of success are only cosmetic. The very nature of a private central bank issuing the public currency at interest is to sink the nation and the people further into debt. The Euro, like the dollar, is a boat with ten holes and only nine corks, and the "bailouts" are simply yanking a cork from one hole and pounding it into another in front of the assembled media while proclaiming that one is "doing something" about the sinking ship.

Nov 27 09:43

Iceland Is No Ireland as State Free of Bank Debt, Grimsson Says

Iceland’s President Olafur R. Grimsson said his country is better off than Ireland thanks to the government’s decision to allow the banks to fail two years ago and because the krona could be devalued.

“The difference is that in Iceland we allowed the banks to fail,” Grimsson said in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Mark Barton today. “These were private banks and we didn’t pump money into them in order to keep them going; the state did not shoulder the responsibility of the failed private banks.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And if we here in the USA follow the same wisdom of allowing the bankers to collapse from their own greed and mistakes, and not loot the people to prop them up and save them from their own criminality, we too will be better off!

Nov 27 09:37

US Marines Shrug Off Afghan Anger at Civilians Killings

As Taliban leadership admonish their fighters to avoid civilian deaths, locals in the Sangin District of Afghanistan’s Helmand Province are increasingly angry, complaining that the US Marines who recently took over the district have been regularly killing the civilians and refusing to investigate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, every civilian death may well drive many of those left standing into the waiting embrace of the Taliban.

Now, in the Orwellian language of US foreign policy, "protecting" civilians in Afghanistan apparently now translates as "killing them".

One is reminded of the response of the Papal legate at the Siege against the Cathars at Montsegur in 1244. When informed that there were women and children with the men here, the Papal legate's response was: "kill them all: God will find His own."

Nov 27 09:36

Bankers take over at Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Nov 27 09:33

Memo to Ireland

Again, is it down to save the nation or save the banks while it looks like the answer is the same as it ever was?

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Nov 27 09:30

Swords and Knives for Personal Protection

Throughout history swords and knives have killed many more people than guns have. So it makes sense that people consider them to be a good alternative to having a firearm when guns aren’t obtainable. Before I continue I want to let you know that bladed weapons shouldn’t be considered an option if you live in a country where you can legally own a firearm...

Nov 27 09:27

AE Exclusive: High Level Leak from NSA “Wikileaks Prep” Meeting

Israeli Amb.: (reading from page) “Iran and Turkey sent nuclear weapon to Hamas with “Kill the Jews” written on the side of the bomb and it was signed “Iran and Turkey. with love”" How bout that one?

NSA guy: (looking around) uh, that’s a little obvious, don’t you think?

Israeli Amb.: Alright. I’ll give you that. We can clean that one up a bit. How about this? (takes another “State Department Memo” from his case and reads) “Hamas and Amadinejad confess to having helped the Nazi’s stuff Jews in ovens”

NSA guy: um. Well… (looks around at the others at the table) uh… That might be a bit of a hard sell.

Israeli Amb.: What do you mean?

NSA guy: Well, I mean… Hamas wasn’t around back then and Amadinejad, what’s he like? 50? He wasn’t even born back then, was he?

Nov 27 09:27

Israeli fire wounds Gaza child: officials

A 12-year-old boy gathering gravel near the Gaza-Israel border was wounded on Saturday by Israeli army fire, officials and witnesses said.

The boy was shot in the leg as he foraged for building materials near the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya, the officials said.

Gaza teenagers regularly risk injury or death to search for gravel in the ruins of abandoned Israeli settlement buildings along their side of the frontier, despite a strict 300-metre Israeli-imposed exclusion zone.

Building materials are scarce in the coastal strip due to Israeli sanctions and gravel finds a ready cash market.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How butch the IDF is, shooting, wounding, and killing children desperately trying to make a living!

What kind of monsters are these people?!?!?

This kid, and the kids of his age like him, should be in school, preparing for their lives ahead, living in a secure, stable enviornment.

Oh, I forgot: the Israelis, in their infinite benevolence, have destroyed many of the schools in Gaza, and refused to allow for their rebuilding.

As reported on 26 November, 2010 at:


"For most other rights, realizing them depends on education. It's "the primary vehicle by which economically and socially marginalized adults and children can lift themselves out of poverty and obtain the means to participate fully in their communities."

Israel, however, impedes or denies it through various means, including movement restrictions, a classroom shortage, and relentless persecution, arresting over 6,000 children since 2000 and intimidating the entire Palestinian population.

Moreover, especially in Gaza, shortages of books and basic supplies exist. Foreign travel is also restricted or denied. In addition, military operations and displacements take their toll, including raids on hundreds of schools and eight or more universities, arresting students, teachers, professors, and/or other staff. Further, destroyed or damaged Gaza schools haven't been rebuilt or repaired."

Welcome to the "new normal" for Palestinian kids in Gaza!

Nov 27 09:25

Protest march in Dublin: Austerity measures prove to be unpopular, to say the least

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I mean, really! Who could possibly object to starving the people to fatten the bankers That's the way the bankers' gods want the world to be! You don't want to go against the will of the gods, do you? Do YOU? "

Nov 27 09:12

French G20 agenda to push bigger yuan role

Weaning the global monetary system off its reliance on the dollar has eluded policy makers for decades, but the wind may now be blowing in France's favour as it seeks to build a consensus for change.

Finding ways to diversify countries' international reserves away from the US currency is a key part of French President Nicolas Sarkozy's plan to sketch out a blueprint for a more stable monetary system during France's year-long presidency of the Group of 20 nations, which began this month.

In the wake of the 2008-09 global financial crisis, France, which has long argued dollar volatility damages European economies, is finding common cause with emerging powers such as China and Brazil.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is one of the reasons the US government may be seeking a military confrontation with China, under the guise of responding to North Korea's shelling of a South Korean island last week.

Unfortunately, unless this is an absolute blitzkrieg, there is no way the US can actually win such a war; we don't begin to have the troop strength in our military, already weakened by two wars going horrendously badly, and most of our manufacturing has been offshored.

Nov 27 09:10

Everything Is A Lie: The Deliberate Intent To Deceive People Is At An All Time High

From pollution to politics, the era of deception and duplicity has reached new heights and hijacked almost every form of media in the world. In the last frontiers for truth such as the internet, disinformation operations are in full swing to discredit and destroy any semblance of authentic and factual information available to the public.
How many more lies will people around the world accept as truth? Some say a global awakening is taking place, but at what cost? Will it take the destruction of most of the earth and its resources before people are enlightened?

Nov 27 09:03

Winning the Class War

The class war that no one wants to talk about continues unabated.

Even as millions of out-of-work and otherwise struggling Americans are tightening their belts for the holidays, the nation’s elite are lacing up their dancing shoes and partying like royalty as the millions and billions keep rolling in.

What’s really needed is for working Americans to form alliances and try, in a spirit of good will, to work out equitable solutions to the myriad problems facing so many ordinary individuals and families. Strong leaders are needed to develop such alliances and fight back against the forces that nearly destroyed the economy and have left working Americans in the lurch.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The author's suggestions sound great.

Unfortunately, the government has aligned with the very wealthy of this country, and will suppress any attempt by the people to begin to resolve the fundamental infrastructure problems we face as a society; violently, if necessary.

Think that sort of governmental response "couldn't happen here"?!?

As reported on 30 October 2009 at: http://www.thenewamerican.com/index.php/usnews/politics/2195-barack-obama-continues-bush-administration-policy-regarding-posse-comitatus

"Barack Obama Continues Bush Administration Policy Regarding Posse Comitatus"

"It has been just over one year since the U.S. Army announced that the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team was being placed under the direct control of the US Army Northern Command (NORTHCOM), and was being indefinitely reassigned as an “on-call federal response force” for emergencies of all sorts, natural and man-made, including terrorist attacks, within NORTHCOM's area of responsibility — the United States, Mexico, and Canada."

"Although the assignation went mostly unheralded at the time, it marked the first time in the history of the United States that an active unit of the regular Army was placed under the immediate and exclusive command of NORTHCOM."

"The number of uniformed soldiers assigned to this duty continues to increase annually and the force is estimated to reach a strength of 20,000 by the year 2011. This massive force will all be trained and equipped to “subdue unruly or dangerous individuals” and “help with civil unrest and crowd control.” As usual, these directives are vague and could be applied to any number of scenarios. Furthermore, the critical question to be asked in light of such an arrangement is who will decide who is unruly or dangerous? Whoever is appointed the arbiter of such things will of necessity be feared as he will have 20,000 troops on alert and ready to quell these civil disturbances."

Folks, take a good, hard look at a calendar: we are just a little over one month away from the start of 2011.

Nov 27 09:02

The Fed: Defending the Indefensible

Although the credibility of the Fed has been questioned for years in some quarters, the first major crack in the wall took place in May, 2009, when Elizabeth Coleman, inspector general of the Federal Reserve, was directly and repeatedly questioned about the Fed’s actions by Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.). Coleman’s inability to articulate any kind of explanation to Grayson’s persistent probing has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube and ended with Grayson’s acid conclusion: “I am shocked to find out that nobody at the Federal Reserve is keeping track of anything!”

Nov 27 09:01

It's Raining Rabbis, Avoy!

"Angels of destruction will hit him. He is damned wherever he goes. His soul will instantly leave his body... and he will not survive a month. Dark will be his path and God's angel will chase him. A disaster he has never experienced will befall him and all curses known in the Torah will apply to him. I deliver to you, the angels of wrath and ire, Yitzhak, the son of Rosa Rabin, that you may smother him and the specter of him, and cast him into hid, and dry up his wealth, and plague his thoughts, and scatter his mind that he may be steadily diminished until he reaches his death. Put to death the cursed Yitzhak. May he be damned, damned, damned!" Rabin was assassinated next month.

Nov 27 08:45

Russian, Chinese Foreign Ministers Urge End to Korean Peninsula Escalation

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Chinese counterpart, Yang Jiechi, called for efforts to prevent further escalation on the Korean peninsula.

The two men also stressed the need “to work toward easing the tension between the two Korean parties as well as for a resumption of six-party talks” in a telephone conversation today, according to an e-mailed statement from the Foreign Ministry in Moscow.

Earlier this week, Lavrov condemned the North Korea shelling while saying that South Korea had ignored a request to cancel military exercises. Yang called on North Korea and South Korea to remain calm, exercise restraint and resolve the situation through dialogue, China’s Foreign Ministry said on its website yesterday

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This "call for restraint" is meant directly for the US government.

And note that this article doesn't mention that North Korea responded to a provocation by the South, courtesy of the South's shelling into disputed waters.

"Restraint" is the absolute antithesis of the US government's approach to the situation, in light of the fact that it has ordered the carrier group USS George Washington and 4 smaller warships into the region for exercises, which are due to begin in about 9 hours from now.

Nov 27 08:32

N.Korea issues warning ahead of US-S.Korean exercises

North Korea warned Saturday of "unpredictable consequences" if the United States and South Korea go ahead with naval exercises in the Yellow Sea, days after launching a deadly attack on the South.

The USS George Washington aircraft carrier and its battle group were planning four days of exercises with South Korea from Sunday as a show of force after Pyongyang stunned the world with its artillery strike.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

North Korea retaliated against a South Korean military exercise on Tuesday, when the South Koreans refused to stop shelling into disputed waters.

In light of the fact that the South Korean people are (allegedly) screaming for blood in this circumstance, coupled with the intense pressure the South Korean government has faced about its not taking a harder line against North Korea, 4 days' worth of military exercises gives a lot of time for something to go horrendously wrong, or for something to provoke a military reaction from North Korea.

Even though the US government has stated that "...the manoeuvre is "defensive in nature", was planned before North Korea's attack, and is not aimed against China", if there is a military confrontation between the US/South Korea and North Korea, China will be dragged in on North Korea's side due to treaty obligations.

In light of its own financial woes, don't bet that the US isn't counting on this to happen.

Nov 27 08:20

Homeland Security shuts down dozens of Web sites without court order

The Homeland Security Department's customs enforcement division has gone on a Web site shutdown spree, closing down at least 76 domains this week, according to online reports.

While many of the web domains were sites that trafficked in counterfeit brand name goods, and some others linked to copyright-infringing file-sharing materials, at least one site was a Google-like search engine, causing alarm among web freedom advocates who worry the move steps over the line into censorship.

All the shut sites are now displaying a Homeland Security warning that copyright infringers can face up to five years in prison

Nov 27 08:15



"[Your information is] too precise, too complete to be believed. The questionnaire plus the other information you brought spell out in detail exactly where, when, how, and by whom we are to be attacked. If anything, it sounds like a trap."

FBI response to the top British spy, Dusko Popov (code named "Tricycle") on August 10, 1941, dismissing Popov's report of the complete Japanese plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor: The Verdict Of History by Gordon Prange, appendix 7 published in 1986. Based on records from the JOINT CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, Nov 15, 1945 to May 31, 1946.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of today's Portland Patsy.

Optional Banner: 
WRH Exclusive
Nov 27 08:13

America's Misconception of Freedom

S. Paul Forrest
Activist Post

America was founded in an attempt to escape the oppression of not only religious expression, but also the misrepresentation from a monarchist system that cared only for the proliferation and interests of the elite class.

After 250 years, we have found ourselves in the same position as those who left Europe for these shores so long ago: oppressed by a system that only wants to serve itself before the citizens who support it. They say history repeats itself, and nowhere is this more evident than in the case of modern America’s politicians, putting their corporate puppet masters and damaging agenda of faux patriotism before the needs of the people . . .

Nov 27 08:11

FLASHBACK - The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen

After the bombing, he resumed his undercover work. In an undated transcript of a conversation from that period, Mr. Salem recounts a talk he had had earlier with an agent about an unnamed F.B.I. supervisor who, he said, "came and messed it up."

"He requested to meet me in the hotel," Mr. Salem says of the supervisor.

"He requested to make me to testify, and if he didn't push for that, we'll be going building the bomb with a phony powder, and grabbing the people who was involved in it. But since you, we didn't do that."

The transcript quotes Mr. Salem as saying that he wanted to complain to F.B.I. Headquarters in Washington about the Bureau's failure to stop the bombing, but was dissuaded by an agent identified as John Anticev.

Mr. Salem said Mr. Anticev had told him,

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of today's lame-ass FBI entrapment in Oregon.

Nov 27 08:02

Expats recalled as North Korea prepares for war

A mass exodus of North Korean workers from the Far East of Russia is under way, according to reports coming out of the region. As the two Koreas edged towards the brink of war this week, it appears that the workers in Russia have been called back to aid potential military operations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

North Korean leadership may be many things, but they are not foolish.

They understand, with absolute clarity, that the US is getting ready to launch a war against both North Korea and China, using the US's client state, South Korea, to begin the provocations, as it did last week.

The reasons?!?

1. At the last G20, China refused to revalue their currency on America's demands that they do so.

2. It is impossible for the US to pay back the trillions of dollars it has borrowed from China to finance its immoral and illegal wars around the world.

3. China and Russia have just dumped the dollar as a medium of exchange in business transactions.

Nov 27 08:02

FBI thwarts terrorist bombing attempt at Portland holiday tree lighting, authorities say

A Corvallis man, thinking he was going to ignite a bomb, drove a van to the corner of the square at Southwest Yamhill Street and Sixth Avenue and attempted to detonate it.

However, the supposed explosive was a dummy that FBI operatives supplied to him, according to an affidavit in support of a criminal complaint signed Friday night by U.S. Magistrate Judge John V. Acosta.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, unable to find any real terrorists, the FBI keep setting up these patsies to take a fall.

The FBI are not discovering terrorists, just incredible dumb and gullible losers!

Nov 27 07:54

A Majority Of Americans Believe The US Government No Longer Operates Within The Constitution

A rather indicative poll released by Rasmussen earlier this week finds that a majority of Americans (44%) now believe that the government operates outside the confines of the Constitution, compared to just 39% who believe government does not take liberties with the precepts laid out by the founding fathers (and 17% were busy watching dancing with the stars to have an opinion either way). Some other unflattering findings on US democracy: "Earlier surveys have shown that just one-in-five voters believe that the government today has the consent of the governed. Forty-eight percent (48%) see the government as a threat to individual rights.

Nov 27 07:50


During the 33 day July 2006 War, Israeli forces refused orders to advance against Hezbollah fighters, happily opting for 14 day jail sentences for failure to obey orders.

Hezbollah, has smashed the myth of Israel’s invincibility, broken the barrier of fear, increased the popular demand for rORDE Ristance, exposed the fake peace process and rejected appeasement, acquiescence and surrender. Hezbollah forces taught the world that Arabs can and will liberate Palestine because they possess the qualities and acumen to do it. The kings and the presidents in the region, who for six decades chose their thrones over Jerusalem quake as does Israel.

Nov 27 07:49

China, Russia, and the Dollar

Nov 27 07:48

Willie Nelson Takes A Hit!

On the road again,busted by the feds this time!

Nov 27 07:48

The Euro Game Is Up

European Council and Commission statements - Conclusions of the European Council meeting on economic governance

Nov 27 07:33

Video: "Human Resources", a new documentary on social engineering - free to view on line

“Brilliant…Riveting…The amount of material the filmmaker covers and unifies is astounding…
Human Resources diagnoses the 20th century.”

Stephen Soldz, Professor, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis; President, Psychologists for Social Responsibility

“An important work…terrifiying in its implications….
Human Resources is a must see for those of us who still take democracy seriously.”

Bruce E. Levine, Author Commonsense Rebellion:
Taking Back Your Life from Drugs, Shrinks, Corporations, and a World Gone Crazy

“It scared the shit out of me…A powerful and methodical dissection of the dominant culture.”

Derrick Jensen, Author, Endgame

Direct link to view online: Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century

Nov 27 07:28

Canadian G20 Cops Cleared of Brutality Charges Because They Couldn't be Identified

Jayme Poisson
The Star

Brendan Latimer was knocked down by a herd of fellow protesters during a G20 demonstration at Queen’s Park.

Lying on the ground, police moved in and arrested the delivery worker. That’s when one of the officers allegedly struck him in the face, causing a fracture . . .

Nov 27 07:18

Oregon: FBI Thwarts Own Car Bomb

Will Americans recoil in yet more contrived fear?

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer -- Activist Post

The United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claims to have thwarted their own car bomb Friday, November 26, 2010 at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon's Pioneer Courthouse Square.

A 19 year old man, Mr. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, was in contact with undercover FBI agents since June of 2010. FBI agents claim they were acting as an accomplice of a supposed Pakistani terrorist that Mr. Mohamud had been in contact with as early as 2008. Unlike the supposed Pakistani terrorist Mr. Mohamud was in contact with, the FBI actually supplied him with a bomb . . .

Nov 27 07:10

Have (infinite) War, Will Travel

Nov 27 07:04

DHS Seizes Domain Names Over Counterfeit Goods

Nov 27 06:55

U.S. Shuts Down Web Sites in Piracy Crackdown

Ben Sisario
NY Times

In what appears to be the latest phase of a far-reaching federal crackdown on online piracy of music and movies, the Web addresses of a number of sites that facilitate illegal file-sharing were seized this week by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a division of the Department of Homeland Security.

Nov 27 06:42

Murphy's Law of TEOTWAWKI

Nov 27 06:39

Barefoot Passengers in Disgusting Airport

Nov 27 06:36

Let's Invade Mexico!

Let's take poison. Let's ride a motorcycle blind-folded and other bright ideas.

Nov 27 06:30

Debt turmoil, contagion fears sweep Europe

Barry Hatton
Associated Press

LISBON, Portugal – Europe struggled mightily Friday to keep the debt crisis from engulfing country after country. Portugal passed austerity measures to fend off the speculative trades pushing it toward a bailout and Ireland rushed to negotiate its own imminent rescue.

As Portugal and Spain insisted they will not seek outside help, creating an eery sense of deja-vu for investors, Europe braced for what seems inevitable — more expensive bailouts . . .

Nov 27 04:05

Doctors sound TSA germ alert Dangers include syphilis, lice, viruses, ringworm

Syphilis, lice, gonorrhea, ringworm, chlamydia, staph, strep, noro and papilloma viruses all are part of the possible fringe benefits when airline passengers next go through a full hands-on pat-down by agents of the federal government's Transportation Security Administration, according to doctors.

WND reported two days ago on alarmed passengers who noted that TSA agents doing the pat-downs that have been described by critics as molestation since they include touching private body parts were not changing gloves between passengers. In fact, some apparently were patting down dozens of passengers or more wearing the same gloves.

Nov 27 03:53

The Great Lie That Britain Would Suffer Outside the EU

BRITAIN would flourish as an international trading nation outside the economic shackles of the European Union, a leading business expert said last night.

Disputing the key argument of Euro-enthusiasts that quitting the EU would wreck the UK’s trade prospects, economist Ruth Lea said that independence from Brussels meddling would boost the country’s import and export markets.

Nov 27 03:24

TSA Administrative Directive: Opt-Outters To Be Considered “Domestic Extremists”

If the information recently acquired by Doug Hagmann of Northeast Intelligence Network is accurate, then something really big is happening in America right now - and it’s most certainly not a step towards individual liberty.

According to Mr. Hagmann, he was contacted by a source within the DHS who provided an alarming memo detailing a new administrative directive agreed upon by DHS chief Janet Napolitano and the head of TSA John Pistole. The memo, according to Doug Hagmann, “officially addresses those who are opposed to, or engaged in the disruption of the implementation of the enhanced airport screening procedures as ‘domestic extremists’.”

Nov 27 02:35

Celente on Silver, QE2, French Bank Strike

Celente on Silver - it's sold out.

Celente on Silver, QE2, France Bank Strike, 10 banks control us.

Celente starts at approx 2mins.

Nov 27 02:25

Gerald Celente rants against TSA - 22 November 2010

Celente Rants over the TSA.

Celente starts at 1.40 minutes.