Trouble is brewing in Georgia | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Trouble is brewing in Georgia

Relations between Russia and Georgia have turned even more frosty than they already were, over the past few months.

On the TaliensiUK channel on Youtube, someone published three taped conversations. [Check them yourself by clicking the link, though they're in Georgian]

In the first one Vano Merabishvili (the Minister of Internal Affairs) is alleged to be speaking with Georgia's US ambassador Batu Kutelia about having meetings with North Caucasus fighters and having detailed discussions with them.

The second one purports to be between Giorgi Lordkipanidze (the Georgian Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs) and the Chairman of the Association for Chechens in Georgia, Xazri Aldamov.

The third one is said to be the interior ministry's chief of administration Shota Xizanishvili talking to Vano Merabishvili.

Whether these are real conversations or not there's no reason to doubt the translations - in all three of them they are talking about putting together boevik fighter groups in the North Caucasus, in order to destabilize the situation. It's clear from the recordings that Saakashvili knows about it.

If it's true then Georgia and, by association, the US are guilty of state-sponsored terrorism (but this is not news).